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lilm In the point of hli huirt's dexlre hy
an r.tl,ili
Then- worn two slngloa In New York's
tinlf Meiers'." ii ir?hli settled In Onre.x's
hangar hand", lint the tinted pinch Ii. it,
MrCortnlrlt, rapped a Iiicltt mer second
r.'oopor ran for tilm nnd iru-l t" tali"
third when f turns lifted n nm.li' t" short
left Wagner wont out for IhW hit nnd
threw nut I'oopi-r at thml I c rrv fouled
7iir' was nothing milnrj in I ittsburg'n
ninth cave that a hull bounced off Was-
tn-rtf lint, struck fnul ntul rnllrii in
.nerkle gathered il hi nml Wagner mini t j would pull him through
move from tin' pinto tn t Ii p-cond half. Coomb had a sliht touch of ptiPtj-l-'lelcher
look the tni'iny by ritiprls.- lie! nionl.i about thirx wick .-iso ;inil the mill
United The ball clung l Hi' foul line, spll last week Mi'" hltn a tn-sh cold,
vith llyriie hoping II would roll mil Vnln j The old itijm ot his rupture, susialtiPd
hope. It rolled against tho butt A puss j while pitching agilnst Hip Cilants In IhP
put Doyle on llr.it and Murray sai-rltlrcd i world's t-ciles In Intl. became ncarnvatrd
Morkle s ity to t'utt-y brought In 1'lelcher i by excessive coughing und It -was. neecs
and sent Imyl" to thltd llerstog missed sary to perform minor operation There
thrpp Mrllu-s b a wide in irgln I little doubt that h will not be able to
With two out and two nn In llie tenth I do any pitching of i"nneo,iiencp this year,
Crandall did spiv Holding on Mrnor's but "a man like Coombs," cild the stir
grounder Hetidm struck out tho sldii'goon, "should be able to come bick Just
in New York s half. Crandall enjoying a
utroll In between. Carey reached second
In tho eleventh on n single nnil a sacrltlcc.
Wagner wasn't equal to the opportunity
Ho filed to Dcvore. nnd when Miller hit
to Herzog Carey xvas i-nuglii between
bases. Although Do le win hit In the
second half. .Murray ami Merkle couldn't
help him. HendrU singled, with two out,
In tho twelfth and Doyle Kalhered In
Kelley'si liner, Ciandall doubleil, with
two out, 111 New York's turn and llyrno
raked down a towering My from Hums.
Tho score
PITTSIIl'nn NEW YoitK iN t,i
;ih r h P s p nb r h ti 11 p
lennr.ct s o o : n dUiirnnll . u o I .1 i o
farcy II ' 2 f, 0 M)eore.if, fl n I 1 0
Vlox 5b 3 0 10 1 " nei.'li'r s 1 3 s 1
Wir, 5 0 0 14 (IioUPtli' .1 S
llllr,lb I 1 1 13 ii oMurrny.rf 5 n n j
Wilon rt , M : ft ii Mi-rtilf.il. 0 IT
Myrii.3b .1 0 o j 0 llcrjos.Jb. .', 0 0 i
Mninn e 3 0 : 7 " 0 Mrrpra.e . n n ;
Hoop . . ) 0 ii (i ii OTPireail p J 0 0
Heinlrlx.ti 1 it 1 n o e im t'nrni k 1 1 n
Ail.ims.p n o I o r, i' jro,i,pc.,. j i t e
1II.alt 0 0 ii 0 0 t CrKiidaJl.ti . 0 10
Krlly.c t n o 4 o a siiwItr'M 0 ) o o
TI-,1. 1A 1 11111 Tlla n, 1 ti .1 '!
linn for Simon In llie fpntli liinlii:
Batted fnr Ait.imn In the until uininr
tPtted lor Te-iPAU tu the pulitb Intiin.
Illiin tor Mi-Cormirk In i)k riahili iiiiutu
'.tian for CriiiLill In llie twrltlli iniiui.
rittshurir . n o 0 I n o o o (i i) o
Npw York oooooooriiooo
Kirnt bawi on error- Pillbur? III on b.ifP
-Illtuburr, y. Ne York ! Virt bi-p on
hkllt-OIT A(lim. n: ell llPii.lrlJt. I. otl Te
raw, S, o(I I'r.iiHlall. I struck out H Ailim.
