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1'i't Hinti Slim-elite Court Vol
Million llllltmi HIMM .XII
Uniit TiniP for Koorirnii
l.iilion lo .Ttily 1.
Brief Simtrrsts Tlinl CiiTtiii
.luilfrcs 15c IVrniilicil lo
N'miic Fiiuil Dntc.
Wamiimhi'N. April 2D. - A brief .signed
by .lohn ('. Spontier, .Inliti l. .Mlllntrn
nml N. II. l.inmilM, attorneys fur the
t'ttlon I'.ieltlc llnllriiml I'otnpiiiiy ami
llip Oregon Slum Lille, wan lllcd In tho
Supreme t'ourt In-day In support f a
tnntloti for tin' tiimlllli atlmi nf tin- man
date In Hip rninn r.ii'ltlc merger cms"
In eMi'tld tile time for tile reiil g.i lllzn
tlon. I'mler the terms nf the decree
ordered by the fulled States iiilpretile
Court the time for reorganization will
expire about May li. The brief h.ivh:
"All nctn.it control by the petitioners In
the tiian.iKellietit ami nlfalrs of the South
ern I'.ietllc c.iinp.ih has 1-cti tennln.iteil
illnl the stock of the Southern I'.icltlc
eonip.iny held by 'he petitioner I" 1 It--frnnchlcd.
The pulille Interests will tint
therefore ! affected In the slightest de
gree by apy dolai In the tiltlm.ite dlpo
strion of Mteh stock
"The eoi tiol of this court over Its de
cree ami in. mil. ite Iwelu will terminate
Upon the ndJii.Tinmciit of the present
trim, t'pon the expiration of th" teiiu
nt which a liecne N ciitotcd ueh decree
passes he outlet lie eontiol of the court
and cannot be collected, nio.lttlcil or set
The attorneys then point out thr.
rllillctiltlcH In the way of ea'ryltiR nut
the nnl'Ts of the court nniler the ih'ctee
nml tay:
"In view of the exceptionally l.ir'e '
amount of Km k to l' dljposi I of tin- !
tlMnifect (lllllcllllies of the prol.Ielll. the j
rollntei.il objects of the bet:, rinrtit as In- ,
dlratnl bv the lllt lans submltteil to the I
brlct c.iur: mil : Intlniateil by the,
memorandum of the Attotm i-ie'iieral
upon !hlf tuctlon. It w.iiilil ii'tn to be must
unfortunate- to penult this c.i'e to wet ,
Into a comlltlon in which nelthet this
court nor the illsttic court w.m'.il have I
punei to ext. -nil the time for wiekltii out
a .atlsf.uteiy plan fur ib ibns w ttli tu
i implex situation."
The attorneys for the 1'nloti I'aclllc
clearlv Imllcnte their unwillingness to
nece,-.' to the ilomaml of the Attorney
iter.eral that the est. nslon of time bo
limited to .Tuly 1 and sa :
"The only aileipisite i elb-f, nblrli can be
nfforded by tins couit Is either ati e-
trn.'-iiiii of time for a lunu p r'.od or .is
prion) In the pendliiK motion, a modltl- '
ration of the inundate ciinnr.ittit.l.- the
matter of tlm.. entlnly to the iliM-ietlon ,
of the dlstrlit couit A limitation of
Mlib extiisIoa to the first day of Jul, J
1913. iimouutliiK to an exp'tislon of tlfty ;
dais without the possibility of a further I
filial cement of the time. Judged 111 the j
llKbt of the dllllculties alr' iulv encoimten d )
b petitioners! In thilr attempt to pie. i
pire plans acceptable to the I'licult
Unices and to th Attoriie -f !ei.. ral.
iionlil ptotMbl constitute no relief. Such
ii hniltiil extension would rerta.nly be
li..ubiiate If the Attoinc.i-ilener.il. as
bis iiier.torandum Intimates, Is to eiuleaior
in connection with the pit-suit dlsso
lutinn. to brine about a state of affairs,
Mlwh will r nder unneccsar mrh a
tronlilesotne litigation now In cont"tn
r.et'.oii. "The Circuit Judces of the i:ichtb i'lr
rult, lio are familiar with the disso
lution ptocecdincs heroin, are rutin ly
iiualilbd to ileterni'.ne what. If any. fur
tier eXte)lom. sll'itlld b- crapteil. There
ntipears to be l.o Justification tor the sue
cstloii that the I'ircuit Judges ouclit not
to be trusted with the exetene of dis
cretion in the matter "
It Is the general iXI'ecta'.ion that the
Suptcme Court will pass mi th" tnot'on
next Monday and 11 rt.ilnly not luti r
than th" Monday following
JiiiIkp I'linru;,. Tlui !,nt t W'a. .lfailr
lo Mr III lie r of .lnr.
I'mt.MiCt piiia. April '.'I' .ludce
im r in the I'tiltcd Stat-s Ii.str'at Court,
lefu-ed the flefendulits in the Interna
i on.il I.um'iei- and Ui vi l.ipmeut 'im
pan a new tilnl to-il.iy ami lmpo-eil
entenl's upon th" l otivlcted otlli ers anil
proiipiter... In atinouai ns his dei isnm
he said that some one bad tiled to make
love to one of the tutors.
John It. Marldev anil 1-ahh It. Miller, j
the iw.i promoters, were each tciit-mrrl.
to pay flO.iHio tines and underco prison
lenus in a i ur ami tune monuis. win-
lam II. ArinMroiiK. Jr.. and Charles .M.
.iIc.Mnlion, the lonner general maniaeri
nr aeeretjiry and tieisurer. were tlnnl
JL'.Oiln eaeli and sentenced to two years
In prison. Col. Alfred II. Stewart, a di
I ret nr. was lined Sl.noO and ."cntrm oil
to one ear In prison.
The assertion of the lourt as tn love
ni.iltlnc came 'fter the address of ex
Senator .Mason of Illinois, of eounsel
fur the defence, who Implied that two
women had tried to lutrr.it In t- thcmwolws
with the postal ittspeetorr ,nd no In
fluence the testImon of the Government
w.lne.si.s .ludce Wllmer said:
"1 do not belni e that any such at
tempt was. tuuilo. The verdict was
honewt and. reaclifd only after in Hiiro
deliberation. I do l;now that a leriain
person Intore.sled in the easo made love
lo onn of the Jurors throughout the
trial. Also an attorney not dlreetly eon
iiectoil with the trial, but interested In
the outcome, was persistent In bl efforts
to Inlluenco the Jury."
Col. Stewatt, former I'nited States
Altorney-Cieiietal fur I'orto Illco, when
railed to Hie bar for sentence denied
that ho had piollted bv the fraud and
paid tlio .ludce know In his own heart
Hint he was cuiltles.
JuiIko Wlttincr expressed sorrow for
the lawnr anil said thnt he had been
fairly um icted. An appeal will be made.
rrcsldeni lln llrslicn, hill .So lrn
V. Ml lie Mel, IlnuUcra Sn,
The ,l. Ilumely Onnipany wan acaln
p in. cm .M'sterday in H rumor that Ii
u.'i limine dlfllcuPv uuetlnc cert;iln
Hotel falllnc due. William ijitlomon h
Co did pot comment on the report, but a
hanking Intercut connected with tlio com
p,iiii said:
'Phii Itumely company 1 meetliK; nil
ti notn ohllcatlniiH as they eomn dun and
w dl continue to do ho. There In one
point In the year where the ocnnpaiiy Ib
ul the peak of Its obligations when the
nYninud upon It for llnanelnc Its product
Is at tlio highest. Thin time romes about
August It will need about JD.uuu.nOO In
flnan nc the peal of the load. Jt will
lei e mi tho money.
Ilep'irt.i of cliaiigeH In the nianaBcment
of ' mipany were very broad yrstcr
l1i Heularly that President A. J,
V R"j , would uliorlly resign.
Hushix, f -i 1 ;"i Tr.iilihi! during 1 1 r
morning rutittiitii'il dull, with I lie tone
Kchernlli easier Shortly utter limui, under
ii but si nl in t it v. Htm ks declined shnrpll '
I'tMNinif well, iinil nt tlii" dnv's Iiiw levol
'I In' mint t'otiMjiU'iioim iIim lines fi mori t i
f,. """log -lock-were aMhum :i. Ameri- i
M,in , Itutlc iiml Superior n',. Calumet
Intiil rlon;i J ' j. Copper Hungo '., (Irnnliy I
2, lsl.mil Ciock Cnul t, m lloynlo i, North
j Unite ,, superior l' ntnl iVoliorlno 2'..
! In the railroad list lln.ton mill Albany
' iIim IIimmI s, Ito.toii iiml Miilm I ami Maine
Ci'titriil I ,M issioluiscits Kloetrit' com
1)1 F I'M CI' I TI FS "Ml1 "n l '! I'ruit I'.irli tlotllned IS
i IiiiiiiImt ul stocks imiuIp iipw low records
, ;t"r til" lour. I... Ueomtli, American Tele
i puoiiM nun I olograph, lioston mm Allmnv.
ir.lonmiilCcirlilii, Hullo ami Superior, Cop-
per ll.tngo, Maine (Vntriil,
I nltpil shnp t ho summary
Miiyllnwer mul
Oi'eii llitti' I.n Clo-
itllf est et In?
i iv, m.'i ) i3
'11, 3'l Ml, fit,
01 tVI wl ft'l
:i't '.'On t'i't ''Cj
:oi4 !ni4 ;io ',i
..lid 101 1i Mf
x 'i"'S ti'''. o"4,
!'1 W !'.
