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V 3
police I.cnrn of Plan (o Deslvo.v,
Kiiiiioiis .School, Sn.s the I
Xritlior Hops Much Hnrin.
Jlowrvor Mystery in Spirt
lit. Powder.
-pecia' Cable Tietpatch to Till. St
l.ii'v, April 2.V The Stnudtud f.iy
the p.ilicr nine le:miel of u nuffrrtK'ttti
)( . la li irn tin' liilllillmtH nf the fiiinnti '
i,..1 ,if lliirmw, which raiiUs from nl
, HMtiitpnlnt next to llton for t tn ,
. n -ii Hi iiHiy poopio, ine iiiiikiiiikk
. , nrr iiiiMilly boluK Kitnrdcil tiny nnd
s, i: 1 '
T srtiiNil wns founded by ,Iohn
J, n In lf'T-l AmotiK Its pupils luive
ten yurii eminent men nx Lord Hyron,
li, H,.n rud, Sheridan, Kurd I'al
rr "ti nud Cardinal MnnnlnK.
T i poller Iiave nlno heard of a plot
t v up tlu residence of Mr. Itlalr,
M i'. near Ilnrrow. The milfraKette?
n i srudiir npilnst Mr. Hlatr because
. ifeati d Mr. Lnneluiry, the xuffraclst
si . .v. at a bye-cleetlon last Novcm
l 'i he H"v and Hroinley division.
I.iich. who sentenced Mrs.
f i s: to thtee eats Imprisonment,
.s ,n Harrow, and his home and
.rhnod are belnp ery closely
' . .1 The police learned that the
, 'fr'i n. tti's were plotting to Itldnnp the
, ,r hr .lustier.
.. militants attempted to hold a
r . '.na .it Harrow last nlKht antf4liere
cr .ii disordel. The women speakers
couM ii"t bo heard because of the Inter
, .Hi "f tin- crowd. I'rpper, snuff
t : MtieMlttK chemicals were scat
' I rnuli the hall and the police
. I ,i . aid Job to protect the women
w at' v d parted.
Tbr- MitTraettes made nn attempt to
v. . 1 ihe Northumberland County
Cotineil s olllces at Newcastle. on-Tyne
,i H inb The damage win small, but
l ir iMP'taUei- had a narrow escape.
tiMther bomb was exploded under
i u platform at Manchester from
,i. 'i John Hums, the President
i.f the Local Covernment Hoard,
t as e lirduled to speak u few
mi- later. It is supposed that
the women made u mistake In tlmln,?
. plo-aon of the fuse. Both bombs
lire nsrribod to the suffraKettes, but
tiiere Is no iroof that they were guilty
..f the outrages.
There is a mystery in regard to the
puddi-ii death of Mr. Watt, Lloyd's agent
' Middlesbrough, after he had taken
a eldlit7. powder. The wrapper on the
powder was Inscribed "Votes for- women
or destruction." An inquest was opened
jesterday, but wiw adjourned.
The Standard says the militants will
mike reprisals If Mrs. Pankhurst Ihi
fM back to Holtoway to serve out her
mrrlsonmcnt. These will Include raids
er the theatres.
Mrs Charlotte Despatd. ruin-militant
s .ffroeette leader, arrested last niht
n Trafalgar Square, was lined $;r In
Itnw street police court yesfrday, with
tie alternative of serving fourteen days
i Molloway Jail. She chose imprlson-
Miss Nina Boyle and Mrs. Julia Wood,
n-reted with Mrs. Despard, were lined
MS and $10 respectively and chose to
-pr.d ten and seven days In Jail In
Anthorlrf It elnuirlnoiiliii-nt nf af
frnuelles After HnliKi-r MrlUe.
T" !' rrthlr tlftiwtrh In Th. Sl'
Imha. Aprd 2-i The House of
L Ms t -night passed without delay tho
b 1 .n'r.xluri'd in the House of Com
mons b Home Serretnry McKenna pro-
ding t.ir punishment of suffragettes
ho cr, nn hunger rtrlkes by rem
pf filing them after they recover.
T) h,;i ,s generally known an the
"Cd' and ni"iise bill."
The II 1 . C. VV. Currier Alnile Dlahnp
of viiitiioins, Cnti,
pnn' I tihlc tifkpatcfi to Thb Scv.
