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"f (lie iiIpiIroa nf the lunt IVomrallri'. It -tmhtlcan
mill I'ltigressive Htnte nlHtforni
Inws in estiilitlsliltiK Rcniiine .Stiitevvrlle
nlrerl pi lin.irles for all camllilates tu bo
tleeleil !iv I Im people
"As ii m.illi-r "f f.u.'. the Mil Is n
riiind mill iloi'.o imtliltiR of ilm klntl Al I
rent II Is n miserable tniiKeslilfl.
"I.et mi' state Hint I linvs elven rare,
fill xiiiniiiatliiii mill iniii'h eonslileriitlmi
in tin' iitiiiiiiliiii'iits cuntaltii'il In thin bill
It Ik my 1'oni'liicliin. as I licllevo It nm.Ht
lip ilii' i'iiii'ii'(nii nf any fair inliiilril mini
vim ll examine this measure, that the
mIIkIH niiuiiilments tnnile tn tlm existing
i. IMS ,itr Ineie tMtrllvvnrli, rhuiiKiliK mil)
u few mliiui ilitnlls that rle.irly ilcmon
str.'ite a ileslun In tinker with a Kr.ive
subject In vv.t) of HUbtrrftlKM In ntiler to
ilrrelvi' the nlirs.
"These iimi'inlinc tits will areninpllsh tin
tiiini'il iilnim anil vvniilil ttail Hlm an
.iniuslliK fane, If II were not for the fact
Hint the member of the present Legists.,
turn who xam'tloni'il Its enactment are
ntptoenlil) iileilgeil anil hound by the
HKtiest mm ill ami political obligations to
lues an honest ami a ceitulne .Statewide
direct prima i y law
"llem'ii In the light of nil we know
oncernlim this me.isuie It mint lie
branded an enacted In Kill faith, wholly
traildulent, and a Kl.ultiK blench of the
pledged f.llth nf eveiv menilier of the Ia'K
ixlntnte Theiu Is no escape fiotn this
'This me.isuie Is a fraud on the electms
if the Ktnte; and It In no seiiBo i leal
and an honest Statewide direct primary
law; nor cm It be i unceivably saiil, from
any point of view to fulfil the pleildi'S
In the SMte platform of the lespectlve
political parties In our ('nmmouwenlth.
"Amont; the inanv shnrti'omliiKS of the.'
bill It may be pointed out that It doen
not extend the system of llriiei nomlna.
Hons In any wa The leitiictlon of the Hai'on, e.x-Aililiass.Hliir to 1'iiiiu'e, and :
stipulated niimbei of signalmen for tnde-; formerly a member of .1. I' .Morgan
pendent nominations to .1 minimum of til Co.; William .lav Schlenelln. chalrmnti 1
per rent of the vote for (lovernor In'of ,u. Cltlrens fnlnn; lletirv do Porer-t
. polittc.il unit would actually compel na,lluill, ,,,.m.v ,, stlm-on. William 1
an Independent randldate In many din ... ., .. . .. ... . .. , ,' 1
trlrt.- In New Voik eltv. for example, to I i;'" ''; ,'" N""''-" M...g.M..I .Ml.
obtain a greater number of sIkii.Hiii I "Oti'liMss Is .1 reldnt of U I'slchestei ,
10 lits petition than are neressar) under ' county.
the present law ) The committee it about mm nl divided
..... . ntnung the l'ini;iv.lii'... I tipiibllcanx
P-rmll. M M. lot. .,,,, ,.,,,., U(.mwriiX in inM- ,
"The bill does not nbnlmli the orKan - ; tlon there are fifteen men who ale not
nation column on the prlmar ballot and'., anv vllwM ...
W ML T!";mt,K,; - "- H.7 names are ,,,, p.oduc, of
. hanc at all In the -.ystem of conmiltto " ","l" drudgery, mild lir. .lo-Ko-iepre.entatlon
and neces-arlh the pri- wit.. "We Wete confi nnli'd with an (
mary ballots, particularly In New Y01 U embarrassment or rli lies, and while we
elt, will contlnuii to reach the 1 Idlculuu wanted the I'ommlttee to bo of leiixin
and scandalous letiKtli of foiu teen 01 iiioicluble size, we weie mole InleieHle.l in
feet ;
"It leaves In the pieteut law the pio-
vision for State contention, the deslu-i
nation of candidates by political commit
tee, the usi; of the party emblem h the '
organization committee. and the posl-
blllty of otlnc the whole ticket by plac
ing a eioss in the circle These ale Im
pedimenta to Kcmilnc reform In our elec
tion and primary .,w,, which the cltl- i
zens have the rlclit to expect their rep-1
reseutatlve. Ill the pre'eiit I.enlsl.ltuie 1
to eradicate and to abolish 1
"The amendment contained In the bill
eonceriilin: the t eduction of the number
of rcKlstratlou das n, the coutiti fiom1
four to two. the limitation of the mini- 1
her of election commissioners In a count v .
