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Cloudy, probafcffm' to-fair to-mor
row; moufifate Yarifcjwnds.
Detailed weather reporWlil'M'fpai.on pase 13.
t .
, VOL. LXXX. NO. 22G.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1913. Copyright, 1013. bv the Hun rrinttng mid Publishing Amortntlnn.
rontifF at Times Delirious
and Doctors Xow Fear
"Thl" I? My Third Relapse
He Tells Them With a
u tt.ck of rornmxn
jrirf ?t rained Severely and
liV-i:rrenee of Spasm
Hreatly Feared.
ft '"'' ;ir '". to Tnn Sri
I; ... . f,t 1 1 1 1 ",11 .. M.L- There,
1 - .!;' li.ipt'.'t onietlt In tho Pope's!
' m it tli!" hour. The fever I-
I! 1 . April 11 ili A. M.I. -The Pope
1 ( a s,...pl,.ss nlstit. Ills loin-
,- "i-,- ! still Mch. It exceeds 102'
V ti-cn.ie '. The patient N almost de-j
. - . . !. reMilr.it inn Is difficult and'
! . f.irei tlmt yinpliims of ptieii-!
II r i ;.re lielitinlti;.. j
ji...r Atubi nml r.igl.-itl are
the patient. Prof. Mnrohln
' vi ", tint rottirn before 7 o'clock '
i.i'oi he l stitntnuiied. j
ir. .Mnr. hlnfnta. who N n State'
f , -! .nir.t , has formally assured'
ember of the Government that he
tvirn them when ileath --enix to
l sit hour- distant, lie Is convinced
Hi' t tho eml will not be Miihlen.
The Pope' confessor was summoned
ktA 'pent forty-live iulntito at the
Rome. April 13 i Midnight). -The Pope
l .'till critically 111. but there If no In
dication that the end is Imminent.
The Pontiff' eldest sister went to the
Vatican nt i'. o'clock this morning nnd
n nt her brother's bedside, an hour
later when Prof. Marcli'ifata and Or.
Ani'.i I visited him. .
f-er junking h careful examination
f 1 h-'dlng n conference with Cardinal
Vrr ilel Vii', the Papal Secretary nf
' 'he physicians Issued a bulletin
' hnt the pontiff had had a culm
i c nnl Id.' fever this morning fell
' i, frees Fahrenheit.
Mi; ;.'tn of bronchitis eontlnue,
ii on 'he left side. The func-
. t ,. k.dneys. the bulletin says,
c ! md 'he patient's general con
's u' sf.utory.
" - u ) p dillshed In a special
i ' ... ttt n-rsture Hunmno, the
'i"cfin. at noon nnd the
" ',' ng'iln became op-
I .! l.if.r. a a!o gave n state-
.if.i'ii'i In which he do-
' I'ipes condition was not
!i the fever had aUlted.
'i r was probable that his
' i.nlil rise again In the
1 , in ss was following the
1 . ..mi the Pope's recovery
I ' M . ! .'f,..i added that th
' , rf'i! and hH mind wj
! - ,i.I.-ingly to his principal
' ' - m'Miung: "This Is inv
' - . He smiled In a manner
' ! that he was con
1 1 w . I,! 1 eeiiver. Prof Mar-
i- m I th" statement that
" "'!:! n teas not such as
I i , 1. 11. in, otherwise ho
i- ihe Vatican day and
' r "!' at 7 o'clock to-night
. . 1 another bulletin that
: lunl p "ml a quiet day. After
1. I' ;;ffs fever rose to 101.3
at""'. 1 ii v s already diminishing
'n .. r. . , n.ng 'j'hp symptoms of
' 1 ' 1 iniluenza were un-
1 , .1 t!-.' general conditions were
'1 so' sin' terv
It- Mir. il.fitn and Atnlcl were -it
'" It p. - bedside earlier than usual
n ',.n.ni; Hc.oldci innklng n long
xm'n.t.nn they hud .1 consultation
pa'. nt's high temperature,
"" ' h 1 "I 'l"f n ,'ised only slightly at
A1 , 4 n'r'orit in tho afternoon fho
:" '' a Mi'Unt attack of coughing
1. M 1" 1 1 n- n'nrmlne- n tt thrent-
i.nn. The sufferer was ut
r.iteii after the attack, whl-h
1 heart sevi rely The cough,
ip' to continue throughout the
K's his cnudltlon more crhl-
eleo; s.ster was still at tho
mUlnhiil, as tho doctors
il ls -he seventh day of tho
'rn ihl,., very likely would f.o
. - Hh iwlng whether or not
'1 be able to overcome tho
T' -rn"
i i
l!U ,
rr vp t
' .n.
