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Cloudy to-day; shower" lo-morfow , modcr-
' ale northwest to.iijorth winds.
Detailed weather reoorts -$ltte roti-id nn ruge 15,
nt. LXXX. XO. 2.")(i.
Di-iiw ini: of Divatlnonglil
IVnii hiiniii Stolen
mi .March I.
Mining llliiepiinls Contain ;
mmtcH of Kin Control ;
.. W.l i: CO.MMKliCiAI.I.Y !
Onl it l'oreiirn Power WonMj
I'.n to iel Now Hilt tie- j
-1 1 i t Secret.. I
..T-.s. May 13 --There h.ne
i '.-.eitttl ihefts of plans of fnited
...ittl-slnps frcm the Nuy De
. in ..lll -es This dlsclnnire. made
s .ifternoon. caused a sensation
: -til. A cm s.
r -n ' lefts have been polnK on since
n.j:i" "f Miirch I. when certain plans
- newest dreadnought. Pennsyl
,i. were stolen from the bureau of
- i n ciifiineorlns. Similar plans of
r ops have been missed from the
ft ni' i rafting rooni-t.
IK. trs of the Department of Justice
' i e ett put on the case, hut Up to
1,1'e t eir luvestiB.itlons have broiiKht
. re-tilts The fact of tho thefts had 1
-n kept a close secret by Navy Ue-
rtment otllelals In the hope that the
t.-f mleht he apprehended.
r i.-jjh it Is the opinion nt the Navy
I iurtment thct tho plans were taken
i time ono employed In the building.
- Ticl'in haa not yet tested on any Imll-
. I and neither has any of the re--
'risible officers of the Department been
i retired for tho loss of the plans.
T. : plans of thu I't'iinsvlvanU which
- '.. tfken wrtj d"?crlbod as of little
u .i ..I themselves, and it is not thuir
t v.--l;h U cav.fjlns -ue'i particular
i.- -n. What alarms Secretary Dtn-
i nnd hl.i associates in tho Depart
i. nt is tho fact that apparently Minis
ie is able to steal hlKhly contld.-ntlnl
pi rj from tho Department and Ktt
nay with them undetected.
T io thought of what tin thief mluht
- f-tolen hns caused much more alarm
in tho knowledge of what he has
-ceeded In taking.
The first plans stolen were some per
ng to the battleship Pennsylvania,
tronster dreadnought, the contract
r tho construction of which was
k .e.l lust two weeks before the end
I'..' Tuft administration. ' These
i iri were not complete nnd had to do
n 'ii the deck iletails of tile vessel.
plans were especially for the
r .rpose of showing the arrangement
-fe vast amount of electrical wiring
i N nn every modern warship. It
i. ied at tho Navy Department that
i. -e plans would be worth very, much
1 .! y one. It is reported, however,
the face of thin denial that the. plans
hnwed the wiring for the tiro control
rpri'js. Including the wiring of the
turn t.
At '-it the only real secret connected
l ' tiatllesbln rnn-tlrnctlnti ti.,u-ii,t-i-4
th- lire control npparatuH, that is I
'.. t eetru-jii devices and arar.genients ,
' wlirh the tiring of the big guns i
- (omrolled from a central sliitlon.
'".very nation endeavors to gtiaid its
lire - ontr.il devices from eveiy other. j
' . t'e other hand, It is informa- !
'' ii a-, .t dr.. control which !overn- '
n' lo.iinliiinltig navies are most ,
obi.iln In leganl to their I
- ..lewd that a matter of Kener-tl
i r Mipn ii ut-niui ny ine ijcpnrt
'"f ' ' i tin- stolen plans showed the
c i i.. Hi., control apparatus of
-Ivama. Some navy offliers
.iu i.i ii..,.,) privately that the missing
pr , untamed theft details,
I." tlr- theft of plans occurred on
' " r-u i , f Maich -I. f)n that evening
" .i w n. p.irtment buildliiii was
' I u.th usitors to view the flro
" ' Hie opt-ii parking south of
' ! g. The plans wen incoui-
' ' '" 1 a ilraiighlsman who had .
; .hi iheni i certain tliey f
' " 1-lUUt at. 7 o'cloeU lu the I
' In- ii.-m niornuig they were
! r-li other thefts occurred. 1
" ' HI W.IS the MICH 1 1 UK of llll- '
I 'ciinxyh iitiia plans nl-
i' I'lans running to other
iti I "-.-II taken flutll the
ii i' 'In- bureau of steam en-1
pinni all had to do ,
' "f deck mnuigemeiits and
l i'. nn to thi guns or hull '
'' i plans have absolutely no i
i i' mil v Department olllclals!
1 "ii' u-liin left but that smiii. 1
'""K lil.-m lu the hope of
f them to re'prefi ntatlvtw
- i 'loieinnu-iit or that somoi
-i it'-ly carried out th- theft i
' mi" f.f some similar agency,!
