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Sullivan Confirms Kelly's Record Keene Brood Mares Destroyed in an Incendiary Fire
f FnniiMis Kiifchoi'scs
Their lonls Involve a
Loss of J5IO0.0OO.
Rnnnim:' Strciiin, True l.nve,
lieirrre mid Tlyiiiy Ship
Anion",' Dcntl.
l.rt'r.Tn.v, Ky . April 29 Fourteen
th.'roughbr.'n marcs, with Ihrlr foals, '
pwnpd liv tin' estate nf the nf Jnnies It.
K.ri.p wcip humid to drnth In a llio
v'uih rnnsulm il one of tin- slulilrs of tlm
l.lMCtttn,1 Sltltll (..It-l, .lilu t.tn. ..I I. lu
rrtiniHtiM that nhotit $inn,non will cover 11
the In?!-, 't'hn muris wore Insured for t
T."..Oo0 v
Tin' tire wns discovered w-Iipii It was
imdpr full lipndway. Quick rescue work
on the putt of stable hands cot the noted
M.illtuns Celt, Delhi. I'Minus. Sweep,
VHrr. Disguise and HIppndrom'.' to place
rf safotv line niate. Olivia, alio was
s.wd In a neighboring bntn werp the
tiitlv-M Keeno trailing rercntlv pin-C'i.is.-iI
for J.PI.IIOO hy .InllllS lllltlci of
; Yuk They weio iciiiovi'd with some
Cl 0 lilt
Vinous tin dr. id mans air Itutinlnc
.ttn, t'V Domino, tin- ilnm of Itmmv. '
". .i ii I other good ran horses : Ti ll"
l.m,.. Iv Commando, the d.iin of Level
K ' i . wlili-h finished third In th' mini
I . mi in run at Saratoga: Degree, h
Kohl, out of Optimo, III" d.mi nf the
! i. mi. u S smiliy . Ilai pslchord, hy Am.
I ', dam or Minrtn, and Hilarious,
a mi ll.n nionlPa, whlrd raced in II I1
V ' tnrv s mlors In l'liKhind last ear
u :m nuti-wi'i th siieie.M. . I'lylnc Ship. Iy
I'Mtis I iiitihinan. I he dam f Ocean
r.eii'id and I'aandr.i. a wp!I known
M i Up w, liner hy llori'Ml'pe.
The other mares wpre l-'orlndden Fruit,
h il.im . I'Mowpr of the I'itpM, dy I'oni
n .oirt" .les-sant, hy l.adas: l.ailnslne. I
l.,1.i:' Pretty, dy Km llni'h ; Half
, ,,n d I'ylUtie. .Mayfalr. dv Men
liMis-h Fealty, dy SI Frumuln . iJelfha,
I. Iroipiott. and Honilnops, hy Donilnn.
Th" lire Is dpeed to have lippn the
v k nf an Inci mllai.
.MeudiMt llriiiik prilpehllr hoi'Ii.
linn llll l'rn lilril lllcellelll ( nrd.
V'nateiir raclnc will have another In
at Ilelinont l'ark Terminal llils i
noon The llrst spring session of
.Meadow Uruok ritecplechas,! Assoola
, will de held A card of six races has
l.en ariH'ised and the l.st of entries Iti
r. ates pood sport.
flip openinK event Is the I itrnductoi y
II I'dle l'late, In which Faultless maj
tlit'it it out with Fiddald and Pall Mall
K" the Itnts Tup Steepleehase seveial ;
U-'"I Jumpers have deen natned. incluillnit
Geld Plate, Web Carter and Winkle
.printers will face tho starter In the
lie .pstead Plate, with Culvert. Ivtits
t ncvau.v Thu Thief and .lack Cole pus.
die eontPiiilprs In the .Mjtton llandi-
jr. Speculator may Urn! favor over Nojc
ca Zellwnod and Kadbald
The Westbury Steeplechase Ik a feature, i Piln.Atifci.ciiu, April !. With the re.
n m )r.utlcal, Holsteroua, KliiKPin and , turn of the tnuk squad to hard tnJnlns'
Guatemotzln ambnK tin- entries. The to.dav i.ime the niinouncemmt from As
lMshn Plate. -a rtah or slx firrlonps, will sit.int Coiuh Haydook that Pennsvl
Jir ,e 10-,-PthPr P.avtnond. Klncshlp: Pin- .nl.is lw.) ulvinplc stats, Trd .Meredith
to. ml. Norbltt and others. - , Mpplfcott. will not be ued in
.., i ir.i., will le..i.. the Pennsvl- " events in which they niadf -uch won-
. a station at 12 3.". and 2 o'clock The
. ice will.be run at 3 oclock sharp
Mint Out fur Krirn limlim Hum- cwnt he Is expected to do at leaM 23
' seconds, and he will also run in the tin
mer llrlles nnie. Meredith will not compete in the half
1 hfr Hammer of De l-i Salie Ins'i- tnIIe. at whiili dlstas'i- be islabllshed a
Pre belled his name In a came with record In the ul uiplis
ushlliR HlBh School at lliKlei'lde Field j The showing of .Hill Patterson and Dirk
esterday afternoon, and Instead of ad- Marshall in the 100 yard dash at the re
m.nlMcrlnK the nallltiK process he wasljuj,, denionstrati d that these two men
"imered Into the form of nn S to 0 ie-n he able to tkc cate of the century
fat ilarker, who caUKht Hammer, had lls Heasn, Therefore ldpplncott. the
1 i"e to sny (world's reiord holder of th 1'in meter.
I rotliniKham pitched srlendul ball, til- ' ,, ,jevotl. u H tp,,,. lo th jo Hnd
lowiiiR two hits and awardlnK a strltiK of ! 4() vurJ Uo1 lU, (s 3.- hl.r0IalH
ki.t soohp w up to the time the sameiM ,,-s mlurler on Saturdav. and Coach
-t, . ailed on account of darkness. ! Hiodock believes he will co.uaI Held.
The score. I( (, ; ,,atn- rutin! of is seconds by the time
Snlle Institute.1'
n n n n i n ii 2
1' "hinr: H S - " 1 1 ' x 1 ' "j
Ha"erle lie 1 alie Hammer, o-tnn ;
h I Marker. Flushing, FrothlnRhum and ,
S n ,
. p.iue Six Kurlon World
.Ilriirji. first. Uarl of Suvo 11.
serorel. l TIs True. K'!' Illradyi
Tim I V" I'mie Iilik. Hold Color
I.rlintn. Harna cullu. John H ,NV"v',;r
Mng Ilox also ran .'lui'i'"
v a Wonder, straight. $22 30. piaca,
l how USD i:arl of Savov. place I3.s.
I 13 in O Tl True. show. 10.
