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lioi' Leaves Hotel Man
liattiiii to Join thi'
Seaivli. i
Flavor and purity'
dear to Southern
ers for 25 years
,ot ;i Kidnapping, for Sho
Vnt of Her Own Will,
J lit X AWAY HKl-'OltK
'i'rvnii ffcction fiivon its
l.'i'iiMin for I'littiiisr Hit
in SiinitJiriiiiii.
Buy them fresh dally from
' leading drugging and grocers.
Alk by nimi.
New York Factory. 154 W. Mth Si.
that pity and engaged an apartment In
Ptonelelgh street. She wm accompanied
by pretty girl, who wern said to be- her
nlecco, Miss Violet and Gladys Sheldon
of New York.
On April 11 the party at fionelelgh
t'ourt was Joined by another girl
younger than the other.". Tho quartet
attrnrted n good ileal of attention on
the avenues in Washington by the
beauty of their costume!". The younger
Kill turns out to bes Ml km Borden, and
It was reported among friends of Mr.
White that she hud lieon In a ttoarillng
school nt Berkeley, Oil., and had run
a.vay from there.
I -ii-t week Mr. Borden learned thnt
hi daughter I. .id Joined Mrs, White
In Washington, lie employed a Wash
ington detective agency to Bet the child.
A man called at the apartment and
had no trouble In getting In. Miss Bor
den was turned over to hint and at once
left for New York In custody of a
woman physician. It Is understood she
wns taken directly to Dr. l'arker, who
recommended the stay at the -rompton
Mrs White Is nld to have left Wash
ington on Saturday shoilly after the dc
parture of the Borden girl. Her Instruc
tions to the employees of Stonclelgh
t'ourt were that mall for her, her nieces
and for Miss Borden hhould be for
warded to the Mnrlborough-Ulonhelin
Hotel In Atlantic City
Mrs, Helen Sheldon White Is about 3."
years old and Is considered unusually
handsome. She was married to James
Maloney of the Bennett Netting Com
pany and divorced him In 1906. the same
month In which Wlltlam J. Whit. was
divorced by his first wife. Thirty houni
after Mrs. Maloney's decree was granted
she and the former head of the Ameri
can Chicle Company were married at
the Holland House In this city.
t.ate last nlicht It was admitted nt the
Adams sanitarium In I'ompton that Miss
Borden had left there and hndn't re
turned. No groat concern was shown
as to whether she ever came back or
not, Ir Barker said at the same time
that the last hours of the search hud
failed to discover the missing girl.
Atlantic Citv. April 24. Mrs. Will-
1'niir or Five Democrats Mny
Switch in Senntc Fi
nance Committee.
Hamilton of Mlohipnn Twits
President Fordiiey Attacks
Swrnr Schedule.
construction of any tnrltT measure, took
place behind closet doors The measilte
was then passed on to a secret party
caucus, where the tdvt that only a few
change were made In the committee
draft Is not proof of the measure's in
vulnerability but evidence of a per
functory consideration given the lo ;
technical bill,
"All the provMon In the matter of
the tariff enter into the delicately In
terrelated adjustments of the nation's
Industrial life. Vet this task of revision,
admittedly dltllcult, has been undertaken
again with the old disregard of correct
methods for the collation of accural
Information and In defiance of a inlver
sal popular demand that the tariff shall
be revised scientifically,
"I'nder the guise of reducing the post
o.'" living It may destroy the very basis
of our Industrial prosperity. I'roposlng
and promising to cheapen the food nm!
clothing of the wnrklngnian, It mnv
take from him the very means by which
he can earn his livelihood "
30,000 WOMEN TO BE
Marchers in Line Eight Abreast
Instead of Four ns
r. en pr.vate detectives who were cm
j. -ye. vster,.iy haven't been able to
t! )! tiamon.i Borden, daughter of Gall
i;. d'-n. whi) left a s.mltarlum In limp-
r n I . on Wednesday with two
v. n In , m automobile. The seventeen.
.a- i'd irl has successfully evaded n
x 'ran U for her tdnco she eluded her
i i, .mi nis" in Newark.
"nil. of Mr. Borden admitted last
ti'.1 '"lit he was much worried over
- n.iugl.tcr'.s disappearance and had
i-.'.ir, 1 .11 for her personally a while.
