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Other Noiii' 1'osilious sttnl,.'
Vint Xnv Crop Deliveries
Are 'etk.
Kxcellent Crop ami Weather
Advices Cause lii(iiiilulioii
antl Bearish Sentiinrnt.
Short povortnit In May cotton cuiseil
(at tidvanro In that position :i com
tuteil with tlio previous i-liisnii; in ,vcn
frdny'a Hint kot. ami lent soim- stiHiicth
'n other near position, hut new nop de
liveries fold nt tlm lowest ptliVH mIik'h
hey have been dealt In this eiiMin T"lii
strensth of the May delivery vv;m LiikiIv
inin to thn fact that the Urjti" iiimi1it uf
May notices Insure! on Momlnv vvotv all
topped, n'hllo somu uiienHlnrxs pii'S.ul.s
s to the amount of cotton from local
locks which Is to be Hhlppnil to Liver
pool. Nerotlatlonn nro iiiinoieil to hao
bcn completed for frelRht room for "0,
onn hale, while mmo expect that even
more than that will tie taken for for
eigner". The wenltneas In the new pi op
months wan duo to the continuation of
excellent weather icpoits. Inrltidlnf; the
welilv on hy the Oovernment, anil the
sternly run of predictions of Increased
t 'tease and heavier use of fertilizer,
other causes of weakness were the poor
rot situation In the. South, selllnc bv
Southern and Wall Stiept houses, vvenU
rs8 In stocks and the uncertainties of
he foreign political situation Trade
advices here are not encouraging, uhlle
'he situation ahroad In trade circles is
not qulto as Rood as It was a few ucet.H
o. At the. closing May had worked to
within It points of July, as (oinp.ircd with
IS points difference In favor of tho latter
at the opening. In the upward tnovenu nt
May was 23 points above the previous
rloslnit at hleh..
Wlille, reports from some parts of the
cotton helt Indicate that planting has ben
shout completed, with others placing the
total In the ground at from T" to SO ppr
,ent. of tho total. .1. TL Wllllston .V Co.
state) that plantlnu In the hclt as :t whole
ts not over 60 per cent, of tho total. In
this connection they call nttentlon to the
fact that various senro periods are still
lo come, and state that the market sold
down In 1311 on good prospects before
'h crop was planted
The Texas traveller of Shearson Ham
mill tr Co, writing from Jacksonville, In
that State, expresses the opinion that
planting In the State In tho south ami
east parts Is about finished, and that It
111 b completed hy May 1, excepting In
th extreme north Texas and th 1'iin
turtle "rctlon. Conditions In tho belt as
mhole seem to ho about as promising
as In any recent year at so early a d.ite
a at present. Authorities In nearlv every
Slat continue to predict an Increaso In
Hcreage and state that more fertilizers
were ii"rt than last year. Not only doei
larger acreage of cotton seem almost
assured, hut the outlook Is good for a
sreater average yield per ncro for the
oelt as a whole, and many nie predicting
he greatest crop on record, barring utt
forelgn catastrophes, even though there
re dozens of eventualities which mnv
hllght the present hleh promise for an
xcellent crop.
The spot situation In Fouthern markets
weak, hut no reports have emanated
'rom any sources Indicating an actual
'"Ouldatlng movement by spot holders
vt Little Rock spots are cheaper than In
iv r.'her of the larger markets, going
own to IIS cents yesterday, but quota
ons have been under 12 cents Vi several
larkets since last week. While some
outhern bnnka arc undoubtedly alight I v
mbarrnssed by the loans which are still
utitandlng on old crop rotton. It has
n trwl for weeks that they show little
isposlllon to call such loans and will
arry the cotton ns long as the holders
dh In most cases.
Spot rotton was steady: middling up
lands, 1110: middling C.ulf. 12 0."; up
in points; delivered on contract, inn
r-1s Southern spot markets were un
changed to 3-1U off Prices In the prin
cipal Southern spot markets were- New
Orleans. 12'4: Galveston, 124, Memphis.
12': Savannah. 12, Charleston, 11s;. t
Trills l-.'i4: Norfolk. 12; Augusta, 124
Futures here closed Irregular, points
up to 11 off. Prices were-
Mar .
. lobr
Th New Orleans market was 2 points
loner arter the i mains here. Pilpes there
W ere :
Open- nigh
in? est
i: 04 Mm
II II il
11 m ii u
II 0' II 11
The Liverpool market was easy : spot rot
Inn was easier at fi lid . 2 points decline
ales x.non bales. Including T.T'm Ameil
can. receipts, 10.000 bales, of which fi .100
were American.
Futures prices at Mverrool were.
Open- High Low- Clns Prer
Ins el e.l l ii r close
M Jm s J7 ' .n J4 r. si f. n
JuLt-n a: hi i. r. ;s c
el Not a 4 4 b f,.ia i; nt i, m c 071,
II A, M. bids to Liverpool were: Ma
11.2; July. 11.34. October, in sr. The
market there Is due to open to-dav 3
points up to 24 points off
Tort recepi mid ntneks weie.
Open-'High- Low- Cloa- Prer
Ing ert et int. close
11 ;r. it 4 11 :i u u 11 zr.
II 4" 11 41 11 .1: 11 s; u 3-
11 si 11 ;; 11 in it 11
11.01 ,10; jo '.i to -i t"1 ;
it o-. it . 1) Sj ti 1 01
It 11 11 SI 0 ii ) in 11
liU ..
Pe. ember
Txiw clo Prer
el Ini clne
11 It 1: no
11 11 ;r. 11
!in 11 0'l :if.
II 0) 11 01 II 01
He. l.at !,a.t
ceipta yehr StoeUn .Tear
JalTSilon .,4" .110 I7i).r.:j M9.4S1
N Crleani . . 4..K3 4 44 M.s.-i !M7i
SaTannah . . . :.7""i 4 uia 71 4: 'd.7:i
harletnn . ... 7."1 Sk :'l 2.i7 SI, Ml
Norfolk , . ) hi v: 14 ".1 4VOi
wiioiingion . . .i 14
Mobile 71'l 5:4 10 !-, li'jlj
Ttal V. 71 1 1M14 4IS.10I Md.170
Interior lecelp
were :
. shipment and stocks
(Ml a
ce PI
; ci
I Ki Slim
yr if infills blocks
1 kOl
1 r.:
r.: '"ii
'.j 'ii
1 ,.t
lf eU
14 041
47 m
I. ,ni
Crretle lorr ineiits In Whent, Willi
final Prlpra It-H Cent I.OTfep.