: by llPiiilrm 4, In Trrc.iu 3, hy CrincUII. 3
Thrfo bnp hlts-Mmnn, Flctilirr Two baw
hit Crandall Sanlllrp tmn-Viot. Murray
Sacrlflrp flvMcrkIn Slftlpti h.i.i-.-rnrpr. Mil
Ipr. Murraj lio'tble plni- Kl't-lier atiil Mrrklp
I'aanpd ball Mnion lilt bv it beil b.ill Hy
Adams iDcvorci to- llcn.HH, illorle 1 1 it
Off Adann. in nine tnuiiuii. off llenilnx. I In
three li.nlni:, oft Te.rcjvi " in r.nlit inning,,
off Cruml Jll. 3 In tour iiininv.' t'nipire In
ihlel-O'H.iy Field umpire Kninlie Time-,
bourn jilI il nimutin
Ynlrrdny'a neinlta.
Jtontreil, li Jerey city 0 i"n InnliiEJ
llochPJter. 'i Nevark, 2. ( !lrt cinip i
Newark, IS, Hnclitr. I. iwnml Biuie)
BurfalA, 3, ProUdencp. C 'KIpipii In
rdnir; I
Toronto, 5, naltlmorp. : iTp'i Innlne" )
klandlBK of the Claba.
17 0 ' il'Tprnn,p II II III1
W t.
17 II Wltochesier 1- II .(il
BtlUmore II 13
,S10 Montreal. .111 1.1
rrovwtnce.. . 12 u
i. Jrrwj illy.,.. 10
To-dy' chedalp.
Jerey rity In Mnntreol
Itochettpr In N'park
nocheater lllta Altclilaon nnd Thry
Iti'lallntp tin ttnlnii.
Rornr.sTER, May 17. Itochestcr and
Newark divided a double header thN after
noon, th" Hutlers taking tne tltt a:ne,
to "J, and losing the second. 1. to I.
The Hus.leis pounded .Mtchlsnn hard the
rlrst game and he wan replaced by Gapklll.
The Indians knocked .tack Qulnn all over
the lot and out of It In the eeond game.
The .'corps :
1'IHST oami:
an r h p a e uli 1- h p a p
Collin,rf 4 1 0 0 0 0 Martin 3
Tooley.ni 1 0 0 1 0 11 Tart nek 3b I
1 t 0 3
Uarnl r." 5 I 1 0 1 0 mllh.rf
I 0 3
W Z'an.lf 40130 I Zinii.i f .1 3 '. 0 f
Swae a.lb 4 0 10 1 O.Mm'onn.Sb 4 3 3 1 1
Merpm.ef 4 0 110 os-irudilb : 0 :n t 0
r; n an 3D 1 . . uonrov 11, 3
Oetr.Cb t 0 0 4 1; lJaikli'Phct
1 3 0
0 0 4 11
MeCarty.c 1 0 t 5 i 0 Krele.p , 1 u
Hirs-itu.c : '1 1 3 1 1
Al'hia'n.p t 0 0 0 1) 0' TPtal 33 1
;aUell,p. : 0 0 '1 1 n
' II
Totals. :s :
!t Pi t
Newark loooonoo
noctitiler ... 3030:ono
Thrpe bai hits-Simmon. Sacrifice hiin -1
Sehmldt, Tooley. Stolen bares Martin Zlnn
rirst baup oit prrnrs Koohenrr. 1; Newark. 1
Flrnt bafp 011 ballJ-Oft Allihlon 1, off Ga
hell, 3 Hit by pitcher llr Oarkell. 1 Struck
out Dt Krpfe. 4: by Altrhlsou. I; by lia.kcll,
3 Left on hasre-.Rr,e!irMt'r. Newark, f
I7mpire--IIiiPk and Nallln Tluie- 1 hour and
(0 minium
ab r h p a e ab r h p a e
Martin, m 40111 ICo'.lin. rf s 1 3 1 0 0
Pad ck.3b 3 1110 1 rcmmrr.ra ft 1 ; 3
mlth.cf 4 0 1-00 W.7.1 an.lf r. 1 3 1
'.inn rf.. t 0 1 2 0 0!S'c:'a.lb 4 0 15
Wm'n.:h 4 0 0 1 3 liMpyera.ef 4 13 0
f-chm't.lb 0 1 11 0 O K Zi'uti.Jb 4 0 0 0
I'onr'y.lf 4 0 0 0 0 0 llarirr..b 10 0 1
0 II,
0 1
; 0
2 0
