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Hut Her strhiuir Arc HhmmI
pon National Inter
pts Only.
. w it .i i
l 111011 MOIllll 1 Ill'OatOll 'tllC
German in His Own
wti tie j'i-! i fif.i. Tn-!r Interest- do nut
(ili!.-h anywhere Their eeon-iin.i strlv
Vnttt .i ,.. t...-S 1,u;m r"" parallel In the past thc
l,ofiiM t.. CoiiMtlcr husiii ii,tt.r rrInJ. In thP fi;tliri,
a l.ivins and Urow
inu' Force.
i ftna! inrrfiii1n,t n Tnr Sr- j
nrrt.TsBt urt. April "P.-The Cter-I
seem inclined to tteat with con
t threatened srowth of th '
.- . . race In Ktirope. They arcili
t . f r Sias lack stamina and that for
t ,'i'tf.tsMti w hatever pnlitlcnl structure
i i ma hulld would be poorl bal
i. . 1 and unable to wlthtnnd nny
'r.ii shock from without History is
t, i ae I to prove this theory. Hut Hus-
a l.f not been reckoned with by those
w. smile at the Herman Chancellor's
1 1 , k t Ions.
li i-.-i.i has never liifote been in
sj r( tj in her foreign policy by the Slav
: ., hi r aim has been to further na
r t .nterests recardlrss of racial
- Hut the Ctowrnment of the Cx.ir
a- rccnti tesun Ui move in the dlrcc
' i -f Si.ntsm. the political leaders of
t llussian people are endeavoring to
i.r..t th- scattered Slas. and there lie-t.-e
d.it,i:er to Germany
iirmans, in Austria and In the
Fatherland, are prone to displa) con-
mpt for the Slav. They deny his
n.i.m to a mlsiion anionc the culture
b'-a'jrp people of the Fast. "The Slavs
a t useful u.-t ethnic manure," is the
trdat which they lone aso pronounre.l.
is-jt they arc unjust and heedk-ts of
aitr It is true that the Slav Is clin
ic crotind because the ltvlssltn. Polish,
Servian, and Hulearlan mothers are
.nnre prollllc than the Herman. l!ut it
i not fair to the Sla to us.- rt that he
iarks culture. Xo doubt hi sf.ee ial t-un-trlhution
to the civilization of the world
. mucli less than that of th- tSreek.
Itotnan or Teuton races. Still, it is a
p.-itic tiuan.ity. Those who are nr.
otmnted with tlie literature of Poland
and Ku.-sla, witli the music of the Sla
Generally and with the basi of th-lr
ihlcs will readily acknowledge this At
ie sam time it is quite true that all
the Slav nations have drawn their
spiritual pabulum and received their
ethical idens fr mi the more hlchty
"D.pped nations of the West nnd South.
Rtwia had law-i and administration Im
i" -6 ution It by the Norman.-, and after
' e Tartar yoke was shaken off her cul
t ral netis were ministered to by
'arc and Germany.
Tlic Hermans bel. e tlrmly that Slav
lire like tlie lipht nf the mnon i r
ed Therefore, it will vanish t
. 'her with its sourte. They also hold
'i' thet-e iri no stamina In rtnv branch
' f the Slav race except perhnp the Itul
c rr. who are very far from belnc pure
Slar riinseiuently the pnlltlcal edifices
t the Slavs ar" lou-elv built. Iiiullv
iian-td strui'tures which cuum; stand
the Impact of a formidable sh-u k from
'I'tT.ui Their history i made up of
i inert te cai"s lllustrallnc th- theory,
""h i here was tuice a nre.it Hulcarlan
i -npue raised up by Czir Simeon. J;t2T.
whu-h inmiiri-ed nearly the whole Hal
' an iieninsulu. hut after a oheckered e-
ence of less than half a century it
f. i The Serbs .under Stefan Dusham
innT-13:.t; built up the net creat Slav
r . hn Hut It too was short lived They
man empires. The rv.ei-hs. for
n.r. ,!r V'ornne -ilso nickered nut
nd're de,i nC Z shdovv of German
, vver Polaml T and her unpractical
aime are become bywords in iwlltlc.".
r,i l.,!huanian State which was
,r-elv Slav had but a brief existence.
i! . th.. communities formed of little
U'lsfians under the Hctman and those
. . i. v i t
i : n'Tthcrn Hum a wnicu itp .iuMinvt
...w ..f.r ihf.r hv Muscovy, arr tn
" ii.--. --
i... i.iuim-i- liti'i-. more than
i" siuui-iii i-i iii.--..'i.- t
cnes of dissolving view. garded as an expression of the opinion
nd now the Petersburg era of Rus- j f t)u. ll0 .Min.tang, or southern polltl
s a's history promises to furnish a solid j a, party.
