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Fair to-day; showers to-monw; north to
east wind. T '
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VOL. LXXX. NO. 257.
NEW "YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1913. Copyright, 191H, tV thn Printing nnd rtiMdMs? Atoocintlon.
Manufacturers Told More
Plainly by Hodfiolil
to He Careful.
Will Xo( Accept Producers'
Figures as Justifying;
Cuts in Pay.
Sum President Placed No ( omlltloii
nil l.'illertnrhlt.
WHMIMirtiN. May U. -.lohn Pui-rnv
Mllchol. who culled at the WhltJ HoilHo
to-day to express Ills Riatlltentlnn tli.it
president Wilson bus seen (It In an-
point him Collector of Iho Port of Now
lurk, said after IiIh Interview with
Mr, Wilson that the post had been
bestowed on him "without any strings
tied to It."
Me m.iilo this assertion In answer tn
a iUcsllon us to whether or not tun
Pi evident asked lilin to promise to re
tain tit.' collectorshlp for u full four
.venr term and so prevent IiIh partlrlpa-
lion In the Mayotalty contest next
Mr Mltehel discussed with the Presl-
dent pinny for an economic and -f f I
i lenr coininlt-slon which ho suggested
at a conference with Mr Wilson on
the nibject u. month nRO. He left with
the President several papers outlining
his ideas.
When the report that President Wil
son m choosing hltn for Collector hnd
dime so with the purpose that he should
I oine lender of the New York State
" iliemocrary was mentioned Mr. Mltehel
(iovernmcMit May l Stwcnil i -a.'. ,;,.,.,. a,r(.ptP(, an on.Ir(1 wlth
the Intention of iislnc It for political
I manipulation, and t did not do so In
this case."
for Vntp on Sfnto Con
vention. Hp Says.
Itilrk llc.eiic Work ill Atlntitln Tllr
When Sen (Told llrenk.
Atlantic On, May 14,---The collapse,
of it sen (Toldlnif tit the end of a Pier be-
I ing constrnrted off New .Jersey uvenuo
, , . plunged thirty-live men Into a rottKh
Not I ItllP KnOHffll 0 PrppitrP i sea this morning. In some of the quick.
est rescuing ever seen nlotiK this section
of the coast anil watched by a cheering
crowd daring swimmers nnd structural
workers savnl every man, with but ono
srrlotHy Injured,
A gang of laborers stnrted to swing a
ten ton concrete girder nround on
toilets, The Klnler not away from tho
iivw and Its weli;ht broke the scaffold
ing and sent the Rlrrier anil workmen
Into the sea.
The mass of wrecknRo flung about by
the huge colubers was hurling tho men
against the concrete supports of the
pier, Ropes were tnweteil nnd Compton
and Lake, foremen, slid down nnd
grasped those in reach by the collar to
relay them alone to a human chain
above them.
Hopes for Supoessfnl Fusion in
Npw York Tity nnd Mur
phy's Dpfcat.
r.iirpiins in Invpxtijr.'it-iu-
Wmiinc.tos May I t. Secretary Red
nrid painted for the manufacturers of
ie I'nltcd States to-nlRht a word plc
i re of what they nilKht expect In oases
where the Federal Government felt
oMlgtd ti "walk Into their offices" to
inquire Into wage cuts under the new
ur.ff bill.
It was a .tatemont more Illuminating
i n than the Cnderwood threat At a
' w days ago. for Mr. Hednold filled In
h tue detail? He Wiowcd that the pics
nt Admlnlstiatlon Is planning 0.ivru-
Man Who CIiosp Hifips Tnstpnd
of (allows (Joes Calmly
to Dpnth.
Rkno. Nev. May 14. -The first legal
execution in this State by shnntlnR
r.i(lnr flint, lit Mm ..M ,tln,liA,1 nt l.ti.ir.-
niMit action which will disclose not only j Imml(,rrrs ,,,,. pIai.,, t,,,H nlornnR
Auivvt. May 14. Oov. Sulzer vetoed
to-night Senator McClellnnd's bill pro
vldltiK for n special State election on
Tune 3. to decide If n State convention
to revise the Constitution should be held
next April. The Oovernor said tint
there was not time now to net ready
for a special election on that date.
William H. Hotehkl. representee
the ProKreslve parly, recently warned
Oov. Stiler that this was a Tammany
trick. He pointed out that the ProRrcs
dves and Republicans had diametrical
views upon ptoposed Important changes
to the Stntc Constitution nnd that If
constitutional convention delegates were
to be elected at the November election,
when a New York city Mayor and Comp
troller nnd BoroiiRh Presidents nlso are
to be elected, a polltlcnl breach mlRht
result which would break up the fusion
The real reason that Oov. Sulzer ha
vetoed the bill Is that he. hopes there
will be a successful fusion In New York
city next fall and that Tammany Hall
will be defeated. If the Legislature has
not passed the Oovernor's direct primary
Qninlan Convlrfprl by Jury in
Patprson in Loss Tlian
Two Honrs.
Pollen Fpar Dynamite Stolnn
From Minp Will Hp FspiI
to Wrprk Trains.
Patrrbon. May 14, The Jury nt th
second trial of Patrick Qulnlan returned
"...V . ... verdict at f,:OS o'clock this afternoon.