to two. and the reduction of the number'
of signers, in some cases to Independent
petitions, are satisfactory as far n.s Ihev i
so, but lliese possible Rood features aie,
all contained in the Statewide direct pu-'
mary Mil, which I caused to be prepared
and to l,e Introduced for the. consideration,
of the present Legislature, after 1 became '
morouBiii louvinceil that the present
member of the Senate and tile Assembly
did not intend to redeem in this matter
Ihelr pledges t.i the people
"Let us be honest with the xoteis and
keep our plcdccs lo the people At all
events, as the (!oenior I shall, and If
the Leclslatuie does not. I want the voters
to know the leasou whv
"When we. consider the waste, the e-
trnvacance, the inefficiency and the cor-
liiption which have recently been broiiKht
to Hunt In connection w ith the ndmlnl.
n ation of public affali In our State and
which are the cause of painful humilia
tion to every thoughtful and patriotic
citizen, nil due. in no small dettree, to the!
fart that in recent years political power ,
lias Iwen urndually slipping nway from
the people who should alwajs control it
and wield It. there can be no iViubt a
to tiie lU'i-esKitv of this legislation and I
as to our dun in il.is all important mat- ,
lllsliiiiiiiralile t.enderslilii.
"Lvriv IntelllRent titlzen Is awaie lliat
those wlio subvert the (overntnenl lo
their personal advaiitnce have found tlieli
erraitst opportunities to do so throuith the
adroit anil skilful manipulation of our
svstem of party caucuses nnd political
onventions We have been Klveii le.ub'i -ship
dishonorable to the various political
parties of the State, and we have been
Given party tickets which reflect this dis
honorable leadership In dlscraceful seciet
alliances between lilg liuslness Interests '
and crooked and corrupt politic It must
cease or our free Institution are dimmed '
"The honet citizens of our State for
years have demanded ail end to these
.shameful condition. Tlwj i,uv 11111 on
primary lefnrm, IIioioukIi koIiic, radical
and direct and complete, and I would be
unfaithful to these salutuit demands of!
the people of this State and lo the pledge"
of the political I'la I fin nix of 111 v own'
party if 1 weie to give mv official ap
proval to this bill, which, while It might'
do Mimelblng to impiove our primarv
law. goes sin h a hoit distance in tlm,
right direction that It would seem like
giving a sione lo me vote( wlieu Hie
people are nMug for bread
If we fall 10 make out KV'steiii lif duect
uruiianes iipplv lo State oflliei s we 1 111 ve
left off our woik of piimaiy lefurm wline
the people expected us tu begin. The
widespiead demand fot dlrecl prlniarlei
n our Slate found Its origin mniulv In
ihe dissatisfnctlon ailslng from the fail
ure of our State convention to faithfully
teflect the sentiments of the party voteis
livery student of mil' tecent political his
tory knowa this, and no one knows It
better thnn 1 do
"Ih it nocess.'tiy for me, or nny other
man, to say that In continuing the dele
gate, system In nominating State ofticeis
electors nrn not allowed to nominate di
rectly? in continuing the delegate sys
tem we are therefore Ignoring unci repu
diating our platform pledges and betrny-
ng the people with false pretences. I
-hall not bo a party to such repudiation.
1 shall not indorse such a betrayal of
ihf poopl No political pnrty van rnaU
nif n political hypocrite"
Will ld lllm In PUht for Direct
I'rlmary I, hit.
The I'logresslve party's State organi
zation went on record yesterday, through
Theodorn nought Hnhlnson. chairman,
n favor of (lov. Hulzer'M effort h for a
direct primary law.
Mr. Hohlnnon, In a letter to the Gov
ernor, wild:
"The state platform leads'
' We denounce the so-called direct
primary net of 1011 as n deliberate at
tempt to discredit the principle of direct
nominations and retain Ikws control,
' 'We pledge the enactment of a real
direct primary law applicable to every
elective office and a 'residential prefer
i nte primary law.'
.'The National Progressive party takes
the hiimi' position to. day mm it did at tlm
time its platform was. adopted and we
pledge ourselveH lo use all honorable
means, lo aaslst III the enactment of a
Statewide direct primary law "
ll Is understood that Gov. Kulzer
has wnt letter to I'rogrcaslve leaders
here asking for their mipport In the
'Inn bo tlnrrnl In naronne Kehnnl,
I'rlnclpal Smith of the Itnynniw HlRh
School gave notice to Urn pupils yeaterday
that the boyt, and glrla must stop rtancln.
the tango In the nyinnanlum during the
noon hnin lie told the puptla that the
"irlfey trot wm hart enough, but the tango
I'lisiitii Commit Ice oT
Noii-Pnrtisnn ii
Kohfi'l Itticou. Lloyd (irifom
iiml II. I,. Sliiiisnii Amoiiu'
flip MpiiiIipi's.
