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THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1913.
;i prnoiiiiinitiniis to Tnkn
"irf in thf Fimornl
Home in rrovicirtu c, i: M,,. ,,P 0
-- ' Vork on "I liur-ilay to undergo an npet-
,,,.,,,,, .!'""" M" rHtir Ii .tirxixcl I.y sou.
M r.JlOIMA I,N Linton, of Prnitloncc, iiimI' Hire ilmicli-
,ter, Dorothy, Harriet ami Mi- Marlon
I Hawksworlh
Will'.iHi of Albany" Noted for!
iMTiistii find Rrrarttli
of 'I hnnsrht.
'exenlnc. acid :.T xouis. Up whs born lit
oId New- York clt.x. lie xxas up cngrax or
ll.shop W.ll.am Cro- " '' Nine "f li!" appointment to the
-f Albany who died 8t the? Klr t'rpnrtment. xvhero hp sorxed for
Motet ea-Iv Ve terri'V w-iex ,tt,,'.V'sexen cnrs. lie Ik survived by
.mix eterdix afternoon. , Uvingtton
p.iii.pa ny n:n crannaaugn
M if Murray and Mrs. M. O.
, c '.til heen set then for the
. - .cr .. whleli will he held !n
j. -- iMtliertr.it. hut It t known
b .-l.x xx:!i le hurled In tli?
,i i loicle ili.it of hl wife,
n : Hie uoild Knew the
I? v: am MhinV who ' ''"Mom Home .-inil live x ...ir- Inter went
. . vJ? t.' f;0;""" h,i..,ex Here I ol l.Uin,.y erx e.1
I ii ' ip AtlBtlonn Calholl
nor n ihnvel hat. silter..
r '--r,-he .ipd nn npron. They liked
'lepencieiK-e of thought and lu.i
n, nirriTnlnne belief In the docnn ot
t . -ti They hae many ."lories to
. f
l.'l 'a.
'M: .i 1 e a. m matter eecle
he xmis not narrow for on hi
1 i .rtl'd.iy at Albany all the
,w.r ' "f 'lany. 'uthollc a xxell ,i
"vffaii' ' cent, le and Jew, Joined In to
xpr ',-m thtlr appreciation of
r tn ". xi vk he had performed ?inre
fA nsr'.imtd the bishopric in l'el.
Mr :w.
Vl-ar.y to-dy I? filled with mniorlal.
ef x'r work of which the Cathedral
cf A Haln' I- the most nota
t, It" 'nre xed the Idea of It on
A, Sam'c Pv n laid the corner-
:is 'i 15-l xxhrn th whole c'.tv
?r f rfd in i and pusneri t.ie xx-orit
'i fciplf'M after years of hard xxorl;.
T'".T. too there . .t Asnf '. Sciool
;c- G.-.f ill Albany, the Ohllrlf' IIoj
?:X. ' Mrcaret's Home, the Church
Hv.'.e Tf x-. the Orphan House of
'l-.' II' !a' . "ir at Cooperstovx n. th
? c' -r.ft a". Home at !?aratosa. the
Cv,rJ opher Home In Ka?t I.lne,
hs-v heme. and hulWincs In ex'fry
rar: ef '-'s rf:ocese. xx hlch contained
" sn.ire mile.
T:. exarnp.'" of the indcper.denre of
L.rJFr." of William. Albany" a. he
h n'lrtf after fllr. l-'nrllah nnt.
a- man'- He believed m th" res-..atl-n
: -.e ' iiior traffic rathfr thin
. i-'tjipfe it-preslon. for Itistanee.
H ' :'.ar' l 't he did not oppew
-.a! Sur.iii' ren.ne. berause It dIJ
.' x.'! cteatrr evil of nypo'"-
.1 1..l.-r H was unal-
;r3H y epp.ud in x"r.nn ."tiffr.iRe.
. "a' x' a !"'" b x In contro
ls. m xvlth be p ener" of the ca'ue
- Dvere'i BUke and ae- lnt
i -e rio nc dix- of I'll be expret'ect
ep.ni'-n if CJen. Rosalie .lone? and
.- i,,r ,,n .)e jpjia; The.
' ' i- utfpoken aciiru-t divorce
1 xxhatS'Oex or and bad
.- the mtvt fxcre rritleim
t '- -' r'ir.herr of hi. own t'b.urh
- -a1 Lr-ed that the innocent party
m r"t "rr." v
H hi -.s'runiental in havsns the
t. av ied In the State As
i.a'.fr fet he xx-af alxvays keenly
.r.f -i - ' clMatlnn and he war ac.
"''.ti -.-,f.a' pr.vllr?',..
V" -art ,a.. h masniflcent short
' .;' r.anl do?, xxas his constant
"x-i.i. ar.d there Is a strict rule
r.o e.-r bt lloxxed in the Caplto!.
r a wa ? xxcr.t vith hi" master and
wij r.o nfren-iTit that the familiar
'r.- ' -e sf)are. .".lpuldered. heavy,
t ' i fa d prtiate could be seen lean
r.c t ' ra.l ct the Assembly Cham-
wh e C' r.y '.av comfortably
"T'.-ec3 out 'n front e' a nearby open
? r -.'p r oii!ipnin In poll
!!"? s ..1 r er.x'.i'n? else. He was an
jr.''..' tro and condemned th hotheads
whi f.onie .p at the first len of frlc-'-i
, -,wtn o.intrle? Once he ad
"..rei T..eodor Reoieyelt; later In Ufa
" i4-ri;raUin was not so pronounced.
