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to-morrow; mqtMKnTOimflJZ winds.
Detailed weather nrfbrti vrntm fmin-rrn rirr 14.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 1913. Copj.lphf, 1913, by the Huh Printing and Publishing Anoclatton.
100 pages:
VOL. LXXX. NO. 239.
IMmN Hoi in lloston, Where
Hotli Remain "With
iitror.xiZF.n ix lorry
i.irl Said to Have Boon in
state of Nervous
Jair Slie Could Not
Plrmlinss of i rl
IWrnv. April Ifi. Miss Rninonn
JWriVn the eventren-ycar-old daughter
pf G'l Itnrden. the condensed milk
manufacturer of Now York, who ills
tippesred from a sanitarium nt romp
ten N . list Wednesday, wns restored
r her father by private detectives this i
pfternoon 1
Tiev left the Hotel Touralne tocetber,
rind are said to have gone to the home
f friends In the puburbs. It Is not
known hpw long they will suay.
It p. not clear where the girl has been
Jrom 1 ho time of her disappearance until
.eMrrday at noon, or what the purpose
was nf the person she Is supposed to
I..,,, .ireonuv-inled.
I. was asserted by one person said to
,. ,. ' ...
I.- -n "
tun Is a nervous wreck, and that her
'ather Is completely broken up. partly
because of hi- daughter's escapade and
r.srtlv because his mother Is dying n
Unltlmore and a sister is Ill in New York.
Cooipnnion Nail lileiitlflril. i
The most mysterious thine about the
fiffalr is tho Identity of the woman who
ws, with Miss Horden from yesterday un-
.! i.itc this afternoon nnd then vanished '
r m the hotel where they .stayed over ,
.. :
inL-hi The dlsamicarance came a few
'U.nmea after the girl and her father Predictions were made to-night by
nn at the Touraine Hotei. om'' democrats that the appointment
This woman came to the Hotel Ven- "' avlrs will lead to criticism by
. .me about noon yesterday, accom- W INon s opponents. It was
, r ied by a girl. They had only their recalled that the Democratic newspapers
- t cae and small bags and registered,0 '" , emintry attacked Pres dent
- 'Mrs. J. II. Davis. Montreal." and "wevelt bitterly when he appointed
mi n,.rhr,. Heed. Montreal." George H. Cortelyou. who had been Sec-
Tbe younger woman was Miss Horden.
M.'s. Davla" was not Mrs. Helen S.
W 't. of r.rook'.yn nor Mrs. Marian A.
Ki. i.i of the same city. Miss Borden's
.ompanion was woman of 6q years o f
with white hair, and wns dressed
n '..lack, Including a mourning veil.
e i wo got a double room and bath '
. rooking Commonwealth avenue.
"' '" nt "'' 'ucl'ln 11th;
.l.n.ng room. It is not thought they had
nv visitors. ine cim not ortoKiast
inrlv to-dav and nothing was sent to,
"... . ... ...... t '
ir.r,oTxTh;v ::zuL:cn:
Ma.rs to ent. I
V .voting man who had been cleik
f.t one of the hotela In Ormond, Kin., last
" " ",lV"r V ,uu"
ine pair descended He recognlzed Miss
l:ed as the missing Horden girl Im
mediately. He had seen her about the
Hotel at Ormond und for that reason also
felt that he was not mistaken In Identi
fying her.
r One Hrri Girl I.enve lintel.
After eating the woman and girl re
sumed to their room, so far as the, hotel
bunches know, nnd no one recalls
'laving seen Miss Horden leave It. That
Mim was communicated with by some
t ne probably the prlvato detectives, and
i nnsented to go to meet her father. Is
" ertaln. but how she was Induced to
five "Mrs. Davis" and how she was
hmuggled out of the hotel no one ap
pears to have knowledge.
Anyhow, the girl went down town with
Ii dfteetive and met her father at the
llotfl Touralne.
Raymond .1. Hums, son of William J.
Ihirus, the detective, and himself a de
t "eiive, has rooms at the Touralne,
While the meeting between the
father and child was taking place
i-hortly after 2 o'clock "Mrs. Davis"
was getting ready to leave the Ven
ilnnie. she apparently made up her
tnlnd suddenly, for about 3 o'clock she
telephoned down to the clerk that she
wai ted her bill "In a hurry," and asked
t iat a ta.xlcah be called. She appeared
ii few minutes later with her suit case,
paid her bill and sped awuy.
T've only information which could be
i ned al the Vendome rttirardlnfr tho
iifinritire of Miss Reed came from a
il . .nnan. Ho said that soon after 2
' . loek a girl and young man left and
w I'ked rapidly down tho street. Ho
w.h unable to say who aha was, but
ti'.m the description ho thought she
m gb- have been Miss Horden.