Am .
dpp'ors seem to be in dlsagree
s 'fi the Hope's chances of recof
1 ' iillcl ts pessimistic, while
" r In.ifavit contlnueH to be op
II" persists that the Pontiff's
i '.m not yet become ularmlllg,
- ' lenient s are generally re-
ii a good deal of Hceptlclsni.
'","s lospirutlnn Is dlfflcu't
' '' e cough, the heart action
'" o ..ml the jmlso rapid. Dr.
r'n up. heart beats nnd the
"lid In the bulletin, but
1 il.iva was opposed to this.
M i
'"' ' ' Mei iv d,. Val decided tho
1 W.i n tin. bulletin was sub.
"''' 1 '" I nn he personally put It on
'M.. ..nnr and omitted tho heart
a-rnJ records.
11 K I' I'M I Hint earlier In th
' ' ,r- .Merchlafava Intended to
' " ' ' " n ht ill the Vatican, but
i.i. a ti,,., WUH ll()t necessary, that
"I b" ampin time to summon
e of emergency.
Han pharmacy, which ! gn-
I' Hi ,
Tl.e '
the Pharmacy to the I'niw'a hr..ir,wm.
ntid this started a rumor that his Ill
ness had taken on an Infectious char
ncti r. This was del I later.
An automobile Is kept wilting near
tho irsldence of Cardinal Seraflnn
xanntitrlll to lake him to the Vatican
at any moment to iidmlnlsler absolution
to the Pope when the end seems to bo
The Pope's window Is one of tho
chief attractions for foiflgn tourists.
Numbers of these people. notllblv
Americano, neglected the sights to-dav
and walked and drove through St.
Peter's Square to watch the window of
the Pontiff's bedroom. XumerouM pil
grims from Venice. Hungary and Poland
wnndcicd nnlously about the square,
hoping ngntiut hope for an audience,
but admittance to the Vatican was
strictly forbidden.
The celebration of th" Pope's name
day. the feast of St. Joseph, which was
postponed from March in bemuse It
occurred In Hob Week until to-day, was
of course again postpotud.
The fact that the deaih of the Pope
Is not rewarded as Imminent Is shown
by the fact, that all the Cardinals, in
cluding Secretary of State Meirv del
Val, attended a solemn function at the
basilica of St John or I.ateran to-day.
wheteCardln.il Setatlno V.innutelll pou-
unrated at blu.li mass The diplomats. ' fl)rp q j-
nml' mn,l!7,lHr '"" 'T, "7", i (1"'' t hr,, Klsbeps. the tlUht Ilev
and tneinbeis of ihe papal court attended I ,, ,, .. .
the ceremony, ubleh closed the so-called! ' ''""',,'v ' H'ew-trr of Connecticut,
ro'tnve of tin lebiatlons In cnnimnmo- "t rived ln-t nUht with Prsldent Tla-
ratlon of the decree of leliKloim freedi.in . el S. I.uther of Trlultv I'oll e. Mart
lued bv Kinperor Conflaiitlne. foul, nnd both Here the txiiesis of the
llev Karl lli'lland, rector of the parish
POPE'S BROTHER NOT IN ROME. Thu two other ltMiops who will par-
I Ilclpate In the services are Hlshop
lli-liorl fioverumeiii Won't (iranl I) , vld 1 1 I ir. nr of JVw Vork and Iti-hop
lllm l.rnir of lliarnor. WUPnm Lawrence or Massachusetts
IIomk, April 1.1.- Tile Pope's sisters Florists were In the Morgan library In
and the members of his household, were ' i;ast ThlrtN-slMh street until late lat
with him to-day. but meat surprise , n(llt rninKln im..rs. and with the
was exprcseu in.u Aliceio rHrto, tile
Pope's brother, did not arrive In Knm
as expected. It Is tld that the (Intern
ment would not urant him leave of ab-
lli Will Tso Wiknn'ti Vvtwn't 1
' 1
and Hrynn's Vice in I.at
ter's Absence.
Waiiinoto.v. April 13. -The confirms
Hon by the Senate of the nomination 1
of John Hassett Moore an counsellor of !
the Department of State Is expected to
make rapid Improvement In conditions
in that department. It Is an open secret
:nai ever sii.ee .tiarcn i in- nuoineos ni,w of ,ijyajlt. The Italian Gov- ! msintll' linns or the Government that
of the department has been Impeded .rnmen: N represfnted bv a wreath of , because Frost had been liberal to his
by the change of administration. lilies of the vnllev and orchids. From 1 employees It only becniise he ex
Mr Itrvan has assumed all the re- Mount Vernon there are palm eat s Peted to "use them as his tools" In
yponMLIl-ty. but has been unable to from a ti said to have been planted acquiring the Alaska coal lands.
