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THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1913.
Mure TKan H l.tiliiirer I'lutM Police
Dim- Mnn Mini. 1
TltPiP were IIkIiIm yesteiday lois roll
I pollci'iin n iiinl slrlkliii Ititxifft h nl tin'
I uoikn of tin- Now Vnrl. Hnnltnrj.
"lll'illclll Ml' AlMlllitlill. Vl'l'llil't I'llH.illMM (..i.i..iuy on H.trten Is and
1 i.. i ..!.... it... ...... ..t ilm mIi Lnr4 .
Ill .1 II 1 1 111 I. tl l,il, MI- "l , ....... (
was liui. I.nsl nlKliI reserves from j
-'Velnl ItlnnUIVII plcellirtS VVCIO III Hi' I
vvnrks in prevent further illsntdrr.
five nf tlir strikers vvrre hithIbiumI In
I'lniiiiwli f-.nit-t i wl lipid In S t .0011 each.
! N'nnn cmild furnish luill.
I 'uv hundred I'nlacks and half n bun
died IIPSIliP-4 Went III! strike Hi Hip
' wnrku tun weeks iikii. Many liml been
Mill lie (lllcllt'l'tl TMCmIiIX llllll 1 unlnHdliiK tin ran that I'tliiK the
Willi Adilol
(itiest of OepaHment Mentis.
Then nrator nt the Truffle
S(iin(l l!nniiinl.
Mn ("Jet Ten
waste ni.itt.M- tn tlir pliuit hihI i'tlipi':
v.cte employed Inside the vvorl.r. They
;ir, rrntu mi linur was promised to
I them and that llie.v were afterward told
I that tli.i- ii'iitd set only I rent. The
I officials of thr company brniiRht scow
John Nlclio'ton Anliut. Hip yf'l"B )nadn of strlko hre.ikeff iind tlllpd pliu-es
flwpr chari?iil with nttcliiptltiR to lirlbo MH fl(M HJ) tnr, j,trif,,s ceased worklnc
Hi- iiiissHll, MiiMTiiiti'tirlrnt of Jiutteawan. i QnV M,ccn policemen, In charge of
to release Hurry K 'Ihiw. found
nuilty Ust nicht ly ii jury in theCriminal
iir.mcli of Urn supreme "urt .
tiluit, vvhu appeared confident of
ru-iiinttal bronil! of tli'i viiryitiR teUl
liuiny in ihv e:as", throw his arms around
the liprk of Arthur 1'nlnipr. his counsel,
vIipii he heard the oidiut and dropped
1ms hpad on thp lawyer's shoulder for
ii tnonipnl. H- cau no other sipi of
(motion thereafter
Patrolman Meyers, were at tlip plant
when tlu- niKlit shifts of i!00 Hrlke
breakers were belin; I'hanjfrd at 1
o'clock yesterday niornltiK. Suddenly
thr L'OO niPli about to Uhvp the works
. . . .... .....i,
were el upon ny .i sirmii s. iih-j ,
i were cluhlipil, kicked and stoned. S"V-
eral of the strike hrrnliers were cut
with knlxp.1-. Tolpphonp calls for help
brought more pullcenicii from i'aiiiirslp
on thp police boat of Harbor -(iiiid i ,
Whittle Arrlnlm for the 'llnhllim
I'rled" at Their Dinner.
A blast from 100 poller tthlMIe (crrrlfrt
Tathrr Philip MeOrath, Hip "l-'lRhtlliE
I'rlcut" anil chaplain, at the Catholic
men's Institute, when he arose to aprak
at a dinner of the OmiIph strrrt Matloti
pollcrinon at the Atlantic Hotel, 70 Hlub
nil street, last nlcht And "Hum," the
famous Cliarle.i stiert police doff, addrii
his lum'ls to thp acclamation.
Pathrr MeOrath, llitiiiduced by Meut
.losrpli McKay as "the beji policeman In
New Vork, thoiitfh nol a member of the
foicp," said that Hip police form as h body
lis n line or.iiil.atlnli. He seoird "Kreedy
pelllielans who ii.p hip rotee in inmn up
the political ladder ami are now u-vIIIiir
Its iiieiiibeie," and said that since even
raluts aip siisceptlblp of human frailties
It was no wonder a few iollcemen went
w 11,113. . 1
('apt. William Clark, "the Roldrn rule
nklppri," as the Charles utteet men call'
him, made a cpeuch In which he laid down
his faxorlte precept. i
The dlnera hraid professional enter
tainers, but preferred the songs and music
furnished by Policemen Kdward Doyle, I
Wlllam Coakley. John Mullln, Dennis
Itv.m. Thumja o'Kntllcan. I. lent Kdward
helil In the Wsldorf-Astorln. The Mayor I Hall.ih.in and Serneaiit l'V.inols Kelly,
was In lino form when he spokp and i AmonR Hip riipsIii were Senator John O
hlizireiaid, Hie iiev. tv .Mernerson nunter
of the Seamen's Institute, Inspector Will-
lam .1. Mhy. Capt. John liuehanon of
Calls Him n Lyinjj Pres. Audit
iind AIiiihcs Mnny
For the first time since he has been
Mayor Mr. Qnynor attended n tiollcc
dinner last night. It was the seventh
innual banquet of the traffic squad,
Astoria and Dr. lMward
Donlln, police
ll has kiKH'ke.1 mv loot out from' l 'ea.i.n ny .-picp.iih aieM.nue, , ;
tinier in,..' I... s, al.eiwHiil. - can't i re. iimreinents ell upon he
s . a nl ' Ho t...H rcn.i.n.e,l until Jtrlkors. 'I ho besieRe.l bluecoats sa llrd
Tii.lav lor .emu-me. winch may lm from the plant and th- Mil pis xe e
ip to ten m..m . .ho ,liWc...,i o lusticv , 1??"""- iJ V
I'lt'll l". I",,,, PHUT, .1,1', , 11, t, Opt,,. .