-.I' long expi-rli-ncif nt thol
.ntmenl .laid t,.-dy that thin
ii-st oi-currenci' ot the kiad at I
; run.-nt In their knowledge,
me planet of n Kiibniarlne werei
! it th-.' the!! 'viis iiuppost-d ;
"ten ciimmiittii on lieimif of
of the comil.lllV which u-as ,
'ho s.inm,irliie. j
of bnth the nriny and navy I
aware tnai most Kuropean
' in!t and some others maintain
1 " '.nn nnd always hnvii in their
mill's who are epictid to steal
r"i a.s cnnfidentlnl Information of
" ar. character. Tho UnlKd States
"f tour-,0 has no uch sytem.
I.nh.ir r..mi,1M(.r
till- I.IIKUt'llllellll-.
V.M.s.,T(.s. May i:t-.ir. I'hailcs p
, 1 1 1 - 1 'timilwl,.M.r ,,f Labor, has ten-'lM-.i
li.s I .-signal on , p,.,.,,!,!,, wil
"n mill win 1 1 'i i ii,. 1 ifiitl uf th,. n.-wlv
rented ,,iir il iat ttiK-nt uf tin- Amcrl
iin Siiieltlnir , n,,MMU Company
"lit lol,,y ,.,,VH ,t illfllio
Dr. .Will is the second linpoiiiuit Gov
riimi'tit ortlclat wlui has recently gone
with th,. Guggenheim, wnimm Loeb,
. I" t.l heroine mi nirir.T nf Dim Atneti-
an Sim-ltlng anil Refining Company
when ho tithes rimn th, Ilectorshlp
"Mile putt f NVw V.uk.
The icMgnutloii cf lir. .Will Is nil th,.
Wore suipilslug bream-.. lit-4 teappoltit
"""Ml Iihh J It 1 been rotiflllii.-il bv tin
ift-r ii long light. I If Ik ii I!...
publican, but was iriiotiiinutrd by Presi
dent Wll'uii bcc.iiiM. of bit reronl of
rnt ..-in . ii,. wiix appointed i.v i'i..
III. 'lit t:,ioii. ,.t ,
John i: Wllklc. rhlcf f the special
customs agent of th- Tte.isnrv. IV-
p.irtmeiii. will t..gn to I inn., n.n.
iH'i'tfd with ii large business tlnn In
Chicago. .ir Wllkle f,,r f0,rtl.,.n v,..,
Wiln lli-lllt of til.. s.lTl-t service force. A
e.ir or more ago he was :i p.,.lut!
Ii.'inl of the division of th- Tie.iriury
Department which ,iim to .In with In'.
W-Stlgatillg CII-tOtlH fiauds
'I'eleplione Inventor Says Haiti
win Will Try to Cnxs
in :
KvtiMtr. X S.;May 13 Dr. Alexander
Ciaham Hell announced that V. ('. Ilald
win. one of his assistants, will endeavor
to cross the Atlantic in an aeroplane In
mi effort to win the Hrltlsh prize of
,r.:..00i to the tn st aviator who spans
the ocean lu less than seventy-two
hours. Prof. Hell believes that the Jour
ney will be made. If at oil, in one split t.
Starting from Halifax In the early
morning we should reach the coast of
Ireland for a late dinner." he said.
Dr. Hell's calculations are based on
the assumption that the distance Is 2 Ono
miles and that an airship Is capable of
n speed of forty miles an hour at nor
mat elevation. He proposes that the
flight be made at mi nltltud.i of five
miles, where nm-thlrd the density of
normal atmo-.pheio would . rrnlt a
much greater ept-ed
If Dr. Hell, inventor of the telephone,
I in accomplish what he has set mil
to do he will have to break the a.latlon
records for distance, spee.j, .ihl'.iid- und
duration of flight.
If Aviator Halduln 1ms hU early
breakfast In Nova Scotia Ht I A M anil
his late supper In Ireland a: ! p. M. he
will be allowe.t seventeen hours to cover
the 2 20U miles from Xoa Scotia to
Ireland. To do this he will have to
trael at the rate of over r.".t miles an
The aviation record for speed, what
ever the length of flight, is 106. 11 miles
in notir. maile by Jules Vedrim-s t au
l-Ysn-e. on .Inly 13, a ten M
m..tH.- tiiitiit i!,,i.i,. . ...in . .
ibis recnni ' i,v ! 1... ..
hour nnd keep'lt up for seventeen hours. I
whereas Vedrlnes kept up his sn,.'.(i fori
only three minutes and thlrtv seconds
The avLitlnir rerot.i r,,r '.u, "...
Tim aviating recoid for distance Is
that made by K. Helen nt l-'tninpes,
Trance, on September S. mi. when
T7S.45 miles were covered. Haltlwln
will have to My almost threo times us
The reco. d for duration of flying Is 11
hours and 1 minute, made by O. Fourney
at Hue, France, on September '1, 1911.
The altitude record Is held by O.
legagneux. Ho r6se 17,878 feet on Sep.
ternher 17, 191D. Baldwin will have to
go about as high again to attain his IHe
Ilriirrsentatlvr llrflln' Poll (itir
('mine a lllaek Kr.