The wheat market followed an Irregu
lar course yesterday, with final prices
Nhowlnir nnifill declines from tlm previous
session. Illchcr foreign markets were
held to he primarily lesponslhle for tho
Kreater part of the early Intylnr, 11s It was
believed that thn strength of these mar-
I. ets relief led 11 feeling of uneasiness oer
the Cui'iipeiiii polltlial outlook War
si are (all,, however, was nut stlfflclenllv
iiiipiessiM to sustain values and tlie 111111
Uet sai'.ged olT liitlu r easily from tin- ila's
liluhest level. Domestic ailvli 's were hlRhly
tilMirable, barrllit: reioits id iliimh bug
tirllvltv In pnita or the Southwest, and
he-i- falleil 10 pienfn nlanii ainonK the
bcai s.
Iltilihhr 1 wnuil viable i'li).; ile
. lease of I tl. 37O.0IKI bnihcls pluMil lo be
not the bullish t'.n Inr that the tlguies In
ditated, since, ncpoidlng lo Hiine ntiihorl
lies, a ery large proportion of this ile
. 'teae Is wheat atloat from I'm I Will-
II. 111 and Port Arthur and will eventually
Corn prices lost a little gtolind on lale
selling. The mat ki t maintained a III 111
tone during the greater part cif the ilnv,
and It was lepoilid that receipts weie In
small volume. The oats market dlsplavtil
.1 i -aifv IllllleltO'le, III lies being helped b
a fa., spot demand Closing values were
abo it i4c higher
Hronihall's foteign nop sumtnaiy le
poiled Improving prospects ror the l ulled
Kingdom's winter crops, but spring sowing
delayed owing to unfavorable weather In
Kiance and Cermany the outlook Is Im
proved, cereal crops In the latter country
Having lecovered from the effects of the
recent frost
According to Chicago advices there will
be moderate May deliveries of wheat.
porn and oats on Thuradav. Minneapolis
also expects Pimslilpiable deliveries
A despatch to Iogan A- ltr.vnn from
Inslls said that Seward. Mead, Clailt and
Kord i-ouutles. Kansas, showed decided
Improvement after receni tains lais of
actpage will be Jess than reported, as late
wheal is now coming forvvatd where it
was hai'dlv expected A Western rullioad
mun who has completed a tour of Inspec-
4 3;i 1.11.,
better support, with .1 small amount of
short covering, but offerings Increased
and values did not hold at the best. Sell- 1
lug was heaviest In Mny pork.
Cash pork was steady, with mess
$21 751TJ22.2r. nd family 12324 Sil
Cash beef was firm, with packet f225i J2.'l '
and family $23Hi$2l (.'ash lard was 1
steadv: pllme Western. SIlSTi; refined!
Continent, $1170, South American,'
. 1 2 50. I
Chicago prices weie' 1
Open lllrh' I,ai
Pork: Inr et e1
Miir.. .. i "ji Id '.1 m l'.
j.iIt . .. is is r,: iv ;,:,
Mny .. 10 ""a
.lulr . , 10 So I
m.it .. 11 m r. 11 ;o '
10 11 ! :
in .
11 ...
1ii 0
11 J
11 '."J
10 !'i
l: M) 1 .
10 'l
10 ; m 10 '1;
Sugar llavv sugar was flim, and mine
active ut 3.3(1 cents for Ml test lentil
filgal Iteltliers quilled 20 1 ents fur
prompt dellverv, 4 2 cents for 7 las
dellveiles. with onu quotations for tlm
latier at 4 30 cents and 4 3Ti for tho llvt
price. The London market was steady at
Ids. t!d for Java cane, with huers for
beet sugar at quotations of 0s. fid. for
April. !s, fill. Mny, and 10s. for Angusl
Naval Stores Turpentine was easier at
II cents, ijp decline Holn was tin
ilianged at $4 7.V
MarLel Pace qnleUena.
Ilieln 4flS olie full Hlld eroudeil hour
III the Slock liiclinni;," esson yesterday,
Jusl us (hero was on Monday It happened
between 2 nnd s P, M. ami about 2.14,000
shares of stock changed hands, this helnf
nearly half the total volume of business
done. At this time the stock market was
weaker und more active than It has been
In mnnv 11 tlnv Transactions came thick
uml fast and for a time tho tape rould not
keep up nnd whs nctuallv several minute
behind the market. Tnklnit the day 0
u whole It was the most active since April
1 last, although oiilv about .V.O.oou shares
In all ehanfeil hands. Hut the (iPtlvlty on
th" luevioiis oepnloii vvh 011 udvaticlng
prices, that date marking the npei of the
raplil recovery which started toward the
tlon say that In South Dakota and Mln- ! "ad of .March. The quickening of the pace
nesotu the prosiiects ato the best In .vear.s of tlie market wa a development of on-
Iteceiit lain, be savs. .11 be siifllcletif siderable Interest to every on", Not the
l.,s so hepaiie a treat many people have
tuken no position either way in the market
or weeks There I a well defined theory.
to eirrv the seeded pi"P twent lo thlrtv
davs vvitliout atiothei drop.
Ilradstreefs visible supply of wheat
west or llle WiCKIes ilecreased Ml.t.nno wl.leh the inslnrllv of iecit!tra nlll
bushpls. In the fluted States east of the,Pflr bv. that there esn be no decisive
llix kles deerea.e.l 2 ". tv.oilu bushels: in ' illm n the cour of the stock market wlth
Caiiada decreased fi. , 1 ,1.0011 bushels: nil I ... i,i-..in.. .hr.. i.rmu in n..nt.,tin.
American decreased 12.37O.0Oi) bushels 1 i..i 1.,. ,. ..,.., i. u.i.
,1 nr. , 1 ...,, 1 " "i"i'""e " "j
development has been confidently awulted
l.iirope und auoat decreased 4,imii,0iiii
bushels, world's wheat decreased H'..:170(
000 bushels. Amerli.iTi corn east of the I
Hocklrs decreased 2,s,'O,00u bushels, and
oats decrensed l.J!)l,u0ii bushels
hlc.tgo wheat prices
0,en. lllfli Low rn
wh-af 111. ei rt nir
May 'i;1. 't ". ij pji,
July. . 2i4
heptember . Mi , '', j-tS
Mav . . V.-'. V, ,v. a
July .v. ...., r.r.
Sentrmljer .. :c :7 ..'.v. r..
Mar J4v. r. J4, 4,
JlllV. . . Sd, 4'. F4S
Septenilier .. HP, "i, sp, 34-.,
.New Voik wln.it prices were;
llpen- Huh l.ow rim
IIU e-t ett mc
JuIt ii, ii4 jmii, 110s
rinsilUn bntiileil
Mar .. 11V,
ither wheat markets
Oprn- Illih- Low cm..
Minneapolis: ln rt rl 111.'