P.mf pril 24- Tho Ilev. Charles
W-irre.i Currier of Baltimore, Mil,, has
r.ifn appointed Bishop of Matanzas,
lU:.TTM,nK. Md April 21. Father
carrier is an accomplished pulpit orator,
gifud writer and a linguist. Ho Is
al.i, a lecturer of prominence and has
t'IU-d engagements at the Catholic Sum
rnT ,r,,Mil in New York and In Boston.
Washington, Detroit, Brooklyn and
flier cities,
r'ather Currier was born on the Island
of St Thomas, West Indies, In 1857.
fin his father's side he is of American
nr Kin, going back to the early period
"f 'i colonization of New I'ngland.
Af r e. mpletlng his studies among the
M'dr tnptoriHtH In Holland he was or
'! ' id a priest In their church at Am
"Pl.uu on November 24, 1S60, and
wr, afierward he left for Surinam, In
ii America, where he remained thlr
'f"i months, when he was sent to tho
'ted States. Ill January, 1892, ho'
enteri d the diocese of Baltimore. In
' war he went to Spain, being Inter
tieed in the American historical nxhlhl
i "f Madrid, and also to imslst nt
Iniirnatlouiil Congress of Ameri
cans at Huelva.
Two Men In Alberta MlmcU Fire nn
' ''MtiNTON, Alberta, April 24. North
f Mounted Pollco Detective Bailey
'ias killed and his comrade, Constable
W; lticy, -wounded last night when at
'Tnptlng to arrest two men In a shack
i.ear Grassy Lake.
As Bailey approached tho shack he
i3h shot, and when Whitley attempted
o remove the body ho also was tired on.
'teinfnrcementH have been fent from
For' Saskatchewan.
Monarch Unnblr In Hold Audlrncei
Onlnic In Stiff .Neck.
fipcial Cable IlrtpnlcU to Tn SlN
Madrid. Anrll "4. - King Alfonso Is In
1 ."posed. Ho Is HufferlnK from a stiff
'ck and all royal audiences have been
If there is one thing more
than another that is respon
sible for the speed with which
this organization works, it is
the simple fact that our prep
arations arc at all times so
far and consistently in ad
vance of the work in hand as
to enable us to keep working
on an operation without stop
ping in the middle of it.
Speed in building construc
tion is attained not by spec
tacular spurts in spots, but
by moving all the time.
Rnildins Construction
Bussinn Trlncess Also Injured
in Accident Occurrinp;
Xcnr Berlin.
tpeeial Cahlr Drtrnfrh to Tnr Scn i
Bnnt.tN. April 24. The Russian nvl-1
ntor Abramovlteh. who flew to Berlin
from St. IVtersbutg last year, made an
ascension at .lohannlsthal to-day with
Princess Schakowsky of Russia, who
has qualified as an airwoman.
They wero in a biplane, which sud
denly turned turtle at a height of only
thirty feet from the ground. The avi
ator was so severely Injured that ho will
probably die. He Is suffering from con
cussion of the brain nnd Internal in
Juries. Tho condition of the Princess Ii
worse than was at tlrst supposed. Her
noso Is broken and she has severe in
juries of the chest and lungs.
The machine in which the pair were
Hying wa. a Wright biplane.
The Princess and the aviator had
hardly been taken to the hospital when
Dunctz. another Russian aviator, fell
from a monoplane and was Instantly
lonsln or llnnlnh Klnit Jnmpa nt
C'rlilrnl Moment.
fp'rutl Ctbl' ttttpMrh to Tar (Us
Copeniiahks, April 24. Prince Axel of
Denmark, cousin of the King, had a
narrow escape from death during a
Might In an aeroplane to-day. He was
at a height of l.soo f. et when a sudden
gust of wind put the machine out of
control It came down with a great
rush and smashed against a barrier. Just
as the aeroplane war. about to strike the
barrier the Prince Jumped and thus es
(aped. II" s a member of the Danish avia
tion corps.
Krriiinn ilnlnr fnll Ilarlnir Hoinh
Throulntc l:iertmrnl.
l'enil I able lriitrh in Titr Si ,
MfN-icii. April 24. Two (lerman mili
tary aviators, Lieut, von (irrmershelm
and Lieut. Shlrneres, were perhaps mor
tally Injured to-day when their machine
fell during a tlight over tho Schlelsche
aerodrome. Both officers are members
of the Bavarian Infantry.
