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4 8,
GoliMnnidt System AVill
Jlmolutionizc Such C'oni
nniuicntion. Say Jtaokers.
('nuiH'ivinl Unto. Tt Ts
liouiu'od. Will Re R
Ont. a Word.
uiph.il of .So.onn.OOO Altvmly
MiliM-riltnl Wit limit Vuli
lic Asisl.nicp.
fl't i). ' tt ;.ifc'A tu Tnr Sts
Lomhn. May 1 1. Promoters and
Linkers of tho Onldschmldt system of
vt''j tfVgrnphy announce that be-
U'IM; po""'. offl'i' int'triot
i- Marconi company - rat. fled a
(.fm' ''.ration will hi made with their
em tt 'urh will iiMtunlHii tin1 world
:. i ''itiiiiilin wireless communion
5. n Tiiev asset I that within that
ix( . "mmunleatlou will ho established
bit' J5 tho Atlantic nt n speed of 100
twrds n mlnnto at least at a cost of
inr pence telght cents) a word. All
tr w l b done wlihmtt the uso of a
FVirlt spark (tap or arc. which nri
thenar' In nil other system.
I' l. not known why the rtcmnnstra-t.-n
n question Is to bo made at such
B me The Rritish advisory committee
rn a'ready passed on the Cloldchmldt
n o.n tentntlvelv They found that I'
1 n1 been fried out over short distnnc".
-ere t was successful, but that wa
"r company l ereetlnt; a station
ir t ) Tinted States its site Is held
Mm" in London. Its blc station near
V" s-ii'p am lluebenbets Is well known.
"Who I' (nines to details the promoters
r wrj loquaci'-us. There Is not
c ptany worth of stock procurable.
" s:non.ooo stock of' the nrlcln.il
tt s in private hands and the
capital of a company which
i e the Kncllsh. 1'rench and
!nes has already 1 eti sub-
' I Tlie public I not InvPed to
- he to a share, nor will It be
f' ' 'i do so.
twvnty miles from Hanover,
i - N'e'istadt am TtUebenberK. on .1
a Ms lake, stands the (lold-
.'irss le'ecraphy station
t j....',, KeMtv r.f the .rt.'.in'
' if 'll b'l! the expert com-
" i :: r ',. merits' of rein-
V. v '.voir t..,...ilsfflifr,.irtif
v ' ". .ml ire e;:cme'
i ' lb '. "s h V I iniil
,;,. ,,r 1 he I
s ,,, , ,; I, .,,.,, i
' 1 I' bis alre.idv rcachod n
' T ilioqt '.'"ft virls or two-thirds
r-'t to i ,li it ; to t.n buUt.
W Is iiiit irlouv a cnod conducto'.
' vt'lalns whv the flirmin" have
s narsh -.It" near N'eu-tadt.
i found Ufrsirv, l. iwevr.
s'ruet n sold road ncrom the
' ' r n. i.. nl',. TS.'j .-.,",) T in
. .',-") ,.Sb'M'-ss.l,i.-
."l.fire Acror-y Its silrf. e b.'.s '
'' "ar.st"rted the son tons rf tneini
' , v. roie t- the Imlldlec
r-"" 'Hnncular mast
TiU nc the centre of the most ns a
e""o n circle hut: h.-en dr.iwr w-;th a
Tifur of considerablv more tlvn ha'f
n ll" and round thl- centre ,v mter
' ' of 10 decrees hae been placed
' "v.sx posts, each of which has
f"1 icrlnl wire sttacheil to It. wh.ch runs
" 'he antennie nt the top of ttie miht
A 'e'feet from the centre si jntH have
Iff, set tip and to each of these posts
i1 vtaohed ix aerial fefdens, each one
tt h , i, run jo one of rh aerial wires
l'.r mentioned. These aerial feeder
the power from the hlch fre
r. . r.e snurc and transmit It to the
and so to the an'ounse.
'i the Marconi system i,t wireless
"crapi.j n f-park Kal, s nilllzed for
I 'nmlsslon of mtHs.ice. th waves
N ."c generally damped waves of
' -l.fiftft meter wave length. The
i "it of power which can be cot Into
utitennie on the spark prap r-yatem
f opv reasonable period Is naturally
'"''"I and It Is doubtful whether In
' ' idiniry way .inch amount can ex
' . Iciowatts, This question of
' - one of creat Importance, Inan
"s It has a stronc hearlnc upon
x .'I c npral working.
one time, ns the expert com
'r" i nts nut, it has tieen felt that
i'.irk cap stcm. varylnK a.s It doe
''mi-' In lertaln decrees, which are
' 't ' e onerator's control, was im-
J erf,
t .