4 the Mount Holynke College
.mnl were holding a meeting at the
te' arid there were several girls there
a ' 'tnpanled by young men, it Is possl
' hat the couple mentioned might
e neon some of them.
N' t much appears to be known about
l.e meeting between tho girl and her
father It was stated at the Touralne
".at Miss Borden came in with a man
end. seeing her father In the lobby, em
' ' ed him and after a few words of
greeting all three left by a side entrance
nnd took ii taxlcah.
Mr Horden arrived at 7 o'clock this
ii'irnlng, accompanied by Grenvllle
t 'ark his lawyer, and another man. Sev-
ml prlvato detectives met them at the
nation and rooms were taken at the
Hotel Ksscx. Mr. Oorden and Mr. Clark
refused to make any statement, but the
r.rber man said:
Ml.s Horden has been found in Bos
1 n Mrs. White has left the city In fear
Nil's Horden will prohably he hero with
) father until Monday.'
The detectives received a tip that a
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Srnri-h of HrrcUnur Will Hp Ite
auiuril To-innrrim,
Cot iitnkv. IV... April 20. Tin- search
of the wrecked workings (if tin- Cin
cinnati mine wns brought lo n standstill
this evening with ninety-four bodies ie-
covered and two living iiu-ii rescued,
One body wns brought out late this
afternoon, after which the searchers de
emed m stop work until Monday morn
Inn. Most of tlio rescuers have boon
working at long stretches and are ex
hausted. Eighty. one of the ninety-four lll.
hnve been Idontltled at the morgue In
.1. K. Uodnlck, chief of the State mine
Inspectors, and an agent of the United
Stntes bureau of mines vlll go through
the mine on Monday. Coroner .1. T.
Heffriin, District Attorncv U. n. Milter
nnd the Coroner's Jury will also Inspect
tne workings nnd Inter In the week the
Coroner's Inquest will bo held In Monon
traheln To-morrow will be h day of mourning
In all the small mining settlements In
this district nnd most of the victims of
Wednesday's explosion will lie burled.
Some of tho bodies in the morgue are so
biidly mutlliited that It Is likely they
will be burled n unknown.
Charles (.Yawl nnd I'hlllp Kepler, who
were rescued alive from the mine lost
night, were nhle ti leave the hospital In
Monngahela, this afternoon.
It Is lolleved therp are still several
bodies hurled under slate and debris In
the mine.
Secretary of Democratic Na
tional Committee Is Selected
by Wilson.
W asiuniiton, April 26.- -Joseph H.
Da vies, who was secretary of the Demo
"?,c National Committee during the
Wilson cnmpalgit. will be appointed
cnltv-d States Commissioner of Cor
po' - atltin - by the President.
Mr. Davles was the lender of the I
rumoorntlc campaign in the West, lie
"'as considered nt one time for Secretary
of Wnr- "'' "'iter the President Is said
t" have looked with favor on hint for
Governor-Gem ral of the Philippines.
Mr- levies, however, did not feel that
he could leave the country, and finally .
the President decided to offer hltn the
K"t as head of the bureau of corpora-
"ns. Mr. Davles is said to have c
national chaltinan A Secretary of
Commerce and Labor Mr. Cortelyou had
'been ln control of the bureau of cor-
,ftt e )ould umI(,rtnk(. ln
,..,', ., ,t ,,, .,
he was In possession of corporation se
crets obtained In his olliclal capacity.
Mr tvifln. l ii.-. .--.ro t.niit i.
cnlly nnd none of his friends expects that'
hp w ,v , .,',,.
when he accepts public oltlfe.
.. .
tobacco case opened.
IndepenUeni M-n.ifnelnrer. Confer
...... ....
Ullh yelleynnld..
WvsiiiNnTON, April 2fi.- It was learned
to-nlghl that representatives of the In-1
d dpnt t0iic'. manufacturers con-
ferred to-day wltli Attoriiey.t.envr.il
Molleynolds. There have been rumors
from time to time since Mr. Mclleynolds
entered the Cabinet that he might move
to reopen the tobacco trust and po
slbly the Standard Oil dissolution de
Mr. Mcltevnolds himself has been si
!.. nn .l.lu u.tl,l..l i.i. u.r.-t. I',ii.,'UfJ
have contended tluit It would be Im
possible for him to get a reopening un
less he brings u charge that the court's
decree has been violated.
.Mr. Mclleynolds and Attorney-General
Wtekersham disagreed In regard to
the dectee In the tobacco trust case.
Mr. Mclleynolds was associated with
Mr. WIckershnm In the prosecution of
that case and when the lower court
brought in Its decree Mr. Mclteynolds
wanted It carried to the Supreme Court
on the ground that It did not conform
to the mandate of the higher court.
Mr. Wlckersham took another view
and he was attacked by the Independ
ents. The belief here Is that the Inde
pendents are urging Mr. Mclleynolds
to take further action In their behalf.