The alator.s were carrying out bomb
throwing experiments. Lieut, von (Jer
tnershelm was guiding the machine and
his companion was dropping missiles at
targets on tho ground.
Workmen Employer) tn Rrlilntr llr-
Jpeleil I'lrtnrn nn Strike,
"l''f UetpMrh to Till: Scv
Lonihin, April 24.- The nrtlsta whose
pictures had been rejected by the Hoyal
Academy's committee for the annual ex
hibition had a little satisfaction to-day
when they saw or heard of the workmen
at the academy going on strike and
lefuslng to remove the unappreciated
There were only sixteen of these pic
tures, but the men suddenly struck be
cause they had received notice of a re
duction In their wages and the wagons
which were lined up outside the build
ing had to leave without tho discarded
These men, while only employed cas
unlly, are skilled In the handling and
hanging of pictures, hut they wero soon
replaced. They probably will repent of
their action and seek reinstatement soon.
I a, 0011 llri'rhr I omninnlon at
Knelinrlatlc .Mct-tlnga at Malta,
.Sptctal Cable Dctpateh to The Sin
Malta, April 24. Twelve thousand
children, Including a number of hoy
scouts, received communion during the
Kucharlstlc Congress hero to-day, Car
dinal Ferrata, the papal legate ; six
Bishops nnd fourteen prlcMs officiated
during tho ceremony. Afterward Cardi
nal Ferrata watched a grand procession
of the children.
Cardinal Lualdl celebrated the ponti
fical mass at the cathedral and Cardinal
Heylen presided over the meeting of tho
congress which discussed the liturgy of
the mass, tho canon law of the mass
and other matters.
Cardinal Ferrata held a reception In
the evening at the episcopal palace.
Paius. The deficit 111 the French
burgct for 1S13 will amount to io,-
dOO.OOO, while In 1914 tt win De necessary
for the French Government In order to
meet the additions to the national arma
ments to borrow $200,000,000, according
to a letter to the Matin from Senator
Kmllo Almond, who has been appointed
to draw up tho report of the budget com
Naim.ks. With Imposing ceremonies
Italy's fouith dreadnought, the lliilllo,
was launched with all the Admiralty
officials and a brilliant assemblage to see
the big ship take the water. The Dante
Allghler! nnd tho Contl dl Cavour, dread
noughts, wero launched last year and a
third monster sea fighter, tho Andrea
Dorla, was launched three weeks ago.
London. Satisfactory progress Is re
ported by surgeons of the Duchess of
Connuught. She Is better than for some
days. Weakness from tho operation of April
10 U dliappearln.
Pushes Button in Wnsliinaton
and Building Is Opened
High Prn1.se for Everybody Wlur
Made the Structure
President Wilson pushed n button in I
Washington last night, t bell tinkled ' (Jeorge Kolh, W. It. Matthal of Haiti
In the engineer's quarters far below J .'tore, F II Mills and 11. 1 Snmstng.
the street level In the Woolworth Build- A special train from Washington
Ing and thousands of lights flashed nut
from the fifty-five stories to signal that
New York's newest heaven kissing
tower was opened formally for service.
In recognition of the completion of the
work many distinguished men from nil
parts of the country gathered on the
twenty-seventh tloor to do honor to
Cass Gilbert, the architect, of whose
brain th'o wonder was born, nnd Inci
dentally to dine at a point higher above
this part of the world'n surface than
most of them had reached before.
The twenty-seventh tloor of the Wool-
worth Building wasn't designed for a
banquet hall, but you wouldn't hnve
guessed It last night when F. Hopkln
son Smith, standing beside Frank W.
Wrolworth, announced that the guests
were met at "a dinner of accomplish-
Before Mr. Smith settled down tJ the
regular business of Introducing people
be rend letters of congratulation fnm
ex-President Taft. whose natno was
greeted with cheers; Gov. Fielder of
New Jersey, Secretary of the Navv
Daniels anil many other distinguished
pfolli' men. At the table where Mr.
Gilbert sat as guest of honor were f!ov.