srotindvvork for a lasting empire. It , t s rumored that Dr Pun Yet
, romlses that no man can say what the j K,, nm (;0)1 Hwang Ifslng are trying
..enlevement will be. Germany when , t(1 ,,i3r(, contracts for millions nt
.-tlmattng the value of that pi online 1 j.nunds sterling with foreign flrtns for
. 1 llo f. mind the recent clash between 1
it- Japdnese and the Slav, marics ine -
il stance which sunuereu aim iroin ac- -
, nnv-nt then and projects her tonciu
- ins "n to the screen of the future,
if Is admitted that Petersburg nnd its
methods are in many ways superior to
tiosn of Muscovy. In many, but not In
all Muscovy assimilated rival tribes
ond destroyed root nnd branch their
political framework It assimilated the
t nnquered peoples without leaving a
tesldue. Tho Petersburg Hyutem ex
tends tho frontiers, but leaves the
foreign people, unasslmllatcd. Even
kindred clement", have not been ab-t-orbed.
Tho Pole.i, the Little Russians,
urn aa far from feeling themselves Rus
oans to-day ns they were a century
ego. And In the year 1815 the Russia
1 1 St. Petersburg neglected a rare op
portunity to annex and assimilate tho
tour nnd a half millions of Russians
nnd Ruthenians established In the Km
puis of the, HapHburgs.
Tho truth is that nussla'.s foreign
policy has never been Inspired by tho
Slav 'idea. National Interests, not racial
deal, underlay the strivings of, each of
tho Governments of tho Czar. To the
thlnJtlwr of the Panslavlsts this ts the
'nexplablo sin, but th" sober politician
will discern In this reserve tho funda-,
mental principle of genuine statesman
ship. Home day the Slav Idea mny get
embodied In Russia's policy. If It does
the misgivings to which tho German
' 'hancellor In his recent speech made
uclt allusion may become real, Rus
i in. Poland and Grcut Kervis, Including
Servla projtc-r, Montenegro, llosnta,
Herzegovina, Croatia, Dalmatla, and a
powerful Bulgaria would Impress th"
mark of the Slav on all eastern Kit
jope and threaten the German In his
pwn empire. It U In view of thli con-
'iticeniv. h remote ti.il.iy ne waf" the
Ki'k.in iimi.imii twelve nmniho nc..
I ii.it tiirinnnv .iiholil the policy nf her
I .. . v .n tlir lt.ilkan pen'.n-ula. f r h
'r.r tactlc-f .he l furthcrlnc her own
tt.il tntcrr'M And tin .imc tnnt've
j . .... . . . en tii.-ii4iiiiiiiik.liiy ii. i i rim
MiiHiit.i tn mny tn Sr in a jmrt on tho
, cirl.it :.i inintit.icf Kum.ini.i while
.... ... I tr. - t I .. ......... ...-.....
n-ilins liulrarla and to favor Tnrkc.v
IVl'iT 'm,? t'1" ,,nlk',n 'F1":m;
... . . . 'm,' ra- . .. .
I i. in in. i-uiu;!!-- oi rvawirn aR a rimn
llllt the
mrce m l.uropeim mIUIcj In IIUIIc or
the future. At pre.ent the various-'tnmhi-
uf tti.it cunt funilit of Artnn
I t iple are at jl.e-. nnd .even!' with each
ther The Serh I at locserhe.d. with
t'le linear, the IoI perceutc tli.
I t'.utln-ni.tn In tialicla nnd the t.u!an
little favor to tho Pole In l.lthti-
'""1 A-"- whercmiever the Slnv. met
t. ;rther in concre.-. the only lancuane
whlih they can fpc.ik with the m.-ral
f'-rt.unty of brine uiiih rfiood b) all
their brethren l- (Jerrnnn.
Afier pence ha beon concluded Ilnl-
I iraria nn.l lluinnnla. Auetrin hopt w
Join hands and draw more cloe,v to-
I gether. Most probably this cpectntlon
; i-un neeu repose, trampum i ite win oustltii: the Moiitenecnns from Scutari
.therefore hold tocether and pljv the s,.. will take matttrs Into her own
part of contravallinc force nca.nst the - hands. It may lie pointed out that It does
, testle-snes of the Serb. ToRfther with , not co much further than her pre
j Turkey and Albania they will ron-tltute i viou-ly declared Intentions, thouch It de-
the peace element of soutln a-tern , clares 'them In a more emphatic manner.