- Olio Hare. Six Furlongs -Cash on De-
101 iHouklnsi. nrat, .lames i.ura-iy.
Oi.hnni second Anioret 1"
- ilurrt T ine, l l. . no
. u 1. 11.,. Ilnnuli..!. XlorrlMtOWII,
ur'-en anil
e- n also ran !- Muluel" paid
rush on
'' rv straight t 4ii, piac.
.lainea Ilui.kl. I.la.e,
S4.i',(i. show.
7 J 50. sluov.
I Vuiriret. show, Ik :i)
' r. Itace. Four Furluur Sus.ni II It.
i .! , first, liratktown llellc, II' (i.anzi.
... ,nd lloa Mlltldl. ti: .Sleelei, l bird
Tune 0 51. First Cherry. v oof und Dva
u. n also ran J: MulueN paid- Susnn II .
aiKlll U10. Place, 13 SO. show. IS SI ,
U . ktnwn Helle. Place. 3 t.0; show. J
I- a Mundl. show. 13 "
I url'l Jtare. Ashland Oaks. One Mlle--.
v-'l 117 lllnrell. tirn The Widow- ilooll.
' Ken-rim. se. ond llallvshe. 117 (Oaiui.
ri rime 1 17 I 1 Old Woman. Hals
iin.l l.odona also ran I- Mutuela
Usui i.owell, strulght. $7 10. .plaie
h 3 The Widow .Moon, plaie
t: 00.
r; n I in llallyshe. aliuvv. JO. in.
lif b 'ta e Four Fiirlonga Hurtles. 11.
Class r,,, Shelby Helle, 112 (Carroll)
aernnd II " .Mr. lis fl'eukej. third
1 ,oie o i Ada Kenneilaj. CarlKla.
F'.yliig l r.it, . anil l.a Valletta also rah
I Mutuela p.. ' Unifies, straight 111.1".
, a e i sin,- II V0 Shelby Helle pla.-e
III 30 show l)i llnttle .Mr. show- IS.U.
Sixth luce. un t'l and Seventy Yauls
llinorella. 10S illu. mi tlret; Ulck Hukr,
in iflress). seroriu .lark l,axon, tn7
iKeilerla). third T 1.55. Automatic
and Forehead also ran ; Mutuela paid
llannrella. stralgllS 14. a place, i.'.HO,
show, t; 'JO. Olck llakei p.aie, 13 10; show,
t. 3C Jack l.uxson hIo.w I'M.
First Itr.r Chas Canneli I'n Snbler),
18 to I, llrst; llulrar uu .liunn, i to
jn second, I.ennle 1). lo.l I Unit iiiuti , in
1 third. Time, 0.5.,. Wainta Driig.o. Fly
and Col. c also lan.
Serunii Race -llenpeck. ss iSiiUlen to
1 first, llrynarv, 111 (llutwelli, 13 i., in
spciiiid, Coeur U'Alene, s iNaihiiiii. Jn o
I Ihlrd. Time. I in. Paris JU"Sll Mar
Srrlha. Lawsuit and Chlllon Dani e also
Third Itace Cnugh Hill. 1!: iTurneri
1 to 1, first, Spring Hoard, ion (llutwelli
to 5. second, Hrover Hughes II", (Hurnsl
x lo I, third. Time, I is 16. I'.iUmiulii
J'ennbscott und .Ine Knight also ran
Fnirth Hace Donald .MrOiiliald. 117 (.1
ivii.,,., , in t. nrat. Illaikford. Ill (Hut
wel'. 4 to 1. second, Ituynl Meteor, 11.1
. i,,.p,.i.v 1 lo I. Iblld. lime. 1 IS
lianiina. Merry I.ad and War Horn nlsn
rif-h Hace Mordecal 10T iRulwelll. 13
5. tlrsti Cannock. 101 (Turneri. s to :
r.sml, spearhead. 10( ( llolihlnst, :0 in I
Ihlr.l rime, tiiil, .I'tnn .imroinu .xrma
meni IPch Priest, CenHiurl ami (lalea also
'"Siv.h I's.e-Fred l,evy 103 (Wolfe). ,', to
- lost, Magazine, 11". (Mnlhews). 7 lo fi.
iotd 'I'nnlnla, 112 (Motiloiirl, 12 to I
third 'lime. 1 17. Serv Irenes, riavthern,
Prnrir Katun, Mlndlnelte nnd L'UUIe Oraney
lw lU,
And Thus Are the
Great Disguised
A 1IOIII ST, almost portly, Minn
kit walked into Sparrow Itoli
rrtsoii's mii yrsterdiiy mid passed
tin' (iliirtcl of old lime iillilotes
who were i'ima('i in their usual
spoil of hainmiTiui; their fellow men.
Hi- neither tecofjnized the coterie
nor wa recounted liv thorn lint
1 1 wnlkod strnii?ht up to tho Sparrow
j nnd shook hatitN. Mn Slioppard was
the tii-Mt to notice familiar liiioi
under the rolls of fat and exclaimed
"That V Chat ley Kilpatrirk. " Kvery
one rose t lien to reet the man
who set the t coord of l:.Vt '.'..l for
half a mile when he won his race in
the internal iotui I moot of imi.y
Kilpatrick is on a iit from I'ln'oopoo
1'alK where he w in husiiie.ss, and
looks more like a hammer thrower
ninn " WW nuler
Yorker lichimt I'ntil 1,,-ist
lioiimls. When lie Comes
Fp With Fierce 1,'iish.
1 Vr.ns'ns. i'iiI., April I'D Johnny liui
, i!pi of New Voil, dnxpil a twenlx niuiid
diaw with .l.ilitm Kllhane. the feather.
I weight ihaniplnn. In n' tn-nlRht A ylzrlltis;
, tlldsli rnal'led the Murky Italian to opr-
nine a hli: lead on polnt.s dullt up li the
The dest that Iiimdpp could di in the
i tlrst tlftren loundi. whs t" hold the rlmm
I plon een In six nf them In th" rrM
Kllhane stood at lime rnnpe and out
. spnried h:i man with unrlail Jads to
'the faep, which, how over, larked force
It was plain that Klll),i!'e was the fiiMer
man. iilfo supeilor In delencp ami moip
'accurate In dliectlnK a punch. Itut It also
1 dicaine char that Uundee was Mioucer
land could hit hauler when he did land.
, The New Vorkrr constantly nttrmptPtl to
lliuie In eluM'. and In the loni; run his
! rilKirrdnfs told
The lt entli louml niarkul th" de
lnnln of Hund'e' upward rllinli He
end"! Hip seslcin with several .olld
smti'liP" and detail the next th- sann
The last ihiee final lound were a mael.
stiom of tinieiipss I Hindu. r ,-ilir.iii Hip
..i.rte n,l i i, nl.t .if Iiim rii:il un tr'i,it
for a kniH'koul to oveiconie it Kiili.ine '
whs clever .ennURli t" aM 'd this, hut he
was niitfi'UKht cdiirlv t. the last hell.