Aram J. Pothler of Rhode Island. Judge
T. C T. Craln, Senator Itoblnson of Ar-
Kr.nsvs, iouls J. Horowitz, builder nf
the skyscraper; Gonzales S. Cordova,
Minister from Kcuadnr; Justice Charles,
L. C.uv. F.dward K. McCall. chairman of
the Public Service Commission. D. J.
Walsh, William Winter. Patrick Fran-
els Murphy. W !:. IS. Halliard, Frank
Donohue and C. S Woolworth.
F. Hopklnnnn Smith spoke of the
achievements of the country's great
business men. classing Mr. Woolworth
among them and citing htm as nn ex
ample nf the opportunity for success
which, he said, was still open to nil In
spile of the statements of those who
delighted In attacking men wlio had
succeeded. He added that "attacks on
rich men are quite persistent of late
and from a high quarter."
Then he invited his audience to stand
on the sidewalk some day and "took up
until you get the roofs of your mouths
sunburned while gar.lng nt the Gothic
tower piercing the blue, a lasting monu
ment to the poor farmer boy who kept
at the head of the procession."
That started the cheering nnd there
was more of It when Mr, Woolworth got
up. He started right In saying nice
things about Mr. Gilbert. As he called
the roll of those, who. he said, had made
the building possible, beginning with
Mr. Moore and Mr. Smith, his Hist em
ployers, he called on the men he named
to stand up. and the cheering for the
"Woolworth exhibits." as some one
named them, was almost continuous.
Mr Woolworth snld that when he told
Mr. Gilbert that he wanted a building
750 feet high the architect had in
quired If ho was to be 'limited' to that
height. Mr. Woolworth said he had re
plied that was "the minimum." He
added that It was only recently that he
had learned Just how high the building
Is. Mr. Gilbert, he snld, didn't tell him
xnctly, so he ordered engineers to make
sure of the exact measurements. These
showed, ho said, that at the Park place
corner the distance from sidewalk to
tower top was 791 feet 1 Inch, on the
Barclay street corner 792 feet and at the
Barclay street entrance 793 feet 9 Inches,
The foundations are 121 feet below the
street level, so Mr. Woolworth figured
that his buildjng Is 913 feet 1 Inch high.
When It came Mr. Gilbert's turn he
said that If he had known Mr. Wool
worth as well two years age as he does
now ho wouldn't have stopped at 791
feet fi inches, which nro his figures for
the distance from sidewalk to tower
Mr Gilbert returned all of Mr. Wool
worth's compliments with Interest. Mr.
Woolworth, he said, was tho real ar
chitect, sinco he hnd found in him tho
absolute essential for such a work, "the
sympathetic client "
He said that Mr. Woolworth had proved
that the old fashioned virtues of Indus
try, honesty and thrift were ns sure to
bring success as ever. And he told of
how XIr. Woolworth hnd solved the prob.
lem of financing the undertaking, which
cost 13,SOO,000, "He Just didn't bother
with financing; he paid as he went
along," said Mr. Gilbert. "I asked his
bankers about It and they told mo that
the Woolworth Building Is a structure
unique In New York, since It stands
without mortgage and without a dollar
of Indebtedness."
That statement brought nut nil tho
cheering forces and caused the big noise
of the celebration. Whop Mr. Gilbert
could make himself heard he said that
the building stood n a monument to
Mr, Woohvorth'.s "energy, tnsto and
civic pride," and that Mr. Woolworth
fulfilled the definition of "a patron of
the arts," slnco he was one of those
who gave to artists their opportunity.
Mr. Gilbert was no sooner seated than
he had to rise, again to receive a huge
silver punch bowl presented by Mr.
Other speakers wero Louis J Horn
wltz. who had to answer tho plensant
things said by Mr. Woolworth and Mr.
Gilbert about "the builder"; William
Winter, who spoko of "tho artist and
tho Woolworth Building," and Patrick
Francis Murphy, who said among other
things that brought laughs:
"Our host and guests, represent a
happy union of commercial genius and
architectural art, like those suburban
houses semi-detached."
Before tho guests wero token to the
alpine heights of tho banquet hall Mr.
Woolworth held a reception on the mez
zanine floor, occupied by tho Irving Nn
tlonal Bank. He said later that when he
first canin to Now York ho went to thnt
bnnk nnd found It reluctant to accept
his small deposit.
