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THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1913.
I 1M W U Herald Squar. 7 B'
R. H. Macy & Co.' Attraction Are Their Low Price.
way, 34th to 35th St.
Special, $3.96
The smart "Colonial" Pump illustrated
is the season's most popular Shoe. Graceful
in shape, fittinc snuulv at the heel to
prevent slipping made with a light, flexible, welted sole these
are not onlv "correct" in stvle, but comfortable as well.
Made "of fine patent leather with the newest "Spanish Louis
enamel covered heel sharply pointed tongue and dainty buckles,
which are reproductions of expensive cut-steel, but much lighter
in weight. In sizes A-4 to 7. In sizes B, C. D-2l to
Second Floor, ilSth Street.
Typical Macy Values in Women's
Especially dainty and luxurious are the "Marchioness" knit
silk Undergarments, "made expressly for Macy's and representing
the perfection of silk weaving. In "white or pink these pretty gar
ments include Vests. Bloomers. Union Suits and Matched Sets;
many exquisitely hand-embroidered. Prices range from $1.44
for a "Marchioness" Vest to 59.59 for a hand-embroidered Set of
VeSt and bloomers. Ml Flnnr-Onlrr l!er.
25c. Swiss 17
Ribbed Vests, lC
Cotton or IMe thread, low neck
and sleeveless, plain ojkI fancy fronts.
In regular and extra large sires.
Swiss Ribbed
Lisle Vests, Z4c
Fine quality, low neck and sleeve
less, finished with mercerized tape.
Jersey Ribbed j
Umbrella Drawers, 4C
Regular sizes. Cotton ribbed, with
French band and lace trimmed at
knee. Extra sizes. 29c.
Imported Swiss on
Cotton Vests, OVC
Repular si?es. Low neck and sleeve
less, trimmed with mercerized tape.
Extra sizt'. 49c.
Swiss Ribbed
Lisle Union Suits,
Fine quality lisle thread, in low
neck sleeveless style, with umbrella
drawers, lace trimmed.
Imported Swiss Lisle ja
Thread Vests, 4C
Regular sire. Low neck and s!ees-e-less,
trimmed wh silk tape.
Extra sizes. 59c.
Cotton or Lisle ja
Thread Vests, 4S)C
Jersey ribbed cotton or fins lisle
thread, hand trimmed In low neck,
sleeveless or short sleeves: hlph neck,
long or short sleeves. Extra sizes. S9c.
Cotton or Lisle aq
Thread Drawers, WC
Fine quality Jersey ribbed. French
band or tight top. Extra sizes, 59c.
Lisle Vests, ia
Hand Crochet Yokes, 4C
Swiss ribbed lisle thread, In low
neck, sleeveless style: the crocheted
front trimmed with silk tape.
All regular nnd extra sizes.
Swiss Lisle Vests, q
Fancy Yokes, OSfC
Pink, sky blue and white imported
Swiss lisle Vests, hand-crocheted
fronts in V neck and square neck
effects; variety of patterns.
Swiss Ribbed Lisle cn no
Union Suits, 09c,98c
Fine Swiss ribbed lisle thread, low
neck sleeveless style, with tight knee
or lace trimmed drawers.
Imported Union Suits,
Hand Crochet Fronts,
$1.59 & $1.89
Swiss ribbed li'le thread, low neck
and sleeveless. Umbrella drawers,
lace trimmed.
Macy's Fur Storage Is the
Ideal Place for Your Furs
Furs to revive the proper care must ibe handled as carefulv as
delicate, per.-1' 'hie fruit.
Atacs's rrt'eps this fact in mind continuously, hence the care and
good attention our Rirs receive when they are placed in our charge
tor the Sumi.vr. Eich piece is hung on its own individual hanger. The
cold, dry nir invigorates and keeps the furs in perfect condition. Oilr
prices for tlvs -m a" arc r low. Third rioor. iiro.dw.y.
New, Enlarged, Perfectly Equipped Dep'i, Second Floor, Centre
Your savings amount to over one half of the price of the fabric.
Of course there are finer fabrics, newest among which are the
novel imported Bordure Ratines at 49c (fine quality with unique
borders), French Piques, Imported Plain and Embroidered Voiles
and Flouncing, and exquisitely embroidered "Carrean I.inneneau"
Linene Flouncing of sheerest open-work Voile at $7.74 a yard.
At Substantial SA VINGS
Displayed in the new. greatly enlarged and improved De
partmentSecond Floor. Brondwaw are the season's most notable
novelties in imported and domestic Dress Silks as well as all the
staple weave".
