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Showers and cooler to-day: prohablv sho
ere to-morrow; moderate to brisk winds.
Dt ttiled either reports he found on pice l.V
VOL. LXXX. NO. 2-10.
pinntration Duo "When
lit-" Upturns To-day to
lie Arrested.
c, , .
ntfTon Mnker? Wives to
Turn Babies Over
to Mayor.
Will Pe Taken tO N York if
He Poesn't Bir; Crowd
at Haledon.
on :-;irf avenue where the prtcrmer
I lf arPU31 Shlr "'unt-
-.tkms. April STPlfteen thousand j '"v ?..,.. v, v v
7'tK" T; fr''y fleM.rr" Cgt MurVv I. 3!; - ::
r.v n H.ledon thi. afternoon were . that mm of !ne!-- - .. ,t
.-.v. - njr ci.rap-.n ouney nvunj
tf the .r-rie station to-morrow .
r.-rr. ss and meet William D. Harood 1
vfi - arr.v on the 10 0" train'
NVw York to fare an Mu,-.,, I
.n-.'-.n- to not.
Mr,-. promised ta be there and Hay-
-t - ! pet a bip reception If Sheriff
l.al "e men don't catch him be
' train -eu Into Patersox
M . P'.vnn asked the wives of surik-
f- t.-:e their children to the City,
t-i. .. cne5aay ana turn them over
M&vr .X. r McBride to plve him a
a-, . -. prove his assertion that Pat
. - aile to take care of its own
r-3.. nes.
Mayor doesn't take the younp-
M.. Flvun said, they
-n v-
: New York to be cared for
strike Is over
w.s admitted by I. W. W leaders
Haywood didn't come to town to. I
31 aue he was told
t -ouldn't pet ball on Sunday.
ri'- k Qulnlan. the only Indicted I
v W Iadr who haj thus far been
" ta pet ball, spent a fretful day
The only visiter allowed to
v m was the Rev. Irwin Tucker of
Marks Church. Tenth etreet aad
- avenue. .New York city.
e them all my love." was the me-1
vainlan sent to Haledon by the
-.ian of the "Socialist pulpit "
Tresca came to Paterttm to-day
smoker of the tram which arrived
. " P M. Miss Flynn rode jn an
. nary coach of the same train.
" bit- crowd at Haledon was an
" v one It was so larpe that some
late comers on the edges could
. -ar the speakers. Nine men had
- i seats ln a beautiful tre in front
m evtape and email boys swayed
1 So.rh on the rim of the woods.
ir I.-ssiR. one of the Indicted
i- r cot a cher when Chairman
'-.r. .i roduced him.
I cu-ss they thought they would plve
an t-z Sunday In Jail." he said,
'but fnrunately I liad friends. Owlnp
'0 -tta'-. belnp placed In the way
".'x mad It almost Impossible to pet
fat. Mr Hax-wood will be here to. 1
it Mir.-x Weil plve them a chance
I -it h.m In Jail, but onlv for a minute.
' car- "! it- '
h f ,-emen and superintendents of
i 0at" h0U" vMl'-
-ierday and asked strikers to come 1
i-ck and hold meetings In ih mill. .
"' boses will be there They will!
, .navy want to be chairmen of the ' ."tales Immigration authorltle here have
1 f r.tr Will you be there?" j declined to deport two young Russian
N well bf on the plckt lines." political refugee who have been through
"k the response from manyjin exile in Siberia. One of them is in
"' ' 1 New York and the other ln San Fran-
"'i think you will Jrtin 'the 'risen
.- ran Ff deration of IjiborV BV1' The Kill Island case Is that of Kllie
p 1 ICog.in. w ho was held up on the charge
' ..1 cried the crowd. I
..e'g urged everj'body lo get on.tnoral turpitude Kogan xvas
! a"1 lines In the morning and :
r.n-. mcd that the mill section would '
" .-eo.ftrltted so that all the mllN '
-"u.'i t) picketed He read a list U the .
r ,s o b covered. . . LPrl'(nment, but. on being caught ln an
'ari'i Tr.ca talked In Italian and i attempt to tunnel out he wn. Inched
usd bu tree Engllh word, revolution j wlth the knout and finally shipped to
f l Grand Jury. (the prlon at Nerchlnck. ln Siberia
" Sumner Boyd, secretary of the ' There too he made an attempt to es
'nm'fee in Manhattan, which will ! eape and when his term was up he was
'harpe of the Paterson strikers' ! ordered Into permanent e.xlle. In fllpht
lren If thy are sent there, said toward Japan Kogan and his comrades
' treiehlng "eight hour a day." bet. wer" caught nnd knnuted publicly. Jn
"nd-'lon In the mills, no three and " eund Might he reached Russia In
r iwim systems and higher wages h I Kurope. crossed by the "underground
' ' "pre achlnB anarchy." for xvhlch. he ' route" and took ship nt Bremen for
1 Haywood and Miss Flynn were In-1 -N,w v,""ki arriving at Kills Island on
I April 3
' that 1 anarchy." he said, "then we
A 1 annr-lil.lu
......... ,
Thft tins lu m-lfii. . n . . 1 1.
.. ..i.-Miinwi-K,
'h mllW he continued. -Me l'"ni1 ordered htm deported.
