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Unsettled; probabjf Rowers rrxjav; cloudv
to-morrow; nrfldtc variiM ind..
Retailed eher report illVelWMiniijnn piRt U.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 241.
rinniiiiiiin Oomands l'ay
ni. -in of sio.ooo.oon
In May 1.
PivMtlont Cahrora's Envoys
i ion 1 to Fnilod iSt.iip.
for Protection.
ViNnn Uked if He Will Ter
t Foveiun Occupation f
1 iltle Kepublic.
v ' prti I? Guatemala,
- i,X"' "-day to th 1'nlted
. - British teprlsals for non.
; i put. .-quart'ly brfor"
V ,in thf n"cc?ity of dr
. ,i'Vir hr wi vtHnd lctin
- tvntral Amortoan rcpuhlic."
f ricn rrrdtto or turn thm
1 " i-nn? and lot thr latter do
- n a s appeal for help made
' Mrndz and Anionic Itatres
st-n ;al envo to the lnlt1
. ' 1T Mdential Inaucurat; n
f. ' tn-trs notably t" nitia-
.nform.nl actmc ?vrtary rf
,s N! 'ic that Croat Britain had de
th':r President. Manuel As-
.- an u'ttrnntum demandinir
- a. 'inn. Thr British demand
. that the fiuatemalans take
- - !'s a' nncr t sr-.tle th lone
-i ntbtednes" to Hrittsh sub-
-ti '. wk for troublt- from the
1 -: . err.mtnt after May 1
, .;' of the (.tiiattmalan repre-
i :hf State lv-prtm"nt was
:-.d S ates Go.'.-nment tak
ur 'af-r 1th Great Britain and
humiliation of Guatemala
r. tor The Guatemalans br.
" ' r. Ted S-ates should d this
niur the Monro p trm.-
, 'M'-'r.t Great Britain lr-rn e. '
t r r-olf in a Vntral Anvncan
uc, thr collection of dfbts
. - .v livolty1 in thr appeal
jietnHliins for help unui't
- ' am is one of thr most noton-'
i - ' thr financial histories of thr
I -hrrn republic and it is one1
t -is ten a cause of constant
'he Goxernment of thr'
i sate and Great Kritrfln for
jr . IT"
"...la owe. mor than HO. 000,
' .-! s principal and interest in'
s r hr for-ii:n drbt alone, thr
1 ' mrh rr hrld in lxndon In'
.eniala floated these londs to
t rr debts and sruarantred thr
i.vylnc a sp--cial tax of M h0
i. coifr r.jortation. ,
r'.-t was- paid for thrrr jrars.
l r Pecembrr. l!f?. Iikrwis
ix which w.is nxrd lrrev
s frequentlv been chanced '
.. Vo u-rn i1rdceU to securr
.al oi.licatioiiK
v.r t.-b 1 inveriitwnt f'r years
1 ' pre-s'-'s on thr Guatemalan
the necessity of mukios a
Tr 1'r.lte.i Slates has a.
r r.r Govrrnmrnt in tr-'
s n) 1m- veral tim s
- . Gr-Ht Itntair. on -half
enii.. Tb.s -.ntrrfrencr has
rt ult of promises made by
i .-f-r Mat a bun would te nrn-
i -i amount efficient not only
. , f the Briti-h cUim-. but also
' ' r'l rir currency and pay for err-1
. , . . eede.J public works. '
! than three yriir thW ha
-'atus of the situation, the
. ..... Kt-epmc Uritish hand off
s -rt Government that Gua-
. - atx'jt to make h new loan
- - !.t a .oan were laid before
. . i, i;.l'i by G W Younc A:
se.icman A: " and Minor i
f New York. Iut no loan con
- i .ten filmed after three year
- ' i;
- -.-.t of tt.! lone lea j ,n the
' ' i.eated promise- that the loan
. l- negotiated than:."' hate tieen
h.- i latemala lias be.-n actinc
. - - ti and that President Cabrera
n '.tend to make anv loan or meet
- rninrnt oblicatlons ? Ions as
i. pln the I'n'trd Stales and
Mr -a n airainst each other
T.f' xlmlnlstratlon bri-Hin- v.e-)r-
; ja'emala' repented def.ui.:"
h oe ts Thin was made clear In
y Tat r messaee to Contrrr-s last IV.
i in'io when re wrot" that if the G.ia
t tia ,ni Government did not take nd
.... df. t he w o'n to her to mi
: ' i e jjsi Kritish fialm "It nwi le
i ine ripo.lble for the (iovernmeiit of
'e 1 r. -ed SUiteS to en ape its obllltil-
i n- . onnection with su h measures
i ..t Itecome necesvir to enact Jus
' ' iramrnatr forelen t l.ioit "
T wa Interpreted In Gtidumala m
i- rrjt that If a I's'in was n..' made
iif i ! financial finances reuruanlzeil
e I n 'oil Stales would lease to stand
iffrr between fJuatemala anii her
e s iffi-rinK cn-dilors
Grea1 Hiituln this time nppnrently is
1 nt ipnn ilr.istic action ;n th- eni
t .rtbtr ilea.
POPE slightly feverish.