Upstairs If you can speak nf up
stairs when you mean tho twenty
seventh lloor the lights were dimmed
at tho tables Just beforo President Wil
son signalled for tho Illumination, And
an they (lashed out every one nroso
.ilid the orchestra played "America."
ai xne aamo juncine AMfsoBVrauiHogi
at the tower was sending nerocrams 1
'broadcast announcing rlie event. One
li'llllvll.. .III, Mi ,,l 111,, lltU .-t.llL. .'IH
sent by the Hoy Scouts carried greet
Ings to 1 "resident Wilson,
Some of the guests wero:
Judge Warren W. Poster. Charles M.
fiehwab. President John It. Flnley of
the City College, Collector William I.oeb,
Jr.. Lewis Nixon, J. C, McCreery, Hear
Admiral Charles D. Slgsbee, It. A.
Smith, John W. Alexander, George
Oordon 1 tattle, ltene Haehe, John Bar
rett, Cot. William C. Church, Robert
K. Ely, C. Orant La Parge, Herman
A. Metz, Police Commissioner Waldo,
Chief Magistrate McAdoo, Charles H.
Perkins, James Speyer, V. It. Wlllnox,
Timothy L. Wooilruff, Itohert Sterling
Yard, Capt. Albert (Heaves, com
mandant of the Brooklyn navy yard,
and Dr. fleorge L. Kuntz.
At one table sat seven men from
whom Mr. Woolworth got his supplies
for his . and ID cent stores when lie
was first building up his business. Thev
wero I). Arnould, Oeorge Itenjatntn,
Thomas Cochrane, Oeorgn V. Hagarty,
brought sixty-nine Congressmen, repre
senttng many States. With them came
Senator Itoblnson, Hrlg.-Ocn. Itohert O.
Smith and Commissioner Hudolph nf the
District of Columbia.
Former Italian inldler Trie llnldnp,
but IMrka Wronic Victim.
"prrlitl Coble penpatct to The Sun.
Boi-oona, April 24. A former soldier
who attempted to hold up Princess Her
col.ml here to-day evidently picked out
the wrong person. The Princess gave
him a couple of blows, locked him up In
a room nnd then sent for the police.
The former soldier, when- name Is
Cnlleranl, went to the palace of tho
Princess In the gulso of n policeman.
He requested nn Interview with her on
an Important matter. He was admitted
to the chambers of tho Princess ulone,
whereupon ho drew n revolver and de
manded n thousand Urn ((200) and all
the woman's Jewelry. Tho Princess re
fused, whereupon ho fired two shots
which went wild.
The athletic Princess thereupon gave
the holdup man a punch In the chest
He went down for a minute nnd till
gave the Princess time to ring a bell
for n m rvant. Before the latter nrr'v"Mt
Caller.-nl had recovered and dashed Into
an adjoining room. The Princess
promptly locked the door The robber
fired several shots through the door, but
no one was hurt. Meanwhile the pol'ce
had been called and Cnlleranl was cap
tured and locked up.
Mectlna nf Tnternntlnnnl Commission
May III for That I'nrpnir,
Lonpon, April 24. May Id was so
lected to-day for the meeting In Paris of
the International commission chosen to
adjust the Turkish national debt follow
ing the termination of the Bilknn war.
according to a news agency despatch
from Paris.
In accepting the peace proposals of
the Powers the Balkan allies have sig
nltied their willingness to nssume por
tions of the Ottoman debt In considera
tion of the territory they will get when
Kuropean Turkey Is divided among them.
The commission will also consider the
formal demand of the allies for $300,.
000,000 cash indemnity.
(Inrrrnnirnl in InTrstlantr anil
ltenieil Their IHff lenltlrs.
BavssEi.s, April 24. The extraordi
nary session of the Socialist congress
to-day voted to nbanrion the manhood
strike and go back to work, following
the Government's promise, through a
Chamber of. Deputies resolution to grant
the electoral reformt. asked by the
wnrklngmen. The congress wns called
by Leader Vandervelde as soon ns the
Chamber acted two days ago. Many of
the strikers returned to work to-day
and the rest will go back to-morrow or
by Monday nt the latest. Over 50n,flno
men were out.
Manchester In Sfrw York Mnf Will
Mart .tunc itl.