He J
ng tn starve your babies if the boss ' w carried tn President Wilson, sev
' r j war. wo will give it t, him Vnu 'ral ""cletles In New York having In-
a power more terrible than the ' lorested themselves in the case. The
1 in.- i-uunr. inai is ine pow er
r,-is iiiuit-ii.
Taywood. Gtirbv Flynn. Lesslg and '
other are not strikers. They must
po t Jail. No prison wall i- high
en or strong enough to keep any
r kir of Paterson in Jail. No matter
-rt- thfv are taken the workers will
'hat 1 hey nre liberated."
ReV. Irwin Tucker delivered the
-sage of love from Patrick Qulnliin
I snif! til. unlrlt itt .1... r..,n.
. Ke h ''somethifig like lt)o 'sp.Vi', ;.f
a spirit that laughs nt Jails, courts
ludges thnt pn.Mtllute their poxv- !
T, , ,. '
There are not Jails enougu ill Now
.... 1 ... . .
n.d "nr,r eourls enough 10 break
"nr.r courts CIIOIIL-Ii to l.rnn
muni! ,ifiiny aiinoiinceii a quartet
i' f,i itiuioii uini iierinnn
' niiituuril oil Fourth I'apr.
STl'RA II ITT Kith, a famout Ionic ,ltfr.
100,000 AT COKEY.
Ope , e.ferdar But
fi Planned.
tea. j '!f ; vf..
1... i . I V I
Everything w. c .!r.c full biat except
wfc 'a t-ssi't-. niV the -red hoi -
na ana the r: , f the r ttrpr::r.c
merchant bu.v
3: tv& a j.art.r fary :nir dhij.r.c day
tie 2.;ni Th police nit6 nm'
rrts. hjt there u not much ,
order A'.: the '.!! aI r
D'pfcrtrrien! - . ... v... ...-4 .' ,
r" , rn'- i". Mr t, Pre
with Jmriur.it v ,
T,. .. .. . 1
i-.r.'f :o :r. jianj ran
""f" k. 'me of them open, and the
e'tt trinS re n fr ion. At
htfiphton Bcacr n hundred member ct ,
th Snowb.rd. Arctic and Polar Bear. '
I th- nlni'r U.thlr.. 'luh, di.por:J -the
Icy trlr.y, a- many ttm-. that,
aumbe- of fr--cttor. pathered to hhri
: them
r-.ney f.5Vi or.-r.. '.rl!- ",'s"vf '"-? i-om i-o;.-. nra?j con
May JS l.jr.a ivi:. ta-t l- ?h "v v."
that Th
c't "z-ns
I aQM JAm!" A N-lson plan? prat
rri.-,":-K' ar'd thl 'j:rlm''r
lhav- evVved .ch-m-. tvhlch win ."o
! for nj Idle mom.r' -.,. v...."
..(...i.iy.pn nzia e:.o-
view an aufmobl parade. CA.-r.lval
nf ?.wr5 and an nutdfr cabaret yhow
-en av. in p-rhap. a Jew of the
mwier place
Women Also Annpnr nn n
and Narrowly Eenpe Duck
inc in Serpentine.
frtnal CoCt Vnpale fe Tut sr
IONPON. April ST There m mnr
disorders in Hde Park to-dav in at-.
"'i'.!" i' ffuiini-enes 10 noia meeiinirs
Th fl'rAi).. I -1 . . .w. - i v. ..
.... v. w. ...-. t. .v. tii.ui?. . iir
women did not attemnt to hold n m.
lnp. Three male suffrapists ixrrived in
a carrlare and thov . i
lf" of the Women's Social and Political
i n"i me ptuice ailow-d them to hold
. : . -
...c rt-T-iiir!., nuwrier. ;r.ey yeuea sna
.nKj to oxerturn the waeon,
preventeil by the lmlice
but were
Meanwhile women appeared In other
parts of the park, waved flaps and
frcrewhed 'Votes for women" Wher
ever they appoar-d the crowd mhed
.'""i ll. Z' ' u ru i
,i.iv..i uuu in- 11.11.-f 1 fie police I
.hastened to protect the women and 1
wer? only ln the nick of time In several 1
'"--"" I
I The flshtlr.p spread oxr a w.de ar-a :
and It was Impossible to follow all the
happenlnp. Account differ as to what
bei-ame of the three men, but eventually
some women cllmtwl Into the wapun
find were bombarded with clods of turf.
The police escorted them awax while
the crowd followed and made threat
of ducklnp them in th Serpentine
Durlnp the afternoon two men had
a hot argument over the suffrapett
question. Finally one of the men bran
dished .1 revolver A policeman tried
to reach him, but he dived Into the
crowd and escaped.
There wa no meeting at Wimbledon
Common to-day.
The cricket pavilion at Perth wa
burned early Sunday morning The loss
15 I6210- It Is supposed the fire was
started by suffragette, but there Is no
f'O-'Kive proof of this
Hl.her Aolhorltle. O.errale Rill.
. .
' l-" noard In Kuan Caw,
Wsiiiniton, April ST The I'nited 1
of b';n.p gulltx of an offence
n lnb. when he was active in
nnrt - eovernment political movement jn !
