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ftfPMt Tiills of (lie IWiiir,"
Will (!ivi In ii I'lumc
for rower.
Socio t.v
for Kstfilil fsliins I
Mil ii ii fnc lure ) li
the lilllDl.
se- i
J, Hon linn liMiliir
moid I lie inslillit) of In,'
A. II) puri'lia-lns; mull
cnitrs iriiarntitceil Ii) the lain
jfr Murdrum "oiiiinu.
(J.- An Htcii" innrtcuccs
mind liMcvtinriilo uf them
A. Aliiiliilrl) mi. nnil Ihr)
nrc constant!) imrrhHpil by
the limit eitnsfn iitlto I in (.(.
oi, SkIiicm , Itaiikv Trim!
Companies, llislti'ntico Compa
nies. Ctiiirltalilc lii-llttitlinis
Tnitri,"i. rtc.
Capital & Surplus $8,500,000
5 Uheftj St NY Ml Mitotan St Hkti
Cntilleil to Protection ns Well
us Keuiilnlioii. Sit Presi
dent I S 1 1 1 1 .
Kcoiioiny ('lull Told That I'eople
rc Musters of Tninspoi'tn
tiiin Lines'.
Ii wont be very Ions ln-forr the
'Ol at Falls of tin- Passaic In Now .lor-r-ev
will In- n misnomer. Tli" inexorable
demands uf ioinini'rclall?in have (!'
ererd 1 1 1 : t the pli'liir-n'i" spot In the
heart of til' rilv (if PatrtMin tmi't ho
iil.nle useful and profitable
Tho marine. rtihlny waters, which
for rountlcjs .vc.irn have hurled them
selvesover tho rock? into tho drop con:
will soon bo tamoly led throuith n He
tunnel to a power house, compelled to
drive tinndrrous turbines, cenorato
i .i.
for hiitidredn of mills and then "","
tho pinjrrtnl ceitnp.my In those el.iys
$ 1 ilO.OOii was an iiumcii. Mini to In
;vcst In a business vcntuio and the
! nation was deeply Interested In It? stio-
cess, fur Conm-ess eion "..it up and to
i notice "
llanultiin a nil hn
ImikliiK over vat Ion
States drolled to locate their works
at tho Passaic Pit IU liecaii'o it nffordril
tho tlncst water power nnywliero within
convi nlent reach of New York or Phil
adelphia. The not step was ti. pro
cure an net of the .Vow ,lciey l.oulx
lattue. ThroiiKh the support of the
Ale (mi lullro.ids faltly treated"
Tlii ipit-sllon was dlM'lit-seil before
lieill lllelnlierii of tho laoneiltllo I 'lull at
lu Unlet Astor dinner lad tilqtil In three
'tahroad ptvsleleiits, William I' liruwn
k i t Iho Now York Central, Frederic A.
! Delano nf the Wabash and llonjuinlli F
l!nt M'ttur Willi, ittt D i trti-cntM tin
power for hundredn or mill? and then . " ; , . ' ,
, ,. , . , eminent Jurist of Ins div, a hlM was
be allowed to ccapo Into the river hod 1n,.r,or.ltli; ..Ti. SP,,.,V for
below mid pa!f down In the witters of KMtnlillhlrtK Pi-orul Manufactures"
Newark lt.i. j I In vine boticht the land around the
The pood people of Patrnn, whofallr the society prnceoded In oonsttuet
look null pride in the. fall.-, and Justly a urns of racrvv.os to supply water
irsarded it a.-- the created natural power tor tlo nillls to he Imill This
show pi ice of Its kind In the State, are i
now reall.uu the rt'itlt i f their peunv
w Ife-and-pound-foolh fxillry In nut
liiiylns It for a park. Some year" aso 1
ill failH a otlTed .t the author!
tier at a ridiculously low hum; hut no:
th cuv tatliern thought It nio...i-
nt To. day it ix l-eyond iurchn.e iiml.
Its cloriex will soon have dl. ippearcl.
