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Cloudy, probably showers to-day:
showers to-morrow.
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LXXX. XO. 235.
NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 23. 1913 - co?yn9ht. imj, bv n. PnnflH), d j ..-m,m-,, ocn-.o.,
Morquio Imported in House
in do to StMlillt'
May 15.
I ' rnmi'k lllilrr llnrlrtl II roil
!. I mler Mora. .1 1 lr,.n.
May Uirth the leading bareback
ruler of Itanium A H-tilev . dletis, wn
, badly hurt lust night whit." doing her
m WilllHtnslmti. H-r foot caught
! while she was prtputim. for one of
her fed. mi., 1 -he wn Uit..vij tm.l.-r '
t'li I ..IM'. r.e.id ,!,!
The iti;ir utomd blow HK.nnt tie
I side of tli.' ht.t ftlKlil-ii.-.l linn mill
Jii I'fi the um: 11 1 1 .t run across lot
I into toe al.'im where the ' 'leop.it m"
spectacle wue produced Ml
Uiiih MUIH.J iii:alii!t various ol..
strtiitiotis. tin tendon of bet l,.ft In);
I w,'r- I'iiilly torn uml i,.t face ami head'
Hold U''rP "ulM''- l,r Grubi.l. the .'lieu.
, r.... -i. i.m. r.ini II wolllil I... two lll'llltn-
. isfote she could ilo her Work ucilii. 1
Tin- iiccld-nt r.ui.ed considerable ia-'
(lt'IUHIlt nlllollg tile s..-Ct.ltl.Is utin
were tv'ttrhliiK Ml- Wuth Hn,i about
1 '('" Went home
. i ir- i in- -ti-it i'.-1-r.i 'M'"' u,r"' 1 .r- old ami was
'J lil lll Mil. ICU.AII.n featured by the circus management a. '
the greatest of women bareback rider.'
rn.'KKNCY also is rr
hiMiato Committee to
ili-aiinc for Extra Ses
ion Action.
Arrival of KnirrV Array Hi
plane CatiM' (Jroflt Si ir
.War Front it-r.
lii-it met cil to Carry )f-
fici.il I'rott'it to (iovcni-iiH-iit
tit lli'i-liii.
",r.t.' ' n'.f pt'pitr', to Tnr S;
Paris. April I.':' -Another Incident on
Mail Ifrtr Third nf Terai Before
Mr Cnn Hate Pamir.
ashim-ton April '.'2 Julian lUw.
thotne and Or William .t. Morton must
remain In tlie Federal penitentiary at
Atlanta at lal until tlir latter part of
When tlinv wen- convicted of the mis
use of the mall- In connection with tin j
pioinotlon of mining stocks and were
"lit'!!.'!! to out' 'nr and one day In
the Federal prison tin Hentvtice was
mndo relriKictlv n tliat It dated from
lact NoM'inli when tliey Wf-n conflnrd
In the Tomln in New York uwnltltii:
H.iwtliorti ami Mot tun Hpplleil erv
eral il.iy. uno to l'reflilent WHmhi for
parole on the ground that one-thlrd of
'the period for whh h :! w. re fen
' temcd hail t vplrcd on March The
I l.rttUlnliirr for Kqnal
111 end nil I .saln
lUhii.'ii! mi, I'd., April
the Senntp to-day pajfej the
of jr. to
In ttnn.
-By a vote
resolution to amend the .State t'on-ti-
Thirsty Iliitlom.it
llnvp to Take rnferniiMitcil
c . . t .t.oti lo permit women to ote The
MiriiriifMI. Huil-e had prevlou.l. approved the
r i-m),iiu,)ii.
Hefure women nirty vote the l.ecl-
i l.i Hire of 191. mut p.i the teolutlon
'and h jmpular mnjorlty approe It at
I the Nineinher election of that e,r
Ho Asks California to Protect
the Nation's
KviMi Hiii'iiiir lliif Ailinim
trillion thf I'iiih'Ii Wfli Mailt'
to Suit tin- (Jiit'it.
I lie llen. h
re.is.-d th.'
J.Vjiort I'l-ovidc. fur Chaniio-i in
IncotiH' Kale In
two yar. ( and (ierm.iny
She ha l.een with the rircu
1-".-. iiiii. is iiuiiiLx'i i.i on me
to-il.i luii In- I
ltwen Trance 1
I'upt. von De.ill. chief
lor at W.irm-'tadt. and
lellller of
the utiplea1'-
da that a piro!e annot he granted j ant projpec: of .1 droiiKhl for the four
th.'V nctilailv
I th'rd of their si nt. nee in prl-mi
Wchimiton. April
rie.ldent lef. rred the application to the j the Plplnm.n.c i'nrp in
Department of Jiiftlce. which ruVd to-I wire contempla lm; to-d.iy
1 lr..1 tariff Nil wa re
rt the V,ty ami Mean"
. -te-il.iy and debate will
: H.u-e of lleprescntatlve"
V khi p.'.on. will Ik held
;ed t. .-end the bill over to
.e 1y Miy IS.