1. re
r. '
x a ,
' am nrcordlncly when the Poul
' ustem waa announced It w.m
' a crent advance bad been
an. which is really the arc
' dqcinc trood results with tin
"l w....s of ft-nm '.'.f.fl.1 to m.ono
tKa.jiwmi:c..c.t.sijsm jMsvr
r'nera 'c admitted that the 1'oul
"s'em pessesseH creat pffslhllltlen
1 . d be . ipable of dotnc work )Ver
.IVtanei at a speed nnd price nt
Mi. older systems could not hope
. ,. ln..t,,,r v;Pi j,.nn n. !iprU
-" ' e.r.. ia.i "elcfutikeu I: lit tt
xt . r.'.ll.';.- !n It l.inltstlnns to
,s t'ireo system, and many
a! a d In character, the same
' al defects are manifest. To over
' ; .'e .1i.vhIcii1 defects has been the
' if ah investlcntnrs of hltfh slanil
" r mine time past, as it wns felt
'.i lehemphj' wtrV;J m-v'r'V"
sntlsfaetory until thee rtlHlcul
' ere overcome. I'rnctlcally what
' 'entlsts had to do was to discover
" iint' which should stand to wlrn
' ." ' ' Kravjh;' .Iji.Ui.o f");ne r.eh.ttnn t.)int
' - namo does to electric llcht This
s r'.v been done. It Is announced, bv
' 'lolrlsrjhmldt, a flerman electilclan
l oil for pevernl years In Knclaud
i"" i'H formerly rteHlcnlnsr eiectrlelnn
ni-roa for thn Westlnchnuse com
i id,
!'-p'ie a lone experience Dr, flnld
h ' Ih still under -10 years of ace.
" ".roc or four yar aco Dr. Fleni-
f1e RnKllsh wireless expert, stor
ed to thn younjr Qerninti cnclneer
hi i,e should try to deslcn n machine
would obviate the defects of -x-I"
us wirelgsB systems and place the
Hrl.gtifiit f.itnlly ifsitl In a nod pie
tutenvie mimIoii ulth ai rtiiiitniKlntltin for
.' Tiililf siirHldl rrnm nirnnn farm ntel
Unities ts Imlr Bolf cour.c, trnnW, nvIiIIp
lwtM, (nruur urul llsrry
o.n t-iMiirs sii:m1" not'rr.s.
tvtioliril U- y cuttAjM -umiilctrly fur
nlkiied ultli Imlrl rtlcr
WIIITI' Mot .STAIN AMATP.t'lt tHtl.r
t II XMt'KtN.smi' Wll.l, Ml' lll'l.ll linn:
t (it sr :si ii. in it. mi ii
t'IIAUI.i:S V MUll'IIV Manner
x.iiites, i..u'ui:i. inii'M . i.ik-uiNia, v .1 .
until J'llir lt
lirii'tlco of tin- si It nee on n inn" exact
and tellable basis. The result nan the
high !rceil u" riv.' r wh.ih Is t'nw 'aid
down at N'custudl. whlih Is proving
satlsfnttor.t It Ik a machine of a mof ,
complicated cnar.iitcr. tliet.'-lreihg over i (rntnl r.ihlt tifF"lrk to The Sc
w i.'.miir. pl. ics of metal uned In It London, May 1 1 There wnn a i lot to-
construction, nnd In outward appear- tiny at HasttiUN In connection with the
nci It r mhl M.niewlml an ordinary nuctlonlni: of the distrained property of
dynamo I ,wo 'UffraKttte who tettfnd to pay
ftitll till- nllrrnator V re.ich.d the their taxeS a a protect aalnt the (Jov
XenM(ii piMiit i -rv nnirh ilk Hijy , 'jrwnent fcr not Bra)jtn;. wnwn uf
other uener.itmu plant Thre I a frapc. The suffmM ttcs ofwinmcd a pro
pow.rful Kfutu .'imln- attached to two ceh.-lon. w hlch wr. headed hy n Intnl. the
dvnami-. wlil-'h work In .sericM and haml h(ln Immediately followed hy
drive a motor coupled direct to this wotnr i in two carrluitc. fuller suffra-hl!-
freiiieiicy alteiaatoi When the , K'tte., and .-evctai men were on fort,
.iltmntor Is ninnlni; at correct siierd,1 The puhlic was ho-tllc from the utart
almut S.iou r-nltitlon a minute, It is 1 and crowds frequently tried to rush the
e.Ml'rd hv a cont.intous current, and the j carriages. The police for a lone time
1,1c ji,nvr which l ls.ned nppears In prevented this hut finally the crowd
th.. natenme This antenti!" power ts hecame too stronG for them and rushed
entirely controlled and broken up into I
vlcnals lv the interruption of the excit- 1
' ' I'...- ..M.....tl... ...
