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THE SUN, FRIDAY, ArRIL 25, 1013.
rvtTrn! Pnnclnfr. Supper nt
Miflnkbt. Thon Piin
rinc Acnin.
rnf.rinin With Sinul! P:i!'."
anil Supper nt tlie
1 The ushers were Thomas M. (Iraham
and Malcolm Graham of Montelalr. Ar
e e-e two dances last nlcM of ,h,lr Fuller. Henry Fuller and Hoyal Fill
. .,.inti. Mr. i-,, ........ f ,rr of '"''i Nidge, and John Foulson of.
o s'ulctv. Mrs. (.uniiv u T .Philadelphia. ,
u.v tie nt 43 Fifth avenue for, I
-.nc married people and other ; MARIE DRESSIER MAY GAMBOL, i
.e waj general dnnclnc. After
s . ipper was served and then
u resumed.
n le guest were Mr ami Mr. .
I! i".iilr. Mr n tul Mr." Williiim '
te Jr. Mr. nnd Mr. S Harold 1
it. Mr ;ind Mm. Lantrdon Cleer, '
r I Mr Lou.. ilti Pom Irvlnir Mr ,u."
Mr iifuir K. Steven?. Mr. and
Mmw...., Menken. Mr. nnd Mr.
1 !. r.di .Mr. ind Mr.. John
V- .in. I Mrs. S. (Mkley Van-
'r. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ccorse
..i n Hi.;. Mrs. Iniln A 1-ouvll, ,
. s A.-ne. Clallln. Cnramal Car-h'n
Miict Krench. Helen Jenka and'
iMine. Knhert H. Howler. Fred. 1
If M 1. f r,... ,1
... ... 'r, w1Km
l..nv,ird shlppen. Irvine Par-
.1111 an l t'.inu-ilii- Mitchell and
!' ' J
V" rt H O.lllatln pave rt small
mj sapper In the ballroom of L"nl's 'f 'be name cimlnil. beeiuse latnhi
t II 'f Ootlum !aro "t'Posed to Rambol more frequently
i, -e the eue.ts were Mr and Mrs ,hRn frlar'' nr'' ""Plscd to frolic.'
,-n .. I-.lHu j Vr In i m! i j ,n '"'''P nRlnt the l.ambs Justice
m;. Kel 1.-.RK. Mr. and Mrs. Fred- n,,tlrk ,.,, mt r,,, WTm e.in.
1 i..i it-.n Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry J not l- monoili.. '' and that there was
. ' U-nthrop. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 110 livelihood of contusing the Lambs' and
- . itmre. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry C. I Miss Dressler's shows.
1 '.-! in Mr. and Mrs. C. Whe'aton
jath.in Mr. and Mrs. Georse O, Mc
M ,r Ir . Mr. and Mre. George Schmidt
M Trlftown, Mr. and Mrs. I.ynford M.
".nn Mr and Mrs. Ltnd.-ley Tap
M' .r. I Mrs. Percy K. Hudson, Mr.
., ! Mr? Stuysant Fish Morris, Jr..
V at. 1 Mrs. James L. Ureesc. Mr. nd
M- Francis Newton. Mr. anrl Mrs
... . ,, , " , " -
. pinsmc.ro. Mr. and Mrs. John
it anein. .Mr. ana .Mrs. .Morris V.
K- ics. Mr and Mrs. Peton Porter, Mr.
s'1 Mrs lrMnc Hrokaw, Mr and Mrs.
1 :r Carroll. Mr and Mrs. Dounlas. I,
1 nun. Mr. and Mrs. F.dward H Del.i-'
e i Mr and Mrs. Frederic F de iiham. '
M- inrt Mrs Unbert 1 . v, '
L i ?' ;,U M '"
h.jabeth Hoyt. Hilda and Helen Hln.
..ui- uwmaun, juiu i.nev. .nars.iri't
erion. -uarey usoorn. fcille Francke
s A Vlrclnla Case. W. Khinel.inder
.-'ewart. Jr., Samuel D. Hancock. Douk-
-.. Gibbon, Seton Henrv, J. de Courcey
'eland. J. Lawrence Asplnwall. Ale.v.
filer M. Haddon, James L. Hreese. J-.,
Charles dti Ilham. Jr., And Robert P.
Kl-I'artner nf Jay Houlil In Weil Mlna
.lennnetle Thnrlier.
Mr Francis It. Thurlier of this cltv
announced the etiBacenient nf ht'r
' auchter,
..us jeanneiin i nurher. to
Usfhinc'cn Kverett Connor. nUn v...
encasement is of considerable In- i
f in tlnanclal circles, Mr Connor
..Vine been identified with Wall Street I
" n.at.v .vears Mr Connor was at one I
-ee a partner of the late Jay Gould. He
r-t -eti fr-ini Wall Street in 1SS7, about
after .Mr Gould had gone Into
f ...te life
' Mr Connor has been Interested
m . . lure, tion of several corporations. In-
a: th Wheeling and Lake Krle Kail
n.' . '..npaiiv and the Degnon Construe.
t'.jr.ipany He Is a member of the
' ' n League Club, where he now makes
! i'oi nor's wife died nenrly two veats
vi 'iu- tfiie or ijifir marrlag Mrs.
' a a widow, .Mrs. Louise Hynard
i' (s A son was born to their mar-
' '""' V?.,r"','.: r.on1'.,r.' w.h" a y'ar "so the coming season."
."I JI'sh Martha Nlles I.esher. daugh-
' a 1', S'thai o'f Hrr"con u " '
re, i t-ea'righ N J Ing.