Special fable fietpnlch to Tiir Scn
LtvEHfooi., April 24. The White Star
Steamship Company announces that It
has decided tn stiitillsh u special ser
vice between Manchester and New York
by sending ships across every three
weeks. Tho service will start on June
21 with the sailing of the steamship
.Vonrlnn C'rnnk Arrested In l.nndnn
fnr ThroiiInK Vitriol,
Special Cable Heipatch to Tm: Sr.v.
Lonpon, April 21. lCddlo Guerln, the
notorious International crook, who was
urlglnnlly n Chicago burglar anil es
caped from the French penal settlement
on Devil's Island, where Capt. Dreyfus
was confined, Is in trouble again.
Ho was arraigned in a London police
court to-day on a charge of throwing
vitriol In the face of one woman and as
saulting another. He was remanded.
llerr von Wnl tershniisen's "Olierst
Chnliert" Prmnttvil.
special Cable HespatcU to The Six.
Lonpon, April 24. llerr on Wnl
ter.shausen's opera "Oherst Chnhert,"
which Is already popular In Germany,
hud Its first 'performance In London at
Covent Garden to-night. It was well re.
Philadelphia House I, rased
Vauilrvlllr Firm.
Philadelphia, April 21. R. T. Stotes
bury, thn banker, who Is president of
tho Metropolitan Opera Houso Company
of Philadelphia, announced to-day that
negotiations had been completed for the
lease of the opera houso to Frederick
G. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger, who with Milieus
Lnew of New York will present vaude
villo and moving pictures nt popular
prices. The lessees will pay a rental
of $125,000 a year.
Mr. Ktntesliurv In discussing tho lease
said: "It Is understood that the new
management will take charge of tho
house at once and will open It soon,
It has been nrrunged with tho opera
house company autl Hie new inannge
ment that not less than fifty nights be.
tween November l and March 1 of each
year shall be teserveii lor use ny inn
Metropolitan Opera Company of New
I Yfffk or the l'hlladclpliiu-CliIcuKo com-
. wut-.
Mlillllrtr.il Y ill i lift I PjN
W W a? nf Mtm mr ML. V M A HfltlAM 1
Delay Till After Klection One
of the Advantages
llobhison to Tie Sentenced To
doy May Oct Seven
Year Term.
Tho four former TInrlem pollco In
spec.tnrs charged with conspiracy In tho
tnlslng of n brlbn fund to keep Oeorgn
A. Slpp out of the Stato nro expected
to ask for a change of vonno next Mon
day. Whether a change of venue, should bo
asked for or not caused a division of
opinion among counsel for tho Inspec
tors yesterday.
Oeorgo Gordon Battlo of counsel for
Sweeney and Francis L. Wellmnn of
counsel fgr Hussey were said to favor
such an application. John B. Stanch
Held, newly rotalned counsel for ex
Inspector James F. Thompson, opposed
the move.
A change of vonuo not only would
bring the trial Into an up-Stato county,
where the police question has received
less public, lntereft, hut also probably
would mean that the trial of tho In
spectois could not be reached beforo
fall, and very likely not until after
the forthcoming city election.
Air. Stanchtleld nnd George Gordon
Battle, counsel for ex-Inspector Dennis
Sweeney, untitled District Attorney
Whitman yesterday that thny will move
before Justice Seahury In the Criminal
Brunch of the Supreme Court this
morning for leave to withdrnw pleas of
not guilty, and If this Is gtanted will
demur to tho Indictments.
The demurrer will be based partly nn
the allegation that the Indictments were
found on the testimony of accomplices.
Justice Sexbury already has decldeJ
against all four policemen so far as the
question of tho testimony of accom
plices Is concerned.
It Is believed In the prosecutor's olllce
that tho trial will go on Tuesday In
splto of to-day's motions.
Policeman Thomas F. Ttohlnson, who
was convicted of extortion last Friday
will bo hrought before Justice Seahury
for sentence this morning. The maxi
mum penalty Is fifteen years. As a first
offender Itoblnson could sone only seven
years nnd n half.
