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cooler to-night or to-morrow.f oiith wind"?
detailed weather reports v. tit he (oiUul on pake 15.
' NmHt.
YOL I.XXX. XO. 251.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913. -CoptirMt. tOIJ. fry "ir S'ii I'rlxtlnp ml I'ubUshinp Association.
n f
I-oriiiitl objection I" 'ili
I, .111 in Mill to H' r'ileil
To-din .
IlIJ V V "
' ' ' '
tO (tl'Jlllt
,.iit At'ter Akinj;
for Dela.
I r.MJM-.. I
.. . . .. isi 1 M....I 'Pliw Mhimi.
( jillllXM "in j
,n. Imt I'iiuil leeiion l
Not r.M'i'teil.
U f H..il"
M.i , -The objecilons
f . - . '1 ,11 ' li.n. ltinient to Hie -.t-,
..1. 1 e-jisln-.e.A w.ll ho pie
f -iu ."i-'arv llrvjn 1
, '. .rii.tic
-'r 1C . 1,' 'lll"telH I' Of V.MOilIlt
- '-.jb e l.i.,ine.e Amhas-ndor, detl-
if arr.n. . nn nt. w ere made Mils af
rr.on f r '!.. presentation. The ac-
l'. 'v ar i rjinestni'.'S of the Aliilia".!-,1-ir
h.i e -eiied to empliHsIze more than
. nythlni tne ii rintt-nesn w ith
siirh Jap.m re-aul the lsue
lmr!i-f!iat. after til
" ii-i ' i p.. -test the I'ablnet will a
"Zf'' at ' White lloilie to 1 onlder
1- T ." meei'tnr has been m-i lor 10
edftck ine '..'Mr eatller man uniai.
j.,...,ri. llstii n will receive Ainba--
faV '"'i ndH ataln ai noon .ma 1 on ev )
s'm w.iate
r tile l'relileiu atlil Ills '
Jhall he Kiimmmiirated
,(. I.ip..lle-e (lovernnienl ill itil" '- I'-iiu.re.i 11 eruioi 10 llie pen.
- eh cf ' 1- proceeding. "" h' critieHed by the National
t Ic n expected, of rmii'o tli.. the A-.-o, Jatlon for the Study ami I't-ven-r-siicnt
and I'ablnet -l be t.-a.H at l!' n Tul.erculols to-morrow.
"n t -morrow to che a tlnal an-wer . T"" a. tam mm follow the readtnir
1 t-e 'ap.nee protei' Thev will "f n statement by Dr John K. Anderon,
civ. the A:nt.isador some lndii..t. .n of ''h"lniin of the Uov.rnm.Mit boaul ln
iren i of their deltbeiatlon- v e-nlvatluc ihe I'nedm.uiu tre.itm,ni.
The information whkh Or Anderson
Vtironnt Chimin .eerellie. 'Will lay befoie the physicians.. It Is lin-
U.rotiat Chlnda has declined u. dis- "-'""d. w III be lackln in optimism
,' ,.. ,h rhnrar.er of the nrote-t which . 1he stV'"nt will Inrludi- reports
Ti-.Il mnt. tn.mnrrow nn behalf Of
... ... I
(.overnment He has maintalnea
k.fct tho views of his Government
j raid bo presented to Sec retary ttryan
''"rs beir.ir discussed fo publlcitlon
i' '.s cenenilly undeitood. however.
'v will Inform Mr Ilryan that the
'apir.se Government considers the Cal.
irr.a bill In vlolntltm of the treaty of
nj also contrary to the spirit of
'-r-ndly relations hitherto oslsi.ns
I- w- ti the I'nited States and Japan
'te a will Inform Mr Hryan that
k . e "rnment look- 'o the fnited
'- aiithoritles to adjust the matter
e satisfaction of Japan, w the lat
in ernment can have no i elation
t ie State of California.
n-st polIU' terms Amuasa,lor '
r1- a will nut th.. o.iestinn- '
v--,- are you roiiist to io aboil' it ?"
Mrjnn iidkIiI Drliii.
M l - not been for the insistence of ,
r'a!lsa(l,r thinda it Is not probable
would have had an audience
'i Si "rotary of State Hryan to-day. I last ten month- had proved a serbui"
h. latter did not see President Wilson I handicap to the association. He indl
tei ,rr nn his Sacramento trm until ! fated tint the people who are wiiLini;
(k and previously he had sent
wrH ti he Japanese limbassy that ho
. J he tor. tiuty for the remainder of
t e dav to ee Viscount Chlnda before
tn-nvrriw or Saturday.
The Secretary and Mrs. Hryan ae a
recep., n t - members of Concress at their
nw ni" late thi- afternoon. Mr.
'iryan p alined a dash to Ualtlmore early
' .s eveninc t i be the Kiiest of honor
a dinner
Meantime Ambassador Chimin, stir
"f.seri at tInd.nK that Mr. Hryan would
r i is,- to see him. went nersonallv
y- tP nepirtment and in erview.-,
. -. ..,oi-e. i oiin-ei.or. anu,,,,,,, mMlx Pr , ,,. NW Vork i
'.' S
.-rotary In Mr Hryan's absence,
s a result of this call It Is under
-1 Hint the Ambassador obtained the
leiirii appointment for an audience
i ti H-e Secretary of State. The hour
a -it nt t 3d n'clrs-k and the Ambas
' 1 f' the Department.
t QnlrU S.Tllch.
