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THE SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1913.
.Miss hijio Sn.vs. a ml Her lii.il
for lllt'pnl Hoclorhii;
Is Ailjoui'iiptl.
Splendid f toil That Kt'.'pv ih
TiiHiiiIpiiI in ChvcU Almiir
(In WiiIitnIii'iI.
T'niliT Supt . sliniily They Cum-,
liliilld lcM''l Allionu
A run of :."i.non. , 1
Ttvo hr.iwny Itnlhii eninc mruuul n
fnrtli from 1 1 iltmrvviee of n !tul. dlttv
h n ( li mi ii tlutv o.ul Ii'.iiIiiil' mi' of
thf ll.llllll'l "i V .llll.l!' I I I 111 W. Ml Iirst I
comity, I. He mi" niuht Inst ,i.l Tip
had lonir hlnded till Km Hi their huiid .mil
n. they fell toccthcr In the littT lrrwn
path tin- vvciiinn ll.if In (I ilnwn ami
down licnlll 111 llln lllii.Hlllull'. eiieh t.tno
tn tlnd n Mienth In liiiiii.in iIcjIi.
I'm- .icvr.il minutes the .-sp.-r;ilo i
MiurkIo continued, tin' spin lighted I
onlv hy the ile,em frnin a .v ouiik moon t ),..,. t1I.I, which will compi lr the
nnd tlir lllcUcrliiR Untile nr illrty Ian- heel nf Ki melcei Lake wlit-n tin- ntiUeduct
terns hrlil .iluft hy Imi'.utMvo frliMHl.jl'' tlnl-linl. At present till upato Is
nf Hie ilihttnir mm At Inst the knife
ihrustH ilM' their vvorl, ami the tlj;lit-
cre frll li.it'U. linrmiM-'.imi mid lilccdlnt;
each frnin a won- of vvuumli. The on
lookers ucro about to pick up tho lod
le and fairy tlu-m indn'ir vvhen of n
Midden they lituU" and ran. Inside the
tirareM t-h.it k tliry wont and li irrlcadi'd
the door, as finin ntf down toe load
anio to tlirtr cars the pat pat of run
nine feet.
The aiiwdurt police won1 on the
Job. In a elmrt time tlicii; citne p.mt
Iiik Into tin- circle of imnt a Ihic brown
clad man, -ct up like a coldler. with i
volver hancinir from a huNtcr at his
belt and a loner club in hand. He
nlanced at tli bodn" In the load and
then, without a mniiH'nfs hi-sltntlon.
Mri'ilo to tlU' closed door nf the e-linck.
Mo knorlti"l. lint llnto was no iiti'urr,
mi with a Mow of hi- clul. he sm.ir-hcd
tlio fastenings ami walkid in
As In passed the thi.shold the llr-t '"elpid taptute di'iontuto ami i, .1 per
porson to confront him was a stocky f,-ot pltture nf a KemliiKton soldier.
Italian with a knife In hi- hand, in I Another wa drilled by SerKennt Wlse
the haektnound. llllim: every Inch ((f ! man. who has a serve e medal for work
pace, were other Italians, menacing
and amjry. and lwiuinx each one a
netipoil A -weep nf the potU'em.in's
lub sent -th neaii -t knlf" r'.atterluK
to the tloor. Then out canif hi" nun -
n Colt's .3v -and the r. st of the weap
ons drtppeii.
- lamp was llchte'd and the iinlforined I
man hi ld a nort of court rlaht ilme. ,
Hp had picked up a smattetlm; of Ital
ian and was not inni; la ualherliin that
the men outside both dead by now
had fotiRht over a e-ard pmp and killed!
cii-h other. So h
eleralle-d a e'oupln 1
ot men to iik for a doctor and the
county niUheirlticH and tlie'ii t-tood uard!
eivcr the test. It was not hint; before
the bodl.'s were ill n morgue and half .a!
dozen It.rlian.- lockid in the Valhalla
Jail as witnesses. And then the po
liceman proceeded forth em his three
mile beat acalu.
