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Sncii'lv Flocks to Mis HniuicV
New Scries .Mollv
to Dunce.
M. ri.l.MAN'S I'AKTVi
Mr. iiml Mr-. K. X. Ilrciimm'
I'.iilci'lniii tit SI. Itcuis foe
l.onl llmvko.
XM U ; (lanclni! season Is Ii no
means hut, judging fiotn tin- enter
tainments of csterdny afternoon and
t lollltli;
The Hist of u series of darning teas
( k.iiiI' d by Miss Don no brought many
I., tin' Waldorf apartment of Hie W.il
i, . r-.Worln. and there xvas genet nl
inning Mi the b.illrooin of that Mille.
uhlih .-n'tiU'd to bo more taxotul than
t.n t'lialir, who has been at many of
i"e prixiHc dances of the winter, xx.is In
,. drive. dinning with many of the
Collie of those piesent XX etc Mr.
It. i haul Stexens, Mis. Charles II. Dickey.
Mrs De l.aneey Nlciill, Mrw. ,1. Allen
T" nsend, Mrs. Howard I'anoll, Miss
i ir.unai Carroll, .Mrs, S, Harold Free
man. Mrs. William l.owe lllce, .Mrs. Kin
,,.n W Hales. .Mrs. Kdxv.ir.l N. ilroitiing,
iiss lullet Hrcltiing, Mrs, Henry Poilies
M Cieer, .Mrs. Charles W. Slouno. .Mrs
, llin.ice llnrdlng. T. I'earsall I'leld,
M -s .Mary I'o.u-Vall I'leld. .Mr. and .Mrs.
Ii.rry Itradliursl. .Mrs. t Inmm 1 15. Smith.
Mr .Mom's Taylor Campbell, Mrs.
I. , Iv aril I). Adams, .Miss .Maria de Hnr
n' he .Marquis de Hiiena Vista of the
I rniMan Legation, Mrs. Kindley Hoff
man Chnpln.VIrs. William M. V. llolT
in.1.1 Mrs. P. Klewellen Chambers, Will
'.mi K, Chambers, .Mr. ami Mrs. Franklin
M it Warner, Mr. anil Mrs, Tuber Sears.
,Mt Ptcdorlck W. Longfellow, MKs
.Vine Pcpew Paulding, Mr. and Mrs.
Me'.pp I'.llswoitli. Mr and Mrs Harry
II Hcnknttl, Frederick c. MacDnnell,
Mr Charles J. Ayres, Miss Ayres, W.
I itniktyn Paris, Miss Catherine Ham
ix',i, Mr. and Mrs. Kewl Unuverueur
Mnrrl. Miss .lean Morris, Ml-s M.irjorie
Smxlie. Miss lllf-iinor K. llurrlll, Miss
"1-eItnn Vlolett, the Misses linngs,
i ! arles K. Sampson, Major (J Crclghtnn
U.bli. Theodoslus I". Stevens, A. Post
Mitchell. Ilrewster Iteamey, Harold C.
ed Walter K. Kkiinrd nnd F.dxxln C.
M .'.ler
These dances will be rnnllnlied on
"i-da. nnd Fridays until the end of
Mrs. .1. Stevens Pitman gave a small
Ctn.-c night at her house, "J I Fast
K'tr'-.ty-flrst street.
xninng the guests were Mr. nnd Mrs.
S Harold Preeman, Mr nnd .Mrs. Ati-ten
iirny. Mr. and Mrs. Pranels K. V. Hop
p:n. Mr. and Mrs. Kyttleton Knx, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry II. Henk.ird, Mr. and Mrs.
.Vhprt nallatln, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Cerald
fienkard, Mr. anil Mrs. Wright IMrt-l.ty.
Mr and Mr, Howard Dickinson. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Frederic It. Coudert, Mr. and
Mr, Henry A. Itarclay. Mr. and Mrs S.
fiitpy Vnnder Poel, ,lr., Mr. and Mrs.
W Daisied Vander Poel, Dr. and Mrs.
Al.iert II. Ely. Mr. and Mrs. Allen I).
Kmey. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Korlmer Wor
rien. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Walker. Mr.
nn I Mrs. Charles A. Moran, Mr and
.Mr. Walter C. Stokes: (ihver de Kancey
cn.ter. William H. Averell. Theron II.
Shoiik. T. Cheslcy Itlchardson. Jr..
l"iAeni' InKraham, Sumner liernrd.
Harold C. and Walter K. Hlchard nnd
In CeorRe HolllnK Kee.
Mr and Mrs. lMward X. Hrcltunp
t e i.ist nlKht at the St. Itcpis a din
ner, followed by dancinu. for Kord
II. ike and the Hon. K. (i. l.evenson
fiower of London, who have been here
on .i visit nbout a week. They will
l-ie Koon for Canada and the dinner
and dance was a farewell party.
Tin- dinner was served In the Kouls
-WI room at one table, which was dee-
rai.-l with pink roses. Among the
-'ifst'j were Mr. and Mrs. T. .1. Oakley
I: iitiflnnder, Mr. and Mr. .lames II.
Kidder, Mr. anil Mrs. Frederick Y. Dal
7. I Mls Mubel (Jerry. Miss I.ota Hob
insm, Miss Juliet Breltuuif, Harry S.
Ulaik nnd Charles K. (IreenoiiKh.
After dinner thcro was ilancInK In thu
ballroom, for which others wero asked.
A benetlt "the il.insant" In aid of
tlie Manassas School, an industrial nnd
'bicHtinnul Institution for ne;roeH In
Viritinln, was ctven in the assembly
t'wm of the Colony ciui, yesterday
tbroiich tlie courtesy of Mrs. James A.