1 1 .r-. vote the Senate decided
t ' :i jeiblic heartnc- on the bill
:, 1 ".re w.ll 1-e 110 tilitnter. The
r ma become a law by .Inly IS
i. W-Uon want some cur-
r Ii:i.-latlnn at this xtru .session
1. 1 SenitT f'wen has called his com
1 ,"fe t icethr and jxninced to benn
t- rtec . n May A mea.mre pro
1 J'-.s more elasticity In tfce currency
1 iv t .ascd before the session ad
urns ur.less th' tariff bill makes
c-mer procres" than i expected.
" r pi r: of the House Ways and
' .r. ('"inmlttee which accompanied
e '."ndenvooil bill's Introduction has 1
i' .rh t say of the economic demerl'.F
'he protective system. It suceestt. '
1 a fie Income tax rate ma be
aneed from year to year by Concress.
h . rii nc as the tfirirl revenue Increases
1 r "ilm-.nishes.
Twenty treaties may be violated by a
i lute In the tariff bill which dlscriml
!' acalnst kimwIs carried in forc-lcn
re's, and representatives of the coun-
' t-s affectt-d are jirotestln;. 1
Hill lie trn 1 1 nit ( t T 1 1 krnler linn to
lloo.e fur ellnn.
Srr.ts.-irnxti. III. Apn. Tl; Housi
Chi! Servu. t'.innuittee n.-niaht re
imrtej out fa,ir,ib!y the 1lorm.11 bill
denroyinis -tatiwi.le civil 'ervu-e in.
This ..pens fie Perm, rats' fllit to
overthrow the ettlns laws under
W'hiih thous ,nd of State employee- are
I l.Ieut. on Mlrhdi'li. in an army biplane. 1
. landed sllcluly to the northward o'
' Arracourt which i" hardlv two miles
fr.m th- frontiir Hnd twele mil' from
I..ine .lie. where the Zeppelin X.-4. tin
ti'tman military diris.ble. lamled onl
a few d.i.xs aco and was detained by the
French anthortla-s uiuii proper etpla- 1
nations were made j
As this is the third Krancn-llerm.in 1
Incident within n short time consider- ,
able eci!eni-nt prevaJs .n both s)de
of the border. The tlrt case was the
landing of the '.-i at l.uneville The (
next Incident occurred when six iet- i,,i;'Uft.ii'iiiTiii
man commercial traeller attended a, KoxtE. April "'J Th Tope had a sud-1
ileatrlcal performancr here w here there , ,iPn famtinc fit at S o'clock this after-1
was a burlesque of the 0.crman arm . ! noon which was due to his weakness.
The (Jertnans hissed the performance
and were promptly drummed out o
town Th otllclal" at Nancy wre siis- j(,.rature fell below the normal and wits
.1 Hryan. Must of the Ambassadors Were
lniti.i:ed int.) the aridity of the new diplo
m.itli dinners las; nlcht when the Si-
rotary of State and Mr Hryan enter- j
ta.ned at their hotel with a diumr In
I honor of the Hiuht lion. .Inm Hree. '
! the retirinc Hrltish Ambassador, and 1
Wiirnliiv I'liienriU t'ontril 111 (Hrr
Trrmnr) BuHdlnic. I
WoiiiNrrox, April :'2. SeCtft.tr of
I he Treasure McAdoo brought out pl.t
. ur.ls to-d.-.y printed over n month aco
wntnntK olllre seekers to keep awav
The llotli 's posted .ill over the Treaur
lttulilliiK ! on l.trpe white card In
blacl; Ink and nad 1
I "Tile Secretai.x w.ll not receie vis-'
Itors after 1 1'. M
"The neceltif of the publlo business.!
require th ftrlct enforcement of thtsi
, rule 1
J Oner dhli-il (lie Mnnelia anil rrr
I ol.l to Allnit Their Madtra.
(iov. Johnson In Keply Takes
Finn Stand on Proposed
Varilniiinn liH(" Vio
statiMiii'iit Ajraint
the .lapniio-f.
land bottled
Mtrihnlc Atlack to: served.
The quests were .1
I'nfermented irrape Julie
w.iter but no win's weie
Klr'ini' Wonkiipi's
the Pontiff.
Tliimos. Ifaciiiir From I'olir-p.
Hit ( aiTiaff and Wrerk
a (iroccrv.
1. .l.isserand and
Mme. .lusserand of Fnince. t!eor.e
ftakhmeteff and .Mih. lUikhmeteiT ol
Ktissla. t'ount and t'ountess von Items
toriT of (Jermuny. Viscount and Vis.
1 countess Oiinda of Japan. Mr. Pi Oanu
nnd Mme Pa (lunu of Itra-sil and others
prominent In the Diplomatic iVrps.