' is i..,t until Secretary Hryan had
e il'ei t' .. Cunsellor's odlce that he
n' .i ne, i mat he would see the Jnp
n.e in'i,issador, thoiiKh fifteen min
es ar'.ier he had said that he would
n t ... , tM,. Anib. ssador to-dav.
M' 'trcan then hurried to the White
H ind saw the I'resident. He war
v. I to return to the State Depart
rent meet the Ambassador before he
I niplrted his report to President
A ' lb- will finish his report on the
' i ii it Sacramento to-morrow.
Vtr ,i-s,..,r Chlnda spent only three
. . .i. - ti S ' rotary Hrvan's olllce. He
I i. Si . retury ho wished to arrnn;;"
' i.Ti,tnnii. by which their business
s- '.i transacted most oxpeditlotisly.
" 1 '"' was not tiilto ready to
pi. -in .i f.i'n.,1 communication to thl
r' ".tn nt. but would he prepared to
"' '! 'he mornliiL'. It was then ar
in,, t t i.it t.o' Ambass.idnr should re
'urn r an audien.-e at S.30 o'clock to-"r-
and h.uo another conference
vi i . Secretary at noon.
I. Hryan hopes to finish his second
I. with the Ambassador In time to
'' tiie Ii! a 0 P. M. train for New
1 rl He s line there to-morrow night
' make a speech on peace before the
tirtintional committee on the celehra
""ti of ihe oonienary of the treaty of
' out
Mr n I'liui tii.rl,
H was Mi. Hiy.m's llrst Intention
u i to New Yoik dli colly from Haiti
n "re to-iiiKht and spend the day with
till' peace celebllitloll comillltl . but
the utuenl desire of the Japanese Am
dasimilnr for an early consideration of
th protest of his (iovernment iiKiiltiHt
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UiiUpiI m ,.,.. ,, pr ,r,i
don fnr kulillrr l,,ier.
;"'"' 'V..V Hr.fUh 'uTiii 5r
Mr.'M.iv, m,ij ? -Linden Julio. H fa
iinllnr lloiiiti i h.-.rncter wIki for forty-
iwii ..ar. vtno, m :i i;mi 0f weather
mi Mi Cnter Men Linden waiting for
letiitil of hi! sold.er liner, died to.
, HllV 111 t.. I'lni,;; Hospital, to which i
she I1.11I boon 1,1! P! ., Hal.' in .,-' Hi hi '
', .1 .!! .ili.i. I
The n. I . made (in xreptlnn In her
1 c.i-' In tin. nil' wlmh does not allow1
; li.lt. ft. .,n tl.M v!,..tt.,i fnti'i .l-n1
I 111 V 1'iul 1 itlliil-Mnll mi th-
mil. In-n r it wlmh ,Hl7ed her wln-n le i
Itii ,1 In
we..'.b. n,,. t-et'trn from the
l'i .linn-' iei man w-.u m l"Tl
M'"1' VnMlMtis -.l.o ,-!t tile I'.ife
Iv I'D Hv'.i r . 11 I'.' . .! . I lr.il.... Mi.t . .
'tin tub .i '! ji.o.l. white haired old
'woman ii.i w.is ..;r,v.cii en 11 the
' Mep ..r il;- ..if,. ila in and day out.
1 rain or -bine Inidd'eil nn In a sdwwl
land ij 1 nnir I.'hiiMv Into space
Th.l" weie larloilM veiflotis of hfr'nlHllt th.lt he would move
love iifTii.l one V3s tli.it the men W.1't,
an nnin (.ipiuiu who tkvert'M her and
.Weill o inefua Aiiolher slotv w.i
"I'll '! bov v..'. ib.'irt had cone aw.i
tt..i Hi.'irt had cone aw.i
to ihe w.ir with ITan md ti.i: I
; wan ".'.in.lliiK
1 bv . in e r.lnl .
-u.ird until he march, J ,
N'o one .-em..d to Know
who th
woman was or anvthlns; ubo'i!
be- life storx Theie weie taies thai
he whs ,1 l'..lisli loiiii'f'H who had ' "
been de.-i l ii d h h r l.-ii. -. h,nl been ii
1 raxed w.ih irrlel and that was why the
tools up Per lniiel stat'. in dav mul nlvlu
and w.itihi',1 for .is teturn
-Aiert to H hi r Adveri' Report
of the Coveriiiiieiit ln
vi'Ntijrntois. isiu.scTo.n . .May
I'lie aliened tu- 1
l'erculois ure of Dr Krledniann and 1
"'I. ..i.wn u. I'uiiioK om "fi 0111 011 uie
miirket before the American Oovern
f,m n. C...... 1 1
' "'" "'" enuei , who
llll lifl. u-.l,.l,lii i ..... .................
some action should be taken bv It
on Prtedmann and his serum, hot
other", including officials of New York
hn-pltals. Insisted that there slimiM
be no public di-cusslon pi lor to some
sort of a statement from the Public
Health Service.
; " s,... .... , t (, kJ. 1(1 th(, ,e,,rlei activity or a certain pm it can be staie.i in.u im-j m" " "" st'.es, as wo are arr.irmln a loan w
the nlnety.foiir patient- treatect by the llUh offll.la at .llce Iteaduuarters In ntoitndlnn character There ecnis to-capitalists uwbr satlsfa.t.
