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Srci'Plnrv lrnn I'itm-iiIs UN
World IVacc 11 it in
. I
This rmiiilry Ki'iiily in .Malic,
Trciilv Willi A it Nation on i
Oi'iuimil Tt'i'in.
Wasiiimitov, piil "I Seiniary if
State llryan presented lo niemlierx of
the Diplomatic I'orpx for tr.itiemisxluii
tu itielr governments tn-duv h.s 'sober
second tlmii;lil ' plan lor world '.
Mr llrv.in xprcss, , til" Imp.- ili.it
p.-.iee treaties of tlux ehani'Mtr mav be
negotiated wi-li all n.it lotix.
The lii.iii tumbles nieielv thai the
contracting nitionx shall not d"clure
war or begin hostilities ngnlr.f-t one an
other until a Joint commission Mas made
an Impartial investigation of tlie facix
of tlie xltiiatlou which may Me the i-.iuxe
nf the dlxpute. It ix intended merely
to alford an opportunity for natlonx to
"cool off." Thin plan was laid before
the Senate ("nmmlttoe m foreign 1!"
laiionx My Atr MiMiu jisterday and Mas
the Menrty approval of Hie President.
All nation- with wlnim the l ulled
Btatm hnx dlplomatle relation.. Im hiding
Japan .ind Cltc.it ISrltaln. were tein -xenlrd
at the gathering at the Siale
Department to-day when Air. Ilrjan
presented his plan. Ollicl.illv llotl" nf the
diplomatic repri x.-ntativex made ,inv
comment on the plan, luit .Mr Ilrjan
xald thlx afternoon th.it My prlate tallcs
with certain AniMaxxadnrx and Mlnlxtt.-i
whom Me did not care to name Me Mad
hern much encouraged over the pros
pects for the cordial reception of Mix
TMe I'rexldent and Air. Itry.iu. follow.
Ing hlx appearance l.ef..re tlie Senate
committee, decided lo eliminate from tlie
proposal made to tlie foreign ilovern
mpntx that part .if tin- plan for treaties
which Impose limit. itlonx on contracting
natlonx, Increasing their artnatnent or
maklnc any xtratestc dlspo.-al uf their
forces durlnc Hie period in which the
Joint commlxxion wax mukint; its inves.
It wax decided that xuch u provision
miKlit Me an unfair one m case one
of the parties to the proposed treaties
was involved m a dispute with a third
nation. ruder tin- provi-ion at llrxt
proposed My Mr. llryan the disputins
nntlonx would unable to
steps to protect IhelttM'lves
lake any
from tin-
third nation.
Air. llryan also tlioucht Mix plan
would Maw better liiuncex of success
If II could b" reducrd to Hie very sim
plest terms and Hmx make ax few us
possible Iho points which niiuht i-au.-e
friction and jirevent oilier governments
from acreptlun the tr.at.v.
Atr. Hryan said this aft.riioon. Mow
ever, that the fnlteil States is riadv to
necoliate with any other nation a treaty
which shall contain the, provision about
the limitation nf armament. The Secre
tary expects each treaty made under
hl plan, if nnv nations accept, will
tilffer sllchtly from all the otliers. ax the
I'nlted States is ready to k!vo deference
tn Hie wishes of each KOVeriuuent upon
matters or detail.
The draft ot tlie p!opo--fd tieaiies as
niMmltted to the foreign iL-prLSi-uUiUM s
to-day wax as follows:
"Th" put Hex hereto UKree that all iiues
tions of wiiateer i hara. ter and nature In
illFpute between tlnin shall, when iMplo
matic fforls fall, be submitted Tor iuves
tleatlnn and report to an 1'iternational
eommixion ithe composition M be agreed
upon); and the cnntractlni; parlies asne
not to ilcilare war or becin hostilities
until siifh InvestlKntlon Ix ni.idij and re
port submitted
"The investigation shall be conducted
ns a niattei of couise utxin the initiation
of Hie commission without the fnnnalltv
nf a request from cither parly, the le
port shall be submitted within (lime to
be nwieed upon) troin the date of the sub
mission of Iho dispute, that the parties
hereto resei-M. the rlKht to act indepen
dently of the subject matter Mi dispute
After the teport is ( onsldered "
Secretary llryan said thlx afternoon:
"The statement pietiuteil to the repie
sentntlvex is onH intended to set fulth
the main proposition, namely that Hie
I'lesldent desliex in enter into an acree.
