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Sppiiil Niulu in Oils Despite
Wi'il nl" lliilii'iis
.11 i;oi;
One KoiiikI to Have lieeii In
dicted A Her Vanel Is
SwreiK . Tlionipoiiii. lln'
mxl Murtliii Arc I't'il l
t KeporlcTs.
Former Police Insprctnts I tennis
Sweeney. James i:. llust-ey. dames 1".
Thompson nil John .1. Miirtlm. who
were put on trial on it blanket Indict
ment charging them with conspiracy
yesterday morning, wctc committed to
the Tombs la."t night nftor the Jury hail
been s-cectc. Mini .Wbtiint District
Attorney John Klrhlunil Clark had
opened tlie cose for the prosecution.
The defendants were committed only
after Iouk aiKumcnt had heen made ,
opposition hv tholr counsel, .lohu H. !
Stanchllrld. (leorcse Cordon Hattle,
rnncl.. 1. Vellm.in and Aluaham S I
,,,,l,rr I
Inmiedlaiely folloump the decision of ,
Justlco Seabury to send the four former ,
Inspectors to the Tombs Herbert C.
Smyth "f Wcllman. flooch and Smythe,
i ounsel for Inspfctor Hussey. and Ar-
nold I. D.uis of counsel for Inspector
Thompson started out in an automobile j
to find a .lust Ice of the Supreme Court
and get a writ of habeas corpus.
They found .lustUe McLaughlin of
the Appellate Division at his homo In
the IKInord. Justice Mi t.aughlin signed
the writ and made It lelurnable before
the full court of the Appellate Division
nt in o'clock this morning, half an hour
befotP ('apt Thomas W. Walsh takes
the stand as the tlr-t witii'ss for the
Counsel for the in; pei tors argued that
the cull of criminal procedure pioxnles
ttirft In j trial ln l lug a charge of mis- '
demeanor the difendants are entitled to
hall until connct'd
The District Attorney contended that
thin wns in the discretion of the coiitt.
The Jury wit completed nt 4:40 i
While the twelfth man. John W. Irvine
of ;.' West ISTth trer, was being e
nmlned 1 John It StunehfleM for the
defence District Attorney Whitman
was looking at a bundle of newspaper j
When the twelfth Jul or had taken
h s seal Clerk Penney went over tn (In
jury bo and nsked Juror No. T. who had
risen from bis sent, if he wished to
speak hi Justice Sea bury.
.loior N'o T. who bad been accepted
h Ixith sidr. said thai ho did. Il' went
over to the bench mid held a brief con
eisa'lon with the Justice.
Juror No 7 was down on the special
panel a' lieorge p. Stewart of 121
West Digl'tieth street, a salesman at S6
Pine street lie was N". 2" of the
talesmen drawn.
The clippings in Mr. Whitman's hand
indicated that Mr. Stewart, whose full
name Is (Jeorge Pereival Stewart, wns
indicted on November It. lW. with
five others, charged with grand larceny
for obtaining money under falsn pre.
lie had been the leading spirit of the
American Invesuns Company, the Fi
nancial Agency Company and other con
ferns and hml run Into the Federal
niithorl'les through tho alleged misuse
of the malls
Soon after this Indictment
he n opened the same ollloes nl US Park 1 got the injunction vacated on tno
tow as the manager of the Mercantile ground that the papers were Insiilllclfnt.
Manufaetming Company Automobiles The Inlunctlon got hy Mrs. riray yes
were i tin comniodiiv in that case. tenlay restrains her husband from In-
Throe vears agn Stewart got into trou- terfei lug with her contiol of the prop
hie in New .lersev and the (iralid Jury erty In the apartment Justice Page
of Hudson county Indicted him In I'llnjwlll hear argument to-day In the iucs
nlons with other directors of the I'nlteditloii ot continuing the Injunction.
'on1 r. let. n s 'orporiitloti on n charge of(
nnsoli.ifv in ilifiiinil investor. with I
bonds of tin- Ten, i .Mamie Cump.ui.v ,
which owned laud on Staien Island.
fter Ins brief conference with the
inurt Mi. Stewart wan excused and left
the court
So iti mil nine had been consumed in
discussion thai the four inspcetoi.;
landed m the Tombs along toward 7
n clock lew minutes later It became
known tii.H the prisoners had atrlvod
t tho Tombs too late far the prlsnn
dinner and ton late to have dinner sent
n ttoporti rs who chanced to hear of
'ho dlnnerless inspectors saw that they
were tided over until breakfast this
tieorg" A Sipp. who biotight out the
whole Harlem scandal by his testimony
before Hie Curtail Aldernunle commit
tee In September, was In tho court room
when the Inspectors llleil through on
their way to the Tombs.