I'r Henry Moskowltz. i-li.ni man "f
the fuslonlil committee of twenty,
(rave mil lant iiIkIh the tuiiiK'i of l ho
men who will rotnpu.so the r.unp.ilKii
committee of the iinll-Tnitimaii.v forces
'It Is l 111 - eoiniiiitti e which will elionse
t ntidldates for municipal nlllee and
coiidiK'l the cimpalsn asnlnt Tiun
imny Hall
In the Met nf 107 men appear William
11. HotchUl-s. eXTliait in.in of the I'm-
I " " Mine t'ltmillltee: Ktitiert
comblniUK all the forces which will uuil.
to kIvo the city 11 clean, prom e0 e
and efficient ko ernmeiu.
"We will meet to oru.illi:
111 (he
I I'lfth Avenue Itiilldlng on May 1 and
from then on we will work every minute
I to unite all the untl-Tatnmanv force.
We will meet with 1111 open inlnil- -please
emphasize that IkmU upon se
I curing a ticket which will glvo the cltv
1 the best soil of an administration "
Hr Moskowitz said that all the mem
t ber of iho i'ommlttee as In- announced
I it had accepted, and that vcrv few men
to whom the committee of twenty gave
ian Invitation had declined,
j While the committed is closely par
titioned among the parties. r Mn.
, kowltz wanted ii made clear that the
committee as it stands is a nmi-partlsan
i It was deemed advisable lo give repre
..sentnilon to nil thtee of the parties just
1 as the rive boroughs and various social
j 11 lid semi-political organization like
'the ("Itlzcns ''nlon. are recognized
A few mine name. will be added late,
1 This l the wav the l oinmi'iee divide.-;.
! on political line: j
lI!,r.0"k,,l.n , ,
lyij'en" .
1 1
1 I
tie in
l'i Tit.
T .
. 31
The lii
present l
1 l'i
Irn'ir lire
ru.l' 11 1 .inilt-
Uiiie for ,vi.ivnr In I'juv
an iiF.i:Mii:iMt;i: i-ii viu.ks
llfCturei tlJlt'ltJTl .itllUil'tee I'
1 man.
1 .irliUr'
Inn riiam'eT if 1 'iiiiitiier.
.1)1 IIVI.lWIS HIINI'.Y ln Killti;T
Itilrmull 1,'iu ' I uf irii.'ee. I'eul'le'e In.tl
" . 1 j fir nl iNi ; it a m ciiaui.i:. . e
lrelilen Honrl ttt II. In, :un
l'i IIACON IlllIIKItT ex- Tl,iJ'lut '
r,"tni'''il t)i:itT. rilKDIlllli' It laier
1I1 i-llA.MHKIll.sIN i:iAltt e
i v llroilierliuii.l "f Hull i I'omlu. i..i
il'i I'll.VDIIOI'HNi:. WILLIAM M . I
,H i'iiIIKV
UlSKI'Ii ireulen
rael lit)., ill!
il'l I'llTTON llli:i'll I'. .11
la r.
in liillJUl; rl.KVKL.VNI 11
illi Kt.l.tor I'JlIN I.
.oil (illllil
Ii Kl.KSM'.i: .-iM'iN
ll. al nrker II 11. 1
1),1 1.' l'..,Ue
fsller 1 1 si 1 1 n -
ill lillihlNti-' KltVNKI.IN 11 ,'..r.
.or i.Iunii,i.i I invei-l
I'. riT.i;i:iiALi .iami:. .i
III) liltlSl'D.M l.l.(l l ''. evAllll.H"'.!
,lar in l..i.v ev-hjltlnni It. imtiili ,n ' uuic '
"i"lt"'''HA .M M1JN O. IDIIN HKNKV iael
.11. IIP. VI. V T .MUTIIV. IJIMir leanei
,(', llll.KoVtTi-H Dll A
M pin ' Mn
illtxn iriti
uetlijellt "
,li HAI'linuli Null. MAN. Ifirii4'.
. n, lliiT.'HlCIS. W I l.I.I A M 11
Supi rintenji'ii: hi
l'r..Kletv.' su
,lli lillVVK
I 'ulllllltttCt'
tlltf . Jt
Itf ptiti'lt ti il
(.filter k!
i People Innlltute
.aU'JI-lJ'e !' M" 'Wx.
mi ni lutiete' unliiti
,I.i M.INi: lAC II Ineu'Jtire
Hi KfllXK I'KIU'lV VI. 1,-nkti
,111 LINDM.K WAl.TKIt. '.
