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frrsnn Dinnor Mnkpc lliir-
Hitm.v !i Duty.
(HiM-nior's Kocpptiou hy Nn
timiiil Driiiorrntie ('lull Was
nl Least Cordinl.
forward looking turn. Thnt man Is back- J
.ward looking wlui thinks that the Amcit. 1
will ni ii In' d.'iilt Willi us though lie were
li serf 'rii.it m:in In mi Inward looking
Milan who Imagines lliat In tho worldwide
movement f.ir Letter things for lumi.inlty
I he can live ami die unto himself.
! "If there lie any message In this speech
.. A, , , . , l" " ," "r", I" the backward
Vil'I'-l M'CMIMMII Spoi'Cll lit .Icf- looking nnd limntd looking men of Amot.
I u-a. onming i tu ill in get into the ranks
(nf tin.' fuiuar.l looking men, not because t
ih'-j Minn 10 imi necnusc u is nesi ror
I tlii'in to do so.
"Haw tin se backward looking ami In
w.nd looking men ever stopped tn con
sldct vvlnt might lia.pn to tlii'in hero In
Hi" great Stati' of New York If those who
haii' not should taka It Into their he.ids
to iimI intuition pause ng.ilust those who
Inn I-" Nothing tint a desire to ttrnus
thoughtless rich men to a sense of their
danger would Induce mo to suggest this.
I douht that tlipy an- Pharisees ami
hypocrites as charged, but I know they
ar not lawjer.
"They talk ahant vested tights and In
their talks they havp hotli an Inherent
and constitutions! tight t.t tuns their
propcity down front generation to genera
l Ion until mme teckiess descendant rhall
have dissipated It They have st theli
command the llni'st legal talent In thp
world. That tills question may not tie
i-pttlod hy mo. h t ttio as k their" lawyers
Suppo.e a (tovpt-nor and a Oneral As
si'tnhly In the Stalo of New York should
lepcal tliP statute of descents for real
and personal propetty and thp statute
with leferctice to Hip making of wills, nn
their death how much vested liitctest
would any relative havp In the property
which foil from thrlr nerveless hands n't
the hour of dissolution"
"Thp right to inhorlt jnd thp right tn
dpvls.' tirp iiplthpr Inhi'ivnt nor rontl'
iimnnnl, tun upon th rontrary thev atp
simply privllPKi'a kIvpii hy th Stato to lt
i.et liackward looklni; and In
i.dont Marshall w.irtiMl tho
n mis nf Nhw York and of tho
.rv tiiftht that If thpy did not
mi l'ri'sldi'lit Wooilrnw Vllson In
i Administration t ho ivi'ulth nf thp
n m'r tho IhisIupss of tho rnuntry as
npll. w.m'd II tul thrmsolvp.M I'onfrontpd
i .. '.a'. ."in and radicalism that would
- trpp away pxl.-itlnfr conditions.
T'ip Vlrc-I'roslilent was tho principal
S'p.ilpr. and tlio pJrliifSp.il Kiiost nt thp
'rfTorf' n dlntiPf of tho N.itlonnl Drill
,,rr. li i'uh nt tin1 Waliliirf-.Woria.
Mlh'UKh Iip did not phrnsi' his watn-
ncs r rcn Ms throats In dlroct tcnn.i
'prp wn nn mlstakltiR Ills moaning.
s ho spolto mi'n woro frnnilnR words
kp "tariff." "currency" nnil othors with
h!r Hps. and tho sorlnusnpss of til's oltliipiit,
.ddrfs stllk'd lliPir nppiatisp. inaKtni;
urtip of them turn rpstlpssly In thlr
only 'hat It was known to hp a warn
lne for New York to stand hy thp pnrty
liiodK's and the party leaders manv
sjld thev would call It the most radlcul
sppprh the club had over honl at nny
f Its dinners, hut thp lesson It was In
tended to rend to them suved It from
'ut chars'.