C.i pi. William Davis, a veteran inieir- - -
skipper, who ns In tho crew that wont nndlnR the I. W. W. iiRltator Ritllty of
down with the Rlrder, seized six who I IncltltiR to assault by speeches delivered
at tneetlnRH of ntrlklnp silk weavers.
The Jury delllcrated "lie hour and
fifty minutes. The verdict wnn ni-elved
by Deputy County Clerk .Mortimer ,1.
IVrwers In tho absence of County .IuiIro
Klenert, There was no demonstration
by tho strikers and nround the court
house, but a protest meeting will bo
held to-morrow.
Qulnlan, who Is enJoyliiR liberty on
ball, was nt the Caledonian Club nnd
did not hear of his conviction until an
Jiour or so later.
"I see, Pat, they nro RolnR to i-cnd
you up the road," said one of the Cale
donians. "Quit your foollns." replied Qulnlan.
l.nter the I W. W. man strolled up
.1. II. lliKcr I'niiitbl Triihnlil In Mil
l.nlioriilnrj' Work.
MofNT VntNON, May 14. --dame Har
rison Ropers, son of Oeorge II, RoRors,
who for h number of years has been
enRlneer for th" town of Hast Chester,
died to-day In the I.awtence Hospital
nt Uronxvltle frmn typhoid fever, wblch
he contracted In an iinuaunl way two
weeks bro.
Mr. RoRern was a student In civil nnd
sanitary enslneerlnK nt the New York
I'nlvorslty and wn.s to have been crad
nated next month, He was - I years old.
In a special course two weeks wro
he was cxperlmentlnR In the labora
tory of the cotleRo with piithoRenlc
Rerms. It Is liollevod that one of thn
Rerms was on his hand and that when
he rubbed his MnRer ncioH.s his mouth
the Rerm entered his system.
At first he thoiiRht he had malnrln,
but It later developed Into typhoid and
he was removed to the hospital. Last
Monday his condition wns considerably
Itnptoved, but yesterday ho hnd a re
lapse and all efforts to f-avo hltn wer
In vain.
Explains in Loup; Statomenfi
to Bryan Ueasons for Sanc
tioning Land Law.
could not sunn and tied ropes about
their bodies, by which they wen- hauled
to Mifet The entire riiiir was safe
on shore ten minutes after tho collapse.
"NYonipn Snpportprs Throw
Stone: and Hottlps From
tlip Hon -p Tops.
Will Inspeel Prison, lint Take Xa
Wmitk Pt.Al.vs. May 14. -When tho
Westchester County Orand Jury recon
venes to-morrow the letter filed by War
den John S Kennedy of Sirur Sim? Statu
Prison .isklnir that an official Inveritl
Ration of the prison le made will bo
considered. It Is understood that the
Orand Jury will ro to SIiir SIur In a
body and make a thoroiiRh Inspection.
Investlcator GeorRo W. P.lake, ap
pointed by Oov. Sulzer to lnvetlRat
the prison, reported that the conditions
nt SlnR Sinn were Intolerable. As no
direct charRi'H have been made beforo
the Orand Jury nralni.t Warden Ken
nody, It Is understood that the Jurymen
will not take any testimony.
Measure Imperative for Pro
tection and Preservation
of the. State.
Oovprnor Says Only "Abso
lutely Controlling Xpcpfslty' '
Could Cltangfl His Tntontlons.
Z 11.111 I... t... V.t.,T.Ot.... .llnfl.lll lllfl llllV
ie cost of production and she labor I, ,, ,ll0 c'arson City Jail, when AmhrIJa 1 ,,rnt,r" feels "that If the Tammany Hall
mhUons but the deRree of einci-ncy .Mircovicn. who not only asKed mat lie ,ol.aj xcvi ls jrfeated In New York
' Plants which are broiiRht under sus
. m throiiRli waRe reductions.
in other words, manufacturer whose
, ,is .n a Res uio not approved by the
U .".eminent will have to submit O an
m ejllcatlon by I'edernl experts a to
be shot rather than haiiRcd bill also i
refused to lw blindfolded when fnctns
the rille muzzlif, was executed to' the '
cll. Charles C. Murphy will be com
pelled to retire as leader of Tammany
Hall, and Oov. SuUvr hopes to have the
murder of a prominent merchant and ,no8l u, j,ay nllmlnR his succi!.sor.
former legislator. Anton OreRovich, ut
Tonopah last year.
Mlrcovich, who had spent a restless
v ll.'tll
er or not' they arc conducUiiR up I nlcht cursliiR the JuiIkc who presided at
Then the Oovernor H to call the
I.cRlslaturo back In December with the
Ide.i that his direct primary bill will
be passed with the Democratic vote
to d.ite plants and filvlnR to the put.uc , his trial, decided thlk morning to re- . aon0i tne Covornor bellevInK thnt all
l- hiKhest etnclency. i . "i- -"i.