tlnd tan.- to take up all piening mat- h Genge Washington Thet tveini J"dge l.andls.ln his Instructions to
ters He was absent 011 a speaking ' broiigh' from Washington bv Mrs j Jurv ,lw,,lt ''Mensively upon tho
tour last month and both before and Henry Falrlleld o-born ' ! construction that should be placed upon
since mot of his time has been taken These and ma-s.s of other gifts from ,,'"r'1 "conspiracy." He said: "If
up by an unprecedented rush of callei . Ambassadors and other friends of Mr. , ,h" ,1,'f,'!'lnnts hnd so directed the ac
A piece of legislation passed i.,st Morgan lure and abr lad tilled the !'- 1 (lulrement of the coal claims by a cer
summer provides that the counsellor . brary with their fragrance yesterdav, , ,aln Kiouplng of them In such a way
shall be the acting Secretary ln the 'but In the red room, the sitting room, ,nat ti''""0 would thereby benefit by
absence of the Secretary of State where the body has rested since Fri- I n"lged conspirators they were guilty
Formerly the first assistant acted In
tlie atisencn or tne M-eretaiy. nut 11 ts there by members of the famllv
evjdent that Mr Hryan will take ad- The roflln will be completely eov
vantage of the legislation and make rr,,, j,v u.,.hmond roses, the small red
I'rnf. Moore his vice. Puring the Knoi: rn.es tth'ih Mr. Morgan liked best
administration Huntington Wilson nmmig Ib.wer". Thev will be undls
made the pot of assistant secretary turbed throughout the dav and will be
the one of importance next to that of, M.nled with the coffin In the tomb at
the Secretary himself. 1 Hartford. About tlftv Horn pieces will
I'niler the new teglm Prof Moore . ln St. t-.eorge's Church and will be
Is to be an expirt adviser to ITetident j t(li(.n to Hartford on th" special train.
Wilson and Sicretnry Hrvan on all mat- jn the cemetery spring flowers will be
ters of foieign relations. He will at
once become the one mail ln til" !- ,
partment lu whom the President and1
Mr. Hryan will f el the utmost con-
fldence, j
Then. Is no question that Prof Moore I
Is one of tho few men In the Fnlted '
States whose capacity nnd ability In 1
matteis of foreign relations are recog-
nlznl In all clvlllz d nations. I I'm a
talnments have b-en recognized by
pemocratlc and ltpnblican adminis
trations. Mr. Knox urged him to nr-
cept a position In the State Department j
linurr tne inn nuministraiion, out ne , oruer, tne nets, i nomas r.. tanni,
declined to give up his work at Colum-' John F. Hamaker nnd John F. Scott,
bin I'niverslty and other prtvate work, nsslstnnt ministers of St. George's, fol
It Is understood that save far the nr-! lowed by the Hev. Knrl Hellnnd, Hlshop
rangement that the counsellor Is to be, I Lawrence, Mishap Hrewster and Hlshop
acting Secretary In the absence of tho I Greer; the twelve honorary pnllbear
Secretary of State und that an Increase; ers, the body of Mr. Morgan, tho fam-
of salary is to hp oskcii ror rum rrm. ,
Monro would not havn consented to
serve under President Wilson,
Nrirroefi, AdvUpil tn Wlthdrmr.
Tl.rrnten tn Attrnil in n Iloily.
There is anger In St. Ltiko's Protest
ant Kplscopal Church, 111st streot ntid
Convent nvenue, over attempts mane nIn0 , hut upon learning by wireless of
by negroes to send th"Ir children tn , Mr Mnrgnn's death ho left the ship nt
the church. The Itev. Pr. G. Ashtnn (jueenstown and was able to return
Oldham, rector, ordered the nfgroes homo ufter being In Queenstown only six
nway nnd since then has received scur- hours.
rllous and threntenlng letters. The body nf Mr. Morgan will bn re-
Two months ago white mothnrs whnss mnved from the library without special
clilldren went to the Sunday school ceremony at 9:30 o'clock this morning
complained thnt negro children snt near and bomo directly to tho church in nn
their daughters. Pr. Oldham put nil J nutomoblle hearso. Tho funeral train
tho negroes In one class. Tim negro for Hnrtford will leave the Grand Cen
mothers objected and Dr. Oldham nil-' trnl Stntlon about 11:30 o'clock,
vised them tn send their children to fit. In HI. OearpCn Hulfottn. published by
Philip's Church in 133d street, n negro , fit. George's Church, this notice appeared
Institution. lyeBterdayi
The negroes ngrred reluctantly. Dr. I "It Is n great regret tn tho rector and
Oldham told them that If tliny demurred I vestrymen nn tho one hand nnd tho
It would look ns If their reannn for I family nf Mr. Morgan on the other, that
sending their children to his church It was found necessary to put the tick
was social nnd not religious. , ets of admission for Ht. George'H peoplo
I hato heard that the negroes are.
coming to church In n body," said Ilr.