The verv latest fancies of Fashion are here in the smartest
patterns and the finest qualities that the silk looms of France,
China. Japan. Italy and America have produced.
Especially interesting are the new
Bulgarian Canton Crepes, 'Crepe de Chines. Plain and Brocaded Glace
Plain Crepes. Satin .Meteors. Salt Wafer Satin for
Printed Radium. Moire Poplins. bathing suits,
Printed Crepes. Hroche Poplins. Washable Silks.
Imported l-aconne Satins, Charmeiise. '
Marchioness Black Dress Silks, varn dved. made expresMv i
lor n. n. tai y cv km., range irom yyc to o.y a yard.
C. J. Bonnet et Cie. Lyons Dress Silks in the most fashionable
weaves and superior qualities, $1.29 to $4.96 a yard.
$1.25 Glace Taffeta Silk (yd.), 69c
Fashionable color combinations in yard-wide Taffeta of a -soft
lustrous quality appropriate for dresses, skirts and linings.
$1.25 Black Satin de Chine (yd.), 94c
A very rich black dress Satin, soft-finished, brilliant, heavy
and of durable quality. Width 40 inches.
.ic ana ooc uaimy i a
Sheer Flaxon (yd.) 1UC
Width 32 tn.
Flaxon has justly become one of
the most popular Summer fabrics,
because of its sheer beauty, excellent
wearing and laundering qualities and
the dainty patterns In which It Is
made. This is the finest quality and
may be had In a variety of designs
checks, stripes, plaids, etc., in over
n hundred styles. Quantity limited
to 150 pieces.
15c to 25c Dress and ia
Underwear Fabrics (yd.) 1"C
All frrsh, crisp, new goods, including:
Lattn (40 tn.)
Striped and Checked Madras (36 In.)
Pajama Cloth ()6 In.)
Crinkled Crepe (27 In.)
Underwear Crepe (27 In.)
Cheeked Dimity (27 In.)
vwi. lllipuiltu 111511011 m A
Repp Cloth (yd.) 19C
Yard Wide.
This Is the finest Repp made; ex
tremely durable nnd of softest, finest
quality, most excellent for nurses'
uniforms, skirts and dresses.
Elsewhere you cannot buy 27-lnch
Repp at this price, and remember the
convenience as well as the economy
In cutting yard-wide goods. Limited
Macy s $2.19 Long Cloth & Nain
sook (12 yds.) now $1.49
English Long Cloth Is 40 and 42
Inches wide; Nainsook is 39 inches.
There are only six hundred pieces
at this unprecedented price, so early
purchasing will be necessary. All
are perfectly woven mattrials of fine,
son quamy anu even texture.
25c Imported English Dimity (yd.) 12c
wimn 22 in.
with dainty raised
Width 32 in. Finest, verv sheer, perfectly woven Dimitv
crossbar effects in eight patterns.
The details of very special economies in almost
every Department in the Store, including:
Women's Tailored Suits
Were $29.75 to $54.75, are now $15.74 and $29.75.
A collection of ISO Suits taken from regular stock.
Men's $20.00 Suits, $14.75
Worsteds and Flannels. The worsteds In conservative
models in plain colors and smart stripe effects. The flat
nels with patch pockets and In hair nnd chalk line stripes.
Clearance of 1,943 Prs. Curtains
Savings of to 1 A on Curtains of muslin, lace, mar
quisette and scrim, ranging from those at 49c (usually 64c)
up to those of Marie Antoinette lace at $5.49 (usually 87.74
to 58.75).
Great Sale of Towels
Towels of every kind for every purpose, ranging In price
from Turkish towels at 10c up to absorbent silk bath towels
at 79c (measuring J7 in. x .-w in.).
replayed in the Macy collection of
Handkerchiefs are exquisite embroid
ered novelties made by the expert
needlewomen of Appenzell, Switzer
land, and ranging in price from 44c. to
$99.50 each.
Madeira Embroidered Handker
chiefs, in dainty novel designs on sheer
linen -our own importations range
in in uo from 3h. to $10.74 each.