ment with carh nation tuvetally for Hie
ImestiKntinn of .ill tpiextions of ever.v
natute whatever This auri-erni nt is in
tended lo supplement the arbitratiun
treatlix now in eNixtencn and those that
may bi3 made hereafter. Arbitration
Ueatlcs alwayx exempt some question
from arbitration. The :iKie..iii(nt pro
tmsfcl M tho I'rcsideiil is Intended to
close f list nap .mid M nve no dispute tliat
.-an become a, cause of war v ilbout In
Aestlcatinn "It will be noticed that each patty is
in reserve the Hunt to act indcpcndontlv
lifter the report Ix siiMmltteil, but it is
tint llkelv tliat u nation will declare w.u
after it Mas had an opportunity to con
fer duriiiK the inn stlcatlon with the op.
poslnc niillon,
Hut whether or not lite proposed acree
ment accomplishes ax much ax Is hoped
'or it, II m at least a step In tin- direction
of unlMisal pencil ami I nm pleased to be
tho agent through whom the President
presents this proposii 1.11 to the I'oueis
rejiresented here."'
It. X, ( Irenll ( onrl ol pi iil Hears
l.ntters for IMiilntllls,
In an aiKiimeiit heard h the rmied
.Stains ("lniiit Couti of Aitpeals esietilav
Mloiney KrederieU M l'.rown held that
Hie I'eder.il Instriet Court i ould ant lire-
sent Titanic i I a 1 1 tia nt .x Ironi lllmc suit In
nnv com I while the marts wt-ie deeliluu;
whether or not the ouneix of the Titanic
eie entitled to a limitation of tlieir
liability under the Atuerii an statute
Mr. Hrnwn nppnnred as iittomet for
V Leopard Itroui;h.iui. a .laivjer, nlio
lernesents seera) Tltanli clalinanis Mr
KmuKham was ilnul JJ.Mi for i int.-iiiit tiv
.I'ldfe lloiiKh In tint I'lilled Slates Pis.
net i 'oil II lor llllni; a iT...II0(l dainae,.
sot in the Slate i nut In in behalf of Alts
Kh.ahcth II. Natch, whose husband lost
'os lif,. on the Titanic Judge I lone),
iicld Dial tlie illim; of the suit was a
minion of lint Federal conn's injuiii lion,
ishirh, himeiet, was tnoililleil afterward
ko ax to allow il.innantx to llle suits hut
not lo pi esx them
Attorney Ilrnwu aifiidl that the in
'ouetlon was unlaw ml because nH ,nlH
of ihe Cniled Slates 'in. I Kiieland ie
iiuue thai all iltalh i l.ilms iisiillliiK flom
a boa dis.istif le Hied within one jimp
or lhc ,u u void The llllng of sinlx
n tint Stale conns, Mr. llrimu said, was
nieicly a incisure lo pioleet the rlKhlx
of lint Titanic ilalinants In mo the ills
'iiiHs.il of the Ihiiitatinn pro'-eedinKs should
ntaUe it tiei-essary for thn (lalnianlx lo
file oi another court
.1 Parker Klrlln. Chailes C llurliiuj
i hiin and Norman It Iteecher will nrgun
Id bthalf of the White Stur Mm- to day
(. Hum do I linn- In
ilnilgngc business indict'
talm- nf real (talc.'
(.(.i: lOMIM.NV enters on
liii'ire nllii-cs tlif shIcs, lease,
mill luniliriigcs mailt- in Ncm
ivU mill lliooklvii; It rial
i-liili- i-mth anil ari-liltceN
appraise tin- alnc of Inml anil
buildings; lt examiners n-n-r-tain
(In- liiciinii- ami cieiisex.
anil it iilllriTo pax 11 poll (In
strength nf llii- Imi r rimer aial
(In- ilrslrnbllll v of tin- niui't
Capital & Surplus - $8,500,000
r.'i IJIti? XI N V 14 Mr.nlni!" i ,11111
W iKoir. id tlif l npitol. p
ioinls liYptililirnn l'iislni;is
li'i' n( I't'ilinMon.
AV..-ii im-.tov. April 21 President
Wilson, after spending an Motir In his
room nt the Capitol to-day, sent to the
Senate the largest KitrM nf nominations
In- Max made tluix far. There weie
ninety two poxtmusteix and a large
number of appointments lor Jobs In Hie
departments Men- at Washington:
among them CMalles ! .Will tn be Com
missioner nf Labor
Among the post nlllce nominations
w.re William II Cnitrell for Princeton.