Ieeilt;tinrel e.f tlie II 1 1 1
It is 111 -Ituatlon- like thi" that the
Hoard of Water Supply Police, who pre
serve order aloiiK the KTi miles of the
new aqueduct amonir S.'.oOO p eiple.
nuny of tlieni the most lawb ss and
unmoral people In the whole State,
thine. It wasn't an unusual situation,
in fact wasn't half as hard to d.spos"
of as are the awnme troubles; but it
showed that tho. Hrown Horse eia!r
and the I'ontKuards of the Hills as they
have lv en dubbed by a poi tlial Vallial-Inite-
ean handle pre'tty nearly any kind
of a fur's, no matter who the fusser may
The aqueduct police have been In
existence now for about five years.
Thev wete formi'd when the j.Teat
enKlneeiius work was becun and
It became evident that the pefi.
pie of the- towns and lllaRc.
alons the hue would need "nnietlilnK
more than local eonstables nnd small
police forces to protect them from the
mush crew that was brought from all
parts of the country by tlie contractors.
Uiirins thoiie the years the force has
done Its work well and quietly and un
nntentHtoiisl. MaltUained by the city
of New Vorl; and i nrolled a-- part of tho
lfjcnl d-p.irlnient, they have never be
fore this year appeiired before the peo
ple thev worked for
Attracted hv reports that the aque.
duct men were pre. paring s.ome sut prises
for the New Votk poliee- parade, a Sr.v
rcpoite r and a photOKrapln-r went up to
Krnsieo, the headquarters of the sys
tem, and watched the solilif-r-pollcenien
Bt work.
The aqueduct one consists of arin
men, 13'.' of them mounted. It used to
mm';!se ,",00, but when horses were In
trod ed -o tunny men weren't ni'ided.
Most of thft men are old soldlfrs, not old
In nolnt nf veals, but In i-evlre In the
fnlted States re-KUlar army. The dis-
rlnlinnrv solrit of tlie armv is e ntent
In every pha-o of police duty and som"
nf the traditions that will lie lianeled
down tn future members of the force
fomn from nie;n who can wear, when
they wish, decorations for callantry In
nctlon In the Philippines or Cuba or In
other places where rnch' Sam's men
tnvn gontv durltiK tho past twenty
The present superintendent of the
force Is OcnrKo F. Shrady, formerly n
roronr hern and a veieran of some nf
the National tiuard rculnie'nts. lie !-
the iiuccpssor of l'nllco Commissioner
Waldo, who orfranlzed the force, nf
Doiiflns McKay, now First Deputy Po.
lle.o Commissioner, and of Inspector
Tlurke. The men under him the pa
trolmenreceive Sl.OTiO a year and
everything but food is furnished them.
Thre are seventy-thri'o scrKeanls who
pet $1,3."0 a year. Seventeen of them
ar In command of mi many precincts
extendlnc from Vonhets'to Wist I Itu
ley, anil tho lest do patrol and emer-
Kncy duty.
Th mnimteil men of the fnreo envre
In. Innff otrflelieM r.f ermnlrv tint in
trie lont. rlciifH or e.ountrv between
villages, while most of the lufalilrv be
foncentrated In tpntii where the nemu-
Mtlon Is thicker. I he horsemen gen
erally have beats tlnce or four miles
feller I, lee In llnrrneks,
fiupt Sliradv e heifiiHi rrs are it
Kiiii.iU'n Tin it i i g old finn'iou
serven ft baiifeck ini the men. wh.lo in
the barns nr siabled a tmipl, o elozen
horees. The men ,ne oliliw il l i Ihc In
the barracks, but tome of them who nrn
married have homes near by, Tha city
furtilehcH them with l-rilf. hpihlliiK ami
iinlfmtiiM. t nidi luirracli.. they club
tom'ttii r anil run n tin."- an .it an army
ioI Cllll.
In front nf the li.irr.icks nt Ken-dco
" " a " 'll Jirounu ana nerc ine men
praoUsi-d for the fit police parade ,
Whi ii a Si n man .iw them they were
pit lit In the thiol, of military evolutions.
