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THE SUN. FRir'Y. APRII 25. l'ji.
jVeffW Accept Nor Reject Last
w orl YiH'lit rial) Vnhs
to I'ut Lipton's Chiilloiiffo
,n Ilnnils of Dozen Men.
Iii-init'toil to Confer Willi
hi-Ii Committee Over
Details of Tilt.
YnlUMiirn Optlmitio Now.
Tli n t Ml Will Go Well ,in,
Frtir Pontet no Arrnnspd.
- Ni w York Yacht Club, at a, ti.ee'
d ' t c 1 10 .nislder thf ch.il
' f. 1;. Mil fi,'ir Ymht Club for
e f r the Amirkn's Cup, tthl not
, . i .t challenge m tther did
' t t.a- dope hi often In thr
'i trad It .ippoii.trd n committee
1 ii. 1 . a... fit it to arrange the
t" ci pin thp rontot
- 'ire a cflllPd by tmmnd"rp
- 1' !' it Alxnit 25(i rninher at
1 an I of tr..!p tlilrt-th. yacht
t. 1 Thp chnllpncp of the Hoal
a lead hv Sprri'tury
' r-: a. r. It fiillo. .
rpluetl'l by Sir Thom.i- ,t
r -t K V O . to forward
ih.tllenct' for the AmprloN
. t ti the fame rieulatloii"
it'll the l.it conttst and
'pd to be .atlMfaotor,
the ! three out of five
tie .n.ie courses, with
' t- an. I c-tlier rtptall.
T p lirt r.i. e to be sailed on Thur--t
" p 1' th da of September. 1 V 1 4
" . .erond race to be nailed on Sat
i.' '.e 12th d.iy of September.
T' e third rare to be "ailed on Tues
da the l.'.th la of Septemhcr. 114
Kirtl.c- races, if am. to be railed
o" ea 'l followliiK Tliursdn, Satur
c a l Tjp."ia until finish, d
" f. -r i h. iialf of tl.i i:o.,
' Ya ht flub .i!,.l !n the name of
- l'h 'itni I l.ipt.m h mtmt'pr of
t !tjb. challencp to sail a erlp of
.t his with the rtil;t Shamrook
npaln-t any ore ynri or vM
ptnirtpd In the I'nltrd Mat of
. '.erica for the America' cup
follow !nc are th iiarttcular?
cf the challensrini: vc.fl!
fiwner Sir Thuma .1 l.lpton. Hnrt.
K " V O
N'.wi' of Y'acht Shamrock IV.
Leneth on Load Water l.!n" 7S
ft i
P.lF Cutter.
The cu.'tom hou. measurement will
f k iu soon nr the vesel can b
measured for repntrAtlon
' 'hall be much obllced If you will
i"bl the receipt of th! challense.
K I rAirrRfo.v, Honorary Spcretar.
Hoyal L'lHer Yacht Club
ci-r th receipt of this- challense there
t- bfen cable communication- between
t two clubs, and It wa apcre-d by them
ti '. eftih should appoint a committee,
e-a Hi lommlttce should carry on the
t. at''rj
o th resolution i adopted bv the
c ." in." night nlv'.nK th" commodore
r w r m appoint a committee, of which
l h tip one. which commute shall
r p on tiehulf of the New York
y.ieht c u'. to tak such action !h rela-
i tl-p rha!lpnc of th" Hoyal Ulster
V ci' i",h as ;t shall deem proper, and
.s pv. .t shall accept the challencp
t.r.1e- rYo dfp.l of irlft. thn to arrange
tfc" 'r J t .r. th'reof
f. ,r-Ti'ee appointed I- Commo
" Dn as H Pratt, former Commodore
I.w s l.pdvard former Commodore
V ! M'.tui. former Commodore Cor-
ts Yrt ilprhnt. formr Vlct-Commo-..
H Walter-, c Oliver Jelln,
' - -r i ,rrndore C. Ldyard Ulalr,
p.romrnmiore fleoi ee F. Haker, Jr.
t .(trr J f Morean. former
Cor- rr 1 Ar.hur Curt!$.i James, former
!".! tore W M Puncan and Sec
i ie, rp A Cormael;
. - fpe appj.nted by the rtoyal
' ' V t ". jl is Commodore the Karl
1 Vice-Cornmodoie Col
- a . ' i .fnr. I. Hear Commodore J
;.e;i,p- H.rb.rt Jtrown. K. F Patter
- !l i Wirkn-an and II I Carrett
... n vorded l In accord
s ihnllenes sent for the last
" ra - wi.ii-h have been accepted
v 'i,p mo.p of proepilu'e lm
m ' .i' on' and appoint n corn
ii'i.nd to th" deta'.H and at
1 " ' ' a committee haa t.fen lip
I v ' power to accept, a has been
' talre.
t : : f. .bug In the club that unless
r ee.m hitch occurs th ihal-
b in accepted and u raco in-
? npt year. Thre ti hoWever.
' .ti.f the part of nnny mem
- ' ilub rind the club Is ttilf on
"' fi"r only races betw.fn '"J
' ' ' ..'.I this time the challenRer
i 1 b Ti fooler It Is pOS-lble that
' '""i reprisentlns the holder- ot j
. uv to Induce Sir Thumnn i
Size of Ills chdllenKer lo ''U
Hi h nbjict to some of the!
s wf . - governed tho last spnes
Php ip, , of Klft particular v
" in. pi allpnRprs and ho dial- '
t . atri p on conditions then the
t i ! it without tlm allow-
ii.i.'s. h fortv miles In leiiKth
pr of two nut of three racts
.i v i r the match.
w V.tfc Ycht Club always has
i ft r rr.ut. h. rind Sir Thomas
p.f elwnvs has been loud In
r. (,' tv,p ttPiitment he received
' .!.. so the Kir.eral opinion
sneti Is that a fair match
1 " i"ini:ed. and the chances ate
' ill will ncree to defend the
' h pr.tv.flvp footer, pet.