V.'risht and Mrs. George ICthridce.
S-eral women of society who ale
Interested in the school auxiliary here,
of which the Hev. Percy Stickney Grunt,
if tor of the church of the Ascension,
' president, were present, and a cooilly
im was realized for the charity. Thcro
was" Bencru! danclns. and Mr. and Mrs.
V'rnon Castle of "The Sunshine Girl"
eornpany Kave an exhibition of modern
daiires, Refreshments wero served at
K-veral small tublcH placed about the
I'sillroom floor.
Some of those present were Mrs.
an Hens-selaer CoRHwell, Mrs. Joseph
Palmer Knupp, Mrs. S. Htanwood
Menken, Mrs. Hamilton Pell, Mrs.
Ilobiirt D, HettH. Mrs. Georse G.
M'-Murtry, Jr.. Miss Iilsle de Wolfe,
Mrs. Harry OuBhlntt, Jr., and Mrs.
Irwin A. Powell.
Date for some, of the early summer
widrliiiRs havo already been announced.
Miss Harriet Kerry, only daughter of
Mr and Mrs. II. Hay ward Kerry, will
married to William Do Korcst Maulce
' St. Thomas's Church on Juno 3.
Miss 1'prry nnd her parents have Just
returned from Newport after a visit
" Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Curtlss James.
Details of the wedding have not yet
I'feti completed.
Miss Besulo Yoakum, second daughter
nf Mr. and Mrs. Honjamln F. Yoakum,
will tie. married to Francis 15. Ijirkln
"ti June 4 in the Fifth Avenue Piesby
ternin Church. A larpo reception will
follow at the homn of Mr. and Mrs.
Yoakum, 16 East Blxty-seventh street,
Miirr of Slain ."Mexican J'rrnldent to
Be Bride Here .Mar J.
Sfnorlta Mercedes Madero, sister of the
"loin Mexican rrcsldcnt, who will be mar
ne on May I to Benor Antonio G, Can
alize', a prominent Maderlsta, In the Igle
:a de. la Kspcranza at llroadway and
'Oi street, has completed plana for her
Only the memlier of the Madero fam-
will attend tlie weddlnir, but these ex
s will nearly fill the church. There, are
" "ly lit this city and niorc in Kan An
''tun, Tex, After a wcddlne breakfast at
tr Ansonia Kenor Canallzo and tils bride
H leae for Europe.
F'.nor Canallzo, a wealthy htcitndado
niid member nf the McHe.-tn Chamber of
Drpiilles from Loner California under
J 111" Mndcto AiliiitnlKtrxtlof,, Is of an old
llllrl lIlNllllKlllKhrd family. HIh KiHtidfathfr
wan a President of .Mexico. Honor Cana
ll.o xxns mi liuiimtli- friend of the Madero
I family before Francisco look Hie Held
t attains! Din. He Joined 111 the ret olutlnn,
and the announcement of his engagement
lo Ilic i.oii(tiiToi'H sister was made when
Madero xx.it nt the height nf hla now pi-.
Semir Cnti.ill.o saw Sciinrltn Mercedes
land her sister wifely out of Mexico after
, Mmleto's assassination nml then jnlncil
I tln-m here.
Wlihm for I hint J li,,,. Hrd n
Ulilouer In WnahliiHtnn.
Wasiiis-hton. April :n. -Mrs. Saimirl I'.
I.tnmoiis nnd Paul W llntltett were mar
ried lien, lo.ilny nt I In, home of the bride.
I be news of the nuii rliiKe came an a etir
nle. The In lib- before her llit niarrl.icn
was .Miss Himanne Fearle, Her first bus.
band was riRdfti .1 s, a widower of New
Voik Sntiiiiel I', Ihnmotis, her second
hiiMiaiid, irtsu vi,s a widower.
Ml. Ilartlott, wlio was a widower, I s
sculptor and a member of the American
Academy of Arts and l.etteis and an offi
cer of the l.,Ki,i f Honor. Up has dl.
J Ided bis time between WiishlnKton nnd
Palls, hitiliiR studios In both places.
Alts. Kinmims presented her only daiiRh.
ter. .Miss Catol.M, "'Bdeii-.Iones, to Wash
limton society this enon.
Taller l.nttnn.
I'Ttnso.v. April ;?.- Mlss nffle Koulse
I. uttoti. daiiKliter of Mr and Mrs. William
.1. I.utton of C,i54 Past Tuenty-nlnth street,
was niariied to II. rnard Itoy Fuller of
I'alis.ubs this ,eiiliiK In the Wesley
Metliodlst episcopal Chiirrb. l'lfteentb
inemie anil Kast Twenty-pvetith street.
Tlie leremony was perform, d bj th Itev.
Dr A. H Itleliardson, pastor of thn
Mr Fuller li a graduate of the Mnssa
cbtisetts Ijntltute of Technology and a
im chanlcal etiKlneer riiK.iKd in construc
tion work In Mexico.
Mies I.utton was Riven away b her
father. Her att, ndants weir Miss Sblt
II. I.utton, her sister. Miss Harriet' V.
Fuller, a slt.-r nf the brlilcftrnoni. mid
Miss llarel Irene Kruntz. The bst ninn
was William Duiican Green, n elnssmate
of the hi lili-Rriiiim. The usliets wern
Geotpe M" llowers. Dr GeorRe W. I.utton,
Mnhlon Mllllken and Thomas Dougherty.
A reception was held at the heme of th
bride's parents after the ceremony. Mr.
and Mrs Fuller left on a tour of thn
Smith and Southwest Thev will lle In
me llnrtnell.
