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Shnwcrv and warmer T fair to-mor-
rou , niodcraic vH0a to wogjA-iniK
tlrtailrd tatrrr lcritf M WtMafthn rSr I'
M W ()h l UII'W MM ! '
.1 Midi m J.Mlin I liiU In
.Inline li'niili" i'l
Iih rt mi . . .1,
i. mi? urn i.'v
I I t Wl I "I I'l.'l i
in Si-war!. ltiinl
tfr I'Stfln.
i tiii: Ti.i.r.r
l Mliliii&hi mill
i iihiii' ri- ni
UlMM II I'l.
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- I its' .ill l '
l,f 4ll) I nit tl H
i. in tit Miii.iln wei
i' i l nainitin ant
- t t aim the all Ihlni' m
i' hi Untie Him- ami Wwi
. . ii.. - hn : li' ! -
i .Malna-i in U ui
i hi Xf-nrk aril ill
' . i M ami w ri. hi an i
' inr klN arel v III
.i -. lint itieir iiriiu . f
H'' ntren In "tkl mm,.
t1epl.1V. Hllil drill r
Mine irnwl lU nll.l Itom
M Kllll Mll M 'li'l.ll
p. , i.l.lliMt.l if iUt litll-
. ie I ri-Niii n .iMuiiini
' I., llt-atrili (i.'II "f lll
i. , , I ! ..iiinliik- nt stitket nf
. iriin i mi tin- minim; i'iiiii,iin
i i- i tnroiiiili tin- iiiiiiiiiliuilx
- rri" tuii''
n -t .! thu moliK i'lnir!i i npiin
i.'ls !ll Which tin' 21i new ii . i
ttitv n j.irti'n-il to-utuht i' inn'
i .m ttii' union strikers had r mil I
: i 'i.i .in nmiit tin1 new ti iiii .
i tire
" tiinliH Mopped nl llii Hi i Mint"
I tilt l. MMttlTl ll llllll tied, Whether
I lit imy one w.i hiit li tlil
' vrlli.y Is nut ili finitely known as
. minor.", even In tin- tl-t an. I club
lit of tho l i.-i-t few ii.n s, always ilniK
r wounded .iwa.i. When to-iiluht
0 shots of the deputies stopped the
'iMnuRht of Mrikers tin- tlrst thlin:
. lllrl Was to leturn to tll'lr houn'S
i cabins nnil iinn Hit mselvei'
T -. In Mi; .mil ."mail uro'ip- the
nrn returned tu th" fr.i. ti"ii pre
ril to return tire fur Hu lmnt
1 ire nrmed with revolver The
ities on miuril at the nilninu prop-
s anil alow; tin- rallroai) Mff tlint
1 ran to Xip hM'i anil the phuottnx
m uoner.il. The chontlni; lias
-I"1 at tills wrltlnu. nililnlf-'ht. lml
i Ndtement Is htlll of a nuturo th;r
.irt Infonnatlon ns to whotluT rir imt
tt.illtlcs resulted from tln sliootlni;
Thjn cannot I olitalni'il.
T'lr 1." rtoputles .suppllo.1 by the
i ! -Ir;i Agency of Newark rfnchfil
orn ii few minutes lufore o'rlork
Rht. the he:ul nf tlielr aitrncy at
ir.K about til" samo time In an auto-
e "i"1!" cleput!"- hail Jip-t pot liore
.'n iln-An the 'troet came a crowd
nn a nti'l women, whose appi-aranre
i-moil the ileputles' hailer, whereupon
cirnalleil his men by elapplnir hlu
;ls Mill the ileputles charged tho
i row d.
la t'-.e laixup that followed no shots
-re llred diirini: this tlrst clash a
II worker named Mary Mcflowan, suf
vi a broken arm. 1-evl Nicholas was
vrely brills) d about the lei's, (leorKe
Kerin.i hail h." aim broken and John
.r w,i badly beaten up.
.mother cl.i-.li followliiK soon nfti-r,
i.i n name)! Wilson was shot but not
I lie u.ts taken to a car that wai
r .-.f tip train wrecked by the
- on U dni'Mlay nltht and l
i In ,rir ip.ed a shelur bv some
) iltputli"),
.ff iJillm. followlni; his annuo
' h'tenipt to havi- Gov. Fielder
r mil the ml'.ltla to handle the
' 'ame to Wharton this evening
v iii -'Ion. Sutler, A.s-dstant Attor
'. .Mil iin"ki'll and the county
' ' - to look Into the situation.
ulnbin' suppiirli-rn Sny Thry Will
Keep l it;- In Iliirkuem,
Urrii. ., May U.-The Mrlkliifc silk
1 'er" 'i, Hit')')' mass rneetliiKH to
) la t-oiest acnlnst the conviction
' unlnv i,f l-atrli'k Qulnlan, tlvi I. W.
' leader
I'.e Ifiibis of the I, V. V, who
.' nl tli n- iiieetin.s threatenoil to
) M a general .stnla' in J'aterson, to
i Ji thu whole to,n In darkness for
euty-four hiiurs, tie up transport. i
' n lines i") ii to autiimobllo triifflo
I to call nut every trade If 'Jillnlan
eni to pr'ton,
'julnlan hlmndf, who Is out on K..ri00
'I. i-iiMii' fri in Uriiojilyn to speak at
' meet mi's. He vvmThalled as i hoi 'i
' 1 f martyr and each time h. ap
' -ired ho was cheered, William I .
ywood, .loseph Kttnr, Kllzabeih finr
' I'lviin and Kail Tre-ca wero ainon
' ' other speakers who urpe I thu
I 'o join In the protest aKaltifct the
' lion.
