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Pair and cooler to-day, fair to-morrow j
moderate north And nort)MWSt winds.
Deiiiled wetther repor wIM tfcnd on piRe t7.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 252.
EW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 10, 9l.-Cof)irlpht. 113. 1V PniUfiip PiiMtoMiiy Muelathn.
nii to Take Jersey Central
From Kontlinr
run: h.okahi.y xkxt
i Divorce From Now York.
urriiehanna and AYest-t't-ii
j Trmnl Omerr Ml Wnlilen Honied l
Vaarlinll list nt19.
Hostov. May 9 - Tlio schooling tnk-
for shorter hours and only one session a
ilny spread :. Maiden ami Somen-! b
In the fnimer cltv thirty-five pupils!
of Hit KniTMin School infused to go In ,
when the bell rang Tiii-y formed Into
small squads mid vilted nil tlie n'.h'r
schools in Maiden, including the paro
chial, 11 nil urged other hoys to strike.
Thn tnnint ofiloer tried to rout them
but tin1 j oungsters lined up In liattlo
ntrny with ha sound kits and ."ticks lie
vva forced to lelrejt. They defied him
as well as the .'linn principal. Ml."
I'ora Dempsev.
After lliiif victory thev became so
boisterous that Alio Dempsey tele
phoned to the poller station Policemen
wete sent to Hip seine of tho distuib
ance and th" hoys iin away. Ml"
Dempsey sent nolim -n 'ho parent." of
the strikers.
'lien on rockefellers house, vt iuv MAN IQ QHlAim?'! SHALL nGHT TI
A 111-
St'ficiHi'v Hft'civcx .lni!inN
I ti 1 mid Thru lit""
rie to New York.
I. inn. Hill Puts a
TIi imiu1i His Heart
llniiiN Kxiu'Ctctl to (it't
Unwn to IltNni' nmiii
Time To-tlav.
hi fm- Hi-Ill, hut Hrcaiisr C.iiilrnc-
lor I lim liJ.
V n.i-i halites Hen was placid on tho
property .f John 1). Korkofelb r. Jr. it'
i W'.-t Fifty-fourth stitot 1 P '
1 Cnrbln. hat dvval e maniiiti Hirers, yes.
tint iv. in an off nrt to colled 1372.14.
which thev MS' Ik due for material Used I
!n nltcrliiK til.- building Sninetltnes
ini'i hi.iucs lli'n" at" filed hpcnutv
. r. do not piy th'-lr hl)1. hut thi ? not
-It 111 till!- CP". -
The I'oihiiiM viv n i-ontr.vtor who
did foiin-work for Mi. Moili-fellrr falh d I Ml )' )N AliMdST IMF.
to liiet-t h!c obllRntlon to ttn-m nnd
luii hivii putting 'Iiphi "f? ' ,onB tnnt
v noli l if oniy ntfua? in ii-i. , . i i . tl
uiontl to romprt paymont KlItflltflMl to ,M II li', Dllllir.l- -.and OKalnm aliens.
Mr r.ickifeller heeoine a leii-nJ.inT
feiinr (lirr 'I'lirrr.
11111 AUM.i'iiu. May ! The- Aniorlenn
I.eg.i'.lou at lleriip. SwltrerUnd, ha"
complained to Socretnry Uryan tlit an
Amerlran c itircn cannot net n ped-
ler'K lli-i-n in that eountty. ... , , 1
The SwIjs tKivrrnment took thlo ae-iSIWIVfU tlUU 110111. 1 110V
Hon beoaus" It found that In Phllnd'U
phla 110 alien va. allowed Mich 11 II
The. Aiuerlcnn t'onmil took up the
fiut'stloii and Si'iretaiy Uryan wiotc to
tiov Tencr, who called on City Solicitor
I'.yan. and that official has written 11
0l11111ln011s opinion oltliiR various lawn
to show why rhllaUi'ljuila taKe" t 111-
jxin Year Term in
Wacmixoios-. May ?. -Ui u'.on of
. . . . it...
I An unsuccessful effoit was made to I Hie al!fornla-JHpaiie.-e situation o im
llHK OWNKHSIUI' I rBllf- l,rt- at "'' 't'1! Oratnniar j .rapanoc Aniba.-sidor and th Secre-
School at Somer ille to strike. A Kroup lury f state- was tut short almost he-
1 of flft-.cu hoys waylaid the pupils nn , ' h. ,.,inv l.v Mr. Bryan's
1-ro.peft 11,11. where the tlrst fnttpd ' parttirc tor NVw York to
State. Mai; was tlunc to the hriore , niirn'" "pn'"'"rp
lr!nclni Wadsworth telephoned to p,. "IhKo n peace speech to-nlKht.
lice lieadqunrters An oHlc-r stormed' An . result consideration of the pro-
tlio hill and the .choo'hoy plckMs!te"! of the Jnpanese (iovernment
i-vactiateil. Inf .in.i the ('.!. fnrn'.a l.'xlslature wn
In the ttitt-r nnd 111" house can he sold
jnil the ntnount taken out of the proceed-,
unles" the hill is pa.d. tint thl
iri not llkelv to happen Tlio house l
wotth tlT.OOO
t IT
of Major .1. li. V.vw in
in Non'mliti';
j Crowds See Mini ha. Sweeney,
Hussey and Thompson
in Handcuffs.
fVilornl roiirt'to Vns On Quo?