Oldhnm. "If they do they will receive
every courtesv, but will bo seated away
17 . '. . . . ....
from tho whiles, ir ennugn or mm 'i
come to wnrrnnl It I will hold a spcclnl f the family havo applied from the
Kcrvico fnr tiKmPS. ' outwlrttf.
In St. Mart's Protestant Kplscopal ''This ought not to be n matter of re
Church, 101 Lawrence street, there was 1 fn,fo ,f "? f,ro'n 8 ' f;''orRn H
WtVerneGo igulimt a voung neeress a t will be uble to find ndmlsHlon to Ihe ser-
gran m e W nS tot vto , '" '!, "rl,lof ,hl,t
T..h. I., .i... u i..v. mcIi.m.i until h thn character und distinction of our
a( lliftl I (l llll UU'I'I'IJ ....... .....
Itev. Dr. .1- I.. Scully asked her to leave.
She Is Addle Smith, daughter of V. J.
Smith, a, negro attorney of 8!l Lenox
avenue. Her father snld ho will ap
peal to Hlshop Greer In the matter.
Korfy Will Bo IMneed In lu
Mausoleum nt Hartford
in tho Afternoon.
Most of tlie Wonderful Muss of
Flowers Will Co to
The funeral services for .1. P Morpan
will begin at 10 o'clock thin morning
In HC. CcorKe'M Protestant Episcopal
Ohm eh, on Httiyvesant Square, of which
he was a mcmbtr for fifty years, The ,
otllcluting clergymen will leave the ves-
try to Join the procession sharply on the
limit, nn.l rVi 1 .".ftO intet bnlitrs h.ive
....u. ... .... ,...v. -
1 .a 1.A In IV...I.. n.ll. t-,... !
t'rrii 1 iviiv.tci ... i-v- ... ii.i.. ..a -
i help of .1. P. Morgan, .lr, selecting
those pieces which will be taken to the
church and then to Huttford, where a
committal service before th- Morgan
mausoleum will he held this ufternoou.
It was the wl-h of the f.imllv that no
llowers be sent to tho church before
the funeral, and that wish was, of
course, respected. Hut the number of
petsons. ..-l..tles nnd (Internments thi.t
causeo ineir ooerings to in leu hi in'
library adjoining the Motgan home I
rm fan Into the hundreds. A florist,
ivlw. li.-lil I'hnrrn nf this h.rl
of the arrangements, said hut night
that not In his thirty-nine years ex-,
pi-rlenre had he seen so large and so
ippusentatlte a collection i
From the Ktnperor of Germany there I
Is a spray of palm leaves bound with:'1"' assertions or me lawyers ror the
the German colors, with silk stte amers
ending In golden tassels. From the
Heptibllc of France there Is a gold
Maltese cro-s beneath
erown of I
1 palms James Hryce. the Hrltlsh Am-1
,lflsn(loP 8,.nt Kar,an,l of violets ani I
div o eiiing. were ontv ted roses placed
strewn over the graves of all the Mor-
irnn ill tllP flltntly lllt.
The flowers that are left nt the II
brary will be distributed among hos.
pltnls n which Mr. Morgan was most
interested -the l,ylng-lu Hospital, St.
Luke's and others--and those sunt by
the Frenrh Government. Ambassador
nnd others of France will be given to I
' '-nen nospuais.
This will be the order of the procc
slou and recessional In St. George's
i liurcn this morning: me tioys anil
men of the choir: the clergy In this,
uy. inero win im iniriy-iour .uihtj
Including several young men nf the
parish who havo volunteered for thnt
It Is expected thnt every member of
the Morgan family will bo present ex
cept Mrs. Walter Hftynes nurns, n sister
of Mr. Morgan, who lives In London nnd
la in nnor bpnlth. William Plerson
I Hamilton, n son-in-law of Mr. Morgan,
nrrlved by the Cnmpunln yesterday. He
Lnied for ISuropo Intending to go to
Into tho hands of those specially chosen
to represent our various organizations.
Tho church could have been filled twice
'over with St. George's peoplo alone, to
..... nn.Mn.r .f nil thoH" u'hn nil frlenflu
chief officer will bring so many peoplo
to St, George's from tho outside to do
hltn honor. All applications passed
ConHnwfii an Third Page.
Plim Onnrr t'nilrr Wnrr, lint lit'
Itracoeit I'nhurt.
Hastinos ov Ht'nsos', April 13,
Thomas Mnhoney of Yonkera attempted
! mUie ,!ls "u,Tot!."e.?.ro"nd ?' aTp
.11111 Hum t.ic- ...... 111. CI t uuu lu
tho 1'V.rniBUt road brldg-e this afternoon
but loit control of the machine, which
, crashed through the ctiard rail and
down Into the Sawmill River, ten fcot
' below.
Mahoney wns pinned under the car In
live fpet of water, but woj pulled out
unhurt, Ills brother, Richard, who was
','m' " IZ"ltaLaj
and was Inuled out later by horses.
