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jUXNiiiSDAY, APRIL dO, 1918.
0"- 4
44- lo
.Owners Bny Property to tlio
1 East on 20th nnd JWUh Sts.
for 12 Story Addition.
Bloomincdnln Church for Apart
ment Sitr Hronx Plot, Sold
After 200 Years.
Sernree f.nratr Mt In Loner Island
City for Shops nnd Offices.
The New York Telephone Compr ty li
tho buyer nf the Mnrk front on the
north Hltlr of Pierre iiventie, Lone Island
City, between Heventh iinil KlKhth live
nue.i, ii plot 200x240, the unto of which
throtiKh the lttiliind & WhltlnK Com
puny whh reporteil nbotlt two weeks iiro.
Tlie company la having plana pre
pared by Its architects, McKenzle, Vnor
hees & Omelln, for the Improvement of
tho slto with n low structure which will
be used us a repair shop for Ita unto
mobiles nnd otllces, while thn rear of
tho property will tie titlllrrd iih Mnrngn
yards for cables nnd conduits.
Property to the east of tho Ifotel
Martha Washington, on Twenty-ninth
nnd Thirtieth streets, between Madison
and Fourth avenues, was purchased yes
terd.iy by the hotel's owners, who will
erect on It an addition to the present
liiilldlnir. Pease &
the sale, l'or Howard Conkllnit they
eold 3.1 H.isl Twenty-ninth street and 32
Kost Thirtieth i-trect. abutting four Mory
dwellings, each having n street frontage
of 21.0 feet and together occupying the
full depth of tho block.
The buyer Is tho Women's Hotel Com
piny, the corporate name of the owners
of tho Martha Washington. They are
having plans prepared now for tho addi
tion to tho hotel, which will bo of twelve
torle., or the sainn height as the hotel,
to which It will correspond In architec
ture and materials. Construction will bo
started nt once, and tho addition Is ex
pected to he ready by early next year.
. In addition to providing for tho exten
sion the owners also closed a new lease
yesterday for the whole property with
the prceent lessee, George C. llrown, who
operates tho hotel tinder tho name, of
tho Northern Hotel Company. The new
Jearo Is for fifteen years from Juno 1.
Tohtl WnnnmnUnr. trhn lint, limn lonklni
for ii location In Long Islam! City for some i
i iron n a site lor a Moraae warehouse
and automobile g.irage, In wild to have
boneht a plot :oox:oo near I tin bridge pla.a
The Trinity Chapel llnme thn hiiver
of thn plot nf about seven lots lit the north
east corner of Klngiliridue road illulng
iivenile) nnd sand street. In (lie Wnkeflclil
,... ' , section of I lie llrnnx, the nlc of ttlilili by
l.lllman negotiated i.uuer. I.'gmi A McConnell ihrniiirh the
r 11 vtomt w II Pnlenii Company wan
reporteil In Tin: Stw yesterday.
Mr. M. Townsend Is the biiver of the
five si or v tenement at I Mi WestHiTty-hoennd
street, the sal of whlrh by Miiraiiret I,.
Ilnylnn through the lMiross Company wna
reported recently.
On thn north side nf l'nrtv.seonnd street.
2 feet ttost of Ninth avenue. Is to be con
structed a flv. story hotel for William
I'linlol at a nt nf f;n,iio It will have
a frontage of .Is feet and a depth of lno.1
feet, with a facade, of brick with Utile.
stnno trlmmlnKs and will lie fireproof
I lioiiias ll Styles is tli. architect.
William H. Whiting & Co. have sold
for Claire it. Phillips her one-half Inter
est In the property nt 31 Ittrk row, be
tween Ann nnd Heekmnn streets. The
purchaser Is tho estate of Jay Could,
which owns the adjoining lot at 32
Park row. Tho Gould estntn acquired
a ground lease of No. 31 mnny years
ago and erected tho present structure
over tho two lots. The acquisition of
this Interest, together with tho remain
ing half Interest, which they purchased
through the same brokers about a year
ago, now gives them n plot 48.1x108.6.
Tho. plot probably will be Improved nt
1'. expiration of the present leases,
which have about flvn years to run.
Bi'ii.nF.n buy ipway ciirnrii.
Harry Kchlff, n builder, has purchased
from tho trustees of the Classls of New
York for Improvement the Hloomlngdale
Iteformed Church, on plot 75x100, on the
west side of West Knd avenue b".
tween lOGtli and 107th streets nnd di
rectly opposite the new Strauss Park
nt the Junction of llrn.uluiiy and West
Knd avenue. The church property
occupies the centre of the block front,
having Stanley Court, a twelve story
partment house, adjoining on the
northwest corner of West F.nd avenue
and 106th street; the Waumbek, on
tho other side, at thn southwest corner
of West Snd avenue and 107th street.
Is a sewn story building. Mr Schlff
If the builder who purchased the Strauss
plot at Hroadway, West l.nd avenue
nnd 105th street, and Is erecting on th
site a twelve story apartment house
known at the Cleburne.one of the finest
apartments built In this section In
some time. It is his Intention to erect
a building of equal height on the church
site. The Hloemlngd.ile Reformed
Church has owned the site Just sold to
Mr. Schlff about seven years. At that
time, following the uptown movement.
It sold Its former site nt the northe u
corner of Hroadway and Sixty-eighth
street. .The greater part of tho old
edifice was moved and reerected on the.
nw plot near 107th street.
Honunerfeld A Sleekier have filed plans
for tho erection of two flvn story tenement
houses on the northeast comer of Wml
worth avenue nnd UUst street for the mist
Street Construction Company, ,lolin Katr
man president line will have j front
age of M feet nnd a depth of f.i 4
feet nnd have nceonitiiodnllims for the
families, and tho other a frontnge of M)
feet and a depth of loo feet, with areom
modatlons for four families. I hey
hnc been estimated to cost st),iMn
Tho two story stable on the north side
of l'oftr-slnth street, feet west of l'lrst
avenue. Is to be enlarged I" a three slorv
building for use n it studio for 1'onnellv
A lllcel, owners, at an estimated cost (f
Sin.iNNi, PelanA Mdrlch are the architects.
Alfred l:rlcsnn. as architect nnd prn.
dent ni the l'ordtiiitn i'.e.iltv ( ompaiiy,
has filed plans fur the construction of
fixe two story tirli k dwellings, each 10 tlx
3R, oil thn enst side of ll.lilej aXelllle, 17"
fret south of Heath nvenne at a total cost
of ::.,( si. 1' lllchard has filed plans for
two two storv blink duelling, ench 51 x
.Vi, on the south side nf j.'rttli street. ::tn 1
feet east of Harnes avenue, for C (Hildiuie,
Ine , at a cost nf i:,ii Harry T Howell
lias filed plans for a flw tory brick tene
ment liollse, 4,H11, OII tlie south side of
IImhIi street. 7s a feet west of Creston ave
nue, for the Henry 1'. A Wolf ( ompany
at a cost of J 30,01 io
(With nsm Hint sd(lrs of nwr nnrt
nltnrnry, Wh'n nttnrticy's tmm Is oniltta
n1(1rfss party nf peninl pnrt I
(Pouth "f l"niirtnnth t
i:apt hiioadway, sis. . ss r.7
I'lncus I.nvnifM nt si to .ins i' !'iii. -i.i
liist llronrlway, tat 1 .fnO. nil llcn,
Apr U, ntty, I'nul IMllmrnr, US" llrnml
way lino
llllDOMH HT, 433, . Iltini, llrnnnis t
i . lot nil, tnnp N Hnviird. I'xlM
Chns Nfwninn ft si to Kliletihrn Lnnils,
47 Tlrnnilwiiv. Arr 34; ntt)s. Nlel.niKitn
M. 47 llrnnrtwsv MOO
HTll AV, 824-a: R. s s. ffl7 HnlU Alt
nmn to Chm ItuMngrr. IM 7th nv, nil
lln. Apr ntty, M Ar t H Isaars,
12 Wtlllum Ft IM"
Kant Mite.
(Kniit of Fifth av hrtnfn t'mirtf nth nntt
1 1 0 til fts. I
16TH PT, S0 K, s. IBxlO? 3 Ili-nry
UlTinnnn tn Hyiunn Sus. M 17 lRtti M.
