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riur MMer Ktnteti nnd would Justify tin to I
imr fe'iuu oiinti Miii'ii I
"Tl J. . ti.n.s I.) c.nr lilll are IwimiI
first iiM'M tin tifiitv nlil n.itlo".- of tlie,
imlloii .1 ii'l 'i'hikIIv ti i the rtinii
tll.lt Olit' II' I I-" .IIM!" I I " ' II.'..'-
tory. Tlir piotit i" our 'iii-1.-. in-, .is itr ,
li'leur.nu .lnti'H, eiiine from tin repre-
Kelitiillxii nf .hip.in.
"Thn hill til .t U tio'v before mi'.
0U IlllOtt, plOX'.dl'H fUli'l. I it.HlU l'l !'!
tirft M'ltl.i'l (ll.lt ill ill'- tidbit
i'ltlzenlilp ltiili'i' t'i" I mi 'f th" fnl'dl
Stiitt a lti.iv .iciinlr.' r-Hl prupettv In the
Mtiiii niiinr.r .. .it.yi.lK nf tin' I'll ted
Stntt-H: .itid tlir i . i ! ." provi li-( '
Hut nil .ilium iitlii-i (I in linw ini'iill'itii'il
In lilt? tlrst i-i'tliii in .n-.i'itro tenl limp
erty Id the inmitiir .i'td to tin ixtuit
: i Hit for tile purpiwi I rie'Tibi'd In it"v
treaty now ' i t ivk hi-tuirti t'u1 Hover1!
merit of tin' I'n.ti-.l Stiiir;- .m.I tin- n.i
tlnti 01 i-ciunm ' Mliiili 'il li .il i'i' .no
eltlzens or Mit.Jext., iin.l n.iv !n nddltlon
liMirn for .1 pi-iii'il nf tliiii' M.tr.i land?
for nKrlftjltnr.il piirpoxci
"Thus i Imvi' tnudi- i x'xtlm: tl'iittnK ii
part nf inn hi urnl ttniit h.i.e if
ored vry tlclit thm liny fmi'lKii mi-lie-'
liy luti rnatlmiiil rnnlr.n t !. ItiMiftiil
upon pti fi'tx nm lt!i out ii.it'Mii i i;m
ernmuit. Tlii' tii'.iti of 1)11 u.th .I.ipmi 1
tn reference tn tli" I'ltlieiis mil inibj.i'ti
of . it'l' roimtri ..ini.l. tli.it tlii' Ml. ill
hiive 'lll'i'tti to unit or le i.. r oiviipi
Iytyti I. ,i llf o tin t. 11 it . tl.'l"t utl'l
riiopn , In emp;.i- .turn nf ;t:i . Imbc '
to If Infill fm ii'siili tni.il mil .'..mini'!
i l.'il purponi.. unit Knifi .ill . to ilo ,un -thlnK
Itul'li'tit to or i eei n.irv fot tr.nl
upon tltr p.nm t-r:i-.i ti.rui' t tt " '
flllijei'tK "U'l'lllllCtm fin .o.'!l i' to til. i
laws :m ! B'il i,!or. tli." "t it'll.'!'. I '
hrnii' ('lini.r liinliiiilli'il In Art. j
"We liaallnii' Unit till' iIrIU of .llipti'.l I
to own rml t'ti't'i tty for the put pnto's ib
xctlbe'l l alisoiutr !n out' State iiti.l He'
week lo ileal mill uttli om ncrleiiltilt.il!
Inniln V. i nitioiti th- treaty In our law
nnd we art., t.. It ..n..l!.i t.. lei,... our
iiKrlcultiir.il l.itidn for th pit mil of time I
em. I
"Where pii.'h extraordinary rare h.i.
1iien cxcroln'.! to pti serve honor ami coo l
faith In the i('iy iionli of ihe . otiti'a. t
inado hy the iitotetlm; nation with our
own anil to lo more hy .rathorlaltiK le:iei
of agrleultur.il ljtnl.i It iioulil mmih that
we ottclit not to he open to anv a '.'u-'a-Hon
of Molatlon of treity rlehtt or fie.
ulro to entieneh upon that iihleli helotiK'
nlone to the national tioii rnnient or iilueh
tnlRht lieeome a matter of liiternntloni I
"Uy thn l.i iv ailopteil lit offer no of.
fence; ne make no d-.f. rim ln,it;i:i The
offence iinil fllcerlinin.ition nre ltit-iitioil.