Immediately after sentence Harry
Knpp, counsel for Itoblnson. will go In -foro
Justice l'aqe in Part 1. of the Su
preme Court nnd ask for a certltlcale of
reasonable doubt. There is no talk of a
The Supreme Court Grand Jury heard
one witness In the police graft cases
yesterday. This was Claus Holding, pro
prietor of the Sinclair Hotel in 125th
Bohllmj was called In connection with
a report that monev was raised to keep
Policeman John J. Ilartlgiin. formerly of
Sweeney's staff, silent. Hartlgan was
convlctisl of perjury and Is now In Sing
Sing. The District Attorney has heard
that the money was parsed to a repre
sentative of Hartlgan In the Sinclair
Bohllng did not complete his testimony.
Mnulstrntc Mrilon Tells of llnlford
It eforniM tnr s Xrciln. w
Chirf Magistrate Mi Adon Issued a state
ment jesterday supplementing th" argu
ment lie made before iim Stiller nt a
conference of the l nils nf state eliar-
itnble Institutions on eilnesday, when
appropriations weiv discussed
The Chief Maglstiate appeals for
money fur the Unlionl Iteformatory for
Women as one of the greatest needs in
handling the vice problem In New York.
The Institution Is unable to receive any
morn Inmates at present tt has accom
modations for 3,"ii and already has over
."On Women are slunliig In corridors
and wheicvu- beds can be put for them.
Mr McAdoo snys tlut the Magistrates
do not want to send the younger women
to tne workhouse, ajul the city prisons
are full of girls waiting for commitment.
Tho reformatory nt Bedford Hills, Mr.
McAdoo says, has the obvious advantage
over other Institutions to which these
women enn be committed of being In the
opt n country, "fairly remote Ironi a rail
road station or any settlement, ami with
plenty of itrnund around the buildings to
give tile Inmates an opportunity of doing
outdoor work." There Is no fence nround
the place, "yet scarcely one Inmate has
ever escaped or tried to do so"
Herker Wltni-aa (lets 1'lvr Acre Place
In West port, Conn.
WmsinroKT. Conn.. April 21. .lack
Koso bought a llvo acre farm In tho
town of Westport. Conn., n-iliy He told
the ag. nt, A G. Snuthey, tint he would
retire and begin truck farming on a
small scale nt once.
The property, which belonged to Mrs.
Itose It, Merrill, is on tho old Norwalk
toad not far from the centre of West
port nnd contains a modest houso In
good repair.
The consideration r not named In
the pit pent. Hose said he would take
possession Immediately.
The man whose story wns largely in
strumental in the conviction of Charles
n.-cker has tried to buy m ill farms In
other places hut has been fought oil In
one way or another each time.
Conininitore mill Ills Party Snllnl
Commodore K, C. Ilenedlct and his
friends left port jesterday on the steam
yacht Oneida for a cruise to South Amei
lean waters and up thn Annum Rlvar.
Tim Oneida was formerly the Atreus.
Commodore Ilenedlct bought her fi out
John Hays Hammond, Prior to that she
was the Alcedo, and was owned by George
W. Chllds Drexel, The Oneida has been
the namo of Coinmodoto Benedict's yacht
for nearly thhty years, and he transfencd i
the name to his new vessel,
On boanl tint yacht as guests of Com
mnilore Ilenedlct nio Mr, and Mrs. Col. '
1,loyl.' M,"!' !,p',1""1 ,sln.el"'r'. MHJ
, , ' ".'. ' ,w"r"
Heeis, John Jolles and Dr. Grrffen
This will be thn fourth trln Comniodni
Reiiedlct hns mado up tho Amazon Rler '
Tho present cruise, which In to last until '
tho end of June, will -rover 12.000 miles.
The only stop between heie and Para will
be at St, Luiia, where the yacht will coal. ,
trip Comiiiudnre Ilenedlft had not dccldrd,
,iiut he will probably touch at some of the
inc.i iiiuin yvtim.
The young man who's
afraid we haven't something
smart enough for him doesn't
know our young men's suits'.
Soft roll lapels, natural
shoulders, shapely, body-fitting
coats are featured just as
strongly in our Spring stock
as our more conservative
Sizes 34 to 42 chest.
Youths' suits cut on mod
els equally smart. Sizes 32
to 35 chest.
Where for the week-end?
Week-end luggage and all
the clothes for the country.
Motor wear.
Everything for golf and
Everything in Sporting
Rogers Peet Company.
Three Broadway Store
Warren St.
13th St.