Author Join Flftht Aitntliat "Old
IlclKlnii Clericalism."
Special Cable Vitpatcfi to Toe Sin.
HRt'iMj, April 13 Maurice Mae'trr-
jneki lhe author, has ranged himself on I
9l(lt. of th(. !trer?, who will go out '
to-morrow. He has written a letter to a 1
c..ii.. ... ...1.11. i 1 -.1... 1
iit;iuii.-i papei 111 iini.-ii ne iieumiy 1
Joins what he calls "this great fight
asalnst a Ministry which represents all
the UEllnrss, lewneso and pertldy of the
old Helglan clerlcMlnm. At soon as this ,
most legitimate of strikes begins 1 Intend
to support It lu a more etlleaclous msn
ner than with the pen."
$20,000,000 CONSPIRACY
Ik' and Four Others Freed From
Cliarre of Alaskan
Ciiicaoo. AprJI 13.Albert C. Frost j
""d his four codefendents, charged with
conspiracy to defraud the Government
out of J20.000.000 worth of Alnska coal
,mds. were acquitted by ii Jury In the
jv.l.-r.il court this afternoon.
Th" ",hor ''-n''"""' " Pierre O j
"e.u n uuu ..eorKe nenaro or ,ni-
cueo. fiisinre M. Hall of Munele lni!..
and Kr.tnk Watson of Seattle. Tho Jury
hud deliberated since S o'clock last night,
The closing arguments In the rase
were made by H p, Townsend, special
Assistant Attorney. General. He attacked
defence that to find a verdict of guilty
,n evidence must show the existence
f contract between the. coal claim
lrcatera anil the defendants.
In nls ln '"hnlf of the de-
f-ndants Nathaniel C Sears refuted the
1 r frn"" "gainst the Government
rr-i... 1 ..... .... . ,
.lie lie.uum Ol III" etluenCH insieil
nearly a month. Witnesses were hear 1
from a parts of the country and
Former llnrtnrit I'oolbnll 1'lnjer
Surprlsp Ills Frlenils.
POSTOV. Anrll 1.1 Wevlnnil tnnnl.i!r
Minot. known in the football world as
,"I),mo." the former llnrvi.r.l fr.ntlv.ll
player, married Mlso Anne Shaugh
nessy, a telephone operator of Porches,
ter. yesterday. Tho Hev. Thomas I.
G.isson, president of Hoston College,
married them at St. Leo's Church.
Won! of the wetldlntr I'jimi. ns 11 snr.
prso .,, ids friends. Not a word had
.tl,v he.iUl f hls ,uent!oni.
, M)s!) shaughnesav, who has known
Mn()l f(ir ,,, ll(,(n
phone operator for the last five years
Minot stood high among Harvard men.
As a fullback he stood next to Ham
Fish as the Idol of the undergrnuduates,
rhrlfttlnn Workers In BroTrnirrlllp
Spelt roller Prntrrtlnn for MUalnn.
Women workers for tho Christian
Mission In llrownsvlllo have, asked tho
Brownsvlllo pollen to gunrd their
church quarters, threats they say hav
ing been made ngnlnst them by the.
parents nf young Jews nmong whom
they work.
Lnst Sunday nnd yesterday crowds
gnthered before the mission In Itocka-
' way avenue threatening physical as
snult on the missionaries. It Is claimed
by the Jews that their children nro
in danger of being converted to Chris
tlanlty. Miss Itaphael, thn head of thn
mission, was menaced Sunday by a
crowd us alio left tho church, nnd her
escort, William Van Tassel, wns at
tacked and somewhat rudely treated
before policomen Intervened,
Compnnr Orfrn.nlr.ril fnr Brerdlnn nf
"ftllvcr-Jllnck" Variety.
RosTON, April 13. Tho raising of tho
Prlncn Kdtvard Island "silver-black"
fox Is making progress ln nostnn. A
charter was Issued yesterday for a $350,
000 company to be known ns the Mas
sachusetts Sllver-Hlack Fox Company,
with offices on Stale, street.
A pair nf tested breeders of this type,
of fox Is worth from $30,000 to $35,000.
Prlncn Kdtvard Island has long been
noted as one spot whero "sllver-hlnck"
foxes can bo raised with success. Tho
Industry began nn tho Island twenty
years ago. At that time entirely black
foxes were unobtainable. By Inbreed
ing n type of animal has been produced
which Is Jet black all over, except for
a few silver hairs on the tip of tho tall
and a stripe along thn back.
Cfcfe lfTPtlP and Hotel HrtToort h twe
Rreuch lleraauranU of .New York, tut.
Emilin Rordeil Hrenks Silenee of
20 Years After Sensational
Murder Case.
Killing of Miserly Fnniipr and
Wife Was Orent New Enr- j
, 1 i . ....
