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Pi-nfpionnl Honlinc In Nninll
I'roprrtios t hf lYrtluro of
cMiM'tiiiy's TriKliiiff.
in Wt Side Owners Tiir
fiifip Aflditionnl Land
spins in Otlipr Hnrniiirhs.
prre was a Utile more life to th
rrii ft' n't market yesterday than on
n ' ' 1 "ls week, but Mill the
v . f sales wiii not to bo com
j a 1 ' 'int to lip expected nt this
e , n nr,i fie properties Involved iver
irv IntTe.'t Theto was hardly H, ,,,) 4 Cedar atr,...t to tin- Horn.. In
nimt feature In tho day's trnd-; urame tn:iii , which will ii'p tin- floor
ns "p .i v nr mo ri;vii iinvim;
nl' tho nrtivltv iinvlnu i
ifi a1' c iT'ifofflonnls who picked up
, , ro . r oniarcod nnothor thero.
-, . o f 'h" now drain wnn tho nalo
cf a. Ii'ato I . "I n tho pycltnmn "pction,
n , i o ' ,rr. w.W iniprovo. It li on
p- :w iv nt Ardon Mrt-ot.
. f -p rt porn lutird yojtordny
t- t .' tie al of throp dwollnc on
i o lvrh f'.do of Povonty-lIrM, .troet,
.. nop--. Hrindwav nnd WVm Knd nvo
r, o .i n hulldinc porporntlnn. Moth
nr --r-a .f tho property and the
jt'- t if "ho hulldine rtrm donld the
Mli: 1 .M.O'll tTT.t.V,
BRM'WAY The Mil!" Realty Com
pa" ' a piiri'liased from the Stither
W i '' Company the pint of
i . r i;' t lots nt the southeast
fin i f Itrondwny nnd Arden street,
w'" fr.'ntaup" of 7 foot on Hroad
wnv atnl itr foot on Ardon ptreot.
T'ip rroperty is Irreaulnr in the rettr.
Ardon street Is two blocks south of
Pyiivnian street. The buyers: Intend
to place come kind of building on the
plot, hut have not yet determined
a rt nracter. William A. Darling &
-'en were the brokers.
WKST !'TH PTRKKT. OeorKe Backer
a- i Arr.stel.i lvy, operntlnc as
t'ip Kvclslor Holding Comprny, hae
pirehnsed from Iiurn Ilellner
tr ich OeorKP Rnnper 311 West
Kici.'y-nintli street, a three story and
Imi-rment dwelllnt;. on lot 0x100. .
T'ls property will lo added to the
pint nt 313 to 31T West Klchty-nlnth
f.reet, which thp purchat-ers acquired
somo time nco. Their property now
monsure-" 0xlOO.. It is between
West Knd nvenuo and RiverMdo
Drive, on a block which is partly
occupied by the Clark-Totter and
Solomon Pchannsl dwclllncs. fnless
a buyer appenrs for tho property the.
Kxcelslor Holdlnt: Company will erpct
en It n twelve story apartment house
plans for which hnve been prepared
by Wnllnce tioodwlllte.
tl & Sons have sold for Maria I.
Jamc 164 West Ninety-fifth street,
a thre.9 Mrry nnd ba-'ement dwelllntr
on lot 17xl00.. The purchnser 5s
Wt."lam Colirato. who owns the three
nd'oinlnc houses at V to 162 and
r.nw controls n plot 6100 R
Tl-'NTH AYKNCB David Vopel ha
m.A for Liouls W. Mayer 36S Tenth
Rvor.ue. northeast corner of Thlrty-
flrsr Ftreet. a three story tenement
stores on lot 2I.80.
iy RCKR STREKT. l-ewis Freedmnn
rop-rtod to have sold 7i Mercpr
fiwei j, s'x story loft hulldlne n lot
Mi 'v!, between Urooni" and
"trii; PTfPtS.
P'ko- have sold 391 and 337 Cen
t's irk We'. northeast etirner of
n --n.nt'i street, two six story
; '"nont houes on plot 7Mlxl00.
! Ilicl T Pkclly, who pav; in ex
nar.cn a plot ".O.vlOO at the north
east corner of Hradhurst avenu and
!t?'h s'roet, nlo a plot P6x96 at the
."ifi corner of Wnshlncton ave-
an i Kith street.
W.ST l"Tll STREET. Charles Mel
..as Id W West 175th ureet, k
tirto st.iry and basement dwelllnB on
it i: lixlOO, ttween Broadway Hiid
Waowoli nvenue.
Hriwn. with Mooyer fc Mnrston. have
soul for Mrs A. M. Irwin the plot
f 5 furift 7 at tho nouthwest corner or
T-"d avenue nnd 179th street.
r.iia lias sopi to .l.icob Slras
fa n 1 rn 1 ' the northwest corner
11 s smiji street ami Many menue
I" ,' will 111 prove, tho laid w.tn a
a-.e mar'lent hiiild'iic Ihe plot cot an
feei n, Marev aveiiiifl and B4 feet on
.'it No.tli street . .
estate of Henry Hride Seholea has
' T ' Di Andrew Iiwrenoi the dwelling
'i 'l.e nr.rtiieiaRl comer of Iledford and
street Dr lAwrcnce win occupy
no is, mh a residenre and oftloe Dr.
Iiwre- e fri sold his house at. hedford
uei .e and l'.ons street.
"ood, Harmon A Co, have told In their
Hrds Park propertv a lot each on Last
Vor'T-nlnth street to A. 0. Wlldhafen.
f.' hard C T-vUrf. R. Copenhauer and
1 Tl.arrlncton. on F:nat Fifty-fifth
a et 'o 1 t and Mrs 1. V Wildhatien,
'1 !..!' Fifty-fourth street to Frederick
U Min and Michael J Kkelly. on CJaren
on road tn Clare Connelly and b. l. w er
on ''tirt, avenue to Hobert Ji brumfleld.
J; ' Flndloy and CharJea II Davis, in
ketiiingiiin Park lots 'on EaM Bocpnd
atrt to .1 II. Tngerin. leon lupine.
''ii jn paaant. f.rneai A Maiilneau nnd
Mi-e lajiPel Connor, in I'lathush Oardens
"' on hlmbnll avenue to Mary I'lcua,
i' r r N Cote on Uendrlckson street
0 Mlaa bertha Ashlee nnd In Mldwood
Vnt.nr West rwo lot on Fat Fourth street
.1 o-ora-M arney
Lerny Coi entry has aold for Carrlna 1
9 orajaiuin u iuui ncuin a annuo,
' " a era i no property was. nein ai tnfiw.
irp-To7r tjwvbme.'its piaAxrrEji.
'orce F Pelham haa filed plans, for
t.e . o!.atructlon of two all Vorr tvuieinent
no.tes on the north aide of lttth street
fert vet of Amsterdam avtinn for the
1 air Pet! liealty Company They will each
1 a a rot'tago of VJ feet nnd n depth of
i 7 fiet, with facades of brick limestone
' . etra fottn and accommodations lor
't tli inmlliys. 'I ho nirtreKate cost
1- eie estimated at I(mj,ijOc). Mr I'plham
a e e.i f.l;n,a for ft sir storv motlern tene
,e ae on tho eastsldo of Ht, Nicholas
nl. 1. 1 1 1 f(wt north of K.oth street for
'e srHihtonH CoiiMtructloii Company,
1 ' r hulk nrpalflent. It will havn 11
1 'aye n( 03 feet and a depth of n feet
' ' v ui aetoinmoiiato lorty lamiuea nnii
I. i Iimiiki and for n sir storv modern
'" 1 en l iioiim on the west side of Colonial
' av feet north of iMth sireel.
( - inrrart of Iho fonner nnd to cost
"a aniitheast corner of Vermllvea
up i,m . .1 Hawtlioirin street two file
' 'iin tenntiient htitises are to be
51" ted each .VHS7, one airomniodat
"i- I'o'Mi flvo and the other twenty-ono
Ucuues Ihe lnwood Cotisliuetlou Corn
nr la the on-ner of itcortl. The aggre-
gate ro( Vias been estimated At fxn.ono, I
soti.tiicrfold A Sli-i tiler are the an hlti'ri
( it nwi:i,i,i.Mii nr..vn:ii.
lines A Co have lcaci t lie following
duellings :iMiot 1 went y-seiontli street.
Tor s vn Sdtiti to II ( tillen, U West
Twelfth street, fr 1 I. MirlrU to I". Mour
tnllli' 2i l.at I lilriv-tltst street, for s
H Alliums to M Siii.tue, nml l.'.t l,al
1 wonty-seventh "ttci't. lor tin. cstntu of
I 1' I linnins toe P, Ionian
lrtiiti.tn A l.mhcrt h.no lened the three
tnrv itwellitu; nt 177 i:t Nltntrnfth
teet to MkMiriinl linns
Initio SI run line leased to Catherine
Ho rlonbncli tlm three story dwelling at
57 l.itt I'iulity-seootnl street
.ti: in rrirn. r. htoiir,
Siliiilii lm added nnotlirr store to
In rli.itti nt t1ft luiiim: lwt Liken ii Ion-tot
t tip stnto nlul lmctiitil nt tlin snntli-i-at
oritur ol I ultoti .iiiil i lunch nn-nH
from Samuel K Jamlis, win. lat month
loused tin- entire pinpertx Hum I AM.
ixiliNtii lnr lot a term of twotiti -one yoats,
nt mi aiik'ri'uatx tentul of fiSn.ooo I li
Srhitltn lease of tin- stiite ntiil ImM'ttloIlt
Is for n inillnr term, nt all nK-trouiiti' roiitit
of f.Mal.taal StlltlHe Mill Ilieilpv the
roriiiM tor of i lip totiiodolloil liuildltiir
and will sublet tin' lx otl,.r "tor'". Into
which tlw remodelled building "til ho
subdivided I In- basement i to ho occupied
hv a re'tatiratit.
