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Cloudy to-day; probably fair to-morrow;
light to moderate variable winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on pii' 17.
NEW' YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1913. CopuiigM, 1913, bV the Sun Hinting and Publishing -OJocmffon.
VOL LXXX. NO. 259.
Unlit ill! I'M I C I'.llJk Alliflllll Ylltf I
to Hold Healings
on tlu Hill.
u.. :...!.. t..i. v, iv:ti At.. i
I IMII'H .M I f I'll II Mil Jlil'
jorit.v and Wool Sonntors
Fall in Line.
Mrniire Vil I Probably He Rc
portoil Out of ronimittt'c
ISefore .Inly.
Whis"tton, Muy 16.--President Wll
in hit control of the situation In the
S-r.1t anil tho way seems to be open
r.i It t victory on his tarllT pro-
Th. s J the Intf rpretntlon pm on tht
trs'. tfi Vit on the l'ndervvood
S!ii eatne up to-day.
Hy a division o( 41 tn 3fi the Somite
rfa"ri to hold public! Inuring anil thud
firtnlned tho WINon loaders In tho
i r"r sranch.
"m Democrats If ft the party resr-
I'.nn Tlipy nro tin u-Joll and Thorn-
n ' Louisiana, who tire expected to
i ti against tho tariff lilll on Its tlnul
-".no and who probably will suppott
i liT'il'Moan. on tho IiIIT'k Important
" ! mm-ratio forces in the Sena'c
ruited by one vote, th.it of S-na-
- f' 'i t'tT of Washington, tho orlv
ni l i-urd party man In tho Sonato.
. ' ..'iiv was this voto conclusive
'" f tho disintegration of the
"Ti . it . opposition to tho Wil.ion
ernir'ni. but do elopinetil.t In th
i t -h.' debate ItnlliMti'il tin, th
I '-ini Senators nro likely to
iK i, . no will desert the
; .. n.-iiTitn' ('.imp.
Senator Walsh .if Montana, who has
''en nn i.f thv loml rs of th Demo
.'Mto in"irc- r.' movement on fiee wool
" I fro. s iirar .mil who i,i boon ! incd
riouhtf.i ...rl.ito. that ho intended
land lv im piriv programme-. Son-
.- Newl,mils of .Wvada, another of
nrmnor.n'.i inourg.-nt loader., vvhil
fieri"!!- hN oppos.tl'iti to mm-. fn-
lie bl' . failed lo ay il.-i'h ho
' against it. The Impress. n
" c t vvenkcnuig.
T' " 'inlemont.s bv Senators ',Valti
' - amis moan that tho other
V t'rrri senators who have boon wav-
headed for tho WIN in band
V.lmllt In Vlrtnallr a, Law.
- - L'Htliint were tho day's deveNip
T tin- Snato that Senator
' ' Wv.-imlne. a rtopublloHii, ad-
l n tin- Moor that tho I'ndorwnod
- -milv law now. so far as do iht
' 'aait i ronoornod. I'otr.titK
' n;pr at tho Ooinooratlc bIJo, ho
I IVmocrntlc Sonators of loulne
'I '"h-olv to tho yoke of the party
' - In tho fdc of th;r ppronaI
T Wit.it. in loaders on thp Demo-r-v
mi srontly rollovcd. They
l .-n atlnrf on very thin Icii.
v-' two Louisiana Senators vot
1 j the Itopuhllrans It normally
' : r.. l onlv one morn Democratic!
ir. i o ,i tie, In which event Vlre
" e:i' .M.nshall would oast the do
' '' - ' ' I'ot With PolndoxtPr plvlnn
' thin io will vote with the
M-enr-nt it narrows the marKln down
' ' '
nstnlnst holdlnR henrlnes
rhe p.i-aRP of thn lilll will
r v r .i'i ,., .md grpHtly Improvps thp
f i dlpoal of the iiiPstlon
naii'o imp Tho Finance Com-
' ie .-Vnato will receive briefs
"1 ' i- written statements from In
' ' ' ; I'Mes
1 1 a irooil many minor amend
' 'o bill that will he proposed
" ''nance Committee and It un
v' ' ' wl l be well nlnnc In .Itino
" meaioiie Is roportocl from the
s of debate preceded to-
r r i,an an nor senator .tames
K'" IPplleil to the spepch of
r l:.ini,ie nf Louisiana, uttered
"" times tliera was a sharp
'"' ' t.puveen the two ppfnocrntlo
1 r j
."moot made an attack nn
fx-iiu, .i r nienibi.ts of tile Finance,
" Me charted that one 1m-i
! br-isieil tint he had written i
t:rnr,i In the bill In which he wa
I Seiiaior c.HiiinKer Intimated
i.vor M ike Smith of Pieoricla, i
'' the comnilttoe on the cotton I
' ' 'id shown epoeUl consldora.