.'! Am T A T '
U'i Am T A T ii
-i)" Mill .el) u
: A I! A W I : I
.I'M C II A I) jl
N t'. I'm Y.nra .'.
i.ii .S" K T A T .'. . .
lio f Kriiit 4i..
im Wnl T ft T '2.
li. Aibrntiire
im Afvem.ili :.' :: t&
II.". Allniie. ?"l, f.Va II H
i'.a". Am iiMmiipii ;:, :.', :o', nn
in Aii Km,. !.-,i, j.-,', :i, .'it
:e riniu Cel. .i'. t1, r.
. "' Hs-mi A- Cnrhln.. ' (t, i4
I. .nl" Mil ii ... -.' ; ; ;
" i. I', iite a sen .... n, :in, ;ii ;sii
('i t'nl A Art? ... fji, M r..'i e.'in
C-ll A III. 1.1 tV. 4') (VI
.MCiMtelilll.il 1.1' j 131, I3W Us,
nv fhiiiii CiipiiT . . . w ."i. i;u
3" Copper Hill lie . 4JI, 4:' 41 41',
41 K.i.i Unite IP 11', III. IIS
ri" Crinlilln , o is. ts
tr. i. iimn Con. .. . i, : 3 ic : . 1C
Ili.l iir inM Cell. 6iv i, rfl
C. i.rre-H C.in . . fl r.', fi
.4. Il.iri.iik Con.. ), 1 14 .',
1 ' huh i!..i i s', v"s, ,
"T I c Coil . . M Vi 4H4 l.i
1T Ute Km .tie . ... :4 II V3 .1
.". Kerr I.lk- 1i4 M, 1V, 3'4
.Jl Kee'll1A- ;' . 1 .
."in L.il.e Copper . ):, t:'t 15 1'.'
1". t.a S.iJIe 4 4 I 4
M Ma.ni Vollrj-. . .. r.t, ia Vi 'i
.-. M.i. Cun. . . Jij ,1i, T, 5',
f. Mnvtliu er . . . T :i4 t. C,
in Mlnui . . . . ;4 :i :i ?4
i Miihnnk isi3 iMj 4
M- ni nii Con... . i: i; i6 ie
II- S'uil..inir . . . ' ' s", Vt
:.ni N'ortti Unite :si, :i4 ;;i4 r?',
V. North Lake 1', lia 1it 1',
. New Arr.-ldl.lll t, X
'. njibwdv . ... t i', n4 i4
.i . 01.1 Cnlnnv M . . ;i, :., n, 3',
V Old Dominion. . IT 4', 48',
i oienl i 3 n ;i
:.-. Pond Creek. is, t' Pv4 1S
Pond Crick rt ..w '.'1 .'-)
f" giaim .Mm o: ?'a ; c;
1.".. linv Con. . . I. 1 t:s ITS
II M M.iry. l.llll.l... JT 3T 3? 37
lH'l s,4.,mi(,ti 11 1 Jl Id
Mint Ari . . ;i s ti ;.i
i.ii superior .. . . 3' -s', 37 37
: sup a Hopton sif nt4 3'4
r. Tinnrr.ek .. . r' IM 3 w
Tnniij- .3'. ". 3't 3'
i.". Tuolumne . 3 1-16 ?', : 1 1C :',
Cm Copper I.nml. . 1', 1', 1 1
4 .1 C s smt 41 4,i i fo
C S nietl pf . 471, 47's C, 47't
-' ft ill AH . . 1'j 1', 1 l't
lft ' l l.i'i Coil" 7. 7". ru 71,
f" t'lah Copiw-r.. b'j Wa fi f.i
Woive-ine r.t it ms f.i'i
J i D.ilv .i ; 1 3
liAll.ll04.Ii STOCK
3s Hil.ten A Alll.inr ?ll '.Me t'. W
i: l!oion Kl ia-i i"".u n'.i, y.t,
51". nn.tnn A Maine s:i, djis cj t-
Itii.toii A Prov 3i . 3r,l
:: M ini" Central 1'"' l"' 1." lJii
: Ma. Klee lS'.j pS'e 16'i t'a
-ii V.i4 Klee pf tl T'.l, 75''j 7.M,
Nn n.iven . na'j ti- nn, no,
! OM Colony II It 10; 161 16.-. 1
:j" I'enn.i rt r.6 v. r.'.
' P.illmin ';. t.v if.v, r.",
1' Cinon Pvitle lti4 ini, ni4 US',
-.' West Klnl 71 71 71 71
Wi.t i:nt pf . .do, n4 m; pc.
1" Am Ar Chem . ".'j . IX, s Rs,
!! Mil Aj Chm pf r. v, jr. V.
Am Pneu 3J pf . 1' Is is
I" Am s,i.-1r mi, im. lim tip-,
Jl Am 'Miear pf tip, lliv, nil, no,
Vlfc Am TAT 1"' '"S 13-, 139
63 Am Wool pf . . :', 7, 7 7S
T Ante. 'leaf pf S 16
Af.ilV.... ST, r.,
till A I! A W 1 pf. .. 11 11 11 It
Jn CunitH rl.mil pf K "1 V. 97
Kdl.OM Elee . 3". 377.
r Oen Klee . . . 1V14 lt,; 13. 13S
;" Ma . Oas , !7', .74 7l,
- N K T A- T . . 1(1 lit 143 141
I sv,.(t A ro 10-.1. l.t, pv, lo.-.s
i TnrrltlCton . . 37V, ;7, 3-S
lrn) Torn n ti on pf . 3 : 3 3
4s.'. Cniusl Kre.lt If r.', 157S 157'.
t'lllteil shoe 44 41 17', 47".
41 flitted Shoe pf ::K 37. 37', 37s.
Si: I f steel sit, M ,-,, u
4 I" s steel pf . KITH in 107',
cntn stocks, cr.osiNc prices
Hid Aked
i-ln c.old Ili.j US
II IV s-,tp o.1 16 17
lulu nan .. 1', s
Iln.tnn Klj- f.6 fi
Unite Central
i Calave-f.
, Chief Con.
I Con. Arizona . .
Ii.iv IHIV
I f ir.t National
HoMtieM Con- . ...
; l.a Ho. Con.
i M:ii .'ic
Me. an Metal.
Nei ala lioticla. . .
1 Neu lliltie
Hhm . .
One. o
I Haven
Khoile Lland Coil .
sonlh l.al.e
1 15
: hi
1 7-16
6' 4
fn Vinle K-:teninn
I'llii.iniMMtH, April ".".i Storks cloed
weak, null attention of traders almost
eveluslveli- iriitreii upon iirbitrnno latues,
wlin h droiiiied to ne'v low level, for the
Heel, I'liO'idclphia I'.leitne on li;ht t rad
ue 1Mei
i pi.iiioi at
III f'lie
1 tiilrh' stroni:
the lirevnllinc
p-W.l.lMlsln . l al uioct
M irked dcprcion rule, nmonc traders
and the eombinntlon nf foreiirn compllra
tiom. with Ihrentenliit' war talk with Japan.
had n ilei nledlv discouracliis' effect upon
member. 'I he niinmari
Open- rtleh. Ixiw. Clos 1
..ill. nu est est In j
vi ni Cm nil, !. Si, 3: I
ni Mil smelt ffi', r.o-, fiii, CCV,
-"1 i'i ui Tout 11 ;.i :3 u
. 1 Cut Kurt Iron 31', lt; -i, n;
I'' ' CIO 14 bl 64 61
ii til Nor Ore r.ji, 33", n si's
Vi 'I irvinn.il I'lee 3s, t., "S 3
I". II ii'Minil KIi"' pf ''. tr. "V,
im lin.iljiiin.-iti-d 7;", 7;i, 70H 70',
117 .1111 Hi". pill, Ki' tap, pilij 1
!" II ililu III . . 4', I'. 4. 45 '
11 llililmn pf .. . !" 1'U'j 1)i tom I
(' inibrll Sleel.. 4'"j 4'H, 4'U, 4i, 1
Vi lllee Mm Hat. 41', 4i 4i, 4l, '
:i line . 17', !7i, r.U '47i.
Vi lien Aiphlllt t e 374 37, .17 37, I
.W lieu A.phlllt pf. . 71 71 71 73
In Co of N A. . . 5.' 'J.