Tli" mounted force Is in command of
Sergeant Stephen .1 Hart, formerly
Major III t!ii' Twelltv .ecolld I!enlment, I
Natl.iliil liu.lld. He had K"Vonty-!lve
men out (in the tl M. and the way they
wiiit thioush Intricate mounted (Hill
was a revelation. Ity fours, la platoon
front and in column of fours they went
rwecninp down the ill 111 Kiound. In
alignment as Hue as m could find at!
I'ort Mer or anywhere eNe, Kvery ,
man was In putteis over brown shoes.;
brown riditiK btii'i'hes, I rmvn shirt and
milltarv eap with the Inslunia eif the j
foici- upon It. Tlie sergeants were ells- 1
tlimulslied only by three stripes on tin:
J All the while the mounted men were
i ilnlnw their work several .ctiad of In
i fantry were al-o drillltu;. ' ine of these
' was under command of Sewunt filee-
son. a fotmer I'nltid States regular who
in tlie Philippines under 1-iinston. Most
of the men limb'r them were old soldiers
ton who had pasted the elil service re
ilillfements or else wete on the force
before the newest law was pasi'd.
A tine bla bndy of men they made.
How a football e'oaeh would have chnr-
""d with iMlirht If he could have had
his pick from tlie liuncli It Is no won-
der the workmen, touah as they may
lie. have the irreatest re-pect for thn-e
brown uniforms and those bay horses.
"Vou Jim wait anil watch us on S.it-
'in!a . said .-ermTuit r red Walker, who
is the lust riile'r in tlie troop, lie used
to be In the Pifteeiith I'lilte e! Stater Cav
alrv and ha- ridden t'mic tjam's horses
at Madison Siiiare C.anleii. Uoush rid
Im" "f all sorts is bis forte anil he ha
broken some horses up In the "bull pen"
In front of he-adquartcrs that would have
sent a Huffato Hill expert sprawllnR In ,
the dm.
All re llnril nnd llnU. j
M.ij-t of the tneii on the force are ,
about tcet tall. .Many iro above that,
but fi'W below, and all are husky and as j
hard as nail-. When winter come on I
and the-y don't pet m much outdoor work
they keep in I'otidition by scttlmt up
.rymnas.um, In the barns and spendlm;
their spate tune wresthnc and boMnc.
The champion a. bo-n sports all nlons
the nqueduct .s chick Klllott. who a -
a professional heavywelsht wrestler
until he donned a uniform.
I n ilil It !j iff in .t fan n t fl1.am nnn
of the most InterestlnK characters Is
Serue.int ,'iiiis Smith, who cantured
Dm- Italians for tho murder of a woman,
and diil it hlnK'.e handed. Then too there
is SeiKeanl iliomies r. uawKins, in
charu-e of supplio. who wns shot In the ! ,n ' oiiceman Mionci at Mttli ave
abdomen duiinit Phll!ppin.i sen Ice; and i nut' flxty-Hrst street last nlht.
Mi, I catrles the bullet, and Serjeant C. , ' Offlcer' Cnmlnu- elown the avenue be.
.1. ltyan ot the I'le.Hantvllle station, who nllul ,n" 'the lady had befn runnitiK
is fe.-t 4 inches tall and tin- blpeet of i frnm ,ho lht) Is a uroup of brazen
the bunch, and Kcnteant IlutledKe, an I J-"1111 mcn wearimr nothlnp but I
old army man who commands the color j lm'' Hke to say this, but I must wear
Kuard. And then there are a score more I"K nothlnK I'm ashamed to say this,
who woald tell you tales qf army nor- i "filter wearlns nnthinK "
Ice that would read like n book almost "We'arltiK nothlnK" yelled th
! and whn never loiind other work to keep
them contented until they found Super-
mtendent Sluadv's police tone.