.ked oasl-inallv to tell stories
' "-.mself. rvna Was about his call on
a p r-rai pa'n'e; ho happened not
i - t r-.r IIU serx-ant was nn
Hx' ar.vb'vl-. ra;ted?" asked the
'- - - b w re i-n.
? 'a? xxan cintleman." The
a 'Sir.' rix-o his name.
v. -,t , i b ri HV:e?" was the
"X" , .rj: .-
' nr- " ".W He was bis and
r.-a-c Hi,, hat was tied with
' nsf ar. I he hail a couple of
t t pia hp wa.4 ht of a
II' - -
'T'f -
d a!o te',1 of attendlnc a
,, s'lj'i'iy irreverent crcv-
iy fit r'.o'-n the nihop
"T preruni" they will have
'"-i't ialk shop," x-a the,
' a Verarx' side as xxel! as
" '' 1 ' o I be fliohop He w.k the
' e .nv bonks and he sot n de-t-'"
' (.i, t r of laxvs from Cambrldce,
'""sa-.d IN -.xas n profound student
' - . -i' epn; affa'r- and tor xears
"1 a- i-'a'o Recent He wis aim
' i' f inn i man, an nrdent rlt ial l,
v Hs r, it impel him to artvocats
'x --i dependi-nre on formal thlncs.
'e i r nof ro intenance ptravncar.ces
- n not Sfletly m nrranted bv
e homo of t'.ie Oishop at Albanv
s i 1S i,ttb.- e tastes. Over the
''"a there l rBrved in nld TCnflrllih
--V ' H!hop-) House." and hla doors
""o aixvas open Ho was fond of the
1 -Mx of men, fonder of the society
' us f.imdv. and every little child
v 'xx' '--ni and rei-eived his prreetlns as
- x' iiked alone the street.
T a f-iperal at Albanv undoubtedly
, ' erx larcelx' attendvl.
riiendnre n. Willis.
-h,oit"-e i Willis, for mny vears
'' nlneiit m political r.nd official life In
old ci'y of Brooklyn r.nd r?ax-sl Officer
" 'h Port of New York under President
' trtfon. died suddenly on Friday ut
Lexx 30tj af nervo,1B t-oiihle, In his fifty,
'enth ear In early llfo he beeamo ac-
Ii republican politics In the First
rd. and wnen he xx-as SI yesrs old ha
xis e'.eetfd flupervlsof. In JST h WSi
ralrman of the Republican rampnlfn
""nmltte and In the folloxvlnc yr w
made Naval Officer by President HarrU
J"n and defeated Jacob Worth In a fiht
.r the Republican county leadership. Ho
bmnilseloner of City Works under
Ulster ills father, Joseph p
i un-. n one or tin- nicii-.it h.mlHaru
ciraU - rn In HrooklMi
Mrs. Marlcin llverett Burling.
Mrs Marlon l.verett Marling, xticIoxv of
llenrv s. Undine, n New x, ot k hanker
who tiled ten j iiik him, ,,, yo-.tercia v Ht
tli Woman's lln.pitHl She n hoi ii in
Nevx ntk In is.', mihI was the daughter
of Harriet snil SiI.m Hendricks I'.xrretl
l or the li few jcar -lie hail made her
.Inlni .1. I.lt llRtlll.
.lollli .1 Livingston, h retired ciininin
of tlif New York Fire I lepiirttnpiit. died of
npoplexx at hi home In Wiuburtoti ami
Hell nveuurs. Ray Mdo. I, I,, on Fiidav
Col. Hart-lion W. Ilnaules.
Boston', May IT - f cable mo-sage from
Madrid announced die death lat night
of C ol Harrison Vx llugtilex, ivi yearn old,
of this city I o! Hiiguley went shroud
wlih hi wife Ntid planned to co to south
America alter a lour of mm hern l.tirone
In IT.I he become deputy collector In the
on (tie niilltarx k)h!1 ol (m llmiei
llelirx I : r l .
llei'ix Hi ust. xx hti xvas knotxn as Harry
I'll not for tbli tv-tlve ,ear on the vaude
ville itiiKe anil x.is ii.iitmiier of the
iju.ikor Citx (Juartet. died rn Thursdax
at bis bouie Ax erne Ji, Utookl'ti
In ht llftx -mpoivI .xear. He xas formcrl.x
connected with Dookitudei's Minstrels. He
xxas a ineinber of the Actors Kund Ills
xx iff. xx ho xx a Jrrelo Stanton, survives
hi m
I'rof. Arnold A. I. Znlll.
Hostov. M.iy ir I'rof Arnold A r
Zullls. b; yertr old.Cof W.uertoxxn. died
veterdu He v.u born in ,sii Uerland
He for many vears tticht lsneiusei.
-pe-Miiinc in i rencu ami (iernmn. He
tausht in Princeton, iireenxillr. m ,
hert Summer Si hool. Iloboken Academy
i-nxrencevlllo Aciclep-x . Nor I lux extern Mill
tarp Xiidemj- and al'-rion Hi:h i hool
W 1 1 1 In tn r. .Ini-Usiin.