" Ivtersburg j
wa sentenced to a
term of lm-
T,' N'1"' Ynr Department of Immi
, gr.it Ion decided that Kogan was guilty j
...... ......., ,,.. p.i,,it,t
nf an nffenee lnvnlvlnsr r-nr.tl ttir.l...A
in 011 mi. 'iiit- intuitu!.; mnriii
- ---- --- --- ........Kut
"nil oniereti nun deported. Protests 1
'"""""'""" inn overruled
inn i..,i,,.u ... tm- n't ui I'l'ttiii uini sim-
llar !l0tlnn wa taken In the case In
llnnnuh I'nhaiiuy I'nlnna .an, Ki
erutlve Tell Rrot her-ln-Lan.
Ale.Minder Moore, 11 prominent younp
Jlls'VrotIUavt 'XZ
m.i. l.,s. i..i,t ,,nH ,i .1... ... " ll.
hjm nml M1li, luM N(lIM ,,f UrooM.. ' J
The Mayor nt llrst consented, but nfier- I
wiml rli.iiiL'ed his mln,l.
n. IZrZ s7, 17 "V
....... ..'...'
uui Buinn in euiri ii.ivx. saui ne. "There
nre enough
o.lgli iinliiiiip) manled people,
world ami I don't Intend to run
n (H
Hie chance of UMng responsible for an
other such eniiple,"
Police Recorder Medina, known ns the
nmrrylng justice of North Bergen, tied
the knot.
' Progressives A wait His Arrival
Uefore Actinc on Alien
Land Bill.
Prof. Pavid Starr Jordan Will
Confer With Seerotary on
Proposed Law.
Sr.tMEKTf Oa! April ST The Tro-
i ferred with Gov .tohneon to-day and
.apreod that no action fhould be taken
In repard to the conference to b held
to-morrow on the alien land bli: until
' .... . .
MT "r" " ,rr"M 6r'a "5,rf""
W.fhe?. It If said thl. actlen wa taken
oi.owtnp the v:prou. erttlca'm of
Oovfrnor'j attitude by Dexocr In the
! Mr. Kry.n will arnve here to-morrow
M.-rnmp. He will be met by Gov. John-
- ra and taken to the nxecu,lve.Mnj!on.
where h! wt.hej in recard to a con-
ffrence on the alien land lectjlatlon will
be learned by the Governor and wilt be
communicated to both houses as soon as
they meet for the day. The Democrats.
althouph anpry oxer the Governor's ac
tions, decided to-day not to send any
representative to meet Mr Bryan on
h. way hre They will wait to sub-
mlt their case url after th Secretary's
.- .-..vw . .
David Starr Jordan of Stanford Vn'.ver-
slty has been aked by Mr Bryan to
I meet him at Sacramento for a confer-
. ence on the alien land bill Dr Jordan'
lis on intimate term, with Japanese
statesmen ana ne prorwoiy Knows w..
' ... .
' iVnn ftfr i ftl'.frtr Tan in. n.
l!m,,ns of 'aPan toward
the proposed
The Democrats here are thorouphl-
oupht up over JohnsonV plans to cap-
.- .h. uhl. n,...
ture Bryan and discuss the whole que
I tion ln a conference which will be
' strictly Bull Moose without any
' oerauc naciurr
. i .,..
"r "
I w-r.o-wa pre. ui i nn- v umn
. L . .V. ,o.
I."" "w Vx-. L ;;'"
I discussed some one remarked that as
'.:.. " .-
wjutiuj I'l'mr .11 .v.
come out flatfooted with a declaration
of State rishts Johnson 1 said to
nave rrru, n. n -... "-.
and to have turned to his secretary and,
oraer mm 10 mr mr ur,i u. ""'-
wa-- sen; u. w... ""-
Uen no complaint from Washington
v.nai 1101 uiuisi'ii i- iiir-!-e -
There are several
mvsterious message
version of the
ent ly l 01. 1
ltoosevelt las: week to (Jov Johnson, and
and .
which the Governor has refused to make j
mihlic One savs that the I'olonel cau-
' . . . . i
tionea jonnson noi 10 pass an nurn .
land Dili unxii me r.inania i..iiiai it?
fortified, as In case Japan should resent
thl actlmt she would be able to destroy
all the work that ha ten done at
Panama. Another version, which come?
from a very good source, is that Roose
velt approved of the passage of an alien
land bill at this time, as It would com
pel Congress to make liberal appropria
tion for a strong navy.
The change of policy of leaders of the
majority here Is lelnR made the sub
ject of much discussion at this time.
XVhen President Roosevelt and Presi
dent Taft advised against the enactment
of nllen land law similar to the ones
s session ,
that have been proposed at thl
of the Legislature the men who are now
favoring a drastic nllen Innd law were
the first to accede to the wihe of the
Chief F.xecutlves They were Republl-
can l-resmenis ami m u.ni ....o-
leaders In the Legislature were ItepuH-
llcnn .
Now tho rroH.dent If n
Democrat ana
lnvo!v.np;th' majority in the Legislature I, mad.
s arrested r "V ' r.ta.?lr .rf
... ., hr. nr.. advocating the most drastic of
wn" Ml vsvv...p. ...
the nllen land bills.