I'hj slelnii Orilrr ! f I IT In lleliirn
l l.liinlil I'ooil.
Itrinl rahlt ;ill'A (it Tin Sis
loMfj, April 2. The Pope hud an
c'"er poor nik'ht last niuht. He had
' : ttie if any sleep ami was slightly
1 er.sh to. day Tlio doctors would not
w nm to sit up and ordered him
'f irn to liquid food.
Mar I'arolin. Iho Pope's nephew, u
id .is in tiiL-ht In the pontiff's room.
- r.toriri thai the doctois ,iie iis.'m;
e trlcllj to coinb.lt the Pope's Heak-
n'ss in the llmn
,lr,"r l:mtnnntirl tllrnr Mnnj
nhj.rt Willi lllni.
.'r-i of.,, ttttiut'k In Tin M
H Mr Apr.! - Mfri,r Straps who
ras Pt'MH hc B;tt.r spending the
winter !n Alccr.a and a ulomohl'.ihe
from Paru with Mrs Straus w? re
coned i.i audience bv Kmc Victor F.rn.
manuel to-day The Kmc verv
cordial and ihey had n half hour'? talis
"n man.v topics ineliifr.nc Italian cmi
erntlon to the Fnlted Slates, the
Franco-Turkish war. the present Italian
occupation of the interior and thr lta'.
ksn Ituattor.
The Klr.c expressed recrrt that he
had no; m't Nathan Straus wbo-e
Pv.lanthror,v especially his stood w --k
n Palrn'nr. -. well Known Mr Straus
was uiv much impres-scrt n'th the
Kmc thorough knowledge in rccard to
-n: of the da his culture and coo.l
m trior.
niiimt (in I'mhrr'a Orr iorU.(
Xiilnril m iJ.i.iou. ,
NKut-oi-T. Apt, ;i - Mn lii.th H !
l'Hirih, of HdM..n a dauchtrr nf th
to Thoma K jfh,nc. at one tlmr n
Ir.imincnt fjinmrt nMdrnt of this nt
hht- lot hor ,llt in thr Supmn- Court
lif tf to hHr r4v fharrf of t;rrat Northern j
' 'rt i-ompan) Mork VHtucd at atiout
rSCOWi and is.-up.1 as a st.nk dividend.
1i-c!ar.'d pan ,,f t income she should
rfcc.i from lirr father.' estate and not
le held fir a mrt cf the prlnc.pa'. )
JiiMioe narrows finds that the stOi'k
shield he'd a. a part of th- prin
i :pa'l and iuta.tis t report of the
ffM-t.-r Mrs Fairihi'd oY;eclr4 to
ti r. jwirt ;n rcard to this particular
Mock of stok
Senator Offers Measure W'hi-h
Carries Piin' and Prison
WssHlserrov April : An important
b'.li prescribing condition- under vvhlch
corporations mat onrace In Interstate
enmmrrce wa intretduc-d in the Senate
teoday by Mr ("ummlns of Iowa 1.
aims chiefly to break up Interlock. nc
directorates of lr.te r-tat'- corporations
The measure Is orr. r-d as an am. nd
ment to the Sherman anii-tru-; U and
prov ldr that no corporation -hal t
iwrmltied to eneace in ommen- wh. h
falls to comply with any condition :m
ptiseti bv the Senator- amendment
Penalties of fine and imprisonment are
pre-c r!led for offende-rs
Thr aiTieiidment applies only to cor
porations havlnc S00".000 capital and
more it excludes from interstatr oom
trierce anv oorp oration the olhiers or
directors of which are officer- or director.-
f'f anothe-r corporation eneaeed in
a competine line of bus'.r.ts- it also tx
cluilrs any corporation which maj own
ilncli In another corporation encased In
the like busine in a competitive way
An ex'Ceptlon I- mHde in the c-r of
corporations that aejultr such stock in
eo.d faith as s.urit.. for de-bts bu". they
are reo.uir.s1 to d.spo-r of , w'th.n
three months
Thi- Is ine of the most radical amend-mint-
to the Sherman l.iw pr..p,isrri m
ConEress at th!- s.-siem M-ich im
portance is attached to it tcau-e Sena
tor Cummin- - a member of the Senate
Interstate Commerce Committer
ene III e'onflrni Thrrr of nl
irrs nniltinf Inns.
Alrsnt. April "-The Senate wtll
confirm o-morrow the nomination- of
John N arllle of Watertown to tie
.-'ate Hichwav Commi.iont r .l.ohn H
Pelanry of Hreioklyn to be Stat- Com
missioner of Ktticiencv- and Kconomv
and P.ichard (" Kt-efe of N. vv York city
to be a Port Warden The Finance
Commlttte met to-nicht and acreed to
report these nomination' favorably io
morrnw This favorable report follows a con
ference held in New York city last nlcht
bv Charle- F Murphy and hi- political
adviser.- and Senator Itoltert F. Wac-n-r
and Sp.-skr Alfr.-d i: Smith of the
Asm mblv
ltoth Mi Murphv and Gov Sulzt r
r-lu'm that Mr 1. la.nv i- th-ir friend
and that he will not do anytlunp In hi
dekirtmeni which has an expenditure
of $ 1 r.n.Oitfi thi year and unlimited power-
of inv-e-tipation to hurt the pobt -on
I fottunts of e. tlier
Mr Carli-le'.- nomination was niee,i
to with the under.-t.indinc that the Gov
ernor bill increasinc the salary of the
State Hic'iway Commi-sloner from $!
oO'i to tl"."u Kivinc him a chief en
a.tieer at Jli'iinu nnd a secretary at
Mu.oU'i is to lie r hloroformed in com
inittee Mr Murphy's friends say that
Mr Carlisle lias acreed that he will
not u-e the State Hlcnway Pepnrtment
to build jp a State machine for Gov
S II liter and they -eem to be vvillinc to
t.ik- Mr Carlisle at his word.