May H' 1 si, ', ',
Jul' fl'i-'i Sl' Vl
Muj ... fri ?1 )
July X', !;i4
-MaT . 93 Jl 55'-, CJ4
Winnlpea .
JuIt . . . M-, Sji-j ?IT, J4'i
llepelpts and exports weie:
Wheat Corn
1 lime
Fleoflrts-New Tork..... 70,'X'O 13.WI 44.M0
Kiports New York KS.OfO l.noa I0'n)
Iteicipta-Interior LJO.ovi J7i.oon om.joi)
Kxport-r.e.ibotird 314.ofti r.l.MO 34.OO1I
Slupnienls Interior .. . MV t1 43,oon r.14,010
Carload wheat receipts at the principal
t'Olnts w ere .
Yeter- I.at
day week
rhlcato 41 u:
Mmneapolii .. 1M w
liiilmh 1.. 1.0
Winiupei is" T1
bv a large company of operators standing
bv Idly with their humls hi fheir pockets.
The Break la Canadian.
14 was the sharp fall In OnaiadUn P
. llle which broke the market In the last
hour At flr"t the Street had some diffi
culty In understanding the selling of this
stock because tho early quotations of the
London market showed substantial ad
vances In most shares on the Interna
tional list with Canadian Pacific llallroad
itself Is, points up The fact was that
the market for Canadian Pacific In Ixm-
don craeked wide open Jurt before the
close there and the stock sold down to a
Now York equivalent of 23G1j. At the
opening hero thero was brisk selling for
foreign account nnd heavy selling con
tinued until tho nfternoon. undoubtedly
having Its origin on the other Hide or at
least with foreign houses hero In antlcl
patlnn of further liquidation to -day from
Hurope. It wns tho biggest mnrket In
Canadian Pacific that has been seen since
the slock felt to 21S1 on March last
or since the high mark of 260 i reached
In January of tho present year.
Refleetlaiar Sentiment im Brrlla,
The price of Canadian Pacific In times
of tension In tho political situation
abroad seems to be jvhullv under the In
lluence of tho Herlln market and to re
Ilect better than any other stock on
our list tho state of financial sent!
so I ment in that city and In Vienna,
$4 30f
r. tv; 7 r,j
rei-eipts to-il it
tfalvaaton 2 io ,t i
J.'w Orleans 4 000 In 6,000
Huyera Included Itlnrdcn.
Pchlll, Hoyce. milliard
Sellers. Wail Street' and
I houses, derail, Itlce, Cassard
' A letter regarding conditions In soulh-
1 eastern Arkansas stated- "Our entire
Slate has had good rains since the night
of April 23. They were very timely and
i aught everybody ready for them About
0 per cent, of (ho potion In nur section
Is planted and wo cannot remember a
more auspicious start "
A Memphis letter of April 2(1 to Dlclc
llros, stated: "The hulk of tho oxIstlnB
iiirplus Is being carried at the Soutli,
principally by merchants nnd other mid
dlemen, ur.d this Is tho cotton that Is
iylnn up money In the hanks and which
Kenerally showi a loss to tho holdem
The burden, therefore. Is at home. Last
T4r the rqverse condition was true, for
thn aplunerj bought up thn surplus at tho
low values of the early nutiimn when the
irnpait of a locord crop was dally do
pressing tliam.'
Thn 1''. U. Flak ColUm Company of
MnnUromciy, Ala. estimates (in Increase
r acreage In Alabama of U per pent, and
an Inrreaaa In fertilizers of II to 20 per
Cah markets were i-teady, with a fair
amount of business leallzed. Cash prices
.vesterday follow. Wheat No. 1 North
ern at Minneapolis, 90s; No 1 Northern
spring to arrive f. o b, $1.03. No. 2 red
winter to arrive f o. b. $1.15; No. 2 hard
f. o. b to arrive, S104H. No 1 Mani
toba f o. b. to nrrlxv. $1 04H. Corn No 2
yellow o I f. rail, (13 c ; export f. o. b,
C3ie. Oats No 2 white, 42ifcc: No. 3
white, 40H-c : standard, 41c. Itye No 2
Western c. I f New York. 70 lie Ilarley
- Malting c 1 f Huffalo. COfr CCc.
Flour was firm with n fair demand In
evidence. Flour prices follow Pprlng
patents. $4.7507 $" 2u. In barrels; winter
strnlghts, $4.c.ntr $4 (55; spring
$4.2fiI7$4.40; Kansas straights,
$4 50, In sacks .
Coffee Haater on l.nTTer I'nropean
Coff e w,i eisler through the session
yesterdav on some selling pressure for
both foreign nnd local account. This
started soon nfter th" opening, and nfter
initial declines of S to 14 points the
inaiket wis quite dull, with trading in
small volume Further price changes
were without slgnlflemre. though work
ing lower In the late trading. Foreign
markets wero Irregular, hut the easing nt
Havre was considered of morn conse
quence than the advance at Itlo Ite
cently traders have shown a disposition
to overlook strength at llio and Santos,
saying that conditions which affect only
llrn.illnn coffee markets have, beep re
sponsible, and that prices thero will come
down nearer to a patlty with this market
In the near future. Many, however,
claim that this market ought to advance
to nearer tho level of a parity with
present Itrarlllan prices Tho ealer tone
in Kurnpean markets has been almost
solely due to thn present political com
plications nnd fenr of a possible i:nro
peau war Wall Street houses were
heavy sellers of coffee for a short time
yesterday, but this was well nb'orlied
and did not last long. It was originated
because of the weakness In stocks.
Traders slated that they considered that
the market had acted well, with many
looking for continued steadiness or fur
ther advances.
Thn spot market continues moderately
active. Some recent buyers sold In small
quantities In the options market yester
day, accepting profits. The special Santos
c.xble showed that 4a wore 50 rels
lower at fi$S50 A special Havre
cable to Miller & Co. stated: "Decline,
caused bv liquidation In tho May option
duo to Issuanco of largo number of no-
tl(e amounting to SO.OOO bags. Weak-
ness of Hnmbiirg duo to political compli
cations In the Kast."
Havre opened 15 to fj fr off nnd
cloj-cd ri to 1 fr. off. Hamburg started
unchanged to , pfg up and Mulshed ''j
U' i pfg. off Itlo was 12.1 rels higher,
with No. 7 at fifton At Santos prices
vere unchanged, with No 4 at (l$00(l and
N'. 7 at 5JH00. Hlo exchange on London
wn 1-C4d. higher nt Id I3.(i4d. Itlo and
Sant-.s receipts wero 17,00n bags for two
days, mtnliiMt 14,000 last jear. Sao Paulo
had 4,0nn bags In two days, against 12,
000 List year, with 2.000 at Jundlnhy,
against 12.000.