Main In the crowd opined that in a finish
fiKi,t Iiunilee surelx would hav
put the
tltleholder to sleep in th. end
l i' red I Id
l.lppliieot I tii
tin Inrils.
oeriui pt l liinii.inr'", ill ."itn-Kiiumi lai
llavdnek has de.-Ide,l to break .Meredith
In us a splinter on account of the lack of
J such filets n the freshman team. lie
will run In the 'J"."'i yaid dash. In which
tune iniercoueKimes nine inuie .n uie
Harvard si.lillillll on .May .iu nun ji
llrillsb Polo I Hplnln I o Jo l-rs Ilia
Shoulder Undly Throng. ti Forever.
.ri,il ( ii We fit'fialrfi i Till: Si n
I.omkjn. April i!' It Is announo-d that
W I) Iliirkmaster will not accompanv
the Knglish polo team which is going to
America lo liy to r.-captuie the cup
dipt. Ilurkmustrr was thrown iccently
while partliip.'itluc In a polo came and
the ligaments of his shoulder were torn.
This renewed the pain und disablement
which was caused two years ago. when Iip
bloke Ids shoulder blade. Hi's right arm
has ilevolnpiil atiophy. Ills days In play
ing for i hainploiishlps ale over, and real
Izlng this, he has retired from the Inter
national team.
Kricla lid's lllial rholre for the Meadow
llroolt games will be Capls. Cheitpe and
Kdwards mid Itltmn and Lockett, and
they will sail for New York on the Oceanic
on May 7 others of course will ac
company them In case of ncildent in any
of the diet plaers.
Th" i.-cent wet weather litre has made
It impossible for the men to practise, es
pecially In two Important matches which
weie i .died upon very much to give them
some Rood work.
TaUn Mi'lnurl's l.'nr nnd Owr-
ciiinca Mien's Lead for .Vallonal Title.
PiTTSBPK'l, April Joseph Wlrebuck
Siivcd the (lecldlnK Kumn and the chum
plonshlp for PtttsbuiK to-night In the llfth
game of the National Amuteur Three
Cushion lAiigue series. He went In for
Charles McC'nurt ukuIiimI James Shea of
Chlrago in tlm slxty-fouth InnliiK, when
tho hiuiu stood 3S to 2!) agulnst lilm, ran
& in lb" seventy-second and won In the
clKliO -fourth, M-ore 50 to 47. Shea's
high run was 6.
The score ;
UrCO'ltt" 1.1,0. 0, 0, 2. I. 0. 0. D,'3, n. n, 2, n, 2,
n o n. o. 2. n. i. n, I. o. o. o. l. n. n. o, n. I, u. i.
I' : o. o. o. i, o, a, ti. i, l. o. 1. 1, o. n. o, o. a. n. o. n,
2 o 1, (I. 0. I; W luhark 1, 3, 0, 0, 0, U, 1, , 0, 0,
i, 2, l, o. I, n, o. I, I Ml.
Miea-o. o. o. 0. o. o. 2, I. I. n. n. n. 2, 1, n. o, o.
o n i i. o, 3, o, o, o, u. o. n. 2. o, o, n, n, n, 2,
V V ,' ' u o i o. o. 5. o, n. o. o. o. n, a, n, 4, 1,
I! 11', (l ri. 0. 0. n. 1, 0. 0, 0, s, 2, 1. 0. 0, 0. 0. 0, 0,
i), 1 1 0, u 17 ,
Mnnnnl Truck Couch Get Fob.
Members of the Munuul track team yes
tpidav presented Co&cli A. T. Iloblnson
with a handsome KoM watch fob In appro
clntUiii of tho rcmnrkublo work he has
done duiliiR llin Indoor season. Out of a
siiuad of almost entirely law material ho
built up prartlcully the best teum of any
IiIkIi school In tho city. Now that tlm Am
heist inert has been sanctioned hy thn l
S. A, 1.. Manual will enter a team, but lint
its full team. In all only seven men will
compete, hut most of Idem will bo In moro
thaui one event.
nAT Ain run nnim rtA
iruLuomuruun uu
I'lent.v of Action on I'ltipps's
I'icM Despite Mini That
Causes Fulls.
1 Stoildni'd. Two Wnterlinrys itnd
Ayassi. Fintill.v Win by
Sinrle (Sonl.
Wkstbprt. I.. I . April I!' Two Rood
i KHinm of polo, each of ron i periods, were
I pla)ed on the Held of .1 S Phlpps this
I PM tdnK In which thp Wr Four took part,
land clpnrly showed by their form Hint
I they will bo nndy to defend the cup when
'time Is called for the hlff match In June
I The Held was somewhat slippery, owlnc
to the rain which fill parly this morning,
but despite tills the players worked hard
nnd took many chances of Retting hard
In the second (rntne thp dandnsp on the
fnreleR nf I,. Wnlerdury's pony became
loosened and in makliiR a drive Wnterbury
caught his mallet In the loose dnndnRe
nnd wns pulled fiom the saddle lie was
uninjured, however, and remounted nt
once, the Rntne not dPliiR delnvpd dv his
Thp first camp had I. K Stoddard, No.
1 .1. M. Watirdurv. No 2. II. 1' Whit-
wiry. No. 3. I. Mllhurn, dark, for the'
, Whiles For the Heds (!. C. Ilutnkey was
No. I, I, Waterburv. No. 2. M. Stevenson.
No. 3, and It. I,. ARassli, back. The
Whites fnlily carried their opponents off
I their feet, nuiklni: the first thiee coals In
less than tin re minutes,
I .1 M. Waterhury rniiRht the ball when
It struck the turf from the referee's hnnd
i anil drove away for coal. Itumsey backed
when the ball was near the posts nnd there
was a Renernl mlxup when Wnterbury
acaln drove and scored. Hardly bad the
teams lined up acnin when Wliltney
1 cnucht the ball nnd drove for Roal. Tho
ball struck a ponv's foot and caused a
i little ml:.up by the tlnsInK of the teams.
but on the llrst oppidiiR Whitney ncnln
, drovp nnd this tlnip scored. .Mlldurn tln n
siored In even faster time than had Whit
ney, and Itumsey scored the only koiiI for
J the Iteds In this chukker 111 twenty-nine
! Stcvpievw scorpd quickly In the first
thirty spconds of the second chukker, and
was followed by Whllney and Stevenson
The fourth chukker was the best of this
Ram. Iloth sides tried hard to score,
hut there was always some one there
to stop the spline rollliiK thtouuh Just
at the critical tlm.- Mllhurn and Whit
ney each made Individual efforts to score,
but In each Instance they were blocked by
the ball cither hlttlnK a m' hoof
or lolllnR Just outside This came
nded by the Whites w innliiK, score
ii to 3.