To HioiiMiniN this- is a nuiltr- i'f deep J
ri'Kiet that IIh M'oiilo le.iuiy hollld Pej
(tem of canals was devL-ed P Major
l.'Knfalit. who laid out the capital nf
Wastilnelon. Manufacuirer.f all over.
Ilenrlni: of the advantage piolieil h
the S. P. M.. came tn j-eitlc then plains,
and II wasn't ,rv Imm l.efore a town
crew up and In honor n l ho (iovrrnor
who crnnled the so'.'lrtj charter it was
named Paterson
This ancieni charter of tho S. I'. M.
presents some novel feaiures and eon-
asoclatc after Mush of the .Ml.-smii'l Paclllc. a profrs
plaecs In several "f "f political economy, William '..
l.lplcy or 1 1, in anl. a labor union head,
A. It. tiarrotsnti. president of the order
of Hallway Conductors of America, and
a hanker, .lames Speyer president of
the club
No one said flatly that the rod are
not fairly treated, nor did any one deny
It. Hut there ran through most of the
atcnnient this ItHtdont thouithl Tim
railroad business s in a serious condi
tion heoaifo the Interstate Commerce
Commission has not permitted an In-
irei.,.,' In rates, and a Kenetal Increase '
Is needed. The spek rs approved of
regulation by the commission, but some I
objected t" teKiilallon by the separate
S:aic M' . liarretson was applauded
when lie said. "If there Is a damnable J
sseni el.liiB In this country It l. nuri
iluil system of regulation" I
Mr Spevet- said that railroad nlTcncei
.Mi. h as reb.itinr, which had cieited a
fc ! k ( antagonism toward the
reads, were laruelv thincs of tht piikt.
lie added'
'If our talh'o.ult are nut faltly tieatd
E. P,
have removed to 681 Fifth Avenue
Oppoiite St. Thomas' Church
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If You Are a Book Lover
you are cordially invited to spend a leisure
hour in examining our very complete stock
of good books of all sorts. It is so ar
ranged that whether you wish to sec the
latest new novels, the rarest old editions,
or anything between, you can do so
conveniently and quietly.
Mail and Telephone Order Departments
arc maintained for the convenience of
Telephone No. 7400 Plaza.
- i
reH -
in t.iwt. nasscd by the States,
.. i...t iltoneht that the era of leuil
lation bv nutlon nnd State had helped
all cotueriied. though some loRlslatlnn
has b'en hasty.
"line unuuestlonable efTcet or lesuia
t on. lie yam. uas oecn m iinim
I'm tlu would bo tho nieaii" of ronferritiB imtol
. 1 lietiellH lllion tlie entire lilllne ol ine
"If the rnilrond are not allowed to rlmrk- j
i iiiiipetiatlon lor their wrvn i' that will
t'tlllble theni to 1 11 ii 1- a full return oil the
j IrHestiiiotil with a leaionable stirphl- for,
ii. I iiTllltMll, llllliHMeillt'lll alio ine t si.iip I
fact th.il , iHlmieiii of their orcein Iho Ih-U on their I
prf rt of nieetlm: tin-.ltimton will he i ( t) II V
in eiUliy alio niMire lliey are entoieo j
I liellole i the rillotion ni'li'i
ii linn rallwav manaKors the
the railways are servants of the public.
Tl... ,..,.,,,1.. I, nr. nlHO li.irill'll 111.11 llll) I
,f llm r.illwavs. A I lo till-, Itlld
verv u-reat I'l-St.OIlslblllty tests upon t he ' 'll'-ler-toiid In Its dineretlt phil-e- the booiI)
-- --- - .... sen--e anil nnriie-.s oi ine ineriiiin h-ii i f
master. He mut unuersiaini mnn mt.