111 IKI .Ml Sl 1 .
Ftl.t. HtVKP. Mnss. April .MISS
Kmniu jj()rdpH broke a silence of twenty '.
, ., .i,t.. 1
belief In the Innocence of her ulster. Miss ' It In nrgned that the present building
, . ... . .,,. ils too Mnall and needs many Improve
I. Z7 e Horden. who was tried anil nc- ,
11 in, 11. ments, which would require a large out-
quttted In 1SP3 of the charge of murder- ,n. Tm, nnnlll(1 mo,.,lnK tnUc. paiv ,
Ing their father, Andrew ,T. Horden, nnd August nnd the advisability of building
his second wife. In new house rather than repair the old
Her stntcment lo the first one of n nne will be discussed at that time.
public nature that either sister has 1
made regarding one of the most notable,
murder mysteries In New England. 1
rcteht vmm iil-o Miss Kmma Horden
quit the mansion where she and her sis
ter were living and made her home with'
friends. This mote caused an estrange-
meiii uuu r.i...- .....I "
huvn not met or communicated with
each other.
"Often It has occurred to me how
sttange Is the fact that no one save
I.lzz!" wns ever brought to trial for the
killing of our father anil his wife,"
or,i,. hnd to-day.
"Rome others have stated that for t ears
they considered that l.tz7te acted de
cidedly queer. Hut If she did net
qucerly, don't we all do something pt-
collar at some time or other?
' Queer? Yes, LI7.7.I0 Is queer, but as
J ,llr t,c
for her being guilty, I say 'no' and dp- ( 20 years old, son of James Dawson
cldcdlv 'no.' Hero Is the strongest thing 1 Cnlfcry. president of the Pittsburg nall
that has impressed mo of Male's lnno-1 ra'8 C"ntpa.ny. is In the Pittsburg
, ... , ... 1 Hospital perhaps fatally Injured ns the
cence: The authorities never found the . n,gu,t of mo(or oar nr(.,,,.nt nn ,le
axe or the Implement or whatever It Lincoln Uoulevard nt 2 o'clock this
was, that tlRtired In the killing, if I.lz- morning.
7.I0 had done "tfi.it deed she could never 1 Callery was returning nlone from a
have hidden tho instrument of death so'nif ,,jU, jn a racing car. From the
1 the police could never find It.
"The happenings In the French street
house that caused me to leave 1 must
refuse to talk about. 1 did not go nn-
til conditions became absolutely , unbear
able." The Horden murder was the sensn
tlon of twenty years nco, and although
the authorities did everything they
could to untangle the mystery It neter
has been solved.
Andrew .1. llnrilpn wns n well In ilo I
. .
miserly rarmer or hail Hivrr. lie
J wUh ,s w,f.; and uv. aduU
uausiiurs. 1. ....! nn.l r.innia. "
Aiiifiim 4 19? in unit h s wife were
' .' . ...i- i ... ..,....
m..r.t..re.l ..nr.nrpntlv l.v some be.i vv
' 1
sharp instrument, presumably an axe.
The police of Fall Hlver produced!
evidence that Lizzie was the only per- j
the Zy. Mr. linden left'an'e ,!' rZlt"?'Z
by his death. It was shown that once
V " ' '" " ' , .
priibslc acid.
She was nrrcsted and
put on trial.
The trial was at New
riedfnr.l nni,'
sir. was edu-.
lasted sixteen days. The girl
cited, with a sincere personality, nnd
while no direct proof was furnished
against her the State presented a strong
circumstantial case. The Jury nrqultted
her after an hour's deliberation.
Tho ten months Intervening b-ttveen
the murder nnd trial only served to
deepen the mystery. Hnrden hnd n
good reputation for probity. Xo ene
mies were found nnd no cause why any
one should murder him was ascertained.
It. V. ftentldrr, Ilend nf M. I.niiln Con
cern, Shonti Himself,
St. I.ot'is, April 13. Ttogers V. Scud
der, presldnnt of the Wesco Supply
Company, manufacturers nf electrlcnl
equipment, of St. Louis, committed sui
cide ln the bathroom of his home at
Klrltwond. St. I ouls county, nt noon
ITr. UnA li.ai tnA Uia ...If nn.t l.u
slstor. Mlns Mary Scudder. to go down
to lunch, saying he would follow.
They heard tho shot and found him
dying. No fnretvrll nntn wns found.
A mental breakdown following n phy
sical collapse Is given as tho only
possible rensnn for tho suicide.
Woman Xow AtUu That Shr He ltd
llpved nf llrr Vows.
Hautimoiib, April 13. Sirs. Helen
Welde told a Police Justice tn-dny Ihnt
her doughter hod been stolen from her,
and that she married the kidnapper
yesterday nn his prnmlsn to return thn
child. Sho appeared to ask thnt sha
bo relieved of her marrlnga vows.