.-enaim .uu.. .....-...,-.... --
w' ,', ,nr m,u'" ? " V ,
tnat is 10 i-. iiui 1
will, according to them, contain the oh-
Jectlonablo -ineligible to "''""U' .. ,
clause are both members of the Bull I
'Moose, or Progressive ""
Assemblyman Brad ford. - hn . is the ,
autnor os ine ouu ..n-.i ...... -
has pnsed either House. Is a Democrat,
ills bill contains the "Ineligible to clt-
lsenshlp" phrase, but It 1 only In the
last section of the bill and then relates
onlv to corporation the majority of
the stock of which 1" held by aliens
..,ii-iwi . .mnhln"
Assemblyman Sutherland of Fresno,
one of the majority leader In th
nne 01 lllf lintjuiii.t o-.tm-i s 111 111-
, 1 1 .t.i.
lower 11. ..is.-, on., .issriiini.. until 1 .11 , .
from the same county, sought lo hnv e
mat section 01 me inn sincKen nut
Just before It enme up for final action 1
more than n ween ngo, nut their amend-
mont v(ns rejected
blnce the objec
tions of the President to the use of
thei word has been known the m.i.
Jorlty lenders In tho upper liou se are
declaring that the words will be used
'T1,n nnl' explanation of this radical
I change of attitude Is that an attempt
I being made lo embnrraa the no
tlonal Administration aa much as pos
Jnpane.e Amha.Mdor Took ,o Me.-
nne tn Hint Department ,
in I VfiTfiV tt.rll n- v'rt .!..
mu - nni n. ..r.,. .i .n.
, California lias taken place sine,
Secretary Brxan lef. for sLrl" '. '
Sensational reports that Ambassador
Chimin Imd reiterated In a more In
sistent manner the displeasure of the
Continued on Second Peg.
APRIL 2S. 1913.
llott.ed Wtieatle- tlllls Ilanae and
Made III r.acaae.
W7srT.T J- 1 April St MS MKT-
psre: Ix-ew dauehtr of Mr and Mr .
W O-radio IO--- who !tve In the
VChev.ify Hi'.l section and have )tn
opened the;r country houee. ,
JiwAViene.! by th wund of pome one t
tr.Mns t brl; Into her room enrly
th! morn.nc TSe -ouns wom.in
-reniM nnd ft man JumrecS from the
front punch and fled. The houyehoM
. ftlarme.1 t onc-e und ernt. bcn
to run in all dlrtlon!, but no trace
of the burtr.ar oouid b found. '
It dlK-overed that the m.in had
rfnA 7w"rtpi,t.r!i
ftud a pnld watch and pevernl plo.-e.
of ee.r The Ixvw plaoe ha. a larpe
porih runnlne around It .nd the robber
liad evidently enterrii the varlou rooms
by ralMr.c the w-tr.dowj openlnc on thl?
Pitvh There nere !everal doirs In the
. noue ann mor- out? iae ami the rooner
rcaj- 15 purr, jnc The flop pave no i
Mr, j, ,, knoim In !letv
here, belr.c an exhibitor at the TlPlnc
Hov V fhow in -h.ch fhe alwayj drive
i- l. rvi-v .--ia&
, i
Mis i.fna Concer. Fsinir Sis
ter's Name. Dies in Colorado
Sprincs Hotel.
Cot-curo Sratxcs. April ST Ml Lena
Conper of De. Moines. Iowa, a
of i-dwtn H Conper. former Conpreos-
man and former Mintoter to Braril and
nina. aitM ias; r.:pnt at the Alamo
j,,,, , .4
Hutehtn. t.v . a
' ' ""U:"a-' ""ni fe-
"l'ss la - th w" f
Jatiphter of Inward conper of Adel.
1 i .riM ism tl.. .. M .
? .......
ivT M"
with hxmorrhape.. smldenly and
o hours after a physician was
ilie1 tw-v
called without revealln,: nnythlnp about
1. Another .-.'.orv- assicns heart
'-v,-ke as the cuse of death
Identification wa. established
1- ?AlUVTnR ,h",r
,f.., .!" Jl"C a::.
i-vlnn 1.1 . -iin.i1." i,t..i...
, y Uutohirw
of I-imar has been
- lfl ha stnrteil for this city
Murt 5rerecv ,urrour.ds the
"re csvs apo and when she died
oriv jj j w found In he-
1 j,,,,. s,l(, h!ld 'H ,,. va'B,,J"
!,.. Hni articles' of Vewelr'v.
, amonc them diamonds
;jn. IoId 1r (;.iIrnann ,h WAS th)
1 widow of A phy!e!.n who had dle.1 of
smaiip,x nnd wa skinp surwa.
of forrctvr bj travelltnv She told
women pueMs her
h,..n.i a..i . .v.
th T.-n
she comnlninerf d fn- m o..
... ... ... ... ,,,,
tinlav and sent for lir fjiii-.,--
"When 1 arrived." h mm
woman was sufferlnp from shortness of
i.rnth on.i h.-..k. .... ..'
. Mrtsr.-- ui me lung
1 mao a iiPCOnd call an hour later and
remained with her until she died '
Dr. Gillmann called Into consultation
on the second vllt Dr XX" T Culllnn
and the latter, with County Physician
1. x. iirown afterward notified the til
trlct Attorney and the Coroner, who or
dered an autopsv
Blind llortnr Rrroari Atlendln.