Deliveries of Brazil coffee at New York
and New Orleans warehouses on Monday
were 14,530 bags, ngalnst 24,fiSi! on Mon
day of last week,
Prices were;
May. 1147
June,, w. h .
July 11 is
Seiilrmber-,. II
O-lober. .
Nov nn lr
December..-.-... II :in
March 11 4(1
Total dales wero 58,500 Itaga,
Provisions Prices advanced -early on
capitalists are said to hold Canadian Pa
clfle in much the tamo manner ns the
French do Itusslau bonds nnd conse
fluently whenever the German Investor or
speculator feel Impelled to liquidate
through fear of some unfavorable de
velopment It I fairly safe to assume that
they will choose to dlsposo of Canadian
Pacific nnd other American favorites be
fore considering the sale of their home
securities. The reason for this Is plain
For ono thing thero Is always u wide freo
market In Cnnadlnn Pacific and American
shares, whereas home securities In thn
narrow market that pre-alls In Berlin
probably could not be disposed of In
quantity except nt tremendous .sacrifice
The fnlted States had a good exnmple of
how thes things work out last October.
when the outbreak of the Balkan war
brought a flood of selling of our stocks
by I'urope simply Iwnuse this wns tho
best market to sell In, and again last
March when financial circles In Oerman
had a bad case of "nerves" over the an
nouncement of the plans of the Imperial
Oovernment to raise money for new mill
tury expenditures.
10 !7
10 M
11 11
ii in
11 M'
10 kVlu M
10 C'.iW.K
10 int) Q 'i2
11 lii'.r.ill (IS
ii ii;;m m
II 11411 n
it liiifti i
II H'nll.lO
II I'lrtll.si
11 '.Wlll.ii
.Terr Iir?a far City Manila.
The announcement of the decl-ilon of
the City Comptroller to Issue $45,000,000
Us per rent, bonds had nn Immediate and
pronounced effect upon tho market for
the present Issues or corporate stock. All
these Issues fell to now low records, but
there was weakness displayed, particu
larly bv the 4 vis of 10ii2, which declined
to flDp; These bonds wero Issued last
.May, and tlm flotation was the largest
ever made, amounting to $d.r,000,000. The
41-.S of 13.-.7 fell lo lOlfe, the 4Us of 1000
to Ofi, tlm 4s of 105S to 824, the 4s of
1057 to 'J2$. tho 4s of 195H to 92, nnd the
3'ia of 1554 to 83. The new bonds wero
heavily traded on tho curb "when Issued
between 100 and ino4. In connection
with thn sale of bonds by our own city It
may be Interesting to note the pffnrtH of
the Mayor of Philadelphia to float nn Is
sue of 4 per cent bonds of that city at
par The original purpose was to Issue
$7,000,000 of these bonds. Tho amount
has now been cut down to $3,500,000, and
It Is expected that "In response to thn per
annal request of the Mayor city hunks
and trust companies holding city deposits
will take more than ono-thlnl of tho offer
lug." One million will be takon by the
Sinking Fund Commissioners nnd one-third
will be offered for public subscription.
Two weeks ago the city authorities of
Philadelphia announced that they would
sell the whole $7,000,000 at par over the
lioanlnar ltatea.
Bemuse Hie loaning rates on slocks
like New Haven, Northwest anil Amerl
can Telephone are In sharp contrast to
the general rate In thn stock loan market
does not necessarily mean that a tremen
Urnis short Interest exists In them, It Is
true that the borrowing demnnd for these
stocks has been urgent enough to phuho
borrow ers to pay a premium to the lenders
for their use, but It Is to bo romemhorcd
that there Is always a very small float
Ing supply of such Issues In tho Rtreet
and that It probably would not takn more
than a limited demand for them to hrlnc
about thn conditions that now oxIsL
There nro probably not a great many
houses In the Street who havo nny more
than a few hundred shares of Northwest,
for Instance, available for loanlnB pur
poses at nny time and that Is what inakea
any kind of a short Interest In them
highly Insecure even although tho price,
of the stock may be marked down rapidly.
The Cis of rennaylranla.
The rase of Pennsylvania nppenra to hn
a little different. Pennalyvanla haa loaned
flat for several wecka now, In fact ever
since thn iinnounc4mont of tho new Issue
of slock Induced heavy short aalra. But
thin Is, In effect, nothtnc more than an
artificial ahort Interent. for thn peoplt
who made theao ahort pales-Tpreiuinabljr
OF NEW YORK, located in Its new
building at 140 Broadway, announces
that its Bond Department is now un
usually well equipped to advise with
and assist customers who have invest
ment problems to solve. You are cordi
ally invited to make use of this service.
(Hmtml Sfrmrt fflnmpmtg
Nt?w $rrrk
will open its 42nd Street Brch
on the Southwest corner of 42nd
Street and Madison Avenue on
May 1st, 1913
Is a legal depository for money paid
into Court
Is authorized to act as executor,
administrator, guardian or in any
other oosition of trust.
Allows interest on deposits return
able on demand, or at specified dates.
Letters of Credit and Traveler'
The following numbered Honils of the Dili lne
to Tirr. noi.nr.Rs op
Buffalo, it4ii'iiiis ii.it a riiT.sni'rtr.n
ICnnlpmenl lrut llends Serin "A
Notice U hf rrhv Klvrn s piovltteil in Article
.Till of the Itub'titutr ilitri'. Mny t. 1U9. erarlaf
trie sliove lnutl. tliAt M-nlril iiirrr will re rr
trlvril up lo 'llirre I' M lit! 'Ill ilvlnj Mny 1.
1913. by itie limlerMirm'rt m it nr.iir, .No Ho
llroiidftV, .Nrw orli. tor the .le to It n 1 ruttee
I tne loet price nt unirli men Isinm snill lie , i"n'ins numnrrru nonns or ine mil llie
offered nut excrcUInc par aril lu-crued Interest. , Us ' ink harp brrn drawn by lot for redfiiiii
of utrrlcnt ot the aVuve lundu to rvtnnt the 'J '''J.".'1 " 111 he p.ikl upon nrtrnMI1on at rin:
funi of Miixi (itfrrs houM he valeil and rn. 1 1 IO. l. I'AltK ll.K (IK M:n t lilt K.
uorneit fillrrt for thn jalr ot lluHi o. Ilechesier , hiiiiihi
A I'llttburch IWIIv.uv Oiintmnv r.qulpinrni
'Irum ltPs 'A llnnils to the Mnklnc Kund, atirl
atti1rrrrfi to the I Itl'M HKI'Mtl Ml:.M.
Hy A J li:trillM.. PrrFldrnt.