I'll at Former Snil-J
l.pft T'nopttlod.
.Nntiil leii II11 I'rtnii WinliliiRlon In
ntinMillii In HilroiirriiilHiir.
WAsltt.s'UTO.v. May 0 -A record for
length of continui-us tllt-ht In a nnw
"IJvliiir boat" was made, to-duy by I.lciit 1
J. H. Towers and Knslgn O. de C. Chev
alier tn a trip from Washington to
Annapoll" '
They followed the course of the To- , ii.,,,.,,,- . c., .
wooil taritr uiii niaue u" a ppcni ... .. ( m: ir. louiac iuut .imi ui' ii no- iii-.ik- ,
the Senate to-day nnd was referred to " ; ; ' " , ' , ' . 1 v In the 169 mile flUht tn Annapoll".
ih. i.-,nn.iee Committee. nelta l.rwln. . laughter of Major James , () covered In three
The nue'tlon of whether or not pub- R Krwln, V. S. A lie letumed ye-ter- ' ,01,rs and fixe mliill es.
cpwatp. rt.ts TARIFF BILL. 1 mil. r s v
tillenlliili of I'llhlli- llrnrlllB I' Nl
Ma ! I.leui Itlihiird
n sludint In the nuliiance
, dep'irtmeiit of the Xaal I'o-t-i.iduate
School altnched to the N'mnl Ac.idptny,
w in-cineii. .killed hlni-elf estei.lav niornlnc
VviitsnT.iN. May -ine 1 uuer- 1 l f)(lv ai flll)ml lhl! nfu.ln0m.
I. lent. Hill wa eiiRnned to Mis lfn-
V-,.rs.-iTON May ? - The Wilson Ad
in trjt -n '! about to move a-mlnst
r.eidlne - control of the Central
a1 f New .lerse. Tile uepari-
e' i 'tiie acknovMcdited to-aay
, . r-(- are heMK prepared for a
, '.Jer t..e anti-trust law.
.-t'in will revive n disturbln-i
t. f m Oovernmmit stilt a-ralnst
. -I ed anthracite trust which was
...If by the Supreme Court's d-
1 iv II be the culmination of the
t ..ia ser1e of efforts on the part of
-. K". le-.V Givernment to smash the
ed r it. j
' was if.ieved tliBt Mr Taft favored
4 enew-.i' of "he attack 011 the stock
r p end of the anthracite case.!
'here has been doubt about 1'resl- j
V ,-on's attHud.-- 1
vnn jncement that papers are belnel
.ti tii first denViMe news of the'
1 nf the new Administration.
1 ti w tn the announcement of yes-
1 1 mcernlni- th Now Haven, this
f e -nment has added sljrntflcance.
rnev-General McRoynoltjs lias an
- n-ed tha a special counsel Is to be
,i n-ej by h'm to rxam1m the entire
svw iUea t-i'jation with a view to
- a n if warranted.
Thfse two developments Indicate that
dm:mtraIon'." attltud toward the
"id. Is to te at;prcsslve, possibly
- - s-- than -Mr. Taffs.
n to divorco tin; Headlne from
n-ral jirobably means that the
ntrol of the New York. Bosque,
"in sd Wf-stern also will biinttacHed.
ri- 3- er control was involved In the
' '- .-u.t acalnst the anthracite trust.
arces were dlsmlfejed by the Su
. - i- - '.rt on the ham- basis as the
; against the Heading
- anthracite decision of last De
1 ie a ipreme Court held ttiat the
"iv n- failed to establish the Ren-
- m ..r.r.tion chnrfifd against tlio
1 arr;tie toails for apportioning
a! tonnage i the sealxurd by
. .-min' betwteii them.
' ' . .n did find that the principal
iri" i jinblued to .shut out 11 pro-
di-p-ndent line It also held
- .ii'e.l contrjcts by which
. let.- millers msreed to deliver
,t .. ti railroads for 6j er
' ie price nt tidewater were un-
1 '
f( lesiions of the sreatest con
..lines-' world the Supreme
1- -1 I 1 pas These were
. . ".-'nirf alleged io!atlons of
n j.ii-s ci.iuse throiiRh owner
e ra''r-fds of their coal com
' e . . I'.itlons of the Sherman
. 1 1 1. control by the Headlm:
1 enna! of New Jersey and by
I. ' tl.e New Yolk. Sllnllle-
1 - I Wei-rn
. ' j .in of tue commodities
e present situation anil the
' t'. stotk relationship he-
-ai.r- ad wete dismissed bv
' .-h prejudice. The court held
All the public schools In South Hos
ton. Ctiarlestown nnd CambrldRp were
Kiiarded ucaln by iiollcemen to-day to
prevent further trouble by s'rlk'.n?