I l.eritii Slieciansi lor rneir ohservnt Inn , .. .1 .i........,. .....1 ' n. .... .. .. ...1 1 .11
. v vii i KivmK or (iroiui.-i. ik IIIOI..I. in. "i" ,(, jitd lilcollllooil that tno leueis m i i-onoiliett nm rmiir ihoiioi-i
m .-ew torK hospitals. political support to Inspector Seeno nubile, but the police, I ate.l by the .lisorepanoy with which we
There was a pronounced feelltn m tll(. r(.c,.nl ,rHl n the days pro"ed!.iK rl " n ' ' ' , (,M(r,i. I an- treated bv the I'nited Stat.-, which '
amonB members of the a.-orlation that ami following the trial 1'"" 1""t ftl l",t nn nnw"xnw 'M'rM ,..... , r.,... .. v,ba.a,or as
It Is doubtful whether or not the.prl'on ,
Ciovorntnetit's statement will ;iie the1 The itune for which at least two if.
n-ociatlon much information of value
that is not alrendv no-ses.-eil bv iu..nv
members. Such a .statement, however. ,
i exnerted to unseal their llns
! ti,.. ,.ni,. ... i. 1..1...1
The only reference to Dr Prledmann
.... .'..iriiv.- ... ... i iii-iiiimiiii
made in the opennini; meetliu; of the !
association to-dav was bv Homer Polks
of New York In the president'.- annual
nddres. He said that the l'rledmann
"cure" and It" exploitation durlnu the
war nKiilnst the white plnRtie have
found the hopes of sufferers buoyed up
by the belief that a certain line was
now in slcht and they had become Indif
ferent to the treatment belnK adminis
tered to them.
llliieeanii Cunt riillnu
M'nrin lleliale.
Wkshinoto.s, May S A resolution
passed to-day at the annual convention
of the Washington diocese of the Prot-
Mutn K , Chlri,h wj, M,,tions
j, ,, eanlnc rnntl.n, of th(. rhMrrll
ii ml til. t)ti hi t MJt n KI loll trt i u nun
the I'nited States ' ' ' I thoucli the visits of Mr. Slnnchtleld und
The-resolution was introduced bv the!Mr- Wellmnn to the District Attorney
Hev p.ndolph M. Me Kim and provides ! '"-outfit the names of Thompson and
s In
fnr a chance In the system of electlnc
deloKates to the Konernl convention of
the church so that a certain number of
delecates will he chosen for a stated
number of communicant. Instead of
eluht delegates belnc sent by each dio
cese as now.
This system, It wns said hy the oppo
nents of the resolution led hy the Rev,
Clarence Whltemore of WnshlnKton,
would Rive too much pnwc,r to n Inrifo
diocese. Dr. Whltemore declared that
such a system would kIvo the New York
diocese control of the church, with the
result that they probably would estab
lish a papacy In this country.
Thomas Nelson Pace was one of the
hackers of the resolution. It took sev
eral hours of hallotlnK to pass It by a
sllcht majority. Warm discussion
marked the votlnt?.
Snn I'rniiclsco lo House 1115,000
Yolnines TIlHl Karnperl I'lrc
S(N FiiAM'isro, May s -The Adolph
Sutro library of over 12r,000 volumes
was clven to-day to (he California Stnte
Library with the provision that the
books are to be kept Intact in San Fran
cisco and provided with n suitable home.
This Is tho remnant of over 200,000
volumes (hat Mr. Hutro left ut hm death
lu isasi, He Intended tn erect a hiilldlnc
for the collection, hut failed to provide
for It In his will. Tho bit? lire destroyed
T.'i.OOO volumes.
In tho collection are many rare Hlbles
and early specimens cif tho art of C.'ax
ton and other printers. Jr. Sutro spent
years In collentlnc the library, which
Includes many rare Mexican manu
scripts, llrrttnn tlnud-i lloldt. White Ml., N. II,
The Mount Plrasaul, The Mount U'ashlnrton.
DooUbii Offlrc, :n Mb Aic. Tel. Uacl. Sip WSI0,
ry tt Indict n romier
llotitl of the Ten
derloin. .
I'liuiilii"; of Policemen Offer
Aid l.iiwyeiN Cull nn
tltnei Attornry
v milium Mini 1,1.1
Indirttnetit 1
.nioMier nnllee In
Vhls nikjicrloi
' '"-Pccloi wqi. lonp
of th- Tend.'! I0.1t
.im' of
The litrlct Attoir.ev plan.
tthl" lii'.peotor as soon as th"
' SefUt. I'etel .1. !ll!Ty ll.'l" been illpo'd
Thl probably will be about .Ititie .'.
Ihe Anhut and Stllwell oases will
oei upv Mr Whitman's atu ntion foi
few wieU-
.Mr. Whitmans intoiuiation .iu.i-i.-
the tl ft It Inspeotot has come 1.1 him
slllCe SweelleV. Mllrtllll. Thompson i'llll
lltlssej weie eoiivlcted. and Is ihe
result of the fear driven home to the
f imllles ami f 1 lends of ulheis In the
Tollce Department by that conviction. 1
Wives 01 policemen and department j
oftliinls who know of uraftlni;, some
of It by their own hubands, have vis
tied the Dinrict Attornej or have sent
f 1 lends tu an effort to make term.
These women have lost faith In the '
power of the system to protect and
ate ni.iklnu plan" without oonsultlni:
their husbands.
It was said xesterdav that the wife!
f ,. of tll(. ,.linVelit inspector-, while
niV ,
let len any irifot niHlton.
had diiiaieil Unit unless her husband
mnke toim with th prosecutor mi.i1
'keeps himself f I (..111 Jllll "he llel self
I would Ko to Mr Whitman with what
knowiedue she has of Police Depart - '
1 merit nlT.iirs In the hope that by "o
dolim- she mat lighten her husband' '
sentence In spit., of him.