I ' Ken-line Tel II", 1.' It", Ui
'.Ii, l.'lueh Valley . . 76 13 16 77', 761, 7'i
I l-chmh Nav t e ... k7 7 1.7 17
- J I'etlli.i . r.71, 571, r.7l, 571,
r. I'cnn.i sii-l pf . . en, i,n, 6ii, 611,
p.l I'hd.i Cu 41 11 41 41
,7 Phila l'n tif r.'i ::'ii, '"i ::9
:r.r. Phila Klee :-ji, .a, ;j
llifi P It T I e IP, .Ml, "4 "I
I'i Plula True t;i4 vji, k;i,
ftrt Tnnmi.ili . ... .'.', 1 1 Pi 51, 6 n i
-T"? Tun lii'liuont .. 6', t,i, 6 r,
i-'ll lle.nllliir .. . 7S 1.1 16 mi, 7.H. 79' I
sa Cniiin Trae r.O', wi, mi, m,
t.vi I' ill I.'.'? I'i', kjl, Iv.'.',
11-.H-, r s sirei . wn, mi, t, 5'S
.in Nor IM-ifie.. . .ill ill 111 111
' S .1 True . 7Jlj 73li 7SVj 73",
till Pinna warrants.. .:. 11 16 :.', r, J 16 5 A 16
I . Plill.l Cer pf 41', 41', 41'i 41',
100 Sii Ky . . Jl', S41, l, 24'i
ll Th.nl Ave . . . . J3t 33 33', 31li
Jl IV J t S J 61 61 to 60
t.1.1 Mil 1; ,1 K t S5 M 6 M
ivei 1, inch Vat ....in in 103 103
7000 Itrelliu m 4s 91 Ki M fr,
I'm lly t e 4s 73 71 71 71
I'M') t' K 1 isil f.s 71' 75 75 7i".
"I'll ll'irwiiml Klee 6s Wi W, 11131$ 1D.II,
r.Jim Phlla Klee 4s .. . al kl HI It
1I0 1. V pen 4s. ........ 91 91 91 91
.1I0 Wrlatwh t M 03 93 91
Did. Asked.
Ilralllau Trai Hon..
C.iuailluii 1 finrnt ..
Canadian Cons Ituhher ....
Crown Itescrie . .,
Dnnilalna Slrcl Corp
Dnilllnliill Teitlle
Illinois Traction pf . .
Minim al I, II tc P
Nova Scotia .Steel A Coal,
Oilllile I'liiiir Mills
Quebec Ity l.t 4. P
Itlih A Oat Nav
Shuivlnlfiiu W A 1' ,.
Toronto Hallway
Wlnnliicg an ict Ity
11.14 itti
. l
, 121
4 1)1, a
4 tun 1 1 llnUi'in lleliorleil OfTrrlliu
Slrrl fur .Snlr I'mler 4lloleil I'rli-e
It has been teporteil that several stn
Independent makers of steel have been ofl cr
itic some products for sale nl Ulidet illoted
lirlces, iiltlioiiijh no dellnlte Informal Ion
on this point Is fortlicoiulni! Accorillni!
to this repott some ol these innnnfiicturers,
liavitn; small tonnawes available for de
Ill cry ilurlnif the tins I few months for which
there was little ileiii'iinl, soiutht out con
sumer, and oflrrnl these tonnaites al eon
resslons. However, the Inrifer steel makers
hale shown n dspolt Ion to cut prices
ilr.plte recent Innclliliy in new business,
while premiums for some xrndes of lee
nml .eml-llnl.slieil ft eel products which ar"
in ureal denunil anil which are all sold
out lor srirril months nheid llll prevail,
'tin Sleel t '0ri10r.1t ion still Inailitnins all of
Its iiuolatlons for llhl.heil products, thmwh j
II ha. not at any time accepted premiums
for pininpt deliierv, as such nre intitrarv
to (lie policy outlined and mainlaiinsl bv
ihe iii'iiKinenicnl .
The ino.t marked lull teeeiiily has Ii mi
In the hu ins of steel plates, althoiiith sped
llcations niralnst evlstinp; lotitracts con
Untie heavy. Makers are not shnn tu
ativ ureat concern, as plate rapacity for
several months ahead Is prnetlcnllv all
sold out If the expected improvement
in the bttylm; of cars 11 ml locomotive, bv
railroads materializes a mimbet of In rue
orders for sleel plates .hould result, as well
as irood buylm; of other ptoducts used in
the m-iklmt of eipiipment
'Ihe taericati Iioromotlve Cotniiaiiv Ins
received orders for I" locomotives, of v hull
1.1 nre for the Cuba Callro.nl I'onipnnv
I'h" St. Louis and San I'ranelsco l In the
market for n.ooo frelrrht ears nml :;n loco
motives The Cnliiidlati 1'nclfie Hallway
has ordered about 300 cars In the last few
days from rations makers. The tiratnl
Trunk hns orileted 5.1 Mikado locotnotiies
from the llaldelu works. S.disi box ems
from the Canadian Car and I'onndrv Com
pany, .'.("si box cars from the I'.astern Car
Company, n.ooil bov cars from the Western
stel Company and i.ono drop bottom ears
from the Western Steel. Car and foundry
Com panv
Knropenn Wnr "rnrr llernmen n
Dominant Cnctor tKalii.
Ihe Kuropean war cloud has nsniu be
eomn the dominant I ictor tn the copper
market With inrroRs-tmr. shadows nut
yesterday the iletnnuil for the metal fell
flat, with tin buying power In sluht Prices
as a result were purely nominal, mtnou!?:
as they did from i.v. to t.1', cents n pound.
A I. nke producer nskisl H', cents for n
small uunntity, and while no order had
been booked up to the close of
!.'it nitfht he lelt lonfldent tlisf the price
would be obtained
It looked yesterday as though the threat
ened strike Hinnmr Michigan copper miners
woul.1 develoii to-morrow 'Ihe ciinip has
become unionized, but the companv tnati
aKements will not reconnlze the Munition
in this lljiht. If crlevanci-! enst the eom
patibf. will treat with the men Indlvlduiillv,
nut not throuuh union intents 'I hey point
but that th .Mlchtnu peninsula has In en
free troni unions for the post half century
and rather than submit to outside dictation
at this late hour will close down ihe mlms
I lie Pittshurit Oil and Oas Company re
ports for tho year ended Mnrch SI, 1011,
cross earnlnus of $7.14,7:.'. aualnst fUS.1,020 the
year previous, nnd net earnliiKS of $3(ls,loi,
as mm pared with S20.1,6uufor the vear elided
.Mirch 31. t012 The total net for the
eur ns $.tijs,45.' The surplus, alter
the tmyment of interest and other eharite.
plus tlio receliits from the wile of tho I.iti-caster-Depew
National (!as L'oinpntiy and
the Huckoyii .State (ios and Tuel Company
Hod:, was $:.is,370, nxainst fSM.oofl for
lost year, which Included the proceeds
of the sale of plants at Mnvn and llurtford
City. Iud
It hns been announced that llodenpyl,
Hardy A Co, of Sow Vork and K W. Clark
.t Co. of rhlladelphi 1 were the chief factors
In tho inerulnc of a number of public utility
companies operBtlni: In Michigan and Illi
nois 'I ho properties Include the Common
wealth Power, Hallway and l.lcht CompHtiv.
the t'tuon Hallway, (las and Klectrio Com
pany, the Michigan I nlted lUllwnys and
tho Sprlnuneld I Illinois I.IkIiI. licit and
Power Company Tim Joint eipltil is
placed nt 7,ooo,orio
The Maryland Public Service Commission
has ratllled the sale of the proiertlrs of the
I'atnp4co l.lectrlo nnd Manufacturlni; Com
pany to the Consolidated tins, Klcctrlc
Unlit and Power Company I'eclslon. how.
ever, has been reserved on the request of
the Consolidated Company to issue t,r.rin,oiio
consolidated mort fane .1 per cent debenture
Th' rutted Oas Improvement Company,
in Its annual report for the year ended
December .11. 101?, savs that the total In
come for that period as m,fl.',07i. aitain.t
$s.3i1m,3 In lull Net profits wereJ7.:2l.eal.
airnlnst $7,s:.1,4ni The net profits were
eipial to 1:1 fi.1 per cent, on the t .13Vi;,lV)
capital stock, ns nKaitist 1.1 ru per coin
earned on the same stock the year pre ions
1 ne surplus inr the year was :',30ti,a:,-i, g.
rotiipared with j;,04'.'.7.' for the year ended j Xeiv York nt fH.000 a year and Increas
Decetnber ,11, lint ' lni; the salaries of a clerk and a deputy
,.. . , ,. ,,, I clerk to $4,000 nnd $3, POO respectively.
. i J". rT.'i"" 1 '"r m"' Vi!1: ,!"v- Ulwr .-'l"" the Hush
nnd das Company hi. been sod to .IS. ,,,, , , ,, , ,, , ,,
A W S Kill.,, of Plt.slmrif and ivill be In- MniT. ta '
eluded in the lleltnont Klectrie ,, 1I1V, ! O Hyan a salary of $s.000 and H.000 for
nlileh Is to operate electric Unlit, pouer i e.xpetiKes a year. Heretofore the Major
aiul iras plants in lleltnont lountv. Ohio ! 'leneral received only a salary when
Ihe Ileluionf county properties will be
opernted as a part of the West Pennsylvania
Traction and Water Company, which nuns
the Wheeling street rnllMiiy hues and other
properties In West Virginia, the Ohio prop
erlles beiriif just nero.s the river from
the plants already operated by the West
Pennsylvania Company. It is planned to
enlurKe the Renerntliii; plant at Haniesvllb
iiml to make other additions to the prnpcrl j .