HIK ( UI O'lll. .'lill.'l .11 ! .,i.h ... ..'
' Mor.e code or an code wl.!ch may be
! desired. The slices achiexed may be
ttiMRlneJ when It !s mentioned that n
unit li a H'O ki'owatt has already been
sent Into the antennie from the Oold
' schmtdt apparatus, or more than six
times as much as ha ben sent through
the antenna; of any other system e
i tept the Marconi.
On the Marconi And othr system thn
hlsh freuuency wnve necessary for the
transmission of wireless messnpes nre
secured hy a primary frequency of about
500 n second. The secondary process of
thl I
ii nine t ia unnrlc iron t rim, form
; Into a higher freuuency. hut. ns has ,
i.... ..... n.i- moitm.1 i.,w.
,eh m bn ileslr.sl. im the oMehm!dt ,
I. .....vinilns n ninchlne is used and the
frequency required Is made in this i
oi:tehlne thus obtalnlni? a verv hii:h vet ,
islly controllable output. In plain
t words, other systems arc limited by the
physical condition of their media: the,
I tioldsehmldt H Independent All that 's j
I necessary In the latter en.1-.' is to tune
I the circuits, nnd for this the Incenlous
I Herman ha dc.ilcned a most remark-
able system.
Naturally on the Ooldschmldt system
. In III. - rrA..,l:i,ii la nlt,..t,l Mil.
'...,... .V... n.liri a.., I inrlil .yt lh..
Irtcelvlnc circuits, civlne n much better
chance of mcssaces coinu through dur
ing atmospheric disturh.inci s. Another
' great advantage Is that the higher energy
and undamped waves secured require i
, more delicate adjustment for receiving '
I messages, and thus more secrecy is ol- 1
' tnlned. Thanks to the pouitar "tone j
I win-el ii-. il in lOiiJuiiLtion with t 1
; apparatus operators receiving can ml-j
r'nis't'tneir mrocWiitiM'pii.nfrci'lur.'SU".!'T
iiir t'.iii uctyii'.'O. iL-nye uf an,y.letjgth I
between 5 "I'O ami 15.000 .VJtlls. Thtl-. I
If great prltacy i- deslrid, a t!oldchmi'it
, I
enn signal a rww ws tif'A
In code on a 15.000 tard wave lens' i
l.fc-.ir 'n., u en.lintr .1 fir'.vi'.le "Stesi ,-.
1.1 .1 .!!.. ,.t.. n i,..i,u .
1 of. s.iy. lo.ono yards, and the man who is w
i at the rrce;ing si.iMoTi can at one. : i
up exactly to recelte smh niess.iee.
while other te.-eitlng stations, et.ti a
! Miming that tb. t bad a C.otils.'t-nil.i' t
celter. would bate to tune up bv 'na..
. ,ii'l th retctluti of messag" n this
.s.'ls...v-i-.'i .o ..C.va'
difference of iiori pi r cent In tuntr.".
would render the signals -ccctved n-
nf the capable of bring understood. The im
I jiortance of this practnal recy la the
event, as would be Inevitable, or It Iielnt
desired for strategic purposes Is un
deniable. Already In practice the noldsohmldt
has sent messages at the rate of ninety
words a minute, a rate untouched by
anv other svstem save tlie Pniilsen, nnd
this rate. It Is e.xp-cled, will be duubl'd
In the next few weeks First the mes
sage Is punched out on n tap" by an
ordinary punching machine, then this
tape Is placed In a new high speed an
tomatlc trnnsmlttter, through which It
can bo driven at as high a speed as ex
perience shows It iau be effectively dealt
with by the photo printer at the receiv
ing station. This not only makes for
efllclency; It makes also for economy.
and it may be estimated that when com
mercial business is started the price
charged fur transatlantic messages will
bo only about 40 per cent, of the prices
now being churned for such messages.
It Is onl reasonable to suppose also that
at Improvements are cITected In the
photo printer the speed of transmission
will be gteatly Increased, as, unlike
spark system, which are naturally lim
ited ns to the number of times which
the spark gap may be disturbed in a
minute, the high frequency of the Oold.
schmldt can be disturbed as much as ii
desired or as fast a the perforated
tape can bo made to run.
The (Soldschmtdt system of wireless
telegrapliy has been Investigated by
telegraph cnmpnnles and private In
dividuals In this, country- ourlng the
last two veors. Po far na could be
teanvd esterday thi're 1 no money
from thl .rourdix lnYJ!'tC.n. Jn.-t.nP.S,.n.V..
pany. French capital I said to be i
behind It.