'. j: f.i .lie. he got detectives and sent
if'i several pluie where the girl
"in rip.irted to have gone, Atlantic
On .ml Washington among them.
I a-., .asl night Mr. Borden left here
sail went on a secret mission. At the
Jlan.iafan Hotel, where he lives, lnfor
.n.if m as to his destination was re
fa.d. but it was admitted that he hud
..-no awn .
tt i noilevod that Miss Borden, wher-
t- i-r she is. is In the company of Mrs.
tm J. White, or Mrs. Helen Shel-
'ii V i ir. wit.- of the former head of
ciowing gum trust" Despatches
: n Washington to The Sf.v say that
.rl lived with Mr.-. White in her
. a'-.m.'M In Stonelelch Court. Wash
it n. froni April 11 until last Satur
i. ,md that she was then taken from
i ro ly detective sent by her father
i''i- 'imi .as urouKoi in hm 1 watt.. wir or me iormer ueiiu , .. ...
.... v .... i ... ... . ... i - . i uamuion, uiuuigi
','"" u,m" la" u woman jof ln "chewing gum trust, was ax i. K,.n,.rallz.,iion" without expressing
' -" Jlarlnorougli-itienneini inuei iieie moo
lr Hoi.ien is prepared to prosecute i ia!t Saturdav until Wednesday after-
w ii. n who figured In his dauch- noon, when she left on the 2.30 train for
New York.
Sh- was accompanied by her nieces,
MNes Violet and Glads Sheldon.
The destination of the three was not
told to the hotel clerk and they did not
elve notice of an intention to return.
' - d parture from Dr. Ad.itnsV sanl
.! ma if he ran find them. His friends
. :m tt.-d inst night that strong sus.
ns as to who these women were
t'"i-ed in Mr Borden's mind and
it the next twenty-four hours ought
e the end of the search for them
r his daughter.
Miss Borden's connection with -he
v. aien is hard to define. She was not
if it restraint at the sanitarium and
' Borden family physician, Dr. George
v Parker of 41 West Fifty-second
t. reiterated last night that there
not a thing wrong with the girl
ally It was said that she is simply i
. rong i h.ifed ai the restraint her ,
. . -r put her under and ran away the i
: fnnee she had after she found she ;
v - i i' sent to a private school I
. . w of these conditions Mr. Bor-
. gal representatives were dotibt
.; rdny If the charge of kidnap-
ild he brought against the two
,! n .1 thev were found. They thought
'r h.i' the case would come to a
. . r. et.J if Itainona was returned to
. f it -ier.
-e .s no Miggestlon that Mrs.
1 n Vaik Borden is in any way con-
Senator. Il Is Said. Will Not
Openly Oppose Confirm
inar Collector.
Wamiimitos, April 24 Frank I..
I'olk, former heart of the Municipal Civil
Service Commission, will be the no.t
Collector of the I'ort of New York.
1'iesldent Wllpon has decided to nppomt
WvshimitoN, April 24. - Democratic
leaders In the Senate admit there l a
growing sentiment In that body In favor
of a duty on wool and sugar.
This sentiment is growing In the Fi
nance Committee and It would not be
surprising If four or five Democratic
Senators Joined with" the Republicans In
the committee in voting a duly on wool
and In changing the House provision dn
sugar, giving n small duty of from 50 to
75 cents a hundred pounds.
it Ih certain that Democratic leaders
have been much Impressed by repre
sentations niido to them at tho confer
ence yesterday between Western Demo
cratic Senators and Democratic members
of the Finance Committee.
Senator Chamberlain of Oregon has
made It clear In statements made to Ills
own constituents and to his colleagues
In the Senate that he will try to get a
small revenue duty on wool and sugar,
but that he will not muke war on his
own party organization or on the legis
lative programme to bring about the
Itegardlng some of the other Senators
from the West there Is not so much cer
tainty. The attitude they assumed be
fore the committee yesterday Indicated
thnt they might catry the war beyond
the party caucus. Democratic members
of the Senate Finance Committee will
resume their work on the bill to-morrow.
Debate was resumed on the 1'nder
wood bill In the House to-day. For the
first time a night session was held. The
bill was denounced by Republicans awl
Bull Moose as embodying everything bad
In the way of revenue legislation and
commended by the Democrats.