Montci.aii:, April 2? Mls Kilna lUrt
well of Online and A S Ames of Mont
el.ilr were married to-nUht at S :30 o'clock
at the home of the btlde's aunt. Mr.
H.irr (!. Met'ully tn Oiaiice. h the Itcv .
P. llojd i:,parils of urance. assisted by
the lte .liilm i: Steen of tile Church of
the Sc., .mil Land, New York.
The bildi'm iliN were Mis Marjory
Woods ef Sewickli y. P., . and Mlsi Huth
St.inle-lti.,n of Cold sprliiK Harbor.
I I.. I. Tiio !loer Irl- were two nleors of
the brlib Kroiim. Catherine MaeVlcar of
' Montclalr and Kucla Thnnias of Winches
. ter. Mae The bet man was Dr Por
die II. St John of New York. Mr. and
i Mis IMward Stiles H.irtwell of ColorHitu
J Sfrlncs. parent" of the hrlde. attended
the wedding and Miss llartwell was Riven
'u.ty bv her father After tlie ceremony
It heiii was a small reception.
l)o lloilKlttoti.
Suiatwa. April J!l.--Mlsa llllzabfth
llollRhtllll. il.lUKhti r nf the Lite Supreme
i Court Justice James Warien lloiiKhton of
I New York and Satatntsa, and Stuart Mot
I risen Don of Trn were inairled tn-day
I Miss lloiiRhtnn was Riven in marriage by
i her brnther, Dr. James T. Houghton of
Andeison M''I.eod of Troy was best
I man. Mr. and Mrs Don will live here.
Ilr. Vnndrrvrer .ct l.rntr tn Wed.
Dr- Albert Vanderxeer. a physician of
30i West 100th street, and Sylvia A. do
Marias, daughter of the late llamon de
Miirtim. form, rl president of the Hank of
j Cuba, took out a marriage license yes
teiibty. They will be married on May 12
at llin Ilrlek I'rcsbyterUn Chinch, the
Itev Dr. Ilenrv A Jowelt. pnstor of tlie
Fifth Aenue Prehbvteri.tn ("hureh, off! -clatiiiR
Dr Vainlereer Is a graduate
of Yale and of the Columbia medical
.Vntea nf lltr iielal World.
Mr nnd Mrs. Dulany llowland. who
passed the winter in tlie smith of France,
baxe returned to 2; West Forty-ninth
Gen. and Ml. Howard Carroll will go
to Carrollrlirte, their country place In
Tarrtown, npxt week.
Mrs, Richard P. Hart Rave a dinner and
small danco last nUht for Mrs Douglas
Gordon of Ilaltlmore at her home. 130
Kast Sixty-seventh rtrcet
Mrs. F.mll Iloas. who sails to-day on the
Kalserln Augustc Vlctoila, will go to
Iladeu Kaden. Germany.
Mrs. Timothy M Chcesmnn will enter
tain to-day at Delmonlco's members of
tlie Society of Colonial Dames, of America
In the chantry of Grace Church to-dav
at noon Miss .leannette Thinner, daughter
of tlie late Francis P.. Thurtier, will bn
married to Washington K Connor A
small reception will follow at the Hotel
Miss Itene M Coudert. a daughter of the
late Frederic It, Coudert, will be mar
ried to Thomas Illggs, Jr.. of Washington,
D. C this afternoon at the home of her
mother, 3S3 Park avenue.
Tim wedding of Miss Glnilys McAI
pln, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
W. McAlpln. to William Fletcher Irwin,
will be celebrated to-day at noon In the
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. A
reception will follow at 11 Kast Ninetieth
Miss Helen M. lilting, daughter of the
late Henry W Itlslng, will be married to
Samuel Coles Jackson to-day nt the home
of her mother In Greenwich. Conn.
Miss MarRUtrlte II. Jones, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Tnwnsend Jones, will be
married to Jesse Knight to-day at the
home of her parents, HO Went Seventy
fourth street
Tho Junior Auxiliary of the New
York Diet Kitchen Association will
give nu entertainment ut the house
of Mrs. Albert Young, IS Kast
Fifty-fourth street, on Filday afternoon.
There will be fancy dances, songs, panto
mimes and it play entitled "Visions of
Youth" written by Kleanor Colby Among
the members of the auxiliary ate the
Misses Hetty Gilbert. Ituth Inglls, Natalie
lludd, Virginia Slerry, Jane Flsgg, Susan
Glbney, Cynthia lllgelow. Peggy Stout,
Ixiulso Wilson and Htossnm Gray Tick
ets may bo obtained of Mrs. William Cur
tin Drinorei, tid Kast Sixty-sixth street,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. K. G. Galllanl havo
gono to tlie Virginia Hot Springs to re
main several weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. George Fales Raker are
at tho St. Itegls.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fletcher and Miss
Jean Fletchor, who have been passing
the winter at the Gotham, hnve gone to
their country place, The Wllllows, In Olen
Coxe, I,, I.
Mr and Mr. H. W. K. ltenjaniln, who
have been nt tho Itltr.-Carlton for the win
ter, baxe gone to Ardslvy-oii.the-IIudson,
Mr. and .Mrs. A, Kudlow Kramer of
Hohlyn, I.. I , are at the Gotham,
Mrs, c ll Gordon of Montreal Is at
the mtz-Caiiton.
Teinpernlnre In A Dsn lie I'll;,
I Atlantic Citt, April 20.--Th tem
Tbe Elle nf American Society rolde at tbt
Hotel Bote, Wletbsdcn, Germany. A4r.
Hencflt on fio rmnr's Island Will Br
Wholly llcturesiur.