There was nothlnir to Indicate that
the sppoi h last nlcht wax Inspired or
was known in advance by the President,
hu It .'! many of tho 400 men more
Balch Price
Fur Storage
Costs 2
Telephone 5 900 Main
376 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y
15 Minute by Subway from
Grand Central to Borouqh Hall Station
ArrmiKPtiiPiits Aiinoiincril for
SoaHii"; Those nt Clitnrli
ward looklni; men read the returns of the
laM eleeMon. l,.'t tlietn put on m.i'ks. so
down Into th Kast Side and hear what
in" people are s.iyitii; about them I,t
them not elnp their pyes and dream that
wr.at hs tioen forever will Iip.
a man hath will lie bIvp for hi'
he is not wise who, havlnic plent:
it all to ret a little more." T, ,, ,, ,,.. ,,,
(Jov. Siilzer said that Jeffer-on was a I TnkllUf HotlSO ill Ro (.losi'll
century nhond of his time and that we' To-IllorTOW I'lltil
are "Just catchlni; up with his love of J
freedom, with his proKressdvo principles AftPT Nontl.
nnd with the spirit and wisdom of his1
political pnuosopny. i
ah thai hi ANY KLOWKKS A If K SKXT. ffili! m mu-i
' I District Attorney 1-
enty rl-ks , , ,..,..,,,.. ,,,
'atbrr nf Three Mniin ll 4 rented of
Knlndllnu I III.
. Antonio Mlislca, whu with hli three
I sons was nrrested In New Orlealii and
I hroiiclii to New York on Thuisday
lllKol to ailfnur L-iiai k.'s ui uiieKl'U swin- i
dies iimoiintlnB to nearly fl.OOO.Ono, was'
released under Jtn.ona hall by JuilRe '
rraln In Oeneral Sessions yesterday The
hall bond was riven hy the United Htatesi
l'"ldelltv and UiKiranty Comnanv Xtu-
' slea Is '? years old anil III. He eame
to the rourt room leanlliK on the arm of
"Everybody's Going to
Values Like These Are the Real Reasons Why
Spealdni; what he said was a word of
..ii y.ttw llt.ifprjils ii irr...it manv of them i . . , ...
"" ,. " , - i caiiunn 10 lanor. .ov suur went on:
leaders or councilors to the party- Thrv ,y , am n of
Ihlnklni; 'and the toller If that lie true It Is also
The sppoih of the Vice-President true that I am a Kre.iter friend of law
slowed over what otherwise might havo and order, life and property. I hae no
)Kn an etuharrasslnR situation durlni; sympathy with lawlessness,
he evening Tho second Riiest of ih- ,'"rh'' 1 iKh f '"" '"t-or Is In-,..-i
r it'iiii,., MtT,.r nnd ''"emil'le. and the rlKht of n man to milt
evenlne was C.o. II urn Sulzer. and orI. Ju)l nn UMlIfmall,p .N,,,,r
nmoni; d.iv htilzcr h hosts hint nlBht ,.apt,, ni)r ,llK,r mi! tll rl,ht to tljk.
were men like Cliarhs v. Murphy, John , the law m Its own hands. If capital does
II M r.'M. a small company or 'ram- ( wnnic.
.Tinnv ma' Iitm. Tamtnanv counsellors. . should
"...rmv.r.v .iilh-rrnta. who had In mind , wrotim did nnd npver
w,en .,., .am- certain fulmlnatlons , "" .'" lar:"l
fr-im A. .any In thp last week. KlVP wny to th, rr!pn of forr, Th ,aw
Had the other spfoch not driven all ,ml,t i. ubejii by all"
.,f local affaire out of the Mr Md'ombs, "tho last speaker, dp.
-id- M . re nilcht huve been n Koner.il ( t.;r.. ilnt ,lle country had decided to
u ,; . re l repre.-Mon. n .. iiui , ,.. ult l Kn,lln ,.0ntrol for Indi
AnanKomeiils for seatlnc thoip who
I will attend the Morcnn funeral service
I In St. CioorBP's Oliiirch were completed
' yesterday. Members of the family
will luivo tho front pews at tho rlht of
the centre nlsle and nt the left will be
the honorary pallbearers, vestrymen of
' tho church, members of tho tlrm of
.1. P. MorKim 0o. and their wives and
! personal puosts of tho Morgan family
Two iMitlro rows of news on the south
that Is no reason why labor ! ia.. o.. h.irVi bo neruiiied bv
do wronK. or vice versa. Two .i, ,.,nv. i,-lnti..s
was with Assistant
mbree the better part '
I of yesterday amtdlfylnB the confession
1 thnt he made to District Attorney Whit
man on Friday Attorneys representlnu
various bsnks that have lost money '
throURh the Muslea operations were pres
ent nnd an attempt was made to follow'
tlui devious routes that l'litllp Mnsica '
i hud used to Ret cash on fulf-e Invoices. I
Philip's memory for dates proved poor
'and the District Attornuy's office will
. ha to spend considerable time, It was
said hint nlKlit. In tracking down the
statements he has made
J and business corporntlons with which .III V UICKly PPCIlles Ajrilllist
Servants from the Morpr. ef.y houe.