- ! Dr. Atnlcl was present and had no trot -
' 1 M" r',v'N.n.c ,"". The pon Iff s tern-1 Joulj Thi. unf,.rnun,eiI (.rav.
ait re ten ..e.ow n.e ao.um. - m , ,(1,lt. n,rv rV(.(, ajl a
VI riMrennell wnen itoi. .narcniaiaMi 1 :,un(.j,
visited him at 1 o'clock this evenlna. I ,t tu,cl ,, e nd
The physicians had a lonK conference ,(,mnn Tht, lndi ,x.i;) dftrk I(.a
with Cardinal Merry del al. the '!,al ' sprk!!iiR and H bubble and :lr.zed. It
Secretary of State, to-nmht and warned , Mvpd , cu. , co,) 0i!.
him that all precaution, should be i.b- , amj u th. ,)Ut
. ser en. one me 1 oie was 111 110 uau-
Ber. they said, he was not yet convale-s-I
rent. His nrolonced weakness was a
pended for their failure to take action
I in the matter. h the .i.-rman it .vern
j ment made an emphatic protest, but
puoi.c synipaiu is iiu in. in aim iii-
will probably appolnteii to some
other service
France Is now conu1erinK the ques
tion of colnc lick to the old law of
three ears compulsory military ser
vice Instead of two. and th-re I- n bill w t,gn and a repetition of the fainting
1-efore the Orraan ltelchstac prnvldlnR jits was possible.
for an appropriation for the army of, it Is understood that I'rof Marchla-
T ie patriotic committee cf the t'h.nese WAsinsnTo.v. Ajuil I
Students lllunce h.'is sent the followtnc j Wilson to-day plaed lib
ca:!. to in- rmneop lMrllament at l'ekin:
"The tViinese Students Alliance beps
t elect; n of l'resldent Yuan Shlh-k'aij
to seiute : ecoitiution and the wdfutc
of tne tountr "
In the d.s of the Manchti" the alli
ance memorialized the Throne Hnd this
an-wer came uack:
"Attend to your studies."
The alliance has fiOO members In va
rious American universities. The pa
triot. c committee, most of whose mem
bers are Columbia students, Is empow
ered 'o act for the alliance alone pa-, aeainst any discrimination aculnst the
trlotl.- lines. 1 Japanese and urced the Cahfornlans
; irr. ,jont
final card in
his efTort 10 Inlluence California
acalnst the enactntent of legislation that
will destro) the friendly relations be
tween the t'nlted Stat.s and Japan.
With a view to easing th pressure of
public opinion now bearlnc upon the
California l.e:llattiro In favor of the
passage of strlncent nntl-.lapanee land
laws the l'resldent issued a direct ap
peal to the peojile of that State.
Mr. Wilson resiiectfulU protested
yesterday afternoon ami'''1" , k.' tV. ' : vua-e.i r.. 10 -...e sioo,.aK havo w inVll01 , f, ornu, d!nner
vu-s.11(. mru.a.M. ..... .. - 01 wie issuni.r 01 uuiieiuir. 01, vouiiiiiuii Wnshmirt.m wher., wine. h.v.. i-,t
Two our.K men stole a hUh power
automobile standlnc on GntTith street
Jersey Oit
so..A.t . I . V . . . I
....... ..... -" 1 knecht. the S,K-lallt l.ad.r. to the effect I that no announcement should be m.ide'K,,n
co. Thev overturned a bucey. throwinc ll)nt ,ht Krupps of Kss-n have been 1 10 the effect that the 'ope was conva-. 1' "
i.niau .11.1 1.1 r,ukruiri 10 me mm trymc to stir up iroiiuie uttweer. uer- j ,.sclnp. hp mslsteii tliat tne pontllt is
and in their efforts to ecape n purjuilnp 1 many and France in order to create a merely approachlnc convalescence. lYof.
motfircycle pollcman droe the auto- market for their armor and armaments. Marchlafava Insitts also that the I'ope
mobile 'into n grocery sfre at North I 11 Isu-harged that certain German ofti-j be kept absolutely quiet and that he
street and the Boulevard. I '!d1-' Involved In this scandal. 1 hall not be allowed to attend to any
At t..p speed the bit: machine smashed Te latest incident occurred early this j business.
stralcht at the while painted front morninc and ended in an amicable Ten Card.nals went to the Vatican to.
rne inn. i.ninn .Hiicers
was not. As a erfecti harau.estr
punch, thouph. it was s.ild to be de
licious. Aside trom the pum.h and ice
water, the dinner was a dry affair.
This Is t.ie first time tor many years
that members of the diplomatic corps
- uf Matersnn' crocerv. Plouchlne minner
I throueh the potato Kirrfl nnd crates
I of vecetables that formed the s;4,walk
display the bos and machine went
takins the wlio'e- fron
into the stTe
1 with them
ttll.on Wanta l.ritlilatlnn tn Kltra I
srtllnn. If I'otalblr.