Attoellier the reel.ition which are
I now benlunlrii; to cntne Into the hands
.of the prosecutor are cotisideied moie.
I important than anytliinn that has pre- j
j ceiled them. j
ni.iiiri in... ...1.. .. ...-
mie matter into wnioh me prosecutor 1
,,., , .,. Investlcarlnn veet.'l - .
- I
Informit'ion Iihs b.en brotuht o tli"
rUstrlet Attorney that this ottlclal inld
Sweeney that II he would "stlcu ' '.'s
i tticlal would see to it that he ,1.1 1 ad
h. money ho needed and that poll'!. 'I
influence would be brought to bear
which eientuallv w ould keep him ft em
the Insis-uors ate stttvinc now is
Ket the Indictments foi bnbeiv uk.iIii
'M,'m dropp.il. it was r. porieii him
nlKllt that one oi uie in opus,. iou m.io
to Mr Whitman yesteidax on tiehair "f
. . ... .... .i I
l,ot1' Thmnp-on and Hu-.-ey I- tho. these
"f'n wllltms to ko to the penlt.-n-,
:lilr " '"
"' . .V , --h,
lb.' case further if the prose-utor will
drop the bribery charges aK.ilnst them.
This proposition v.as turned down by
Mr. Whitman, who ha- let It be known
unmistakably that the only terms which
he will make with any of the four 1
the siiine sort of an uuis'iidlt! jnnl stir
render which he demanded and n-ceiveil
In the case- of Policeman I'iiki tie l-'ox
snd ('apt. Thomas Walsh.
If the Inspectors want to heroine wit-
in . -so- f,r the state ami can trite in
formation whirl, will help In caroms
the Investigation hither up well ana weie not subject to tax nines- ,..
rcoI. Hut the prosecutor will not buy dents owned real estate or had an tn
a plR in a poke and InslMts that lie know I t.-r.-t ln business cot porat Ions tn New
Just what Is heinie offereil for barter
before he takes any part In the noKotia
That .Itsirust or encn oiner is
tnlneil h the four prisoners In
Tombs was evident yesterday
i '""""-J """"-"": ""
it was common report nts.ut the Crlm-
innl Courts Hulldlnc that neither Mur-
tha nor Sweeney was standlnc any too
John H. Stanchtleld, counsel for
James F. Thompson, took luncheon
with thn District Attorney yesterday.
Late In th" nfternoon FrnnclH L
Wellman. counsel for .tames K. Hus
sey, called nt the District Attorney's of
fice and talked with Whitman.
Kxcept upon the theory that Thomp
son and Itussey, each Independently of
the other. Is seekltiB to make terms,
there coomed to be no visible reason
for the conferences. With Dennis
Sweeney nnd John J. Murtha, the two
will come up for sentence before Justice
Seabury this mornlnK.
It is believed in the prosecutor's office
that nil four will Rot pretty close In tho
limit of one year in tho penitentiary and
1500 flno. Considering tho seriousness
of the offence chanced nnd that each of
the four also is under Indictment for
bribery, the prosecutor's mmi say that
, tho maximum sentence possible tinder n
misdemeanor charge Is a light tionaltv.
Mr Htnnchflold. said yesteniay after
noon that ho did not know whether or not
hn would apply for n cortltlcnto of rea
sonable doubt nn behalf of Thompson
and would not know until ho sees Thomp
son this mornlntf. This statement wan
taken as to a certain extent corroboratlvo
of tho roport that Thompson w.-ih seeking
Mr Wellman, after leaving the District
Attorney, went directly to Iho Tombs
nnd had a talk with his client, Hussoy.
When ho left the Tombs Mr Wellman
denied that them wns any possibility of
Hussoy giving the District Attorney
any information, but, like Mr. Stanch
field, he said lit) was not suro what he would
Continued on Beeond Pagt.
I'ostniiislrratilii liir filrlhon
Friend Hi lliiinp, (in.
Wiii.-T May S. Mrs Wootlrow
WI!on v. lit have the privilege of nam
ing the I in." t inn it rr of Rome, 'In.. the
town where she was burn, through the
courtesy of Representative Gordon I.ee
nf Georgia. Khe lias chosen J. A.
Howie, who knew her father and
mother nml also herself when she wax
1. little girl.
fpon learning that the term of the
: .,7.7 .X. C iier
... . ..... ...I t... 1ll1Bn.t .In.
1rlh01.1l friend. The sltu.-ltlon was 1
delicate berailse llepresetitatlve I.ee
had Intended to recommend nnother
11...... mm a......Ui...Mi.i,. u tiu.
I'ltllillllllie. ill.- .w . -1. .. 1. ..
nio-t import'int l'ederal putronaue nt
the iltHpnmil of the ileorcln retire-enta- '
i.ve. The salary l. S.ViOO.
Secietary Tumulty wrote to rosi-
m..ti'i (ienernl lturleson deicrlblin;
.Mi-.. YVUf-on's biKb oilnton of Howie, 1
,.,., ,ii ,,, ...mi, , mter-
at once forlf,,,.,. u'm, the pi eroallve of Itepre-
.i.uini ki. I.. Mr. I.ee calleil at the
I White llinie to-day and ii-sured the '
... ... ,1.1 1,1 il..ltr.l.t
I' iioeni III. II 110111111K ..- ,.r,..