N. J : Itobert Sprlngsleen for In-
dianapollx, o. II P. llrewer for Alux-
kogt-e. Okla., Senator Owen's home
The Senate Maxtcned to conllrm the
nominations out of courtexy.
President Wilson's choice for post
master at Princeton Is a Ibpulillcan.
better known ax Chick Cottrell. An-
oilier New Jersey appoltrment made by
tin- Prexideiit wax that of I'. T. I.anter
maii tn Me postmaster nt ll.ixt orange.
In making tliix appointment the Presi
dent oM-ircsle the tecommentlatlon of
Itepresentatlve AlcCoy, who !m Meen
with the SniltM-Niigent oiganlzatioti
'J'hc (irxt nomltiatlonx of New V rlv
State postinavters went In to-day Tin re
were only two of them, John Soemann.
I.ani aster, and Peter AI Clles, l.eroy.
Hotli men wete recommended bv Sen
ator ' I'Cormau
Some nf tin- otht r post ntllce noml-in-
tlons si nt in were. Sherlock Sw inn.
llaliimore. Aid.. 1'orrest 1 Alay. Dav-
ton. ohlu. It. Al Hiilgher. Dallas. Te..
In naming Swann at ttaltlme.ro Presi
dent Wllsim refused to honor the recom
mendation nf Senator John Walter Smith.
other nominations weie Kdwaid l.
llearne of iJelaware, to Me Auditor for
Hie State and other d.-pai tments. Kd
ward l.uckow of Wisconsin, to be Audi
tor for the Nay Department; Hugh AI.
Smith of Washington, to be 1'1-h Cntn
m.ss.i.nci . William It Merry of Pennsyl
vania, to be Collector of Customs fur
the district of Philadelphia, Samuel .1.
Graham of Pennsylvania, to be Assist
ant Attorney-Cetieral.
The nomination of l.uckow to he au
ditor wax In recognition of the wishes of
National Committeeman Joseph K. Da
vies, who Is being considered for Cos -crnor-Ceneral
of the Philippines.
In naming Hugh Al. Smith for I'i.-h !
Commission, r President Wilson for ibe
tlrst time took tins pox nut nf politics
Tin- saiar. of tti.Om) has long been cnti-s.der.-d
one of ihe Pest plums at the
I'n siieni' disposal
In sending the nomination of Chains
P Nelll ax I'nited States ('ommlsxioni r
of Labor bark to the Sen.ne 'ho Presi
dent shows that he w .11 disregard the
threat x made t.vscwrnl Southern Demo
dais t.. light .Will's cnnllrmation
snlrer Mkiik lllll I rueil li) Neu
nrk Soelelles,
Commodore I'rederlck If. Hali-ll got a
letter yesteiday from ov. Sulzer telling
Mini tliat Me had signed the Mil) creating
the Nautical School, which in futute will
be under State control.
In this letter the flovernor s,ml.
"This is a very Important measure and
I Mope you Will give It tile puMlleitv
to which It Ix entitled. I am taking
tin- matter up with friends in Congress
with a view of getting some legislation
al the cMrnoidlnary session lo icstore
tin- American merchant marine. This
ix a splendid step In Hie right direc
lion ami deserves more than paxslng
notwe. '
The Moatd of IMucallon of this city
has for' thirty-live years Mad eliarge
ot Hie Nailllcal School. Tho nchoolxhip
SI. .Marys wax used for several years,
and now. the training ship Newpoil
Is Hie M-hoolship.
Commodore Dalzell. who Ix president
of Ihe National Hoard of Steam Navi
gation and a director of the New York
Hoard of Trade and Transportation, in
duced those societies to endeavor lo
have iho schnnl transferred to State
It had cost the city f,o 000, lint it
wax thought lo Me too important to Mo
allowed to drop.
A Mill was introduced and members nf
the New Vol li Hoard of Trade anil
Transpoi tallnn. National Hoatd of
Steam Navigation. .Maritime Associa
tion. Alailne Society and Alumni Asso
ciatlon of llio Nautical School went to
AIMany lo induce tlie legislutoi s to pass
the lull and were successful.