" "v pf th" rlKht to rae the 1
i." niliiliiii of the club that
! p th' (ipfelicp
T a .j, of the club and th name-
.p appointed wire cabli'd
. l.'lstfr Yaiht Club lat
' ir ineetlnir
! nn-l'ordliain (lame I'oatponed,
Urford of the Fordhain ball
d yestfiday that the game
- . . n in' to-morrow had b-pn
. ir Midd'eiown innnugenipiit
w "ioi, and tne Methodist nines
i Mhv 1 3 Iristcnd A- in
. ei preven'id the Holy Crop
;Ms 'aprah;;'!''''' r. !r p. 'n..d
l....... i.-..i i
i ani. will lie seni on the
"p d on May I.
onr .Inlu Tnrr and Flrlil Clnh.
i c of ti e isiard of governors
i i f a I Fieoi i lull held yesterday
"srd F Wlitney. T.v er Morse, rtene
n Moptagrix and Henry T Fleitirmri
Mere c s. .ed rntfmltra of the club.
Leg.siature Votesto
py top. Athlete,
A hum ., Tli S,it.,i -
I rnwlt-v lull idllnitf for mi up-Ir-i:-t;tt
kiii iii u tin- Inn I; s.i!iii n'
Of 11 II till' Illl'miMIS Of till! Pollen
I't'p.irttllt'lir that rmniM'tinl hi till'
t ! Ilipi. t llli,., (it Uln-Il-. bunion
mid Stockholm pus-cd thf Si-ntHe
ami .Wvinlily to-tiny.
'I'lii' tnca-tin. was npcessary lie-(iiti-e
aftor the New York Itourd of
Aldernitui tia.-.vtl mi ordinnnrf to
civc tlu'M.' trircfiitiitivt- of their i
fountry their buck pav Mayor
(nynnr wns fnrrod to vi-to It on nr
fotnit of the Charter not ciyinc the
povrr to the li-iatil to take ueh
Th" nipti who will lienrfit hv th"
pafciin: tif the measure are Martin
Sheridan, Matt Mr(inith..lohn Hann
pan. Pat MeDonald, J ,1 Kller.
1 Simon Ciillis and 1
Ililt'lirook Steady Tliroucli Tt
All nnd Kvpry Hun Asrninst
Hfm 1- Pup to Misplays.
Coibriimik Mas. April 24 Althouch
Harvard made n.ne bad error In the field
thi afternoon It tnanapid to bent the
Cr.lver'lty ot Ma rie tam. T to 3. This
w.isi possible ni.ilnl) b.causp the Pine
Tree Slaters could pot hit P.ex Hitch-eoi-k.
the blc football tackle, who allowed
orilv two hits In the line Innitii: The
first man up scratched a s'ncle over sec
i nil bap and the other hit came i'i the I
ift-r two tn ti had fanned I'.trur '.
wer.- tpiponslhlp for inot of th- inn1
n" I
of Main.'. comliiif ovpr tin route
In the fifth. Clark of llarvanl com- j
btup 1 a horn' run w ith Frye's "Itiitle for I
two of thp Cilmsotis tallle. and In thp
piKhth p'tilnc four conecutivp smcbs I
.luainst DiWi.ll -cored two more run. I
s In the Hnwdoln came Harvard made
ten Id' Torr.p, who ucceede.l Wlntpr
at thlid bae. cot thrpp of them. Four
f the ft mi
. rp biiivh.M
The si-orp :
errors, all w 11,1 throw 9,
thp fifth limine
maim: h h v . ut)
K r h ,. u nl. r H ..
I I nr'r 5b I I . . 1 r-"rp rt .' 1 i
r.ltill .1 I " I 1 VV in. r 1 1
.(Hon p .'its : ecinrkrii 4111
York . f 4 0 (i a 11 : Avn lb a a 1
t hasp 11. 4 11 n . 0 oiisiipptlf 4 : .
ilmiikh ( '1 e s 1 ( Hani rk pf 4 1 1 f
lUkirrf 4 t 'I 1 ( VVinipr Kb i 11 o :
Tooiwr If ' . ft i e to. belli. sun.
ln.-oll v 1 .1 11 1 sihiitic kp 4 1 t ;
' I"
- Tome tti 3 I J 0
1 ' 1
Total. 11 ; : :4
VI aln.
Ilarv anl
0 11
1 (I
10 ;
14 5
0 .1
Home run Clar -.imtt. e lm Wn-rxl" 0.
rninip Abboll Mol.ti ba-y.-Krye llsnlvipk.
Hitfhpopk eobb r'irt b.e on rrror-lIar.
viril 4 MsIijp. - !tl nn l.n-s Harvunl. I
Mai'ie. 4 D". 01 ha!' on II'tPhtiKk 1 off
Inpoll : -t-'i 1 on' llj' IbtPhcwk. Iiv
rrtroll J Ilo'iblp pjr-Clvk iiikI .rrp
)'i.l hall O.Nirne rmplrr O Iteillj-
T.me 1 ho ,r a:ul .i min'.te
. - -
t? tvat.r -rt-ruvv yatt. haptatw
Harvard nnd lrl ni'rtnn -pnrn ltpn
of A hull lil n k -tile Line I 'nneli n a;
New H vvf.v , ll 24 Cap' Kdiliam
jf 'he Yale foo.liall mm. It bpi.inip ki.i wn
toulKl:t. had bis tpiU't for the elirilna
tlnn of s.-b line coaelitric at the blc Cdtnes
next fad turnod down bv Hip Ilurrnrd
and Princeton captain
He wrote Hint mur.v Yale c a Irate
thought thdt football Is pln-ed too nui h
In the hnnib? of the coaches ar-1 not
enouph In undersraduato hands. ind !ha'
thp wanteil for next sen-on to have th-
captain run his team nlon" that I to
have all the ciacl.es off the side line ,Pn.