April 10. l'JIJ
mado them aKlnt purrlmes of the
"rlhta " SelliiR of tho "rlKhtn" by real
helder.s of the Mook hns proceeded otend
llv up to this week and the "shorts" have
absorbed them Junt nn steadily Net
week the stoek will sell ex right, and
the market will he relieved of this pres
sure. Hpeeulntors who linvo irono In fori
the operation will errcl'o tho "rlnhta" I
nnd complete thflr trnnuctlon hy a de- '
livery of the Htock when It Is Issued to I
them on May SI next
Fornrr Standard 4111 Subsidiaries.
The market yesterday was depressed i
In a.vmpathy with Stock Kxclmnue quo.
tatlona. Tho mnrket on the whole was
very dull and practically all sale were
mule at concessions fmm yi'Kterday
Anilo Vnifil an f'o t.til
AtUntlr HrP.nhlc Co
Home Serymfer
llurkeje Pipe l.lue .
("lies MfB Co
Cnlonlal oil f'o
Ciiiitlnental Oil Co
Crrrent Pipe I. Ine Co
Cumberland P t, I o
rnrt'ta Pipe l.lnr Co
Catena Slennl Oil Co
(!en Sltnal fill Co pf.
Indiana Pipe I Ine Co
National Transit Co
New VorW Transit Co
Northern Pipe l.lna Co
flhlo fill Co .
I'ralrle (Ml A- fias Co
Solar Pennine Co
.Southern Pipe Line Co .
Sotilli I'fnn oil Co
No Went Pa Pipe Line
iltandard Oil Co of Cal
.Standard Oil Co of Inil
Siandant Oil Co of Kan.
Standard OH Co of Ky
.Stanilarrt (Hi Co of Neb,
Standard Oil Co of N .1
Standard Oil Co of N V
Mtnndard Oil of Ohio
Standard Oil (old!
Subsidiaries (en blori
S-nn a I'lnrli
t'nlon TaiiU Line Co
Vacuum Oil Co , .
Wasliliiflou (III Co
Waicra-I'lerce . ,
All quotations dollari per share,
VesierdaT Monday.
Hid. AfVed tlld.AsWeil
1? 1 la 17
:.w too n eon
2M MJ !tll
IM tf.a IM taa
M1 r.7.i e7n mi
lis 12.1 115 i:
if.v io:o ivi io')
e.1 tv, ft if,
7ft S3 7'
3.'.'. .if..', Sao ::;ii
I7fi lk1 ISO l'l
llll HI 111! 14
l.to isft i.io i:v,
40 43 40 44
.mo .sin n.ni ain
in ii7 ii.- iki
r.'4 rn t::, nn
:m '.'S'i :i rui
ni:, Kin air, r.-.o
:.n :r.i mi zk
ii4o ia win wo
1.1.1 u.l 11.1 in-.'
17 l-.' 179 l3
in: ma :uj ai"
sin r.ao mi .io
371 SID 30 3111
SOS 311 son !HJ
.'1.1.1 340 317 341
mo urs kci tvn
ran ;7ii rfi.i ziu
lir.M 1011
i (im
m im li i as
17a la2 I7 LV!
J' 3j 114 SI
iW lli1 14M IViO
American l.ltht A 'Irnrtlon
Aineilran l.lsht A 'I Taction pt..
Adlrond.ii'k r.leclrle Power
Adirondack Llri'trlc Power pf. . .
American (iaa A- I'.lectrle
American (! A Klerlrlr pf
American Power 4 I.Uhi . ...
American Power As l.lKhl pf
American I'liMIc rilllllea
American Public I'tllltlea pf
CHIra .vervlce ... ...
( lllra Service pf ...
Cuinmiiiiwealth 1' It A I, ....
Coiiiiiinnwealth P II A- L pf
Henver (Ian A Llerlrle ten
Llectrlu llnnd Iiepoall pf ... .
Lmplie l)llrlrt l!lerlrlc .is
Umpire lllttrlet I'lerlrle ft' pi
l ederal l.lchl A Triirlloti
I'eileral l.lcht A 'Iriulloii pf..
federal t'lllltlea Intorp
l ederal I'tllltlea Incnrp Pf
(iaa A rieelrlf Sua
Uaa Llei trle ela pf
Lincoln (Ins A I'lertrlc
UnntanA Power Ciimpany
Moniaiia Power rmiipiiny pi . . .
Mirllieru Ontario l.lent A l'oer. .
Nurltirrn Ontario l.lcht A Power pi
Northern Malet l'oer Co
Northern Slatea Pimrr Co pi
OrarU I'nnrr A Walrr Co
Parlrlc (iaa A I'lertrlc
Pacific (i.ia A Ulri'lrlc Pf
Hepublle llr blclil Co
Itepubllo Hy A l.lithl Co pf
Standard (Iaa A Llrctrlf
Standard (Iaa A I'.lectrlc pf...
t.'nton Hallway (las A riectr
Union Hallway (iaa A LleeUlc pt...
United l.lfhl A llallwaya
United l.lcht A liallwara HI pf
United l.lcht A llallwaya 2d pt
Utah .securltlea
tltllltlra Improvement
Utllltlea Improvement pf
Wcatern Tower ,
Waitoro I'uwer rt.,niKHM.
Hid Alkfd.
l 370
10.1 1H7
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tr. ad
. 4' 4,1
7 75
711' -
.111 fi'
. 7.1 7.1
11.1 IIS
. MlW "Vi
87 141
(1.1 Ii7
7f 7.1
. M M
.. 58 Ml
.. '.'H X!
7H S.'
.. :u 4ii
71 ;r,
..I'.'ll 1411
.. ot ui
. 30 2i
. 311 41
S3 1U3
. 1.1 18
I. M 'J
. i'l s:i
Ml M
tU hi
,.ll 2
.. 33' i
,. 7S ir
.. i'4 mi
.41 4
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... 7 to
... 7.1 IN
.,7 80
.. 71 74
. 17 111
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.. 7J 7iHj
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I to? ansn
n ih41 -iwaii
XH INH4 'Jlir.'J
i im a73
in i sno 'jhnii
ia hii -jpho
iu iuik tiunn
1113.1 314(17
win man .io iki
j:i;i his .iiiiiii
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373 it;.-. .1011.