Ilnuliieer, lit ellliiK HrnUe, vniri
VIjiii 'rvvent-flr Hurl,
IIiiiintkkk. Mass April IS -Twenty-live
persons were' injured, none seri
ously, when a New Haven passenger
train and a work train had a head on
collision here this morning The nc
l ident whs on the Granite branch. The
work train vvns going down grade when
,t . ncounteretl thu passenger train. On
a- count of a dense fog neither engineer
saw the other locomotive until it vvns
too late.
The engineers nnd firemen on both
loconiot.ve.s jumped to safety, but be
fore leaping F.nslncer Glldden of the
passenger train set the brakes, so that
his train came in u stop and remained
mi the' track.
Had he not dniie this the train might
have gone oif the track and rolled down
the etiilMnkineiil, vvhii Ii is iiIkiiiI twelve
feet high. In the pissenger train there
were about 100 persons, most of whom
nee employed in the shoe shops In
llr.ilnuee In the work train there wero
about fifty Italian workmen.
Klon H. lirown. Kopnllir:ui
Lender. (!rael 1Ncum'
Introduce Kill to
Promise u m'u a Pill
liefitre Klcction.
Auunt. April I' Th? Stntr ?enAtor
were surprised to-nicht when Senator
Klon R. nroun. th- P.epubhcan leader,
detiared that a rood many people
"have from time to timr jestlnely re-ma-ked
that the Go.trncr was crai "
Senator Rtown was discusslnc hi hill
to repeal thr fran ley bond Interest law
and the promises of Gov Sulrer that
hr would re-duce State exprndllures
"1 am not prepared to admit that thr
Governor l erarv." sa'd Senator rtrown
"These people differentiate tetwecn acts
that are craiv and the mentalltv that
is erazy Ar.d this Is one of those acts
1 know the centlemen ho makr
this rharce a'lece that the Governo-
present, the symptoms which the alien
!ts claim lav the foundation for the
pr.svf of a los of mental balance ami
cite for lnstanct thr fact that he
ha- hallucinations, hallucinations that
he other men than himself and hal
.-ir.ations that he Is Henry Clav and
thev claim that that hallucination
shows ur.so-mdness of mind because
Henrv Clay -was a creat man
"Thry claim too that It is a hallucina
tion for him to think thit hr is Silas
Wr't-Vit r.rtH t nf tv fo1tilnn mrao!f I
if he really thouch! so that it would br
evidence to that effect I find, for in-
stencr. in the Me.asrs of Slla Wricht
thse messaees to thr Uecislature
1 am crta.nlv far from tntertaln.
ir.- the Alspo.tlor 1 am from claim
ne thr :;ht tt' p-onounre to or for vou
what ' r-jbhe of'ir.ion u;Kn any -utjrct
I submit the suce.-stion however with
.-rr.y. defrrence and .n the full conv irtior.
.l.ll. .iilllv.. r..-.t .ui-ai..iVI.Ui
Its. j ,u (let m It -ound .n principle
. k I v t trove salutarv ln pracilct
Will. Mr IVes.dent. 1 nerd not dwe".
upvn the differerr in the tone of cOTi
niu-.lcaton- of Slla W'rifht 10 the Iv.-c.s-laturt-
and the tone c f the comnunloa- j
tlon- of Gov Sulrer It w euld -eem to t
a fact that If he entert:r.
t. s,
lea thit
! 'fVJ.in 'c ts. timr.l r.f -Jit.
Wricht he is sufTetinc f-oni a hallucina-
"He said. too. that he Is folloRlnc In
the flsvts;ris of ilov. Huctrs. Vrll. hr 1"
announclnc openly that If thr l.rpl-lature
doe- net complv with his request he U1
elrlvr men nut of h.s party and out of
ortlce Was there ever nnytMn in tht
cindur: of 1a Hushes as i".ov error of
this State from vvhlch he could infer in
dotnp thtr.es of tht- -on that there w .
anv analocv ttwc-en his conduct and that
of h.s Illustrious predecessor
"Thev saj. too Mr President- that one
?L,tit.,0vOT co 'I'ou? V''n th- ITvt'erw'n Hos.