. Furopc There Is no doubt that If the Powers
j A- for P.ussia she will move mote ri,-, not net Jointly to Induce Montenecro
decidedly In the direction of Slavi-m j c,.t out of Scutari. Austria will take
thin heretofore but with due circum- ,, this task, but she has not taken anv
spectrin. She will- do nothlnc rasa oetlnlte step as yet unit Count von
Mir pl.vi will nut include the comnirst lterchtold. the ForeiRii Minister. Is
f .m ther Slav peoples: nettl-or w. II ,,ot,.,i ns as-urins several diplomatic
i: .npl active antacuiilsm to the prois-I WllI,rf on Tuesday that no step would
le.s f the German people. The his- i. ...ij,,,, l.efure the nieetlne of the Am-
ton of the Slavs durlm: the pat thou
sand voars has broucht to the from
the rive branches of the Slav race, whlih
hnve special tralt of their own the
Russians, the Poles, the Czechs, the
Serbo-Cruntlans and the Hulsars Fac'.i
of the-e tribes has characteristics of its
tiwn. each pursues special aims which
tna.v be summarily described as the
tit rtnitlve gathering together of all Its outlook was made only a shade darker
scattered sons and the Incorporation of the official announcement on Tues
all Its territorial claims. This work of ,iay An extreme view of the situation
un.tlcatlon includes tin- realization of as taken, however, on the Hoerse,
the great. Servian idm. which would in where price? .-lumped in a panicky man
turn involve the hpakup of Austria- ner
' Hungary.
R'isla's policy therefore, assuming
that it i systematized and that its final
objects are sttadlly pursued and every
opportunity utilized to further them,
w.ll consist In watching for the psy
chological moment and striking the iron
w i; I- glowing Frym their rivals
the pilitical leaders of the Russian peo
ple will take a lesson and strike out an
opposite course of nction. To separate
S.av from .--lav. the Hulgar from the
Serb, the Czech from the Rus-i.m. the
RatiHiil.in trom the Pule. Is one of the
aim.- of the Teuionu States. They
-harpen the antagnn m alnady ex
isting between the-t- Slav tribe-, tb.-y
. il.uk the.r way to the s -us. build I'ail
w.ivs and ievy cu!nms tariffs, the ef
fect of which 1 tn checkmate them
, politically or economlcallv From P.u---la.
.i-uming that -he an and dues
work strenuously and pcr-everlngly fur
tho. furtherance of racial Interests one
ni'iy expect a .-eum-nce of tlnw:y acts
to tiring together and if pos-ihle unite
the -car --ed Slav, to compose their
feud- t-r inntrlbute to thcl" access to
the ,n. th. r emancipation
finm lir.-'i.;-.; dependence aptin th
t.lg..'l..-:s nf the Slav.-.
Sia . ism is a living at: i growing force
despite the certain anil .tn;- -tiding ills,
.-nli.-.ion of the Ralkan L.-ag-ie and the
s:r..nce fac that the place nf rh! tran--lent
i-iKilition will -hortlv tn. taken hv
a Riimano-H'ilgnriar. entente on the
nne side und a Irecn-s. rvian or a
Tut ko-Greco-St-rv Ian pa:tner.-h!p on
the other s.ile. In spite of the lirciun
stnni" that the German Chancellor by
wa.v nf slrenuhteiimg hi- case fur the
new military law and Its more startling
financial bn-e referred to the po.--ib!l!t
nf a conflict between the iwo rival
races th.s contest Is a contingency tn
he reckoned with.
leu erniiteiil seiiitu N nil flen I Inn
I'lve I'nuer l.rntip.
-if mi ' a' if lie intfl. to Tar. S'
Pi.kin. April LM. -The Foreign Of
fice formall.v noi.fied to-da the legrt-
. , ''-"-nnn-ofM1 loan "as Just
' ' mlP'1 'MH.nMl.lllt, Mr the
Tin Senate discussed the contract,
which the President announced, would
be submitted to the Representative a.-
. ""lumen, "no i.'i
tllfl ' ' . -I n.t (ltV ll-'Pi lilosiinl linn
j f . Senators mid-
V,"J, ' ''t.., " V . "J
...ii.... ii i - .-.riuiiirii in ju.lll 111 tllllLI - l -
n .1.. 1 . .
mm ine in.m. 1 nis .it-con m.iy lie re-1
,, pilrchase of arms and ammunition
.,, shunghal with a view of
ani,ther revolution
Rnplnre of Two Deep Sen
(Siren nm llrnunn.
Special Cable Detpatch to Till: Sin
Loniion, April '.'9. At a shareholders'
meeting of the Direct Fnlted States Ca
ble Company to-day President Gunter
aid he regretted to announce the ne
cessity of cutting the usual dividend,
but this was unavoidable owing to the
breaking of two deep sea cables, one
recently and one last year. The repairs,
he said, would cost Ji!u0,000. Never be
fore In the history of the company, said
Mr. Gunter, had two such ruptures oc
curred In such a brief period.
The company declared a dividend of
I per cent, and n balance of $100,320 was
set aside to strengthen the reserve.
