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finv. Hat field's Intervention
Itcxults in a SntisftiHnry
Lnnor Trouble in Pain! Creek
District Has Lasted .More
Titan Year.
I'll miles-ton. W. Vn April r.ov.
Huttlplil announced to-night thiit tin
great coal miners' strike In tho Paint
Creek ami Culiln Oeck districts 1
The strike, jirolniily tin mt bitter
nntl proliactcd Industrial struggle ot
itic kind In the history of the country,
bus lusted more than a o.ir In the
W"est Vltglnlu onal Iblds. Clashes be
twcen miners and guards led former
Governor Glasscock In Ha- illsttli-t three
dlttercnt times, and f"f tin- gn-ater patt
of ttit- winter the bib' mining section has
Known no law except Hint of tlic court
mat tlal.
The most picturesque ligure in the
conlllct was Mother .lone, the nerd
woman lender, wlio ncourairfd tin- men
to hold out l tin- lust and who faced
trial for her life before- n military trl
hunal with a smile, saying:
"I hope they do II ml me guilty and
shoot me. Nothing cotdd be more for
the cause. It would arouse the people
of the entire nation."
Gov. llatlleld hu issued a statement
on the strike setting firth the terms of
his peace proposal, w hlch proved suc
cessful, as follows:
"1 can bay to-nUht that th- mine Mrlkc
Is ended. Ah Governor of West Virginia
1 felt for the pood of all that the dispute
should be terminated. While I took no
side- In the matter In so far as the con
tention! of the partb-s In lntrst were
concerned, I took a decided position and
suggested that (i-rtdin utncssioiis be made
by both partks.
"I did not ask the coal operators to
adopt something that wan inimical to
their liter. sts or that will cist oppiobrlum
upon or In any win handicap the Indus
try in West Virginia It was also foreign
lo me to even sugB"t or dictate how they
should conduct their bulne-s . nor did I
lsh to until, t in any way b suggestion
or otherwise with the rights and Itl.eities
of the laboring man.
"Howevej. I felt It my lut. as- chief
executive of the State, to Insist that tin
law Ih enforced In h tt-r and In pltlt.
therefore iespectfull recommended
sciiiito C-onimlMee Dlinnreen nn C-n-kiin
lllri'i-tur'n iiolntnielit,
Wahiiinuton, April 21. -The Senate
Committee on Census was unable to
agree to-day on a teport on President
Wilson's nomination of George W. liar
lis of Georgia for Director of the
Some of the members of the com
mittee said later thnt (hey believed an
agreement would be reached by which
the Incumbent of the ollk-e. V.. iMll.t
Purand. would servo until .rtily 1, per
mitting him to close up certain Im
portant work lie has in hand, and that
Mr. Harris's nomination would be con
firmed with the understanding thnt he
should take ollh-o at the b- ginning .if
the new llscal year.
Aetr.-s Wnn Married ! l'rcd lrr
lirhur mi I'rldnj.
Ulllan Lorraine the actress, was mar
ried to Tied (Ireshelmer on 1'rlday by
.lustlce of the Peace Hudolph In Do
bokcit. Mrs Grcshclmcr has always
been known on the stage as l.llllan Lor
raine, but In reality who Is Muriel Pis
Inclines. This Is her tlrst marriage.
Kroadway has heard before that Miss
Lorraine had married. A year ago
rumor had It that she had married Mr.
Greshelmcr. At that time his tlrst wife,
who was Gertrude Mi Pauley, luul not
yet got hrr divorce from hint. The suit
was In pi ogress In Chicago.
The marriage on Friday was wit
nessed only by a few Intimate friends.