M' s J'lynn aski d the strikers to re.
i in " I' the names of the Jurors and
r nddri'sses. All the speeches were
' .nrke.! by open defiance nf the l '(Iter-
r tu'hnrl'lcs, abuse nf the local pollen
krd abuse of the Jury.
Thri commutlm: leaders cot to I'nter
'n this mornliiK In tlmu to speak at
' ' meetlngH In the forenoon. The
i-m of these was at Helvetia Hall,
1 .ur" .toon s-rllters weie Kailieri'd, and
' ) arennd at Turn Hull, wheru n.oou
HiWlleil in,
Onlnlnn was the centre of Ihe demon-
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. I.I .
limn4iii,l.i,i t,
M.' H. Sri
I li i i4 . I 'tiM. -
1 .1
' ' ) 4 i I.I a . i,
m ' H'ii i It.m n '
"I I ,i mi .i I .,11
1t ..!.!.,, r 4Ho i. Im.1,,.
'tw I. ii . , Tl .
. .. 1 1 . i
Tw imH t4ai 11
4 u ' .ua..,. ,i a
ii i ..n, Mt (fc, 4p, aM .u,..
. H.M..4I MtW Ifl.t.. , a
ml Ml. M i M Mi
t a "-i mm
i .. i Ht4 vii. Mo i
, . I ! Tfct r ii , iwtiiMl
llf .1 .1 Mt H. M t. . ... .
' ' M VMB4l(Hjtltl
I.. i 4i-a. mi ti . i' wwrl-i ,
T'.. I.I .- ,. . 4aulrl I. aa It...'
Hi. til .-. ttwim M4 mm tam-Mi ,
. mr- ..I I IMMii. i mt Mt,
,.f ihr l'i,t. .M Mb ntirl Vmmmettvmr
. ). t 4 Ml IVI-vtiui r K.e
ll In' M liratl.l tliMita l.il
l b, I laiMl.k Htiii, In. I44,M lM-1
Hi..' Iii I an. I I.i i lit..! I i i 'liai.inal' m'
"I i., "t..r 1,41' l"-li .i.r,l
,am .1 . "l-l mi. I I. a r kll'Utl r '
I ..II f , I "tt , . , M ,,
I " I ' Ml AlllU,H. M.I It
' H ' - ',. ) .!. ,
Will Hi- mi I'liilfiirin I niri'llur
nl Ni' Vnrk l'riiiit'
Mii'liny Max -.Ml.
Vihim Mm l.i. 'I i,r.t-.l
It.eiM-leb W. 111.1111 I! lleiili. srill Wll
1.111 II Wiidlmil.- I mi iuidi- I
hum Wiia jiieilib nt nf the Stale I Ml i t
I 'rllll.lt !es l.i'llk.ie ' II I'lliirle. C
I lot; h. una li.nern.i iu npp-i- jn
the iiliitfcrm In New Vml. !! wl"i
Siiv -ul' r In n tin illri I p'.niiir
.mipii.nn If ( iifii there on Muv -''t
.M"i Iiik will be lu Ut !u )arnee Hall,
in I'u.iper rnloti and In The IS'hiu
ibi-r; Imlin.tnd Wllllum S lleiini h!hi
'!l "peak at I'. mei-tltiKS
While lilH Sll,7i-r lec'.lll"ll In .tlSl.!!!'
bin talk with .lllllli'" Shevl.n. lie
tll.ll tin re i"l!il be "Miini'thillK lullU
In I'Iiiks eoiinly s.'ua, tematkliiK ' -tlnns
speak loiiilei than words"
The rioverniir would nut say that Mi
fhevlln had decliled to entir Hctlvel) In
the direct primary campalKn airli't
John H. .McCooey s e.iderhlp In KI:im.
Mr Sulzer will speak on Monday
rilcht In the dlitriit" of the Huffalo
Senators and A-sembl men who voted
analns: his direct primary bill. These
Will be the Initial meetlllKM of the fiin -
ernor's direct prlmnry campAlKn, which
IU extend over a pet Sod of four eks.
Tlie tlrst Huffalo nieetluK will Is- hld
at noon at the Klllrntl I'lub. where the
Onvernnr will addnss the bulne men
of the iltv
The (lovirnor Is i i spfak In Olean on
M.i) .'4 ami in Iticuinond and Quc-ns
botoiiKhs on May 31
Americana In Mxlro and f. . nn
BTrraamrn llinrtrd linpllr teil,
fperuil t'nhU ltrr)'itrr,$ rn Tnn Sr
MeMi-o Ott, May IS HI tt(c;ieiulf.
rnlr will piilillsh to-morrow a story an
nounelnK the discovery of a Kltantlc
plot organized by Americans havinu
property In the northern part of Mexico
to fntve Intervention fin the part of the
I'nlted States Government and eventu
ally brine about tho annexation to the
the I'nlted States nf the northern
States of Mexico.
The story seemi to haw a foundation
In fact, as some nf the most prominent
Americans In this city assert that they
know it Is true, havlnir received con
firmatory tebKrami from New York.
In the plot, it Is said, are all the prin
cipal Americans havlnir Interests In
Mexico situated north of the twenty
sixth parallel.
One nf the tnnt prominent Americnn
business men here showed telegrams
declaring that the conspirators are n?
sured of the support nf six members
of the I'nlted States Senate anil sev
eral members nf Cnnitrcss, ns well as
many Important newspapers. It Is as
serted also that one member of tho
Senate Committee on Foreign rtela
t luns has promised his aid.
tTmplr Xrlll Ilrelilea Aualnit Opera
tora In Anlbraclle Field.