I .lolm OnMiug Ins leased for Ion tears
11... It... I it. ft... I Ai.l(n..hl.l II. ill. 111..
0 ' e
ui'iirnf n iti'ini ' o nn'' ioiiiu iii'
hiulilitic nt I;- Ktont treet for h term of
e.ir to .Niiiiinol ,s. Heard A to the si
tor WHrelitme nt 37 and S'.i Ve'r -troot
to (ieori'e N Towet for the I'll irlt "
Vo t oinpmv tln store nnd li.i-ement
in lvrl stree' to Oi.iruian 15ms..
Hid tor tli p.iuip enmpanv tie tore and
liaemet,t in t'ednr "treet to Kucetie V.
.Mi t nrth
Krederlek Ko A Co hive leased nine
Hoi r otitainine nhout .'iS.fKi qiisr" feet
of "t are In ut unit el I hlrty-silth
treet to Stanley A j'aMer"Oti llatnlltoii
tiordon. i hnrles Milliter. F II Mlimel
A t o , s llerser A llro . 1. Srhwart, II II
ColdTlimidt. the Si ork Monotvpe I'otn
tuint, t'l" Arrow htilttr i; Mill", liohtr.an
A t o and ( Imrlea s i ari A t n
Hnrvev Hlootner hns ion.(i U.Stai aouiire
feel in the .Nails Hiiildlnc northwet oriier
ol llitti street mid heiei.th ineniie. to t ho
ii .1 (itiile t otupatiy nlo to .t iiisnop
the store and linsoment In et lSStli
strc't alo to Henry elman the store
and basement In Inl et l.'Sth street, and
the store nnd Iw-enienl iti I3," Wist UMh
street to ,1 Ilium
I. I atietiliHtitn. Straiia A Co hive Iened
the third lo(t In i to M West Thlrtv-elnhth
street for tlie years to Wnr-ehauer A ltofe
tnotid Hip I)nros Comnanv has led the
bulldiiii: at m and . Tenth nvenue to tho
Mil7tierk'er A Sons Conipnn .
Meltiuiit A Sons h.ne lisd the nine
story Inilldinc nt ljit Koiirteenth stret
to tlie .vtlnKer Iteiilty (.ompaii)' mr iwenty-
one ears. Hie property will tie improeu
the alterations invnlWni: alioii' I !..
William H, Moore has leav the hulldinc
nt lli Wen 1'orty-slith streot to he?ioi
lire , wlio will renioitei it into a sn siorv
biume.ss striiciurM 'I hey will oi rupy thp
two lower lloors tar their buine
The ( roi-s A Blown Company has leaped
to l!iibb r-Aer ( otupatiy spare in 1Mb
llroaitusv nml wltn me 1- 11 woou-w tl
poison i onipanv spnie on tne top lioor
of in: and un west Knd nvenue to John 1
Met rai ken
t ros A Hrown CoratunT has loaap.l
space in the Knickerbocker Annex Hiii.nd
ii.' West I oriv -sn'oml treot. to 0 Henry
....... .. l .Jlln... tl MonVan.AA Vl. h.,1.
,,ls(ii, ..iiiin.i... ..in. ,'ninii , i.ui',
McDonnell A M hlder and the So. iei of
Hie lutiim of tne American Acaiiemy oi
Draniu'ic An
Pease A IJIiman hav rented a loft at 41
l"ifth avenue to tieorse K. lieorife
.lohn V. Scott ha rented for Mrs I
Grand I. Ilenedlet her courtrv place on
Hoilvwood l rossma. Cedarhur! . I, I . to
Charles Palmer
1'ear.e A l.himan have leaod for K li
Condi rt hi- ounce at tivter Hnv. I. I
to a client for the Miimner -i a-oi
Tho lewis H. May omtinti ha leaei
at Woodmere, U. I. lor Mnses Ilrliinmii
a i'Ottae on I'ond Uika to laac Wolt at
Ksr llockawnv. 1. I. ..for the 1 erhor I enlt.
lomimny a cottng on Franklin aieioie to
Charles M Ditnon for lliomas t onerty i
cottnee on Seneia street to l.ouls Mark
helm for lleletie W aber a cottacn on
the corner ol Nellson unrl Mitte streos i
tittot I'rohnkneeht for 1 rank Mil " . t'i
Tri) more on 1 ranklln avenue to ler-ni.e H
Itosentiorit. ami lor wuiinm ivttn, n
the cottne at St Cleveland nvenue Mi
Stella l'rlco.
7B1 JACK0?f ATE. .NOT SOI.lt.
Frank D. Wagner denies the report that
111" lias enitl III" "U'lJ !"' n. .'
son nieniie
hlln OfIerlm Veerrly l llsta
H Joaeph P Iav
Til ST. 114 17 s a I ii w l.M-.F p
sfxn.'. 4 atv rtwle Trx aa'.e. u t...wn
sehnff. a nartv In Intereat (' I3n ou"
Klao. Priint at. lt. n e r"r l-'etrliit at
;5 7x101 . 5 ety toft hldg. tra' ale.
h IVaterman Hldir Co for I...77H. .
front at. 16C. n w cor P!ether at. 1 n
7'. IX IrreE. I at loft M t!, tr le.
to Willi im It lleitforil Pr 11 Liu
WI7FT FT 1 1 -1 r. 0. ll tor liar, .av at
43 1XC sx7..HX'a I. IWO I. anil i-ne , ri)
hotel bldga Tre' sale, estate nt Wluum
It Henwlck. to A 17 M-h.if! anil ll- en F
IJIlun partlea 111 ln'ereat . . in. "00
WKFTItPUV. I. I. Phoenix Lodge, umprl
ir.e about acres ni innii. wiiii
tlon, Kara", tarry Ac. located at
road, oi
roail to eamury enti .a.r..,,,,
aaie ,.i n aim .. .
a.mfti:hia.m AV. IM e a
ai. ..'.xlOO. 4 aty has i.nd
b) 7 a a 7 tlx
alorea -I7xra
rat I.culau lloll.
l.'K 7i0
tar .
:iito.':. 3 sty
n a. 1,7 10
dwlr Vol
,le. lid
. 174 '.'Hi
12TH HT M7 W. n w
37. J aty tnt, vol sale
c Hudaon at. 34 fx
bid In 171 uo
f c Water at 40X
eat Marrt A 11a-
40 ucatll ira rate
K C Mulllean. lor i.
Par . .r.
17 0 it i.i
l'".ii ft.
Vol aa,e.
100x100, 3 et)
r. a l' O I
and barn
lOTHT""' K. n a. 14 . Mh .v. 4S tlx
lii Irreg. i -ty blil.Vol i.K H4
CEN-TRAi; PAilK W. ''-4,,',,l2vol ,.aV-h
at. 100x100, 7 ety Melro.s spts ?
11TU pf.'iti'.oV." i ill " tVaahlniitori
at! 4410S. itr tnmt and 1 aty 'table
Vol aala; old la at... .....".," :,'" .
ID ST, W. . a. v,',;
llxios, o sty xnrox --jjjj,
i tWlrr.' 'iT 'W.' o 'i' Vat 'Oh 'ati' Vth .
"milr V "7 Uft Tw-voi
Bs'V'ieHOlB'AV.' VlV." '."bit lth and
"itnh .tV 1T1100. 'My dl-Vol , .al.l
I.IA In a.t ......... 14,ll(,0
"J'it? tnmt with -'..J'lV.iH.ooo
i.8k IrreV two aty lott and -tr bldie-
tlr.&c tt l prtltlon to J E 3i i Jj
liv St. x'oV k. . 4th v. miu.
4 My lott nd r mag, a aty lc"Tr,'
-. , i. rarmlv at aL rartltlon.
to Itoiitllaa Itohlnaon. Charlei
Co for a. cl ant for kV .
TITH BT. 4l K. n a. 41. in av. JU108.3,
T a 'tnmt Matrorolltan HTlna Hank
art Mayor Dauteeh at all flua. ll,n3..1
mi, ra. rttotiraad to May 1.
".?" I- 'aTa i-o;i an. 1X0
c A. v . a a. oav -i
iSi. 1L4IMI; t"a. An. v-nt
. . . a . Kmirn hi .