Apr 22, ntty, 1, H ilorl"!, 4t IMrk
rn- 11.100
HAMK I'HOPIIIITY llyiimn Hum tn A'tol
phlns II PftFuHnw nt itlilneflrlil, N .1.
Apr 22; attv, snmr lion
1XTII ST. 304 K, k s "Jx" Miirgnreth
Myer tn IIrnnM W Kellcy. 302 1st its.
nitg ts.ooo. Apr :s ntty, T il Cn, 17t
llrenilwny $00
f. T T 1 1 ST. ii . 31 w Park nv, SOxsO h Anna
H nillnlt tn Mnry C Klllntt. 47 I! t,?tll St.
nil liens, Apr 29 1
10TII ST. 46 17, a . 20x100.,', Jrancttn II
Coulter rt ft! to Chuff 1 lltishmnre. 2 W
Hth t, Apr 7; ntty. T II c.i, 17! llro.nl
wnv MOO
TII ST. s. 174 6 w Mnnlson nv. 20. x
100 f.- lllphnr.l M llur.l to I.uey U. his
wife. IIS 17 COtll st, h nn.t . IntK KO.AOO.
Apr 29; ntty, l.imyrrn Ml Co. t,J l.lhortv
si . 1100
mi AV. s, 77 J n 7th t, 2.-,xtJ0 fora I '
Wyiknff to Saiutinl w llrlilcliiun nml
Tunny, hl wlf. i:.it Prnvlile nee. It I
truants hy rntlrety. April 29; attys, Stron
Cnrlwalailtr, 40 Wall l tloo
AV A, 1414. e , 2ft lx'.is llnniiall Wallaih
tn Sophia Mailer, 103 llnllroa.l nv. Ilklvn,
mt sr tli.ono. ni Urns. April 24, ntty. At
, l-rrt '.liumrrninnn. 20il Hwhv MOO
7Tlt ST. S It, s r, 2H.Hx12.2x Irrr- .Inli imm
I rirlsrliniann to Artrnms Ward, liilnn
I r'junrs, April 24, ntty. T ti Co. 170
llway JI0O
!3D AV, 17(!3. n s. 2SXS3 9- 17 I.nwonttint A
I Son. Inc. tn Charlotte Snlm. !7l 17 l?2a
, rt. mtg 121. Ooo, Mnrrh 12, atty, Wm I.ot.
I 4f,4 17 llfth M M
West Milr.
I (Wrt nf Fifth nv. t.stwrra Fnurtnth nnl
! 110th sts I
1KTH ST, n . S21 fth ii v, 23 7x92 Annls
17 I'amphsll rt ni tn lary llopan an'l alio.
130 W S7th ft. tnls $17 000. nil tills, nil
' Urns. April 2x. ntt. .1 V Wllnuti. 302
I tluav .11
tSTII ST same prnpsrtv .las 1! Mastrrson
t'V Hurry I7ilwarts. ctn. tn shihs. all tills.
sll Urns, April is, ntty, same. . . .MOi)
3STII ST, ! W. s a. SOtSl.t Itraltv ft
I'oinmrrrlal Co tn Win A Krrr. S723 UMs
Hlvit. tlklyn, April J; ntt). IlrnJ II Axrrv.
120 tlway . . .11
7TII AV. n ror 4lh st. 20xk0 -IMw ,11
orry tn Oro II Harls, .lr, 1337 Spruce si.
l'hlla. Pn. mt f.3.000, April 2. nttv,
N V T I Co. 135 lly MOO
6TI( ST. 23 V. n s. 20xl0o SClns 11 Hark-
l.v tn Alix s Cn,hran. Vnnkrrs. N V, tnt
U3.000 all Ufns. April ntty. T C. Cn.
17H llway MOO
Otanhnttan Island, north of 110th stret )
11JTH ST. 2 V. a s, 17x100 11 Anna Wrlv
ri.ln anil nnn tn I'tihlir Hank of N'nv
Vnrk . Ity, X9 DeUtir. st. mlgr. 120 000.
Mrh 31. attys. Stromk A S. 30 llrn.1,1
st II
114TH ST. 2H 17. s. 3xl00 11 Tennle
llnrdon to Archls I'.ralty Cn. 2032 7th nt.
mtier. IJJ.OOO. July 2, 1912. atty. Jai-ol,
I lirrmsn. 34 llway lion
117TM ST. 2S.'.-37 17. n s. Ax 100 II Julia
Komow to Chas Strau&s, 317 W 7Mh st.
niter, 151.000, all llrnt. Apl 21. ntty, I. T
I Co, 10 llway . . M
117TII ST. 244-4H 17. a s HOxlOO 1 1-- ntis
WHnsteln and nno to Public Hank of Nrw
York rty, 9 Drlanrsv st. tnlirr. 7 000.
Mrh 31, Attys. Slrnock ,t S. 30 Ilrosd
si M
ST11 AV, s. c: 2 a 120th at. 37xl00
Marl It Winters to Tli" tntrrri-y Land
A- Sreurlllrs Cn. f Ilrrkinsli M. tntltr. 149.
Mi". An' 23: utty. Tl.os J lira It. su N n-
AF.tll.IAN Blll.lllVti Tn.YA.VT5.
I'eaM A- lJllman have leased i-pace in
the Aeolian Huildlng, at 25 WcM Forty-
.second street, to the following: T. H.
i Hrnwne, Frances Thurher Seal, th A S.
1 Nichols Company, Ir. M. i:. Close,
Samuel L. H.imseyer, Ucorgn H vs llson,
John H. Tlllotson, Mr. M C II.illm.in
and Ir. S. A. Sleeves.
sat st
13..TII T. fiJI W, s s runs HOx s
e 2.-x a ".Ox tv 7Tx li 1 19 1 1 to t .
Tnni.a to !7mina 11 Attrrluirt. 31
rt. Plulnllrld. N .1. mtBe. 113:250
stt, A H Attrrturt, 30 llro.i, st
99 U
C (,rn
V 7th
rinsT ai.k iv oYi:n son yfii5.
The rtuland A- Whiting Company has
old for Francis T. Perry and others the
southeHft corner of West Farms road
and Hon street, n vacant plot. 47,CSx
147.67.x7fi tfixl0t 01x10x71 xt. This ll the
first rule of this property in over 200
Frank llussek. furrier, has leased for a
.... .1 L.rl.. u.,.ru I,. 1A1 '
leilll HI je'lis iu- iiiinii'ii) r-.-., .,, .
'Fifth nteti'ie, between Thirtf-fourth nnd
I hirtv-lltth treet Mr ltussek Is now
i tni'iited at VS West '1 hirty-fnurth street
i I lie liinldlnir nt :u2 Fifth avenue was for-'
n.eilv eniun linn , , ,
Herbert Sherman hi leasml about i
.. n sniiare leet in thn ImllrtliiX at I.'.-17 I
Wet l.lghteeuth street to M Sehachter A
Ames A Co. have leased spare In 4 West
Thirty-third street to M. Pli, i: Cmllnuner.
the Misses .lotc entuM Mogn also the third
lott In S West lhirt first street to M K.
C.ipptKii and tlm t inth loft to .1 tinldfnrb
A Co also the storo in J23 Sixth hxenun to
Vi l l,s. lns.,l f illATltOATK AV
k'..inri..li' xtil.'niiner the elirhth floor east' lialili to Kat
in .vi and 41 West 'l hlrty-elnlith street 1
also with Fxlgar A Manning spam in i: to 33
West llitrtv-eiithth street to A M 'roft.
l A I. Iless liaxn leased to t hnrlcn Wolf ,
A I o tlm first loft In a;2 Fourth avenue
lor a long teriii nf tears ,
Hie Cross A llrown Company has leased
to Carl II Page A- (o the wound, second,
tl.l-,1 ,,,.,1 firth Honrs In 3M to .If,, t est
Kiftv-second slrcet and to tlm Sehaiht j 2JTH
Motor Car Company, tlm sennd, tliird utnl
fourth Poors in .4.-. to n We-t Hftv-ilfth
street; also the store at 13fi-x Hroad
way tn the Knox Automobile Company,
and spa-o In Pft West street to C. A.
Pease A- KUIman havo leased the third
loft In 431 Fifth avenuo to John Kltzglb-bon.