1 1,,.,. in..!., tl.. .111 10 have Mrs. Wilson se-
leot the p.itm.iter at Home, t'urther-
lllole. lie Wl.Uld be rI.IiI to Jllltl In
1. eonuiieiiilini; anybody else she desired
to vet all nftiC"
Mr Howie tiomin.uion i exi'ei-ieu
to mi 10 tb" Senate tills week
,oe Letters Found
1110im the Suffrimt'tt"""'
Pionilt Plots.
s..r( ...I VoUt ltiwlcl. to Tat M
LoN'tioN. May p. -The Pally Hxpn un ,
s.ns thl- mornlmt- "An astonishing country
HM-oM i v was mad.- b the police dtirlmc J '- k""w, H'al upon boltm .on.Utu
' ' ... , tionallN nominated by Connress as pi o-
their teietit InvestiKH'toti of the suf- j vlj1)niil pp.,,,!,.,,, , f,,,,,,,) ,tl.. ir.-at.ury
frimette tictlvltie" bankrupt and th" aini ab-oluteU dls-
in a s.-aicb foi dm unieius in the I orKan!. d mid ilemnr.ill.e'l Voti know-,.t'l.-.-
mul dombiles of the m ihfsnitnt ! thut how in spit" of thts'.itld witho.i;
-llffl llktet
...ti..s .here came Into their hands .
---'--- 1
. .
.. .. . i l.l. h ,...V..,1 I. Ill Til -
i,.. :. ninininent part In the mill-.
t:i nt movemi nt.
Naturall the polite will not divulge
..... . i.... i..,..r
the .olltetlts 01 lllise iniuii
The lull, f.xpf Hoes noi iiieii.io..
... i
;he names of the parties to. tin cor i
respoiuh m . but It Is repotted In news-
paper 1 1
treb's that the socialist m. i ii
Keir llatdle ami
I'h.ra Drummond.
the lady 'ti'iietai
Iiilierlimier I'm
I niter
I. n I'nssi'il in i
Itil 1.
I n.i.-i' a 1"W pa-sod in New York in
11 the e-tate of nniuie ..i.iino. ."
i i.. i ...ml. .ii on lVbru..ry .' last, win
pn no mhetltance tax .n New "iU.
alt'hoiu'h he own-.l stocks and bonds
in Now York nlued at i : . j. I 2 Mr
Mat tin's estate, which In, luded leal '
tate, securities and other personal prop
em in Hiisland. all wont to his widow.
Cornelia S. Martin, under a ill e
ciiie, In H7C
The lav under wlibh Transler i ax
Appraiser Mattln declared the ltradle
Martin i statu exempt trom i.ix es.,.
dnv tir.iv.ile.i that In the cae of non
residents ownlnt; secuiities or
J personal ,.ro,,e,iy in New Yoik they
Hr.uile Martin. Jr. tetlfylns befoie
Appraiser Martin, said that his father
and mother disposed of their real es
tate in Manhattan in lS!!i nnd went to
Kncl.md to Ino peiriianently. Mr. Mar
tin owned real estate in Albjny. but
that was disposed of lu 1911. HI- so.
curltles lu Now Yoik included ItOt'sOOO
International and Groat Northern
i bonds.
S 1 7-S.-1S5 Central of Goortrla
1313. r.oO Now Yolk cltv bonds,
i bond".
$220,000 Metropolitan Trust Company
stock and :i3,nno Alabama Central
bonds. He bntl ITO.nio in cash in tno
Metropolitan Trust Company.
F.nilnred mill Suimrr .Mile In lllmn
Inyns nwnpril A vnlnnelir.
ipmnl f'ltble Dmpnlrli In Tun Si v
Paris. May S. Dr. nnd Mrs. Fanny
Hulloek Workman have returned hero
n .. m.tpn ll.nn a. i.,.nv'u nlinnni.il In fiv.
nfter more than a yenr's nbsence In ox
plorlnc i'OO square miles in the Hima
layas. Queen Mary of Knclnnd, follow
Inc the exnmple of Klnrt Georce, hns
allowed a new peak which they dis
covered to bear her name.
1 Workman told the correspondent
I f The Scn that two lives were lost
tltuinc the expedition, tne nauan porter.
who was nt one time reported to have
boon Dr. Workman hlnnjolf, and a native
who fell Into a sub-claclal river and
froze to death before assistance could
be obtained. Mrs. Workmnn said she
saw Ibex anil Inrce yaks which had
never been shot nt. They enmo tamely
to within 100 foot of the party. It re
uulrcd tlfteon goats to give n milk sup
ply and they had twenty-three sheep
which were butchered from time to time
to furnish food for the party. It was
easier, she said, to drive a food supply
afoot than to carry It,
The party was nearly wiped out at
one time by an avalanche above tho
Hilaphond glacier. It pussed nenr
enough to have crushed the entire! party,
llor husband, she said, was nble to catch
II with a camera nnd It made one of!
the most curious photographs on record.
For ihnt thcrl ffllti In the iSprlnz try AN
r.OBTI'KA III IT KICK, n Itmout Ionic Adr,
a ouu.i.e ... . land now l.eKiniimL- . foimal c.m-
l. I,,,,,,,. ,.lots b. the -'ipourlnKS ofiuiii
ati in.-nU.winK heart They wen; notes t.r,.It,i ln nnn,b.is In all part- of the
it ..in a love suk Smlallst memls't "f coiinln tin ouuii "01 tempoi.m in.'. tt -Parliiimeiit
to a lath who for some time m, p,, h was .In.- to 1. l.nk of funds
Sitys Mexico 1 "n 11 No
Trent With I's filler
omn a 1. note to wilsox
. . 1 .
i'ii inn !