Ine the camp and have the captain r.in
the team alonp on th fl!d Th, wouM
make football more an undprcrsdunte
sport than tt has bperi hlthp-to. 'n thp
opinion of Ketcharn ll-irv.itd ancl I'rlnce- I
ton onrn.ed anv chance at th! time '
Penn thlelle Teams In rnarnnl,
Piiit.PEi.rm . April 14 One thousand
athlete rpre'ntlr.c pver brain h
sHirt nt the t'niversltv of IV nii 1 anl.i
tisik part to-day In the annual pasenni
and pxhlbltlon of Rymnnstlts and athletus
on Franklin Field. The pageant opened
with n parade First enme uOO KyiiinastK
and then the athletic teams In uniform
The track mn were led by Capt. Mercer
The football men strode behind them, pre-
cedltiK the baehallers, led bv Capt Imlay.
nnd th" baketbalt men under Capt .lour- Aiian'l. ci:. ino. .' w 's'fthb. vVliini
del N'el wn- the crew, bearlne flahlr.R 1 pea. 10 1 . Edward Pee'. Hunting-Jon VJllev
oars, unci then one by one came the soccer w . , Chupmin. Oilnncni, is., n I)
nnd tennis team, the laoroe. -vrestllnK.
boxlnir, swlmmlnc nnd fenclnc teams and j
ine univ. reii.v r kuiiiok ioio ov,o i""r'Md, Atlantic 'lt. 10S. Kotiln Ma Dons I
me procession ine K llllinsui- cins-es " Ii I I'liiu ieipnu. 10J. .1 K. KtlloCIC. Air 'ii
uaKed In mass drills and an outdoor."1!. I) C Tllllnehav.. iieineld. iof. Waiter
irvmnastic fxhlbltlon I1' K,''' Atlantic City 10. Meorp ftevens
..vmnastic fxmiiiiion l.viantlc Cltv, 10:. J. II s-hovp, Onnn-
. .i.ikj, 10T, F A. MeCune, Allctheny, lOV
Penn and Tlarer Cnhs to Hon, . -narles n Fletcher, nunaoodle, 101. C .1
I More, Wnllaston, lie, W. II. a Tlor
PltII.APEI.rHtA April 24 Hugh Mc- Toronto. 117. " T ommir. Atlantic City
Lean, manasrer'of the University of . '?.'. " M "."" A'l.f.n,lc.rj"'' Jl5- a''
Pennsylvania crew, has scheduled a race
between the Penn freshmen
arm in
Princeton freshmen for May 17 on Lake
Carneale ns n preliminary to the Prince-ton-Colurnbla-Nftvy
triangular varsity
race. The freshman race will bo over tho
Henley distance, one mile nnd five eighth-.
The Penn freshmen now are rowing as
follows' Povv, Chlckerlng . 7. Henley;
3. Perot, 4, Holmes; t, Hlldebrand . ,
Madeira. 7, dotham . stroke, Littleton;
coxswain, Welrlck.
Scratch Teams I'lar al Pnln,
MfAtiOvv itROOK. I.. I . April 24. Two
-i rntrh teams made up the Hlue- and 1 imifrsslon.il team- In the past year has.
Whites, llnlnc up In competition on th . attracted Hill Dahlen's eye toward him,
small polo field here till afternoon The .
played without handicap nnd put up a Slevrna Prep Falls Last.
fhl'whitTa'by Tis I K" "n" ,IlRh K'h00l"
"' ii 'UdlVsiUn. T if IunciTV 'm defeated the Stevens Prep School
WM.c.n We,h, 4 Howard Fhlpp.. J White. , nine by n score nf 7 to S at Hoboken yes
Thomas l.e Hou'llller. 1 .1 fi Davis, . terdav afternoon. Itopcr pitched great
llm-ell C.rare. : W i Von Stsde, I I ,in)1 jor Ktt(lt orangs. It was the first
Crlekrtrra KncBBr Crlllr Park,
There will b a radical depnrture In
ine idayliig of th International cricket I
matrhe.- btween Australia and America j
this summer. It lias been hard to attract
a crowd to Statcn Island for International
matches and the manngera of the coming
loiitestH decided to engage grounds mat
will give New Yorkers an opportunity
to turn out In force, A committee visited
the homo of the Irish American A. C
hi Celtic Park nnd after n careful Inspec
tion ootii'liiilcd that the games could be
i or viiKuri ni ii
.Mrl.end Heads Wisconsin Crerr,
Mapison. Wis. April 24. U .1 Mcl.eml,
Junior In tho lolleitu of agilciilluic. has
been elected captain of the University of
Wisconsin varsity new for the coming
season, The vote nas unanimous. Mi dead
towed In tho last two Wisconsin Clews
that raced In tho Hudson Hlvcr regatta
at Puughkcepsle.
nm fun mn nn i i imi
"Wl lUUALin,
l-rivp- Tliricp Out of Hound.- on
Ono Hole ami MIssps Puny
Put on llomp (Sroen.
opening ot the second period, hiiiI It was
marly at the nd when Owing tlJ for
,.,. ..... ,,,c, .... ... ,. ,. is"J"h"u"' 1,1 "rt ,v,ra Period
( 111 Ml' AM) HlSI.hl IN 1 ILlMllt'lii'll scored tor the Navy and Owlngs
Koit, Kxpprtcd to Mnkp h Hid
for Modnl. Hns Trouble
((in'' Out.
Ath.vtiv' Citt, N. J. April 24. After
throtvlnc awny his hst dunce of qualify
ing in tho first stueen bv carltsly miss
Ine , short put. H. J Topping of Green
nl.h, the North and South champion,
vv.ilHiotp from tl'.p oiipn ntf loll rnam.nl
.r, ti e 1'nks of thf Country Club of Allan
tie CIU to-dav
fianrn K I'rionrt th
George A. trump, the
Philadelphia uolfer. and Maurice niley
cf the Imme club, tied for the medal lth
rrons ot T. wh.le Hamilton K. Kerr, the
New Yorker, who reptent Kkmanok,
landed in thlid place w.th ?1
Ti4plnir nnd Kerr were partr.'rs and
the Kalleiv lather looked to see Kerr
1 make a s Irons bid for the medal Neither
i th- Hkwanok polfcr nor TopptnK tot
'Rulii on the outward Journe, thp first
I named taking- 44 and the Greenwich star
h stroke mote. Comlne b'ick both fated
much better, especlallv Kerr, who made
fw rnl'takcs. nnd lurnpd off a 37.