Cable despatches two years ago an
nounced that thn Kaiser had asked
wireless experts to Investigate Ilia y
tern, but uothlns was. e'(;r printed i
about tlie result nf It. The special re- i
r.art of I'.ie British nrtv.'wry. crrrmUtre I
said that the svstem had worked wet'
over short distances, and the question
whether It would he nf use over great
distance would have to he determined
when it had the proper stntlons In
sitllod. At tl.e office nf the trlfcraph com
pany .iKsterday U was- ! that In
.'.eUga!.!oE.s uw" by awiVs, Jio.'l r".t.
resulted In reports which would Induce
the Invpst nst of money While no in
vestlgator had condemned the system
outright, no one had spoken of Its ac
complishments with enthusiasm. What
it might show niTow rh.' AtlJtitfc wirr
liavo to l.e demonstrated.
RrltUh snelety Will Mnpplr fnplra
In ' "nradrr" ( Coil.
SprHal rifilt Ottpalrh to Till Si v.
London, May 14, The British For
eign Blind Society Ih preparing a com
plete brnllle of Shakespeare, which the
society will supply at cost, according1 to
tho length of the piny. For Instance,
"The Merry Wives of Windsor" will
cost 60 cents.
lfiKitng "Antis" Spoil hi
ridors" Spring Milllnpvy
nnd Complexions'.
Ono for Police Mnaishnlo: 'I
' Otliors Found in l?nil
rnnil fur.
the lint and attacked the
Huts were torn off and thrown
winds. Some antl-suffragctte
were partleularlv Hggressive lit
tO till'
a omen
the rush nnd showers of
and eggs rained on the
demonstrators. The pollen
soot. Hour,
fought to'
protect the women In the procession
and received a big shale of the missiles.
The crowd nt last managed to over
turn one of the cat rlages and the women
In It were thrown to the road. They
were cut find bruised In the tumble
The mob pounced on them nnd tore
their clothes. Kventunlly the police hur
ried the women Into a shop and guarded
them until police reenforcements ar-
h" row lasted two hour. follmylnR
which the auction sale of the distrained
was abandoned, as it was'
would re- ,
The organ of the IVnn Church bouse
in llucklnghauishlre was malignantly i
tired to-dav nnd practically ruined The
I church escaped. The perpetrators placed
I the usual suffragette declarations un
! der the Bible upon the lectern. The'
j church Is as.'oclatcd with William IVnn 1
and Is much visited by Americans. !
j l"p to a late hour to-nisht the day's
I record of militant suffragette bombs '
totalled three. Two were found in on" !
the passenger enrs of a local train
between Kingslon-on-Thames
and London, on the Miuthwestern Kali- I action on gencr.it ptlnclplcs. uia.uinin
wa. while the third was sent by mail 1 i,K n,,,, ,i. c.otei nm. ut had no light
to Magistrate Henr mrtls Ilennelt at . ,,, suppiess a newsp.ipci in adtancc .f i
the Bow Street Police Court, where hett. publli allon. Tlie lalmtltes plana. Ii
Is Inuring the cases against the even that as soon as oni of tl.f u-nu-nlier w ..s
militant suffragettes and the analytical M,nt to prison another should n-stir.ie
chemist Clayton. t,e i esiorisIliiIlt fur the printing of 'b.-
The bombs Ip thn rn!!r"ad ?nr which militant paper
was well tilled with passengers, were' The trial of the -N militant nif
.tMiad. by th to'.vJ.i,v;ter V.-iU;I',lj,,.,..is.c.;a.?jl.u,.vii'j.'!'. '"Vu.yn.qj. .attested
Station. They consisted of tin canisters i n connection with tlie raid on the head-
ft. '.) trtin V
tn suffragette
irrj v r
machine were turned over to the au-
' fthorYttes!
The paokag containing th" bomb
dehtered at the Bov
street police court
was marked Imniciliate. A police
clfleer Mupri:ic.il tbij nature of the enn-
tents and hurrUsily look it outride of
the court room and plunged It into
a Imckel ..f water.
It was then opined ,i,ul the bomb'
taken out It I'ol.sliiUd of H tin tob.liCO.
.Ttv. Tli.ft ..'. r. g.:n-"Oi; i. ! o And
cap end uf the lartr.due and had li been
Ml in ,m v.ay it would have ";p' ".vl '
it 'lb ptoli.ili!. fatal leaults.