Ths fact was disclosed to-day in nil nurcn neiore waiKinc io ins ue.un.
wnen tne deatii warrant was re.ui to
him he was cool, a marked difference In
al'lr.ss by Mr. Redtleld before the Na
. ,!..! VKsoelatlon of KliuiloyliiR I.lthoR.
la u rs in session here. This assocla- ; un uemeanor rrom tne stormy twenty.
l'-i h' warned CoiiRrcjs that llthoR-' four hours preceding
nu '. rs would have to reduce wurcs ( When Riiards offered him support dur
f "k Ctulerwood bill became a law. I'ir the walk to the execution chair Mlr
covich waved them aside, saylnR proudly
Ktlilence I'ruiii Tradr rnprra. , lnal llM ,,vefcrre.a to "die like a o).dler'
,-'t.rtI.irv ReillHi'il, w fih'o'.itariy i'rills,'f anU Vi)"u1iTValk"unaTsls7e'u."'' " '
.,i) i!.- lit hngt jphcr-i wUat. tlvx tnitlU- From M tint rina .;tfi. oifw.pf his
ect -n th- way of a Oovernm..iU In-1 cell until he had seated himself with
tl'd' .till, .''ill waRp4, lJalo almost an air of nonchnlnnce In the
i ...for., tho astonished llthoRraphors di.ith Vlmir Mircovlch showed no out-
the Democratic lcRislators by that time
will be hustllnR to Rut on the Sulzer
band wiiRon.
The Reneral expectation In leRlslative
nitric I" that Democrats will lose
control of the As-embly at next fall's
election, and that even If the Republi
cans do not elect cnotiRh Assemblymen
to control the lower house, the Republi
can" mv Progressives combined T.'ill
efect a"maJoiity of the Assemblymen.
Tim nrei'i'nt Democratic Senate and
AssemMv will be In existence until
Yovkkrs, May 14. RiotlnR, marked
l.i- lOnnauiieil nnd roMiltlnc In nineteen
ai resls, occurred to-nlRht when 400 I the street and met a number of news-
striker, at the Federal Siwar Refinery I paper men who assured mm mat mo,
nttiKked .100 employee as they left tho' Hei.on, jury. unllke the ilrst. had not j BOYNTON'S SONS ORDAINED.
factory. . , I failed to apree.
Twenty-tlve policemen In command of contident that the Jury was'Tnler Mlnl.tr- In Chnrch Orcr
Chief Wolff and Capt. Coo ey took thrco i ' ",n ., i . .....
patrol wnRon loads of prisoners. Sv- .-wayd by the sentiment amotiR the, Whirl, l-ntlier IT e..
enl hundrid heads ere broken bv po- business men of the city, said ijulnun. , Twn i,rotlpr(i, Edward rhadbourne
llcemen's clubs and were taken to St. ' "Hut I wmt to ell you tna . . on t ex
. i nect to l-o to Jail after 1 appeal.
tlOSePn S IlOSOIiai llll IM-iUlliriii. .i,t,j,., , . , .... i i1..AW
u. i ir- vnn- shnsi..., Qulnlan declared that JudRc Klenert
....... fr,tl for irvtmr to take a ' " f"'r and Impartial
prNoner away .from Policeman Krup-
Miss Mllzabeth Ourley l'lynn didn't
like the verdict. "They needn't think
H 1 . .. ... , ,.. he said, "that the comlction of Qulnlan
,,a Mw,;; ..rXnla Saturday when J TTX
"',l0y W"n Tha'; Wn - H ntrthe nasehup- to 'Vh Cnit'ed
non-un on men. l iRhts baw- been n Sllprome (Nmn lf necssary."
every day occurrence slnco then.
AiiKered to-nlpht by tho fact that four
of their number were held for the Orand
Jury to-diy a a result of previous
tight the strikers bombarded tho work
er with stones. Women sympathizer
on nearby roof hurled bottles and
The police, reenforced by many of the.
workers, repelled the attack of tho
strikers. The police reserves were
called out and the fight mrciI for twenty
In summliiR up fur the defence ex
Assemblyman Henry Marelll, counsel
for the .strikers. Insisted that the case
against Qulnlan "had been a fraiiieup."
Prosecutor Dunn said that the I. W.
W. aKlUUori were, "wreckers of cities'
and added If they were allowed to re
main In Paterson it would lead to ue-
strucUon of life and property
l'roevcutor Duim -sr-ltf th.it ,he.iva.a"'l.
decided whether he will try Qulnlan
next on a second Indictment or proceed
with the trial of r'an'o'Tre'sCa. finVifiUT
Iloynton and Morrison Russell lloyn
ton, sons of the Rev. Dr. Nehemlah
Roynton, were ordained last night In
their father' church, tho Clinton
Avenue CongreRatlonal Church In
The public ordination in the evening
followed the examination and approval
by the council earlier In the day. Dr.
Albert Pinker Kit oh, president of the
Andover Theological Seminary, took
pait III the service.
The men, who nre graduates of Am
herst and the Andover Theological Sem
inary, come from a long line of New
KiiRl.ind CoriRreRatlonal clerRymen.
Thrtl pve-it uncle, the Rev. OeorRe F.