oapaclts and tile limltalloiis of his set-;
. nits, he must know what a tenant i
incus to enable Ultn to III" worU
properh. and he must supply t heist
needs." i
Piesldent Delano of the Wauasn sam
. I
w mild lie nt-erled in iipport of the nillroad
with tliete adwr.e toiidtiloa con
frotiliiiR the ralhoiiiU It Is iib-iiliili ' nn e--ar
in older that 'hey pfiruiui then Iiiih
Iioii to the public that they be allowed
to mlwiticc at an enrl duto t lieu serine
i hiiree. Ilus ts a matter of inure itli
I ,,.,,1, .K. ,1,,! if ilte Interstate Com-I "'on n to Hie weirare or tin- enure tiroi!e I'CrioriUllllIM'
mere- (S.mml-slo.i continues Its present "''' ." "' indivnlual owner-, of t)lP
. . ,1... l.Hll.llnir nf new retails III llll- rj"ro'"1'
u.i.,n,l o-.rts of the West must stop. '-U'ley said that on the
I it. ii...... n i. ..tiii nieil. do nett f,.ar Auieile-an lallreiads are operated
f r...-!.1tli.n bv a commls- lovel of cllolo!io and 'that "re
I., i,i, V.i,. W,,nwledi:e e.f the facts. hef e-an be afforded for the prese nt ctlsia
I "Hut some one has said." he nb-erveil.
I that an optimist is a man who will
.... i .... ,i. .t iu liftoileit in him
I1 . t e. it. .ii. I also that itosltlvc rcniceli.il legislation In
iro eeitalnly optimlMs II
c m",, u. ,,,.. .Hspu.es.
,,.. -..it. opinion. Is 'notorlouslj unfair'
will be because, mo owners , .,. .. . -
was prclcr H to "K'";;n- " Id.-n. .lames Speyer. vice-presidents. 1
,a son day when latl n s c. r , e ; A ,,,.,, aI1(. willwm It W.llcox
to such atl eMreillle that the owners eil
raiiPjads tcfu-c louuer to accept the re- ITIITinmi Til I 1TH m A
spcmsinio.v .,r ufittT.rsnnc-ir x . m h n nv
liinin i
online I
Mt tlm ('cntiiry Si n .
ii rirnln" in C'niililo
rini.itrr nuirte tii nirrt rtrrt rruulri-.
liirnl. One e,f II,, 1 7 trnU. .Irsi rr.
will tl.r rtrrili.tit, thai Hrltrt
1e HMlk drAllAtloils ftMt -
'oiijlnir si, II Pi t: Hierr
"rile on ou.- tin .liif-F.n stnllnn
e r or -ofi mnlluin eir luru
American Lead Pencil Co.
alSl lflh .,r , irt
Kvpn.s l'i We
Aft In": Hotter Tlinn
the Vniees.
I rftft ,t b.fciti,, prolMff yntir
irtHitil- no fu il hrf. I. b. h-.rt tt,.i
Ton etu (onau-r- tl
11 In .1 iU,.. I-.
!fltirllfc. TT rf,,i-..i
vlcttr. mIb.im.,... , ...u.t. . '
E. i. W0O0S. 634 Si.tbAvt. J67 . Ne i Y "rt N Y
i and make'
road men
In a l.iruo way emly by the sanction by
I the tjovernment or a Roneral Incrca.-i' eir
i rates chnrKcablo for a service " lie said
it positive rcnicili.il leclslatli
r thtt interest eif railroads is demaniled bv
the situation H'sticctltiK at bitratloti nf
The Krduian not in his
'tat drain" nt
Tfre .
Dui'fl ill K.nrbfiic.
e'aitUrit I'rnnx
Inr itnsn ...
ttiii nrityH ill le-lisrk'
l. I'rlMtllnl
I tip renlurjr Thmlrr,
.tuiii'ttu elaiilii
AtiCUMn AiiK'llnl
.. Thethpran
A Hat Jl
i arj: .inn
A. I'lnrl
rlti on I
T Hlnl
sacrificed to cnmtnerrlal use. and all
tec,tso of oRlil.il s'lnrtsmiitf dn.