e.'jlmrv ll i -nil' I Ii" v.ept m his o-
was mi r .loj-rph ltvjc,
.vcars old,
Ml- le.HI.lon v..s m no ruoav .m;i.i ,.iX in ,,,,, ,.,, ,,,,,., , j
Jind the lawyi.i v.eie ready to ro on rcll, a ,, jHny ot,crs rrrevrd cuts
vesterday tnoriitnc Mr Palmer bitterly ,. ,,, i,.lri Tim Inlund ivem n-rxieil .
scorod Hurry l Thnw. who hid testified i ,y anibiilancr surceons from St. Mary's
on Thursday, rallinc him a "liend in-j Hospital.
carnate." a man whose "eyes slpanipH
wltli Insanity and whose hands rerked
ilsltanbt0DiMrict Attorney Do Ford'! WHllL oLAVL FULKjEi
summing "P m powerful He declared
that it war. revolting to think of Thaw
sittini; in the asylum weaving a golden
wpb which lie hoix'd n to stretch lis'
n pathway from the walls to freedom
Justice Syabitry began his charge at I .... .., n0
o'clock and fl.mhed forty minutes ' ' "P"" ' rrt-
later Tho cii.nge dwvlt principally1
in tho law, except that ho dismissed the 1
i him for immunity Hi" jmy retired)
nt 3:10 and wns leady with its verdict,
ii t l minut" before tl n'elook The cr
enel came like- a shot out of a gun, and
tlir 700 members, of the squad who at
tended the dinner chrerrd him mightily.
Tim Mayor rlutly pronoiinctd his con
fidence in the department's honesty and
said there lire not 10,000 business men
who are as honest as the city's 10,000
pollcempn: hp attacked 'Tarkhurst,
Hearst and thr Intter's two little feeble
imitators, the Pulitzers." Hp denounced
nil the papers from "Hip virtuous Krc
nf ii Pojf" down because Murtha.
Sweeney, Thompson and Hussey had
been referred to in news columns, lie j
mid. as four Inspectors. i, , . , ,, . . , '
Most of the dishonesty which has . Til It II liCll fill' (.IVIpe JlllCC MUIIU. 1
l.ern found In thr drnai tnunt was their ' .. .. . . . !
lona b"lorr he was Mayor, he said, and
bis eifoit and that of Commissioner
tune Tellers Who Hur
riedly Left City.
.Uimit. who had been laughing and jok
ing with friends, went to the other ex
District Attorney Whitman is trying, to
find live fortune tellers who formerly
Me Palmer, who sopmcd in operated in New Vork but who left town
much astonished ;s his client, did not
even poll t!'" twelve men
nhut Rine I'.i- aii-wei,s tn Hip pedigree
iiuestion- of l lei k l'enney in a very low
'i ice He wns 2ti ;.e,ir old. born in De
trob, uimiariitd. a lawyer, la' her living
in fiernian, never before convicted of u
crime Then he v.a- 1-d away.
Waldo had lieen to root out the evil, and
yet the newspapers have Klven credit
for It to a public official, who, he said,
in the capacity of press agent, gives
out false Information.
There were others than policemen In
the banquet room to hear the Mayor.
There were Dock Commissioner It. A.
C. Smith. Commissioner Edwards. Mag
istrate McAdoo, Herman Mrt! Hridgn
Coinmifsloner ii'Keeffp. Herman rtld
tier, Horouch President McAnenv, John
PuiToy Mltchel, Commissioner Kdward
He Tdlks on Total
Washinoion. May !7.-SecreUry Bryan
varied his wea ry round of talka to Am
bassadors and oftlce seekers with an
address to a Washington company of
Boy Scouts to-day on the advantages
of total abstinence for boys and men
The boys visited Mr. Bryan to present
to him resolutions adopted by them
commending the stand tiken by the
McCall. DodlPV PlelH M.-ilnnr t-VnleHi-fc 'r.ur.v o, oiaie against "IMllg
It. Coudcrt and Col. K. S. Cornell. coho1 "n1 'V8 t in refusing to serve
Sergt. I'. V. Orane; president of the mt" 1,is '!ine rrt lo A'.sdo"
sonuad's asyoclatlon and ,otm.iter. Mr "ryan said in (urt:
had tnst Introduced Commissioner I ."' learned when 1 wns a hny to be a total
Waldo when the Mavor appealed. The
two months ago. Two of tlipjp are re
ported to be in Bchton and the three
other- in Providence.
The seaich for the fortune teller? is a
! part of the District Attorney's efforts to
run down refHitts of another form of
1 police graft which is said to have fluur
1 ished.