Chapln of Saxton's River, Vt was or-
llfty years ago and raw the service
December til, however
The vetoed bill wns prepared by the mtnirtes-imtll nl.-.etren arrests hxS been
Jen.-e from their own trade papers , ward sign of nervousness. A few feet Democratic State organization leaders f ,ni,,i,.. when the crowd of striker melted jIirijct0fl y - 0,icl'
f Ineftlclencv. 1 ix'cu;ioo .uin-'nii-u .i.-u hi tunii in- gates io a i-onsiuinioii.il or -eminu -
T'.. Secretary 'disclosed al-o thai tin-ilift'.TfUt'i- while guards strapped him now. before the Republicans and Pro-
h, ... i of foreign and domestic com- - "' i grcssivcs mium i- in a i-ui'mi iik.hu
Is not the only agency thut the , Thirty feel from the chnlr In n small to ,,ct In concert, so that the Democrats
wrnment expects to U.-e In the profe- '. " " ' ' wouiu control uie coine.mo...
, ' ,,!,.., i -oio.ori of1 rnoMible once th.-y had la trained on riv tn nemocrat at their enr
' . ...iw t ... Mr u,..iti,.ld -aid- I condemned man's heart by ma- t Syracuse last fall Inserted a P
, , ',lbii mimi ,,t all chlnery. These the Ictlm gazed at un- ti.tr platform favoring a const
1 "P.. K. Jl .. r,o. .. . concernedly, only t wd"i.f 'fife rill's : com-ntlon at the earliest pos-
, . , , mm. iWli'ii Ti,in .i il nirJt'.S m filar (WrtJ f Ir,,n
,.r 1 reduction "'gos except un r , (( mpn ww (o iu - v memorandum Oov
in .z i . triK.r would
em for the sake of maintaining protlts
.st of all as a. means of political
ni urn o. Furthermore there is a belief
the reduction of wages is the easy
ort of the inefficient and the hall
mark of poor mamiRement
"I believe this to be so. A- therefore
the reduction of wases has direct social
nventtnii t
lank In
nstltutional I
Ible mo. I
know which Ijnd
the fatal flhri. "rtie next .nritltuttiiiiat convention n
Warden Dick'-rson (illicitly Rave thetlll, -S(,,,,. f -rw. yor. wm t. rh.irged
commands, "Ready, aim, tire'" The j with the duty of materially changing
three shot exploded as one and the j our organic law. I am In favor of a
nlivslelnn said dath had been Instnn-1 constitutional convention at the earliest
ner the head of a striker who .i using
him as a tarsct for stepes
James Kol.iskl was pointing n revolver
at Polli email Thomas Smith wln.t
Kmanuel Klein wrenched the weapon
from him In time to prevent his flrln
Klenert on Friday morning.
'hl.-f Ulnsnn said he will not. attempt.!
to stop the Iifayette oval meeting to
morrow. "Rut If any of the speakers go too
far." he said, "they will be arrested on
Wasiunotov, May 14. Oov. John,
son' message announcing hi deter
mination to sign tho California allert
land bill wns received at the fitnto De
partment to-night.
This final action by Oov. Johnson putd
the Kedernl Oovernment In a position
where It will he obliged to talto up thn
cudgels for California In dealing with
the Japanese protest. 1
Tho ne.xt move will be for the United
States Oovernment to make. Secretary
Bryan will be obliged to answer the pro
test which Ambassador C'hlnda halt
lodged with him.
The Cnlted State certainly will ro to
the extent of maintaining that them
has been no violation of the nation's
treaty obligations, and Gov. Johnson,
through his message to-day. seem, to)
make' It necessary bIro for tho Stat
Department to oppose Japan's complaint
of offensive discrimination.
Apparently, however, Oov. Johnson
leaves one little, loophole through which
ho may yet reverse hlmself If an ex
treniu emergency should develop. Hn
Informs Secretary Rryun that he con
siders It his duty to sign the bill unlcm
some "absolutely controlling neceselty
dernutnlM-crmtrftry tic-tion." -
Gov. Johnson acknowledges that h
can see no such necessity and appar
ently he jv.v....-,:f, f Xr nryttti tw-Jl--c!om
that danger If It exists.
dm . Jihtwoa In his. rctvlyjr Mr.
Bryan contends that the California bill
i practicable time to lay the foundation
Mircmich wen, lo his death protest- 1 ''Z'TZJr0,
The Democratic party stands pledged
tre reduction or wases mis n , tlM, llo Mllll committed no crime. ' - ,', "'"1 " ,,,
i-ects. and a Uui pu.dlc has the r gh ,f. m(m(.r. ,.,., w, 1)rlltn, , r SS', "
e ricicncj in us i " ' , done and so unprovoked that when ,. Thls pledge will he strictly
department has undertaken to nnd Mrc,AC, nisi was raized after tho fuiniled If the convention Is held In April,
' whether the fails do or do not t,rlmo )p u.11Towlv escaped lynching. 1916.
-'.fi the threatened leducllonf. ,p)le tnr,ierfd man, Oregovlch, wasl "The bill before, me provides for a
'"h.verve that In saying the facts one ( a(lmIlIltra,or ot an estate from which 1 "e-clal election on June 3 of this year
e not mean merely toe iacm us me, M,r..,. inlm,i mnnw ,.. ,iP him. u pirimw "i""
it alto the facts as they ought to (lmrrH aroSe and. the murder resulted.
h finArntlnfr i-tfli liml eoulnmeiit. '
anscientlrlc treatment of maturlal.