from the country estate, rracston. nl
Highland Pall-, and the crew of tho j
vacht Corsair will be In the north
Kallery. In the east cillery will b
Woiiinii Dotcctivo in llor
Dninnsrc Suit.
, .llPI'i-: "llll Klllll I COIlirOl lor mill- ' K.o ' n U'i'nn. ni. .... i .1 fr ....
eniln.-.a.-tlc banquet In Its frlv , iijui eontrul atul It w. thp dmv nf tliwalcil fort)' im-ml-T of .1. I'. Miircan ' Ur M'lur.l Ujnne a5 ret d from
osses at thnt
Mr Murphy sat s! chairs away from
p c,.,-rtior. with C.-ori."" M l'a Inter
, .in- Mile nnd Corporation Couns'-I
v tsmi on the otlur. who was In turn
.' xed hy Mr. MrCuH.y So far us
i I be learned the of Mr. Murphy
in I the C.overnor did not met t duilm;
. ev.nnm- ine .no in.; it... ao" th vice-Pr.sldenfs speech when he
'li other In tho reception room befntel .... ..t,w,v , or ,,,,..,
party In power to pe to It that the I & Co.'r office force. Newapapr men ""' '"""u " loriner lesn-
r ountrv cot what It voted for He said I will be in the south nailery. mony In the trial of rhp !7.".,000 damage
the ItopuhUoan party had been broken
an and ile.vtroved bocaii't' It had not fol.
lowed this nrinclnle nnd the Democrats 1 was closed yesterday to nil except mem
hers of tho famll. .Many now its t-n-
delivered th.-re.
would fo'low that party If It proved
fu!p to Its 'rust i
Mr. MtC.itnls took occasion to refer'
h, dinner bepnn and Mr Murphy was
ailed to tho telephone JumI before Gov.
I'cr bepan to speak. Mo returnrd
f To the speeoh wus llnlshed. Iiow
- er. nnd Mood Hlom-'side n pillar to
-. n Then h wlthdr.w- fur thp 've
r'r.K In the nipantimo the (Invirnnr'i re
repil.'tt Iv the Denioi-rat- was cnidul
!' not particularly enthusiastic. .Ins
t. e ti in is K. Donnelly, wh" presub d,
d tlatterini; words In his Introduction
r ",e man "they had known .-o Imi.'
dni M favorably." The Coventor was
.? applauded when he finished.
a.l notb;n but ceneral obn rvatioiis to
nulie In his nddrens, wo fur as Slat"
ITalrs wer concerned.
Vken lustiie Donnelly rapped on the
'..e at .-p. ech time tho V.ro-PresldftU
vis at n'.s rluht. with National (". alr-
an W'.utn K. McCombs sittlm; next,
n r r tanu- tneii Mr P.uiii".". Mr.
M irp! c.ii-puratlon Counsel Watson.
M' M.-Cooov. Thnlnro V. Myeis.
' ,t' r Pintzek and Dunro nnd iJen
ten'. If Witt Hamilton. To the left
. '.istmaster was the Coventor,
'i hrfd at his left Norman H. MaiK.
Th'n tame Morgan .1. ii'Hrlen. MRr.
'.r"p .bdin It Stanchlleld. Majc r
'!-.t,trd 'I Scherniprhorn. the Cr.iv
rr, , (i'd ex-Senntor Willl.itn A.
ar' W lll.im II. Tase and Police
'''hit ,.rer Waldo
r im th- main table were the small
iv' ' .i' which wete seated the oth.r
' " - iirnri' mpn, nil of whom havo
pp r. d somp time in nomn phfse
' . '.' ''S Tho boxes were lilted
men. Mrs. Marshall and l
mr oiiupylni; a box facinw the
' e Donnelly expressed the pleas
' " i-itih at hnvlni; the i'- -
- I- ". at It dinner. He hnd been
- - n'e before, and they knew him.
i - Ms wen. followed hy a hU filter
a " V.-e-President r.ro.-.s lo apealc.