X Vital She dle-d at 5 o'clock this after-
who have alway- t.-netited you. those i noon Thev :e 1 us there was a needle
who have alwavs l-en allied with and
associated with vou Hut 1 dtrv 1 denv
that there is any foundation fo: anv
remarks of thl sort
' It is rosihlr for a man to so deceive ;
him-elf in n latton to th. ot.ee t1 .it h'l
occupies that he entertains the t-llef that
induct is the precise opposite of the
--endue! vvhich he i- inde.-d practisinc
1 notice, too. Mr President, a verv crave
I each on tt-e wirt of thr (Tovernor in
re'utton -o his me-sapes to the lclsla
ture on the subject of direct primaries "
After these criticisms of Gov Sulrer
Senator Hrown introduced a bill amend
.ne the p. nal Code which prohlb'ts
promises to U- made b candldeites
.- ekinc office, hv addinc to tin- penal
lzlnp provision a new par.ic.raph prohib
itir.e a candid.ite from makinc a prom
"Who does -in ofncial act in an evecu-
live, lepislativr administrative or otn-
.nl oapao.ty winretiy any one win re-
lent- a material tnetit to lndu.e any
votet or voter- to vote or Terrain trom
votine at anv election for or acainst
anv particular person ot for or uiralr.-t
anv proposition submitted to voter- n
!equt -t an tandidnte for office to make
ich a promise "
This penalizing law Is to take the
plai r of Senator Hrovvn's re-olution for
e legislative Inquiry to determine
whether or not Gov Stiller should be
Impeached for promising the railroad
men during last falls campaign i slcn
the full crew bill
Wlelnvs. I niler liiillrlmenl fnr Mnr
eler. -vnmrii i.irrmnm.
llinsKTos- Mas. April S The w ill
of the late P.e.ir Admiral Joseph G.
H.iton of Norwell. for whose death his
wife Jennie Mnv Katon. Is Held on n
charge of mur.let was allowed by Judge
Chamberlain in the Probate Court to- 'pledging the I'nl'e.i States lo a guarantv
div. Ju.lee George W Kefley of Hook- of Kink deposits This Is learned on the
land is administrator. ..n his petition. ' highest ntithoritv
io which there was no opposition. j The President has ascertained that his
Mrs Katon was orlplnully named ns;I)a,-,v leaders In Congress are virtually
executrix, but she declined to serve and ' agreed as to the general principles in-
. .1.. ..mini- r,f lo.lt-.-. W n I i I.. .1 ...t.t
rniisei.ieii to to' t i e r ....i.. .. -
lev. who Is her counsel In the will case
'nnalilrratrl l.rate III 1'nlfnrin
i ml lirrman Mlvrr llailar
New lt.-.i-.swii-K. N. J.. April IS -
Chief of Police Henry
A. Hoyler. boss
..r two oollcrmen of Snvrevllle.
nvvoke till morning to discover that
he lin.l Is-en roliU'd In the night The
i i 1 1 v n s; cot it vva v with $ 1 1 1 n m o py
watch, n stickpin or two and some
clothes. Thev left the e-hlef his Oer-
man silver kidge and Ills uniform.
. ltoyler began detective work right
' there nnd then. Hefore night he learned
that erne of the burglar used at least
one eruloii anil inai mere were two'
others, one with very big feet and the,
other wllh Just big feet These facts i
he got from an Investigation of the'
damp ground beneath his window. Ho
has not learned anything else worth
APRIL 9. 1913. coms
rnnlr fanens ntrs on 1 1 sssm
hls rlloii To-day.
iuvv N Y April I Thr rau-us
of Pcmoon.tlc Senators to-night voted
to oppo Gov Suber's direct primary
The rntieu of Tmoc-ratio AwmN).
men deferred action on the lull till to
morrow The ?mate .tjdifiary Committee rr.
p.nteil th Pi'.i out In the afternoon It
as thus restored to lt. plare on thr
ordi r of third rtndinc and was made a
penal order on final pissace for
Oov. ?ulrer f meace vetoinc thr I
R'"uvrii eieonons wn which fentlHoavy Sen Raided nt Clayton
io ine .-nHie ihsi i nurwiuy. tv r pre.
.ented The Democrntlc Senators said
the didnined to dlcus it with the
exception ! Senator Rlauvdt. ivho
"The lanmnce us-'d by thr Governor
Is unworthy of reply You all know
of my work here. I tried conscien
tiously to frame a bill which would
rarr o;:t the pledces of the Pemocratic
State platform In dolnc so I considered
not only the Democratic party but the
Progressives as well 1 decline further
to refer to this messace 1
Without further commrnt thr mes
sace was referred to the .ludlciar.v Com
mittee. Senler Hot rt F Waener Pemo
cratlc leader said to-nicht that the
Governor l -.ll would be kllle-d effec
tivrlv after full and free discussion on
Wrdnrsdav in the open Senate.