.I.s. T iirWr Is a daughter of the late t Thf.f,dore Roosevelt. Miss Inez Mil
m . ri'",rl"'r: a merchant of this holland nnd Hverett Colby will address a
. -n ; i" . . ., mU?h ''nrlN nn,1.niats meeting In Plalnfleld on May Ifi.
r a. .omphshed linguist. Her mother undt.r the auspices of the New Jersey
In i .7 v'P. ""V81-0"1 c'rc1"' hiving , Ml.ns League for Woman Suffrage.
roe i tie National opera Company and
Nat. mal Contervatory of Music ... , . ......
M-s Th-irber Is ahout :n years the1 yot" ot ,he Koc'" Warta
,;' " ,f Mr Connor. She has a rlster, i Charles 11 Alexander, accompanied by
T' i. n Prim., and a brother, Fran- hm daughter. Miss Harriet Alexander, and
'l.er, who lives In Paris
W..llinir Will b. elehr.lloH nn V.irll I
" ei aiitrv of tirace e'liurch nnd !
i '.Jnwed by a wedding breakfast 1
II del lluekingham, where Mrs
ar. her daughter aie now sta)-
Ilnilsliiin Purler.
f l.ntr of Mrs. Carsutiette Ken
ndv r.,rtir. daughter of the late Carson
n,. ,f Zannsville, eihlo, to th Rev.
eph JI. i ry Dodihon, Archdeacon of thu
1 Mi. I.io.ese of Southern flhlo, took
.i r..or. yesterday In the chapel i
e i itnedral of St. John tho Divine,
' .h"P Charles s Hurch officiating.
'r' eerenony was to have taken place
i.s'ille on March 23, but the plans
li- ged on account of the Hoods.
I'ort. r had her niece-, Mrs. Robert
f en Ri.eknmn. with whom she has
' -B at the Carlton House, and Mrs.
' 1 f.tewrird of tJnHhen, N. Y as her
'".uatiis. There was no best man
. . i-
r.t eeremony there was a wedding
'..m for the bridal party at the
.i 'oi. Mr. and Mis rn.dshon will
r i: irope to.ila) on the Mlnnetonka
1 i months trip.
'Hidslioii. who has been proml-1
r ' Otllieil with ehun-li woik III i ihlo
time. Is a Kluter-lu-law of Mrs.
' . 'I nomas nf this clt).
Lorn, Pa, April 21 i)r Francis
' Ju.-eiliH of Philadelphia was mai
1 eit. in.iiiiy to pha-bfl Anno Pi lie,
v u of Mrs. Joseph Price, In St.
i Kpihoopal Church.
1 Anna Price was the maid nf
at I the bridesmaids Included Mls
I '"re. Miss IMItli Hunt of Ctiin
i vt.iss , Miss Kllzabeth Fowler
"i. Ohio. Miss Murln Overstreet
oik, MIbh Lenna Newtown of
I-.'I and MUb Anna l'rlcu AVetherlll
1 1 n Mnwr.
1- hi' ulia was attended by Carroll
''i.i, Jacobs, his biolliei. and the
.ie fleorge M. Jacobs, Joseph
A'fred M Collins, Alfred C.
I Marshall Scull and John 1-.'.
On nn Kvrrelt,
"he wedding of Miss Dorothy Kverelt,
bk f hfer of Mr and Mrs. Silas K. Kvrtt,
Inhn " n,,nn' of Newark, n i
Parents. West 10!lth street nnd
liiversioe. Prve. Hi.. v Father Hlckcy
nroiiKivn orri' lating
The budc sltcr. Mlj Prtiellln Kverefr. 1
was the m m. (I of bono- Tli Miwi Flm .
enee I( ili.nv and Louise Mooic were
the tlowcr girl
.lame Hun 1 wa h' brother's host
nun There were nn ushers i
After the rcroninnv there was a recep- '
Hon anil Mr and .tri Dunn loft for n '
snort Pmithcrn trip
Graham Fnltrr.
r.l.EV Rltxir, N. .1 , April 24 Miss Ah.
Ii H. Fuller of Glen Hldgo mid Clarence; .
Grnhnm of Montelalr were married In the
Congregational Church Inst night. The ,
ceremony was performed liy the. Ilev
Clarence Hull Wilson, the pastor I
Miss Margaret Dcnnam nf llrooklyn
was tin- nuld of honor, mid Miss Martha
Graham of Montelalr whs the bridesmaid '
Samuel Giaham. n brother of the bride
groom, acted Ha best mull.
Conn Huy ihe Lamb Hare .o
Mnnopnl) of the Nnme.
MrlP rres.rr. uliled by Jefferson He
Aucells. won 11 victnrv vesterdav over the
Lambs Club, which had the aid of affl- I
davits by Joseph It. Grlstner. shepherd of
,r"" 'Hmb 'lllh 1,p Wo" Hopper. Augus-
1 ""mas, -'"ore MM', William Harris
Clay M. tlreene and James O'Neill.
Supreme Court Justice t'liitzek denied
nn ItTmltr.tttrin h fh. t 'imt. tnr m I
Injunction restralnlnc Miss Preler from
uslnc the words. ' All star C.imhnl" In
"Marie Ilnssler's All Star Cmmbol '
The l.mitu Club lnlstej that It ha
usl"K be name (ianibol" since 1i5
'? d(,,;'rl,0 tl,p "nnual performances by,
the club, and that Mis Uressler had
i" ll'tlli'' I'l IUIIUPP XIII- nuoiic. ll
Ancells said that he Is a member of The
rn,irr. "which now and then clvrs 1.11 en-
tertalnment known is a frolic The
reason for adopmiK that mime t perhaps
le'" apparent than for the udoptton by ths
Cnrdlnnl a Patron nf t h n-reptlnn
to Thnnm l.inii.