It was pointed out by Commodore
rialell that if the school were a State
ulfalr Moys from the lakes, the Client
South Hay, Hudson Itlver towns, Xe,
cuiild Me educated In navigation, sea
mauslilp and engineering and Me atted
for positions mi American vessels. The
Mill was passed and Mas Meen signed.
The school is under the management
of u bo.tiil nf dlrectntx consisting nf
tho head nf the Stale Hoard of laliica-
Ion and a member flom each of the
following societies- Tho New Vork
Hoard of Trade and Transpoi tatlon,
Hut New York Chamber of Commerce,
the llulfalo Chamber of ("ommerre,
tin- Albany Chamber nf Commerce. Iho
National Hoard of Steam Navigation,
Hie .Maritime Association. Iho Marine
Society and the Alumni Association of
the Nautical School.
iml her Sliiiiilnril OH of I ml, I'liim,
Staudaid oil of Indiana has ili il.it. d a
ipiarteily dividend of li per cent and mi
I (-Mia dividend of II pel cent Knur months
nso Hie company (helmed an nlm divi
dend of I per lent, ami six months ago
aii extra dividend of 7 per cent.
- ,
Ian' mill from 1'h.il 1'iiin'
a law this session, will not In- drawn
ami ii-iiily for the Legislature until after
till- Sci'll-tlll.V Of Stlltl- llllK M'IMI It. Tills
1-4 evidenced liy tlic statement of Senator
Newton Thompson of I .km Angeles that
tlu-ii- Is no Inn iy In ilriiwlnu tin- Mil ami
Dial It will b tlnu- enough to ptesenl
H when Secretin. v Ilrjan tit rives. Si-ii-ii
I in- Thompson mill.
"Tin. pmposod umi-nilnn-nt! to the
Itlrdxoll hilt will In- n-aily for consider
iilion nt the time Si-c-ii-tnry lirynn in-
lives Alontlay arternoon. In view of tlie sylvanla lt.-illiu.nl at ii:-ir. I'. Al., accont
fai t (Mat no action will be taken by.pnulcil only by Hubert Itose, wlio was
tills Mndy until Secretary lliyaii atrlvex Mix coulldenllal secretary In tlie i'jiii
Hieie Is no particular Miirry alinut these palgn of l!iui. Air. lirjiin will leach
anielidmeiitx. Tln-to will Me confetencex ' ChlcuKn lo-tnorroiv nlulii and evpectx to
between the majority leaderx and tliose'ieach Sacramento on Alontlay afternoon,
who have had a hand In framlUK thi- lle Mux accepted an luvltalioii to Me Hie
lllrdsall measute anil these couferencex Mouse miexl of Cm. ami Alls. Illratn
will decide JlM what chuntrcx lire In ; .liilillnli dilllui; Ills sia at. llle Cill
be made in the bill which is now befoie I rorm.i capital.
Hie Senate. 'a 1 1 fit in l:i lu- w Mu aie ill sj mp.illiv w nil
Wlille the Thompson amendments will
((institute vlituallv a new bill It will be
known ax the lllrdsall bill, ax Hint
measure Is nn thltd leading and My
adopting tlie TMompson amendments to
Hint Mill much time that might have
tn lie consumed 111 committee and on
second reading will Me saved.
('hlnme I'rolenl lllll.
Itexldex the protests mnde against the
proposed legislation My .lapaues,. the
Chlne.se commercial organizations of
San l-'ianclxco have Milced a protest '
against discriminatory legislation such
as Is proposed My Ihe administration
leaders. The protest of the San l'ran- ,
Cisco bodies was Introduced Into the 1
proet cdlngs of the upper house by Sen- .
ator I). J. Heban. It wax signed by otll
cerx of the Chinese Consolidated Henev
olent Axxnelatlon, Chinese Six Com
panies, Chinese Chamber of i.'ommerce
and Chinese Merchants Association.
Resolutions committing the directors
of ihe P.innma-Pacltlc Kxposltlon to an
attitude toward alien land legislation
llatly opposed to Hint of Coy. Johnson
ami the majority of the Legislature
were adopted to-day at n meeting of the
hoard. The Intent of the pending bills,
declares tin- resolution, challenges the
honor and good faith of California.
Assemblyman Hradford, author of the
alien land bill that passed Hie House,
says he Ix willing to wait until Secre
tary Hryan arrives hero before taking
any action with mi Mill, which Ix now
in the Senate Judiciary Conunlttee
The Hradfotd bill as It passed the
House My a big majority has in Its
corporation section the words "Inellgi-
Mle to citizenship."
refer only to aliens.