1 . I 'resident Mnrsliall wns linpres
' nnd he imprp.ssed hl.t auditors when
'. 11 pred his warnlni; to tho rich
' Vew Yok Htnto nnil told of the
' t" irrowtli of socialistic doctrine.
' ' part on this lino:
T' . rf.--rt. ,,f thp prnple In for (rrpaler
' . ' f opportunity and enjoyment.
M .n irp men are conilnK to the b-
' " it sin i.illsm nlone will open up and
c. r.iii-i this wiuullty. I' I "fre the
! s x,,r r,f a viiht and prnwlnc fortune
1 J id made up my mind that the Gov-rn'n-iit
fhould continue to help me make
'' cr w, f.r If I wor a socialist, I would
fr-tei, doHti in on the educational system
' Am, rlra , f a paternalist, for the
"atnn that I tould control an lnnrant
" i " i.' ti morn reudlly thun an educated
f u socialist, for the reason that I
i not want to Inspire In th mind
hlld of mine the hope and InneltiK
" i . th') best there Is in him he might
inllMdual Huccess and then, by the
of tho country, forelloe that right
''iier rlnht or wrong, whethtr
' '" ed nr not, the results of the
' i' the last cainpalRti dlKlose not
,:er(;ent views of Bovernm-tlt. but
" i t of unrest umont; the people, not
'S t.) the present day t'onilltlons but
" ' ih' theories of government by which
' oridltlntiH are to bo remedied.
1,1 i it bi. deemed linpertintnt to ask
'' r If the puhllo mind can bo set at
"n .i',d thp popular discontent allayed
'" any Rood reason for dlRcardlne
' 's n the old Ideala of the republic"
rs been Just a full I.enten jierlod
'h.' Piehldcnt of the United Stairs,
'i' Cod sent man to perpetuate Jtffer
it .sm, called upon all forward looking
' come to hlH imsltance In an at
' .i' to rentm thn people's Rovernment
lr Us iiiitli-nt purity. H Is believed that
Ware la a sufficient number of forward
'noki in; men In America to accomplish
"'ui urposc. Wars nrr; best fotiRhl not
1 nierrenarlcn nor drafted men hut by
'olunteer rltlten soldiery Vet drafts
Hometlinea necessary, and a drafted
in may be induced to flRht In nelf.
Jtfence Unfortunately all men art not
"Th. say We are threatened With
socialism and anarthy. I don't believe
It. I l ave too much faith in the abldlnR
Rood sen-e of the people of this oMin
ry '
will lit in 1 1 it- ruut.ii M""';1 in ni'ivvw "'iiiiiirS'
The Morunn library In T.ast Thirty- j,,!. brought b Miss Nellie Oram Guer- ,
sixth street. In which the body 'w ' ,n, ft special detoctH e of Boston. nRnlnst
the Mason Senmnn Taxlc.ih Company In
the Pnlted states District Court. .IiidRe
The coffin Is In the west wIiir ill the'.Iullan Mack, who had ordered Dr
"red room," which Mr. MorKUti used as ' Wynne s return, toow an active part In '
u sitting room and In which tho nlfiht 1 the reexamination and at Its conclusion
conferences were held that ended the said in his durco to the Jury
panic of 190". It stands In front of "Your determination of the facts In
the fireplace, above which Is n larRe this cn-e will hae a Rrnve consequence
portrait of Mr. Morgan's father, .Junius , outside of the trial ltelf. for somebody f
Spencer Morgan. 1 he couin is com- uas got to pay tor ail tin- lying tnat nas
pletely coveted with a blanket o
1 , Ametican Heauty loses The libratv
was guarded yesterdaj by two pr.v.it.
watchmen In the etitraive hall and P'.o
PI nCCTi DV MRVAD1" b'Ucemen Moh1 . the gat-, on
ULil'ODLI DI lllfi I Un. I nelth.r house mr library w is (hole
f mmirninc vis.l-I- fmm hf "H t-
He ' Arlidll
1'iillow Ilciirino
rcxtiiiioiiy licfiiro tliP i'ii
all' Coiuiiiitti'i'.