It Ih clalniel. n the u.. of th" uonli
ellglhlu to cltlzen-hlp, ami in mikln a
llstlnctlotl heturen IIiom. uii.. alo nn hi.'
to citizens-hip aiel, lhoi- ulm an. not We
do not mention tin Japanese or any par
ticular race The Constitution ot Cali
fornia In 170 m.i'le lit iPstltiet'ort aial
there hai never heen irotest or nhjitt.in
"Tho naturaliitallon lawn of the t'nltol
States lonit phi. e, without ilcmur from
any untloii, iletermitn.il who were ami
who were not illKlhle to o.tlzetih!p. If
Invidious iliir. initiation ever m-re made
In thlH lepanl the fnlted Srati.s made It
when the I'tilted State" de. iared who were
itnd who were not ohKlhle to eltizetKhlii
anil when we hut follir.v and dopetid on
the statute of the I'ti.tid Statei and
their determination an to e1l hlllty to
citizenship we cannot ho c. u.-t-il of In
dulBim: In Invidious dis.rlnuniitlon.
Same 'l'rrniB I'sed hy I'linnri'ii,
"May 1 venture tn call to jour attention
the ImmlKiat .on law now pi inline in Con-
cress which iia.id lioth hotn-es of the
last Concret. where apparently lertam
oUffesi who phall h,- exeluded from om
country nin (len-rih'-d as pe'-ons who
. exnrot hc'vwivA. MriUlA timl-i. -.14.. . iiw
to Peconte citizens or the I im.-d S'atfs'
Islature witlicut proti-t or oi.. . : ,.n -in
.... .H V'lhl'-he.! ;v. .J.';'.1'!'.."'.' fcv
.press ctitp.eiit Is u..tic the ti rms that
nre cUlmcd In California law to he of-
.. . tuns' vi anil dii.:.- ...;vc4jr'. . . .
".t le.int threr States In the I'nlon hale
In the vast enact e ! lmm stnill n tf, tv,
contempl.ue.i law ,,f falltoniln ami th. -
etmetniMits of those otmr st.itis.
h.ii. I
l"-en vlthotit hJrt!o" o prot.n Tlmt
the protest Is now made In respect to Call,
fornla but emphalzes the iieiitrmn of the
problem confionttni; California and dun.
onstratet that California N illff.'re.itly
viewed than other Statis of the fn..n and
that If discrimination 1 lts i is d:-
'itrr.-i-.vtMr'TK.arr-: cnvrMi Ha
taken hy uii) nation to this law .ml ni'ie
particularly doi s this m . in to s i,.,ir tn
the iri.nan. .. of a nation r. Japan that
h)"lt (tR'n i.itv.i pretents iieriutsitton of
land by ullens. It Is most .tesp.ctfully
submitted that after hII the ipiestion Is
not whethfr any offence has b.-n taken,
but whether Justly It should he taken.
"I voice. 1 think, the sentltvuit of the
majority of the IiriPlutute of this state
when I kiv tha tf It had b.-. n h-'lieiid
that offni' eotiM Juptly t, taken bv an
nation to th proposed law that l.-nv nould
not hai'n bei-n enneted
M Hiity lo Mitn mil.
"We of California bellfin firmly that
In our legislative dealing with this alien
lond rjuestlon we have violated absolutely
no treaty rlchts: tie have shwn no
hadow of dlfcrlmlnatlon , we have Riven
to 110 nation tho rluht to be justified n
taking offence. So hellcvinnn th a
strons reliance on the Justice and the
rlKhteousr.ess of our raufe and with duo
deference and court es nnd with proper
1 onslderatlon for the frellrur nnd the vlfivs
of others we had hop'd the authorities at
Washington would haie seen the qutinn
lis we In this State have been foictd to pee
It as we must see It. or be blind
"And so. with all resiuct nnd courtey,
the Statu of California fieli, It Its boundi n
duty to its citizens to do that which tim
Interests of Its people demand, that which
the conscience of Its people approve , that
which violates no treaty rluhts . that
which prcbents no dlMuimlnation, and that
which can Klve no Juit cause for offem.
ou nave sucpesteri to me delay, but
this nuestlon was verv nm,..iu a ..o..
proscnted by you to our !.MlM.,ttire and ! ,vorP "nfnlr 11,1,1 unjust In their preju
the Ies'.slature determlntd to proceed l,c0 "Knlnst the cusualty companies.
My province Is to approve or disapprove James A. Hatterson, 11 New York
the lw as presented. Our people, as rep- employer, said thn worklnKmen should
itmwiv I', ,'!,,,'Htre; I'. over- trust the. Htato Indiistriul Hoard to
whelm nn y ciprtssed their desire for thei ,.,.MV. mr.,.,
prssent alien land bill. T..e iote In the
Senate was 35 to 2 and In tho Assembly
"2 to 3. With tuch unanimity of onlnlun
even did I hold other views 1 would frel '
"It .rty .la..-. Hilly lo UtT. fa. o .1 iinli-ss
-o. nr.M,ute!y ri-n?.Ynm r.t.'xr.r -w
inandirt contrary action ppaiently no
uch controlling necessity exists
"It Is with the highest respe't for your
self and the President that I feel mj duty
to my r'tatf c-infrls in', to a', p.- e Cjo
fiction of the Leclslature
"HiruM W Johnson,
"Gove inor of California '1
Oner Tried for I'aliiK " Polleemmi
nn lirrnnil Itoe,
Police rapt n.'ward Uoiran, one of llv
old timers who served in thn detective foro supreme coiiii .hiniirti liny vester
hureau untif lnspdliii1 7yrne.i, was re-j day with his luunetle wife n hiir chief
tired from the rollce De.partni'.'r.t ye;s.tcr- j vltrv"?t "tid aiK'd for a dlYflr.ee
day. He has been In command of the Max Mnndrl of 231 Stanton street, Man
Adams street, Brooklyn, station house. haPan. was convicted of Krand larceny
c.:pt. HoKan Rot a Hood deal of atten- , In the County Court. Mrooklyn, yesterday
tlon In I'm;, when fharKes were PrnuKht for defraudltiB Krleda ilarton out nf linn
ncalnst him for violation of half a dozen
dep'JItl.nent, .IJjl.es, J.n .,lhat..he ,vtfli,Ulled
T'Olleenien to arrange a purchfo for him.