, I', l,INlSAV. . X.VII-KI. M. CI SB
! fe.ni if enrl, ieglllliin 1 "o' inn Uli
Illi I.OKI1 WILLIAM, .lit fol'erti,
i.i. ,
i of New Vnrk
, ,111 MAIU.INt: AbniKII 1.. rel! esljle
illi AilKH ilAKff.s M . reilreil niani
t fa. t in er. liromlnen' In lalmr nrlntrallon
1 lltl Mr COOK. 11111.1 1. .1 l.wvei
! i Hi .MUHKiAVITZ. HKNItV. no.lul otkir
I I 1)1 O'llltlLN. WILLIAM I, x-Sherllf
(Ul I'DLLAK. I'llANCIS I . Iiiwver
iKiTHICL. JO.-BI'll M . muniifac'urer,
eerreiary faxton cominlttee. 1 SO'
(III MR1.IC1MAN. ISAAC N. banker
msn Clllxens rnl'in
ll'l STIIIN. I'HRt) WILLIAM, linker
(I'l hTKLLA. ANTONIO, pliyelrlan.
(HI STIMWIN IIKNIIY I., former Perie.
Krv nf War
l)i WIIITK liAYLOItf) S K,iU iVer
,fl A flA.VIr .LLlfiON I ln.iile.ri.-e
(J'l AI.LLN. II W. Inxnrunce
ll) ilAIIIIOT. I'll AN I L. lawjer
ID) IIASSI'.TT BIWAItl M forme ,
lie Service ('ornlnUtloner
I'l HA III:. II A , builder
ill HENNT.TT, .1 I. Unvcr
an ii!iriHAi'i:it, khkh, m em -
I II X'ALDCH, A I' bull.lt-
PI CLAHKi:. AL'Dl.uy, manufacturer
The Unlined Suit
is the logical outcome of the demand for clothes that drape
properly following the 7mini lines of the figure; we show the
unlined suit in its best development coats with merely a silk
shoulder-lining, no padding or stiffening; unlined vests with
patch pockets; trousers without flare unstiffened bottoms.
Spring Suits, half lined or unlined, $18-to $45, ready to wear.
Silk Shirts, exceptional' Values, $3.50, $4,50, $5, $6.50 & $7.50.
ittl 'l,i:vi;itl,Y WILLIAM K ImiiUrr
III rut (till. IN. J P. Uufpre-lili'ni C'pn
Irnl l..ilir l'nl.111
(Pi IIAVUM'Ultr HKNItV II. real e
(Hi tlAST.MOSI'. A A IK IN' II. mariiiMr-
(I'l I'C.l.TIIlt ilCDIKli: W . lunlier
IVt rilANK. (IKOIKIt: S, llMuratire
1 I'l Viitllllil.l.. (HKillOi: . rellr.l
I Pi (lltV. .I.XMIIS A I . Iver.
1 is .isiii;hi: inyi:.v tinni.trni
I lir, w t Tf i' N"rlinol
1 iti lli:ni;.M..s lU.Vir.l. V It, tnnkfr
, Mil ,MMi:.". li.MtWIN It, .III, m.iniifjc
' ' nif r
dn Ki:i.l.l!V, I c. m.i nuf.i rt ure r.
1H1 KI.INCI.. .lAC'IMI . lunki-r.
ill 1,m 11,1.1AM II . iMinker
iltl MOIKtW. .KHIV lltl.t.. l.iVM
illi M.N V N A Itt'. K P. thtnkrr
(til PINK l.oftH II . I.mter
,, ' 'I'l ItUltllllTSilN. ( 'HA III, US i:. lumber
(A.N IM KA I ;S I 'l".ib r, evinesMrm llnnikl.vn Hon nl or IMu
1 , t l.iti
'III M'llinitK.V CII.Mll.MH a. tinner
I M im of ttrnokl) n
illi SMITH .lA.MKK A . metilwnt.
(Ml Hlltl'I.CV. V II . Iimmrtrr.
'I'l TiiMI.IN. I' .1. Inlmr le,uer
ilii Tllii.MPH(l . ornTAV V. mnniifrtr
luii'i Hi Tt'TTI.K. I'llANIx P. mil merclunt
' ' ? TV.'""-1'1" " b''l"T
' ," l,.,..l:-.AI',;y'KN",:,t I'nker.
' , l,I.K'i:i,I.VN A. lawyer
.11) lop.MI. lilcilAiui, nnnuf,i.'tiirer,
former IMrk 'ommliliiiii'r.
The llriint.
1 lllltCIIAt.l.. v. II. 111 an 11 fur Hirer,
illi iKUKisTIIii. .HiHN (i . h.inker.
(IM cxsrAilMITTA. l.ul'I.S liic.il School
Ilii. u,l
'III CnKI.I'.V WII.I.IA.M A. re.ll e.l.Ue
iim ii.mih. .Kill.v, lni'r.
it" i;aiii,i:v cintxin.ii's .1. iHer
If' ritti:i)t.ANM)i;il, HIUHKIK urrnunt
1 .111'
1 lltl IIAII.V IICSMAMI.V. I.itner
iiti i.,viii:m'i;, iticiiAitt) w . nunu-
! ll'l l.r.VIM-: JDriKI'll M. Ie.
ill! IflUMtN ltfSHi:i,l., l.ijer
' ll ft rCPIII.NS lit. IN .1 luilllier Hie--
il'i WfirnA''ll r. A tnnnufjrtuie,-.