Berlin Paper Hnjm lie In Blm Share
holder of Krnpp Co,
Special Cable Petpatch to Tut Six
Hkiii.in, April 29. Tho Hntatltc n
ttitalistc Is trying to connect tho Kaiser
with the scandal In connection with tho
allegations thtit the Kriipps have been
trying to stir up trouble between Ger
many and France In order to sell their
arms ami armaments.
The paper asserts that the Kmperor Is
one of the biggest shareholders In the
Krupp company. Ills grandfather held
shares of the value of $4,000,000, the pa
per says, and these which have since
trebled la value arc held by the Kaiser.
('imfitiiirrf mm first 'n-;r
!lfornL1 in prohll-ltlns Japanese, from
' holdlnc land.-.. .
only eiclit quotation In to-day'x
dealinc- fhowed .in advance in prices,
while flf'v-four showed a full. French
rentes c npped 42 centime. Spanish
exterior bond showed a fall of l.ns.
which was the preatest decline of the
il.iy Shares of the Hank of France
dropped twenty points, thos-e of the
1 Rink of AUerla thirty-seven points, the
Hank of Paris fourteen points, the
Credit l.yonnals seven points, and tho
credit Moblller seven points. 1 " MPHllin me .Mi.iiicncKrin, ..
i lleves that the end desired can be at-
ilicrt)l4'c Dt jttc tlMt'trtllt tained b more tlelllierate methods, such
AUSTRIA S PLANS UNkNOU N.H, H tchu.nlnc of the blockade.
prnn Confllel.
Los-lHiN. April Hrt.- Wltiiiut bellttlins 1
me siRnincance oi .usma s rommuni-
eat, on to the news palters to the effet t
til it If the Powers do not loin her In'
bassadors' conference on May 1. If at
tli.it meeting the Furopean concert tloes
not a.iopt measures wnicn are satis-
factory to Austria she will act without
their cooperation. ,
The actual Intentions of Aus.rla are i
still unknown
The views of political
observers In Vienna differ considerably.
Th conservative view Is that the
Klahnrnie ITrp.rn t tun. llmlr.
The outstanding feature of the situa-
u,.n is that Austria has been unable to
pet . ne unit m-nnns snnTiorr ni rue i-nwer.s
tn her views
She holds tha: view ln -
ili-it-en-alile to her Interests and Is ore
paring to secure Its realization. j commander of Scutari, who aspires
"Thl." says the Vienna correspondent ; to the throne of that country, may with
nf the nnilp Irlrpraph. "does not mean , the same facility with which he dis
that separate action will be taken to- , posed of the fortress which he com
morrow or the day after In no case ; mnnded hand over Aviona, the .seaport.
could or would military mensurts be
r sorted to o soon after the failure nf
dlplomncy to undo the Gordlan knot
Fi.iborate preparations are being made
sediously. but If the Ambassodars who
had Instruction- to veto the Au-tm-Hungarian
projects on Monday will be
authorized to reconsider their decision
on Thursday, then the Government will
vvt Iconic the tardy approbation with Joy
and al' may b well formally no les
than nubslantlally "
This writer adds that Austria will in
no ca-e a-k a mandate from the Powers
to order the Montenegrins to quit
Scutari lie sa.vs that "all the Powers
" "" " """"" aim. nun
iin.r agreement not neing eoniiuionai
the unanimous understanding respect-
ing the nieuns for securing the aim
will hold good even if such an under
standing cannot be obtained. If one or
m ire of the Powers execute the thank
less tak nf effecting this aim the others
will have reason to he content and the
nfllces nf the executors will lie thank- .
fully recelvfd. Consequently what
ever happens the Furopean concert Is
tint endangered directly and the intil- i
reet shoeKy will lw parried by the '
Powers "
Ornrrnl nntllel Not I'm red.
In other pari of a long despatch thi
writer emphasizes his previous statement-
that a general Furopean conflict
Is no! to Is- feared. He declares, that
notwithstanding the alarmist rumors i
there is no element except the uncer
tainty which Is inseparable from
Oriental affairs which would warrant
any disquietude.
Meanwhile the Austrian war and
navy departments ate hu.-ily preparing i
for contingencies. Troops are moving
and the militat authorities
are exer-
it H rumored that the Austrian com-
mnndPr "l l',,,ar,- "Mch ll,mln,,,01
, Montenegrin fortresses at Lovd.cn.
h.is mdereil the civilian population to
leave the town.
All that can be learned of the atti
tude or .xiiintenegm, and that Is very
l.ttle. indicates the continued delermlna-
' .
!lmi nf llii niniltitmn 1. itnm t tt rojlar
i i.i T 1 -
t "Ithoimh M.m.- uWnoiv nf ih Hltun-
expect that King Nicholas will
cilmb down at the la-i moment.