. fnr 9,000
ID AVlllt. a W cor lath at. 15.8100. 3 .ty
tnnit "4 atr Frmtr and Manufactur.r.
l?.?.;ri Bank of rou.hkeer.l. aft O A
nZ... ! dua. 117.1 &0.1T. due. Ac,
til Vo, ub to a sr mt ot l,0ti to
th. plaintiff for 117.100
1.1B rak.-s lif... n.
WASRIXtyrON AV, n w cor I7lth . U
171th at. n . " Waahlntton
l.ltl 17th it. n . KM w Waah ln
on av,
.... ,7ih ... n a. 131.1 w vt aaniniinn
nw, l.lxl Hottla 8am nirt Oeo IV Hklnn.r
. . . if m aatiafae rf tat 1 ! 4 Ft I '
et at tinrecioa
ntty., Clock. Koch A HMdA
ll.TlI HT. 9 W Iinati Manlier n(t Mayer
Tllber et al (foreclo. of mtr), atty, 7
ISITIi'hT, n . Hl.g w 6th av, ll.lil00.il
Wentwnrth Mttr Co agt Anna. iJicroli
(forecloa ot mtr); attya. BrroulU Hornier
A Hproull,
1HTII BT. n a, 110 w tth v. "
Hector, church warden., Ac, of th . huroh
of ths Incnrnutloii nf the City of ,N 1 art
Frederluk P I'orater et nl (forecloa of
mtK): attya, Unrrlaon, l'.lllott A Hrd.
rillK AV, Itiil -Sophie Prayer nrt William
liuggoli Construction Co (foreclo. of unci,
altis. H 1 .loripni
TINTON AV. v. s. 70 0 a Ild at. 1" Ixn-
Mary 11 llaucli est Henry d Vim et nl
(foreelo. nf HitBi, lltllN Teild A Ft John
ITH AV, 3li Amelle Lamberl Hft 'r.iHI
O A Perceiul et ul (parllllon) , atl, It P
'With nsrie slut sdiltfa of ewnr srift
sttornfy Mhrn attorney a nam Is ornlttoil
1itr" pntty of aaonil part)
(South of rciurtenth atrsst.)
ATTOIt.VKV FT. 3:., a. JdrlOO Wm nd
narnet Nowlik to chna Hhaplro. Ill H
Kth at. tntic l. eiio, all Mnr. Apr 1 too
Ml Mile.
tKaat of Fifth sA liatv.ean rotirtsanth nt
1 lllh ata i
::tii nr. as;, n. n a, :i.icj nmii itaich
n Ma ItoMnan nml sno, 1341 Hn lloulenrii.
rule 1 a. o a nil ilnra. Apr :5. Mty. laltiore
I. schlcalncor l'.O Naaanu at. tl
fM It FT. lot II, a a. -,tloO. Kilw Kor-
ti.lllk tn Maul lliitchnar. 14 W 131st
at. 1 .1 nf ialt. lute tCCOO. Apr .3.
stty A Wntaoti. 4 Wall at .. t;oa
MKT ST. a o a, .;. r lat nv. lSKtlKO -nan
Htrnop to Marv I. Kvtiop Mb l"k
nooil at. AitorU, II nt J, nil till-, li niul
s. all Main. Apr JS. attv. J T Kramer,
ti Hroa.l at ... It
10.11) HT, 33t-3,1 I!, n a. SOt 10ii.lt ltailhell
Hriick to fntmisl Urkatrln. :7n .Ma.rli.ii
si. 'a part. mtK ;7.ti00. nil liana Kot
II. Mt. Saml Alirainaon. 11" Naaa.ni
at ... tl
:ii AV. nw enr luf.tli at si ) HeMlM
Krlasor to Martin M stone. " B :3d
a'. Ilrookbn. niti! JJJ.090. Apr si, am.
M M Htonr S7 I: SJrt at. llni.ikDn II
1(ITH FT, lit, e Mh av I'llO" H .larnh
sain to l:mnia I. wife Wm It frawfonl.
4H4 Colmnlils at. W New mifhton. finian
lalsnri. mtar M;..0". all liana. Apr li tt.
I: ! l.ln.Uinanti. i . tlway .. I.' li
PAtlK AV 1.-.05 a. :i.;lof Watrlcll W
KiiIii t nl to Anns K Kran 103 khb
at. Krenklin. it . Apr 11. ntt N I
fhaplro, oi llway. Ilrocklyn . 1
Meat Mda.
(Waat ef fifth . totwaan Fcmrtaanth and
liotli ata i
Til RT, . S0 Sth HV. :xl & I'ath
riemlnc to Taea J Hannan nJ Tharesa.
hla wife. Chappanun. X V. mtr 110.000.
Apr ::. ntiy. T ll Co. 15 Hromlnav. JloO
tMI FT, J W. n a .liion 11 (forfUa
Apr in- w in r i nner rai m m
Itatikln. 119 IV ::th at, mtc 1.0.000. Apr
;t. Bttva. lMttrsnn It. J CeiUr
at . . ... .11.600
lOnTH FT, a a. 15A w I'anttst Prk Waat,
40t00.1l Harriet conn to umma jacon-.
ltlth at anil ."I Xl'-holaa av, ami Fophle
Tohati. JOS Ft Ntcliolaa v. all title. mtK
tl. ooo. Apr :3. utt. .tscob I Wiener, :si
Ilroartnnv ... .... MoO
101ST FT. n a. 400 w I'ulun.hlia av 3s , x
l'llxsl liioo n --nniriat i-onii to i.mmi
.la. ob, 171th at nil. I St Nicholas v, nnd
Fophl" Cohen. 0.s Ft Nicholas v. hue
S.000. all title, Apr 7S ottr. Jnooh 1
Wiener, :1 llrcadwav MOO
tptonn, .
iManhattan teUn.t, north nf 118th at l
llaTH FT. :t7 ::9 W. n a. 40x100 tl- Albert
W Hsnaom. rr. to Man si Miner, .miuii
en a. Arrocha- Siaten leUml. mtc 15.-
00i, April 73. atty. K C FcontlJ, 1'. Wall
at M 000
tl'TH FT. ?H.:sj v. n a. 40x100 11 Fall!"
to aam. mtK li) ooo, Apr .3. aamo
kttr .... Il.t'"!)
Fl.KAPANT AV. a w cor 117th at, 35 ! -
Harriet Cohn to linuna jacoea, 1,4111 at
Mini Ft Nlrho'.aa a, ant ann. ;-3 prt. mm
I4O.000. nil tl'.le. Apr atty. Jaioh 1
Wiener, :1 llr. u.lnay.. MOO
PAIIK AV, 17(" I71. a. t.0 0 -Klale I)
rennovk to Muttie i" iirak, 420 limn
at. mtc II1.00". all liens, Apr 4. 11J.
nttva. Ftanrhflel.l K I.ey, H Pine at .. II
15.IJ FT. 34 W. a , HxtiS 11 Arthur Hlua
to Mary K wue. ni wile. 36 1..11 at,
Apr ii. ntt. J P lltue. ?i William at II
r.TH AV, n a cor ISHth at. 11x120 The
.' tl Sth AV Co to Wlia.m C Heed. 440
HlirrsMe ilrlie, mtc U47.O0O, Jan .!..
nt'va. Fhaw A 'o. 1 W ITSth at.. .. 1100
13. H FT. 11 R, s a, ;;x 11 Hldlrich
MefP! to "it!i A niajue. i wiuouanDy
e' Hklyn, nur all llena. April
;i attv. K A Johnon, 154 N"u a- ji
IS TH FT. 19 W. 11 a. 16.ltS 11 Jaa
Clark to Hinnah c waiKer anu ano u
w n;.'h "i. i . April :z. attv i; a
I hnaon. 1M Nasiu at . .... M
FA M K I,II01T.!'.TY--J Walter c.arKe to
anie. u r ran 1. 111. aaine i: . o
1J. Tit ST. It'. W. n a. li.Ci.ll- J An-
ihony Mlnoit n vm i .lones, 111
lith m n.ooo, April 14. tt. It
M New o. an. 37 Liberty at. . .. ..1100
ll'TH FT. n a. 11 w 7th a-. 15x9" 11 Ja
M lior.onil. rei, 10 i,erniani in
1' ' io I nion F. April :3. atiya, Hulon
Hoe, 4: Park row I1OO00
Anihnnv irscn 10 si .icnmi' 1
hvitrlin cjrurch, NlclsoUa av ano
tilit at, a.l Mens. April 17. atty. L T I
. ICO llway . M
nixirvoMHF. AV. w a tT5 a lli'.n ai. lux
.17. I;Lll;ecom AA " ' 40 " i'"iii -i-41.X10.S
7 - Shrrmati Co to Central Diel
op'nent Co SI0 llroail at. Ne a ark, N J.
mts ft.tO). April 73. atty. N T Ilia
Co. lit Ha .Mja
r-DUO-OMriK AV. w- a. IS lth
ion Same to jama, mm 14" 000, April
:J. aanie atty "00
illorouch of Th Ilroni 1
l'lKTO AV JSlfi. e a r&xir- Jaa M
leconn'ell to r.lia M UTonnSll. ilt Cra-
.... a. v. 1. art tifKe. i'vi', rtvi -s
. .:. Hllilretn A l'aln.er. 3d a and .