50c to 75c Hand-Embroi- on
dered Handkerchiefs, each ovC
I'riim ftiulrlru. l'lin soft llnoii with
ilnlntv nml rlnbnrnto enrnnrefTectn. hand
M-itJopiil mIki'R or linnrt " embroidered
50c Hand Scalloped Linen n j
Handkerchiefs, each LnC
Very ilultitv lliirulkrri'hlpf. of pure
llin'ii, -i,.,.r mihI flti.. thri'i. MylfM of
M'nlloiril i-iIki'v, mtj" nrntly hntui-rm-lmi(lrr'l
Women's 25c Handker- 7 j
chiefs, Special, a half doz. f C
It Mi lllii-ii of Mift, line weave, with
corilml linr1rH anil prettily hsnd-om-tiroltlori'd
Mcn's25cPureIrishLinen q
Handkerchiefs, each 157C
llHtui-Uiri'Hcl drawn hero tn H, H, M
and 1 Inch widths.
Men's 35c Extra Large ni
Size Handkerchiefs, each -tC
SALE Extraordinary of
New, Enlarged, Perfectly Equipped Department, Second Floor
npin in , nnu inrn wiuuis.
durable uimllty of linen.
Mln Floor,
Because of recent labor trou
bles in the Ribbon making in
duMrj. it is unusual to find a
store with a complete assort
ment of" Ribbons.
Macy's. however. Is replete with
all the new styles and patterns
in foreign and domestic Ribbons,
including the popular
Floral Warp. Cut Vehei
Bulgarian and Tapestry Effects
Chinese Print Rithns
Xocelty Stripe Ritton, ite.
Wash Ribbon (yd.),
14c, 19c, 24c, 34c,
Roll of ten yards in
1. l'j. J. A and 5 respectively.
All-silk Ribbon, satin ground with
self colored pin dots. Colors
white, pink, baby blue.
Six-Inch Messalinesi
Kibbon (yd.),
Highly lustrous, soft quality
In pink, light blue and white.
Moire and Taffeta 01
5i, in, Ribbon (yd.), llC
Pure sill. Moire and Taffeta
Ribbon of soft, fine quality, ex
cellent for sashes, girdles, hair
Ikiws. etc. Colors pink, light
blue, cardinal, and navy.
Regular Macy prices on all merchandise are materially lower than
prices elsewhere, and always afford worth-while savings.
Macy's No. 820 and" 830 Linens are imported from Belfast.
The former are in two charming designs, for round tables: the
latter for both square and round tables: in choice of scroll, fleur-de-lis,
bowknot, American Beauty and Walls of Trov patterns.
The prices range from to 55.49. These Linens are" obtainable
only at Macy's.
Fine Table Linens at Great Savings
2l Imported Irish Linen $2.25 Satin Damask
Double Damask (yd.), 88c Napkins (doz.), $1.69
WMt). 71 lnnl,j lt . f l
Ity, In 11 rlinlie selection of ilallilv cle
Hltjiih, full lilemlied, Hiroiiitiiiid beautiful.
Double ilanmsli niiUHi to inntrli
(VI In x -.'l In.) ate sit.'.IJ a uneti.
Satin Damask
Table Cloth, $1.34
Hlie 70 In. x c in. All piirn Irioli
linen dammk of finest ri'inllty, in elab
orate and effective detenu; perfectly
bleached and woven.
, Size k In. x In. Pure IrlMi linen
d.mmik of Kitporior quality, lu dlstlnu
tl dehlittis. Very upeclnl.
$3.00 Hand-Embroidered
Lunch Cloths, $1.89
Kl? 4:. in. nqiiare. Pure Irluli linen of
fine quality, bountifully hiind-einbrold-erpd
nnd Imnd-diHwn In ,lnpan. Since
we Import ibese linens ourBelves. Maoy's
prleeH ale considerably lower than elsewhere.
Linen Scarfs and Draperies from fapan
Pure Linen
Doilies dez.), 18c
Hie SV; In.
on fine linen I
Linen Scarfs, 98c
Slut I8m36. 18x45. 18x54 Inches.
Dainty, auhRtnntlnt SenrN of pure
linen. Imported from .Tnpan nnd elabo
rately worked. Choice of throe sle.
Novelties in Japanese Floral Cloths
Suitable for Summer hangings and use. Very beautiful fabrics of rich
cciorlngs, gay with typical Japanese lloral designs.
89c. Toweling (10 yd. piece), now 69c 59c. Shams f20 in. x 29 in.), now 49c
5'V. Scarfs (17 in. x SO in.), now 49c
rnilnii. Hnjtntal nulitnitnn
Dollleii. rjlain or with ilalntv
eyelet embroidery. Can alao ,be used for
mat cover.