. anthiuated methods, In poor lota
with Insufficient capital and
e r.ihy Ineffective management will
' esteemed a satisfactory leason
ed it ing wages.
3lerner Drau. Ilrr b- Ilalr Ino
l llghl. of Mlalra.
Thomas J. Messener of 432 Rast
Sixty-ninth street stablied his wlfo In
the arm In a nelgjibor s apartment
tlon to the voters 'Shall there be a con
vention to revle the Constitution and
amend the same?- and If favorable the
delegates to the convention are to be
elected at the general election In No
vember. "There exist several reasons which, In
my opinion, make It my duty to disap
prove this bill.
"In the first placo Insufficient time Is
allowed to prepare for such special elec
tion. It Is doubtful If there Is time for
No llr.lrnetlve "plrl.
"T . 1.,... 1 1... l,..4nr tl.lr.1. I
' ' i-i hirprM ami for tliin"s I ,,ftr,ill' "ftrrnoon. tlran'fi ' hy tho SorPtary of State to notify tin- prnpor
nn r rffiVlnnrV Th.- illVCH- ' U two ItlKlttH of HtHlfS tn J ClfCUtM! OITIO O! ,11, h ai e
il... r.u.f nni I in?H Mta . lirl hvr t(i nu ior ino wun i kim- nf.,u.,ir in-
ffium! .sfjindln
iifuiiiiU' tilth (tin firm'ixIniiM of tho lilll. A
OVI'T uit,i,k .1,. iu tii-nulrlml for .im.inilliirr tho
He was arrested alter registers of election, which were made up
nearly eight months since
wiio lives "Constitutional aiiU'iulnients are re
u ulil n..i he loi-iie.l on In n
dlnz spirit There Is no desire j death,
"..anything, "n the contrary, j Meenerwa
will he certain and thorough. 1 Id" wife body.
- where some Inquiries haVo " tlRlil.
i. ... ......n,.i..i f..,.. Mr. William M. Brooks,
.' c c t the dVvclopnienrat 43H Hist Slxty-nlnth stree,. w.ldlqulred to be published for threo months
I.and'win'be canied out , ...a, Mrs. M-ssen.-r fi-u,,., her huMiimd pr .Mr l""-",.,- J
. of helpfulnis. iu aiiome ...... -., ,h.ul ollu net.w publication of no
'I'. -. ! few people realize what cfll- wuiiieii. Mio lliuuci-ii mm in m noine t,r) , ho votPrH wh mV(. moved of
' -niiehlnerv the DeinrtmciU of Willi her linn men. vviui ner -i the neceislty of having their names prop
old daUKIller, rail iaci to .Mrs. urouisnn
" i i. -ee has for making such an In
' "n For example, on the scien- aimitment. ,
' ".. - of such fin Inquiry, the great I Her husband followed her with a
' i i of stand. nils is of prime use. In, kitchen knife.
I-. -en' iruiulrv. that of the polterv Mrs. Brooks wild that Mr. Meflsrner
: ! H e .:iy luoducts Mitlon nf vm.s fonncr!y- t)i wif "f Joseph Ken..
iiureHU Io. a tell nt Plttsbuig will take nan, a Rambler, and eloped with Mes
n a.-t' e par; and. If and when other ' sener six years ago, leaving two chit
' l isirles mine under Investigation, , drcn i.ehlnd. She also was the moth-r
"' i-,t.ie,l . U-.i'Ul-- men imv.1 rooiJ of in (iii)iln n by Mcsaener
""ipmcnt air r.adv In chemlstiy and' Mrs. .In.oks 5iild that Messener wn
" .'iiinlcs nnd many other lines to do a member ot a Westchester family tn
- !nr work Rood lircumstimceK.
Tho bureau of foreign and domestic
nincrce. under wlio.-o direct .iuspf-s , DARING RESCUE IN SUBWAY.
' present Inuulrv p.-ncceds. has brougbl
r 'htj or inquiry Into the cdst of pro- rnn lr n l-'Hllen Jinn From Track
: 'Ion. wages, general factory condi-' , ;,prer. lln.br. Rr.
" '' nn'1 I William .lupp. 50 years old, n paper
I" I'n 1 1 nn llriinrtnirnt of l.n hor. i ilcalei , living IU nSl West KSill rilrcet,
rn y,r..,,','..f u I,.... ti'PI'ied OiT the I Ma ml Mt'm-ny phitfonn
. , '. . ,. ' ', . .. ' , at lhe Seventy-Heciiiiil street
n ..,.i, h. ....i. -1.0. . ..Jearli last evcllIllR
1.. 1 ,i. , ,,. I..,., .lie imi.i
,1.11.. wlllell II luiu 111 llm.,u IU..I front or tne
' nome need .0 exercise. If -hesc . McMi.nus, n policeman off
are not enough the bureau of l.-l .,.:! ' ... . .- ,. ', ,-s,i. . ,n,i fo.
. .1 .n.,11..., 1,. ,.r n. 1 ilinj. 111 II
111 wn. niri.i 1 "'i'... hi".'"
"' i.a'ior has powers of Inquli'y on ti'
ide which can be made effective.