Phrslelan nt Hospital. I
Citicvoo. April ST -A rival of Mi..1
April ST A rival of Ml.1
Helen Keller has been found In Chi-
n-'0 "t the irson of Dr Jacob W Bo-
, , . . ..
at the Dunning Asylum has Just be n 1
announced hy President McCormlck ofllm,irw "I'-Ttmenls -P-.. West Knd
, cmmy
Pr olntln who , n,v ;r V(,HM o ,
hn, oxamln,d - . ,,,. tho M. '
nlclnal Tuberculosis Ho.nlmi in ti, inu.
,,. ., . .. .. ..... .
,henl km.w h(. ,,,, ,
m""'' "hollj" l,v XM " '
(Vl ..,, , . ... ..... . ..
....... .iMMitn.-- nuu ifs lllim llll nt
ino rXHCt temnrrnturr h frallnt; th
j,ktn nml Rn osnct ,.0 'col)nt without ,
tne nlil of a xvntch He use the touch
system of typewriting, but rnnnot write
his own name vvith a pen or incll.
H , ,h() hm1 m,in .,, ovrr
took the full four years course In me.ll-',
c, , .,.., ,. ,,rnl ininnl e.i
amlnatlon for medicine and surgery. 1
Wm, h graduated from the Chi-.
, i-ago i. oiiege 01 jieuiciiie and surgery
j he named nearly fipn out of 600 men In
, hi class Just by shaking hands with
1 Dr. Bolotln was graduated from the
. Illinois State Hospital for the Blind ut
Jacksonville when he wns H years old
!nml travelled nil over Ihe country
I selling typewriters, finding his way
1 without nsslsiunce and making n good
whn lniA n, ,,1. nn,
.,,. '
.-h,, mMn. .rcat incentive to
,imd people, ns It opens another nvenuo
'of occupation
Dr. Holotln says he can take his
raised type books to bed with him nnd ,
reiid nil night In the dark, giving him
nn advantnge In studying.
! the grievance commlllee. that t5ie em
RAFT REVEALS SEA TRAGEDY. ; pioyee would ret urn to-morroxx-.
Ship lht. Illatreu Unnal and
Flnda Body Hay.
PHIIPEU'lllA. April 27- Capt. Jerdt
of tho German steamship Kuphemla lii
in.rt to-day snld that on April 13 he
ulht.l ......... r,.ff In lallln.ln ! ft I
sighted an empty rnft in latitude 36.::. 1
longitude 74.21. nnd the following day
..... ....j.. ' p.. ....
..... 1...J.. . Th. . .
"..:'."' 7 ..... I V " : .
"r. '"'Ml,,
used to attract the attention of nny ,
vessel thnt might pass. Article of a
ship"? furniture nnd woodwork were
scattered around for quite n dlslnnre.
It Is believed that a schooner was
run down by n larger vessel, or was
last In one of the recent Atlantlb
Midnicht Kovolt AcainSt (iOV-
ernment Proves an
Ftter Failure.
r,i-4Tn",l Radical Koptibli
fan Warned Much nrinc.
but No One Hit.
frugal CitUr fittraie t e T-t r
:.ti-iv. April ST - The fin -
artled late la.t n:cht by an abortive
ut,rl,lRR acain.v the rt .vrr.mct He
xolver ner- fired off and b-mbt t
. ploded !n the Mreet. hut no one i.
knon to have been hnr
Ther were
About 15(irtrrr.tf made
The leader of the outbreak doe not
appear to be kr.o-n He a appar
ently not a monarch!:, altliouch 5om
unofficial monarchists were almost cer- manv. on the 11m. where thousands of
tatn.y mixed up in the affair victims of Potts's diea.e seek relief
The chief respons.bllltv for the out- V"y, y' W' ,h(. !"'nr of ,fnM"
b.-eak is ,aid on n section of dispruntled An av utor who w., soannp over the
republicans csvlleil the Pidlcal Kepubll- sandy beach mw a small Invalid s car
can Federation. These are allied with i-eo. to which a donkey was hitched,
.the svndlcallsts. The affair wa ex.. ,nd.np motionless The airman do-
!,,., ' ,.1,K.. i ' ', '.
.i.i n urpcnueil
oa !il,!r S'leeess on an off chance of the
soldiers respor.dinp to an appeal of the
conspirators, but only a few of
troops jo.ned th.-'S
who Marti .i
' " '" ri sipnai, u:e a: r.iph:.
bombs w ere exploited and revolvers fired
ln varl," "rt of the city Shortly
atenxard .tout one hundred men. who
accordlnp to .- were soldiers of
th(. Klf(h infnntrv lteplment went to
tne darr.iCK or the nrtlllerv and .-n
......... " . '
B!n"r- ,lni'r he leadership of Cap:
DInm D!a. ,,10utln- -inc Live ,h
tj.,i t.,,.,...
,hp ttc to "d.-fend the
which they said wn, threaten
,ir,..,r. t..
appealed to
republic. '
atened bv ion-
splrators The officer Tenlled th.r It
i.i their dutv ..i ,t.fAn.l k . .it.
l,ustha! they c.uld not Tea
of various recimenis.