The Ottuniiva Ooiwi) Hallway inn I.lclu
Company, which bus a oapitaluatlon of
fil.Vi.msi common and f l,,.,'o,ii'i 7 per cent,
preferred slock with $l,474,nn.i funded debt,
reports for the year ended March ill, 101:1,
a surplus of IOi.s.io after a payment of
llied eliarKes. 'Ihe balance for the year
after the payment of Ihe preferred dn idetids
was t:i.i,:t.'is
('an Aim, April Ihe market was In
a very unsettled londlllon, due to the de
cline in New York. Sears-Itoehuck devel
oped tho most weakness, with 1'rilon Car
bide, American Can Issues and CIiIuiko
Itallway 2d also showltiK a heavy lone.
Commoniiealth IMIson was the only stroiu:
feature, Itonds active ami soiiieivh.it
oasler. I ne summary
"! '
1 33
175 1,
105 Vj
Low- Clos
Sales (nt
est. inn
350 Am Can .. :u
150 Am Can pf 93',
10 Chi Pneu Tool.. . 4:114
170 Chi Itys series :. . COii.
65 Chi Kya rift 3. 7
40 Chi Title & Truet .V
391 Com Kdlatm. . ..11!
91 Diamond Match. ..101
SO Hurl pf 9'.V,
75 Mnut Ward pf. . . .107
10) Peoples (las liiliu,
35 Pae lias I, Klee. .. 53
ie."J Seara llneliuck . .. I7t'
16 S O lnd .117
176 Swift & Co.. . I051J
100 Dtilon Carbide... 165i,
4S3 U S Steel .. .. 00
109 l-i
5O0n Chi Ky 5. ., .
1000 Chi Ity series A.
17000 City y 5a,. .
.1000 Kilison !
30110 Coru Klen f.s. .
6000 Dia Match
1000 Met fold Is
100 li
:,l.l2i.H01 for First, Tliri'f
Mont lis Nciirly Doubles
1JH2 I'iiriirc. '
Surplus of -S7. ;((!!).(!()(). Ajrninst
SI'i.lMIl'. I : I Deficit in
IVi'IihI Lost Vfiir.
The report nf the I'nited States
Steel Corpoiatlon for the llmt quar
ter of the new year ended March
.11, Issued yestetilny, shows total cam
ItHtc above oierntlnff ex)enses of ?3-l,-Uti.soi.
This Ih practically twice tho enrn
Iuks of lusi year for this quarter, which
were S 1 7.S2CTTS. The enrnlni?s for the
ipinrter this year luivo been Htirpiussed
only In H'OH, 1007 nnd 1P10. Though
earnltiKK did not rench tho llEtircs ex
pected the financial cimimtinlty, they
were reirardcd ns favorable and Indica
tive of the malntetinnce of business In
tho Industry nt n high rate of capacity.
The total rnrnliiirn were $758,000 Ims
than In the December nunrter of Inst
surplus oier dlvldrnil requirements
ntnountltiB to 7,36'i,C0O for the quar
ter, contrasts etronitly with the deficit
of tr22.3A, ill the t orrpspondlni; quar
ter of 191. lingular illvldends weto
The statement follows:
h fore
on the
Inten 1
011 the
mili.ldlary Hnlince
eos ' hnnds of
nnt.tnniltnr nutstanrluiz e&rninv
.tanuaiy. im i;,isi.or.) .i.4i; jii.34:,M.t
Pclirunry. 191! II i;.U3 19.U0.05I
Mnnh. isis tj.i.Mi -ti.jss i:,hi.:i;
.v.i.;: u.fsj.KT
TotM rarnlius 'ifter deilnettny All e
pen.i. Inenleiit tn opprattons. In
cluilitnc those for ordinary repaus
mill nnlntemn.-e of plants and in
tere.l on bond, of the sub.irtirirjr
1.. cliarie. and allowanced
for ilepreeiatlnn. viz. : Sink
tnt funds on bond, of sub
:itinr compnnl. and ri
lirielation and eitrnonll-nor-
replacement funds.. . 17.011.
Sinkini funds on I' S steel
Corporation tionii. vtr :
Imtalnirnt. l.Olt.fM
Inters! on Imi.t). In .Ins
im I unit" Ml. fit
114 4:.1
Net Ineonie
Deduct tnterrt fnr the quirlpr on
I s Slerl Isind. out.taniiinF
l)ivl.1ir.il for ths ouiinrr on itneka
of Hie C Corporation, vis
Preferre.1. IV.- J6.V14 fl
Common. P.-. t.Jf.J,7l
Surplus for the fplirter
Ill for m Direct Stele Tax Are
1 11 trod nerd Also.
Auiint. April 20.- Majority Lender
Wagner Introduced In the Senate to
nlKht a bill providing for o commission
to lnvcstlvfite the methods of produc
tion, distribution and sale of tnllk and
Senutor John J. Hoylnn Introduced a
resolution providing for a leslslatlvn
committee to InvestlBato the method of
distributing nnd Felllnp Ice In New York
city nnd ho allegation that prices nre
helm? raised to a point lending to ex
tortion. Kach commission is to set $10,.
000 for expenses.
Senator Trail ley Introduced the bills
providing for a direct State tax of eluht
tenths of n mill to meet the slnklns
fund payments this year as usunl. This
tax would rn'.se $0,020,000.
The bills carrylni; out Oov. Sulier'.s
Idea of tneetlm? these payments from
the $15,000,000 surplus slnUtnc funds
were Introduced ln-st week, Kach se.
rles will be passed nnd sent to Oov. Sul
zor. leaving It to his Judpninet ns to
how this money shall he raised.
Senator Krawley Introduced a bill kIv
Inc State Highway Commissioner John
N Carlisle $n,000.000 with which to ron
t!nii Kond road construction this year.
C.ov. Sulzer created another city when
he slirnetl the Schnlrel bill IncorpnratlnK
ithe city of C.innndaU-na, Ontario
fount y. This makes fifty cities in the
1 The Torborfi bill was siKiied provld
1 Inn for the appointment of a confidential
I clerk and stenographer in the Second
department of the Appellate Division In
on duty,
Tho Well hill aiithorizinn the Sheriff
of New Vork county to appoint a chief
clerli at $2,500 11 year wan sinned.
The Assembly defeated a motion by
Assemblyman Schapp, 1'reRresnive, of
New Vork, to brim.' before the House
hla bill reducltiR the taxes on Improved
land in New York city and IncreasInK
the lax on vacant land. A similar mo
tion was beaten In tin- Sennto last week,
"Inn lit VI erne I'llllty rnmpnnlra.
The Cotunioniveallli Power. Hallway and
l.lpht Company of Xllchluan Is prnposlmr
.1 plan to Hockholders for the ncnulsltlon
of the I'nlim Itallway Oaa and Klectrlc
Coinpuiii. the .MIchlKiin Itnllivnys Cotn
I naiiy and the Spilnufleld I.lKht Company
!of Ohio. The Cnlon Company operates
I In Indiana, Illinois nnd Wisconsin. ThrouKh
011 net ship of this and the Springfield
Company, the Commonwealth plans to
extend Its operation lircadh in other
States outflde of MIchlKiin. The, proposed
capitalization of the new company la $7,-
riOil.OOii of & per cent, convertible bonds,
$16,000,0(1 fi per cent, cumulative pre
feired stock nnd ItR.fjOfi.noo nf common
Inrentt a lmokelesi Knrnscr,
I'lTiHfit'iui, April SB.- Chief Knioke In
spector Hall has hiiccceded In evolvliiR a
type of furnace which will not only greatly
reduce the tuuoko production of power
plants, but also will prove a ureal saving
In fuel 10 lis users.
'Ihe new fiirimcn Is constructed with in
creased distance between the urate bars
and the boiler, lly a system of brickwork,
bc'tinnimr at the face of Hie brldife wall
and eiteudltiKto the combustion chamber,
an almost perfect system of combustion
for tho snses that escape from the fire
is spcunsl,
Mr. Hill feels assured that the new method
of furnace construction will go further
toward eliminating the smoke nuisance
in I'ltlsliurK, so far as owners of hollers
are concerned, than anything that has been
done heretofore.
Niitlimnl Clly llnnk Culls II U'nslr
fnl nml Without Mclhoi).
The National City Hank, In Its monthly
letter, urces the prcssliiR need for reform
of I'cderal (lovernmcnt finance, In ilew of
the waste utnl the "utter nbsenco of
method" now oxlstltui, which ato resiion
slhle In conslilernble measure for tho In
creasltiK pir ciqilta of (toiermnent opera
tion, 'Ametlcan husltiesa admlnlKtrntlon
ptldes Itself upon Its efficiency and Its
economy," sas the letter, "American
Intel mental ailinlnlstratlnti has neither,
except In I11dlvld11.il Instance1."