The Irlh and Catholic orcanlzatlons of
the city will rI ,1 reception at Aeull.ni
Hall nn Sunda nlcht to Thomas Kfran.
ii?n ivnur. wno ran jusx come 10 mis
country. The reception Is helm: arraiiRed
by members of the Ancbnt Order of
Hibernians, the Knight of Columbus and
thr ''aelle Society
T'"' I"trons lm.lu.le Cardin.il Karle.x, J.
1 ' ' l'1"rkr- '""'' Charles I.. C,u. the
li"',',, Thom',,, V .,nT."l!' A'
SpolllKsy. Pr. tlertrude H. Ke y. Dr.
rr""--s ' Oulnlan, Col. I-ou.s I. Conlev
and tleorne J. milesple James J Kenan.
the national ireldfit of the Ancient 1
order of Hibernian", of St. Paul. Is com-
inir to attend the recentlon
Slmllat receptions haxe been Rhen to
Mr I:k'"' '" st ,'"u1' -'h-'caKo. St Louis
"nd 1,u'"to"
MinUeiip In "The ielahn."
Ti e east of "The C.elsha" at eber .
rielils s Theatre underwent chances last
siiKht Ponald MifDonalil sum: ttick
piare or raunne iinll . Clara Palmer
saiiK .jiife In place of OeorKla I'alne,
and for the single performame Kdlth
Thayer touk the part of o.iiimosii inn.
suce. . dinir Alice Xi pilli. T-nBht and
heruitler the iie will b. hhik by Mana
v.,,. - ,, ... i..n.i.... ..,i,. .
. V. ' r
;..ni eut-teeu i.ma luauiam'ii as .ioiij f
Pan-. mrrlean Dinner Postponed.
Announcement Is made that the dinner
of the Pan-American Society of the United
States which was to have been given at
'he aldorf In honor of the governing
board ot the Pan American Fnlon has I
been postponed until Ma) IS. because of
the Inability of Secretary of State Hryan
to be present. Mr Hr)an left Washington
yesterday for California.
Ilr. nutter Tnl.ru Tnrt llnnae,
I)e Illols S. i:idridge have rented for Col.
(ieorge K Fearing the tilace known as
Sheldon Place. N'iirr.icitisctl nvenne and
Annatidale road. Newport, to rr Nicholas
vniv nmu n.o.im n cni,,mi.i, r
his niece. Miss Martha McCook, will leave
tr,.,lnv fcr U'n.hlnulfin IV I In nlldml
to. morrow the w-eridini: of Miss Alvs A '
Meyer, daughter ot ex. Secretary of the
Navy George von L Meyer, to Lieut
Raymond P Rodger, V. S N Th! wed
ding will he celebrated in Ht John's
Church and Mis McCook will be one of
the bridesmaid
Mr nnd Mrs. John H McCullough will
sail for Hurope on Jun 7, to remain for
several months
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palmer Knapp
will go to their place, Tenacre, In
Southampton, L. I , early In June.
Robert Graves will give another of a
series of luncheons nt The Garage, his
country place In Mineola, L. I., on Sun
day Ills guests will leave tho Plaza In
automobiles and after luncheon will be
entertained by a band of Hawaiian mu
sicians, singers nnd dancers.
Fx-Governor and Mrs. John A Dlx are
at the St. Regis.
Mrs. Joseph V. Wldener. who has been
at the Illtz-Carlton for the last few weeks,
ha returned to Flklns Park, Philadel
phia. Mrs. Hope Slater nf Washington, D. C,
Is at the Rltz-Carlton
Mrs. William V. Kelly of Chicago Is
at the St. Regis.
In .rrr York To-day.
Iowa New Yorkers, meeting, Hotel As
tor. 2 P. M.
Century Theatre Club, meeting, Hotel
At. tor, 2 P. M.
clan Ross Society, dinner, Hotel Astor,
.30 P. M.
Stevens Institute of Technology, Class
of !. dinner. Hotel Aslor, 7:30 P. M.
Fulled Catholic Works, Inhibit and Sale,
I I'nlted Catholic Works, Twelfth Regiment
I Armory..
Washington Heights Taxpayers Asso
I elation meeting, 568 West 168th street,
S P. M
lilgilms of the United Btates, banquet
In honor nf Ilrltlsh Ambassador James
llrjce, Waldorf-Astoria, 7 P. M,
American Commission Conferance, Hotel
McAlplu, afternoon; dinner 7 1'. M.
Mass dueling on pensions for women,
Cooper Fnlon, s I. M.