Ii. Department of Commerce ex
erly placed on tho registers and only
one. half week's notice to all voters of
the referendum Itself
"In view- of the fact that It Is extremely
doubtful whether the adequate election
machinery can lie prepared and the statu
(of j iiflfliVs datj published fir..7.- r.i iuni
y, 1 deem It would lm Improper to entail
what I believe to be an unnecessary ex
pense of upwind of Jl.nnn.pno 011 tlm tax
payers to rill this special election to de
cide (in- question
"Tim Slate constitutional Issues should
he clearly stated and fully discussed hy
tho i.iople before the selection of their
delegates to mi consiiiuuonai conveu
Practically all the present enip'oees .ot
nre R'ts'ans and Slav. Thj atrUw was. Oreit crn,t)i a' rirlV.siK golhercil a.
i:;;U i....u. .y.g.T.V ili..-baTT. H.lr.-Q-. ii,. hr iisi inoV de-
I... n .tnr.vtt iinlnn mnn fnr f 1 1 TD i C n f nniiiiK.ni M APVluwIv In I l 11 1 TM 1 fimi tll
machinery. The r.-llnery Is now a nun ! Jury in particular. 'he reason th.-rt we have not lived
union plant They nre planning to hold an open .io ' "'";;, - "J
I nir ini'i ' ng oi protest ni i.aiayeue . .i.u. i ... . . ....
nrnpicvi TOPHIATin TTTTTS R 'In Paterson. to-morrow afternoon. ThW , A brother 'iving In Vienna also re
HfcanAbKA 1UKJMAUU KILL 0. n atliorlim of tho kind reives Jl "because he Is wealthy In his
-r..n. nr s..,...r,i nnd MeCool Jnne-. within the conllnes of the city since own right." The halanco 1 dlstnmiteu
Inn VI.Hrd by Storm. ' Hayvvoo.l was first arrested They have
been having t ie r out of door sessions
Lincoln. Nek, May 14. KlRht per- Haledon. where the Paterson police
v 'w J:.mJ4 J-t .TlcervUiK of.JlJif!. l rn.nl llv.vrl t Ik .ull.v ,vi!iiiii.4''-irtKij .-H.'iRClunK of
Snn In Will. the I'liited States. He denies flatly also
The wilt of Frank l;emt. who died carries any Intended offence to
nn May - last, disposing of an estate Japan or any other nation, or thut It la
of ?7..1flrt. was filed yesterday In the discriminatory. He adds that California
Sum R:it- office i-i Brooklyn. Tlnvre hue been fi r-ed to ss-:hls Inll for tho
Is this expl.inatl in of the bequest of protection and preservation of the Stale,
only $1 to his widow, who lives at " We mut see It or be bjitu! " sa y he.
'.'00 Holland avenue." Tlie'T?fonV "!"' The chief point In Oov.' Johnson's:'
" w.rrTr.wfiur.'.rr.f" Trrn.tfs.ii; tsf 'iMT-inKe'mt.t "to "Tuu fh
responsibility for offensive discrimina
tion, if there !a any, from the California,
Iglslaturo lo tho national Oovern-
sons nre known to have been killed by
a torn.ul which swept the northern
part of the town of Seward late this
The dead are: Mrs. Chris Wesserman.
Mrs. David Hoover. William HasslnRer,
Samuel Crlm, John Schultr. and hi
seven-year-old daughter. Mm. David
Imlay and Mm. Edmonds.
Tho storm wa traced from four miles
north of Orafton until It disappeared in
the air elRhteen tulles north of Lincoln.
McCool Junction appear to have been
the only town struck besides Reward.
Four person were seriously Injured
The storm passed through a thickly
settled farming section and It la feared
that later reports will double the num
ber of fatalities,
II nn. IIoitii lllocle Piillrrman In
Wiimlnirrr Xonr Mutt Murder.
WooiixtKHK. 1,. I., May 11. Bicycle
Policeman l.oiils Kennard was run down
and killed bv an automobile while on
duty on Brondwnv. half way between
Woodiuere and Cedarliurst, u little be
fore inldnlRlit to-nlRht. The driver of
the automobile put on more speed after
kllllnR Kennard nnd no one has been
found yet who can even rIvo a rounh
description of the inaclilnc, to say noth
ing of the number.
iWrinAfd- Ifif.t i.priV,l YffiTiirn'i"irt" th
local bicycle squad only three weeks.
He wn rldlnR his blcyclo on Broadway,
looking out for speeder, when In front
ot Ih'i borne of, lie.. KdivUi. Jl.. PeshluR
the nutpmoblle came up from the rear,
struck him nnd threw htm to one side
have no Jurisdiction
It was announced that Joseph F.ttor
and Arturo Olovnnnltti of Lawrence
fame and William D. Haywood will be
the speakers.
Arthur H. Bishop, president of the
Mount Hope Mining C( mpany nt Whar
ton, who lives at 15 Auburn street, this
city, reported to Capt. Tracey of tho
police this afternoon thHt the mngazlne
of the mlno at I.edgeinere. In Sussex
county, was broken Into and about half
a ton of dynamite stolen. The police
fear It will be used to wreck trains.
Five young men arrested for setting
the air brakes on nn Erie Railroad train
yesterday were sent to Jail to-day for
"live days.