'v.i'.'vcton-, April:'.' -Follnwlnp con- ; Ininc.s Mastcrson wa waltinc on
w th l'resldent Wilson and Sec- ' snme . ustomers wh'n the automobile
MAdoo, Senator nwen of Okla- burst in. He and his p.itrons climbed
1 rman of the Senate Committee i out of th" liatk windows while the auto
' .i . np a:.d Currency, to-day In- I mobll- iaine to a standstill amid the
i it members of his committee I wreckace of pickle kecs. cracker bones
was his purpose to proceed with , " canned coods
.1 'axing :n view the probability The m.itor car v.-.is wrecked. It be.
f 1 -r m v legislation at this extra longed to Kdward Flf ckenstein. He had
Oil 11 ...llltilll 111 .lull. .11 ill.. 1I..H.I.-1
nipht nnd asked to hr allowed to see the
landed near Arrncourt. which became rope. Cardinal Merry del Vnl refused
dl-tlnpu'shed a few months nco when It to prant the request on the ground that
cheerful!) obeyed a mobilization order it was against the directions of the phy-
ls.ued by the postmasti r. who had siclam-.
served. Jn the las', fifty
there have bi- n secretaries of
who hae not drunk wine
as Wahingtr.n can remember, no Sec
retary of State ever refused to defer
to the customs of this and other cap
itals to the extent of serving temper
ance drinks at .1 State dinner.
Purine the lla.wni ailiiiiilmunirm the
flatly to have the wine cup passed in
the White House
William M. F.varts, the then Secre-
Ilriulr.t's Motion In I'ostimnr BUI
trooift I. retain tora' Irr.
TAU.nup.snt:, Fla., April '22 Acri
monious debate restiltfd In the House to
day over a motion by Hendry to post
pone Indefinitely the Floyd hill to erect
1 a monument to Henry M. Flnpler. the
Kjt Coast Hallway magnate, who Is
seriously lil.
I Meml-ers took the position that Hen
dry's motion was an Insult to the man
1 who had .-pent a fortune In building up
and their representatives at Sacramento
to act In such a wav that the country s
pod faith cannot bo challenged In the
iight of its treaty obligations.
t'.ov. Johnson's reply to President
Wilson's nptHvit was received at the
White Hou.-e this evening. The Presi
dent was pleased with the character of
the assurances which he received from
(io. John'on. but on one point the
message from the Governor seems to
U unsatisfactory.
President Wilson is very de!rous that
any legislation which the California
1 l.-r.l,o'o ...rte.A nlAA
ulll SO tar ... .... .... ....... 1 I .li-lslnf or., ll.l. .n. Slllll 'ii.ulv tr nil
1 ne enori 10 kiii tne 0111 was unsuc- 1 " ''''
cesful. The bill was referred In reeu- i aliens and not alone to those who are
lar course.
Floyd referred to Flagler as "a cre
ative commercial poet, ho had opened
the irate of paradise of the east co.ist
vlfe of the.Pre.Idcnt war .1 rlRid ndvo-1 of F1"F'd'1 ,t0 ,he n,an l""'wl110', not
fate of totf.1 abstinence. She refuse-d ""P-InK " " of Philip, who bnllded
iuis.mrei.re.ei. ti,...-i ......s.,t- 1 1 is no"w oruiy mai noiM unsianoing J(irv of state, himself a connoisseur.
The little daughter of the Mayor of the announcement of the Oncrtitforc ,!,' lt was iin according to rules of in
Arracourt wa the first person to reach Homuno yesterday that It would keep ternatlonal hospitality to Invite the
the spot wnere. tne air macnin- innoeq. tne puunc tnrormed a.s to tne rope s , jjipipmatu. 0o rps to their annual dinner
The two German officers asked her in condition. It prints nothing at all tn its i nml j,vr,. no wine. Mrs Haves, how-
.mrruttee adonted a resolution ' shop at 114 iiriilith
. ''hairman nwen to nsk the thieves took It
- authority to conduct nn In-I Th-ir first trip was a ten mile spin
., i ,.m i,..rtr,. .... i nr. the Weehawken loon. During this
ss a--rj exercise the neces. I pln they bumped the carriage In which that they were nyinc trom j'armstnnt
.r. e,lr a" fuM iv. .tipatlnn of1 Miss Gray vvus riding to Metz and had been compelled to
i it, ...tn Kir, i After wrecking the store the two descend because they ran short of gaso.
' :,.ld on Ma 2. 'thieves still tried lo get awau Neither lene. They ).eeved that they
1 .e "ami laid "before the com-' pf them was hurt and the put up n landing on German territory.
. .. r i,i. hard light before they were arrested. At The sub-prefect of the town
'c. ', President and' Secre-! the police tailoi they said they were other officials made an investigation and
1 and hIss'i gave thetn the Frank Gaffuey. 10 years old. a chauf- meanwhile the German flying machine
four, of Hague sine i. Nest noooKen. was nem penning an luvesiig.tiion. .Holl
and George Weiod. IS vcars old, of ' flea t Ion of the landing was telegraphed
Thome str-et. Jersey City. They were ! here to the Ministers of War and of
charged with driving witlnut license, the Interior. After an Investigation the
reckless driving, stealing nn automo- , authorities jennltted the German offl-
biie nnd resisting arrest
treet whAn the
French "Where are we"' The llttl
girl replied thnt they were on French
territory, whereupon one of the officers
gave vent t' nn emphatic protest In
There was great ecltem"nt nt once.