TopplriK made a m'ss of the fourteenth
'hole where he shoved three drives out
!of bound, each ball sailing over the fnce
at almost the same srot lift hart to ne
content with an (or th hole. Kven thn
he would have qualified had he net mide
an IndllTeietit slap at his ball on the home
irr... n He was practically dead on tils
fourth shot and the failure of the ball to
co down on th" nit wave him a 9i In-
t.-ad of i!. The tied for last place
i. thn nrst division, and after lcjlnn on
,n jran- Topplnff withdrew.
lMaxIn' tocitbpr. Crump and Rlsley
;,tn , looked danirerous, and the lat
named did well to rejrh th turn in as
after laklr.e 7 for the third hole. Crump
took 41 to go out. but played practically
par coif coratnii luick
Their cards :
In. .
I ( H I 1 I S 41
I 4 6 4 i 4 3 5 f'l
Otit iKdlll 4 M
In 4 4 t I ; 4 i 4-'
Krpd Sl.ire. one of the beM of the
KiikIpwooiI set. lecentlv rpturned from a
winter In Cuba, qualifv tint; handil.v with
M1, He plaved with J M Thompson of
' -.nr, nir Havpn. who will be his opponent
1 111 the first match round totnoirow The
si draw In the tlrt division follows, natie
Ms. Wood. Node e Johnton. Smothers
'.v Armtronc. Kerr v. Sherman, Snare
r. ; v Thompon. l'uxtoii vs Seiiseinan.
t'rumn v McKarlatid. ftaldwln vs Ills
rump v
In the event of Crump and U.ley win
nine In the mornlnr thy will have to
clash In the second round, while Kerr
on the upper Ii!p In order to a;et to the
final staEe mu-t reckon with A S .lohn
ston. the titanic driver from St Paul, nnd
F-ed Sherman clop to top pln.er tepd
up The core.
rmT stxTnr.s
r,.orirr v iTump PhlUite pk'.a "
.Vlaurli. Rl.iej II in". CP r. .... s Jann-
1' ; i,,,...'hp,.,'V,un-.,Kr1.v 'vV
VV ' Uii.twlr "t' Hi Kisnk
. htr. Vt
fcll'.. I. 'is .r .ol
Sl'I H'hi m
Frederic k
, .,,
vrmiitrprs. liuflu. "
n-..' r-Y. ! c K
ii Kii.o.. .v -
M. rr Jul. t.i
i" i Tho'na s.n..rrv
i'... s 4' It Itarip. iio-fl.'.
skcond -ixti:k
V I. Mol.fr. I'hienUvlllp. " .v V Wn:-
i.i. v.isnt.c 4'ity ?u Ititi-h WT.louchii..
I'hlia.tp.ohis. 5" II r. .VKh'jII Aliantle
i o ... r. ii rairuumi. i inidiirjpni.
.V K w noe At. anile Itv
Wh'ie Atlantic 'ltv. VI R A
i Itv "3. .1 .1 Vdunn Fr.nkf.iru
4 lMU- S'Jdler. A'.sntlc Clt. i4 1 1 C
el. Atljnt; '-lt. 94 rtsnrtp V l.p.p
un i.'.o l,c .1. 4 I. KnI.f'l. A'Unii. Cit.
M W W IleinpM'i. A'.int'c- cut 4 II
i' Kl-vsrl AtUntl. P'. J4 T I' i:n.ji-
l It AtUllIc i''n "4
' S.iioie. n n. lljfTalo. 4, VV I. A.,.n
' lli.!rt..i l ti n t m." -r,....,.n tt .
-h.p'ine. t"ppr Mnnti:.ilr
.1 M
)er. W nltsmnrsh Vllt) t.
r.n l.lr.tlr. f-l... 1 I fl
, ' li.'P.III C1.II.1UIU, if
I. S Davis, Frankford. 6 Thorns. M Al
-n !Ie'nM. sf, iur Mr.-w.ene. Atlantic
4"-ty St. .-amj.; WImh At,int,c iMv ;
I. Unil.h II..I.. l... I....
f ' ..i'ih , r.ii,c liailll
. . . .1 iionirion
:i.VlVri.!WM,Wiin,y'V V.on
FOfrtTII .l.Ti:i:
trsa: r s
V c Join., Jr. Wilmington, M Ch.rl.
F F.jip Itlier'iin. fv. D . vvrilie. "m'i.
' ,: . Carlton ll'i Ati.n-tc ..'. ...
I! K Illarkturn KerksMre, ! Wsdp 1, -
I'll A'an'lc I'lti. 100. 14. (! Ilcinnli,,.
o 'pciijr.n vanpy mo
illey 100 It. E Car. 1.1.
uuilaiu. ign
1. W I'lesc, PMlnd.lphis.
100. j H i". .pp. r,e .'h,i.e. ton. IV. J
' A InI,i
fifth sixthf.:;.
H S:cickpl, Srar'dale, 10. John Shark-
Xra, 171 '
I'helan, Formerly of Xarter lllarli. In
Itrport to Dahlen To-morrorr.
F.ddlo Phelan. former crack twrl"r of
Navler High School, was ordered to repoi;
to Mnnager Dahlen of tho Dodgers to
morrow for a tryout. He will work out
tbl afternoon nt the llrooklyn grounds
Phelan has grown In evety waj since
his schoolboy days. ' He la nlm3.it i'i.
stands 6 feet 1 Inch and weigh i 196
pounds. Phelan's work with local soml
defe.1t of the year for Stevens Prep,
The score .
Rait Orange .. ItltJHI o: t
Hlevena Prep o 1 o o i o o n i 5 I :
natterlea Bast Orance. Hoper and
1'rankls, Stevens Prep, Mellfn. Mlrnpaon and
Wyncop, Van Cleve
Amerlran linlfrr Wins Cap.
IiNPON, April 24. William P Cresson,
Second Secretary of tho I'nlted States
Umhassy, won the dlploiimtle gold chal
lenge cup in Urn stroke competition played
annually at Ilauelagh.
Reelect Cross SttlmmlnK Captain.
Pmnctton, N J., April 24 -The Prince
ton swimming team icelected Kben .1 P.