The Central Huildlng Improvenment
nd Investment Company, llymnn and
Henry Sonn, has sold tho four six story
apartment houees, on plot 206xS9.ll, at
239 to 253 West 145th street, between
Seventh and eighth avenues. Tho buyer,
tho Stedman estate, gave In part pay
ment a thirty-six aero tract fronting on
tho Wllllamshridge road, between Allcr
ton nnd Mace avenues, about midway
between tho Hronv and Pelham Park
way nnd the Gun Hill road stations of
tho New York, Westchester nnd Hus
ton Hailroad. David Stewart wns thn
broker In the transaction.
The New York Dock Company reports
the following h-asis In Its Industrial
buildings-: To the Sttidebaker Pros.
Compnny, 20.000 feet : the Munro Chemi
cal Company, '.'.000 feet : James Heggs &
Co., 7.000 feet, the American Metal Cap
Compatij, n.OuO feet; tho Pepasso Com
pany, R.000 feet ; tlm Itemlngton Arms
Company. 13,0000 feet, and tlm National
Air Cell' Covering Company. P.000 feet.
ACADKMY STItnr.T. Hail .1. How A
Co. have sold for the Healty Oper
ating Company tho plot, 100x100, on
the cast sldo of Academy street, 100
! feet south of Vermllyea avenue, tn
i the Maze ncalty Company. William
I A. Darling represented tho buyer. This
I disposes of the last of the holdings nf
the Itcalty Operating Company In tho
Dyckman section.
Huberth and William .7. Gabel have
Bold for Mrs. Thorna J. Nealln tho
I two four story tenements, on plot 40
100, at 414 and 11 Kant Twentieth
ntreet, to a buyer who will erect a six
etory flat on tho slto.
The Lewls'll. May Company has leased
at Far Hockaway, 1-. I., for Thomas ;
I-cltch. a cottage on Sheridan Boulevard,
to Kmll Sanger; for Andrew McTlgue, a
cottnge on Grove street, to I. S. Kallls
and Louis Salant ; also at Ilockatvay
Park, 1 4. I., for Thomas Swain, the cottago
nt 20 North Seventh avenue, to Charles
Aufsrs, and for W. P. Horton, a cottago
on North West F.nd avenue, to Fernand
iroVPJNG AVKNl'K. Kdward Polak
has sold for a client tho three story
brick dwelling nt tfiBS Topping avenuo.
EAST 236TH STIU2ET. Krnat A Calm
and .1. J. Plttman havo sold 'or tho
a. & S. Healty Company tho plot
flOx 149.4 on tho north sldo of IStSth
street, 194.7 feet east of Vorlo avenue.
Cahn havo sold for John V. fitokea
the two story frntno dwelling at 2050
"Washington nvenue, on lot IS, 8x95.
CITY ISLAND, Tho Douglas Itobin
eon, Charles B. llrown Company has
sold for tlm City Heal Kstnto Com-
tany to Peter J. Stumpf two lots on
IlnB avenue, City Island. 80 feet
Bouth of Hownn street, Henry S. Poll
represented tho buyer.
The John Rels Company hai gold the
threebullrtlntu at2to 30 Flat bush avenue
to Ruhmsnottel Broi.. rocen. who -will
make extensive alterations aad will uie
the ground floor for market.
Ashlev M. Herron has left the employ
of the firm of Mooyer A Mnrston.
iMwarci A. Arnold, formerly aesociatea
with lllchard M. Montgomery, haa opened
an otnen In the Montreal Huildlng, at 64
Wall btreet.
Public Offertime Yitrrdr tn Maa
hnttan and The Bronx.
ny Joarph V. Pay.
7TH RT, n a. 1J Av A, 1JH102.2, l ty
at APIA ana vncitni Jno iinincinnias "fv
Wrnilovrr nron On et ni; dm !.T03.0;
taira. Ac, !!,:. ! nuh to mtg 130,375 i
tn Tlrlla. Cohrn for 142,000.
113T1I ST, 202 K, .() 8d v, 25x100.1 1, 4
aty tnt ani tr HrniT Htlndler airt John
Caruccl t ni; due 14.410.74; tae, Ac,
1(31.04; iub to tntg 114,400; to the plain
tiff for m,uo,
By Herbert A, Khermn.
USD HT. 34 W. f a, StSO w 8th av, 26l.ll.
f, ty tnt M 1. MeJ, eitrx, art II W
Ostar et al; dun. S 11 SJIi.70: taxes, Ac
,600; to the plaintiff for 110,000,
Hy Joseph P. Day,
MOIUUS AV, 230, e a, 184.4 n llld t, U.x
117,11. 3 aty dtvlK f! II Hughea agt A War
ren Conatn Co et al; due, M.117.83; taxes,
lie. 1360; adjourned to May .
KAHTHURN AV, 16J6. w a. 41.4 n lTId st.
21xS9 3 aty tnt Janet Muller net II u
Krohno et al; due. 11,1211.05: taxes, Ac
I::a.l2; to the plaintiff for 17.000.
PAIIK AV, 31(2. see KOth st, 2.xS.X
23.6x73.1. 2 ty dwlg and 2 aty stable
Au Kreutel Kt .1 Corbett et ni; due.
13,3117,20: taxes, Ac, 125; to Michael J
Sullivan for 4.17ti,
Hy Henry Brady,
TltKMONT XV or 177th et. a. 134.1 w Mont
omery av, 35.lSx3.Bx xt4.3. vacant K
V McEvoy act K J Btanellfla et al; due,
IH7.ll; taxes, Ac, 1141.111 to Uie plain
tiff lor ILIM. .
llltitADWAT. r a. ISO n H.m tlmrtie st.
143 Allro C. ChltiliK in llrmhrnnilt
Itealtr Co. 09 niv. niter i:.ono. .
2'' ntty, I, T I Co, HO llttns
(HnroiiKh of The Bronx )
LOT 20". map Century Iiiv Co t.i. ll
CoiiM to Tims Crlmmlnr. nt Darten, Conn,
ItitKf. 11. 100, Apl It. Mtty, N Y Title Ins
'i 115 llttny II
I.i:sTi:K ST. a pt lot ll. Mk A. map t.otrr
I'urk. 2-SxlOO Mary Mrtlurry to 1'rtrr
Klidpp, 4!'l n 141rt M. mine. 12.701, Apl
25. attf. I. T Ins Cn. 10 Unity. SI00
ST I'ACI. AV. e a. lots M .n l; . m,p ; n
Srhuh llrrthn Kntifmatm tn l.nnnrl M
ilrosiran and nun. 26ti ,h nt mi:s,
II "0') Apl 2; nttv, s KsufinHnn 11
MiIUm rt lino
LOT 130. map St Hi niond IMrk Wl'ltam
Ocharnhlrt an-l sno to .1 ihn I. Oschsni
hlrt, Hit Otrrlns- st. Apl 2: atlt, .1 W
WlnVler, H5 llway I1C0
3D AV. w s, 201 5 n lTJit at. 50 1x131 J -Oro
1! Pratt to Cunard llrnlty Cn. 412 W
14th at. M.-h 14. nlt. c.ro II Prntt. N"r-
ttleh. Conn Itnft
HA MP. PltopintTV Kdtt- ll.inlen nnd nno
to eatne. r, intxe, 154.500, Apl 1. nttv,
ss nie u
llATltOATK AV. K'7. tt a. 20 5lll4 T H.i
WIllthrrAii. 107 .Irrfrrs.in
nt, iiKitn. inter js 5on, Apr 20. ntv,
c.rn Itahn. 1 S Wm t II
IlAII.ltriAII AV HAST, e h. 4A. t a 14 1th rt.
00 -- Marv W K'n.iulh tn wiihrim
Knailth, Arroehar IMrk. S 1 Apr 11, nuts.
Ilrlesrti K. 2.-, llr.Md al 11
WASIIIVISTON" AV, sea. 210 n r yiMrrv
nl. H s100 .L.hn V Slokra to lt..r-y
Cntin .4 nno. It40 Orinl n, tnlns 13 H'O
Apr 2- ntty. T IS Cn. Kf. Httay 1100
ST. n s ui : rlo nt. 50x141 4 -
ii A S Healty Cn tn .Inhn I' Stnkes :0M1
AVashlnrton nt. mite i not. Apr 24: ictt.