Representative Hamilton of Michigan,
a Republican, aroused the risibilities of
his party colleagues by ipioting from
public speeches of President Wilson In
which the Executive, according to Mr
Indulged In "high sounding
specific views:
Representative Fordney, also of Mich
igan and a Republican, one of the apos
tles of high protection, delivered an old
fashioned tariff speech In which hn
pulled the tall of tho Democratic donkey
and predicted disaster to the country
under the new revenue law.
Representative Hamilton crltlcled re
cent utterances of lresldent Wilson nnd
Vict-President Marshall.
"In his Inaugural address," said Mr
Hamilton, "leaning down from heights
of altruism and talking down to his fol
lowers In a language that none of them
understood, the President explained to
them that the nation was Intending
them 'for a large and definite purpose."
This gave general satisfaction until It
was explained to them that It did not
Involve their employment in otliclal ca
pacity." Representative Fordney. Republi
can of Mlchlgnn, dlscuied th sugar
nnd wtKil schedules. He charged that
the trust was behind the agitation for
free sugar.
"It is not true," said Representative
Hammond, Democrat, of Minnesota,
that the wheat and flour Industry of
I. mane o Work for Iteelproellf ,
The American Reelpioeal Tat Iff League
was Incorporated .lesterdiiy with the up.
proval of Supremo Court .liiRtUe Lehman,
Its purpose Is to advocate the principle
of tariff reduction through reciprocity The
first meeting of the league will be held
May 1, when officers are to hi elected
Salo .!.
Jackson Pleads Onilty
to Defraudinir
Mr. Polk notwithstanding the strong op- j h, country ha9 m 'put In the hands
position of Senator O Gorman. The ac- I , .. ,, hffl
tlon will be a victory for Secretary of
rn.d .ii her daughter's disappearance Tri.a' McA,,0, who has made a
- - -. inewner,. oa ma i acme coast personal effort to have Mr. Polk
'he present time, accoidlng to last IJ1)mfl
" fr ,m He r frht,r'o i,a,i been Intimations that Sen
ium i.an uornen n green upon a ,, , ,-r.orm:.n would make an active
fUMr-ui .n in i:ui. me custody or tne . ....... o,-mU.i,,n ,f .h,.
I- nniMial. but the mother to , n(,nn.irlon. but to-night there were re-
ti.. woid In Ramona's education i por(, tnn, miKht not carry Ids oppo-
h-n.Tg up. She had the privilege I tjfm t( ,n(l PXt,.nt of mnklng an oi en
'' "g the girl whenever she chosn ! c)lt t the Sennte.
iir.j i pointed out that there would' Senator U'Gonnnn held a conference
i ! i. m.-. m for her t engage in a kid. wlt)l Secretary McAdoo, and it was
i it ;n , . mure , learned to-day that the Senator had told
i' I'.-m. .-.ild last night that Gall jJr McAdoo bluntly that he could tut
I . :i duiiglit. r had alwavs been a !.... nnv .mm! rnnmn for making the an-
- i i m i'i manage, hue was taKcn polntment
" u'i '.!', woo exaiiuneii uer ror
l . ,. atfi eti.iu and advised that she .hut the nomination probably will go !t
of the enemy' by this bill.'
Mr. Hammond framed the schedule of
the bill dealing with these two articles.
"The flour of this country." he con
tinued, "Is being manufactured by the
millers of this country nnd sold abroad
and these millers and flour makers nro
able to grind wheat, market the flour.
Invade the markets of the world, pay
tariff duties In those foreign countries
and compete with the millers of tho
world. Fifty millions and over of the
produit were exported in 1S12.
"We found too there wa- a consider
able revenue derived from wheat 1m-
Salo .1 .lackson, former head of the
Jackson-Mack Manufacturing Com
pany, mukers of silk petticoats, and
sometimes called the "petticoat king,"
was sentenced ycMetday to not less
than three and a half or more than
seven years In Sing Sing by Justice
Senbury In the Criminal Branch of the
Supremo Court. Jackson pleaded guilty
to three Indictments charging him with
grand larceny
The complainants were I,. Rrnsteln &
Itro. and L. Splegelberg & Son, bankers,
who charged that Jackson swindled
them out of about $240,000 by false In
voices on which money was advanced.