It is reported from Vienna that the
written reply of the Montenegrin
"'"'"nmcnt to the demand of the.
t iiwers en evacuate .cuiari was in et
feet a postponement of the final an
swer until after the orthodox Faster.
The Vienna correspondent nf the )nll)
Tclriiriiph says King Nicholas Insists
I ,' " ' " " ' i'""' i ne nignest jirlce ror the bronze fur- ,,uestlons The Home Otllce stmv -ivs
King Nlchnlas nnd demanded the lm- nlshlngs. $2.S00. was paid by Lovven- 1,
I mediate surrender nf S. utarl. The I cnrri for a tnlr of candelubnis Inn..s !. I. , . . ' "''
i-in 1 , . . ,,1 . .,, . 1 canueiutiras. aonas 1 jt c-annol be learned ns tn what cxactlv
. , .. ! R'c ".'0 f(,r 11 l'lr Fabre ,ld happen at the house, but nny wax
. ., in -ii.iii-ii in. .11 i ennui- siaies mat , pa a J2.620 for a tialr of Kcvntlim rose ..... ...... ,.i .,....ia...i - m..-
. i.
rblei"n consulting Parliament tiefore he
inaKcs ills repiy. oui tills noqy cannot
convoked until next week.
I .-..Olio Trni, i nt tnllvnrl.
The correspondent of the )af(j ,r
prr.v.t, who described the occupation of
Scutari a few days ago and who Is now
at Antlviiti, the port of Cettlnje, tele
graphs that Ifi.ooo troops are there and
others are continually arriving. There
Is every preparation by the Montene
grins to resist an attack. There Is a
grim determination also in all ranks
never tn abandon Scutari. The corre
spondent adds;
"The Montenegrins are terribly short
of food. Famine Is prevailing every
where and only the smallest doles can
be given to the starving thousands.
The authorities are doing their best, but
Antivaii is full of haggard, half starved
children, famished Women and feeblo
old men. Half a loaf of bread Is a
priceless possession."
The attitude of Servia Is described In
contradictory ways. Some reports from
Vienna insist Hint Austria will attack
her ns well as Montenegro. On tho
other hand, the correspondent of the
Until Tclriirttph says that "Servia Is
carrying out her promise to evacuate
Albania with scrupulous exactitude and
maintains a perfectly correct attitude
toward Austria,"
This same writer maintains that Ks
sad Pasha with Ills Scutari troops and
Djavld Hey, with the remnants of his
Macedonian forces, will not Join hunda.
Hey iitnl the lattct'f. nin arc tr.o-.tly
Invalid anil all' Incapable of iiiiircluhc. '
Moreover. Mltlttlnl fricndf of the two
Turkl.h comma inter affirm that they
are personal encnile.
The diplomatic view of the situation ,
in London ls not pcksIihIMIc
lint II llor ! ipriir of Prrelpl
lnt Action.
Special ( able lienitch to Tnr St .
St. t'trrenstit'mt, April 19. The liui-m.tti
iJovcrnment. H was said here to-nlKht.
adheres firmly to Its declared policy In
lecard to Scutari nnd Its agreement
with the other member of the l.uropean
Concert. Nevertheless, It is strongly op-
tp.an" prrclpttiite or extreme ac
rlehlnK TUr QnleU
trllnn tin
riot rrnmrnl Hill.
,-rrrinl nhlr lirtpttr'i In Tnr .-t
Hlhlin. April -The budget
mtttee of the ltelch-tag to-nlcht adopted
the Government's bill for an Increase of
the army by 117,000 privates. The rep
resentatives of all parties except the So
cialists voted In favor of the measure.
The question of the Increase of the num
ber fit non-comml-sloned olticers will be
taken up later on
This sudden action was taken owing
to the confidential information received
bv Gen. von MeerniKen, the Secretarv i
of War. as to the threatening political
situation, which moved the War Min
ister to urge quick action on the bill, as
the War tittlce wished to make arrange.
ments for carrying out Its prov istons
Thp socialists admit that they will not
,,p nbl( ,0 Iir(.Vent the passage of the
wl) ,vnrn lt rr.achcs the Reichstag.
1 t'reiinrallnnii Complete for
I nter-
trntlnn In Albnnln.
tpreiat Coblf trtruch to Tnr. M v
! Romk, April 2?. There Is great retl
i .-.itir-e In nrttHnl snnreeu a tn the Inter
! national situation growing out of the
Montenegrin occupation of Scutari, but
!i, . ,,,-1 ,,,, .i,,.,i i i
" '," v'llU"l,0M A
" J" rnol
....... . .
nml Influence in southern Albania are i
seriously threatened, since Fssad Pasha,
to Greece. For thl reason Italy
realties that she cannot now up a pol
Icy of non-intervention and remain a
disinterested onlooker
In case the situation becomes further
complicated there 1- not the slightest
hope that Italy will do anything tn
avert Austria's intervention, and It is
practically certain that Italy will not
attempt to prevent independent and
Isolated action by the Government of
Kmp-'ror Francis Joseph.
