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Giants Score at Will Once They Get Started on Their Winning Way New Yorks Lay Off
Ginnts Got to 1?iiri;pr Wlion
Hp Weakens anil Win Out
in Thirteenth, tn 0.
Dodjrers Tiirontpn Teternn of
w Ynrkors Often. bill
He Halts Them.
Oroat Pntrh of Miller's sure
Tripln in Tcntli Hiv.ill.'il l
Othpr Fii'Minr: PinU-.
The Giants .le.-nuntrd vestcrdai t".
Ih'lr flrsl vbiorv over the Hmnklvns .mil
while they were about It made It a shut
out Tin' feat n'unli i'i thltiic'i Innings ,
of play The Beds Mill arc groping deep .
n the basement .mil took another trouti"
ng from the live wl'f Cubs
Yesterday's Iti-siilla,
S'ss Vnk s llrnnkly ii. " I'hlrterii
i hfiKO i 'I m-inti.i ' i :
Ik'ton Philadelphia. rt r,mnu.s
lletHltcd ( lull Mnmllne.
a 7'i C J v
New York
'" ,
- I I
; I
3! n
! 6 S
.I i
I t. 1-:
'anif. Lot
"1 ifal 3 "!"
'I'.l-.lH.t' icheilole.
,Si. Inrl. lii Hrookhn
I'hlliiilrlpliii in H.vi.v, 1
"liicliiii 11 In t'liieacii
St I., ul- in I'lu.bur. I
After buttling for twelve mimics without
corliiK run the fji.mts suddenly fell I
upon N'.ipileon litieker in th- thltte'-nth
period' at i:hhet.s l'r,J yesterday, rolled'
up ix counts and wop from th" pluckv '
Hrooklvns hy a -core of ii to it It w.t- a !
tett of endiiranc.' l.. tween ltuckn ,iud ,
f'hrlstopher Mathiwson. with th- famous,
1 otk piicn. r com nc out on ton. Yet ,
Uiii ker r,illy outpltclu-il Mattv In the first 1
tuflve rounds, for he h"hl MriSraw'n MK 1 Kl.iiK'd off I'lit-haw n ,lln foi two lu-c. ,
hltt'rs. to th're sale drlies. while the a mtKhtv hunt went up lole i.Knl ,
Dodcrn- Kath'Ti d seven in the s.ini" length ' home with the tlrst 1 tin .ind .Murta puled 1
of time. . I up at thlid. t
The Giants Uldn 1 ni.ikr a slnsle hase Kmker.- p...l wa. son. : He intched
hit up to tin. eichtli innliip. Tlit- ot.lj New with apparent priori, and Dahh'n k-iu
Yorker who ri ached tirst has., was Sh.lfer. Allen .mil Stack out to warm up. H r7.. - 1
who received a inihs 111 the tlrst periud. Itjcaliuhi on- of Nap slow one on th"
was MM Mtinay wlm lamnid out the .ml of his In! and laced, it in lei!
first Much whip In shot the hall on a line for anothei hit M unity 'and Meiki'
to rlcht field for one s.trl. When Itucki-r j romped arrosii th" p.m. mid Mil'na.v
wnt to p."s i th., thlrti" nth inninc , d.ine-d a Ji- M. "ts Iliad .moth' r ?in--l"
more than H.ooa sp'-etators Inoked on in tn ik-ht ..ml llerzo -tonii-d lunnli.'- .it
ustonisiimept. and wh.ti h" voluntarilv
left the box he was loudlv appl.iuUfd.
The gn at southpaw simply couldn't go the
loute That was all
Victory came to the Giants aflei .-nod-crAss
had -avd Hit 111 itotn defeat In tl'e
tenth Inning With l'lshcr on second has.
nd two ni'ii out Mllhr drove the ball
with terrific momentum tn right cntie
field. Tor a inom. iit il loukeil ilk., a home
run, hut Snodgrass. running like a k r.
tnanaged to clutch the sphere and hold it
in a way that made th" N. vv York fans
fheer until theytw. re hoarse. If Miller's
drive had ber-n mls-ed by Snodgrass the
Hrooklyns would have won thin mid then-.
As It was the play partially made up for
Snodgrass's 3ii,"00 muff In the world's
Snodgrass was not the only Giant who
rendered valuable assistance In supporting
.Matht wsoii hhafer, Doyle and Met-, is I
made staitling plays that helped ivoiul
Itlll.v, t specially with Dodders on Hi
bases. Math.'ivson was In mldseasfii
form and controlled the ball so cleverly
that not a single ftee ticket was charg.il
to his account He fanned one man,
Smith. In the fifth Inning. Two slnghs
were lined out by the Hrooklyn;) In the
tlrst inning and one In the second After
that Mattj .tlred Dahlcn's men In rapid
succssloti until the .Ighth round, win 11
he blanked them again, although they had
three t tinners on the bags
In spite of wintry blasts and lowering
ilouds tin- crowd turned out chock full of
enthusiasm The Hrooklyns had .111 army
of partisan followers in the big stands and
they whooped things up In lively stylo
until the Giants exploded their bomb and
ran off thu held In triumph.
A wild jell followed Moran's hard singln
to left which opened Brooklyn's first trial.
Shafer, however, scooped Cutshavv's hot
shot and tossed the ball to Doyle, whoso
lUhtnlng throw to .Merklo finished ,1
cracking double play Stengel also found
Matty for a seething base hit to rlsht,
hut In trying to stretch It Into a doublo
Ktengfl was nailed at the middle big "It
Burns's superb throw to Doyle.
Mucker's change of pace, which had
baffled the Giants In the tirbt Inning, was
even more puizllns lu the second round
II mixed- up the slow- ones with the fast
and eurvn balls until McUraw's hat
wlelders were clearly bewildered, Ited
Smith hammered a clean two bagger to
le.ft with two down in Brooklyn's half of
Ihe tecond. hut Matty turned on the speed
and Klsher popped to Doyje.
In the next five Innings neither team
could land a runner on tlrst base. Th"
rival noxmen were in superb form and 111.1
fielding behind them was perfect. Stengel,
Cutahaw, Smith and I'lsher electrified the
fans hy ranches and stops that cut off as
many safe smashes. Doyle and Sh.lfer
alao brought thn spectators to their feu
with euperflnn achievements.
"Too bad!" cried the Hrooklyn fans
when Murray walloped the leather over
Cutshavv's head for the tlrst hit off
flueker In tho eighth Inning.