Wii.kesbariie, May 15. f'harles I. Nell!,
formerly United States Commissioner of
Labor, decided to-day one nf the most
Important coses tint ever caused a dead
lock on the conciliation hoard by decree,
Imt that the miners of the anthracite
Held were entitled to n 7 per cent, slid
ing scale on the earnlnits of .March, 1912,
This means n distribution of more than
JTiOO.OOO aninni; the workers.
Three other cases were passed on by
Mr. Nelll, Two were decided In favor
of the miners and one for tho operators.
The grievance of tho laborers of the
Nottingham colliery of the, I.ehlRh and
Wllkesbarre Company was decided
attains! the men. The umpire declares
they failed to make nut n case, They
will be paid only $2.27 a day, Instead of
the $2. SI n day which they sniiRht.
Twenty .Members nf llnnar to Sail
From Mew York.
Wahiiinotov, May IS. -Twenty Dem
ocratic, members of the House, headed
by Itepresentutlvn Alexander of Mis
souri, will sail for I'linama Saturday
aboard the army trunsport Anion, leav
ing .New York nt -I o'clock In tho after
noon, Tin- party ulll remain In the Canal
Zone ton days. Mr, Alexander Is chair
man of the committee which In IliaklnK
an Inquiry into thu affairs of the so
called shlppinK trust.
AMiONU'ltA lliril'.IIM. the relfltrsted
laolo for your comfort la llic Mprtov, A4t.
THAW SPENT $65,000
iinn' Vnlini ;, nun
fin lr. It ii ".k I unit
M V K ' i;mmi I'l m
lt'fll.i' Iii n.tMr line IHc
liiill, k...llllS Tlml i .
Iii't:iill I ii m in-.
Half k I Ml attlilMMMl
MtWl Mi a N Willi.
jW a rwn i BM vHli. B tMii.
i W-.a wtifc I. ftri-nn, 4mI
m Ii.iii iuM ,mi in il itiimi.
Illmicl, i.i i h. Hmtrtmr I'.nMi i-ih
il bow I,. I, wl aiM j.4MI i,,,,.
Al.liMi li.e ., .i,r taei ,
a .d ,a. .4datn II- i.
! IlnlH MullmWMi. lliaHla' I.. i -
IIIUIIMl lllaane
Alihul Mita lu uMI a -IU..H p. i
vt Una llliiln-) ? Sua hi ;, MHn ...I
I lie IrlllulllllKt wualiitt, l I i-tl,i ar
ll l.ilill l:ure ll,.i l.. I ll,le, t,l
of lie IIIMHntl.il, ThaW bua ,l lw, 1.
114 7UU of Mil lulling b-iuae 1 1
HiikMii iu wiiiiuin T Clurl.
IIIMile l hllllHIl In liu hulrl, Hliu be '
Had an nii.tUHtliMi ubtrti elub-il In '
III 1 1 ui--. II k-ettuia mil !
Thuu liiade a ln-i-ii. I a in.ilr
lllirl Ultneaa )eterila .iftrMllKjn tlmll
be Una le HI,,, I,, bl-lnle. M I f 1 1 tl I 111; to
nil who h!ie seen 1,1111 on the Mttllrna
elMl.l) Minn be U.ia nClUltei iif the
muiiler nf Slanrunl While ,.t, the
kfolll.il nf liiantilty.
I'm the mux! part hi tmi-i fame
tuiikls aim sharpl) but still mee in.
M tthlle tlnle Una nulUi lllllli: nf the
ClI r.U'terlatll'H of Ihe old hahi-ll. l. l-
im pr.MeedltiKi Thaw until um
.iw.i witii hla iiieti(in,.- iiiiil pr. . I
lo elaborate on mine lm he liked, in
he would Hjieak coiilldIill.ill I.i the
IlI'lK" or dictate an addttimi In Ihe
steiiocriipher lu a lou nlre.
.Vol i:aall llalllra.
The iiuestlnns nf Arthur C Cilinei.
i iiiiiisel for Anhnt.'iin tilal on .1 li.ire
nf brlberv did nut sun e.-d in r.ittliuir
the wltliesa as nthiT lawjers bie rat
tled him with cert. t.n iiuestlons m
times past
When .Mr Calmer took up the mur
der nf Mr White and benn to ask
HUestlnliN on that Thaw made p(.r
haiw the keenest HiiHWer of the day.
After objection to this by Assistant Dis
trict Attornev )e onl tutlce Se
bury told ihe ' WltrTcfx Hint" lie" need
not answer the iiuestlons If he thmiKh:
they mlirlu tend to Incriminate or ,1, .
Krude him.
"Anil for the furthei reason" ald ,
Th.iw.' that, a I am bically liisime I
I urn lint bound by an ordeiv what-1
I: took only a few hours of the turn it- '
lni for the Jury li- to be tilled and '
then Mr I.i l'ord made Ins openln.. j
address, whlih left the aftirncm t ,
Thaw hlni'vlf Mr De Kord rtted the ,
fiimlhar atory of the Incident ilec'iu-'
ln that he would verify It nt evu-y ;
step, and then adjournment win taken j
Thaw had come duwn from Mattea
wan in the mornlni; and appunil in J
Knod eplrlt. A rimtii lu the Dlstrlit
Attorney's nfflci. wa set aside for him
and thi re he ate a very hearty luncheon.
He said to a few cullers that ho
was kIhiI t) Klvc a Jury a chance to
observe his mental condition. He was
not excited and thcte was little of
the ordinary assertion of his own Im
portance so frequently observed be
fore). Objected to Thaw on laml.