' ' ' i" lotion manufacturers nf his
.ta'f I
a s'ng i. cotton manufacturer
'tiorsh made an appeal to mo
M to the tariff bill." said .Senator1
Ho Insisted that the pattlcularl
i '1 oii'in schedule which he
i ".Hell sbfinid bo raised r.!ated
"ier Kriulis of cotton manufac
uiif il out by the Now Knuiaml
La Folletio mad" an appeal
' i't of opening the doors of
'i " rooms while legislation was
-' - nsidered,
-eniii .r cinrk of Wvomlnc declared
' lifer In ti" hlslory of Congress
'I n- tirlff bill boon put fhroush
th s 'in, . regard for the public In
'"t nnd undo- the fho' of n secret
-' ' v.. Mrty eauetia,
r i ihe most Interesting featrire
O'ba'e Iii ihe Sen'ilo was the
' Smiitor latns v i vwi fre.
nterrup'ed bv Senator Pans
Til" latter ill! tinted 'bat Pre.
Contlnueti on fifth Page.
llnrii nd, , Mr-M A ,.,
ITrsldent Melleu f t. N,.w vr 1
went to the office of .1. Mllll!lin
ii. yesterday and after a conference
iinnounred . , , i,M,lk(.IM llf
1 .'.OOO.ooo fi per cent, one jour notes'
of tho llnston mid Maine, dated .limn :
- 1013. and nlsii J2,not, Olio funtiec-.
tlcut lilver Itallrnad per cent, notes
of Hie same date Tim i,,ir.,u, ..ni.. I
on the new Itoslon ami Maine notes.
I' 2 per cent, ubovo that of tho tnatiir- 1
Ini; issue. ;
President Mellon, who has not boon
In Wall street for some lime, stopped
a man ami nslced "Whore's Murmurs V
and when directed down ltro.nl street '
p'isM'd the entrance of I r. Wall street
once before dlscoverltiK the now miar
tern. The pin chase of the notes will enable
the road to pay of $rj.00rt,000 tnatur
ItiK notes of 4 per cent, denomination j
title on .Mine 10. IdlS. It hint boon
IhnllRht that these Would be extended 1
as tho road has no mono) to pav tlietit
V tlrlurnlnic rriim Kepiilr tliui n
lit Mllea mi Hilar,
While police lines wete fo-ni.l tit'
r iliimlnis circle for the parade of j-titk-!
Ihk barbers jesi..ida. r.ftvrtioon a I'iro
Depirttneiii nut .niobile tetuinlnK fret i
a r'palr shop meed thrmmh I'.mh'h
iivontte and hit tr-, .loeph II. fann
bell, 6," yeats n' l. as she stepped fr ml
the sidewalk in 'rout of Itelsenwebers
at Klfty-elKhth street Mrs. Cainpti'':
died less ihifii an hour i.m r at the Polv.
clynlc llospltjil. Sli,. ,.d .it Hi, .,.
ChoIsoH, In Tweiity-thinl stteet nen
.Seventh HVetiue. with her sun I'h.iries
The car was dr'veu by .lo-eph
of 7J Harrow street Me was acioui
panted by Kireman Joseph lliirns. .1-,
a driver for Battalion Chief u llura. It
was said hv thus- Alio saw the mold u'
that the car crossed Ci'mnlius c rc'
;it about forty miles an hour
Writer mill AsiM'intii" Ttiki
OlH't' FilllKills Olil
urpcr,i Weekly, one of the oldest
and In Its day onvif the most intluen
tlal weeklies In the country, has been
sold to .Norman MapKood and as
socl.Ues," as the statement of Col.
Oeorge Harey. president of Harper .
Urotliersand editor of the Weekly, xlven
out for publication last nlRht. put It
The Harper firm recently sold Its
women's publication, the Hutnr. u, t5e
Hearst Interests Henceforth th" Mrm
will nlvo all Its attention to iir;iei'
.tiiyiitdic, tho .Vuifn .1 1'lt riciii lei ioic
and to Its book pnbllshlnc; bu:ne
Col. HanejV, statement of last ninht
"We sold the It'trUi for the sme
ieas.ui that no sold th- Hmar It ,i
loslnc money and Ii nl u en foi some tune.
'e hint a Eocul offer f i .mi utmcl people
and Hcc'pted It A peu.Mll.-al ,.,,iMit
chiefly with piilillo affairs i- mcefat lh
much In evidence, but us ii matter of fuel
the HVrUi hrnUKlit in li.nill on.-'enth
of the mors reienue of tile hulise
"Our experience is that too m.in
periodicals .Ifet III one ,l!lothel s mi)
Hnrper'i Muija-.liir slid the .VuifA .liei(.
cia ,'irieic, Ik.IIi of nlnch aie p'ospert,u.
are nil 'e need and all we can publish
MdvantsKeiiimly in conjunction lth our
book business. I shall tranfer mi own
editorial work fium Harper's Wetkly to
the .Vorfh I itit'rtcun fei leic, beKlnnlim a
series of aitleles In the .Inly iiuinbu- and
InaumiiatlllK a complete editorial dep.nt
ment, 'comment' Included, in t It-- autumn
"I know nothing of Mr Itapuood's plans
and policies except that lie and his ao
rl.it es are ipilte as friendly to the Wil
son Acltninlatratlou as I am. Ills leputa
tlou as an editor Is tlnnlv establllhed,
and there Is no icasuii to doubt that be
will make a nutubl" succehs of his now
venture "
Col. Harvey's statement that Mr.