Preparations are under way for the an
nual garden party for the benetlt of the
Army llellef Society at Governors Island
on the afternoon of May 22, A most In
teresting programme has been arranged
and there will be military manieuxres by
the Third Hattallou. Twenty-ninth In
fjntry. with music by the united military
bands of New York, the People's Cliral
t'lilon and the choir from St Cornelius's
Chap! The programme will Include
pitching a shelter tent camp, Infantry
drill and exercises with musical accom
paniment, escort to the colors nnd dress
parade. There will be attractive booths
for the sale of refreshments, ami In case
of inclement weather the sale will be held
In Corblti Hall.
Among the patrons are the President
and Mrs. Wilson, Cox'ernor and Mrs. Sul
ler. ex-President and Mrs. Taft, Mayor
and Mrs. Gaynor, Major-Gen, and Mrs.
Harry. Mr and Mrs. Henry W. Taft,
Cardinal Farley, Major-Gen. and Mrs.
Charles F ltoe. Mr and Mrs. Lewis
Nixon. Capt. Gleaxes, L". S. N.. and Mrs.
ttleaxes. Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius N. Illlss.
Col. and Mrs. Kobert M, Thompson, Mrs.
Frederick Dent Grant, the Secretary of
War and Mrs. Oarrleon. Major and Mrs
Kouls U Seaman. Mrs, William Kudlow,
Miss Julia Chester Wells, Kleut -Gen
Nelson A. Miles, Hlshop and Mrs. David
II. Greer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles U. Alex
ander And Mrs. Junius Morgan.
Tickets may ba obtained of Mrs, floe,
3D Kast Thirty-seventh street Mrs.
Francis M. Gibson. Park Ax-enue Hotel,
and Miss II C. Center, H West Forty
eighth street
Soelely In Washlnatnn.
AKilit.iiToN, April . The President
and Mis, Wilson heard the Puullst Choi-'
Inters in tlie Kast Itoom of the White 1
House this afternoon. Mrs. Wilson re-'
reived a fw guests by special Hppolnt- ,
inent 111 the Unl Itoom, when Miss llones
assisted her and Miss llagner poured tea. i
Mrs. Marshall, xxife of the Vlce-Presl- I
dent, was the guest of honor at u luncheon ,
given by Mrs. A, Mitchell Palmer, xxife of
Representative Palmer of Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Daniels, wife of the Secretory of
the Navy, wus thi guest at a tea which
Mrs. Kloyd II. Chandler, wife of Com
mander Chandler of the navy, gave In her
Tin Brazilian Ambassador and Mme. da
Oama hax-o gone to New York for a short
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Ilryan
have sent out Invitations for an at home
Thursday, May 8, from 5 to 7 o'clock, at
Calumet Place, when members of the
House of Ilepresenlatlx'cs and their fami
lies will he the guests.
Dr. K. A, Morales, recently appointed
Minister from Panama to the Fulled
States, will arrive In New York on Thurs
day. Mrs. Ilannis Taylor entertained at
luncheon to-day In honor of Mrs. William
Jennings Uryan.
In Sew York To-day.
Civic dinner of the Southern Society,
Northwestern Society and the Progrtslve
KeonomlR Club, Plaxa Hotel.
New York Kleelrlcal Society, address
by Klmer K. Sperry on "Tho Application
of tlm Gyroscope to tho riylng .Machine,"
Knglneerliig Societies Building, 29 West
Thirty-ninth street. S P. M.
lecture by Prof, Charles llaikervllle on
"The Chlorides of Carbon," Columbia
University, 8:15 P. M.
St. Andrews Society, meeting, Waldorf
Astoria, 8 P. M,
Torrey Tiotanleal Club, meeting, Botani
cal Garden. 3 ;30 P. M.
Japan Society, meeting. Hotel Astor,
8 J'. M,
Harmony Club, meeting, Hotel Astor,
2 P. M,
Monday Rowling Club, dinner, Hotel
Astor, 11:16 P. M.
New York Theatre Club, meeting, Hotel
Astor, 2;30 P. M.
Carpet Club, dinner to manufacturers,
Hoffman House, s P. M.
Army Belief Society, annual meeting,
residence of Mrs. Daniel S. I.anionl, 3
West Fifty-third street, 3 P. M,
West Side Y M, C A finance forum,
address by G, G. Henry on "A Practical
Way lo Accomplish Banking and Cur
rency rtcform," evening,
Dinner to Prof. Paul II, Ilsnun, Aldlne
Club, SOO Fifth avenue, 7 P. M.
None ho Blind.
Well Kilo, tn l.ar iiitnlnr.lst Wits
Author nf Mrillenl Works.
Dr Charles II. K night died yesterday
at bis home. Tie Kast Ninety -third stleet
He w, i boin III K.iUutuiitnu. Muss, tn
1 1X9 and was 11 studit.t nf Ullllston Sem
inary. In IM" lie entered Williams College.
I of xihkii bis father. Ilonuio G. Knight,
a mnuuf.tctuirr of Kastb.impton. had biiii
a benefactor lie was graduated 111 IS71.
and four xe.irs later took a degree at C'
lumliia Medical College
Dr Knight xx.is professor of larvucol
ogy in the Cornell Medlcnl Sshiml and
a dlrectot and surgeon of the Manhattan
Kxe, K.ir and Throat Ilospitei lie was
the author nf several medical xxorks
Dr Knight is siirxixeil bv his wife.
Kucy Mackenzie Knight, and by two sis-
Hetlre.l llnllronil lliilliler llles 011
Wn In orU.