After tin- ceremony there was a wedding
supper at the Hotel Savoy
Socialists and I'niteil Hebrew
Trades to Have Tun
The committor in charge of the up
town and downtown May Day parades
of the Socialist party and the United
Hebrew Trades met yesterday to cotn
pleto preparations for tho two parades
and tho urn, meeting at I'nion Squat e
The uptown parade will start at tho
Utlior Temple, highly- ourth street and
Second avenue, and the d wntown from
ltutgor- Squato Hoth will stmt at about
1 1' M and meet at Union Squato for
th ran, meeting Hie ditliculty with
I i the musicians' union lias been adjusted
and there will ! plenty of bands
Tlrst That the operators cone'de to It was announced that a larco number
the miners thtlr right t seleet i .liecki)f no riking ..j workers i l'terson
uelghnian fiom anions their nuniM w h.-n , h wl(h ,lVc wor cr w, lir0
ket pltiB with se,fns 43s.a:. of the code. , on strike in Tlio Ilronx ami in Long Island
to determine, to t entile ,itisf.n-t!oi. of ) districts
the rmploveo. the eact weiKht of all toal I The tltst consignment of tho children
mined bv him and his coworkers of l'.iterson striker who are to U
"S.cond That a nine bout d.o lie con- i cared for by the families or workers
ceded to the mlneis bv the operators To , in New orn also will 1. in lino, about
be mm., fnllv undeistoo.1 as to lit con- HO) in number I hoy lll rule on Moat,
stitutes a nine hoc, ,lv I respectfullv ml- j mounted on automobile
Us.d that It meant nine i,.s of ,i. tual Tie uptown parade with Peter I rey
se.Mr.. i,v Hi- .mi.lMi lo the einnlc. r . "h criitid tnitr-hui will march Irom hiRhty
Ht ilie same scale of waces now paid.
"Thltd That no discrimination be made
against any miner, and that If he . leets
he tnav be j.. rtnltted to pimhase the sup
Pll.s for the maintenance .,f his family
where. r It suits him b. st as this was
claimed ! the uperators to be the case dt
the plesent time. It Is hope.l b the Chief
P.xecutlve that It will be ilie plea-ure of
the mine opemtois who own and control
tommlssarlcs to se that the piles of
their merchandise .tie In k.ep'.nK with the
same prices made h independent or other
stor's throughout the Kanawha Vail. ' .
' Fourth That the opetatoia Ktmit a
f ml-monthlv pa
' It will be mv pleasure to use nil the
means at m. command to tc that acli
and eviiy proposition so aeef-ded to is
carried out In Its fulness, and I will rut
tlur endeavor in sin h i4-'s whole tie' law
is not now explicit to hae the same so
amended as will stem.. In the futuie the
tarrying out of the sugg. stlnns I have
made "
Columbia I'onk III Advice unit Pro,
tier-.! (.rentl).
Although he may never have realized
It, the lato .1. I'lerpimt Morgan was
responsible Ind'.rectlv nntl probably
largely for the unprecedented growth
of Columbta Fan rslty In the last
twenty years.
In a letter to the PndimMt Alumni
AV:u this week, .John H Pine, who for
thirty years has been clerk of Colum
bia's board of trustees, of which Mr,
Morgan was a member from 100H to tho
time of his death, tells of an Incident
thnt happened In the days when Poluin
hla was still on Its old site In Forty
ninth street and was contemplating
moving uptown.
This is the way Mr. Pine relates the
"Mr. Morgan once rendered a service
to Columbia whit h has never been re
corded and which perhaps never will
he unless oit publish this letter, but
T think it entitles him to be considered
one of our ereat benefactors When
the trustees had about decided that the
college must be moed and were con
sidering the present site then known
Its Blonmingilale, but wire feeling
rather appalled by the magnitude of the
undertaking and the expense which It
Involved, one of the hoard, without
mentioning nnv particular site, nslteii
Mr. Vorgan what the college should
"'Do something big,' lie replied 'Don't
May hurled In a corner. Yhv don't
oti buy tho hospital land there ,n
TlloniTiIngdale, where you'll have plenty
of room?"
"The trustee replied that it would
cost too much. To which Mr. Morgan
retorted, 'Nonsense; If you do some
thing hlg enough everybody will help
yon: I'll help you.' '
"Piihseiiuentlv he did help u by con
tributing SlOn.OOO for the pun base of
the rite, but Ills adue was worth even
more thnn his money."
fourth street and Second avenue tu
K.ightv-tlrst street and First avenue,
to Kiftv-soventh streot. to Fifth ave
nue. to'Tliirtinth strt-et. to Fourth uvo
niie, to Union Square
The route of tho downtown parade, of
which Samuel Lehowiu, organiser of
the United llebrew Trades, will be grand
marshal, will heilcoidod to-day
In the downtown parade will be the
clothing workers, the white goods
worker, waist makers, kimono and
wrapper makers
One of tli" largest unions in line will
be the Hrothorhood of Tailor
Most of th" paratiers will be in uniform
and will have Ilo.it U.sl tlag will bo
earned, but there will also be Ameri
can tlag ami tho usual trade union dags
and banners, nntl the "Marseilluie"
w ill bo the favorite air plaved.