.134 11177 .10411
:i:i3 luso .'in ft o
no in s i .ni.m
a:i 3003 .iiibh
:i:i iuon .11173
.1113 'IIII4 .1IIH4
41111 301s :OU4
4MI. 31114 :I0HII
41 jus I :ii on
4bU 30S7 ,H07
.1114 300& a 1.1 1
.133 3I1NU .11 111
.'43 30114 .11 llll
r.4L 3 Olltl .1173
' 3 113 .11 Ml
lift; 3 1314 .11MH
r.H4 3ixi; :iiui
Hill 3 1 117 .13111
(i4 3 174 :3II1
11.111 3 1 Ml .1313
fill 3 lull .131.1
lint 33 1 r, .mil
11(11 3333 .13 lit
HM.1 33.17 .133 I
7117 3344 .13.11
7'Jfl 334 ft ,13.'ii
7 711 33S7 .1383
71111 33 Ml 13 fill
Ml 3 33711 .I3NS
Ml 3373 .I'JUft
Is'JIl 33(111 n.tiis
44.-1 3.'lim .1.113
M4I 3.113 II.1IS
HS4 3:1.111 .1.134
H.MI 3.143 .l.iail
no 3H7U :i.i:m
II 7 II 3:103 .l.l.iu
117.1 3.IOII .1.1411
i 34 1.1 :i:i47
HUH 34 HI .1.-UIH
lima 3434 .i.m:
llll.'l J 4. IB .1.1MM
HI3 34 IS .inu.1
111.14 34411 .14 IIS
lll.'lll 34 A3 .'I43H
loin 34(1.1 :I444
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I II so 31104 .14511
I I (Ml 3K34 .14 64
I I 7 3 540 .1473
IIU I 3H&I .I47S
13011 31113 .'IAS 7
1311(1 3 SO I .1411 :i
13IIN 35(43 .1HU3
13411 33HK .IS 1.1
134 0 3 Mill .1514
1357 3 0011 .11133
I3HII 3IIIIS :lft3.'l
1.11 I 3HI4 :it3ll
l.'li:i 3U.17 .11311
1.1.13 3 04.1 .1S.1S
I.1SS Jllin ilKSH
14411 34IDS .'Hon
14 SO 307 7 :S7N
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147 M 3 BO A .ir.113
1 4 Nil 3 7 fl4l .16HS
IKIir, 3733 ilSIMl
I S.'lll 3734 ,1111111
nail 3757 ilOllft
IS44 37111 :muN
I. 1113 377 ft .1HI3
ir.73 3 7H.I .1H1II
IS7II 37SI1 :iH3h
I5SII 37114 .IHail
I.1S7 3 S3 (I . .I4:i
I5SII 3S3.1 .'IHS1I
1 3117 3S.1I .14JM3
IH03 3M.1.1 nans
1 113.1 3M4:i .170W
111.14 3S5. .17 1 U
11)4 1 3S7M :i7tl
III4S 3NHI 11714
1(1113 3SUII .173.1
I HIIS 3II01I .1731
I II Mil 3017 .17:iS
1 70 1 3030 .17H7
Ami of
.IS 110
3 S.'lll
:iss 1
as S3
.III 1 1
.10 1 s
:111s 7
4 14.1
4 3 Oil
13 54
43 M 7
430 H
4.1 IK
4.'l 141
4:1 nn
44 HO
44 MS
44 S3
4ft I I
4 S3 I
4 .10.1
4 0.1S
4 7114
4 SO (I
Sptcial Ittut Quarantetd bf
inr nana:
13 I3N 3SI .163
Ann Juan, P. H,,
April 10, 1913.
Chartered 1822
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company,
Nob. 16, 18, 20 fc 22 William Street
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue,
New York. '
L0HD0N II SftBkrluT. 0. PAHI3' 41 B"n,""d "
Travelers' Letters of Orodit. Foreign Exchange.
Administrator Guardian
Wabash-Pittsburgh Terminal Ry .Co.
Wheeling & Lake Erie R. R. Co.
Copies of the Reorganization Plan, with Agreements for
Exchange of Securities and Subscription to a new issue of
5-ycar (5 Notes, may be had upon application. This plan is
issued independently of the Protective Committees.
Commissions Allowed Bankers & Brokers
Daniel B. Ely & Company
Syndtcatr Managers
This Law Affects You and Every Other Citizen
The proposed naliunal Innime tut law npplirs to au pr rconallj,
or ns an employer, trustee or oilier liiliuiary if joti li:ne tlirerl or In
direct control or disposal of tlie income of another. New and Im
portant duties and ohligalions are imposed liy this act.
The Corporation Trust Company, for a small fee, will furnish jou a
copy of the bill, notification of amendments adopted, a copy of the law
when passed, also a copy of the resolutions of the Treasury Depart
ment In relation thereto when issued.
Cbc Corporation Crust Company
Legislative Department
Staled rropaaala will be racf Ived at the offloe at
Thf rannera' Loan anil Truit Company, Noa.
io-. u uiiniu Ollirt, ticiv iuih ftlYi .or in. aaia
lo the Trustee nntter Hie moriiaie of the All,
eh any Ure antl Iron Company, dated Kebruary
53d, loos, of a aufllclrnl number of bonda aecured
by aIU mortf ace, to Invest IH.0M.W of th. Blnk
Inr h'uud. The rlint la reserved lo reject any
and all bids.
J'ropotala roust h. proaentrd before U o'clock
M. on May zd, 181.1, and should be dlraoted as
" Fropoaale to the Hlnkint Kund of Ike A lie than r
Ore and Iron Company, The farmers' Loan and
Trust company, Noa, l :2 William Street , New
York City."
nZ rsPV K s; nsTON, Prtsidem.
New York, April 17, 1019.
to Tin iioi.nint.s oi
iii'Frii.n. him iii:sii:ii a im i i sin m;n
rqnlpmrnl rust Iloiul. scrlrs "It "
blNKINO ITNl) Mtrll l
Notlr1 la hereby irllen as prolulfit In Mllrlr
.till of the Inrtentiirr dated Mav I. Iii, M i-n'lnif
the above bonds, that ceali'il olti-rs vs. Ill lie n .
eelrd up to Three r M on 'Ihur-dn) Ma i
IMS, hv the ucderhlrneil hi Us nllli-i-. No 140
flroailuay, v Vork, for the sale id i s Tr in
at ihe lowest pi Ire hi whleh mu-Ii bunds .hail he
orierert, nol eaceedlne rr and an rued Inlrifsi, I
of sufficient of the above lonils In ethinyl the i
sum of $.'..ouii, (JITers should he sealed and fit- I
domed "()::er for the sale of IlulTalu. Kiirhiu r I
A. I'lttabiirKh llallv.ay Cnmiiany rciuttin.eat
Trust .series TI' llonrts to the .MnMnr rund 'nnd ,
addre.sed to ihe im'M' lli:i' Vlt I Mi:.N I.
HVA J. HI'MI'IIIl.l. I'resldfiil. 1
April 10. 1013.
