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' 8
another frrnay nf enthusiasm and
shouts of "l,nnc live the Kins!"
The monnrth Mood nn the balcony
f.ilutliiK fm several tnmm-ms Then he
heard nil"" nf "l.mm live 1 1 1 Queen'"
whereupon In1 I 'ii 1 1 i'l cil Ihe palace win
flow inn) soon bronchi Ills wife In the
li.iUimy At Ihlx llif fmntli' clieeillu;
Was renewed 'I'lii' Queen bowed tinil
I tin Kins saluted fur secint minutes
snil tin' third rfltuntil in assassinate tin'
uilt8 inntial i h ended In it Kii'ut demon
sitntioii nf iniiilnf Jiiy which Iihs tiew-r
been eclipsed.
Tin' Kins tnili' nut lati't In the day
nrl t -Cni cl M rum I (Million The
innnAich 15 1 1 1 i t 1 .is shIiik that he lud
a nsrrnw ecnpe. a" Hip mmi wa so
close In him mill It Mas ii wonder tli.'it
hi- hml til been hit In llm lm.nl M t Im
111 lint The MMF!ln hand lli'mhli'il,
howeici. n ml th!' spelled Ins altu
I'mwd 'I'urnn nn nl1n(il.
Meanwhile Ihe assailant nf the KlnK.
who ciim' tin' name nf lln fuel S.ineho
Ali-mct mill .villi hi' was n I'.itnlonlatt,
h.vl been hustled tiy llif police Inln tin"
nearest lmtifn. as iIiIh was the nuly wiiy
in Mit- his llfn from the furv of the
cinwil. As Ii was ninny blows reached
him mill In- will civ would hate I n ti
lynched Inn fur the primipi action nf the
police, wlin Kept 1 1 1 in In tin- Iiimihi' until
I Im prison an an l cd.
inr ri'pnit flrcul.ii"'! late to-ntuht
n. thf as.i!Mln tried to commit sui
cide, tun h was prevented from doing
mi lij the police
Till PI! other peton Wel ntH'itl'il III
connecilon with tin- sliootltiK- One was
a well dressed rrenchni.tn, who In
Alrsrct s roiiiiany w lion the latter dashed
at thf Kln's hoise Tin' I'renrhtiiuti
bulled down tin- (ille dp AU'.lla. hut was
i liasi'd mid railnrid by I tin police
Nn woapiin was fiiuiul nn him and Im
declared thai Im had niithlllK tn do with
tho initraiii' Ii may prove that he was
slmpb a casual nciiualntiitice nf Ale
urel s lln .nld hn -vos a tenchel of
I'tniich and had resided here for foul
Thf inn o;lmr person arreted were
SpanlmiN. a man mid a woman The
former was arrested im.ir Hie I'mdit
l..onnals building wllh a revolver 111
hl hand. Hp refused to siw-an) satis
fartory answers to thy iiuesllons of the
pollre. NoihliiK has been learned et
n tn the ldnnllt. of llm woman or llm
teason why she was arrested.
The polite lain to-nlKlit announced
that the atienipt .i iisjussina.e the
Kln was the lesult of an anarchist
pUU Which AleKI'et was apii.llte.l to
carry nut The polite discovered 111 the
pockets of tli" nsnsln' clothe dip
plnKs fmm anarchist papers and com
piomlslni tlnciiiiients as well as a pic.
nirn post card and a woman's portrait
which wa Inscilhcd "If you Inn tne
.Hence my dnath. limit Ii n anarch
(IntrnKr I'rrnKrtl liy tttittinra
Them have bren rutnor for some
of posslhl" oulracps by anarchist
on 'h" oci islon of the swi'drlnt! in of
in rut's and many of the terroi'Ms are
pa Id to hac I'lin.e tn Madrid I'rt tiller
ItomannnHS only esterilay publlci.v
Kcoutpil these rumors.
The assasln i a well uromed In
te'licnnt looklni: man He ha u pleac
ant fare, which suhkpsis that h is
iinylhinB but a criin.nil. lie savs he
i a 'arpentet. but InnN more like a
i lerk V lepii'tet who mil into the
house where he was de'. titled h the
police penilinK the arrival of the prison
tan iueslioneil Aleuret. He said he
beloiiE'il 111 H.ircelollii. bin had been
in .Madrid foi two tiiontli When itsUod
whx he tried .i liont the KltiK he
d opped h' eM', lieitatd In an nrn
lvarr,i.nd manner anil then stammered
Minietlnnv .ilium neiitiK on a sudden
impulse Snbseuuently he said he was
Siarl i ha' the Kiiik had not been huti.