OPiDl UICiD, lllt nEAIl
DIED f I? Pi DV MUrPll V
rj,j, vnHoupd It AlniOM
Year Azo Doctors
Cause of death, a needle in
heart. ' was the report made to the Cor-
on"!" otrle-c- Ihs.1 nlpht by the Presbv
tenan Hospital recardlnc P.ay Zucke r.
brot. 13 months old. who died at thr
hospital yesterdav afternoon How the
needle reached the little plrls heart the
hosjiltal did not explain
F.ays father - Samuel Zuckerbrot.
a tailor, w ho lives with his wife and
tive children at Jsr Second street
Throuch nn ,nterpreter he said
. v . I . - rt , ,
.-.-.iiij rt iftti iii,-ii i. wns piajinc
.with other children in the street She
cam.- m showing tntoms d.-itt
v e thoucht it wi a stomach cramp, ,
bin nifduine d.d n t help he- A iloc
tor came, but couldn t find out what the
... .-i.-.in oiiooos rtSO iif
....... ... . . ,,
tutu- sol ..3 seni tit nciifvuf. out ine i
doctors ""p Just a
puziled. I
.-nt' iiotame a fi0M tinpx. jt was
two months aco that thr Prrsbyterian
Hospital took her At firs: it was
thouch: she had pneumonia Then l lie
.-rav was applied and we pot word lr-,,aU!' u'nic" are not occupied at th.s
here nt home that Rav had 'somethtnp ,tnif of ,tu' ,'ir Windows m many
in her heart -we dtdn t know what of ;hr summer houses were broken
She was taken to Sea CUfT. I. J.' The earthquake was si'cht at Mon
where the ocean air micht help her. but lire.ii SeismoprHphs recorded it but the
yesterday they told us she was verv 11'..
Her mother and 1 went ilow-n to s...v
Cliff and fvund out thut Ttnv h.i.l Ken
in her heart
' Coroner Fember
( hfr. j v,..,..,
I .' momin-
.as asked Pr v -
make an s-itopsy
Tree. Urrrhoni ml s)rnna. , Prr-
rnl "trlailnr mif Nnsns." ! lie scnovi 41 nt 3h Greenwich avenue
.-.-;-,,;, Ni ,oTHr v;v last eveninp She wvre a peacock blue
1.WM.V, Apr.! - - S-r Herbert 1W r-' hrmeusr pown with Hiilparlan trlm
lohm Tree. Thoma Ueecham the con-j mInR vf"'r tho musical propr.imme
ductor. and Pr Hichard Straus-, the ''h,' 'lanced w ,th the bov s of the nelph
composer. have entered Into a partner-' lrhooi
shin for the nrMiictlon of the laiter'. ' Ml Wilson has been Ikiriictllarly
Ariadne auf Naxo for eipht perform-
nnces at H.s Maje-ty s Th.a,re
Sir liet-rbohm Tree wm proilure the
tire "in iiimiiir ,, , . , , V . ...
and will plav the l"od ever since Its bediming last Feb-
Jourda,,, him-elf Mr rur This is the fourth trip she has
r resnslble for the'"-"l" to New York to attend some of
with h.s svmphon5 ,'f "ed activities, which include sew-
l.t-,.n.... .t ...in i...
roj,. 0( t;() ,.,
(trt-chnm will l
. opf ratlc -Ide
orchestra The first performance will
pe given on Mav "T
Will Itriiresrnl I'rraldent'B lrvvs nn
Monrtnrj llrfnrm,
WcsHt.NCrros April - Their will
a Wilson lurtene.v reform b.i' and like
the Wllson-rnderwoivl tar.iT measure
now Wfore Congress. It will tepresent
the views of the Pre-idetu on what is
needed to place the monetary svstrm of
the Fnited Stales on a substantial Itasis.
It will make Its appearance In u con.
cteie form very soon. Alren.lv the
general principles have been n greed on
by the President In consultation with
his clo-e friends In the Senate and House
and with some of the nuvst noted experts
, finance In the country.
The drafting of the bill Is under wav
t is iibsoliittlv certain that the measuri'
ni not carry with It any provision
' u.v en in t nt- l unt-iit .i irnmii in unit -in.
Ilcrearili He .lump In t-'ronl nf n
Mnv Inn Train.
tprni.1 t'ahte litipotch to Tnr Sis
CorE.viiAc.KN, April IS. Ur Grundtvlg,
prnicssor m jurispi uuruct ni cue uni-
versuy nere, iniiiiiuiicu suiciue lo-ciny
l'-v Jumping In front of a train.
head wa'. severr.l from his Nxly by the
The professor's act Is ascribed to
rm-ntal depression.
American C.enBraihrr F.leclr.l Mem
her nf teariemr of Science...
tprcial Cablt nttpntrh in Tnr Si v I dence was In Vermont he had lived In
Paris, April IS. The Academy of New York hotels most of his life.
Sciences elected W. .Morris Pavls. tl.e. The residuary estate of over 1500,000
American geographer, a member to-day .goes to sixty-eight cousins, of whom
amid great applause. ten haven't been found by the executor.
-..r. ihr ,, r,-,ttnn nrf inh.p
T , , . . ,
l,at Ten to Twenty eeonds
in 1 1t o Middle St. l.av.
renee Vnlley.
sr.vKKK .vnorxn ottaw.v
Panic Occur in Affected
Tonovro. April : - An earthnuake
shook eastern Canada and northcrn-and
central New York Just liefore o clock
is,. v 1
to-nlcht. o creat namace has lern
'T-ortpd. t.ut thr meteoroloclca obscr-
vatory here savs the shock -evere
within a radius of 100 miles of Ottawa.