T O Co, 17f Ilsnv. . . 1100
KYKlt AV. it s :it I n Itiirnslilo af. 50t---
Kai, Whllhrr.l tn Win 1. Phrl.in. I'Oil
Hver nv, mtKr 12 vol, Apr 19, ntty, T C,
Cn. 174 Ilwat II0O
3D AV, .1745. tt a. 26 7x110 5-Iohn Cunro
to I.uIkI lMKlluchl. 37)3 3d av, 4 pirt
Anr 2 ml 113.000. nttv. Harrv IlnM'
rrk. HO nay 1100
NTi:i.SON AV. a a. 125 tt Srtnn nv. 25x100
Thns p lllcklr to Annie Sexton. .107 w
T4th st. Mar 24 II
HOLLAND AV. a, ? U n 314th st, i,
ilelnrdo tt nnnt to Marv It Tiolan &
nno. f.47 Itlrrsl.le Drlvr. Apr 21: atty.
Wm V Clarr. 135 llttny I3'.0
1521) ST. 70 17. 25x Nalpak tlealty Co
Inc. to HArry rrnxrl ano, 773 Tlnien
nv. Anr 2!. im 113. 000. ntty. T ii Co
174 llway 1100
ttviov AV. 1102. e s. 40x100. Vnion at.
1106. r s. 40xlon.- Harrv Lvv to Antolas
i'n "Is lift!- Anr t. mtKe 177.000: Kttvs,
HnuaUa. A & McC, 233 llway II
niMic.r.v AV. w a. 128 2 a w Brook
"3 7I-. Anirlla Blrrkrr to Cath Mrlir
han. 300 3d at. Apr 23, i c, ntty, illlbsrt
It Mattee, 2 Hrrtnr at II
1t9n KT. n a. 221 4 e CroiOlM av. 100X100'
smada neAity i n to me i?-'i is t.nrnrii
Streets Co, 74 E 179th at. Apr 2. atty
A II Mlttlrmann. 44 Cedar al ... .1100
- ITT .TttflTT.t. AV. w a. 197 3 n HSth
no 91130 .lohn 11 tlohrrr to Woto Itraltv
Co. 309 Bttay. Apr 24, ntty, L T Ins ft T
Cn. 160 Bttny 1100
WLBSTHB AV. 3555, e a, 11x74 3 Cliaa I.
Kelt to Bronx lnteatmmt Co. 100 lltvat.
Apl '.'4. mine, 15,000; nttya, Merrill A It.
100 llway It
LOTS 15 to 161. map Artee Park M iry I'
Wallace to Adelaide A Wabat. 131 While
IMalna nv. Apl 2". mtKr. 12,600; atty, 11
Mark. 7 lleekman at $100
RAMI". PHOPEItTY Adelaide A Wabat tn
Axrl I". Wlberir. 51 U 30th St. Apl 24, mine.
12.500; attf. aame 1100
WBSTCIir.STHIt AV, n . 41 1 w HMrr at,
10 3 American Ural Tata!" Co to Winnie
Cn a3; Westchester av, Apl "9; ntty. T
I! Co. 176 Bway I100
LOT ISt. inup twtronla Park Carmeln Cum
tnatrllo to Llhorlo Durante, l4 Llnmln
nf, Apl SS, mii, 18.500; atty, V c Hlrie
mann. 351 R 14th st 1100
COIJBTLANDT AV. e a. 4. a Hth at. 50x
llrnrnaon Ilealtv t'o to jfinn i.yens.
415 ll 163d et, Apl J; ntty. T O Co, 174
Bway 1100
WKBSTKU AV, 8552, e a, 13x74.3 Caro
lln Kell to Bronx Investment Co. loo
Bway, Ap1 17. mtre, 13,000; attya. Merrill
A B, 100 Bway , II
3D ST. a a. 160 e Avenue D. 60x152 7 Boas
K Nanrn tn Freda Hkendahl, 2236 Powell
at-, Apl !t; ntty. 1, T Ins A T Co, HO
Bway 1100
FAlLi: ST, 623.25. w a, 60x100. mtte, 111 -600;
Palls at, 650-6'.'. e a, 50x100, mte",
114.000. I'nlln at. 632.86. e a, 41 Ml 00,
mt He, 313.000; Csllr St. 646, e a. 36x100,
llltxe, 17,000; Falls at, 630, e a, 20.10x100,
mtl, 17.000. Falls at, 63X-40, e a, 41 'X
100. mta-s 114.000 Liquidation A Iteatl
satlon Co, rpn to Hcully A Benltzatlon
Co, 65 Bway, Apl 25; nttya, l.rury A !,
66 Bway 110(1
FOX BT. w a. 1S0.10 n from e a Tlffanv at,
rims w .6x n 1l6x 110. 7x a 170 6
Klmore Hralty Cn to Boernbere; IlldK
Corrn. 900 Fox at, Apl 10; atty, F A Pnow,
16 Wall at It
SAME PBOPKItTV Henry Morenthau Co
to same, Apl 10; atty, same II
nttya Amend .v A 119 Nasaati st 121 000
TH ST, 3.6 11, a a, 21 9Mi7.il .Ininb IM
knwlix tn ,t Arthur Slolnrt, 314 K 4lh
at, pr intK. 120.100, Mnr 27. ilua Apr 1,
1914, I. p c; ntts, London A D, 66 Lib
erty at 11,000
Kaat Mile,
(Knat of Fifth nf, bstttern Fourteenth and
110th ata.l
14TH ST, 310 t:. a a, 20.1x74 Clara L Devon
tn nmUrant linluatrlnl FnvlnKs B.mk, 61
Chnmtiera et. Apr 20. t r, 5 p r, ntty,
Win C orr, f.i Chambers at . .. 11.400
4IST ST. 323 II. 20x9 9-Atllile llaall tn
N Title Ilia Cn, 135 llttny, Apr 24.
'. ra, , p c 16.000
60TII ST. 46 17. 20x100 6. I'hns ll Itliahlimle
tn Atinl c Coulter nnd nnn, Vnnkera.
N V, Apr 20. 3 yra, Hi p r; ntty, THAI
T Co. 176 Bttaf 140.000
"5TH ST. 2.111 11. a a. 20.2x102 2 Jennie
l.empert et nl to Mirlnin Turkman. 614
W ISTth at. Apr 24. due. Ac. ns prr bond,
mitt, tt N Tiickinan, 320 Bttay 4500
AV A. 1414. e a. 26.6x9 Sophia Mllll'r tn
Hannah Wnilaih. 131.1 Mmllenn nv. Apr CI.
3 tra, f, p i; ntty, A Zimmerman. 20i,
Bttay 12,000
West Mile.
(Weat of Fifth nf I'ettteen l"ourtaenth and
110th rts.)
4!D ST, 149 W Voumnne. Inc. to Kly .1
Itlesrr A Cn, tat ii v and 2'th at, ilrinnnd.
6 p e. Apr 25. nttja. DoUBlna, A A MiC.
233 Ilrnn.lttay 12 398 50
7TH AV. tl e enr 4M!l at. 20x50 -lien It
Curls. Jr. tn ndtf 11 Caret-. Tnr llnrknttay
N V, Apr 26. pr intK I63.0OH, due ns par
l.nlid. ntty. N V Title ins Co, 13., Hri..,l
tint- 137,000
HA M 11 PltliPHltTV Same tn aniue, Apr 26.
pr mlK 1100.000, duo ns rrr Imtul; atty.
a.nne .. 126,000
10TII AV. a e i or 4Pth at, 30x41.6 -John C
Kruintt ieilo tn ,1ns 11 Pattnn, Baltimore.