WASiii.viiTON-.May 13 - Representative
.1. T. Hetlln of Alabama announced to
day that n poll of ills fellow members
which he hiw Just taken shows the ma
jority lu the House ngalnst "votes for
women" to be .". to 1 He adds that
the sentiment In tint Senate, nreordlng
to his advices, Is nlmost as overwhelm
ingly opposed to woman suffrage.
"Recent dovi'lopmentH in the tight for
woman suffrage have opened tho eyen
of t'ongress ns they hnve opened th
eyes of Intelligent men throughout the.
country." said Mr Hetlln "Thinking
men are beginning to realize that tho
ngitntlon in behalf of votes for women
?. on.- "I- thu grnvti! perl's mer.RcIng
the welfare of the country to-day.
"Tht men of .Michigan awoko to tho
situation n few weekis ago. Equal
suffrage, which was defeated In .Mich
igan Inst fall by only 700 votes, was
snowed under this spring by a majority
of n'most l'JO.000.
"I received a letter from s eorre.
sponiieni in .tiiioiiuti a lew oays ago
faying that equal suffrage has douo i
moie to iicmnniiize ttio women of thu
State than could be offset hy any of
the alleged reforms which the suf
fragists claim, with little foundation
In fact, that they could establish if
they got the ballot throughout the
"(Vitalnly the suffiaglds may expect
little sympathy or support from this
Administration "
Takr rnse ot Thrati-e at 43i Street
for "tine Yrara.
(leoriro M. Cohan took n lease yester
day for nine years of the Cohan Then
tre, which Is part of tho Fitzgerald
Hulliilng nt the southeast comer of
llrohdwiiy and Forty-third street. It
will pay J."0.000 a year rent,
Reiently the men who supplied the
material for tho Fitzgerald Iluildlng In
uiljustlng their claim took over the
property under Icnse nt $100,000 a year,
Cnhun, therefore, pays half ot tho total
rent for the bulldlnt.
Krcentric American Mux Lived
on the VnlfrtMii More 'riiim
Twcntv Years.
Nephew of K. I'llltoii CllHinir
'ai Once Prominent in
Society Here.
ln;,l! I jilt lltit'itttk to Tlir. Si s
Loni.on, Mil v 13 - McKvcts I ..nurd
Hiown. tin' eccentric American yachts
man. Is eiioiisl III nboaiil IiIk yiu'hl
Vnlft.-.Mi. which I win b.'i-ii tiKKiri'il slni'i.
!' a mil.' iin.l u half from lirlKhl-llnf.-x.-a
A i.by.iiolHii uttciiils him every
d.iy. II.- mlvlKi-M that tht i.-iUi'llt shoillil
not I... ilWturb.-il by vlltors. of whom
tlton ii n InindrciN dally, who rimu In
liiMt and KHtlxT around tht Valfrt-ya.
Smile of these are woulibbe borrow-
others are merely curiosity seek
und from these the ferrymen reap
rich hall est. The new of the yacht
ate M-ry anxious about tin condition
of "Sir H.iyurd," us he is popularly
known, as they are afraid that they
will never Ret another employer who Is
V. genial anil open handed.
.Mr. Hrown has not landed from the
yacht for weeks. The townsfolk of
Hi lghlllngsea, who are Rrateful for his
benefactions, are equally perturbed over
Ills serious physical condition.
At the m'outh of the little Colne. a
river that a Texan would call a creek,
off the snuat village of Hrlghtllngsea
swings at anchor the yacht Valfreya,
and has swung there while the tides of
twentv years have splashed around her
McKvers Hayard Hrown Is the son of
the late Alexander Speers Hrown and
grandson of Hubert Haynrd. He Is a
cousin of H. Fulton Cutting nnd was
prominent in New York society. One
day he suddenly decided to go cruising,
built himself the splendid Valfreya and
started off to circle the globe. On this
cruise he developed the Idiosyncrasies
that his friends had never dreamed were
part of his makeup and that made his
actions matters for worldwldo go'.slp.
one of tile most marked of the rlt.ii
man's eccentricities was to douse his
crew with water. They were In Sweden
the first time he did thin, pouring bucket
after bucket of Ice cold water on the
itnsuspwtlnsc member. of the crew. A
soon as they anchored off Hrtghtllngsen,
never to tnjr up the anchor aciln th'.
yacht owner hired a new crew. He took
on forty-thr". men, n tremendous num
ber for even so large a yacht as the
Valfreya, and stipulated that they should
take all punishment for Insubordination
cheerfully. The men .signed up will
Ingly enut'jh, for the p.iv was large,
but tli.-v didn't know what was In store
for them.
Mr Hrown had a large squirt gun
made. Armed with this the very first
nUht he stole Into the forecastle and
into iti" astoiiisiieii ear or one or . ne new
'' - shot a stinging charge of water.
"'V'1'1 lM", r'l!,1"riy lrn"r. ""'!
fl"t " 11,1 ,'lllor Mx h" lllri"1
nn"t,T "of ' lw salary.