An order cnlllns for a legislative In-. tnornlnir.
qulry Into tlie strike was introduced
In the House this afternoon
Kent n Htatewlde curfew law-
vent future strike demons'! atlons by
the Ihivs nnd plrls.
lie heantiRs shall be Riven was brouuht day mornliiK 11 Per isltiiiR nw naticee vo stop was made until Ann.tpo.i
up and went ovr until the Senate meets j In Waslilnuton It Is believed that he (.,,, reached. The hydroaeroplane wa.s
main next Tuesday afternoon . w ent to his room and shot himself nl- j fct pt at nil average altitude of about
it looked for h time as It the Hepub- 'most tmnied!atel He had taken otf his -,0o feet,
llcm demand for public hearlnss would civilian clothe" nnd hud put 011 his mil-i lp Uv naval officers took turns 111
. ... n .. Tl.n slnil i'.iti mil ll-nll ... . . ... . 1....... I..-. .turlnrr
tie "iiccesstili rive or six uenioti u - i t"i n n"ii-i'i-- .......... , nn- eoniroi 01 ine 11.11111; mw. hu....n
. . . . . . 1 - tt........1. 1.1 I....I1 ..int. .In.- i v li.iet
..f.i nrminieil lO Ole lor Ileal iiiks. . 1 ii 1'iinti .11" ..v...... ... .v...f,
,-.u wru;ilR 01 un hiiiu .1 11 iiiuiui.
Ill haHrd no Ruess
hud for t.llilllR
his talk with Mr. Uryan. , " i.w ,f,..
No Otlior Fn-
vor Orititt'd.
postponed until Ambassador 1 hlnda Is
1 received for Hi f- urtli time since yes-
tcril.n. Ambassador Chlnda's appoint
ment ! for V S' o'clock to-morrow
laiive in- niorninif. .were prepaieu v..r ........... ... .. . .
produce,,; , prolul)le lhat . M1ec., Cabinet Aiiiour 'hen, were the nvo 1 mtia
of NVw.as ,0 the .ohm,,,, he
the IllRht. The machine xvas boucht
fiom (lleiin Cui-tlss, the Inventor
1 Jersev
Oivws Leave Car at Hurnt and
I'ropart' for Hattlt With
font puny.
Ht'piirls Assert 17 NYt'i't Killed
in Port an Trinee
CiN-ciNV4Ti. May ? A strike which
thivattns to involve 50 per cent, nf .the
street c-ir men of this city bepan to
ntfflu when the crew-, ben.in runnlns
their cars Into the barn" and desert
ins their po.st.".
Tlio .situation became more pro
nounced at midnlRht nt the arious
barns where mpn were, turning in their
car.s and irtvlnir every evidence that
they would not take them out npaln
until the battle wa.s either wvn or lost.
Kvery preparation w-.u on foot dur
ing the eatiy hours of ih mornlni; to
impress the la men with the M-r.o i"- !
nen of tin- situation and prevail upon
them to refuse !. take out the dav cars
Her.ln Orr. who orftaiuzed tin- local
union, t-aid at.miiltiiiiht :
"I estimate that l.UOu men will be on
strike by 1 o'clock In the mornlnc I
calculated that If .".no men should fonie
out at tlie llrst call It would ho tuitllclent
to have the rest follow. The wav the
men responded makes It took as though
there ccnlld be nothin? now- in prevent
our organization from belnR perfected.
"It shows' that the men are :i
earnest. The lieRlnnliiR of this itrike
compares wlili the opening of tlie Mru-4-Rle
In Huffalo. and also In Huston, wlu-ie
f won."
A demonstration and parade are
planned for f o'clock to-morrow mom
itiR, when nil the barns in the city will
be visited.
The only outbreak of any serious con
sequence was nt the llrlRhton barns,
where a mob ran through the streets.
One policeman tried his best tn keep
the mob from doing violence. A ri.it
call was sent Into police headquarters.
Four automobile loads of policemen and
plain clothes men were hurried t.i lhe
scene and quieted the mob
The situation was not advanced ma
terliilly to-day. The Ambassador pre
sented himself at Mr Hryan's otllce by
apivilntmen! and gave complete ex
pression to his Cum rnnn-nfs prote-,'
Mr Hrvan then hastened to the Cabinet
meeting, which was called an hour
rller than usual on his accoun. The
Japanese Amhussador's communication
was dlscu-ed for neailv two hours In
itio Cabinet
At noon Secretary Uryan araln re
ceived Ambassador Chllld.i. It was ex
pected that on this occasion Mr Uryan
would make a reply of some sort In
stead he informed the Ambassador that
he was going to New York on the 12. 3U
train, and Uotn iigiecd mat an extended , .... ... wvi.-h was nilnnni"
d.-culon was out of the question. ; tereil in hi" food. The other members
Their talk lasted less than fifteen mtn- of the family were revived after imiiii
nt"-. Mr. Uryan barely (-might his 1 lUhicuiti .
train. It is Assumed that thev will get I Seventeen persons were killed bv
down to business lo-morrow. ' 1 bombs and hiillots during the abortive
Tlie announcement that nothing of I uprising nt Port an Prince after the
election of Senator Mlcliei 1 ircste as
The followers of e-Presldent Simon
here nre very active nnd are wait In r
to receive their passports in order to
Wife of F.t-l'nlilUhrr I'aitnnl
KiiKi-nieiil Itliig (r
consequence took place at the confer-
ence lietween the Ambassador and Mr. '
Uryan was made at the White House, j
ppFiieiitly in
mind over his eiigiigemen'.
ding wan In lake place In
Fort I'oilue, low a. was the Lieutenant's
home. He w.is graduated from the
Naval Academy In I'.'O".