Ml. Apr 24. due na per bond; ntty, Jna V
Mltrtiell, 233 llrnndttnf 12,600
43t ST. 106 W, 14x100.6- Laura l: nsrher to
M IMw K-rliv. While Plnlna. N V, Apr 29,
pr tuts: 116,000, duo na per bond, ntty,
Isxac Heller. 35 Nassau at,
7fTlt ST, t. V.. 26 6x Arteniaa Ward to
.Inhanua Flelai hinaiin, 82 H 64th at, Apr
29. due na per bond; ntty, T ll Cn. 176
Brnndttny 830.000
' t'ptnttll,
iMnnhnttan Island, north of 110th at
f.TII AV. e s, 63.2 s 126th at, .17.3x100
lnter-Clty Land A Securities Co tn Hstntes
MtK Securities Cn. li.o Brendtta. pr mlK
115. 00O. Apr 21, Install. A p c... . 11,500
131ST ST. 25 W. 26x99 11- Karl Mueller to
American MtK I n. .11 Nnranu at. Apr 29
6 yra. 5 p v, nttja, Bowers ,t s, 31 .Saaaau
at 112.000
1.V.T1I ST. 631 W. f,0x-- --liso Tomes tn
Alhrrt II Atterbiiry, trus, Plnlnflrld. S J
Apr 2. duo .is per bond $10,000
Hlti lADWAV, e a. U0 n Hawthorne st. 26x
148 b Allen C. Chltterk to Frank W lllail
trlt. 66 St Nicholas pi. Apr 29, 2 rs,
1. p c: attv. I. T Ins A, T Cn, 160 llmad
ttny . 15.000
VAN Ctiltl.HAH PL. s a. 105 e Jacobus pi.
60x72 2- IMw W lliirchhardt to Hmllls
Sihuli. 161 ll 116th at. Apr 29. 3 vr,
6 p e. ntty. N V Title Ins Co, 135 Broad
ay 12,600
(Borounh nf The Bronx.)
I.r.STF.Il ST. brine a 100 ft nf lot 11, blk A.
nmp lister Park -Peter Knapp to Mary
Mcilarry. 660 Burke at. April 2, Insults
p i'., utty. I. T I A T Cn, 160 Bwav 7"'l
14.1) ST. II a. 221 4 e Crntnna nv. lOOxinil
lhL'il st nnd (iurden Streets Cn in Stuml.,
Healty Cn. S91 V. 149th st. April :t, 1 )r
p e; ntty. W W Allium, 3'Jl i: 119th
rt 819.0HO
21'TH ST. a a, luo w 6th n . xlmt I'lc rn
llot.t tn Vlticenxit Bota, 2106 Luri'llnud pi
llrnnx. April 3 rs, - p c. attv. V Ii
Cnlrnil.x. 149 littav 40n
CUIIeCKNT AV. sec Adams pi. l.t
1.1 6X100x43.9 Sam I Polliu k to 11. .mi
S. hlelssner, 171 i: 64th st. April 2. .1
tis. p e; ntty. L T t A T Cn. 160
Httny 6,0iiii
16.ll ST, 759 I), 11 s, 26x100.10x24 9x16 7
Harry Fmnel nml ann tn Nalpak Hrnltv
Cn. Inc. 299 Bwav. April 24, due na per
. nio. .'ins inairien, .1.1
Hsv ... . II '00
LOT 31 map I'UKaley estate i:io HrnlJ
in Ida Herls. J177 Jth nt, April :i pr
mtB 13. 20o, due aa per bond; nttv. T 1?
Cn 176 Bwav $n0
CACl.HWni 1. AV. w s. 11J 9 n 164th at
r.o.ix- wove Healty Co tn John
Doherr. 1214 Tlnton at- April 50. 1 jr
rtc.attt. I.Tl.t T Cn. 160 llu-n tln.ina
I.11T 316 map PuKelev estate KlUe Hcntr.
to Mndellne Lindner. 1140 Jackaon nt
April :.. pr intic 13 200, duo in per bond,
nttt T (I Co. 176 llunv lr.nn
Lot 307. aani" map- Sams tn Louis V.rrer
l.o Olmatrnd st. pr intK 1.1.200, due ns
per bond. April 2. atty. T (i Co, 17s
lltt ay 1 aii I
VVSK AV. n ror 179th at. 34x102 I! Jacob
xiremer Co to iiuataf Weln. f7 Trinity
nf. due ns prr Imnd, April i9, attts
Clocks. K A It 3H t: tilth st ti son
FOX ST, tr s, ton 10 11 Tiffany at. 170 Cx
II'issnberB BldK Corpll to City MtK Cn.
15 Wall at. April 29, demand. 6 p c. attt
F A Snott. 15 Wall st .. f6R nnn
SAMI! PllOPBHTV -Same to Henry Mor
Ksnthau Co. HI llttny, mtir IJ5.000, 3 rs,
i p e. ntt, W M Wrchal-'. Iu5 Broad
way lit nnn
LOT 134, mop I.nronla Park, 2.'.10n
l.lbotlo Durante ti, lilnchllft Oonrale,
tl.'l Neadham af. pr ints 13,500, April 2
: ra, 1; p c. atty, r c lllrlman, 3'il 1: I
143th at ixnn
WKSTCHKSTKK VV. ni, (Ota Wheeler at
109.SX Winnie Co to Cltv Heal ntat
co. 176 llttio, April 29. 1 r, b p c. nttv.
T n Co. 176 Bttav 110 una
SAMi: PHOPi:ilTV Sam a to American H-al
i.swuo i n. sin nv. April pr intK
140 000. demand, fine: attt. T 11 Crv 176 '
Bttay 119.000
The Opportunity to Make Money
it given to you by the
State of New York
Banking Department
f iqaWitWir of 77i Cmmtgl Trtnt Co, md Tho Nmrihorn Banh of N. Y.
Authorizing the absolute and unresenred
Aoction Sale of 3019 separate Lots
formerly tho
Morris Park Race Track
Bronx Borough, New York City
feeing on May 31st, 1913 and
Juae 2nd ami erery day tbcreafter antil every lot u told.
70V esi reBMie ee eiertnf e. Title sMsTn free Uxryen Title las. A Trait Ce.
5erW for map mnJ pariicalort to
J. Clareiee Davies, 1491b SI. and 3d Ave.. New Yrk City
jMepk P. Day, 31 Nassai Slrtel, New Yrk City
Afftsnte tx AntTtitmoert
Wiisliinprtnn PretHptloiis for To
day nnd To-morrow.
For tT A'ork, 44T RnRlantl eill
Vrtr .lersey, fnlr lifilnr unit to-mor
'rntri eliittly rlslnn temprrtnr
! moderate north Tflnrle.
I SV.W vnliK, April SO -There was ' n
npprerlslile movement yeaterday 111 the area
of depression rentrnl on the Netv Jeraey
.nasi, lull Ita ruin nrea hnd illinlnlaheil and
aliottera on iirretl only nt acatlered places
In llio nnrtlierii AlleKliatiy renlon amt on
! Ihe mlilille Atlantic nnd New nngland
There itns .1 little annw In Montana and
mln on tlie north Pacinc coast, due to a
ilrpresalmi eentrnl over W'jnniln and Utah.
Illsewiiere the ueather ttna generally fair.
The preasure ttaa lilith throuahout the
middle States, nnd 'nlthnuith frosts occurred
tn tndlana. Illinois nnd lotta It waa gen
erally ttnrmer over the Interior of the
It ttna cooler In the middle Atlantic and
New liiiKUtnl Stntee.
In tills city the day wna partly cinudyi
cooler, wind, trrsh to hrlak northeast!
nverare hiiinldlty, 1.1 per rent,! barome
ter, cnrfcitcd tn to read to aea level, et
a A. M , 20 fit, 3 P M 2H.1I1.
Hie trmperauire in this city yesterday, M
rreiirdeil hy the nrllrlal ilierinomeier. Is showo
in the nnnetril tnhle
ini.i. mi', i ion.
n A. M ... w 17 n P. M. . w
l: M. , .... Js 41' ll l. M . . M
a I' M. .. f.7' 41 12 Mill ..
l.imcH tcinpcrniurr. ID, nt .160 A. M.
am rtii AM
Sun tlves I .v, Sun sets a SI Moon rlefs.J:ao
llli.lt Air.lt litis DAV
S4ndyIlnok .lit:, tint-Island JM Hell Gate.,S 41
l.liW WATi:il THIS DAV.
Pandt-IInok 'i:i tinv Mnnd IOMiIHI Ojte.12.oa
Ss Anriina. 7 1.1
Ss 1 1. ear II . .'i III I' l
Ss Kmnprlnr Vtllhrltii.
Tt i:si)AV. April :
M . Palermo, April 17
i nrisuansana. apni ie.