He purchased the Imroslns "ntes of the
fJttendorfer estate and sent a policeman
to take them up to his country estate nt
Hudson, N. Y Since that time, when he
y.i.H In charsc of th K'Jth Uro l station.
he . most Important ashlcntm nt, he hn
iioii p K M,esi , .. r. .
,a,;!;,,;,a!;o,r,sM;?orfo,neV,,,; m
X Is w:snfran1sfe,r'rned,4nfromra,
.VnTTortSvntycon1 KVom
Alexander avenue, and dipt McOIrr was
pini to Alexanc-'-r avenue.
aa. Bv w ! w
, k. BBBBBBBaanwawm. m
Quality Never Variet
Sul.ei llenrs Arguments for nnd
Ariiiii.Nf Foley-Will Uer
M ensure.
-- -
.... ......
lifilioritiir Men Oppose l.nw nnd
Fnvor It.
At.PANV. .May I I - -Ontanlzeil labor
representative!! epre.?ed tliu oiilnhm at
the conclusion of '!ov. Sulzer'.i hearing
to-nlKht on the 1'iiley-Walker work
men's compensation Mil that the (Inv
entor not only would veto the Mil hut
would .il the I.ei-'tMaturo lit tin- spe
cial M'M-luti In .T it li to pass tho Mur
t.iui;h..liuUfoii h.ll, ivhlih iiriictlcally
Iirovldes for Statu Innm-anee.
' uto M. Kldlltz, ri'iircti"ntlnc the .Vow
Yotk city liiti'ders, sulimMted to (lov.
Sulzer a jietitlon which h K.tld wa
sm-tiiil hy tiuO employers ursine Gov.
Suber to sum tlie Mil. Oov. Sulzer re
marked that several p.iwa of slKnattirfv
were apiiarently written by the same
Mr. Kldlltr. (iresented a letter from
M.ivor (liiytior saylnc::
"1 have cirrfully Mtullfd thn Mil and
I lint wholly In favor of It. I wish It
contained also u provision for pensions
tor lil aKt."
"This Mil Is n friiud on the simple,
honest wnsc workers of the State," s.lil
.ludire John P McPoii'iusli, the princi
pal spokesman tor labor.
Pointing out that the bill permitted
the emploier to elect to 'nko care of
Injured employees under four different
lilnn jiajmont lli :! to )its em
pluytcs or their dependent!'. Insuring
j.llV,t,lr.ni .or c",nr.',,lir;,.I!'j!l.1.l.y ,iJ,V..'D;
surarice company, insuring payment in
,An.v..tvi!.w:.i..u:s,.'.,:iau. s r.'.U.tiv.. fit
contrltni'lnK to .1 fund to be adminis
tered by the Stnto Superintendent of
TfiSTxranfi''.riiirtfvwMiT'oiifi'ii nss.-rtid
that the State or municipalities were
tn' - ' l'-Tiiil:teil su.11 .in election, ! at mi..-
t'-'V compensation whither they di sired
1.7 "I ll"l.
"Is ;t any wonder." Inquired Judi-'e
McDonouth, "that ;he casualty com
panios liaie doubled their field forces
and that far.s. filled statesmen in New
York ci-y ate furmini; a casualty torn-
A.ioti li l'arnr to.d U01 sulzer that
in .c;nini: the hill he had on opportunity
01 ;(,a..sur,i! .1 ref,i,tn iir.:u iiioi'.d do
inoTs i5 .-Tamp h.P .iftminiKriMtfon .-1 n
successful one than any other sinKl act.
lie said that rmiv about "0 per cent, of
IViJi red workmen are compensated, while
the bill would permit the remainder of
Injured workmen or wldoiva and de
pendent children to be cared for
Daniel Harris, president of the State
I'Yderatlnii of Labor, said that durlni;
the last few years casualty companies
had collected f 4,.n00.(io0 and paid out
ilC.onn.non, keepltiK the remalnlni;
$30,000,000. Mr, Hnrrls asserted that
tho casualty Insurance) exchanges of the
State had sent out 11 warnltiB letter
on May 12 iirclnc all who favored tho
Foley-Walker bill to attend to-day's
hearing nnd assuring- that all expenses
would be paid by tho casualty com
panies. When Mr. Harris was speaking Gov.