Tue AnlHit-Ilii-sell-Thaw complication According to the information the police
as developed around lVbruarr i'j. wiien I 'lenunded and received E0 per cent, of
it became known that (iov SuUer had j l"" profits .of the soothsayers, whose,
ordtrcd at- investigation of a story told business is in violation of the law and i
to him. Hr Jiuell. lor a jear or more wli nre said to have worked with white!
superintendent of the institution, was ' slavers in ohtaining young women for
railed before an investigating committee , immoral purposes.
mid u-titied that a mm whose name and ' Ibis investigation was begun when a
description lie had forgotten had offered I middle aged widow appealed to the Di,
bim Sin.ivi to set Thaw free. The follow, i tritt Attorney some time ago and told
fug day Kus-.-il remembered the man's I him the story of her daughter who, she
Commissioner made way for him and
the Maor said In his spicch:
"I do not .know how ou traffic men
van be rr bad ThelP alu t much graft
on n stir I corner Where I ee nu
standing, so far as I know Two UiIiiks
hap strurk tin- ery furclbl about the
Police tippaittiR'Ut since I have breti
Maor One Is that every man en the
force, so tar i3 I know from thr lrtt"is
that I cot and from what I hear, wants
to br In the piiclnct wheie he lives, or
else on the I ruffle, squad Now, If he
wanted to get graft h- would not be m
nbslalner I do not remember when I flut
sinned the pledge It N so far back tbat I i
cannot lecall It. I
"I kno.v that mine ilisw a distinction
between the iipp of liquor by boys and tlu
ue of liquor by men I prpsume there It.
scarcely a person who would stand m a'
public place and advocate the up of liquor
by bo i:ervhndy re ognizes that liquor
I? nni a soed thing for bo I
"I have now been of ase thlit.v -two years 1
and I have found that there Is no ue for
alcohol after on- erases to be a bov , and I
only hope you will be able to maintain
and to keep the pledge while you are arow.
aiiliuis to get on the traflir squad or to ini. and I hope will see no renon after yoq
set In his own pfeelmt He would want
tn get way up here wlirie they dance the
tutkf tiot and where the Rammers ate
and thos.. oth'r people who offer monej to
thr pollc enirn
"There are evil mrii everywhere. Trerr
aie more evil nirn In business and anion
are grown lor changing our habits of life
on this subiect
"I appreciate the compliment ou pay me.
because the opinion of bo.vs i not out) a
compliment but it has it- ueuliis
I shall feel that t have not lived enlireb
in vain it by .ib-tainini from intoMcititiK
f..' . t ,. imifjtul liitulHt.s it,. hi th.'.n . ." . . 1
, ' ' ., , .. liquor- aim neveniges li.ne Riven .'in
nliut appeared before the committee
and said thu' he had be.cn employed on a
contingent Kae of $'J.,,0Ti by Thaw to work
.ir bin lelea.-e. but that Uu-sell had de
manded SI'".""') of it ill .v.- le-fu-ed to
talk except m court, but later recanted
'I !i" three men appeired later in the court
mid told their stone', Thuw lestifjqng
i.ia Dr Ru-sell had arranged to set him
tin- and h id -ent nhut to him to fix thu
price No two stones agreed
said, hail disapieared from home and ,
whom t he mot her had found on t ho st reel s .
As a result of an inquiry Assistant Dis
trict Attorney James K Smith found '
that a considerable number of fortune;
tellers, of whom the five now sought are ,
examples, have been operating along
these lines,
A young woman who visits ono of the '
fortine. tellers, attracted by advertise. '
ments or catiners. is sized un as to her,
liiiancial condition anei also as to tier
' , ...:,.... it , ....
Her. Is wh it I complain f. ' ' - ". " "' ",m ,n
"If I have been the mean of hMping jui 1
one bo I do not know how much servire 1 '
have rendered to the world through htm. for
we can never tell what a boy can do lh
nolle force
He-cause III a certain other, public ollli s.
their Is a pre 9' agent to ilve out false
hoods is no reason wh thi entire press
of thl city should grab such manueilpts
a nil swallow such falsehoods and voinlt
them un over the whole city ft was clvi n . pin-lliUmes of a bov ale lievond the power
out by this pi ess as'iit that four llisp. e-j of language to , elescribp especially an
nhilt came to New 'ork lioiu I'hicdgo money making ability
in March, itu; Hi., buinn beforo that 1 commerciiihieHl vice
if brought into
The girl is followe-d by trailer- when !
she b'aves, her heime address obtained
and her family looked up. If it i- found
that she ha- money or jewels she is per
suaded to squander a gooel part of this!
with the fortune teller
When her money is gone or she j un- '
able to get more she enters upon the
same footing so far us the fortune teller-
.are concerne-ei as those young women
v.a.- Ill Detroit, vvhete h" was born It is
iil that origmallv h was a bellboy in a
hotel under th" nanv nl' nhultski Hi'
xv.ih e,ecte-d a State Sepal, i- in .Michigan
in the ago of and while be.'ri'nr pro
nieiled the Anliut Motor Companv Thi
v. in into the hand- of a receiver and
tlieie was tienible uhut was taken to
conn mi .i imviI warrant, lint. Ihere we.le
mi further proce-efiuigs. as he had left I whom the trailers have foiiud to b poor ;
. . . .. me poor gin is nurseei along ny the
M Palmer said he would appeal 'fortune teller with promises of a rich
and handsome husband anil a w nneier.
ful future. Every fondest wish is to
be gratified if trust i- placesl in
.1... nlul,.n..ni,. .. ...
tuem.. it-iKr', n....!..,.,, win ., r;,ithe v;vm ii..