The men who will parade to-morrow
come from s'Htlons all alntiK tlie line,
wiierever they eould lie spared. All
leavm were suspended- the men net
two elays off after sl eif wark and no
body raised a mhuIo pintest, becauso
everybodv wanted the Ufi who como
to New York to bi In the best possible i
siutpe and was wining to do aty- amount red. Kach held aloft an Inverted urn
of work to lirlnit that about. brella, anel In their wake balled forty
A parade feature will be- the pride of or more howlInK youths uiwlnf,' street
the Inice. sum. un awed whlto liulldeiR,
who has licked all either liouet between
Ynnkers and West Hurley anel U pn
',,,,rl1 ,ln u" ,,1m,'
l'"' ''anlne tht
for anv New
questions hla
I he lloiitlieiiliin School
l.ast Seventh
street, LMe a larewell dinner lust niieht
teiimtry uettliiK Hun- lot tin e-tahll'elinient
til tirei'k l alllOUO M'llOllls III liDIICHI
has Lollectetl U'u.ihmi
An iniliiliiiilille tour of itispeetliin of llie'',,., ..,.i .'i,..',i , .. .tJ
Pid nan-It roiiies in tjueens on whieli , n"1"1"1 was eajlne; tlrmly ton prisoner
initial work lias been stitrteel wits matin
ve-ierday by a tuiily ol invited guests
nl die ijiiecnx liiHiiilier of Coumiert'o.
Iir Willlaii) II Wbitton is iinilir treat-
llient lit I lie lle Hllll bar 1 1 0-1 J 1 1 it I for Hll
in Miry to tiln riKiu eye receiven wmie cnop
hiii,' "ouii In the cellar of Ids home ul lull
;M I illei'iith stleet, llmoklyn
Vntliony Alloy, 111 yeurs old, of Nuplrr
lil.n ', Itniitiionil Hill, wns held without bull
oi. .-, i,i iiii.wn., "ini. "" ,,-,' "iMiuiii '",
hv Miiu'l-triile I Itch In the .liililillcii police
. oiirt yesteitlHy to await the aetlnn of tho
tlraiid .lury on a clinrge ot tirhoii. lie is
now out on ball tor Irl.-tl in ltrooklvn on u
iliiitKe ot starling Incendiury tires in llahi
New Vnik.
live nieire Itallitus uere removetl lo the
Long 1-1 Hid College lloi-ptUI In llrooklyn
vehleldKV sllfti'rliiL! fttjin otriltliiltie lioisnn
liiu As hi the nihil citNes I hut elevelntied
SiilllirdliV night, nliuxhetll tlressed Willi n
' 1 hell P lOIIIHIO HHIICC is bl'lllled. 'I'hosfl
,.,., y, iio Toe-eo, hU wife
mul three ehl dren. live nt -J.'t; lliiniiltnn
I'vetute. in the Mine bkick here the trouble)
1 first rtpne.tii'd.
'I hen- will be a doilhle eelebrution this
e eiiliig 111 til" lititne in Mr. nun .Mrs. AUgimt
Wuesi, on I lm Jericho turnpike, Quern.
They wllleoinnienioraielhe tventy0trti an
iiiviTtary of ilniriiuirriigeiind tlielr dsugh
ler, Miss iKnlielle, will b initriled In John
Stltttle nf OllfClis, H Inilldel
n ni tler lor I he arrest of ( hnrles l.ee,
i'H .veins old, a leal estatn denier eif no?
t'nli.i,, klri'Pl Itttmklvll. Uliu Mifllrrsl
'imitiIhv hv Agnes Itnposn nf '.'IP Mueon
ntrect. lliai borough, no the iiroimd ihnt
pruuiUe. Lie wan released ou bail.
Sergeant Kutledge 9
I'ivo Hoys In Bnthimr Suit ;
Wore Parariiti"; for Omocn
Pi Alplin.
StMitont'p Is to Kopp (lolnir
From .Mctroiiolitnn Club
to City Collt'trc.
n... , , .
L1"'h , C '"T "'m'C1'' "
' ' n"n Ct'an rov.. ihlnk. any.