Sulzer interjected: "All tho laboring
men seem to bo opposed to this bill,"
A- number of manufacturers pro
tested, InslstlnK that there were 2,
fiOO.OOO unorganized laboring men in
the State that were not represented
there to-day.
William H. HotchklsH told Oov.
Sulzer that the I'oley. Walker bill met
tho proKrcsslvii spirit of the 11 go on the
question of wotkmen's compensation
and insisted that tho labor Interests
Special trains from New York and
Buffalo, the latter of which carried
ilelepatlons from Hooheater, Syracuse
unit I'llrn i,rniiihl neiirlv o thi,ii.inrl
persons"fo' frio"CupTf'!T tu'-ituj," !tf6st"
of tho deli'Kntlons were in favor of the
I.ipman Hlrsb, a letter rairter assluned
K'utt' :i i3, Mavtiitt-ur., lir .. Ir.at .lab!
ve'irs .wis trraKped before I'tilted
States Commissioner Shields yesterday on
a, cliarite of rlllliiK tlie mails He was
held In 11.200 bnll for examination.
Tho blond ivlfu of Frederick W Archi
bald, an automobile denier who Is serving
a icrm lit Sir.K Mtn' foe tiltaiiiv, .Xtint on
I a divorc. with alimony of $(i a week
,;Rfc.ji7JtfJ'f.' JV'S, .V'U?. .'i. .CSM.V. (J..ll.
Monl.iKun street, Hrooklyn, by Justice
Maddox In the Supieine Court yciterday.
Tho defendant. Walter H. Crngp, 11 taw-
yer wl'U an office In the Temple liar
IJulldlng, mado no defence.
Edna .Mnrz, 4 yenr old, died yesterday
. n. hc-r.e, 52 Nichols v-'er., !a.iii.
Queens, from the effects or burns received
m, - "
fv0!. ..Vf" "lr
Et Thlfw Z'X mrn' "l
w.ihtnLii HiV,rv,,it...treCat' ?' ,?"n. on
lliJt ?2 A eJAthda nnd eMn Jew'
Dozens of Nislit AtJiicks After
I. V. V. TnUcs Diroe
tlon of tho Wnr.
Mute .Mediators Turned Down
nnd Onncrs Sent Out to Cn
ere the Worker.
Tlio I W W Rot n hnlf NVlson on Ihe
barbers. Htrilto vest en lay. sent its envoys
10 the rcmote-d parts of the city, started
two or tlitvs riots In the crowded part
of town nnd put bnok completely efforts
of tho State authorities and tho American
IV.'Ii ffillofi e.f !,)Ar t.i (Yimp.ivi I'.ie?
Window Mn.ishltiR nnd utmck- nn
workers, commim all day. Tiilmlnati'il
lat nlcht tn iloi ns of small riots nil over
fh" I'trr sir nutn.r ,f,irt .ii r.ipiil f h.if P.iHcc
Headquarters, heard of them in bunches.
Twenty men attacked the shop of
Ml.'.iilo Ocdick at H13 West 1 10th street,
wliero tliten or four barbers were work,
l;iK, and smanhed a Sl.'iO window. Tim
barbers refused to join the st rlkcrs
Police t ''serves arrested four men
Another group tried to i;et Henry
TatikeiiKitmi of IsriT !'ark aventlo to ulitjl
down his shop Tankenbautn pent for
the police uml two ol thn I. I. W. com
mitteo won- locked up.
Still another crowd liroko the windows
of (iitilio lppolite's, Tompkins Snuaro
barber shop on Avenue A near KiKhth
street nnd persuaded Ippolite's two em
ployees to join the strike. Ippolito lind
Thomas I.enninili' of 31R KjisI Twelfth
silent arrested by a pnlici'tnuti whose
head was cut by a stone on his way to
tint station lioiise with his prisoner.
A fe .- mitiutns. later the Peillev Head
eiuartnr Ixirlmr r!iop, on llroomn street
1 ncro.- from thn northern end of Police
Heaii'iuartets, f..l Into tho htitids of a
small mob which thn police had chased
away from a shop on Ketitnare street,
t'apt. Kimler and a squad of rnserxvs
cluisi d the rioters up the street a second
j time, lint the windows of tin.' shop were
' smashed before the police got intonction
j 'Uiren barbers were smoothing the
chilis of as many patrons in Frank Hrehn'
1 shop, il'.'.'l Columbus avenue, near Ninety-
!llrst street, at 7 o'clock when a mob
appeared on th strei't outside. Tim
barbers were noisily summoned to com
out. 'I hey scrais'el uway. Then a brick
'crashed tlireiuch tho window, but thn
barbers kept on, disreRardtiiK thei ner
vousness of the trons More bricks
followed, and Policemen Schum and
Knotifel aprwinreMl and arrested live.