Ilrrinrn, April 22, elf
375 PARK Ave
.S2D-.Ss3D STS.
Small and Large Apartments
Rentals $2,.300 to $6,000
Special Suites, $11,000.
Absolutely Fireproof.
Now Open for Inspection.
Renting Office on Premises.
l'lrr Island at Mil l M.
Ss Kansas i lit . 2 .i A M , Sn ansra, April 12.
Ss Knr.i. 12 M . lillitnliar. April in.
Si Prln Mei-nnmd. I'M A M , Inaciia. April 11.
Ss Catherliie i'iiniii. 3 A. M , .Ininalca, April 21.
Ss Mn .lii.in, :i :a a M . San Juan. April 23.
Ss I llrr e, :tn A l . Trinidad. April 10.
SsSlxanla. ".'ID A l . Klncstnn. April 24,
Ss.latart, s.t.-, A M . Mpe May, April 2.1.
Ss l.'asilanils, I .in P M , liuantanBino, April 22.
Si Sill Jarl'lln. Iillteslon. April 21.
Ss l llv nf MUnln. Satannah, April 20.
SsSanll icii. Mnhllr. April 22.
Ss rnlnrniiii. linlvrston, April 22.
Ss Madison Vorfiilk. April 2.
Sa .Intni stmt n. Nnrfolk, April 34.
Ssinrlli, Phll.idrlphla. April 2
Aitnn rn nioM m:v vohk
St Maiirrtnnla. at I.ltrrpool.
Ss i i loud, ai nm erp.
Ss rnr. nt ltottriilani.
Ss Pannonla. nl I.ltrrpool
Ss Knlrr ttlllielm drr (irosse, at Bremen,
Ss Nnri.ic.iUNCll. nt London.
Ss Krnnprlncrssla Crcllle. from Premen.
Ss Ilnmljtirc. from Henna
Sail To'dav.
Kalsrrln Augnsle Victoria,
llnintiiirit I0.VIAM
iiro'ata. licrmmla . smAM
Zlllla, rnraco.1 30 A M
I atapa. I'olon . . II ,10 AM
Semlnnlr. Tilths Island . 100OAM
I Proiciis, Net 'irtenns ..
S.ihlne. (;altrtoii . ,
i Arapahoe. .lacVsonvllle . .
I MsdNoii, .Norlnlk
I Sail Tn-inorrotv.
iji inuraine. natre . hiiia h
Ksperanza, llatana ant AM
Alllinra. i'olon . 11 SO A M
1 llrr. Ilathados 11 HI A M
Malaro. (irenids. ...... ouo AM
Prln SIslMiiund, Jamaica.. .'. .
I pllli. 1 It ,'rnnol
' llaitmross.i. Hreinrn
i It- of Atlatiia. Satannah
Monroe. Norfolk ... .
I PI SUd. Iialte-lon.
Sail Prlday. May J.
suoiti: l iioNT
Ten acres on hound, hlirh itround, bejuilful
virus: sandy hrarh. select r.ilnhliorhood. "'t1'
from Nett Vork City, f-'i-'i ar ae I H l N
mm I.I! V. Nortlil'orl t 1
RTO sutilcl- 7 room ant , ch-ctrlc llshts. narouct ?!1 '' Mnithainptou..
Boors, all Itnprotetnrnts. tery lUtht Mils. 1?un.n.'v1'''. .,
AMHI.PI 125 1 2Hti M Msdsfi in:,-. Norliltd-i. Neufmindland..
, ' lirllanria, .sau
Ktv .ii:iti:t itr.Ai, kt.tk fok sai.i
HATinr.n MnitTc,Ai;r.s.
(With name and address of tender'e
tornry )
5T1I ST. a s. 40 w from e w cor Amaierdam
TiTi.n ins co or n y
in .lamus A Trott -
I AKI-UOOP. NHV jnHSPV. lots 2Sxlii each.
Ill the pine section J.'.oi enrh High and dry oud
title iruaraiili ed nml taxes paid SiillnMc fori
I inn frn In us. camp flics, or for an Intestinrnt.
I'rlns Wlllrm I. Ilayil .
noriniiurn, .nn Juan .
Havamon, Ms.afui' .
Hansn. .lamalca .
Talisman. Cardenas
Apache. Jacksontllle
Prlnci si Annr. Norfolk.
e. 311 A M
11 30 A M
H 311 A M
12 KO M
12 00 M
in 00 A U
12 0OM
12 00M
12 0011
100 PM
10 00 A if
00 00 A M
4 no I'M
Koo-sr-T -
10 00 A Mi
10 00 A It '
3 00 I'M
12 00M
12 00 M
12 00M
12 00M
Vol less than three lots k,m t a person This City of Kxerett
rucr ior one ttrcs oniy to Advrrile proprrty. iprrnnza.
at. 40s 102 2. Sent 30. lkOS Waller S' X
fsih Weod to Antoinette K Milllken i for
merly Wallarei, attys, Woodford, II A 11.
1 Mid .it 1 4. -i.OOO
147TH ST. a a. 275 e Prospect at. &0xl00,
Apr 4 If 0 Dennis J A liOUle lllekev to
Win 1 Kenny, nttt. Walter 11 lloppinic.
Ui ... I:. 019 74
:il AV, SIJ. s w cor 29th at 240 Hi. 24 x
100 ,tjn 12, 1H.' Mary A Hatton i for
merly Iioranil to Mary A Shea, niy.
Chaa ltlbaon. 237 I,ex av 12.000
ISTII ST. 121 W. n e a. 21 5x0. Apr 19. ISO.'
-Sleo 11 Wrecner tn T Ii A T Co. 17l!
Bttay It.oou
I, OT 34, map ions of Tremont llrlxhts. 2tth
ttard. Dei 30. 1910 Jos Hani Alnert to
Hitls Welnstoi k. 302 Httay t:oo cum
SJT1I ST. 23 t n s, 20x100 5. June 20. 1HI2I 1913
-h.u 11 llsrklev tn Hy M Harle, admr, 22H ST.
atty. T it i o, i,s utvay no.ooo
LOT 208, map (Vnniry Investlnc Co of lots
bet Aoue in t jt Marmiit, a load ,l
Peathethed lane, also lot 71, same map.
Julv 1. 1102- l.lllh- n Oould to Jennie M
A Heiecc Ilerlrk. atty, A (1 Vanderpool.
XI and 43 ll at ... . .x (.00
11TII ST. 104 W. a a. 17x100 tl, Apr 3.
i.eit- Uxdore Serf tn Marsaretta I. Clark,
nut'. T O Co, 170 llway 12,210
TinilOPT AV. a e cor 187th at, If. 4xR3. Apr
SO. 1910 Thos H Uohertsnn to Jno S Snl
phen. attys. Mnsea, Morris 11, J.' 1.1b
ertf st $l..'O0
HETON AV 100 a from a tv cor Jeftersnn av.
50x100. Aim , 1 3 Hruno J Urandrs rt
nl to the l'ranklln Society for Home IlldK
& SalttiKS. SI I'ark row. ... .13.&0O
SAME PHopi:UTY. Sept 1. 1901 Same to
Mime 13.100
OIlTOItli AV, n s, 275 tv from n w cor
Stvlnton st, SOxlOO, Nnv 23. 1909- -nnuna
N Potxk to Kdna Polaki attt,
nmilia N Polak. 391 i: 149th at 1410
1ST AV, G34 and 634, u e ror 31et at (401 to
405 Ki, Mur 24, 1909, runs n 49 Di n lOOx
ti 49. 4x e F0x a 94 9 to ll a 31st st X tt
150 to heK Mrrott Hi Mfc Co to Ada V
lllcsins, atty. Cheater W Outhell, 52
Ilttav Iio.ooo
I,(iT 604, map Oleasnn property, 24th ward,
Dec 12, lull Harry Susarman to lunula
T I.ehmeyer, aaalKnee, attys, Wlnnate A
( !0 Nna.au at 1240
ItPTC.KItS ST, (.. w a, J4.llxl0.10, Apr 27,
1906 Aaron Oberxt tn Itrperca Wolper.
ntty. A S Weltflei'll. 150 Nsa.au at.. 119.000
91ST ST. a a, 265 e 4th nv. 20x100. i. Sept 1H.
