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G?Ws fse 77ieir Mfo; Afew ybr&s tasfe Theirs Dodgers Get Twetbe Zeros
!0 '
I 4
Get Busy With Moore's
Pitching in First Two In
nings of Contest.
riifllies Mnke Only Ono Hun
Off Able Twirling
of Ames.
Jfot Pleased "With Hole Knok of
Pitcher's Thinner 7 to 1
Flnnl Score.
Tha (Hants made 7 rune yesterday
in thtr seventh consecutive xletory Since
fh7 opened by losing two straight they
have been atrsngers to defeat The
Brooklyns came to grief In n twehc Inning
gams In Boston nn1 the Hods woke
and flogged the PL Iritis (ram
Yesterday's llranlls.
' Msr Torlc 7: Philadelphia. 1
! Batten. 1; Brooklyn, 0
CTnetnnatl. lo, s:. Iout.
Detailed Clnb Stnndlnai.
til la
. S ! 3 : 5' 7rl
: j n 7, a 7(d'
j r 3: mi,
i i
-1- -
81. Louts ..
'i ' ' I if
' "l n, 1 I , "l I
Cincinnati. ..
Oames Lost...
2l 3 Si 3! I.
To-dnj'a Seheilnle.
Phlladelrhla In New lork
I Brooklyn In Hnslnn
' Cincinnati m S luil
' Chicago In rittaburg
Earl Moore, of the Phillies a'as batted
!nto retirement In the second Inning nt
ho Tolo Grounds yesterday, arid before
"he sought the cloister the rjlants had
sufficient largess to forecast an easv
victory. So It turned out, the niants
wlnntog, 7 to l Moore was not only hit
able but wild Another Item In
Nw York's free scoring In thn first
two Innings was the driving base run
ning of the champions Taskert Inserted
B couple of errors while the (Hants were,
at the flood tide of their J.imboree, and
sll told happenings conspired to setid
the home team out In lront, rnpldly nnd
Greatly In contrast to the pitching of
Moore was that of Leon Hd Ames, or
lied Leon Ames Red L'nn, with that
circling sweep of the wing which I"
a characteristic of Ids dellxery, twisted
the, speed over the plate In unfathomable
quirks, nnd wrs steadfast, sternly and
potent. He wns the recipient too of
excellent aid from his fielders, getting
Ms most glistening asalstan from Di)e
and Murray. Cnpt. L.irry mltsid lire
.... . . - . ..
nlnnl.lAtw nil n l.nllnr ..Ifhf.r Intinim. 1
or fouling In' a way foreign to him. but '
lesolved himself Into a deourlng agent I
jn ino nein woo scouro tne grassy
reaches for ever) thing In Ids half oi the
The Olants wetrt nt Moore with onn of
thatr familiar :uhlng attacks and nil
Ilia cross lire nceninpltshed wns to lie
crowed by his opponents. Hefore the
game Manager Dooin protested against
the topography of the pitcher's rubber.
He set forth that the dirt Jutt beyond the
Mao was dug awny so n to torin a
precipitous drop of a few Inches and so
Uiat a pitcher couldn't get his back her)
behind the line of demarcation, lie had
Messrs. Klem and Orth, th umpires, go
out snd take a, look Me(!raw went also
to take part in the discission. Klem
ordered that the gullv be tilled up nnd has
ea. Instructed Groundkeeper Murphy, but
there wasn't time for that yesterday
The Phlllv pitchers. It would appear,
want one heel back of the rubber The
rules say thHt both feet must be in fiont
of the lubber. The question as to
whether this can be interpreted to
iillow part of one font to bo on the
ground behind the slab Is nn old one
nnd ha.s caused umpires much vexation.
It Is a pretty prevnlent custom for pitch
ers to stand with pnrt of ono foot back
of the slab, but McGrnw always has con
tended that It Is Illegal according to
the rule. Judging from the fact that
Kletn ordered the spaco filled In, the
custom seems to have been decided on ns
The Giants got busy rn the first Inning
es soon as Rnodgrass filed out Hhafer
busied himself with waiting and walked.
Bums promptly hammered a single to
i-entro and sent Shafer to third Hums
stole with commendable spend, nnd he
nnd Shafer halted while Doyle fanned on
n high one. Hats aren't long enough to
reach the kind at which Larry swung.
Murray waded Into the first ball and
rapped It to centre, Shafer and Hurna
Merkle was Inoculated with the hitting
serum, pumped n ettfe liner to Paskert
and brought Murray home. itnther he
helped In achieving that wnrthv end.
Paskert made a bad throw to Intercept
Murray nt third and Merkle sifted to
third on th mlsplay. Hcrmg walked
He and Merkle did a double steal. Kll
lifer's throw to Doolsn wan not true for
11 quick return, and as, in addition. Don
lan's return was high Merkle nlld In un
touched. Ma gee sauntered on four In the second
Inning, and Cory Dolan hit thn ball with
emphasis. Doyle, however, bobbed up
with an amazing catch In short right,
unwound himself, threw to Merkle and
doubled Magee, a wonderfully sklllul
play on Doyle's part, the sort long re.
The second was another Inning of
travail for Moore nnd mates, I'nskert
muffed Ames's fly, a second base muff
Knodgrnss was passed, and Rluifer sent
it homo run over Dolan's head. Dolan
thought he could get under the ball for
a. catch, found out his mlstako and
couldn't reach It with a Jump. Thre.i
runs resulted mid Hums followed with r
two bare hit The Giants didn't scorn
further because their base running (level. ,
oped klnkc. Hums overslld third on a ,
Steal and lost nut llr.y In, who was
passed, was caught napping,
Joe Rvern. -vim run fur Maivm u I
walked, took third base In tho third
Inning when l.mlenis missed a throw
(otn Knabe. The throw was on Ames,
Junes snd I'.veis plotted a double steal,
Leon Ames,
1 - "
"mi" nicnrr "bo aernia in nave
come hack Into lila nnn. 1
which was spoiled by n counter plot.
I When Tied went down Kvers stnrted In
i too soon and wns trapped on Kllllfer's
j throw to l.obert. Hums did had lm
running In the fourth after bunting satell
ite was en route to srond when Doyle
fouled to Kllllfer. wns slow to cra-p the
situation and was doubled nt first base.
In the fifth Inning on the C,lai.t' side
there were In suceeslon two single", a
base on balls nnd another single, but Hot
a run. The hits of Merk'.e rnd lle'iog
nnd the ambling of I turtle) rilled the Mr es
with one out. Anns shin. mod n hit which
wns tiend.'d lor right Held until Hartley
CltmiMllV cot In lis wnv Kl.nh.. ,1 i n't .
. .......j in "n. jmiui... iiiuii i 1
nae a cr.ance 10 nenu 11 oil, nut Hartley
acted as nn erfectlvi" fielder for the Thlllles
by being hit He was out nnd the other
base runnels had to return to their hngs.
They were llt there on Snodgrass's tati 1
to .Nelson.