' . . ..IT" I ('(1111111.,
ave their Uir-
to the Kir
but did not
have any better success
Capt Dial havlnp failed to n:se the
soldler seems to have returned to his
" ' ' r.iin in-
.fantry. but was hustle,! away by the
-cavalry patrol and returned In the dl-
1111 n Lirrji.L. that . V. it.w
rectlon of the headijuarters of the en
gineers Before he pot there another
lvatrol arrived
The demonstrators armed themselves
from the various stores nnd collected
nt the heiulo.uarters of the P.adlcal Ite
publlc.m Federation Many were pro
vided with bits containing bomb.
The he.uliiuarlers of the federation
ere surrounded by police mid Kermb-
. "l"nn Guards at 3 o'clock this morning.
A quantity of arm was discovered nnd
thirteen arrest were made. Other Pr'i1ent emerltiw- in an nntl-virv cam
house were searched and many green. , '"t'n wa told to Representative G'.b
whtte and ml armlets, which were- Iln ,h n'H'ior of the hill under which
destined to ! used a revolutionary , ,hl comm s.cn was created
badges, xvere selred.
The failure of the nnrislnc Is eril..l
to the fact that the Government got
wind of th- affair nnd called out Ihe
' c.irbanarlo to aid the police nnd gen
darme. The ISO persons arrested in
eluded Gen. Guede. Capt. Carrar.eda.
I the public prosecutor of the Lisbon
1 court-martial, and three other officers.
J (If the fifty soldier arrested some were
Imprisoned on the warship Republlca
nnd other? ln the St. George military
- -
'. , ""'Mns ln "", ,,r,,n,' "'
Fonnd Head In t'onrljard of Weill'
',"n Welvr .111 elevator Nix at the1""" Pmioake derby hat like n stage
nxeniie. found the tvnlx of 11 xvonmn In
the courDnrd nt th.. rear of tin- build-
.ng shoitl) before 12 o clock last night
Tho woman's skull was crushed nnd he
i.h.i itimir,.niii m n,., r,.i- er ..... -
' .... ...... .... t
nine '
Detective naide 11 mnnix of Hie
Hpanmeni." in oarh ox a mlMnc 5r-
vatit girl mid found that Delia Potis. ,
xxho liml l-eeii empl(i)eil in the fnmllyi
of Kdward !'. Mc.Munus, living on the!
seventh Hour, was not In her room..
,, WMi )l(n (Iu1 ,m(1
evidently Jumped or had fallen to the
1 I
According to the city directory Mr. '
McManus Is a banker nt .14 Wnll 1
street. The dead woman hnd been In;
his employ for les tlmn 11 week. ,
The police were nske.1 lo notify Til-
lie Putts nt .MT Must l.o!lh slreet of 1
Delia Potts's di-ntli. ,
Ili'lnern T.OOO nml h.OIIII llmplits eea
Will Ite.anie WnrU Tn-rin).
Siiv.vti'MN. Pa. April ST -A tl.'lip
since lasi Tuesday of colliers in this
region, tendering between T.000 nnn
S.000 men nnd boys Idle, was declared '
off olllclally to-.la. The strikers xvere '
satisfied with the results. '
The local union of the fnlled Mine '
Workers was tioilfled that the colliery
1 suin'i in.. -iui. -ins nun neen iniormeii nv i
Mr " ' Knrne llann l.o
tn I'aaa Nnminrr There, j
., . . .,
' 'V'UI
1 1
' .;d ,V' iV7n,. ,r1 "i" A Blr1' AKnPS Un,,n' ,vho 11 v'" the
,e w , i ", I , M,r -? I lmlI(,lnK- tounil h" "I't'tlering thing on
' "I'lener hnxe decided to Hike1,!,,, floor nil reu.lv tn blow .... i..n,.
.. " .' inn-
U1W n,IJ,vnl
Ihe Drexrl COttnge Hint has been,
se, by George D. Wldenrr, who will
reside at Fnlrholm thlH reason.
In addition to the XX'Ideners. Mr. and
Mrs. F. Kugeno Dixon will spend the
summer with Mrs. George Alexander
at Newport, and P. A. H. Wldener will
alio accompany his daughter-in-law
than this huoi.
Ilrport Tkat 10.000 nlrtler. Wltl He
l.anHrd Airatntt Mont earst-lni.
rio) CetU Tttrtt e Tut Sts
Aril ST A dfjpatch h
been received from Venice Mjinc that
n Atitnn naval oq-adron carrlnp
lft0M trvip l! eald to haxe Mlled from
T-.fte for Anttvarl and nulclsno. on
the Monlfnepr.n oa.t. and San nio
vsnr.l dl Medua on the Alban,an oot.
Ti e Aiuirlan tr.vip. will endeavor to
diodpp the MontenfSTln. from Scutari.
Will llandla Yale rreatimen Aaln
Harvard and Prlnrrtoa. '
Nk- Hkv Conn. April ST It -a
announced here lat nlpht that lYof
Wil lam Howard Tnft will ooach the
Vaie freshman debatlnc team for the
annual debate with Princeton and Har-
Thl l the firrt time that ex-PreMdent
Tf- ha t,ken a par: In underpraduate
actiltief ince comlr.c to New Haven.
tt-oo-t llnna in Sr- Cripple !kU.