The Jackson-Mack company failed last
October. It Is Raid that the losses to
creditors will amount to 1500.000. In
eluding the amounts lost by the firms
that have brought criminal action.
After the failure of his firm Jnckon
disappeared, but he was found later in
Frontern, Mexico, where he was living
under another name. Tie hail become
the leading citizen of the town with big
plans for development of that sec-Ion.
Before Jackson's trial came Mnv
Stember, assistant treasurer of the com
pany, pleaded guilty to having a part in
the general scheme used to get money
from the banks. Stentber was to have
been a witness against his chief.
After his plea Jackson had sveral
Interviews with. AFslstnnt District At
torney O'Malley nil gave him complete
statements of the firm's business rela
tions which will be useful to the re
ceiver In straightening out the com
pany's affairs.
Jackson Is an evpert garment rie.
signer, and -ald eterday that he lias
neon working on some new designs In
clothing wlili h he wl'l bring out and
"astonish the country" when he has
completed his prison irntence
His Meetinpr to Follow in Car
ncirie Hall Pean Sum
ner to Speak.
Tliitlv thousand suflragists already
liave-promwod lo mnreli up Fifth avenue
from Washington Niuaro to the music I
of the thirty-live Imtuls on May 1 'I lie,
line will not be long hut wide, for the
marchers will be eight abreast instead
of four, as in former parade,
Mrs Harriot Manlon match thinks
the Increase in numbers is due to the
lact lh.it each marcher got a letter signed
by homo woman prominent In her own
Miss .Straehan signed the appeal to
the teaeherh, Miss Lola t I-olletle for
tho actresses, Mrs. Harriet Johnstone, i
Wood for the lawyers and Miss Sara Splint
for the writers.
Mrs. Iticharil Cake llurleson as herald
will lead the parade on horelaek carry
ing an American tlag. Sit" will lie fol
lowed by eight horsewomen ridlngabre.tst.
who will represent the seven sulfrage
organizations and the Men's League
I'hen will come the executive board
of th Vational Woman Sutlrngo Associa
tion, followed by nine young girls in I
Willie, eacil carrying a Miiem neiirinrc ine.
name of an eiifratichiMil State Voters I
from these Stales will follow .
The Woman's Political L'nion which
is organizing the iirade, will march at
tho head of the sullrage organization",
led bv slvteen young horsewomen They
will (w followed by the Hov Dr Antoi
nette Urown lllackwell, ti'l years old, who
declares that if the twenty young women
who volunteered to draw her carriage
attempt lo do so she will get out and)
walk o a pair or horses have been
substituted, to be driven by .Mrs Cyrus
The Washington pilgrims in their brown
cloaks will come next, accompanied bv
a lloy Scout band The occupational j
croups, the teachers hearing a loren aim
the doctors the walul of Aesculapius, will
follow, witli the Senatorial groups of the
Woman's Political l'nion throughout the
Suite, wearing l heir purple, white ami
green regalia, bringing up the rear of that
Groups of foreign enfranchised women
will 1m next, thoo from Sweden dresed
as Valkvrie-. of the Sagas
They "will U. I.kI by the "Valkyrla"
riding" on horoh.iek, followed by Uleiula,
who won a gicat victory in li.H, with
Christina Stjcrna. who defended Stock
holm in l.Y.'o, and Jenny Llnd, tho llrst
Swedish Mifft agist
Tho women irom Norway nnd Finland
will wear their native costumes. 1 he j
editorial staff of a HoUemian patier almi 1
will be in costume
f!,..M,t ..T n(Ti, ivlta frnm ntlinr UlnlAu
will follow, those from Washington nnd!
ii.iiiiinoro arriving on .1 special ii.iin
witli their own womanV. Kind
(If tho New York city organizations,
the Woman's Sullrage "party will wear
vellow sahes and tho Political Lipiality
"Association blue The latter will cam
blue Imllooiis marked "votca for women
and their sivus-u "while zouaves" will
(bill at all stops of the parade while the
pliy-ic.il culture to tellers will dance
As tin parade n -aches s.ho reviewing
rtand at the libi.iry. whole many promi
pent men will sit" tho "woman's Mar
seill.ns.," will lie sung
The cooperative suffrage coniinitte
'decided at its l.iM meeting that no col
Poller lo Hull .honing Mrmher. , !,.0tIon should be taken up at the parade
Amhj nl I In the Mitmlng. ' Artificial flowers in yellow and violet.