"Hero we go!" yelled the Giant ooaclies,
and lh New- Yorlt contingent howled In
approval. .Merklo tried to sacrifice, hut
lie bunted a little My, which Miller de
voured. Tho next moment Murray tried
to steal, only lo be thrown out with
plenty to paro by Miller, whose peg waa
taken by Klshfir. Hciv.og walked und
stole th mlddlo sack, where ho was left,
.iB nuckcr threw out Meyers on a sharp
With one down In Brooklyn's turn,
Wersog picked up a slow bounder from
Ited Smith, but the throw waa wide and
Hrd cot a life. Jlcrzog also missed a
roller from Fisher and both runncra were
afe. Miller burned another to Herzng,
hut this lime tho Giants' agile third hare,
man ma.de a p(rtt stop and dashed to his
MB in tlm to force Hnilth. Bucke?
bouncrd a scratch off Matty's gloved hund
m tvre covered, ji waa up 10
I 7 It: 1 ' '"' in i:Hi II. 1
i The Mrltlslt hiilll sleiiiit jnclil I , ... ! mmanH
i;mriip. which iiii- n hi.ii.-r.il ''tf,t ' "ym i m mmLtoB ,
llnbcrl lirnv.s lor n .-nils.- lnj ' t?t , , 4 ' ' g EMKnsSi
Mmlhrrn vvnlcrs (11 th ' '"'jj MMMBy j
.. hiilll. t rl-Mfc. till! Sll,lt''r
i itilT )( , mil '"
!ili' In ttiu- tn fiwo lill' l.i'l
i.'I.mI tin It'Mlli '.liHl i ih'.li
,i lltflll Sinul.'iM-",, ti'lllJ I"
iMintiil ,i th fur Mllln-' he
mm. Sh.ifcr
fore-, Malty
In.mI .me (I llili-ki i, flu
,il m nil Sh.lfer -lull.
hut mi- l"ft ;i- MiniH- i'iimmI tin-
ntin.i-plioii' Hrllll.mt , ii. tn- In Sim.1
tMl .Mill IVnle It.,i.. M tll tn MHII Hi'
IViiU-iTf nut Iti Ihi'li II ilf.
I'lii'kit villi n.i.i ii t'iizli' in tin' tiiiiii
limle, .Mm i ii .mil Mi-ikh- I" nu -,
I e. MM IIMll I'illlin-ll ,lllill.ll lllf nn' I
h n e1..ijl.i l' ii.iMtni: .1 invt I
If Hi' iMilceis' turn, lull Smith lilt ni..
iliizulliic ilmilih l.i llt r.'ii; In I'"-. I
tn M.'iUh' riHlier rum.- iilmiK llh .in
' nth.'r hltiuli' iivit .huri'r'i .If.nl .iih! it' I'
J i'i'ntifi. Th' 11 ynnilmn'. ..uni Mi'iii iw'
I ni' li fiiint (Irf.'iit Ii) tnhhlnu .Mill' 1 i't .1
1 four hiiRL'er
I Itiieker ns.ilii hehl Ills n n in : "
eerih. 11 Ht.lltllllU r.lli II ! SI" f U
1. ,-
'who runslit Muni s-lnil I ll Jlltit h.n -il
j "riiinl liiii'. I"'lnc fi'.ittn'. IIinkiT In -
K.i 11 Hri'i'Uvn luilf ilth .1 I - hit ti
ilht hut h iitiU'U tlmnv h Mii 1- t"
.Merkh I'.muhi littn "IT tin- kic Mir
ti sj.nl .M.ir.411 . nt 11ml I'ii;!. Kft 1'iiImIkiw
till u l.i-.ititlful .-tip.
Mtll Snin1'.TII-S iHlt nil .1 III! hreHker
In Klher. Mi.if-t ni.nle the thhil Ml n'T
, fliieki i- In th" twelfth lie tllnl to -lent
1 hut Mllli'lV ill. 1. Ill Iht.iw tn " "l 1 1 -1 1.1
.'tit him diiun. When liuii'. utitick nut
l.u Her m e.x.il all iiv.it.n'i MMtieel ill m
.1 f.iM ..ni;l'' iii.m .e-inid a.. .1 -i..ri'i in.
the I.im half 11. tlit- peilnil. ..nd tin . ti". I
in- up in .nuiy Mleat liunt.d ihii fmil.
..nd then hatnni.ifil nne tn Shafei. wlm
p.i-.-.il th" pellet In !.iyl". and .motli"
diillhle pl.iy IfMllteil li.nllieit irtll.il til"
-.Id" with .1 Ion.:, i'! .ii-rtni. di lie tn Mind- '
"Now, t.air! Cut th" wnml tn It"
erl"d M.liirtW .11 Diil" Inid tin iii.nt.
fur th" thirteenth route! Kppitie. .-h 1 -llIK
tl- hasef Villi -enttl 11: Into left
tlidd. Muir.ii hunt.il ticutd ilri-t los. .
and Itueker 111 Ids hun fuinhled the
hall. Doyle naiiiliii.- tliild Th follow ei
ttf 111. I II II.K W.,1. Itlllnir . lll-,-Mrt.l 1,1 t
now . and whfii Merkl-- th tc. Pn.r
ond M.ttlv gioundt.l to D.iuls-rt. who
1 threw vvllillj to Smith, and zoi t.illl' d
' tin fouith run
! That Wrfs enough for Hrooklyn's si-.it
pitch-r, for h" walked to th" plat .
h. ckonlnj Dahl.'h to .-onv' to Mm
"M ami i- gone!" sa d liuckei "Y.ni
I bftter take me out" Whereupon D.ihl n
'sent for St.ici:. while Hie ciowd, icg.iid-Mi-se
of pirtisan f-'fllng. g.ii'tou-lv ap-
plaud"'l Itucker .1- he walked ili.-'-on-sol.itely
to th- tench
Stack, with hi- spltb.tll. faced Snnd-gias-
and the latter tiled lo Wheal
Meyeis tan home while Cut-haw vva
lleli'ling Shafet s grounder to Daiihe.t and
Muity reclied third. Hurn iort-d
.Matty with a solid smash to left, but
Stack thifw Doyle out. and the -cue
-torn! it lo ti
.Matty .aine up smiling for Hi" btsi
t.-st In 'the box. Smith and n-h-r Hied
'to Snodgia-s ard Murray ri-pectlv.l.v.
Krwin, batting for Miller, pound 1
grass cutter at Merkl". who fumbled.
Callahan, hat tin z for StacU. th'ii rals.-ti a
foul which Mever.s gulp.'d down, and it
was all ovei.
Th" .-core :
ah r Ii p
Mir! 1,4 c! ., 0 0 .'. '
e 11b r h p a e
1' Mnran rl
f i't!i v :b
0 -n turl 1 I
Wli.--it.lf .
1 3
-naii-r 0
iiurm rt ', .'
ft 0 1
3 1
Ijnvli- .It '1
.Murra) If I
M.Tklc lb '.
lirrnu.rib 1
Mcjers." 7.