Wiihani V Ja.-k.-on. son of ti-.e lat
r. Wolcutt Jiton. former sunerlnietn-lmt
of the t'f nn-ylv.inia Railroad. dl"d eter
day of heirt failure In a nore In Mirket
strert. Newark, to xx hlch he was assbted
alter rem; Mrlcxi-n on th- strfrt. I It
was 47 eais old.
AnclrexT Inti-r.
rsufo.s. N ,1.. m.,j it Andrc-x
Slater, a jetired fanner !o xears old, Is
d.id of ea.'icsr at the home' of hl son.
i-alxin Slater. H xxas boin In Mount
Lebanon and 1.x 'd ad his life In that
xt'inlt.x He leaves five fons a-d throe
oniiiiitlre Inkrs S-aliirrlpllnna for
I'nlnn ( ollrgr Diilldlnc.
A btiildlnc i to be erented on the rair.pu
it I'nlon Colleie. Sehei.e. tidv iHlled the
John DUeloxx Memorial Hall, In memory
of the late John Iltirelo-' xi ho xxi aradimted
ironi I :,iO,, ! it--. It be dexoid iVi
bitorv po'. tt -id '.ierpti:re the -t-j.i.p
t'ut John 1'irel- -,xe-! n -1 , ifte r
hiii ir poll' i -il - in xi i,! ' e i-ti lx.hu I
ir - pri- t i. Ix-t XT - .l'-tl bx h - r
t-.tee of lriPiid "Id li-lt. ire-s nl the l.i,
lnatl of lette..t t,, i-,r,,e to l,o
ral'e-1 entire!' lo .-it-i u t,-.- Hie . oi.i
r"ittee c,iints of ,io.eph II c hoate, i hrnr
"ihii ( harle. K lliiehe., IVri-in' Mor
cin, Henrx l-irfeld n-hon; c,eort
Plm.fit ri. Ulplider Soil I'ntier iaire.x
CartiPtrie Kliliu Coot Jolvi I i ,-.ii .x -,i ,rfr
.Irn'jh I". f!sr.s-lpll hirle- Meriniler
flirlimond ri.xx id ciarrison I'.Ird treas
urer, and ;vrio ) Hex ti le- f,. retai
TI.e treasurer's o.T,, e ( at ;m e-e- .treei
The ron-.M'lttee is 'ir.Nl'-Us thut tie e-j-.
orlal sf.nll b the c 't ot thoe vxhn h-ue
eome to lox John Kiaeloi tKeinii.- throi.en
h. xxorl: It 1 nr.it "-xeii t i-lie tip
p.pxx Imlldinc on the m.n:i ax- i ,p ol tie
t-a lllpit lieur Ire Picxre l' fli-n-p, te ,
Tii lis et In the l.alril'i s,.n,,,h
Hume, Dcinf eriiiUni- Xlilip',
The Tiffany Studios have put on xiexv
a stained Klass wlndoxv xvht-h thev rp.
c-entlv finished for Andrexx Carpesle.
xxciH-ii I i" op iHMi-p.i hi i 'unic-rin me
Abbey, the Inlrd's Scottish residence
It Is a fill, narioxv par.el of a 'mil
scape subject, xxithoilt ll'Otto or lecetnl
Tall, ruceed pliin tiees rl.ie from a tanxln
of follace, and !ti the dli tiim e nthx n
hills and a shimmerlnc river In the xaliev
are seep Amid the fnrcKlound foil-cue
are man.v floxvers. chleftv ro.es. The sU'
that shoxx-s between tin- pine trees has
the suns.-t toloi Tie xxlioie xxnuloxv
sparkles In Irld'-s. ent harnvitiies
The xxlndoxv xxi'l be set in a sta'rxxax
landlnc '11 the abhev. and tm doubt xx-ll
often serxe to remind the l.ilrd of Amerle.i
during his vacations, for the atmephele
and lOlor effects are dlslitirtlv those to b
seen here, The window xxlll retPHln on
view- this xx cek
Th' VsEmtil Is llqnlpiiert to Pjnre
llrre nncl hronil,
Hlitsinl, I! I . Mnv IT Harold lander
bill's hstid.'ime nexx- ratine and c ruisinc
schooner, tli" Vagrant, xnis Inniii lied llus
morning from the Heire.liofl shop.
The xatlll in t onslrucled of steel and is
cliflerent from n other pleasuie vnehl
built lii-rc It I. clouhle rlvelied and iilatcd
wltli ln-axy metal and rates u ,M l.locl
Heslener Nut llerrchofl siipei intenileil
the launching, willed was witnessed by
Mr Vandcrhllt, the owner, and a parlv of
friends, xvho ctime here on a special Irani
Irnm S'ew- York I hex- were Mr. and Mis
Oliver Iselln. .Ir . J H Hollands, M. Ulsg.
don. A. Johnson and F S. Von Made. Mrs
Ieelln crhateened the yacht. WPI
Tbe Vncrrnnr has n hnndsnme hull and
is fitted fully In the main csbln. JHhe is
ecjlpped with a submarine slxnal system,
a cold storage plant and ",3S0 square feet
of sail, Including a square sail on the fore-1
mast. She will race In D class New York I
S'ao h Club, and xx-ili go abroad in J71y to
race, ,8he is (OS feet over all, K feet on
water line, 23 fet beam and is feet drauehl i
Miss Pcrot'a Wedding.