'nl. (;o. April i: Cl'.b as" ' thor
oughly routed over the wholei,in raids
m:.do on the cabarets nnd "It ottenes"
h re last nlKlit.
When tho wearied members of Hie
Illinois vice commission left the tootn
v. hero all night long until far ii'tn the
morning they had listened to tho stories
told by patrons and managers of caba
rets when- nothing but champagne is
served and tlunco halln of the toughest
variety they had a mighty complete
record of the night life nf the city's
tenderloin. As a result two dance halls.
P.ov .lones's cafe at 2037 South Wnbasli
iiM'iute and Maxims at 2017 South
Wabash nvenue. In tho heart of the ten
derloin, hio liehtnd closed shutters to
night. Mayor Harrison read the testimony
of tho patrons of these place at his
breakfast this morning and inside of
half an hour ho was giving instruc
tions over the telephone. He revoked
the licenses before he loft his home.
As soon ns the news nf this drifted
through tho Tenderloin tho managers of
the danco halls realized what was com
ing, but they laughed at It. To-night
in all the big cabarets, the smoko hung
rooms fairly rocked with the shuffle of
countless trotters. There wan en iugh
hugging to pleaw) tho most affectionate
grizzly, the "tangoers" slid along until
they dropped from exhaustion. Kvery
one seemed to realize that th days of
tho now dances tn Chicago nr num
bered, for tho lime at leoat, and they
decided to mnko tha most of tho fact
that tho members of the commission
who made so uncomfortable a night for
the revellers had gone out of town for
When I.leut.-Gov. O'Hara heard about
Mayor Harrison's breakfast table
actlvltiPM he Paid:
"That's pretty quick nctlnn. The
commission mukes a rnld at midnight,
hears th" testimony, decides two re
sorts ought to bo closed, nnd less than
twelve hours later the licenses have
been revoked,"
Tho scheme which propost that the
Klato street merchants build n million
dollar hotel where working girls could
obtain good, board and a room nt cost
was abandoned at a secret meeting nf
the merchants lato this afternoon.
Manv nersons walking through Kast
f Thlrtv-si.xth street s'upped in the rain
" I to cazo at the library and it" tightly
Mis Marie Jackson, ft widow, 3f years
old was found unconscious from gas
in her room at 138 Twelfth street, Long
Island City, yesterday, l'olice. say It wan
apparently an accident.
Henry Hall of 256 Sixth street. Ilrooklyn,
a former letter carrier, died yesterday In
the 1-nng Island College Hospital from a
dore of muriatic acid taken in inlntako for
A Jury before Supreme Court Juitlce
Oarretson In Ilrooklyn ha awarded a ver
dict of 915,000 to the widow and children
of Tony Altobell, a carpenter, who was
killed on February 16, 1012. while working
on a building nt Coney Inland owned by
Antony Splneill.
been done In this rourt nnd prosecutions
for perfurv will result "
The Jurv took .hist five mln i'es u,
ring In a verdb' for the defend.ni'. and
were d.smissed with the Judges thanks
1 concur entirely In vmir erdlct."
.".i:d the court. ' an I the D s'rl.'t At'ir- '
ney will do the rest."
' Most of Dr Wvnne's testimony con
cerned I he scalp w ound which Miss
closed iron doors. In me afternoon ine Cuortln said she suffered In the collision
only member of the family visible wns i.iw-een the Lexington avenue trollpj,
Mrs. Morgan who. heavl'v veiled, went ,nr nfj tnt, taxicnh In which she and
out for nn hour In her automobile. ' lir-r eompmlon, .1 Addlon Patron. nlo
lllshop tirewster of Cmneot'i ut. who.,,f n(,stin, were riding from the Hotel
to take part In thp rv'cp to-mor- Hermitage to the C.r.ind Central Station i
row will i-nmo ilci-n from Hartford to- th n(Kllt nf jlay '.. 1011 This
night Hlshop l.nwrence of Mnssachu- w,nlm. according to some of tho tetl
setts will arrive parly to-morrow morn- mltiv t,,ki.n at the trial, often caused
ing They, with the Itei. Karl Hel- .,. Wvnno to see large pink horses
land, rector of St (leoige's. will go to tuning the and i haslng her up a steep'
Hartford for the committal service h)11 j)r yvvnne when on the stand the
Ulshop Greer decided yesterday not toir, 1lnlP saj tna, t)l0 injarv was drU
tnake the trip ;ng Miss Ouertin Insane.