The hank emiilieslzes the fact that the
Ii Ultimate reason for most of the Inctense
In the cost of (tovertiment lies In the tre
mendous Increases In the activities of the
"Hut there ran be no IcRltlmato reason
for Ihe continued maintenance ol the nr
clink1 and unbusinesslike methods of l-'nv-cihinmitnl
admlulstiatloti, which Involve
every year the waste of millions of
dollars," It snys,
Just before the civil war the cost of
overninetit per capita wns approximately
$" per annum, the letter says In the last
tltteen jnrs the per capita rbarKe has
never been lets than (! a year, except
once when It was 5,!i6. I'or the last
live ears the figures have ben around
$7 annually.
I. nke Mi ore .Voles Sold In Paris.
The New Vork Central reports hnvliiK
sold In I'arls about $J,000,0OO of Lake
Shorn and MIchlKiin Southern f tier cent,
oho year miles on a 5'; per cent, basis.
London tool! JIO.000,000 of the same notes
011 Monday Tills makes about IGl'.non,
000 of one year notes sold by the New Vork
Central within the Inst two weeks, of
which fS2,000,flOO wore taken nhrnnd
Coinpnn.' and T-rni.
Sto k
ti sa
ti :i
.inierirati ttauwn)s
Amerlraii ftllltles, quarterl;-. ..
CanitTl.i Steel, i u.irterly . . .
Canada I'enienl. auurterly
Canml.i Cetnerter., quarterly . .
Cnnnertlriii Itatlwiiy and Light,
quarterly . ...
Conneitlrut Hallway and l.lKht.
Illiiinln.'itlnir and IViuer fierurlty.
quarterlv .
KpIIokr Swlti hlmnril ami Puppl.1.
qiiurterly . .
I.efilRh Vnlle Transit, seml-i.ii-
nuiil . . .
Montreal I.IkIiI. Heat ami Power,
quarterly . . ...
Norfolk sin! Western, quarterlv
Pnelfle Hns and titer trie, quarterly
Pressed Hteel Car. quarterlv
Printer A ll.iiuhte, quarterly
Pullman I'ompanv. quarterly
Sears-ltoehurk, quarterl
Hoiithrrn Cillfornla lldl'iin, qunr-
1 om
lerij ...
Tuoluimie f'npper, quarterly . .
Warwick Irsn end Steel, .emt-
annual . . . .
iiivmiiNMis pAVAiu.r:
I'onsnlMatleii Coal, quarterly...
PuvnhoKS Teleiilione. misrlerlv.
1 Pf
Kaatern Steel Cempanv. quarterly
llolilflelit I'nnsnlMateil
InKersoll-Kaiiit, annual
I.ahelie iron IVork., quarterly
Mllvaukee r.leetrle Itallnny anil
l.tuht, qunrterl)
Osrenla ConNollilnteil, quarterly.
Pope Manufai turlnc, quarterlv
I'nlteil States ltulit'er. quarterly
t'nlteil States Itulitie. quarterly
t'lllteil States ttllbt'er qvurlerl)
IVe.tltiKhoii. llleptrle qiiar
terl) ..
WASHINGTON'. April !! --The statement
nf th receipts end expenditures of the
Trea.ur.i' show.
Yesterday. This month. Fiscal year.
IWelpts 11 174.990 $4D.4K..SIS S;i.:s6.f;in
IllpenJt's 1.44S,19 M,04.00 SC8,i7C.71C
riencit :;s t9 m.hso.sis 7,ni.:n
Itecelpt. from enstom. .tardav were
$573, 1&4. from Internal reienue. ordinary,
tot.:., corporation tax. 111,45:. end mis
cellaneous, Jsi 451 NV.tlonal hank notes re.
cetieit fnr redemption $'7.11S.o:e
Tim rash statement nf the t'nlteil States
Treasurer for April J. slums
Gold cntn and bullion . ... 1150 000 000
To redefm eutstimdlni; rertltl
cntes 1 56..TS:.1S
(lEN'tlHAt. PUN'D
Oold coin K.l.ir,5
Hold rcrttnrstes i7.ri;.0S0
Silver dollar. t:,4.0S
Silver certlrlciite. 1.1,45. m
I'nited States notes . 4.A35.441
National bank not 10, '.'il
Certified check, on tanks. .T :o&
Total .... ... ii6:.eso.r,i5
Deduct current liabilities 0,?43,7S9
Worklnit balance n Treasury I7t,l.il,7:i1
In national bunk" 4:,S!I.:5"
Silver bullion, HubeldlarV silver
and minor coin :5. 111. ill
Awaltlnir relmbursemi nt 45, lie.
Cash balance 140.J4J.1O4
Pali! hy Sub Treisury tn hank.
Paid by banks to fSuh-Trea.ury
i.atn tn tanks en day's transac
tions fiNrn rimiAY last
Piitd by Sub-Treasury tn banks .
Paid hy banks tn Hub-Treosiiry .
Loss to banks . .
Less in hanks same pertad pre-
iloii. week
lit 000
I: 006 000
''o.MPAVV a petition in bankruptcy has
been Tiled .m.linbt 't'e Ilnckvell Muter
Transportation I'ompmy. u hleh conducted
an aummohlle liverv for retail iiiiTchnut.
and .1 aar.iite nt 631 West I'oriy-.ecnnd
str.'oi, lo thi' Tcs.is rvnipani, a creditor
for M.29S JudKc llarel apnolnted Selui)
l"r r t'.irltun recelicr Liabilities are
117.500 and .i.sel, ure istlm.iled .11 13.000
Till: 01.11 vin.S'Nv-A petition In b.mk-
rupuy has be. n hied airalnst Samuel
Jtildne-, trailliiK as Ihe llld Vienna, res
tauraat and liquor de iter at 115 I.en.
aifnue. hy thi-se credltnt.: Henry Fib
blnrhan.en. 1150. Iturnl.lll Simon Com
pany. 1.9, and Morrl. Wnhrnian. i:s
.ludgo Hazel appointed William Hlau re
cilier. I.lnblMiles are ls.000 and assets
li (ilti:i:Mli:itrii:it A CO a petition In
bankruptcy has been tiled iiKalnst llrnest
and .laeijues ilreetiherBer, ivlui coinpnnc
li tlrei nbererr Co.. dealer In furni
ture and carpets at 20,1 and 203 17. st
S-venty-sKili street. b these creditor.:
Umpire I'.irpet Conip.111). 1494. New York
I'ouih lied Company. 134. and Nathan
Sunierprade. 115. .ludce Hazel appointed
Louis H. Howe reielier. Liabilities are
S25.000 and asset 16.000.
CHAItl.KS IV. ISIIAHL. salesman nf 969
Simpson street, has riled a petition In
bankruptcy, with liabilities of $737, tu
three creditors on Judsnients and no as
--Sclieiiulf s In b.inkruiitey of the Dorf
ninn .Manuficturlnc cmpan. skirts, 11
West Twentieth street, slujw liabilities of
116.662 and asiets 16,71
Hazel has appointed Stanley- Yi Pexter
referee In bankruptcy of 71 nromlway to
take charce nf the coniposltlnn prneeedlnKs
of I'harlea sluions Sons. Inc., w linlesalr deal
eis In hnsleiy and underwear nt II Cnlnn
Sniiare. .Silie, liile. tiled liefora ndjudliii
llnii show llahilltlea 1253. S43 and assets
I III, 63k. cnnslstlnK of stock. 113.000, rtx
turia. 1500; rash. 1249. real estate, 7S.,
and ahiirea of stock. 135.000 in the Slmnna
itealty Cmupiinv. linlilrn Star Realty
Company and Suburban Itealty Companv.
The enrpnratloa has other real estate In
The Promt. Hastlnua ami Oranitn county,
New Vork, value unknown. Anions: the
eredltora were the Hank nf t1l Metropolis.
134,500, secured! State BnnU. 123,000, sa.
cured. 1. Isanrs i-o., f 35,000; IS. m,
Tnwnsend ti Co., 15,8, and William
ti-elln A Co., 111. 218.
AtiOLPII HPITZllIt-Jiidus Hazol has dls
mined the petition In bankruptcy filed nn
Marih 25 uKatiiat Adidph Spitiar. manu
facturer nf men' neckwear al 310 Canal
street, on a settlement with creditors nt 20
tents on the dollar cash
C1HAK1' oi llllAKl' Judge Hazel has dls.
'i'l'ikriiptcy tiled ,.n
:!,r,"u"' "?''" "ruff Draff, moeera at
3.121 Saventh aienue. on a settlement with
K,",V. "l 40 r"u" "n h dollar, pay"
ahln 30 lentj cash, 10 cent. In three
month and 10 cents In ul, i"
I'lllKKKlT SK-IHT ; COMPANY -Judge Hazel
has anpolnted Char es Putzel receiver for
Jlli"'lllm.. doing business ns tho PrUetlt
Skirt Companv at 111 We.t Twenty-fourth
street. Llnhllllle. are 124.000 nnd noni nal
assets are larger. It was stated that they
Intend to niter settlement In full o
nearly n full or ask for nn extension on
the basis nf 10 cents on the dollar.
JACOH M. KHHLICH Judge Haiiei haa an.