Threo men nnd four women on the
picket line at Hall mill. Summer nnd
Oovernor streets, were arrested late this
afternoon for refusing to move on. Cine
of the Rlrls said she wn Annie James,
19 years old, n normal school student
living ot IRii Martin street. She s-iid
who got In the crush and couldn't get
out. All were paroled to uppear before
Recorder Carroll to-morrow.
A larRo force of detectives Is still
Runrdlng the Erie Railroad trncks.
At a ronferiiico of tho directors of
the National Silk Dyeing Company nnd
the Welsemaii Silk Dyeing Company
In the Smith building to-night It prac
tically wns agreed to grant the dyer
a nine hour day and a 1 f per cent. In
crease In wnges with no recORtntiua
of the i:"w."W. ' n "fs-'snnvtitur-fnit
thirty-live silk dyeing concerns In the
city have agreed to nbldo by to-night's
among various relatives.
.1. VI. Wlllliini Hn. n I, ex Broken
U'brn Timet by Another Cur,
A tnxlcab containing Joseph M. Will
iams. 45 years old, a broker, of 203
Broadway, who lives at 501 West 138th
street, nnd De Witt P. Rosenheim of
113 West Seventy-fourth street, was up
set Just before 1'.' o'clock last nlsht at
Columbus avenue and Seventy-seventh
street, when It was rammed by a tour
ing car d -Iven by John Bellof. Williams
sustained Internal Injuries, a broken leg
nnd several fractured ribs. He was
taken to the Polyclinic Hospital. Ro
senheim wasn't Injured.
Dr. Archer of the Fire Department
incut. He contends thnt there Is no
more Invidious discrimination against
the Japanese In the California law than
there is in tho Federal naturalization,
law. Ho charges also that tho samo
discrimination on tho ground of In
eligibility to citizenship occurred In ths
immigration law which was enacttxl
by Congress nt tho last session.
Also ho points nut that the Con I
stltutlon of the State of California con
tains a declaration against tho presence
in the State of foreigner Ineligible to
citizenship. California' Oovernor points
out that neither this reference In tho
Constitution nor tho nlljged discrimina
tion In tho naturalization laws ever
has been made tho basis of a protest
by Japan.
"The question," paid he, "Is not
whether any offenco has been taken but
whether Justly It should be taken."
The Johnson message was Imma
.i. ..iriont ,n,i a ,i tn I n i st ered . illntely sent by Secretary Bryan to
first nlrt lo the Iniured until the am- i President Wilson in
bulanco arrived.
Jury Sny. Xrlthtr Iln.bnnd Nor Wife
Hn. Hone WrnnK.
Oeorge AlletzhaiHser, a wealthy resi
dent of I'nlvorslty place, Woodhaven,
nnd his wife. Mrs. Catharine Alletr
hnusser, both of whom brought suit for
dlvorcn before Justice Van Slclen in tho t,m f suggestions from the Federal
Queens County Supreme Court, were ' Oovernment that your telegram embodies
and was made publlu
at the White House. H?re It Is.
(iov. John.nn'. Ilrply. .
'Sacramento, Cal May 14. j
"foil. U'lllliim J. llrtiun, Sccretntu of
.s'dilc, lVfithliifffon, I). C
"Your very rourteous telegram relating
to the alien land bill reached mo lat
Sunday night. I take it from our con
versation and your request made to mi
to withhold executive action until op
portunity was accorded for the presents-
of tho road, crushing hi skull.
I 'fir.'TerMhlng" 'h'eanV tnonolse of'"the' iTendy tn l.n'urich" the Vclinw'sliip,
M.trr of the Krlrnil.liln.
tlon, and lor (hu puiiniw fif Ati.ii !-, rrHh nnd "ran out. Ho saw tho rear
cusslon and consideration of thee vital U(.ht nf ,,n Ilutniiiohll. going toward
X ax!;;;yeVs"agrVB,vv;m niS Wuiiilmore. but could get no Idea of tho
He hit the track In
front of the express train. Women
'i f.ir tho purpose of promoting
" .m Industry in commerce at home
i road. It Intends to do work
as It i.Jti with the for v nnd
1 1 provided s the iad of that Di
.i m I feel that wiitle Its cope a
ng mminerco Is broad and ha many
" "no of theso phases which are Im-
Conl(NiicJ on Fourth Page.
Sat;: of l "X street, rne nronx,
Juinpol after lb" man. The express
was only fifty feet away, but they
drugged Jupp between two of the pll
l.i i s separating the local and express
p-ickM, Moiormnn Chnrles I.ouRhlln
Jammed uu the emergency broke.
After the train had pulled out of tho
station McManus anil Satz got Jupp
hack to the platform In a seml-conscioiii)
condition. Ho was taken to tho Poly
clinic Hospital suffering from cuts on
his head nnd shock.
time between now and election cannot
he considered sufficient.
"In my Judgment It Is highly Important
tJiV bpfpro, ti selection of Jhelr dele
gates to a ilew constitutional convention
lhe citizens clearly understand and com
prehend tlm fundamental change they
deslro their repiescntatlvos to make In
the organic law of the State."
Xn. He Kiped. to lie In Wn.hliiK
lon All l U'rrU,
IVasiiinuton, May 14. Secretary
Bryan returned tn Washington from
Harriiiburg, IVi this inranliiR and left
to-night for New York,
He will make a speech to-morrow
night before the Pan-American Society
at Its dinner In New York. The Secre
tary snys he expects lo be In Wash
tngton all next week.