This chance is s made by tbe
Society for Kstnhlishlui: r.-fnl Matiil-f-icMirer.
tho oldi'st e hai te i i d rutiipain
It Is claimed. In Iho t'nltorl Slates, h;e -.ti
been Incorporated in 17!'l.
Tie work now In ptucres. as ttrlrfiv
explained bv John II Conk, hydraulic
rncneer nf the -oiiitv. I a lollow-:
i'n the upper side or npht bank of
the Pi.-saic liiver aboie the falls a
cana' is hein? blasted throimb the ruck
by which a Hume will carry the water
to tlie turbine wheels of the powei
hoiifr. where a .ri.nnrt horn-power plant
will lie hum t the base of tbe t'MN
This will supply power lo the m,l.-.
alone the rarcway invl afterward the
water will be returned tn the pool I.e.
low This diversion of the waters
ttironch the Mumio und power plant
will necessarllv diminish the How in rr
the falls Ai histh water it will be up.
preelab!e nnd elurlnir the di'v .seasons
no wate- will he seen eoinlni: over tn-
hrlnW wnil n ir.nlnvl.ilH- wi.r.',lrln, .1.. I
'nc the creator part of the yo,u tho !
falls will be ns drv as a hone. '
The Society for KstnblMiins: I'-efti' '
fanufacture. or as n Is famill.erlv
termed. "The s r M ." slnsulai-h
i nouch Is not helm.- criticised fur its'
work at the falls; it Is Hi,, df'ar pub
' who is heintr berateil by tlie elear
pyhlie As a prominent e.tlxen re
marked to a Si v rcprcfontat ,v o In
fpealcini; of the work of elestruetlon
"You can't blnme tho compHiiy for
mlns Its proiert to the best and m ml
profitable advantase. What uneves
me and Indeed us ail K the short
slKhted policy of our Pa terrain people
In not piirchnsli.L' the whole of the
falln property and convortlnn it Into
one of the most plrturesinto vpnts out--lele
of N'lasara Palls. To-day tf wo
e ould set It back there Isn't a tiian n
he city who wouldn't sulifcrlbo for t'n
purchase monev. but It's cone and w,.
are to blame. Whv. there Isn't a city Mi
the whole enunirv which would not
have relolced m nosfefsin; such n
place, and we foolishly et It to '
How tlie Pisac Palls came into the
possesion of tho S P. M. nnd the
orlcln eif that society Is an evtretnelv
interesllntr chapter not only in Hie
history of New Jersey but that of tho .
nutlon ns well, and Patorson's learned '
historian William Nelson hare made a I
deep study of It '
Once upon a time, ns the story book
say, or rather as l,awer Nelson tells
It Alexander Hamilton, when Scire,
tary of the Treasury In Ceoru Wash
Intftnn'fi Cabinet, conceived 1 1 1 lelea
tbnt the new republic would nevci 1
be really free and Independent e.f Clreai
Rrltaln until It could mnnufacliiic nooiN ,
for Its own use Thereupon he eleclded
to organize a sto'k onmpiinx See're
tnry Hamilton enlisted the aid or many
buMness men of vtAltli In Ills si'lieme
nd Anally (100,000 was subscribed for
it Ui due tn the fact I
not sllllli'lently well
tains provisions that no e-ompany at the
1 present d.i would ilreani ot askirm.
i One of tbese c,,c the society the power
to take ptnjii'l tv l.y t oiidetnnalion if the
owntf of tbe lands and waters would
not act opt the- eifters nf Hit. setclety.
Ibis iieiflnn lias never been taken I neclei't
, ailvantae of. I lie society was also mi-! to inllueiice theni in framini; laws and
I thorle i bv the l.i'Kishituio to raise I leKiilatmns and allow such mt u as aie
for I he tlm heme
1 hal the ieoplc are
ai ein itnted with th present feneration
eif tailro.id manacets and elo not vet !
tullv understand the situation If the,
people allow thedr Indlmiation in past
or suppo-eeii mlfilei'ds of a lew
1 1 1 ft . o o i by lottery, which it never eiid.