J Dwlght lllpley. for many years n
tuomber of Smith A- Ittpley, ralboad
builders, died on Monday at Denver, xxliere
be xwis stopping with friends on Ms tny
from California to New York. He xx-as In
his seventy. sixth year and bad been out of
active business for mole than 11 decade
When In Nexv Yoik Mr. ' lilpley mud"
his home at th" Pnlnn League Club, lie
xvas born In Sprlngllnlii, Mass . and came
to New York as a youth For a while
lie wus a Jeweller's apprentice, but bit
that trade for contracting 11111I finmeil
Smith X' Itlpley. with J N Smith as Ills
puitnci II,- Is siirxixed bv two souk,
Julian A. and 1oiiis A. lilpley
Hoslon Xlan I'nsaes xxn In Parts
l isr of 77.
.iifriii' i'nhJe irMrA t'j Tin i
Paris, April 29 - 11. I' Miiorlioiise of
Huston died here to-day ut the age of 7".
lr, snrith ('. Klnxsley.
Mrs. Sarah C. Klngrley. widow of Will
lam C. KliiKsley. one of the best known
men 111 thn obi city of Brooklyn, died on
Monday night at her hoinc, 1 7 Washing
ton Paik, In her sexetity-ulnlh year. She
was liorn at liockxill tonne, I. I. and
was a daughter of Hewlett D ami Ann
Meeks Smith Tixo gt. unisons, Klugsley
and llalstead Swan, and h stepd iiighter,
Mrs. A K Thayer of Sharon, Conn, ur
xive her.
Coriilnu lnl I lietx s.
Mln .liaillM'tte Allileisoli Matthews,
dauulite, of Mis. uih s MatHiewa of r,2
Knst 12'itli street. wa tii.trrli-.I to Thnina.-Wll-on
lilbsoii I'oriihig nf Hi U'esl
Nlnetx-l'oiiilh stleet yesteiday aftei'iiooli
at the Mount Mnirls liaiilli-t I'lmu'li,
Fifth avenue and 12lth stnet. The
ceremony was pi'iforinid by the Ilex,
.1. llciuiun lliiudall, pastor of the church.
MnrW W. Hatch.
Mark W lliiteh, who for llfteen yeais
was tlie Nexv York teptesentatuu of the
Hammond T.xpexx liter ( 'uniiumx , died at
Ids home, 16C North Nineteenth street,
Fast Orange, yesteiduy Mr Hutch was
19 years old, lie inoxed to Kast Orange
from Kansas City In lips. He Is sin-
xived by bis wife and txxo chllditn.
Mrs, Frances II. Hlilke.
Mrs. Fianrls B Hlake, wldiny of I'Yeil
crick D. Hlalie and daughter of the i.,te
Alfred S, HanicK, the piibllaliei, died yes.
terday at tier hniue, 135 Maple, street,
Flatbuah, In her sixty-seventh ycai.
Most of her married life xxas spent at
Yonker.s, N Y and slie was a ch.iiier
nxrtliler of tlie Yonticis lloinepalhle
Hospllul Slie U surxivul by tyo aunt ami
four daughters.
"Ilrr First Divorce" lo Up xeteil,
"Her First Divorce," a lonieily by C
W. Hell, vxlll im prndiicnl nn Monday at
the Comedy Theatre by Hunts Siiwyn.
Itura Ilnpii Ciowb xxlll play the leading
role, and the cast will ItniuiU Ituth
Holt Hoiiclcault, Ador.i Andiews, .Iiillau
I.'KttranKC, Allen Pnlloel,, Cioaliy Kittle,
Harold Itussell and Hairy l.illfnid, "The
Gentleman Fiom No, IU" ban been post
poned Indefinitely.
30, 1913.
Sitnii- nim Will kail To-day for
Ciirnpc nnd I he Indies.
Hy the Hamburg-American liner
K.t.aerln Auiuste Victoria, for Cherbourg,
Southampton and Hamburg:
Mrs Jatri," A Muritrn Mis, KllKSbeth yarbury
' Ir Mid Mrs C. II. Wls Itelene Phelps
ll;'hi',-i k MoVrs
i lil-heii nnd Xtrs Mr anil Mrs Frederick
1 ihonms llouniitn V Vamlerblll
I'miri nml I'nmile.s Mr aril Mrs. J II. Pope
i x niter liiuier Mr Crnrst sharldetoii
Mrs Hinll I Unas Mr nml Mrs. Conrad
Mi- i liaua t ill
Mart lemple Imnllni; Mr and Mrs. II. F.
A 1. i, i ailalln Wacner
I'lmrlis Hiirlliert Mrs. Charles XV. Wool-
Xlaiur Von Mrruarth spy
. Mr- i haunccy .1 Ham- Mt ami Mrs. Ittnrj' -I,
llu xx'hltrhouse
Mr- lewis l.tirkrn- Mr. and Mrs. .1. II
' Prtch Purily
1 Mrs Paul Morton
Sailing by the I'nltcd Fruit liner
Stacapt. for Jamaica, Colon and Santa
M.ut.i :
i HciIhti S Selnian Mr ar.il .Mrs .1 K.
Ilr 11 P. simile ltngn
, llulnnil 11 llnrvry II. 1). ( rantton
For Hennuda hy the lloyal Mall liner
Urotaxa .
.Mr. nml Mrs. He Witt Mr and Mrs Arthur
i:xirest W lirerley
Mr and Mrs. J I) Pin- The Ilex-, and Mrs. C.
ley I.. Mrrrlam
Unit I Pricv Smith Mrrll I., Judsnn
Will lie llrouuhl Here to Open l.onc
nere iiiealre To-mnrrow.