KMiUV A, H'-t. :"xl""- Thornton
H-..a Co lo llnMd P. CCiahan I.M alio.
411 K Ht'l at. tntae, lU0" Apl ... all).
T C c. 17S Ilwav , , 'jpo
147TII FT. Ii r. i' ' w Ilri'ok . 4 . 3vSi5 llx
4i'xl"ii-'ail II Fehun. ref to William
Hankln. 119 W 77th at. imi l2S-.00u. Vpri
:t ntna, Patter..n A ll. 4S Ca.icr ai .
IliTiiN ltl. e w .ot tl: l. HI", 1 l
.1 nxl.s 3-Wm H ll'oih to ' and lt.-.ilu
, . limi 17 I'fth si. iiiK.- 147 oo. Apl -1
atM .toe T Hanl.m. looj 1-7 lh
31i XV s. s n l.orltlar.l :. m.).;
l.and llenlty Co to Win II Houtji. 4
Via., ha. Apl 71. atty. Chaa P lUllmk.
.' K HOtta at , '
WY ATT FT. U71-73-llller P.aslt o t"
-on Viu av tl.lltr. 110 00.1.
Apl Z3.
I.lt I ll.l H 1" JtailOlO. i. 'V1.
PtT.ltV 'V 100.'. e a ,H 1 10 llellx O'Cnil
. ..... ! iVC.aa.ir. 50lll lVrr, .IV
l.OT :. Kk . map arc A. P.JenwsM,
ton inhn .Muner i i iii " .........
F- Itumonds nv. Apl 34. am. .
riv 10 Naaall at . .
ii'i-iictcii AV. a w- cor 1.3d at.
I. Mur-
:ij tlx
AU.Ut Nt.ldn to .-Mm i.'a.i
11.3 W 16'lh et. Apl .1. nj'a-e
1 remunt
ait Par.iKnn mi
Co. 07 II
li on
HAl A'. w a. 700 n Miliraw Ml I'd:
J.ia 1 Herein lo Carolina. Hi 'nn foi.'
atih at and North Hlver. Apl 73. in'se
;0. ott. TO Co. 17 Hw ,1 . . HU"
l.dlM 13-140. tnnp aeo .1. l"e r.-ioie -
i..a ll.,reman in lore, 'i.u'ii
Hwav. Apl 77. mtae. 111.371. all.,
1. T
lna A. T Co. l'l llwai
''Til FT. s a -0 w Cp.lar av.
17 3x "
17 - h at. n a, io&a w ,e,mr .
17dw 1. MuritKoineri. Jr. tu Then T Lane.
Kluahlne N V. API .is. mtKe, I..000 II
1 Y-:i: AV. a e cor KStll at. 114 11x751 -
xtax J K!ln and an.i to K .V 15 , onat.t
Co 3!. Na.aatl at. API IS. intKe. H0 00.1
ame Li ae C, 33 Naar.nl at 11
VtlllTi: I'l.UNF HI' a a mil land limn
nnd at V'.na' he-tar l,.tndln7 rrt tlei. I
U,.itll," t" Ml" liaies i i. i.o.i r, . ' I
1 ,,tty r ,1 ft T Co !7h Una,
FHAKI'-FPi: ltH A, "I
Mur F i unlll to Tim
inlra. N Y Hept
I. Cronln V7I
191. tn'K
Jin 100
100. Ft Petera av,
11 -37
60 e (ilebs in iOx
a al ll e a lilebs hi
fOxlOO Marv Hears to farey I, illjllilliai'
e, al. 113 W Tain at. mix lis vv. iu ..
tty, F L H Ward. 100 Hway ... 'I
t or 111, map Van Neat 1's.rk-sAut'lata
Hh.ll ' to Arnold nrtnrman. sol V Ut!,
;f l, pt. q c, Apr IT. tty. J W ntiok.
Tt Acto p it a . . . .
PAMB PHOPERTT MlnnU Wurman jc,
aarnx pari, a o. Apr 17i tty. asm... II
PAmTi ?nOPlilVtT-r7dw llrlniman jo
aainax -. tart, q c. Asr 111 utty, aamy..31
tHTH ft, n i a. ITS . Kapler ov. IiilOO-
flu.tav "it noua-axat to John Jhnton.
H4 Noatrand av, nrooklyn. Peo 1J.
mt M.JrO. Httl.. Davl.oii A I'
MAHIOn'Xvw '3n0 n 300,1, St. 70f ,.S -"chVlMUn
H Werner to Mathl-a H-ffen.
U2 Courtlandt av, Apr 74. in K ' ' ;
atty. John V Freea. lo: 3d av
, a V) is ON AV, a w cor Crescent av, 1J0.5I
MOec T Hook, to Joa P McOovern.
r;riT., wrooklvn. APr tt, mtf I4S.000.
atty. L J Lannbeln. 301 D7,..
...naa t.r n ot.r ltunta Polht
101 t
'-H.nTy "Mor,.n.h... re . to Tjurnoit
x'aler": IV '
iitTif HT n , 100 17 Hrooklyn
""JtL Tth Av Amn.em.nt Co to Horman
i- Ruin l. 4Hii
IS.f 00 L atty. T O T to. 1 .
.',,' PiioVr:nTT Htrman Hanauer to
PV, dor Wel.'.mnn 1 Bros av, rm 110
000. Apr 74. at'y. T O A T tu. i.o
nw, v ... .....
.a .Siieaaa of lend.r and
lender's attorney
iBmitb. of Fourteenth atrt )
ill Pt Ann's av. pr mtr, HUM, I
t V c. Apr 74. atty.. Amend A A.( 11
rr'AVMll"' s'e' V,"s7x74 Ma'ryA'Vltt t-
"..XUwiii't.,,, Ssv Hank. f. Cooper Ru
17, Apr 74, due Nov ', 195'. ' V
H ft W Iluiehlna. H Wm '
at lye.
.tr, ooo
Ueat Hide.
(Weat ot Fifth av. between Fourteenth and
110th at. )
iotii ST. n a. Ml e 7lh av, 47 7x10 1
llulldera Protective Co. In.. Inc. lo Mont,
foe lHsilty Co. IJ5 llway, Apr Tl, pr in r.
I70.P00, demand 6 p c. atty, .N 1 J Itle
lna Co, 135 llwuy.j.
7TJI AV, ll e cor 74th St. 1 1t, ..'', til
Av Property Corpn m FVth F Terry. Mom
,.,; . i a ,,r . 3 vra. 15 ii c. ally. S .S
Teirv.'iil Hway , ' . T-
"'.TH M. il-i ii --ix i-iniir ixuiiii.iFi.
ct .11 in 'line ' A I- C, 175 Hay. Ipr
ilnr .is per linnit , l.ono
(,T S 1' C . It 9xl"0 ' llaillaon ai s e
cur kotli II" '! - N Y Trnat Co, trua,
in Kurens t'lidirnlll nml eno, Caldwell
N j, pr mil, HO, 000, 1 yr, tpc Apr 71,
attv. lie roaeat tlroa 10 llruH at 111. 000 1
iTll HT. 70s; v, SSxIOO n -John J Donohue
t" rrlacilia t'exter, 1.-i Hat a' Hk v
Apr 1. pr mta. I' ..Ooo. ; ra, a p r M'
J Van V O'eott, .. J.tt.ert y a' I' u
inorouth of The Htoni
CIIKSrON AV. :3l, e a :axa - Jamea t
o'Connell to Cora II lllidreth. .' K I3ih
et. prior mtr IS.OO". April .'3. 1 vr t p
't), HUdrelti A- P 3d v and 14ih
st M.OO'i
FINtM.AY A V. 13.-l ' a :n10n. iij :
c.il1nliane and ano o Tlinrnion Itroi C .,
ll.'O i'U ai. prior niK I1000 April
Inc. Ac, at pir liond. atl). Ti'le li A T
176 Ilwa II (i
HVItl.i: AV. f.'"."! a. SixlOO lolialina 1
Wiinke m Matilda l'l .i.iin.itin .jn I,
ISM st, April ;l. due, A- aa per honil
a. t : y. II P Orrrli, Jr. H.i. .mono
1ST AV. s e 1, at a a li.Hoe t l;t Irrm
I'eter N gulnmn to P.uk J Mj.ioi. s01
H lllh a:. VprH :3. due Ac n ft
i..i 1 at! Tl'.'e '! A T 1 1 17 llroa I
ii ... I a noo
Rosm.N flli. a 1 or Ilai n, 114 U0
I I J 1 1 1 .". . -Land Iteaity i'd tu Win H
Hi. ..Hi. Jil74 a. a Apr1 .' 1.11 1)
I. I'M, s i r atty. Chaa p lla loik. SH9
II I voili f 1 . . . . 110 .01
WKtlFTBIl AV, a cor 173d a .1 111
Nan Kejlll Corpn to IMrsj; n M'B '
'07 K Treniont av. dii Jan 1 I 14 a
P r April 21 . . . I 000
'.Til FT, e a fin n ::m!i a . I..i0n Hen
rietta Tthklie imrr t" John P I ,ip 27
17 iK'll a . Ap-ll .3, .Hie a pi 1
sltl 1 ll A- T Co. 174 llwrji 1.1 000
III NTS POINT AV. n e cor lit. tier, p I 4X
470 1 llurnett-Well Const Co , . t y Mtn
Co. If. Will al. April .'4. letnl.nl p
a:.l F A S-iow, 11 W.l . a. I.-00O
HC.NTF POINT AV. e s. SI t n Hi . . r- pi.