... , , made bv the girls thrown out of work
After affidavits had been submit ed to , hv the artillciiil flower workers' sliike,
Supreme ( ourt Justice Page vesterd.-iy In fill lH. on sale at Washington Siiuare
behalf of the Supper l bib in ts appllea- - . Kjr ,ao w.,.p working in the
Hon for an injunction to restrain the po- j ,,lhPIent or St Mark's Church and havo
lico from shooing the member awnv from j,..,.ii paid for their labor
the club rooms on the third door of Mu-- , As the end of the parade passes street
rays restaurant in esi
street nt I o clock every tin
citv authorities agreed to mnlest the meiii. Hull, where lle.in Sumner, head of
hers no longer and the application wa Chiivtgo vice commission, will speak oh
withdrawn. The police still reserve the
Chauffeur's Outfit
Special at
Overcoat, Suit and Cap to Match
Smart, good-fitting and undoubtedly the
best value ever offered in Chauffeur's cloth
ing; a light-weight, double-breasted Over
coat, a thoroughly well-tailored Suit, with
which you can have your choice of Trousers
or Breeches, and a Cap of regulation style;
all made of fine quality pure worsted whip
cord in gray and in tan the whole outfit
$43.50, or parts as follows:
Overcoat, $25.00 Suit, $16.50 - Cap, $2.00
Outfits to Match the Color of Your Carup to I25
Dusters $3.50, $6.00, $7.50 and up to $20.00
Moil and Phnne Ordtr Filltd Immediately.
Snmple.i of Whipcord Mailed oh Hequeit.
r f, ,
.-' i.. 'r.e country fur rest and
I' ni '"ii was chosen, and Miss
1 ' 1 inland. . i 'trained nurse, was
.' a- companion. They had
! less than a week, but In that
e g rl got the idea she was nub-
,, to he sent lo a strict private,
i an i detrrmined to escape.
" I- though likely now that Miss Ror-"'-
rMe to Mrs. White In Washington
.-1 ..sked brr to devise a scheme to
- . from Of. Adams's place.
'V r ,i .. luitotnohlle with the two
' . ; ,u ed at the sanitarium
' I- n Wednesday afternoon, Just
i:iil 'ins taking a walk accom
' i' I l." Miss Coagland, one of them
-! d as "lfelen" That is the
'well Mrs. White Is known
's i ,,i ti,,. fir.st time Ramona
! i I .i- run away. Her father has
'i . so. nd considerable money keep-
irn, i.f in r at various times, for
lb like in be told what she must
. I i p.iMt I ve command was given
- fieiiientl revenged her.'-elf by
- I'pihi i"g nl' causing other trouble.
i very vvli-e child," said a
i Mi. Itorden vosti'td.iy. "She
.i 'i p iving her parents off, one
' r j i i 'i other. She wasn't kld-
I in mv opinion, she delibcrati'Iy
.i iv and knew what she was
1 rp
-l - Urn-den. though 17 years old,
i .t . . more than 1.1 or 14 She
slight, weighing les than I")
- and is under . feet In height
hris always had a good deal of
v to spend and was accustomed to
m a way that generally attracted
'rahlo attention. She Is pretty,
rt..is not look well. Dr. l'arker
i- ' Inst night that all sh needed was
iv of fresh air nnd rest from the
I ' ha been leading.
M's Helen Sheldon Whits, who had a
r "Uh at 147 Klversldo Drive until last
r. W'f.en she and her husband eepa
'vd. vas been spending part of thotlmo
'ie then abroad. Sho and Mrs. Gall
1' '"1n were friends, It la understood,
d Mie had a warm liking tor Ramona,
' "n Mrf Hordon derided to make her
" 'n California nnd her daughter
s I'-ft with Mr. Horden here, Mrs.
" ''o kept up her friendship for tho
v d.
A mor.th ago, according to the Wash
Vr'nn d"patrh, Mrs. White went to
ported Into this country under the pres.