The tipotti-r then asked in amaz'
mt" Then whv did nu fit f at h m"'
Mi met r.iftiiiint-rt'il nualn. and tltwilh
siid 'I don't Unow. I caniioi sa.''
What has been learned nf his .illtece
ilents. however, c until ma the suppoHi
t on that In. is a tlieoietii.il anaichNt.
who auie' d or wac forced bv his violent
i nmraile to as!-s.lnaie Hi" Klmt nml
his Ii. en waiting foi an oppoiiunlty
.-.IK Ills arrivul in .Madrid.
Hi anwers to iiuesllons by other
petwi.ns weie at v.irl.iiue with what lie
id till tcpnl'ter lel'eri'Od to lie hoWed
no rrviiet and said he wanted to aw-ne
the execiiiloti of I'rof. I'ei n r
Tlm si fin of Hie attempt on the
Iv.tii '.fe wa- ,t;niiit eactiy the kiiiip
t"i' wlmie .Mar.. ml I 'llm was ussa-.-onated
in I "To Siii'i Hlll(Hi ieople
toupie Hi wph llm fact that to-dav
WAS Aptl' 111 anl Die Snvelelmi Is
. f men Mil
K.M'Nilnt".- 'I'd I n f I'liris liimili
t nut riiii ' When Kiny Nnr
I rowly Km'iim'iI. ,
Coiil HckIciI .MoiiiiitIi Stuntl I i
and Sinilcil to
Tli fttlliming lrv Hi hi 'i
Si In j ii t'w)hit" it f 'in
rti f ln :1mii nf l1ni A : fnn hi
J1. lt)Oj
n ?ir Tim
ii nit(ftl
r 1 Miv
W W 111011
. ff linvo lipfin ntirinmt-
tXIIA "i-i
.?j,.JS1?:i'i I urcors of
Whisky tollisjWa
jesiy KingCieorgeV
r y. Mono!.. i. co.
M;Vt OltK. bolc.ctnt
.MtHiiiri'h's Life Simmii Clinriiicil .
Aiiiiiiist Hnllcl-. mill I
lidliilis. !
This TIioiiu'IiI to lie tin' Only!
IiViisoii Hi; Keeps His j
Crown. i
The atleinp; to l.ill Alfonso. King of
Spain, made ve-terda.v In .Madlid is Hie
fourth outrage tllrecletl aKaiiisl llm
life of 1 tin voiithftil ruler. Twice assas
sins have Hied at him and twice have'
bombs been thrown, and each time he
has not only escaptil Injury but ha I
borne hliuelf with remarkable cool-'
lie and illk'tiltv '
When on .1 u im I. 1 0 0 f! . a bomb was
thrown at the ro.v.il canlaite In which
Alfonso ii leti.tnm; fr.nn the a't.i-j
tiirneil tind with a siiiIIp renssiiipd him
that he hail not been hint. Then, tut li
me tn the teirllled spectaturs III the
Htreet, he lulsntl his hand lu Ills lipnil
in military saluln mid prnceedeil tn
explain by gestures that lie had escaped
Injury. To u woman whn exclaimed
"Kles-vnii blesse"' ("All' ynll lllllt'")
he thlew a ll III leply mid then at
tlnvvil ui;aill bv M. laillbet's side I ratty
In prnreed nn his ride.
llllllli'diateH after the eploioti the
pollen slirroitllilnil all those III the Im-
I Alfonso .Mil. Klnit nf fipnln since;
'.May IT. liiOL'. when he still lacked ten,
Mays nf belm; 16, Is not only pxtremelv 1
popular nmoim hi own subjects, lull 1
'is undoubtedly the best liked monarch
nway from hump of nil tin- Kiiriipeiin
I rulers. Ills personal popularity Is tlitn .
Uo the fact thnt he beKmi early tn play
1 the loyal Kiiint.' In it manly manner Hint ,
appealed to the hearts of Ills people. He
entered Into the activities of ynunc men '
wllh n zest, played polo In a mure dar
iiiK manner than his fellows, sailed his j
yacht In the sllffest Kale that blew and
above all never showed the white feather
In any of III iindertiikliiKs.