Ii' III.A'KWr.I.I, ; t:i Ittl i K B. Iinjer
il'i I'IMIllfSll.N. TIIANU I... reKl elal
1 III (lltiri'lTII. W II lawyer,
illi Illilllli:. KUIIKItr W iiierUimil.
in-. litem rh.iiulier of inmiin ri e
i-i .n'UN.sroN. iii:nuy . ilriiKcl't.
li:i n
1 In
1 in
l.l'CK rllXSi'l.s II. pie.lil.-ti! Wenil.
Water W'nrki
MATTItllWS t:ilNi:ST. I.ulliler
Htlll:itT.-a. (ill.HUItT W. Ihmt
W II.I.1A.MS. WII.I.IA.M II. lll.Mlilfiii -
il'i WIIISTt.KP. li.Mll.ANti
ill.llirl t S A
, In W M ''UN V1I 1.1 AM (1
(tti I'llP't: VI.Ti:il lirnke
rel i' e,l
n'ii A ine
I'.'IMU'P l!lsfll
ate 'I'll
.MaUinu II
to (HT-
V it-.. prll 24 -The Assembly
passed tii-dav the Silver-Sletn bill lilaK
Ing il a uuMlenieauor tu operate horse
rule 'II lllst class cilles. The bill 1
aimed al the New York horse rats.
The Senate advanced to Until passage
the Tm bulk' bill limiting to live cent.
the fate lo lo charged between I'lat
bush avenue and .Manhattan cmssllig,
Kings nuiiity . the Crlltln bill pro
viding for a live cent fare In New York
on subuibaii ten ns nf strain luilro.uls
In The I'.ronx and the bill of Assembly
man llearn Increasing the slse of ca
boose rat. on railiuuds iiml .specifying
stanilanls for the cats.
The Walker bill providing for un
limited telephone ecrvieo throughout Hie
State at llxed prices ia.cd the Assem
bly after Assemblyman Well said that
the "New York Telephone Company I
i the most thieving corporation permitted
to npeiate In nny State in the I'tilon.'
The hill provide that a telephone
company shall not charge more than
j $.(' a year for a telephone on a separate,
1 pair of wires in a residence: not more
! tljan ?1S5 in a business house; not
' more than JHiu a year for each mldl
' tion.'il pair of wire fur a business house,
land not more than iin fur any svvltch
1 board nor mote than ; a year for each
' extension telephone
, The Senate , second tune killed the
; I'olloek hill establishing reserves In be
i kept Py savings bank In protect de.
positni., but Senator I'nllock had
vote leconiiidered again, but did
i piess the bill for passage.
l!v ;'J to 11' the Senate -11 ii. k .11
I en.n ting clause of Aemblvm:in ( libbs's
bill making u unlawful fm emplovei to
tine employee for di'iehction of duty
or violations of working rules, or for
any other ieann in make deduction
I from the wage. or lompensatlon of em-
plovees except for time lnt III unjll-
I lli(iri7(il absence trom dutv
t.ov. sulzi'r. senate lull itotg.inlzing
Hie Slate Health I '"p.irtmcni was or
(lered to a thild leading by the Senate
The bill of Senator l'ole iiicorpor.itlng
the Itui'lieteller I'ound.itlon )iaeil Hie
Asseliiblv It now go.- In (he I inVerunr
fm hi appioval
I 'nil I Denier liiovleleil li I e 1 1 ion n
' of III Driver.
! i nniis.i.illv henvv Diinisl.iiieni fwr
'gl.ing shun weight vv.i. Imposed bv I
.liill(es Diveefe. Salmon and .Moss m
ISpciliil Session. vesnrdav nf.ei noun
When they sentonied ll.itnelt .1. I'lscll-
inan, a coal dealer of 1U1 llroonie strei t
lo slxtv das In the Tomb and lined
him t.loO
I'lscliman'.s dilver. llenjamln Gold
ner, ti.siitleil that III employer had told
hlm to put a part of every load In a
box. under Die driver'. seat. The bn
held I'll pound. I'Nchman, assirted
Ctoldiiei'. Instructed him to lift up this
bo and dump Hie hidden coal Into t ho
lest of the load whenever an Inspector
appeared, but to keep the coal there
othcrw se
Coldnci inteil thai he had been do
ing till all winter
' stock ricliHiiKf Sent Sold.
The Stock Exchange seat of Louis J.
Whlrhcr of Hall & Whlcher hns been
posted for Irnnsfer to (' S Newman
The price whs unchanged from the last
sale of If, mm
I'imN Twclvp I'nliftits WpII
Knoimh Alonjr for I-u rt hor
I lie
llot'lor Said to He Xoiirl.v
Kciiily to (!o Ittick to
Hr. Tricilnia nn administered second
Injoctloiiri yesterday for the first time.
in this city. This phase of his tuber
culosis treatment, which ho has. Insisted
was lis most essential part, took place lit
the llinpltnl for Deforml'lea nnd .loin'
Diseases, The cases, twelve In number,
were taken fiom those treutcd there
early in Mulch.