V-r11 , s1!: ' r rt Duller receiver or Jacob
,f;e.Lli,"o Y,h? ".". Pf'-ldent and treas
iirer of the ITnlon (las and Klerlrle n.
i?;:..,oiyfn.i?i'...o.f .. wt Kiht..nti,
....... .... ...... , ..iiiii.ifii Bl j;.i)Urj
Statement S10 Ciineern Is Srcniiil
In AiiikoiiI nf Insurance.
That the Prudential Insurance Com
pany In Newaik ranks second amoni; th"
companies of the world in the amount of
Insurance In force Is the statement of
the company In Its initial statement for
The report also says that the cost of
conductlm? the company's business was
the lowest in Its hlstoty,
The total assets are $201,7.15, 3M.M, and
the total liabilities $2i!fi,923.SMi,37, not
Including the capital of $2,111111,1100 and
Mirplus and unasslKtied prollts of $22,'.'!'.',
ior,7!, Tho policy lesetve Is $22s,S3l.
SSI. There Is also $32, Mil, 000, 1 1 for
The company will pay 133,713 nut
of the dividend fund this eur to policy
holders. The balance, $27,liln, ll'fi. II. bis
been apportioned for payment In holdiis
of partlclpatlnK polli b.s as a dass arter
this ji-ar. In the last year the totup.iiiy
paid out mine than 120. on0 death claims
and instilled einlnw inents. The leal
estate mort(fai?es weic Inn eased durliiK
the icnr from $.17,101,010.11 to $73, 124.
M'.w YdllK ' HI Vl
Nupii'ine Court Appellate Dlil.iiin llrfnre
liii-i.tlinni, P .1 . Mrl.ani:llln, baimlillii, I'liuke
and hcnll, ,1 ,1 Court npeiu al 'J P V. No.
nil. 1171. r.?-:. r.7.1, (171, 077. i!7s, j7t. nvi, Ctl, HI.',
lisi. (is:, r.17, fii-s
MipHine Court Appellate Term llcec... .
.Kmircnitt Ctnri Sins l.il 'l't-rin Pari I lie-
fore Pace,
l l.lIllkUUO iiiniinns raiiru at ii'..iu
1. 11
Part II
10 30 l.
llefiire I.ehni.111. .1
Court oprns at
rx parte matters.
Ilefure (lleceilih. ,f, Motions. 11c-
Part 111
lniirtir .Nn 141 lieniral inlendar .No. Jim,
1072. .170. 112. 2111. IU15. 571, 032. 1 1 1.1. nil. j:i.fl,
2I0S, lOVJ, 113.'.. 13.11, 10.VI, 157. 2121, 2S. 1130, 1032,
1 1 vi, -jr.n. r.trj.iiiH, .tin, i.i'j.1. .01, ,v,2. :u4. 1:17 1, 2J7n,
21174, l.S. 171, :iius. t'ndefrndeil illiorer tali ti
ller calli d at 10:15 A. M.
Part IV Here...
Pert V before (laveRan, J
Part VI llcfore injur, .1
Part VII -lift ess.
Part VIII llrfcrc, tloff, .1
Causes tn he h-m from Part III lo Pxrtx V ,
VI nnd III. for trial.
.supreme Court-Trial Term- Part II. before
Newburgrr. J.- Nos, 3373, S42I, 352,'., 3S1S, 31511.
Part III before Ilrlany. J. Oay calendar
Nn.. 30K2. :il52, 33!rt, 3311, S07S. 307M. 33IS. .1101.
Part IV. llcfore Pord, J. Day calendar
Nn, I VI, -111. lll7 . 2301, 2I3H. 3441. 243'i. n.V!4, 3115,
,v.i7. 21101. ;au.i. li'J, 'lo.
Part V Hefore Donnelly, .1. Dry calendar
Nos. 2.V.2, 3110, .1137. Silt, f.AI. 3I. .1331, 3.140,
.1301. 3.1 VI, 2137.3:11.3212. :xtr,, 1.1'fl, :32.
Part VI.-llcfore Ainci.d, J Case ou, No
d.11 cnlemlar.
Part VII. Hefore Weeks. .1. Nos. 3340. 3.151.
33U2. .13511. 3.151 , 335.1, 33.V,, 3357. 3370, 3374, .11 1 1.
Part VIII.- llcfore lit tulrlck, .1. Hav inlen
liar No.. 23611. .H233. Ml.l. 1101, 1M17. 1B42. 22UI,
2Pis. 33.in. itupir.t Nos. 3:15. 3:ni.
Part l..-llcfore Dct endoif .1. Case on. No
dai calendar.
Pfrt A.- Hefore nuirro. J. Day calendar
No.. :m, :r,73. 1077, .1021, im..
Part XI. Hefure I'.rlancer. J. Day calendar
Nov ?M. 25M, .12H4. SlAlJ, 32VI. Inquest o.
2121). 7Vi
Part MI - Hefore Phllbln, J Case on. No
day calendar
Pari Mil Hefore flreenbauni. J Day cairn,
dar No.. H2i, N3o, 14.11, 2501. 2501's. 25C11, H7l,
Part XIV --Hefore Davis. .1. Nos. 2.175. 2.100.
21.17, 1751. 2170. 12U2. 131. 5.1a. 3,X:5. MVS. 23W. 2150.
Inquest Nos. .14(11, .1415.
Part W - Ui foro Platrek, J Nos .10.1, Islt.
1317, 22l"l, 3.1IM. 254
Part .W'l - Hefore Pendleton, J. Caie on.
No day calendar.
Part .Wll Hefore Whltaker, .1 -Day ralen
dar Xox. .167, .V.X, IM. 54.17. IH44. 2410. 2.49. 11"4,
244, 1147. Kill. l52. IS, 22.17. 1513. 1.170, :451
777. 2 ISO. 22.111, KIM. 224.1. 2 l.v. 24.1(1. 2445, 2SM
2. W.1. 2.1U1. 25115. 2442, 2401, 244, 2441, 24III.
Part .Will --Hefore Hiadv, J. Day calendar
No. 27.'. 2212. 1SS7, 12oi. 2221, 1517. ftOO. 22.V1,
2211. 23''lj, 22... 1671'. 511. 2277, 22M, 2fsV, 10.1.1,
22 sa.
Nurrngnte'a Court Chamlier. before Cohalan,
S. Mill, for probate Maud D, Smith. Helen I)
ltlple . Charles II N.xnnen. l'ranre. Hl.xck. Joseph
llasaen, John lluchex, Wllllatu Wnirtier, Itowell
Miller, AUdLnn Hrown, Mary A. Smith. (In trude
Phillips, Clara I.eHne Atin:;s), M.
hiirrticate e Court- Trpil Term- before I'mvler.
S. Contested will No. 3o:u of Marl A Mnnott, at
1030 A. M.
I ity Court - Special Term Part 1.- Pefore
McVioy. J. Court opens at 10 A M Motion.
Part II.-Hefore Smith, J Court opens at 10
A. M Kx parte matters
Cltv Court -Trial Term Part I -Pefoie Pine
lite. J No- 2734. 2r.l. .lull. 3s71, 3005. 4101. 231,
2..12, tini, iii, ants, act, wniij. 3oj7. 3031. wit.'.
SOU, 240. 15V. -.'110. 37J'J. 271. 2S73, 2SSH, 3S4l,.
1535. 211111, 2713, 274.1. 2741. 2745. 271. 2717, 274s,
274, 2S2S, SOin. 241S, 3704, 30511, IlisVJ, SOU, :7.
3. . .SO70, 3072'v. au7.1'j. SII3J, 3U74. 3075. 3U77.
3074. 9M, Slist. S.IS2. 30H.I.
Part It - Hefore Schir.uek. J
Nos .V4, fyws. 6S.11. Mill. 5702.
fsHI'i. fJIS. Win, 5730, iV4rj,
570I. 17113. 57i'7. 5712. 5711. 5715.
6741. 57411. S71S. V.S2. Wll.
Short caues
, S724.
Part HI -Hefore (Irren, .1
Part IV - Hefore l.yurh, .1
Part V Hefore Luce, J.
Part VI Hefore I'elchantv. J.
Pari VII.-Hefore Ui 1 cira. J
Part VIII. HeJore li'lmier. J
Calces to be sent (ro:n Pari I to part. Ill
. IV
v . vi . VII. an.l VIII ter trial.
Supremo Court- Special Term -Hofora lllack
mar, J. Litigated mutlosv Court opens, at
10 A. M
Hefore Clark, .1 V. parte matter.
Supreme Court- Sperlal Term Trials- Man
n I n 1,-. .1 , Court opens at Hi A M. Day calendar
.No. .in; Highest number rearbcl on the
reitular call, lijll
nlireme Conn Trial Term Pari I . Kannrr.
I J . 1 art II.. Kelly. J . Part 111 . Kclhy. .1 : l att
1 1 . lltnedlcl. .1 . Part V . liarrrlsoii. .1 . Par'
VI , Craue. .1 . Part VII . Maddux. .1 Court
opens at 10 A M nay raicnuar
USS, 67'rt, 1as5, 7.151. 7.',uo. inn, Pm72,
7r.so, ?r.M, 7fs5, 7r, 7B.M', 7i;l. 7'liA,
77ir,, 7712 771.1. 7715 . 77 1 7 . 773t. 7rj4,
1211. 7J42. 71S4. 7677 7CS2. 77.11 Tho
Nos a.ti.s.