M, l.abnrl Will Addre.n the Ameri
can ilar Aaaoelatlon.
Uptciaf CaM pupateA to Tnr. Si v
Paris, April 20. C. F. Labor), the
French lawyer who was chief counsel
for Capt. Alfred Dreyfus and now heads
the Paris bar. signified his Intention to
day of accepting the Invitation of the
American Itar Association to attend Its
meeting at Montreal September 3.
Laborl will deliver a apeech In French
nt a banquet at which Senator Root of
Xew Vork will preside, and Viscount
Haldane, the Uird Chancellor of Eng
land, will be the principal speaker.
Police Told to Srr That Dealer. Keep
Sunday Honra.
A general order was Issued yesterday
nt Police Headquarters to commanders
of nreclncts that they will be held re
sponsible for tho strict enforcement of
tho Sunday law which Axes the hours
during which delicatessen dealers may
keep their stores open until 10 o'clock
In the morning and between 4 and 7:30
In the evening.
Delicatessen dealers who keep their
stores open at other hours aro liable
to arrest. Meals may be sold to be
eaten on the premises at any time of
the day.
Tobacco, milk, eggs, Ice, soda water,
fruit, flowers, confectionery, news
pnpers, drugs, medicines and surgical In
struments may he sold tn places other
than where spirituous or malt liquors or
wines are offered for sain and may be
sold at any time of the day,
Minority Democrats Say Gover
nor Is Doiiiff I'tmost to
Embarrass Wilson.
California Executive Will Main
tain Finn Stand on
State llislits.
SackaMknto. April 26 The, new nntt-
alien land bill which Is now helm,'
drafted by Senator Newton Thompson I
and which will he presented to Seere-i
, t. i,u In.
inry i.rjan on , -
spcctlon before it Is submitted to '"" ,
State Senate is more radical than the '
lllrdsall bill -which hns called forth so
much adverse commint.
This bill will represent the iew of
Gov. Hiram Johnson, ho, accordlnc to
tho Democratic minority In he I.esls
l.iture, 1h dolm; Procresslve politics In
order to embarrass the Wilson Adminis
tration. These Democrats are very'
ansry over Johnson's attitude on till- I
question They say he cares nothhiB
for the merits of the bill, but that h- (
was shrewd enough to see that the radi-
cnl features or any aueu lanu m in... t
has been pronsed would furnish tht
material tor a inner
Johnson, accordlnc to these Demo
crats. Is caer to foice a conflict anil
thus compel the Wilson Administration
to stultify Itself by Interfering with the
sovfreUn rlshts of the State of Cali
fornia. The fact that Secretary Hran
has been sent out here as the per
sonal representative of the Admlnlstra
tlon simply adds to the force of the
political row which, It Is a!d1 Gov
lohnson hopes to stir up .
The Governor has got a complete
working majority In both houses of the
Legislature and he Is thus able to p.i-s
any measure which he favors. He will
not bock down on this alien land bill'
. . .. .. ... .......
!(-, miltlT now IftllO ine iiroi.--.is miii
Japan nor how strenuous may be Mr.
nryan'- opposition. The minority Pern-,
oora,s call It a cut and dried scheme to
Rt.t , Administration "in bad" nnd t..
HCore u decided advant..ge In the ncM
... i.. nn n,n.i ...i-
ngnt lor uoo-veu s ia"'f. I
"There s not much to s-"iy n teRaiu Mr Dunche, thp tf.mi)pran0f. anvocau.
to the redraft which will be tends for khMiw , IlNC handle and beat the for
Secretary Uryan to look over when e mpf m m knocklI1B hlm
Thompson. "It Im woln to stat plainly
. .. . i. n i . ..i.i v.1.. ...IM
tnat aliens tneiiguu.i u vm..a
not be allowed to own land In the Mate
or lo lease n encrpi no a rnw. .....v
That Is about all there Is to It
. .
"I see no reason whs
our mulsh
cousins or other Kuropeans who can j
necome citizens noiuu nov uuiu tummi
lnnd if they wish to become citizens.
l'urthermore. theie Is no reason, In my
opinion, why oil, timber and mining
land should not be exempt riom tne
)rovi,",OUH 1)f act. as the Japanese'
' 'V . . . , ' . .. .
"''U'm Jrlcult.ra Un I and tC
T h J " f " lr 1"",1' " "'.'
... ,, .'on the ground of emeltv
"ii.- toni-it... .on the laml canaille of " "ll uuul
's sought by syndicates of Luropean
r capuniisiH, if-iin- in-- iuiiii.1
1 velopment of the State by outside
I monev. and everv one w ill agree that
,ut.h uoiiev i needed for this purpose."
l.leHt.-Gov Wallace has received a!
i protest from the Interdenominational
IVce Committee of Pacillc Coast
I churches, dated S.in Francisco and
signed hv Capt. Robert Dollar as presi-
dent and' W. C Allen as secretary. Capt.