I 1 .1 1...... .ii.i.ii 1
-"... "n.imo ...-jnni-.i .in -ii 11 ei.
,,f '' "r ,h" s nth. Kl 1111 er
tni. o, .i nn ,. (. 1,1 i.ii n.i n..-. I
. . wild throw of the .s.une. Miller whanged
Ja beauty to deep l..ft. coring K'l'ltler. but
racing nroiind the course so reekles-ly that '
; lie iinin t loiien seconu on Ills way to mint.
r.urns dug the ball up at the boundary
M.,a (i.f.... i, ,.!., 1 1.. in ih.Mi. ... tl....
70g Herzog touched Miller. "Vou' re
nut," said (irth.
Th"re wni no more to the bnll gnme ex
cept this from Klein to the Quaker coop:
"Ten dollars, you, on the bench." and a
trim double play by A. Shafer, L. Doyle
and F Merkle.
The rore:
I'llll.A iN I.' NKW YOnK (N I.)
nb r h pa e' all r h p a r
l'ak rt el I a 0 1 " . Snodc's rl I 1 12 0 1
Knabe 3 o 0 0 r. n K'iafer ., 4 2 1110
l.ohert,?b 4 0 3 I 0 Hums If . 4 1 3 2 1 0
Mnree.K 1 I) 0 II e H.llle.:h 3 0 0 2 1 0 '
CraVth.lf 30000 n'Miirray.rf 41130 o I
I...I . , ft ,l 1 A ft .lALtn IK . , 2 - ,l it 1
Nelson. P 200010 llerog :b 3 o 1 : 0 1
l.lldr s lb S 0 0 10 1 1 Meiers.- 1 0 0 3 0 0
Do.ilin i 301:3 ii (Piers o o ii 0 n i
Klll.ler.c 3 I ? t. 6 l llarllej.i 1 0 0 U 0 0
MfMiinp 0 0 0 ii 1 n Ames p 4 1 1 0 ,1 0
Mlllel rt 1 0 1 1 II I. . .-
- Total, si 7 u 'j 2
Tel-ls J 1 4Jir 3
Hartley oul : lilt hy bnltisl ball
titan tor Mej.rs m ih Hurl iiunnt
l'hi'.i.eli'hla o a ii o i 0 a
Ne.i York 15000000.
First base nn errors Philadelphia. 1. New
:" Kfrt't ?,J'.nJ.Y:'l,M",r-34i:.n
N,d.on . !. .. Vine
be Nelson 3. by Ames ; llnme r.w -
!naier . i ii iso nn it- rns. i moii '
MUrilS .-ItTllt.. IHT(". l.lllllM- li I, o im.iiii'
....I f ...I II... I.. ....1 l..!.l. I.f... I ko. I.
......... .........
liilllila (.1 it k U ' , l.,p I
nn.l jier:.ie tin. oil .'ti'ejre in tun nwrt. I
.V,' ,...id "..',, .,. (,.,";, 'iw i hour and
Klm I'lflrt urn;' ir Orih
Troiinre l"lae I'lleliers Klmlly Pr"uhwi I '.irtmoiith wept to th" bat In the
,, . . ,. , i sixth timing With to men on bases
a Ided by- nr.ll.ml Mana-cer. Tltchell Knocked a three base hit to ccn-
Rr Lofih, April IM rinclnnnt! took i tie and "cued limi'elf on AMen's In-
the opening game here to-day hy a lop-
Mdd score of in to .". St Lxiuls ued tlvo
twlrlcn. trying to stop the onslaught of
Tinker's bunch. Suggs nlm was pounded
hard, but mannged to Keep bin hits well
scattered. Koiiey's hitting featured the
gnme The ncnre :
ub r li p a e uli r h p a e
Hrs-her.l! 3 1 0 2 0 n Hui'lns :b .( 0 ; 2 1 o
H nes rl r. o o o o o:iiieif :, o : o o o
linker, ss 4 12 3 3 0 jim. ey ?.n r. i : 2
IIiiliM'l.lh r.
Mnrss.,1 4
i:.-:Hl..h . 4
(ram 3h 4
iark c 4
-exer'td.e 0
Mlk-s p . 4
Alm da.Jb o
0 2 1.' 2 (i KnlK) 111 r. 2 3 9 1 P
3 2 : o ( Ki.ms rl. looooi
1 2 2 3 ;' cm hi r'rl . ') I M
2 3 li 2 0 O.iUi s , f , ii l r. ii 0
2 3 3 1 oil'IMr).ss 10 12 3 0
n 0 1 0 o WIii.-ii c 4 0 2 f. 2 (i
0 0 1 f. ( Nillee.u . 0 0 0 0 1 0
onoo Oitsheekai-d oooooo
- Hlirke I, .. 0 0 0 0 1 0
Totals 37 10 14'26 1H 2.Heddln,p. I 0 0 0 1 0
iWhltled 1 0 0 0 0 0
Willis p . 0 0 0 0 1 0
,'Whelan. 1 0 0 o o o
Idejer.p .. 0 0 0 0 (I 0
Totals . J? " 1 27 U "l
If-urrtna out: hit hy batted ball
Hatted fnr Salleo In the third Inning.
lllalled lor Kedding In the seventh Inning.
Illatled for Willis in thn elrhth Innlnf
Clniannatl 12 12 3 0 10 a 11
St I.nul 0002000101
Two bae hlta-Clark. 3: Tinker, Hoblltiell,
Konev Three baae hits Clark, Tinker, Mar
ians, 2; Honey, ! Sacritlee hit Eaan, Tinker
ha-jltlcn riles -Evani. Siuii. Hae on halls
oa bus, 3, oil Willis, s, oft Hurkn. 1, oft
Oeyer. 3, oil Jteddlnir, 1 Struck out -Ily Sallee.
2, by HeiMIn,. 1, by Stuns, 3; by Oeyer. I: by
Hurke, I Hlls-Oft Sallce, 7 In three Innings:
off Hurke, t in one nnd one third liininirs; nft
Iteddini, 2 In one ltiiun . of! Willis, none in
onn inning I.ett mi bus.-- St Lnuu, 10; rin
Miinaii. 10 Umpires - Hrennan and Kasou
Tune 2 hours
American Association,
rt. II K
fit Paul 00600100 0t f. 3
Toledo n 0 3 n n o 0 0 xt 7
llatterlei Jamea and Kruagir, Laroy and
R. 11. E
Mtlwauke 00000300 14 1 1
Columbus 00232001 n is s
Hattsrlsi Nlohidion and Hushes; Cole
and Smith.
AT LOtllf-VIM.K,
It. 11. B.
Ranstaa City... J00OO1100 ft 11 ft
Loii'svllla OOO0O2310 1 13 4
llatterle Morgan and O'Connor, Powell
and rietnoni.
R. H. E
Minneapolis 01100000 2 ft o
Indianapolis ,...10000000 21 7 1
Haitsrles I.lobhardt and Owens, Hchordt
and Casey.