When court opened yesterday the four
defendants wetc ranged at right tingles to
he Judge's bench, an unusual arrange
ment made necessary l.v the number of
Counsel fur tlie defendants included
George lioidon Itattle. Alfred J Tallev
and Haloid A. Content, for Inspei tor
Sweeney. Francis I. Welhnan and Her
bert C Smjih. for Inspector llussey,
John IS. Si.uicliheld and Arnold L
Davis, for Inspector Thompson, and
Uiraham S (iilbert for Inspector
Distrti i Mtoiney Whitman headed
the proM.ciii ton in person and conducted
he examination of tho talesmen, He
was assisted hy Assistant District At
torneys Frank Moss. John Kiiklanil
Clark, who opened lur the prosecution,
flroehl and lliibln
Forty-one talesmen out of the 200
called vvein examined llach Hide used
up Its live fieiempiory challenges be
fore the box was tilled. Justii e Sea
bury came lo the tesciie by excusing
ttift succieding talesmen against whom
vlther side made detlrute objections.
Tin, Jury ,m lln.ill.v i hosi n was made
tip us follows
Philip A Mossman metallurgist of i
Ml West ISlith Ml eel Daniel H
Kclchman builder, of lial West 11Mb
atrrel Clayton 11 Oletia, public, account
at til Wni l4th street, Ceortm
1010 and Now
If in 1910 you had purchased
almost any one of a selected Ust
of tfllt-edtfcd stocks or bonds and
wished to realize on your in?est
mcnt to-day, you would have to
suffer a material loss.
On the other hand, had you
bought a guaranteed mortgage
coming due this year, you would
be certain to get your money
back without losing a dollar of
principal or Interest.
iVo investor has tvrr lost a dollar
Capital 6 Surplus, DUhOOO.OOO
1 7U B'war. N. Y. 1 73 Kf mien St., B'Uyn.
aso ration St., jamarca.
I.. Kimlcr, mechanical engineer of 204
Went Mint street, lllchuid 11. Pendle
ton, f, desman, of It Hast Twenty-eighth
.-licet. Allien (illlliUltl. lilt student, of
7 I Inst Sl.t -seventh street. Hurry Col
lins, embroideries, of B'.i West Thirty
eighth Hit eel, Alfred .1. Nenle. wool
len, of -1 110 We.st I Slid street;
Arlliur II. Scribner. publisher, of 119
Hast Slxty-seyentll street. Kdwitl
M. Frlcdlnnder. real estate, of 102 West
Seventieth street. Charles II. ltlssoll.
ntitornolille business, of Seventh
nyenue; .lolm W. Irvine. salesman, of
C2S West lsTth street.
Mr. Scribner. a member of the firm
of Charles Scrlbner'f Sons, was the
ihlrtleth talesman drawn and took the
ninth .-eat in the July box. The final
Jiirvmnn. Mr. livlne. was accepted at
4:40 o'clock and the new seventh Juror
was sworn In eight minutes later
Assistant Ulsttict Atlornej Cl.nU.
who opened for the State Just hefore ml
Jiiurninenl. spoke tlfty minutes. Th"
outline of the aliened plot has l.een told
In tin- newsii'iners in. lllillnir the n.irt
,u - irfl to have l en ilayed In It lo. the
Inspectors and by Wnlsh. Sltip. Slpirs
lawyer. IMuard .1. Newell. Policeman
TaiKcne Pon and .lacoh P.os. counsel for
Mr. Clark said that the piosecutlon
,lt not umertltkp to prove that the four
defendants "ever met In u sliiRle room
nt a IKed time and entered Into a formal
agreement that they would defeat Jus
tice," but that It would show a series of
fai'ts and circumstances which would
,.nvin(.p that the men worked together
with common purpose to prevent Slpp
from going further with his revelations.
Mr. larK gave special empnnsis in
the situation of tho prosecutor with
I regard to the character of Its witnesses.
and argued that conspiracy to bribe
i onld not be proven by persons who
were above such matters
The jury wns taken to the Murray
Hill Hotel and was locked up for tins
night. The trial will be continued this
morning with ("apt Tbonnis W Walsh
:as the probable first witness for tho
Stockbroker iilitl Wife Both (Jet
Injunctions Over 1'lnt
Melon !'iii2.
Marllai difference between John liovd
Ornv of the Stock Kxchange titm of
Fuller Jv flr.iy of "1 ltroadwny and Mrs.
Justine Sutton llray, who have been
married twice anil divorced once, were
disclosed e.sierd.iy when Mrs. dray got
an InUtnetion from Sttpr- me Court Jus
tice lirndv against her husband and
Mark HafaNky. owner of the apartment
house a: .";f Itiverslde Drive In which
the Crays have been living.
Mi (Iray married Justine Sutton nlno
years ago. In It'll she went to Iteno
and divorced him. She came back to
New York In PJI2 and In less than a
month they wen- remarried by a Justice
of the pcacn In Hoboken.