M. lter-iut. the new police chief of
Nancy, the military police and the
French customs officers hastened to trfe
issue to-night
obstinate and would yield
the mole from the mainland to the Is
and of Tyre, nor of nature, which threw
up the Giant's Causeway, created from
Florida across the ocean to Key West
the most splendid marine railway feat
of modern engineering, a daring equalled
only by its twin brother, the Panama
Canal "
It Is generally believed the measure
will be passed.
nprl-1nlrntlrnt Frarril
From IMekrta. '
New Bp.f:;sw ick. April 22 -The seven
hundred employes at the three plants
The German nlrmen declared ' of the National Pireproofing Company.
two at Ptrth Amboy and one at Keasny,
walked out on strike this morning de
manding more wages. There were al-
ever. wr
nothing. I
Her prejudices were circumvented by 1
the lntrexluetion of oranges filled with a
delicious frozen punch Mrs. Hayes nnd
the uninitiated marvelled nt the superb
flavor of this fruit, which was cxtremelv
popular nnd seimlncly preferred to .
everything ele on the menu. '
-TV. , ,,.- ,,nl.nri.n . f T I .,
tmnn ;,rh was served n.'everv Jur- in the case of Sir Charles
,n .,u ve,, ii,,,, J....... i : Day Hose, president of the P.oyal Aero
Ineligible to citizenship. Mr. Johnson'
telepram makes It appear that the lep
Islatlon to be enacted will relate to
"those. .who. are Ineligible to citizenship."
He ndds, however, that the legislation
will be general In character. Whether
this means that the Legislature will
conform to the Presidents dclre m
having the law apply to all nllens or
not Is uncertain here to-night.
While President Wilson was taking
this important Mop toward nilnylng
the growing antl-American feeling In
Japan Senator ardaman. the new
PftiKKT.it from Mississippi, who has
come to Washington a a radical, was
issuing a statement which is certain to
. "p n...ns expressed to him
. G.a.ss of the Hou.e Com
liar.k'ng and Currency. As
''. inferences with Mr.
- ". hi Kinged for Joint ses
. t'.v i I'.mmittees, following
- .' "i.s and hearing" by th"
u ttee and from these Joint
s .p ,M'd that a report
i .i2tt . on legislation
. i ' ; l.i ',vs
leu' W Ison's s!re that
r v legij-iution 1- enacted
. sesuinq if possible. If tll
s di-pose. of early enough I Isadora Punean. the (.'reel: dancer,
lation will 1. immediately who were drowneJ.when nn automobile
.'d probably disposed of 1-, In which they were riding with their
'ra session adjourns. governess on Saturday plunged Into
Judgment ejf Chairman Owen i the Seine, were cremated to-day. A
" rs eif the Senate committee. ,' room In the house, had been converted
urh general scheme of cur- Into a chapelle nrdente. The coffins of
s!r")..ri as is eontemnlated bv the two children were completely cov
ered with masses et white wreatns, one
I'linernl nf ntn Aeelttrnt Vlrllma
TnKes liner In Paris.
irei.i' rible ti'fimfh Ik Thk Pr
Paris. April -i The two children of (
dinner and the White House steward
ready sufficient men on strike In the!""" '-'"I'v uie
rolling mills of the c Pardee Steel I"""n-;!' for each guest, the portion
Work and the Cnltcd Lead Company to !h( hpMr':' b"m,r absolutely In-
brlnp the number out up to the thou- nocuous.
sand mark, and later the 400 em-, 1 , that
plovees of the terra cotta factories ' ' e ,io .o.
walked out. termed by the diplomat, "the life sav-
At the Harltan Ulver Clay Company's lne "-tation."
plant the superintendent. John C. Cllsen. U"' i"Wc- unfermented. Is a favor
on hearing of the spread of the strike H" beverage with the secretary of state.
, H..nnr, thev -.vere convinced among other plants, called some of his - n " recoru ot ms prem ection tor
' tint he niter had made a correct state- employees Into hW office and advised n-ar wine came ,o pun lie no, ice .luring
I UMtne nU.' r " .hem to trlUe. -rlvlnc n.s hi. reason th.it the Denver convention in 190i.