Southern fAt-aa-tie.
Metnphli. 0! New Orleans, 0 ftwsv In.
ntnrs; darkneaa.i
Mobile. 11 : Montgomery, t.
Atlanta, ft; Chuttannora, 4.
Hlrnilntrham, I; Naehvltla, .
Texas Leagua.
Dallas. 4; Austin, 2
Fort Worth. 12. Waco. .
other gamei postponed by rain.
Cotton Nlnleti bragai,
.Tsrkson, ft Merldan, J
f.'n other games played
BASMAI.t., Poln r.roonda. To-day, .1:30
Moth Sides Rimless I'nlil Hit liy
Pinch Hitter Kariden Puts
Connelly Across Plate.
Hoth I'll 1 1 Themselves Out of
' Mimy Tifflit Plnces. Aided
by flood Support.
nciTos April 14. To the Hrnes and
tlie Dodgcts belongs the honor of holng
the first Nntlntial League clubs to piny
nine tntttiiKK this senson without a run
being mmle by either team. further
honors were achieved by Pitchers .lame?
imd Allen, who did the twirling, and then
j the modal go.s to Ftlll Rarlden because
I of his single In the twelfth Inning, which
drove In th" only tnlly and broke Boston's
i losing sttdik
Tim loams battled like champions In a
wot Id's rerle and. barring a muff by Con
nolly of a ily, there wns nothing bearing
the slightest semblance to an error during
the content James hnd the visitors guess
ing nil tin- wav and the only members
who did not strike out at least once were
i Moran, Cutshaw nnd risher. Vivo of the
opposing batsmen went down before
t .lanie.s's stdthnll durlne thn first three I
1 innliiKS. his fnnntnK of HtetiRel nnd Wheat
ldmln the nrst period I after Cutshaw had
doubled being a particularly goon piece
of work. Only two Dodders reached
scond huso during th llrst five Innings
In the sixth Cutshaw scratched a lilt nnd
tried to niaku third on Stengel's drive
to right, but he fell before the unerring
arm of Klrke.
Uoston was In p tight place In the elev-
enth Inning. Moran hit to centre nnd
Mole ncond. Connelly took Cutshnw s !lv
anu Mengei wis oiu nt nrst. v neni nun
Imubert were iMss.d. filling tlw bases.
and Smith tiled to Klrke.
Allen was even mote rfft-rtlv than
James, for he fanned ten of the ltrnves.
allowed but -even hits and pinvd only
two "'"
Not a loc.il reached second
fifth when Kirk- and Devlin ,
unui ill1
------ --- - - r 1. . , , .1,1.1
j but thfre were tto nut nt the time and
'Whaling was toss.-d mit bv Cutshaw.
'luianviite s'ngleii m tr.e siin, 11111 wa 1
doubled on Ciititill tly to Moran. The
' next three Innlnc" s.iw the locals retlied 1
In ,iril..r. niiil Im tho t.rif)i Wweenev ftlnel.Hl. I
, .
l,u wns out Kte.iMng. ,
Three HniveH perished In older during
eiermn. imi in m iweimi .lames
hunted and was i-afe Mitanvllle einlca-
"red to s.icrillce. but pnpptd a Ily to Mil -
".., ,,,.,
""n'M " i't.-) '
Silvers nrncKeii out a i ono e over inirni..
""l H"""l
has- and Sweeney got a pass on the ad-
.ice of Manager Dahlen. Ilarldon batted " .'n;;';,; en' atM, ' h- third X;
for Sejmour and after two fouls placed a l ,,,,, otl) ,.,,. ,, M,rl,p
hit Into right Held, scoring Connelly Htuli,,,,, ,ard, but they were effective In the
winntng the game
The sonte;
ah r h p
"rn. P a r
Moran. rf o l i t 0 Ma'nlle f. o i
a i
Cuts'T.rb 5 0 2 2 4 ( Conn liy If f. 1 0 1
Stensel.e! f
Wheat II S
Dsubi.lb 4
oiioe rain nn ui ; n o 7
0 0 10 0 l,ers lb 3 0 1 !
0 I It 1 o Sue'n'r :b 4 0 I 4
OOOio s) nin r ef 4 o o r
0 2 3 1 0 trUndeli 10 10
o i i: i o Kirke rf 4011
0 o
o 0
Tilth Jo t.
0 fl
Flsl"r ss r.
Ml,i r .
Allen p
0 0 0 4 0,I)el!llTb 3 0 1
- Mialin- c I o o lo 2 o
Total II 0 S'M 13 0 Jamea p I n i o 4
- -
Totals 35 1 7 3119 1
T-to out "rhen svlnninp run was made
ItattH for Seymour In Ibe tenth Inning
Ikiston .looooooooooi- l
llroi.kl.in ooo ii noo oooo o o
Frt base on error -llr.iolilj ii ltt en bases
llnsinn r. Hronkhn 10 First base on bills
7 i Off .lames 4, oif Allen : .iruek nut Hv
.lames !. l.y Allen in basj hits-Mjers
W-U SJ?" r U,-n"" "," "y ,,",,?h'r
r'm " ' r 1 ' mn , He.
iwnunLLLa niiAM n n r. v rv nr.
SUTTTTniTPT TC CT TITIT- . ,fO .11 , ' I
n,h!r l'.a Willi llarlninnlh I'nlil
llh In ii I iik Clout.
VvibV'tUarurne '
I In a ftore of f to 'J. The sroie was 2 to I
jtMd liner l.avln, n new pitcher, wan In
1 tin- bo for Dartmouth during the entire
game Mtliougli he nllon ed s.;en lilts
and pased ns manv men he matiHged lo
tighten up at critical moment". He "truck
out tun men In the second Inning with the
bases full, and It was largely due to his
work that fnurtien Colby College men
dlnl on the bases
The fieote
.ib r h p a e ibr hp i i
SI'iison.K 4 0 1 3 0 1 l'imb'll,3h 4 0 14 11
no'aer.el 3 112 0 OimiIIiv n.rl 3 o 0 1 n o
Niil'nr.rf .". o o l n I'Lnud'in.lf 4 0 0 2 0 0
Heed. lb 4 1 I 10 1 0, 1.ovv ... es 3 2 114 0
James. p , r, 0 J I 4 0, HeiM.et t . 1 b 3 0 0 10 0 0
Lafteur.Jb I 0 0 0 0 0 D'n'Ime.th 4 1112 0
Cum'rs,.'b 3 0 0 3 2 1 r 'i h l.rf 3 112 0 0
t'a'bell.si 3 0 1 0 0 l.Aldell c . 3 0 0 1 0
I.onnej.c 3 0 0 4 2 oLil-ll,p. . . 2 1 0 0 ft 1
Totali.. 34 2 7 24 9 l T0P1U . .8 C ; U 2
Colbr. .. .00002000 02
Dartmouth 00011030.-
1-eft on basM-Dartmoulh. 4: Colby. 14
Stolen baaea-sulllvan. Lose. Struck out Hy
I.arlu, : by Jumss. 3. First baae on balla-Ofl
Lovln, ; off Jams 3 Hit by nliehar By
Lavln, 1. Two baae hit Slmpaon. Three baae
hit Twltchell Double play Doniuhue and Hen
liett Umpire Kelly.