-60c Dress Linen, Yatd, 39c-
Choice of Irish Ramie Weave (45 inches wide) or French
Ramie Weave (46 inches wide). The Irish Linen is verv Iimw
supple fabric, durable and beautiful. The French "Linen is
more finely woven and is also verv strong and effective in quality
and texture. Both are delightful for Summer costumes, suits
or skirts.
mmm mmm R. H. Macy & Coa Attractions Are I heir Low Prices.
mm W Mmm Herald Square, aBroadwa)
In conjunction with the sale of Table and Dress Linens we offer many
special values In Towels for guest, kitchen and office use. Savings propor
tionately as great as on the above Linens.
Satin Taffeta
5 1 .i in. Ribbon (yd.),
Soft, lustrous Ribbon
,in white, pink or I
SHAVINGS OF 15 FOR YOU on the finest and mr
complete display of quality Bed Linen that we have
ever been able to show. Displaved in the much im
proved and enlarged quarters of the Department in
the Basement, Rear.
All sizes giren are before hemming, with the exception
of "Fruit of the Loom," which are in finished sizes.
Hemmed Sheets in Thoroughly Dependable Brands
Heavy Taffeta
5U in. Ribbon, (yd.), Z4c
l:.tra strong, firmly woven
Tatfeta of finest lustre and qual
it. e-pecially designed for chil
dren's hair bows. Colors white,
pink, baby blue.
4?i in. Hair and n
Sash Ribbon (yd.), 4C
Novelty ' effects in Taffeta
ground with edges of moire,
soft, beautiful and very dur
able. Same Ribbon 6l Inches
wide is 33c a v.ird.
ITrMe uf Trull or Trull of ....... 'T.JIra I... . "s,mrinr
)lrod il,e the Loom" J,' .,. " "" o.ViT.f !.0-r $MyJ
,ltcmmr,l 'llrminM Mll,h-il. ""nmed. t)l,'cffd, jllemmeil. M,JJ,e'di
54 In. x 90 In. I 44c ' 49c 59c 77c 87" lie
63 In. x 90 In. ; 49c ( 69c 79c
63 In. x ?i in. 1 56c 74c 84c S1.16 SI .31
72 in: x xi In. , 56c 74c 84c -
72 In. x win. 59c 79c 89c $1.07 $1.19 $UR $1.53
72 in. x ion in., 86c 96c $1.13 $1.26 $1.49 $1.64
81 in. x 90 in. 59c 79c 89c
81 In. x '9 in. 66c 86c $1.13 $1.26 $1.49 $1.63
81 in. x 108 in. 94c $1.04 $1.23 $U6 j $1.57 $1.74
90 in. x o in. 66c 1 86c 96c , ' $1 13
90 in. x 99 in. 1 94c j $1.04 ! $1.23 $143 $1.57 $1.69
90 In. x 108 in. 1 99c I $1.09 , $1.29 , $1.43 1 $1.66 $1.74
Pillow Cases in Grades to Match
42 In. x 36 in. 14c 17c 22c 26c 29c
45 In. x 3d in.l 15c 19c 24c 27c 33c
50 In. x 30111.! 16c 21c 26c 29c 36c
54 in. x M in. 18c 22c 27c 29c 36
10c to 15c Embroidery
Edging (yd.), 7c
It Idths 2 to 4 Inches.
Prettily embroidered on sheer mus
lin, nainsook or heavy cambric.
20c to 30c Embroidery
Edging (yd.), 12c
Dainty designs m sheer or heavy
materials, in over a hundred effective
patterns, (-specially pretty for neck
wear, blouse or dress trimming, and
etxra strong edges for skirts and com
bination suits.
40c to 50c Embroidery
Flouncing (yd.), 29c
Width 17 inches.
Effective patterns in eyelet or blind
work embroidery on sheer muslin (for
dresses), or heavy cambric (for under
skirts). 20c to 25c Swiss Muslin
Galloons (yd.), 12c
Widths l'j to 3 Inches.
Double edge, dainty patterns. Most
effective for trimming wash dresses and
I . T . H . .....I I U.I.-
$1.00 to $1.25 Wide Em
broidered Flouncing (yd.), 59c
Width 26 Inches.
A varied assortment of twenty beau
tiful patterns, embroidered in Ilnglish
eyelet, imitation Madeira and blind
work designs, on fine, -heer muslin.
Will make charming frocks for Summer
$1.00 to $1.50 Allover
Embroideries (yd.), 74c
Width 21 inches.
A choice assortment of patterns, in
effective nllover designs. Delightful
for yokes, blouses, lingerie hats and
children's wear.
$1.25 to $1.75 Voile
Flouncing (yd.), 89c
Width 45 Inches.