The Valfreya has a large library, and
there he would sit reading and looking
out nt the quaint housetops of Hrlght
llngse.i across the water.
Of courxe discharged sailors told In
every public house of the strange doings
of this hermit from overseas. He would
Invite the members of the crew In to
have ale with him and when they stood
up wiping their mouths on the backs of
their hands h would light Into them
with a cudgel and heat them until they
were black and blue
In spite of all this, however. Mr.
Hrown has established a reputation as n
philanthropist and he Is Just ns ecceu
trie In his dimities as In anything els-.
The boatmen of Hrlglilllngsea have
made much money taking out visitors
to the Vnlfreya. Mr. Hrown shouts at
them to keep off, but the wise hang
nroiiml until rough weather comes and
then the Valfreya's owner takes pity on
the little boats mid lets down gang
planks for their occupants. Then the
widow from t'olchester who has lost her
cow sobs out her story and ilr. Hrown
sends her away with monev for n new
one, or sends her awny with a tongue
lushing, as the case may b". He gave
new parks to Colchester and Hrlghtllng
sea and kept libraries of the Kssex coast
well stocked with good books
V lien the Valfreya first dropped
nnchor she flew the American tlag, hut
that has come. down. Some time ago an
uttempt was made to colli ct nn income
tax from III" wealthy old man, but lie
sent the collectors tlylr.g, telling them
that he was a citizen of no countrv
A. II. WlllliiKhani Kllle.l, Three A.
oeliite Hnrt In Vlrarlnla.
iucmmosii, Va., May 13 - Andrew H. 1
willlughnm, chief buyer of the Aincrl-
can Tobacco Company, received Injuries
of which h died; Thomas J. Walker, a
director of the American Tobacco Com
pany, was perhaps mortally hurt, nml
other olllclals of the company and a
! negro chauffeur were Injured when a
touring car owned by .Mr, Walker over
turned as It was leaving the Country
Club of Virginia (o-nlght.
ilr. Wllllnghatn died a few minutes
after reaching St. Luke's Hospital.
The chauffeur took the Inside turn on
a steep down grade nt a sharp turn on
the turtkback driveway from the club
house Instead of going to tho outside,
Mr, Willlngljam was caught under the
.1, E, Lipscomb of tho leaf department
of the tobacco company wan Injured
about the knee and Frank P. Smith,
district niaiuigei' of tho Federal Cigar
Company, was slightly Injured. The
only man unhurt was Oscar C. Gregory,
Mr. Walker's assistant,
ANGOSTURA RITTRIta orlflnated IVt, an
old frtandi an (ITecilve Sprue tonic .las,
MAY 14, 1913. cowum,
Ctrl enllciit inlet llrr l.lfr l"
-ItiiiililliH lit limit CriiMlllH.
Niiwiii kiiii, ilaj 13 Dr. I-:. P. HrookH
of tlilt i-ny wuh liiKtuntly klllfd whi'ii
lilft .nitoiiiobllc wiim Ktnult by tin Tux
fdo i:spriMH tn-nlKlit. MIh May C.
.Martin, ii xtrnoKraiiliiT, who also wan
In t hi iinichlui, Miivt-il her llfn by Juinp.
luir. but w.ih badly hurt aUiut tht- hf,
Tin luvlilcut orciirrrd at tht Wills
tiatt- Junction of tin Krlt- Itallro.ul.
Allhoim-h tlilH Iiils bi'i'ti rt-Kitrdi-d ei a
dnimproim oioimlnR no watchman was
slatlotii-il tlioro to.nlKht.
Dr. Ilrooka rpet-ntly optTated upon
, Alls .Martin nnd after he had drHiid I
her wound thin afternoon he offered to
take lu-r for u motor ride In the country.
Ml Martin wan the Hrnt to ceo the .
approaching train. She called the doc-I
ioi . attcntl.in to It and then Jumped. (
I She wim unoonitcloiiH when paHsenKer.i .
' r.'..t.l II. A t..l.. ...I .... . tlmm
I Mm tin and the body of the dortnr were
broii'.'ht to lhl city on the train. The '
niiiclilin- wiim tlemnllshed and the cow-iiitclu-r
on the locnninttw wii. twinled
out of Nh.ipe
MIim Martin N 10 yearn old. tier
mat her In rrlllrally III and him not been
Informed of tin accident. Dr. nrooks
was about :i7 vears of iiki. lie In snr.
vlied In hla wife.
Utiroii Who Murdered Princess
Triaomi Made Desperate, hy
Solitary Confinement.
Sptrlal Cahlr littpatch to Tn Sii.
ItnMK, ilny 13. Llout. Itaron Paterno
him become desperate over Ills solitary
confinement for life for murdrlng his
mistress, the Princess Trigonn, lndy In
waiting to the Queen. On several oc
casions within a week he has attempted
to 1:111 himself.
The Hnron, who Is In the Porto
I.ongom prison, grabbed the hand of
the harber who was shaving him two
days ago nnd tried to press the rnzor
Into his throat. He also broke n
window In the Infirmary nnd reopened
a wound ho had already suffered by
smashing the glass The prisoner Is
weak from loss of blood and i now
kept in a padded cell, where he Is being
eons'nntly watch d by the doctor?. They
refuse to give morphine, lor which he
Is constantly clamoring.