A short time later the. same crowd of
' about IM or so tried to induce the barbers
in a shop nt Columbus avenue and lOtth
street to join them The barls-rs re
fused and br.cks were sent UiroUKh the
wiO,.'.nw.JL"Sn,!,n c rliUiI' J . T ,n''
'croud' '(hit' of the men had a"inck in
..hUA'-.iA.vlw. F.-a'.r-r-.-.v..:'.l?J'd li'.ut.
! Kdward Scheppe. who calls himself
I the, sect etnrv of the llirbers t.'nlon. and
' Anpeli.' K'occii'orm Ve-t thirtv-ei eh'tli
etieet nerp arrested In a Sixth avenue
'department store for makinc troublo in
j the storu barber shop.
; At the head of 500 strikers they came
I down Sixth avenue, pulline Uirbers out
, of their pluowt em tho way Scheppn
madn a s,eei in the street that lioip.si
the police! reserves rapture some of his
..f.-!l.'3'i'."rs. ., ....
I...V. JiSi'WsSJVWilW.W' WaR.y.t, ".WW
In a chair in the barber shop ol Prank
Man, at i'3 Ninth avenue lie had been
.on -ick leave The lather was on his faco
when a rock came, throuch tho window
. and hit his head
'I ho soveral hundred men outside
tliteiv more rocks, hitting thn policeman
, in the ne"k and over an eye Samfnon's
sick leave camo after he captured holdup
men in Central Purk, Refore the fourth
rook landed he was out of the shop and
had by the naM of the neck Charles Bon
Kurano ol I2u First avenue Simmon
t s.iid HonKurano threw Ihe rocks Though
I the leserves came they weren't able to
add much to the sick policeman's con
quest, merely arresting a butcher nnd a
man out ol work
Some of the Mtim crowd that smashed
Adatn Halz's shop at (VS Kast Fourteenth
hlicwi on '1 uesday came around iiRiiin to
iixtied four liarbers who had kept at work
I A nig cobblestone crashed through the
I window and pas ' tho head of a nianl-
etirist and I01 xt ten minutes she
1 hupced a corn- nn room
I tin four worrier and the boss shed
whitn duck coats and threw out part
of thn bunefred men who had entered
Tho x)llc Rot thorn in time to eject
the socond wave of strikers but not to
save the furniture They did lead out tho
Jo-eph J. F.ttor, one of tho I. W W
lenders at Uiwrence, hit town and ex
horted n ronrinK mass meet in b In Majestic
Hall, imj Forsyth street. From that
meetiriK went forth 600 strikers to ilraf?
emt of tlie shops of Harlem undThe. Bronx
asmary barbeisas they could. In Hrook
lyn panes hunted Hathtish, Bay Kldce
and Williamsburg, pulllriK the workers
out of the little Isolated eHlnhllshmentu
j always under tho threat to smash things
if the men didn't quit Usually tho boss
I barber told the men to ro rather than
' si'o hir. plucn wrecked.
. 'I went j- barbers Invaded the shop of
Charles Schlieh at 2M) llrondway.Williams-
I burp, and failitiK to persuade Valentine
I Uieselier of ,'I.VI Centml uvenilo, one of
'he. eiiiiloyts."!. to join thcru .-truck him
XSt Pj(t.4'J V.''!Al....'iW'ii.!;S(....l.ixp.".
ph.tu window was tin shetl and half a
do.en pei dsn went il.jlli'ed by thn glass
'I Im reserves from the t.lvnier street
station were obllirnil to llsn 'thulr elnlw
'to t'aiht (heir wnv tei tho front Thre-o
' wi le liriested alter a snvem rluhl Dres
1 1'her wa- taken to thn Willlumhburr
...V.'Jl'J.'.t.'J.' . I oo ..'vrbor wmt o-jt W
.lers.'v t it v demanditii? shorter hours
uml milt holidays on Sundays and holi
days Thnro is no violence as yet
Aiiiiitiiu .Mi.ri'oin, wjio Knt'pn n shop
on liiovo sl'eet, Jersey City, destroywl
ever" einleti -e of a barber shop and nut
up 11 imw Kirn i.bieli read "Antonio Mar
coni. d'ler in s-iietv r.l'.'ors "
Thy UirbRi' stride lias spnmd tn Uy
pnno and will imrome operative there on
MHniitv-itrvrrsvrfir; hoMcn a!xri iv: siiiips
(isjreo to tho demands for $1'.' a week and
I men n uours n nay
1 1 01 .uicnaHi ,1 itenpan nnd John J
, llealiti of the .New York State Board of
I Mediation nnd Arbitration, nfter u con
. iw.'Kt l .'iWjjd.v.cr-vii.strixjjrB. iafc.
lorenoon, called a conference lator in the
fiftc-noon with representatives of the
J ., nnd American Fcderntion of
iJtbor. Iho obiect of the conference
was to sse If tho two unions nnd the em
plovers cculd ccrr.o to an under
5,?"5i.n'I .wj)lch ""Jdrnalfi ,,e.etUimri.(,.,
bi tho strike possible .Nothing came
wi inr cuiiierences
Colnmhta'a Dubnnlo W lnamnnln
itpretat fnhl ftetpatrh In Tsn Hi v,
Havana, May 14,- The. ipinrunllno
against Colombia has been lifted, tho
uppnnrd bubonlo pinvuu proving to b
Ilbelnls liolnu to llniHiin In Mleinl
I Meiincnl lllilliuilintloli.