HupBOod's regard for the Wilson ad
ministration Is "quite as friendly" as
Col. Harvey's left some doubt In the
minds of many Inst nlcht Just how
friendly that Is. Mr Hapgood has Ions
been known ns n brother of Ifutchlns
Hupgood and some time into he sprantr
Into some fame of his own when he quit
being alitor of Collier's,
Robert Collier Intimated when he and
Mr. Mapifood parted In October, litis,
that differences nf political opinion
the Hapgond editorials running toward
Wilson unci Mr, Collier helnR a Roose
velt rooter had causpd tho tireach. Mr,
IfapK'ood, however. Raid that the main
trouble was that the advertising depart
ment of Coiner's was trylliK to Influence
the editorial department nnd that there
fore he had resinned.
llnrnril Mrnrlare, Costlnv $JL',00O,,
W Haiti h nutlller. I
Hbnto.v, Pa May 16. Incenillarles '
nro hlnmed for the destruction of the i
I'lrst Presbyterian Church of this place
early to-day. the loss helnn $32,000. It
wns the gift of Congressman Mcltonry,
tho whiskey distiller, wl)o erected It as1
n memorial to his father and mother. '
Two yeara ago nn attempt was, made (
to burn down the church, anil last year!
the distillery was burned, destroying the
town's only Industry. j
(ill soaked fllhlps, hvmnals, religious j
hooks and straw started the blaze, i
llnllaliirm lllowa llnnn Ten I and
Causes Panic,
LvNCAKTRn, May IR. A hall and sleet
storm lilt Murrain Hill's Wild West show,1
blew down the tent, caused a panic 1
nnd Injuries to roveral persons to-day,1
The usual parade had been omitted be. ,
cause nf Ihe utolilont at Wilmington I
yesterday, when a stage coach collapsed I
and fix perrnrmers were hurt.
The slot m came Just after the tent
wns elected, (tio man tried to hold up
a polo of the tent to allow the women
r.ml children to rKcapc, hut the pole fell
on his hi nil and fractured It, Another
man wag blown twelve feet. I
LOST OVER $4,000,000
Hiiiliiiel Ki'icmls llfiir (ilmlya
Vnnilprliilt'N lliisbnntl Is
in Sore Stniits.
'I'liri't' I'i'otii in ti f Nobles In1
Kium' lliinkriiil',v IM-orocil- j
inirs After FiiilnreH. i
tirri,rl ruh't llnfilef m In Tltl- Siv
Hkiii.in, .May 10. n eptj nation of the
financial illftlculllis in which Coiinlivs
Szoohenvl, fornierlv (ilndys Vandorbllt,
and h-r hiband are UiMilved and which
ate falil lo h.ixe been thv' lcasoil of
tile r ilepirtiito from ItMil.ipe.'.t. is looked
foi" In i bo banki uptc proceedings
btought in the Austin. Hungarian
courts against three of ihe most
prominent memb is of the Hungarian
llobihty whose fotlunis b.no been
swallowed up iii ciil. i prists similar lo
those Which have CIlUsnl Cyiint Se
chenyi to lose several million dillats.
The thfio nooles aciiins' uli-uit the
subs hae been brMi;li!. ,i w.i. l.-ain d
li'lo to-day, ate Count Paul S..i,.ary,
Who beslibs being InittlellselJ we-ilib
inn ! one of the richest Polish Count-
esft.s, h),,, ,H,1 ,owr. of tl.UlMI linn,
''.'i. ill Ivaiacsotiyi. who o nod the itn.-si
mansion ln lludapi-st, ubele lie en
tert.iiued the lOmpetor l-'rancls .l....ph
and the King and liiieeu of Spain and
was Count Seolienyl's keenest rh H in
the magnltirence of hv en'et taming,
and Count Kmiiiei Icli I i.-ir.-nf.ld. the
owner of a fatuous racing stab!., of
Hungary, the bulk of whose fortune
har been swallowed op in spei nl.it U '
Th-so tlilee nobles are ii-icanlcd as
among the wealthiest inngnate.s ..r Hun.
gary and riiuior oiin.-.'t,. their failure
with the loss of the Szocbenj i millions.