It Is understood President I ent rate of itf cents a bushel. In view
of that fact we ilia not care to deprive
ourselves of revenue unnecessarily and
also because we purposed to make a
strong cut anyhow, we put wheat not
on the free list but let It remain at 1U
cents a bushel, a cut of CO per cent."
pOlIllIIK IH- II- e- nn'i'.f.
H I Wilson regaids.the matter as clo-ed ;.nd
ifi that the nomination probably will go !t
when the Senate meets on Monday
While all of the candidates suggested
by Senator O'fJorman have been his
personal selections and not the choice
of the Tammany organization his friends
realized that tho turning down of Mr
O'florman on the collectorshlp would
afford material for the Independent
Democrats of New York who are fight
ing Tammany. Tammany feared that
the selection of a man opposed by the
organization would Immediately be con
strued, whether fairly or unfairly, as
h blow by Wilson at Tammany
The first two postmasters to bo named
In New York Suite were recommended
by Senator O'Oorman nnd It was Is
Ileved that the President before send
ing in Polk's name will mako It clear
that he does not Intend to slight Senntor
O'Crorman's recommendations generally.
National Chairman William r Mc
Combs conferred with the ("resident to
day nnd it wa reported hn had taken
n stand In opposition to the McAdoo
recommendation. McComks denied that
ho was taking nny part in the collector
ship matter.
Dlvorerd Her, but Joins In Her He
ijnrst for IVrralHlon.
Frank Uctterton. a lavyr of 160
Broadway. Joined with his divorced wife,
Hdlth 11. Vermllya. In petitioning the
Supreme Court of Klngw county to
modify a divorce decree obtained by
him In December, 1903, so that she may
remarry. Justice Putnam granted tho
reipiest yesterday.
In her petition Edith U. Vermllya said
that sho had lived with her brother.
Kdward J. Vermllya, 26 years old, of 7S
Putnam avonue, slnco Uctterton dl.
vorced her and that her conduct had
been uniformly good. Her brother and
another besides the former husband
made corroborating affidavits.
Betterton nald that ho had been mar
Call II 1'nsplrntlflp nnd Criticise
.Secrecy In llraftlnu.
Wahiinuton, April "4. Representa
tive Murdock of Kansas filed the minor
ity report of the Progressives on the
I'nderwood tariff bill to-day.
The report caJls for the creation of a
tariff commission whose Inciulries and
reports should precede all revisions of
the customs laws. After Indorsing the
Income tax provisions the report con
tinues; "Tho rate In the hill wern mads In
secret, nnd the adjustment of differences
between the majority members of the
Ways and Means Committee, an ad
justment which Is basic end vital In the
Excellent Summer Hotels in the
Rocky Mountains of Colorado
Each year Colorado becomes moro and
more tho t-uinmcr playground, not on Iv
for our own people, but for those who
como front abroad.
One reason is that in addition to the
marvelous health RivinR climate, and
tho joy of living tlmt one feols in Col
orado, the people tnero havo been wise
in establishing thoroughly good and
comfortablo hotels, boarding houses and
ranch houses, where visitore can Jivo
on tho fat of tho land and oven in luxury
if that is demanded.
We havo books and maps nnd pam
phlets describing Colorado and telling in
detail about these living places, tho
prices charged nnd tho names of the
rled for nearly olaht vears. and saw no proprietors. In looking forward to your
-- ,. , Mummer ir p. win you auow ran to setui you
rwisnn why his former wife should not nn, 'i Ii .-mi .k.n ,.n n..n .,m i i,iV...
remarry. i detalfed Information about Colorado, for It is
irv. Hlenrrn rieeree Granted bv former "' nm Hlu.1 I'leasurH to assist in IUHKlog
The divorce an ree granien Dj iurmer .,anB tor Colorado outlniis. .No rharao. It
Justice Msrean "expressly forbids ' i A part nf the llurlington Houte (C, 11. U
Kdith R. Rotterton to use the name of Ii. IU service. Just let m know that ou
n.tlrtn r f r. rr.mi.rrv In the nlnlntlff's I nrP Interested,
lifetime, and slfo 1. "deprived abso- artment" o.', lTAR?R.,"nii,
lutoly" of all rights as the mother of , nroadway. Centurlan Building, New York.
sn Infant son, v I i'i .mo ri .-oi.