The society was ,'elset empowered to
lav out a it and appoint a in ivor.
recorder, bo.nil of alilcitnen ami other
municipal nf lu lis. It was also exempt
from all taxation but thai of State lav
Such, in In iff. are the in ovisions, of this
lemrukable chartei Kranieil In 1791.
The S. P. M.'s 'old svslein of race
ways i- still m use for the beueilt of
many mills, but these will, of course,
be abandoned ami clofiel up wluui the
now peivve r heuiff is tlntshc-d. ami that,
Il is e xpected, will ! In a veal's tune.
When Hint if aciiiinpl'f lied then the
Croat P.iffH'c Kails will lie as u passins
talc, a meinoi y.
' not well lined by achievement or char
acter to administer those laws, then e vil
must tollow'
l'rldetit lirown of the New York
I Central paused to prills,. Walter 11.
Pane, Iho new Ambassador to tho Court
of St. James's, who was to li.ne been a
truest eif In, mn at the. dinner, hut was
detained in Washington. Then .Mi
liiowu tackleil the railroad problems
II- siid rate ctittlm; and rehatlns had
i pasfed awa. hut that met rates were
.in-" as low as In Hid period of remorse,
less competition. Ho approved Hie Intel
state cnmmeicc law and the commission,
ami CisaKi'i einK with some of tin other
fptal.cis lie found considerable piod
Mr (Jairctson, the union
sneaker, bade- the railroads
1 themselves to "honct action and hon-
1 est publicln " Tnlklnc to an audi
ence wherein were manv railroad et- I
cutivrs b,. shot forth this advice. i
I "If you can't petform uct tnat wont
bear honest Inspection ebm t
i in at all "
Prcshbuit Henjamln P Hush of the
.Missouri Paclllc lt.ulro.id eaucli! the
earnest attention nf the diners when he
said In boKlnnlm: his speech thai "not
only ate our railroads not fairly treated
but then Is no subject before the poo
I le. no policy encacInK the attention of
the (lovetnn'ie-nt. that In Its future eco
nomic aspect foreshadows more
danuers. both to the commerce ot uus
I'ountrv and lo our Institution" than
jtices that of railroad transportation." i
"I believe," ho said, "that the same'
' principle of Justli'o should ne aumin
jlsti'red to an association eif Individuals
I known a a corporation as Is admin
isteteel let the individuals personally
jlu other capacities" And he held that
'railroads were entitled to protection as
well as resulatlou. lie sam mat manu
facturers and farmers should aid wlll
limMy in the effort to set transpeirtatlon
tates advanced, for II Is of paramount
Importance to ihelr own continued
w Clf a If. II et unit limed:
" I'lie railroads now re'ce'lve on an averace 1
Iter mile even and a half inilU tor haiilluu
j ii ton of (reiflit and les than z.hmus lor
I'lirrvlnu a pnnfeniret ir thif averairtt coin-1
peiif.'ition i ould he lneriaseid even one mill,
or the e'lpiivule'tit of the' prie e of a ln-l.ice I
stamp for tvve'lltv rillllif serviee. it would
cvtrlciite theni from all fiitUier trouble'
alul iinxlelv It if sciircelv conceivahle '
that -in h sllvlit adyaiien woulel iiijiirioiiflv
nflei t any trade, industry or person, yet it t
A season of opeia oouffe in Italian:
was besun la'i n.cnt at the Centur
TlieHtte bv the' Ap'.'ilin'.-ii.ittliil i .iinran.v .
which has -.topped olf to intfit.nn Ibis ,
rnetiopolls on Its way home fieun South t street
Amenta. It l salj tet h liUhlv pop
Hilar la that iait til the woilil
:tet oii.'ietta
fiom (leimin
vhlyh di .iu s
and Itnl.an
perform I Kl I'lIM) Ifoar- K II11K1I
.Moviean President Mny
teniit ti r.-iiisp Win1.
alanv compatriot- of the -iucM were!
llMflllil U hlntv inwl Hrr lonaln c
lima of nn Accltlrtit.