Mat'son p 7
11 I1..11I.1I lb
1 Ml, illi lb
i' I'l-li. r k-
I 1;
1 1
1 '1
I 1
0 I
II l
n Miller "
1. 'hrwin
- Hui'kir.p
I 11 '.' '1
u 11 0 0
1 0 11 0
Totals !'.
v 3'i :
3 St lien i
I 11
i) (1
, Tetsls l 11 3'i
Jl '.'
n-itisH fnr Mltlsr in the tllllt.-entli llilllllt:
tllall'il fur Mack III the thirutnth 11111111;
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 11 1. - ii
Hrooklyn 0 0 ft 11 u 0 0 n ! 11 it e- 11
Two base hlts-Dnvls. Merkle. Smith Sam
fiec hit- Murru Sink 11 bases- Siiatir llciro;
I'ishrr Kirst ha-e nn .nors- New York I,
llrooklvn, First Las'- nn h.ills-otf llinker
'j siru.il out Hy Mathewsnn I; hj Itu.-kir.
2 lilts -Oft Itucker 7 111 twrlve innings 1 no
kulv out In tliirtis iitln Itt on bases - New
York. 4. Hrniiklvii. '. Double plnys-Shakr,
Dnjlc ami Merkle. '. Hcrtnj. Dcijle and Msr-Id.-
I'niplre 111 chief. Ruhr Kield umpire -H
rnn Tune-1 hour and 7.-1 miniltee
Vle.nn.ier Sna Th
Mhlelles or
re Heller 'I'l.nit
lied s,,,,
PillLApi.t.riHA, ApiH -!' Ai-i'ordlim to
Manager Grlllllli of the Senators tin' wet
weather Is s.-rloii.l Interfering with bis
championship nspHatlnns. He declares,
the Nationals to b" tin class ol' lit"
American League anil to have something
on both Bed Sox and Athletics
frlillili's '
idea was to havn his pitchers In top
notrh form, and with his batsmen going
well to get the Jumn on the other tennis I
and to have a big lend In the raco b
. .I i-i . - . 1 .1 . , I
forn the other teams struck their titrlde.
"With all this rain." said Grllllth to
day, "mN pitchers are going back and
I will have a hard tlmn In getting th"
whole team up lo form again. Hut
there Is nothing to the race, nothing to
It Washington will rnme out on- top,
Tho Kenatois aie a faster leani thnn
either tho Athletics or Bostons. Wn
have played them both and I know. Hpeed
is what counts and this Is a big asset
tif the Washington team,
M New-
lluven. 0.
At Holynke.
At Hartford
llolyelie, t--littHtdd
1. Hartford,
r rounds
Al .New London
bur '.'
-New London, I Water,-
IIAsKHAI.L ro-IIAV.-l::op, M. ,N. Ameri
cans vs. Uoston. I'olu Groundi. Adm, 10c. A,
:itn...spii HHiii.mt tn- in si...,i vj Xj,-- , - 'r.fy&iM fBH
III ! W .aaiTaBaTaBam"saVTaBaTW "a; ' - " JaaW f HVH II
nniile nf the hmlle mill hmtle nt prenenl nl the
IiiiiI .if Hie lin lluului- mill I'imiit I iiiiiimiio. In Hie
ni l I'lilierS nen Ii j il rupln lie. III the illnlnnep In the 111
Baron Knetzer Now
Only League Holdout
of 111.'
1 Ht.xihlyn.s j tin- oiilv
leami" pluv.-t- lioldiut: out for an
ilHT.'.i-o in v.i ,i ry. Knot.i't- 11 nl
t'iiiTi. k. I'a.. vvlioro In- 4.jy lit- will
remain until PrcsHi'tit l-.htts no
1 wlr-. to I111 tli'inutuls. I'.lihcls
savs In- lian oIVotisI tlio H'oaloitratit
(nthi'i- tlio sauif salary Ip- roce-ived
in I Sir.' aii'l point.- to the fact that ln
inti'lp'd only four roinpl'.-ti' caines
tliat -iMoti. Tin-Tub-? tried to buy
Iviictor's rcli'i" la-i Soptomlmr,
vvliii'h probably is a reason why the
boMiiaii want.'- more money. Klibets
beoe that Ivnetzer soon will sin
eoiuiai i and join the DikIkpi-h.
leterdnj' Iteanlla.
II..II111 -re
.lrr--v r-t 11
1- Huff.!'!.. ml
-tnu.llim of
" I. PC
kttt'n ori
proi Ideni'i
Jl'IM l'll
llorhf 4lrr
7ii llu!l,iln
n Montreal
IM Toroiiiu
Tii-iIkv's eheilalr.
Wonirml in .k-r-y fit'
lloi'hrster In Newark
Hun .ill in l'rei tilsni's
'!'. rnnt't In Italilmore
Tluit la Vclilcvcineut l f l nf sUeetera
unlnst lliililins Score In Hi It.
Jersey City and Newark clashed In the
first game of their Intercity series ycMer
da and th" latter won by n score nf 5 to
Hiings nroke badly for the home team.
They outb.itted
the visitors, t"n hits to
not woik n man around
eight, but could
the cltcult.
The score
,ii:r.sv:v city
ali r h p
a t-
an r a p
Collinj rf
0 lli-iilirs.il
0 n
0 V.i'uh 11 ,
0 Punrll ab 1
VV.Z'.in.lf ;
Su'c.'a.ih 1
Mjers.. f I
K y.'.m..;ii 4
I liaj'i r..'b I
I smith, e.. I
i Allc'gon.p 3
1 Tot.il .11
1 " 1 i ferry .1 .1
'.' 1 11 0 MfC.the.rf I
i I .1 0 H.trrv lb
hra.llsv.il, 1
1) s 0 0 Knu lit :h 4
I " 1 Cfn-lie 4
- - -- Mell.lle.ll :
V.'B II 0 Kelly I
Hraiidnn p 0
3 t
(I 0
0 A
0 0
I Totals .1; 0 pi ;7 t.- 3
Vi abt- 01.1 bit by balled kill
Hiltid lor Mi Huts In th" ruhth Inninc
Ninark 00010103 n f,
Jcrs.'.i Cilv oooooooqo-O
Fir-t btse nn t rrors N.wark Two bass
hit- Cnllins SaerlPce lots VV Xininii-rman. .'
Swasmi stnieii ba.es Collins Msers
Harry Kniilil la-It on b.is- Jsrsi-v fit), t.'
Newark ; First ki-e nn halls-Ofl Mcllale. .
off Mii-hison. .' Struck out Ilv Mcllale. liv
llrainloii. 1. b Aiii-hi-nn. Hit bv pitcher
Hv AM. Iiirn 1 I'm tell 1 Wild pitch Am hison.
Hits Oil Mcllale 7 in eliht milium: nff Hran
don I in one liinln t'nipirrs-Kumcran and
luisl'.v lime I hour and r. minutes
InbniO liters hope tn sss Cheney become
as greai 11 star us Matliew son. Witl-h, Wood
or .lolinsiiii lie doesn't know which, hut
1 unv one nf the four will do
' Heinle y.tuiniet man attribute- his hitting
ulillllv tn gi'lf -the baseball pioka s.l hlllfe
. afier w hanking .it tlm nolf ball. There's
11 tip fnr Patters In Hits. If tliey run see It
I If Ih.-j II practice swinging al peas they'll
bai ai a pctccniagt' ..f a million.