Th-re will he three roaches nn tht , yiu, phvsu'lnn said that ho hnd been
Beginning Tomorrow, a Sensational Sale and Distribution of
At 10
and X5
Each refrigerator in this sale bears a double guarantee ours
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Llfl-Covcr HcCrljlcrators
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to 25c, 10. ,
at 1 'jC
Munufarturers' Sample Strips of 1'
to -15-inch Swiss Embroideries
regularly 10c tn in
I $lV25;ayard 5cto49c
42 and 45-inch Voile Flounrings -,
regularly 59c to, 0Q. en Kft
$7.50; a yard HCtoJ.5U
, s
The Ills Store Takes Over the
Agency of the Claviola Plnyer
Plano -As an introductory offer
w e will give to purchasers of the
Claviola Player-Piano Twenty
Five Kxtra Music Rolls in ad
dition to the twelve we usually
giv e. Kasy Terms- -No Interest
No Kxtrus Free Deliver).
Plnin nnd Fanry White floods
values ldc to 3l'c;
a ) urd 1 -1 -jC
Sale of Notions nnd Hair Goods at
amazingly low prices.
$15 Pearl "Ceyloitc" Necklares
opera end neck lengths; some s
indestructible; at 0
1 Quadruple Silverplatcd Table Ware
pietced sandwich trajs, cm
bossed bread trays, gold-lined
nut and fruit bowls, butter dishes
(cmhossid), pierced casseroles,
I.. CI CO ... CI CO.
Ell . 1HIUC- , -. .11 III Qf.
chnice, at s
La Vnllieres Hnished in either gold
or platinoid; values $2 to
Sti; at 98C
$2.50 Wool-Hack harmeuse 54
inches wide; best shades;
yard 'M.;
$5 Hand Hags made of pin-seal;
silk-lined; German-sil- s r
ver frame;!; at V..J
50 Visiting Cards Lugraved in Script
with pute; name only ,
usually 51 ; at
$2.75 lllack llrotudcil Sutin
30 inches wide, a vurd
Double-Width Crinkled Crepe -new
shades; 40 inches wide, C1 n
a vard 51 1.50
3'2.Inch Zepltjr (.'inIiams 1f.
15c grade; a vard IOC
S25.50 "Shell" llcslun Pullman
Sleepers handomef designed
baby carriages of IH13
s 17.75
funeral train, one for the body of Mr
Morgan, an.itlier for the relatives and a
third for eervnnts and uttendjnts.
Charles II. Huttlr. president of the
American Hankers Association, has ap
pointed the committee to represent the
association nl the funer.V. The men ap
pointed are George V Haker, chair
man of the board of the first National
flank and ex-treasurer of the associa
tion. F. A Vanderllp, president of the
National City Vtnnlt. I. K I'lerson. ex
presMent of tho nsoc!atlnn and chnlr
mnn of the executive committee of the
ummoned hy Mist duet-tin after the
accident, ha 1 discovered the "punetu-'
rated scalp wound" and 'had operated to1
remove the fotmatlon of pus
Dr. .Tames Itellly, who vva cnlled In
hy Dr Wynne to administer the ether,
swore that the operation was for the (
putpo.-e of removing a cyst tumor which
Miss Cueitln must have had liefore the
accident. This testimony was subitan-
tinted hy Dr Alonzo K. Inline, also of
c.iiifronted with the statements of
lhe.se Jihv s. l.i in Dt Wynne oil ieenm
. L
$14 Massive Colilcn Oak Extension
Tables- solid oak top, 40 inches
in diameter, 9-inch fluted pedestal;
heavy claw feel; o-ft.
extension, at
$11 White Cnameled Bed Outfits
all regular sizes, consisting of
while enamel bedstead, 10-year
guaranteed Romelink spring.
soft-top mattress; com'
8.2o 1 Lngltsh Porcelain Dinner Sets 100
pieces, complete for 12 persons;
$12 Ho Springs -at
$19 Golden Oak Buffets t
at '14.0U
Wilton Rugs sizes 27x54 inches lo
9x12 ft., regu-
lady 75 $2.95 Ic, $39.50
Axtuinster Rugs -sizes 27x54 inches
to 9x12 ft ; regularly SI 75 to
If 50, H. 45 .029.50
nonulnr dark hlne "wil.