.Mrs llllen IIooIcn. ;, wuiow. ,,J
old. and her widowed cousin. .Mrs e'ath
erlnc .McCarth.v. t',7 ears olel. of 'i a
dam street, wore found dead last ulclit Id
Mrs. Dudley's furnl.liei room at :',i3
KourteeMith street Thev had been K lie i
by llluinlnatliic pas which escaped from
a Jet on a jras raiiRc
.Mrs. Donley sutTereil from rheumafl-m
ami was conllneel to her bed Mis Mc
Carthy was a fioiiuiiit visitor
Dr cieorse Hayuuca of 301 ran.il
himJletl.K.is as lie aniiroailied Mr.
Doob-J's loom and broke open Hie ilonr
lie found his patient Jr Iioou-. Iail
HI bed ' Mrs McCarthy vv Ij nig m tht
lit. Pvso. Te.x., April !!. From the In
' nermost circles of President Vlctorlano
Huerta's Ooveinmcnt comes the sturt
lltiK declaration that he may attempt
i tn cause war wltlMhe Pnited States.
Ancereel hy the failure of this (bivcrn
' ment to recoRnlzc him and the further
.detention of the Federal soldiers sent
from Nncet, It Is salu that he has inti
mated that he will order the expulsion
of the American Ambassador and till
American Consuls In Mexico.
Inez Salazar Is still loyal to the
llucrtit tlovernment. but he lost "00 of
his 600 men yesterday when they ie.
celved orders to ei to Chihuahua. Those
men say Unit when they agreed to em
brace the llucita Coveriimcnt they
vvere told that they would be Klven
' ..1. r ,i.n r.,,. ... i i ...
i iim,r til ill'- t. tinaft vii.iiuit- Mist I ICC III
. ponce and govern and they refused to
Kit to Chihuahua to 1 1 k 1 1 1 The two
liundred rebellious t mops, led by
j .Maximo Castillo, are said to have set
out to Join Pancho Villa, the bandit
I chief, vvhei is opi'ratltiK near Casas
, (il'andcs.
After itmtliiK Salazar lliey looted the
Corralltos ranch. owniil by K. I). .Moriran
of .Now iork, taklnK all available sad
dles and horses. They also wrecked the
racks of the - Mexico Northwestern
Hallroad and isolated 40.000,000 feet of
! limber which this Canadian concern was
; prcparlnK to ship to its P.I Paso mills.
' The mills may have to close unless tin
roatl can be repaired Immediately
(Jen. Leonard Wood returned lo Wash
ington this afternoon after an Inspec
tion of the Mcxlcui border as far west
ns Tucson, Ariz The orderlni,- nf a
batler.v of horse artillery here from
Kurt lti!tv. Kansas, was (Jen. Wood's
ucl after his visit alcint; the border The
battery telnforces the four reslments
of cavalry now Kuardlnsr the bolder
here and wist of here.
In the theiiti.
theni l,eartll "l.a Clsal. ' whlcl
fiiiifc hue at the linden Theatre some!
twenty enrs iiko li I. III. an Itusttll '
Cuil Strtetman and IaoiI ll:nrioii was'
the opera performed It va n-vf. coc
sliiered eine eif K.linotiil Vuihl.in - in- '
Plied vvorkf and hi w ti heard i crelv automobile
If ever since thsi unit- It was mosl ! Merrltt. Tn
ucce?itful a' the l.iic Theatre :n Ixindon, t-da Mi
when (Jeiildlne t lni"r. Chevallei scovel splrlteel horse In
ami uany .Moniinouse nan ine icaeiiiiR I when an automobile came tip behind Th
ro'e I tlrst lie WIIH IIWII,.. Of llu nr........ .. .
j when the born was tooted Tin Imrs"
tlirowuic Mr Merrill
William Merrill. Til. Tln-ovtn Prom
Currlaiir nnd ck l rirokeii.