On tho strength of her story the Jus
tice Issued a summons for George W.
Mrs. Welde said that Morgan had
been a boarder at her house for several
yrars and recently had proposed to her,
but was rejected, lie thon carried off
her child, she said, but finally In reply
tn her pleas offered to toko her to her
child. Instead ho took her to t min
ister. Uy promising to return the child
If she consented to marry him he in
duced her to consent, sho testified.
No connolawur omltr, AjvcosTURA BIT -
TKItS h puiirhrt nnd fancy ilrlnl.s. ,tdr,
olliltlR to nnr About I'oll tic, tint
.n (,'oiifprrnee Held,
Oof Pulr.er left for Albany nt 3:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon.
He snld he had nothing to say con
cernlnw any of the matters pending In'
ine Legislature or 01 ins npproacning
contest to establish himself as the party
lender In the State.
He said n few friend" had called on
hltn during the day. but that there had
been nothing in the way of n conference.
itrniiimc itoom ..riniiii Mnr
"" stmetnr.
N'KWI'OHT. It. I. April 13.- The N'ew-
,,,., Heading im,m Association, the
.membership roll of which embraces.
I about all of the men of the summer
r,,i,... ,- l.iill.l n nmv rluli linlian In
rfplacu till- present one on Hellevue
Orenpnnts llurlril From Sputa, but
' Cnrrlngc In I iidnitinitril
AU.KNTOWS-. Pa.. April 13 -A buguy
occupieu oy i.eorge rni. . i ...n.
and Charles Ii, Mory. 51.
was struck
, . . . .
.jivlslnn of the l.ehlgh Valley Transit
line near here last night. The train
. wns not speeding and horse nnd
buggy was not Injured. Tin; men.
however, wprn thrown from their seats
and landed on their heads, LSoth snf-
fered fractured skulls nnd died at tho
I I Inn ........ Unal.llnl illlflnif tlln nlf-ht
V. A. Cnllery I'erlinpn I'ntllllr Hurt
In Aalo Aeclilpnt.
PlTTSBUiia, April 13 W. A. Callery.
I appearance of a small unoccupied dwell-
Ing near Silver Lake. Into which the
machine clashed Callery must have
been driving nt high spied. Persons In
the neighborhood jiearu tne crasu ami
found Callery burled under the machine.
Fifteen re Hurt In leclilrnt er j
Montrku. April 13 -Seven were killed
' l..l..,.l I... .1,.. .1..r,.Uin..nt of
...... " " .,"' " ' th.;
' n a;;.;":!;" '
. . ihh nh .i ...II..U
""' '-iunii.i ......... ...
from Montreal The train was nn ex -
1 Clirslon rim by a real eStnt e linn to t lew
n nwnrm..l 1 .'l.'l.in rkf n.l islnl..
jn proposed subdivision of nn estate
I(H.nmotlv ,;,'ft , he 'rails and the
There were .00 passengeis on noani
tender, which wns In front, turned hot-
, thrown from Uu rah, th fireman ro- (
n,.t. ...... ii. (tt-l.i ffntii it-titMi Vm fil.ni .
' 0f,oaI,(1 wfn M,,vr(.t
Ciiaili.s Immediately following the
locomotive were telescoped, um- of the
,f "I" "'' ,Y! "'y olh"i":
are residents or .Montreal, rue oniv i
theory ns tn the cause of the accident
is thnt the track had suffered from th"
recent floods.
- - - -
Wi.mr.ri Trlr. tn A I.I I'llnt nn it ftrtft
1'npTppcteiI Dip.
Hammonpspoiit, X. V, April 13.
Among the many out of town visitors
at the Curttss rtylng Held yesterday were
mite uuiih ..o.iiei. m ....o.T.ii'1 . mow
all wnnted to ride In the Curtlss hydro
neroplnne over and on Uike KeuUa.
Mrs. Lyman Seely made a flight of
about fifteen mtlrs with Aviator Francis
Wltdman. Sho was so enthusiastic In
her description of the ride that Mrs.
"William MrCurdy naked Wlldmnn to
show her the splrol glide nnd dtp.
Wllriman granted her request unlnten-
I wm"'" ' '"""'" "" h ... ....
II 111 lie u i hi iiu it i iimtt it ir it u viii' ""nil
) Mih. McCunly hiw tho iivlator muklnr?
"L"' VJ T,"
the tears caused by the cold wind.
Without thought of peril she reached
over nnd wiped away tho tears. The
nvlatnr, startled, released the controls
nnd the flying boat made) n sensational
dlvo for the lake. Wlldmnn checked It
almost Instantly, but not before Mrs.