OFFICE OF IMF. l.AKT. Sll()l(i: AM) i
Cleveland. Ohio, Arrll 7, 1011.
NOTlCr IS IIKUDHV (ilVK.N that the Annual
Ifeetlnr of ihe Morkholdrra of The Lake bhors
and Mlchljan Southern Hallway Company will
he iieid m the o.T.re ot the Company. In the city
of Cleveland, flhln. on the tlm Uednesda ibelne '
the 7lh flay) of .May, tul.1. at 10 o'clock A M , for
Ihe purpote of electing Iilrectorfe, and aluo for
the purpose of eoneldrrlnit and anprovlnr or
rejertlnir a (ontract for the le ate to this Company
of Ihe railroad and property of The Lake l;rte
Alliance and "A lifeline Hallroad Company for
the teim of the corporate exUtrnce of said Com
pany, anil any cite tiMU or renewal, thereof,
and also for the t ten (.action of i.urh other business
aa mar be broufht before thf meetlnit The Toll
will continue open for one hour thereafter,
Hy order of the Hoard of interiors
mvlflllT v 1' It Dl'i:. secretary j
(leorce V Iloitjes.
Ilrrhert II March.
to Tun HTorKiioi.nEKs or
Notice la hereby Elven Dial the ANNUAL .MEET
1N(I of the Stockholders ot llll'. IlKLAWAHri
AND HUDSON COMI'A.NV will be held al thn of.
flea ot the Company, No. s: .Na.sau Mrcet, In he
Horouch of Manhattan, city of New" Vork, on
Tt'EHTiAY, MA II, mis, at twelve o'rlork noun,
for the election ot the Mauatrera of the corpora,
tlon for the cnsulni eai and for such other bust,
ness as msy properly come before the ineetlnc.
The polls win open at twelve o'clock noon and
remain open for at least nun hour
The transfer books of lh9 Company will be
rloaed from one o'clock I' M , on Saturday. May
I, 1911, until the raurnlnf of Wednesday, May
14, Itli.
Uy order of the Doard of Managers.
r. M. 111. V I'll NT.
ferret ary.
New York, April 1. 1019.
to mi: KTOCKiioi.nr.HH or mhi:ns
A 111., INC.
Notice Is herehy vlven that thn annual n rrtlnc
of the atneLhnlde r of M VKNS CO Ine . lll
be held at the orilce n( thn f-oiiiiwnt. No. Mo
(ireenvvlen M.. New orl CHy. Manhsttnii, mil
Wednesday. May nih. IUI3. at one o'clock In the
afternoon, for the ilcrilou of live directors fori
Ihe dialling year, and for the transACtlon of such '
olher business as may properly cmiir befoie tho i
MOUTlUI'lt W I1V1I11S, 'ecrelari i
New Vork, April IS, IdlS. I
noujnitsoi-'Titi'. ,m:w youk .mctcal oa.s .
LUillT CO.Ml'A , fur the election of Directors '
for the ensuing year, will be held at the olllce o( i
Ihe Company. No. so I'nlon Suuuir, on Tui-dny
the 13th flay ot .Mat, IBIS. a( noon. 'ITansfer .
booki close nt II 1' .M on the 2lth day of April. I
IBia, and reopen at io A. si. on tna ittu uay oi
May, 1013,
firo. W I'AUKnrnST. Secretary-
New Vork. April SMh, 1U13,
Kor Ihe purpose of the annual meeting of share
holdera. to bo held June 4th. lull, the transfer
books will be closed nt thnr o'clock I'. St. o:i
Monday. .May nth. and nlll hn reopened on 'I burs-
.Vlll.lU n. IIIVIIITH, lir.Mliri.
TO THE STOCKH01.1)i:it.S AND Dl'.HI'.NTtnii:
lioi.or.KM til i in; i..v i ..t i ai 1. r i.iv ni
The annual imetlne ot the luvesinient Securl
ties Company will be held at llio office of Ihe Cum
pany, No. SJ WnllMlrecl, New Vork Clt . nn Mon
day, slay i:, 1913. at 1'.' o clock iionu
I.AWIIIl.NCi: hll)l!. Hecretary.
NOTICn Is hereby given that the co partnership
heretofore enisling between JOHN .!, WATHON.
JIL.and HIiniNAl.I) W. l'ltr.hSI'IIICH.nniler Ihe
firm name of Watson .V 1'iessprlcli and transtct
Ing hualncss at No. 311 Nassau Street, Iloru'igh of
Manhattan, City. Cntimi anil Stale of Ne ork,
Is, nt ihe close ut business this day bv mutual co.i
aeut, termbiatrd and illssoltrd, The business ot
the co-uerttiership nlll be lluuliluted by Mr
Hegluald . frcasnrlili. nt 17 1'lne .street, ,Ne
York City.
.IOII.V .1. H VI, SON. .III.
iiKcivti.n ii. I'lirssi'iiicii.
Dated April m. 101..
INTKIINA I l(INl. Sl-.l.l i:((l A
nr. i' in imi on I'A.M.
(7 Ilroadway. New ork. April 20 tttl.1
Tho Hoard of lilirotms have this tiny ilcelaied
a ouarlerly dlvldcnil of tu per cent, wsi on
the outstanding capital viiick, payable Way ai,
1019. to stockholders of recot il at Suo o'clock p. in
on May 13, lUI.I. 'Iriuisfer tioolis close nt tlino
o'clook p, in, on May 11. Iia, and reopen nt len
o'clock a. in on Juno 4, lOLl.
J. W, Al.l.KN, Secretary nnd Treasurer
I.lloh Aeld Madl soo Hallway To.
Coupons due May 1st, Ida, from tho rirst
Mortgage l'lvr I Vr Cent Thirty Year (fold Honda
of the above Company win be paid on anil afier
May 1st, 1013, at the office of thn Central Trust
Company, M Wall Street. New York.
r. M. CAUI'III'.LL, Treaauter.
I (H'AltTNLliMlll' NOTH I.".
iir.viici,-. iiiiixins a-co.
'Ihe iinder.igued bring desirous of forming a
llmtied piirt.,,-rshlp piirsiiiint to nnd In con
foreill vim he prov Mori, of the Statutes of the
Stale of ew ork . IK) 111. Ill ll I I Kill 1 a
I 1 ha. tlie name of the f.rni under which snih
p.litnrislilli i' to be i niifliicted In ItKMICh,
llODCKS A- it), and the Cotmtv wherein the
prl'iclpnl luate of bulnes Is to be loialed Is th
Co-.ntv of ev -ork
II The genetal nature of the business In
tended to be transact!! that of brokers and
dealers In siutks, bonds and Investment securities
end such other business os may he. ptoperly
bicldental thereto.