WisiiiMVToN. Mav 1' - Mi" Henrietta
F.ruln. who a l.ieiit Hill's tiiincce. is
thn ilniiunter of I. lent -Co'. James H
1 1 Krwin. 1. S. A, lnspector-fielier.il of
1 .-r ut cnfc. imiviIi-' 10 Tun s, v 1 1 he Philippine Island-.
1 Ki.susTON, Jamaica. Mav !' - News ,e. c,, nrWn Is In 'he Philippines
'ceived here bv mall from Haytl Is t. the i,,.t ti' wife and ilauglitir me Mopping
ieffe.t -liat President Tancrede Auguste , wtll .inir W.-ilt.r H. Cordon .1'. IL'.'s
St venteelit'i street ill thl" ill
Wtu-n leporl.i" cn'lid at .he C...tdon
home to-nlRht Miss i:rwin iiiul retired.
It was declared that she hud tint been
Informed of Die suicide nf l.iem Hill
Major Cordon said that then- hud been
no bieak In the engagement between
Miss Krwin and l.ieiit. Hill, and that
they nppaieiitly were very hnppv. The
Xlaior knew of no reason whv the
Lieutenant should have taken his life
A naval I.11.1 id of InVe -ligation nnd
a civil Inquest both held that It was
.. ..1 ... ...I..I.1..
I.leut. 'llill was 11 brilliant student.; Afr pawning her .iiRaRemelit rIn?
... , ,. ,,, ..,i,t,.t,i ....riJfor $;.' Julie M Sutherland of 191
will,Vuse. He was til good health ..ml ('Fremont av.nue. wife of K C. Slither-
the happiest flame of ' '.V . ,,
Tilt' Weil- I "' """e I III 1 II -. 11.1- ni'ii o
November. 111 l:iul;ttiptc.v In this dtv
.virs Mil 111 riailil inou.iie" are pin ai
J?1.134. of which T".tll I secured In
her nssei she lists the pawn ticket for
her ingaRemem r.ni'. her wedding t lug.
$12. nnd clut'ics wnrih $i:ts She alo
claims Jt.'.uiu in.w 111 tin- hands of the
Co mt Ti e.. s ire i of W.-stiln s'er. sur
p' ls in a forei 'us lie s-ilt
Siiliiunrllie limit I'ri-n. Hiiuiiileil
Plnllllii lenvos Tii.iIii.v.
Nkwi-oiit. It I Mav ! War riimnis
spread heie to-night snnn afler
Kx-Poiice Iiiwpeotor.s Murtha SweenT,
' Thompson nnd hussev began their
j yenr term of imprisonment on Black
. well's Island yesterdny afternoon,
I Tliey were senlented by Justice Sea
; bury In the moriilnp to suffer the max
' Imum penalty. yen- In the penlten
, tlary and J.'iOn tine. Good beliavlor
I may b; them out In tin months.
No one wne- nt tlie pier of the Islatid
to meet tin. Inspectors when they
) landed. Still handciiT.d In pairs, thn
1 four marched up 'h- Rravelled wilk,
1 some two blocks lonp, to the door of
the ptn'tentlar- Sheriff Harlmraer
leudlng Hie wa-.
A few com lei s In the regulation
prit-im snipes which tlm Inspector
dunned n little while afterward stood
aside and etnied
.once inside the penitentiary tlvv
hanilctiffs were removed and the four
men were led to the reception room,
II. I M-iii tills and the office Is nn Iron
lierks nn the oilier side of the prat
ing orderid the inspectors to turn over
all their pert-mini property. This In-
1.11 mi
flock back to Hnytl. It is declared that
the present qtiletudo in the republic
will b- xhort lived nnd n race war Is
now developing The Hnytlan blacks nre
opposing the little brnnn men. and erl
i" I ous developments are expected.
Cnlted StnKs Minister Punil"S ie-
In a .special ref. r. ndiim election. Sentl-! Pi ted tn tlie State Department nt
nieiit iignlnst ilic nieusiirn mi general i Washington on Mav .1 that President
principles and ngnlnst it espeeiallv he- ' AiiRllste of Haytl died on the evening
(.ii.se It I" feaie.l I' will hurt Die 1 of Mav 2. Mr. Furnlss s.ild tliat death
Panama-Pacific Imposition Is crvsiall'i. vva" due to natural cause
II he.
came known tluu naval men were
searching the citv for members of tlie eluded money, watches, scarf pins, cuff
links-even collar buttons,
Hussej and Thompson helped each
other to remove their collars so that
tlie buttons miRh: be surrendered. At
the sHine time their pedigrees, were
taken anew for the penitentiary records.