Cross nf Hnltlmore rnptaln of the team
for next year, hero to-Wght. Cics- hss
held the Intercollegiate championship In
the nn and 22n yard events for the last
two vears. The election was held at a
banquet glvm by mcmlnrs of the swim
ming and water polo teams to Frank J
Sullivan, the Tiger coach.
Upton Challenge1
Smr and siTarlhliinrr l.acrnairr
nlllr to In Tlr,
As vapoI.is. April 24 Th larto
twelvp- of Stviu tlimotr and the Naval
Academy were uniibl" In break h ti
this mternoon though three oxtta period
" ".V" ",ln!"r" ,,i,ch " i'ivi. " sc,irU
ut the end being & to t. Sw.irthinore
'JZ'XL I':,. ,.JmflTli "'r
ns in uiy In h siting toward tlif iiosu.
Mitchell scored fur tlif Navv nl the
I fur .swnrthmore, hut the two other extras
v lidded nothing hut some, peppery Is
Thp iitipup:
. 4tihmoir
Nv tl Acdnv.
Mil) imi irpt
Pelnt... .
ui n-i-
Its . en
. .. Wlln
. . Uevi ri
II. w pi-
j .M"on
. p.nr
MroT ninf
i.mr p"iti'.
I'lr. dff'nte
Sstond ctfenc
Thlr.l defence
. . Centre ...
Third stuck
?iond stuck Willi ii'ipt i
f 'rt sttstk rrln.J
. iut hem . l).i
In hatti Mrcti.n
I'.l. har.1.
score r; tnnore. I. Nsvil A,mlir.
r Sih-llu'len 'rlr for MrKlss'pk:
Wthrll for Jcnes, McHesvey for ill.-
hrlst tlurke.v for rurk, JiocVm.l to
Crlchton to Krlend.
viieh.ii ui. riin Wilms, n.v . Tim. r
prrlcxSs Two of :i minutes, three of L mln
u'rs. Ilfre niscoe, John Itopkln
iloa.1 umpires Waters, Bwarthmors, srid
Mlashlpmjn Mint.
I'pploskl Strikes Out EIpvpii,
but Also Assists In His
Own Downfnll.
Perm state's ball team defeated the
Setori Hall Coilepo nine yesterday after
noon at Selonla Field. South OrunKe. bv
the eiore of A to S The visitors had two
Innlnt.s In which Seton Hall errors and
their own ulckwork flcured prominently
The .Tereeymen could do very little with
Wanlwell's delivery
Peplokl fanneil eleven of the Penr.syl
vnnlnns. but it was hla own error, fol
lowed by n wild throw In the third Innlnc
that cave Penn Slate their first tso tuna
The score :
abrhpse abrhpae
Mlller.ef I 0 9 1 0 Oi;dmore rf 5(1100
CrVfdrf 4 v 1 ft Mnrrl SOI
ll cl'.on.c. I 1 J e 1 SKish.c . f. 0 11 1
Cra'j . 4 0 (I 0 : r I'rploskl pi 11 I ?
JliMiier..b 3 too. l.M'n'h'n.Ib 4 1 0 t. 0
Keller "h 400... sofon'isti 4 0 0 3 11
M'K en. If I ' o Nutrnt.rf 4 1 1 ; 0
i,inin 1 1 1 it g 0 Kiwood lb 4 1
War 1 p I 1 0 0 e 0 D11nn.lt
- - Kalilon.lf
Totals U 6 t r. 1J (
I Total ".s
I'enn .-late
Ivton llsll
9O3(iJ0 0
0 1 n ; j 0 0 0 o-t
Pirt bae on balls-Oft Veulokt 4
off Ward.
piI. Mruek out Br I'ei.lo.ki. II
Hy Ward.
-ell ; Tn rase Mts-llenrter.on, I'm lord
-4cnfire htl Henderson Crawford. O'ContipIl
Mnnan.in K..h. Mon bap -Kih Wild pitch
- Wardell l'aed ba'.l.-Fi.li. ! Cminir
Mernt .'erser Cttj Time 2 hour and I
l.lhsnn .May Arrange Bciat for Hint
Willi F.llbrr Itlluhle nr Marnkr.
Freddie Welh. the Knellsh llithtweUht
champion, 1- still vainly trvinc to spcuie
matPhes for the entertainment if the
New York -portlnc public Wlh s man
1 acer Harrv l'ollok. said ve tenia, thm
' '"" ha' fc"lml 11 'ii'POlble to draft Lea.h
Cro. .lac Hr.ttoil or .toe It vers n to
'tlip 'iiik with 'he clever Hr'on ai.l ton'!
ip had de. uled to nas them un Folios, i
I had a talk with Manauer i.lbson of 'lis
ilarden A C yesterday and de. lsred
' that Welsh stood re.ulv to hot Willie
ii""-. "i "-iu- innnvrmm cnniiioii
To:.imy Murphy, who recently defen'e.l
Wf.liast. or I'sekpv MpFnr'stot In lh..
Madison Square arena
Welsh was not unreasonable In b's
demands. It I said, and flbon I is t no
ime In shootinit w.res to Illtclne and
Murphv The Kns;lih champion Is anvlou
to boi either of these men before tack
line .Mi Farla id. and Olbsou Intend to
do hi bet to sew up a bout If Itltchle
ak too much Murphy, who Is a draw Ine
card jut now, rnav come aero, ii
whh h event the bout may be started 't,
the Harden on May 1
I.uther MrCa-ty. h.tvlnr refused a total
iruararitee of Ill.riOn to box
Wells and flur.boat Smith, ha beKUn
' trainlnc here for the ten round bout w.th
( l rai.k .Motan at the St Nicholas A C
next Wednesday nlKht. for which he w,ll
lecelve U.000 fter that affair McC.irly
say hp will vl.lt Calvary to box Arthur
Pelkv under the auspices of Tommy
or nas nu liiea wnen lie will
1 nrranKe a mati h with the w Inner of tl-.i
' C.unboat Smith-.le- Willard flcht In San
r rancico on May 17
.lad. Hritton a-nl Pal Moore have been
bailed fmm boxuiK bout In I'hiladelphia
I for liarticlpattnc In a "fake" lat week
Ilrlltons recent bout here with Mattj
' Italdwm mleht have been piobeil b the
j State Athletic Commission with similar
I rpsults Hv the wav. It Is said that
! Frank Moran and Snllor White, who
, boxed six rounds In Philadelphia a week
I ago lat Wednesday, weie handled bv
the same manager
The 8t Nicholas A C
the Shugrue-l.ore contest
lot money on
I Williams F.llElhle for Dnvls Vug.