1 ' "l ,un; ' ' J'" "' f"1"1'
! b " ",hl h Positively must not be done
lvto ,,,R' wn''''V of -M,tr"-
! V", C "," nlnh " nn'
.-nAin ui irii, wnori' ai uny rnomoni
a "llr; club memtsT miKlit look
"'"'" -(e mm is- snocneu.
And where bare legs are bared up to
the point where
"Qflieer! utllcer'" cried an austere
shocked policeman, "Fp nnd at them,
Kven as he lKun. tn net his stride
the procession was heading into tho i
(flow of an all revealliiB electric Unlit.1
I'lve younit men wearlni; bathing suits
that would pars the Commissioner of
Heach I.es of Ocean drove Itself, but
impossible in Iifth avenue even at nlcht,
e-atni; into the electrlo IIkIu zone first
Worse still, their cheeks were painted I
clothes and looks of Kindness.
"Who ine you'."' demanded Officer
'nmeir.-i PI Alpha." humbly answeied
one of tho five, whereupon Policeman
Shoffel was convinced that the live wen,
probably Jim plain nuts that should be
looked after.
Whereupon In front of the Metropoli
tan Club the policeman tallied In the
soothing way ejne Uocte with the weak eif
lilm tn Horn" Reiotl nlKlit court In tho
I neighborhood,
I " n . 1 enrlliartnn.n " Mn..i .(..n,n
oeioiiT nun, ine ni ens inai in an oi
fence Htich QH "
Magistrate Kernochan stoppetl right
there hh tho live patrte of bare legs, fnl
lowed by the forty clothed youths, who
now were npproachlng n hysteria of Joy,
came Into the court room.
.oiifiKii. i-i .iiintie, it'peaiuti iiip
unoUesmiin tn the Mnnlstiut,, Wr.v..
' ?P, . , MaRtsttate. Vo r
Omega PI Alpha," repeated the
being Initiated Into the frnt, your Honeir,
nnd we had to do this or "
"I used to bei thut wny myself," thee
court remarked, nnd ho Indulged In a
laugh, hut caught himself before the
laugh got to tho point whom he would
have to line himself for contempt of
"Up In New Haven In the old days
hut never mind thut now. The main
point Ih thut this Isn't New Haven.
New Haven or any of tlio smaller col
lege towns will tolernto thing that
Now York cannot tolerate. Don't
parade In bathing mittB around town
again. For your .sentence "
The Mnglstrnio paused n tnomtnt.
That tentative laugh of tho court'; tt
1 moment before h.nl done wonder In
cearlng looks of fear fremi the laces of
they heard that portentous "For your
Color Gu;
sentence'" the live faces blanched aualn.
"Weil, suppose you .-tart off quietly
n iw and wall; back to ine Collepe of
the Pity of New Voik and put on some
j clothes." de -'aled the Maclstrate "l;'s
a lom; walk, f! t home and behave "
III lelenep I'reen1 l'neher Prmn
eiettlnR Divorce-.
After he'arlnc tin- e-vldence nf mi
elcht-ycar-nld boy In defence nf Ills
mother, n Jury before Justice.- Itlnck
tnar in the Supremo Court nt .Mlneeda,
I.. I . yesterday fount! for the wife In a.
ehvnrce aetlnn brouBht by Philip Oswald,
a wealthy farmer of (lien Head, nualnst
Susan A. Oswald,
Oswald te'stltli'd that he- had surpried
Dennis Murphy, a nciuhbor, m his
wife's ledronm In Scptt-mlier, IP IS, and
twei Polish l.iboiers cormbniated him
The boy. Ualph Oswald, h.ild that on
the nlsht his' father and the two men
rushed Into his mother's room he was
thete, too. He said his mother was I
sick anil she had asked Murphy to net '
her Mime medicine, ami it was when he
came Uuk Into the room that Ills father
rushed in and .itt.i.k,,t Mm p.
"When Mr. Murphy was In the room
wus he very closa to your ninth . tin
little fellow wns nslte'd
"Ne," he- fairly hoiileil "'. !;
Since this eplsodo the osunldn hava
not been living toKother. The Imvn ,
three chllilrea.