At Union Square speeches will be made
from several stands, as well as from the
cottage Similar demonstrations will
take place in Hoton and other cities
under the auspigt' of the Socialist party
Demonstrations, of tho same kind will
al-o bo made in the principal cities of
Kurope At all the meeting resolution
in favor ol tho eight hour workday will
be assct!.
Mr linn to Stnkr With Three lthcr
mi tlir Celtic,
Th" steamship Celtic of the Cimard Line,
In yesterday from Liverpool, had on board
four uninvited non-paying guests, one of
whom, Aemyteni Aakrade, confessed that
he was a Riwlnn count when tho stew
ard discovered that he wnsn't down on the
second cabin passenger list, although a
regular attendant at tho second cabin
breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers
Hut the Itussian's name was lacking
In the Ahnanach de Cotha as well as the
passenger list, so Aakrade Joined thrte
stowaways of no pretentious at nil, who
hud been caught earlier In the voyage. He
will go back on the Celtic and will be, al
lowed to make hlmslf useful In return
for meals and transportation, but he
won't eat In the second cabin.
id the thtee other stowaway, two, rter-
tiard Ferguson and Wllllnm Harrison said
they were Ametican citizens. If tney can
prove it they will be allowed to stay. They
lined then passage in the stoke room,
as did Robert Itetlfote, an-Ihigllshman who
will go back as ho came.
nniibrm r.tpeel I'll) to llnlne Money
In Tliln Va,
That the i tlx- is picpnrlng to meet a
large part of Its need in new financing
tnrnugn resort to Umi t term revenue war.
rants, alnm; with an Issue of bonds, was
t lie ronciusinri drawn bv Wall Street yes
H,k!' Harikers sav that it would In
Jbli. lo final morn than $ft,oon,n00
or 125,000,000 of bonUM at the most tin-
der present conditions The city's needs
lire said to lie fiom 5:5,000,000 to t!0,
hecretary MeAdoo's reply to Innulrles
of bankers that ho believed the warrants
would be good security for n possible
emergency currency under new tmiikliu;
act was taken to Indicate, preparation
of Now Yoth bankers against poulblq
I tw o
Our 8th Floor Restaurant Offers an Excellent Moderate Priced Menu -and Best Cabaret in Town
wwmsm Lrdimrd La
5,000 Yards 88c 36-Inch Satin
Beautiful range of colorings, good, firm quality.
The greatest offering of the day at this modcraU
:? it.i in rinnr
Mammoth Rug Clearance: Unprecedented Price Reductions
200 Seamless Royal Axminster Rugs
In 0x12 and 8. 3xl0.fi sizes. Long, thick, heavy nap. Rich Oriental
designs. Woven in one piece, they are practically indestructible. A
few of these turs arc sliRhtly imperfect m the weaving of the designs
j in no way affecting their wonderful wearing qualities or their handsome
I appearance. This is a clearance sulc. and these rugs wilt be sold on
Monday only at
Extra Special
$40.50 9x12 Royal Wilton Rugs Monday only
D. ,..,!.- .l..r .1,. En,,! UJiUnn. f V, l,nk... nrnrl.
rugs manufactured in this country : Monday nt
Silc M..-tiii.n, reiluinl to Bast. nil.
9x12 Seamless Royal Wilton Velvet Rugs
At the lowest price ever offered in New York, Regular price, $27.50, Large
vnriety of attractive patterns and colorings, to harmonize with the decorations
of any room.