Iliblle Foster. Ihe Washington third base-
, mun bus typhoid fever. The attack Is s.-ild
.tit be mild, I111I Fester will Pe nut nf Ihe
1 game at least a month.
1 Having been to the bai three times, made
1 on i' Mi. whiffed nine ami lilt lam a dnnhle
piny mjre after Hie Kieinlic.l hltless hit,
iMoi.se Mi dirndl I. has a pinch swatting
I average nf 3J3.
Two games played oil! nf elRht scheduled
!,l the American League rei nrd tn date
fnr tills week.
.. . . r" ii'iprrssnin mat tie- so. called
,' 1111 liuiiill I. us" nil I'llllllllUiett fpn
holes t.tlt It doesn't.
Frank Chunir, it in
said, doesn't
' ,f."r. I'L"!!'..'-.''"' ".1" "f SVhucfer
1 lire
.minis, s'.ri, i.t-iis. ink-
tll.ll l.flSSl.llll lU n..
iiii.-ij scrums auair.
There Isn't .1 iimund nn n big kaicus
illainond thai hasn't a rut In front of the
1 ruliher worn by the pitcher's stepping foot.
I but the rule sajl, that "Hie Inpe from the
pllrhel's plnle tn eery liase line una in.
home plate shall b gradual," en Inline
iniinak'ers ma find reason m protest eteii
tame. '
Stnlea Lenxnr,
.tackson, I; S'elni.i, 0.
Meridian. 1 1 'n I umt.iie. .1
tiarksilale, S, Fensacnla, i.
Smith Atlantic l.ensne.
Savannah. l Miirnn. I
Chtirleslnn, 3; rnlunilnis, :
Albanj. . Jaeksnnvllle, I
Wcalcrn I.eiiBiir.
lies Molliej. ., Onialia, 1
SI. Joe, 11, Slnux I'llv. 2
Lincoln, .1 Tnpekn, 1
tc tn cr. t Wichita, 1
' i-i"..Hiyii inant. ,1f!r.
V '' ' '
liirrl llelHhlH
fiiri'ttrmiinl U
I.iivin Yields Only Five Hits.
Titling lo riov(r Cnti'lips
ly Hi- Tcimiinntps.
Svr..v..;t si: April 19 Wild pltchlr.K hy
I'e Sllva In two InnliiKit of to-dav's pime
helped Tl.trtmouth set an to (1 victoi
over the Syracuse t'lllVelslt b.isehall
team T. d Uavln. worklns lor th-! tin en
1 pastlmers. allowed the ("iranse onlv tlve
safe hits, hut the excellent tleldltiK of his
teamm.vtes wHi all tint saved Mm finm a
heatlnB The Syracuse players found his
otferlnKS with rrituKtrlty and punished the
'hull severely, onlv In havi tlnlr fforts no
to wasp. ;,. a result of the manv clover
1 catches vvhtch featured the day's, battle
1 When Pe SIIvh was derrlck.sl with one
man out In the second InnliiB, Nichols took
the mound, and until the dual frame held
the visitors at bay A dropped third strike I
with a man on base, followed by 11 home 1
tun hy Ixiwc. gave the visitors three runs. ,
The score
.tti r Ii p
a e
ab r ti p
a e
Kimh I 3b 3
n n
0 3
3 3
0 seimo r.s. t
-Mil n.rl 3
l.'Ml'loii.l! 1
W.iiiaVr.c t
Ik-nn'ti th j
1 t'iii-iit-.:l 4
I Twit.-I ef 3
I haven p 3
o.Munk.rf .1
0 Iieikrr..'b 4
0 Amcw ef 4
0 Netih'rt If 1
0 I'nlej lb
0 furling, 5b 3
0 Kcecaii.e 3
0 llrSllva.p (1
- Nichols P 3
(1 1 0
" I l
11 II I
0 0 0
n 0 17
o 0 r.
11 0 0
u 1 0
I i
I 1:
0 :
I 1
' 13
Totals 31
1 Totals 30 0 i :? til I
t Hart mouth
; S) racuv
J Two base
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
hit -VVatimiaker Home run
Iaw I-ft on liases sra.-use. r.. Danmnuth
S.vntice hits .sulhvaii. :: Musk Hits-oft
lis silva. 3 in one and one-third Inmnjs: nt!
Nichols. 4 Stnlsn b:iv Loudon C; Twitehcll.
Il"iiii.-ti. Wananiaker Double phiv Iionohue
and Hennett struck 0111 -lly Pe Mlva, 1; by
Nichols. 4, by Lav-en. 1 Kirst bass nn balls
otf He Silva. 3; oft Nichols, off Laren, :
Hit by pitehnl hill Hy He Sllr.x iKImballi
Wild pitches-Is Silva, Nichols 1',-tsstt ball
Kiei:aii Umpire lloanland Time 1 hour and
40 minutrs
They Want Ilnl Chnsr, hut FrnnL
Chnnt-e la Sold fo He Slnndlnic I'bI.
Nothing new developed vesterday In the
n willingness of Manager Jake Stunt of the
0 ' Boston Ited Sox to makn a deal with
U 1 1-'rank Chance of the Now Yorks for the
o I service? of First Baseman Hal Chase.
Mahl had nothing to say
It was reported that Chance would not ,
consider the terms said to have been
named by the Boston people ami had ile-'
elded to stand pat for tho present, at 1
least It was further stated that If,
Chance could secure certain Boston ulav-!
crs who have not been tabbed for release, the New York ainl other yacht clubs. Mr
by McAIeer Ihe deal might go through. Graves Intends to make a cruise to I'.tn
Chance did not broach the subject to'am.i anil among the Islands In tho Cnrlb
elthi r Stahl or Mc-AIcer. He said yes- j bean Sea. The yacht now Is lilting out In
terday that he knew nothing of the desire 1 South Hrooklyn and Is having a complete
of the lied Sox to secure Chasn until he 1 w II clcss outtlt Ipslallcl. The charter was
reau tne story in run sun. in Boston
the proposed
deal for Chase is a live
(inllant ."Vol Gallant tn Nelson.
Boston, April 29. Battling Nelson lost
the decision to Gilbert Gallant of Chelsea
in a twelve louinl Isiiit at tin New
Atlas A. A. hero to-night. Gallant ad
ministered severe punishment tn the for
mer champion and had him wobbly In
several lounds. KranMo Mack of this
city won an easy decision over K O.
Smith of New York hi a six round pre
liinlnaiy hoiit
Glnnta' Heleaaea Prnmnlgnled.
President Lyin h of the National League
has piomiilgateil the releases of threo
I Hants Klrhy to Mobile, Torrey to Scran
Ion nnd Goulalt to Toronto with the ex.
planntlon that the announcement In each
Itistanco was delayed pending Ihe receipt
of optional agreements.