Tile second came the Whites lined up
with the Wnterbury biothei and the
other two members of the Ulc Four op
li.ed to them The Whites were I.
K. Sloddard, No 1 . J. M Woterbuiy
No. 2 : I. Waterburv No. 3 It. 1.
AriisIs, back. The Heds wete .1. S
Phlpps, No 1. II. C. Phlpl". No 2.
H P Whitney. No. 3. for two periods
-M. Stevenson, No. 3, fur two periods,
and V .Mlldurn. bark. Thl' Rame fur
nished more real excitement than did
the first, and it was Hiiybod's same.
Kit st the Whites, lev Stoddard and J
M. Waterdur. made two coals, then the
K..I-. dv Mllhurn and Whitnev, scored
twice slid tied th rote I.. Wiiter
bury anil AkiissIz earh scored I in the
chukker. and in the fouith Mil
made 1 for the ed. maklni; th"
I to 3 In favor of the Whiten
In the second period .Monte Waterburv
cntiKlit the ball nnd earned It toward the
west coal, when I. Wnterbury drove
thiouch and cut to Stoddaid. who missed
Hut Monte had backed him well and
I scored the coal.
in ine openinc Kame .vuiuuin roue
Whitney's famous pon.v White Kock and
pinched a clever ball from Au,isu. who
was alxml to score The ball was driven
well back to centte field and muddled
for some time, then caucht and scored In
two strokes by Mlldurn.
To-day was the first appearance of
II !. Phlpps ilnre his fall at I.akewood
last week, when he wni ccirf'd ral.ly
shaken up.
Wagner's aanelnlp tit et Without
Ilia Cooprrntton In .".(Hi Mile liner.
Although the Indianapolis Spocdwav of
ficials have ibclded to get along without
Fred J Wagner as starter of the .".an mile
race on May an, Arthur I! PardliiRton,
who has been Wagners close nssoclule In
many racing activities. w-Ml act as teferee
of the race. PardliiRton. who had been
reported ns very III at Ids home In Smith
town, was in Indlannpolls not long ago,
when lie talked over arrangements for
the coming live centurv
Charles P Hoot of ChlcaRo has been
designated to act as starter of the race,
and Joseph Frlsbv of Cleveland will be
official timer
The Mercedes-Knight car that has been
entered at Indlnnapolls will compete also
nt the hllxln meet The car Is a four
cylinder with I IIS bore and ! Inches
stroke. The promoters of the Klein meet
expect that the Peugeot and Sunbeam
cars that compete nt Indlannpolls will
stny over for the KIrIii races, which come
in June
An unusual test of a Packard 1013 sIn
1 1 1 1 1 1 -1' motor is to be made In the
laboratory of the Automobile Club of
America The motor is to be run 011 the
clock at least 2111), and, piohably, :inn
bonis with throttle wide open nt l.IUU
revolutions a minute. The power devel
oped will be measmed by tho electrical
cradle type dynoineler used In all tests
by the club.
Th lust will be run some lime be
tween May 1 nnd May 13 It will exceed
In duration any test of a motor ever
made, It Is said, anil will be under watch
of the laboratory staff working; in three
eight hour shifts.
The Colo Motor Car onipany of Indian
apolis leports on Increase of 107 per cent
In business thus far this sennsn nnd
ascribes this crowth to localized news
paper advertising.
K. .7. Hlcrn, who w-a with Wyckoff,
Church & PaitridRe, has opened offices
In tho Thoroughfare nulldlr.R, whero ho
carries n supply of parts for American
and English built Commer trucks. Ktern
has the BKency for the British Commer.
Faculty Member nf Commlllee
.Mauds on Technicality.
flick llrlckner, mnnnicer of the I) Witt
Clinton lllgli School cliamplonshlp swim
mhiB team, has been denied his school In
signia nn a technicality. Of n letter
awarding committee of four Hilly Moore,
Seymour nnd CoBch Hooks nre In favor
of overlooking the- defect. H. Wright,
the faculty member, stands pat nnd will
not consent,
l.elleis are Krantrrt. nccordlnK to the
Kenernl organization by laws, to mnnauers
of teams which have earned Cs. The team
Brlckner managed had six- members out
of ten who earned their letter".
: End in Sight for
' High Stool Food
1 T I'ri'l.K Hiiek, whom owryliody
- who over went to a nicetrack
knows, stood at Thirty-fotu:tli street
and Hioadway yesterday IiiIIo'iik
to some friends,
"What's doinv,?" asked in friend
"Waitin' for lleltiiout I'ark to
open, " was tliounswer, whioli liroiiuhl
on a discussion about prospects,
leRislation, laws and horses. It all
ended as Ullck turned to tho 'others
"An, say, won't it lie swvet to
slide off a iiigli stool into a reij'lar
restaurant chair again."
Four Good Old Fnshioncd Pokes
to the Ifend by Coffey Knd
Four Rood old fashioned pokis nn the
head, all In the first round, added Whltpy
Allpn to the fast KiowinR list of ex-whlte
hopps last night at the Fairmont A. C
Jimmy Coffey, the Dublin Riant, was the
dealer. For the llrst minute of the round
Allen stood Coffey off with some hntil
left Jabs to the face
Flndlnc the Jabs so effpctlvp WhllPy
waxed courageous, nnd decided to mix It
with the Irishman It was this decision
that sounded Allin's dlrRe, for Coffey
stepped In and put over wallop number
one nnd Allen testid the hardness of the
mat while the referee counted nine. An
other rlcht to the bend made Allen r. st
for the count of three. A short hard left
' productive of thp third knockdown.
Allpn Rnlned his feet slowly and faced
CorTey, but only for the lensth or time
that It took the Hibernian to swine his
Tom OHibnns of St Paul, 151 'j
pound". nutprilnUd Joe Borrell of Phila
delphia. If.r. ia. 111 the post-final' ten round
Isnit by a wide margin. Olblsms
had the best of every round nnd made
HorrrH's face the recelvlnc end for num
berless hard wallops. The Thlladelphlan
was very came and the harder he was
hit the harder h- foiicht back
In the first of the ti'n round bouts
IXldle McMahoii, t."iltj, stopped Hilly
Hart. 152. early In the fourth round with
a hard rlRht to the stomach. MoMnhon
hnd the better of the first two rounds.
In the third he went after his opponent
with vim. A shower of lefts and rlRhts
to th head nnd lody dropped Hart lo
the canvas for the count of nine Al
though groccy on arls.ns he kept on
IlKhtlUK and sta .veil f,)r the hell. The
final round aw him tired and shaky. o
that he fell an ea victim to McMalion's
I. other Will II reel i e 5.1.IIOII for
Ilnmnierlntc I'lttaburu llenv yxTrlKht.