W.isillNiiToN, Mnv II Dudley Field
Mnl'ine, Third sitnnt Secretary of
State, anil Itrlir.-Oon. Ilnoch Crowdcr,
, lude Ailiocati-lioneriil of the artiiv.
have been deslKnated by Ptesldent Wit
you 11s special envoys to the ltiauuura
linn of Preslilettt-elect Metiocal of Cuba,
which lakes place at Havana on May
Thn Anier.cnn envoys wl.l leain
Washington ti-moitow tiluht ,'or Key
West and preen. 'd thence to Havana
on board the Tansport I'ralrle. They
expect to return to Washington about
May 2a,
It Is the President' deslrn that tho
special mission In the Mi'tlocal InuilsTU
ration be Interpreted to Cuba as a mani
festation of the special interest which
the (loicrnmetit of the I'nitid States
takes In the continuance of pood pov
eminent under republican institutions
In Cuba and the welfare of the Cuban
people. The Cuban (loverttment sent 11
1 special envoy to the Inauguration of
I President VUon list March.
1 nvlnp to the death of the sister of
h rr'Ir'-T Prf.rMe-. '- JI'p'.a".
(iomnz, the festivities attendant upon
th- Inaitpuratlou under ordinary cir
cumstances have been larpelv cancelled.
T.iner Ashore at Cnpe IMnnco
Thought to I!e Kenil
worth Castle.
irn,i( Ca'itr '""c'i fi Tlir Si x
l.oNpoN. May H.- The stenmship re
ported iviecked nt Cape Hlanco, near
AKadlr. Motocco, has no: jet been
reached nnd has not been Identified. It
was reported that thn steamship be
lonpul to the t'nlon Castle Line, but all
that line's ships with the exception of
1 the Ixenllworth Castle have been spoken
j since May in. when the wreck was.
slptlteil til the i:enmll!p Astron.
The otllclals of the line said to-day
that they entertain no anxiety In regard
tn the safety of the Ixenllworth Castle.
It Is believed hem that the stenmship
Astrca mistook an old w rei k w hich may
possibly be that of the French cruiser
Jean Hart, which was wrecked In UtoT.
Tho Hrltlsh cruiser Porte, which was
ordered by (N Admiralty to lender
assistance to the stricken ste-amshlp,
oupht to reacli Cape Hlanco to-morrow.
There was much Insurim; at Lloyd's
to-day on the-ships of the I'likm Castle
Line until all were aicounted for with
the excep'lon of the Ixt nilworth Castle.
Then business was focussed on her. The
Insurance closed at 'M pulneas per cent.
The Kenllivorth Castle, left Madeira
on May 7 bound for Oapt Town with
some hundreds of passenpers and she
oupht to be far to the south of Capo
Hlanco. Tie- most serious aspect of
the case. If the Ixenllworth Castle was
wreckeMl, would be the extreme Isola
tion of Cape Hlanco, and in connection
with this it was reparded as remark
able' to- qpht th.it the ixenfli! ort h 'Ca.-llc'
tins UAVAWll '.Xv: !iWViflill.s. .JicV':.
praphic calls sent out. It wis sup-
i pe.sted that this was due, if the ship
wrecked was the lx.qiiru'ortff evtWflo. ro
the fact that the officers preferred to
abandon the ship ami trust to the
boats because the seaway off Cape
Hlanco Is much frequented by liners
rather than land the pasvenpera on the
resourceless coast
I rnr-ntluilterl of' f t,Mln U'bh Were
-1,v?r.w;-',r r;t-7inv.vnT.".":
! ip'rlal Cnhlr lifpitr, r. Tur Six
Haia.sm. Ma II A b,i; 'nit. lucid m
the House of li'epresi'nt.'ltllOs t.i-iln
culls for nn Investlpatlon of the Presi
dent's jwirdon of the men who shot nt
(Sen. Pino Ouerra. the former comman
der of the army.
Shots were tired nt the General some
time npo when he was directly opposite
the Presidential palace nnd much was
made of the ease one story belnp that
some of the Cuban otllclals wanted (Sen.
Guerm removed.
The bill introduced to-day allepes
that the pardons were unconstitutional.
51. nrlndejonr, Who Dirt It. I.oae
Pilot' Certificate.
fpeclnl Cable PeipfrA to Tin Scs.