.'..1 7i.t..
7fls. 7aii:.
causes. If marked ready, will be passed for the
day No reuse will be sot tlo-.vn lor a day iiism
this call. No.. 77.15 773'!. 77.1H. 7741. 7747. 77.S
774H. 7712. 77.V. 7757. 77511. 7711 7712. 7714 771.',.
ll171. 7711, 11X14, (WUC, rIS. Itin. 7771. 7.V.I2, 77M.
771SI, 771C, l.lss. P77J. C5ti, 2721, 7IJO. 7411. IICI,
IUI IIM. 177U. 7711. 77117, 7M1 7mi7. TMH. 7.SC.I. 1.V17
Ilhthrsi number reached on rerutar call. 7Nm
supreme Court -Criminal Calendar- Part
Hefore (iarret.on, J. Court opens at lo A. xt.
lor trial Lachlan Peterson, assault: IMwr.td
burke, assault, Louis Deutst b ami Isidore Adlet,
nam! larceny; I-cbcrl 1 Ivimborn, grand lai
i-eny: Michael Pctro, .burglary, petty lnrrcu),
rccelvlnir: Henry H amuck, assault
Cuuniy Court- Criminal lalenilar Part I.
Hefore Dike, J Court open, at lo A M Pur
trial Loiil. Ito-rnbauni, pi r'urs : John (lilm.ildl,
tarrylnc dangerous weapon: Saliaiote ilardlna.
tarrnic dangerous iie.pon. Silvntore DI Donna,
rape, assault; John .Nicholson, burglary, jetty
Pan II Hefore Pawrett, ,1. Per trial Harry
H Hilen, illmrltrrlv house; Maggie lAhlie, dls
oiderly bouse; Antonio Varacano, dlsoitlrrly
house; Tony Manelo, assault: Archie Schlossbrrg,
narcotic.; Isaac Wasserman, burglar), grand
larcrii), William A Siliwnriz. forgery; Cloianul
MaughaillA, alia. tin. sano ManElarita, assault,
earning conctaled weapon.
Part III. Helore Nye, J. Per trial- Tlrneato
Peruzrl, assault: Ciwi'Tlno Ca.auara, blackmail;
Thomas Melc and Joseph Clamelll, blackmail;
i.Iusoih) Vaccaro. earning dangcrou. weapon;
Jorrpli Prrrl., John Mr'ircarty, and Joseph
June., assault: Antonio Casein, rape, assault.
County Court- Civil calendar Pan 1 -Krone
Pcrrls, J. Couit opens nt 10 A. M. - In re
l.rkcrt, an alleged Incompetent person. Nos.
awe. 2100. am, 2111. 2111, 2117, 1101, snuu. 17:11.
2104, 210s The reserve calendar Is matked icady
and passed uuill Monday, May 5, 1013.
Surrogate s Court llefoic Ketrhatn, S. Court
opens al in A M. In the Hall of llecorils, second
Moor. Will, of Harhara Sclinel, .Mary Trlpcney,
Man- J- 1 agan and Ceorge Zahti. The gua iillau
ship of Dorothy Columbine. The accounting
In the estates of John Johnson, Sati.itorn (irado,
Mary 11. Hear. J. It fjiilnn, John snlgcr, J. S.
I yneh, A. J Young, Sophie Hamilton, .lame
PnglMi, nionlo Temlla. It. M Calkins. M (i.
busby. Hohrrt Wilson, Catharine Sullivan,
'lliomaa Maunlx ami Jennie Srhusuni. The
'Slates nf Pllen S. Haslett and lllrarlrtta Plotz
man. Contested calendar The will of Martha
Supreme Court Trial Term. Hefore Van
Slclen. .1. Nob. 1239, U3, Jg7, 13(10, 1326.
1169, 1079, 1231, Ile.malntkr of the cal
endar passed for the. term.
Supreme Cnutt Special Term for Trlala.
Hefore Seudder, J. Nos. go, , 3, 41, del
sow vs Schmidt. Highest number reached,
No. Hh.
County Cnurt Criminal Term. Hefore
Hiimphery. J Noe. 8621, 3611, 3719.
17. ). Kaprerae Conrl Cnlendsir.
WASHINOTON, April 29. The day call
In the rlunreme Court for to-morrow xvlll
be as follows Nos. 26S (and S0O), 269,
370 (and 279), 271, 272. 27S, 119 (and 120',
274, 376 (and 277). and SKI,
necelxera Appointed,
Supreme Court ny Justice Lehman
Isauc P. Smith vs Frank MrOary, Wllllum
N. (llegerlrh; Harry Isanrsnn vs Louis
Segelbnhn. Herbert ISondninii; Charles 11,
Freeman vs Janpole A- Werner Const, Co.,
Jerome Wllzln; Lawyers Mlg Co. vs Wll
lielmlue Ilrnun, Perelval & YVllda; Michael
Plel vs Hebecca (loldberK, Jacob Kuu.
Referee Appotnleil,
Hy Justice Lehman HIMehrnnd vs flaf.
fcrty (two cases ), John It llngan
Hy Justice Page .Matter nf Treacy, Henry
I llrnnt; Harbour is itnchlz. Knuund Ilur.
ley; Mailer of Jaffa vs Mayer Co, Kdwnrd
H. Fowler; Mailer of People's Seeurllj Cu,
lloorge P, llreckrurldge; New Church Hoard
of Publication vs Dannlco, Dean Nelson,
Annett vs Cohen, Philip c. Samuels; Hlggs
va Cohen, lib-hard W. Hill.
ny Justice (Ireenbnum laiavltt va Zanrlg.
Julius J, Trench. ,
cor.tnrNnR.tiur mvik rh
I;, the ui'ili r-l. in!. 1I1
Iiil or conthiilhig i'i:' lluilii
ill sir a. nt triiew -
ruin r.liln nnvf
existing mull r 1 l.t I m . m tin
Hale of New S nil,,
tin lirieliv ccrllii as Ui ,m.
I I. -l I1.1l the name or linn utnitr which said part
t.uslitp I.. Hi be 1 ii'iilui Irtl U I'liA.N. I.I I.I.H A.
cu . sod Ihe County wherein the prlmlpnl plaee
of huslncbs I. to be locattd 1. the County of New
1 nru,
II. That the general nnluie nf the huslne.s Iti,
tended to be tiansiietetl hy tl.e said panne tamp
, Is that tif Importing and selling glasswntc. fancy
paelages, and other uieichatidisu,
111. 'I hat the names nfell the general anil special
partners lnlertstcil In the saiil partnetshtp aiel
I their tcspccllie places of rcMJencc. ate as fol-
' lows:
j I'tanr Ihilrr, tlio gt neral pattnrr. who Is of full
age, and icslilcs nt No. ,',s Morton Place, Last
, Diange. State of .New Jersey.
'Ilieoiloie C, Weycandl. ll.e special partner,
who I. of full age, anil 11 .lilt a at ben ( ll'f, Nr.ssa'i
1 Ctniniy. Mate of New Vol k.
IV. I hat Ihe a iioimt or iniilt.11 which the said
special partiu r 'I ht odnte ( ilevrandt, ha heie
tofnie ciintilbiiti'il to the con men slock or the
said partnetshlp I. the sum of I'lftrrn llinusiinl
(J15.mii Dnll.irs that .ald sum was an contributed
In cash nt the lime the existing limited partner
ship now about to lie rcneiieil or rnntlnucd was
originally forn nl, nut! no part llirinif hns alma
l.i cu wlthiltaun.
V. 'I hat tl.e time at width lie renewed or con
tinued limited 1 nrllter-hlp I. to begin Is the Hr.t
day of Mull, I'd 1. al I he teriul'iatlnn ot the origi
nal II ulietl partner hip, and tie tint' .it which I Im
.aid Iinrtn.-rfhlp Is to end Is the Ihlrty-llist day ot
M1M1. mil.
I'aud, Mairh I", 1013.
t 111:0110m: r. WIlVHANHT.
l'HA.N'. r.t l.l 11.
State nf New 1 ork. County of .New nrk, ss:
On Ihe lth day ol March, 1013, before me per
sonally came PI: IN ft 1.1 Haul T HP.ODCIHP.C.
MLMIANDI'. to ice known anil known to me pi
be the lnillllilll.il llccllhi'd 111 .'.nil Who executed
Ihe foregolnr Instrument, and II cv seicrallv rtiilv
aclition Icili-ed that thri rxeeiiteil Hie same for
the purposes llitieln hn iitloiicil
I ot IS s IIKAtll.llV.
Nnlirv Public. Ntw lick Co No. 272
Aril New York lleglxier No. 4V.