34th St,
Continued from Ptrst Pupr.
morrow Instead nf two weeks hence as
originally proposed.
The session nf the committee was so
secret that members of the Reichstag
wlio are not members of the budget com
mittee were not admitted. In order to
get around the rule which does not per
mit the exclusion of members of the
Helchstug from committee meetings the
I'udset Committee held an Informal and
unoflkial conference with tho Imperial
Chancellor, Dr. von Hethmann-Hollwcg,
nnd the assistant secretaries of the
Foreign Otllco.
These officials are said to have ex
plained the International situation. They
laid particular stress 1111 the possibilities
of complications over tho surrender of
Scutari. The Minister of War. Gen. von
lleerlngen, explained the military situ
ation and the necessity for Immediate
action on the bills providing for nn ap
propriation of $2fiO,orw.noo for military
purposes and the Imposition tuxes on
Incomes tn cover the increased expendi
tures. His statement Is said to have Im
pressed the committee In such a way
that it was decided to take the matter
up at once.
The Foreign Olllee gave out the usual
statement thnt the Government was
optimistic over the outlook and did not
look for serious complications because
of the unanimity among the Towers.
In other diplomatic circles strers Is
laid on the fact that the unpopular task
of coercing Montenegro is placed on
Fngland, whose admiral, being the
senior otllcer. Is in command of the in
ternational fleet on tho Montenegrin
A lively exchange of despatches Is
going on between Vienna and Eerlln.
Vncollflrmrd Jlrporl nf III
II reel veil In llnmr,
Special Cable tienpiiich to Tiir. Scn.
rioMB, April 24. It was reported at
the Vatican to-day that the Homan
Catholic Archbishop of Scutari, J.
Sereggl has been assassinated. No
confirmation hns been Tecloved.
Cold Medal. London. 1911
Ak for "Fire O'Qook'
7Se. poana
Hllf-pncsji Qiaif iiwii1l
U Smlti AlK-TtcM no-
TrUl Package
Look tor tne Yellow I.Micl.
Celebrated Natural
Laxative Water
from Spain.
Approved by Arndrmy nt
llrdlrlnr, I'arli,
Recommended for consti
pation, dyspepsia, liver
and kidney complaints.
Small Quantity (Wine
glassful) suffices.
Nnlil by all DrujtUtv
. I.l VI H.X IIKOTIll.ltH, N. V.
Sole cal fur U. a. and Canada,
Wfat $20, $23 &
S25 will do
?or a Man
at Saks'
If .7 day of the year you
can jet clothes anywhere
for $20, $23 and $25.
If Every day of the year you
can Ret Saks' clothes for
$20, $23 and $25.
!f Now it is all a question of
whether you want to go any
where for your clothes or
And that is an important
distinction, because the only
people who get anywhere in
this world are the people
who make up their minds to
get somewhere.
f And in this city of Any
wheresin clothes, Saks' is the
single, solitary Somewhere
of satisfaction and style.
! At these popular prices we
can show you one hundred
and fifty styles of suits that
range the length and
breadth of the season's mas
culine modes.
Coats cut in the new, close
fitting models, narrower and
shorter than of yore; waist
coats that rise higher than
the coat lapels; trousers that
are narrower and trimmer
and smarter than ever.
Patch pockets or otherwise.
i The fabrics include smart
checks, pencil stripes, hair
line stripes, black and white
effects, serges, flannels in
light and dark colonnus.
and scores of other fabrics
Men's Golf
Boots and
at $4.85
Value $7.00
Thin is great golfinq
faatwectr. Lookout capable
as a straight 250 iard drive
duu'v the fair grem ! Made
of tan ooze ealphin, nn a
regulation model, with rub
ber soles and heels. Just
the thing you need, and
priced where it won't hurt
you to buy a pair Xotr!
Broadway at 34th Street
Men's Tan Oxfords
Low Cut Shoes with com
fort, character and class.
Cownrd Oxfords nro cool,
plinnt ami perfect fitting.
Miulo on special lust and up
per patterns, which rivq a
prrmit, trim effect to tho foot.
264-274 Greenwich St., N. T.
Mail Ordara Pilled Sai lor CataJaf a
438'4404): f tai si ii a i.
in rirf-Proor Bmldinff
tor rwusciiolu vjkuuji.
rounded in 1603

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