It was fearnl for a time I'll after- i
noon that the number of bombs would i
r.acu four when It was reported that
another Infernal ninchlne ha 1 been
plckid up in Westminster Abbey It
w.i learned that n hombllke object had i
teen dNcotered in thn area of the
Chun h House In the ilians .tard of
the Abbey, but It was a mere toy male'
by some schoolboys They have been (
making dummy bombs for the past two
days and they "plant'' them after school
Tlte Bow strct b.'iub has attracteii an
unusual amount of attention, ns It Is tlie
llrst direct suffragette attempt on the
police. The police refuse to give an
opinion in regard to the deadlines of
the machine, but It Is suggested in som
quartets that there was creator danger,
to tile post olllce employee' who
stamped thf package containing It than
to the court attendant who opened the ,
package. !
One result nf the delivery of the bomb
Is that tlie Home i ifllco has appointed
two detectives to protect
Bennett at all times, both day and night.
The recent stntement that the mili
tants nre resolved no longer to respect
human life seems borne out by the pre.
vailing bomb campaign. Life was cer
tainly endangered by the bomh found
In St Paul's Cathedral nnd by several
fther infernnl ninchlne. The bombs
found to-day in the railroad car at
Waterloo were of the same class, One
of the two wns Inscribed thus: "Life
and property nre not safe until we get
thn vote."
The Bankruptcy Court appointed n re
ceiver to clay to take charsr of th? af-f!'S."A'J!,.VM'M':'S--'
.!."'. vW"
nio.it prominent male advocate of woiniu
suffrage in Kngland.
The appointment of the receiver fol-
Second Hand Office Furniture
Thru wc have token in exchange, including
Roll Top Desks
Typewriter Desks
Document Files
Card Cabinets
- a.iuL
Many Miscellaneous pieces.
These goods will be sold fcr just what wc nllowed for them.
This is a rare opportunity to secure pieces for your
Factory Office at 75'", Saving over new prices.
lows the netlon taken on April 2!. when
Mr Lawrence was soned with a Lam;
ruptcy notice as the revilt of his nm-
payment of J4,i.t0. tlie cots of Ids I ml
which uro-e ft out tile MUlfl, luetic win
dovv smashlm; raid In Match of l.Mt
year An execution levied on Mi, Law
rence's country house some time a.i
realized 11.500, and the proceeding.
which ended In the appointment of the,
receiver to-day, had to do with the re-1
covery rf tht balance. I
In enit.-t to-day the defendant objected 1
Ithout t vail to the appointment of the
.ecelver. He said that the bankruptcy'
case was ' political attack for which
the colli t should not be Used,
"I am no v a political cipher." said
Mr. Lawrence as he left the court, "hut
I am out for a tlnht In the public Inter- ,
et nK.iint a wholly unjust law which;
Klves the executive power to strike a
blow at any man who side with a revolt
by chati'lm; him with the cots of In
The appl'.catlon for the receiver was ,
heard priwnoly, only Mr. and Mrs. Law '
rome and a few of thrlr friend belnc
pt'ent. The court olllelal feared a
woman suffrage dcinonMrntlon and for
that re.t.on excluded the puhlic from th
ourt room Those who wanted to en
' tcr, major!) : .in '.vre women,:
were (ompelled to lemaln outside the
hulldlm: A sttoiiK for.e of police was
summoned to stifle anv at'emptcd out
break, '
Mr. and Mrs. Lawience and Mrs Mm-'
mellnt ranlthuiM, the latter of whom :s I
now out of prison recuperating from
the elTects of a hunger strike, wet., tried I
in Mav last year at the Old Ballet on i
the charge of conspiracy to rinmaeo
property, nnd the three were convicted i
and sentenced to prison. A short time '
afterward they were freed. I
Sine thai tlni" Air ami .Mrs. i,.iw-
rence hate severed their connection w 1th j
the nillu.int branch or the woman suf
frage inn rnii-nl Mr Law I once, bow
ever, has not lost any of his deierniln.i
tlon to tight for the enfranthhemeni of
An otllelal statement ha been given
out by the Homo uitlco to the crfect that
there s nothing to warrant the sugges
tion that the authorities will attempt to
mpprcs the militant organ, the N'uffrn
gcttr. before Its publication or to pros
cute Its print! or publishers unless
after publication the paper Is found to
contain articles or .statements Inciting
to crime.
It was pointed out In the statement
that the prosecutions of two publishers
of the tiultioiirltr since t'.ie so-called
suppression of that paper was not be
cause the. pnbl'shed the militant or
gan but In consi qiieiiee of the int'lte
meat contained in It.