When court opened In the afternoon
Mr. lie Tord i-nld that he wanted to call
Thaw, detained as an Insane prisoner
ut Matteawsn. and Mr, Palmer objected.
"Whin Thaw came hi fore the Crand
Jury tn this case I exnmlned him," in
terjected the Justice. "I found him
competent to take an onth, kIvo names
and dates; of course his testimony Is
to be taken as evidence."
Thereupon Thaw marched In. He sat
quietly In the chair r.t first, hut later
a- he became excited or stirred up over
questions he crossed his knees, thtew
his arms over the back of the chair
and switched around.
Mr. De Ford took him In Imnd at
first nnd Thaw. nnswerliiK mostly "I
was." testified that he was at Mattea
wan In the fall of 1912 except when
he was out as a witness nnd that he
believed he was there on November 2.
He had met Anhut on that date first
out In the hall and then In the counsel
room, where they hnd talked for sav
er aI hours.
Dr. Hussell had told him that 11 law
yer would come to see him who would
act for him, Hussell, ami dlscusa the
matter of release, Thaw had talked
to Hussell about this.
"I was surprised to see that the con
fidential lawyer was such a youiiR man;
I had expected to seo a much older
"What did you talk about? f!lvo
me oerythIiiK as you rcmemhn? it,"
said Mr. De Ford.
Anhnt Aaked for .2n,nilO,
"He told me ho had talked to Dr.
Hussell about the blatter ami I asked
him the terms. Ho said It was $!!.',, 000.
I told him that the amount surprised
me, because I had not thought that i
Dr. Russell would charun more than '
the other alienists. j
"He told mo that Dr. nilHsell would !
have more trouble than the other alien
ists. I usked Mr. Anhut If that was 1
the least Dr. Hussell would take, and I
he said It was. He said that iindouht-1
edly certain newspapers which were
unfriendly to me would nmko trouble!
and that made It worth more." .
"How much was Anhut to fret nut I
of this?" I
"I do not remember exactly, but ho 1
said either 2,!i00 or $S,On0."
"Was anything more said about the I
matter of coat?"
"! asked him most emphatically '
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n iM'-u-i. un xorr ,.f, r.
l. lam iiMrfiai- Hal, i r. ,.H
HhmiI fcfcitiii,a
tl man. 1 m.
- . 4M' tort,- ".
I I I I l-al
a.l. !
1 tt'tm 'i ' mi ' 'i'
It- f e ;i a4 it k 1 T 'laauai l.iaiH
t . nitMm m In ndi M
t.ani..) tl.. laaxatMMMJi' a.-mrMr
' tank mt"
t na Wiadaa all ia i4 ti.wvrr.
a a 1 iaXHI-1 I. ' 'ia S aM
1. .nt. ul a
Hi, ha- BaMHt.Ntoal hi r wf t aaia la
- ili ntaWaJ h t MM4Mii
Tn. I inortiwi mt lafjMaal") lHea
4MHMI tlita l.Me '
m 'iiH l the taMik
U MA4na aw r K"1
',1. mm ia-reav la la te4 !'
'l-il .. M a' tla aaaa Una
I'. . uart' f-. 1 tatMaa nf n
. e n
, tai. .. aiia.au. nl
a 1 i,r iiaxntwi-ii it iih mmm;
I .. I,,.. .. ,1. I ,?. I Iff I .l , I- I
1 . n ,.1 r $ . e rlet
) , I 1 I, I,., It, p Wl h -e ill
I,. 1 , , .till eilil p I., lml Ii -
. .1 .r lapl'.i ' 1 I
liill. Willi i'irriM' iiml iiti'
i.iuil Mli'.t ami wi
Cuiiri llniiii-
Wliis.n.'- Mm- 1.. Mi- V
Will-on hml n tlli-l IiiiihI 1 X,i-i .1 II' e tn
u.i Iii the Washington slums, which
entile pe!, ills sa) life the worst III Alller- lifi.y, the I'.itelKII hrl el.ll . llKlllhst
'..I Twtiiiut.iiiinlillisioliti-yiil the party in-eli'lnK Ml I'uKe ,ih the l'nil.,1 Slate-
nf pitt liil ttnrkars. which Cfllslitetl of lepreaelitatlt'e m Una , mmn t
Ml- WIIpiiII Mf .latlli- W I'lllChot. Copies nf tin le-ollltllill tteli Mil ..
Mr- r. hlb..ld Hopkins. Mis K I' I'resldetit Wils.ui and Sn IMn.inl i in t .
Itlikneil and ItepieHeuiiitlti s Humph- and . i ri.iuiiiiiiiiiati.tii Has -i ih t.i i t. it
lets i.f MissiHilpi-l and Kiihn mid ,.,,, u ,t, th,, ii,., k, nudum
Cirri nf I'tillfernlti asklni; fm siiiillar action -.ivini'
Th- .i-nti.il p.iin' o' evtim.n.itton .is , lh v ,,, ,,!,., , m.,110,,,,,
li.tiil .illej. iihl. Ii bini: imo Mas ii dwell- ,hl. uni-rii.itloiial -olldaiitt of mil m..n
I'l-i-'e fm lil-n Immlitraiits ,,., ,ml t.aptidl-tf. mi either sale of
The ibiieinljit-nf the nrliMlial Inliali th,. Atlantic shall not be allotted t..
Hunt" now for the iiin-t lirt live In Ma-1 ,ll)llt r !i;nrr . opinion of Had-
sin-liu-etts .iieiiue and own iiintnr cars.