Dollar Is president of the Dollar .steam-
ship Company and 1" largely Interested
In trnde conditions hctwm this coat
and the Orient, condition- of which he
has made a studv for many year.
The protest rend
"The Interdenominational I'e.ir.- I'uin-
niltte of Par.inc Coast Churches, fine.
sentltiK many chuiih IhhII.s. ale nppoou
to any race dlorlmlnnllnn ln til trst
ment of the iiopoH, nlien land bill. Re-
in . h . dnrin initth- exports from
.nt l-tilt.Ml some ellin nt l'loiis uku-
Shu Fiki.cIsco to Japan represented 33 " '"V,"V;n T
per c-nt of the total amount of trail-. rU'l'ed nearly her entire length. Sev
while direct imports fiom Japan to the eial torpedoes went all the way through
rnltud States represented 11 pel rent of , lier
the total. Then the big ships opened up on the
We also feel that the effect or ucn
legislation will lie nvere to mltonary
work both In Japan and In America, and
while we do not fear any declination of
war. we deprecate the development or a
hostile spirit which would be detrimental
to the prosperity and niteiests of both
The visit of the Secretaty of State is
expected to be the cniise of great fric
tion, because the minority Democrats
say the Progressives nnd the Governor
will not permit the Democrats or the
regular Republicans to present thrll"
vlewn on alien land ownership to Mr.
Bryan. The Democrats are planning
to meet tho representative of the Fed
eral Government on the trip to Sacra
mento and tell him the status of the
legislation ond their Ideas before he
comes In contact with the Progressives
and their State's chief execiitlv .;.
Ilia Trip tn California I. In Help
Solve Problem.
Gkano Island, Neb., April 2t!. With
out giving details of the views of the
national Administration, which he Is to
Impart to the legislators of California,
Secretary Bryan made t plain when he
passed through here to-duy that the
State authorities are to be "conferred
with" and not In any sense coerced In ;
an nttempt to arrive nt u satisfactory j
solution of the alien land ownership
question. :
"The purpose of my trip Is to assist,"!
said Mr. Bryan, "If possible, in reaching i
tho wisest solution of the problem with1 1
which the California authorities have!'
to deal on the theory that the State I
acts In a dual character. It has Its!
local Interests to guard and It also has
Its responsibilities tn maintain as one
of the States of the Union.
"I am sure that I will be greeted
In the same friendly spirit that actuated
the President In sending me."
f niiacnl. lo lie llinllh nuinillnMrr
zrrnri r
I Biggs of New Vork city has nccepted
Gov. Sulzcr's apolntmeiu its state lienlth 1
Commissioner under the proposed law
reorganizing the department. The bill
has been In the Assembly ami will bo
passed next Thursday, according to
the present programme.
Dr. Hlggs's appointment was fore
shadowed in Tut: St'.v three weeks ago.
He had expressed himself many times
both to Gov. Su'.ter and to friends as
unwilling to take the place, but the Gov- i
ornors resolution to rcorRiinwo the
.State Health Department, Klvllu? It In
creased powers, caused Dr. Mb." to
chamte his mind.
Dr. IIIrrs has been for scleral years
friendly with prominent Tammany men.
He went with tllir Tim Stilllwui on n1
ions trip to the Southwest when the.
latter dropped out of slcht a year ao.
""' nai yov .-miixci nrsi rn-,
At the time that Gov. Sulz.r llr.-t ro
solved to appoint Dr. IIIkkm It win un-,
soiven to appoint nr. ii
(k.r!lt( Tammany Senators would vote
ln rnntlrm him, but It was said Inst nluht
that the chnnu-c In the political wind at
Albdny may put Dr. IHkrs's appoint
ment on tin- stieir with those of .lonn
Mitchell nnd .Indue John Itlley.
Xcijrhbor Accuses Minister Who
Was Prohibition Candidate
for Oovernor in 1!M0.
lonr Plain. X. V . April 20. The Kcv.
Dr. George W. Stockwell. a retired Meth
odist mlnlMer who was Prohibition can-!
dldate for Governor In 1910 and who has !
made temperance lectures on platforms
1,11 oxor "10 ftate. knocked down his
neighbor with an axe handle hole to-
day and tnrrateneu to lueak every bone
. j, body. accorduiK to the neighbor's !
storv . J
it. .--locKweii is me owner oi a lai ge
esUte that adjoins that of e-Maor
I m l 4 !-. ...1...! , . .1 . . .. t- ..I
is ... i-ruii-.ii-i, iie.iu hi ini: i.iiijiiic
state Metal Wheel Company. For sev-
,.ra, vo3r!, tllp two hav ,. bickered over
P ZVv ne.J L on aim-1
r,,, i "V" , ! ' ; "'1 1
unui.iieij no oiuron iiauii up. i aere
were hot words and then, nernr.llncr to
to the ground.