Miss Sarah Lee Perot, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Edward S. Terot, will he. married
to n. Lawrence Oakley, son of Mrs. rtalph
Oakley of 344 Wost Seventy. second street,
at tha home of her r&rtma. The Oaks,
North Broadway, Vonkers, on Saturday
aftornoon, June 7,
Mrs. Edward H. Perol, Jr nf Yonkers
will be matron nf honor. Mist Edith
Heed of Great ilarrlncton, Muas., will be
maid nf honor and Miss I.uoy Kay of
Pittsburg, Mls Flora MeAlpin of Nexv
YntK, Mlta Auvuita (leer of llnoilck Falls
and Miss Anna nnglish nf New Hnven
will he bridesmaids, Mr, Oakley will have
Edward H. rerot, Jr., of Yonkers, N, V
as best man, Tha ushers will be Edwurd
M. nadway, Mark W, Maotay, Wilder
CJutterson and Charles C, Lawrence nf
New Turk, Men-Ill N, nates of Auburn
and Jams W, Howard .of Yonkers.
Tableaux Given by Mount Holyoke Students
ll-.xoKr. Mae. Mo IT The annua.
Max day c U hi at mil at Mount Holxoke
Collese t-.-k pla to-diy In tho oeti air
xuditnilum at th foot of I'rOfpoct Hill
The pace mi ). o,luii-d nt tin- (lehratloti
of the sevonty-tlfth annlverrary of ihx
collese last autumn xxa repeated.
The Max- tjucen. Miss l'loience Turt.
13, of Holyoke, eiitiri-il on a xxblte horse
accompanied by ttubln Hood and a croup
The Late Bishop Doanc
ssMbaHBflHIH' lBM
'U' vHBHHlBttxa : t. LH
The XI lues Wilson rc Dinner
ini-sii nl I Ih-x.v hnse Inli,
U'asiiim.tov. Max- IT -The Misses
Wilson xicim the uueslN of honor of Miss
Maitland Marshnll. clamthter of Itrlc.
fien, V I, Marshall, retlied. at illnner
this exeuliiK at tin- f'hexy ("hnse I'luli.
The Secietaiy of State an, I Mrs, llrxan
xvere the ginsta ot honor nt dinner this ',,r 'leiih Hi" iirincipal goes to lour c-lii -eienlnir
of thn Italian XnibaKsiidnr 'Hen, l.entinril , Alfred h nnd I.dwln J
"MKWkpiW clJu'ihteV-eVtVtV.f'lha,;
Bherldan entertained at tea this after- hchi he divided among txxelxn cluirltable
noon In honor of Mrs. Sheridan's son and ' Inst tuition
daudhter-ln-laxv, I. lent, and Mrs. Philip 11.
Sheridan, whaso marrlaue took place re-
r.ntiv in Honolulu. Thev are -ov on
,!",V,.Vav to Arizona to I.l'eut Sheridan's
elr wf tn Arl1" ''1Pl"' 8I""
ne post.
Mrs. C. C, Jiarsn ana ncr sitter, aire,
Harold I. Sewell, daughters of Mrs, Rvans
and the latP Admiral Evans, were
hostesses at tea this afternoon at their
reslo.nce on Indiana avenue.
In Nerr York To-day.
v.- v-.ii an n xenii.ii re.in f.n '? J"r sons, Walter II and Irv ng Blumen
ew ork School of Arpl "d neslgn Ml th il, and to her daughters. Illanehe Dreyfus
omen, exhibition, 10 I.exlniton avenue, r.nd Hay Oreenburg, and gave them the
in A. M to fi P, M,
Ht. Catherine Welfiun Association, meet
ing, All Saints' Church, 1 39th strest and
Madison svenue, a P. M,
New York Peaco Hoclely, nddresa by
Halph Norman Angell Lare nn "The Oreat
Illusion," Nrnmlwuy Tabernuele, Brnsd
way and Fifty-sixth street, 8 p, M,
XVeet Hide Y, M. C. A., lecture by tha
rtnv, H, Parkss Cadman nn "John Henry
Newman," 4 P, M.
Federation Hettlemenl, dedli-allon nf Ita
new hoiisej Zit Kast 105th street, I P, M,
if mcirx i -nipamun- DnmoiintlnK from
her hots'- tin- Max x.'ii"- n an-mdid t"
her thron-, xi In re xx.tli In r attendants
hp revlexxeil th pau- aiil
Tin- inltisti-t N ' I ihe t-sual proces
sion. r--'--t'tlm; tiw lib-tal atti and
sciences, followed b tin mister of c-ete-innlil'-s
and thi et.t te I'toi-e.sinn of eluh-t'-eti
tlepartiiiints i1i"tdd Into nnln
cioiipi llai h croup xxas tui:iouiu-rd by
herald III costumes of dlffrtrnl periods,
A Kit II x M I mi v. xxlio was lir.nl of Ihe
loliaiio leaf firm of t'olin A Co of HI
Wale! si red ami who died on ugiist :m,
lull. left nn c-.lnli. ol ftiui.inK. His t lit c-rc-1
in Ills (Inn xxii. appral-pil at s;.1.oiia, but
there xxas no ta cm the goodwill beiiiuse
It xxent in i n .iin-lxlng paiiiii-rs under
tbe III 111 act I'l-lilelil I lie deci ilelit gnxe
us xxiio. Minute I. I cilin. n lile inler.t In
the residuary estate of tTi'Ti.n I poll
' Cimm.i: F Drrrv left a life Interest In
t Mo.orn to his brother, Hugh A Puffy and
unx-e i,aiiii to st Vincent' llon'llal.