1 ment as to tne reasons ior ineir uest-em - " - -
' on French territory should they fall to strike voluntarily ,
A semi-official communique was Is- t'-'V ,'' worked upon by the Tire.
sued In w hich It was stilted that the l'r.i.iiiit, euu-iojees aim me oilier sirm
rpftDT hit TTTTCtrr vrrrrii ttt ' M t- Japanese irritation. He con
ACtitUrLsAflt. tLlhtil KILIlLD HIM. i gratulates the ptsiplc of California on
the Independent stand that they have
rnrnnrr' .lnr IHninra Trip for Mr 1 taken, asserts that the Jnpanese is as
Chnrlra Hose. Heath. i undesirable a citizen as the negro
.recJ rMf ),wtc6 ,e Tnr Sn ' declares that the supremacy of the
Ixnpov, April 22 - The verdict of the ' W1'" n,i,n ,"n 1 ,ho "'Crlty of the
"one nice in .viueri'a are ot vastly
greater Importance than the good will
or business of all the alien races on
ea rt h
Mr Hryan was then at his home In
Lincoln, Neb. The convention hall wn
connected by 'long distance telephone
night of
Club nnd former member of the banking
firm of Morton. l:nr ,v: Co., who died
suddenly as he entered his home on
Sunday night after having made nn as-
v. .. ami. in .tn aeroplane hi Mention, was informed lie lli i,,llfoenl l'.,r.. .
he died from natural causes, lt'.i.,,. -,, i.,,. , ,.,,.' "......
was the first ascension Sir Charles had ' ,. Mm) l,1p,I ;, l.nf,.ri.n;- , lhfl
mane aim ne appe.ueil lo in ueiignteil
with his experience.
Several physicians testified that
excitement of flying very likely
caused the attack of heart disease.
t'nllfornln Meints the l,aT.
The President has been repeat (Uv
White Hopse. that the
sue., ,n wmc . u was s.ni.s, v,,.,, wie " wire with Fain lew. u the nil
the landing as nn unavoidable incident s me resUll a n? .u emp.o.vees o. .. .; - - - -
nnd that ti.e German blnlnne had uone . P-am J01-p -triKers. nnnginp "r ':-"L" ' : ' V -
ataut three miles in French territory . u,,n- number to more than 1.5P0.
plan should le attempted
session. The Investigation will
ed t..wnrd eliciting information
v-rnent -of money with a view
" g a stringency of currency
' ptrieids of the year and with
' purpose- of affording more
' V
".'iment thus far disclosed
without the knowledge of the aviators.
The machine was released and the
German aviators Immediately started for
The Foreign Office, however, took
cognizance of the Incident. Instruc
tions were sent to M. Jules Cambon,
Cbarated With nannlna; Down In
.tato rldneport Man.
Uripoeport, Conn.. April 22. John
the French Ambassador nt Berlin, to i Kelly KoWnson. Jr.. son of the late head
of which was Inscribed "From the chll- call the attention of the German Gov-.0f tne Diamond Match Company, with
dren of the district." A section of the I ernment to the serious Inconvenience his wifn spent this afternoon at police
Colonne orchestra played "The Death of of these repeated and regrettable Incl- headquarters tinder guard of a pollce
A?e" from the Peer Gynt suite, by ' dents. M. Cambon was Instructed to'nuln, being held without hail tn await
Grieg, Mozart's Andante nnd Rich's' I ask Germany to take measures to avoid the result of tnjurles sustained by
Aria. I the recurrence nf such Incidents and to'j-Yank Smith, a musician, who was run
Many persons noted In theatrical and appoint a commission to discusa with down by nn nutomoblle owned and
literary circles were present. Miss . France the drafting or rules in regaru driven by Hoblnson. A bond of 110,000
I cheers of the delegates and spectators
were thus conveyed to the ears of the
While the cheering progres-sfd a hue
loving cup, relic of a previous campaign,
was produced and filled to the brim
with grape Juice, this time minus water.
It passed from Up to lip, Mr. Hryan
lingering over It earnestly.
lieople of Call-
fornla were tnslstinir onon the ti.nc!
,np "f the legislation w hich had aroused
I th, tin. lost of Hi.'. .1 n tvi I. na.-. !...
ment. He learned that public sentl
ment In favor of the legislation was so
strong that If the Legislature falbsl to
pass a f,'Uisfactory law the people
themselves through the Initiative which
t'ley have adopted might originate nnd
(pass a law which would prove much
i more embarrassing from nn fnter-
H0USE BREAKS CASH RECORD. ! national standpoint than nnv of tha
i bills now pending.
It was with a consideration for Mils
Coroner In announcing the verdict made
some comments on aeroplanlng. which
he said was not suitable to men of ad
vancing years That sport, he said,
should If confined to the young and the
Appropriation IIIII Cora Thrnuuh nt
ll.tlTK.noo a Mlnntr llntr.
W.isiiinoto.v, April 22. All former
Congressional records In appropriating
Government money were smashed to.
day when the House passed a bill nt
the rate of n,679k500 n minute, or
nbout $194,600 a second.