New York Public Library, memorial
inciting in honor of the Into Dr. John
Shaw Killings
Japan Society, meeting of exaciitlve
committee, Ifi a Ilro.idway, 1 P. M,
Temperature al Atlantic Clly,
Atlantic Citt, April H. The tem
peratures was 60 at noon hr to-day,
Purchnnlnit Alien! for t'anunia Cnnal
anil Kpert on Coat of I.UIliH-
Lieut -Col. Wendell Lee Simpson, gen-
dl n.,..l.n.1H.. ...... 1. . 1
. 1' . ! ' u ... . '7'
Nassau lioulevard. Harden City He wa
retired last summer for weakness of the
heart, said to have followed the 100 mil.!
niarthcs Instituted In Kooseelt's admin
Col Simpson had for years lee!i con
nected with the relief work following
Hood and cither disasters In this eminirv f
,.u. ..a.-, .-unsi.iei en ,ui .niimiriiy no coin.
miss iry affairs A purchasing agent he
ffalrs As purchasing agent he
n the Panama Canal His office
! State street, where he was 1
'"" rr the
all .he
workers on
was at
t...-i mi uiiivri ,.i nn- i .in.im.i nanroau i
hen he took charge of commissary ,
work on the canal he faced a deficit of 1
11?.'.. 000 Actini: with Lieut -Col Fucene I
T. Wilson, at the Panama end. the deficit '
vn!l wiped out and J T50.000 was spent cm
improvements from a surplus.
oi .-innpson was norn in ii.'i anil was Mrs Hush was Tu jmhh old ll.-r two
graduated from West Point with the cl.isi sons. Irving T Ihish. president of the
of 1!iS4. He served In the Spanlsh-Atner- Hush Terminal Company, and Wi ndell T.
lean war. at San Juan and in the Philip- Mush, professor of phihwiph) at Colum
pines. Jle is survived by his wife, a bio. hurvlve her Mrs Hush had lived in
daughter, Dorothy Simpson, and a son, , Urooklyn n.ari) half a eentur) Thi
Lieut K v Simpson, I S A., now sta-1
tioned with the Third Field Artillery at
Fort Meyer. Va
As a commissary expert Col. Simpson
was ere.iited with knowing more about
prices of foodstuffs throughout the coun-
try than any man in the service From
a Joint of beef In Chicago to a shirt
in San Francisco he was never at a loss
for the current price, and hi. attention
to detail Is said to have brought down
Government losses tn purchase and trans
portation to less than four-tenths of 1
per cent. He was In charge at San Fran
cisco after the earthquake and lire and
. .i, M1..1..1 i .i
(.v ...c ,(is.ns(j(Ji (it... .a
U'ir r ii.ii.h.i..i.i. ti-i. ... .-,. .
..... ... H..nH. ......
Known fnr Charltv
. ' ,
i ii.i i' I I , 1 ,"cor.KP
... M.iii-, " -."-I 'i i.. in.i-r
of a fortune made in street railway und
electric enterprise, tiled in her home,
tiielton House. Gffont7. tn.ilnv ntl,.r n )mrl
lllneo. At her deathbed were her hu-
band and three of her children, Oeoruo
hlklns, Jr. Willlum I,. Klkln and Mm.
Wharton hlnkler. Mrs. t.eorgn 1. Tyler,
...mi.... a. ia ;.v..,.i ..(..'
uiiUUK I unuaiitci. 19 lAarii it.il 11 iiiiiiu
home from Kuropo to-morrovr j
Mrs V Ml ns i.di M u. m.,ll XI U.I.i,
iV....l V.V.I.. i .VI. . i7.. ... '"i '. .
I'U i
eh at
Tember, lSSl, Hhn herself virtually
St. Paul' Protestant Lplsiopal Church at
iiieiiennain ai u ioi oi jmi.oon. nnr cnari-1
ties were many. She wuh a uiomher of the
Daughters of the American Itevolutlon,
Acorn Club and Whist Club of New York.
Well Knunn Iloraemnii la Founil
Dead In Newport Home,
Newpokt, R. I., April 21. William II.
Mayer, well known as a horseman, was
found dead of heart disease In his home.
Slate 1 1 111 Farm. Mlddletown, to-day
Mr. Slayer gave, most of his time to (level.
oping his farm nnd he could bo found
eacn aiternoon arivmg spiriieu norses , ,. nf Ihe m.inageis of the Hotel Mr-' Ai.ipa Roo. who died nt S.10 Second
through .sewport. Alpln. died last nlKht at her home, 215 'avenue, left a will cutting olT her son,
.Mr. May.-r was born In .Iemin, Novem- , Manhattan uveuue In the afteinoou William Raymond Roo. with $23, and ills
her . . ISj but had resided hero and In her huabind had telephnned for her to ' owning all her other blood relatives. She
the vicinity most of his life. He leaves he ready to go to the theatre. He reached said : ' Ilecause my son doea not have the
a widow, who Is ti i daughter of the late home to find her 0e.nl Dr. Really, who grace to loinmunlrat.i with tu or tecog
Major Jlcnry lledlow. I v,g nt th,, sam,. address, was called lit nle inu as his mother I e-onslder the mini
Racetrack Telritrniih Operator Wide
ly Known In Kaat.
John A. Kennn, better known to horse-
racing men in these purts as Jack Kenna.
died at Smith & McNeil s Hotel, 1SI7
n..ui.i..n.A.. u....
Jack Kenna. who was 6U years old, had
been employed by the Weern 1 n o,
Teleernnh Cnmnanv for ihlrtv venr, ns
a racetrack telegraph operator. There I
have bren but few Important tneeta since
1880 In thu Eastern circuit that he did
not attend. It was fiequcntly said of
Kenna that ho knew more racing horses
by name and night than any other person
In the united stales
Joaeph F, Wlltman.
PHlLADti.rniA, April 24. Joseph F.
Wittman, 69 years old, an Importer and
manufacturer of leather and hattera' furs,
AM to-day, H was a director of th
Dc Profundis.
Northwestern National Dank and of the
Northern Trust Company Ills wife, a
daughter and two sons survive.
HrooklMi .VlUhr, Mrmhrr nf Chlenan
Firm, Die. I In Florida..
i'iMi...:n M..I1 "i u-.,r,i u ...p..iv,.,l i
here ti-nluht of the death In l'binouth. !