Ionpon, May 14. The Royal Aero
Club ban withdrawn M. Prlndejone's
pilot's certitlcate for contravening the
rules nf the club by passing over Lon
don on May 11 when completlnij his
(light from Bremen to Hetidou.
After he had crossed thn Chnnnel nnd
was Hearing Hendon M. Hrlndejone lost
his way In a mist nnd llnally found him
self hovering over Lor.don. Ho imme
diately flew away, but this availed
The decision of the aero club to with
draw his pilot's certificate mean that
M. Hrlndejono Is barred from nil Hrltlsh
See the Model Exhibit
cf K
' In
T ClJTc (J( Cdnnot turn'
Tables, Chairs, Filing
Cabinet everything
of fire-resitting steel.
all this
Open from
10 a. m.
to4 p.m.
14th Floor
Thli Firo
is to serve ai
tho perma
nent local
of the
JBMa, N, Y,
Kinir Nicholas Declares Prcstitrc,
of Montenegrin Arms
Is Kxnlted.
his moors mostly (joxk
lilockmie of the Const by War
ships Brought to
nu Hinl.
n-inl CaKlf tifpotrh tn Tilt S-ts
CiirriNJt:. May 14, The International
forces clio.-cn for the occupation of Scu
tari until the Albanian (iovernnient Is
dcilnltely established landed to-day nt
the estuary of the Hoyntiu and went from
''vr u Svuivr! tin -te.ituers
rite OUiK Ot till' .lI'lllH'tU'Cl'itl (tllop.s
1. -d all eddy irone from Srut.n l when the
iniein.rioii.il forces arrived, hut a Mon
teni p ii pttatil of lienor iiccomp.'tiii il tho
Cloi'etnor of js'iiilurr to trie quay, where,
after short speeches nnd been mule, tie:
city was formally handed over to tho
Hrltlsh loinmauder.
The lespei'tive International forces
Mer" then allotted different quarters
In the city and Immediately took over
the puardliinshlp of the piddle build
Itms and the work of the police force.
Tho vcople of Cct'lnjo tint recon
ciling themselves to the Inevitable mid
tlie city is apaln restimitip Its iiontial
trend after the display of blph feellnp
over the loss, of thn coveted Albanian
city. Klnp Nicholas made 11 speech
to-day in the course of which he said,
in refertlnp to Scutari:
"We all thank (iod that Scutari was
In our hands, even If only for a few
days. The prestlpe of our country
and Ihe honor of our arms have been
exalted notwithstanding our Irrepar
able loss."
The blockade of the Monteneprln
coast by the international warships
was raised simultaneously witn the
occupation of Scutari.
xltinnlans (irrrt lleprrsenlnllx r of
I'nxvers nt Sim (Sliixniinl,
Vii:na, May 14.- -A despatch received
here from San (llovannl ill Medua, the
Albanian port on the Adriatic, says that
the International forces, which will oc
cupy Scutari now that tho Montene
grins have evacuated that city, landed
nt San Giovanni dl Medua this morning
The Albanian greeted the force en
thusiastically. Lonpon, May 11. Official figures of
the ilulpirian Iosscm In the war. pub-l.-lied
at Sella, give the following estl- '
mate: Killed, 330 officers, :'!,71l men;
wounded. 050 officers. TC.TijQ men; miss-
ing, 3,195.
I Three (libera Injured, One ratnlly,
( fn'lrrrfri-.irefuVnr.
fperi.il I'atitt !pU(h to The Sij,
P.irtM.x. May 1J--A .H!fOUno cap-
I t ying two unators collided at the Jo-
:.ani.!.n!'.il tiyir.s gr'ands t.i-Jay with,
a biplane piloted by the Swiss aviator, !
("apt Jucker. and carrying a passenger
naniisl lOletrtch.
Hoth machines fell to the ground from
a distance of forty-live feet. Jucker
being kiiod uml Dietrich ivceiiliig such ,
injuries that he Is dying. The two avl-
ators in .t'le lUopopbine. were sllph'ly In-
. Innil
Droti nlns .Man In flne Sax eel by
Ilia "Best rrlenii."
fiperial Cnhte e;iii(rA tn Tlie Sex
Pints, May 14. A pipe saved the life
of an inveterate smoker to-day. While
swimming in the Seine the man who
was smoking the pipe was s-oUed with
a cramp and went under.
A policeman heroically Jumped In 'o
save tho smoker and managed to pet a
hold on the pipe which the drowning
man held between his teeth like grim
death. Kventually the bather was
hpu'.ed out and revived.
NAhole Carpets
Made to Special Order
""THE fact that Whole Carpets are obtainable in any
" dimensions, 'mitern- and cclor'niRr- affords - unlimited
latitude" Tor producing exactiy the decorative ' effect
Our facilities for making to order such Floor Coverings in one seamles?
piece and in any shape and size required, are unequaled. The ex
cellent selection of" fine weaves comprises French Aubusson and
Savonnerie, Scotch Chenille Axminster, English Hand'tufted, Berlin,
India and Turkey; and In dependable Domestic Grades, our popular
' Chaumom." " KalHstcf'-' 'ArK Wool-ArrfWg3.