IIaston. Pa., April 29. II. H. Frnze
produced "Are You a Crook"' at the Or
Pheum Theatie to-night for the first time
on anv stage. It s a farce in thiee acts,
bv William ,1 Hut Unit, author of "The
Fighting Hope," and "Tlie Writing on
the Wall." ami Frances Whltelioure, the
author of scleral atnlevllle sketches.
Tin' nnv lane Is a satlie on the vogue
ot .r.ink plaxs. Marguerite Clark lias the
principal nile. others In the cast are
Joseph Kllgoiir. George Fawrett, IJllta
Proctor litis, l'orrest Wlnant. Ivy Trout
man. Seott Cooper. Marlon Hallou, Kllza
In th Nelson and llany Stockbrlilge,
"Arc ou a Crook" xxlll he the open
ing play at II. II. Fnuen's new Umgaere
Thiatie. Nexv York, on Thursday night.
i Wltllnm llntnmerslrlli Won't Allan
Snclt ets nt Ills Theatre,
Willlani llammerfctelu has decided that
in the future no act containing a
.caricature uf thn .lexv shall lie played
' at the Victoria Theatre.
Mr ll.ttnmerateln said last night that
I as a t 111.' thf iii-Ih weie not only oh
Jectlnti.tble to' Jewa Init to the audience
! In general As u rule, he aald, the "char
I ai'ter" was oxcidoini In makeup and
llllllle. t.
; Sipnkv 11 Mills, who died In I9tt and
' bad an Interest of IS2.7.VI In Bogers, Peet
I At Co., left $lf,5,2l7. Ills wife, Maria K.
Mills got $I",IS9 and bis four sons rc-
ct ixeil 121,032 each.
; 1'iuiii.ks u lUanisoN, who was chief
. engineer of tlie Pennsylvania tunnels and
! wlin died September II. left 117,260. He
I bought the horse Alfred Noble for tIS.OOO.
The horse won many races. Mr. Harrison
i cut off three brothers und a sister with 11
cm h and gain his estate to four other sis
I t is and a niece.
! s.xmi'ki. Mi sot .Io.vls, xxiio died at
I Mm rlstow ii. N. J on October 10, left
I $'.ilS,2M. all to Ids sou, Minot Jones, ex
ccpt a tiust fund of 130,000 for his wife's
I parents, Mr. and Mrs, William S. Stenger.
, Tlie eiitlrn estata ia to ba used to endow
I he Free Public Library of Amherst,
I Mass., if tlie son dies before he reaches SI,
I Fitz Allen Fi.inn, a paper Jobber, left
i,l,iisr, to Ida wife, Nelllo W. Fllnn.
I llALi'H Toxvnsknp, who died October 24,
i left $t;,n2t tn two soph and a daughter.
ItKi-nKv Kttinu, who died In 1911, left
I l.r.73 to hl brother.
I Tiiom.xs J. Fitch, who died In 1911, left
I Ill.Obti.
Timotiiv S. Clark, who died In 1111,
jlilt J77.I73.
I lliiNnv Miii.i.er, who died In Brooklyn
,oi poifl, l-ft 721 93, which goes to
Ins xxife, Ktiium Mullet, and thttiy-one
i ciaiix e.s,
Caul F, Knapp, who riled In Brooklyn in
i'Jll, left 184,9(8,98, all of which goes to
the rife, Hemlettu. Knapp, und daughter
and several grandciillilien.
Fninoiis Lovo Missives Will He
Sold lo I lie. Hig'ticst
Hitler Controversy Over tlie
UiU'lit to Dispose of
Tlieni So.
After xveeks; of stormy discussion
throughout Knglund there begins to
morroxv at Sotheby's In London the snle
nf tho famous love letters of tho poet.
Hubert Hroxvnlng, nnd his xxife, Kllza
beth Barrett Browning, almost as re
nowned poet ns her husband.
The letters are to be auctioned despite
the outcries of many who thought their
mere publication Inexcusable. It will
undoubtedly be the most sensational
sale of Its kind this year. The Brown
Ing collection to be disposed of also In
cludes the poets' library, manuscripts,
paintings and relics.
For weeks past columns In the Lon
don press huvo been devoted to the dls
curslon of the sale and the storm con-
;tr! has been, us ll has so often been In
Hroxvnlng excitements of the past, the
praprlety of giving to the xx-orld the love
letters that passed betxveen the two
married pocll.
These letters, probably the most fa
mous series of letters In the world, cer
tainly tho most talked about of modern
letters, nro to be auctioned on the sec
ond day of the sale.
The really bitter feeling that was
aroused, when It xvas first planned to
publish them must he remembered by
every one. The literary xx-orld upon
both sides of. the Atlantic ranged Itself
Into active lighting lines, and tho re
criminations und Judgments that were
hurled back and forth were acid in the
Tho noble lovo story of tlie Brownings
xx-as weH known, and their contempora
ries xvho still survived felt outraged at
the thought of baring tn the xxorld's eyes
letter that wore held to be sacred and
of a tenderness essentially private. The
younger generation wus determined to
have them, and when It bvrame known
that Broxvnlng himself, before his death,
had given them to his son with th per
mission to do xxith thetn what tho son
thought host, the public outcry grad
ually ceased and tho letters were printed.
Immediately they took their place ns
classics, and there are many critics who
hold that whatex-cr may become of the
Browning poems and plays these letters
must alxx-ays occupy a supreme place In
Thcro arc 2S4 from Hubert BroxvnlnK
and 2S7 from tho then Kllzubcth Bar
rett, for no letters were exchunged after
the marriage, ns thn Broxvnings were
nex'er iiKain separated even for n dny.
The letters are In the enses In which
tho lovers kept them, hers In a marque
try box and his In a collapsible gold
tooled leather case.