.14x131 r Fame ' aanie, April .1 d.
m.ind. ii p 1 . ai'n attv IC 0 "J
II 1 N r.s POINT Al. n e en iL.h.rl p
!0; xl3l 11 ?l:ne Ki II111-' M msc i ll a,
C i llwoi Apri; 73 prk.r mic I'oo
000. I i' p c a'li V 1 We. haian 3"
I! 41.1 a l.'O.OilO
WASHINflTON A n r..i Pie- her e'
Si; tx- N ira 1 on ' 1 ;o Kranea II
Hanford. 1 : V iSmh si. Apr:. . 4 fa
(. n c a:i llu'ia . ... cnamtiers
at It; """I
WASH I NdTON AV. a. 7 n Kiel h'- a'
7U 7x79 11- Nora Cona' Co 11 1 la K
Hronner. llo:: Majeatic. s V, due p,-r
Ismd. April 11 attv Hutte A . M I'liam
t.ra at li! "0n
1I6TH FT. n a MO e llrerk av, tx
- Hermxn Hanauer to 7th Av Amiiaiti-ni
c ?a lla,i Anrll .4 2 vr. 1 ni. ante
F'.raabouriar. 17 A F 71 Hwav .IS 000
FA M K PUC'PHllTa F'xme 'o aame Spr t
;4. I in, I i r aame attv.. . It '00
SA1lsrtf.lt MOHTti tlt.s.
(With t.atna anl a l.lreaa et lemler e a'
terne 1
CHOMWI7I.1. AV a cur Iievce at r ,na
a w SI 10X e 110. '.X n 10 S l w airii'J
lleo at. IS Ilia" Hi X a w 4 to lieB
Teh 17 llt Peter N (Jllntoii In Marv
1 Neamlth tt. tirant Fquirea. 40 Wa.l
1 I vi'
FA M 17 PIllll'llllTV. net SO tll Fame to
a 111 e '
S7TH FT. 11 a 4a w Madlain a rilxum
JulV . 117.1- Will I Mild I., en 1. nee.
ret to X Y Aan fur Iniprnunc the Cdi
rtltton of the I'.mr, ntt. FtranK A C i
Wall at I"1 00
3t AV. 17. e a li0. Auk 1. i
leadore Cohen 10 Is.iui UoUlateln am
Hv lloldateln. 71 Nneaiu .t tl 0n
Lot "14 map portion "f llunl eata'e lall
Neat atatlon. May 1. 101- sarnh f CaIiIII
to Prank C Mayhew and ano triateea.
i,tt. Chaa It ll.iechler. II.'. j'1,'.
VHV I'.MAN .T '.'V0. a s .4 11x10 1 AUK "
: 1 l.on c f e il i. lteattv Corpn to Fadl
prince am. Adolph i'. .hen ..0
Hway . ,'4 ','J
ITH SV .? aw .or 4tth at, hole! appir
tenan.ee Apr 14 l'.iS-Wni Fhnemaker
anil uno tn Thus Huchea and llaxl.l C
Mllier, am. U 11 Flewatt. HJU
l.i'rF ( 7. 'trap Ml propertv KttiK'and
eatate. Morri" HeiKhia, rune 1.0 (runt on
Treniont a x : 10 on w a lln x 116 ;i
on ! a 111 - x I'SJ on a a line Apr 1.
190v jee I iiai'man in Am l. c.inie
am a. liolilamtth. Hosrnthkl. Mork A
llauni. Si N.iaaau at
LOT t;3. map 313 lilea-on pm,eri in .nil
ward. Mai 11 li .lennlo Tuei. ...
Pannle Hernateln. am. T i "",,'
P.lVlNiiTUN FT. i'li. a a. w ,.ro"1 " "
cor .-lierill at. i-xivu ."ii ;
Nathan Iaiew to K de Peialer 1 e'ter and
ino. trti.. ad.lr.aa. II Wall -t . .111.000
(lltcll MSI) ST 71. e a. 13" . ll liran.l ai.
...xV: K. 1-ell 14. leu. .'lurria uuo .-.ni..-
:o .lairin to the P'lbilo Hank, any
J H.nh ! Delaneiy at
11 000
FAMi: PltUPCllTl Aur i. l".
Jos v
l: soo
mot, -
llot.lailn t' rniiip iener. nuj.
Feldnmn. t Park tow
STH AV. 174, . 1? xaii. Apr if
l.OUls IVftXPerc in nns i-imi. "in
Vreenian. s Naaa.iu
LOT 3S. part of. map Io:i nl .nrwini.
; 5 x --. ten . i-i" r.,iwn. i."i..i
1-rAnk A Fmlth: any. , onrau eiuuei.
Hw .IV
MTU ST e a 4'W e fth .1'. I..xil!,
.Inn 1.
1'9 - 171U J P.llioit t ' M.ir
. . H.oeo
addreaa i P 701 W I7th at
H"T1I ST. lit 17. n .
,lio and I.vrtt, freliaK
M.xr 1. ll-
i , Lillian K Gatnee.
....... v .... 11 .1 .irn i ' r.",,i, a, . ,J
7tTH yT. n s 47n w ,..Uilnhus a, 7axio. J
,i.-t li. l ni--l lies Mini ii.-. vn ..i ,....
Metropolitan Lif" lee Co. tt-.
fori. lloee ,1 11 I liaoieim
. l.'4.,Hlii
KINO, .11. e a. 7.'. a from
. .. i i . .a 1 1 ?itiin
or Ilea. h at
nl.iai; tin
M.un.t as "ll wlnda ll n.l .urw l w- Ji3
, ,. , ... n lo i i Per Apt :3. V.'Ol
M.tiar' .1 Murnhv t" .l.t.ir irn.-.
f,.r AiinK C K-li'h Kliial
,,t' ,1a. i: Miller 'jn Saa.Hii
...1 k t ii li J7.niil
dnil am'
1 1 Oi.O
M.h 31
siv-Ju'lliis F' ha'iiiian to Fiiniiial
.C.t, Julius Mll.er. a. ";
Tit IMF KK P. ot tax lien 3 9,
MM. eei It Ma 7- 1911
to Ii.-li of I'lnalioi- . .
l; .m.i
lol 7' I'.k
Mllo .1 Willi
J.sl i
i:ih st u
lsn 17.1 n
am. T ii '"
I 0"ii
lllinXHM AV Ml .- e 11
II" x.' lll Apl 17.
..n V inK e li. Jim M K l
; -a Itw .ii
MA 111, IN Al. w s J. ii
OOlh et. .OxKO
Christian II ,md Annie w, r
Mi h l i
ia.v.,. llafTan. attv. J r t rera.
in-l ltd ax IIS.01'0
ulirVlMAN AV"n 'T a fOO a w lrkman
I' 100x3-,0 M.l" 4. 1)11-C.lhrilltar It. alt v
... ... , .i..r X lllnki. ,xr. Ai ell) i
T 1 C., ll.'. 1ts)
imiHiK vi i'i 1
laOs llsrne' A lln
4u Canal .1
f, "Oil
! a ".'XIOO X .svpi 13.
, hel .laffe tn Max Kobe
I. .0,10
ajasjlONllKNTw Of MOKT15 C.K.
5AMW, K.u M. and ano. exr..
Ce 1' Foater. true..
PA.NTO.N. I'.nh A H. Hi Ami I,.
Uunil Sixlnsa Hank of Cli i
Cl'liptr 15
tl. N.I-
f Allunx 7
Til. 000
HAICIIT. Frances, admx, to Francs iiairm.
n sata I
II Vairntln' .
ti ,s. Mar'm
and ann. to lxate
f O'i0
to Hernar.1 Kraut tl
ir to Ch.is I L -
IvN.M'P 17 Iw J
t:t .'0
,il"iit IM I7F7H
T. a kea.,ur
L1M111ANN C.i
UTii C, . Ii Cliarl.it .r
17 ""
a ,i, e. s.. , xre ',i
, i ti , i ll xx.lv ,o l1.. .in nti i Kin .etr,i,'kr
IT is't ,-o '1;
ZIN.sFF.lt, Wni 11. to Id'ltll 1 nrt.i1i-.tii 11 "00
I'll KLI'F. 1. t'.u J. lo x'har.o-te N T'kr.
tmu. Kin 17 ""
M1MIATT1N MTC, Cll tn C'ti ,' S 1 P.
aurance On 1.0 OOO
Ct AI5A.NTt7Bl) MTU C(. i.i Char,.;-. N
Tewkoabury, rdn . II MO
DIAMOND, Max, to Sarah Mannnd . II
YVlNTr.ItS, Marie It, to Fred'k 17 Sen-
field lino
CHAPMAN. Howard. 1 KW1 F In-
rraham ,1'??