.... ,,. ,1
I' on.V-uVo I MOtM lOUPP.sl Ilill'o'tMl
With Miikiiifr I'm- of
SKt-i A-na The
I After Pr I'lelscher had ll'ilrhcil there
weie ctie-s eif "t'oljb. Colib," and Irvin
Cobb was Intrmluced, who disclosed
- -- that In p close campaign statl-tlcs show
formally by two members of the society that it ostn more than 24 now to buy
to Investigate the alleged unethical con-1 an election district In Manhattan,
duct on the part of fortytwo physl- "n " rcall.e that you t-'entlemen
. , , i are the tines who sell my stuff," r-atd
clans, two of whom are women, through . Ar ,.0,lh ..am nn, t)u. Im.dlllm ,,rtttVcl,
tho l.ubllcutloti nf iiRvvspuper articles in! . n(1 ,, j.ubllc, I e-an't help but
which their names were mentioned, I think nf it paraphrase of nimtlier au
In accordance with the constitution 1 thor. the late Omar Khayyam: '1 wim
eif the M.clct each of the forty-two I '" w" '-'"kmen buy tine-lmif
tt i ,i i ,.i,vii.im is . i. "ii precious as the wares you sell,
. II o " I J
ctiiincil to give
plained eif,
the must
The list Includes some of,
ptumlnent physicians In
The Kings County Medical Society
han for some time bi'on dlstuibetl eiver
the tUcslloti of unethical publicity, and
there Is division nf opinion among the
luemlM'iH on tint matter, h'tuir members
, 1-1, III 111 HI I '
were haled itccntly
befote the council
to explain tluir coiinet'tion with news
paper articles, two of vvhtitn ncknowl
etlgetl their errors it ml werti tidmon
Ishetl, oho was found innocent of
wrong intent, ami tlie fourth case is
still under cemHitlcrutlon,
Tht: forty-two who will be summoned
to appear are: .lames P. WatiMtise,
Adolph 11. Urban. Horace Hreeiey, .1,
ih. Mund, Albert llrundage, Karln
Mayne, Henry N. Head, Slgmuntl Hindi,
J, ,1, Keyes, C, (. Kochler, Joseph Knit
ter, JanieH U. nitmars, Churle K. Hlrsch,
(i. P. Griding, Arthur C, Urush, Henry
(Iralmni, Leslie Turner, .loliu Hariigan,
Thomas Nevlns, ICll.n llnlton, William
J. Crulkshnnk, .1. P. McQuillan, S. llen
ilrlckson, Hoberl T. Wheeler, tleorge
McNaugliton, A. Uosjj Muthcsou, Ktl
wnrtl Ptirlsh, Johannes Meyer, Mnry In
gram, IS. H. Hege'inan, W. II Freeman,
11. W. Lawrence, F, Carpenter, Frank
It. cross, .1, A, o'ltellly, .1 .1. Colgnn, ,T.
A, t!ochrnn, .Inseph Maloite, J, II. Moore,
O, Kusper, J. Won llognrt nnd J, Gold-borf.
of- me
.Mt-AiiPiiy Tells Tlioin New
YtH'k Is t ho hitorwry Ct'iitrc
of tin Country.
I r v in S.
Colili Talk About
Klcrtion Statistit.
iintl Tolls Stories.
Sellers and publishers of hunks a few
, Wrlters of books nnd m.mv readers of
i , ,t, ,., ... . . .,, .. ,', ,.,ot
i H'l'ii'1 in iiii' i ..."lut mi
nlplit at the ellnner of the- Amerl-an
Itonkselleri Association, which closed
the four das convention in this cltv
Thvte were fittO diners pteent nnd the
-o lllleil the north ballroom that Presi
dent and Toastmaster Walter f.. Hutler
"f WllmiiiKton, Dei, liad to break a
5lnss with his Kavcl tn -'et I tit Ir atten
tion and introduce the spcakeis
Horoush President .McAnetiy after
i telllnB of the best real estate ileal In
.Manhattan, tlie time the Hutch put
i chased tile Island from the Indians for
$LM, said that there were limitations to
living In Ne'W York which were lm
I po-ed by law, anil everybody lauphed.