.-n.i if me .i.ief i- .oiuiateii witit negroes
I'lck.inlntil.t- iitnie nnd -tand at the ,,lutlnn vmir i mil will I -tuMi-lum;
I'te-ldentlal motor Mis. Wilson wa- VilpMi,,. ,,r,., !,., ,
ureatly Intere-t.'.l nnd f i e.iuently stopped Ami)K ,,tlier thlni;.. the letter fiom
to talk with -ome of the llttl ie- Mie Allied Ti.iiIi- Cunell- ,i,tin
In Snow i.iiut the f.iiind the -aine statement
","!rf ubiikmI In the .-.mie mvupn-, "mC .c,. is n member of a ilinibli-'
tiotl-, Hie women who take In wnslliniT I .,,,. nl,p,IH,.() , nrK.ullzed lab.,1 The
were s. rubblne out linen. The men for1 ,,. ,.,..., f,,ro.-.l r.rnnnitlnt.
the most part weie MIcawberliiK around from . , ,.im,)()lnt u.a ,.,, ,lf
w.illliik: for nm htf.,11 to take the was . )e ,Mlok,,,ni,,.rHi but .v UliU. ,
home. Die children stood open eyed, ad-1 Mrlke, ff),. tut.u ,lllimhs, ,.. i
mirlnir the wmneii who passed froin,, tariA . ii .. n,a r,fl
Mr all sorts of -Uiei-
HuKhes ile which n sell to be called
Tin Cup uilej befnie the street nomen
o'sture bnaiil named It after the Junior
Senator from New Jersey, and Haxland
cr urt. tt hli 'i n-iil to Ii
l!:m- alli i al-o
were lnpi ted.
The leitlI.i!oti went m stiiily at tlrst
hand the s.tuatlon In the Washington
slum dlsirli Thi ie a movement on
font tn foibid tlie ue of alley- i resi
dence properties and ti mntert them
into playKinund"
i novel sort of chief he turns on all tlie
n..H W. I. mm Tnkea Until nl l.iitin cral.y side nf his 'swank' and tells the
American Diplomacy. I publisher- nf mauar.lnes who were stuck
Wt-utNiiTON. Mav I,". -The appoint-' fm a l-ntuiiie" 'There are too
mont of Hoax W i-oni; of has VeKa. m!ln' "f ' ,vlsl1 nn" 'vvo"1',
N. M., to be chief of the litln American i invent a painless death for inabilities.'
division of the State Department was,"1" ""' m.'iKtir.lne m.ide him such a-
nnnounceil to-day. This nppolntment
lines not teiiiilre conflnnation by the
Senate nnd the new Incumbent took up
bis duties lit imrf
He 1- the son of the present Chief .
Justice of th" Supreme Court of New i
Mexico and has been fnr many jvars In!
the iidvertlsln;: butlness. A- nn adver
tising nuent he has made frequent trip
Into Mexico.
His post Is regarded as one of the
hlKheft Imp.trtance In the State Depart
ment. 1'ninlly It has been filled by men
who have serwd us Mlnl-ters In Latin
Amerkan countries. The extensive
American commercial IntereMs in tho
Latin American countries add to the
responsibility and Importance of the
Mr. IionK succeeds W. T R. Doyle, re
signed, who had had ten years of un
usual experience with Latin American
affairs. He accompanied both Secre
tary Hoot and Secretary Knox nn their
tours of Central and South America.
I.lrnt. I'ndrrhlll Vlalla Tnn Al
iened (ianilillna; Ilnhaea,
Halds on two allcccd KamhllnR houses
by Lleijt' t'nderhlll of Inspector Daly's
staff resulted hist nluht in the arrest of
two men as proprietors and tho confis
cation of tables and paraphernalia.
The places visited were the HermltaKo
nt ."IS West lSlith street, corner of
Iiroadway, and the Wyanoke Social Cluti
nt ITfi .'est 1 l.'ith street. In tho first
place Jack liarfunkel, 2G years old, of
"77 Third street, Jersey City, was ar
rested and held on the charpo of main-1
tulnlns a aambllnif house. William '
Kaufman of .'CO West Hist street, was
taken from the other address on a simi
lar chnrco,
Lieut. Cnderhlll made the raids in
person with a squad of men from the
West UTith street station,
Unrrn Rlrna nf Itnly to Pnhllth Her
Svrtnl CnMe fininteh to Tnr Srx.
ItoMK, May in,- Queen Klena. who Is
n daimhtcr nf Klni; Nicholas of Monte
negro and for several years has been
known as n writer nf poetry, has decided
tn publish a volume of her lyric poems,
the proceeds of which will be devoted to
Ihe benefit of the families of Mnnte
nefirlnr who hnvc been victims of the
Ilftlkan war. .
Ilrellmi Wrnids lloleli. Whltr Mil., N. II,
The Mount J'lrJiAnt, The Mount U'athlnilon.
Uooklnc Ofnrc, :u Mb Ave. Tel. Mad. Hq. ran.
iMIIH ll ltl'iTi tll; itl.HIMI
lltllll- I lllllllll I llllll llf f
I . lilliMninr. '
J Hl'I'ilV I ( I lls
I Inn nf IhimIiIi iIim . I'af A 1 u.
I. ntilf KimtMi tt- mi
'MMI lll "
I ' . afc Vai. . . 1 , .