Attempts have been made on sev-
King, I lis Family and Murdered Premier
5L. ZrLj55".-"""' ita.tTljl.Dove, .Io&o
I " Don JiTT3r ncl Mjti'& CW-rtttink
I I.Vr
I'm nil in ii 1 1 im In Unite iioi In
(he I'HV tllllce.
lifi,i i Oi't ...ii . tit 'I'm. Si
Mu.wii. Apid 13 The .Minister of
I'naiiie has ii.ov eied fiaiid a mount -
niK to seven tiit'tte In the pay olflce of
the treasur.v
Tho ciilprii Is a clerk and it has been
found that he turned documents
Alfonn'a filfl to Veil I lilirelt Mere.
I'nidlnal l-'ailcy will toii'ecrate nest
Sunday Hie Itonmn I'a'holh- Spanish
t'hurch of N.iestra Seiiora tie la Ks
V'lanna mur l.ulv of Hope). Kinc At
I'nnsn of Spain sent the sanctuary lamp,
which bears hi arm, and I a replica
of one ,n the Church of San Antonio di
la Klorldn In .Madrid The AimuHtlnlan
J'athers of Mie Airsumiitlon, who Imvo
ehnrRe of 'he downtown churui
for Spanish Aiimiicaus on Kotiricentli
street, will have Hie cue of the up
town parish.
3lra. Miller it Ii In llrr Kilttenee
In n Will (oiilral.
Mis Mai- l''i Miller nf 21.". Writ
intst atn-et n .nlvei l.seinelil III yptfl
dav ' ptpet it Us foi Infill tiiatlun leR.ml
im an old fashioned Ineliet ami u pedil
pill which she sas were loliii mine time
in the pat year
Shi saH ttiul Ihe locket leiiesenls her
oiuy evidence as to her iliihl tn tertaln
niiiiira which she Intimate me Involved
in a will routed She suv that the locket
intitalns font riJRiiei tentvpes One I h
pii'tute of n man. one a wont'tn'n pleluif,
tne third that of a hale, ami tlie foutth
the picture of ,t voiiiik ill ii ii named
I'harlea Lamnt I'liavis In the civil war
uniform of the t rew of (he Monitor The
pin has In II nine liraliled lochs of 1 1 a I r
lielonslnn to Mis Miller mid her iilnter
Mild la iiuircleil li penile
Mr. Mlllvr lohl llm icpnttci' Unit mine
on tiail 1 1 lid to iji'l Hie lni'l.et mire he.
fnr It h Ihinll) stolen H. kih. slm
meirly wauls in hurt siimi! one who ha't
nen any prison west lni ttie loekel in the
plot year Mile nmrt she wmil, lose mil
wllh his bride, the Kins showed re
markable pluck and lot no time in
calmlni; t.ie terrified Queen One year
prev loii tlv . almost day for dty. Klni;
Alfonso had proved to the world how
little he feaied death and the story I
told here by an eyewitness who was al
most arrested as a suspect Immediately
after the outrage.
In the Ht week of .May. 190.". the
Kins of Spain was the miest of l'iei- ;
dent Until l.nubet and the city of I'arls. )
iin I'rldav nlnht, .May 31. a ital.t per-'
formanre hud h-i n nrrannml at the'
opnta ;tnd the Klnu Insisted on uttenu
!nc tlm affa'r inplle the fact that pla-taid-
hml been Misled in tin- l-'mnch
t.ililial hv anaiihlsts wariilnir ih piopl
'o k.-np avvav fr.-tu th celehration in
Alfotisu v honor, a tin re m'ulit b" s...
I ion i'oiisi'iUt'tii e
imrinu the pi riot iii.i n. e a the opera
l.irje I 1 1 - j.i!li.ii-,i In Itm Avenue
a.. I'tlperi .ll.-l l he Hue lie till til.
Ihtniuh vvhlih th.- Kii-.u'.t i.iirlaiie wa
In pa nn the w.i b.T k in llm I'ala!
il'i).a. Win in he was topilil,' A
heav.v uuald uf p-ilh' - and s .Idlers lined
these I hot oiiKhfari . but i oii.'ilderable
ilitllcultv was espi l ietu d III l(i-"ilii
the ci.ivvds In ch'-uk Tlie j'oumtesl Hu
ropeaii inlet- wa elr-mely popular In
I'.ir! and everv one vva .iniir to Kit a
lillinpM- of him In his uniform uf slat-.