Last Saturday llray got an Injunction
from Justice Lehman In a suit against
his wife and her mother, Mrs. Isabella
Sutton Sharpe, restraining them from
removing any of the furniture, hooks,
art objects or other property from the
Itiverslde Drive apartment. Harly on
Monday Mis i ray's: attorney, John J.
Hyncs, went before Justice Lehman and
At Mr llray's ntk;e vesterduy It wns
said thai he was iniltspo-ol. The name
of his uttiu ney was withheld
i Mis. llray said at hei home last
night that sin- believed her husband'
assot iates were conspiring to take him
uwav from her She said he Is being
"When I found two years ago that
' mv husband and 1 couldn't agree," sin
said. "I went to lieno and divorced
him to save him from the publicity of
It. As soon as I got Kick he devoted
his efforts to winning me back and J
decided I had wronged him and mar
ried him again. A month ago I went
to lleniiuda and returned rather unex
pectedly. ( found Hint my husband had
gone to London and Paris In my ab
sence. He got back tho very night I
"My husband hod concealed the fact
that he wns taking this trip, and when I
thought 1 discovered cause to sun him
for divorce again ho became nngry and
abandoned me. Now. ho. Is trying .to
take away everything I have, and tha't
is why I got the Injunction."
The cntipln havo no children.
I.nle .1, P. .MorKHn'a Name PlKUrr In
nlt Kiilnnl .tt turk Central.
W c. llrown, president of the New
York Central, was a witness before Su
preme Court Justice Whltaker yesterday
In a suit against the railroad, In which
1 the name of the late J.
P Morgan
Plaintiff Is
figured prominently. The
Atchlb.ild C. I'oss, a leal eMatu broker,
vvlio sas that In Iff"", hn got options on
iiverfrniit prui'i-ity at Weuhawken avail
able far doRk.iKii purjinpcs and wrote Mr.
Motgun asking If he or any of his as
MietatcH would care In develop It.
I'oss said that In answer to his letter
William II. Newman, then president of
tho New York Central, said his road
would take the property He testllled
Hint Ml Newman iiiomlsed hbu tho rail-
load wouldn't buy th" property over his
ii.'iol Later tin- road bought eight pap.
'Is of the ptnperty for $ I iinti nno d.
ii-dlv from the owners nnu I'oss wants
$J1 (me lomnilBsion
I'limhnt Itrowp's leMiinnnv related
to Hie circumstances under wlileli the
inopetty was bousht. Mr. Newman will
tie a wltnei to-day.
- wnvx mTSJ ' "lv sumo i.inoicr .loin h khuci -
I W T A U I MR TihR A I M l,,r hope and (ontetit then will villi timl pros
111 Inllirr lClDf 1 Li P'rlty deserved mill earned even among
Victor M unlock Churfrcs Ucpiili
liYmis With Killinii
'I'm rift' lloiinl.
i i
I Mil mi I'i'illilll (HI .Malic
l.mmli nnil ThIU on
Hill (Iocs On.
ViiiMin.s. Aptll i:eiyihitit;
was lunnlim iiIdiik sinoothlv In the
House to-day. with the prospects hi IkIiI
for Kie.it plotless on the I'nilerwood
tat Iff I1II when Itepresentiitlve Mm
dock, the Hull Moo-.e lender, clilpieil 111
a tematk that nejrlv c.insed a riot. It
hroiiKlit on a debate In which memheis
of the tluee parties ho pultlcipated
came prelty ntarly to calling one an
other liars,
Th funny p.irt of to-day's nffalr was
that It lilnned on an Incident that oc
curred on the mornlnR of March 4,
1011. It was on that day, with Congress
scheduled to adjourn at noon, that the
crime of the century wns committed,
according to Proercr'slves. The sundry
civil hill was up for consideration. H
contained a provision authorizing the
creation of a tariff hoard.
Itepresentatlve John .1. 1'itzRer.ild of
New York started a lllibuster against '
the tariff hoard provision and he had I
the support of all the De moor.
Murdock charged to-day that
punucans nan neen "on 111 vei 1,1
their professions that they f.ivoied a
tariff board, the sundry civil hill would )
have been put through on .Mnrch 4.
1911. Murdock declared that the npnb
llcans were complete masters of the sit
uation and that they entered Into a con
spiracy at the time to kill the tarllf
board provision that had been indorsed
bv President Tafi
Fverv time Victor Murdock rises tol"1'0"1 rieldcr-VIttenn Culiertia
.... , .,, ...... . tonal enmnamn
''i e ue,iuoucaii teiiuei s necome .
restless and show signs of peevishness.
i ue nun ..ni'i.'i.- ii-iiu'-i i.-- iu'-ii ivi n i i i
shut. Mr. .Murdock had no sooner made
his charge than Mr. Mann, Ml. Payne'
unit Mr Cnrdner l..,n.e,t In th.lr feet
to protest. They all denied the charge
and Mr. Mann lnpted thai .Mr. Mur- ,
docks statement of the Incident was at
variance with what actually happened. ;
Mr. flardner called on Representative
;!r..rf...e rf" -1mwrn, u
"I think that if their zeal had been
equal to their faith they would have
passed that provision." returned Mr.