Hon between them
The other sections
maKInc no dhilnc-
I'srllle tint t-runr' Conference,
A confeience of the Covernors of the
P.uitlc coast States, to be M-ld in tliis
citv while Secretary Hryan Is Mere to
discii" with him and with Cov Johnson
nln n land bills that ate before the Leg.
ixlature. Is proposed In a resolution lo
Ue ltitrnductd to-morrow In both houses.
Tne proposed resolution was brought
to the presiding officers of the two
houses to-day and to the nitent'nn of
Cov. Johnson The resolution does not
meet with Hi entire approval of ihe
I'nd.-r the terms of ihe resolution the
Covernors of Pacltlc coast States are
merely Invited to come to Sacramento
and conf.r with Secreiarv Hryan and
Cov Johnson
Has riii H i
(lent I li
(inference Willi lir.
siici-iimelilii Momln.t .
Apld H Af ii a Ilnil
1 i llflTellce With
Pi i siilen. W.l-on at the
White House thlx afb moon Secreiarv
f Stab I'ryan left for Sacramento, Cat .
to ( oiinsel with tne Slate Legielature :u
the Mope thai the dilllcultles which have
aii.-eii from the anti-lap.ine'e agitation
may be clean d up Jus: before hlx le
patture All. Ilrjan sari
"I go hopefully, 'but w ih a full
realization nf Ho- n ponxibilit.v The
put pose of my visit i. tn determine in
what way the present sitiiatluu can be
remedied "
TMe Secreiarv would not say xpecitl
cnlly that Me intended in tiy m Mrlir:
about Hie enactment of a law which will
not discriminate against Japanese resi
dents of California with tegard to land
Kinni inf 'rni.iiion obtain, line how
ever, the heir f ! been formed that
the Adinlnisiral.on at present Intends t -deal
Willi the .situation from the Japa
nese viewpoint rather than from thai of
the Callfornl ins. a id ti shape the Cali
fornia legislation :n n-nrly ax possibh
to coincide with the wlxlnv. of the
Japanese Cnverntnent in the expedi
tion that If the llnal results are not en
tirelj satisfailoty at least ib.x Clo- rrn
tuent will be m a better nositin i to
answer the fnimal objections of Am
bassador Chluda
I'lesldent Wilson and hoi advisers, It
is understood, feel that the course they
are following certainly will result In the
establishment of a better feeling lowatd
the national Cnverntnent both by the
Japanese "lower classes," who are K--xponsihle
tor the war uprisings reported
In tho Toklo despatches, and by the Jap
anese administration Itself.
It Ix felt here that even If Secreiarv
Hryan'x visit falls tu aconiplish the pas.
sage of a law satisfactory lo lapan It
Mill may shape the law so ax to leavo
less iechnic.il ground on which the Jap
anese Covernnient can Maxe its objec
tion In the light of the treaty of lllll.
President Wilson himself was author
ity for the statement to-day that tho
situation had come to a standstill and
thai no developments were expected un
til Seci clary Hryan reached Sacramento.
The President said that as far ns he
knew there wax nothing lo be done now
except wall for news from California.
Wln-n he made thlx statement the
Piesldenl made II clear that at present
the best of feeling exists between Hie
Japanese Ambassador and Iho I'nlted
Stales authorities. The representations
of the Ambassador .ix to the pending
legislation, Air. Wilson said. Imd been
entirely It loudly and had been confined
to a respectful request that there should
he no discrimination against citizens nf
Ins country In any law thai might be
enacted by tho California Legislature
The President said emphatically that
die Ambassador li.nl not made any slate-J
ment as to the (lllllcully experienced by:
lux Cnverntnent In restraining tho war
like sentiment nf the Japanese public.
It wax nltlclally xtnted that no at
tempt wax made lo deckle on an actual
programme for the Secretary lo carry
out when he reaches Sacramento. The
President and Air. Hryan went over
the entire situation careful!)'. Tho pur
pose of the conference was to make
ccrtaln before I ho Secretary departed
Hint In- .should carry with him a thor
ough understanding of .lust what the
President wanted done and of just how
fa r lio wax willing to bo In recognizing
the rights of Cilllfntnla as a Slate or or
I ii I ia n an n nation.