Pin., of John T Pirle ..f the tlmi ..f c.ii.l"e or the wealthy totrieeo merchant or
... ...... .
son. i-uie coti i-o. owner. 01 one " !
'he largest departin. nt ftoe. tn Chloaco. i
m- i.i.i...... .. ,.,.,,
t , ' 1
ii.i v.... n..Ai.i..n ,
,.",,, 11.,,,. m,i..i i, n:
,oml., r 11. IsTl He was maribd In
;?ir,,;,v.,un,;:.r-".t.c' r.rv.vr'.'d '
, . . . i i .V.t r t " I i r i n i . Th . rhil.l en
Vp ' ' ' !-.... m. r.V.i. V.i.-.,.i .
.. ., .,., .,,,,. , i. i-,.,..
Mra. nrali Mellndn nnah.
. snrah lellntln Iliiah.
meral of Mrs. Sarah M.linda
s held .vest.rday at th family
The funeral
tush wa
home, ;ci Columbia Heights, llronklyn
servlct s yesterday were conduced b Dr.
.Newell Iivrlgh' Hllhs, pastor of Plymouth
Church, of which Mrs. Rush had b. -n a
member fur forty years, she and her hue-
band, the late llufus v Hus.li. the founder
of th enterprises which later led to the
establishment of the Rush Terminal Com-
pany. having Joined the congregation in
the da)s of Henry Ward He.chei. Mrs. ,
Hush was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Jonatnan nan.
Mrs. .Mary A. Griffins
Mrs Mary A Onftlr.g. wife nf Dr. 1
,, " .
, .... ... , .
ii;u-.ii! w.irs Him .vonai s.ie at ciKiipauien
to the frontier Ton v.urs ago she be-
came, he wife of In Grlfflng She leaves
a son by her first husband. Dr Robert
Hruce eirimes of Philadelphia
John Henry Nrverll.
, "eiry Newell, a veteraa nf the
""",7U" "imuiii-.iii i
" ' " ..:,."..,": ,,' '..'1
vear at his home. 101 Hewcs
streut, Williamsburg
. .
...... (i ,
"rn' ! .."'a . "on, ' . l K,
"" " " "
year ago his aged mother died nnd lat
fall his wife died He Is survived by two '
trai iii.l a iimiiiiT
daughter ,
William R. Kniersnn.
l.-nii.,,., i.- i-, ....... , .... .
, . ! A Lnierson, for six vears a
teacher In Hyms School for Roys In Kast
I Sixty-first street, died yesterday at the
.school. He had Jm-t arrived from his
home, 61 Fast Flghty-siXtll Stleet. and
rge P lirlfflng of 1.1.1 Milton Mreet. ' . ""'" " '"inn m .nooue. secre- rred with vines, under which women are .u". . ..Vl' 1 "
flrcnnpouit. died nn Wednesday She was nry ot ne na. was elected "most popu-; nthM.od nn of ,hrm f,,rdn(J cont i'tinns ZMn7 ill. .. ' .7 ' '
born In Xew York nnd her first buslinnd "r" and "beet natilted' nnd C W llendel . .' , . V K . ,7 , Mlnf" ,r"'P'"lV complies with the trans-
w 's 1.1 IlobeiTliru -of Iteadliig th,. "n.o.t intellectual." $ tnm n ot lfv There Is ittle fer rules o the exchange by June IS
su.t-eo... vvho was with . Sen I'e.io i , the Logan t lltooklvn. an ll American foot- lhat on? woul1 remember with kindling "nd nialntalns a separate register and
was about to begin his class work when the ISOO.nuo legacies left by Amos R, Kno
he fell dead, lln was thlity-nlne )oais , to each of his two granddaughters, Fior
of age, a native of Massachusetts, and , rnce C Giaves and Mury T. Kno.
Ill B1V'1I;N " !M','''"'r ,,U" OXfri1 !"': KVAN'S. who died April 21.
School fin Hoys, Chicago u-f t II.0U0 to his faithful nurse. " Rrldgei
(Vllrlen of 76 Fast 12"th street. Most of
Vlriclnla Palmer. the estate went to the son. (itnic.i W.
Vlrzlnl I 1' ilninr I" v,.,j ..I I ,. l'., nt
and said Ilia' .Mis. Palmer hud died of i
' heart disease
IMnaril Colra,
Hkmtstk vp, L. I., April 24. Kdvvard
Coke, 54 years old, for many yearn a
volunteer fireman of this village and nt
, ' l." '" i"" uoeiu, men
.at bis homo here this fiflernonn. Mr.
Coles was a contractor and builder and
did work on many of the country estates i
here of New Yot kers. ,
II II, Warner Still Tan III In Act,
The iuii of "The Ghost llrrakcr" at the
Lyceum Theatre, which was Intel riipted
by an automobile accident em Long Island I
on Sunday when H. R. Warner, whoi
plays Ihe leading role, was Injur-d arid his
wife was kUlid, waa imt resunud hist
night as hod been planned. Mr Warm-r'a
condlUon did not warrant his actlnir and
the theatre will he dark until next Mon
day. Tlcketa for thla week may ba ax
changed at the box office.
Women re Mnaf Milrlleil lleiiora at
Krnlni'k) Affair,
Lhmnuton, Kv , April It. Prominent
laclnir nut., tlmr wives and daUKhter".
from New Yoi'k. Washington, Chicago. St.
LuUls, Cincinnati mid Louisville, were pies-
t to-day to Participate in the sport
"t)'eid them bv Mis Clarence Leuus.