Washington, May ii. Se'tr-nry rf
State Bryan may have soon an entire
fleet of metaphorical vessels with which
to carry on li'.n warfare in enforcement
of peaco.
Mr. Bryan began yesterday with tho
prereutatlon to the world ot tho tnt
tlwhlp "Friendship," which he said
would fire brondsldm of good will nnd
do other things In the Interest of re
moving real warfare from the range of
size of the car or any description of It,
Tho physician found Kennard In the
road and allended Mm, but the police
man lived only a fo.w- minutes,.
The police sent out a general alarm
for the automobile. Kennard formerly
lived In Brooklyn. He Is survived by his
wife nnd three children, who live in
Sriianllini of "NnlllnK on n smooth
Sen," Hp Jnr:
.iptrial Cablf Umptilci Iu TiiK Hr
Parih, May 14.-For the tlrst time In
the annals of nvlatlor a blind-pnrsongir
lias made a Might in nn neroplane.
The (light was accomplished here to
day, and when the blind passenger wns. out the civilized world
Interviewed he declared that the impres- . .
slon he received was of u swift sailing ;rkat mult sphi.no water,
hip upon a mooth sea He. m nu of tl ttopptrai boitlw. 4
declated guiltless by a Jury yesterday
and neither will get a decree.
The couple were mnriied In 11 nnd
iir.ve ,-?vcra! grsr.dchlldrf n. They rep
arntfrt-rf. iWh.
made br Mr. Alletzhausser dated back
to that time. Mrs. Alletzhausser Is liv
Hr at 154 West 100th street, Manhat
Cin. and her husbin:'. will be compelled
to continue the payment of 11.200 a year
alimony, granted when sin- got a sepa
ratlot years ago,
Kllieii ill riunHe l"r.im
what It was your wifh and the wlBh of
the PtesUent to say to us before final
action, 1
"In this respons It Is my design most.,.
, ... . . i resneciiuiiy io tireseni ine siiuaiion irooi
tuated our la glslaturo In passlnR tho bill
and that Impelled me to sanction It.
"For many years a very grave problem,
little understand (p the j:ast, m op
fronted California ; a protih-m thn
serliiusuess of which Iris been recognized
by statesmen in our nation, nnd has ben
'f liewstV-.irHh mvrv-'" nf.lr-r. by .h. .),-
of tUW fi'e Vlve,l) the vrent Conitltu-.
tlon of Cahtornla wi.s adopted more th.t.
thlitv venrn ago It contained tho follow-
It Inner, till. en In PllinMr I niu t,K ((.cliratlon :
Ailnni. llxpre.. Ilnlldlnit. I "The presence of foreigners ineligible
'IMo ili-gers nlunged to (loath from to l'oiue citizens of the I'nltcd State.
rwo limns pium,eq to main irom , .i,.,,,,,! , ;,c .i.iNKmiu.i to the well
the seventrenth finer of th- now Adams MltK tl( Uw state and the Legislaturo
Express Coml'.il))' Rulldlnx a'. 01 Broad- t'sfufn iIIhc'oiIi age iheir imoilgi-atton' br all '
way yesterday vvhlje the noon crowds i means within P.s power'
were hurrying pant. "Of late years our problem from an-
They wero Daniel Sullivan. 45 years I other angle has become acute und MSita-
10 years old, of 1230 Park nveni.c. ' until Ilnally afllrmatlve action In
Sullivan fell outside the bulldinit and ., ,.,,,.,,,,,1,-j solution became ln,ortivf.
""TiV-"ifay he ihho'urice(l'"Tliiir"Tfi''fi.lit rfrtrairtr- iw tire rr;;f iif-thr Admrw-Rr." TI' s '.Tfimtrinw MitEnMrr-i'T'tiitmir-m'-ttlA-made
preparations for the InunchlnR of I press Company's old five story building action of our I.egNlaturn Iu the passag.
- ' ... .1 i.itl.it ...(.. tin. til iili Itllu Ii II I t 111 tl-itn linn nsti
a sister hip. vvh eh he proposed to i next uoor, no was luncu ihm.uiu.v. , m im-.............. ""'
dirlHteii "Fellowship " Mis comrade at the same time fell In- Iff this bill. I. l;",w-ho.n I nftects, In
"With therio two vessels sailing to
gether," said Mr. Bryan, "all vessels of
destruction ''ould .sink out of sight, n
uthllatcd not hy solid shot but by a hu
manitarian Henilment common through-
side -the building, dropplm: to the four-1 'WZZXr TTh
tecnth tioor. He died on the way lo tlio , ari(, ,. W(, uri) ,ol,g only what )m.
Hudson Street Hospital. .. ,. - print! tly ifmi,ieVe.l fcr tin ,-.ratt1bn
lloth men were 'itundlng on a project-' .,, nteservatlun of our State,
Ing sleel outrlRKcr, which suddenly gave "In this enactment wu have kept ever
In mum our naiioiiui goon isiin, as V
deuced by existing treaties, and our d-
. I , .wl nnvl.lU Ii D I, . Iu.n n ... I
I w '' V '

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