Only tw o patterns in this lot, all in good taste. Copies of rich.
handsome Oriental rugs. Quantity limited, hor qutck Hi 11 MK
Extra Special Tomorrow 100 Rolls of
Regular $8.50 China Matting; heavy qual
ity, full 40 yards to the roll; on sale at, roll
The rctoil records of New York City (if there were such u thing) could not divulge the
equal of tilts wonderful offering. 100 roll3 is the limit. So speak quickly if you want n roll.
clearance Monday nt
Nairn's Famous Inlaid Linoleum
Regular $1.19 sq. yd. Mon- f A
day only, square yard Tf C
Triple Extra Printed Cork Linoleum
Regularly selling in our stock at 59c.
so. yard. No mail orders. None to
dealers. Large variety of attractive
designs. Monday only at,
per square yard
Heavy Jointless Matting
Regularly $10. 50. full AO ytb to the
roll. Passed U. S. Government
standard. tJ QP
Sale price pO.CD
Extra Heavy Canton China
llfi warp; full 40 yds. to Hi" roll
SI 2.00 value. Sale
fourth rinor, On Siilr foinorrou..
The Best Bargains of the Whole Month Come in These
Last Three Days of the Furniture Sale
MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY (April 28. 29 and 30) witness the close of our greatest of all Furniture months. Each week since its inception, April 1st, lias seen our sales grow
lutger. The confidence engendered by the satisfaction of earlier customers seemed to radiate in all directions. Each customer seemed to have told his good fortune to his neighbor. We now reach
a climax for here is another bargain list:
The Most Sensational Furniture Values That the Public Have Ever Been Asked to Accept
$3.50 Porch
$50.00 Three Piece $
Parlor Suite
have ever !.een.
You could well call this a
Library Suite. It is one
of the finest suites you
Slip cushions, upholstered in Panne Plush,
Eight Piece Dining $
Room Suite
This $1.50
Rocker . . .
Double woven seat,
hard wood maple
frame, slnt back,
nicety finished, One
to n customer. No
mail, phone or
C O. D. orders
filled. Just 200 of
these. Two weeks
for delivery.
$1.50 Rocker
Rocker is a little larger than child's
rocker. Hasdouble reed seat, strongly
made and ex
actly like pic
ture." Come
early if you want
one, as our sup
ply is limited.
Only one to a
customer. No 'Span i
mail, phone or Leather and
C. O. D. orders.
Two weeks for I madc exactly
delivery. I like picture.
Only 150 of these
left and w hen
these are gone we
will have no more.
Double reed seat
and back. Hard
wood maple frame
nicely finished in
Green. No C. O.
D., mail or phone
Orders. To
weeks for delivery.
$10 Fumed Oak $l Q J$20.00 Brass Bed
Rocker -WcJ
This beauti
ful Fumed
Oak rocker is
large and
roomy. Scat
is upholster
i ed in genuine
Tabic is six feet long, U j
inch top. Buffet is All
Quartered Oak, 45 inches
long, and six chairs of quartered oak. Genuine Leather Slip Scats.
' ' . . .
Hhl a
II m
$7.50 Brass Bunsralow Bed
One of the greatest
sellers that we have
had. We were fortu
nate to secure 100
more from the Manu
facturer. Upholstered
in Genuine Chase
$25.00 Dressers or Chiffoniers
We have clustered to
Retlier about 20 Dressers,
Chiffoniers and Toilet
Tables in the different
woods. All odd pieces
that we will sell at one
half the regular value.
Some in Solid Mahogany,
Birch, Tuna Mahogany
and Circassian Walnut.
.t ir.simp.on t'ranforit '., fifth floor. On Sale Inmnrrnw
r hM- j.i.t K.i f ua-r nrK One la n Th.is Br?" Bunpalow bed t a rcmarkahlt
mstomor "ol" i) l -nil! nr phoru- Order lvalue, we have just 5 1) lett and we no
It t.af tun nun po!v with tun oiif tnrli tnp ' not think thrv will last the rest of the
rnlU unci tn.- nw Inch WIm. 1MI1 mount. I "0l 1 1 , ? .
Ulth tut-latmt stlr i'apd. month. Come early if you want one.
$18.50 Refrigerators for
Made of Genuine Ash,
Golden Oak finish and White
Enamel lined. Has three
shelves. For Monday only,
District Attorney Ackuowl-
oduos .SI. 000 Kroni J. A.