Eastern Aaaaclatton.
At Hartford. Naw Ixndon. 1; Uartferd, i
(Tan Innings. 1
At New Haven. Waterbury, 7; New
Haen, 0
At llnlynke, Ilrldgepopt, Bl Hnlynke, I.
At Hprlngfteld, 1'iltj.fleld, ft; Sprlnrflld, 2.
I'mapeet Park Ilnaehnll.
nojslllsh, seconds, 11, Manual, te0nd ft
IhlMIe Hrhnnl 9, 4. Public Hehnol 77. 4
Public r'lhniil 162 21. Puhllc School 104, 1
I'siatur. II Dakota, 2
. M.J- n"nn'll..ef Chicago, who la book
Ina the Olanli-Whlte Sox around Hie world'
tour for next winter, as here yesterday.
He sris Mriiraw It iradv to sign the ron
irart for the trip, hut that the Illness nf
Cnml'ky's wife has presented thr boes of
the White Sox from doing hutlnees lust now
Mr. Ibinnell Ih nil reud, to arrange the
Itinerary na sonti as ihe inntrnct l signed.
Th Ilroeklyns are llkel) to win the pen
nant fnr losing 1 tn n cames. They have
dropped four surh balllea and have a lone
le.nl in lhat respect.
Pitcher 1'niiell and lndelrler Berrhatumer
go from the Cuba in the Hedi bv the waiver
rue'.. Tli" i.i.m'a like the Hedi, didn't
waive on II-rs-liaiinner, but the Iteds cot
hlin hy rrlnrlty rUht
Tiieadny'a tie between the Giants anil
Phillies will be played off nt ihe Polo
ilroiiiMis on Or mbi r 2.
i While iiistiihiitlng his thres singles ye.
'tenlal Mrrkb lilekled one In earl, tl.1,1
Mellrlde of tht. Wii.Vilni'lnr.i lu ... ....
nl f I It si Infleldera in taking and rotiirulng
throwi to the plate In nip dnuhle steals.
l.eftv .srhillz naa liom ir.ioil wnrlr rnw is..
Ntw "i ork Americans his Ust three times
nut igalnst the Washlngtnna and Athletlrs
The only wabble by Ames yrsirrday was
when he pas.ed Mag'e after sinning with
two strikes nn that hltlir
While ('nngress In Inieitlgailng the bate
ball 1 1 ust It would enlighten millions If It
could dlsrnier why. w lien h managrr trusts
lu h pinch hitter, ihe p h, siilkes nut.
Some day we shall have a daunle P.y
whlrh Is neither "fam" nor "brilliant," but
Th only clean lilt the Athb Ilea made off
ir ,k!:ai 5S.!Vi!..i" .n,i."ftB"'.J,' Muiphv
of ill. i:.'JiI,;.?rnpl,'yL,1t ,h. r,nimfnt
IimJ?y..'e',ml,',tr' "'hi nd a nought
cam of It,
44 He's Me Brudder;
Sorry I Bust Hats
pL-rtINO the wild .'.vfilotniMit it
St. N'icli'il.M rinl: Wodnclav
nUlit cntpiotl by tho llocirln? f
Johnny IViro hy Vonti'i Sliunrtio n
yotini; follow near tlio ringside) broko
tlio derby liutn of two speetntorfl.
Ho pounded tho lids with both hiinds,
at the pntno time loudly urninn Lore
to luinn on in the clinches. When tho
bout wns over tho hat breaker np
pronched his victims with expres
sions of regret.
"Will yotiso guys accept me apolo
gize?" he nsked. "It was mo brud
der Johnny wot wan on do floor and
I lost me head. 1 didn't mean to
bust ycr dlcors."
Tho apology was accepted, na
Young Loro wa in tearc.
CrmnfnFd Sends Home linn Into
nifhl Field Blenrbrra.
Detroit. April 24. Cleveland won
the Initial clash with Detroit to-day by
a score of 5 to 3. Dubuc nnd OrcRR were
hit freely, but Orcgg was the more steady
nnd tightened up In the pinches. Craw
ford sent a home run Into thp right field
bleachers, n most unusual trlcl: on Navln
Field. Hush featured by stealing three
hasps, The score;
ab r h p e ab r h p e
. J'hni'n.lb 6 0 2 7 0 onmh.w ..
t 5 fUrf
4 l I n i e
0 1 1
1 icli'n.rf : t 0
l.ilole.Ib 4 10 14 Pii.ilnerlb 4
lli'lum.ef 3 1 2 t (i OMnn'ly.ab t
Craney.lf 1115 0 0 Vllt :b . 4
Cirncll.c 3 0 t 7 5 1 Vatiase.c 3
r.rets.p. t 0 0 0 1 o; Mullm I
MrKee.c. 0
Total .34 5 9 27 1 Dubue.p . 4
o 1 K
0 I 1
o s s
0 0 2
(10 0
0 0 1
t ii
0 0
0 0
ii 1 0 1 1
Tntil. 31 "3 " 14 t
! .n,..,,, !or SUnKr m' the njhth Innliit"'
ciidnJ n o 0 i 0 1 0 3 o-s
11 trntt . 1 11 t 0 0 I 0 0 0;
To ht hits Ilirinlnchini, Carl.oli Three
rae lilt Dtlr.U' Home run-Cran lord Sne.
niee inn-iitrminsuajii, ur.inei hinieu p.iei '
I i.h. i; Vllt. ilrattey. Ju.'k.oii. Chapman
Hit by pluhcd bill- Hy flrc illlrhi. First
on nans on uuniie, a, 011 i.re;j. 1 First
ni on errors CleteUinl. Istt on banes
r.t,;o,V..4.v5:'lc.v'!a,'.,'l..K7,. !:,,r"e.k Cl'.H'.r.".','.1"'
- n" i.rerj. . iiounie pi.iAui aim iiunn;
1 ion anil Meure wini piicn inmue.
p!rt-llil.tehr.in. and Kva
and U minute
Time 1
nrown,. n K, rlr ,,.r nnK, Tl. t
Unrrmhe Times I n.
, r.c.Aro Al,rll "I -William" the tight '
ineIlnr r t'h nri,n" hit three triples In ,
la rmv u,.(..,y nn, ",(, st ,,11;i ,.,!
)of)k ,n( (lr,( p!,m(, of tl, ,r,.P., ir0,
'the White Sox. 'J to 1 W.lh.im.s tl luk-d
.1,.. f.l I.. .V,n .1.11, 1 I,, I
......... ... .. .......
! " ' ,h . ,. t it n..