Amerlenn Aaanclntlon,
... ". It
Toledo Pinnnniin n t',
Milwaukee. . 10 1 0 0 0 2ft 37 11 1
Batteries i.'nllatnore and Krrngrr; Slap
nlcke and Umbos'.
n. II. V..
Minneapolis . .. H u H( : j jt j
Lntllsvills 2 II 0 0 0 0 ft 0 0 2 It 3
Hrttterlee HoRrldge and Smith; Woodburn
and Ciemmons.
R. II. K.
I S 10 2
: jis 4
St Paul ... looonooaso
i-oliunbiiH. . 2 0000014(10
naileries Walker and James,
and Smith.
rt. ii. n.
17 7 2
ft fl 4
Kansas lily. ... ft ft 4 0 1 0 (1 1
Indianapolis. . Jftooioso
lotteries Mnrtcan and Krlrhell. Ashen
feldcr and Cotter.
llo'lston. 2, Fort. Worth,
Beaumont, 1; Dallae, ft
Halveaton, ti Austin, 2,
San Antonio, 7; Waco. 1
lnti" on Vh ifli PoslpoMi'iiicnlN
mid 'I'ir.H A P tn Hi'
Plnvcl Off.
c 1 a nts havi; Tin: MOST
How Hi"- l.i'imiii' Tliilis Slonil!
11 Yciir A 2:0 Mntf "s .Mi "lit
The ilntihle header seaMiii In the Na- I
tlnnal l.'.lKlle will ln'Clll mi Mn III,
riili'imii, where the I 'a idlliii Ih will pl.iy .
nit a piixtpmii'incnt Am there Iium- heell I
Ni iimii.v dntern'il h.itth'H the kirKahi 1
se.'iHiiii will lliiiiikh fie.lv from that time
nil lliiHl the end uf th" Hc.in.in Secretary 1
llevdler 1,-ui'd hln llrst hiillellii nl diilllil" I
heaih'i il.ili'M. and New Vml. with f.-v. n
leads all th" i"vl I'n.itpon.'ineiitH and ',
ties will h' pllljed nil lie InllnWH.
M II" ton ..line- Vl 1S1. riillidi'lidil 1
KHlir el Hll ; ...... I
i Hrenk' 11 AllKimt I! lepeni. New inrl ,
l... in.. ... v urn -' !
V 111 1
.Hill. .-i 1 . I. liiniHi; 'I.
,, .Inn" It'liill. I
.1 lltl" lli III. IliiKlllll. 1
e'l p! llll.er I I -I. It-eek-l
in. Uotiili.r : 1 .' 1 I'lill.i 1
nt ... 11 "? I I. If.l.rp !1 I
Mini I'
; 1111 .e prJ I;
k'llltl. 11' VfMl I I .
J Mi c.i 11. 1 f prll
ililplili ii e 1 111"
il' 1 rn ii.ipnu.
II" Kllllli nf April
VI 1 "1 1 1 .. 1. I till ' .Mill.'
HrtiuUb n.
Clllie of ,V)lP I.. .Iltll"
B.ime nt M"'l II .'ulv
of April I Sept. ml" r -'
of April ' s. pt nil" r '.';
Itovmti. ir.itiii
ItiiFllMI. (.Mill
" ,vt ''pit-siiiirs Aiipii-t t: iiiprin. Olin ln
tnill H. k urn "f April lv
At rim liinatl M' -1 i-'. Si l.'ink. Bimie
nt April I.! 11Kil.-l - .i.ti.'li' SI I..IUI-.
k.i in.- nf April II s.'pl. nil'. 1 7 1 j 1. I'll is
l.nri. k-ain. "f April II. .-"pleliil.-r oip.lii
riiist'iirc. Kami- of April n': s. pii nil.. r
....,.. i'i.i. ul',.. tn nun.- nf Anrll I'll
At I'llI'Mk" -May .v (np'-ril. St liOllls, I
u ni" of April I". dsl" not tlvii f"r si .
hmil.i k-Kni" of April 11 ,
At St Louis- .May ill i.lnrlnnjtl.
Kame "f April iir
i The camis of April 17 In Itoston. of the j
, SIM In Nw Y01I; with I'hllad.'liihla. of'
the SGtli In New- York with Philadelphia
ami of the Until In Hrooklyn represent 111
.total of forty-seven Innlniss for the Cilants.
Ihese four 1 tra IntiliiK icntllcts hi-ted
resn. ctlvelv tell, thirteen, eleven and
thirteen innings. Knur extra Intilim ,
Kiimes In the spuro of three weeks con- 1
stltute soinethlnK quite unusual, but over-1
,tlnie contests have been frequent In the
luiient le.tKUe thrx year The r.ulw heat I
' the 1'lrates In ten Innings, the Pirates ,
land Itecls il:oed 11 twelve IlinlliK tie. the I
i Iteds and Tulie plad an eleven ItinlnK
I tie and the Cardinals and lteds pla.ved 11 1
'ten Inning k'aine, which the Cardinals
1 wott- The Giants tied two of their extra j
ilnnlni; etiKiiKemtiits and won file other I
1 1 ". '
A vear ago only one National League
te'itn was In the same position as nrnv j
That was the New T.rk team, which had '
exactly the same percentage and which
had rXrivtl) the same iccoid ol victories
and df .ts as now The t'lnclpnatls. j
who were tlrst. are now hist, the Hustons!
were third, the Cubs fouith. the Pirates '
llfth. thu Phillies sixth, the Cardinals '
seventh and the Hrooklyns eighth. Last
imi- at this time there were only threo
teams 5"" or better, whereas now tlicre 1
are six. hut the two stragglers hail much '
better perccntugis than now I'ollowlng
are the figures for 11 jear ago;
0n? niu,1j
i-.li,,;, '
l 1' r vv p p.c
3 7ca Pittsburir . r. ; '
3 7:7 PtiilailcM'tni 1 1. 4Ji
.. .7-1.1 ! Louis v 3.V..
7 117 Hrooklyn 4 . 31
The Ameilc.in League leaders ,1 year
ago were the U hit.- Sox. und the only two
teams that occupy the same berth nt
present this war am the Vv ashltigtons
and New Yolks, the latter having had
Jut the same percentage as now. It will
he -een, then, that kith New York clubs
are Just where they were a yeal ago Last
vear's percentages In the A L were as
follows :
P ('
711 Cleveland
.-: 1'eiroit
- .vv; st I1M1S
New York
vv I, PC
7 MS
'.1 li
'. '' 3.".7
: 10 It.?
loton . .
Christy Mathevvson is supporting
earnestly the ass. ttion that he never was
111 better shape than this year to carry on
a winning campaign. He has won all of
his three games and opponents have had
gteut dtrtloutty In hitting him. especially
with nun 011 liases. Huns have been very
scarce off the premier pitcher of them all,
the best evidence of his effectiveness. His
three games have called for thirty-two
Innings of pitching by him. and the grand
aggregate of runs register."! by the bos
til. s in those thirty-two Innings Is a
paltry three How opponents came to
make the-e three Is one of the things
Congress ought tn probe.
lira tea Charlera Cntellne fm-
Trlii tu I'nnmna.