No continual ion can be obtained, bow
ever, nf th" report .bat it was due to
the elite! prises in which Count Sn
lll. liyl invesle.l the b Ilk of Ills wife's
fortune. The tl leo men tln.ilb got Into
the hands, of shyloiks, who got the
lemuunts of lb.- capital left ov.-t after
thev had been taken lu by visionary
HrtiU'KKT, May U -It beiauie known
bore to-dav that tho condition of Count
Szechenyt's financial atTnlrs was thv,
reason for his leaving this city wltii
the 1 tnintt-ss, formerlx uladvs Sander
bilt. Reports that the Countess persuaded
h?r husband to leave because the Hun
garian aristocracy has snubbed her ever
since s,,. h.it been among them are
utterly without foundation In fact the
Countess Mute iter arrival h.eie has been
moft popular and hps b'en receive, 1
evfrvwh" ainu tg th- i. gliest nublllt.v
at an equal,
Count Sr.eih.envi is loported to hav
lost tlo!e than $4 miU.UO'J of ht wife's
foi Pltie. He has b. ell tile v'ctllll of II
mining swindle in which he lost huge
sums on the Hinlapet and Vienna
boetes The storj runs ihat the Count,
being anxious In become Hungary's
Vaiiilcrbllt, organised among the il.-h
landowneis anil other meuib-Ts of the
nili-tooiaey what became known as tho
"magnate gioiip" for operations of
speculative nature
KveiMhlng w.-nt well for a time The
Co ml M-vtii'.d to have iibtalne.l vvllh
his wife some of her family's financial
talent. Last autumn, however, the
Count and his associates failed to see
tho financial storm which was brewing
as the result of the llalka.i war and th
cotiseiiuetit stock exchange depression
and the unsettled lnterfi.itlon.il situa
tion which was hovering over utria
Hung-iry When the spirin of "Hlnek
Wednisdav," cviober I.', swept bv r.ie
"magnate group" was among the crip
plos of the financial InP efle'd, havliu
lost some $7,000,000. Tile Collin's per
sonal losses were estimated at $2.-
About n year ago Count S.hIipiivI
Und bis friends were Intotested In coiil I
, nnd Iron mines near lniso-S)!oteiiy. i
close to the big mines owned by tlio '
' Austrii-Mungarlaii Slate Ifillw.iy The'
l itter had owned the- mines In which ,
) the Count and his friends became In- '
' teiested, but their experts having re.
j ported that they were of little value I
they sold theni ton private firm. Count '
I Szectienyl and his fi lends then secured!
an option on them on the strength of u
I report made by llelglnn engineers that j
I the property at n conservative estimate
was worth $100,000 000. I
The Count tried to Interest local
financiers of itiidapest, but they, know
I Ing the report of the railway com
, pony's experts, refused to come In. The
I Count, lelylng on the report of the
llelglnn. Is said to have Interested
.among others the big firm of Defav
K Sepule of Rrussels, who Invested
$,000,000, The Count nnd his friends
Invested ii similar amount and from
other soutros $1,, "00, ooo capital was
Expensive machinery was Installed
and tine buildings were elected, but
after months of operation no coal or Iron
In paying iuantltles vvete found, Re.
cently Count Szeehcnyl Is said to have
concluded that he had been swindled.
At the time of the marriage of Count
NY.echon.vl lo Gladys Vanilorhllt It was
aald thai she brought him Ili00,000
but that this fortune was so vunrdoil
that the Count could not touch It.
Hv the will of Cornelius Vandorbllt
Miss Gladys received tho Income nf
,",,ooo,00o, This fortune was left In trust
and tho will clearly specified that only
the Income could bo touched, This was
In iHjii), and If this Income had been
permitted lo accumulate since that date,
It would represent lo-iUy nl the rale of
I per cent, compound Interest 2,."iQ4.
ooo, Kven If the Countess had placed
her purse nf her husband's disposal, It
seems therefore Improbable that he
could have lost l.ooo.floo nf her money.
(in Hie other hand, It has been said
Ihat the Count's fortune, which never
was gtcit, was invested In securities
which have greatly decreased In valua
since the beginning of the Balkan war.
I'reveols Opening of 1'nnillilni'i "I
Wlnconsln l.ove Penal, I
Mvjilso.S', Wis, May 111 It developed
lo-dj.v that a Stale Itepiibllcun love
feast at Madison on Wednesday night
was pi evented from becoming . formal I
opening of Setiatoi La Kollctte's can-'
didacy for President In lulfi by a per-'
sonal message from the Senator savin':,
that ho was not ready for any such
move at this lime.
lie said that bo did not object to the
irloncllliiess of his former followers l 1 1
such a candidacy, but that be could n it 1
afford at this tltn. to become n Candi
da I e.
It developed also that there have bo-Mi
conferences between tho La 1'olle't.. 1
'leaders and their fornor foes. Pic foi-,
lowers of Senator Spoon r, looking o a
union against the Hull Moose j
I'nl.niis Will I, elite lie) Weal. Kin.. !
fur llntnnn. !
( ln-t,il r,il,le f ...ire-, lu Yh-i Si v i
Havana, May 16.- The Cuban aviators.
Roslllo and I'm la. will start to-morrow j
morning hi T. o'clock from Kev West.