As the House guffnwed Mr. Onrdner
appealed to Speaker Clark for verifica
tion of his contention that the Repub
licans had acted in perfect good faith
on the tariff board proposition.
"I don't know. 1 wasn't In your con
fidence." said Mr. Clark.
Itepresentatlve Martin Dies of Texas,
a Democrat who dip his tongue In acid
every time he talks nbout the Progres
sive party. Jumped all over the Hull
Mooe. He said that each and every
member of the new organization drew
hi cloak nbout him and proclaimed
that he wn holler than his fellow man.
He predicted that the third party would
make no further headway and that
If the Democrats were turned nut of
power thev would be succeeded by the
All of this seemed lo annoy exceed
iniilv Uenresentatlvo .Inmes Mnnahnn
of Minnesota, a new member. He rose (
to remark that he was tired of heating
old members talk over the battles of the)
past. .
"As we are on the chemical schedule " j
said he. "I would suggest we put ether i
on the free list and apply It lo those who
would take up the time of the House
in discussion of what took place In the i
past. Let us ileal with mo preeni ami
the future."
A great rumpii vvas kicked up over
the provision Imposing a duty of 6 cent
a gallon on peanut oil.
"Why." exclaimed Itepresentatlve
1'ayne. "what nre you trying to do?
Ite'vise the tariff upward""
.-TM. ,.nl..n.in Vll.TlBftlf 111 U 11 CVUPfl
- oi- ,. li..- in....
on upward revision." remarked Itcpre. i
sentatlve Harrison of New Vork. ,
"In the bill voir passed las: session,
you put peanut"oll on the free list," re-'
. i i,- i ! tiioniTiii vmi
turned M-. I'ayne t th ought !
wanted to reduce the cost of living.
"Dock not the gentleman know that I
peanut nil Is u"ed in the process of mas.
sage: qurrieil .ir Harrison
"tilt." answered Mr. I'.ijne, ' I thnughi
It was used on Ihe table." Members
chuckled as Mr fayno took his seat
Itepresentatlve Stanley of Kentucky.
Democratic member of the Ways and
Means Committee, was angered by re
marks made by Itepreseutatlves Hum
phrey of Washington nnd Mondell of
Wyoming, lleptibllcans. Mr. Mondell re
ferred to tno tyranny 01 nie vns aim
MeanB members, who hn charged were
determined to push the tariff bill down
the throat of a helpless minority, Head
ing the names of the fourteen Demo
cratic members of the Ways and Means
Committee Mr. Humphrey shouted that
all of them came from small tnvvnfl and
that none of thrm know much about
tho subject Answering Mr. Mondell
Mr. Stanley said:
"There is nothing more milqun in Its ab
surd Incongruity than this assault the
stand putters nre now waklnsr on the tyrnnny
of the Ways nnd Means t otnmlttee. w lij
It will tnke another year of growth of hnlr
before tho murk of Cannons collar IM be
off their necks. The stoop has not left
their bowed forms, the result of ten long
years of crawling Into nuterootns to ask
the once despotic Speaker for the power to
pilrodticea bill or advocate. R measure, nnd
now out of that loathsome house of bondage
in a hopeless minority literally spewed out
of the mouths of liberty loving people on
account ot their servlln obedience to a
despot and to despotism they come here
and proless a holy horror because the
Democrat propose to speak through the
responsive and obedient agnntA of free and
triumphant iniijoiity "
After tho Hiiuho had laughed over
this Hally Itepresentatlve Stanley turned
Ids battcrlos on Mr. Humphrey and
"Thai Ihe Whis and Means Commit I en
is Incompetent because wo come from (nuns,
ue are told, no larger than lliosn in whWii
Washington and Jefferson, Madison mid
Monrno once found n abode, We are told
that you must go to tho great inurls where
oitr llarrlmaiiH, your FrlnLtt and your Mor
gans nnd the other patron saints of lie
puhlicHiiisin hold absolute dominion and
Implore iIiukii hlvh gods tho privilege In
write the laws of tho land. 1 am from a
small town, yea, verily, and I glory In it
"We. upon this side, look out ttppn tho
spreading field limed by God's mntblne
mill III ile mill when iln'ii' I- mi abundant
ImlM'.il, when l line I pi npcr It v .inning
I lie tolling ltnic. when the fill liter and
mi1 miKiuv lieu inn wuen men miiiK.u-.
me wrung from the sweat ami mil nnil
misery nl the nniiiiinliereil masses, when
Id It pilule. Hre lillllilell llillll Hie mills
or mtllll(iel.l(llK llllt, upon the lllllieil I
fnltltlics llllil I In- hllsled hilpe of :i people, I
when their Infinite lire (llleil with the I
piinpel lihot nl' l.lllope liolii which lliej
Mlll'l II III! nil uccil .'Mu ll III mi. u .m in,.ii
tt III becomes III" defenders ot pllltliler In
till n npim II in the ( utltilry ami in Hie film 11
Iiiwiih with lln'intd mnl pitiless sneer t li.it
we are Ignorant anil pool anil ought tn ue
' l-l .l.l.ll' I'lllllllll III .ll'll'l -iMUfll
I on Jur HHP I'rtle.