low" design, at s6.95
Pressed Class Table Tumblers
values 25c to Tile, , -
dozen 1 5C to 5UC
1 30c Opaque Window Shades
eomplctch lined; finished ln
i-e 't i5 M ut liiC
Please see our large advertisements in today's WORM), AMF.KI' AN and KKRAI.I)
for complete details cf the abnvo and uther impurtatit iv fjr tomorrow
The big Store A Civ i n Itself
A Civ in itself
SixlK Averwia
ti . B.GHEENHUT, Pret.
to S Streats
iDoub't Green Trading Stamps liefore 12 o'clock Sitirjlr Slump Thrrculter
Irvine National Manic A. II IitkIii, I ination inlinitled that he had operated
president of the Chase Nntlonnl Hank, ,, liu. ri,mVHi lPf the cyst tumor He
.1. S. Alexander, president of the Na- I insisted, however, that he had dKcov-
ttonal nnk of Commerce; Benjamin 1 er,,,i t,S tumor a sIlBht laceration of
.Strong. Jr, vice-president of the Hank
ers Trust Company, and Fred K. Knrn
worth. Rcnernl secretnry of the npso
elation. The present firm of .1 1 Morpan 4
Co. and its predecessors have been
membrs of the American Hankers As
sociation since lis organization in lATTi.
.1. K Morgan A Cn, havo nnnounced
that on account of the funeral the of
fices of tho tlrm will he closed until
to-morrow noon, after which they will
open for routine business only durln;
the remainder uf the day
WhtteUTT nrliT Son.ln-lnvf Will
Represent queen Alrxnndr,
Sptcial Cahlr Dfpalcfi tn Tr. Si .
I.ON'lioN, April 1-'. The Hon, John
Ward, son-in-law of the late Whltelnw
Hold, will represent (jueeti Alexandra
nt the memorial service for the late
.1 I'lerpnnt Mnrftnn to he held in Mon
day In Westminster Abbey.
Heart of llrniige Orrhealra l,oe
fnOO Prralan I.aiub Coat,
I.lly Marquis of 30 Morton place, Knst
Dnince, leader of the female orchestra
at the riower Show, was n caller ut the
Knst Klfty-first street station last nlKht.
Kho reported that while she was play
ing her I&00 Persian lamb coat was
stolen from a dressltiR room In the New
Grand Central Palace.
Paint Creek Htrtfce Inquiry !rel.
Wabiiinhton, April 12. A Federal In
quiry Into tho treatment of tho strlklnr
coal mlnera In the Paint Creek and Cabin
Creek dlstrlcta of West VlrKtnla by Statu
troops durlnu the strikes of the Inst two
years wu urged In the Henate to-day by
Senator Kern of Indiana.
the scalp. This, he conceded, mlKht havp j
been caused by somethlnK pointed like
a hatpin. i
Mounted Policeman Philip McCale 1
testllled that he sjw the collision and '
asked Miss Ouertin and her companion ,
If they were hurt. He said they replied I
in the negative nnd walked away.
Assistant Cnlted States Attorney
Spence and two nccnts of the Depart
ment of .llistlre have been assigned to
11 IK 1 out where the perjury lies III he
inasK of confllctlnK testlmnnv Arrests
to-morrow are expected.
National Hank Will (in Into
l.iiHiiilotlon lWnrp tlif
Aetna National Hank stockholders nt the
?nmu price i
The Aetna National Hank to ro li.'o
voluntary luiuldntinii In the manlier pin
viileil l' lau, to dlsti-tlmte to i!H Htoi k
holileiH at the tune of coiiolulntion .o
lattte a cah dividend as practical. Ic ai.i
theieafter ndilltinnal dlvlilenilM as fast w
itHsets me realized upon K.ich Atn.i
V. v I s
..M uti th
l!.:,ltlo!. 1-
I out ml I fit- liiieeleil in
lli'lioi'l In Hie t'nll.
M" '.. V.
tilt '
l'i-liu p:i uil
It fle i' i
itn tniht iiv- s
d hv tin Hon
VI ny llne IMrn Tlrket In ipolllon
to lleuolar Voiuliiollonn.