Pla., to make a Might to this city In n
, Morano neroplane for a ptizo of $10,- 1
, OO'J oflered by the Cuban liov e! ntllellt. '
! American and Cuban warshlis will ac-
'companv them
I. ii'iil. Srbroeiler-Sttiii.. Lender,
of Kvpeilitittn. MNsinir j
Only Two Survive. i
H.rrtll C'.lMi. fl.,lr t Till Si s
CitKisTMNtA, May t Disastet has
befallen the Herman isclentltlc expedi
tion under Lieut Sc breeder-Stan, all
members of the partv except two being
dead or lost In the A rot I wastes, ac
cording to a ie.i.r: tec five,) here to-day
fiom the coiniiianib-r of the Noiweglan
relief partv which lias been searching
for them
The report snvs that Lieut. Sohrneder
Sin nr.. the commander of the expedition,
.s missing ami th:i Or Dettmurs and
Or Molser were drowned. Kberhard
was froen to ilt.ith und Stave died of
Illness, (if the other memtiera of the
expedition Riiedlger.rlt7.cher was ae
veroly frost bitten, but he survived
Another survivor Is well.
Tim ft rat relief expedition which set
out from here was forced to turn hick.
The second, from v.h!ch a report has
Just been received, wui headed by ('apt.
Straxrud. The first report received
from Capt. Straxrud mid that the Her
man scientists were icebound In Spitz
bergeli and that It was Impossible to get
Into communication with them.
Lieut. S.'hroeder-Stani's expedition
started Into the Atetlo regions about a
vear ago and expected to remain there
three or four wars They planned to
travel along the ei'lhe northern coast
of Kurope und Asia. When they were
llrst caught in an Arctic winter they
managed to send a message to clvlllxa
tlou telling of their peril and a relief
expedition was oiguniied hole and sent
..in !.. sav . them
tceiisr.l trill? lint err 'a Wife Itr
lin.llNlea Divorce A lienurul.
StN Khancis, o. May 16.- Mrs. Hessle
C Merrlum. wOm agreed last week to
a compromise in the divorce Milt of her
husband, Capt. Henry M.rrlam. P. 8.
A , tepiiilliited the agreement to-day
She announce.l Ibtoiigh her uttorney
that she intended to fUht her husband's
notion In order that her reputation
night bo vindicated.
After several days of testlmonv. which
gave details of Mrs. Merrlnm's al
leged misconduct with oftlcets at .lack
ton Itarriicks, New in loans, and which
led to Ihe withdrawal of tho young
daughter of the couple from the court
room. Judge (Jrali.im decided last week
that the best thing was to nave Mr
Meirlam agree to an action for divorce
on the ground of the Captain's deser
tion and thus shut off scandal.
Mrs. Merrlam agreed and the Captain
was willing Now that Mrs. MertUitn
has changed her mind, Judge Uraham
has set tho case down for May 25. The
ten-year-old daughter of tho Merrlam
ttronglv protested against her mother
compromising the suit
Ktlilenre hy Cniiiiiirroe Commission!
tKHluat O'liara Coal Pit, lan. I
Sr. Loims, May II!. Indictment
against the Vandnlla Itallrnad Company,
the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and
St. Louis Hallway Company, the Grand
Trunk Hallway Company of Canada nnd
the u'Gara Coal Company of Illinois'
which ehnrge the railroads with giving
rebate und the coal company with ac
cepting such tebaies were returned lei
day by the t'nlted States Giand .luryi
In Flast St. Louis, III, 1
If convictions are obtained the cases
will entail possible tines of 11.3,111, 000.
There are five Indictments, which In-'
elude evenly-on counts. j
The Indictments were olunlned on evi
dence of the Interstate Commerce Com-'
mli-aloii colli clod by special Invest iga-,
TT,,F , .
Woman Lived a Cenlurj In ninc
Place In Pennsylvania,
Somkrskt, Ph., May Id Mrs. Mattle
Crlse, who horumo 1 00 years old yes
terdny, received the well wlshe of over
l.tiOO residents of ibis county In her
homo, ton miles from hero,
For 100 year Mr Crlse lived In the
same place nnd In that time never saw
a tallioad train, Mie i car or a tele.
phone, .She never wore a hat, n knitted i
hood taking Its place; ' ' "
FfWlllOr Ylll SllOt Plltter
tneketl by Brother of Kx-
OOV. If II Nf f II (TM.
Only One Takes Kffect (ilrl
Hit by Strny llullet in
HiUTisburji. Street.
II viimsHi Ka, May 16. Ross Anderson
Hlckok, who made a record In Yule as
u shot putter and hammer thrower,
saved himself from death In tho hall
way of his home here in-day by throw
ing himself upon and hurling from the
house a lunatic who had attacked him.