1 l.iiaffs Mai I- Ttw l-nJ'.ii 1 i.
nun. II, r 'til .lit lie 1 1 .e.; 1
ia ! uHHHiMa auV . ed f 11.1..11
a! a tw" ,h Ibip ptenlna tn.ii. .inr
alia h-i 'a.ini lit .if U .ll 1 II
I' 14. I i. Hii.k VaiiMMdib 1 '
Hie 1 1.. 1 Mi lam ,m Ilia Mo . ml
' ..f I'l l, 1, ji i,n mail,- I.? 1 lie lllil
riuilea ile i, .,f ,i H ..rl '!' Ml
l"ll:r U .ill ..te.i, .1 i.f iilalllW ,j lab- I
Tlie laxililtl'lll -!' a tl-at III l...i,l..n
Tiinlia " "1.11111 tl "ttnncli it M ill- il,
1 upHiliitiiii'lit Iii the 1 'mil 1 uf sit Jiuiiit. .
of nil AiuUiHKiidni I'lm i .1 lull, 1 up
I plilll'llt llf Olflllllteil lllleil II IllP IIMII
mlllltll lltnl le.i,Mn l'reilillt Wll. .111
'ill leflill lilt llii,.llltllill atlll llll.al.i lite
fill Ml I'll,'!' nlie W Itn Illnll It ll tipl'i
.-nt the nplmnii" of ih uniklui,
i'l.ises of the I'nlted Hlate- of Alm rii.t
ulitl uhn Is mule acceptalile t.t Ihe nl -
,VUIllll Murliele llf 'lie 111111. 1 KlIIU
llllll '
The . ouni il iiImi UIK'f Sli l;,lv..il,l
Illllnlllst- ttillinut a stleiiuou- pnt"t
......1,. ...., .... n..!,,!. M1..i,
. ,., , r 1!ltc.t. ,17 villi boys. A '
further pioof of th" cnndltlons that
prevail In this establishment is that
even the hi Ip they secured tn take the
places of the strikers have t elicited and
none on strike without Hie aid of any
I nrKanlxatlnu."
Another note of fi'lticl-m of Mr I'ar.e.
iilthoui;h less severe. I- struck by
rmilfj I'ulr, a 1 1 1 it 1 1 class wiekly.
"A Mr. Waltel II. I '.me Is ciimini; to
represent I'nclc S.iui al the Court of
St. James's He i lilted Ifnr.l'.i U'oiV
I believe he has spen' llln little life
pilititiK thlnits. but Jum a- -non as he
received a diplomatic billet from a
111 1
"Mr. P.me should take Unnwledtte of
th" pit from which he wa- ilicod. I
ir.ive him tnore credit and 1 're-Men!
"-"On more sense.
HussII Doubleilay,
secretary of
noiibled.iy. I'.-nre Co. .'-aid last uiKht
that the fact of the firm'.' factory Indue
an open shop was cenorally known.
"It has always been nn open shop,"
he said. "This Is the tlrst wo have
heard of any objection to Mr. I 'ape on
that account. I do not see that there
Is anything for us to do about It."
Labor troubles in the lioubleday,
l'ase S- Co. factory in Oi.ulen City
have occurred nt various times, but no
serious imitation has originated there
within lite years. Ambassador I'aite
is a director of Ihe company, but not
on officer,
rater Kuril lie la finliiK In fnr
niplmne Prlninrll,
Walter Hlnes Pawe, American Am
bnssadur to nnKland, sailed yesterday
by the White Star liner Ha llic, diplo
matically reticent about many thlnits.
but quite positive that he would not
appear In knee breeches and that he
was ttolns; In for diplomacy primarily,
and not entertainment,
lie has not taken a permanent resi
dence In London, and until ho docs so
he will stny nt the CnmbrldKo Hotel.
She Must Wear KetT ( Intbra and
-Marry by Contract.
San Francisco, May in, Ernest Dar
liner, a hack to nature man, who lived
elKht yeans In Tahiti, returned lo his
native California to-duy to start on a
world search for a woman who shares
his beliefs In costume, diet and mar
rlaRo by contract. The last named he
resrards us tho only sensible stylo of
DarUiuc obtained a ismall banana
plantation near Tahlll and managed to
live from lis products. Ho cuts 'only
fruits, vcuetnblos and mils and wears
In the tropics only a loin cloth. Hero ho
wears a sweater nnd knickerbockers,
without slides or hut,
Darling is a graduate of Lelnud Stan
ford I'niveralty and left here because,
tho police persisted in n(rrestlnif him for
his vagaries In dress, lie says he wants
to travel and sco (lustave .Vagal, a Ger
man, who wears no clothes and eats
raw fond and lives In a colony of fel
low believers at Mount Veritas, Switzerland.
I'i,pael l I'larlffla I al lead
Mff.ap lal... iMMhrraim
. m 11 ii Ma tp lir-an.-n' li
' IVlf.l Va, I .- Illlll.M'l
, :, I 1. Hat ! n. itffall, . f
II V I'ai-lti it,. ilr,.i,.i ia,la'
. 1 1 .1 a ...
l I'lar . . f..ln
"liiilll llilniuir rndi llal llln
Hum al iiarr pi a Ml Ja4aipral. I
,. n1 Aaln IT..I h 'inU-llli'lll lealir
i.i I.i l."l . n I hIPi.'I 'In. ai;ullisl
I .laai.l ij Mlr a la H i fri lil Su
pfftti i ' -nl I JhpIIi' 1'i-nitl I1..1 An iwwiu
lltff et,e,',it.,H S Mill l.t llie flll'l
" ..ri,'. Mi IUil"it r aeiit ii tit put
Hll '. lie UMtel l l Wail Mil ft t.l
II l.t t.llp-l I
Tile ,lt.,M .llllll t.H,l ,P lp
p I. . a-
t-littl ll.taitl ) Xallnnalll
Hml He llHrmleil.