-V'IE l K0 Wali,, who died on May .1,
said In her will 1 oVder and decree that
my. body be cremated nnd mv ashes he
scattered over the water of the East Hlver "
; iti nv.rcA Sormr. lln'MrNTitAi.. xvho died
on April a, left J.'.oo em-h to the Hebrew
(Irphan Asylum, the Mount Sinai Hospital,
( rew Sheltering .Hsr
land directed that Jtyioo be paid to the
. Monteflore Home, she left sin nan rh
residuary estate,
I.aat Yenr Hurt FeiTor rases and
Fewer Uralhs Than till I,
Tho Health Dspiittment finds that In
JB12 ths number of cimcs nf typhoid fever
was leas than In 1911, There were i,n;il
eases, with 40!) deaths, us against t,4fn
oases and.Stti deaths during tha preceding
15 -pTHMUt'irlg- Tvl il'cm'
ai.-l i a.li clixp.ii tniei t xa uMietrd n by
.-olorln-arer mid txxo paees beailm: the
banner of that department. After the
pane.int all murrh'd to the South campuf.
It xxas eslimatid that there xxete 4,500
persons pre sent to xlexx- the paeeant..
Shakespear' 's "As You I.Ike It" xxas pro
duced In the open air theatre, althnush It
xvas fearexl at first It would haxe to be put
on Inside bex-aus- of the threatenlns
Nenrlj r,er lnllnue lln neen
l.t'iisecl nl Hie I'nrk,
Ti i.-o ':h Max t T --N'e.n Ix eerv
ottage has he,-i eae, at Tuveilo, and
,1'ir park xxill b cav until the first of
J-clx Week end dinner dances haxe ben
a tuner. 1 bx- the Tuxedo i'luli entertain
't citninlttc-e f.,r rxerx Satu-d,.v nlsht
'''I e, wlt;i iec.-pti.ini, the limse shoix-,
and .'intiual Inxltatlo'i golf mate-hex, which
' " on Max will krfp vss'tois busy
The Ibiundalniut Ilinnei i'luli bis ar
laiiged a .".-r!r of .Vn-iers for the season
Th. ti-st . t-e was iiel.l In ihe hnme of
Amos Tu.-I Tien.-h to-night The liub
coi-ints ef txxeptx nieinbrs
Xr and Mn Stuvx ps-mt mint arrived
to-dax ct the Hnl: cottase. which they
haxe taken for the season Mr. and Mr.
lieorge II Hall and Miss 1 re at the
rltib for a brief tax Mr and Mis Hod
,11 an Wanamaket of I'blladelphia are stay.
t the i lubboiise for a fnitnlcht
'harles I? Sampson ami Miss Sampson
of n.i'ton haxe ni.ni-.l into the James
llro-xii Poller cottiice
cither i-ottiig. nntxnls t'i. -xeek were
M and Ml? l.tulax Hu-seii ,, tr
1'lltott i.-tt.-iKe. Mr .in,) .rs non M
Hi' tid In the nins'ii.ite c-ottiige, Mrs. John
'M' turn In the 1'oitei i-olt.cce, Mr .mil
Mis. Ildwaid M V. ed in the Price c'rlller
house, Mi and Mis (larraid c'omly of
Si Louis In the Incall cottage and XV. M
Itodewnld In hl cottage on Continental
I I oa.I
Mr and Mis J. Ixnned Todil spent
,the xxeek end at the club. Tbex are motor
Ine through the K.nt Mr. nd Mrs.
Irorsxth Wlrkes xxlll open their villa
'about the tlrst of June. They ate nt the
'club frr a fexx xxeeks.
I Alfred H. I.oomli entertained members
of the Vale class of !n? at lutirlieon to
dav at the Tim-do t'lub There were
jtwentx.flx" present, Including M. I- W
'Mmitiv Ji . W Howard Tafl, Howard
I Pax Is, Wilder Ilellamv. Frank nimstead,
, Samuel Kenton, Leonard Kenneily, liohcrt
Mallory, Hobert llayxvaid. Maurice I'ong-
ilmi. ThoniHS Lasiiiinii, James (Incut, Mid
brim Hlodgett and Sidney Mi-i'nH,
The Itev and Mis, Ibheit S. V Wood
entertained at dinner at the club to-night
nnd Mr mid Mis Ketnclni WliHoxv had
a paitx of fifteen Ulliers who had par
ties before Hie cl nice xveie Mr and Mrs.