The sundry
vetoed March
civil appropriation bill
4 by former President
Democrats In Congress who i Duncan wore a tauorm.nn sun, iuui , m nnuo- nii.ui- ..i nun n.......-, ."is oeing negotiateo ior tvoomson s re
.. ,,. ,,Kir, e rnr. she has hardly taKen on since tne sau . reach a uecision in reKuiu iu nui it.,ease
the subject of cur- -"he has hardly taken off since the sad j reach a decision In regard to
r.tm Is niruinut one central acc ueni ori urr'-u. tiuu u .i..i.-i . .-u. . cmvu u.-i i. ...... s... .............. .
'ra "M.insi one cejiir.u ,i v,..i v,t i ,.i.n,m rrnm u.i. m.nii,
' as-ry-iatlon but favorable tol'ier o.-ou.ei
. I reserve plan contemplated ancient (.reek -'"-,
n..... wo. Elizabeth and her hrotl
tivnv.s.n r i. in. , ,,, nr..
witn .hiss i'uiii.in tn n. ,ofk
In the cortege to
II. Klaslrr Alan a a ' Wllanu 1 Tnft was tnken up nt 12:30. exclusive,
I. f:.-.. n- In. -Ill, .-. i "I toil., llllliiiies iiei-ai." .1 e.siei 11.11, . (
At the annual dinner of the Liberal!
I Club Inst night at the Hotel Hrevoort
John H. Flnpler, discussing the relation
of the tariff nnd the worklngmnn, snld: I
had on his I a telegram from Metz to-nlpht says
Her sister ; the German officers landed there In a
act as fiscal agents nf the
nt. receive deposits of pub-
anil exercise the powers of
. nrfiviflft fnr f u'nntv r'trtnnal '
... ... ... nirnimintr rarr.aci.
Tt is understood that Ml?? Duncan ' Opposition to W.
Ml 1. , Inn itmon era Uf.fl t-i flftAt . am llaa rlvanl flahtl at
f discount in their respective " , ";:. ;',";: ; '.nV . '
(ill II f "if- - pfft Wi v ijeir iirjvi iv tn
of charity. ; Herun, April 22. The. Iludget Com-
I'ar MlnUtrr Shona
- fi'id act as reserve agents for
k" in their particular regions. I
contempiates a governing)
v 'he secretary of the Treat-- wqjien'S VOTES OUST A JUDGE.
. hi.i.fl lo snr.ervise the vrirlr.lis '
rraiirUoo'a llefrrrnilnra Hire
Lent-. In this board the tinv-
nuid lt represented by the
'. i of the Currency and pos
er officers, and certain dlrec-
' i l... electeil by the banks,
f s..ld redempilon Is provided.
f i he reserves ny be r-KU-
H n
linn Coala 4n,O0O
Sav Francisco, April
mlttee of the Ilclchstag adopted to-day
the resolution, Introduced by mnmbws
of the Centre party yesterday, calling
for the appointment of n commltteo
. composed of members of the nelchstau Way subway express between Hrooklyn
Hoblnson. who was going from New
York to New Haven, Is said to have
struck Smith, riding a motorcycle, with
such force as to drag him 100 yards.
Smith Is suffering from a broken rib,
severe cuts and probably Internal Injuries.
I do mu believe In the present Ad
ministration In Washington, because to
my mind It is not composed of men of
"What we want are men like Wash
ington, Lincoln, Cleveland, who govern
above party lines. Where cnn we find
such men today? Certainly not with
the calibre now controlling nnd admin
istering the affairs of this country, par
ticularly the Vice-President, who al
ready la proving himself a demagogue
of the 'plnhead' type
I minutes later It was passed by a viva
voce vote.
The bill contains n clause prohibiting
the Government from expending money
to prosecute under the Sherman law
farmers and labor unions, which Mr.
Taft termed "most vicious class lepis
latlon "
Climb Itrapa and Mlachlrf
Maker Get eat.
An office boy with more Nwlt
chivalry got seats for himself
friends last nignt in an uptown uroau-j ,lllt 0,her dares admit It. Mr. Wll
son Is n cultured. Intellectual gentle
information that the President deter
j mined to appeal over the heads of Gov.
j Johnson and the Legislature nnd deal
. with the people themselves. He wnntert
j to bring nbout a situation In which
1 the members of the legislature might
, not feel that they would bo risking their
i political futures by adopting the con
servative course favored by the national
Wilson's ttlilrr.s lo I'rnplr.
The President's statement, though In
the form of a telegram to Gov. John
son and the presiding officers of the two
houses of the I-eglsluture, whs ill reulltv
nn address to the people of California.
Here Is the President's telegram.