I.uther .McCnrty finished training nt
P.ve Ileach yesterday for the fn round
bout with Frank Moran of Piitshurg at
the Pt. Nicholas A C this ev.nliu. Mc-
Cart.v when asked whether he
he could stop Moran r.-i'lnd that h
peeled to win "vi rv rasllj " Moran is
teporled to be In belt r physical con
dition than when he box.d Sailor White In
Philadelphia two we ks ago. If he can
not box with better klll. however, than
he displayed In that nffalr MrCarty iiiiKh
to put him away in quirk fashion, pro
vided that .Mri'nttv Is "rtcht '
Moinn boxed tw.ntv rounds with (!un
bo.it Smith and was beaten on points In
Frisco last winter in view of the
dnngerous wallop Smith carries this per
formance was tather creditable. Moran.
for that matter, has been tryluc to get
another bout with Smith ever since. Sev
eral vears sen Moran boxed Palz.r ten
rounds In llrooklv n and the latter, al
though he was ns green 11 an emerald at
the time, had .1 ti'tle the bcttci of the
McCnrty will reef he tS.onn for his set
vices this evinlng. It will Is- his llrst
appearance In a local ling since ho won
the McCnrey white hope championship
belt by slopping Palzer last .launary. Hp
will weigh about I Of. pounds, while Moian
may tip th- beam at 2nd
Ix", I). IlKKera Keeps Hurlim In nml
Pounds White' Midriff.
K o Ckkpis vvju the verdi't fiom
Piits.v While lii the main event at the
Atlantic (J.trdeti A c last night, ceil
ing 2 knockdowns during the ten round.
Fcccrs substituted for llanty Lewis
and surprised the clevei While with tii
1 1 lie left drives to the laidy, Ins Is-st
ae'et. White used a neat left Jab
throughout the contest, but tills failed
to ke.-p off the aggiesslve l'CRers, who
bored In touiid aftir round, willing to
take .1 few light taps lo seme his Ik . ivy
body punches.
Mickey I u 11 tl look Hie homes fiom
Johnny Kavcs after ten Interesting lounds,
weakening the latter with Issly blows
liunn finished the stiongir of the two
and lauded more telling punches. , It
was a fast exhibition, with plenty of
action In eveiy lound. In the othei
ten 1 omul affair Tnry llrook" outpointed
Franklo Nelson in rather easv stvie.
Minolta blocked cleveily und sroied at
will In the closing 1011111N.
HrooUe Hopes In Ilex. lop s(hm.
lilll.APEi,Pill.v, Api'll 29. fioorge
llrooke, football coioh of the I'nlveislty
of Pennsylvania, In an cflort lo brlnR out
drop klckeis and fiuiiteis for the Ited and
Blue eleven has ndopted the novel Idea of
competition In thpse launches' among the
nndergiadiiHtes, Brooke has formulated
a et of iuIps to govetii the contests and
prizes will he awarded according to elll
clcnry. The candidates will be put
through a course In passing, punting and
drop kicking, and Brooke Is of tho opinion
that tlm competition will develop some
3lnlilaurr A KB 1 11 Beata I'nleman.
For the third time In the same tout tin -ment
Maik Muldauer defeated Hal A.
Coletnnn. the national Class B IS. 2 balk
linn champion, at the Mornlncslde Billiard
Academy last night. 250 to 23fi, It was
the second game of a replayed triple
tie In a handicap tournament, thn other
plover In the Hp being C. B. Terry, who
plays 190 points against 2S0 for the
othrrs. If Terry defpats Coleman to
night h wins th event. If ho doesn't
the triple tie will have to bo played a
third time.
I'lratea Overwhelm Collcnlan.
PlTTsni'iu), April 2'.), In their first ex
hlbltion game of the season tho Pittsburg
Pltates defeated the Washington aiid.lef
ferson ('oIIprp nine this afternoon, score 12
lo 1, before a largo crowd of students.
Conzclman guvo the collegians three hits,
Thn Nationals got fourteen off areenwuj.
Sixteen students were fanned by Conzel
man'a curve ball.
Tvicntj nmlhliite nsiver I nll fur
, liiltlnl Wordoul.
IUmivch N II . April 2!' lailmoullr
football lutlvlties for the season of I'Uft.
,11 opened this afternoon with piactlce on
Alumni Hnl Twmtv uuidldates an-
SWCIeil tile full ,,f Cpt Hocselt Mild
;work.sl out fibout uu hour In piintlnc nnd
' Renernl lllnberlllR tli exetclses. The pair
1 lice wns under the illiTCtlon of HorscII
and Walter lllcoek. '12. last war's fresh
I man coach, who. nllhouRh not announced
hs one of this fall's staff, was In town to
dav mid directed Hie liilllnl woikoul.
I Coach CavanauKli Is expected to arrive
' Friday, when lie -will take uhnrfie of the
men. DurliiR the spriiiK prnctlce he will
Ik- assisted by II I,. Ilennett. lust ear's
varsity captain, and W. I,. HnRelhoi ii, "H,
the Inellclble all Atnerlcrtn playei.
Several of the most piumisliiR candi
dates. InrliiilliiK Snow. Whitney ainl .ou
don, ale on the Hack and liaseball teiims.
and will not Ik- able In Join In the enilv
work, hut all the lest of the underclass
mrinbeis of Inst fall's squad reported.
Practice will be held rcRularlv from
now on.
I'lirly-fonrth Slrrel Club IItp HSIAO
Mnt Clpnn slate to Hpnppii.
Although (111 Itoac lias taken hold of
thp Forty-fourth Strcpt Sporting Club nnd
has arranged to reopen It with a Imut be
tween Mike. Clbbons and Pave Kurtr. next
Monday nlclil, llnxiiiR ConinJssloiicr
Jsmes 11. Price said jesterday that no
license would be Issued to the club until
a debt of $250 hart been paid to the Slate.
It appears that when John Helsler. who
iccently promoted the club, decided to ri
out of the boxing came, the above sum,
rcpresciitliiR the State's .1 ppr cent tax on
cross rpcelpts. remained unpaid If Itoac
decides to make up the deficit he will re
.live a license Otherwise the commis
sion will prevent the C.lhbons-Kiii tz af
Cnrey Says He Doesn't Want
His Hoys .Mangled: Shearer
Says The'rc Needed.