Dunckel snys that the minister then
Ioan(ll OV(r him and threatened him,
lloilr,,hln ... ,. ,. .,. , hlI.
Dunckcl has begun court action, both
criminal and civil. HiraloMt the temner.
llreree (Irnnleil fur Cruellr
PoKTljv.so. Ore.. Ami "fi Mrs . lllin
! '"''""eth Hourne. wife of ex-Senntor
Jonathan Hourne of Oregon, got a dl-
voice in the Circuit Court here
Hourne did not contest the case. Xo
property rights were Involved, as a set
tlement was made' before the divorce
action was begun.
Ilo'irne Is in Washington. D. C. and
is at work there.
( wnr.hlp. lnk
Knl.h,ll 11' I ( I.
' ""
Xoiuxilk. V.i.. April 2i'i. The ram
Katahdln lies a wreck under sixteen
feet of wnter In Chesapeake Hay, where
. she was sunk after being tired on by
line nniiieshlp Delaware and Rhode
island nnd the monitor Tallahassee
The hnttleshlps tried torpedoes con
talnlng a new kind of explosive against i
the minor of the old vessel nd she was
torn from stem to stern. The death '
, ... -t a .
P'" i rojecuies pit-ctt. ,e, ain.ni",
rnin -vi'h twelve Inch shells contalnlne
, ,ho MnH kiIll) of eXPi0sive used in the
torpedoei. The damage that followed
was terrific
eCo-a; Consists of
Eight Sections, as j
Follows: j
FIRST Gen-rl New. . . . 16 1
SECOND -Spottinj .... 8
THIRD - Rfil Ette. Gardtm,
, Financial, Poultry . R
FOURTH - Pictorial Mtgarinf . . 16
FIFTH Fiction Magarnt . . 20
SIXTH - Children's Magaiint . . 8
Sl'v77-Foreign. Booki, Querie..
Faihiom, Ctnira Schsoli 12
EIGH TH - Socitty, Ait , Drama, Mutic.
Fiction 12
Total 100
Pea Jets or netcsdeakt who
do not recehe all of lh:s:
sections uill confer a Jafor
on "The Sun" by notifyint
the Publication Departmtn!
al once by the phone (2200
Btthman), and the missing
sections will be promptly
forwarded, i) possible
. .
Will Drive Montenegrins Out
Unless Powers Aet
1 onillllie
Allies Will
Ajrninst Dual Monarchy to
Aid Nicholas.
OWiiW Cablt Vopateh to Tnr. Si
London. April 27.- Austria will wait
unlit to-morrow (Monday) for decisive 1
, i...r ,vm, reenrd to
on , , ,.ourrM wth reRard to
..,, , un.tlur, if this '
..Mnii.-ie.hi.'.- ........... - ,
action Is not rortncominK sne win oci
alone to dispossess the Montenegrins.
ustrla, accordlnc to reports, will pre- I
sent a new note to tho Powers to-day I
. rii mid,, .
A despatch to the Pnrls Tempi from
Itelcratle says that Servla has notified
the Powers that should Austria, without
Kurope's mandate, attack Montcnesrro
the allies will Immediately unite acalnat (
Austria. !
It Is announced in Vienna thnt all the.
.Ministers or me r.i rn u-hii utniiMi.-. n .
, , , , ' , ,, ,,.
Ccltlnje. with the exception of the Mln-
lter of Itussla. have received Instruc-
tlons from their Foreign Offices to sum-
mon Montenecro to surrender the cap-,
tured city.
Herr von Jagow. the German Imperl.il
Minister of l-'orelgn Affnlr, ln the tie-
bate on the I-'orelgn Office estimates
jester-day In Hcrlln, dfclnred that the
powers r-ome time ago decided that Scu.
tarl must belong to Albania,
-por us," Hcrr von Jagow asserted,
"th ouesllon Is res Judicata. Loud
cheers greeted this remark, but In the
subsequent piu-sages of his s-jpech tho
Cerman Koreign .Minister nin not in-
dlcate what Is to be done If King Nlch-'dty
olas refuses to evacuate Scutari.
rccin je Al RAN IAN PRINCE
. ,r. lie Will Proel.lm lllm.elf
,,nr' W '" . .. .7
ininrnlrr Declined.
Monlprn.lrr Declined.
fiitciai Cnfttr letpatriit$ to Tub Sti. The trust company, which has scra! 'chamber during tin- hearing of the Sul-
Ckttinjb. April 26. it Is reported branch banks In this city, was organized , v.er pilmary bill befoie the Senate Ju
here to-day that Kssact Pnsha, the gal- , a few yenrn ago by former Senators dlclary Committee.
jf,i. Qeutnrl who sur- H. G. Davis and X. U. Scott of West j From all parlies and nil eLiss.es of life
rendered to King Xlcholaa of Montcne-
cro a few days ago. is preparing 10 pro-
claim htmself Prince of Albania, which
...ninti-i- la to Iv. Hiitonomous.