1 0
Hlalr.c 4 0 0 8 1 1 5e.tr. !h!b 4 : 1 0
QiUnn.p . 3 0 0 0 7 llMcCarty.c S 1 4 4
,lKU,p. .3100
.8wadM0ut.nthirdS"lXrtPrer:ce-'-7 -
Rocheartrr. . . . 00000100 11
Newark 0 0 2 : 3 1 1 3 l-i:
Two Darn
.bS,a?"TC,Vln'' '' M'r,r' .J1"'"
haaa hit
Stolen ban!-idiilpr. Sv.-j,tni, .Mpvrri. rirn
haaa on errors Kodinw. :, Newark. 4 Kirn
Iiaao on hall Off Oninn, 1. olf Hell, 1 Slruikl
nut-by Qulnn. a by Hell, 4 Left on lu.ra -
5f,h',erA ,: J,,oya''k' 1 mpirea dlaye and ;
Nalltn Tlrap-l hour and IS minutes
Meal. Wild Pllon anil MnKlethn following InHltutlunh have been In-1.-
Af.....r..i n,i.. .,. vtl.d tn see the Ilrooltlyps and St Louis
Give Montrral Only It 11 11.
MONTBEAI., May 17. Montreal scored
the only run to-day In a ten Inning g-ame
xvlth Jersey City. Mason and lax-U eis
the pitchers und honors xvrro i.-xen between
;thm until thn llnlfh i-an.n MiiJdenly.
With ono out In the fnth. Alien walked
mid stolo second as Davis let loose a x lid
Trtteh. Ollhooly's slntlu tu lift ucurvd
Allen. The score :
ab r h p a p ah r h p a e
Vu'n.aa C 0 : 3 4 0 Al!n.lf .1 I 0 0 0
Knifht.Jb 2 0 0 4 s 0 Oiih'lv.cf 3 0 1 0 0
Kellr.lf.. S 0 1 3 0 Oiflanf'rd rf 4 0 1 0 0
liarry.lb. 4 0 0 10 0 0 nru-a.lh I 0 oil 0 0,
M'C'ba.rf 4 0 1 3 0 0,I.riuHjx,,ni 40:120
l'rry,cf.. 4 0 110 0 Cu'hani,.b 4 0 0 4 -1
W.P't'Ub 4 0 10 4 o.n p'in hi 1 ft 1 3 : 1 1
MilhVao 30040 0 burnt, e 1011301
Davit p.. 4 0 0 0 1 lM.io:i,p 1 0 n 1 3 o
Total..33o",7 13 l' ToUlu . 31 1 'Mi: "
One out when winning run nai xt-nred.
.leraeyClty ... oooooooooo-o
MonireaJ 000000000 1 1
rirn has nn errora Jerpy I'lty, : Left on
baaea Montreal, 1: Jerm-y Cu, t Stolen
liaaea Allen. 2; W I'urlell. Sacrifice hlt
Koily. Knifht. Struck oul-Dy Maion, S: by
Davii, 4 Klmt ham nu balls-Off llavia. 1.,
off Maaon. 1. Wild nltch-Uavls l'axed balli
Burna. Sullivan llme-5 houra. l.'tnpliea
Klnneran and Qultley
Sllne All lllahtt Tram Cnlla.
anrv:- May 17 iluffnlo mado It
nrt' ptruiKht from Providence b.x win--iUur
to-day'p elexeu Inning ame, :i tu 2,
;t Vos 11111 Sllne'b Hut appprancu for
thp team and h pitched linn ball. His
t-lda had plenty of i-hancea tu acoro, but
they wero unfortunate to hit Into double
plays or not to hit at nil when tho chancea
xx-ero ripe. Tho acorc:
R. II. K
Huflaln .,01000100001 3 'l 0
Providence. 00 i) 00 11 0:00 0 2 10 J
llaitprl'r Knllenwi'ldir and Lu Lunge,
ntlnr and J. Onrlo.i
At Hei-reiitlnii I'nrk,
n. it. n.
ill Francll 0 02:30 0 6 8
Hryant. . 0 3 2 0 1 2 x 8 4 4
Batttrl'a Mild and Kltnrrald; Miller,
fuorner and Qtnavere,
lint I'li.slelnn Uny Iron Mnn Ought
t lip All It luhl "sell Yrnr.