The fact that Conch Shenrer has
htaitid spring football prnctlco at Com-1 CblcnRo caines the American Olympics, i in approve such mndlfleatlnn isnd to au
tnerclal High School has been the cause but .Mr. Sullivan convinced the promoters ihorie the execution of a proper sunpli--
of an open iiiptuie betwe-n him and
Coach Carey, th- baseball mentor Coach
C.irey oflen has warned the baseball
plaveis ncainst practising with the foot
ball sound. A" several of thu base
ball stars have every appearance of Is,
comlnc football stnni Coach Shriller bas
been anxious lo have them come nut i
as to get them used to handling the ball
and later have them practice tlgnals if
they piove as good as they look. As
the baeball squad practices only Monday.
w allied them to come out for football on
Tuesdays and Thursdava.
Coach Cnrey t if used to allow- them to
do this, but a few of the Is-st, Including
WIlKams ami Keeker, did it without bis
knowledge. Last Thufday these two
lads were practising football nt the Held
when Coach Carey happened to walk In,
He called thorn over to lilm nnd said
he would lire them off the baselull team
If he ever found thv-m practising football
again Coach Shearer came up and
I tried to (lx mattei for the hoys, but sip -
c.-eil.sl only In getting Carev nngrin
The next day the matter was referred
to Mr Taylor, the chairman of Ihe ath
letic commltt'P At the. time he refused
to commit himself, but xesterday be said
which says that 110 student can he a
that the rule In the nthletic constitution
candidate for more than one team In a
season, settled the matter. This rule In
the past has been thought to mean that
110 student could pla.v on two teams a
season nnd not that 11 student could not
! play on one team and practice with nn
I other Coach Shearer Is much vexed
nla-iut this and thinks thnt this will prac
tlcally sisill the effects of spring prac
tice, for be says next Inll be will be
forced lo have a separate si'tind for
these baseball men nnd this will keep
the whole work of the sound back, for
several of them undoubtedly will make
the tlrst team.
Fnnernl of .lob 11 .. McDonnld.
The funeral of John S. McDonald, the
weil known turfman who died here on
TuesdaN. will be held to-morrow morning
at 10 3D o'clock at the Church of the,
Hlessed Sacrament. Itro.idway and Sev-enty-tlrst
street. McDonald formerly was
a turf wrltet for the New York 7"rlitmr.
, after which he ber.11110 Identified with
I the racliiR establishments of William K.
Vnnderbllt, James II llnccln and the late
lames II. Kctne. He was :,n 5 cars old
and leaves a widow
Nrw Workers lali l,exliiul"ii llncea,
Lkxinoto.v, Ky . April 2! H. Ix Knapp,
F. It. and Thomiis Hitchcock. Jr, will nt
live In this city Wednesday afternoon on
a special train fiom New Vork and bring
a partv of live otln r prominent New York
ers with them. Thov will attend the Lex
ington rai es. Yankee Notions, th" clack
r.icei nt th" Knapp stables, was to have
stinted In the handicap event Wednesday,
but Ibis rnro was declared off and Instead
Strumous, one of Mr. Knapp's promising
tluee-yenr-olds, will rim In a condition
rai .
Cbniiiplon Wrestler .May Meet.
I A championship wresillug match be
I tvveen Frank ilotrh and the winner of Iho
.liys.ku-l.ukliii bout may bo arranged to
I tako place In this city next month. Harry
' Pollok, the sporting promoter, hns of.
frred .1 purse of l2.,0(in for a finish
match, with strangle and loo holds
bailed, to be held 111 Mndlson Square.
Harden or In the open air on a date to bo
1 mutually agreed upon.
Tells of Two New Associations of A. A. U., 440 Yard
Straightaway on Coast. Thorpe Talk and
National Meet Going to Chicago '
.laines i: Sullivan, seciet.ny of
the I
Amateur Athlellc I'lilon, reltll lied ester
day fi inn a lour of the couutr.v lasting
five weeks, with the Information that two
new associations had been put on the
athletic map and that the loveled na
tional track nnd Held i hamplonshlp meet
InR would be held In Chlcncn at the end
of June or the beglnnlnc of July. Mr
Sullivan was accompanied bv his wife
nnd both looked well in spite of the fad
that In the extensive tour lo the Pacific
coast nnd back they had spent twenty
nights on trains.
To Iho small band of enthusiasts who
met him at tho (Jrand Central depot on
the arrival of the l.akp Shore llinltpd, on
which the last stage of the Journey from
Chicago wns made, Mr Sullivan spoko in
rIowIiir terms of the strides made In
athletics all over the country He wa
pleased particularly with the progtess
made In l.n Angeles anil southern Cali
fornia RPnprallv. The activity in that
section prrsares a great Impiovenient In
the athletes of the West In future. The
Callfornlans are taking to athletics in
Ricat numbeis and as a natural result the
standard of performan e has deen raised
... , , . -(l TllA
, iii-.ioei .ini oi iti,- i.i. .Av.T. ... - .....
vpar or
rarllled nlinosphpip nnd fine climatic-con
dition are In a ineasii'e responsible for
Ihe big dolUKS on Ihe roast, but the A
A. I' secretary Is convinced that the
principal i en son lor the advance Is thu
gie.iter proportion of active athletes.
One of the Hist ipiestlois asked of Mr
Sullivan was tegardlnc the A A. I' cham
pionship meeting, which at llrst had been
slated for lloston and for vhlch the New I
York A. C also had put In a bid. Ihe.,lul ,,i,0 , nmenlrnie imd'the d'euiand for
Chlcacoaus bad no difficulty In persuatl-. ir.inporiallnn on .ild street will he ado
liur tho A. A. I' s.-ctetarv. who Is also 'piililj .itirrrd l,y the rnnstructlsn. nil-
chairman of the championship committee,
caines this year The proposed athletic I
carnival of w hich the title coinpetllloiis
will form a part will be carried out on n I
i larger scale than any previous nffalr of
the kind In this country The dates at-
'm nre. 1 .,ii, loop "k to Julv r and the till- 1 "" "v i n lnc ihe anintinta of Ihe try.
i . . . . . " . ii.. . ... Jii. u, !'' Pijnteiiis rMpilred under Section 2
IdertnkliiK Is supported by Ilia wealthiest ' , ,, ,u,.t. in proportion lo suc h reduction
! citizens of Chlcngo. Includlnc such well.iu lensih of the said extension, and
known men ns MrCnrmk'k, llarrlmnn nnd
HnvwiHMi. .
I It wns plannpil orlRlnnlly to call the,
that this title would be Inappropi lale, and
i the Westerners consented to drop It. The
e.-itnlvnl will be cnrfleil out on lines tint I
will make It little short of nn Ol.vmplc,
meet In Importance Lfforts will be made
to got competitors from foreign rnuntiie
nnd the whole of the fnlted States will
be .coined for the Wst athletes Money Is
no object to the promoters, nnd the men
beblnil the Rims will pay the expense of
nil ronmetltors from other cities who are
l,,vll..,l lo lake mot In view of the,
I llvan said then! was no iUestion 111 ill
mind that Chicago sliouni nave tne ineii, oo "-o,-i, mo. e- m mi.c nin . "c
and the other members of the committee " '."slfrfcnwABn A. MAHnrt.
with whom lie had ommuilk aled agifi-d viwom 10 l.efore me this 2Jth day of
with him. 1 March. I 1 3.