! pinches, nnd this on tei" of some clover
Holding, held the score down
n. -
, ,,.,,. , t
! ' ' ab r h r a e ah r b P a e
ShMt n.er 4 1030 o natn,:ri I o 1 n r. '
.lohns'n.ll 3 1-10 o!l.ord-h. I o 0 1 0 1
(..wirnisrf 4 1 3 3 0 o renins rr i a - a o o
ITiH.'b. 3 0 0 45 o, irionlb. I o ir. o
(.lot'ill lh 1 0 1 tl 1 0 V.t..rlr , 4 0 1 .. 1 0 I
0 Austln.Sb 4 1 o o :i,.iiKli.i f 11200
0 Wall'ee.M 4 0 2 3 4 OJun.sK .3 0 0 2 1
Atnen.r 3 0 0 2 1 0, 'Foamier. 1 0 0 a o
StrchTl.p 4 0 0 0 4 CWeavrr.ss n o ; i r.
1 lh 'oiie.p a u -. 11 11
Tolali 32 3 27 17 0 tliodi" l 0 o 0 0 o
I Total. ..v 1112711 1
Pi'ted for Jones In the ninth limine
tllatled lor V.'eaier in the ninth iniiinr
I "t t.O'iis anooojajoi
I'lumo oooooniao-1
I iit on hiw. ! l.onls :. Chi ran. T First
base on balls Off Cl.Hle I MrueK oul l!v
John.,A, w.",,;. 'bus
si.iva" Frvi. Acne. Fmpire,
. ,.,. ; o Loiuhlm T ei t l our and
I '
m fiame Slips A .s oy (Irlfflfh Kick.
lllmaelf Tpom Park.
Himself rrntn
Wishinoton. Arutl 24 With the P.ed
So one run behind In the ninth. Gioom
weakened and Huston won to-day s game.
sriidln,-; nei four rup- with ns manv hits,
''i n balls and Spealter's lung tly
The tlnal count whs to 3. lledleui was
hit harder than Groom and was taken ,. ,
nfter the eighth Inning. Manager O. it HI
Tscor !,,,,ppns,on' n x -
ported. The score.
nnvrnv iA 1. i WASHINCTON
ab 1 ll P a e
ah r h p a e
Hooper rt 4 1 1 o o OMerllerrf " 3 n
Verkes.;b 3 0 13 1 o.Mllan.cf . ft 0 2 3 l 0
s'k:r,( 2 n ! J S o Gandhi: 1 1 i! J S
li.u-is i'f 40020 roinra ui.:h f. ii ii 2 i ii
(.anl'r..iti 4 2 3 1 o inniitho4 114-0
K'f;, 1 J I I I ?5T-?aj ? i 2 J
Carrii'n.e .". 0 0 n 0 0 Ornom.p
4 0 1 0 3 0,
ltedlent.p 2 0 0 1 2 "I . - -
llenrik a 1 0 0 o oi Total! .40 3 12 27 U o
Hall p . o 0 0 i) o 0
Totals so rt 10 27 2 1
Hatteii lor ftedient In the ninth Inning
rtoston oiooiooo
Washiinlon .. 0000020103
First base on error Waihlngt on Ilt on
hasea- Washington 11: Hnsmn, 1 Ha's nn
balls-Oft Groom, 8, oft Hedlent, 1 lllis-Ofl
IVilient, II in eishl Ipnlngs; ntt Ha l, 1 in one
Innliir KtriieU llllt 111' l.roOIII. 3l OV lll'dlent.
lig'le Two bane
Three Dane mis uanaii.
hits (iardner, Kngle. SaiTltlie lly-Speaker
Stolen bases Milan. Alnsnuth. Shanki, 2; En.
tie, Double play Oroom, MoHrlde and Oandil
mplrei-Dlneen and Hart. Time 1 hour and
to mlnutei
I.ajnte Kills game Old Canard Acaln.
Cixvelanp, April Larry Lajoln, now
the grand old innn of the American
League, has denied onro morn a report
that he Is planning to retire from the
gnme. rue iniesi rumor was imu nn
would quit the game for good at the end
of t o presrV s'eason. ''fll . uTt l.s,...,l.
w,,,n they cut my uniform fm,,, me. he
itiuew into tne grand stand, allowing Col
li! 1 1 n k Wavering; Onee More. , nnm n)ll V)lI,, to ,Jp
Cincinnati, April 2a Word has just to (.ccond. llartreii foozled Karij'a
been received by President Herrmann nf buindtr. on which Walsh moved up to
the Heds that Johnny Kllng Is consider- jthinl. Then tho Mnckmen pulled n dmibln
Ing nccoptlng Ihe Cincinnati offer, liowjsteal. Walsh seoilng standing up becue
that regnlnr bnsobnll pav dnyi have nr- Wllll'inis's peg down lo second to head
rived Arrangements nao neon reopeneu
with tho Hoston club, tn which Kllng be
longs, for n deal that will bring tlm
former star catcher heie.
IIleTen InnliiKi nt Sprliigfleld.
SntlNonELO, Mass.. April 21 -New
Hampshire State defeated Springfield V.
M. C. A. College hero to-day, 4 to 8, In
a game thnt took eleven Innings to de
cide. The score :
New H'pihlr.. 1 o o o.o 0 : o o o i -ir. r,
? M ('A Col. 1000020000 03 2 3 1
''.:'. . J Il'.l.l, ,. li
rt ii. i;
n rlrs- -Adams and Welch, leing and
Weatern I. ramie.
No games achldulcd
Honth Alliinllc Lean
Favannh. 4; Albany, 2.
Macon. 7. f'harlesion. 1
Columbus. I, Jacksonville, 2.
At Forillinm Field.
Fordham Sopha.. . 0 0 2 0 12 0 s 7 J
Xavlefa Treps. ...1 0 0 2 0 0 0-3 ft :
Datterln Smyth. Mc('au1d, Hrown, Un
firlitnd ,
j OM, c,td i.vfntJ nnlng,
Cli.'inee's Men Clout Eleven
Times to Athletics' Five,
but. Full, -Mo 1.
(Jothnni Fans Call It TVcnkhcss
nt lint; Qimkers Sny It's
Ore nt Pi tch ins:.
There was an abundance of hitting by
the New Torks yesterday, but It was labor
wasted, nnd the Athletics won tho gume.
They also skipped back to first 'placn. ns
the lied Fox heat Washington. Cleveland
won from Detroit nnd St. Tuls from Chi
cago. The Drowns passed the Detrolts.
Vesterdnj '. Ileaulfa.
rhlladelphla. . New York,
Tln.ton. i Washington. 3
Olexflajid, 5, Detroit, J
M LouIk, S. Clikigo, I.
Detailed Clnb Mnndlngs.
W i
'111! si
'ii? ill:
V C u
z -z -
"s 2 7 2
"ii s"el'
1 .'' t
1 1 7'
3 . ' 7. R
. 1, 2 s
S "7l"'4S I
i n r
S C1 eland . 4 2
i iSt. Louli... .
f 2ll
, Cumtslo.'l
To-dny'a rhednle.