Piesident Wilson's New .lerse.V ftieiuls
realire that he is sinking much on the
conference he will hold with Slate loaders,
on the jury leform ipirstion tit the Car
teret Club "in .lersev City on Priilay after
noon and that the fate or the measure le
s'inl larf-elv on what transpires at the
ineetiiiK He will speak in Newark on
the same subject lo-morrow niht
'I'he President will i'o to .lersev City
at lu::n) A. M. Friday. At II lie will at
tend a hieakfast at the Carteret Club, ill
which Krnest .1. lleppenheimer, a lay
JikIrc of the New Jersey Court of Krrors
mid Appeals ntul one of Mr Wilson's
last uppointees in his capacity of (lov
onior, will bo tho host
l'ollowim; the breakfast the President
nnil his friends will map out the cam
paign for jury reform and decide upon a
plan to britiK the legislature into line
Among thosii who will be iiresent nie
(lov rieldcr. Mavor II Otto Wiltpenn.
both of whom are aspiring to become the
Democratic (lubernatorial nominee; son-
ntor .1 Warren Davis of Salem, leader
of the Democrats in tlie Senate; Hiarles
and he hadi ol the iiemocrais in nu- .enaie; vnaries
mocratr". Mr M Kgnn majorilv leader in the Assembly,
int if tho Pp. ' Democratic Stale ( liairman (irosscup,
i, i i - i H'rosfculor Uobert S. lludspeth and As-
-..mlilviii.ni .lolm A Matthews of Newark
.i. ,,.. aiili-Smith man in the ICse
county delegation, ssemblyman Walter
1j. McDermott of .lersev 1 itv. who is i op
posed to Mr Wilson's juty bill, lias been
invited lo attend the coulcrorico
ltesides talking about jury reform
the President, it 1 expected, will dlsotlr-s
the constitutional convention bill. I'ed-
er.il patronage will iiImi betaken up and
i the President will hear some new thing
,.:, Wiln i. u-.dl . th.-n hi
N- ,w ,j,.MV leadership is involved in tho
mi i co me ol me s-eiai session ui mo
Legilatur,' which begins on May 0
Friday night the President will seak
on Ills mil ill ll inns- lueeuug in locnuis.m
'"K" r'""
nlfTM 1 fll M X V TUCTICV
lllDULDll lUtt I luOlll 1
Object Would lie lo Kefulc
Clitirnes Miide hy Attorney
Hosi'iv pril 39 -Charles S Meen.
president of the New Haven railroad,
is expected to testify before Commis
sioner Charles front r of tho Interstato
Commerce Commission at the Now Kng
land railroad hearing Mr Mellon Is
understood to feel that it i most impor
tant tu hisov.n reputation and that of the
other ofllcinls of the NVw I'uglalid lines
that charges made by 1Miis I) llrjndeis
and luisl on whnt An'.un'unt Pavid
1'. llrown has tdiown from the books or
the diflerent conipani'-s be explained by
iii'-re were more sharp verbal ex-
change lo-clav between tc-f resident
Dockland nnd Charles 1' Choate, .1, , lor
,j, Haven and lawyer Hrnndei
"On June 3o. Kill." inl Accountant
nroWM -t,e New l.tifiland Navigation
ConiDanv nanl the New Haven J'-'.t'-'n.Ono
!lt im j,,,,,. .,n ,. navigation company
r,1C),jv,.,j from lh.. New Haven $'.'. .'.' .inn on
.voum of ,, x,,,- Haven nolo held by
ithe navigation compativ. This was paid
I in cash. 1 lielleve "
"Let us we if th" navigation company
in .Inne, lllll. could have paid its clivt-
I dend without the si.tj'.Ti.noii which it re
ceivisl from the New Haven " said Hran
ileis "What was th" balance of tho
' navigation company before the Now
' ' "'
' hI3 '". wW Brown
I'" vim know how that balance vvas
obtained in part'"
the Navigation Company had
r..(.,.lvl sioo.noo in .lividemls on tho
N-,,w Haven stock it held "
i Jm. nu;, the .New Hr.ven reeeived
m dividend from the Navigation Com-
li.itiv S..-....OOII. nut two days dolor,' tins
llm New Haven gave the Navigation Com
pany I'.'.fuHi.iioi in cancellation of a New
llav'eti note held bv th" Navigation Com
pany In .lime. IUI3, I bo cash balance
of the Navigation CoiniMtiy was not sulii
cletit for dividend charges belorn tho
receipt of tlie K'.lKm.uOO from th" Now
Similar practices with rospiot to other
subsidiaries were shown during the ox
aitiiu.it ion of lliowu
III one trans tctioti tho Hous.itonio
i Company received from tho Navigation
Company smo.noo ns u loan two (lays be
lnr it pain the .New u.iven iii.i,ikhi
In mentioning the Ilillard company
llrown said that it was one of tho com
panies to whoso books ho bail not had
On dulv li, itilti, the Navigation Com
pany sold gold notes of the Ilillard com
pany for l;'.4r,t),ooo to tlie Ilillard com
pany and was paid by two checks, ono
for iin.uno and othor for J2.4oo.ikw,
Mr Choato asserted that all of tho
subsidiary corporations had earnings for
lilVKletui purposes.