'Ill" litail d of IMlll allull Mllnpt tl a
leant, i Hun i.,l,lai plionllni f.. a
lllllli Ktaiif'll I'eliri-
l'.ilelita of larliins liatlt.llltllllrp. hut a
I'lt eli p tiii-lpiila i.f ht-.,p 'o under-
lanil tt Ii if would hai'pi n If I I'Hi'i' tilt
Ii tawitnl Kl.t l tt inutility nthel
tli iii 1 1 i own nt t ii p i .tin- it-.; i Mini-
Tn, I fill llllt-l tlnll ttlle llllTi fill"
llallieil l.t Sllpt HUH nib tit Mil ktt I'll fn.
II tllll lllllt'l'lsill" I'elebr.ltloU I'tllV
line ai'.il in-lit I'liinti ip in Inite all
,.lll! I IllllHi-
W Intel- fisrilra tar I'alla Mrfnre
llintiliMrillurnl of l.ule'a Hart.
. ..ii I .if, 1'ip.ili h la Tiik Si
t.t..N.p).s, May IS Ml Shirley Kel-li-Cf
ttho nut one of the stars at ihe
Winit-r C.iiden In New Vork l.t-t se.i--ini
.mil has slnte been niuieailni: here.
has decided to retlro fio'ii the sttiite on
.Mat- 31 to jret married.
11,1 man Iiik'i' will bilni: to an end the
einbarrasslni; time she ha.- had here In
i oiisi iuencit of the eiiKeinen of I.oudon
men to pay their ilevottntis to her Shu
h. is been bouibiirileil tilth letters of af
fei liiiii, liH'liiilliii; etitht offers of 111(11
i l.m'e line of Hu e i ame from an
Auu rlriin t I-ltnr
'Such a tbiod of drfecllnii Is illstiuh-
iiiB." said Shirley
w In. t tn do with It
"and I don't know
Mnnnt Alhua Monks in I'reaeot i War Ijiirilson nnd Secietary of the
Treaaarr tn Klnar Cnnalanllne. Navy Daniels conferred with the I'resl
'jKn.il ( it.ir lrt.itc- fn Tnr sin t j dent for nearly an hour.
Athiuc,.. May K.. - The monks of Mount ; The conditions of the defences of the
Atlios, thu celebrutid monastery on the
10.1st of the Knean Kea. oontamphtted
endlnn the rmperlal robe and the crown
used by the llyznntine Kmporors, now
Itl the keeplilK of the monk-, to KIllK
Cons.autlne of lire.',',, fnr him to wear j
at his cnronatlon.
Tin. fiou'ii u-iiirii i- oitiii.io.i ...in,!
perns, is likely to become permanently 1 B'"1't!iik hut no less Impressive In Its
the Itnyal crown of c.reece. The robe, i revelation of the seriousness of the pos
, which is covered with !-.iten Kohl, ! "Ihlllties which Ile In the present sltua
. weiKhs fifty pounds I ,,,im !! fnrt il'sclo.-ed to-day that
two cnnip.inle.s of tlie Coast Artillery
,,... Corp- have been ordered to Hawaii to
MRS. WILSON BARS TURKEY TROT man the cast defences there.
- ( The-e tun tympanies will sail from
I'rcalile nt'a Wife lilvea Her First ' Sun Francisco on May 1M, They were
! Dnnce nl Wlilio Moii.e ' itlven enctly ten days notice of their
I Washington, May 1," -The llrst dam e
since the Wilsons entered the White
H)iu-e took place this evening when
Mrs. Wilson entertained for her daugh
ters. The east room was u-ed for dancliiB
and all the other state suites and the
; longer corridor for the promenade,
; Mt;-. W llson barred the turkey trot I'or two years the War Department
and other very modern dances. hun been pradunlly IncreasliiK the car-
i .- . i ff,,in nt Hawaii. These lncreasc-s have
IF0XHALL KEENE SUED FOR $201 i Wn ma''" tn"1 n" ,1,c f0"'"-""0'!''
T ailvanced to completion. It Is a fact,
' l). l.n..nlc..'. -ny. Ile Otre. nn r.,oil n'Vertheyp. that there two companies
..... . are helm; sent out considerably In ad
ami llrli.lt. In 11107-on. vancp nf !1)0 ,,.,, (in wllrh t was
J'oxhnll I". Keene. son of the late planned to send the next Increment of
, James I!. Keene, was served at his the Hawaii defences. It is explained
, home In Westbury, L. 1 , yesterday with , tn-niltht that certain i;un carriages wers
papers in a suit by Delmonleos to
recover money due for food nnd drinks
furn!!icil to Mr. Keene from 1907 to
1 J05.
The i omp'alnt -av- that In the two
yen is Mr. Keene ran up a bill of M71.
of which $2H1 Is still dui'.
Her Divorce From John Km, Jr.,
.Unite Abanlole Yeatrrilnr.
Whiti: I'i.ains, Mny 16. Justice
Keoph In the Supreme Court Rrnnted a
final decree of divorce to-day to Prltzl
Scheff, freeing her from John Tox, Ji.
He was her second husband. She was
narrled first lo Il.iron von Hardelehen,
whom she also divorced.
It was disclosed to-day that the
sinner Rot her List divorce on evidence
that her husband spent the nlnht of
May 3, 1 1111. with a woman unknown to
her In a New York hotel, resisterlnfr ns
"J. Farley and wife."
The Interlocutory decree was granted
by Justice KeoRh on Junuary 27 last.