Hr. I''rletlma.li spent half a day at
III. wot Is at the Hospital. He examined
the fifty-odd patients, whom he has
treated there, all of them stuTeiltiK from
tuberciiloslH of n eiirgiral nature.
The twelve on whom He thought the
Ills I administration of his culture had
had the correct effect were, with one
or two exceptions, children There were
only six adults m iHe fifty hi ought bu-
foie hlm.
Kvery one of the patients nl the I)e
forinltliw hospital rlnmoted for a see
otid treatment. Dr. rrledmann said he
had to refuse the majority becaiiee haute
m giving the second treatment is likely
to be dangerous.
j Word had been passed about Harlem
I 'hat Dr. Crledinann 'would treat prnc
i tlcally any rase of tul,w,ctilosl.s that was
presented at the Deformities hospital.
Tiie result wan that when he arrived
the street was Jammed with, would-be
Of the many who applied eleven
finally were selected for first treat
ment. They were mostly children, and
with the exception of n lupus rase and
a gland case all had tubercular Joints.
It is likely that Dr Krledmann will
eave New Vnrk as soon as the condi
tion of his patients here will allow It,
,.r as soon a complete arrangements
bine been made whereby he can Intrust
hi work here to otners. Those who nro
helping hlm are of the Impression that
h's business affairs here will le wound
up In n week.
He emphasized yesterday the point
that with the exception of thn Seton
Hospital cases under the (lov ernment's
eve all his patients heie had had full
attention since hi return from Provi
dence. He gave the Impression that
the l-'ederal case at Seton could wait
1 1 I understood that the doctor, be
ing disappointed with hi. general re
ception In thi country, wants to finish
up hi work here nnd m Canada and
get hack to Berlin He has repeatedly
said he will leave as soon as his "mis
sion I ended "
Word from Berlin that his patients
want hlm back ha also had Its effect
on Dr Krledmann.
Ii vv.i. .iiil yesterday that Dr Frled
mann was ready to puck up his cul
ture. and return to Germany at. the end
of his llrst week here because of tha
hostility to him, but thnt he decided to
remain when the opportunity of th
clinic at Dr. George Stannhelmer's of
fice vv.i opened to hlm.
The Southern Cntianiiit Practitlonet .
a medical journal. In Its April number
prints a letter from Dr. Rea 5mlth, n
c.il.fi'rin.i phjsii-ian who I studying In
Dr VetenhnffiT's laboratory In Berlin,
Dr Smith says.
'I saw to-day the greatest demnn-!-tratlon
of scientific enthusiasm 1 have
ever seen. This morning we wete study
lug microscopically the specimen taken
f i "in the man who died following Dr.
I'liedma mi Injection and whose
autopsy l leporteil to you.
"We found fresh tubercles developed
In the gluteal muscles at the point of In
jection and n large lymph gland that
blocked the femoral canal iHosen
inuelleiM full of tubercle. on the right
side, the point of Injection, and none
on the left WesletiholTei- considers It
absolute proof that the Injection was
v indent and caused a new tuberculous
Infection. He is now preparing slides
to demonstraU- to the medical xoclety.
When this letter was brought to the
attention of local physicians last night
they said that it was not u proof that
the I'lieilni'inn serum was ha i infill In
nil cases. They thought that the pub
lic health nfllceis hero should Inves
tigate along the lines followed In Ber
out lie Will xlixn.i nlne
merleiiii I'rleiidslilp.
WamiinmtijN. Vpiil "t -James Biyie,
the lltltlsh Ambassador, who will leave
Washington in-mmron- for IhiKland lo
H'tire fiom the diplomatic service, made
Ins farew. il appearance before an Arner
1, an audience to-ntght hi addtrsslng the
American Academy of Science ut its fif
tieth anniversary dinner. Vice-President
Mai "ball also took occasion to extend his
leputallon as an after dinner speaker, al
though ii, icinarlis were of a lighter
v em
"I am a verv unhappy man.'' said Am
bassador llrvee, "because this Is the last
opportunity I shall have to nddrei an
American audience I inn going home
now after tniiiiy happy years spent among
vou, with good memories of my most
cordial treatment here, of my many valued
friendships, which I shall always cherish.
I have always been an earnest student of
American nffaliH and American , people,
and this Interest I shall continue"
Tlm retiring Ambassador praised the
scientific researcji of both Americans and
Ihigllsli and expressed regret thnt the
leward for scientific work was not greater
here and hoped that It would soon be.
ome more recognized and better paid In
both private and Government work. Mr
Hryce was given a rousing farewell ova
Inspector nxvyrr finrt Looking Cor
I'oolronm nn .lnlb Floor.