British built steam .viu-lit llmclino
has been .harleird hy Its owner, i'linrtc.4
Sweeuv. to Hol.ett Graves, n member of
arranged bs Ihe Gas Vnglue and I'ower
Company nnd Krank B. .tones, tho latter i
iiLtlng fnr Chnrlna Pweeny, the owner of
the yacht '
The i:mellne wan built InlSriS by the'
Ailsa Shipbuilding Company at Troon
Scotland, and was designed hy the late
George L. Watson, who turned out many
laige steamers and some America's cup
challengers. Tho general illmeiislniiH of
the I'.niellue are ini f(.,.t i)rr f,. Dir. feet
on the water line, 21 feet '.' Inches extreme
beam and 1.1 feet iliafi She Is a stncl
vessel and Is driven by triple expansion
etiulno.'i Originally she was known as'
the Kaloomba. Afterward, when owned
by Pliny Klsk, she was the Blvler.i. nnd
when Mr Sweeny purchased her the
inline was changed to Kniellne This Is
the tlrst large charter reported this sea
son I'lxr lloine Itnna In Thla tinme.
Ni:w Haviin. April 'JO The Yale Kresh
nien easily defeated the Princeton Pi op
baseball team at Yale Hold tills after
noon, I" to 1. A series of home runs
featured the game. Handy made two
for tlm 1'reshmeii, while Vaughn and
Hntnlln added nnc each. King, the
Princeton I'rep tlrst baseman, scored a
home run for his team and made Its
only mire. Th" sture.
Yale Freshmen. I I ft 0 0 1 I x IS '3 ''i
Princeton Prep. 11 1 0 n 0 0 0 11 ft j 3 t;
Batteries al Freehnien, Andv, Walr.ms
nnd Madges Prineetnii Prep, Corby and
Helmont Park Terminal, Querns.
rtnur nwv a p. m. '
SPECIAL TIIAI.M, leave Pennatlvanla
Hlatlon iaia. ant a ton p. M. rltbu8
Avenue. HrookDn, 13:31 and I.B8 p. "ij
Only the White Hox Htiil nctrolta trot
toselher .velelll! In Ihe Ainerlcnn
IO.imte. They hiTiippeil for twelve In
iiIiirh anrl the White So won Matty
router!" were (IKippnliitiTl nil nrrllii5 lit
the I'nlo OrntmiN .mil helnic ronfrontctl
with n flKii imiioiinrlnc no unipe. The
kioiiihIn nuiy hae, hecn loo wet for a
paine, hut thny weren't too wet for pi no
tice, inn! the New Yorlis mirl fled Snt
put In irnme ItnluttrlotiH lekn 111 hitttlnK
.Hid llehllnp worh. Outslrlo Ihe fan"
tnrnerl reluctantly awny nntl hoofed It
iltiwn the dry sidewalks tn the j etntlon.
VenlrrHnsv' n"iilt.
rhlniRi. Si tielrnlt, Twelve. InnliiS'.
Now V'Tk-UoHnii. net pniiiti.lv
PIiIIhi1i-IiiI.i Wiitlilii(itnii. ft Krnun.M.
Pelnllrd Club Nlanrilnsrii,
o r
! R$ a
1 i c. t
:i 0 : Isi
T. i .jio t'.;n
V r.j ; .'1, 7.(11
. 3. ti i .'..'ti
:i I 7 11 m
" .j r. in ;rn
t l I in pi;
n to'tn m
Cli-vildiid .. .
Clucdcn ....
,M l.iiill- ..
He-Inn. ...
iNr York ,
ti.Htn.'"! I.eM
To-ilnjN Schedule,
Mrt'tnn III N'nw Vfirk. t
VVaililiiKti.n III I'hllHrlf Iphla
1 'Ii lei icn In Dstrnlt
i l"iel,mi in ti. Louis I
Ilnl Off Tito 11 Iiiui.-s While s.,t
Win lint Tlvelve liinlnir Vlelee.
HilTitntT. April 29. It wh.m u d.sp. rate
flKht Lake wiik-cd for the TU. rs after h"
I'ldaied Hall In the mlUdle of a twelve
InidliK contest to-day. hut he had to rliop
the k-anie, ; to the CIiIcheo White Sox
semiinc two across In the last Inning. P.
trolt cam.- through with si rnllv that bid
talr to tie th.. Hcore for the third tltn.-, IT
not win the game. StatuiR- was hist up
and he tiled uut. High went In lor Lake
and singled. Hush ground. M to Weaver,
hut Vltt's single scored High. Craw'tord
came up with a record of three hits In
four times nt hat to giiarnnte,. him. hut
Mnttlrk got his fly and the game was nver,
Cobb made his appearance In centre
Held and thousands of fans stood up and
yelled themselves lionise. Tyrus ac
knowledged the reception hy dotting his
cap and stood with his head bared fur two
minutes. The gteat hatter got one hit In
four times at bnt.
The scoie;
C'lllCAliO 'iA. I. 1 I PKTKOIT
.111 r u 11 .1 ri .10 r II 11 .1 s
ltath.:b. .11113 O.Hii-h
I .... 0
i 4 .". n
l.oril..-.h r. : 1 11 -j iiMtt.:i, .;
Collins rf 1 1 1 3 0 0 CrawfM.rf 1;
llor'nu.ll) 1 Sin t I.Cobn.ct . 1
Ka.tt-rlj e .1 0 0 : n n Vr.xeh.lf 1
M.nvk.cf t, 0 t 3 0 nli;miirr,ih .".
St-lnilU.c ; n 1 1 u 0 .viorl'ty.Sh 4
.1 n it
0 :
0 H
11 1
1 :
1 0
0 0
0 1
1 0
0 .
: t
0 0
4 0
1 0
11 0
S. h'llrr If 3 1 2 1
0 0 S'ull.l.-C.c
weaver.-- 4 (1 1 ;
VVhne.p .3000
Iti's-flf p. 0 0 0 n
KourmiT 10 0 0
I'cni P tot!)
0 hull. p.. .
' 0 IDubll" .
I 0 I.. -ike. p.
0 iMlllsh
1 0
, - - - - Tolals .
Totals 43 Sl'Sfs 1
5 54 k 1
Halted lor Russell in the ninth innlnr
Ulatted for Hail in the seventh Inninc
tHatted for Lake in the twrltth itinlns-
cinc.no... sooioiooooa
Detroit . '1 0 ? 0 0 ft ft v .1 a
1- :
Hits Off Hall, u in seven inmnrs- nff T ib
111 fivo nminjts; oft White. 7 in even mimics
inone out In the ci-hth mnlniti; nff Itu-.ell, :
m one tnmnc, otf Deni, : 111 tour Innuirs
Thrte base lilt -Craw lord Struck out-Bv
while. by Beni, ; Base on balls-Off Hall,
4; otf Lake. 1; off White. 3. Double plar-Ilor-ton
anil Weaver. First ba-e on errors Detroit,
I; Chliafo. 1 Itt nn bates Detroit, 7; Chi.
l''.t.n. ,!'. Wld Pitch Riisi-ll Cmpirc In chief
- Ilildebrand Field umpire Uvans. Time-:
hmirs and Zi minutes.