Fnrextb NMekes. Mr and Mrs. Joseph
Tiickeininn Tower. Mr and Mi. Fieclerlr
rnstei. Mr. and Mis w, I,, ilreeni. and
Mr and Mrs Slum I Hiinc-aii
Mr ami Mrs l.exvls M. cigrlen, wn
opened their cottage last week, enter
mined Mine Lni-omlcsse -; llerrynrsy of
Huugat.x ninl r.cpl. A. II. Hnstrou of
l-lnglalid oxer the xxeek end nt their hotne.
Other nnlxnls were Mrs. F, tl Kendall,
Mrs. l-'iank II. Pl.ltl, ieoige XVallace 'nr
sth, Mr, and Mrs. iMwnrd J Hanc-y. Mr
nnd Mis Ornie Wilson. Jr., Miss I'nrletnn,
Miss (iraxes, Hufus (Jrnves and Hie Ml sses
Mrs. fharles II roster opened her villa,
to. day for the season and the Rev and
Mrs, llerheit Shlpmaii aie In the llraclley
Member of Yale Fncnlty riets they
nnoserelt Professorship,
Henry W. Farnam, professor of eco
nomics at Yale, was appointed yesterday
Roosevelt professor In the I'nlx'erslty of
Berlin for tho year 1914,
Prof, Farnam was born at New Hax'en,
Conn., In 18S3 and was graudated from
Yalo In 1871. He pursued graduate
t-tudles, first at Yale and then st the
universities of Berlin, Ooettlngen and
Btrashurg, receiving at the last named
the degree of It, P. 1). iRsrum Pollttearum
Doctnr) In 17. On returning to America
he beam a tutor at Yale Unlx'erslty nnd
In 1110 was promoted to the professorship
of political economy. Hp Is one of the
editors of the J'fllr Hivirw and Is editor
nf the KentiBHilo JVet'feici. He has been
president nf the Amorlean Association for
jjnbnr Legislation and president nf the
American ICconomlo Assoctatlan. He has
been ohalrnian of the collaborators in
economies at thn Carnegie Institution ut
Washington since lift.
'l.mu'lH'on" nt Ulnuvolt Vrovo-s
to Bp rincnpplp nml
Np.vt AVppU Thpy Will ,Tnko
Lunch Roxps on Votp fof
Woiiipm JfniTli.
The Votes for Women Walkmc I'luli
nearly starved to death In the fertile t
fields surrounding, yack ycsterciay
Tlicir lunch boxes. Iincl lioen left nt liotne.
for iher bad a formal invitation to
luncheon from tho Political Ktitialtty j
Asaooiation of ninuvclt
Tin1 luncheon xvas so much on t'ol.
Craft' mind that she wouldn't allow
them to ro to n travollitiK cifcus which
was pltchins its tonta on n v.icant loi,
thouph tho proprietor recognized Mrs
HoldtV macitlnaxv jncltet nnd oftcreil
them tho hctxt ieats Hi wifo rnme out
to look nt the Votcn for Women banners,
she- baid she would make some for th"
trick riders to carry inttv.d of the flafis
of all nations, xvhicli xvore not o up tod.it"
Hiking must lie somclhinK like circus
life, thev said - lots f crowd, to bed nt
'.' A l , nnd up'ac-im nt .'
Vol I'rnft xx.m recrotful hut firm Siv
would like to np the tvrfortnanre, but1
they must nut keep their hostesses wnit-
inc. So t!n column moved on xxitli i
Alphotiso Major in Hip lead c-nrryins n I
nexv banner that ho had made himsslf. .
It had "Vote for Women " on the yellow
side and an American flag in the Kack to
cover tip the paste t-pots.
It was 1 o'clock and raining before the
pilgrims reached the railresid etnticn
where Miss Amelia Cameron xvas wait
ins for them. She made no sugcestions
as to lunchpon, Imt die xxent out and dis
ixersed some box- xvho xxere writing
"Down with the Suffragettes" on the side
walk. Finally a mes-enger arrixed xxith
xvord that if Ihe suffragettes would xvalk
a little further they xvould h" cenveyrd
to the lunclipon by automobile This
sounded so much ton good to be true
that they stopped in a grocery tore and
bought some crnckon.
Threo miles further along the road
they sat cloxvn in the mud to eat them,
anci the automobile bearing their hostess
arrived She us.ured them that just a
littlo further, at her home, they should
be refreshed
So thev plodded along in the rain to
Blaiix-elt. hungrier than thev hart ever
boon on the rond to Washington But
at last the hallway of thoir hostess re
ceived their umbrellas and from behind
closed doors sounded the tinkle of cmna
Kirs xxere strained and conx'er.-sition
languished, hut nt last the doors xvere
thrown upon and txxo tray appeared.
One contained glasses c.f lemonade and
the other dishes with single slices of
pineapple. The luncheon did not make
a hit
After the dishes had been scTried and
the glasses drained Tol Craft made .
suffrage speech in n xxoak voice Wanly
the pilgrim gathered up their umbrellas
and started for Pearl Ilixer nnd food
Slowjv the miles xx-ere traversed and
at length a railroad station appeared
There wne no river, no pearls and nothing
nt nil to eat But eventually there xv.-iis
a train
"Ton-thirty next Saturday, girl',"
directed Col' Craft as they rose from a
devastated toMaurant table "And, re
member, everybody bring a lunch box!"
Notes of the Soclnl World.