William Hasting, who it led to kill
lllckok. Is a brother of ix-tiov. Daniel
II. Mailings and an uncle of Mr.
Hlckok. He tired eight shots during the ' 'euled li y, S. trni? Man. This
strilgKle. (inly one struck Hlckok. The (internment llejeelril Them.
wound Is not serious. I ,lrclHV Wathurton. wh ,
Hastings ran a dnr.en blocks after Ihe Petersburg to demonstrate to the Rus-
iitlack. Police then overto.ik him andl1,1'"1 Ofilce a twenty pound autu-
forty allots were exchanged. Hastings ,"ol,!,e '"I'M Hie gun. returned yester-
was wounded tn the left arm. Nine-1 ,lMy 1,v ""' '"'' Maurelanla.
year-old Lo.ilso Knisely w.i- shot In the . , ."e ".'.."'t K,,-,,U "overtime!,! had
. ... i ( ,,ll(.e(i w,n ,m ,, liri.,. nn rder for
,' I Ihe guns that a factory will bo put up
Hastings fought desperately and the j In Rlrmlnghum. Kugland. to till It.
police ruslied him and disarmed him. The gnu Is the invention of Col.
He la In Jail and the Injured girl Is n u ' ,1. N. Low of the Culled Slates Coast
hospital. .Wither Is badly hurt j Artillery. It was ofteied to the t'nlted
Hustings spent much time In Kurope ' States Covei nmeiit and was i ejected.
years ago. About the time his brother's j - -
'::&rte MRS. brenton and holman wed
charging Iilm with cheating him In a I
niianclul deal. The Hastings family and
their friends have regarded him as an,
annoying bu harmless lunatic. HASTrohn. Conn.. May Hi- Mrs. Kllr.a-
Hustings has lived here lutely und .th Adams Curtis Hrenlon wa mar
since ex-liov. Hastings's death a few ; ru-d on Wednesday In West port to
.vonrs ago has badgered Mrs. lllckok Frederick Krnest Holman. whom lyof
much. Some time ago Hlckok ordered Cranston Urentuti of Trlnitv College
Hastings never to come near his house named us corespondent tn his complaint,
"fain. I the ceremony taking place twenty-four
Karly this evening a call at the hours ufter Judge Marcus H. Holcomb
front door at lllckok's home was an-1 bud signed the decree of absolute ill
swered by Miss Sara Hustings, who' vorce.
has been visiting her sister. Hastings I Mrs. Holman sent word to friends In
pushed his way In and demanded to Hartford to-da' announcing the mar
see lllckok. Hlckok arcne from the.rlage und advising them that after a
dinner table and as he reached" the front I honeymoon spent In ramping at Hel-
hall Hustings pulled a revolver from
his pocket and began firing.
lllckok. who weighs 22f pounds and
Is over six feet lull, hurled his hulk
upon his assailant, wrenched the door
open and crammed Hastings through.
Then he booted him down the steps
to the street. All this time Hastings
was firing. The vestibule nnd hallway
nf tho Hlckok home are peppered with
bullet marks.
Hastings started off as soon as he
sttuck the sidewalk and was out of
sight before assistance arrived. He
was raptured fifteen minutes later.
After Hastings disappeared lllckok
stood on the sidewalk conversing with
a friend, .1. Austin llrandt, and calmly
showing his bloody clothing. The bullet
thut struck Hlckok entered the right
abdomen, but was deflected Into the
Mesh of the thigh without touching a
vital part, It was a steel capped .25
calibre bull. '
Hastings has refused lo make nliy
statement since his arrest except some
Incoherent remarks about his treatment
by his fa ml I.e. '
Ross Anderson lllckok Is one of four
brothers who achieved fame at Vale
In athletics. Orvllle was u famous foot
ball guard, William and Charles played
baseball and were cm the track team
and Itosa was a point winner in the
hammer throw and shotput.
He was married lo Miss Helen Itanl.ln
Hastings on Ootolier 10. I'.'dO. Just after
her father's term as Governor had ex
pired, lie Is the secretary of the W. O.
Hlckok M u nn fuel in lug Company, mak
ers of ruling nnd bookbinding ma
chinery. His brother William Is presi
dent Itoss was at one time a member
of Councils for several consecutive
Tbe Injured man Is 37 years old , or' , . , ,
and was graduated trom Vale lu is7. Presiding Justice ingraham. In dls-
I sentlng, believes tho Sunday work was
. . Justified, and say.
STAIRWAY FALLS; FIVE HURT, i -We know ti, mtetference with
" ' I travel and the discomfort and annoy-
Wonien anil Children Had tinne to unco 1(f lnp community which arc In
1'itrli for Mmt ! Celebration. j voiced In tearing up tho pavement of a
tlantii- City, N. .1., Miy 10 After
.toon school childrrn had pa-sod up lhe,!n!,, '''''''"&' and annoyance to a mln
steps lending to the second floor of the
baseball putk ut tho Inlet this after
noon the slalrs collapsed and five
women and children were painfully In
jured, One of the women, Mrs, Samuel
Fenton, Is In the City Hospital, suffer- i
Ing from Internal In lurles and possibly i
fine! in e of the skull; Miss, Georgia I
.Mason, Jllsn Helen ( lark, Mrs. Walter
Carrlgan and Mrs. Florence Clark,
mother of Helen, are the others Inlured,
Mrs. Clatk is In a serious condition at
her home. Klghteen pctwnns went down
In the collapse of the stairway,
The children, with parents nnd friends,
had gone to the park for the May d-iy
exercises of the public! schools. Thoso
who wet'o on the Malm at the tlm of
the collapse fell fifteen or twenty feet,
Men and women who were near bv ran
to their aid nnd helped them from tho
debris. Word was sent to the City Ho,
filial and all tho physicians available
at the Institution were hurried to the
Offer of Transfers ami Ktlinlnalliiii
of Loop I'rnpnaeil.