Pvnis. April 26. It is reported here
that the Due d- Montpensler hos de-
icllntsl the throne of Aioania. on learn- uiTmrw'C TlAUTWf: TTAP was Thom.iH G. Cuinmlngs of .liiiiie:tovvu.
ling that his candidature is opposed U-UAUS. UAWUttt S JJAlUflU l.,)mnilttl.(,m an ,., WHH ,.m,si.a
1 Vienna. Ilerlln nnd Home. Jump Trom U lndoir After Helnn by Gov. Sulzer that he would ap-
I Thf provisional Government of Al- .arprlsril In .Nol.leionn". 1'hIhit. ' pointed State Fair Cominl-sloner to sue
i. Tr,i ,h.. n,.l the crown and rnh,. ..,.,). T,.. . n.-v I ''eed Ir.l Sharp of Low vlllc. whose lenn
t'aii.u -
Montnensler tentatively accepted. He
went to Hrlndlsl several wveks ago in
his yacht and there met Ismael Kemal
Hey, provisional lresldent of Albania,
who proclaimed him King, subject to
the approval of the Powers.
There was some discussion in Con
stantinople yesterday In regard to the
future of Rssad Paahu. It was said that
the majority of the defenders of Scutari
were Albanians who were not fighting
for the Turkish Hmplre but for an au
tonomous Albania. It was remarked
that F.ssad Pasha, who was taking the
Ottoman garrison to Tirana, wos likely
to play an Important role In Albanian
politics, as he was not hampered by
political or other scruples.
Prince Ueoraje at Bararla and Arch
lnehr.s l.ahellK Separated.
iifful C.iWr ijMfA to Tnr. Si
Minicii, April 20. The marriage of
,)f Uflvnrla t0 Arch.
duchess Isabella Maria of Austria, the
daughter of Archduke Frederick of Aus
tila und a distant relative of Kmperor
Francis Joseph, has been dissolved by
the papul court. Tho Archduchess will
regain her status us a member of the
Austrian Imperial house.
It will be recalled that the Prince
and the Archduchess quarrelled on their
honeymoon. They were reconciled for
a short time, but their Incompatible
temperaments caused quarrels regard
ing the Archduchess's precedence over
tho Bavarian royalties, As a roBult
they ngaln parted.
The bride's relatives sided with her
and there were allegations of her "un
conquerable dislike" for her husband.
The Archduchess Is handsome anil one
of the richest members of the Austrian
Imperial house.
The Archduchess was obliged to re-
nuuncn her rights of succession to the his uld nnd physician. He Is not ex
Austrlan throne befote the marriage I pected to return until to-morrow night.
could be performed and it Is these
rights which ure restored by the Papal!
court in conformity with a previous
decision regarding the marriage. The
highest court of IMvuilu has alrendy
dissolved the marriage, which waft per
formed In Februar, 1SU2. At one time
It was reported that the marriage was
made unhappy owing to the fact that
there wns another woman In the case.
Victim tltrrlinard Oft" Victoria l.nl.r
.Near Kingston.
Max Fahrman, a sailor on the Ham
bin g-American steamship Victoria
Lulse, In yesterday from Kingston, was
lost overboard on April 24, when the
steamship was near Kingston. It was
said that Fahrman could swim, but al -
though two lifeboats were launched and
licnrch was kept up for nearly two
,oiir he was not found. There were
sharks In the wake of the ship and
ii... enner...i oninlnn Hint one
thejn got him
The passengers contributed ll.nftO
tn be sent to his mother In Allona,
I Minn nprrntors on Stenmers Snrl
Wnr Are Too I.oit.
Orpunlzer H. r. Shrlmpton of tho
wireless division of the Commercial 1
TcleBraphcrs Union announced yester
day that a strike of wireless operntors
on ouu irausaiiantic antl coasiwisj
steamers Is Impending.
There are .KID orRauized wlrel'sss op-
erators on the steamers, he said, and the
wni;es are too low for tho skill required,
He said that In tho Knsllsh service tern- t
porary licenses arc Issued to men with'
mechanical skill who a.c not sklll.sl i
.operators, nnd an attempt Is bclnB made
,)V ,hp jInrconl company to Introduce
this system Into this country.
Wireless operators on the Pacific
coast are on strike for similar causes.
(icrmniia Will Itmr (lie I'niiliir n
. NK".,,"'T. " ' AP''" 1 cV
jj, nuam to ne the summer iieailiU.irters
the German Kmbassy this year.
It was annonnred to-d.iy that K.
Hanlel Von llalmhauseii, coun-ellor of
'I"' inliass.v. had leased from tho
heirs of Charles I. I.yman. an estate
on l.e Hoy avenue known as the
Poplars The same eottape was oc
cupied by a part of the emb.i.'sy force
Inst season.