The issuance of this otPcial state-.n. ut
was npp.irentl prompted b the an-
! nounced determination of se.rj wed
known labor members of Parliament to
l'isume the lesponsllillity for the printing
' of the SnJrini' ilf and to suffer the ron-
sequences. Tlie labor member- .f Par
liament diel.ired th.-v would tar." inil
- .narvc.T
Political I'nlnn. was continuid In Bow
street police com t to-daV
"f..'nf.'r ;um)T-,v,rt,fr;i-r.-iTrtr".r.
tacks on letter boxes, an effort wns
marie b ;he prosecutor t" learn it hat
wns done with the irll'tant sectct ser-
t ice fund or 41,.o.uiii ,i;-.u ne : rmei
business manager of the Mifnijcffi
gat an interesting account of how the
paper's cit dilation had fallen off.
!ilrw I 'obeli ttie s. crcllll t of the l.ecil-
l. ranch of tlie Women's Social and Po
U'.jcat l"t):.iq .was arraigned lb ere tod.it
...:!..';U.';m!". ii-- ' trii'iu. si!--,
w'as boiind uter on her recogniaiw c o
Ik bate until the ppenl Court has tinric
a i iiitng in the n-e against (le.u ge
Laiisiniry. ilie Hid,.' MiuTaglst. and f r
mer member of Parliament She will
thi n reappear in court for a decision In
th ense against her
I'lve "mice" released under the "cat
nnd mouse" nc are still running
Ilavnnn House iirot' Sennle Hill
on lnlnr lemorlnl.
l,fnal i ahlr lei'nlci I" Tiif Si t
IlAVtN.t. May 1 1 - The House of Hep
rf sentatlves approved to-day the Senate
bill which appropriates 150.000 for tlie
participation of Cuba In the Mnlne
memorial unveiling ceremonies In New
Yoik. The House, however, added an
amendment, which provides that the
ttoops going to New York be both white
and black.
Campos Marqiiettl. a colored Con
gressman, made a protest In the House
on May 7 against tlie Ignoring of negro
ntllcer in the making up of the com
mission to go to New York He mad"
violent speech and was cheered by t ho
negro members of tho House.
Husso-Chllirae TrentJ' Ulr Hul
sole til ulnar ltlnht.
Spenil vnhlt ic;i(r, in Tins Si s I
Lonpon, May 15,-Tlie Pekln cone-,
spondent of the Mil TcWtirnph says'
that a Uusso-Chincsc treaty was signed
tccently by which China concedes the,
lompl.'te autonomy of outer Mongolia.
The frontier has liven delimited, the
I correspondent says, and China will send
.,!; lolviH'le. r""i'eseiiintlve to Ills' new
.-.vVi-.U Ul.UJ..U.'Wf.-.JlU,'Ji!iUi.
' Hi have the solo mining rights in tlie
' autonomous territory, which comprises
' an utrii of linlf a million square miles.
Flat Top Desks
Bookkeepers' Desks
Letter Files
Storage Cabinets
380 Broadway, New York.
Town Wmitltur Casinos Musi
Sntisfy SciotitisM They're
Wnterlnar Vhees.
Clinmlier of Depnlies romniiHee
Uefusps to Siiiiction Pro
posnl of M. Pioii.
fyeriitl CabU Dttftteh in Tun Pin
i akis, .ii.ij it.- i hp nnmner oi .
Deputies by a vote of 2V, to I'til accepted.
M l'loitV proposal Inst l'rldav that I
the (tnmblltn; law of LHlT be n-vled,
This law grants p-rmlts for pambllni;.
v.i'aU ' li mpiM'seil t i't'e limited tul
wnfrlnc plaies nnd Imposes n tax of
15 per cent M I'lou's piopo'iil was
made during the debate on the bill to
t..ls that tax upld ii rvncVd ir
cent. In dac(s wheie the st.ik s total
more than Sl.ouo.ooo. and M. 1'iou in
upportlm; his plan attacked the many
gambling clubs which have sprung up.
As waa geneiallv cxivcted the Chatn-
ber reversed rr.dny tote to-ilay by
to !20. The pietious vote had been
submitted to the Budget I'ouiniltt.'e for
Its consideration and n its report the
committee retun',1 to Indorse the vote
for n tevlslon of the laws, but proposed
instead stricter regulations for casinos.
no of the regulations beinc that towns
demanding auth'irla'.lons for gambling
casinos must satisfy a non-political
board, composed of scientists, that they
are really watering places.
M. Plnu pleaded amiln to-day for the
suppression not of gambling, which.
he said, wns impossible, but of gambling forln refugees who Hocked to ConMnn
houses, which are accessible to every- ;nnplo when the lighting became gen
body. He declared that Trench water- eral below Adrlanople made h"f very
Inc places nre declining when com- popular here ,
pared with watering pieces In other I ,
countries where gambling Is prohibited. I sir Oorard Augustus Lowtlier -entered
The main naon lie advanced for this in,.. British diplomatic service In 1 H7.