' "New York K In a sense-," said Mr
McAneny, "the literary capital of th"
i country, as It is the political and tlnan-
I tin I capital.'
This was elialleni'eil by Dr. Charles
Kieischcr, lender of the Sunday Com-
iiioim Iii Uostnn. who. alter Percy Mae
I kaye', spoke on "American Religion" I)r
l-'liischer then spoke of tellglon and
New York's need of It.
, .!... ...I,.,, ,l.
I " iii-ioi" i iii "Hiri iiiiiiiiiip iimi-
sain ttnoill .volt, J'.eei itiiiiioe nun two
' ' , ' , . . , V , ,' ...
!' ?''"""
t this point Cobb vviih reminded some
how of a darky story. He told It and
others too, at which the diners laughed
Tine Hev. S. Kdwnr.l Young, pastor
of the Itedfonl Presbyterian Church,
1 III, ttu.lllA 11.1. ..Ij..
I ' " " "
At tlie guests' table sat, besltlts the
speakers, F. A, Stokes, , C. Halnbiidge,
C. ', Shoemaker, Simon Hicntnno, C, K.
Wolcott, N, Doubleday, Oeorgo H.
Doran, V. M, Schvnck and Wuid
Tho DSD tlelegales to the convention
spent yesterday afternoon In visiting
Hcrlbner's publishing house after n bttsl
nefs session at the Antor nt which olTl
cerH were reelected and n board of trade
chosen to cooperate with n similar body
of publishers. Next year'n convention
w III also be held In new York
Waldo Shifts Soclnble Detectives.
Last Tuesdity night Commissioner
Waldo ii nd lusprctur Schnilttberger
dropped In nt the Clinton street precinct
and found six detectives tolling stenles,
Yesterday tlie t 'oinnilssloiief tiansferied
Lieut. Itaphitrl Schuliini finin tho he'ad of
the deti'ellve force In tht) Clinton street
precinct to desk duty nt KuM 104th street
and sent seven detective from Clinton
street lo other part of the city.
the (lter
Mir Wii MiiitUliiH lift. I Ornlliiu While '
lltiic llnrkeil tor Mm. I'niiUliiirat.
Mis. Inez .Morton .Mtitidy, divorced
wife of Talbot Mundy, a magazine
writer, anil one time wife of the Hon.
Unpen Cecil Craven, brother of the n.ui
of Craven, was arreste e! lat illulil on J
t soap bo speakliu on the Miffrace '
question and taken to the We-t Seven- ,
teenth street station. chai'Ked wlthdrunk- '
eiiness and clKarette smokln? in public 1
Patrolmaij Thomas J. Kitun elbowed
thrmi'Th a crowd of ."00 In front of 32S
We't Seventeentli street and found a '
handsotiii'ly tlressrd woman on a has,
waviim a tit-arctte In one hand and a '
uunnjsack In the other.
"I shall most certainly not tonie with'
you," was her repl.v, and Kllzabcth, a '
terrier, bewan to bark under the soap box.
Until were takt'ti to the West Thirtieth
street station. .Mrs, Mundy nave hei -se'lr
as Miss Amie-s Smith, 3o years, of
,"j:t llast Seve nt.v-sevenlh street, and
was heid for nluht court. She epl,ilned
tn reporters that lu had re'celved her
1J alimony that mornlni; and was
cntryinc; the tine around In the sack t ii
bark for Mrs. I"ankhiirsl.
should be planned NOW. Let us help you. We have
illustrated booklets giving detailed information about
the seaside and inland resorts, the camps, touring, fish
ing, hunting, golf which we will be glad to send you.