,.TVpaf. V"nr. . n : .i
ii.u s inn. ii. t.. iiiitntmioii in .to-
banln. with Aviona as the probable oh-
jectlve The Italian expedition may
cross the Adriatic at a moment's notice
Thus it will be seen that in case nf
Austria s intervention the cooperation
of Italy and Austria is inevitable
FOR $28,000 IN PARIS
, .. ,. t, .....
for n Louis XV.
;fcin! ral,t Detpntch to Titr mv
Paris, April 2?. The sale of the Fu-Benc-
Kraemer collection of furniture
and objects of art wa- continued to
day. One hundred lots were sold for
Th,. Inchest nrlce. S2S.IHI0. was until
j for eIK ,-arved armchairs with Reau-
vals tapestry. These were bought by
, chair was 130 000 The nel highest
' "
, xv. ,l(.,k. whlch Wlls ul.ha,,d ,,y .,ai..
1)llf,s sellgman. It was valued at
20 000
Clocks fetched high prices. Puveen
paitl $4oo for a marble clock of the
Louis N V. period and ..on Mr a hrotuo
one nf the same tin e
,'.. .. . . , ''''
Z?L tC
quel for :.'.'00. Infill and $2,100 re-
1 granite ewers nnd terra cnttasi
A female portrait bust by Pajou was
nought ny Jonas for siil.oo, Clodlnn's
"Cupid Riding the Dog" was purchased
by Sellgman for $8,300. which price al -
most doubles the valuation placed upon
It b.v experts. Pajou s bust of Mmo.
Sectilne was sold to Lowengard for
In the marbles a bust of Cardinal do
Pollgnnc, by Coysevox, sold for $9,:H0.
and wns bought by Grange. It was
valued b.v the experts at Jfi.000 "Vol
taire When Young" was purchased by
.1. Sellgman for I.V.'OO. A statuette of
Diana went to Levy for $7,100.
In the furniture section a what-not
of Louis XVI. period sold for 19,600,
two commodes brought Jfi,420, nnd a
Louis XVI, desk went for fi,800.
trTenlren l.amppnat Overturned hj
'la ilea Ik In One Day,
Special Cable Unpaid, to Tim s
Paris, April 30. Taxlonbs overturned
seventeen Inmpposts In Paris yesterday.
In commenting on this the FtVtnrn re
marks that Paris Is the finest bowling
alley In the world. Ralls and skittles
are, however, dangerous,
J. H. Raetiii of Rrmiklrn Mnrrlea
Mia t'nrlhn da Iliichn.
Special Cable Despatch to The Si n
Paris, April 29. J. U. Raoon of Rrook
tyn. N. Y wns married at Ouchy, Hivltz.
erland, to-day to Miss Coelho da Rocha,
a Brazilian woman.
Frank Hurky Perdonnet was mar
ried to Reatrlce Rcnisen Whitchousc of
New York.
I l.itinlltlsiiii Mm T?. ,-:-.. I .if '-lti.,.1:
I I'l iiwuiii i I III in i i mi ir llir-rii-
jriiniMn" nnd 'Keinnir
of l!illlic
.MRS. BK1..M0XT DlSlil sTKD
l'iiiikliur.ot Is Hpi'iiu,
Ti't'ittctl Like .lomi of .
Arc. Mic Says.
;fti.n tfif-.V r.)HiIcA to Tnr. !t n
Iomhin, April '.'P. The male sulTra
Blts are very ansry over the fact that
Franklin, one of their number, who was
; released y stefilay, had been pump fed
lit times. Tliry held li im-etlne of pro-
ttst to-night and Israel X.iucwill, who
was the ihlef speaker, said.
"We have rendu d a stage of barb.ir- .
ism which 1 thought had long pas-ed
forever. We are living under a tegltne I
of bullies nnd sharps. The country Is I
In n st.ite of collective Intoxication. It j
Is drunk on power nnd wealth, and this .
has resulted in a revival of "hooll- (
ganlsm.' " i
Mr. Zatigwill blamed Premier Asqulth '
for what he called the disgraceful state
of things, and declared that the situa
tion fiiti-td him to emit some potfv.
whereupon he let this couplet off.
i ttrlt.ioi ltti-l, n -1,1 .mint s tiiI i ihi-n - i
To rte th f.ii f t.( As-iullh una M. Kt-n "
The lamdon papers art poking fun at
Mrs ii i. p. itelniont. the Anient an
suffragette .- mpathb'or. over her dt -'a
ration that she would not spend a penti.v
In London hecau-e of the treatment of
he Fntllsh suffragette- b.v the Guv - i
ernment. William Waldorf Astor's I'nll '
Mull ffttjrfc . xclalms: "O si sic omnes " I
The Xf.ir compares Mr-. Helmut!! tn
the little boy who went to the garden to
eat worms. .