Provi-imiiil (i'ovitii-
meiit IN'.'hI.x to Iteirin Ciiin-pnii-n
Au'iiin-t liebeN.
Mrxiro City, May - itemy l.ane,
WIN1111. the Aineiii.iu Amb'K-ador to j
Mexico, has pricleaP reeelved Ills
II I. ...... 1I....-I.. I. .... ..v.
i.,iiU'i i-. 1 1 .-.-"I'l.-iit in.. .11. 11. .... -
tl.i ollltial i.iiiversatton last n'.Kht with
Mr Wilson declared 1 1 1 .t nlTalts had
.reinii.il 1 ti.ilnt whete M.aIco ci.tild 110
loni!ei- I..- able to treat 111 a iliploniatic
manner with th. I'nited Statt s unless
his (iovernment is ottlclally 1 1 coiuv.ed.
This news leaked out to-ilay In oer
tain circles and many believe that Mr.
Wilson either will receive his passports
or be recalled In view of his Covern-
1 tnenfs continued refusal to leronnlz"
the Ituerta administration.
Kxery one seems to consider that the
I hlttllltfi.ll between tile two Countries Is
1 very sti. lined and the Americans! here,
while nnnii untried. Justify the pto
leditre ol lliHTia for reasons w tilth aie
alrtyidy known. Provisional l'tes'iletit
Muertll expres.-eil the highest personal
reirnril for Mr. Wilson, but said:
"Your Kxcellettcy is aware of the
struKKle which this (.Internment nasi
had to make im-alnst the anarchy whlib 1
1 has leUned In all branches of the ad-
ministration and In all sutlons m
the sliKhtest i.utsiile hell
0 (inxeril-
?.....,. V,,u ,,..1.1 1.M r.1111,.111
III' III I'.,...
"Your i:eeliem.v
i:eelieniy knows that al
though this (fo eminent does no: insist
' upon beitiK recognized 1'tiKl.md and
I Spain hae alr idy. recoi:nt.eil no and
this suffice for our temporary necs.
It 11
in.- in..,,.,-..
.. ..
of an t.iually,
fr, .jj. Imtll,, ..specially when the'of Col. Hubert N. fietty of the Twent
ftutisl States has It- own Ambassador'
,rt... who I- .ndowej with full powers
niiu privm-H.-
"Me.lcn wishes to lie ire.iusi a- a -
'friendly country of eiptal sovereimuy)
if not 'of eipial inlht. and Justice de- .
mallllS till- l.'W Ol tile COIl-;illllUIIliUH
of thl- Government and Its , .instant
friendship for Ann rlcnns to whU.li all
Americans in MeUo .an tistlfi This
'TM.M.IH f....lhn? for AmeiuMiis wu not
r.i.-.i,. onil..r anv cirruiilstnllci s. but 1
,,t,,.t to state' that Mes.co can no
i,nip,.r treat Willi tno i linen .-lines on
pi-ndlnt; and Important luterniitionnl
.lii.-tlon- until she is recognized as an'FAjjj jTXIS JUSTICE McLENNAN.
eiiual. as she need- an Ainha-sador In i
Wasn.tlirton to repieseiit hi r interests ". Tr,, Tlilril sei rrmii llnlti.ui of
The ,epoit of this couversatioli was (f
conllrnied by Ambii"Hiidor llsou to.
nlL'ht and he said that he It .1(1 nt H.O.-HKSTK1!, N Y.. Miiy . - PresldniK
I eport
to Washington on the
peniltriK Interiiattonal
. ,iu,.stiiis referred to by Huei ta are the
i m)Zi,i dismite. the Colorado llivor
iiue-tlon ami all American claims in uie uenesee wmrj . no. un .-m-hhik
iiKiun-t the Mexican (iovernment. and died without ropalnlnK- conscious
whetbi r aiisiiiK out of the revolution or ' ness an hour Inter. His home was in
Mr Wilson sal.l that rrovision.u ries -
ideiit lluerta reooKiitzi s the justice of
these claims In spirit and deplores the
fact that he Is obliged to suspend the
ToloKrams received hero tn-nlcht say
t, .iw.u nm.rli...l the cltv of
Zacatecas this nfternoon and that the
Ilchtliu- was ory hot up to 6 o'clock.
Hebels have captured Presnilto and the
trnlns for Chihuahua and F.I Paso can
not pa's Acuas Callenlas.
Th.iro :ir. verv stronir rumors of a
i n,)t)sll,t.al ,.,.ib.m nrlsinc out of the
(mestlon of a successor to the late Mln-
li((r f ,lp interior Knch faotlon lu
i . Cabinet has a candidate of Its own.
Nenrly 111 of S.KI Soldiers Killed by
llrbrls' r,liloslve.
NisiAt.KS. Ariz.. May S.- A troop train
benrlnK 2t0 Federal soldiers was de
stroyed with clvnnmlte and most of the
passencers were killed, said nn otllclal
I roport received here to-dny. The tllsas
I . . .. .... r, ... ..
tor occurred near the Minora-Mnnloa
State line,
The Federals wrro on the way from
San HkiH to Alamos when Intercepted by
the Insurgents, who had planted mines
along the tracks.
Nearly 2,000 uncivilized Ynqul Indians
have Joined the State troos, said the
ll,!IO!l Frwrr ,ir Cnara of Tnhrrcn
loils lii Tnii Year.
The Hell tli Department has compiled
figures on the nntl-tuboroulosls cam
paign which show that the number of
now canes of consumption In tho city
has steadily declined each year slnco
P.'IO, when 32,0ri cases worn regis
toretl. In 1012, there were 22,".'2 rases.