19 Wm A- Clara A McNahh to Union
Dime Sat- Hank, uttys. Amend A A, 119
Nassau st 114,000
TH ST. s a. 157 w Av A, 25x100.4, Apr 14.
11,91 Hertha A- Auruslus von Ilarher to
.lohsmn Gunther. ntljs, Amend & A, jo
lliriy 12,000
49T1I BT. , 12 tv AV A. 25x100.3, Apr 14.
HJl Same to same; attys, same 12.000
131ST ST, n s, 310 tv 5th av, 35x99 11. Frtl
4, 1491 Hy & Flora A Hawkes to James
M Crafts A ano, trustees, cj sttya.
Tlowirs A f, Jl Nassau st 117,000
IM- A. eior- sou J..V. .... L! I lo-i,, V'u"., '. ."V
Some to josnil't lioininan. ."-.'n ei . . ,.v n, umn , , , i."in si
i r fmm May 1. 1911. any. N 1 rH-
. '.'.V1- .i." .. to. lie - .,1 I Ql'KK.NS ItKAl. KSTATK 14)11 tsALK.
Itui h-l Cohen nnd nnv to Uoaarlo ila
i,n I nno, 210 or 340 n Trill at, 5 sra from
Tl iv' saoY "store HerVr't" V Hnrnlialll ' Heautlf'il home nterlooklnc 1 1
i.i S.imt A llotl.arhllil. 144 S Nlfholns
nv 3 tra from May 1 1918, ntty. .1 Ilium
ntmrh. Ileclster'v Oftl. e. .. . .0
201ST ST. a a, 31 e Pfrrv av. 2d and P.I
ll.mfs Kredk W Kotnman to 1". Kath
cm. 1! 501st al. 3 trs from Mnt 1.
lt3 -
13T1I ST. 2k H. all Kdtt Zoellner to Anna ItKAl. ! TK Hill SAI.K Wrstrhrstrr Co
into. 505 I! 6th at. 3 -s, ra from Mat' 1. -.. . ,
,913. ny. Norber, I.nndnu. 246 (J.h , & Hudson niv.,
IKiU'l-llV 155 llSsml Frankel to Alidrt-tv
premises, i yra rrom .tiav i.
. i
iNciiMixii sri:AMsnirs.
Due To day.
mittlrrti Improvement hliflilv lfntrlfttM nrlch
bntlxtixl A niluutcs wntk to Mutloii and trinitUul
Mtiil I'iiMitne licnrh. Only M minute- from
MfraM Siiuirr imitt tmr S't, rh ft t.nre,
tifilmiM .. 'rnnv AiMresn hlIOi;l! MiU.NT,
7E. 42
. ( amairurt
htiljlitof Ihe Thistle
J Martha Washington.
I I'tonlan
. Saratoga .
1 llrrlln. . . .
sttedlsh Prince., .
I llerniudlaii .
' Mannheim
M.irchloiie of Bute.
i:mll 1. Iloas . .
Val Sallce.
i:f sieio . ..
1. 1 SOI
toinette It vtAlinre, iraainn, ,,. ,
ni'llCKIlAKnT, JOHN, to Tntk
(With name and address of lender end
lender's attorney.)
(Month of Fourteenth street.)
EAST BROADWAY, 205. s s, 26.8m7. Jo
C Seal to l'lnriia Ixiwenfeld, 108 K 4lli
at, and ano, Apr 16, Installs, 6 p c; attjs.
Arnatnln. I, AV P, It llway 12,150
NOItFOl.lC HT. 82. e s, 27.1x100x26.9x100
Chas Karl et nl to Montrose Healty Co,
isb u way, pr mix, sau.uuu, Apr iv, b ra
PERKY BT. e s, 76 w Waverly pi, 25x98
Den'l Bulllven to Emigrant Ind, tlav
Bank, 11 Chamber, et, I yre, ( p e. Ajir III
nery -L1"
HKINS. JOHN W, to nietrlrh O Ilelns..M
MneKI.IUNNEY. JAM ICS A. tn August
Kohl 12,500
roilllV. T1DW II, to Kdwln Wolf,, 125,000
IlrnOINH, AltAHUUI.A A. to o C!
Mnrnn 116.000
Wm S r.dsjar 122,000
frrd Ilarth ami ano, trus 17,800
SPIINTM., KIW. to Julia Pchnell SI
ASCIINKU, MARY, to Herman Aschner.. II
SKIFKHT, I.OUIH F W, to Frances V 8e.
fert 13.000
N Y PUIIlilC I.innAIlY, Astor L T
Foundations to Chas ll Hauerdorf. .17,000
I'neer 120,000
IIUIIOINS, AIlAnill.I.A A, to American Se-
rurllv A Trust Co tl
McCONNIHK, KI.KANOR B, to American
Srcurlty A Trust Co 11
(HtACR. JAS II. to Jacob Dohrmann..1.700
FUKKMAN. CIIARI.r.a II. to Ada F Ilia-
Kins il
ery 116,000
Crane 13.000
Ridley 812,000
61 W. nil .leannln 1". tan Horn M
i,n w (iernnunt, iiicnmona inn. i. i, t,
vis. from Fcti 1, 1917; atty. lelw M Purii
linrd tit llttny l...ti:0
4TI1 AV, :3:". all Michael J Adrian i nrpn
to John McMnhon. 3o; l; llway, nttv
ll M llurcharil, 111 llway 110 ooo
2211 ST, 64 W, store nnd Ii Arthur S Hie
Kins to lleo W (Jertiaunt. llli'tiuiinid 11111
1, I. ally. i: M Hurs-hard. Ill Hway. .12 500
WASHINGTON AV, 1 SSI. nil -Netv Itose
Amusement Co to Hy Knlerlem nnd line.
1214 line nv. 8 3 12 yre, from .1.111 1
1914: ntty. V. H MrC.Uc It Wall t f 400
75H ST. Ui i:, nil Delia Kaylln to iin II
Cornish. 5 sra. from rvt 15. 1915; ntts
Wood. II A M, 62 William st . 13 119
14TII ST, 51-524 K. all -Abriiham Zadek
et nl to Snllln Cohen and alio, SC. K
99th at, ntty. Cohen Ilroa. 163 11 92d
at . 17.000
l.HXINOTON AV. 20t5. nil Julius Schutt
miii et nl to llenj Winter. 1W K toiih
at. 6 yra. from May 1. 1918; attys. llerahad
A II, 320 Hroadwuv 19.000
170 TTEST J4Tn ST.
Tw blacks from express stetless st
subway er eletated: a new family nets!
otsr 300 rooms, exoepilonatly laris art
Petit, usi. mil close's, suites at every slss,
rsetsls from Jeno j r annum, rentsj onif
hv lhs year 'tnfer'il.hed
Principe ill Plemonie
liN'i Monarch. .
Alnilraine. ,
Philadelphia . .
i.iiantanamo ..
Italian .
Comanche. . .
Commodore Rollins
New Orleans.
Marseilles .
liermuda .
Hull .
St. I.ucla .
. . ( olon..
Crlstolial... .
Nett Orleans,
i.alteston . .
Due To-morrow
Nett Orleans.
1 ronlera.
I't HM.sill.l) and imfurnlshed nparti' cnis
Consult iipartu.eni aprrlAlll, olllce of Alii II I
HAl.li I'liS.s, ii Mndlson at. nud 45 l'.ns lull.
Murray 1 1 111 :151m
San filov.innl
i:i Voile
4 'Ity uf .Montcomery
Due Friday. May
April 17
April 22
April 19
April 11
.April 1
.April U
April 20
..April 11
April Jl
April 27
April 23
April 15
April IA
April 22
April S3
April is
Apr I 24
April 37
April 2-1
April 34
April 19
April in
April 13
April 20
April JJ
.April 23
April 33
April JA
April 2
..April 2S
April 35
.April 10
April 17
April 33
.April 38 .
April 3i
.April 3D
MADISON AV, n e cor 132d at. 10 11x4ft
Tanners Loan A- Trust Co ta John
McClure et nl (foreclosure of mortguKei,
nttys. tleller. ltnlatnn A- Koran
MORRIS AV. e a, a Park View Terrace, lot
10 Tax Men Co of N Y vs Michael I,
Ilurke et nl (foreclosure of transfer of tax
llenl; ntty. W I.ustKnrten.