The Immediate cause of the trip taken INo.arlal Seal 1 '! f ? LL1AMS. .
. , , . . ,. ..... ... ,.,.,1.,. I Notary Piiullc. .S 1 Co. r.o. 107.
by the A. A. I seeretar.v was to innko 1 ,, ,h r)o-A.lnc resolullons were there
preliminary .iirang.emenls for the sports , Upon adopted:
10 lo held In connection with the ! Whereas, the foregoing petition from tfia
Panania-Pnciflr exposition In IMS. for"
which he has been nppointed director
Preparations already nre under way fot
these sports anil they will cover all
branches from walking; to living The
sports programme will extend over a full
vear and Is expected to fni 111 an tm
pC! taut pail ill developlnc American
teams for the next Olympics nt llerlln
the following vear
"The track will he a wonder," said1.
1 James K. "We will not use the one nt
C.nlden (late, though that Is good enough
for ordinary purposes Instead there
1 will be a lien . nuler path built inside th"
.exposition siounds anil It will be a hum
mer. The feature will be a nuarter mile
straightaway and It will be so fast that.
you will see sehoolbovs breaking Mnxey
Loiir's record of 47 seconds made nt Out-
tenberc This will be the llrst time that
quarter mile championship will la held
on a straightaway track nnd lanes will be
proviiicu ioi' tne runners so 111111 mere
will be none of the fouling nnd conse
ntient bad feeling that fi eipiently has oc
curred In races! over this crucial distance
"In order to satisfy the Kastern critics
who have taken exception to Dan Kelly's
100 yard record of 'j 3-.". seconds 1 made
Inquiries all through the Noitlivvpst as to
tho conditions that nblalned when
iecord was made anil
,. ,
parllculailv as to
the story that has been printed that th
watches of tho timers had been set lu
nilvaiieo so that a Joke iecord could be
f- ....I f.ii' t.'tirp.iut I'liillhuno Tin, five
watch holders reiterated the statements
, - . , 11 nrnu) x-uro 111a. all eel, .VSM iniiiy xo. invll,
made In their original affidavit as to the m n i.vio. has been passed hy boili biaaclies
coirecluess of tho time and all denied 1 of the Legislature, entitled
that their watches hail been set III hI -.,. AMrNI, ,-iAKn:itrsi:vr.N Hirxnill'.lS
vaiice The onlv man In connection with, vo s oPTIIK l.Aw s or MM'.TI'.l'N IIUN
the affair was King, the bathhouse , Hlli:ii AMI ti.M-.. KNTITI.Ill) "AN ACr TO
keenei who was resnonslhte for the slorv . MAKH Till: (IFI'ICi: OK ItlXilSTKIt tK THK
Kerpei. Who was responsiDie 101 me sior vr p ,WN(itl A KAi,A,(.;( opKU'ii
about lliu llxcd watches. AM) HKIit'I.ATINtl Till: MANAtiKMKNT f)F
"Don t talk to me of ,11m Thorpe. t S HI) Ol'liti:.". HHI.ATl.Vd TO ASSISTANTS
have had Thorpe talked at me all the
self 011 that subject The Idea
out the West was thai
all light and the A
committee all wrong 111 disitiallt,viug him.
Th.uit was not a citv that 1 visited that
I did not have to argue the mutter and
I hupe. I havo succeeded In convincing
II few that the 01 edit of America de
pended on ids being irented In the sumo
manner as any other athlete '
The new associations of the A. A I'
which were formed largelv through the
missionary work of Mr Sullivan aie tin
Hooky M ou 1 it n 1 11 district, consisting of
Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico, and
tho Iiitermoimtnlii Association, formed
by Utah, Montana and Dakota. Theie Is
a lot of wealth In those States ami with
the enthusiasm for ntbletlcs that pie
valls thn secretary thinks ihe union will
be greatly strengthened nnd some, great
When millionaires
play the game.
Sunday's Sun
athletes developed -Mr Sullivan said
lli.il he did a good deal of haul work on
the trip, not the least of which was In
keeping up with his entetinluers. It was
one coiftlnuous succession Of butfqulls
and he said In conclusion "I nm Bind to
gel back lo quiet old New York "
I'nnnillnn Off lo lpnlrr,
Toiii.nto. April 2i" II lliiller, thn
cr.uk sculler of the SrKonaut Hoat Club,
left line lo-ilay for Ciigland lo competo
fur win Id's lionnis In the big HenlPy re
vail a.
' ri iii.ie notices.
lllilbe l hereby Riven th.ll SI n meeting of
lie llo.ir.l of llMlinatr and Apportionment,
held Aptll 1(1.. 1!17, the MIIowIiir petition
lie te.eli-rd
To Hie llnnorshl ihe llo,ird nf tllmtt
j snd ArP'iril.nimrnt of tho Clt.v nf New
1 I'tilon ll.illh Company nf New Ynrk City,
a New- Vork i i,rp,ir.uimi therein railed 'ihe
pi'tlllini" r" i resp. etfully slates-
Kir.i lhai his I ln.it it. he resolution
niiiiine.i mi .viav inn, till, anil appruveil
by the Mavnr on. May l.ih, ltt, apptnve.1
i feini ttf rranehlse inntrart, lo he executed
! The litv nf .New Vork. sranllnf In Ihe
e; ''M..ii..r .i,e rlithi and ptlviiege to con
'Oil" maliti-iln inl operate a double Iracl
Iterate a double track
evin. I., i.
ine.ent street surface ra I-
wy nun the ni.iesur wires eiid e.iulpmr nt
i.ir ine purpose in nnrinR pas. enters only
1 a I lie Unrolled of Manhattan, lily of New
ork. upon the fellow lug rente, t wli
llegtnnlnc at and innneetlng with llieex
Linn tr.uk" of the pMlllnner nn ihe l&Sth
Siimi Vinluri. .it or near Mh Avenue, theni'i
westerlv iipun and over said iadtlcl in It
inlprapetlun llh ISSlh Sireet nd wesieily
upon and aionu ,ild Utilli Mri-et. to the
i"i.n sine ni iiniiiua.
Serond That the nMltloner executed the
,i a i e
of "iich tenlon
Animerd.im Avtnua
I from r.lKhtli
Avenue to
Third- That the
air. that the said
petitioner therefore de-
outran ha modified as
i.ii 1 1 v suhsiltiithic the words "Amsterdam
Avenue for 'he words "the easterly alda
"f llronlway" In sertlun I thereof.
i n ' lis autxtltutliiK the words "Aniaierdam
I .r"v- "r !;. rV"-:'.. " "r?" w - ,n
uirrefore the r,eiui,in,.r asks thl. ttnar.l
1 mental rontrart by the City of New- York.
iMtt-ii. .New York, .xiartn z.in, isi3.