CiiK'Aiio, May Hi. Samuel Instill, rep-1
resen Ing l ie controlling Interests In 1
"" elevated roucK made an offer to-
.clay to the city to remove (he elevated I
I .op structure and lo lease a oltv built
downtown subway,
This removes tho last obstacle, which
p-evenis the city from remov.ng the
imp structure at once.
If Ihe eliy will build a proper sub-1
wnv, said Mr. Instill, "tho routes and
character of constitution to bo agreed 1
upon, ihe clcvat'd railways will agree I
to leas the subway during tho term I
r' Its present franchise, to give trans.
l':-rs and through routing-by use nf tha '
ubway." I
Ibavis - s capiok tries to me.
Pound I'lietiiisi'liMi ( lulelilllu MecUt
I'migrrit strnrrtrd II I in.
Piiii.AtiKi.piil. May Hi. Cttsmir Kno-
hoi, said lo bo the last survivor of the
i fourteen men who captured .lefreisou
At-!l)vls' wu" f"""'1 nnconsclous to-day
in ins iiome. where lie had attemptid lo
enu ins ine wun iiiinninatlllg gas.
Clutched tightly In his bund was the
gold medal Congress awarded him.
A ph.vslclali who Was called n-siiscl-tilled
Knobe! and lie was taken tn a
hospital, but It Is said that on account
of his age, fin yen i ii, he may not lecover
j Kucli year on May lo the veteran had
j celebrated the capture of the President
of the Confederacy. Ho Is on the Gov
eminent pension rolls, and up until "
'short time ago he had worked us a
mi-cliaulc, but he hud got to the point
, where he could earn little His poverty
prompted him to attempt suicide.
Knobel celebrated the capture of Jef
ferson Davis, as usual, last Saturday
as related In las; Sunday's Sp.v. On
those, occasions ho wolild dress In his
uniform of the flrand Army of tlm Ito.
public nnd with Ills Congress medal on
his breast he would entertain a few
temalnlng obi friends.
Marriage SM lloura After lllturce
Decree la SlKnrd.
I grade Lakes, Maine, ahe and M. Holman
would reside In Wntervllle, Me., where
Holman Is head of the Holman Audit
James XV. O. borne Will (la Before
Wealcheater II rand Jarr.
Albany. May 1. .lames V. Osborne
will he the special Deputy Attorney
General to go before the Westchester
Oran-1 Jury und Inaugurate a thorough
Inv estlgation of the condition of a (Talcs at
Sing Sing. Mr. Osborne confeired with
tJo. Sulzer and Attorney. General Car
lundy to-night.
District Attorney Francis A. Wins
low of Wesichester county had another
talk with fJov. Suiter to-day It wis
determined that the present CI rand .liny
should Investigate the eomlltlons u
Hlng Sing.
Guv. Sulfor s nt for the District At
torney after ho got a letter from War
den John S. Kennedy leci'iei'tlng much
an Investigation
"Warden Kennedy vvan'nl i Gran.)
Jury Investigation," said the Gov
ernor. "Well, he Is going to get one."
I I'rrahlliiaT .lualler limrahnm Ilia.
aenla ami Thinks II la.
Appellate Division of theSupiciue
Comt decided vesterduy that a paving
contractor nuut not work on Sunday,
even If lo-avy traftlc during the week on
the snoots to be paved makes It dlltt-
cult lo ibi the woik on a week clay.
The majority of the court uphold a flue
i of 15 against Michael II. l.vm-h, a con-
street, and any work that will reduce
I mum Is distinctly In the public Interest
and Is, I think, a work of necessity."
Inspector Faiirnt Slums Judge and
Jury Ills 4rt.
Inspector Faurot, from the Police
Identification llureaii, showed Judge
Craln and u Jury in General Sessions
Court yesterday how easily tluger prints
are Identified. He was a wt'-ies
against Pletrn Lagalutto and Giuseppe
MaHferle, charged with trying tn break
Intf) Hlmpson's pawnshop, 14 Bow
ery, on April 3,
The inspector was sent out of the
room while half a dozen men put their
thumbs on an Inked pad and regis
tered the Impression on paper. Then
euch man touched a different object,
pieces of glass, metal and paper.
The test for Faurot was to tell which
of tha men who had registered his
mark on the originul paper had touched
the otlter object.
He got each one right.
M T,11M.r, sell Their Outfit, aad
Hmv . .. .... .,,
"r Hler l Mined Onf.