Mill Vlnr He ( iiii.litrml
Hllfnrnlii r.lrellun.
Sv.v Fiuvetsi-o. Cat. May f" -There
a strong llke.lhuou that the nili-n land
bill may be considered bv the nenuM
lie lidded
tug. It Is believed Ilia: there mil be
little difllcuity in obtaining a .sutllrleiit
number of slgnHtures to have tlie law
At the mine tune the opinion of the
J.ip.ine.-e protest to Washington is that
i: i" simple an iTort of lt .sensitive
nation to "saw it" face" The bill as
passed gives to Japanese 1n Alner'LJ
thnt the city lemailied quiet.
siibiiinrtne boat crews ami ordeiliiR them
to report at mice anoard their lioals.
The submarine tlolilla now hen- has
been ordered to li;ive to-morrow morn
ing, but tlie officers say they don't know-
He said thnt Mis" Hrwm and her mother its destination. Some men from the Un
planned to go tn Anmpoiis to see him 1 tUla were at a Iih'I to-night at the State1 Sweeney was through with these for
within 11 dav or two He was In wnsii- nrmory. The ball wa stopped nt mld
ington with tliein last Wednesday and , niKi.t. other men were summoned from
had dined at the Chevy chase Club with : 1 heatrex and sent to the torpedo sta
tlieni. tion. where the boats are mooted
Miss Krwin and l.tciit Hill had known ottlcers vvlio wrre asliore were mlled
each oilier for about tlnee vears. They i,aok also to ilie b.vatf
me. in tin- Philippines when lie was
coniiiiandliii I lie torpedo boat destroyer
I'haunie.i. He was graduated from the
Naval Academv in the class of llUiT.
1 I.leut. Hill would have been pro
moted from tin- junior grade 10 a senior
lieuteniiil'v In July or August of till"
Wasiiimitov. Mm V Tlie sudden
"full to .-iviiis" ai Newpoit Is patt of a
general scheme of the Navy Depart
ment which i" wmldwlde in extent. D11
plliate older" will be given out on the
Pacific coast and in Manila. It 1" Secre
lun- I1.nl. .Its I.I en of testing the abllltv
Two davs after AURiistn nieil the gun-( VHlr lt. as j j, t thirtieth venr of tin- sea fm e.- 1.1 get Into immediate
boat Nashville, then nt Santo DnmltiRo ( ,nJ lVi) a ,lltve of Iowa, from which HotUm
city, was ordered by WashliiRton to go stHt ,e was appointed to tile Naval; stN- 'K1)uo, c.,. May ! Tlie I'.iiltlc
to Port ti'l Prince to qilell any ills- .cudemv m 15u3. He was promoted to t,,,nt torpedo flotilla left liete to-night
turbance that tnlKht occur a" tlie result Ml, ,,reseiit rank September 13. 1911. 1 nr sn Diego, where thev will co.it The
of the President's dentil. His niiist recent loniniand prev Ions tlotllla I" under oidiis to be leadv for
- to his dit a! the Naval Academv was 1 m.t,m (,s lHin ns possible
PABPATHIA DOCTOR BADLY HURT iho Chauneev. aitailied 10 ihe Asiatic!
IlPfl. wnil ii'iiii'i'tMi 1 1 j mi mum ii,
i. 1.
I'IhIiIs Hit Murderer mill
III Life.
In II U'Ei.ruu, Mnv 9 Surgemis at
Si Acnes lrosnllnl called for v nlumeers
J . -inmeiit s case, so far as it j (u Bh(, ,,.,,. 1)lixlj tn-dav In order that
i -im totnmodttlea clause and I t.anflflljllon n,R,t snve ilie life of
i.l cjiuoinations, InvoU ed , (-.porj. (Jranvilie. 10 years old. who b.ie
es of at-tlon. ' theeo hnllets In his bodv as the rinh of
' i-rriment's petition was there.
iinsnt to the nre against
-r i.Mi.fs" The court made It
ive-.ei. that the (Iovernment
c'et.ided from brlnglnR sepa-
'" "f -,a some hope after the court's
' '" ' B' lhe Government would
" 'ie there, but before Mr.
' in iftired a suit was begun
e Delaware, Lackawanna and
" -tf, i , :est the application of ths
1 !.( r a ise of ihe Hepburn law
s.' .ai. 11
nev -Clenern. .Mclt'yiiolds handled
' " rar.ir rases ns special counsel
" ' Ta't Administration. He
' will give ilie nvv HtlRatlon his
' - n& a tention
Co. la
nn.lim nf I hieltinnil Trail
l'nrll ninined.
"tx vti, Mav 9 The Thompson
vn company, stock brokers, failed
- w th liabilities estimated nt $40,.
'e asscte slightly above $500, the
f tne office fixture".