New To-k In rhlladelphln
Hcion I11 Washington
m loul In rhlcaao.
ClewUnd In Detroit
Philadelphia. April J4. New York
found Chief Homier for nine singles, a
double and a trlnlo to-dav. vet nil that
I , 'l, . . .
v ,.- lou,a gamer irom tnese
' essential run nrndueers waa n lnln iniu-
, onuai run prouuiers was a single tnlh
, , ,
"lKI" everything count against Al
Kchulr. had little dltllcultv In winning
i tlw third game of the soiics by 4 to 1
! When the New V,..!,, mm,,,,.,.! .i,n inl
.... ......
"""nn '"WW ' inning of 1910-
TIiim and ncalt. CI
! but they did not ge
i ii.- una mi inn nepi
hnncp's men got on.
get past the third flag
ntntton more than once, ho cleverly did
Iiender Pitch himself out of the repeated
noics no so easily placed himself In
Had the New Yorka been able to n
i ,.t,,t i. i .i. ,irM n,,d
' ' ' , , " '" "rs'' " "" nM
nunm innniKi nt in. psyrnniogHMi inn.
a.. . rilml,M,,,s ,,,, ...,,.,,,
o.navc won the game. In each one of
0, ,,.. ,,, ,.,... ,.,n. .
o,-- ........ .1..,,
a'" time ineii op. )et could not get a
iiiiiiii-i- over, iic-ipiie tne laci that on
..onslmi Hender found himself with
. .. . . .
"" " " ' ,1",t Hn' ,nl,r1 "nil no out. and
again two nn with only one down. Then
the sacks wtie einnituod again with
two doin In thn second, but h pictty
vatcti bv (ddrim.- nf Plmsou in.ie
Min.ishl,ir iim .1 n... .nil.. ..i '
i, . '
"h ami Chanc fell down on the
New Ynrks' Iii.m gulden oppottlli.lt).
.r ( u.-d the c,in, utti, Mil,Kl,. to
' riKbl Chuxe funned
but Haruells
'lT to" "and'
i was o.iII.mI nut on etrlkes With tuo down
In thn sc-nml WlllUms and Schulr. singled
i'""1 XVol,rl' "allied, cramming the .llks.
'chlis' Hmnshcd the first ball hard ami
ttuc. but Oldrmg came dashing In and
K,.tttng the ball u few inches nboe the
turfi ;nio, ,lff pr,,,,,!, situation
iirtsolI and Cr.. singled lii tho
thir,l inning. the latler'.s poke to
rlKht ,,nrtlllK Hartz.ll up lo third
, n, , , , ,v Vorks K1.t
, , XH f
; - TLm't'ie phi;:
.st.,i,diKlnt tl.ls ,.- r..m. u-.,.i i
. . .. ... . . '. " ..e. ,..,
hurling by Hender. but the New York
. rooters present voiced it ns a most feeble
.exhibition nf hitting.
" Hol.ulx dlspla,,..! a Rood brand of
southpaw heaving, but not belnc bless, d
nt, ti. experli nee of Hondor nor getting
'"'' '.l-''P..or.ouc.,saf.d the aH
ni.iiiiii. in- ii-ii j ui i uiien cnougn to nao
il.ient charged ngalust him. nlthoncb
he rinlly outpltcheil bis opponent In the
matter of base hits by I". to 11 However,
he lurked control at times and two of hla
live pnsses developed Into runs,
Thou, wa.s little out of the or
dinary to (.licit applause from th 4.601
fans, although a shoestring catch bv
Hlrdin Crre, on which heiloubled Thomas
lm nn. ,rnn,i in ,,, .iilr.i i, ..
I . . . . ... .'ii'i
I sensational stab and successful attempt
by Mldkllf on Mclnuls's wicked Grounder
In thn sixth were pralseworth) . Thomas's
unerring aim In pegging to the sacks nnd
Colllns's play around second worn ex
ceptional, although there wns nothing of
the highly sensational to either man's
The Athletics started scoring in the
fourth round. Collins outsuessnl Sehnlr.
as u starter. Then, after linker had lifted
to MeKeehnle. Melnnts poled a single to
left sending Collins up to ihlnl. Walsh
, " Xu " """i
l-' ' VL!V
,,l11P.i.,i,. ,. ,i,,i,iA ,,i.,.. n.. i-..i..i. ,..
t inpli te a double play on Walsh lie
;nu n.iriy was qroppoo ny .neKechnlo.
Thomas hit under a high one ami It fell
Into M"i;pehnles hands
The New Turks c.inie right bnck at the
Phll.idnlphlnuH In their toutid of the fifth,
the onlv Inning In which they dented
the gum. Wolter opened with a triple
to the score board. Chnsn popped to
Harry, but Hartsell came through with
n solid single tn centre, on which Wolter
scnmpereil over the lubber. Hartzell's
nttcmpl to stenl second resulted In Ills
'mtlni"ly d.nlli, Thomas m Collins, Then
' roe wliiffid.
tri,.. V'..lal.
. . . i i ii'ij" ii"i i.iiiii'-ii in me seveniu
Schulti paved thn way for trouble bv
dcnilliendltig Hairy to llrst. Harry stolo
sei ond and when Thomas doubled to
left rcntro Harry landed at thn check
lug ittiitlon. Thru Hender nutfooted u
slow1 roller to Hnrtzrll, Hlg Irn going up
to third Murphy smashed ono nt Mc
Kcchiile, whose quick relay home resulted
in Thomas' being nailed between honm
and thlid Stcnett. who sueceei,.d will.
Inins behind Hih bat In the seventh, when
Dnnleln ran for him and Mldklff did
tho running down Oldrlng then tapped
lo Mldlilff and the round was over
Colllns's luftejd hit to MeKeehnle, his
steals of second and third and Walsh's
1 -
1 llietrolt 1 7jT 1 S
J ;roion ".'j " "
New York l n I
; : s 4 7' 8
Earl Moore,
Once 1
terror to Ihr (.Inula,
lie rraa driven from the
triple down the right field foul line
brought oor the fourth counter In the
eighth. The score:
NKW YOKK (A L.i PHII.A. (A. I. 1. .
nh r b p a e: ah r h p a e
ilWolierrf 112 3 0 o KM'r'y.rf
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
1 1 na.e 1 1 i. 'i
I ltnrt7'l, I 0
0:Oldrln,lf 4
3 0 1 iTollins.:n a
1110 llker.Sb.. 4
2 1 3
free. 1 1 1
Ch.inre.lh 4
MlclUtfi.nb 3
0 0
1 10 0 OLM'Innls.lh 4 0 19 0
0 a (i Wjtfsh.cl 4 110 0
14 2 1 Harry. i . 3 10 3 1
M K le.rti I 0 1
WIIM'nis e 2 a t
Daniels 000
3 0 OThomas.e 2 0 10 3
0 0 0 lip niter, 2 0 1 0 2
rlerrett.e 1
Selmlz.p. 2
'Ulicll I
0211 .