The couple wero married on December
13. 1908,
Churchmen In Convention Urs
Holiday lor October 81, 101T,
Lutherans In convention In this city
decided last nlKht to urKe all State Lr
tslnturcs to mako October 31, 1917, the
400th anniversary of the birth of Martin
Luther, n legal holiday. The conven
tion Is In St. Luke's Churrti. Forty-soc-ond
street, near Seventh avenue, and Is
attended by 300 deli-Rates from Now
EiirIiiiuI, New Vork and New Jersey,
A commlltee was named tn enter at
once upon the preparations for celebrut-
UiR tho anniversary, A publicity bureau ,
is to be established nnd lecturers are tn
be sent throiiKhout the United States to.
speak on Luther nnd his services in
Christ's ciiuse. Tho holiday refers sim
ply to the one day, tho exnet anniver
sary. Somo are snld, however, to favor
a movement to muko it a permuncnt
HVDHrtM RIVKIt DAT UNI'. Mrt to-day
from New Vork. tii-morrow from Altavoy. nfc
iteemboit columns for leavlat lime, Ait,
White Hniis.i rtintVivnci mi
N ii i inn's stivnirih mi
l.llllll llllll Cit.
u ri;i:i.i(i ir u.u.m
iiili;iNiiiiir i liiinlii I'iiM
Tun VNii ii. tin liitc
H I I l.l.l.li H II W VII
i Ailiiiini-iniiinii Liliiiiiitioii nf
niiii'ii'ini' M iniiiiii" It-
I Mt Ml I I JI til l'.
v . ,. M t . i. w
I'l m ! Ill I .i.i I, r "lib .nl '
, lie III lull Hill III III I'l 11 I II'
' .' M 'I Itl ItlpB II I'll' I I ' I f
.1 I'. "t.l . ...II tl.'. Ilnl Mllfisll llllll
llteliefill lelntlitll- I.' I It -til til- I U . Ii.
I tiitii-iii -. ii itti- le.ituiil iii-duy that lie
duitiii-ii.itliitl I- iUlellv takniK sin h
pii caiitl in- as ttiiul.l -afemi.iril the n.i
t.nll In Hie 'l.-lll of ttollble ari-liiK out
if tile I'M ' III Sllll.lt, nil
l'li-!lell Wll II llllll- I lllftl. '
iiilieeite iif tin- .lapane-e Mluntlnn ta
lu;; an .intm lunal.- mm. nt appap nt
be feel- that iinn tfiiulii- him pot
iKiiore tin- pns-ibilit.e- I Ivulftices point
in the i mi, 'lu-inii tii.ii Hi" Administra
tion ha- tlei'iileil that il ttnulil lie an in
excusable liil-tnlte to i.fpo-e the nation
I'Veit to the possibility of consequences
which mliiht arise out of a male uf tin-prep.'llellne--.
The I'resldein iu'Colilliii;ly held a
conference thi- afternoon with the of ll-
. i vers lu chaw of the State. War !inH
Navy departments. After the cln.e of
hi- intind nf callers nnd his semi-weekly
talk with tho correspondents arttni;
Secretary of State Moore, Secretary of
United States were discussed and a ten
tative programme for strengthening- the
effectlvi ness of these defences wag out
lined .,,,.,., nal.
Indepeiiden' of till- White lloiisa
I departure. They nn- the 119th and thw
HSd. both now nt Kurt WashliiKton,
Maryland, on the Potomac Itlver beloW
Willi the utmost secrecy other piep.i
ratlons are itolm; ahead with the sole
' purpose of Iticrea-lnc the efficiency of
the defences of I'nlted Stales posses
i slnns.
completed stumer tlinu n.iu neen ckp
peeled anil that this accounts for the
earlier mnteinent of the troops.
Nine I'rrpnrntlnin.
Theie is no question nbout prepara
tions beliiR maile by the navy nlmiK the
same line as those under the direction
I of the War Department, hut orders bat e
been isiueil that no ships bo moved in
such a way ns to afford the sIlRhtest
foundation for any suspicion that the
movements are In the direction of prep
arations to meet an attack.
When the White House conference
were in proRress the Japanese Ambas
sador had already called on John Has
sett Moore, acting Secretary of Stute.
Immediately after the White House con
ference Ambassador chimin aRiiln culled
at the State Department.
While It Is quite certain that the Am
bassador's mission was to muko Inquiry
as to when Gov. Johnson Is to sIrii the
alien land bill tho slRitlrlcnncc of the
fuct that he come twlco In pirson to as
certain this wos not lost. On his llret
visit ho was informedby ActlnK Secre
tary Moore that the State Department
did not know when the bill Is to be
signed, 'but that tho President might
know, On his second visit ho wos in
formed by Prof. Mooro that the Presi
dent had told htm ho did not kov
Tho Ambassador pot a copy of the
mesaaRO from Gov. Johnson to Secre
tary Bryan to-dny. He declined to make
any comment on Its contents. Attache"
of tho embassy who have heretofore
talked dolly with nowspnper men denied
themselves to the correspondence to-day
and could not be seen ut all.
From tho Ambassador's Inquiry as to
when the bill Is tn bo slKned It was con
cluded here that ho Intends to have
somethliiR further to say ns soon us the
m,,nHUro becomes law,
cm i ue otner
hand, tho President was authority for
the statement lo-uay mui inn .minima
trutlon considers the next movo Is lo
reply to tho Jnpunese protest. The
draftlnR of this reply has been begun
by Counsellor Moore nnd will bo the
Kin Vsn Winkle flyer
f.r Ihe CslsUHl Ml. ll Wt Shorn It. It. dally
ex Sunday M!.ri, tlml trip Hliinly. May ITIh.
fr,,. rorllanill Si. Wjio, J". Jl Weal 4)4 M.
JflO P. M. mode HIV Mad.-iaf.

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