McCurdy's friends wero badly fright
r.xprciM llrlper Hnd Hidden itolrn
Itlnir Under Ilia Tongue,
Joseph fitendmnnd, 17 yenrs old, nn
klnnl. nf JU U'ahI TulOI.IV.
sevonth street, pleaded guilty In trie 'related the circumstance of the shoot
West Hltln court yewterday to stealing ( Ing, but treated It ns a trivial matter,
a snpphlro ring from MIbh Cnrlntte ji,, nlso reassured several members of
Krone, nn uctress whoso Btngo name Is,,,,,, Cnblnet who woro wnltlng at the
Carlnttd Pa Fellco. Hteadmnnd hid tho . ,,
ring In his mnuth after hn stole It nnd pu'Rr" ,,,""'
his thickness of spocch whllo donylng Meanwhile the people went toward
the theft tn detectives led to his nrrest. I tho paluro In great throngs from nil
Miss Kenno lived at 138 West Forty-
ninth street. She employed Stendmond
tn mnvn a trunk for Tier on Saturdny.
She left the ring on the mantel, left
Kteadmond alone with It for a mnment
and when eho returned It wns not In
She accused Steadmond and called de
tectives. Thoy found thn ring under
1 Btendmond's tongue. Mnglstrnte Camp-
bell held him without bull for trial.
Cool Headed Monarch Makes
Horse Hear and Saves
His Life.
But Wild Cheers Greet King
When He Cries "Viva
. Ac.iotin nvni'iimvnrnrl lit"
" '
Police Who Say He's
an Anarchist.
Hiilcr and Qiipcii Yietoria on
Hiilrony (Sreeted With
Much Enthusiasm.
Special t'tiKle lierpateh to Tnr. Siv
Maiuuii, April 13. A well dressed m i
of !!i" Hied three shots at King Alfon i
as he was riding through tho streeH
hcie this afternoon, but none of the bul
lets struck the monarch. One of ths
j bullets. Just missing the King, lodged
In the chest of his horse.
The King was returning to the palace
from a review of recruits, which was
held together with the ceremony of
swearing In of troops nnd tho presenta
tion of colors In the Pasco de Cnstellane,
to the northeast of the city. The King
was riding slowly through the street
with n lnrge staff ond was near the Hank
of Spain on the Calle de Alcnla when a
young man who wns ntandtng In th?
front row of cheering spectators rushed
at the monarch's horse, and clutched th
bridle with his left hand. Then he put
his right hand In his pocket and drc.v
n revolver.
j King Alfono realized Instantly that
;the man was nn assassin, and his skill
' In horsemanship nnd his presence of
. tnlnil saved his life. He made tho horso
up J(t ()t thp
sassln tired, but the King was already
safe behind the animal, which got (ho
bullet In the chest. At the same mi-
1 I'ote . .....II IIIM'H llllliseil HIIOIl
' . , , , , . .
the assassin and knocked him to tho
Bro)m, um hm thfni ,)m
unable to grip his arms before the mm
had flred two other shots. They wcro
r.inrlnm l..i n it ,..,. i..n,i.
- -, ....... ,.,,.-..-,,, r
'111111 to take aim. nnd thev hit no nn,.
A military attache ln lvlnir A lfi-insi.'s
suite drew his sword nnd rushed nt Ale-
Rrct as the latter fired at the Kins
was wall dlfllculty that he was pre-
The members of the staff who worn
riding a little ahead of the King inline,
dlately formed around the .soteroisn
;md tnu crmuli wllUe thfl ,.;u.ary
j escort which was following closely
i Immediately formed a cordon around
the King and pushed back the crowd,
which the sound of the shots had caused
to increase as though by magic. They
were already greatly excited, but when
the suldiers began driving them back
j t)l0 cruh tnlPd nto n ,,nnlc nm a
: number of people tvero trampled under
foot. F.leven persons, mostly women.
were badly hurt,
J ..,;,.., ."
The King, after seeing the assassin
taken nway by the police, stood up In
the stirrups. Turning smiling to tho
crowd he gave n military salute and
cried "Viva l'Kspnnn!" The people
took the cue and repented the cry
loud and long. They nlso gave hearty
i cheers for the King.
After acknowledging tho cheers of
the people by renewed salutes King Al
fonso dismounted In the most uncon
cerned manner. He met tho nnxlous.
Inquiries of tho members of his staff by
saying: "Gentlemen, It Is nothing."
Then ho remounted and continued on
the way to the pnlnce. The crowds,
which had by this time greatly In
creased ln numbers, roared their ap
plausn all tho way tn the palace, whllo
tho King continually snluted tho pen
pie. Queen Victoria and the Queen Mother,
who were also nt the review, had driven
tn tho palace and wero already there
'when the Klnpr arrived. Tho monarch
parts of the city, The grent square on
which the principal cntrnnce to the
palace fronts was snnn packed with
cheering thousands. The cheers were
so enthusiastic that they must have
echoed tn every apartment in the pal.
ace. guch a tribute could not be If
nored by the King and he appeared o
the balcony. This was the signal for;

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