Luv llodgere, a shad fisherman who
has been going over to F.dge water, X,
,!., from llarnegnt for tho pust thirty
five years nnd planting poles with net
for shad, says the Hudson Itlver Is
fished out. He sold his outfit yesterday
nnd said he would not plant any more
pole in the Hudson,
A score or more old time fishermen
'l" have been coming to this section
I'T yr have derld'd not tn come this
ycitr. Thrr ire no shad lift to be
can, 'it, they say.
MOB OF 10,000
Sli'ilic Iliot in Heart of Cin
Hiinnti Is Quickly
Brooklyn Biirbprs Win Thoir
Strike Kiot Xoar
I. V. W. l.iMiiler to Hrinj; I'nter
son Silk Weavers to tbe
A mob of 10,000 In sympathy with
the strike of Ihe street car company's
ein ploy eos fought the police In Cincin
nati yesterday find was repulsed quickly
after tnnny won- hurt. Twenty nrrets
wore nuule.
Illg Kill Haywood will bring n tnob
of striking I'Mtersoti silk worker" to
New York iiud put them In a show
to he given at I ho Hippodrome If plans
work out right. Tho police continued
to arresi pickets. There waa a fourth
attempt to wreck an Krle train.
A purudo, of 1( i.i KM) striking harlter
uttucked a truck driver who drove
across tbe Hue of inarch. Detectives
who mode arrests wort' bombarded nnd
drew their pistols.
The boss barbers In Hrooklyn Inst
night granted all tho ileinnnds of the
strikers and tho men will go hack to
work to-day. The union Is recognized
and the hours of labor are shortened.
Crimd Inflamed by- Imported Car
man 'a Attack nn Hoy.
Cincinnati, May 16. Ten thousind
persons fought the police at noon to-day
on Fountain Square In the heart of the
city. It was the first riot In the strike
of union street car men. Many rioters
were, hurt and twenty arrests weie
The police bad lo use force when a car
was surrounded by nn excited crowd of
men. who began to throw wndded paper,
sticks and other missile.
One of the strike breakers on the est
brandished a club at persons who were
lining the edge of the esplanade, waiting
for rho parade of ten thousand union
men that was expected tn pass at any
moment Charles Glbbs, l! years old,
was lilt on the head by a strike breaker
and fondle followed ipilcklv. The strike
breaker. Karl Wilson of Chicago, was
urrosted. Within fifteen minutes a great
crowd gathered. A shot was fired nnd
Charles Morgan, 17 years old, wns shot
in tlio cheek by a stray bullet.
The car wns tilled w-tth policemen nnd
strike breakers, the Intter carrying
clubs. Some one In the crowd seized the
tr.ibey rope and pulled down the trolley.
The motormaii took one look at the
crowd and hustled to the rear of the
car, where his companions were huddled
Curtains were quickly drawn. Sud
denly from the tbtong came wads of wet
paper. Thou followed sticks.
The few policemen threw themselves
against tho crowd, but were tossed aside.
The noise was beard by mounted police
men stationed elsewhere In the district
und ihey dashed to the cone.
iito patrols tilled with police soon
appeared. Then nn attack was made on
the mob, which sullenly gave way No
attempt wns made by the police to strike
persons on the head. The order was to
hit the shoulders. A riot call was sent
to headquarter nnd In a few minutes
several hundred more policemen were nn
the scene and order was restored.
Following out their order to Increase
the street car service each day the Irae.
tlon company began operating thirty
seven cut a In all on rour lines to-day,
Tho service was continued all day, No
cars are being operated to-night.
Labor union men, sympathisers, strlk.
Ing car men and unorganized citizens,
women nnd morf'nllke, Joined In Ihe pa
rade this afternoon. A mass meeting
was held at I ted land Field. Tho demon
strutlon was an expression of the ap
proval or the fight of the traction com
pany's employees for higher wages, bet
ter hours und union recognition, Th
strikers themselves, 2,000 strong, In uni
form, led the parade.
Factories closed down to give their
employees a chance tn take part In the
parade. At Hedlund Field speeches were
delivered by prominent labor leaders uf
the city.
While the rioting and parade took
place Mayor Hunt wu reeking a way
to bring about u settlement of the strike.
He sent a communication to President
Malum of the International Amalgama
tion of Street Car Men In which he
asked for a written definition of the
term, "recognition of the union." Ma
tron replied, but thy correspondence was
nut made public.
State Arbitrator Hulllvnn conferred
with President Hchoepf of the traction
company for half an hour and said that
he felt encouraged.
Haynnod I'lana tn flhiin PaleraoB
Hemes at Hippodrome.
Patkrson, May IB. Big Bill Haywood
will take a mob nf striking silk work
ers and their families to New York tn
axhlhlt them In a play at the Hippo,
drome If that theatre can be hired.
It will he called "The Paterson
Strike" and Big Bill Haywood, the ataf
manager, will appear la tha Ittdlag

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