Hlch winds ccomr-nlr. thr sliock
. . . t . , , .
and at Hayton the Thousand Islands
terminal of the New Y'ork Central.
heavy seas were dashed over the pier
At the Thousand Islands the shock
txpan al-out 7 SO P. M. and lasted from
five to twenty seconds The o,unke w.l
eeneral throuchout the middle St. liw-
rence valley and extended as far as
W atertow n. N .
In Opdensburc
the pres-es of the
.Ycir racked and rumbled as if kbout
to fall, but the createst damace vet re-
. porte-d are broken windows throuchout
fl the yoctlon affected
Farmers in northwestern New Yorl;
have been frantically calllnc the tele
phone central offices for Information
There were so many parties on each
line that the service was practloallv
i usevess for several hours.
,, Operators in the telephone offices at
KBlt' .'unction, roisnam. i anion ano
otner northern towns rcjton quakc o;
moro or ,r!"-'i ,v"'"
't is impossible to learn me extern
of she damnce until telephone service i-
""-" v.,,.....r . .-o...-
10 quiei ineir suoscrioers.
Kemptville. imtario. reports a severe
shock there at ' 4X P M the worsi
ever felt in that section It lasted alsMit
nine seconds breokinc manv windows
ana i.mn-.nc .ne icwr. .n;o n panic.
,;-v'' .. !'-
nouncccl v .bration last.nc more than
' trn ...r..tiil I ws f.,t li A. I thr r.-i.
dents in that section
The earthquake la-ted 'or.sest and
was most srv . re at Thousand Islands
and surroundinp district. Some report
from there s.iy that th earth shook r.nd
trembled from twenty minutes to a half
hour The people ran from their houses
and called wildly tts-nwBr.other
This district ha summer cott.tp.s and
--nevk lasted on'.v 4 second-
. "n, rtnlv
damane done there was
b'oken w.nriows
he suburb of Notre
Pnte de Grace and the . rnckinc of the
? r Thomas Shauphnesse, 's
; h 1U"'
Visit. snelnl cnlre nnd llrtncrs
W III) Ihr lli.js.
Mis- Marparet Voi-nlrow Wilson was
.the eue.-t of honor nt a reception at
(;reenw ich Village social centre in Pub-
tnterestesj In this centre, which is unique
- " "r "V- "1 "..V
"""" ". .,r . tnr "okiiiw
1 hood ever since ts bee limine last Feb.
ine and mllllnerv c!n--cs. cvmnnstics
concert.- and package parties like the
one to be given on Saturday evening
Among the 500 guests last night were
Mrs Vrnold Furst. Mrs John 11 Flac
ler. Miss Grace Wilkes, the IJev . Percv
Stickm v Grant of the Church of the
Ascension which supplies the funds for
the centre and Or Fdivard H St.tt
hta.l of the Hoard of Kducatlon recrea
tion centres
llrein llrimartl I'orn I'rrt Willi
Mere llshtls I'lnaprel.
France Itean of Shtewsbury . N J.
vva- carry me Ins five. year-old niece.
Violet F.. Panel of 100 West Ninetieth
sreet. across Columbus avenue at Nine-
ueui siree ...s, ;, w nen a souin-
louuci car .tore iow n uiton inrin.
As he fell In front of the car He.m
' rencne.1 up vvtin ins iree nnnu. grabbed
he render rigging and mine on. He
''""1 ohnrge were dragged forty feet
before the car came, to n stop. The
, ma wn -""nl bruised, but the child
, oapecl injur)-. Dr. Hooth of the Poly-
I rllnlc Hospital attended Hean.
Income of -00,0011 In lloekefeller
Inslllulr In llrnrj llnlkrrfuril' Will
The will of Henry Rutherford, n
resident of Grand Isle. Vt., who died
nt the Hotel Astor on February SR. i paid for the elevnted properties corn
leaves $200,000 to the Rockefeller lnstl. posing ll
tute. the Income to lie used In the In-
vesC.K.I.lon t .lie c.ll.rt-, il rv flicioil .lllll
cure of cancer. The w,,, filed by' u -uun.
Charles K. l ux of 1 remdway attor-
'"r .:.,",M
oi , i.i.. . .ve,,.,r. n,..,, ,
Mr. Fox iult1 he knew nothing of
I . .
.Ir,' . 1 i OVr Van Alen will letiirn from Knglnnd in
$1,000,000 and wax n son of James fpw. w,1(lkH nu, , 0, kno. ,,.
, Rutherford, who died forty yearR ago,ln,,oI). wneth,.r r not he will occtipv
j leaving a large fortune. He was a wakehurst, his estate here, tlila Bum -
bachelor and although his legal rest
nlher Oprmllon on ranaitn's rirt
l.nrty rnr,
lovr.ii., April I A bulWtin Is-mird .
to-nlcht rays' thr symptoms of intes-
t.nal obstruction In the cae of thr
n,iche.. of connaucht have recurred i
snd a further operation w i;i be nocs-i
The bulletin . Icned h Drs Worth
incton Dawson and lanr.
tafts son to be ohio lawyxr.
linhrrt , Taft to r.ntrr Matnrll
rirtn1. Office.