TlKHNFTEtr". Jennie, to llerthu Levy... 11
lln'HK, Jul.t F, and ano. exra, to Herman .S
Hank I1J.C0O
KALVrN. Jaaals E. to Jenn1 lHr.nli ll
LAWYIirtfl TITliK IN.H T CY. to Lawyer.
Mtc C'o .... 570 000
PA Mil tn same . . 13 000
H.!NlY)nr, Francla II. tn John It
Hill . IK '00
Plioenla 17 0
HILL. John It, exr. to Francla II Han
ford 134 ooo
AIinAM.1. Itertha r, et al to Francis 11
Hanford ..ni,700
EVANS. Annla F, lo Kath C Kaeaer .I'iooo
KAfVisRIt, Kath to Mary ,5 leitn
Co . .
11, to Century Mtr
Win 11, to Kmma H
llrlnckerhoff .
Pafk to N Y ."av Hank l
Till ST CO tn N V s-.v
.... . 1J4.000
Chax P. to Pat'k Mn.ilo
John II, to Amelia FVhreiner
13 ami
HirrTlI. Man', to mphen H Oaftney. 1647 fO
im'JiB, Artiiur c, to ntver i loin .-o noo
PARK SlTIl CO to Wm L Cond.l ISO.OOO
rilEBS. Valentine, to Cath Peters . . 1100
jnrilDIJN, Henry, true, to J, Mtr Co .110,000
HCIinKIMKIt, Amelia, gdn, lo John II
rWirelmer fl Hiatal ll
PA MR to Amelia Fehrelmer. rdn (3 aa-tai 11
ITll AV f6 store Itlchd F Trearv tn
Oluaeppe ' llrunclll, 7113 W 4?i at r, ir,
from Ma 1. 1 1 71 ati, tl Jlrunelll. 1.61;
Uli av . . . ... ; 400
UTII KT, 151 K. ainro floor and part ,",r
Henry Llnaniann, exr. tt. Faml I.lpp
mnnn, t24 lei v. .1 yr. from May 1,
1(13. atty. .1 Tr.ittner, iH K 131th at. 1170
1ST AV, 7017, cor store, Ac Nathan Colicu
and ano In Jo. Ferry. 341 13 101th st,
(, yra from .Hay 1, S13, atte, Pitch.
M A (I, 12 Naaaail at 11. .!l0
1ST AV, Sliifi, eitire and b CunrelU Pal
lodlno ti. PnaipalH De Perno, 314 K 117lh
at, .1 yra from April 1. 1013, nttya, I'll li
M A i. 37 .Naaaail a' . .. ,.tl "3.5
71. AV. 1 1-17. nil - llrnat 1 1 n ti in lul
lllllSKy ... l' i-i'll a i .i.-i. in .riuii
ilarch 70, K'H env Mlnaker P.ealiy Co.
In. 771 7d ai ,00ii
.'I'll Nf .10(1-301 F. al' a ath Marrone
to Anns Jfriellnn. SJO B n:ih al, r
from Mat 1 toil urn Louis Lee, 337
ii U4th .1 M.700
i.kt fxrrNinnr.n.
375 PARK Ave
52d to 5M STRKKTS.
New York's Finest Apartment House
I'nexselled conveniences and arratt?ertient tiver; rm'.
improvement, hlph class service N.in unqi" feit iro
8 Rooms and Bnths at J.50n.
Other simplex nnd duplex suites of .1 sir'' 10 meet r p
nt increased rental.
Temporarv' ofTlce
Orfuptinrv -Way 1"
Jnf nflrarfit' arartmrnt
..... ....... I..AI.J nn lirfl
of 'ir
tht pritocy tit n one nmifl homt. hu, I r -m
lam, tics of r'.e bft apnrf.mrnla. hmt. r '
irnf, r tuprlv Ji"ii'nr "eiicr
In (lit I'tonptttVnrk (7rour. Jrj,JJ,(,4
Thinl SI, both sir room uppf nparlmrnla.
rnful 1 tip
7n th, FltiTtntinr (ereiir. :0 Bree dim I
Air . a air room loicrr uparfmenl, rrnlalltin
One aetrn room fnwer npnrfmeaf, soiifarrfi ,
erponire. toift SI .oAn'a I'L, comer Hronl,
Inn A" . " "'"f an
.ti iippninfmrn! f,y tioae itilereiferf aojirirrrf
b-j lh'
rTrrvar'ff. Wstcherter larvf Cb
0MTfuhoi A. BfC0klTVsceWVi
21 Liberty St. 27 W. 3th St.
ulrniwd .1 minutes walk to station and 5 eaullfiil
Uml tiatMni beach Only ?s minute, from
Herald ar? mu.t have :-.. r'h at once,
balance e.ny terma. Addtc hllOHL I HUM
box si Sun uflre
IlhST lalue In HaV Illdte: two faintly atone
ho".? price ' tw-st"". worth ll.ooo: 13 rooma. 71
bath, atcamhrat parquet noors.drroratrt, hard
wpod electric llirht. IVu cash. ral e;m
111 MtV UOJ.P. st.' 7Ht t hullder. on premise'
C4TH FT n a 10 te 31 av. 70x100. all
r. ,ii. ,o Adams Itealty Co. 50
... r.... ll.r 1 190 attya. Falter A
f ii
1 40 Na.a,, i
John 1
lt AV. :SS. all Marie k nicnej
.1 i onro. 77 1? 1S1H a'. S rs
I. 1913 o'.tya, Fitch. M l,
froni Apr
"7 Niaaail'i
J3 ooo
IIP.OAl.WAY. U nor'l, stnre r ., ii v
Ialrttl !J jarrtll l.tme iiiuiiii .........
Yam ax 3 Vr. fro,.. May I. 1M3 a -
.1 A I-... Hat. 0 lh ax . . n o
tl l-ll sit J3( P.. al'-Wm P Kirk to Min
lVk"r HV.ItyOo. 77 7d ... 71 ",'n
X'rtT.lN' FT a e cor Church at, 33x71 1
atore ttoor and b Pulton Church Co to
Fchut.e lteal-v Co 41 Park row. 75 rj
from April 73. 113
,- n a, cirant Pulle, A
Hi . ,,,-, co t Adaini r.xpre.s Hulldinc I
c, , ..ne, I i.lted Flatea M'UI Product.,
i . . ontrar.or . V
iiuf st , ( 1 -Adolf Welal at eetste i f
it-., II.' Mhnenn. owner, fries Newman
.intra, tor i-
-31. vT 1' to J.'i. K iM 't 51'. to 1P I.
rraliet Ma,hl. c. act Frederick ft ".' I
..(,, .. Ilsat.ar. onneia. lis " n
1 0.3x
St Co i onteai tor
. ... -w hi ... , ., Ft -i jd at
US to ii t:
in,.,, , .x ltle,er act Freilerl. k
c ilea, h .mil Jennie It llftaper.
ow ners
111 r .1,1 F' t o. lontraitet
m e x l i lt AV 3is. a Jin
ll ::i ?7
-Weal, heafr
11 ...mi Working c.i ai
in tier a. tut t ontra,'tor
Wil'lam Freeiimd
tli.7 0
... ,-e in a l?i, Jirl at. lix m im r.
William somerxi'le at t radarti 1 ; H'aJ1
ami Jennie 11 Oaep-r. owners. 114 V. . . I st
i'.. iintr..cor ... . .V.' V
P.lVCIIMItK DHIVK. e e 173 3 1"'
104 A1 ix.'. s 1 1 5 - Henrv P Mark
thaler s conatnntln lllescer owner. ,.e,.
r chappell and Charlea iioaworth ''""
,rncto-s irenew-ali ll.fi 33
11 II.LIAM FT. 45 tieurie 1 Hoot i v.
John Doe owner. Nell A Marlins. A Win
lam Younr Co. contractors
i.vviviitiiX AV. 05 ami so, .rain
Mo-kIc A Tile Co. Inc. x a A I
owner 17 N Porlnr. contrji
FT ANN'F AV. a33 Joaeph Flian
Lrnat a, Co. uwner. Max M.naV
tractor Lena Mlneknff leaaee
9-111 FT. II a 177 e Uroadwai.
s L C
ff cor
lid eon .
! '
soxioo ,
l.iliertl Fheel Metal llorka
llroivn, Kelve Itealty A
owner and contractor..
Construction Co,
lilt lo
4TH .V. 410 to 440 Oresnpolnt Met. I Cnv
ered ttocr Co x. Mary It Ooelet et : al
Jan 3s. IMI . , : .
4TII AV. 440 American Har Ick , n is
Four Forty Fourth Aienue Co '.',
Mar i 1H3 -
CHHYFT117 FT. 1S7 end 13 Antonio llnna
paf . a
Apr 11
Mlnaker lieni x , o. i.n.
1913 bv deposit . H-
I urpeatlne Ivlnft'a" Wldan llMtlait
DlrTlenlty In CalleclInK Claim.
Mrs Hessle II Hunt, widow of .Intiti
v Hunt, tlie "turpentine Ulnr. ' who left
the bulk nf a fortune of 12,000,00ft to
establish a utilverslty In Oeorfli. to near
his name. Is havlntt difficulty In collecting
IIRO.OOO she accepted to compromise her
claim aralnot the estate ana permit Hunt'a
will to he probated under necree tu n
Supreme Court on March 20 last.