"I spenk upon the assumption, which
1 am sure is well founded, that the,
people of CnllfornU do not desire their
representatives and thnt their repre
sentatives do not wish or intend In
nny ch'cumntnnce to embnrrass the
Government of the Fnlted States In
Its dealings with a nation with whom It
Hole I.rfl Whrrr nnlldlna Stood
Thirteen Workmen Hurt. i
Lakf. IIorATcoNa, N. J April 22. has most earnestly and cordially sought
Three men were killed and thirteen in-
Jured to-day when a packing building at
the Atlas Powder Company plant, a mllo
than! rvrrrt
wow-st. Z'jy -
to maintain relations of genuine friend
ship nnd good will, nnd that least
of nil do they desire to do anything
that might Impair treaty obligations or
cast a doubt upon the honor nnd good
faith of the nation nnd Its Government,
1 therefore nppeai with the utmost
nnd experts to examine Into the wholo nride and Fourteenth street by freeing
' ..l.lsn nf irmv nrtil ri ;i vi" fi n t rn nt at I . . i it. i
Weller was recalled. Women got up
.... ...i....u ,i,,.i.i i...,.,., ! netltlons against lirnr bocnuse he did
i i v. tutu ri.it's.'t ... o .
,f there was ar Increasing not exact heavier ball for assallnnts of
f .r currency, something after I women The women's vote caused his
' f tie tank e.f F.nglarid. I recall.
.t. ..., that Is much In favor1 Th" proposition for the voters ap-
lb preventative. Glass cf the provnl ot tne rnys rouipni-i .or irunn
m in it i -.it 1'iinlpni nln rM the
ttn.nl ,:t If.ml s,.e..r...l enrreriov liaWScd. TllC ordinance to change tele
' . . . ' ... ..... .....lA.l T1,A Al.MlInn
nix' fifteen years. Involving pnnne mi'- .nut.-... .....tv... sU.-,i
Kssen were trying to stir up trouble be
tween France and Germany In order to
sell war material
de Nemours Company.
The three men killed were blown to
1.1... ...Itl. 1.a 1.,, II. linn. I., .. .1.1-1. ,nnll,lA.,i.n In f I.A linnnln Ihn eln..nH..n
nn 1.,,. ii trro.it l.rnn.l Intnlll. I " .... j ( " . . ' ........
In San'aubJect of army and navy contracts. , Qr.r n ,nPH erom n cardboard box 1. .' .' . . , , .,. ,., were packing shotgun shells. A deep . nnd the Legislature or California to act
first Initiative, referendum , This resolution iirone from the chargea ,Buinir advantage of the stamnede !" .." ' .... r.,..i iu. if vi, , ' -" wn lt wnere tno nuiiaing stood. , in tne m.-mer now uuuer consideration
and re-call election to-day Pollco Judge , 0f Dr. Llehknecht that the Krupps of,hnt fniinwed. 1 1 i , ",. ", 'V V"i i.'e Pv'.iV 10"-511-1 Worts put the quantity of ex-' in a manner that cannot from any point
.... . , . - - - , .,i(.0i I n th. oirimiiira n i "iiiii tft,i
The car in wnien no anil irienns nung , T(), meeting was addresseel also by
from atraps In a corner was well filled i Abram I. F.lkus, the Itev. Percy Stlck
nith hnmetrnlne working eirls nnd when I n..or.t n.uum iim u. .(.....
The committee adopteej the resolution )0 bo. uncoVered the box to let loose y ni,eta Chllds Dorr. Charles Fergu
by a hinte majority, but It rejected an ttB squeaking freight there was ili(, Vr Katherlne Davis of the lied-
aiiieuuiii.-ni uiieii-n i. ior ewviuimip. -rrimlnar rush.
.Iv he. lefutiding of the outstand-
aere.imlnar rush.
which would enable the committee (ol . , a,.,r k,,!,! that some elrls who
grad- fors with the Fnlted Uallroads wns i ru witnesses nnd examine them tinder CunK to straps saved themselves by
oath, -ms nmeiiumeiu w.u. rejrcteu "V .chlnnlne ns In a gymnasium. Most of
the enew or an panics except tne .-o- )1)p ,,aSg,.nKel's and the guardB didn't
ClallStS. I lie jioiuiiiai piiouim iit- mi'
ConflnuctJ on Bccond Page.
Caf Lafa-rrtt aad Ilotrl RrTort, the two
French KrilaaraaM of New Vork. A4t.
Continued on Third Page.
know whether It was a lire or a fight
until the car was cleared. Then the
trice were found. m I .
ford Reformatory, and District Attorney
Whltmnn. whom thet president Intro
duced as "the chief argument New
York has for believing In Divine Providence."
before retirinc for Inwrnnla.-Adr.
Plosive In the structure at 2,100 pounds, i of view be fairly challenged or called In
The men killed were Thomas Sossong, i question. If they deem It necessary to
30, of ledgewood; William Messier, 21, exclude all aliens who have not declared
of Ledgewnod, and Philip Qulnsckl, 20, their Intention to become citizens from
of Stanhope. I the privileges of land ownership they
.The men Injured wero not in the cjui do so along lines already followed
building. They were hit by flying de. In the laws of many of the other States
The fact that the men In the building
were killed and every trace of thei struc
ture blown to atoms makes It possible
only to guess at the cause of the disaster.
and eif foreign countries, including
Japan heiself.
"Invidious discrimination will lnevi
tably draw In question the treaty nhllgit
tlons of the Government of the United
States. I register my very earnest anfj

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