Embroidered voile-and-laco com
bined, also English eyelet and em
broidered Muslin Flouncing, In charm
ing patterns tor bummer dresses,
80c to $1.00 Shadow
Lace Nets (yd.), 69c
Width 17 to 18 Inches.
Of finest filmy texture, in wonder
fully dainty patterns; white or ecru.
At this price are alv reproductions of
Carrickmacross lace and shadow nets,
outlined with silk thread.
15c to 25c Lace Edging
and Insertion (yd.), 9c
Width J$ to 4 Inches.
While or cream shadow, linen, Cluny
and cotton filet patterns; lovely for
trimming wash dresses, neckwear,
mouses, etc
Lovely LACE of Exquisite QUALITY
UmAntu I 9C I inon I 1 AA a.
$1.50 Corset Cover
Embroidery (yd.), 79c
Width 17 Inches.
Made of finest, softest Swiss muslin,
exquisitely ' embroidered in beautiful
oesigns. Chice of six dainty patterns.
$2.00 to $3.00 Dress
Flouncings (yd.), $1.39
Width 45 Inches.
A variety of delight Ail Flouncing ot
nt this price. Including:
Embroidered Voile, combined with
novel Ratine lace.
Embroidered Batiste with lnsertsof
Bohemian, Carrickmacross and Venice
Lace, in exceedingly dainty designs.
Nofelty Flouncings outlined in
dainty colorings. Also lovely ecru
muslin Flouncing, embroidered In
effective English eyelet and blind work
25c Linen
Cluny Lace (yd.), 17c
Width H ' Inch.
Real linen Cluny insertion and edg
ing In a host of delightful patterns and
60c to 75c Shadow
Lace Flouncing (yd.), 49c
Width 17 inches.
Demi-flouncing In white or ecru, pop
ular for trimming dresses and petti
coats or making corset covers and chil-
drens dresses,
$1.00 to S1.45 Silk
Chantilly Flouncing, 74c
Width 17 Inches.
Choice assortment of exquisite black
or white Chantilly and cream or white
shadow lace flouncing In wonderful
floral patterns.
35c to 50c Shadow
Lace Pleating (yd.), 23c
Width 2 to 4 Inchu.
Daintiest full pleating of delicate
wnue or ecru lace In a world of pretty
. . . 1 uinnuirara i patterns.
ZMacyfs $8.89 to $10.89 Embroidered Robes, $5.69 '
uiiiiiiiut- iiyun i di sneer vo e.nneii aim crepe, exquisueiv einoroiuereii (somejnv land) n white, nink blue lv,
arid novc Bu canan effects. M str k no v effect vedes ons. On v.-i dwnf mMi .fi i..V. ' r'K. fine, lav
Main Floor. 34tb Htreot.
Broadway, 34th to 35th St.
FURNITURE for Summer
At Worth- While SA VINGS
Hints from our new and very much improved and enlarged Depart
ment on the Sixth Floor, where the regular Macy savings are one
fifth to one-fourth on every desirable kind of Summer Furniture.
Macy's Couch Hammocks at $9.74
As illustrated abotc, and measuring 72 in. x 28 in. Covered
in brown khaki, and with a most comfortable "Romelink" spring.
Iron stands (as shotcn), with folding legs, at $2.97, and Awn
ings at $5.94.
Full assortment of Couch Hammocks, up to those at $20.24, which are
made of the finest white duck, thickly and comfortably upholstered oter best
quality tempered steel springs.
Solid Oak Splint Suites at $34.50
Consisting of Settee, Arm Chair, Rocker and Table. Finished
either in brown or in forest green. Every piece well braced and
bolted, and reinforced underneath with steel bands under the
Hand-Made Three-Piece Suites of IVilloW
Consisting of Settee at $22.49, Chair at $11.24, and Rocker at
$11.74. All with shaped, wide arms, roomy seats and high backs.
Hand-Made Three-Piece Suites of IVilloW
The Rocker at $8.24, the Arm Chair at $7.49, and the Settee at
$15.34. Very strongly made, with wide arms and roomy seats.
Camel-Back Hand-Made IVilloW Suites
Designed with a graceful curve in the backs, and with large,
comfortable seats. The Rocker at $7.34, the Chair at $6.89, and
the Settee at $13.89. Finished in silver gray.
Mack's Willow "Bar Harbor" Chairs, $4.89
Hand-made, with deep, roomy seat, comfortable curved high
back, and reversible cushions of' brown, green or red velour.