Tlie nnar. h'-lie plaiards. on Ihe other
hall I. bad hi i a s 'piib'tiient d bv i iiiinrs
and the te.-llnt; was widispt nail that
ili. i.- wa "il.inunt In llm air."
Tlm writer hail snlecn-d a point of had mil
V.IIItaL-e ill the I'. ie lie ItlVoll. tllrecllv future
in front ol tin- entrant c to Ihe Louvre
museum anil in tlm :iturn known as
the I "at uukM-l Tills 1 optiolte tlie
l'.m de Itol'.iu I linnicli whh'h llm car
rl.iKe wete to p.i oiiiluR fiom the
AVi-lllle de riljieia The stlent at till
point was deliselv ciowiind and the po
lice barely maiiaiied to keep the people
on tlie ldewalk
Shiirth after II the crv of "l.e vinl.t ' "
tllele h rnesl wa heard and neck
weie stlnli'hed Hill the signal proved
in be a boas, tlm oflh lal carriage has
not nt left Ihe npeia Whether till
was a pieairaiuieil slKiial iiiiioii the
assassin or tiieiely an lliliocent Joke
was never known, lull sIkiihI or Joke It
was repeated thiee times bi.fotn the
rnrrinr,cs left the npeia The result
wns that when the culrassleis nnd
mounted millileipal KUard precedlliK
the Kinn' carrlaiie actuallv came in
sight many illsreK.irded the miiioiince
nient of lis approach
It whh shortly after half punt 11
that the outriders enteied Ihe Hue de
Hlvnll. l-'lrsl clime two platoons nf
Municipal (iuarils, Immedliitelv followed
bv the open carrluKe In which 1'iesldent
l.nubet was escorlliiK Klnit Alfonso
b.it-U to the Calais tl'Orsay. The car
rhiue was surrounded by cuirassiers
but the Kiiik and the I'ltsldent could
easily be seen ft mil the sidewalk They
were 111 earnest conversation, both r.'ils
Iiik their hands almost nutnmiitlciilly
tu their hats In it-spunse to Ihe chei-rs
of the ciowd.
The Hun tie I'iviiII at this point is
pnoily IlKhled but thu loyal canlaKo Colonulo
wan unexpectedly illuminated by a sud- ,
den Klure and a terrltlc criiHli was
heutd. A boiiib had been thiovvn at the
KIliK from a point perhaps nut twenty
feet from where the writer stood.
The scene that followed will never
Im foi'Kotleii lis anv of those who stood
J"oer G..-rJ.'i-t A.
if Sp.in
v .n.. v and tverv one, m
the wtit.r. wa pushed Ul'o I'm
Iti.'ian mi ih" crner of the
A crowd of tttx.nl two hundred
Hied a" i
c .1.1 ll-
r.ite lit
si i it;.
limn, women and i hlldren wen
their until even our had be.-n idetiti
lled mid all tnoe who could not produce
utitaetuiv mean of idetilltlcatlon
were taken to Ihe p nil e sin'.'.oil mar
The throw, r of the bomb, however.!
whs never dNcoV el ed.
The ciiliassier who had be. n hurled!
sk!. ward by the nxplusnin died of his In
Juiles and several oth.r soldiers were
Irl.h ( olleen Mi id I p nl ItllU lalnliil
Drsplle lloKlllslmee.