The President. It wax learned, ion
nldited It would lie futile for Mint .mil
the Sectelury of Stale to attempt to
decide on Hie form of Mill whli-M the
Admliilxtiatlon would support The
only thing on which the I'rexldent had
thought It wlc to reai'M n decision HI
IMIh lime w.lx the geilctnl pulley In lie
The netinil form or the lull which the
Ailmlnlxttatlou will tavor ihlougli Sec
tetary lirynn will of courxe Me deter
mined My the application of thlx policy
to facts ax tln-y come U) wlieii Mr.
Ilrv.m itiieis the r.illfornla legislator.
Scilclurv llrinn lefl nil Hie I'eltll
the attitude of Ihe Califiilllla Legix
latino commented m-il.iv on the plat
rot in of the Demociatlc convention of
liius, of which Air. Ilrjan wax the Presi
dential nominee. The platform, sup
posed to have been written by Air.
Hrj-an himself, had Hito to say In tegard
lo the admission Into tills country of
"We favor full protection My MotM na
tional and Stale governments within
tlu-lr lespecthe splietex of all foreigners
residing In the Cultcd Slates under
tleaty, hut we arc opposed to tlie ad
mission ol Asiatic immigrant,! who can.
not Me amalgamated with our population
or whose presence among us would raise
a lace Issue and Involve in In diplomatic
controversies with Oriental powers"
I'nrelun Minister xililresses .liiim
lleftc ('(llllllirrct Hollies,
tftrrttil I ,fif Ifipiilfti tn Till Si "
ToKto. April IN Minister of l-Vrelgn
Allans Alakino In an nddri-Ms In-day to
Tepiesentativex nf xixtv-slx chambetx
of commerce who hail been called to-
j gelller lo llixcil.is the anti-alien lutm
Holding law now neiore tne i aiitornia
Legixlatuie, said the negotiations were
at a very delicate stage, ami for that
reason he could eiy but verv mile on
the .subject.
He advl'cd tile delegates tn the enn
felerce tn letnaiu calm and to avoid the
use of any bellicose language lest an
antl-.Inpanexe sentiment should be
aroused elsewhere as will as in Cali
fornia and Ihe negotlnlloiirt between
Japan and the I'nited States should -i
liindfted by the power of public opinion
over the American Government.
Hamn Alaklno'x statement was doubt
less intended to clock the growth of the
Mrenpst talk of some of the supporters
of the Cov eminent, which Is becoming
nibarrasslng. Apart from political con-
siderntli.il' there Is a widespread sensi
tiveness lu the matter on the score of
national honor
The 1'irelgn Minister 'mil lr hoped
that a satisfactory arrangement would
sonn be reached. After this statement
the chambers sent a telegram to Presl-
dent Wilson urging a settlement of the
That the relations between the Pulled
Slates and Japan must lemain peaceful
In spite of local dlxtuibancex was the
declaration tn-day nf Count Yamamolo.
Julian's Premier. The premier added
Ilia he wax conlldent that Ametlcan
cittzins would demand that there be no
discrimination against tin- Japanese He
felt tliat Hie spirit of fair play would
predominate In the at raiigemeiit of mnt
terx In the I'nited Stat.x where Japa
nese Int. lest W.le affected lie ex
pressed Mis disapproval of exhibitions of
t ( in I io i oi agitation
Assures iiierlcnti I'rlemls I ii 1 1 fern In
lines! Inn Is l.neiil.
In i.sponse m a message le.eived
from Viscount Knneko, pie-lib nt of ihe
Ainernan I'rlends Snrietv , Tnkii- Japan,
the (lit colors nf the Navy League nf the
I'nited States at a meeting In Id jesiei
daj at 4:1 K.ehange place sent lb. fol
low mg cable .
"I meetots of tlir Navv I.eactn nl thill
meeting tn-dav send gt.itltics lo the
American Friends Secletv- and asstuethetn
of the friendship of the Ameriiau people
for Japan The ijtHstlons now laised In
California are local and not national '
A committee, Including (Sen. Horace
Purler. Col P.obeit Al Thompson, Km
met O'Neal. Heiiiy IS. I'. Alaclarlanil,
Petrv liilmnnt and .Caller llairlson
l-'itz-lltich. vvax appointed to submit
lesolutlons lo I'lesldent Wilson, with
the object of securing his Intel et tlrst
in the propo-ed Council of National De
fence, a purpose of vvhli h would be
tn formulate nnd recommend to Con
gress a continuing naval policy, and
second, 111 11 reformed sj'stem for Ihe
promotion of naval olllcers that will
provide younger fleet commanders.