Mrs, Hunt's nttorney, Philip Carpenter,
rot an attachment yesterday aralnst the
funds of tho Hunt executors. Hobert I.ee
l.ucas of Oalveston, Tex , and John H
Harrison of Jacksonville, Fla. Mrs. Hunt
alleges there la now due $15,800.
F.ven ThnntTh Wife. Ilaa Property
llaaband .Mnat Pay.
Supreme Court Jtixtlre Vnne upast ve-
terdav an alleged plan by John Jay Hey-
noldsi head of Ihe firm of Jleynolds llros ,
1 mss.
Brseklr. j I
cheese merchants at is narneu,, sine,,. WANTED-FlrM clan free alone and tnarbk
in linlk h divorce notion by his wife, Mary carver.. Apply to JOHN FVANS A Cll 77 Hunt
A llei-nolds. nnd Biold paying her alimony, 'ntttoa av.. Hoiin. Mvi
The court directed Heynolds to pay IHol
a month alimony and MM counsel fee.
iinhert K Prentice, attorney for .Mrs.
...i., i nio h.r h.iai
iieynm.is r.iu ....
moved his family to Oreenwlch, Conn
where they hid u summer home, ami re
turned alone lo live at 40 West Twelfth
street. Then he induced ins wue io uring
action In Connecticut, In which both were
to certify llint Ihev lived In that State,
lie nxrend lo pay his wife 1 1 so a month,
a her dower Interest In real estate lie sold,
nml promised lo provide for her In his will.
Then. Ill" lawyer said, Heynolds incor
porated his cheese ronipany for iron.noo,
orcanised tt real estate concern and cot u
financial ratlnK of from $136,000 to :oo,ooo,
He never established his residence In Con-
nedtieiit, the lnwyer said.
Counsel for Heynolds argued mat Mrs.
Heynolds is not entitled to alimony because
she has propei I y in her own right, conducts
n fashionable, boiiidintf house anil has two
sous I'oiiiriliulitii: lo her support lulice
race overruled tills ei.iiteiitii.n ann sain
The fact that a wife i making a kooi!
llvltiK,by her own efforts does not justify
a husband In refusing I" pay her alimony
or absolvii him from tun respoDhlbiliiy."
l.KT CNl t RMIIMt.
!-.rk Ave
QN(i isi.axh nr,i. t:ttk nut hi.k.
Albertson Station
Full Sized Lots
One-Third 'ho I
.'III MIM I fx, ill
111 1 P , llllltl i V OS
'M . . I ! 1 111
I'to.iej n i , , pr
et 1 N,n r i i - r I r t etea I
lie ,ln inn ,int i hem
rraiticnll, uttliiK them iiimt
2 City lots 51 00 1 C Cash Och
50 x 100 IJoown Month
in Per cent 'ip . -i " ia
Neil Werfnesd.,, Neil Saturday, Neil Sunday
stud foi tten rt i-a ,,nd I.lttii rrarli M.i. a a
34th St anil Mid on , N (
Buys This Ftcatitiful 7 Room
House With All Improve
ments on 1 1 Acre of Land.
Tot.il price f 7.M Iloie ' ns apnrtnui
porches, c, terete tclni beAi.tlful bath
room h.r.v c water, etc Admlntnc lind
can be purchased on rasy terms lxicatlon.
Ilellinnre lmc Island ad inlt.tr Merrick
and Prerpon ivihin n hum fire house And
More, on prope' t
11 rite to-ilaj for booklet ami free tickets
to lnpcci
IJS HIlOAlnV Y M Mil ix
l.Wr tAttu man onn o li i ij
fhs drn to lnv-lKatr our
.simmi:ic mx.uiin mu
. rn.ony of rflnM r ipv 'ti ominrnc
J!tsnc of Nv York WiMrr Cf, cie
. I IhiiI l Or run nn One -l.
ir.ftt tiith lint nn Hie tlthrr
IUNBALOWS ,, r, , $1800 UP
SOI. I. ,i 17 1SY TKP.MS
For fil p''l ii ri, e.i . app v
SAi.rt.iiir (o.N.iitrt rnis co.,
1S1I Hnadw.o N l le' t.reeley imj:
Ideal waterfroat plote ' 3 acre and lxrjer. In
Peaiitlfiil s-irroiindlnes a;
ti i li i'i,,i: siii.nr.s.
Fardarolnt.I 1 H 11 sia'lui. Pot! IVaahlniion
Alio aevcral ,tnpieic waterfront
Kealdcn- e- fur aale
Inq .tie
S. I1SC.OIII. PI 1.1. A CO.
"17 I lrih In ! 4Mh Htree.
le sit) ai
l nn. isl.iNH
lleauilftil tie-v house, near the lla at d r'l' a,r
Park c.irefulH restricted .itittitf rsfrnm !',, a
Station Rne bathliK. boa'lui; and n.hlti.- p. lie
f..f.i i-omrnleni leims ilnress 1 noi i.
Sun nfiT
,tn.W. I7.STATI7 FOIt SAIX tVeatrlie.tcr C.
The Country
Calls You
Not lonrms. Inn to tale rare ,f nur
.elf , rest, relax, anil eiiji Ille. i
run ilo I Ins H Ih'iiui ifi.l
Philips, manor
MHcnitlcem Panorama nf the lappan
Zee flNI. MII.P (ll , 1 I l.lll ItliN I m
the hlsiori, Fieeiii Holinw i In.o in vour
oflico in the , ,
t c,.iiifiri,ilio p . i'i.e..iie Home
a sTt innj now be -eeneil ni l.i'U I'llli'l
ami on. I'l.l ls,,, 1 1 i;js
ltooklt't on llC.Jill si
IIR4.MWKI.I. Hills, .sales llanacrr.
331 Madison llenue New 1 e-k
Telephone. 4T'i llnrrai lb.
NCAH.HItxI.I'. and Hlltlsl.ll.i:
P.xtatcs and llon'ea fur rem
ANOEI.L A CO., fill Fifth Axe A Scarsdale. N
Kinmth Im & Co
Modioli R.vr.
7E. 42
N. J. COAST REAL E8TATK Purnl.hed col
lates. River and Ocean Front properilea. Farm..
Write your want.. AHTHl'It HOLTFO.N. lsin
Hranch. N J
170 WKHT 74TH ST.
Twe alaokt from .lpraax .tall. a. (
tubwar tr elevated; a new family htt.l.
Ttr 100 room., eiixptlonally larf. aaa
lllht uauiu.l rla.etx aulta. at ararr .la.
r.aial. from iw r annum, rtnt.d :lf
ay the xear. infurnlalisil
YOUItO MAN between aires of if, and 31 to de-
t vote few evenlmrx n week tn elevailnff work.
few evenmirx a week
whereby he ran double bis Income Address-
, I p.oi'iTARLK. box 3o Sun uptown office, 13S.I
- i nroadway
Army and TTafy Oratera.
WABIUNOTON. April 74. Thla army ar
der waa laaued to-dayi
llrlir.'(,eti. Frederlrk A Fmlth. from Sep.
end lilvl.Pin. Texas ipv. Tex lo hla station
nt Omaha
These navy erdera were l.aued1
commander It. II Jackaon. from Naval
Academy to duty with (leneral Hoard.
Lieut. O. C. Losan, to Charleston yard
May 111.
Lieut, c. 11 Clark, ti Puiet Round yard
May 21
Pay Inepecinr l. P Hu Hole, to purchaalng
pax oftnir, Seattle, Wuah.
Pat muster Juliii If win. from na-y pay
oftlie, Fft.tile Wnai. . in naial liulnlng
tatlnn, Han Frani lai o
Capl. II P. IMIll.inis, M C from Tl'oah
Imtlim barracKs In duty with executhe
nfttcrl liatloinil i.iutrhrs
Keeond Lieut (1 A Johnson M C fiom
Honolulu barfkckn to .Male Island barracks.
W nlilii";oii Predictions for To.
1 (Irv nnd To-morrow.
Tor eastern t York, .lew 1". n
Innrl unrl Xeir .leraey Flilr to-ilei?
nml prolistilx lo.morrorri 1 1 ajh t In
mnilrratr sonth anrl aanthtri!
it I n lis,
Por n,'arn .New Vo.k cjouly nd cooler
M-da lOrmorrrt-v fair moerata south
Mftina to weat w mda.
Ni;w vonii Aptll .STlia TTMUn U-i.-han.
irii of ama'ler area yeateriiy an1
had Iti centre oier Iowa.
i Haiti conttnned to fill In the Mlirdailrpl
and Mlaaoiirl x-alle)a and west flulf section
and tanerallv fair seather preialled elaa.
- w here
ll. preaaura was hlh over the Atlan'lr
(F'a'ea 'he !oerer lakes an
h- ' ' nd w-aa Mtt
I aol lnifil of the Maa.