I.le (l.--i a blue i-veil rollein who
nf the
near by. The homh exploded directly
under the horse of n cuirassier wlio
wan i-ldlnK at llm side of llu rarrlatte
The aulinal ami lln llib-r weie bulled
i Into the Mr and came down with a
lions of dollar If she iluln I u.i the lorkei I crash, the horse beins dlsi-llihoweled
bark, arid he lilsi I of miilti-nilt I Mpanwlille In the rarriaBe I'rpsldent
llonalrrs'' who musht know of ip. wheie. i l.nubet ind Jumped to Ills feel, enfold
"tJSIIs Ins the Klnu In bin arms. Hut Alfonso
(!'.--' a hi. in i-veil rolle
veste-d.iv III tin- Henl.tKi'
I '.i:. I,..illlll. fiolll IJUeellstilVV II
Jl.'i and no d.i-tlni t lib a about tin
nil'l. Imie. and o wa held up
hv Hie liutnlKrat'on fulk-
She mli'.lit have llllttell In illlUll-lliatelv
if she had linvv.d I".'. mil a tUl.et to her
' ultluiale di tln:ttlnn " The liiiiiiiuiatloii
lr..peetoi- v Iin asked what wa her ulti
mate d. stlllllttl.il tint II" lllinwel Willi .1
mik. "Him uf loKulshiu""' ; "Ill.tVI-ll. I
btile v he has an aunt lime nml
that tlm mint did not want her to i .ni.e
She also ha a fri. nil heie Sh savs she
' lie.iithy and slrotiK and ran work and
lo. not si"- whj she should nut "tav
Kill ll i!id vv.lt lonilih'i' h'-r ease tu-J.v
Oierttirna Instrument. I'enlrBl llenra
Hon Is it oil (nil I'ollre.
' Hello' Is this the police? 1 nm
a Melrose exchiuiKe operator. There's
a wile wllh Ihe tecihir off. 1 can't
net any tespunse anil them are awful
noises cnmliiK over sounds as iIioukIi
Miiim one was belm? murdered."
"WhiU address'.'" asktd I. lent. fJalla
Khit' In tlie Mnnisnnln police .station at
fi:3n o'clock last niKht.
"Hartliolf HottliiiK Works, at 653
Mult Is avenue -quick'"
I'ollceman llokell was summoned. He
roused Ihe watchman and started
thrnuKh the Humbly locked corridors,
la the mnniiKPl'x olllce In Ihe second
Hour a dot; was yowlltiK Into the over
turned phone. Hn had been locked In
since Satuttlay.
l.rKUiiTlnr Would Atiollah
All lint Tun Ofllem.
)i:vvi:ii, April 13 A new State (in
stitution ahollshlliK all I'li'i'llve and ad
mllllHtrallvi' olllces except that uf tho
(iovrrnor and Audllnr and suhstlliitlnK
llfleen rommlssliiiierH for the (lencrnl
Assembly Is helnt! frnniod by William H.
Malnne for fiuhnilsslon lo llm ppople
und r the Initiative law.
The coinmlssloii thus created would
not ho rhosrn from dlstrlctH lint rlrcted
at' Inrfte All thn present machinery of
l'Kislntlon, wllh Its rlrrks and pnRra
and appolnleps of vnrlnus kinds, would
be abolished.
eral occasions to assassinate the young
Knn. anil his escapes from injury have
led In the popular belief that he lias a
chin rued life, another fact thai contrib
utes to hi unusual popularity.
It has been sal.) of him that Spain's
ureal llkliin for Its KIhk has largely
intllieiiceil the people In beini; satisfied
with their present form of novcrninoiit.
There Is a pronounced belief that when
Spain's monnrchv falls It will not be
Alfonso, but nun nf Ills succnssius, who
will kd down in the crash.
In thoiiKlil and action Alfono has
been a republican rather than n royal
ist and tt Is because ho Is the most
democratic ruler that the country hits
ever had that the hand of thoe who
would like lo see Spain a lepubllc lme
been stayed.
One of Alfonso's most recent acts,
which demonstrates the character of
the man, was his proposal a few months
itKo to visit the I'lllted Stales next enr
with the Idea. It Is understood, of com
batlnK the notion that there Is any
hard feellm? between tho I'nlted States
and Spain because of the nil pleasant no as
over t'tib.i bark In IS'.iS. The KlnK
lies been urKltiK his Ministers to per
mit him to make the trip and a hope
exists In the hearts of Americans that
Alfonso will have his own way about it
Alfonso lias had an unconventional
way of dolnp thlnnn. oven to his selec
tion of a Queen In l'rlncrss Una of
HattenberK. irrnndduiiKliter of Queen
Victoria, whom he married In liiOC. This
was nnit of the few royal marriages
for love, another reason for hi popu
larity wllh the people.
Alfonso had been proclaimed King
only elKht montliH when In January,
IU03, he wan shot at by a man as lm
was rldlnif home from church with
the Duke of Sotomayor. The would bo
assassin said that it was Sotomayor
und not the KltiK hn had hoped tn
On May 30, ISO.", as the KIiik and
President l.nubet of t-'rance were leav
Intf thn Opera in I'arls a bomb wns ex
ploded, dlsembowelllnK the horse of a
Kiiiirdsman nnd InJiirlnK several prr
sons. It wns the bad aim of the bomb
thrower Dial saved Alfonso.