I.tl.ld . I,.,f lllxnt.i .. n,.,..lHn-
ThV tii . hirt utirt
, ' "e rui i n,m lui rneon in a pavilion
elab.irai. Iv d.roratcd In Kieen There
were two t.ible.. In ill shin.,, ,.f rmv.
ii'UK. .1 "mail norm irraun siana in
th ntre Xt 11 the pavilion was a
V' ,Xt " "L" ",11,," a Htandlng bv a block of black and green ' Xl'e'.' r.. .h""1 W' i J'VH
- - r "" h,,uw-m,nt JuKp w"sr1-; .-,,. is; rJ P.eT otvzunsrt
T"" ri"&" "r naddck bell called ! ('"'ntlng. without any high appeal to ture for the Collection General,, des Por-
" Biiesta to th- racetrack Mis. Lebus . n' Imagination. It is thoroughly com- traits da les Deputes a I'Assemblee Na-
r.im: the saildllin; tn-ii .lu.liri. will sthet.
ley of Louisville acted as clerk of the i uncoil pattern and treatment of sur-.-.nrse.
J w Ma wa bookmaker Rets . nn.i hns niii7ti of the lllnstrn.
were made "hat iionl" fashion Women '
. . . i .1 . , . . . ..
proved to U- th- uiot spirited bettor-..
Alter the races Mrs lbus presented the
w limeis w llh beautiful trophies
rriuiiriini iriH I'rrmirr Honors
vinvlea lfnat I'opalar Slinvr.
'it:.i i tiiv. S .1, Vpnl n - Talbot T
I'-n. felon of Ibrklev Springs. W a , the
cipfi.n of the I'rin' e'on football team and
'" ' "' -em'n -i i.i-. was voieo ro-
day the best til round athlete In hi rlaas,
'he best loothall pla) Cr. the man "who
has done most for Princeton" and "done
most for lhecla- In athletic.."
Wilder ti. IYntteld of Hudson, Wis., got
the highest number of votes for best all
round man in the class, the most resnected
land the one who "has done most for the
i, nil ,.,, ...i . i .i
...... nun ..nn me
l-l phvM.al development, while G. K
Wight of Montelalr ,ilse of fooiball fame
has the best build. L nneleiun. the
ninety pound coxswain of ihe irevv. and
Arthur llliiithenthnl thn -jihi i.ouud varslly
" "'I.- lieu l.n . IIISN II.IUV
President WiNnn, Va v n'teil the most pnnu-
I'I "I h'ocKlou Ason. liniilier-in-lavT of
r ,.r.ieiir, w no ex-., ayor i. it .xiciaei-
,v w Un, ,: T' '
". ' u i nieii ,is
popular aetre .mil ilie "movies" the most
.... .mo.-m
i.ni.11 r ,hnu 1 , 1 1 u .I,.. u.,.,, u..
liopulir show, while the "language at the
m'.'.v,K ' ,w "Hi '' S1"-" ,HOtni i'Trueh lor
ovios was a eio-e seeomi to I reiich lor
vorile foreign language.
Yale was elected lied man's college next
... ... .....,-.
,,n,1,'r,l"l,,'!I"1" "no ,v'"-,,r ' '"' woman's
'n.,ei'.' I he lllble was the favor te book,
"Old Nassau" the. favorite hymn and water
the favonte heveiaiti-.
AMOa K UNO SlirtOL'.ltl. I'ollnlnn (in.
held v.-sterdnv the Ir.msre In nr.
HVIlllS. Jr,
mentioned sufficient to soothe his feel-
lugs." The testatrix left all her property
to "ones who cated for me in my lust
hours," Mrs. Llziio Mealy of 301 Fast
Forty-sixth street and Mrs. T J Jamison
of Newburgh.
Ciiaim.ks 11. Sknit. Heirs of Chat les
H. Senff. the sugar broker who left $9.-
ooo.ooo, M-rveil tiotlco yesterday that they
"lo to light the $380,000 Inheritance
' 1-vlr.l In pari ; upon trust lastlng until
the dentil of the widow, Mrs. Augusta
Da. John D. McGti.t,, president of the
Hudson County National Rank of Jersoy
Olty and Surgeon-General of the New Jer-
1 M.v Nations! Guard, left personal property
worth $1,000,000,
I .... Thnmaa Leta Vewnnrt Villa
i "omaa i.ei. Newport ilia.
nlo!" Bldrldge have rented for
i M- Linda Thomas of New York her
villa In Rellevue avenue, Newport, known
aa Btoneacre. to Hra. Stanley MeCornlck
of Boston for the coming teaion,
IMiilpot. KnrrHi Pnlnler. f.pfs
Sd.TiOn Honor nt Tnsti
tuto in l'lttsburp.
fiifford Henl of New York Is
Tliird in ('onervitive
PtTTsnt'r.d, April 14. Gov Herbert P.
Hudley of Missouri delivered the prin
cipal address to-day nt the annual
founders day exercises at Carnesle In
stitute. A large audience was present.
Many were at the firm view of the priro
winning pictures and the new pictures
In the Rnllerles. Andrew Carnegie sent
hH customary letter of greeting, prais
ing the Institute and Its directors.
Gov. Hudley spoke on "Historical
Analogies." He said that criticism and
change hnvo become the fashion of th
hour. The general effect ot many pro-
j posed changes In the form of govern-
ment. both In the SUtte and nation, he
asserted, Is toward the establishment nf
more genuine popular rule, so that pub
He opinion will be more nromntlv and
more effectively evprersed In legislative,
exeeutlte and Judicial actions.
n - t
........ . nun ns
been In control of the Institute's art ac
tivities from the beginning, announced
the awards of prizes made by the Inter
national Jury as follows:
The gold medal and 11.500 tn Olvn V.