. I .mm, nun n Vrtir. i band appears. The girl is srsuadeel
i ,e -s tie .-nitril t.ites Circuit Couit'in, 'narriuge, real or pretended, and
, ...'a!.? ;"'!m i ZT VZX , WJwl t,,n mfln is Professional
I white slaver,
It is for winking at these pha-ps of
the fortune telling business that certain
policemen are reported to have received
. half of all Hie Ilionev the tornm. tailor..
i,n, u-tlu.i,., In Ioau r.f iuu-ulj . .1... '
rendered in the suit I !,' nm.i, Vii , iV .V'"" V.
,1 .v i 1y .Ju'l-'e .lullu- .Ma.vei In the I niteil
,i,t,.. District Court e-terday the t!uv-
.up nt will have to ?pe nd almost a mill
ion dollars a year 111 the iiiallitcliaiiee of
sal. immigrants.
1 he dee tslon w.i
iiroiiuiii ny me e iovermnem n iorc tne :.i.i . , u.. i. ti,
.l..ll.Hl. n,. rtra l.hie to paj U'.UT S;, 1 1 , f' ,i, which )lak lHen brought
1., niai i.rnanee Ileal ea.e H,d treat- r (ht) niMrict Attorney gives KS.nui
III. Ill ot several aliens who Were found n .Imatn nf the mnnev nll..fl
ii, ion their arrival here to he suffiilng frnm ,h- r.iHr,nvni In nl),i
'iih sum" infectious hut temporary mab
ml n Ideh leeiulird treatment before the
pa lent ,1111111 stand examination for e-n.
iranee into tin- countr.v. In every one of
tie i is, r the imillUiant lain was ae.
jiui'i d
lud.e Mayer held that undrr such con
ditions steamship companies air not liable
In I he- triatiieut of their steerage pas
.Miges uiile.es the disease was contracted
; ,i ri'-ult of i ai el, s-iipsh upon the part
' the fteamshlp ntlichils or iiiiIpsh tfiee I
i 'Tl tab violated the law In Hcreplng to
1 lllg live, pilsei5ers who were .eK lip.
1 einhaikatlon
The I'ontreiversv as lo the liability of
t i, eoninanles lii .such cases be Ran III Kio:i
ei.-ar Mraus. then Seeretary of rommerre
r HI l.iboi, upheld the complaint ot the
e'uiMHl Line against the Ooveniinent's
e f , IS lei collect niune-v fur til" tleanient
I i a stici.u-e passeiiRi r llefiire that the
s' .ini"lilp eoinp-inlis alwajs stood the ex-pen-se
lloie tn -Hr I'lipiilnr llefanller
1'rom s Vinrn In Prison.
Mol'nt Ktiico, N V.. May 17. -The
li.ir of John YV llowion, formerly Hu
pervifor of .Vrvv Cat,e town, will hoi
lalsed by popular siibn'riptlon, and the.
possibility of hla having to spend six
fears in prison s uverted He was sen.
Llieecl lo a Illic of ,:,,U0i j r ilel d.iy by
,'inlgr Plntl ;il While I'l.iln.s r f)
v lliout funds iiud wan committed to
( Mc the linn lepiesented by the line.
How ion was Indicted, for pilsappto
pi ,,.iik public iiiiiip.v. o was phort
neihliig ilhe i!b una.
'vvi-uii was inim ,hip of the ninfit
populai men in thii sr,tjon of West
c esler iiilllllv alul iiiindli'ri.s ol lettera
" ic i.eiii in .ludeje Plan uskitiR mercy,
Mils was show ii hy Hie Itnpofilllnn of a
vli Un i" m iiml ntlieis now have
.ntrd inn. lo l.usr the J'.'.ilOO rind ex
P -cl to haw Hie cnuro iiniount plrdRcd
i v Mou. y anil colli eted by Weduesilay.
leanwhl,e Howruii Is in jail. He was
ht one Unie chaliman of the Jail Com
tniHi W the Hoaid of Supervisors.
from these clairvoyants in some eight
montns ny a singin ponce collector
This amount is supposed to have been
split in several directions after it reached
thu collector's hands.
Assistant District Attorney Smith has
been told tflat the five fortune tellers
who are now being sought as witne-sses
left town when policemen told them that
the District Attorney was after them
and fho police could not protect them
The District Attorney's office hones
to persuade at least one of them to return
and tistify against the police,
ASKS $250,000 FOR LIBEL,
i. It root, farm ti-ent, Hnrs the
Mural PuhlUhlns lonijinnj.
A t:.".n,nnei libel suit was begun in Hie
I nited States District Court vesterelsy
by P. A. Htrout, president of the Strout
Kuril! Agenry, against the llural Publish
lug Company of lOti Pearl stieel, pub.