The crime for which th Baron Is suf
ferlng life Imprisonment wiut contmlttVd
on Mnrch 2, Tjlt. He killed his mis
tress, the Princess (llulln Trigonn dl
Par..' Ella, who was n nlere nf thn-Mar.
(tills tit San Glullano. the Minister of
Foreign Affairs, and n cousin of the
Prince dl Pealn. an attach. In the For
eign Office. She was 36 y.nrs old. while
the Lieutenant w-ns only SI. The Prln
c'ss nas found dead In her bed, having
been stabbed n the neck with a hunting
knife. The Lieutenant was found on
tho floor with a bullet wound under his
.lust before the tragedy the husband
of the Princess had "Uiuinoued her to
court In s.'tpar.Klon pint eeillng becm-v
of th common scandal about her rela
tions with I. lent. Paterno
! Ilr and Wire, former .ti-trrm, Wel-
I rnmeil In llrlrrss's Home.
Saiutihu. N V.. May 13. Mrs. Almen
L. Hanson of Hrooklyn. an heir of th
I.eland Stanfonl estate, settled her dif
ferences to-tliv with her son, Walter L
Hanson, who mnirled Henrietta Re tttl,
a vauilei 'He actress of New York, con
trary to his niothei'H wishes.
Mrs. Hunon. who hail brought suit
to have the young mall declared In
competent on tin ground of habitual
I drunkenness, welcomed him to In-r sum-
, tiler home here, nnd the Intl and his bride
1 will spend the summer with Mrs. Han-
son. All legal pioceetllng were
i dropped.
I Hanson had transferred lo his mother
a f,".0,On0 bequest which he had received
from his grandfather, the late ITcury
H. t!nn".in. After the weil.flug he
brought suit to h n n ill this Ir.msfei
ilr. Hanson who Is it ears old, mnr
rled In Philadelphia last election day
without informing his mother. As soon
as she stopped his allowance he took
action to annul the transfer of thr be
quest and the mother begun the re
tallatory action. As late as March B
a hearing was In Id In this city to de
termine the hgnl resident i of Hanson,
who then had upai tinents at 4lfi Central
Park West. :
Young Hansons tvtctnlx w if fid in!
love with Ml" l!"il"t when she was'
singing in a Harlem vaudeville house.1
He hud played with her when he was aj
child, but up to that time Irid not seen j
her since she went on the stage.
He'll MttLe l',ti-'l -fan In lh Slate1
I Put In Oar a Month.
A Mian r, May 13.- "If I had my way
' I'd make every man In the State of New
' York plant a tree every month," said
i Gov, Sulzer to-day, Interrupting a hear
1 Ing on hills appropriating $310,000 for
the New York State College of Forestry
nt Syracuse 1'nlverslty.
"I have alwoys planted trees," said
the Governor. "When I was n boy back
on the farm every rainy day, when there
was nothing else to do, wns spent In the
woods, My father taught me to dig up i
little trees and to plant them along tho '
road. I
"When people pass that farm nowa-l
days they exclaim lit the beau I y of thu
elms mid the maples. My fat!. or was
forty yeurs ahead of his time on for-1
entry. That was practical forestry and
that Is what I want the people of New
York to learn mid practice."
Representatives of Cornell University
opposed the bills, saying that forestry
Instruction could be given at Cornell for
one-quarter of the appropriation desired
by Syracuse.
ijij, i tnr mmiun nd rubmhmo
Mr. anil Mrs. Wiilimn Wood
ward Ctiiifrht in Overhirneil
Siniish nl Miidison Avenue nml 1
7'Mli Sre-t On Way to
I'. 11. Iloffinan' Dinner.
! Mrs William Woodward, wife of the .
president of the Hanover National H.ink.
,. , ,,,,
was cut by glass and badlv bruised when
the brougham In which she mid her
husband were riding was knocked over
on Its side by all automoiille at Madi
son aveniid am' Sevt nty-nlnth street
Inst night. Mr Woodward escaped with
a few brulsi s.
Mr. nnd ills. Woodwnrd were on
their wny to dinner nt the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Francis H. Hoffman, at 5S Fast
Seventy-ninth street. As their brougham
was turning from Mndlson nventte Into
Seventy-ninth street a limousine be
longing to . I). Prntt of 71' Fast
Eighty-second street came across town
from the park In Seventy-ninth sticet.
The nutomohllo struck the rear
wheels of the brougham and threw the
rarrlago over on tho northbound trol
ley trnekn.
A northbound Mndlson avenue car,
which was coming up the ;trnde at low
speed, slowed down still mor fur the
crossing because of the regular st.p de
manded by the rules at the northern side
of' Seventy-ninth street, ilotorman
Michael McMahon put on the air brakes
and stopped his car a foot or less from
the overturned brougham.