nausenlincli IVm With .North f.rr
mnn l.lojd Twenty Venre.
Fearing the Introduction of new book
keeping s stems would mean tho Ions of
his Job ilustave II. Ilausenbach, book
keeper for the North (lermaii Llojd Line,
shot himself in the head on the eighth
floor of the Howling U recti llulldliig, .'
Ilro.ulwny, yesterday. He was t I years
old ami lived at 2 Maple avenue, Cllf.
ton. Ktatcn Island, with his wife and ten-year-old
liausHiibiich was a veteran of the
Fritiico-i'iiiHslan war He had been In the
employ of tho North (Jernidit Lloyd for
about twenty years. Friends say that re
cent visits of Herman nccoitutants who
proposed new nftlco systems worried Hau
Kenbach. An envelope In tho Suicide's left hand
was addressed to John K. Krlcke, 5 llroud
vvay, and contained a bunch of keys and
a note which said. "2."74. Charge no
count to baby."
lirjecla Plan In Cut friers.
Huston, April 29. Tho Senate defeated
this iifleniooii the resolve which passed
the House for an amendment tn tho Con
stitution authorizing cities and towns to
sell to their inhabitants the nrcemarlei of
Aincnilcil Itlaiivelt Hill Insteiiil
of (iovernor'.N to (in
I'll roil" li.
Will Ucjccl .Mitchell mid Uilc
After ('onfirniinr; Ciirlisle
mid Delniiev.
Al.tuNi. Apt II 2P. Plans for the Tam
many war on (lov. Super's, primaries
bill us nrraiiged between legislative
teadeis ami Charles F. Muiphy over
the Sunday tecess call for three amend- i
ineiUM to the lllauvelt elections bill and
Its repassage by both houses of the I
Legislature. (lov. Sulzer's own direct i
primal lis bill, far more extensive In Its I
scope, will meet with short shrift at the
hands of the Senators nnd Assembly-
These nte the amendments to the
Ulauvelt bill as privately outlined here
1. A chnngo In the provision for the
perpetuation of State conventions pro
viding for proportional representation.
2 A prohibition of the ue of party
funds In primary elections.
3. elimination of party emblems from
tho ballot
Charles V Murphy has taken to him
self (lov Sulaier's remarks In his mes
sage vetoing the lllauvelt bill about
'dishonotable leadership" Mr M'
nhVs friends said hete to-night that the
Tammany leader resents the (lovernor's
denunciation nnu ms nicierm-sn
centunted becausn the C.overnor Ivas not
backed up with specific charges his gen
eral observations. Mr. Murphy is rep
resented as In the attitude of saying,
it's your move I challenge you to
say In whnt particulars my leadership
has been dishonorable."
Hut as far as practical politics go
Murphy Is going ahead, making move
as fast us he can. Hefore the Legisla
ture adjourns -and it Is freely predicted
that it will adjourn at the end of this
week the (lo ernni '. Statewide direct
primaries bill will he stiff and cold u
ders from Foiiiteenth street, dictated by
Mr. Murphy and his cloest advi'ers. pro
vide that no quarter shall be shown to tt
on the night when (lov. Sulzer vetoed
the Hlauvel hill Tin: St n predicted that
certain amendments would be made nnd
that it would be passed again. The
intended bill will go to Clov. Sub.er with
tile I .nil assertion that It goes as far
toward meeting the (lovernor's wishes
as the organization can make It go. If
the (lovernor wants further changes he
will have to use his own methods and
take the chance of getting no relief at all.
Tammany men argue that the scheme
of proiiortlon.il representation provided
for State conventions will better serve
to rolled the party attitude, towatd can
didates than any other scheme yet de
vised With delegates selected accord
ing to the part voting strength In each
Assembly district, the frnmers of the
plan su.v. it is the principle of repre
"entation grafted on to direct primaries.