Wicker Suites in White Enamel
Wide, shaped arms, high back. The Settee at $24.24, the Chair
at $13.89, and the Rocker at $14.24.
Wicker Card Tables, $28.75
Complete with 4 Chairs.
Wicker Tea Wagons. $8.24 to $18.49
Wicker Couches, $6.34 to $16.89
Wicker Muffin Stands, $3.34
Wicker Flower Pot Stands, $324
Miscellaneous Pieces at Great Savings
Camp Stools, 49c to $1.98
Porch Rockers, 79c to $2.79
Willow Springs, $14.24 to $2124
Willow Arm Chairs, $4.49 to $14.89
Willow Magazine Stands, $5.49
Wood Swings (complete), $12.89
What is probably the finest display in the citv. as well as
the most complete and comprehensive, is to be found in the new
and vastly improved quarters of the Carpet and Rug Department,
now on the Fourth Floor. The Escalator is a convenient anil
direct means of reaching the department.
"Miles StandistY' Washable
Rag Rugs and Runners
Guaranteed washable, in colors that will not run, and made
of absolutely new, fresh and unused materials. Not a par
ticle of old used fabric in any one of them. An extraordi
narily wide variety in size, color and effects.
8tta prlt.
2 ft. .lln.xJft. $1.98
2 ft. 3 in.xto ft. 6 in.$2.34
Klio irlMi
24 In. x A6 in. 59c
27 in. x 54 In. 98c
30 In. X60 in. $1.19
36 In. x 72 In. $1.64
4 ft. x 7 fu $2.44
6 ft. x 9 ft. $4.89
B ft. X 10 ft.
9 ft. X 12 ft.
9 ft. X 15 ft.
12 ft. X 12 ft.
12 ft.Xl5 ft.
2 ft. 3 In. x 12 ft. $2.69
2 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft. $3.48
3 ft. x 9 ft. $2.48
Straw Matting from China and from Japan
A eery wide variety in design and color. The China Mat
tings, more durable and serviceable than are the Japanese
Mattings, are of. touch, heavy straw. Thev are in small
chequered or striped effects in red, green and blue on a ground
work of the natural straw color.
The Mattings from Japan are of a fine, close-woven neat straw that
allows of carpet deslsns in large and small tifiured effects carried out In green,
red. blue, tan and natural.
Matting Imported from China
Roll of 40 yards, $7.24, $8.74
and up to $12.48.
Matting Imported from Japan
Roll of 40 yards, $9.89, $10.24
and up to $19.89.
Plain While Mattlm. without figure or design, at $9.89 and $14.24 a roll.
Highest Grade Royal Wilton Rugs
Savings of one-qttartcr on these fine Rugs, made by one of the
best manufacturers in the country whose name (tho' not men
tioned here by request) is woven into the back of everv Rug.
Eeery Rug is absolutely perfect in weave, and the quality of the
yarn and dyes is up to the full standard for this grade. The yarn
is all worsted, very closely packed in weaving, very resilient, and
resistant to wear. Almost any color scheme can be carried out.
as. browns, greens, tans, mixed with reds, ecrus, etc., can be had
in both small figures and large figures. At these prices it would
be worth any one's time to select a Rug and have it held for Full
delivery, as these prices will not be duplicated again for a long
Inlaid and Figured Cork Linoleum, Reduced
jtturtu isiiiuicums in n yam wiuin ana cnoice oi eigiu
patterns, including tile effects in greens, browns, white and blues
and hardwood effects in two shades of brown. A very slight im
perfection in the print, in some rolls, that will not affect the wear.
The inlaid Linoleums in 2 yard width are in brown, tan, white
and green tile effects, and in "granite" patterns in brown, green
and blue.
Macy's 69c Figured Linoleum ' Macu's $1.19 Inlaid Linoleum
2234 In. x 3 In.
27 In. x 54 In.
36 in. x 36 In.
36 in. x 63 in.
36 In. x 72 in.
6 ft. X 9 ft.
8 ft. 3 In. x 10 ft. 6 In.
r.o- nprri.i
whew. Wire.
$3.25 $2.48
$4.75 $3.48
$4.50 $3.48
$7.75 $5.48
$8.00 $6.48
$28.25 $19.48
$41.50 $27.50
9ft. X 12 ft.
9 ft. X 15 ft.
10 ft. 6 in. x 10 ft. 6 In.
10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft.
10 ft. 6 in. x 13 ft. 6 In.
11 ft. 3 In. x 12 ft.
11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft.
Special at (iq. yd.), 44c Special at (sq. yd.), 79c

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