Mt and Mrs John P dilford have
chanced their plans tor the nnuiier and
xxith their dauchtors xxill sail on the
Olympic on Saturday to spend the sum
mer In Plnard. France, where they haxe
taken a xllla Miss I.entllhon dilford xx lll
be introduced to society next xx inter In
New York
Tho xxeddliiE of Miss Harriet lUrroxxs,
sister of Ira Harrows, to Hugh Rankin
of , Itrookllne. Mas, xxlll take place In
this c-lt.x late this month
Mr and Mrs, l-Mw-ercl S. Ilarkness hax.
left the St Resls for their countrx place
In Nexv London, Conn
Miss Dorothv S Whipple, dauchter of
Mr and Mrs. N Ps.na Whipple of Flush
Ine, xxlll be married to Arthur II Hate-ine.ic-i-
of this city In the church of the
He.ixeiily Rest on the ,-if'ertioon of June
There xxlll be no reception.
fir Francke Hosxx-oith and his daugh
ter. Miss Douglas Uosxvorth. have gone
to Hast Hampton, L. I, for the rummer.
Mr. and Mrs James A. Blair have left
the Plaza for Ontare, their country place
at Oyster Hay. L 1
c!en Howard Carroll gave a luncheon
at pelmonicn's yesterday Afterxvard his
guests saxv the parade on Fifth ax-etiue
Mr and Mrs. Robert Ludlow Fowler
have taken a house In Mnrrlstoxvn. N J.,
for the summer, where they xxill be nfier
June 5. The wedding nf Miss Elizabeth
B, t Fouler, whose i-ilRaeeineiit una an
nounced lecently to Paxx-sou Coleman
mover, will take place In the autumn
Fletcher Harper, xvhose Injurlei re.
suiting from n fall from his horse have
kppt h I in In Roosevelt Hospital for sex
eral xx-eeks, left there yesterday mid went
to hs country place In Mlllbrook, N Y
The engagement of Mr Harper and Mls
Harriet T Wadsxvorth. daughter of Mi
ami Mrs James W Wndsworth of cleneseo.
N Y, xvas recently announced No date
has been tUod for the xx-eddlng
The wedding of Miss cilndys Coates,
daughter of Mrs. Isabel II Coites, to
Cla.xton Hamilton of this cltx xll take
place on Saturday afternoon nt I o'clock
at the hpiue of lu-r mother, 300 West
I'laht.x -tlfth street None but relatives
ami ii few friends have been Invited
Miss Agnes Kelley. daughter of Mr and
Mrs. Augustus W Kelley, xxlll be married
to Frederick Meeder of tills city in St
Mntthew's ..urch on the afternoon of
Juno .1, The ceremony will be followed
bv a reception at the home of the bride,
30 West Eighty-eighth street
The xveddlng of Miss Grace R Patter
son, a daughter of the late Thomas J.
Patterson of Brooklyn, to Charles J, Mc
Kenna of this city xxlll take place In thp
Church of the Blessed Sacrament, this
city, on June 11 at 4i3n o'clock. Tho
coremony will be performed by the Rex
Father Grace of Niagara Unlx-erslty and
will be followed by a reception at the
Hotel Marie Antoinette,
Mr. nanler's Bnchelor Dinner,
Jack Adlncourt Rani r. who will marry
Mies Amy Livingston Burrlll, daughter
nf Mrs. Charles Drayton Burrlll, In St.
Bartholomew's Church on Tuesday, gave
his farewell bachelor dinner last night at
Delmonleo's. His guests were John T.
Ranler, John Sxvnn, Jerome Alexandre,
R. Crnlg Van Deventer, Thomas White,
Allan Brown, George Qulntard, J, Malcolm
Clark, P, Oeddes Grant. Qeorge Mitchell.
Paul N. Llnrtenberger, F.. J. Woods and
John M. Burrlll.
Temperature- In Atlantic City,
Atxantui Citt, May 17. The. tempera
tuie was f3 nt noon here to-day,
Public Exhibitions and Sates
st the
Anderson Galleries
Madison Axrnur si fortieth !t
Autographs, Documents, Brcnd
sides, Prints, Newspapers, and
Medals from the Collection of n
Merchant of Old New York. To he
se-IJ on the nftcrnoont ond evenings
of Thursday and FridtiVi May 22-2 j.
On Public Uxhibltlc-n from May 17.
Autograph and Manuscripts
from private collections, including a
remarkable letter from Morthn
Washington, twelve extraordinary
letters by Mrs. Lincoln regarding
her llnanclol necessities nftcr the
death cf the President! letters by
Olliecrs of the Revolution; auto
draphs of Bnijlish nnd American
Authors. To be sold Monday after
no.sn, May 26.
Lustre. Lacquer, China, Class,
Brasses, Jewel Boxct, and other
Objects el Art, xiith rurc Amcriean
Enfiravinils, embracing e irly New
York, Rhode Island, nnd Niagara
Views, consigned mainly from o
Newport Collection. Now en public
exhibition. To be sold without re
strictions en the afternoon nnd cxc
nine ef Wednesday, May 28,
Eihibiliem MorninfS anil Aflsrnaoni.
Silei srs held it 2:30 and 8:15 s'ckKk.
Cattlefuei mailed trs an ipslicstisa.