' - np .n the stocks of tlie Cincinnati
Hallways Company, the closing
" Cincinnati Trust Company, of
fi- orge l, Cox wns president,
10 receivership for the C. F. Waro
cnmpanv In Dayton, Ohio, nre
n ns Hie causes for the assignment.
rm consists of Mrs, Charlotta
npson-Hrow n and her husband
A lirown
Thonipaon-ilrown was employed
' Provident Tlanlt for c cral years,
' s(. !,n yrnrs ago she started n
inigr huslness. Hhe proved a ilar
i oeiqiator huslness came tn her in
" iniounts nnd nlin was noon rated
' 3 successful broker. j
an effort to shield hi" mother from her
John Ames, n former sergeant In tlie
United States Marine Corps and a crack
rifle shot in tlio Government service,
became enraged lant nlRht at his para
mour, Mrs. Alice Granville, a widow.
and decided to take her life A; the-
llrst shot tired tlie son, awakened from
ills sleep, went to his mother's iisciie,
He flung himself at Ames, who
welRhs niore than 200 pounds and
stands-fi feet 2 inches in height vines
flung the boy away mid wounded him
three times with n magazine levnlwr.
Ames then killed tlie mother and sen'
two bullets close to Ills own heart.
Ames nnd the boy are In the bos.
pital, The burgeons say t lint If they
ran perform blond transfusion there is
a chance that the hoy mav be saved.
Ames will die from Internal lienior
rliages, according to lhe doctors
cv-erv .similar privilege aciorde.1 to, ... . . ..
American" In Japan. Hence the c'.alm ,","""r ,ur"' v,nm
of dln.-rimlnat'.on. it Is wild, falls to thn' llUlealn I'lider It.
ground. I aiiuxv. May 9 Dr. Vlttorlo Rislcato
Callfurnii thinks the Kast lias taken of Albanv. who was assistant stirReon
the ."itiiatlon far too seriously, sue-j of tile I'esi-ue ship Carpatht.i. which
cumbing rather to n good "blurf" than picked up survivors of the Titanic, was
to anything else. No one believe." Japan) injured to-night, and Tobla Marras-zo nf
to lie in a position to make war. New York suffered a fiactttred skull
Conservative Callfornians regret the, when nn automobile which Dr. P.isiciito
passage of an alien land bill at this was driving turned over near the Al-
itme. as tncy see clearly that, no mat- bany Country I.ib. 1
I.ullillin I'nprr vimiirili Vnnlher
lnrlfnllii fur l.lnil l.eurue.
fivfct'il t ii't'r lifpaii't to Tnr Si v
I.OMKiv, Mav 9 The nff011. the
leading Hadli-.il weekiv. suggests that
David l.lo.vd George be
maliiies hist and waved his hand In
1 good-by as be started for ihe barber
1 shop, the next siatlon on the road to
j com icuioiu
slinrn nf Tlirlr llnlr.
, Kadi of Hie men in turn mounted nni
of the stt-Hlglit liackerl chairs In the
1 burlier shop and a striped clothed bar
ber shaved the face of each and clipped
hl hair close to Ills head.
Swteney nnd Murtha had worn heavy
' mustaches. Hussey nnd Thompson mils
1 laches more closely cropped. All four
I adornments were shaved off clenn.
From the hnilur shop the four were
. led ;o tin. bathroom nnd after a scrub
passed mi to the tailor, who picked out
; prison ilothes of black nnrt pinkish
grav stripes in something approximat
ing Hie needed sires. Tlie street cloth
ing which they had worn was packed
up 111 bundles nnd stowed away until
- ; tlie prisoners are released. The Sheriff
r re n eh V In 1 or Will c.iiiilime Trip , pocketed his receipts showing; that hn
In l.iimliin To-dnj-. 1ihi1 delivered his charges and with his
.1.. i.. i. .i. i.i..j
tn Tllr t. v , in-niie n-ii ine ir-ianu,
The i.-.-e....h aviator , 'l'"" liousing of tlie prisoners
Up,, ssk.i.s. May 9
Marcel G. Hiindejone des Moullnats. who
Is attempting a flight from llreinen via
Hiussels to London, landed here this
"..., .levelling He will continue his flight to-
ll.HISI.il III ,
ter what tlie outcome Is, Japan is Mire Dr. Klslcato is not
to feel Irritated, and tlie lesult will be b,it Manar.zo will recover The Injured
detrimental t. the P.inama-Paclllc Kx- nun were coming toward Albuny and
position, which need" the help nf all Dr. P.isicato turned aside to pet mil n
the A"iallc peoples. 1 laigel car to pas". The sleeiing wheel
j was twisted b- the dt ip sand The ma-
. ... ..n-r-r. ..r.r-r.....- ,. chl 111-'., VV hole Weight StlllCk Dr HlslCOto
.-UVIiV'.Oi "Aitr.Mi LUUI.. 0 the luck
Marra.o is h smdfiit 111 a New York
medical colleRe. He live.- at lilt! Kast
illSth stieet, New York city
Iviirnsii. Nets I'niisiil, KkiiIrIms Tlielr
Vllllnile In IIuvtsII.
Six I'hacI9co. Mav- 9 Saburn Kit
iiisii. the nwlv appointed Jnpanesei
Consul ni New- York, arrived her tn
(lay froti Honoliilii. whei-. f ha" been Kiildrnile
stntloned eigat inontlie.
Kurusii was aslteil to talk about th
California legislation. "It wa- all
riRlit " he Mipmised. wlih a mile imu
1 bow. 'ci lie vvi'N shy on giving n per
sonal opinio.!.