Mr. Woodward crawled tiirough the
broken window of the overturned
brougham nnd the motormnn, itcMnhon,
nnd Samuel Sandow of 73 Fast d; it
street assisted Mr, Woodward In ge'tlng
tho door open and bringing Mr.i. Wood
ward up through the opening.
Others seized the honn, a hlrh
spirited animal, nnd began unbuckling
It from the brougham. Mrs. Woodward
was carried to Mr. Hoffman's houre,
onlv a few doors from the corner.
- William Delaney of 133 West Fifty
first street, Mr. Woodward's coachman,
and Albert White of the same nddress.
the gloom, find been thrown from the!
driver's seat.
Delaney wtruck on his head on the
pavement. His calp was cut. his left,
enr nnd noso were torn nnd his face
wns cut and bruised, White landed nn
thw fn'.Ifin linriti nr.d ro'.'.ed.cff. He had a
cut on the hend.
The eonchmnn end White were car
ried into the Woodward house.
The nccldent occurred at 8:10, accord
ing to the watches of some of tin other
gi'ests nt thu Hoffman dinner. -listen
!ray, ono, of these, had Just driven up
to the Hoffman home In his nutomohlle
when he heard the crash behind him,
and Jumping out. ran back.
Witnesses s..t up a cry for police with
a view to getting an ivinbiii.-im i
It was
elgliteeii miniiii-s. act ontlng to (he wit-- the water within 1,500 feet. P. rose
nesses, before a policeman arrived. At easily within 1,000 feet,
t-cs the wltnessi-1 said -i policeman got ' The nevt was nn endurance test, the
there from n nenrby post and sent In n requirement being that the machine
call for an ambulance from Flower Hns- . should stay In the air one hour. The
I'ltal. , machine stnyed 1 hour and S minutes.
Meanwhile private phy.lclans had ' The third w-as for tin machine to
been called to care for .Mrs. Woodward, ride nt nnchor one-half hour In the
wim was bleeding considerably when I open sen.
she was taken from the brougham, j Aviator Frank Coffyn wns nccom
They hImi looked out for the coachman panled by Lieut. Murray, F S. N., as
and groom. .observer.
i When the ambulanie arrived nr.
.Qti.mlia. who came with it. took charge' IMPERAT0R TO SAIL JUNE 11.
I of D"laney and White, both of whom'
weie put Into the ambulance, treated and nir Steamship Ksprrtrd to Arrlrr
taken to their home. j ,. ,,,. Trln Janr ,.
.mi iioioiiiooiie was secureu anil ilr.
Woodward took his wife home, .-iccotii- ,
llflMtl.fl I.v lilt, nl,i-ul,l(.,,.i i. ...... ..f.l
at the Woodward homo last night that
.Mrs. Woodwards condition was not
I serious. alili..i...i, t. i. ..ii.. .i,,.!,..
'up and was suffering from the 'shock In
addition to the cuts from the broken
glass of the brougham windows.
The Pratt automobile was In charge
of .Mr. Pratt's chaiifTenr. Frederick
l Itavmond of lii:t l-:.isi Kielnv.tirMi
I With him on the driver's seat was i
(icorge Iris, a chauffeur, who gave his
ndilrejis as the Niagara hi rage.
Raymond Mopped Ills car after
striking the brougham and ran back
to help the injured. He explained that
he was on his way from the garage to
Mr. Piatt's home In response to u ciU.
OVle of the witnesses toltl ilr. (Il.iy
that the car wns going about elghtt-'tl
miles an hour when It struck the car
riage. Raymond insisted that he was
not going too fast and that 'he troubl
was caused I.v ,ochm..n of t..
ug In ahead of h m or.
the 'rn !mt -vent, v. i, tnth str-.
ItuMiiunil w.illd f..i- ii... iw.tl,-..
his num.- to them mid went on with I of Fowler, Crouch A Vann of Syru
his car to ilr. Pratt's. At the Pratt I1'"8"- Th. members of the firm re
home a tew minutes ier it was said ! A1'"-rt Fowlt"r IP"nard C. Crouch
that Mr. Pratt ha.l gone out in his j "-ylng Dllluye Vutin.
machine. ! Justice Frederick W. Kruse of Olean,
After it wns learned that ills Wood-' "'ni '' Appellate Division. Fourth
ward, while painfully hurt, was not In Department, is promoted to be Presiding
any serious condition th. dinner t.arty i ,"sllc' of ,lmt oourt ln ,,"co of ,no m,
nt the Hoffmnn home went on. ir JustU'o MfLennon,
ItotTinan is secretary of the Realtv
Company at 11 Hroadwuy. The guest's
Included Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ooelet,
Mr, und Mrs. Leonard Thomas and ilr.
and Mrs. Austen Grnv.
riarrd thr 7 Foot Monster far
Two Hour Urforr ilr Gen Up.
Miss Ellen Knlpe of Pliilodolplih, a
passenger on the Fnited Fruit liner
Pastures, lu yesterouy, brought hero
nnd will take to Philadelphia with her
a collection of llztnls winch she mnde
In the West Indies and Central merlca.