ItruV nnitirnKr Xllsalnu, Thry Wear
Sox I nlr.irnia and Co ha Bent Them.
CittoAOo. April Clad In the uni
forms the White Sox wt,n- when at homo
and wearing pew shoes, .loo Tinker's
huskies went down to defeat at thu
hands of the Cubs to-day by a score of
7 to I. The Beds arrived tn Chicago to
day minus their baggage and were even
compelled to buy new bats. The White
Sox uniforms were loaned them by Com
tskey Larry Cheney, who has not lost a
game thus far this season, had the fol
lowers of Herrmann eating out of his
mighty right hand all the way and the
H.-vcn hits they garneied were widely
sepatated. Meantime the Cubs gleaned
eight hits off the Bed twirlers.
The score:
e . . ab r h p a e
ab r h p
Res.her.lf .'.
1 0 1 (.iymer.cf 511300
1 0 0,SchuIle.rf. 311200
a 4 0 Mitchell. If 3 1 1 3 0 n
! : oy.ira'r'n.sb 4 13 110
4 0 0 Saier.lb.. 3 0 0 10 0 1
Hecker.rf 4
Tinker.ss 4
Hnblli.lb 4 1 3
-Mars'sc! 4
Kean.:b.. 4
1 I
V.Mera In.. 3 2 S 0 I I
Sinndw'H.M 4 1 0 3 3 0
o'Archer.c .1 n 1 r. 0 o
CChcncy.p 3 0 0 0 3 0
firant.ab. 3
Clarke.c. 4
Henton.p 2
Hates... 1
Fr'mme.p 0
0 1 ft 0 0
Totals 30 7 . 27 9
t.M'Dnnid 1 1
Tolals 3.; 2 7 24 14 31
Hatted for Hentoii tn the seventh innint
tllalttsl lor rromine in the ninth inning
C'liMnnatl l 0 0 o 0 o o i o
l Incaeo. 30001201 - 7
la-tt on bases- Chuseo. ; Cincinnati, s
st ni. k nut-lly llciiton. 3: by Cheney, 4. Hit
Mitchell Sa.-ritlce hlis-Kvcrs, Archer. Drld
.w P,V 2'$ 'e-8airr. Cheney 01,
balls-Off Bt-utnn 3 Stolrfi banes-Orant.
Archer Wild pitch-Fromme, Fmplrea Drrn
nan and Katon Time- l hour and 45 minutes.
Prospect Park Hnaeltall Iteaulta.
P S. 15:. 3, P. S. 139. 2,
r S. 3. 17: r. S, 4t. 3.
P S, 130. 7A tirade, t; (R Grade, f.
P S. !, 13. T S. 167. 3.
TONT make your car
pay for your tire
experiments. Increase
your car's efficiency, and
reduce the upkeeo ex-
pense by equipping with
Car owners of experience
have proved the car-protecting
rtilliency, the mileage
and aecurltj value of the
Firestone tough, pliable tread.
what In Tlrn" till ho w and why.
The Firestone 1 Ire Huhber
t'n. of . V.
1S71 nroadvvay, New York City,
wmii lumurs ror
The Fire Hone Tire 4 Rubber Co. ,
A krnn . it. "A in.pl..1. I...... - .
elusive tire and rim makera,"
liiHfor lnr1 !l to t I'litil Tpii
Run Dclugr fours AcWi
Pinto in Kichtli.
CAMnntPOE, Mass., April 21 I 1 1 I t.
eighth liming to-day the Harvard v,n .,ty
nttio trailed behind the Bake, Cnhrgq
team, which led the Cilmson, II fo 1. ,,.
most at the end of the game. Harvard,
hmvevtr, made a Garrison finish. stiM ..g
the eighth with three ebnn hits ncac .!
Stltison who. with Ihe b as"s tllleil was
relieved hy Audi nam. Atnlernti wis i. t
SllfelV only twice, hut Ills Mlppc.lt v. ,
wretched Itrill III" llatMllil men sror. ,
ten limes and brought the f.-oio to 11 i. 3
liefofe the lulling epllltl.
In the erratic elghih Bater made ti
less Ihan six errors, time bj Thud l',i-. .
mi.yi Co.itlj, tvo i Talb.il tit shortsbin
lltltl illiotlli'l- bv niiin-bler ,l.. re ii, .
Vlirtl Used I hive pitchers, Hntrs g."l",,j
all Its live hlli. ,-tgalnst brllnp, who f 1 ,
eight 11 1 "i 1 .
Two hits mid a stolen ban ,ic mn 1. H
for the tlrst Bales run, but the lty ,.n,. , ,
were inatle' possii- in 1 tslmrii' 11
tlnow lo third nnd 1. wild pll.-h In I rltop
Harvard innile rb-ven hit.'. In ,.11. f.uu ef
.vhleh weri turned In bv i-.ipt Wiign,
Th" Crimson tonk adiinitagr nl th t
Held 11111I pktved a hunting gam.- In is,"
Ighth mid got uw-av with It nicel-
The score:
ab r b p r ah r h p .
C'oad.v.rb. t 1 i 1 nl'r.vt 1 t 1 1 n u
iti.linii.:ti 1 1 : '-' 3 awttikii'ss . . 1 1
Islk.t.s.. .' n t 0 1 Kit.rk :b I .' 1 - r
4.1 If On c. I I I ' I o.Vtirs.lli .. .' ;i . Ii
.liiuvss I 11 11 j I : liantiett rl .111 - .1
Cnbb Hi 3 11 0 pi .1 -. II ird "ll-i't . u s 11 - ,
llubhtltf too.; 11 i' Tomes .Hi 111',.,,
situ-mi p .1 11 11 ft I 0 O-ktru e 1 1 n . -
Itatrs.H 3 0 11 0 0 I' Fcltoll p .11"..
Alid.Til.p I 0 0 ft I O'Alsop I 0 'I 11 1
H.inli.l' a 0 0 0 ' ,
Tntsls 31 3 r. CI i; ! tVlllhnl nd I 0 11 r
lllti-llf'k p 11 0 n , i 1
Totals :! 11 11 t j
Halted fer I'-lmii in the seiruth liini'i;
Ulillcd lor Hardy In the riEhth Innli'.