The possible buyer Is n subject of
great conjecture. The British Museum
xvould like to possess them, but the Brit
ish Museum purse Is not a large one,
tiud there Is no society to assist It In
I emergencies such ns tho Amis du Louvro
!of Paris. In one xx'ay it xx-ould afford
relief should the museum acqulro the
letters. The discussion, futile now that
I the lettets am public property, would
Among the original mnnuscripts to
! be sold are those for Mrs. Browning's
"Aurora Leigh," "Sonnets from the
Portuguese," "Poems Before Congress"
and "Casa Quid! Wlndoxvs," and for
Hobert Browning's "Asolanto." "A Last
Word." notes for "The ltlng and tho
Hook" und the acting copy of "The Blot
on the Scutcheon."
It Is told that when the Brownings
came to Kngland In H53 the "Aurora
Leigh" manuscript was packed in a
box xxith Penlnl's velvet trousers. The
box xx'ent astray for a time and Mrs.
Hroxvnlng, so Lady Ultclile says, was
far more agitated about the loss of her
son's clothes than of the manuscript.
The library Is especially rich In pres
entation copies from the famous con
temporaries of the poet, and of course
boasts n wonderful array of autograph
letters, There nre many from Thomas
, Cnrlyle. including one early one in which
he advised Browning to drop poetry for
: prose. He is criticising "Sordello":
I "I'nUss I xery greatly mistake, Judg
ing iroui tnese ixxo xvoras, you seem to
possess n rare spiritual gift poetical,
pictorial, Intellectual, to unfold which
Into articulate clearness Is naturally the
problem of all problems for you
If ever your choice happened to point
that way, 1 for ono should hall it Is a
good omen that your next work were
written In prose!"
There Is a letter from Thackeray,
when editor of the Curnhlll ilagtucine,
rejecting Mrs. Browning's "Lord Wal
ter's Wife."
"You see that our magazine Is written
not only for men and women, hut for
boys, girls nnd infants, sucklings
almost: and one of tho best wives,
mothers, women In the xx-orld writes
some verses, xvhlrh 1 feel certain would
be objected to by many of our readers
there are things my squeamish
public will not hear on Mondays, though
on Sundays they listen to them without
"To haxe to say no to my betters la
one of the hardest duties 1 have, but
I'm sure we must not publish yout
verses, and I go dnxvn on my knees be
fore cutting my victim's head off and
say: 'Madam, you know how I respect
and regard you, Browning's wife und
Benin's mother: and for what I am
going to do I most humbly ask your
pardon.' "
There is the famous letter by Ros
sttl Inquiring if Browning were not
tho author of "Pauline." There are
Tennyson, Jowett, Kuskln. Macready
and Leigh Hunt letters. Tho Walter
Savnge Landor set Includes the rara
early pamphlets and many manuscripts
of Landor poems.
Of the paintings In the sale the one
of most general celebrity It the portrait
sketch by Bossettl of Tennyson reading
Maud with "I hate the dreadful hollow
behind the little wood" written by the
artist across the drawing. The other
picture are grouped In three divisions:
1. Portraits of Robert Browning, by
A. Fisher (painted 1S63 or 1164), and
W. rage, the American artist (painted
18S4); a pair of portraits of Robert
and Elizabeth Barrett 'Browning, by
Oordlgianl (1860); of Robert Browning,
by his son (half length, 1874, and full
length, I8)j of Robert Drowning'!
grandmother nice Margaret Tittle,
Crcolej. hy Wright of Derby; of Mtnti
Sarlann.i Browning, by her nephew, tnn
poet's son.
2, Old Ilnllnn pictures, mostly tmusnt
by Hubert Browning for Casa (luldi,
Including a Christ at the column, at
tributed to one of the Pollajnll.
3, Pictures f it. w. It, Hi owning
tlie poet's son, many of which were ex
hibited at the Itnynl Aoitlemy und else
xx here,
The drawings Include a pastel of Mrs.
Browning as a child ut Hopo Und, by
Hnyter; nn enrly pencil draxvlns of
Robert Browning i1n;i7) by Ills trjetnl
Hie Comte Amedce de lllperl-Monclar,
xvho snggeslcil the subject of Paracel
sus; numerous grotesque drawing by
the poet's father, Hubert Browning, and
sevtrnl pencil portraits of It, W. B,
Drowning (the poet's son) In the '20
nml '60s by Keluliton.
Besides all these the sentimental will
have ii chance to bid Upon a great col
lection of relics, Including locka of hair
of noted Individuals and teapots used
by Mrs. Browning and furniture from
the Cn.ia (iuldl of Venice
I'nlnlltiKs From sexernl Cttlleelliins
Now on Vies;,
A collection nf paintings and prints, tho
pioperty of Mrs. Paul Morton, Mrs. Oak
lelgh Thome, Miss lluttman and the H
P Morgan estate. Is now on view at the
Silo Fifth ovetuie auction rooms,
There Is n wide tange of xxork In His
group, as there are ns. many canvases
by the older Kiiropeau masters as by
Americana. Among the foreigners a sun
lit picture by Moniiinblott shines out, an
old mill and group of trees by rlx'er.
There Is a quaint Breughel transcript of
some amurlug peasants seining for fish,
ii group of Interesting dogs by John Fyt,
lti'2. a meditating girl by Itobcrl Tony
Fletiry. the teacher of the famous Mar,e
Hashklrtsrff, and three decern lions by
Callauit, showing nice euplds playing at
science, literature and music.
Among the Americans there Is an ex
cellent example of thn work of tlie Im
pressionist, Krnert Kawaoii, and two
Wlnslow Homer water colors. Among the
original Illustrations Is one by M, Wootf,
called "Knvy" This artist was nnro ona
of the moat appreciated upon the staff of
Life, and his work does not lose by time."