MUs ICnlpe didn't con due her atten
tion exclusively to lizards. While the
ship was in Port l.lrnon sho captured
a shark 'hat measured seven nml a
half feet. Stio declined nli offers of
assistance In handling the monster and
Bhe played tho shark for two hours.
She was nearly exhausted when tho
ahark turned over and gav up the
struggle. Then the sailors hauled him
on boArt.
Out tin .l,nIO Ball IViidliiK Ht-ltr-liiK
for . Trial.
'i ('iil'Aiio, May 13. Jack .Tohninn. the
m-uro piiKlllft, waa found guilty tn
I nlBht cut seven chaws of violation of
the Mann white slavo net. Tho Jury
deliberated only a few hours.
The penalty I.h Avis years Imprison
ment mid J 10,000 fine on each count.
Motion t,mm niado fur n nr, trl.il,
urKument for which was set for May U.
tohnson was released on 130,000 ball.
dies After cabaret dance.
Mo"" T1"" --.aiiuriiu in
I .ftrr ratal lie Danir,
After dancInK ull the evening In the
, I'alals do Danse, at tlroodway and Fif
tieth Mlreet, Dill Ills V. .M.ihcji, ii Hpotme
Importer living at 21. West Ninety-
flghlli street, became III on Uroadwjy
""rly lM"h '"?, "J? H ,.or.lly
after teaching tho Polyclinic Hospital,
M Moil,.H ,W(, ,n ,hfl danoo hal
with a friend. Joseph Ktelnburg, a law
yer of n" Fast Ninety-sixth Htreet.
They left there nboilt '1 o'clock nnd
started to tvnlk up Hroadw.iy nnd had
gone but a short way oeforo Mr. Moses
felt faint. Mr. Stelnburg calltvl a tnxl
cab nnd took his friend to the Polyclinic.
Mr. Moses's placo of business was 73
Wooster street. Ho was 30 yirs old.
Ills wife Is nt present in Fiirope,
Mhf nn it llrr Mother Arr i:nnlng
Outdoor l.lfe In California.
los ANorxEs, May 13. Accompanied
by her mother llnmnna Dordon arrived
In Los Angeles this morning from Chi
cago nnd went at one to Al
hambrn, the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. L.
H. Hallt.
Mrs. Borden declined to make nny
statement an to future plnno, more than
to say that the girl's education would
hnvo due consideration In the next
few weeks. For the present tho girl
will have the freedom of rnnch life
at Allmmhra.
MlnnranolU'a Creir Amnar thr Pa
arnajera at firm.
Passengers on tho Atlantic Trans
port liner Minneapolis, which got In
yesterdny from London, had the un
usual experience of seeing a boat raco
nt pen.
At noon Monday, when It waa found
that the steamship could not make port
until next morning, tho Minnrtaipolls
stopped nnd her captain ordered a boat
drill. The drill ended with a race
between crews from th -dnward's de-
partment nnd ths- stoke hold. Thoro
was some lively betting on the race,
which wns over a couree estimated
to be n mile. The firemen won by half
a length.
Invj- Crall Itrmalua Aloft an Hoar,
Float In Open "-ra.
Mnm.EHtvn, Mass, May 13. The new
flying boat built for the Fnited States
navy hnd the first of n series of tests
this morning and met nil the require
ments. In the mntter of gftnway the con-
tract called for the mr.chlr.e to rise from
The local otllct r of the Hnmburg
Vinerlran Line reported yesterdny that
; J"" IJl',ra,t,r "'
fr"m ""m'"'.n, Mil ,4, but,w"
, prohjbly be held up until June 11 nnd
nrrlv" ,,,''" "" ,M'r maMt'n tri "n
. 1 ' . , ,, , ,
I s"Vfr" " H Ha '' !""' ,Um'm
,",''l ""' '"l-nniry heithlng place of
1 ,n' "nperator In the lower Kibe that
t" next -nK tlir sie.ims.up v.iii
ni ve in lie In the road i under steam
li us retarding the work that has Kf 111
to he done before she enn sail.
tlnv, tili-r Appoint Ononlaii
County Committee. Chairman.
Ai.TUN'r, May 13. Gov. Sulier has
appointed Leonard C. Crouch of Syra-
I cuse, chairman of the Democratic com
mittee of Onondaga county, us a Justice
"f , m: 8",r,;?,' Co,", of ,nB I?fJh !!H-
tiict to llll the vnenncy caused by tho
l death nf Justice Mcl.ennon.
Justice t'rouch l a member of the law
Jlisiice tit'iuy 4. ftt-uuKH ui J'jaus
burg is designated as an assistant Jus
tice of the Appellate Division, Fourth
Department, ln place of Justtco Kruse.
MUa Mlllrrman Ovrrconir by fiaa
Whllr Talklna- to A. B, Croner.