In In )nlrkand.
Pvil. April ST- Herka. a -mal'l to-n
an.i vaterinc place In Weimar. 0r
scettitea and discovered that the donkex
AnJ ,!, MffJace in which an aped and
he!nle nv. I.I m- . n.i
lowly sucked Into the outc'ks.ind The
aviator pot help and resoued the In-
.......... CMHtth, 'MIT in'illK
valid and the donkev
The "tlaadraple Cnnttellatlnn
TOmlOO lnrh Shrrla.
Piil-tPELPiiu, April ST -In the paper
of the Ferdinand Dreer esiatc there ha
.veil discoxeriM what is proKiblv one
f the larpes: newspapers In existence
This publication is a twenty-fourpape
........ ...... ....-. ini'rtjijir ii oy
100 inche. dlvidM Into thirteen col
umns of news, e.ich fort.v-eipht inches
This pfpantic paper xvti the pMixlruplc
ronfc.iffoi It was issued fifty-four
.xears apo by Georpe Uoberts of IS
Spruce strep; New York, and ran into
mi edition of SS.000 copies. It was the
intention o? the editor to have this
l,llW'.catlon Issued every 100 years, and
n required torty people elphl weeks to
romplle it The paper s.'ld for 50 cents
a copy
liorrrnor Knit V.U litliientor in e
cepl I'tialrmaiishlp.
lto.r,v. April ST -Pr Charles v
Kliot nas reoelxni from Gox Fo the
iimr in i.,e cna.rmansnip of the Slate
to investigate the white
M,u" t rattle Ir. Mnss.ichiiM tt- The
overnr deoKon to enwi Harvard
11 - underslootl that Gox. Fo has
assured Dr Mint that he will name for
ine rour nthtr commissioners onl men
rei ommended hx the chairman.
Dr Kllot ! fndtrlng the offer
Wore lln.lrr Clothe, and Hat. anil
I.e. I llrimi Zoo Parade,
III the baby blue bonnet, lace iettl
coai. 1 ream colored skirt and V cut
wn!t xvhlch Keeper Ilngclholm's daugh
ter had made for her Susie, the chlm-pann-i-.
went walking In ihe Bronx 700
".'.'"" '"
;.,r j' .. .... .... .. , ,
ner cscor was BaKlv New .iritis. i
Her ecor- was Baldv New strlne.l
irousers nnd culaxvnx coat xxere his.
' " "uku' ami luidy's
comedians. It was Susl.
i "f''1 appearance this sprlliK outlde thi-lr
iV . '""-wo'i'mcni. trom liasier Sun-
, ,la l-'-caiise Hie smnll Mi.s. Kngnlholm
" Mi ' " s-mng ready the trous-
"ii uour aiong popu-
IMthx of Ihe popular park.
B"l,1e'1 ,r ,:nKrHiolm himself. And
V iii 1 inin ine) snu noen every
'" "'V "ny at nomo monkey
... tn.- o.iiisi-
fonry and Trlrate' Meet
Itralh la Ratan Lake.
5.,fM, p,,,,,, , r
ivS,ia. April 2T Lieut Courv of
Ohio nml Prlvnte Cnllaghan. both of the
Tenth Wantr.x . xvere drowned In Gatun
IU. Ii) the upsetting of n canoe last
Friday Their lmdles were recovered
,h"' """nlng.
First Lieut. Charles F. Coury.
Tenth I'nited Slates Infantry, was up.
pointed to his present rank In that 1
teglmenl on March 11. 1911. He was 1
attached to Company K and was sta-
tinned nt Camp Klwell 8. Otis In the
Canal Zone. He had previously servei
u" adjutiint of the First battalion of the
fame regiment,
. .
BUMfl b aUndla IN MIDAIR.
Itnn.ehnlder Had Jail Thrn-rn
Krnai llalltras.
Bomb No. 6G In this year's series e.x-
1tlitflf.il In mtilfllr Innt itltrl.f In fr,mi
the tenemenl house nt 766 Second
mie. Just after being flung toward the
treet by a man who picked l! tip In the 1
tenemenl liillixvny. ;
X girl, Agnes Hnlpln, who lives In the
the floor nil reu.lv lo ll on.- n.t l..-....Hre .-n-r liraini tv lien iin-y iirr well.
..a , , I
Hl,n aerenmert H l.
ui. 1 j t 1. , ..
She screamed nnd La Rosa, sprinting 1
downstalra from his Hat. snatrJied tho
bomb and threw H through the door. It
wa shove the sidewalk when It burst
and broke many windows.
On March 6 a Bomb wrecked the store
of La Rosa. No, lie never got a threat
ening letter nor heard of blackmailers,
o he told the polloa.
Convicts Deprived of Food
and Sloop for Petty
Prison Mothers at the Mercy
of Nurses Convicted
of Crime.
Criminal Prosecution May Fol
low Exposures Made b Sul-
Aisxst. Apr.l ST 1 have found in
Auburn ptison brnt.!!tv. violation f
law w.ito ar.d general incompetency.