MmlU.V.TOWN llll, n tt tor Pier av, 30x
150x Irreg; iironx ami reinnin rnrntt.it
IIACIiniMt apartment No. 01, 13 W. 4tth st.
1 rooms, bath, furnlstie I Apply Superintendent
Seeks Site for l'lrst llistltnte Willi
Morlle K.lanrr.
K. r. FriiHlmann ami Morltz Eisner,
the purrli.iher of the American riKlits nf
the I'rlejmann varelno, spent most of
ror Mullner hv ,r. :xu.n 9; tiionx i t , aterilay walklnit ariinnit town looKlliK
nnd I'elhnm Parltttny. a tt tor Ilogari i for n for , rst rrlprlmami 111-
U..S,S...., .... . . , , " " .1,AW l,n InnnH An
ri,ui, ll, ill, . ,n', n'unii ,,ii" ,,Tfc
neither would nay.
Vlrelrsa InrnmllMr Ship.
I Si Olympic, 371 miles rait of Sandy Hook at
noon t I'sterday
I Hi llerlln, 1W miles east of Sandy Hook at
3:15 p. M.
, Ss III Vnlle, (lalveeton, 60 miles southwest
of Diamond Shoals nt noon.
Sa Creole, New Orlemia. 252 miles south
of Diamond Shoala at noon,
i Sa iluiintannmn, Havana, 432 miles south
of Sandy Hook nt 7 P M
Ss clou. Crlstolial, 210 miles south of
Sandv Hook at noon.
1 Ss I",l Miiinlo, flalvratnn. crossed Galveston
liar nt 6.36 I M
Ss Carolyn, San Juan. 681 miles south of
Sandy Hook at 7 I. M
Ss Comanche. Jacksonville, 677 miles south
of Sandy Hook at 7 P. M.
Ss Apache. Jacksontllle, 219 miles south
of Sandy Hook at 7 P. M
llrnnx nnd Pelham Parkway. 75x100. Ilo
cart av, tv s, 441 5 a Rronx nnd I'ellinm
Parkttay, 275x200x Irren tn Mullner nt,
two actions Washington Savings Hank
ta Theodore Werner et al (foreclosure
of two tnortgnKeal ; atty. F M Patterson.
6TII AV, xv s, IS a 132d st. 17x75 Ruther
ford Realty Co vs IMw L Montcnmory. Jr,
rt al (foreclosure of morta-e); attjs.
Wolls A Bnedeker.
6TII AV. 257 Alfred 11 ltoeenateln art
Jnmea Uagun. owner, IMwIn F ilrant, eon
tractor 1190
22D ST, 237 F. Joseph NaiiBhton .ii;t
Theresa J Kelly, owner .4: contractor. . I l-n
Army Order leaned.
WASHINOTON, April 29. Army
were isuue.i lo-uay as ioiiowsi
Dr. Krledmann wns to have conn to L lr.l..v,!'u'....''-. tner. coast Artillery.
Montreal last nlcht to administer tlio i ' capt i., V. Coieiuuiir Coaat Artillery, to
pecoml InJeotlonH tn his patients there, . I04th Company.
capt. r. tv. ituistnn. l osst artinsry, rrom
104th Company to staff duty with commend
Inr officer, roast defences, Boston.
First Ideut. w. p. Smith, cavalry, rrom
but hn prniialily min i Ket oft until to
night or later.
"If everythlns progresses aatlefactorily
there," ho said, "I will Ret bark in time
tn bo present and supervlno thn openltiK
of tlm first Frleilmann institute. In Netv
Mr. Eisner said that this institute will
lie started within two or threo weeks.
Pr. rrlerlmann showed a cableRram
atty, N Y Title Ins Co 135 chkLSKa' REAbTY 'CO ' to' Wm U Trow
CRANE. LAURA C to Harriet E Harrlna
ton .13,041
RUNK. OEO t Louie iTank. .. .112.000
2U.TH ST, a. 225 tv PauldlnK av, 60xloo I f -om Dr. Karl LuiIwIk Pchlelrh nf llerlln,
illov II Ferrnra nrt Ilnanrlu I.o Hue, owner
nnd contractor 1800
148TII ST, 614 to 620 W Rudolph Feder
mnn as;t Athos Iteiilty Co. owner nnd eon
tractor 1509.16
166TII ST, s a. 155 e Courtlandt av Wm J
Fowler net K & C Construction Co et al.
Feb 6. 1913 1713.21
BAM II PROPERTY Same aft same, Feh 6,
1913 1729.65
HJVr.HDAI,!: AV. n xv cor 26tst st Ames
Transfer Co ant Sisters of St Vincent da
raul et al. Apr 2, 1913 8106.35
COURTLANDT AV, e s. .bet 187th and 16Mb,
ala Charles Haulalotlter nut Charles
Baake et al. Mnr 19. 1911 174.75
4T1I AV. 34 Ornamental Sheet Metal
Works act Otto Kiihneninii et al. Apr 8,
191S (by bond) 157
46TII HT, 16 and 18 W Coleman Krnii.s
net 16 West 46th St Co et al, Apr 17,
1913 (by bond) 1879
88TII ST, 111 end 120 K Joseph liothen
here agt Wm V Ztvlnga et al. Pro 19,
1912 1619.97
MOTH BT. 4SsK end 421 H Ouerlno Baldl
Merman neaiiy uo et ai, Apr I,
(By peyment) ll.6l
who Iiiih laser) representing Dr. Frleilmann
In Uermany, ami who has been experl.
nientliiK. In the cablenram he says:
"Itesilltn inillbputable , xvomlerftil. Oreet
Mnvrrarnli nf MnTal A'raaele.
WASHINOTON, April 29. The tenders
Caatlne and Severn and submarines C-2,
C-3, C-4, C5 nnd E-2 have arrived at
Prnvlnretown, the mine ship San Francisco
nnd the battleship Netv Hampshire at Lynn
Haven nn,itlie destroyer StandlHh Ht An
napolla. tho trananort Buffalo at San Fran
rlaen, the collier Saturn at Mare Island, the
cruiser Maryland at Venice, the cruiser
Colorado nt Redondn, the cruiser Chattn
nooKa at Bremerton, the Kunbnat Petrel at
llriinattlck, Hn.; the collier Sterllne nt Noi
folk yard,
The torpedo bout StrlSBham has sailed
from Washington fur .1 mill li Sound, Chean.
Iio.iko Buy; tho cunbont Machlxs from New
York yard for New Haven, the transport
I'ratrte from (luantanamo for Philadelphia,
the cruiser llalveston from Bremerton for a
cruise and the tut Iroquole from Ben Diego
for Mare Island.
dutv with Isthmian Canal Commission.
l'lrst Lieut. I.. Felker, from Second CT
airy dpt. J. A. Clark, Medical Corps, from
Fort Benjamin Harrison to l'lattsburf bar
racks. First Lieut. C. J. Eaatman, from ,
Michael. Alaska, to Fairbanks. Alaska,
Iletlni: First Lieut W W Harris, as officer
In charge Second section, military cable and
telegraph system, by August 16.
Lieut W W. Harris. Jr., Signal Corps,
tn Fort Olbhon. Alaska, tn charge Third eivd
Fourth sections Alaska cable and telegraM
MMem. to rellete dpt. W. N. Michael not
later than August 15.
Capt. II. W. Miller, from Thirteenth to
Fifteenth Infantry.
Cart. O. McCnskey, from Fifteenth to
Thirteenth Infantry.
Capt, F. II. tlallup. Third Field Artillery,
to Fort Myer, Virginia,
Flret Lieut, C. A. Dougherty, Flgnel Cone,
from Fort Leavenworth via Seattle, Week
to Valdes, Alaska, relieving First Llevt.
W. E. Prosser, Signal Corps.
Women Help
Save North
IUpmarck. X I)., Aprll'jo.-Whlle thalr
liusbanda fniiKht asninst a fierce prairie
lire ttliloli threatened the town of Wine
to-ilny their wlven formeil a bucket b riled o
carryini: water from tho town well with
which tn dampen hlankets that were belnc
used hy the flroflKhtere. Only for thtlr
lierolq work the whole town probably wemlsl
have been burned.

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