.Miss Marlon Mlllermtin, a stenog
rapher, wns overcome by Inhaling gas
while she was telephoning to her fiance,
Allied H. Croner, who Is also her em
ployer, In trie hitter's office ut 20C
West Forty-second street, yesterday
Miss Mlllerman stayed lute lu ihe
tiffin nnd Mr. Croner called her up on
the telephone to Hnd out how her work
was getting on, He heard her call
out, and tho crash of Ihe receiver at her
end ot the line told him that something
was wrong, wim a poiicrmiin ne peu
to his office In an automobile and found
his fiancee unconscious on the floor.
It In thought she accidentally turned
on the cock of a gas jet near her elbow
when she telephoned.
Doinocrnts Lose Day in Talk
l a 111 or Than Moot a
Tost, Voto.
Fighting lo Avoid Public
Healings hy Finance
!.fi l-'ollette .loins Penrose, ar.il
Strnpsl'! Will Ue I?e
sninetl To-day.
Washington, May 13,-The Demo
crats are going to have a tight squeezo
In carrying the present tariff pro
gramme through tin Senate. Again to.
day they were nfrnld to risk a vote on
the proposition to dispense with hear
ings on the bill nnd wen obliged to
ndjourn without nny progress having
been made.
The matter came up shortly after tho
Senate met nt 'J o'clock nnd for two
hours there was a debate ln which
party lines were drawn sharply. Final
ly the Democrats put an end to tho
colloquy by moving for nn executive
The claims which the Democratlo
leaders had been making of Republican
support in opposition to public hear
ings fell flut and the Democratic op
position to Chnlrman Slmmons's plan
for referring the bill without Instruc
tions for public hearings wns so great
thnt the Democrats feared a test of
Mr. Simmons held the floor for nearly
two hours. He renewed his motion for
n reference to the Finance Committee,
and Immediately Senator Penrose
offered an amendment Instructing the
committee to grant hearings. Hcfnn
the debate ended Senator La Follettn
come fo.-ward with a modification of
Senator Penrose's amendment.
Senator La Follette's motion directed
tho Finance Committee to propound to
all persons who sought hearings six
teen questions to bo answered under
oath intended to elicit Information as
to the particular Industry Involved, rn
cost of production nt homo and ahrr.nd.
the amount of Importations, market
prices, competition and transportation.
Senator Penrose uceepted Mr. La Fol
lette's amendment.
When the Democrats through Pen
ntor Kern, their. !-ider, asked for nit .
xecut!ve srs'len '.he P.iipiililcnr.s re
sisted and demanded n roll cull, hut tho
executive j-esslon was ordered h a voto
of 48 to 34. three Progressive Repub
licans La Follette, Works and Poln
tlexter voting with tho Democrats.
At the time the executivo session was
moved by ilr. Kern, Senator .Simmons
was still explaining that there was no
necessity for further public hearings.
The eagerness of the Republicans to
get a vote to-day on the question of
public hearings and tho unwillingness
of the Democrats, apparently to muke
n test of strength occasioned much
surprise. Hefore the Senate met to-day
it was freely predicted even by the
Republican lenders thnt the Democrats
probably would be able to defeat tho
demands for public henrlngs, but It
soon become apparent that they
couldn't see enough votes In Mght to
muke their point.
The struggle will probnbly be re
newed to-morrow, anil there Is soma
talk of according public hearings nnd
limiting the time to ten dnys or two
In his speech to-day Chairman Sim
mons warned Senutors that if pub
lic hearings wero held It would pro
long the tariff legislation for six weeks
at least. He told his colleagues that
the Democrats lu this case were follow
ing the example set by tho Republicans
under the leadership of Senator Aldrlch
at the time the Pnyne-Aldrich law was
before the Senato Commltteo on Fi
nance. He was quizzed sharply by Senator
William Alden Smith, Senator Penrose,
Senator Llppltt and Senator Galllnger.
Senator Simmons Anally took Mr.
Smith off his feet by saying that he
decllnpd to ylM ffr u "volrwnlc rrup-.
Senator Llppltt declared that the
Democrats were legislating mi the tniiff
In "star chamber session." Senator Pen
rose declared It wan even worse than
that. When Senator Simmons declared
that the only result that would follow
tho granting of public henrlngs would
be "long winded speeches," Senator Pen
rose retored thai Mr. Simmons hnd evi
dently forgotten tils own speech lasting
four days tn support of tho duty on
lumber delivered when the Payne-Ald-rich
bill was up.
The Republicans howled with delight
at this thrust and Chairman Simmons,
Joining in tho laughter provoked at his
expense, declared that at that time the
materials that entered Into the manu
facture of lumber were all highly taxed
and that he had aald at the time that If
tho burdensome taxes on the production
of lumber were removed lie would te in
fuvor of placing lumber on the free list.
"Tho Senator Is almost as earnest
now as he waB at that time In favor of
he duty on lumber," interjected Sena
tor Penrose, whereat the Republicans
again Joined ln laughter at the Demo-
rratlc expense.
It was evident that the Republicans
were uniteu in opposition io inn uuuci-
wood bill. One ot the manifestations of
harmony that aroused much comment
was Senator Penrosn and Senator 1m
Follette seated tn tho front row of the
Republican side with their heada to-,

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