Siijr They'll Starve Itiithrr Thn lo
Vniiriincr Tak.
... ... .
Coloiiapo SrniNos. April 20. nfforts
of , rUy uuthorpl, , ,.ompr, the
seventeen 1. W. W. members to work
out their vagrancy sentence on the city
ek pile Have proved unavailing
rhc prisoners ate on a biead and
tvufnr ,Mnf T). l . .- I tw, . lit
MoTp th,,v pcrform tne tll-sk as!flKnpii .
them by the court.
MTtnwAV urine a tbitct nn
Comptrollrr on n" of llrllrriuenl
firls Wiililiiuton I'nslllnn,
Wasiiinqton, April 26. Lawrence O.
Murray of Xew Vork at the close of
iils five year term as Comptroller of
"jj" ('
urrency wos elected president of
the I'nlted States Trust Coninanv of this
Mr. Murray succeeds I'ldrldge H. Jor-
'dan. who was a lending candidate for
tl,P nei'ol't,l" as chairman of the ,
WIwm lnHUKUnlllon eommlttee. He
,'OLom, '"" "f "", company's ,
board of director-,, a place created for 1
v,i, 1
Vlrglnla. Mr. Jordan obtained control
of the company, was elected president
j ,. ,.,i.ii,,,.
. UIIU . ; V.l ..IVJ. ...
' Secretary McAdoo has not decided on
a successor to Mr. Murray. Meantime
I Deputy Comptroller Kane will be acting '
I Comptroller.
, ,
HOLCH.NA, April 20- Mi'rchese Hraz -
uttt recently received a letter from a
lilack Hand clique In which a demand
.1.... i -.rtfinii iim
cttftftfim ,.r his life. Since that time the
M,l,s l,.l Wo tnklnL- i.recnntlons
and an electric alarm apparatus wii-1
placed under file carpet ln his palace
A well dressed man entered the
palace to-day and repeated the demand
for the money. He aimed a revolver
at nrazzattl. "who. feigning compliance i harie county, cha rman of the Demo
with the demand, pressed the button of , viatic State committee, and who nt one
the electric alarm. 1 expected Gov Sube r to appoint
In a moment four footmen rushed
Into tho room ami as they appeared
on the threshold the Intruder Jumped
out of a window. He broke his feet
In the fall, and ns he could only hob- j
hie along his capture was easy
Ae.l nil. Wn. Brian,.
Mr. Collvert.
nf Lincoln". Mother.
lHAiio SriuNo.s, Col., April 20.--Mis
A M. Cnltvert. I'f years old, a niece of
Xnncy Hanks, who was the mother of
Abraham Lincoln, Is dead at tne nonie
of her grandson, living Cue. In this
She will lie buried at Spokane. Wash.
Onl III. DniiKhter nnd I'll) .Iclnu
With Hlm nn I lie lili.
Washington, April 26. President Wil
son took a trip on the Sylph to-duy. It
was his first trip on the Government
yacht. The President was thoroughly
tired from wrestling with the Japanese
land legislation problem In California
and other matters and sought complete
relaxation on the waters of Chesapeake
It was his first trip uway from Wash
i tngton since his inauguration. He went
down the Chesapeake In company with
Miss Kleanor Wilson nnd Dr. Grayson.
He left Washington at 9 o'clock this
Urrak Hetneen President ami eilH
or Mar lip Mended.
Washington. April 20. It becume
evident to-day that the break between
President Wilson nnd Senator O'Gormun
of Xew York has not reached a point
where It Is beyond repair. The Presi
dent will confer with the Senator on
Tuesduy In regard to the collector. ship
of the port of Xew Vork, t
Mr. OTiorman Is bitterly opposed to
the uppolntmetit of Frank L. Polk, who
is recommended by' Secrelury of the
Treasury McAdoo. Tho Senator plainly
resents the attempt on mo part or air.
McAdoo to shoulder hlm aslilo In
i the matter of patronage ln Xew York
State nnd there have been Intimations
i that Mr. O'Gormnn would light the
it 'nomination In the Senate.
off The general Impression U thnt the
I President will make It clear that no
, general deduction In regard to Xew
York State patronage matters can he
drawn from the Polk appointment
Tlirciilciis Democrats Who
Am Afiiunst Diiccl
Primaries. .
ii'm i itiMVI.'' Ttfl.'M liT'lt
" 1 lA' 1Mn h ,M 1
Governor's Rill Ots Hear
in"1 Rel'ore Rio- Crowd
in Albany.
l.eiriliitors Are Expected to
Kill Measure, and Not
Amend II.