Co'iui'Uslon expire. Mnrth 3i). 1011
Slalenf New York. County ot New Vork. s:
l'HANZ KCI.IMt. I.ilngduly .worn, ileposesan l
say. that he 1. the general partner name-, tn tt-s
foregoing certiorate; that the mm nf Fifteen
thousand iSll.ii'U Dollars specified In the said
teitlllcate p hale been contributed to the com
mon stork of the partnership therein refirred lo
by Theodore C. Wtygnndt, the .pedal partner
therein named, has hteu nttii.sllv and In good
fallh paid In rash: that said una wa. so contrib
uted In rash at the time the existing limited pari
nershlp now about lo he renewed or rnntlnucd
was otlglunlly formed, and no pari thereof has
since brrn withdrawn.
PI1ANZ rri,i:n
Sworn to tieforr me the I'lh day of March, toil.
Notary Public New Yn-fc County Nn. 271.
And New York llslter No. 4301
Cnmmlsslcii I'xiihe4 March .To. 1014
Till: PIK.I '.I; OP Till: STATL OP NKW f)IIK I
Hy the (uace of (i,d, Tree and Independent,
'lo Maria Mesa v llanirl, Ho.i Hernander v
Mesa, l.usebln Adnlfo Hernandez y Mesa, Luciano
Augustu Ht riiili lc. y Mesa, Angela Nicolas, Ho
srnda Me-a, Manuela llsrnet, Maria Mea. t)o
loies (inrcla Pola, Catiillna Ouesada, Ygnacla
Met. St alini Me.s, Asellna Hernandez, Paul
Puller. Jose M. Antlrclnl, Juan J o'Karrlll, to
poldo Herrlel, (.corgc LinnxTiirnure. 1-retlerlc 11.
Ctinderl. ( l.tuillo H. Mtntloza, and ell other pr- 1
son. Interested In IheTrust. t reateil In and hv the j
Mill of I lro Mesa y Hernandez, tleceased: SKNI)
lint nnd each of you are hrrehr cited and re
oulrel pernnnll to he and appear before our
Surrogate of the County of New 1 ork. at the Sui
rogale'. Cnurt of said I ounty, h:ld at the Hall of
Itecurds i. the County of New ork on the 2nd
day of May. t0!3, at half-past tea o'clock In ihe
forenoon of that day, then and there to .how
cause, If any there be, why simultaneously with
or Immediately upon the cntiy by this Court of
the Dual decree settling the account of Ihe Kxecu
tor. of the Will of 'llr-o Me.a y Hernandez and
the filing of renunciation by the persons named
In said Will a. Trustee, and eabslltuto Trustees,
The Farmers loan and Trust Company, of the
City of New Yor,t, should not hp appointed sub
stituted Trustee of the Trust, created In and by'
said Will And such of you as ate hereby cited
a. are under the age of twenty-one years, ere re
quired lo appear hy your guardian, If you hale
one. or If inu have none, to appear and apply for
one to be appointed, or In the event of vour ne- 1
lerl or failure to do so, a guardian will be ap
pointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for
you In the proceeding.
In Testimony " hereof, We have caused the
Seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said County at
New York to be hereunto amxed
Itness, Hon Loherl Ludlow Fowler, a Surro
gate nf 011- said County nt the County of New
Vrtrtr.lhel-fth.tet-nf-itnrehlntheve. t-nf rttirl.-".4
one thousand nine hundred r nil thirteen
Clerk of theSurreirate'sCourt.
PlKHCi:. CCH ft s li -In nursuvire of an ertlef
nt Hon. John P Cohalan. a Surrogate of th
County of New York, notice Is hereby given
to all persons having claims against Curtis H.
Pierre, late of tl.e County ot New Vork, de.
ttaed. 10 prrsent the same with vouchers thereof
to the subscriber, at Its place of trausarttnr
business. No. so Hrnadwai, Horough of Man
hattan. In the City of New York, on or before
the 31th day t,f Jjtir next.
Dated, New York, the 2nd day ef December, ,
1012. I
Fx ecu tor. fi
Attorneys for F.xecutor.
SO Frnartway, Pnrnugh of Manhattan,
New Vork Clp
FAXON. MAHY'a.NNA In pursuance "of en
order of Hon. Hubert Ludlow Fouler, a Surrogate
of the County of New York, Notice Is hereby guen
to all persons having rlaln s against Man- Anns
Faxon, late of the County ot New Y ork, deceased.
10 present the same with inuchers thereof to the
subscriber, nt his place of transacting business
at the otTHr of Arrold A (ireene, No ill llroad
way. Borough nf Manhattan, tn the City of ,Nev
Y'ork. oner hcfertithe IM day of September, next.
Dated. New York, the 24th day of I ehruary. ini 3.
CHAItt.F.s II. SIIUI.DON. Kxecutor.
Attis for executor.
Ill llroadwai. llotough nf Manhattan
City nt New 1 i rk.
liltrnil, Dl.sSlF. In pu'.uance of an order of
1 Hon. Hobert Ludlow Fowler a Surrogate of the
I County of New York, notice Is hereby given to all
persons having claims against Drssle tireer, late
of the County of New York, tieieafcd. to presjrl
jhe same, with vouchers .thereof, loth; sub
scribers, at th"lr place of transacting business, at
, the office of Mo'n .v Dultht their nttomci s, No
13 l llllam Strert. In the civ of New York, on ur
.,... . V. . .1.. .In,, ,.f l,.i, int.
Dated New York, the 2th day of Jainnrv, PHI.
l.t )1 IS M tiltFKlt.
AUSTIN At. tillFKIt.
iioKN A nvrtnitT.
Attnmeys fnr Executors.
52 11 Pllam si reet . N'ci Yn-V . V V
Tlhiur.MiV .1, NNll' ... in P'lnn-inee of an!
order of Hun lloheit Ludlow Fouler, a S.irrorn.
of Ihe County of New York, nodce Is hereby cl -en
in all persons havlnr claim, against JP.NNIf II
THOMPSON" lile of the County of New Ynr',',
deceased, to pres-nt the same with vouchers
thereof 10 the suti.criber, at her place of transart
Ing business at the tilflceof Ka.tusS. Ptn.ni'i. 121
Mjtiaowav, oorougn or siannanan, in me roy ot
New Y'ork, nn or before the ,11st day of Mav next
Dated New Ynr'!. .he 11th day ef Nm ember. 181.
I.ILI.A U THOMPSON. I'lecultU 11ASTCS .-4 ,
HANSOM. Attorney for I'xepuirli, 171 Hroadwsy. '
nnrmirh nf 'lanhattap New York City
Uniiilholdc rs' Coiiimltlee to TnUe
Steps nt Once for IteoritniiUatlon,
The first slen In the reorganization t
the Wabash-I'lttsbtirs Terminal Tlallronilj
will be taken to-day or to-morrow, nbei
the bondboldei s' committee of the Wnbasl
Itiillroud and tho bankers for the Wnb.ishl
aiilioiitico their iirr.ttiKements for foreclos
itiK on the $3,000,000 4 4 per cent. Wnbns'i
notes, which come due on Thursday and
xvhiclt will ho, defaulted Wlnslow S
rierce. chalrmati of the rofuudltiK bond
ImlilerH comnilttee of the Wabash, said
yesterday that the reorganization intet
eats in the road would handle the note,
and their collateral, and that the bond
holders' committee, tho bankers and 1
noteholders' comnilttee would nnnoutice ij
programme for protection nnd enforce (
tnent of Ihe note trust nnd for the reset
vat Ion of the collateral for Renernl tc
orftunlzntlon of tho Wabash,
An agreement Is expected between ths
YValiHHli reorKanUera nnd the Wabash
IMttsbuiK Terminal reorRnnlzers as lo th
Hale or disposal of the collateral, whirl
Includes Wabnsh-I'iltsburf; Tormina,
notes and securities, upon which Its owij
reotKiinlzntlon depends.
. Daniel It. My, who hns drawn up tva
Independent plan of reorganization of th
Wnbash-nttsbtfrK Terminal property, an
nouncetl veeterdav that there will bo re
iiulred under this plan Ij.fiOO.onn In cash,
which it is proposed 10 rnlso ny saio
'in nna nan nmi n-ni nml rrfnnrlliiir Tt nenl
cent, bonds or by sale of $21,000,000 tliresl
year fi per cent, collateral notes secures
by these bonds. Dnder the latter pln'J
an assessment of 11 per cent, would b
necessary tinon tho Wabasli-l'lttstiurc nrsi,
niortRiiKo botidholdera and upon nil thresl
classes of Wheeling anil I,akc Krle stock
tu rn so sri.130.ouo.
.loseoh ltaiosev. .Ir . who Is seeking,
nroxles from Whcellnc nnd Lake ICrl
stockholders to lliiht control by tlui Wa
bash and Wabash-l'ilHhurg Terminal In
teresls at tho iiiiniial nieetlllir of tho stock
holders of tho WbeellnK and Uikc Kii'
on May 7. maintains that It will be al
mini Itiii.nsslliln lo reoi ciinizt' Wabash-
1'ImkIiiiil- ami WbeeliiiE and J,aki I'Jrio
until Wabusb, which' controls llicin
Conrt of .4,ppela Catendnr,
ALBANY', April 29. The Court of
peals calendar for lo-mnrrow Is Net.
rj, HI. 112, U, 1 17, KO anil lit.

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