Ushers nf the fftrnf ,ii- VnrArr, a miiR.iliie
devoted to agricultural Interests
the Htrout Farm Agenov. which lid
oflli es st 7 Kant Thirty-seventh stieet.
sells em an average of H.oou.tmo worth ot
lurins tier year, according to Mr htrout
The entalogue Issued by the agency s'i.v
thst the commission on the sale of these
limn lands is paid entirely by the pinner
w ho puts his hi reage on the murl.ei
In Its column devoted to "Ilogue- and
Swindlers" the Rural .Veir I'erAer on Jan
uaiy l. l.illi. ran a lettpr signed ".I. i; ."
in which the writer says that he benight
h farm thinugh the agency in bucks conulv,
Pa , and aflei ms lug rl.uon lor the IhimI
found that the fanner hud sold it to the
agency lor f'.'.ouo. The Hillcio went on
to say that the Rnnl ,Vri I'nrAe i refi.ee
to handle the strout advertising iniiltpi
because the uiugnn did not want to ie.
eel vn tHlnted inniiev
William W', Leister, reiiriveiitatlve of
the land agency in t'liakerlowii, Pa., Im
also begun an action in reiover jft.ini
from the Mural Piibllshing iCninpunv eai
the ground that they besmirched his
chnraiier In the i-oluinii devoted to "Ungues
and Swindlers,"
l'nlvrrslt- NtnUent Ilronnril,
Madison, Wis., May 17, llcihut H.
Wright of Kansas City, a Junior nt the
University of Wisconsin, was drowned In
I. like Meudeita this afternoon whin a lui.it
in which he and Ucoiko K. Baum. alto a
student, were rowing capslred.
tors were beltiR tried I aw the ni.niii
, rlpt myself that camr from this pre.-"
agent, when not one of them ws an in-tp-etor.
"Thr.v wrrr demoted b 'ur lire.1.!!!
I'ominls-liini I, Mi Waldo. And .vet. tan
IhR the tip of thW jires agent fnmi a pub
be off Ic. . lir-t I bar-t and then the Pullt
Zeis, the two miserable Utile I'llliUels,
who have shrunk to the miserable dimen
sions of men- linltatni nf Hearst, these
le w spa p r proprietors rtrst published the
headlines 'lour luspvtois on rilal.
"I attach too much Inqmrtancc to what
these people sa.v In tin lr newspapers. It
I only ten weeks ago when they manu
factured rlRht here In this city Mesraius.
so-ialbd telesranis, that ln.inin tsiple uv
dead out in the llnmlh In one little district
In i Miio. We all know now that tli"ie
weie only ten o,- elewn who lo-t their
live?. Nn fuch tebRiains c.iine from these
sources at all.
"Two newspapers, whoje proprietors I
have nientloneil to ou. Invented It all and
tiubllsheel It In Rllb headline's, and all the
others -aid in the next e-dltlon. 'Me, ton,
we ay It loo.'
"The whole force, of the city, having
among them less thnn fifty bad men. stand
guard ovei the city from one end to the
othei , watch our houses, watch oure hlldren :
huh, wink with both eyes when they see
them plalliK a little ball, help the boys,
hi lp the girls, and when one of them
gets lost And It In a Jiffy and bring the
child home. That Is what jou arr doing
all ovei thr elty. Yet, old Parkhurst
out of his IovIiik and Christian heart, and
Heaist, and thr two little Pulitzers out
of their hearts, whatever hind they may
he, would have It that you are all a
band of grafters."
Commissioner Waldo followed t,he
Mayor and Commissioner (Jeorge D.
Porter of the Philadelphia police de
partment said be thought a word of
commendation could do it police force
mine good than n word of condemna
tion, Henry W. Tuft spoke from the
attitude of n citizen, iiniiouncitig how
grateful hi' Is for the way the traffic
squad has inadr street travel safe,
other speakers were Herman Metz and
Col. Cornell of the National Highway
Protective Association.
The brads of city department:! gave a
surprise party lo the Mayor last night
In the Astor ti.ill ry in the Waldorf
Astoria, ntnl It was there the truffle
squad committer found him and carried
him off, Henry It. Tow lie. president of
thr MrrchiintK Association, inado the
first speech, and Mr. Ouynor spoke for
forty-five minutes, touching on a wi
rlny of subjects, liieliidlmi newspaper
proprietors ami the police force.
The surprise party sld" nf the evening
was what the Mayor began with. He
said he hadn't suspected it was a dinner
to himself until he accidentally nicked
up a menu, ,il which there wns .emu
good natnreel laughter and a pleased ex
pression on the Mayor's fare. The other
speakers were John D. Crimmlns, Tloh
ert I,. 1'Viwlrr and Isaac V, Itussell,
Will Re ArrnlKiteel for I tack When
IllcUeik In .ltle In Appenr,
IHnr.isni nu, May l" William Hastings,
brother ol ox-tiov Daniel H Hustings,
may serve a lerin in prison or may lie
e om m it teel to an asylum as a lunatic for
his attack with a revolver last night on
rioss A. Illikiik, son-in-law of Iho former
Hastings will be arraigned before Mayor
Ttoyal as soon as Mr HjeUnk inn appenr
against hint, This will be In about a week.
The wound in Mr. Hiekok's thigh is heal
lug i-Hpidlv. , ,
i.ouise itniseiy, i no cniiti w no sun err ci
Xraeilcnn bov N'owbere else hies Hie Inrll
vidiiala greater opportunity to come into)
loin h with and to Influence hi- fellow men
and In no former ge wa this po-ibillty ,
of service greater than it I- now i
Head nf American Woolen Co. I'aeen 1
t'onsplines barer. j
Hf.sTov. May 17. The trial of William
M Wood, president of the American '
Woolen Company, I'Vederlck Attcnux
and Dennis Collins will begin on Mon
day In the Suffolk Superior Court with
Judge John C. Crnssby presiding.