Kortv -second , sts'akers will address the crowds and later
morning, the n great meeting will 1 held in Carnegio
here Pean Sumner, head of tin
the "Dawning of the Cotiscioilsiieps of
Woman sSe Loyally
The Man's Room of
the Country House
npHERE is at least one room of the
average Country Mouse whose
carelessly casual array of Guns or Fishing-Rods,
of Tennis Racquets or of
Golf Clubs, gives evidence of the do
minion of Mere Man.
For the furnishing of such a Sludy,
Smoking Room or Den as this, reli
ance may well he placed on the sturdy
oaken creations of the English crafts
men of the XVII Centurv. Such roomv
Tables, comfort giving Chairs, or repose
ttil Settees as may be found among our
Hampton Shops Reproduction.
Furniture Company
34 and 36 West 32c! Street
Between Fifth Ave. and Broadway
New York
( murrf III r n I tilling In NornrU a
llmtllt of "Hrven Mler" l.nm.
right to Inspect the club occasionally
The paper showed that Tliom.m I..
Heynold.", a real entate man and a former
partner In the real estate ventures nf
Timothy D Sullivan, la chairman of the
club' board of director nod 11. Van Sonllirrn I'nelllr nf Meilcn tVnni
llorne Vlngiit Is trc.-iduror The club operHlr Vrl Count Trnln.. Torced to abandon lit long standing
leaned It rooms fur a ear from Inst Do- . piaetlces bv the new "Helen hlflers" laws
cember It has members, described l.t, I'vso. lex . Voril'.'! 1 hliiy tlioisind the New .lernw Coal Uealers Afsocla
as "prominent In the society and business pRipn in trm Male of Sonom. intiudiiu' Hon, which has filiated for .vears Hie'prlee
life of the city" I the entire revolutionary army, are on verce nf mil In tlmt Stile. h-i ' mo.it d out nf
The club rules any that there must I of Mmation Pecan- of the refnsril or (iatence Thl bec.iine known In Newaik
at least one woman to ever) two I the niithern IVtcille of Mevlco to onerate ' venteid.iv when bids weie irceurd at 1 lie
male person admitted to the club. No trains nn the west nmsi line. Ciiiidltions ' local pot-t office for a coal Miil 1'or
"lUiinlliK or open (laming Is permitted." i have liecome o serious that drnllc threats the first tittle in the hlstoty of the ex.
and the music must stop nt H A M lin-irm made airainst tho iono,.iii'- mil.. iliHiiie there wis coitinetltlv e bidding.
less the officers penult It to continue until train ervlm wis resumed 1 lie comp inv The prices ranged fnun to I'i. .In a ton.
I No liquor can bo sold between i lwj.roinl-e t to coinnh at once Although the new law does not go Into
M and in ! ,M . the rules say There ' 1 ! .'. 7'" . V 1 ' T 4 . JJe "i" 'ittneKing , t , ,,,. , ,), an.iatinn at a
Is no rule as to the turkey trot, unless , t,Vi were renulscil niter kIi hours of flcM leeent meeting adopted resolution, with-
ing, aecotdiiig to despatihes to the State j draw Ing quotations and announced that
Department tn.dav tio more will be made. The resolutions
that dance is covered by the term
nlng ilanclnr.'
wer Introduced hy rrrld"nt Jonaa C.
c uiniri
They provided foi the wlihili.iw.il and
tuilllllc.itlou . of all clicul.irs In relallan
to the retail p Ice nf cri.il. The actlllK
secniary whs also dlrncteil to pievent, so
far as he mm be able, the me of th
assec'iitlon's nfflcf for an dlM'islon of
tet,ill tirlces and tortus ami conditions of
sale, or for any purpose not sanctioned
by the law a of New .Irrse.v.
In former .:irs when bids were asked
b the different Institutions and concerns
many wen. received, but mil) one prk
vi as nuotft This wns fixed b) the ex
change l,a-i vcar when bids were asked
for coal to l ii'i-d at the po-o office th
exehanue tlxeil the price nt T!.''5. It 1
claimed that there will be a saving of
about jl'.O In n .vear'n consuniptloti with
the competitive bidding.
From passing o'er
The route before
Miss Phoebe- knows
The treat in store
And well she might
When appetite
Is served by
Road of

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