. Pun vpt:i.rillA. Aptll 74 Word has
i been received here that the rominlttee
of the English l.awn Tennis Association
decided unanimously that there I no
ground for quclloninK the eligibility of
It Noiris Williams to panlclpMo In the
challenge matches for the ll.u Is cup a
u member of the Putted StHlc- team
A letter presenting the Amerlian case
for William turned the scales In hi
fnvor The objection to Williams had
been that, though he came nf Ameili.m
patents, he was Uirn In Switzerland
I'lr. Usee Three .par-old slid up
ward sflllnr ti nnd a half fur n.
Hpoha 101 tlirrondei 3 in 1. won llorie
Use 9t l Wolfe i 3 to ' "eenclcj, Cow 110
illittuflli IJ in S. third Time- I an -.
Primp chap Proste.ve, I'hrrry Peed.
Spellbound sod Theo Cook sl.o ran
Sai ond Il.re--Tivo.ypar. olds, aetllng four
and a half furlongs- Free Trade. Idt iriklr
vlnt. T to s, ivon Wanlta. 10: (llutuelli,
V to 1 second. CarhiireKr. 10: innh'dii.i.
(i to I third. Time 0'5 Chia. ('anntll.
l.ennl D and Fdui l.e.ku also ran
Third luce Three -j esr-nld handicap
Hie furlong P.ilancjuln. Ml iWlleoni. :
tij 10 won, l'rd l,vy 102 i Si ba rf 7S to
1 second I'Mng Falri. Ida . p.il.i j i,
ci I th.rd T'me 1 o(i Klth'irnp Hrne
la' .iml Montre.nr also ran
Fourth rtiiri' Three-pr-old and up.
wiird I'hniir rielllnc Htski. six furlong
Tsrts. 1 Ir'nld.n .1 lei 2 wcin Hnerwn.id.
tl! i liaise.. to l .pi nnd 1'huiklen s
iNathani 20 in 1 third Time I UJ.-S
Prime Anniid. Volthnrpe Vellow nes and
.Striker lo ran
Flf'h rtace Two.ear-old four and s
half furlongs Knver flry. I0l (Trovloti. 7
to 10 won Puiirh flow I, IM (Turner! 4
to I second, Florin, 104 I Amhrn-ei, II to f,.
third Tlnu 5' tlala Sillt. Max
im's 1'Iiolc. and Ariiisiuriii nl.o ron
Sixth Itsee Three. srolds and upaard
maidens, sal Una me furlong. Mileage,
lit (Maderlnl. to i, won 111 nllnnli. 10:
(Wolfe) 2 to 1. .aiond, Iterompente. 110
IMusgrsvei. 4 to 1, third Tim liOlJ.S.
Mnhsnk Kev, Macaroni, La Sulnrclla and
piste C. also rsa.
The City of Philadelphia
owns nine
Thi fact should Bo of
prospective automobile owner
Cole was elected by the Department of Public Works after the most thorough com
petitive tests, in which all cars were un ited to compete.
Six of the cars are in the fire department, where absolute reliability of mechanism is
the first consideration. Cole cars are in the tire department service 'because Cole cars
get there without accident.
Last July we sold the City of Philadelphia two car, and now seven more have been
Mr. J ames Reed, the Assistant Director of Public Works, has written us an interesting
letter, under date of Jan. 27th. about the Department's highlv satisfactorv experience
with Cole cars. Here's the most important part of it:
Mileage .....-........9075
Time .6 months
Repairs Zero
Mr. Reed says: "Excluding chauffeurs' wages, the total cost of operation for six
months was 4.7 cents per mile for Car C. which travelled over 9,000 miles, and 4.8 cents per
mile for Car D. which travelled practically 7.700 miles. These cars operate from 60 to
70 miles daily, in all kinds of weather, and are now operating as smoothly as when-first
The Cole makes these records because it has
no "weakest part." no concealed defect that gives
away under strain.
It is the standardized car, built as a unit,
with every part from radiator to rear axle tested,
tried and approved by the best automobile build
ers and the automobile-owning public
The new models both the "Six" and the
"Four" have:
40" feuT'CVttndrr tlMneA uhft-loit
Two Praetiee Games Solntlllntc
With Hrilliant Strokps and
Fast Ridingr.
llnl IMiipps Collitlps With Conl
Post ami Falls: KPMpp.
With Slwikinp l'p.
l.AKEwoor,. N .1. April 24 Thp dash
tut praciU-p of this afternoon was it f,t
tins: close to a month of polo that the
international siju.id has spent here. With
a short respite ahp.ul of them before
work Is iisumed the players cut loose
to-day. nnd there was not a dull minute
nim leoni: to cotiir- lloth renv btoueht
lilsrh clii. teiilii" toirellur The first
was so eveniv contPlided that an extra
period was tiicessar (treat work b
the Waterbuiy brothers broucht their
i team out two coai- In the Ip.iri
The White four at once strucK its can,
aid after Milburn had
llred the tlrst
Kim with a s'oal for tie lied uuartet
ci... wimp swptit ilotv-n the tleld and
! ,.,,,1,,, .i,,.!, march with a rattllni: sonl
bv .1. W Waterbuiv In tho second
iliukker Hal I'hlpp once more sent the j
Hid four Into thp lead with a goal from a
hard ancle Then M.lburn i-caped from
the pack at the next thiow In and got .
nwav fur a clean iuii down the field
and a gonl
t pip bpglnpiiig of the following
thilkker StcHldnrd laked 111 the ball and
did not (."l.e up possession until he sound.