Inspector Dwyer, with Lieut. Hayes
and four men of hi stuff, raided uu apart
ment on the ninth floor of the. Southern
lintel, In rifty-fourth street Just east of
Broadway, nt i o'clock yesterday after
noon on warrants Issued by Chief Magis
trate McAdoo, charging that those named
hi thn warrants were running a pool room
The apartment has four rooms, a
kitchenette nnd hath, and the lessee's
nnmn Is Christiansen. Tho Information
upon which tho warrants wero asked said
that the apartment was run as a poolroom
In xvhtvh no sums smaller than tSOO were
placed. The Inspector's squad had to
hroak open tho door with an ae. They
found four men In the place. No ar
rests were made, hut two telephones antf
other paraphernalia were seised. '
. mn I null it n for Tills District t'oo
flrined by tiie .Venule,
Washington, A pi 11 IM - The Senate
confirmed n large number of nomina
tions this afternoon. II. Snowden Mar
shall was continued as I'nlted Stales
Attorney for the Southern District or
New Vork, C.ipl. Bill .McDonald ns
I'nlted States Marshal for the Northern
district of Texas, and many others,
Much time was taken up In a discus
sion of the Kepubllran attitude toward
President Wilson's nomination. The
Republicans will Insist that In all rases
where the tenure Is fixed lleiiihllcan In
cumbents shall servo out llif'tcrm unions
there Is cause for removal. Heads of
scle'ntlflc bureaus shall not he removed
except for cause, oe. the Itepubllrans
hetlcvn they should continue In otllce In
tins absence of proofs of Incomprtonrj .
Kxpresa fn. Wantt .Jersey City In
I'm mililll.OlM! for Jtlots.
A suit for $200,000 damages brought
by the Wells-Kargn Kxpress Company,
n Colorado corporation, ngnlnst the
Mayor and Aldermen of .lercey City for
property damage and injury to Its busi
ness (luring the express strike In l!ild
will be Heard In the I'nlted Suites Dis
trict Court In Newark next Tuesday.
The suit was brought under a sertloil
of the New Jersey laws of ls"4, which
Is "an act to prevent routs, riots nnd
tumultuous assemblies."
The company charges In Its rom
plnlnl thnt In October. 1910. when tin
express drivers were on strike, the city
failed to provide police protection.
In lis answer the city denies lespon
slbllity, under Lie portion of the stat
ure which relieves the municipality
where negligence or Individual liability
Is n factor In the cause of the dis
turbance. AT LEAST 120 DEAD
lliml Unities for Life In Conl
IMsrjrciN .Vein1 Wnsliliiff-
(011. I'll.
Washington. Pa . Anrll 24 I tescllel .s
who came to-night from tin- depths of I
me wrecked Cincinnati mine of the
Pittsburg Coal Company near here say
that the number of deaths from yester
day's explosion will reach at least U'O
and possibly more. The exact number
may never be known, as It appears that
It will be Impossible to reach many of
the bodies.
Prom the stories being told by hoe
who escaped It Is evident that there
were startling scenes In the mine nflvr
the explosions. When the first explo
sion occurred the men still alive made'
frantic efforts to get to safetv They1
were blocked at alt points by falVn
debris. There followed lights for life,
miner. striking and struggling to escape
from thrlr narrow quarters. Then came
the second explosion, adding to the list i
of dend. Close after this raine the after
damp, claiming morn victims.
Practical miners nnd some survivors
gave It as their opinion thnt there were
two explosions, one close after tho other.
The llrst Is believed to have been of gas,
probably Ignited by a miner with nn ,
open lamp. Soon after this. It Is
thought, there was a dust explosion that !
caused many deaths. i
Klghteen bodies were taken out of the
mine to-day. Four other bodies wetei
recovered, but were, left two miles In the
workings, from where they wilt be j
brought to-morrow.
Great dilllcultles were encountered bv
the rescue parties. To-night the pump.
were out of order nnd there was danger,
of tho mine Hooding. Some men seeking '
bodies worked In u foot of water. Iii
addition this rescuers had to dig their
way through fallen debris and wreckage. !
and slate falls were numerous. I
Coroner .lames Ileffran. a prnctlcal
miner of many years experience, started
on his Investigation to-night. He em- 1
panelled o Jury, which vllted various
parts of the mine's working nnd Inter
viewed survivors to-night.
' lr Wan l'rcr a I.Hliornliir
of .rrodynlnlc.
Capt Washington Irving Cliainbeis.
head of the aeronautical depatlinent of
tho mivy, with the authorization of the
Secretin) of the Nav). was the guest of
honoi of the meeting of the Aerouiiiitlr.il
Soviet) last evening, and was piesented '
with a gold medal for being the first to
demonstrate the use of the aeioplane as
an auMllarv to the navy.