At.nwv, April 26. Prlmaiy day .-U -Albany
was featured to-dny hy Oov, 'vWrl
lam Sulzer'n threat! to drive from tho
Democratic party any pernon who re
fuses to help him ln yottlnc the "Run
many l.eBlslaturo to pasa hln hill pro
viding for the abolition of State con
ventions of political parties and for
Statewide direct primaries. Tho threat
wan made openly In the Rxecutlve
Chamber before a meeting of the chalr-
.. r ..... r .. . t .. . . nHMm.
of hfl gtatc
.' , ,,., , hi,m .
'whom forty-nine of the slxty-ono In the
Sti(((, or(, irwni fitn. Hlli!pr MJr.
prised his hearers by the I arshncss of
his voice as he demanded that all Demo
crats In the State range themselves bo
sldo him as their leader and tight for
ngnlnst the domination of Charles
l- Murphy and boss control nf nomina
tions for State otllccs.
Ity this light the Governor stands or
falls, and lie Is overlooking notlilng in
his attempts to get votes to pans Ills
j stature Ills war board of
h 1 " ''J' ! ' ' v id, s r I, s
'e hundud persons , uns so Industrious
last week that 1,,00 persons from all
, ,i,., .u.,i, ,i n... AMmhiv
'over the State crovvdi d the Assembly
men came, some looking for Jobs, nihera
hopeful of retaining ihcin by appeal) lg
In favor of tha Governor's bill, and
still others bemuse they really believed
in direct primaries.
t'limuiliiu I Promised .hilt.
One of those who went aw.i hippy
, , ... ..vt.lr.w .lime I .if lbi vear.
1"" - ,,',
State o. leers and I.e., ds . ,f . c,.. rh ue ts
" ul" "f ,lle chamber dur-
ins the hearing.
Suspender Jack Mct.ee, the up-htnt
I man who stampeded the
State convention at Syraciw and suc
ceeded in having Oscar Straus nomi
nated for Governor, was on hand with
a big bandana handkerchief. There
was also George G. Palmer of Scho-
. mm i" me wranu .......v. ad
vice I ommissiou.
Thomas Mott Osborne of the Demo
cratic State League, William A Pren
dergast, Comptroller of Xew Tork city;
John .1. Hopper, Independence League
candidate fcr Governor: Daniel D. Fria
ble, former Speaker of the Assembly,
and William S. Bennet, former Rcpub-
.!'" Representative In Congress, were
i prominent "i """"'s.
i The lounty chairmen at their meeting
j the Executive Chamber passed two
i ..solutions, one calling upon the Senate
' tl) cunilnn the Governor's nomination of
.Huhn X. Carlisle of Watcrtown as Hu-
perinteudent of Highways nnd the other
approving Gov. Sulzer's direct primary
Several committeemen voiced opposi
tion to tne primary hill's approval, but
when a vote was taken only one Deputy
State Comptroller Michael H. WnJsh.
the Democratic leader of Wostcheater
county, dared vote against It.
cthin I. nuked On a. Significant.
Politicians consider the adoption of
the highway resolution most significant.
They said that It shows how anxious
Oov! Sulzer Is to obtain tlm continuation
of Iim candidate for the oillce In order
to p. mill him to build up n great state,
wide machine for himself In this de
p.u tment.
The action of the Governor In request
ing the county chairmen to approve tlm
resolution inipifssed some Democrats as
the one thing which might result in re-
; fus.il of the Senate to conllrm Mr. Car
llsle's nomination.
As for the primary resolution's adop
tion, they said the chairmen had been
' told to go to the meeting by their party
! leaders, as no action before the Gov
ernor was binding upon them or their
lepresentntlves II the Legislature.
The Democratic chairmen who at
tended the meeting wor-
Harry W Hlnticliard, Albany . William
II. Riley, Hrooino ; James P, Doyle, Cav
uga : Dr. Andrew" J. Bennett, Chautau
qua ; Stephen Ryan. Chenango : M. .:
Callahnn. Clinton: William A. Mnllnry,
Jr., Columbia ; Fay C. Parsons. Cort
land ; Dr. George L. Hubbell, Delaware ;
Kdwnid 15. Perkins, Dutchess; Richard
F, Hayes, Kssex ; Eugene D. Scrlbuer,
Fulton-Hamilton : J, D. Harrlgau. Frank
lin ; Peter M. Giles, Genesee; George II.
Van Valkenbuig, Oreene; Frederick A.
liny. Herkimer: Oeorgo R. Vannnmee,
Jefferson; James D. Hell, Kings; Robert
E. Gregg, lewls; Henry T, Lewis, Madi
son ; George E. Xorth, Monroe : Philip J.
Christ, Xassau, Dr. Thomas H, Darllnc
ton, Xew York i Xornian D. Fish, Niagara :
Edward P. Jordan, Oneida; Leonard C.
Crouch, Onondaga: Thomas J, Bolder,
Ontario. Geoigo F. Kotchum, Orange:
Gerald B. Fluhrer, Orleans, Fred U.
Moore, Oswego; Laverne P. Butts, Ot-

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