making the tally In thlilv sicond -Net
to bo outdone In loint of tlnu, Monte
Waterbuiv followed tins with a Koal in
tveiil spi'oihIs, vvluili . eni d lie- 'i on
In the m t fe!i-n Whltupv -cored soon
after the opening Phlpps tried ion. lu
sloni with a goal post on till plav and
tliev null vv Hi honors iveii, foi both
Phlpp. and the goal pot landed on the
turf The t.laer was not badly Injuicd,
but lie was suttlclentlv shaken up to keep
bin' out of the second muli
The -ecoml setto wa as snnppv a the
(list and It had a Iivelv ending, six of the
ten coals being scored lu the Inst period
The lied team had a 2-2 advantage when
the ipialtei opened, but .1 M Watetbuiv
nulci.'.y evened mailer Un the next
i, s. n .Motile again got nwav foi a core
.ip Aua-siz landed one foi th" opposing
irew In flftKli spcond"
Stoddard, on a ep.idv mount made a
runaway lace Immeillatplv nftprward and
si ond with one of the finest back banders
of ti e aftPinoon. When Monte VMiternurv
;atn pvinid matters on the next pla
the galleiv was up on It" top- and tt
loi'.'.l like a tie gam.'. The thrill camp
In Hie tiiini idiiv howpvp,. when Stoddard,
ildlr.g Kite a whirl" 1ml. look the ball on
h p.iss fiom Aga-!. and lueerlng down
Hip tirf shot the gonl Jut as tli gong
wa- urging
The i-unimarv :
Fl' lled-C rtumn-V I' Milburn
Fnvliiill Keem. II C l'hlpps
Will' I. K fioddard. I v Walerbur)
jr . II I' Whitney I. vvsieriiinv
(l.in'K-- I 1 Waterburv J. Mllhurn t
Ph.pp. SinddHrd, VVliliney. I. Waterbury
rtpionrl Itfd- I S l'hlpps .1 M Waler-
Mir Ir Foxlull hepiie. n .Miiouin
Miue -!. V. Moddsrd c C lliimxy
1. Aiali I. Vterbur
C.niln riioddard. 4 I l Waterbury
l'hlpps. IMmsej. Agais
llefeiee Malrolm, Stev.mon
-allltnn l'sn'1 Act ns llrfrree.
James i: Sullivan, secretary of the A
A. I' nnd who was expected home to
lefeiee the relav races at Philadelphia
HI I'llliaiieipiuii
to-inoirow. bn sent wor
been detained on Important business of
the union In the West. He was at Hen
ver when he notified his of Hie that he
would not be back until May 1. On the
way lie will nop nt Chicago and talk over
the championship situation.
Wrestler In Help Manage Crere.
PHtl.ApKl.niu. April 24 Fred Sharps,
a member nf last years wrestling squad
and a sol lib football pliijer, has been
selected as assistant manager of the
Unlvemlty nf Pennsylvania crew for next
Coe "
Cole cars
keen interest to ever
for the reason that the
The Standardixed Car
Broadway at 58th Street
Telephone 6000 Columbus
Bishop, McCormlck Bishop, The Wallace Motor Car Co.
20 Halsey Street Clinton and Avon Art.
nilhnnly, Itetnrned t'rana Milan, He-
porta Ilaeera Will Be -hipped Mar t. I
Three Isntla -Fraschlnt 75 horse-power
raclnt; cars are to be shipped May 1 from
Havre to compete In the 600 mile race,
at lndlnnapolls on May SO. Thle Is the i
word brouKit back by Ray Ollhooly, who '
has Just returned from the I sou a factory at ,
Milan, where he was sent to see what
progress had been made In turnlntr out
the raclnc cars.
William Zlesler. .Ir, who not lonp aro
came Into a considerable fortune, la the
nominator of one of the) cars. One
..f ,..Vi.e n,nh.l.lv m'tll l...nn..
the property of a man well known In the
motor rarlnc field Hla name and that I
of the owner of the third blc Italian ma
chine will be made known in a few
dav s
The drivers of the three car will make
1 a strotiR trio for the reentrv of the
( Isotta In a IiIb way Into tho racinc world
.n this rotintr Harr.v F fli.mt. twice
winner of the Vanlerbilt cup, ha been'
sinned to drive one of the three machine
j Arrangement have nbout been completed
with Teddy Tetilnfr. the creator of a
world's speed averaae on the Santa Mon
ica course, to take th wheel of another
, of the fast Italian cars Uilboolv who
ha- not had experience on the Indian
i apoll speedway but who I- thoroushlv
1 familiar with lsnttns and their rpeed pos
sibilities, will be the d''ver of the third
1 machine Arrangement for relief drivers
ate belnn made
"eilrysn Wins Klvr of Ms Matrhe
I'lnred Pnnhlea Till Tlirllla.
Columbia's lawn tennis tenm suffered a
' defeat bv 1 to t at the hand of the We-
I lev an four jpsterdny itflernoon 01 South
Field The lllue and White plnvers
-eetned to show ln-k of practice and had
tniuhle In keeping within the bin kl.n.-.
II Adler who iip.u W T James, was th-
oniv local winner
The doubles battle betwten ll.rhards
and Itacon of W'eslevni and " Neale nnd
Capt Coffin of Columbia wa a thriller.
The vlsitlnit two cat tied the tlrst s, t with
ease, bur the Columbia men then tinned
about and won the second set e. to 4 Ii, ,
the last set the Mlddletown lads si ore I1
tlui-o guinea Then, wlib a bi'e uph.li
light, the Columbia pla.veis o.mo up to
five all. (TNeale then lot his service and
Itlch.ii'ds nftei sprvlng double managed
lo win with hi service after deuce
ga me
Tin- sumuuiles:
Sinslis-J X Uihvt.L. ,.f.n
'at"l .1 S' ()'.v..,p ,i- . i ; r.
O K. Hacon. Weilejan. defealed I,. A
..II. 1 t. . 4 J I J'... VV.'.lr'K '
lfsted P Wav. J -7 3 11 Ad'er i'.
.u . ll .e' p VV I ' 6 I 1
Doubles- Itacon and llii-hard. Wea.eyan.