The Kvcninp Xcn-x savs. "IVspite
Mrs. Helmont s refusal tn scatter her
millions nmong the inhabitants of this
( country the Government .will maintain a
' Despite the announcement that she
! would not spend a cent In I.mdm, Mrs.
I Helmont 1.- nocup.vlng a beautiful Louis
XVI. suite of rooms on the ground Hoot
of the Rltz. In answer to the questions
of a reporter ns to her alleged remark
Mrs. Helmont said:
"Of course I will have to spend money
In London. How ridiculous It ts for any !
one to pay any attention to that re-
. 'one to pay nny attention to that remark '
ofmine. Howl hate and loathe your bru- ,
tal treatment of your women' Your fore- 1
iblo feeding nnd the torture and shame
ful ill treatment b.v mobs I I low can
Fngllshmen look on In such a callous ,
manner and not lilt one linger of pro- i
test? We in America arc dl-gusted
with ou:"
.Mr.- l'ankhursi. continued Mr.-. Hoi-
i mont. "Is one of the greatest women of
, the nee. You will probably treat her as I
l.loan of Arc was Heated and then lift
! -ar.- hence you will erect statue- to her
liIu lr,u n,;ory 1 do not under -
i ,,,, ,,
nlcitl Government as ou have."
Norfolk Square, in wlmli Mrs. Pank-
hur-t Is stopping at the home of llerta
Avrtoii. the only woman member of the
Societ.v of Ftigineer.-, was quiet lo-
night Mrs Pankhur.-t isstill contlned
to her room The square was thronged
again to-da with suffragette who an-j
tii-ipatcd the return of their lender to
llolloway to resume her term of Im
prisonment because she had not com
plied with the terms of her 'license."
I In accordance with ordinary prac-
Itice when a "license" 1- breached It is
revoked, a warrant of arrest Is issued
whether or nut the health of the prls-i
oner will permit of relmprisonmcnt
Dr. Smalley. the medical inspector of
prisons, and Supt ijulnii of Scotland
Yard went to the hou-e in Norfolk
Spuare to-day and stopped in front of
No. 41, from which suffragette banners
vveto ll.ving. The police ottlelals had to'
I force their way through the crowd of 1
women assembled outside, who hooted
I at them and hurled epithets and clung,
I to the automobile as though the.v were
meditating an assault on the officials. ,
Mr. Quint! alighted and knocked at I
the door. There was some delay In I
opening It. and then it whs only placed I
njar. Qitlnn put his foot against the I
I door to prevent It from being closed
again. He held n parley, which lasted '
fully live minutes, with the person who I
' opened the door before he and Dr Stnni '
ley were allowed to enter In the
, - , - we, u
! the house for abou. ten minutes. Ac-
cording tn the account l-sued by
Women's Social and Political Fnlon.
, Mr! ,.ankur((, rf,fu,,.(i lo nllow ,.,,
As the olllclals left
the house, the
suffragettes ontslib -bricked louder
'than ever. They denounced the mllclals
Mn all sorts of terms. ".Murderers" and
"hounds" were among the most frequeiii
epithets heard.
I.nvvrrnrr Una ! Pa lit .lliiluiiirnl
for xVlmlim MunaliliiK Rnlil,
Special Cable IteniHtch tn Tin: Si .
Lonivon, April 29. At the Instance of
the public prosecutor Pethlclt Lawrence,
the former proprietor of the paper
t'ofc.t or Wamrn, was served to-diiy
with a bankruptcy notice, Mj. Law-
Light on all
Four Sides
of the office floors
in the
Vanderbilt Avenue
N. W. Corpwr Vanderbilt
Avenue, V2d-43d Street
Fnclnc Grans' Central Ttrmuwl
Thete offices will ke ratvdr
June 1st and are particularly
dmirnble for high class
business. For complete
information address
827 Fifth Avenue, New York
SAKS' Wardrobe Trunks
for Man or Woman
The greatest convenience ever
invented for the traveler.
Candidly, it is really absurd to think of traveling nowa
days without a wardrobe trunk. One might as well think
of going to Chicago on foot or swimming to Plymouth. The
wonder is that anyone ever should rut up with the annoyance
of an ordinary trunk, when wardrobe trunks arc so reason
able in cost and so tremendously convenient. Think of put
ting your entire wardrobe on runners and opening it up after
a night's journey, to find collars, shirts, shoes, suits, hats,
undergarments, and even the elusive collar studs, slill doing
business at the same old stand!
i Why, you can open your wardrobe trunk in the dark an3
dress for supper -and draucrs and compartments and tele
scopic trolley wilt literally hand your clothes out to you like
an automaton or the flunkey you some day hope to own!.