'ivri.vvTt April jv tt
' an-
aninced In an authoritative wav here '
1 to-naj tnat Koiert A. Tan. s-on of
forme- resident Taft. will enter the
o.licf of MhawoII d Rams-rj Cincinnati
attornexs. after he is craduated from
an Pastern law school this sprlnc. Hr
study more law prtparatory to his'
"dmisslon to th Ohio bar. l.aw-rrno
Maxwe'.; Jr senior member of the firm,
w , . . . .
hfts lonir b.-rn oolintr.n onr of thr
1MOf,r.. of tno -- tr. and was man ,
years aco Solicitor-General of the
l'nite-d States.
Mr Mav-wvll was one of the counsel
for President PAtterson and the oihe-
of Nf4tf,nM n noclMrr
Company of Payton In the trial that
ended in their conviction
$40,000 OF $5,000,000 TO WIFE.
Pniisvlllc. P Man l.emr snnnli
f r.Mio in vdltinn.
Po-r ili-k Pa. April Is - It was dls-
lose! t,i.da that W 1.. Sheafer. a
wealthy manufacturer, left an estate
'allied at J.VOO.000 and willed onh
140.000 of it to his wife
a-tcom s,;e z:T,: '- - '-" -
husband's house Sons are left annul- ,,if,,f ;" ,rv 1,1 rrfX,,nI complications
lies. The Pottsville Hosplta and other :"',V -'npan
charte- benefited w.th smal' bequests j hl new alien land bill that, bv thr
'declaration of Gov Johnson, it is e-
JACK JOHNSON ARRESTED AGAIN. nm1 n,, ln ,n'r Ivl,r.-.0n 0?"
fro I'nulllsi Thrrmrn in IIIovt . , , . . . ...
ri relief-man's llrxH On.
CHicvcto Apr.l : - Jik Johnson
necro pucil.st. and his chauffeur. .1. H.
o.- .... ..,,.steu , ,ron. m ine
,i.ty nan mis ariernoon bv Serpt
l.o!te;- of the citv vehicle department
Johnson m charped with fallmc to
have a State license on his automobile
and liohinson was arrested because he
was unnoie ;o pn-siuce a Chauffeurs
o. t-ti-t i ' ' '.i-ie irtsrn in ine i en-
:ral Station an1 booked and then re
"The po'.ce are ho.in.'.mc me.' John
son shoute,! at Serpt Lnbell. "and the
next time one of the policemen arrests
me 1" blow hs head off'"
n snsprrleil of Canslna Km eh of
III- vrrnnil Male.
Wiirrxux. Mass pr:l ;s .Iame S
Si.thenand. vvh.v served thirteen ye.ies in
State prison after betnc convic:,M of
Kiinnp ht- nrst vc, fe. was arrested to-
"n nnd held pendlnc an autops) on
U1' 'd of his s-ond wife She died
apparently from phv,cal Injuries ten
mlne. af ter a physician who wa.
summoned In .-.nherland reached the
home this morninc
Sutherland explained that h:s w ,fe
fell down -tairs last nicht In pourlnp
liot water on her bruise she upset a
kettle and was -oalded
The Sutherland.- were married in
Hrookton last December Sutherland
"as released from pr.on two v ears apo
Cniinitlnn- trrlsr In Help I'IkIiI
Wllh Vlmlrrn rm.
WcsiiiN.iTO.v April : -Major Gen
j j.
M.icKenzle Chief of Sinff. and l.Ieut -t'ol
.eorpe Pallev of the Canadian nrmv
! arrlv.nl In Washincton to dav o i i I
1 Otticer- tif the Inlle.i lnte nrtnt I.. I
, ' J " xf hr i.roWem of hM V
, a
' ' w,,h 'rn nm1
i ,, . , o...
i "" ' ' .-""s armj in
The problem has been p.ac,..l before'
the officers now stu.lv ing at the War 1
College and the Canadian officers were
Invited to join ih.m The olllcets will '
make trips to battlefields of Maryland
nnd Virginia
' i
H. ll..BHrih Want. a.ft.l. fr
I'rnintiilna Mrrrr.
Cinciuo. Anril IS -Pr.ink v
Van -
lei-bo ..n,i snmuei MciioWt.
dent and vice-president of the National . ""' l",",,ln ,ho "'itcome of the dtplo.
City Hank of New Y.irk. Henrv A Hl.iir I"'"1''' negotl.itlcjn. no alien land leglsla
Samuel lnsull. chairman of th'e board of ,l0" wouM lv!'f', , ...
h ors of he .jmmonl.h Kdlson
M . v, 1
'" -V-,V;" A' " '
. 7, " ,,nn
am' ,h'' '"hlcago
........... ..iiiisi.).,
' """r
'I'"'"'- , '"'"
',,"'u" s. l. , n Aa"n""
nl0' ,",a " ' " Horarth. former
a,"'lllor r C" Imko
"f''"'' ' "lany and once gen -
r"' superintendent or the Chicago Hall-
' llllUpjIlJ.
11 .101. rtl it., .nl. In ..
,X7 S m V V .N. 1
,i "-.- " i"ve-
niouciii iciiiu uv w-nicn ine various
transportation companies were merged.
in his suit he nsserts that the Na -
tlonnl City Hank financed the merger
land that the sum of tl,071,Ot2 was
T T Will 1 T TXT TA BVTttBU ensss
' JJ.