A committee was also appointed to
atlentl the peace conference at St.
Lou's, Mo,
soul liern rnelHe Offlel
sii .Inpnn
linn One.
Ikxvi:i:. April IN Ceiiernl Manager
Scott of the Southern Pacific arrived
In Denvir to-day. Asked ax lo Call
fornla's proposed alien land law he said
lie thought such a law would be enacted.
"Texas and New Mexico now have
such Inws, nnd I nm Informed Hint
Japan nlso has such a law with Ihree
districts In the empire excepted, which
exceptions, ax I understand, hnve not
been Uepi In force' he said
lin H Isl mil ell lleleunles VlsUe lined
ns lo Co li it 1 1 lo li a.
tine luoiix.iiid llaptiKl women delegate
attended a foielgn mission convention
that closed yesteiday afternoon In the
Madison Avenue ll.iptlht Chinch. I.axi
night a mass meeting was held In the
chinch. The speakeis weie the Itev.
In Chailes A. Ilaloii, pastor, and the
Itev In. I. 'I' Headland, a missions) y
III China.
Tlie amount of money given b.v these
women yesterday was $31. linn I'nder
conditions laid down by .John p. Itncke.
I feller respecting a gift from him the gift
I will be S,40. The total of $3H,li0il
IIihjh off the deficit nnd leaves $2,000.
j At thn afternoon cession new mis
sionaries about to start for their fields
were escorted to the pisiform and spoke
briefly Miss Amy ft. Crosby l to
go to work In Japan, Mini Kdlth P.
Mollis will go to South India, .
l!nllli'siiis Will lie Sent on.
Kiirnpran Criiisc. Says
Will liislililli- liuiovatioiis ti
Malit' Sci'vii'i1 .Mtifp
The Japanese Hurry hasn't caused anv
change in the CovernmentV plan to
send the Atlantic licet tn Kurope next
Jimiiarj. .loseplius D.inlel". Secreiarv
of Hie Navy, said at llle Waldotf-As-lotla
yestenlaj thai he hadn't conleni
plaied levoklng Ihe older for the Kuto
pe.m cruise and thai tin- lleet will make
Hie cruise after target practlie in Oilan
I a n.i iu Hay.
Tin- Secietnrj', wlio Is making his first
visit lo New Yotk since he Mecatne a
member nf the Cabinet, said that Me was
looking forward with keen Intercut lo
the assembling of Hie Mlg ships ot the
Atlantic lleet In Hilx MarMor on Decora
tion Daj when the Alalne Alemorlal
.Monument will Me dedicated. President
Wilson Max Meen Invited to attend the
"I shall lev lew Hie lleet." said the
Secrelnrj "Hear Admltnl Hadger Is
win king out the (b-lnllx nf tho mobiliza
tion, and I am not mire yet whether I
shall use one nf the navv yachts and
make a trip up the river to Inspect the
Meet in column or whether t shall m
view It nx It passes out of the hrabor.
"At all events we shall try to make
tit.- occnslon as Interesting as possible
to New Yorkers and tn visitors. I be
lieve In ncsembllng the vessels here as
often as possible. It's a good thing
The more we Interest the people In out
navj the Mutter for tlie country."
I TMe Secretin y talked at some lengtli
'.about Hie reforms Me Mns In mind ways
and means of making Hie navy more at
tractive to young men and of reducing
the number of desertions. He said:
, "I want to see If It Isn't possible
to m.tigate the punishment of young
men who desett for too first tttmc. Such
young men nre punTxhed with about as
much severity nx old offenders I don't
believe that Is a good thing. It strikes
jue wo can teaclt them that thev must
not d'-sert. and nt the same time edu
cate tjicm tn letter Idenls
"Tho problem of desertion Is one of
which I Intend tn make a thorough
studv. The number of desertions Is
appalling. Now, there must be some
thing wrong or so ninny men wouldn't
be In a hurry to take French leave
from our ships. I believe that If we
make the service more attractive we
can cut down the number of desertions
"I Intend to send the ships on foreign
cruises as much as possible. Young men
won't etiur the navy If they can't hnve
a chance to see the world. They can
get their drill and work as well when
tho ships are on cruise abroad nx when
the ships nre on thlx xlde
"I find too. that the education of
skilled gunners nnd electricians and ma
chinists costs the Covernnient a lot
of money. A gentleman Informed mo
Hint It costs the I'nlted States Sto.noii
to ttnln a gunpolnler to high ctllclency.
and j"t. after three jenrx. these ,.xpen
slvelv trained men drop nut nf the navy
and are lost to the service I nm going
to see If tlu-re Isn't some way to retain
stu h valuable tueii Pot haps induce
ments can be offered such as will per
suade them to remain tn the navy.