Twcntv-cich! prisoners have become In
sane dur.nc the las: twelve months The
testimony of trustworthy witnesses tn-
d.-ate thai cruel punishment deprived
some of these prtonrrs of :he.r reason,
iha the prison doctor is careless and
unfeei.nc and that he ha repeatedly
refused to attend upon women pris
oners in confinment
This commen:ar on Auburn prison
stariiod ll ov Sulrer 10-nlpbt .i he read
the report compiled b.x Georce XX". Blake,
special commissioner designated under
He.-u:ixo order to invesnp.vte the
prison of the Stale of New York
Thai report speaks f,.r itself." sal.1
th ,;v,.rnilr
The iorv of Auburn prison as told
in 1 ho report of Commissioner Blakn
recall the d.ivs when men were strung
up b.x the thumbs for some Infraction
of :'ie prison discipline, only that the
mode of punishment now is more scien
tific and begets more hnriowlng result.
When Gov Sulrcr 10.ul this report to
nish: he vowed ho would remedy theso
oond't on and prooc.ite the men re
sponsible lor them The report says
"llefractory-JJIiSswrs put In cells for
punishment have onl Iwo gllU of water
.vtTx foui bom The prison doctor fixed
this amo'ini un.1 declared it was sufficient
10 sustain life l xielcheil the measure
..ed m .iiplvitig the prisoners with
watet n'-.l found Us xxelpht .is eicht anil
one-half ounces If these punishment cells
mte light end airx and samlarx the pun
ishment would W ver.x heax v out the fAct
is that these tells are 011I1 eight feet two
1111 he long font fee! seven Inches wlile
anil e.plit ferl high
Tlie are perfectly
dark anil the onlx ventilation comes
through Hi.- 11011 door There is no fur
mturr v. hatext'i in the tells except a
Hii.xrt can into winch the tuitx vipply
of water I oiiret! The tloir has ftiur
tun of ittin rixet lir.nl thai make n re-
runil'enl isvsition practtcall lniiHisible.
o th.it i man I lieprlvtHl of his sleep
ami res: a well as his food. iirlnK. air
nnd liclu This punishment is wore than
the oltl stringing up machine and other
'notif of plixsi.-i.l torture that haxe been
alM-.ilo:ied bx the State. Ncause it af
fect the xictun nerxes as well as hit
brain ami bcl "
Commissioner Blake rectfnimend a
Grand Jury nix et!g.ulon of the admin
ltiaiioii nf the prison phxsicmn. John
T Gerln of Auburn, whom he holds
large! responsible for much of the.
brutalit) Including Ihe punishment by
an allowance of water Just sufficient
1 to sustain life and neglect of men and
"omen patients during illnes.
'A''r nook and cranio of the Jail
u-m, 1 . ... ,t ti... ,.-.,..1... ..r tn -
charge Gerln xvith maltreatment and.
. neglect of women even during periods
during the List dozen vears there has
1 Nvn an average of one child birth a
year, 'while sworn testimony, nmnlv
......... .1.... .. .v. '.
. . ... 1 .-.in. ttti. I'l.-.i-' to. ii 111 tin--.- t;i-.r.-.
the unfortunate women have been left
vict nurses, some or xvhom were con
victed of ulmrtion ' He adds.
"One of the women who serxed In the
capacity of a uure was Auguta Nack,
xxho w. convicted of compile!!) in t
brutal murder of Uiildrnsui'pe Allhouch
the women prlsonet Hie bad women. 110
man with n hum ine feeling or Imagina
tion can fall to teallie the terror of a
woman lxlng In chlld!l and being at
tended bx uch a woman a Mrs Nack,"
Commissioner Blake brands the prison
physician In these words.
"The ph.xslel.in of the prison has hld
that place since May V lsx He is an
1111toc1.1t Abundance of evidence show
thnt he is lirut.il In hi treatment of thn
sick, neulectful of their nerds and that he
flagrantly violated that section of thn
prison law which .lellne his duties.
"1 reallie that these ate severe charges
so sex ere that 1 did not call the doctor
as a witness, because I feel that hi ad.
niliiisliatlnn of the hospital should be the
subject of a thoioush Investigation by a
Grand Jury
The bulk of Ihe evidence gathered
against this pli)slclnn come from persons
other than convict 1 was careful In
till mailer Von xxlll find attached lo
thl leport Ihe statement of a man whom
yon xxlll teongnUe ns MtiK entirely trut-
worthy and who decline that during Ihn
pat )eat a number of persons haxe gone
Insane after punishment Inflicted by
orders of this physician.
"You will read of men lli.il haxe been
confined In cells for long periods and who
have come on! xxltli shattered nerves and
ave-l!.,.h rxrry ''M' " they
Vhl doctor has al.sol.it.' control over
the sick At a time 'when men should re-
reive humane trealmenl they go under
the oontrr
them In n
.are ever
the control of this ph)lclan, who treats
n 11 more brutal manner than they
. l nl We lo ,cx,.r that either
the warden or 10 scon or any of Ihelr
.,.,,.... .,,,1.. ,..,
protect the defenceless sick from this
treatment Once under this doctor' car
.III- HiLit ill.' ill n ii'-,"-nii- i', mm,
Tho report points out that Ihe Stat
has been supporting a number of fine
horses and vehicles for the pUtsura of
th warden at an annual coat of tI,BN.
These vehicles were, used mostly ftr

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