Hales 1" uoojloo-j
II irranl 0 0 a- 11 I 0 , - .p
lilts Oil Feltnu .". in "-leu Iniuuts nil
Hard), none in one inninii . oil Stiii.on. 1
seven inniius tnoii" out 111 eiclitb. off Andc.
son. 2 in one Inninz; oil lliliiico"U nni-e m 1, t.
tnnlnz Sainlti- hits -liaiiiiett. Talbot -i
fuv II) (Jlaiit First bi" on erroi- lfirva
: H.-ttis i Left mi bsss Harranl, : luie
5. liases on balls Off Felion nft Ander-o,
1 sinifk out Hi- Ki'lion. v: bv simsoii 1 i..
Anderson : .-lult-n n t-. s- P.ldlon Tilbei
.love-. Foadv Double play -.In.vcc i.rithll a' I
'only !isssi lulls OsPorn. .. i.nfiln
Wild iiitch Felion Hit b) pitched bill l-
Feltnu it.'o.-.dy. t'mpire- 0 llclll.v 'rinv ;
hours and .' minutes
Southern Leatme.
Mobile 3 Memehls. . tsc-en Inntn..
called . agresMsnii
Nashville . Alb. ,la 0
ftluttulinoga 3 HlrmlliFhain '
Montgomerv s New tirleans t- -t-s s
Innings called nn tic eur.t of uurl.nes ,
M OHM. ICS ( lt 11
v in a cut Miikii uii: oriii'ii itli.ou h
M MUST Si:i.l. AT M1F11 OWN 1 OW I OST 1
M Mil. I. Lit lll(Slli:. I'll. II
M 30I3.;I41 Hrsl Ik'lrtl St. (Near H'wan 0
M Phone 1-J42 I nt. Open Sunilsv 1 1 -I. II
M Fvsy Pay ments arranired for ou en any car n
M If you prefer to pay only Pari Cash, mn "
M a eihod of Handllnc Cars for fiwncrs elves H
M you the Advautacc uf All ot the Proni h
M MO.N'i: HACK It nut AS ill I'ltl.sn.VIT.D It
M Ill'ICK Hill Moil 17 tmir Stall II
M t ASU-inadstpr dec conlp a7.i II
Nl COI.FMHIA KlcclrlcSlsnh 175 11
M TODAY F lltl) llt run blc ninth 1 27:. 1
M Sl.AMiKith roadster petti :t..i 1
M SPi:- Ht'DMiV tivid-icr. isrfect 17.". 11
M HAYNi:-. 7t lour Ilk.' new I7i II
M CIAI.S Ml'nci:ni-.s rats-r riMil-n-r u n
M MOON I door., p toiirln: Ml H
M A,r Ml'HiiFl.i, ru'i.hl" rmiatu -a H
M . ItCOAL 11)12 I tli.ni- 111,.. t w s;s 11
M QI'ICK NATIONAL rarer rnad-ter 1710 H
M IIHICK- roadster; Ike new 450 1.
M STOH-HAT 10 toy tonn ..75 11
u pack a iiti w urn a lour tv::. n
M LLMOIIF racer 13 body 3.V1 II
M li ANDUIts ilcllvcry 12., II
M ni'SINKSS Ht'li'Iv delivery '.'7a 0
M Al'IOS FOIID- il. livery J'i
M MA.NAt I'I.I lifllvcri '7 1
M THOMAS- truck 17 II
M F.XTRtBnniES 411 kliid..friiml.up 1.
IIUHIinllHHHHHHHHH 1 1 1 1 Ui II 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 H n H I -1 -
Price Wrecking Sale
iirMtrsi Atitu Jlitiist mi - ririh
mil P.7Pas-tiicir I'D II I '1 Pa
lleg, Price V,7.'.l Reg Price Jl.l' n
$885.00 ;,: $685.00
All cats equipped with neneiatnr llrad si
and Tall Iaimp.. Hnrn etc
SUl'PI.YIS l.lini:tl IMVtFHI.Vi I liri.IVII!
Write for Special lirciilai
Ton, Hrg
lipli-jx- fai
2 Ton. lire :; Ton per
niir Al kMAA fl..- a J r, a AfA
ItIc- x.'.snn sre ji iiyi
, ricrl,dUU priee i.llUU pVire I,30U
1 Ton, Itt-c Price $t..'.'u. our Price ,2.:v
81nll. Hcg Price JI.7IH1 Our Ptlrr J.M
Write For "Ot'H PHHi WHKfKl II
Times Square Auto Co.
New York S W 1 11-
I hieapp. 1210-121
.iIh SI ft H'way
Mlchlitsu v
tllt.l LANCIA, roadster
1013 S. li. V . Iliiioiishu
1013 PACKARD. 38
1012 IW.IUH. H'cllm-.
1012 FIAT. Ill)
1011 SIMPLEX. Illll
1011 LANCIA, rtiad-ler
llllt I11PK. Ilm.-lour
1011 NTLVF.NS.
1011 11tFlt. Illll
1012 PAl KAFD, to'ir
llii: FVFRITT. r'dstc
1011 SIMPLKA. tour
Illll CADILLAC, Mil')
tail Ill'ICK. 40.
IOII LOZinfl. tourlnj
LANCIA, land., rn
IT AT. I. road-ter
1012 Pinill'n.bndj new
loin Al'PrilSON. lour
SI.MPI.UA. chassis, fo
1012 STODDARD, in
OVF.HI.AND. Inside dr
lti:NAti,T.20, llm.
toil Mi:iui:n. minister
101(1 PACK'D. body, 7.
I'll tp-i:. ts.ftcyi
IPIO HLNAt'l.T.r-o
LANCIA. a cyl lov
RI'.NAPLT. roadstei
jam a ai iinuix, iu.
li:i:Hl.i:SS.ficii.. four. OLDS. 1011. foinlllir
Toylonneaus.lfnioiivliie, Inuring bodies, JO-Jon
1,764 B'way, at 57th St.
i:t-iiANiii: Ait hi;vi.ns.
New 1013 IIUICK. flic nassencei. ,i II. P.: nen-
ll AMERICAN UNDKHSI.l'NIi loartmer. Al
II. P.: 1010 PATrURSON. 30 II P.. live pa.sentei
into. 15 sn STKAHNS: l01l live pas-mccr B. P
IJllNZ; all In exrellenl cnndltlnn.
Ullin r. i a .-sin. ii., inc..
Distributors Palmer-sinner Car.
18(0 Broadway, N Y City Tel 3W0 rul jmbil.
Ciiarantcrd L'-ed Cats.
All Make
Will Take Pais In Trade,
Broadway and .VI t Ii si,
1911 I.OZIKR with touting and llnioiishir body,
coat 17.000; at rlsht price to prompt buyer.
ioUNUM Si I'll..
349 Grand 1st., Newhnrah. N, T
KITOVII HANI) llaker Flcclrlo Runabnul. la
good rondlllnn. K30; also (icut-ral Klectrlc Reeil.
tier, with snare are flul. UAKUII VHIIU.i.i:
COMPANY. I7I llroadway
Sinn nun.
Uooklet exrlalna WHV
our rourae la BEST,
luipect our plant
and be convince I.
Ha w. aath it.

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