The official ticket for officers nnd gov
ernors of tho Stock Kxchango prcHented
h thi' notnlnatlni? coniniltteo last week
will meet with opposition probably nt the
aitiunl flection due opposition ticket
Is beiiiK iltscuxscd mid others may ap
pear In the Held liefore next month
The oflli'inl ticket was dlscimed liy
Inokets 0Htrnl.iv and the o Inlon was
exptehNi'd iimoiiK prominent "progrcs-
Ives of the cceclinuKc that tile noinliiat
Iiik committee had leaned more to tha
conservative than the progiesslve wing,
and that tho ticket would aroufe a move
ment for a separate ticket wholly pro
gressive. Friends of several men who have been
prominent In the recent movement for
more udvnnced methods in the exchange
ate disgruntled at the omission of their
names. The next week, it Is expected,
will bring the movement out Into the
Student Aid Flood rand.
Phinckiok, April is-Princeton students
rnicd several hundred dollars for the Ohio
flood hiiflerers to-night, 'the Princeton
Tiiunnle Club, Hie undergraduate dramatic
iiKHociation, gave a liciieflt perfoi niuniie
of their museial comedy, "Once In a Hun
dred Vears," uud dcxpitc the fuot thut they
have seen the show before several hundred
atudrute turned out again to-night,
N.itou.il.oiis are under wa for ihe
nierser ot the Broadway Trust Cotn
pan nnd the .-Ktna Natloiul Hank, the'
former plaimlnK to lake over the latter.
Presidents of both institutions were
reticent yesterday about discusslns the
proposed plan, hut It was learned Uun
i irculars have iu eti sent out to tho stock
holders of both lunks nnd that a meeting
of Hie shareholders of the Itna National
probably will In- held within the neM
three months. '
Afcfiriilnir to the nlan the Ulna Nn- 1
tional will go Into liquidation and the
itroadwav Trust will take over its inter
ests. The .VJliia will distribute as large
,t cash dividend as possible, lind other
dividends will he declared as assets are
realized. The bonds of the Ktna Na
tional deposited in Washington us se- I
curity for the bank notes Issued wlil
rumaln there until cmcIi note Is returned
and redeemed
At the ulllce of Ihe Stute Hanking I)e
partment It was known that negotiations
were under way.
According to Itx last statement, the
Uruiidway Trust Company has gross de
posits of $10,719,0S, and this .-Ktna Na
tional :,R6-),0t)0, The merger of a hank '
with a trust company Is somewhat un
usual, hut otneers of the Statit Hnnklng
Department say thut such a step Is dulv
provided for by the law. ,
Tho circular sent out to the stock
holders Is ns follows: j
"The Hroadway Trust Company to ills- '
tribute a dividend of Hi per cent on iih
present stock; to increase its capital stock i
from $1,000,1100 to fi.DflO.oon, of whkli
(100,000 rhatl be Available for pro rata
subscription hy the llrondway Trunt
Company stockholders nt 115". a shine,
and the remaining $400,000 shall be avail
able for pro rata subscription by luej
stockholder to have th privilege of sul . I M-niuni Mu'.ii'' .intuitu e.
sentilng for s.ioths of one share of Ihe i ''''" i ". t Ii i...: ! n.uly fur to
increased stock of the Hrondwav Trust o' tin an' . t .. -ii a n until i'oi -
Cotnpany for each one shine of Htm W
now luld by him, paying for said in-
Teased spick at the rate nf tl.Mi t
nh.lt e out of the cash dlv iilei d to In
paid to tlie Aetna stockholders st the i,
of such consollihitlon ' i
ir.-, t. n. i . , iif
Tout ii"' lin.li of A I l.i nt i- Hnd South se I
! i m i. .11 li!p i'j I- n the Imnr s
:' if . n 1 ' . I lie 'le nrllli
, ; in i .f i.u i mi, in i . t s i
i I
that will not
wrinkle or bulde
is labelled
he Genuine
Sold at good stores everywhere, in
Cotton (black only), at $1.50 to $3.00,
and in Silk (all colors), at $5.00 upwards.
You will be interested in the
KLOSFIT Style Book de Luxe, sent
free on request to
KLOSFIT CO., Publicity Dept.,
SOS Fifth Avenue,
New Y.rb

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