Los Angeles Limited
Electric lighted standard drawing room compart
ment sleepers, tourist sleeper buffet library observation
car excellent dining car service; leaves Chicago
daily at 10:02 p. m. from the new Passenger Terminal,
via the
Chicago & North Western-Union Pacific
Salt Lake Route
Well ballasted, dustiest roadbed heavy double tracks
Automatic F.letrtric Block Safety Signals. Stop-overs at Denver
and Salt Lake( City may be arranged, also numerous side trips.
Greatly Reduced Rouud Trip Faras
daily, Jum lat I Spt. 30th.
C. & N. W. tj. Vale reV trtuu
1183 ilroittwsr. Nw Ystk Mlmiwti. New Vera
rasse urtnsr um raaa tnreru
(h Islet Rests
"The solar plexus In the Katie ,
twren the stilieoiisrloits mind h
wukltiK consciousness," said Ml.
Fntlkner I'ape of ,14 flramrrcy V,v ,
trial yesterday in I'at t V. of Sppp n - .
slons on a eliut e of practlslnt; nii
without a eerllllcate Miss Pnirn '
lender In New TIioiikIiI circle", rie
Inu lecture's anel liachinic eiassei
apartment. Mam oilier women ten
and nillie'letits of the t-1 til were Ii. .
Miss Paite nt, iirreittd In (
on complaint of the t'o iutv Med
liety. Mrs. Isabella lioodw n a .
detective-lieutenant, and Mm I'
Heneery, an Investigator fir 'i V
cal Society, wave list main wn
against her
Mis. fioinlwln said i i n on Pel i
H she was "treated" If Ml" Pair '
protended 'usotunla and st
trouble. The tfeatnieul coinist'
Miss pane's InyliiK hii- hnntla i
subject's fejiehend and saylnB repeat! 1
"ltelax, test " She was told In ii !
Pawe. she said, that tlie "dhiiii "a
was pernn-atliiK her. The chare- i
12 per treatment Mrs. Ilenzem i.
tlmony was similar
Miss Pane testltleel th.it sll" hut! n rr
professed to lie a physician or to
bodily Inllrmitles. Sin- said she s mt
showed her p!itl-uts by n course of m il
treatment how to heal tliemse've-
"Diseases ale distill Unices nf the a
of mental conscloii.snes," she t..vpla'ne,l
"Tho vatioiiH ellsturbancs, such as '
temper, are lestlstered on the s
plexus. Wiien that Is tranqullllxert
physical trouble Is truiuiualllzcd also
The case was ueljourneft until Mm- .
when counsel will submit briefs. l
Page's bull of 1100 was continued.
Face Full of Them. Scratching Re
sulted in Awful Burning Sores.
Could Hardly Close Eyes During
Night. Used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Face Smooth as Velvet.
25'J Avenue A. New York. X. Y. "I
nu very much anuoyeel by m nuniber of
Itching plmploa which rnwrrty dlftlimd bi
My face waa full of
them and the ttfaieai
touch made them very
Itchy and burning to
that I eould not help
eratehlng. Thli tr
lilted lo awful bum In
oraa which really looked
,Uka wound. I couM
hardly dot my ct
during the night.
"I uied aeveral aalrea and loUoni but
without catlafaetory reeultf until four
months ago I happened to read the adrer
tlwmrat about Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment and I tried one of the aamplra which
waa excellent. My faca began to Imprnrr
and I got aome mora and began to nw
them often ao tiiat my fan Is now aa irooot h
aa veivet; tn fart I fuffered no more of
theae terrible Itching which made ma rrrv
nervous. Cuticura Soap and Ointment
remedied my aldn dUeasa." (Signed) Mrs
F. O. Remieofl, May 30. 1012.
A single cake of Cuticura Soap 2 Sc. and
box of Cuticura Ointment &Oc. are often
sufficient when all else has failed. Cuticura
Hoap and Ointment are sold by druggist
and dealer everywhere. Liberal sample nf
each milled free, with 32-p. Hkln Book. Ad
dmn post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston '
"Tender-fined men should use Cutlrurs
Soap Sharing stick, 25c. Sample fraa,
That Vacation
to California
7VI HMaHaea ..haVaM J- W IVaHHI

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