The mortality figures ln Manlmttnn
and The Ilronx have fallm consist
ently from 4.27 per 1,000 In 1SS1 to 1,9
In 1912, a reduction of 55 per cent,
Despite the growth of population
since 1898, the consumption death rate
has decreased from 2.25 to 1.66.
At I-akrwood the plrt.urrs of lake and wood
land are mom drlljhlful In May, Golf, motoring
and all outdoor diversion. Idurtl-ln-uic-rinci,
Laurel liouie, now open, Ait.
I. nek Itnllilrr els llnle of Arlnnl
I nv Flrr Vrnni llriipe.
Meyer Roycr, look builder, who ar
rived yesterday from the Canal one by '
the steamship Advance, said lie believed I
the ranal would not be opened fully for 1
nt least live years, on the locks would
not be in proper shape until then i
lie did not doubt that sonic ships
would be pent through this year, hut ho'
was sine he .nld. that commerce would
not be benefited by the opening this
year .Much work was yet to he dono '
-,'" - i
11slrl1111 l.lentrtinnt Unit I'rltntr
llnnrrel Willi n I'milnln.
fwinl I'eblt Drtfiotrh to Tnr Sts
'.MINNA. Maj S. -I.lellt. Weiss, nn
iirtny aviator and Cnpt. Zborow'kl
fiutlit a duel tn-ilay over a private
quarrel I, lent. Vel was killed
'real, lent
lii lip Aililur Ciitiii
tii llnltronil.
May i. W T Porter.
trustee of the Cincinnati Southern Hall
road, announced to-day that he would
ko to Now Haven In a few days to con-1
for with ex-Pres'd.Mit Taft on the qties.
lion Involved In ihe I'liattanooR-a rate
ins- The trustei s of the Cincinnati,
Southern received a letter from Mr. I
Taft yi et onlay notlfyinK them that h'i I
l In a position to act as aihlsory coun
sel. The case involves tile charpe made
bv Clneinnnti shippers that th- com
pany lensinir the Southern Hallroad Is
iliscrlmltiatlmr nmilttet Cincinnati and
Chattanooga shippers In rutin.
Her I'n.r III Pari. Unl.i.1 M.I
"frevil I'Mr Hrnxltcli In Till. M
l'hts. May f.. The Divorce Court I
Kiixe a decision to-day In the case of j
Harmless VaitKhan, the wife of the late.
Klntc Leopold, aKalnst her husband, M. j
Durrleux. She won her ciise by proline !
that It" linti been unfaithful to her since'
the. i sensational marriage. The court j
ali.oved her to letaln the custody of her
iiildteii bv the Klnir. These were known '
i" the children of Hliinche Julia Jos--phlne
DelairoW. otherwise the Harotiess
It will be lecalleil that the Haronrs.s'
w.i- the mori-'anatlc wife of Klni; l.eo- I
pold for ears, but that he married he! i
' shortly before his death.
t oulli Pnlleil In I'h'slenl KlHlnlnil
IIiiii fur .1iiiihkiII.
WcsiitsilToX. May S - Washington po
Mi e wete notified late last nlKlil that
Hubert N. (letty. Jr. IP years old and a
candidate for the Naval Academy, son
seventh I'nited Slates Infantry, com-
mund.n Port Sheridan, near Chic.mo,
. ouu ui.-iii'i'i-invo m.. r.i n..ii-i. num.
vt asiiiim-ioii mi ..iiniuay ai
Youni, clotty came to Washington on
hi- way from Port Sheridan to Ann.ip-I
jllUJ l.l.u ..I.s ll. ll.Uf l,ll.-o .lie I'lliniurn
i examination on Tuesday. Ho did not
ko t" Annapolis. He lelt a note for i.
friend here snuni; lie would not so to.
tai.e tno eani.naiion. nut wouiii return
to Chicai;o that ntiiht He recently
j failed to pas- hi- physical examination
ai .uiiniioii- aim us .hum. ihmiii-u
Justice Peter Halllle McLennan of the
j Fourth Department of the Appellate Dl
. vi-ion or tne supreme i nun, n'ii i.uu
' broke his neck yhlle tro-lnc down stairs
Syracuse He had made his home at
1 me cm.. im.- ....... ...
j Hoohestor.
Justice McLennan was three slips
from the bottom of the tllKht of stairs
when h- tripped nnd tell forwanl on his
Associate Justices V rodei ici
, Kruso. James A. Hobnon and John S.
I Lambert were wnltlnc In the cUriine
I room lor .iiisiue ...c... i.o..o ... j"... .... ...
wnen ineacciucni iiaiipeneu.
Justice McLennan was born in Cat
tarniiKiis county In ISr.O. He li.nl been
n member of tho Supreme Court slnrc
lSfi2. In 1S9S he wns nppolnted a mem
ber of the Appellate Division nnd In 1003
was appointed Presldlnc Justice by Gov,
Odell, belnc reappointed In 1S0K.
I Men In l'hlln1rlitilii Mnennir .
cupel Ulrl Are Arrested.
PlllLAiiKLPlllA, May S. Alexander
Coulter, 79 years old, a Falrmount Park
gtnrd for forty-three years, was killed
to-night as, In company with his aged
wife, he started across Columbia ave
nue nt Twenty-ninth street.
When the nutomoblle camo to a stop
two young men occupants ran back
nnd picked up Coulter. Leaving his
wife sobbing on the street they hurried
him to a hospital. Two girls who were
In the car wero nrrosted, hut both re
fused to give their names.