-'as. that gambling drute tlie arlsto- I t one time be was secretary of the
cratlc clients aw, ij. ' cinbass.t tit Washington In niMltmn to
M. Klolz. the Minister of I'lnance. Constantinople he served at Mailt Id.
who followed, dissipated much of the, pails, Vienna. Sulla. Biichares'. Tokm
i ffect of M Pli-.u's eloquence, pointing
out that his proposal abolished only
the coutiot of gambling and would
benetlt clandestine gambling. M. Klutz
Interpret, d I'rldit 'i- tote as urging the
ilovernnieut to greater strictness in the
granting nf gambling casino authoriza
tion and lo greater energy In sup
piessing clandestine gambling.
Pining the debate u-day the Knghlen
Casino, situated nt the gates of Paris
and known to many
American tisitnrs.
lecelved set ere
criticism fiom some of
the epi-.."er. I
s0.00 ot i?.',
w is pointed out that Kuropcan Systems of Agrlcu?tuial Co
il, 000 in profit real- operation und ltur.il Credits attended
I7.ed In 1912 aro'e from the buttle game
where the stake was unit a franc, or
20 cents.
l.nmlnr faultier for Thomn CnoU
iii enV"irii'U. '
fiptnnt i nt It linfaif'i to Tnr. cs
l.c.jcfwrv iSw't" '",r.Tic'f4 .
barge of swindling Ame.-lcnn tourlrts
in the changing of currency, a man
named Itnggls cch!er fr Thomas Cook
A,- Son, t "i-'st agents, has lw" .0nt to
tail for s weeks
.Sen l.liieria 1 or i 'n nad Inn I'nellle,
pr,l 'VMf frtpat h In T'H S'
Lovpos- May 14 - 1' was learned to.
Aa that Ceriii'ia..V.e."l.'5.; Hylirfid
'he s..e of the stenniblp Ms.itlan of
'ie Mian Line
We Have Been Cleaning
New York Homes
for Years
went from door to door delivering coal and
collecting ashes. Hucksters of coal and kindling wood
were heard calling their wares. In those days coal
was carried up from the cellnr and the ashes were
carried down.
We changed the order of things. Homes were cleaned
of coal dust, ashes and kindlings by our taking the
..hunjdrciis.,9.0 tons .of, coaj. down,, to our
works, and delivering to your home or factory an ever
ready supply of clean gas fuel for cooking, heating
and lighting.
Let us handle all the dirt and grime incidental to coal
by installing gas appliances for you. We rent GAS
RANGES for Three Dollars a year and GAS
COOKERS for One Dollar a year. Apply at any
- - Ft? ' - '?
uab wince in
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
GEO. B. CORTELYOU, President
Jthe'n nelim Ktltellnttieil There lie
fore fSoliiR mi London Stne.
Spechil Vahlf ntHHtteS In Tan ?fx
Taris, May 1 1. Kvetyn Neshlt Thnw
I prently enJoinir her stny In I'nrln,
according to her ft lends, nnd he will
havo one continuous roud of entertain
tnent for the next frw weeks before ho
Koes to London to take part In "Hullo.
ltnKtline'" nt the Hippodrome
"Mr. Thaw Is ns jolly as a boy piny
Iiir In the Hind," said M Matcel frevoM
to .day.
"We dined at the Cafe de Madrid In
the Hols yeterdav and we lunched nt
t'lro's this mornlnt,'"
Mr. Thaw ndieil "I came to Kurope
to work, because I am not a fieak here,
I nt n mere darner on a salai v I am
really worth I shall o to London i
nhout dune 1 to start work and 1 nnt
nlreaily .tii(lylm .'itnl trulnlm; for the
dance. I w.inl' t.iur the t'onllnelit If
the show suc.eids. ptob.ibly lemalnlnK
, ... ,, ,.,.
j, n Mnrt'nelll Mr Thaw
ileal man.nter. bewail the
geous" attempts of the llncllsh press to
prevent ii poor woman in keep on earn
ing tier living ); ffrtfff-te-ier '''
pr'or ssTii'fi, fhb t.1tl Oi1e opett to her I
1 He declared he could book Mrs. Th iw 1
wisllv in lr,ince lloweter, he pref' rs 1
London. '
M Martinelh nisi ;ii. ;hiif obe need
'only see llvel.Mi Thaws , bild to know .
i that lie Is Harrt Thaw s son. N'o one.
however. Is nt' iwnl to se the cliUd
Iteslgll lis Hrltisb iii.oissnsl.il tu
'rnrKisVlfr mi iniTli-nii.