All three are accused of bavins con
spired to "plant" dvnainlte during the
Lawrence textile strike In order to ilia
CI edit I. W. W. leaders. I
The chief witness for the prosecution
will he John J. tlreen, an undertaker
of Lawrence and former school com-
missloner, who pleaded guilty to "plant
ing" the explosive and paid n tine of!
$500. Ernest W. Pitman, quarryman
of East Milton, who was to have been
another (Jovernnient witness, killed him
self after telling the Grand Jury what
he knew of the alleged conspiracy.
The line of the deft nee was Indicated
to-day when Attorney Ciuklcy filed n
motion to dismiss the Indictment against
Atteaux on Hie ground Hint, the offence
Is not Indlctnhle tinder the common Inw,
If the motion Is granted In Atteaux'a
case, Wood and Collins must neces
sarily be discharged.
Brother. Who Tore t'rnne From Her
Door,' Cut Off.
Atmntic Citv, May 17. By the will
of South Jersey's richest woman, Mrs.
Jane Kortesque, which was probated at
Mas Landing to-day, the bulk of her
estate, nlmnst $1,000,000, Is left lo her
young secretary, Armnnd T, Nichols.
Her brother, Wllhuni Howler, who the
day after Mrs. Kortesque died In young
Nichols's house here pulled the crape
off the door and carried It away when
refused possession of the remains, Is
not mentioned.
William Howler, n wealthy hardware
merchant of Atlantic City, enmn here
with Mrs. rorlesquo many cars ago
when tho town wne, In its Infancy as a
watering place. They started in the
hotel business. About twenty years ngo
the brother and sister quarrelled and
they did not speak ngiilni nlthough they
lived near each other,
When Howler learned that his sister
had died In Nichols's house he went
there to demand the body anil upon
being refused, made n scene. Howler
stormed nut, taking; the crape from tho
door as he went, iind saw his lawyer,
The attorney made a formal request
for the remains, but with no success.
The will directs that $5,000 ho given
lo the Philadelphia Homo for Aged
Couples and that u mausoleum, not tu
cost more than .e.oiiO, lm erected In
West Laurel Cemetery, Philadelphia,
as a monument to the decedent, her
parents and her brother John, all of
The Her. Charles rarker bombard.
Pl,Vin!'TII, Ma. May 17. -The Itev,
Charles Parker Lombard, H years old, h
unitarian, ateq to-nay, ine new riigriin
ii llerh woiuiel iii her foot in Hie pistol battle Memorial Church at Plymouth stands as a
I Pel ween tn,. poller ami Hastings, I- in-1 monument in nil ennenvor. rrom iiyui
covering. Hastliigjels experiene ing. con ontli Mr. Loiiibatd vvenl to Hcheneolady
i siUerublu pain lioui Nic wound In his arm. where he founded the Luitarlan Church,
"Everybody 's Going to THE BIG STORE
9 9.
Steamer and Slumber Rugs
THE FINEST OF MATERIALS enters into the make-up of
specimens of the weaver's art.
TIVE NECESSITY for the cooler evenings of
the summer season. AND AT HOME for the
afternoon nap, there is solid comfort in pos
sessing one.
Steamer Rugs all wool, made extra large and
woven extremely thick. Deep fringed edges.
A vast array of rich, cheery, glad color $o
combinations; regularly $11.75; at O
Steamer Rugs the finest we have ever offered
in medium-priced rugs; strictly all-wool; un
usually large sizes; full deep fringe nn edge.
A rich assortment of beautiful plaids, frr
warm and lie-ht-weicht: rec. $10: at U I J
these choice
Steamer Rugs comfortable, serviceable mil
low-priced; excellent for automobiling or
the porch couch ; full size ; fringe edges ; lam
collection of plaid combinations; sj rjr
regularly $7.25 ; at '
Steamer Rugs unmatchablc values; for inimi
and handy use will be found very satisfnct'Ti.
a good assemblage of bright plaids $n
with fringed edges; reg. $3.25; at
(llasfment, MA1.V nullctlnr.l
0 QK
And These Special Offerings in Fine Leather Goods
$5 HAND BAGS extraordinarily good value at. . g(
n IOW price, InUeCU, for bUCIl spitliuiu ptv.lim.li:. m iv.ui.li-l uuus. I lie-
surplus stocks of three of the best manufacturers in the United States.
lncludea are:
GENUINE HORN-BACK ALLIGATOR BAGS in rich brown color, made of the finest
skins, with gold-plated frames, calfskin lining, and fitted with purse.
REAL SEAL HAND BAGS splendid bags made with riveted, nickel-plated frames; moire
silk lining with shirred pocket and long change purse.
, GENUINE PIN SEAL HAND BAGS made in the new thin shape on gold-plated metal
frame, lined with antique moire silk. Change purse and mirror in shirred pockets; black, tan,
navy and brown.