Phllpot of England, for his painting. "The
, Marble Worker."
Silver medal and $1,000 to Henri Martin
of France, for his large decorative paint
ing. "Autumn."
Hronie medal and J600 tn Clifford Real
of New loru. for "The Manor House."
Honorable mentions, without distinction
ns to precedence, to Arthur n Davles.
George Hellows and Havley-Lever of New
York , Leopold Gould Seyffert of Phila
delphia, Arthur Streeton of England and
Fred O. Gray.
The Jury making thee awards com
prised John V. Alexander, William M.
Chase, Irving It. Wiles, Charles H.
Davis, Klmer Schnfleld. Gardner Py
mons, Robert Henri and Charles W
Hawthorne, Americans, the lat named
a member of the colony in Paris, and
two Frenchmen. Rene-Xavler Trtnet
and Henri Caro-Dclvatlle. the luttcr
having spent the present season in
America pointing portraits, somo of
which Nfw York has seen.
The exhibition contains 352 pictures,
of which seven were brought on from
the display of the National Academy
of Design, which closed last Sunday In
New York. Some canvases were shown
In New York, others came from the
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
In Philadelphia, but the majority were
obtained from artists direct, In this
I country nnd nhrnnd. Thirteen forelcn
j countries ore represented.
The awards denote In great measure
1 lllf ,"',f,, rathcr cautious, chnracter of
,.mi,i,i i.un...'
. the present exhibition. Phllpot 8 Mar-
bio Worker." with its slncle niriire. n
vounir Italian striiioect tn the waist,
Kinnrilni! hv j hwv nf hlnrli nnd n
tietent in the matters of solldltv hal.
.... ....
I've qua ty tn commend It n some de-
"n. ' I'0P"lar tJte.
It might be termed a child of the lln-
engn of Alma-Tadema, but It has a
! much closer relation than Alma-Ta-
.len.n'j n-nrtf fr lx.tii.lv nf r.l(7..c,rtl f
' nuuwu in .c 1,1
inir T"iifi nni noon innn nnfnrfl riiia nr
" V .' " ; ""
I Ittsburp. haw painted a good picture.
but not one to stir the enthusiasm or
sot the pulse going.
ti. hi. v ..t,.,.,r," .v,. .,i..a
ticn-j Mnrt!n hv -i silver Irophv and
nln ',,, ,1,., ,,. ,'.f ,h
' , ' " lr '"' 1 , ,
. rPal ""dowtnent runil witn which .Mr.
( arnegle started the Institute upon it
eareer Is a conspicuous canvas which'
setnis to belong In a Paris salon. There
are a tin lit Ion of agreeable decoration, not
quite simple enough to count at their
nlensiir here Martin him nrnHneert u
' -
dignified and large piece of work, and
i not much more.
GlfTVml Ileal' prize winning picture,1
The Manor House." I nnother In his
, Jong series celebrating thn blending of
l,,., ll,.ll.. ,..l,w IJ .,.!
" v.....j ...... ... n ...... k...
' dons, the charm of spacious country
i abodes, Ihe sweep of lawn nnd tho lilt-
' tlnrf about of gayly clad figures under.
drooping treea.
.. .
It has an American character nnd a
wholesome one. Thnre Is beauty here
Yet It seems as though Mr. Heal, whose
talent lias often been appreciatively
recognized In referring to pictures
shown by him In New York, had been
limit Inir himself rather ton clnselv to I
iitmnat In Hilu nfif urn nf n n-k9Mfi wvt .
varlanta upon a single theme. There HEltHICK Enttred into rt.t. at ratereon.
can be no quarrel, however with the ; HlJ- N?" TX tir
honor conferred bv the Pittsburg Jury. neutbe and friend, are Invited to at
As to the honorable mentions, the pic-! lemi funeral on Monda. April :i. ai
litre tlrst on the Institute's list, Arthur hrr lste hnnir, 105 Carroll tret, Pat
Davics'. "Sleep," yield to none In Its enon, ai 11 A, M.
union of Imagination with pictorial effec- JOII.so.v At runith Oranir, .v. j, April
tivene, with clear and distinguished -1 '13. Adrlana II, wife of Elliott
design and a magic loveliness of color. Jhn,on-
Tho distant mountains, seen across wa- """m.! "oX. WWa,
ler, form part of an enchanted land- S5 4 o'clock. Inttrmant at Woodlaan
scape In whose foreground you perceive Cemetery,
a group of recumbent figures of young lb JKUNE Cape-I Ullli, on Widnaiday,
women, lightly draped. I April ti.
They lie In various attitudes and as I Funeral at 8t. Asnea'a Chapal, Trlnltx
you look at one nnd another of them
jolt gain now Ideas of the beauty lhat
finds utterance In complete reposo when
It Ih expressed by tho turn of a head, the
bend of nn arm. thn full ripeness of len
der feminity, without tho least sugges
tion of vvhul Is mawkish. It would have
been a mark of Independence of spirit
for the Jury to award llrst prlxe to auch
n picture,
George Bellows' lively nnd successful
"Circus," with a white horse galloping
and trapeze folk aloft, was seen and
Guide Books, Maps
Brintano's wWl
'nw (sat.) .t 230
K fe
rr. gfm
mow W sot !