F.-r'(l) ' V l.'c ' O' l'l.' Mf I
Const tSTivorn.. M.. II Sir (.erard'
Augiis ua l.oW'liei who has beei, '
British Anibassa.loi '.. Turkey smce
II'OS. has resmneo S r C.ernrd's health
ha been ailing for sonic t'tne and K
would hate resigned I efoic this but for
the Balkan war situation.
Lady Lowtlier. who was Alice Blight
of Philadelphia, will shmtly yo to IVrls
ITsr nnd wnrl: 111 the relief nf lbn Sllf-
and Budapest, was Minister at 'fanciers
from li'04 to lOOs, when he went to Con
stantinople, and he wns also Knvov
I'xtraoi'dlnary and Minister Plenipoten
tiary tu Chile from 1101 to 1001
sKflenltiirlsts it. Tone ltnl ami Itr
miltr nt Yi'tilrc,
fprnnl ' ith'r lfl"fi In Till' Sis
Home, Mat II The membeis nt the
I American Commission for the S'udv of
several lectures to-day on rural cooper-
I alive credit and afterward adopted
1 lesolutlon expressing their thanks for
the belli they have tecelteil tu Home.
Vl'o incinbeis of the commission tlun
divided Into three groups and started
""lor "irioTrr.Tr'iisi'icrfitii" 'rnrs.irrr irjr
The 'ncinbers ivlii. reunite a 'enlc' on
Sunday, from which city they wdi go to
, Austiia-Hung.-iry.
h f - s -t . - ....... .
LOST $100,000 ON CHANGE.
I'ltifltstt XYoiniin ii IlnnKi'iint, Mlth
s'Jil.r.llll l.lnlillllles.
..',.i ' ft")if, lo'lilr 5i
I.os'pov. Mat 1! M'ss C.-e'i;n tt S
Lennox, who s connected with tho
famllt of the P'lke of Blchmond. speeu
ltei on tile Slocll lc!iiingc f U' tbre"
i.n'-u...'S.'l..tr. .i.. ticus. Iter lu.-cr an I
She Is now a bankrupi. hrr ' iblbtles
'nine $25 5"ift and b-r iss Is JM'Mi
was a time when coal
a familiar sight in our city's
f -t"-""' "il i "-Js
mcixi nautili or tnc rsronx.
The Rtght Way is the Gas Way
Mapping Out
a Career
J Careers are of three kinds
plain, checkered, and re
markable. 3 The first is ordinary, the
second is reprehensible, the
third is a consummation
devoutly to be wished.
C And to whichever classi
fication you beloittf.or aspire
Saks clothes will materially
assist you in attaixiinfi it.
I If you are a plain man, a
solid, substantial, conserva
tive, backbono-tif-his-coun-iry
individual, we have
models and fabrics attuned
to your personality.
7 If you are a reprehensible
man, fond of turning night
into day and all that sort of
thing, we have radical mod
els and cloths that will
contribute to an undimin
ished gaiety of soul!
C If you are a remarkable
man, in your own opinion
or in other people's (which
are one and the same thing),
we can show you garments
of such distinctive charac
ter that they will lure even
your contemplative soul
from the cloistered aisles
of introspection.
Men's Suits, $17.50 to $45
Broadway at 34th street
ilie utiii i it i.i.i.i im; nit ii'iiiim: win
uiatjit ymi in hear KrfiTth Inr il. nmiiMtlnn,
Ill(l m ,.i ties! ii :;o'. , Sh,.lt I' im .Hist,
I illniiri- on I'urnnlii Hunt V. (f.lii.W
llurlim Sorlh sen MMiioiitrcn.
"Ttwii.T.", May lT.""wlille the t'nrpeilo
s. curving on' uinicu. u.si
witli 'wo torpedo boat flotillas, near ! p
goland to-diy ,i h'sh pressure cj ut.de.
r.- !if- -s.'ii- i. tXX,- m ''ai-
-ailors w.rc killed and three otherx
I1S--v .Wll s- ',..t. , w
'tie ico.'i I .u- - il. . boits letiiiii. I o
! t"!;goland with their ll ice at half -niiit
I'tie Iiijuieil iii. 'ii iter. ..iiiil.it for Treat
tnent a' the nn spun) th te.
(reeks to Imlle r.ireltrn tlnlnr.
pfhll 'thlr Itf-yntff' ,i 'I ii r Sis
ATliuss. Mav 1 1 The (Jreek Olvmplc
., nir. to par'icipa'e In the contests
thlch aio to be held In the spring.
and ash carta
streets. They
r --

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