Here are the best Wardrobe Trunks made
Theyrc shown in all sizes, in all types of finish,
and at prices which arc reasonable to a fault.
Mendel Wardrobe Trunks
Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks
Drucker Wardrobe Trunks
Indestructo Wardrobe Trunks
20th Century Wardrobe Trunks
Other Makes
F.vtru trunk punranl(cl bji it' mnkrr though aftrr nil
thtrc nothing remarkable about puaranlcring a mre thing.
nks (Uompauij
fence Is wealthy, but he has tnt as .vet
paid the costs as-rssed ag.iiii-t him tor
In- trial last year oil ,i charge of Incit
ing the famous window smashing raid
of March 1?, 1P1I. An execution levied
on his country hou-e som,- time aa-i
realized $1.."00. The present prnecedmgs
t uticern the balance of the m-ts
Woman's: Municipal I.t'iiuiH'
Wiiiii Cliiintf to l'hx There
r.irt of 1 lie Dny.
A .-harp altercation arose estet day
iftcrnnon In the back vard of the hou-e
l,tt 4ri ).;.,.,
fwent -ninth street, when-
the Woman's Political t'nlon rents the
liasement from the Woman'.- Municipal
I League.
The back yard Itself was the
1 is-ue.
- Mrs. Carroll Heckwlth. Ml-s Ilea trice
, lr. ,.,,,..., , .,.,..
I Hunt, who 1- always delegated to pose.
'were marching and counter-marching
.mil raising and Mworing their banner-
at the command of tho photographers.
' They were po-ing fur the tenth time in
the regalia and the parade hats which
are to make the parade picturesque
when a voice pounded from the upper,
'Are you going to use this luck yard
all afternoon" There are other tenants
m the house who would like n hive th
priv tiege occasionally " The voice came
from the windows of the Municipal
Cold Medal,
Largest Sate
Don't deny yourself the
RidgwaysTea. You'll note its
' For in every process of its culture, curing and packing the most
discriminating care is exercised
Standard of Perfection
It is grown on the finest soil on earth for tea growing.
And it is never adulterated or
It comes to you fresh from
its lull essence when covered
In Sealed Air-Tight Pkgs.
All High-Class Grocers
Order Trill Package
$25 to $150
.$30 to $90
$30 to
.$30 to
.$20 to
$25 to
at 3-lth St.
League, which framed several dlsapprov -Itlg
'ou never were so careful of your
baik Mini before Nobody ever stopped
.nt.i it until we tame." said Miss Caro
lina Lesow. waving the wand of .Kou-Inpiii-.
whli Ii is tn be carried by physician-
in the parade.
"We'll break the base," the voice
"We wi-h oti would," sild Miss
l.exow. "Wc want to move over on
Fifth avenue anyw ay ."
"Nolmdv pays their rent as pmmptly
we de," put In Mrs. Nora Hlatch de
' Fori est.
I "You are very Impudent. I'll have
you arrested." the voice continued, nnd
the Municipal League heads were with-
I draw n.
! t'psialrs Mrs. H. Clinton Hackus
fourth vice-president of the Mlllltclp.il
League, telleved her mind about the
"I'm going to have them arrested"
she said. "No. no now. Later on. when
1 I""' "P I ho lil(v"
"The use of the back yard goes with
the basement," said Mts. Nnra Hlatch de
Forrest, secretary of the Woman's Po
lltleal Fnlon. "The Municipal League
has objected to our Use of It before W"
are only too nnv.ou- to get rid of our
' lea, for we need more room "
Th,. , ,f ih ,r,i ,i .
"Ith the lease, a leal estate lawyer said
unless the tenting contract so specifies
Ilenr.i ('. Il.le? l.efl :!.-II.IIOO.
IlivKiiiii.Aii L 1. Apul - Surmqat-
Nlilioll has entered a decree tixim; a tax
"f JT.xTT Itn on the estate nf llcnt.v c
Kdc of Hi llpiitt and New York, whn shot
and killed Ills wife mill tluti eiiinmlttoil
suicide several mniiths ngn The taxable
value nf the estate is $ 3,rit'..."0i; 'is rhiir
lotte M fomimns n , niced xv if. (.
given n I te -merest n $1T -11 Mary I.
IMev daughter ts bequeathed the bulk of
i the estate
Loadon. Mil
HIGH-GRADE Tea in World
pleasure of drinking exquiiite
superiority in the very first sip.
to insure its invariable
the garden, ready to impart
win boiling water.
Government by the people
in France
Her progress in tony years.
Sunday's Sun

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