In other words, each voter would have
his proportionate voice In the selection
of a candidate, hut It would be done
through delegates.
The friends of (lov. Sulzer- and with
inem in ir.is chsc van oe i-i.iaM'ii niej
be classed the
ITogiessives s.i) tnai sucn a scneme
of proportional tepretentation In State
conventions would centralize the control
of Democratic State conventions In
Tammany Hall.
(!ov Sub.er made specitlc objection
in his message to the use of the party
emblem on the lullot and to the ex
penditure of ot gnnlxatlon money In pri- I
mary campaigns. j
When Tammany Senators ieft Al- j
hnnv for the Sunday reces last week
they were not sure what plan would he ;
devised to balk (lov StiUer's Intention
of cnlling extra sessions of the Legls- !
lathre until n direct urlmarles bill Is I
passed to Ills liking. One plan proposed
wns that the Legislature should tak a t
recess until Decemlx-r .11. In this way j
the present session would be kept alive
throughout the rest of the year and
(lov Sulzer's hands would be tied Hut
the advice received In New York was
that the Legislature should adjourn nnd
let the (lovernor co ahead as he
Tammanv Senators came hack with
the advice of Charles K Murphy ns tn
how c,ov. Sulzer's appointments should
be treated. The llnal word has gone
out that John Mitchell, nnmed as Com
missioner of Labor, nnd Judge John
H. Illlev, (lov. Sttler's appointee for
Superintendent of Prisons, shall not he
sininl. for SulTrnnUtf, In Br Hull, In
Firo -ninth Street l'lnm.
Speaking will ho allowed in the Vnra
at Fifty-ninth street after tho suffrage,
paradn on Saturday, l'ark Commissioner
Stover arranged yesteiday for the build
Ing of four street stands on the I'lnia
which will be occupied at tho breakup of
the parade by tlfty prominent Btiffiaglsts
for live minute speeches. A flying squad
nm or automobile will go down llroad
hv to catch tho matinee rrnwds.
Several of the department stores have
allowed the suffragists to canvass for mem
bers among the Halesgliln.
Miss Charlotte Deln field nnd Mrs. OHv
Schultz. the scout of the Washington
parade, will represent women chauffeurs
In the parade and afterward will drlvo
their machines for hire.
Th' peace has been restored to the
faint and Cabin Creek mat mining dls
trlcts became certain yesterday, the mn
Jorlty of the strikers having returned to
Frederick N MoDnnvhl, prominent In
business nnd sporting cltcles of Haiti
more, head of the V. N. McDonald Com
pany, wholesale pork dealers, committed
suicide yesterday In the parlor of his hbme
at U27 North Calvert street,
William T.lngley, whose execution was
stayed hy a reprieve from (lov. Rulier.
must die In the week of July 15 for tho
murder of Patrick Hums, a Hronx saloon
Keeper, tne rourt or Appeals having de
men a motion ror a rearguinent.
Formation of a 130,000,000 grain ele
vator syndlcnlo to bo operated by Amer
icans In Muropean and South American
grain markets was announced In Chicago
hy Attorney lvy Mayer, who returned
from abroad, where arrangements were
Mothera' pensions have become a law In
f ennaylvnnla, Oov.Tener signing yesterday
the bill recently Introduced which provides
monthly payments for Indigent, widowed
or absndoned mothers.
i. Altmatt $c (Ha.
WommeflVs Amencann-aTmade Crepe
de Choline amid MosIIddti Undeirweair
is sSiovo in the Eiiost diesirabUe styles and
materials for Spring; and Summer, re
flecting the favored ideas of the moment
in Women's Undergarments. The nov
elties include Knicker Combinations,
Knicker Skirts, Bloomers and Knicker
bockers, in Crepe de Chine as veil as
the Sheer Cotton fabrics; aCso Dancing
Skirts made of Chiffon and washable
materials and slashed at the side to facili
tate freedom of movement.
Furs, Rings, Draperies awd Lace
Carta. ims received for Storage.
fmti Aurmtf, 3-tl!) tuib 35tit Slrrria, 3riu flnr.
New York "Globe"
428, 430, 435. 437
(Sivp.s .Indire llosulsky IMeduej
Timl He Will Tell Truth of
.McHreen Murder.
Intiiii.itctl Thnt .lacohstin and
.Mulraiiey Concocted fjlorj
-Miilrnney Yu Drunk.
The Militancy hearing befote Judge
Itosalsky esterd.iy. which is a part of
the Investigation the Judge Is making
to determine his decision of Mulraney's
motion for a new trial, took a new turn
when William Hnell. alias Harry
Clark, a prisoner from Auburn, ac
cused by Mulraney of being the real
accused by Mulraney as being the reul
murderer of I'atiick McHreen. a saloon
keeper, two years ago, weakened under
cross-examination and promised to tell
about the crime.
lliiell's testimony after that was
taken In chambers) and, although Judge
Kos.ilsky and Assistant District Attor
ney Kuhln would not tell whnt he Mild.