One of the most narrow escapes Ihe
KlnK ever lind from an nsaassln occurred
In Madrid on May 31, 130(1, when the
royal carrlnftP In which he and Ills bride
were. recplvltiK tho plaudits, of ihclr
peopln after comlna; from thr nllar wns
wrecked by n bomb, Seventeen persons,
who were nelir the carriage wrrn killed
Br 50S5lftfe3r5l Brown, Allen G V
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h mtTxi
and many were hurt.
Immediately alter
tlif rxploalon thn KlnK, paylnR kIIbIiI
ut tt-nilDii to t he trliil thioiiKh which he
hml iiasMod. kiivi ordors for the cure of
the dcnil nnd the injured,
I tin th following' day he drove forth
with the Queen in a motor ear tin
oHi'orled tliroiiKh thn MtreetH of Madrid,
while IiiK admlrliiK Hiibjeets ran nloim
flde the automobile hIioiHIhk, "r.oni?
live Hie KlnK and Queen'"
j The KlnK wanted to intend the mili
tary funeral of the vlrtlmx, hut hln
Ministers beiTKed him not to expose him
self to further ilniiKi-f, and hn obeyed,
Ills bride's llrst ntllclal art ns Queen wns
,lo send beautiful wienths lo nil the
. funerals,
KIiik Alfonso has been more popular
than ever following Ihe tranle death of
.lose I'analcjm, 1'ritiin Minister of Spain,
who was shot by Manuel I'ardlnits Sar-i.-lulo
in the I'ueita dej Hoi. Ill Ihe very
heart of Madrid, on November IS, IIUl!,
The asMisflu walked out of a book shop,
placed the point of n revolver under
the Minister's enr and tired. I'analejas
died instantly The killlni; of the I'rltno
Minister broiiRht Imnie forcibly lo the
I Spunlsh people the great cournse dis
played by their KlnK when attempts
had been made to take his life and their
llklni; for their young monarch greatly
Thn last assassination In Spain prior
lo I'analejas's death was that of l'an
ovas del Castillo, l'rlme Minister, who
wns shot down by an anarchist tu Au
KU.il, 18!)", as hn wax leavlnK the b.it lis
of Santa Amieda. Pastlllu was rated as
the foremost Spanish statesman of the
nineteenth century, llv had attracted
tlm attention of the American peopln
by trying to compel (ien. Weyler lo en
force reforms lu Cubit urnel by the
.Madrid (lovernment.
It was on December 2S, 1870, thai
.liinn Prim. Marnils de los t'aslelleios.
I Marshal of Spain, was shot by an un
j Identified assassin ns he was lenvlni;
Die I'orles and so badly wounded thill
, be died two days later.
Spain's nevt door neighbor, I'nrtueal.
has had her troubles with assasf Ins.
In IfOS t'arlns I. and his elder son,
II l.ouls, Duko of llniRatu.a, who was 21.
were nssasslnatrd In the streets of I,ln
bon. The Portuguese Kins; wna a patron
of art und literature and wns rcp-it!
to be un nrtlst of much ability.
The last of tho l-hilopoan rulem to
die by the hand of a monarch hnor
was KlnK GcorKe of CJreece. Ho n
shot in the back by Alcko Scholnaa at
he was wntklnK tliroiiKh the sm-e's
of Snlonlca on March is Inn and ill"
half nn hour later.
Thn attempt on Klnu Alionm -yesterday
took place on Ihe f'alle rlf V
mill near the llaneo de Kspana v "
was erected In 1SS4-1R31. This '
runs from the eastern edse nf the ''
directly tliroiiKh the centre of M.ulnl
to the l'uertn del Sol, In which sqiinr
Prime Minister Canalejns wns n.s:iiil'
nated Inst November. The Puertn li
Sol Is only about half n mile frnm
royal palace.
Utiiniii l.eme for I'nrls 1"?
fftrhil ( alii, DoiMlcl in Tlir 5
MAtniin, April 13. -It Is expected 'nl
Klnc Alfonso will leave for Pan M
May 7.

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