"My tiansfer has nothing to do with
the present topic which is so much
.iinlei discussion,'' said KuriiHii. "I am
from the portfolio of Chancellor of the
b peeled to live. Kxih' quer to some other otllce. The
paper is evnlentlv unensy over me
projected llillllense I'lUUI.il ex'pellditute
and thinks the Chancellorship I" not an
otllce from which tlie great business of
tin- social 01 rtaiiiznilon should be di
rected. I'm tlieiinote, tlie .Vn101 ad
mit." thai the spei ul.it ion in Maiconl
shales has had an unpleasant effect. It
thinks that Sir Hufus Isaacs, the At
iornev.Genet.il. I." more 10 he blamed
... 1 in tli.s affair man i.iovu ueorge, nnu
TONSILITIS ATTACKS 400. iMom of ll)6
t - t n ft I.mi it rii II rtU flnlv i Mil hn 11(1
nl r.i.lon. Ma.. Ie. ' B(.Unov..I.dltP(i th- Am feeling of
I'nlille lluliaina. .affectionate admiration for the Chan-
Hostos. May 9 An epidemic of (on- j eellor and gratitude for Ills services to
solltis In Canton lias killed nine persons ' iilf. democracy will revive fully. What
In the
penitential. v depends on how crowded
he place is. It i likely that for the
pieseiu at l( ant the Inspectors will oc
cupy cells ill pairs. Sweeney and Mur
tha taking one cell nnd Hussey and
lOOlllin I linii,.iu:,i. .!,., ..., JIJ 1 ....
He I- ihe aviator who reeenil.v flew " " "' ",r
from Pa.is , 1 ondon tn lhe remarkably;
short t me of .1 hours ando minutes ; tcnay that probaby wmllcl nnt k'now
,.T inwritT ttm nrctrw' i "ntil Moiulav to wiiat work the four
VICE BILL MAKES HIM KLsIGN, inspectors will be assigned. There Is
clerical work to lie done, tlie baking of
wi iiiii v .emlil in xii 1 bread for the Department of Correction
( Hriiea Hrnml of Inluui.. . 'and tlie making of a variniy of article,
M.iiisnx Wi- May 9 - Assemblyman "ltlul"" s.im-a, v.uinii.g, unmrwui,
Carl Hanson of Manitowoc said to-day
that lie would quit the Legislature be
cause of the passage of a bill to create
a vice commission. He said:
"When the Legislature will pass a
hill as foolish as thai, appropriating
$10,000 for such a purpose, It Is time to
ro It Is n dlsRtace to our statutes, U
will biand the progressive State of Wis.
cousin as a place where Infamy abounds.
Four hundred 1 manv. would like tosee Is a new sphere! i nm going home, and 1 will not come
In the last two weeks
of tlie .1,000 lesldents are ill. Some j fol- him where his brilliant, restless
ate In a critical condition. All schools j ,n, Wll find a fresh Held. His work
and public bulldiiig.s have been closed, i n, tm, exchequer la done his work for
Huslness Is suspended practically. .social radicalism Is still to do."
Physicians have been unable to de. .p1(, .voflon has Inside sources of in
formation and may be foreshadowing
back "
llnnsnn then left the chamber and
took a train for home.
not here on any mission In regard to it. termine tlie cause of tlie epidemic, The i
I hope to take up my new pit in New stnte Hoard of Health discredits a re
York immediately." i.oi-t that milk from a farm near Can-
'How do the Japanese in Hawaii fee! , WHS responsible for the disease,
in regnid to tlie anti-Japanese sentl-I Twelve persons weie taken suddenly
menl on the coast'.'" Kiirusu was asked. in after attending a party on March
"Thev nre not worrying about it at i 27. Doctors who intended them said
a. Tlie Japanese who understand the tliev were suffering from tonsllltls.
contemplated changes In the Cabinet
400 4Uril In III Insurgent fiov
rrnor In onora He Declined.
Dot'iius, Ail?., May 9.- Four hundred
Japanese residents of Sonora State liavo
offered their hervlces In arms to L. I.
PleBqulera, the Insurgent Governor, ac
cording to n code telegram received to
day by the constitutionalist committee.
Fifteen Jnpnnese formed Ihe commit
tee which called on the Governor nt
Hermoslllo, I ho Stuto capital. They
composed, they said, all residents, of tho
State, mostly farmers and mechanics.
They offered to furnish their own am
munition for a time. The Governor,
thanked the eonimlttot! for tlio interest
In the welfano nf Mexico, but declined
the offer, explaining that tho .struggle
was one In which the Mexicans only
should participate.
matter nie keeping cool'
i Slnci
i idl.
then the disease has spread rap-
OnielHls lru Thai Walern Won't
He it end I nlll 1IIIN,
WvaillSOTON-, Mav 9. -Olllclnls denifyd
u,n,n.,rtl Itnrn 'n.itiil- lllut tlie I'jUI.
rind. True IIHI fhnmlim e.m- ,,, .. .,, ,. ,,,.., ....,
per Men Willi I.I bell lug sheriff, l!lls Ti. ottlclnl date of the com
A Grand Jur selected by Sheriff N. pletlon nnd formal opening to the world
Piter Wedln of Hudson county. N. J.