.lefcM.d .'ort'n ii.i n'Nesip s -? 4 a.
7 S lanic. anil K-e VVe....in. d--fp.
e.i Vcie ,.n i 'v. : 4 i, i 4
nark lllKHed Inidil violin V1nUes
I'asl Trip Home,
The bS'h tigged nuxlllaiv jaclil Alotin.
llle fill ll-ei tl.mslllll n iilc .N -w V'Ti. 1
Yiii'h. i .ub .ml owned b., Co'tlliiodon'
Aithin Curtis ,).i tiles, iiirive.l In pur' ve
teidHv fiomiilbrHliai Commodore .1 mies
nnd 111- gliosis left the vacht at Matselllee
aflei nu evtiiiiled irnlse In the Medller.
Illlll'llll and lit I Ped llele last Frldn) on
Hip Mmiiii mill. i.
Since liHving bete lust NovMnber the
Alolia lias iiuised moie than 1 S no'4 mil" 1
and mostly umbo sail She visited Algiers
(Urgent! .Malta Alexiindrln. Port Said.
Sue?.. Poll Sudan .lafT.i. llPlrut. Candla.
Athens, Naiile. Monte ChiIo. 4 anne
.Mntsttltes and lilbr.iltHi
She nimh' the viih.'p hcio the Allan.
tl.- in sixteen das ,.nd her dnllv rim
weie 21ft, Hoi. 2"S jr.o '.'4m.
.oi. ..in, ..in.
2S'i. 242. I'i 2o, 17(1 24ft.
miles , total, 2.34?
.'16 and 1 Jj
Ilrllevltt Ciini'lilnaT Vllnnesnta,
MiNNK.vroi.if. April 21 Hlmer Mc
I , , .V ,,, . i .,.i.
I en r I I r ii in u. 11 11 nap n ir
i that be haul'' "" nr "i"'' "" " osoisuok
III M I. llilll.llll- ill o.ni iiiiik io- i. in-
versltv of .Minnesota football lamlldates
In t lit tr spring pt.irtlee McOevItt Is de
are candldatea for positions at guard,
centre and tackle.
Sisndatd from Hem to atera
We Invlle eiprrt etamlnallnu,
I.lhetal alloaanre nn your old car
larnaat.Mcarath MoUr C.,
Brosdwsj, N. T. 1117
Co(e 't'-
sir. rilWer -tl-iarlV wJIsf Inie
North way motor t for ateady powwi- pnxftitfon
Gammer aterlng (cart for easy handllnt
Mayo radiators for perfect cooling
Delco electric cranking and lighting i for Mv-4n
Timken aletr for etrength and aafety
A demonstration will c -nince you of its
power and roomy comfort.
There are two new models the "Four"
(completely equipped, $1,685) and the "Six"
(completely equipped, $2,485).
Sti Hull! In New York Cltv
Six Cylinder 45 H.P.,
Completely Equipped
l.Ubier. loncrr lover and rrore powerful
ihan any Ilzni lv Biillt with all type nf
tiiHlle. all having deep 1irWth unhnlste rv .
elilp-lc sprtnc electric llrlitk. elf tsrier
anil ratio toe purr.p. deinnuntAtJle tm.
lop. 'iliidhleld and speedotretcr
I ndnutitrdl) ir.e heH sntomiiblle vahie nf
the spa.on lnfucllen In drtv ln( and care ef
ear chirr fu IH clven
1890 Broadway, near 62d St.
Telephone )W Cnlumlm
l)ROrTCl'.V PAOK.CO.. Inc.
A 'Good' Used Auto Is Superior
To He Average 1 reap Sew Uarfntn
tiiio nnidle
Can You Buy NEW Packards,
I'lerpp. 'rr.svs. Fists. Cadillacs At
At 50 Discount? No!-Why?
I'll- anwpr l ob' lnu reijulrlrc no eiplanailnn,
But You Can Buy Good Used
sod rebuilt STtMUIII) Make Cat and
hVIIII 1114,1 I 411 'I.I. (.IT IIIUHr::
viieh Vre ilie l.l.id I hal W p .-e
Demonstrstlop iilvrn l.isnilnatlnn Invited
I've-vthlr.c t llepresentrrl
1'iirtl ermine we opeiatr the onlj "rvlrs''
1 acior' 1.-. .xew ur amo'e t'.edi ar lieaier
n a.- Tka al .u...
I Mul n IIjB fllU I HO i.TfDSI,
Anywhere For "Honest Autos "
A Big Buy in Tires ft Tubes
Saving You 50 Or 2 For 1
1 Indslile.tl Mflceto. Top. I smp, etc
line k lioitom
For Spfilal Hod vnnnunrrmeni See eparsl
"Jandorl" Automobile Co.
'A 42&44W.62dSt, n;r.
TounBiiXH. coituenciAL veri-
ui.rra also repair com.
Model AA n cyl l.lnioultlne.
AABil Touring
V s cvl Touring
r erl nmiilni
1 ft cyl limousine.
x ii cj ' inuring
ft ev 1 Limousine
x. :. npxi.iiim;
ri:i tin..
1D , '-"r," V,
11. mi
mil J Passenger Touring Car ii.tm
Pope Motor far Co.. 1194 Broadway.
tillCONI) HANI) linker Klectrle Muntboiil. In
good condition, .'ai, also iirnrrai i.iectrio Keen.
. ner. with spare air (. DAKRK VTHICLR
I COMPANY. 17M in old wty.
.... ... ...
liAllcVll.n. IUI. an sirei, poriauie; lociesimcil-
hie, Inexpensive; easily erected; atrong as per
iiinio-ii. roui iuiri iiiuri uuiinini., Mnaioiui,
KAXEMAN, 3H9 Fulton st Drooklyn,
TJn M. S4tb .11.
llookltt eiplalna WrIV
our course Is BEST,
lnapeet our plant
and bs tonvlDcsxt.
Sent for card thawing standard prices for
high order siltomnblle painting. va hsva on
price only MOOBK CO., 47 W'CIt 60tt .
Phone Ml) Columbus.

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