There are also n tilbson, a Christy and
a Itelnhard
of the prints there .tie mnny signed
mezzotints by Arlent Kdwards, nrtlst
proofs by Axel Halg, and two Impres
sions from enormous plates by Hrangwyn.
II. I). Brnnka lllcheat Bidder at Ike
Chapman ale.
In the sale of the library of Col. Chap
man of Brooklyn, xxblch ended yesterdax
in the Anderson auction rooms, the top
figure was a Keats Item This was
first edition of the poems, HI 7, In the
original boards, uncut, and had a blue
lex nut slip rase by Wood. K. D. Brooks
paid J37r, for It.
Curtis Walters paid J122..10 for McKln
ney and Hall's "History of Indian Tribes
of North America": I2?.f.0 for James Mur
ray's "Impartial History of the War In
America." 17S2, and $.vr, for Lns Casas's
"First Voyages and Discoveries by tho
Spaniards In America "
K. I). North gave tiO for a first edition
of tho poems by the txvo Tenn"n: fcr tb
ers and 137. DO for a llrst edition of Keats'a
"Lamln." (i, I'. Putnam's Son.8 paid
$92 SO for rtoxxiandaon's "Dance of
Death" and 123 for Chamburc's "Na
poleon." Other sales were- $150 for first editions
of the Surtees's sporting novels, sold to C.
F. May; 131 for Howlandson's "Annals of
Sporting." to II. L it. Kdgar. nnd 126 for
"Manual of the Corporation of Nexv
York, IS 4 2." to II Harton.
The total for the session xvas f2.287.6S,
making J4,14,"..9j for the Chapman library.
An IHSSI Cdltloi, of Mtakeinear
firings Ileal Price.
The best price at the concluding ses
sion of the sale of the Corson libra ly by
the Merxxin Sales Company waa 156, paid
by the C K. Stlckert Company for the
Malone edition of Shakespeare, 1821.
Other sales xxere: The Scrlbncr edition
of Thurkeray to 13. Weiss for $40, tlie
Women In All Ages and in All Countries,
printed by Harrie A Son of Philadelphia,
to Ci, Welns for S26 . quarto facalmllea of
Shakespeare to Dodd & Livingston for
137. and William M. Sloano's Life of
Napoleon to Dr. W. Hlrsch for
Tlie total for the entire library amounted
to 14.160.
April 29. ttll, at the Mount Morrla
lupllit Church, hy tha litv. J, IWrman
Itaiulall, .Uannatte Anfleraon, daughttr
nf M. Htnjamln Mstth'wa, to Thomai
William Cjlbiun Corning, both of Naw
York illy.
AYKIIP Hnrare FredtrliU Ayera, at Ba
xannab, Ha , April 25,
Funeral er tt e will tif hfli at hln lstt
residence, 4 franklin plact, Morrittewn,
N. .1. Thursday, May 1. P. M, in.
trinnt at Kvergrefii Cemetery
HKCKKIt At Orange, N ,t nn Tuesday,
April :ti. ISIS, niliaheth Laaall Deckar,
Infant daughter nf luy and Ethel Lsatll
Decker, agM 2 yeara and 5 months.
Notice of funeral hareaftar.
HATCH. Mark W Hatch, beloved huiband
of Nclll Brown Batch, April 31.
Sen ken will he held at hla lata noma, 1
North Nineteenth ttreel, Bait Oranga,
X. J., Vx'edneaday. ( !'. !, Kaneai City
papera pleaie copy.
KN101IT. At hla realdanea. u Gait Ninety
third atraet, on Tueaday, April it. till,
rharlea Huntnon Knight, M. D., aon of
the lata Hon Horatio O, Knight ef
Mnrhunt, and hu.band ot Lxier
Maekenile Knlthi, In the lty. fourth
year of hla air
Funeral at tha Soutii Church, corner Park
avenue and Klf hty-ftftli etraat, ta
Thuraday, May 1, at 4 P. M. Memoes
of the Lambda Chapter. Fretamlty ef
prlta Pel, are Inxlted to attand tat
service '
McINTVUK Ai St Crnlx, Weat Indies.
Anil of typhoid lexer, Minnie
l.oulis Naethlnt. wife of Thomas A.
Melius re. Jr. and daughter of Mary
l.oulaa end tbe lata Charlca Frederick
Notice of funeral hereafter
POWKlta. Lamenee, aged 41) ytara Fu
neral from "THE PUNURAL CinjRCH."
V 4 1 -2 4 J Writ Twenty. third atraat (frank
i:. Campbell Building). Automobile
nil'I.EV. .1. nliht, of Saw yerk. eiti
denlv, of heart dleeaee, at Denver, Col.,
on Monday, April 21.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
HUCKUItT Marl I.ouUe Durar, wife ef
Dr. .1. J. sui-kerl, at Haekanaaek Hoi
Pllal, April tl. Intermant private.
XVII. l.AnD. --Suddenly, nn April 1, at her
residence, Hi Park place, Brooklyn,
Mary Catherine, widow at Charles
Frederick Wlllard and daughter ef tee
late John Tarry Moor,
funeral notice later. Heaee omit flowera.
crlloder; euperb; saxes railroad eapenia; all
cemeteries, any dletauce; at alnxotl ken) rales. I
L. .1. l.-J U'J 1 -T OiajBjaasasjjai
I HRMCBV WISH 10 advl.e al tradeaaita we
the public tn lencral that I (hall not be r a aeon'
eible for aaj debts whetaoever not lootreetell?
" ""JoIlV'ft, COorER, Southern Hotel, N,

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