(Mull! Floor, MAIS' Uulldltu.l
A 30,000 Stock of
Choice Embroideries
To Be Sold. Beginning Tomorrow, at 1 2
ami Even Less Than 'j Regular Prices
von.i:. batistf;. criupk and ?wiss fi-oini-
INfiS 42 and 45 inches wide; beautiful effects and
designs in while, ivory, pongee shades, ecru on
white and dainty colors on white, Bulgarian color
ings on while and ecru. Some solid embroidery,
linglish eyelet and combinations or lace and em
broidery, Guipure and Irish point effects. Regu
larly 59c fo $7 a yard; tomor- OK SO KA
row. a yard &t)C Z.DU
AND ALL-OV;:RS- 3 o 45 inches wide. Reg
larly 7c fo $1,50 a yard; tomor- Q I7C
tow! a yard OC Oc
iMln 1 Inor MAIV llullillnir i
Women's $3.50 and $4
White Canvas Shoes,
Colonials, Pumps $ H f?
and Oxfords, at i O
Seen lines of footwear purchased at a price ftom
a prominent manufacturer.
Price concessions were ery heavy, and they are
reflected in our sale price for tomorrow.
Every pair is splendidly made of hnesf Sea Island
duck. Every puir welted; newest and most fashion
able button and buckle effect-. All have medium
short vamps, hifih Cuban hceU: even size and width,
(.Sormid llonr, MAIV Bull line
Oriental Rugs
Room titt. "Odd" Lots Comprising SeltelioitB in
India. Aa Miner and Turkhh Carpels,
at Big heductiont.
RUCS-9 to 10 ft. wide
and 12 to 16 ft. lone;
values $275 1 ETC
RUGS Averaging 7 to
8.5 wide and 10 to 12
ft. long: values $74.50
; 4950
RUGS-8.5 to 9.10 wide
and 12.8 to 14. b long;
values $106.50 to
to S295; at
RUGS 9,2 to 10.10
wide and 12 to 14.10
long: values SltSO
lo $225; $11Q
r.Hi:iNHt'T llnllellne, Flrt I Ipr-r I
Bamboo Furniture
Suitable for Lungalotc. Collage or I'orch Use.
three shelves;
pvro-cichcd; ;j
HOOK HACK vcitli
r.hehe..$lagQ '
TABLE three leg; 2 1
inches hiqh ; 12-inch
round matims QfT 1
2ti in:hef
hiih; 10-inch saua't
matting cm.
ered lop
C O It N E It
covered top.
inches high ; 1 1-inch
matting eov- PP
crcd top OtJV
Killfl Mil T llnlMlnn. Miln I Innr
A Citv in Itself
d. B.GREEN HUT, Pres.
lfito 18 Streets
iDouble &-9C Green Trading Stamp Before 12 o'Cloek -Single Stamps Thereaflerm
iN-sporntp Fisrlit for Ifis l.ifo
From the Denth House
Has Kiuled.
Lawyer Hints nt a Hitch, ns He
May Be Jit-clared Legally
At iMylirenk to-morrow .lolin Mill
rnney, ciillnl Hiippy Jack, will lie led
frnm tlio clentli limine In SltiK Sins nnil
will pay tho Kreiitrst penalty tho law
ran nntne, Ills life, frir t tir clentli of
Patrick MnBreen two yeHfa Riso.
Deoplto the cle.iperiite efforts the con
vlcteil man has made to savo his life,
elesplte the carefully woven web of
perjured tentlmony by which he hoped
to puln nnother chance, despite the
efforts of h band of zealoun friends
who have taken the part of the per
Hiiaslve, f millnc KaiiKSter. Monday Is
set for IiIh execution, and ihe warden of
SI111; SlnB luiH tent out tfVrmal notices
of II.
All through the lonK herins which
.lildKC Uoieal.sHy nf t'ieiier.tl HeriliniM
Court has bold on .Mjilraney'a motion
fur 11 ne-iv trial Mulianey when lie was
wen at Sine SIiik and in his MMers
lias protested Unit hr is anNious tit die
ami cures nothiiiK for his life. Hut
those who know the man claim that
never wan there a criminal moro In
terror of death than John Miilrauey.
Mince .ludKe llosalsky formally denied
Mulraney's motion for 11 new trial a
renewed effort was inade to Ret Oov.
Suler to commute the death sentence
to life imprisonment. Miss Madelines
Doty, a social worker, and. Attorney
George W, Klrchwey, dean of Columbia
Ian school, applied to tl.e I iov ernnf
and asked District Attorney VVhitmait
and Assistant District Attorney liubiii
tn rocommjnd clemency.
Dls-tricl Attorney Whitman told Mr
Klrrhwey that his report vv.i.j nlrcudy
In and he would make nn further report
In the case. Assistant District Attnr-lu-y
llubln explained that he could elu
nothlnit more. Mr. Klrchwey told Ku
bln that the Governor had replied to his
letter statiiiR that he would nut Inter
fern with the execution of the sentence.
Mulraney was convicted of eliontliir
MeBroen In McHreen's snlnnn, Toutli
avenue and Fifty-second street, on l lie.
mornlm? of October 4, 1911. He wns
sentenced to die on March IT. but Rot
a sixty day reprieve thrniiKb Attorney
losepli A. Shay frnm the Governor on
a claim that he had new evidence which
would exculpate hint.
.Indue Hosalsky spent twelve court
daysi In heatinK this evidence and other
witnesses, who were produced by the
District Attorney's office. The reull
was that It was disclosed that practi
cally every bit of evidence put In In
free Mulraney was perjured and most
of It Inspired by Mulraney himself,
while not a little now evidence was
Introduced that served to fasten the
crime completely on Mulraney.