Unrestricted Public Sale
llv order nf
The Union Bank of Canndi
The Colonna Collection
of Pottery, Ceramics, Bronzes,
Pewters, Mctni Work, Arms, Fur
niture, Paintings nnd Engraving.
from 1) A. M. vnlll P. M.
The sale will he enndnrted b
llel hj Mr. Ilernel, nf Ihe
American Art Association, Managers
s MM r.ld .st , Millon ,.i So
admired at the armory exhibition In
New York,
Leopold Seyffert's "Tired Out," which
receives a mention from the Jury, Is Just
11 genie bit, and It does not compare
with Ills distinguished portrait of Leo
pold Stokovsky, the new conductor of
the Fhlladelphla orchestra, .1 canvas
seen at Philadelphia und here ugaln in
Hayley-Lever's "Fast !or" Is rather
profuse In tyle, and "Grandmother's.
,thr ;pntlonpd w'ork' ZtrtnZn
Arthur Slreeton bus painted still life
ul,n niccesn In the last of the honor-
"b,y ,,n"on,d cHnvaes, "The Artist's
men," w .'hTr'" r,Uh,,,r ""OmcIo apart-
mf,nt "lth in P"t and a table t
. for ,, sumiltlli.ll ronn.f
The one man show of the exhibition
is provided by about thirty paintings by
Lucien Simon, the Frenchman, lining a
room with competently seen nnd rend
eted figure subjects. Interiors and land
M'apes. The two portraits by the Roman. Man
clni. of elaborately costumed men, are
conspicuous and not much more.
There aro two loantd Sargent por
traits, both good examples, dating from
several years hack.
A few of the foreign exhibitors aro
William Open. George Satiter, Sir Al
fred ICast, R. W. Allan, D. Y. Cameron,
Vtrgillo Constantlnl. Boutet de Monve!
Nicolas Fechln. the Russian: Laura
Knight, the English woman, with a Urn
and -well painted group, outdoors; Gas
ton La Touche. John Lavery. Franz von
Stuck, with a grisly "Salome": Lizzy
Anslnck of Holland, with a capital little
group of marionettes; Max Claronnach.
thn German, with a snow picture, on
of the best thinga here. And there are
hosts of others, of whom consideration
must be deferred, both foreign and
The Impression one gets of the exhi
bition ax a whole Is that there are a
number of things worth while, hut that
in the main tho selections do not reflect
the modern viewpoint. With the endow
inent nnd the galleries Director Heattv
might hare brought together a much
more memorable pothering,
Buoka and Prlnta Cloae the Aacllan
nf nnnaparllana.
The books In the last sesslnnr of tho
i . ' ",v n,,,,,IBU'i .jnnerirs ui ine
poleon collection belonging to W. ,f. Latta
tlonale tenue a Versailles I 4 Mat. i:tn
wnicn comprises an exceedlnglv rare
Dodd A Livingston gave 55 for an
autograpli letter of Robespierre In regard
to the establishment of i. ruliu.tinr
.the Rhine, dated December 20. 17S3: and
W. H. Hoffman paid $62.50 for a document
' 'Kriert by Robebplerre. Contlion and Col-
! lOt-d'Herbols.
, .... .-,.-. i'i (i c hi ui fciiinK sale ni
I nrlnts was IU. n.ilil hv .1 p sinia,, ,.- .i,
i print was $52
aiit . ...
, renericK vv et.er oust or Kugenle. en-
graved after Winter. Mr. Sabln got the
' print nf "Napoleon Jum H-'forc His Flight"
(for 120 R. Frldenberg gavo J23 for th
' busts of Nai.oh-.m Bnd Kinienle In lln..
The book sale of the afternoon amounted
' ,0 $1,407.35. the print to $1,361, and the
total for the entire Latta collection la
Exchange Warn (ioliltleld Cn.
On the recommendation of the Hating
committee the governing commltte of the
iransioi omce me mocks or the coinnanv
m ... ..i.i..,.. .... ... . .,
itVn n .
I 11
HUltUEX i'lininl mvlcti of tht I
I T. Hunlen will b lislil In Urct
'urch at n ociock on Saturday morn
T ,, Anrll ItilvrniMi.t In llh.nv
Itur.l Cemrtery.
! UI.CAa On Wednnday, April :j. till,
i Jan lUrkntti, vdaw uf Di. Malthaw J
Kit as
Funeral tervlco at her latt rtildano. III
VVrrt Ktihty-ttventh atraat, mturrtay
morning, April St. at 10 o'clock, la.
trrment private, Woortlawn Camtry.
I l'rlh. Saturday, April !. at 10 A. U.
Interment private.
Mct'OHMIl'K. I.nudan. aged 7(1. Hcrvlcta
"Tllal KUNKHAL CHUHCH," 341 Waat
Twanty.thlrd street (Frank E. Camaball
Uulldlna), Saturday, II o'clock. Auto
mobile corlei.
OBTTINUEIt. On April 12, la her seventy
third year, Roalna, nldow at DavrU
Oettlnier and beloved mother t Le.
pold, Hai, Henrietta and alalia.
Funeral from her lata reeldenoe, 111 Bait
Heventy-feurtb etreet. Frlaay. April II,
at A. at.
TIBHH At hla heme. In South Oraasa,
N J. on April 14, Francis H. Tiers, hoi
hand of Catherine M. Ttera, la kia
Isty-nlnth year.
Funeral private. Philadelphia, Cletaaoje
and Milwaukee re pare please copy,
I eyllndar; super; eaves railroad axaeXaa: Tn
jtnitrli. any dutaace; at aimed ktrw rilexs.

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