' Is January 1. 1H1S. It Is
.liipan Society Find wiaper Tom-' n- lnynrallir Candlrtolr In l,o
in e ii I (.'onileniii California. Angele Wat Connled Out.
In order to learn the sentiment of j Los A Num. eh. May . Thn Hoclallst
the country regarding the California executive committee will call a meetlnK
alien land legislation the Japan Socloty Mondny nfternoon to decide whether or
has made n four day test by carefully
studying about 1,300 editorials In 800
papers of this country with the follow
ing results:
Kdltorlals In about -100 papers were
of little Interest In point of direct com
ment. I'MltorlaU in ISO iiapera discuss the.
situation seriously, hut so judicially that
the papers cannot be classified,
Two hundred and seven newspapers
condemn California, commend tho
Pre.sldent'H course nnd declare that tho
nation cannot ullow dtncrltnlnutkm
ngnlnst tho Jiianese.
Twenty.flve nowepapers uupport California.
not to nppenl to the courts; for n recount
of tho ballots: cast nt last Tuesday'H
primary election. The Hoclullsts believe
that a recount will place Job Harrlman,
their candidate for Mayor, on the ticket
for tho election in June Instead of JndRo
II. II. nose.
The latest count shows thnt In 2S0
precincts Hose was credited with ii.13
votea that should havo been credited to
llarriman. Hose was only 600 votes
nhead of Harrlman before thn mistake
wiih found.
Socialist leaders sny they have evi
dence which will lead to n ficundal. In
stances of intoxicated Judges and other
Irregularities are mentioned.
handed up to County Judge Mark A.
Sullivan In Jersey City yesterday nfter
noon an indictment for criminal libel
against Gustave A. Selde, business mali
nger; Matthltis C. Kly. editor, nnd ex.
Mnyor Lawrence FoRnn, owner of the
Hudson Olmrrvr Tlie true bill wns
based on criticisms in the paper con
cernlng tho Shcilff as nil otllcinl.
Wedln has gone on record as oppos
Ing tlio stnnd taken by President Wil
son Hint tlio New Jersey Grand Jury
Hjstem needs leforiiiliig. Mr. Wilson
Insists that experience in Hudson
county and elsewhere has shown that
Justice can he better obtained by tak
ing the power of drawing Juries nway
from sheriffs,
At least one of Wedln's Grand Juries
has been dismissed without the thanks
of the court for refusing In lind a true
bill ngnlnst a public official who was
Involved, the court declared, by the con
fession of two ballot box stuffers In
crooked election work In Hoboken.
brushes and street brooms, mattresses
and other bedding, and there Is the
breaking of stone.
Decide to Take Term.
Not until the time for sentencing
came yesterday mornlni.- was it known
definitely that nonn of the Inspectors
would ask for a certificate of reason
able doubt, which, if granted, would
allow him to get release on ball pend
ing an appeal.
The prisoners were brought before
Justice Seabury and lined again back
of the rail a little before 11 o'clock.
Their counsel, including John B.
Stanchfleld, Francis L. Wellman.
Ueorge Gordon Battle and Abraham S.
Gilbert, were seated at the counsel
Chairs were brought for the prison
era while Mr. Stanchfleld, on behalf of
all four, made the usual motions for a
new trial and for an arrest of Judg
ment. These were denied and Clerk Penny
called the names of the defendants. The
four men rose from their chairs and
faced the court. Justice Seabury pro-
plnnned to
let water in next October and to be-
gin tn put ships ihrntish h few week's
ln.i-..iif lec. '
Itnpldlty of completion will depend ! nounred sentence with no frills or
on l he number nnd seriousness of slides , furbelows.
In Culebra cut and deliveries of ma
terial 'for lock gates, but officials suy
that they are figuring on January l,
l.rlpslc supreme Court Utiles
Merely a Mutual Promise.
vpfciuf falil llnpnlcli la Till Si v
11BIU.IN, May 9.- Tim Supreme Couit
at Lelpsic in trying a breach of prom
ise suit to-day ruled that "an engage
ment" Is not a binding obligation tn
marry, that it U merely a "mutuat
promise lending Immediately to a con
dition which may he described as af
flanceshlp." Anybody breaking an "afflnnceshlp" Is
liable to a suit for damages.
"Dennis Sweeney, John .T. Murtha,
James F. Thompson and Jams) ft.
Hussey," he said, "for the cflme of
which you have been convicted, con
spiracy. It in the sentence of this court
that you serve one year In the peniten
tiary and also pay a fine of IDOO."
Tlie maximum sentence waa no sur
prise to the defendants, as they had
expected no less. Following tha sen
tence there was n minute in which no
body moved. The prisoners seemed not
to know what was expected of Uom
Hussey who had led the way Into tha
court room, walking easily and seem
ingly unconcerned, Kept Ills composure.
Murtha,- whose face ullhougli tat has
little color, aeemod whiter than usual.
Thompson stood his ground, but cvls

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