1Slgne.l1 hl) Altl) A MAHMt.
A.' 1 vu"1
Cgd 1 FliKDRlUC .1 FL'I.LKR.
- "7 ft!
po.. ,, .,,, th, hP , ,. Vice-President
,,f t nion Itallwav Company nf New- York
iii ihe petlUnner herein, that he has read
lie lor. going P.Ulloll
lie tor. going p.-tltloii ami knows the con-
enis thereof, that the same Is true of his
therein staieii to be alleged on InrnrrnMion
I'nlnii KaiUvuv Comn.inv of New Vork CIIV.
(Intiil March 27. 1S13. was presented to the
lluurd of Estimate and .Apporllonuient at
.1 inretlne held Anrll 10. 191.
He.olvetl. that In mirsuame of law this
ll.inrd seis Thursday, the Mh da or Mav,
11113. at 10 30 o'elotk In th" forenoon, and
Itmiiti I'i In the lily Hall, llnrough of Man
hittsn as the time .nut pl.ne when and
w lo re such petition shall he first conMdertil.
ainl ,v i.iitillr Inuring he had thereon, at
whlih ritlaens shall he entitled to appear
and he heard, anil be It further
He.i'lvril. 1h.1t the Secretary la directed
1 , au.e such relltlon and these resolutions
to he iiltillhd fur at least two (2) day ill
two d illy newspapers in the litj of New
Vork o ! designated h (he Mavor. and
fo .1. lee-- ten IIOi day. In the "i-Mry
iecord" Iniinedlately prior to such date of
public hearing The .x-prnse of such pu)i
lluatloti to l,e horn" hy the petitioner
.KtSKiii iiaau, secretary.
New Yotk April 10. 1S13
. N,luta, l0 natmory rcnutrrnient. notice., ti
hereby given that an act, Assembly No 2701
'! l,"n1.iVH"1 b' ,,0'h blancllV
, an aip 1
am worn or'iiii: laws or M.irrr:i:.V
iii .M)iii:i) and si:i:.v. k.ntiti.kd -an act
id iMoitPoitAiK Tin: ynx.Ns nnitouiifi
iii(auii:s in thi: nououcii op opki'.ns nj'
piiopriiTY Tiiritirro. and i.imi i inc. and
Di'.iiMMi Tin: PowKits iiti:ni'.iir." in hk-
I 1 o.'M oi m i 11 1 uitriiH vi ai
j .miiiici 1111110' is minii Burn mai a I'UDIIO
I Hearing upon stirh hill w in hr held at ihe MayorN
, omrr in Hie lily Mall. In the city of .New org.
on I nurMlay, May 1, 11113. at 2 o clock P. M.
Haled (iiy Hall. New York, April 38. iota. 1
Yv I I.I.I AM .1 (iAVNt)lt. Mayor, t
' J.'1 '!?.. 'l rr?l""!('n'. ""'L1:"
'o.vr" ' " '" A'" r lt!tii ' SA1r
runner nol re Is hrrrhv
Hearing linen such bill will be held at the Mavor-
il Jim Tho-iie w'.iH.''inrr ln ' ,l' ln ' IV of New York,
. ' V " .'oiiiinirsday, May l.lBI.ai2o'.lockP M. :
S I and olvmpici lund, lily Hall. New York. Anill 2, lam '
11,1.1AM .1.
ii.w .mih, Major
PPHSl' NT 10 statutory ironlrrmont. noilic
Is hereby given that an arl, Assembly No. IM7,
Int No. fii'l, has hern paasrd by both branches
of ihe l.rirllntuic, enilllril
to amu.nd Tin: (iin:ATi:it sr.w yoiik
I'll ltii:i(. IN IIKI.AT10.N TO CHIIATINtl A
or 'i 111: iioiiopcii or iiuooki.yn. ciiAMe'
IN'ti THK HOt'NDAltY I.INr.8 K l:.XISTlU
IHhTllllTS AM) I'ltOYIDI.N'li Foil Till'. KUiC-
tion or om: additional .icstici: THiiitf)--
liiOM. V
Further notice Is hereby given that a Itibile
Hearing upon such bill will be held at the kUior'H
omre In Ihe lily Hall In Ihe city of New York.
011 Thursday. Mav I. IWl:i.a-J o'clock P. HI.
Daled, lily Hail. New York, April :. 1013. ;
M 11.1,1 AM .1 (UV.NOH, Minr. .y
I'urs'iani 10 alatuiory ri-ipilrriiient. notice U
lierrhv given that an an, Aaaeinbly No. 17i,
Int No. inn), pas brrn paxsed by both tranche
nt the U'gUlalurr. rniltlril
V 1 , vp ,
to ui:nii ciiAPiiiit Ktiim or the r-xvvi
in 1.11,11 11. t;rx 111 .-vinii.il ainii ixjiniri vowi
to i:askmi:nts acqhikkd oit HVsKitVKnv
KonTiii:coNSTnimiONor iiai'Idthansiv
I'urlhrr notice la hereby given 1 that a Publlo
Hearing upon aurh bill will be held at Ihe tlayor'a
omre In the City Hall. Id Ibe City of'New York?
on Thursday. May 1, 191., at 3 o'clock l. VI. 1
Dated City Half, New York. April 3. 1013. 1
Pmt.StfA.VT to statutory requirement, notice
Is hereby glvrn that an act, Assembly No. IO
Int. No. M. has been passed by both branches;
of Ihe largl.lalure, enillled
Further notice I hereby given thai a Imbllh
Hearing upon such bill wlllbe held at the Mayor'a
offlce In the Clly Hall In Ihe City of New York, en
Thursday. May I. I9U. at 3 o'clock I. M.
Dated, City (fall. New York. April 2. 1.IS. s
WILLIAM J. tlAYNOll. Manr.
PIlltSUANT to alaiutory requirement, notice.
U hereby given that an acl, Assembly No. lM
Int. No, 1131, has been passed by boin branches
of the legislature, entitled
AN ACT ' 1
(ilAIITi:it,IN nill.ATlONTO I'llANdlNOCONl
ai'i'tiiiv i;ii 111 1111. iiw.xiti. i.r
I'llrlher notice
hereby, given that a Publln
Hearing upon stirh bill will
unon siii ii Din win ne neia at uia aiavnr'a
iimrr in inei.iiy nan 111 wax ny 01 ivew lorKi on
'-l...-.l ... ll.11 . tats il ..'.I,,. II
Haled, City Ball. New York, April i, 1M3. J
WILLIAM J, (JAY Nok, MaatV '
'A I

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