When the men learned that Coulter
wns fatally Injured they drovo off. lip
to a late hour to-night they had not
lieen arrested.
Mrs. Coulter collapsed when she found
her husband dying, Four times within
half an hour sho fainted. He died an
hour nfter being. tuken to tho hospital.
Mrntlnutl Vnnl Meiirrlilnn for Xrphrtv
ol Forrest I'lillon,
Slitelat Cable Vmpatch In Titr. Sin
1,onpon, May 8. Amyas Hrigg, n bar
rister and nephew of Sir Forrest Fulton,
formerly a Member of Parliament for
West Ham (North) and Recorder of
Uondon In 1900, has disappeared In thu
most mynterlous manner.
Scotland Vard men re searching for
him In all direction!.
Democrats Plsui Money Re
form While I'inisliinjr
Revision Downward.
Five of Pnrtv Vole Apninst
Hill. One From New
MiiniiftHMitrers Who Try to Ti
credit Tariff Will lie Pim
ished hv Pnlilieitv.
As Underwood and
Payne See the Bill
WAMHNTi'lON. May - Two
views of tho tni'ilT hill were niven
tii-Iltcht as follows
Hy .Mr riitlorwiioil. author of the
tiill p.issii in-ilny
"With t lu now t.irifi lull passed
tiwlny tho Ioiiioi'nitii' party has
kept tin' pli-ilm's tnaili' to the pooplo
nml tin- promise, contained in the
I Uatimor,. platform I fool coiili-
cleiit that it will liriiu; real relief to
the American people in nsiiieins
the liinh cos: i,f hvitm nml lienor
adjustment of nir lii-nit I'otiiluct
uiitlor liKsloni iiioiIiihIs "
Hy Seri'tio K. Pnyin'. iiuthor of the
pri-sotit law :
" true illtlll tllietlt of thi. lull j
tliut it aids foreign lalmrers l,y
throw mu open our markets and ds.
i-riiimiaii s against laborers, in the
1'nitisl tati-. who af.- ' in oil to
meet unjust I'otnpotition and an
enormous, increase nf imports from
I1 foreicti I'ountrii's As a inotiaci) to
the present unptiralloled prosperity
of the country, under wlmh the
1 1 enrniiic-. of
i vide mure
L. heforo. the
enrnincs of the workttm men pro-
nocessiiii's than over
liill seems to l.e a suc-
Washington", Mu S - The 1'nderwond
tariff bill went tin ouch ih- House to
nlKht. It now ret" with the Senate to
f til tl I tin- Democratic pledco
For the llrst time In twenty years thu
Demociatlc party saw a Rein nil tnrllf
inea-ure pi thr.iUKh the House of Uep
tesontatln'S with the certainty that In
one form or .mother It will be ihe law
nf the land In a lew months
Some sot t of a currency reform meas
ure is the next thini to be tackled at
this session This was determined nt a
conference In which President Wilson,
Mr rnderwood and llepresentatlvo
Palmer took part to-dny Such legisla
tion will be proposed as soon ; thi
House reconi cues after a recess of three
weeks, which Is reunited for the orpan
Ixathin of committees
i'limo Hcoiioi. nt I'nMiiKr.
A tariff measure is passed usually
amid Joyous shouts anil n display of
exuberant partisan spirits. To-day's
scenes w. ie tame. The Democrats ap
plauded mildly and the opposition sat In
It was planned to pass the mcasurs
with a meat demonstration, but all thn
enthusiasm was exhausted yesterday
when the Democrats wore prevented
from seiidlnit the measure to the Senate
,. . .. . ,. ... .. i ....
as n result of a technicality raised by
Hepre.sontatli e Mann of Illinois, the He
publican lender
As the House Democrats drove home
the last spike In their labors tit tho
session to-night the ceremony was
purely formal.
The t'nderwood bill was passed by n,
vote of 2S1 to 139. Only live Democrats
strayed from the party fold when thu
Issue tlnnlly was Joined
Four Progressives, two Hcipubllcans
and one Independent, formerly Identified
with the Itepubllcr.n party, voted with
the Democrats.
Hepresontntivos Hroussard, Dupre,
Morgan and l.ir.-.aro of Louisiana and
Smith of New York. Democrats, regis
tered their protests against the proposed
tariff revision by voting In the i.egutlve.
Hepresontntivos Kelly and Ituplcy of
Pennsylvania, Nolan of California nnd
Hryan' of Washington were the Progres
sives who sided with the main body of
the Democrats. Huprescntatlvcs Carey
and Stafford of Wisconsin, Hepuhllcnns,
likewise Joined the Democrats In sup
porting the t'nderwood bill.
Representative Kent of California wa
the "Independent" who approved tho
proposed Democratic revision by voting
for It. Hepresentatlvo Copley of Illi
nois, until this session a Republican,
now Idnntltlod with the Progresslvo
party, answered "present" when hl
mono was called.
Mr. I'nilrrn noil's Warnlnit.
Just before the bill wns passed an an
nouncement was made by Roprenenta
tlvo t'nderwood that caused a stir. Mr.
rnderwood served notice that If any
manufacturer In tho I'nited States nc
tempted for political reasons to discredit
the new tariff tho Administration had
agencies within Iih power to ileal out
punishment to such manufacturer by
publicity of all the facts.
Mr. 1'ndorwood was referring to thn
law piused a year ago creating the Hu
reati of Foreign nnd Domestic Com
merce. This Is tho law which Hecre
tary Retinoid nlreatly hns seized upon
In ordering his Investigation into th

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