It was understood that Mulrnney's fan
tastic defence, that he was drunk on
the night of the murder and that u man
nnmed Morrison or O'ltrlen had done
the shooting, was completely t-rUtlored.
Hitch's testimony. Mr Ilubin said, would
mean n new arrangement of tlie ctise
and necessitate calling molt' witnesses.
It was said that no new defendants had
been named by the niati.
During tho court healing Hinil was
(lrst questioned about Mulraney's lat
est accusation, made two weeks ago at
Sing Sing prlbon. when he said thai
Huell had sent Morrison to lihn to get
somo men "for a good job" nnd Mul
raney had sent Dovvllng, now dead, and
Martin Fay, who Is missing'.
"I want a chance to see a lawjer be
fore this thing goes any further." said
Huell when ho took the stand.
Huell went on that he could get n
lawyer hy Thursday and did not want
Mr, Shay or any man tho .lutlgo might
assign. Then Judge Itosalsky explained
that he would see that nemo of lliiell's
rights were violated and directed the
hearing to go on.
"Is It true thnt ynii were responsible
for Patrick Mclireen's death?" .Mr.
Itubin asked.
"No, sir, It nln't true, and I answer
no questions without 1 see counsel,"
"How about whnt Mtilrnuey said?"
"Hrlng me face to face with Mul
raney, but not only with Mulraney, but
them thnt wna up tn see them tho day
before the execution. Oct that man
who was up there when they tried to
frame It up,"
Mulraney was to have been executed
on March 17, hut got n sixty day re
prieve from ("ov. Sulzer.
"Who was thut man?"
"N'lcholiiH Jucobson,''
Jncohson W'uh one of tho witnesses
who testified at an enrller hearing that
ho hnd taken Mulrnney homo drunk on
the night or tho McHreen murder.
Judge Itosalsky then had tho strung-
raphcr read to Huell what Mulraney had
said about him and put particular
Htrcss on Mulrifnoy'H statement that he
would gladly appear ax a witness
against Uuoll If iliie.II wero Indicted for
"When you appeared before me I was
convinced that you and Mulraney had
united to Hay that Mulraney wna not
the man who did tho shooting," said
Judge Itosalsky; "but that Fuy vvas.
Now Mulraney says that Kay wan not
West 19tli Street.
the man I can promise vott Immiinltv
from peijurv if you will tell the truth
After a whispered conversation. Judis
Itosalsky announced that the court
would remain in session but that Bud's
testimony would be taken In private,
.lacolison. who is now in the Tombs
I'rlson for attempted burglary,
called to the session in chamber, It
Is understood that he told tho Judge
thnt while he remembered often taklns
Mulraney home drunk he could not s-av
he did so on the night of the Mcltieen
shooting. The hearing goes on lo-dav.
Mrs. Hi, mild sfnarl, n tteeent Cin,
vertt in Open Iter Home.
A new suffrage hc.ido.ua net s h
opened to-morrow nt the home of Mr
ltonald Stuart. 31 x W,st lhglit) -nin'h
street. Mrs. Stuart was converted to suf
frage onl.v two weeks ago. but Mich i I'.er
enthusiasm that she at nm e gave up a
trip to Lurope and higan titling tin hr
home for meeting rooms. All the fttrni
tuie has been moved out of tlie lower
Moors and palms and show tases for suf
frage lit. ratuic and regalia have hem
installed. Mrs. Stuatt will be in chare
and will serve tea twice a week She has
sent out 3i'o Invitations to her perroni.
friends for a suffrage symposium to-morrow-
The new organization will he a branch
of the State association, 150 Madison ave
nue. Where Its ollicers will be fleeted this
'. V. soclctj t.lbrnrj
t tlie annual meeting of fie N
Vork Societv Llhtary. held ,ti Uni
versity place vestenl.iy, 1' tirtitil
Schetmerhorn. Charles C ll.ilglit. (5enrt
W. I'olsiim. David II I igib u and t '., u'
Tiickerman vveie elided inrsi.-es fm three
I yeats 'pie m-asu'ir -.Iiinvwl
S'.i'.'-M 7 on deposit
And Cuticura Ointment.
They do much for irri
tated, itching scalps,
dandruff and dry, thin
and falling hair, and do
it speedily, agreeably
and economically.
Citleurs ftatp nd Ointment told ttaroualieut
worlit. Liberal (ample nt em h mailed Iree. with I. P.
book. Aitdrfaa "Cutlciir. " )ept ,IH,HoinD
W-Men who (have, ami anampon with rutlcm
ep will tail II m for alia ami aralp.
fMSt' with

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