Vo.N'KKtlS. AlUtl -JP - The tool ..i jn
burn cost the life of v ..ni
.vears old of Palisades N T.
.Merrltt was ilr i i: a
Sparkhlll. near N'.nrk
The Italian company Is not an organiza
tion of budding talents. It is riulte t vldent
that the slngeis and actors ate of ilpo
expei It nee Slimoia Cattini is the lea. line.
soprano, who dispenses her vocal savings
carefully, but acts with abundant, v iv aclt. . j
She anchors her eeinielv nnd ample per
son alomr.f'lilc the footltsh's and Pikes the
audience Into her complete contblein e In '
the frank manner of tlie Latin ptrforuiiTs I
Slunor AiiKellnl Is a tlutsheel actor eif run. i
sldcialile humoi, which has not been alto, i
tri'ther withered by ase nor staled bv Hi"'
lexubeiant custom of his compatriots
Tin compuny Is similar In Us aitltn
epiallty to the- citta ill Palermo troupe
I which appealed two veais iiko at tile Paik I
I Theatu The operetta was sum; 'is r.in-
si-ieimuusij ii u ii weie a niiisurpiet'e
Puibalilv not a nuniliei' was omitted The!
ichoius maili1 an unusual amount of noNe
! lu view of Its nuinbets and Hie ballet was
, indiistrioiiK, If not hitjre
A iellbeiiatit but iletet mined preinleic
elanseiise conihieted It thrciUKli the tusk i
set foi her and the other elaureis and one
leu inac sno miKiit tie stow nut was cer
talul suie
SlKliora eiattlni was liberally applauded
after the "MnrBot" souk and her com
patriots did not seem to tlnd fault with
the fact that her FUJe of beauty was ellf
fcretit fiom well. Julia Sanelerson's.
"I Siiltimhanclil," orlulnally announced
for performance last night, will be given
to-morrow ulclit and the rest of the week.
rented anel pluimed,
out em hts head. btcakinK his neck ant
Ull'iiE blm Inst.utu
The chauffeur, who was alone in th
car. put on speed and was soon nut nf
Two Trips in One Through
Colorado and Yellowstone Park
French ittruBiie irocenrv)
Natural Alkaline
For 50 years
the standard
Mineral Water
for the relief of
Sour Stomacn,
Indigestion and
Uric Acid.
liny Trli on the lluilmiii llrulu
May 4.
The palatial steamers Trojan and Urns
selaer of the Hudson Navigation Com
pany Hud.oii ltlver nlk'lit linen will
tenuine their Sunday da.vliKht trips for
the season on Sunduy, May t . the steamer
from New York up the Hudson to Pounh
keepsle ami return leavInK Pl'r 35, North
ltlver. at 8:45 A. M.
Plan fur a varntion atnoni; the won
iters nf tin west this year ,'in'l let ine
help rent tin it. Tin orv of it 'rip
thrniiKli tin mountains ol Colorado and
tin miracle country nf Yellow stone Vn
tionnl Park is lioytuid the power of man
In express.
Hut if you can span I vv n weeks or moi
next summer lor tins world fiitnoiistotir
I can proinitce a delightful experience
that will live with you to I he end
Permit me to send you a pamphlet we
have desurihinc; several attractive ways
nf makinic this "Tvvo-iii-()ne-Tnp,"an'l
kindly retnembnr that it is tnv husincvt
nnd pleasure tn help in many'liti le way
to plan with you the best wavs to no
and what In do.
Will you make 111 of our mfoi iiiatom
service, and will you write or call today
beforo . von forfjet and ask for a copy of
our pamphlet , "Colorado Yellowstoit"
To urn"? No eharce
W J Itersn. (JrnerAl Aernl. Pitf-rnsfr I
partment. ('. II. A It II Co. lle lirtviiltsir
Outurlan llullillne. New nrlc Tel Vtiit Sn '.W"
s sPrifg l
Who are the President's
What are their duties?
Want to know?
Sunday's Sun

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