I i was .oo'er In ths Di
nit southsard oier
hlith evsrywhete seat
aourl Valley
Dikotas. ths iippar
M ) aaippt viay ant aouthxearrt Into Tews
nl freeilne temperaturea still prevailed In
ntr'a of ih .Nor'hweat and r.ocky MB'in-
ln Fla.ea
' was warniar In th middle Atlantic
na e. ha owe. lake reclnna. th Ohio and
tannaaare i ii lava and In Montana, Idahu
. t tll Pa, 111. F'l-fa
i tt"e r'- ,he dav was fair and warmer.
Will feeatl northeaat to souihaaat. aeraa
n. li.i ' par cant haroniater, cor--eiiad
'o teal la aea lxel, at A. M.
u 3 P M . tn.:l
Ihr temporal .re lo this rlty xratttdar. ai
rcord"il hs tt-e oSlclil the rmotreter. l hon
in the anneied labic
ion. im: I ion
ll A M
is' a p. II... .
i. m :
3 P M .!
1 on est lempera!
Ml I P P. M.. ..
at i:Mid...
ire Ml P10P.
viiMvrcrti: almanac this rsT.
s 03 Sat, et
s is Moon rltei.l.
! I)
Shi. rises
iu 4M
SaidjIIooklO ..! Oot Uland 11 W ftellfiate
4X1 111
Sandy Hon Vt .' ,!ot l!and .Y ,U Hell dale
1 Ji
; i.i
Arrlted TIP ItspiY. irrll :
Ss Itsili. Palermo. Apill II. o3 Pile Island at
in ii P M
.Ss t.rlnunme. .1AP M . Houen. AprtIP
Fx MatM.nia. 1 4., P M . Aiders. April J.
s,m lia, hi.-. 1 M . Kottenlani. April s
s. I irtstan, 7-n 1 M . Mnlanrai. April 11
ssi lenient, 11 so P M . Wednesday. Ilarhadox.
Al.s's p'lintes. 17 M . Arua. .nrll IS
,s. lllancn, 1 15 P M . Crlatobal. April l.
SsXar.ipa. J 45 P .11 . Klnfstoll. April 19.
Ss Tall-man. 51.1 P M . liusntonamo. April IT.
Fssemmi'i I .'ii M 'Ii.rkr- Is.and. April It.
Ss Ycarbi 7PM. Ceiifuek7n. April 15
Fs Proteus. New tlrleana. Aptll P
Ss Huron Jnikvimllle. April 31.
Ss Perfection. Jaikxmillle. April 70
Ss Carlb, ltof ton April "3
stotswold Iiance. Philadelphia. April 73.
s hlncston. Haliltnote. April 73
sx (irosser hiirfuerst at Cherbourf
Ss Chidden, at lla.re
ss He il'lialla at (ienoa
Fa Canada, at Marseilles
.Nl.ILP.t1 I OI1 NFW Y'llllK.
S. t)l mplc. from Wueenstimn
SsCedrtc. from I.lierponl
SsYerons. from Palermo
S-lacus from .Siviihanipton
S- iilulre. from Hlo Janeiro
Sail To d
Malta les.ell
i lose Fall
S 30 A II 10 Oil A SI
11 31 .1 M 3 Oil P II
10 lei AM 1U1P14
I 111 I' VI 3IB1PV
t: is. M 3 ll I'M
I O) P M
3 tl P H
5 3d AM 17 lalll
u :;u A M 12 lalll
7 an a m f. ti i ii
H la I , 11 i:ial M
lltal A 11 12(l 11
luniAM 111) I'M
1 1 on A M ; nn P 11
. . 3 IMP M
. . . 3l"lllt
. . 1 (al U
... 3 HO P M
II (a. A U
men A H
lll A 11
. . . PI 3 A ll
. . 1 tin P M
12 (llt
. 12 00 11
1 lJ P M
.11.1 I' It
.. . UalPM
. 12(alM
... . I On P li
i ... 3 la) P 11
I ( P U
ll.l I'M
April 7
3 nn p li
3 ii P M
New lurk so .iliatnpinn
Panama, , rt.lnh1
lioiiiliuc. Pmia
alcsla. IlloJalirtro
Indian Prime. Ida Janeiro
Jelllnir. SaniUto.
I enape. JscaMiaxllle
Jrt!crai.in. Norlelu
Oreanlc. "Micth.itiiptnn
.saiotila. Mudrlia
llntneir ... Arccntlna
.ian:i son Juan
I Ii !,r. Jatn.ll, a
HnMina llalana
Pnn luc M Itheirn.
n..tli a
lt.itnttna, Nnplrx
l arn.lue. Hal re.
I'rkUai Uania. llktiihurc
Marara. Hal IC
I .mi-a. Naple.
I Inland. Antwerp
I i.lumbta. I.la-tua
illiinrtoiiaa, London
1 lent. .t.,iiialci,
Xllllll.t. l.llllPHIi
I n.. sine, .sin Juan
' t 'uxi-t . t atie-lon
I Hi iir,niW , Hiuiiswlc.
I err-, lamia
Multi-is, New iirlealia
llnrni. .larasnulllle
i , it of F., atinali.Nix xnnah
Monroe. Nnrfoik
I I Ails, tialiesion
Sail Monday.
Itlver Clyde. , rata
Pt Im cs. Am.c. Norfolk
lNcoMi.Nt; .sti:ammhip5.
Due To-da'
llesp-r is . .. llumburr
r.ss.itiiu llaiai.a
AlklnU Pire-ua
Santa ItiisA narbadna
Fan Malro Porto Klco
Sail (nitllelinii Naples . . .
t HI of i 1 erett New Orleans.
.ant Anna Palermo
, rule LP ei pool.
sl sailer .. Altlera .
l.M eralla Halana.
lu.lonna Mautanlllo
Maiaro Trinidad .
SIblrU. . . 1'runtera
li.laurl Jucarn. .
Fl Mid. lialxrston....
i. ill of Faiannali Saxannah..
Hue To morrow.
Kal-erln ViniMe Victoria. Ilamhtirr
si Paul Southampton
i .irinaiiln I lierpool.
It nils. .11 Halle
April 3
April 17
April a
April U
.April 17
April U
.Aptll 17
April 1.1
April 17
April s
April 22
April 2ii
April It
April tu
April tu
April lit
April 22
April 17
A lull Hi
April IR
Apill U
Aptll lu
April 12
Aptll 1U
prll la
April 73
April la
April tu
April iu
April It.
April 11
April 14
.April 12
April ll
.April 71
.April 31
April 34
hnra lilbrnllar
saiiie-e l iince Ncwcanle .
, aniatTnr- lamrlcn
sablr.c (iaheainn
Mohawk Jac'.sonillle . .
Hue siinUay. April 27
I anlnmt
i aineronla
l.a rutirullie
Kursk ...
Kansas Cliy .
Knlithtof theThlille
Prlns WlUrra 1
City of St Louis
Antwerp. ...
llarbsdoe. ......
Savaonah, . .
Wlrelr.a Incoaataer Sklpa.
Ss Celtic. 73 mile, east of Sandy Hook at a 3d
A. U yeaterilay
Sa.Saiii' Anna. 3'Jtl miles east of Sandy Honk
at noon
Ss snn (iugllelmo. 270 miles east of Sandy Hunk
"sshiirsk, m mllei eait of Sandy Hook at
I in P M
Fs 171 Sud, (lalieaten, III miles aouth nf
Fandy Hook si noon
Fa cnv or Favannan, nax-annan. lit. muea
aouth of Fandi Hoolt at 4 P. M.
Ss Antilles New nrieana. no muea aoutn-
weat of Mlasiaalppl bar at noon.
Fa ill ocritiene, iiaivsiton, :io muea we.i
of Tortlla'lia a, 1 I A M
Fa Kao, sianine, mile, w rat oi loriu-
IB tu , A. M
fa Herman Fraech. Port Arthur. 30 mile.
eotnh of Key Weat at noon.
Fs llaperanza, vera crus, i.o muea aoum-
weat of Diamond Fnoaia ai noon,
Si Sablnr, (laiveiion, o nine, aouin or
Jupiter at noon.
Fa (JUnoa, imps, i.a nuia nuin oi Jupi
ter at noon. ....
Ra i.uonier, fort Ariaur, 1.4 mu.a souin
of Jupller at nooii. ....
Fs Surinam. Puerto Barrio., 30 mllat
aouth of Key West at noon
Slavritaaenta ot Naval Veaaela.
WASHINOTON. April 31. The yacht
Mayflower haa arrived at Waahlngton, ths
battleship Minnesota at Vera Cruz, the bat.
tleahlp Idaho at Tanipli'O, the collier Justin
at Corlntn.
The gunboat Dolphin haa ..Ilel from
Waehttilton for Judith Hound, Che.apea'.a
Hayi tha tug Itoeket from Norfolk for
Judith Bound, the. torpedo boat Bailey from
Annapolis for Judith Sound, the battleship
ileorgla from Vera Crua for Hamplou
Hnada, the battleship Virginia from Tarn
Pico for Lynn Haven Road, the gunboat
Annapoll. from Amapala for Topolobimpo,
the destroyer Held from Charleaton for
llampteii Heads ths de.lroyer Worden from
Charleaton for Philadelphia, the oilier Nero
from Pearl Harbor for Bremerton, anil tha
riipply rhlp ! lacier from Ouayma. lor
. T
ir .

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