Icn Thnt Will In- l'nt In To-mor-riMT
In Tluiw Hrllirry Scniiitul,
Art lull (' Palmer, attorney fur John
." Anhut, the lawyer Indicted fur at
tempts! hrllnry to Ket Harry 1 Thaw
out of Matteawan, !"cnt District Attorney
Whitman notleu ycntenlay that ho will
appear In the Criminal Itranch of the
Supreme Court to-morrow ami areue two
motion In hehalf of hln client Thl will
Ket on record Mr. Palmer's contention
that Annul has heen Improperly Indicted,
Tho tliMt plea which the lawyer will
make, according to hlK notice, will ho
that Anhut watt a.amlned before the
commlK-don appointed hv Onv Hulzer.
Mr Palmer aers that the committee, had
the nnwrr to Hiibpirna witnesses and to
penalize, them If thoy failed to appear and
therefore the matter Is within tho pro-
vlnlons of a law which Brants Immunity
to witnesses
In caco this plea Is donlod Mr, rainier
will present tho name claim on tho ground
that when Anhut was arralKned to plead
after the Indictment Justice. Keahury hold
that tho law provided for only three pleas,
guilty, not guilty or former jeopardy,
Mnftr'n Widow Wanted ,n One Klan
In lrlw Anlmnl.
Nkwpoict, H. !., April 26. Mrs. Wllllnm
II Mayer of Mlddletown hud her late hua
nanirs i.uonie now iromur, ,i urns-
stallion, shot to-day lather than have the
animal Driven hy any una ele
The Iiuihu was put to ileath soun after
-nr .Mayer s tuner.ll. T in an inal was 5(1
yeuia old and hud beta driven exclusively
I'ook It to .Make My fuse,
plies Head of the Independent-..
Jo.vph A. Kheriilnn. prefldent of the
Independent Ice Dealer AsHncmtion,
brought two young men Into tin- city
Hall police Mntltm yesterday nfternoou
and aslteil thnt they locked up. He hald
they had been following him nnd had
la en unsigned to keep him umler stir-
veiiiance hv certain perHona In the
Knickerbocker len Company, whom he
of attcmntlng to bribe him.
The two were not put In cells.
This Is the story ns told by Sheridan
In the. pollco Hhitlon: He hays that for
. .. t...i
a mi'titn or morn no muu i" u h.-mun
lettern from the Knickerbocker ut-kltiR
him to desert tho Indcpendenta and
enmo over to tho hlg con.iviny. He had
then realised that ho was being bribed
and t'mk tho money as evidence.
nn Friday. Sheridan savs, he went n
Mr Whitman and gave him the money.
He did this, howfver. only after instruc
tions from a rcproentntlve nf Mr
Whitman's oiiico who came around to
see him on Wednesday night and told
htm th.it It would bo best.
Mr. Sheridan wonders how the Dis
trict Attorney happetiMl to hear about
the 1,000 and says that ho now sus
pects that It may have been what ho
calls a "plant" on the part of the ice
company. At any rate ho s-ty no
hasn't he-ard that he Is to he attested or
that there Is any action against him.
Yesterday morning the Independent
Ire dealer says that he left his home tit
Ilighth avenue and as he went out
he noticed tho two young men he later
escorted to the pollcu station. They
followed him on tho subway, he says,
and to the olllce of his lawyer, James
V. Osborne, with whom he wanted to
consult about that ll.UOO.
When he got to Mr. bot tie's olllcn
Sheridan says that he was advised to
go out and smash the two.
Mr. Sheridan weighs l'2.r. pounds. Hoth
the men he accuses of following him nre
slight. He walked around the Astor
House for a while and according to his
story they dogged his footsteps up and
down stairs and around corridors until
finally he turned on them and lugged
tln-m over to tho City Hall station,
Thrrn the two said they were Hums
detectives and that they thought Mr
Whitman wanted to have Sheridan fol
lowed, Sheridan accused them of being
"hirelings of tho ice trust." Tho lieu
tenant said that he could not hold them
on Sheridan's charge.
Tho Hums agency said they never
heard of Sheridan or his troubles and
men wore not in
Kepre.M'iitative Powers
poses Tin's Ticket nt a
publican Dinner.
Hoston, April ifi. Kor President, rx
Onvernor Dudley of Missouri; for Vice
1'resident, Nicholas Murray Hutlcr of
New York.