Samples and sketches submitted upon request. Orders may be placed
now for delivery in the early Autumn.
Mending Fleet In MrillterrniMnn Cur
iam I'niiiiiicntiiry on IVner.
tlirehil CiiMe timpttch In Tlir. 9rs.
London. May IS. Thn Statulnrit, In
commentlnp on tho forthcoming orulso
of thn American lleet to tho Mediter
ranean, snys:
"It Is slgnlllcant thut this remnrk
ablo lllimtnitlon of the potentlnlttes of
tho second naval Power of thu world
is to bit given In 11 quarter now uniler
polnp reconstruction and potltlc-.il trnn-
l mIiU.ii tt Im .'i verx' forclhln liltsi lo Kit-
ropo that American diplomacy can as
seit Itself If It pleases with tho only
kind of backlnp our modern dlplo
matlsts really recognize,
"It Is also a curious commentary of
that elTuelvo patronano and pacitlu Idea
Secretary of State Hryan has b.en ex:
hlbltlnp. It Is extremely kind of Soc
retarj Hryan to take, the troublo to
advertise his desire to lnnuntirnte. an
era of universal peace, although It
mlpht be supposed that his energies nro
better employable In applying his Ideas
to such matters an Japan and Panama.
"The inwt practical method of sup
porting the principles of International
nioraliry woiiiu b, to ii..r..r.t.,iln the v.ilbJ
ity of nn International agreement."
If la JJnrrln-ce tn Mr. Prntt n Be
Itrllglona (rrrnlony Only.
Special Cable Deiixitck tn Tut Sex
Flores'cb, Muy U. Prlnco Arsctio
Knrnpcorpevltch, the brother eif tho
King of fiervla, who Is to marry
Mrs. Huper Print, a New York woman
who resldi.i In J-aris. bus failed to per
suade tho Mayor of Florence to dis
pense with thn neceJssary formalities In
regard lo Mrs. Pratt. Ho was equally
unsuccessful In Ids efforts to obtain no
tion from the American and Husslan
Consuls, who Instead Insisted th-.t he
abide by thu law of the land.
For that rcuson Prince Arscnn hns
decided upon an exclusively religious
marriage and has arranged for a privnte
ceremony at the Itiisslan Church. His
bride, however, must become orthodox
or 0U0 the marriage wquld be 'nvabd.
I "nt 11 the latter matter Is settled no date
for the marriage can be fixed.
Xlrn Whn llnlilieil KonKieonfr Strnmer
nn April .t f'nnurhl.
Special Vnltle lifimtcli to The Srx
London', May 11. A despatch from
"For better or for worse"
A suit of clothes
can sjivc you an individuality, stimulate your
confidence and increase your case 'and com
fort, or " ' """ ' - -
It can fill you -with dissatisfaction, make you
self-conscious and create an atmosphere
about you that will ruffle your personality.
It all depends on whether the pattern, style
and hang arc characteristic of you or not.
You can give your requirements free rein
til you find the exact combination of
material, cut and size that represents
There is no guesswork about our suits at
$18 to $42
Astor Place &l Fourth Avenue
rstairs j
Should Auld Acquaint
ance be Forgot?
When there tre "cups n'
klnilnesi" to bo taken, when
there arc toasts to be made or
healths proposed, the licit i
not too good.
At such limes don't forget
"Carstairs"--in "auld ar
qualntince" of the major ty
cf discriminating whisVev
users. You will find "Car.
stairs" at leading cluhj,
hotels, cafe, retaur
nnts. A favorite In the
Skilfully blended of se
lecledryes Asedlnvood.
The numbered label
tbows our bottling.
Hongkong rays tho Chinese ntithor't
luve captured twenty Ilngllslimen 4ti,
seven Chinese pirates who raided iv
Hongkong steamer Taion on April " r
dccordanco wltli Chinese custom
Chinese pirates will nil be exi ctlted.
the Hrltlsh captive's arc likely to pr-.
The raid occurred on the Talon af e
the steamer lud railed beyond Hrl' k
waters off Hongkong, About llfly p
rates had gone aboard as pussciigit
and when the ship was nut a p-afe d -tasce
they attacked. They tied up som
of the crew, Intimidated the lest, robbt i
right and loft, broke many of the deli
onto mechanical workings on boatd an
finally shot nnd killed one Chinese p.ie
senger as well as wounded four otlin
After they had collected nil the mnnev
and valuables In sight they lelt t ..
Talon In tho small boats and escaped
shows our bottling. iiiif
1 ....... 1 1
S tss-- -f T"1,3KtT ti
7 Wf.. 1
p- Prautnitiuig; 1
Js- V.",m7w. " '

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