("apt. Chambers spoke of the gieat need
of a national aeiodyiiamlc laboratut . anil
thought the Smithsonian Institution would
b- a good father for one. lie point. d out
that the boa id of regents Is composed of
the President, Vice-President, the Chief I
Juslhe of the I'nlted Slates ami othei
notable persons and that tho secietnry
has the privilege of the thwir of tlm Senate
and House
Patrick Welch. 19 years old, of Thirty,
ninth street nnd Third avenue, Manhattan.
while at work yesterday on the third floor of
the new annex to Hotel Unssert In
Hrooklyn lost his balnnce and fell Into
the sub-cellar. He died soon after reach
ing; the I.onK Island Collcfio Hospital
Mrs. Annie Murphy, caretaker nt 132
Monroe street, Hrooklyn, was noInK down
stairs with a kerosene lamp last nlcht and
who she reached the basement it ex
ploded. She was uadly burned and was
taken to St John's Hospital In a dylnn:
The varnish works of .Joseph Hohners
Rons at 10l)S-a Metropolitan nvonuo,
WllllamshurK. were entered by burglars I
early yesterday and a ipiantlt) of shellac
was stolen,
If You Live
Along the
New York Central
N. Y N. H. & Hartford
N.Y., Woitchoster & Botton
Have your office in the
Vanderbilt Avenue
42nd to 43rd Street on
Vanderbilt Avenue, facirur
Grand Central Terminal.
"In tke Heart of New York."
Matt cemrmlrat loctllsn In Naw
Twk. Mora Ubm of Trndt thon
or othor. Liiht on oil tldu.
stidr Jubo lit,
527 Fifth Avenue, New York
DREICER collection of
Pearls, the most im
portant in the United
States illustrates the in
ternational buying power of
this house. Specimens in
reat numbers of truly rare
quality, arranged in Neck
laces, also loose Pearls to
match Necklaces for addi
tions to centres.
ned for Wlfe'x (ioivos. He Hectares
He Is itl Itcsponstlile.
A bill of particulars In a suit against
.fame Cunningham llhlinp to recover
$3,nno for gowns furnished to Ids wife,
Abigail Hancock Illshop, who I now
suing him for divorce, was filed In tlm
Supt erne Court yesterday b'. .lessln
Kiniuliaison and Margaret Wheelock,
modistes. The gowns nnd other npparel
were furnished In the winter of lull-i:
Illshop contends that they were not neces
saries and that he I not responsible for
their payment.
Among the articles listed In tho bill of
particulars are: l-'lgured batiste roret,
$10: bend gown. 5.100, coat and gown,
$.10(1. seal coat, J70. ciepe de chine gown,
$"nii, pink velvet wrap, $176: lavender
ten gown, $300: blue and yellow tea gown.
$'.'u0, velvet coat, $L'J.ri, and bunch of
pansies, $,,.
The case was set for trial May f,
(lies Kitlnat Itecommelidallon nf
lliiml, Who Inxenltan ted.
At.n.vs'r. April 14. Clov Sulzer will
Issue orders to-morrow for the removal
of Sheriff .Melville );, llrusli of Suffolk
The (lovernor In so doing will go ngalnt
the recommendation of William E. Iiowd
of New York, who investigated charges of
neglect made against finish.
.Hr Powd reported that thi rharges
should he dismissed.
mH!'!MiHH FOUNDED 1856 IKMifflMiiggBBM
You can't get out of the Subway
at Astor Place without seeing
our store. No excuse for you
not viewing the largest single
stock of men's clothing in New
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till iiB
Cousin of IHelngrnpti IteenrHs Urlbei
In Ocean I'll) ,
Atlantic City, April ri With
de'ectnphone, a new nppar.it'is s ml
to tho dictagraph, Hums agents urn re
potted to have enmeshed ole,i o;
Ocean Cltv and Slate oillclais s,r,vlni.
The detectives represented them1-'
ns promoters of a trolley road nlon
New .lersev Ocean lioulevard Tin
torney-fjeneral Is expected here tu-mei
row and If Is said that warrants w
then be issued for n member of
Slate ocean Itniilevard Commission n
otllcer nf Cap" May coiinlv and MVer.i
members of the Hoard of Freeholders
The method. of the delectlve vver
nearly the sauic as those which traiipen
Atlantic City grafter who were w ,bri
to sell their votes for a tnv'hiral con
creto boardwalk.
Three Hums detectives, one a woman
rented a sulto of rooms nl lladdon lln
They laid wires under the Honrs, t.ik.ri;
up tho tiles of two bathrooms and i
laying them without detection,
for More Time,
April '.'I -.lohn
I Spooner. repiesentlng the I'tilon Par f
I Itnllroad Interests, made a formal mo
, tlon In the Supreme Cotiit to-d,iv fcr
; extension of the time allowed In i
' Covcrnmrnt's dissolution rult to work out
a reorganization plan to eomplv with the
I Sherman law The court tiwik the ma'ter
j under ndvlsMncn'
Have your desks, chairs, tables and
mini; equipment, waste baskets, etc.,
uniform in design and color. Let us
estimate. At our Salesrooms, the
largest In New York, you will find
everything required. We take 'your
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