1 11 3 0 Totals .21 4 r. 27 14
1 0 0 o1
1 Totals 31 1 II 24 1.1 3
Han for Williams In the rrenth tnnlnf
tiutled lor bchula In the ninth innins
New Ynrk 00001000 0-I
l'hilailelphla 0 002001 . 4
First base on error Philadelphia Loft on
, nae-I'nilaiielphn. r; Nt lork, 10. First
tace on hall. -Ofl llcnder. 3! oft behulf. t.
' Struck out Hy Hender. . by Schuli. 4 Thiw
tiase hit" Wolter. 1aih Two base hlU
1'h.iiVT. Thomas Sarrillee hits Ileinl.r. Seluilit
Slolen biesK Murphy, Walsh. Harry. 2: Col
litis. 2 Double play Crre and McKechpie Fm
lire in ehief Connolly Field umpire-Mc
1 lirtevey Tunoi hour and f.s minutes.
Yesterday's Iteanlts.
Jernsy flty. 3. Toronto, 0.
Newark, 3; Iluffalo, 1
Ilaltlmere, 3, .Montreal, 1.
ltochester, 4, Proidence, J.
Klanillns of the Cltaba.
W. I.. I'.C.
:e-rark.. S 3 .714
boltlmore. . .5 ,v
llunaln ... . .1 671
Hwnestr . .4 4 .'-)
W. L.
.. 3
,.3 4
.1 1
2 a
Jersey Cltv.
Toronpi. .
To-day'a Mchedole.
Roehener In Jersey Olty
Montreal In Newark
Toronto In Providence
Iluffalo In rialtlmore.
I, nek nf Solid niii-clee llenla flnffnln
at Xcnirli,
New.irk defeated Iluffalo nnd broke
even on the series In n gingery game at
Newark vesterday. Altchlson's pitching
was too much for Clymcr'n herd, who got
I only one dean safety In the seven hits
credited to them.
A timely single In the fifth off Bert
Tooley. with men on t hi i rt nnd second,
scoring both, was the winning fnctor.
I lie score
ab r hp
Trri-.2b soil
Msim.lf "020
ab r h p a e
1 0 Tooley, s
o o Collins rf I
0 0 W Z'an.lf 3
a iiS'Klua.ib 4
0 0 Vyer.i f 3
0 O K Z'an.Sh 3
2 0 ('A2tiier.2h 3
I li'n'ter.rf 4 n 1 0
Murray.cf 1112
!' tl lb 3 0 0 t3
, 'Mephens 10 0 0
I Iloa. li.s. 10 14
t o
1 0
1 nl
2 1
linvulj.o. 3 0 111 Olllirlnao. I
0 7
1 1
O lFke.-.h 3 II si 0 3 0 A'ehson.p 2
.llll Mill. l . ii ii i . ui
- Totals 21 3 7 2St 1 1
Totals,. Jt 1 7 24 20 0
Halted for Heck in the ninth Inning.
tT.-ii(daIe out; hit bv batted ball.
Hulfalo oooiooooo-l
Newark .01002000.-3
Mi-riftee hits-Myer. Mann. Stolen bases
Gasiuor. Tooley First bine on balls-Oil
Aiii'hlson. 2; oil Jamlesnn, 2 Struck nut Hv
Ait hlmii. f. Hit by pltihed ball-Py Jauueso'n
(Allchlsoni. Ilalk -Jnmicsnn. Passe ball
iiowdy J rf- ft nn b."es-Nen ark, I. Iluffalo. 3.
I'mpirps-Finneran and mililey Time 1 hour
and 33 minutei
Rent Champion Toronloa 3 to I In
I.lKht Illttlnar Came.
Jersey city mado It an even break
with Toronto by a victory over tho Maple
Leafs In their wlndnp of the scries at West
Sl(l Park yesterday. The score was 3 to n.
The champions were limited to two hits,
while Jersey City was restricted to four.
Half of these were gnrned from Herbert
In the Inst half of the olghth, after llrandt
had yielded his position at bat to Flti-
patrlck. Tho scoro:
nb r h p
at r h p
a e
0 o.rienllne.cf I
t 0 .1 1
0 2 0 0
oio o u
( llara.lf 3
Noreu.rf 4
.lord m lb 2
Shultz lb 2
Hr.idl'y.Sl) 4
M'C'n'l 2b 3
11. Ily.ss 3
(rah itii.e 2
Hi.liidt.p 2
riup'iek 1
llirls'rl.p o
o u; i aiun.es
o o
0 I 3
0 0 4
0 ll 2
0 0 4
0 0 t.
0 0 4
0 11 0
o a PurtelUb. 4
0 0 Kelly.lf .. 4
0 OiHarrv.lb.. 2
1 OIHriuUey.rt 3
2 O'Knight.ib. 3
s 11,1., n e .... s
2 1 Mel Ule, p. 3
o Oi
0 M Totals 2J
1 01
0 2
0 3
1 7
I 0
3 4 57 12 3
Tntals 20 0 2t 12 '
Halted for Hiandt In the eighth Inning
Toronto .. 0000000 0 0 0
Jersey City lAAOOAo; 3
First base on rrrori-Tornnto. 2 Stolen basea
Henllne, Purloll, Shaw Left on bues-Jer
ey l.'tty. 4: Toronto, ft Hasps on balls-Off Mc
llnle. 3; otl I r.indt. 3; oft Herbert. 1 Struck
oul- Ily Hraiiili. a: hv Mcllale. 7 Wild pltih
Ilrandi Hits-Oil Hraniti, 2 in seven Iniuiiii:
oil Herbert, a in one imniis Umplrea-Nallon
and llojei Tlmc-l hour nnd 3.1 minutes
At Ilnltlmore.
n. u. n.
Montreal otoooooo 0 l i i
Hiltlmore 20000010 z it 4 2
Ilatterles Montreal, Bmlth and Durna;
Halllmoie, Danforth nnd Egan.
At Providence,
R. il n.
.00000000 4 4 7 I
.. 00000200 03 a
Prn Idenra
naileries uncnesier. aiarun, i;pnam. Wll
helm and Jaeklltschi Providence, Bailey and
I'rnaimis i'iire 'Ino Dnaen nana.
The ICnismiin baschnll learn smothered
Fastcin District yestetd.iv at Hawlhortut
Field In n live Inning game by a score of
1M to 0, The game was Intended to be
of seven Innings, hut after makliij: tlili
Jj on runs in the fifth, 4'oacli Hcasllp con
sented tn end the gnme then,
Thn score:
rt. ii. e
Hrarnui" 3110 1324 14 (I
Eastern MM' 0 0 2 7
liattrrles Eraimuc, lialttead and Croccoi
Eiattrn, tJImon and Roth.
Expelled Quaker Says no Will
Help Intended Probe
by Congress.
Promises to Unfold Many Hits
of Evidence Afrainst So
called Trust.