M'M 141. AMlt l I MI'.M.
Ihe Srasnn of initl-IOI.'l Is cirixx.
me rspi-ilx to a rlor. ( nnnlannenls
of I'.ilnllns. Olijerls of Art. sncl
I ttersrx l-roperl.x sre nox hetng re
cetteil for ssle neit seston. I'or-rc-pcindenre
xstih owners auu rteru
lors is united, lleauilful new ssl-Irrlr-
and unniusllrit fai llllles lor Hip
cAhthliimi and ssle of ihe 1er?er
I nllrc Hons,
The Anderson Galleries
relsphone. Murrsy Hill ;"i
rxx lork.
Tuesday Morning and Afternoon and
Wednesday Morning, May 20th fit 2 1 it,
Cnininenrlng st lO:30A.M. Jt 3:.10 P.M.
A Collection of
Americana. First Editions
Association Books.
Private Press Issues, etc.
Thursday Morning and Afternoon and
Friday Morning, May 22nd and 23rd
Commencing al 10:30 A.M. A 3 :30 P. M.
of the nell'Lnoxxn American Tnel
nf Brooklyn. IV. Y.
wtl nr.ir additions. Includlns First Edi
tion ntt Association Hooks; Amrrlrsnt;
x iirlous and Out-of-tnr-uay ltsm; Ameri
can rraxc-l: The Mormons. Tiare Texas Laxrs:
KftUruaiiUns, War ol 1112: Karly XVeatern
i:ploratlon: Llnrolnuna. etc . etc
Merwin Sales Co.
Ill i:jl 40th Street.
New York
xili ordrrs pxccutrd without chares
malc-enes on arpllcntlon
Herbert I'rstl nf llrooklyn Bna
UotheriTss nanqnel Hall."
The famous banqueting hall that was
recently removed from Itotherwas House,
Heieford. Kngland. and lias attracted
I much attention in the Charles frallerle. on
' Fifth avenue, has been sold to Herbert
I Pratt of lli ooklyn and will be placed In
Ids nexv house, the architect of which Is
James Rrlte
Mr Pratt will alloxv the room to remain
on xlexx- for another month.
rir.nrv--xx"KRPsNN At Pertland. Ore.
en Max- IX Kmttle Vx'errtann to Mlehasl
H l'l.rc
nARLINcl. Suddenlx. st the XX'omsn'a Hci.
pltxl. en May IT. Marian Etaratt, wlfs
ef the late Henry A Barling
Intsrmsixt at F.nrleweed Omatary, May
i. I I' M ?' Ausustlne parsrs pleai"
CHAMIinrtl AIN Th nsv. I,eandr T,
P.xisrtfna. fal., May t.
Funeral fi-rvlrst will he hsld at the Brlek
I'rrativterlan Churrli, Fifth avenus and
Tlilrty-sexenlh etrei. at 10 A. M , Men
rt, May II1. Intsrment Laurel Hill
Cemetery. Philadelphia
Ct.AItKK Xti Paturdsv, May IT, 1I3. at
N.w Vork Be 411-1 F.ar Infirmary, John
tirummon-t. n of CYsorse H and Ellta
l.flh tl Clarke, MM 6 years.
Funeral serx Ire nt the rilonce of his
patents, III Wet Itltst street, on Msn
.I..V Mai 1?. 1913. at In o'clock In
tertnent private. Kindly omit flowers
rio.x.S'i: Kniered Into life sternal, at N-
York iltv. Sstutdav ninrnlng. Max
U l13, the lllshl Ilex William crer
ix ell linsiie, lllehop of Alhan), In hie
xfil ear
The oftlr nf the burial fer the dsad will
he ssl.l nt the cathedral f All Paint
Albanv, on Tuexlax afternoon, st
3 1 r n'cloi U
LAXVllKNCi: -Suddenly. Thuraday evnlnf,
May 15, 1913. at Willow Uank, Flushlnf.
Hermlnla tlarnes. wf of Toixnsenl
Lawrence ami ilaushter of the late Will.
Inni Harnes of Hertford, Knslanrt.
Funeral serxlcea at the realdenc. Sundai,
Max- 1. na arrival ot 313 P M train
from pennaylxanU Station to nrldis
itreet. Interment rrlvste.
NAPIER On Friday, May 1. llll. at hit
late residence, Strong place. Broeklra,
Alexander V. Napier, In hla 1Mb year.
Funeral services ot Clirlat church. Clin
ton and Harrison siraata. Sunday, May
it, at 3 P. M.
ROniTAILLE Max- 16. Margaret.
Funeral from "THK Fl.'NBHAL CHURCH."
211 West Twenty-third street (Frank
Campbell Building), Mondei, : o'clock
Automohlle cortege.
SULPICIPS. On Saturday, Max 17, IM. st
Manhattan college, ih Bev, Tlrother
Sulplclua, In Ihe fifty. second year nf
hla sa.
Requiem msaa on Monday, May 1, st
10 o'clock. In the Church of the Annun
ciation. Interment at Torantlco Hills,
N. Y.
SUTHERLAND. At Tssaslc. N J , es
Thursday, May U, Moiher A.. In hla
77th yaar.
airK. Cenvslaaeeats xrrisii Hats it.

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