III 'Ihe names of all the general and special
partners Interested therein anil Ihelr respective
plaies of icsldrnre are as follows-
c;i:nhhal i-mitni'-iis.
William II llemlck, lf.1 i:at I tMth SI . Hornugh
of Mauhnttiin, City of New
v ork
Mnple Drive, (Ireenwlrb,
?0U llerkeley Avenue,
virange, .evv jeey
.srr.ci vl i'itTi:it.
I'rederle I Ilav , a:t ( he stntit Street. New
ton. Ma.nlhllsett
All of the said partners are of full .'inc.
I 'Ihe amount of capital whirl; Frederic 1.
paj , the special partner, has contributed tn the
common slock Is 'lhtee Hundred 'thousand Dol
lars iM'0,ini
. Hie time at which the partnership Is to
begin Is the ::nd ilav ot March, 1 013. and the time
a i w hlrh It Is In end Is the .list day of Man h. IIU"
IN WITNKSS VHi:ill!or. we, thiMinderslzniil
hava hepi'iin'o set our hands nnd seals the Mill
day of Ma-ili. o.ie Thousand Mne Hundred end
I lilrteen,
t.i:o w )ioi)fii:s. ii. s
rilKDintlC L. DAY. IL. S
Stale of New lork, I Ity and County of New
urk. ss..
On this raid day of March, 1013. before me
personally raine WILLI .M It. lti:MICK.(ii:oit(,'l
v ll()D(.i:s and 1 1111111 I IT II -MA Itcil. each to
ne per.onnllv krioivn nnd known lo ine to be nr..
of the Individuals dctcrllicd In and who cictuleit
ihe foregoing tertiiicaie nnu rain ot whom ac
knowledged in ine ih.it he cvi-uied the same.
Notary Public for New v.nrk Co,. No. l.'i.
State of I lorl.lu. County of Dade, ss.i
On this 14th day of .March, lull before me l r
aonallj came ntmiMHIO L. DAY. to me per
sonally Itnowii imd known to rnc to be one of the
pirsons fiescrlbed In and who executed the fore
going certificate and he atkoivledgcd lo me thai
he eiccuteil Ihe sAlnc.
Il()lli:ui' W McLLNDON, (I. H
Notary 1'ubllc, Stale of l lorlda, at large
l fommlslon eiplres June lull.
State of I lorlda, County ot Daite.
I. .. 1 MIIUUITT. Clerk of Ihe Circuit Court
tn and for said County and Stnte, the panic being
h courl of record of the aforesnld county, hnvl-ig
hy law ii seal, do hereby unify I lint HOIinilT
W McLI'.NDON. L'squlre, whoe name Is sub
scribed lo the attached rertlticnte of .u kuoivledg
inent proof orarr.davlt. wasat the time of taking
said iicUnowledirnienl. proof or atl'davlt. a otari
I'ulillcdulv cominlssloticdniid sworn and residing
In said county, and w-as, as such, an otllcer uf sl,t
Stale, dulv anthorlfd bv the laws thereof to take
nnd certify the same, a well as lo take and certl'v
theproufttnilacknowledgmciil of ili-edsanrtfitlier
Instruments In wrltltic lo be rcconlcd In srld
Slate, ami that full faith and i tedlt are and ough'
lobeglven toblsolTli Int act, mid I fiirlhercerilrj
that 1 am well acquainted with his handwriting,
find veillv believe thai the signature to the at
inched ct rtlileale Is his genuine signature
IN WlTMiSS WHLHI.IIK, I have hetc'into st
my hand and am ted m official seal this 14th day
nf March. IVI3
(Seal I T. Mi:ilHnT,
Clerk i Ircult Court.
mvinr.Nni and intbrkst.
iri:nsi:ii sti:i:l cut coiit,
New York. N . April ?3rd. lIS
rnrrriiiiKD dividknd no m
A quarterly dividend of ONI' AMI TltllFr
(jrAHn:itS I'I'lt envr .l","il will be paid on
the preftrrcd sloek of this ( oinpaiiv Mav ail,
101.1. to stockholders of recotd at the close of
business April ;uilh, ini.'i Cheiiues will bo matlel
from Ihe office of the Company 'Ihe transfer
books will cloe at three I' M , April snth. HIH,
and reopen al ten A M . Mav Slat. I0IS.
I' I' V HiiltNl' Tr'tnirer
Banco Territorial y Agricola
de Puerto Rico.
Coupon No ?nf theftili Issqe Mortgage finnds
of the nbove Hank, due April Jth. 101.1, will lie
paid upon picsentvtlnn at the office of I llll
oitici: oi
Ilaltlmnre, Mil . prll 7th. 101.1
The Hoard of Dliectors has dei-larcd the regii.
lat iiuarterly dividend of one and one.hslf ier
cent (1'! on Its Capital Stuck, payable April
.loih, IMS, lo lliu .Stockholders of record at Hie
closa of business April IMrd, toil
The transfer books will remain open. Divi
dend checks will be mailed.
sslstanl Treasurrr
rin: iiiickkyi. rii'i: i.ini: ((impvnt,
3H llroadwa).
New iirk. April 30, 1013
A dividend nf I'lve Dollars per shiiro lias been
declared on thn Capital Stock of tM Cuuipany,
payable Juno 31. 1013, to stoclitiohicis of record
nt tho (losn ot business June 7. Hill
All communications tegnnllng payinint or
change of address should hn sent lo Mr. .1. It.
l'ast, Assistant Secretary, not Inter than J una t,
101.1 (,'I-OU(ir, Cltr.SKIIIIll', Srcre tar,
I'lllIITItltl'.ll DIVlnUM) NO. CO.
A dividend (No. m) nt one and Ihree-qaurten
(1?1 per cent, haa been declared upon Ine Pre
ferred Capital Slock of Ihe American t.rcpliiiiilionis
Company, payable May IHlli to stockholders ot
noard Uay 1st. liy order nf the Dlrrrtors.
KDWAItU U. UASTO.N, llcbldeol.
(of I'hlcaicnl.
Notice la hereby given that a dividend nf on.
and three-quarters per cent. rin bean
declared on th. capital stock of this Company;
payable May 26th, HIS, to tho stockholders of
record at Ihe close ot business on May Sd, HIS.
U A. WILI'.V, Secretary.
Aorll 11th. laii.
At a meetlnr nf thn Tloard of Dlrentora ttjilf4
thta day, thn regular quarterly dividend of U1
J..l...i4 An ,ha I'nmmnn . I nll nf Tka , I ' 1 1 1 . I
Overland Company, payable Uay lat to atoek j
holders ox rccora at inn cioso or nustnesi oa
Aptu :iit. muiau jv BuuvivcMcrtitr;

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