A lawyer yesterday afternoon Inti
mated that there tnlnht bo a poslbll
Ity of another hitch on tho wound that
since Gov. Super's stay of execution
expired at the end nr last week, last
nlKhl. and Mulraney wai not executed
he is lepally dead and a writ of habeas
corpus mlRht he asked on the wound
that It Is Impossible to execute a "dead"
I'renelirr Wli-AW Poi'liim V.Miiit
iile-ntlal l erltnciilr.
Oimmii:. N ! . May 17 The .MinWerwl
ishnelHtinii or III" llranKi'- lm iiske-d the
Oranite MoiiiiInIii Medial So-iclv to cmi
fer on I he iiueslioli vvhellier Jieiillh tertlf
IcatcM slioiilil bu iciiuiud nl llin abiiiil
to bu iiiurried.
The medical faciei v met Inst iiIbIh, ivIm-ii
it roinniunii iilion hs received It om tin
.l..t . ..I.I.... l.n, rn,,.l..l,,)llltll ,U lit,
Illllll.lC'li. eini.iu. I, ,,'..".,'.
sent lo thee nieeiiiikr or ihe nilnlstcrw on
June t, Dr. William II, (Iniyee, of ham
Orange and Dr. ,llloliftrd D. I reemuii of
tjouth Orante ill aec tt the Invrtullon.
n ei f
rr -elKtilli -lreel llnllellnu H"'
I !.iilel Hunk siore.
I'lie firm e, I'll trie- i-ribii.i ' er - ' ft'
j it e ciPcrttvc brov j itenl.iy iiftei ll"' "'
nnil !jtlior nl imivlnj a I)IK bus mc ' 'ar'
Jiinil Ncttleil iIuvmi ..emii'urt.ililv .n .il l'
the Seribner' neiv IhiiiIih.-, 1'ifth sven''
! nt I'nilv e.inlilli tr.'.'l. I'.uii'ftt I'lut !'
' ili'lKlieil the leu rv firm tine, ;ii-i
the tn hitet i e- t)it hcrlbln'r hi1 'I""'
lluii a iiii,t Ki'i.e'iiitinn has Isnov n n' 1 " '
1 Iflh avenue vvliieh v.m llrsi w i" iw 1 W
the linn in IfTI, hihI used . iintiii""11!
l,i Ihe S. i lliners Un their hiinl;...'!!' II'0
1 pulili-linu; liniii-e until nl.n ilii '!
'dniH nirn frr Ihelr new ntnl inu
eln borate iiil ters ,
Ihe new --erlliliei nl.int loli.leel ,r .
llllll eenirri'te Mini viilhnul im.v v ' J"i
eve ent turiiMhlin anil llttlii's b f'f
hr lieen In ll thai the ntilitm Ian .ntUI11'
B'thetii' have been happily iniiilil'1'
the ilchiirn Ihe lioni unit reir ' '''
alnici-l enliiel.v nhile kUi iiinl ll
Hnnil U intte.l.eil liv I he white ' .
and wall. nni the IIkIiI inniiele jlnni
The Serllil.er leink r-toie tllKes II'
urnnnil liner and Ihe IliiHhHil, " '
nnil IniHnes-e nfllieh nl lh Imnl, I
and .siti'iik i '' W(eT.ni noi up
Iniir Hunt". n hliei Is .mil il'" '
Imveleen ivi'ikltiu' mi Iiiii iiu'HH n
lie new booli ..line lint n,il; the li'
Irmn Ihe irm Hi nl Matii'inilnl I'1
t.iiriK liml iitiuuiihere nf in 'M
which via-. 111" dl-.tiiiilive lent'ite
old hlure elown neai 'le'nl I i"!
inn eeiiini; is an n.'ii wim n"
supported b;- while ctmm iilllrfi-
hi. r.l.v n.trl kin i r u n v leitelfc I n ll !n llel
in hiii'Ii bu-iui'i.-, hniihei., nn e I
Bnllery for -pei lnl dl-ptci9 of hue
Kroilp evhlbilloiw nf inol, nl llll"
teresl bcian-e nl' piu'lli iiIhi event'
for the exhibition .if di.'ivini.H. "i
mid nrieliinl pliototrriinh iimI I"
and niHKiifine llhioii.iilnn Hi"
blam e to a Miinll imbllc llbrm y In v
thrniielioill the vvlinle interim
i' r
. ml
i. ,n
i ke!
Tn HUenrtl Tcleisrn ili for 'Mni'
Dentinleliluu, Is lteni'l
,i.... xi... : 1 1 I lf
llnllrn.nl rninimn is prepHilin: I"
a li'lophnne -yiteni lor llsin ue.p in i" -
,'ind eln nun) vvilb the leleerapii '"'' ',
'imrpii.e, ll a Mild here ln ihi ""
mil b'Uln shortly In eipiin ihe ui.iui '
irmn Xn orl; to hlcaco will'-1., ', "u
itiU'le (itctii nt telrphonc. iiuoiill -Ihe
ntoiy . i.
i Ihe ajsteni bus been in o e''i
1 1 ween rorr; ia mid f, I'njIvlU". ; J,J
Sure lime, mid has worked vilM ' 'r,'"-f.
ll lm. oiyliv eastern end of Ihe ioju.

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