That was the Hepubllcan ticket for
191i" boomed at the (irant night cele
bration of tho Middlesex Club to-night
before several hundred nepuhllcans,
many of whom ate prominent members
of the party In this State.
Iieptesentative Samuel 1.. Towers, the
toastmasti r, proposed this ticket. It
seemed to meet the approval of most of
those present, judging from the applause
which greeted the proposition,
finv. Dudley and Mr. Hutlcr were at
tho dinner and they apparently appre
ciated the compliment which Mr. Towers
conferred on them.
Gov. lladley made a patriotic address
which was somewhat similar to other
tet speeches ho has delivered here. De
got u big round of applause, and so did
Uiiller, who followed lilm. In his speech
Mr. Dudley made no reference to har
monizing the Progressives with the old
line Itepuhllcans.
Mr. Hutlcr spoko on "The Hcpuhllcan
I'trty In opposition" und told of the new
lessons which tho party has to learn.
LTo set itself right on the nir-u, n of
the tunlf he held of chief important i
The Republican party. !.- luted tl
Oolumb'.i fnlvi rslty pre.-uit tit, inns
not sit still and wait fur the Dtiin i.tt
to blunder, ult!i(nigh he mi. I tl-.it
Washington anil nt Alban and a' ai
ous other State capitals Die p. m
crata hae promptly In gnu t,t gi.e n
denre of their well known iap.mt f :
"It will not do," said President Hi tl. 1
"for tho American people to drift Into
the purely porsou.il pnlitits t M. lt
running after this nttv.KtlM' in rtet
one year or exalting thai act oinplisln i
rhetorician the nut.
Mr. Diltler thought the ti.il H.-p-il. -can
doctrine was pi-nclanm d in tin p'.ii
form adopted by the u, mention wlmh
nominated Lincoln. T'v platform t
101" retraced the fa'se steps .tn' Had
been taken since tlun
KLi . ii ASH ll MiffH U4IM J
arranged to havo a mass meeting In 1 t),at tho two slight
Cooper I'nion on April 18 to protest their employ.
against what ho calls tho Ico trust, hut District Attorney tVhltman was In
he says that representatives or the Northampton, Mass., yesterday, nut lie
Knickerbocker camo t. him and begged wnH renched lato last night. Do said to
him to call the meeting off. Do ugrced I Tin: Scn:
to do this, he eays. I "it Is true thnt Mr. Sheridan gave
Then, he says, ho agreed to a proposi- mu $i,ooo on Friday morning at nlxiut
tlon made to him hy a division superin
tendent of tho Knickerbocker that he
go up tho Hudson and study tho ico sit
uation with tho idea of making a report
from his tallt with dealers and cutters
that would confirm tho storloa that Ice
was very scarce, and that prices would
be high.
llo thought this wan u legltltntito
business proposition, ho said. On
Wednesday last ho says that ho was
met hy this superintendent, who handed
him $1,000 In cash ii $500 bill nniPllvo
lioo bills.
Sheridan says tho transaction took
place at l-'orty-thlrd street and Highlit
avenue. Do was tola .Jiiat this money
was for bis expenses. Jla nays thnt he
10 o'clock, which ho said n representa
tive of tho Mco trust' hail given him as
bribe. 1 shall probably keep the money
till Monday or Tuesduy."
In commenting further upon the case
Mr. Whitman said that tho Knicker
bocker people say that Sheridan solicited
thu bribe and that It was given to him
In ordor to catch him. On tho other
hand Sheridan told Mr. Whitman that
he look It to get evidence ag,ilnt the
ico company.
Mr, Whitman says that his assistants
mo at work .upon tho case nnd that
he does not feel at liberty to disclose
any more details until he, Is better In
formed, as ho bus not been In Nuw
York since Friday,
is our own. That you also may benefit by its protection we
ask you to send us
An Affidavit
satisfactory to our Attorneys, stating facts as to misrepre
sentation, by sellers of trunks, of other than llUto Ward
robe Trunks as such. This will be paid for by $5 CASH, or
$10 ALLOWANCE on a real Simplified lUluc.
Form of affidavit will be sent on intimation of desire
to aid in fair play.
People who have been victimized in the past are
equally eligible.
Fifth Avenue,
New York

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