"Another thing 1 have In mind Is to
make promotion less difficult for the
capable enlisted man. There- ought to
be some way for the .voting man worth
his alt to get to the top In the navy "
The Secietnrv said that he had been
working hard since he took nlllce anil
Unit he expect, d to put in ion or twelve
hours n dav for the rest of his term
"I have a lot to learn." he said, "hu'
I am going to do 111! bvel best to ln
i reuse the efficiency of tne navy and to
bring It close to the people"
Telephone 44.00 Chelsea
S. Alimatt Sc (He.
The Moonrning Depart meinit
Women's Afternoon and Evening Dreas-ir.
and TaiJor-rnade Suits for Mourning: ari
being shown in the newest modes ar:
Compilete Mourning: Outfits, including
Dresses and Tailor-made Suits, made to
order at short notice.
Mourning MilHnery, Wraps, House Gowns,
Neckwear, Gloves and Parasols.
Mourning Jewelry and Stationery.
Mall or Telephone Orders will recelvopromrit attention.
If desired, a representative will call'to submit goods.
S. Alimatt & Ok
Motoniirag Qarmennts aurad Accessories
are shown in interesting assortments,
including Men's and Women's Coats in
the latest styles and materials; Woo!,
Silk-and-wool and Silk Sweaters; Rain
coats and Mackintoshes; Caps, Veils,
. Gloves, Parasolettes, Goggles, Motor
Clocks, etc.
In the Leather Goods Department will
be found a variety of articles for the
Motorist's use, including Luncheon
Hampers in wicker and leather; Motor
Pouches in cloth and leather; SiSk Air
Pillows in leather cases; leather-covered
Whisk Brooms; Cloth and Hat Brushes
in leather cases; Fitted Bags, Suit Cases
and Dressing Cases, etc.
jfftfllj AtKMit, 3111) anh 35tlj Stmfs, Jfau flat.
T.v ii Members Kxili,lil X lolnllon nt
II nlr.
William Morils Imbue, lie,.- to. n.ber
of the Stock I'xchinge tlttu of William
Mortis Imbrie & Co. and John W Kirk
tier of the Stnek Kxchange (Inn ofSpailld
mg, Mcl.ellan .-i Co wete suspended jes.
terday from th pilv lieges ot the ex
change for six mouths, under an order
of the board of governotx. for lecelv-
"Ing speculative accounts for a sulsinlln.it.'
employee of a New Jersey tiust coitii.tnv.
The power of Ihe govertiois lo in t
as In these cases. H was pointed out bv
Stock Kxelinnge men jesterdiiv. would be
limited by the ineorpoititioii of the ex-
I i liattge
William Morris Imbrie salt! that bis
suspension was the resuli of Infringe-
Quotations from Contented
No. IX.
"We have no sentiment
about the CHELTEN
HAM Service.
"If we thought we could
get better advertising
elsewhere we would
leave you tomorrow.
"We have been with
you 11 years."
Advertising Service
ment of the Stock Kxchang rule bv th
manager nf a branch otlire of the firm
n 1 1 1 o. whteii became known to the firm
onlj a month ago
Mr Kukner said the account on whirh
lie wax suspended wax cairled bv im em
ploy, e of a iiiilroad company who g.iw
powei of attorney lo Ihe trust minium
employee, unknown to the Stork i:.
change tlrtn.
Time I'.xleiitleil on Sii1iivh lliiinln.
All agreement has been reached botneeu
lit.. Iiileiborough ami J p Mnrg.ui .X
Co lo which the time foi paving for ih
lillst omen nt 7 s.onu.Oiltl new Nllhum
bunds has been extended from Jun" 3"
it" Hi ib." .11 of this je.it The posi-
Iponemettl Is chiefly due to thn fmt thnt
j Ih. . omji.uiv has no e.itb u" for Ih
etltlle ? 7-.llflO.I)0tl.
Fifth Ave, Cor. 20th St.

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