AVho Is trying to cripple organlrd haf
ball by nlleglng that tho Sherman an'
trust law Is violated In controlling tM
national gnme? This question which '
asked by thousands of baseball men nn
fans Is prompted by Itepreseniative r,s,i
lagher's resolution nklng for a r-engre
flonnl Investigation of tho so-called base
bnll trust, The answer Is Mipplied b
Horace Fogel, who wns expelled lv tli"
National League aj.t winter becnuso h
had attacked the honesty of baseball with,
out lb" slightest warrant
"I have been In Washington twice In
the lnsl few dajs," s,is Fogel In a
formal statement, "nnd have been m mn
sultatlon with Hepresentntlie (Jalhche
and .Senator Hoke tnlllu nnd 1 want to
say Hint the tight has only Just betnin
Our plans are bid. 'League presidents
club owners, team managers nnd nne
number of players will bo summoned b.
fore the Congressional Investigating com
mittee, liven tho questions to be asked
ate ready. Under the Sherman anti
trust law organized baseball ns It no?
stands Is far worso In restraint of trade
than the Standard Oil Company, ever
was. It restrains the liberty of" human
beings. There ln't a piece of ground In
the Fnltcd States nnd Canada that Is nf
parcelled nut by the Natlonnl Commission
effectually stifling competition In the na
tlonal game all ovpr tho land"
Fogel also declares that he has "a trun'
filled with documentor)- evidence" Fo,jl
threatened to open this tiunk before h.
was haled before tho National League Pi
prove his charges that umpires help.,)
thn Olnnts to win the pennant last yen
but when ho was nsked point blank for
evidence he snld that ho had nothlnr
Fogel assorted at the trial that ho hint
been n champion of organized basebn1!
for thirty years. He flrmlv belleed
the so-called trust when he nccepted th
presidency of the Philadelphia club, pu
chased with money furnished hv Charles
1'. Taft of Cincinnati. Fogel nlso wlnke I
rt syndicate bnll inasmuch as he knew
that Taft also owned many shares In tli
ChUago Cubs and the ball ark In i
Windy City. If Hepresentntlve Gallagher
Ik depending entirely on Fogel'a nllrgml
evidence It Is the general opinion tin'
tho proposed Investigation will fall fla'
Fogel la not regarded seriously by the,
baeeball fraternity.
Amatenra Pnt Up flood Bnnta fnr
Xeir York (late Titles.
Four metropolitan champions took a
step up the pugilistic ladder last night
by winning New York State titles In th"
finals held under the nusplees of tk.s
City A. C. at r.n West Fifty-fourth street
The amateurs showed n great improve,
ment In class over tho ordinary run of
bouts, and In two Instances the con
tenders In the finals were so well matched
that tho Judges dlsagieed even after an
extra round hnd been ordered, and the
decision was left to rWcree jsmes P
AI I'.olch. the cleanly built lienvywe Itl.t
of the Irish American A. C, pounded th
bulky Hons of Hartley House Inln sub
mission In I minute a seconds of the tl rt
lound of th final, llolch had a punch tn
either hand, and when he landed (he right
t'i the stomach of Henz tlio latter curled
up. and he fell on hl face, eloaplv knneked
out, a second later when Helch's 'Igbt
Clashed tn tils Jaw.
II. Kothe. St Hirthnlomew, 11." pnurd.
1. Mnrgolls, Fnlnn Settlement A. C, 125
pounds. W Harrett. Harlem V M. C A.
15s pounds, und Al Heidi, henvywe'clt,
were the champions to Increase their
honors by victories, but In the ld poiuil
clafs Frank Shanlcy. the metropolitan
champion, lost the decision In tho semi-
ttn.il to licit Well, who had to give wav
to Leo Kahn In the tlnal aftrr an extra
round had been fought In the W pound
tlnal the Judgis could not agree, hut in
the extra round Nadler of the Paullst A
(' did so much execution nt close quar
ters that lie gut the referee's award ove
F .lue!ton nf the Pierce A C The point
banner went lo the Fnlnn Settlement A. C
with two Mists and n second.
The summaries:
10s Pound Clas t.eo Kahn, Pennant
' . defeated Hert Well, eitra round, Ml
oree'a decision . ,
IIS Pound class II Kothe. S' Ilarthole
luew A. C, defeated 1'. ('line, fllen.ee A r.
bidges' .liM-isInn
123 Pound Clas-I Margolls. Union set
tlement A c.. defeated F I'ertclion- ur
.itlached. Judges' derision
133 Found Class -B .Sadler, Paullst A C
defeat-d F Jauksnn, Pierce A. C, fV7
ruund, efeiee'e ileclslon
1SS round Claes William Harrtt, H'
letn Y M c A., defeaied E A. Shaw, Trin
ity Club, stopped by referee in first rou"ia.
145 P.mnd Class J Ilaker. Union Pettle
meat A C. defeated F Warbiirten. ' nma
Settlement A. C. Judges' decision
Heavyweight A. J. Ketch. Irish Amsrlrn
A C, defeated ir Henz. Har'le) H"U".
knockout, 1 minute 3 second.
Trips Too Expensive for Up-State
Collrn-ra Harvard Back In Poldt
Becauso the representatives of the up
state colleges considered the expense ot
the long trips necessary too great the'"
was no New York State intern die si'
basknthall league organized .c t .e nief
Ing called for that purpose at the
Imperial last night, ("tv C, ''.-t:. N
York Fnherslty, Colgate. St Law"''
SyracilM' ami I'lllon were repie" ' "1
Italph .Morgan, lnemb." nf t1"'
collnj'Hte rules committee, who - 1eJ,
s.ild that as things have supi'
le probible that Harvaid wM .
lillttcd tn tho Intoicollegiite Iapj.
soon as it gets n new gymnasium, wn.ea
probably will bn a )ear . ... .-
HiiKliah Bllllnrda Played at Dnjlr'i.
Jack Dovle has Introduced English bill'
lards nt his Forty-second street ncaJerm
A regulation xl2 feet lngllsh table wan
the customary small pockets has b'n ir,'
stalled. Yesterday the first public rruuca
was played and Nell McKenzle of Hroe
lyn defeated W. 13. O. Hothe of LomlOi
by 250, to 1S3. McKenzle Is a nnvlca a'
the Kngllsli stylo of billiards, bjt Is a
strong" balkllne and .ocket billiard p.aytr.
and this combination enabled him to ouf
scDre the visitor
Mnldanr Ontplaya Coleman.
In the aerond game of the trlrjr ,!
playoff In the Jlanhattan 18:3 balklln
handicap tournament nt the Morning'1'1"
Hllllard Academy last night Mark MO'
daur f250) defeated Hal A. Ciletni'i
(250) by a tcoio of 250 in 220. Tin Cin"
ran for fifty innings.
Griffin Pefenta Williams.
Darltey Grlflln of Hrooklyn drfatel
Billy Williams In the final bout of tf
rounds labt night at the Hionkljn D(tB
A. C,

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