,.r. ..... ...mmrr.
. Newport, ll. l April I8.-.Jnmes .1.
mer. He will make an Inspection ofterai Governmeni enncieu me present
the eatale, and It Is Raid that ho will naturalization laws.
arrange for partly refurnishing the 1
house, and that hangings and tapestries
taken to his English home will be re
turned lo Wakeliurst.
A ilOn .MfaMlfP OpOSPll tO
YVilvin' Wislio 1 Al
roaily Praftod.
c r . .
.UfffM Ol OliiprOlil ISP
Hritiffs Hot .nvpr
From Governor.
nil van in two spr.r.niF.s
Plead in Seeret lcetiii2 for
Chance in l"c liiploinaex
With .la pan.
S.-r.Mr.N o ( pr-' "s Gov.
.lohnson plmnlv ann '.iniod t -nlchi thiit
an alien land bill will be forced thrsuch
the California l.ee'tue
The slatemeni va made at the ri-on1
i"'1 confereryes held to-dav hv
Secrotnrv of State Itrvan ith mem-
ber o the l.ccl-lAtiirr in which h
,v.M,,m, w.ison'. ,h.
110- .n". u'-. 'iiruroii Hint -I'llir 01 nis
as-istants arc heir and thev have been
. consultol in the drafiinc of this new
p.i! t emKvlies Jut the features to
hlell thr 1Y.-I,lent of the I nttod States
" ,f a passed bv th.s l-ci-latttp
It "ill not affect an of the riphts now
enjoyed bv aliens In hi- country
elleiblc to cltlienshlp."
aid one who
k- A.t mm
No corporation thr
j majontv of the stock of which i owned
bv uliens elislV.e to clilrrnhlp. ner.1
worn and she bill will not affect any
company or association controlled by
alien- elicible to citi7cnship whether or
1 not thev have declared their intention
I t l.ei-ortte !ll9rn
- ,"TJi-lill -"ill affect aliens Inellclhle
to cit'.Konship and will prevent them
floni ai-eiulrln: land, whether as in
dividuals, corporations controlled b.v tn
elicibKs or compnnie or associations
of the same -on "
Hlnntr Prilrrnl llrlns.
An miHvrtant note was struck when
Senator Curtin said
If we could have some assurance
from the Federal Government, either
bv treaty or othetwise. that it would
proceed to cuth alien ownership, wr
micht defer legislative action . now.
What assurance- of this nature can
we take home to our people""
To this Mr. Hrvan replied : "1 have
no such definite proposition to submit
or offer. The President nnd 1 have
conferred with the Japanese repre
sentative All I Mil say is that wr
feel ii l- vvorth while to make an
Your Governor, if he believes an
emergency exists, can call a special ses-
What vve suggest Is that you wait
'"Hi " lrJ rrani;e cms iiuoilKll
r'"",,r than b lecis-
I have wircsl to thr President,
that I have offered these sup-
ce.-tioti-- '
and let u trv to arranpe this through
, ''V?'""111 , h, ."T T'',: ,'f " ,io
,hl 1,111 nWA t-vnn",r Hr,1wn
"", Jmi-'W' " "h.
r0M,lt w" 1,,v :ul"ttor,M "'
0,m ,ooK in,l f,,t"rc '
llrsnn Imnreuri I.enUlnlnr.
The statements of Secretary Itrvan In
the conferences appeared to have ft
Utevtiit n TlwiTii n rrtt (nlivrrikt uhun
,0 8URBOHlon . ,adc bv a member
that If the Japanese AmKissador would
lr1 ' iissiirauce in.u no more .anil wouni
tlx" acquired by his people in till- conn-
It aroused the anger of
' ',ov Johnson and He nt once made hi.
'declaration, In which he vlrtuall;
- v threatened that an alien land bill dl
declaration, In which he virtually
. nllen Inelleible to cltllrnshln
' would be . iincted
The Gov ernor's statements are consld-
rre.l by IVmocr.Us nnd by regular He-
,,ubilcnns to be bordering upon direct
Insult to the natlonnl Government
, , , aetlon of whether or
no, jnvnn tie offended, but have you
I,.. I ..noi. for Hint nlf.nf.
p.i ti jut .it.... ...i ...... ...... .....
shouted Gov Johnson, arising and d.
dressing the nssembletl members.
i.. r.........r ....... r.-.i ... h k.m
h, ,f . wra(h, look n
i,.-,, fact'thnt the Circuit Court when.
ever .lnpnnese have applied for citizen
ship has decided that they are In
eligible. Arizona nnd Washlneton hnvr
'these lnwa on their statute ltooks. I
,l,..t nr. .elthln one rlel.t. In
Oov ,,,,, , continuing said ths
(Sta.e could not Klve Just offence to
.iop.ui by ennctlng nn alien land law
: prohibiting meiigioie aliens irom acqiur.
I Ing land. He asserted thn the State Is
j within Its rights In enacting such n law.
Any offence thai might be given Japan,
' I" "nl.!. was given when the Fed.
Trnnblr pprarril In Air.
It was evident that trouble was brew
Ing and that the fiery Democrats allied

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