I'lili ADfi.riitx, M.i IT Th" reports of
luck t'oombs, i hi- Iron M.m of the Ath
letics, being erlllrally III arc a tilt rang
gcratid. lr, Male. dm MiT.irl.inc, Hip
t-urp-pnii who has been httrn.PnK the great
Pitcher, said lu-day tli.it fiiiitub.4 wan suf
fering from a ('.implication of diseases,
lull that his tobust nlivslniie undoubtedly
a. good an evpr after h has rested up
C.rrnt Cruml i'i IliicUliorti Outrun
nturlli- nt l.tmlt lllr.
I.ortsMt.i 1:, Ky , .M.iv IT -Ten thousand 1
perions wltnoM-d tin1 lunnlni; ul the Cl.ilh
Handicap tills .itlvrnuon at Chun hi 1
Downs. The iMiirse was h av. rrogleit"
the gr-it runner of th- Schorr Mahli, as 1
fax mi lie. but tin- w'nnei' tin lied up In the
C mad', 111 owned fioe. luickhurn, t.i 1
r'oi'.i 11 n. 1 "M'niid. 1
At a tin" ting of the Stat-' It.ulng Com-
mlssbiu ,i-il.i the Kt'iitu.liV i-.dii'.rii
HaK, lo be Mill lift III the fill, W I
iiwnideil to Chtiichlll Imaii-. which led
iln.iiini fur th v.nts. Uougl.is r.uK
.,! ,1 ;..,f. TI,.. .111rm.nl,'.
Klrrt I!s"p flp nnd a Half Vurlena"
I.ml) l.lnlitiilna, lu7 Mlmrei. IrM . Cnppe"
ipimi 10 1 Kim lik.iiiin frmtiil Thelteii'h.
le: irtk,. thlnl Tim. 1 t'7 Aninrfi.
Tllhr 9 Malitiiinrp. l.l'tle Veil H' k U .
I. II Art ilr Merrick ,m, Ith K iiiro mn
!. Mulurls i.il.i t.ailt tlKhfinc ririlcllt
li '0, pla p 13 . flm,v I' ripper I
lew, p.... p k phi, a . 14 ThP lt.-a li. !
h..n 1 3 . '
.-iron, I ltd' p. I'nur and a Half I urlnngn- 1
Ol.l Itn.rbll l 11, (I'plki I'rrl l( IlllPf
'10' lT,illii, ".p'onil. 1iiip itiuriT. i" 1
i.Mrtlnhii 11. thlnl Tin, p. On ll.trh.i-,i
! iiiel ltrtluirnni alro run.
IS Mtiniri- nil'): ni'l HPhii,l, .tralcht 1
i. p! v S- 'i'. iIikii. $. '' K lamer
I ,.n, to. jliow, l..n llr.iv I'u'.iiuer
hu. 1. ',0
1 Thlr.l Ilnie. SK Curlonif II'Ipo Harbp.
11-' (Ktepi. tlrl S. It. Mfrr. 102 lOmi"i,
K, iw'l, .II111 llarpv. 113 iKeilrrl". thil l.
rini. 1 11. ranr.irei aln ran
I: MutuU p.il'l HlPti Il.irnpr. i-lralBhl
13 '.'" p.aip t: i" It. Mer. piaie,
12 f-o s.i hhniv brMlnir.
I'eiir'h liii' 1 ni urn! a Sixteenth MI!p
1 I llu, kh'irn 1.: nin.i.p,, tint; Horn I ir.i.
1 li", iMux'nm. e. fin.l , Any Per'. 1H2 lK
0 I ilrln. Ihir'l. Time. 1 . 1 s 1 rrngiega
0 uli.1 ran
i: MutiieK pBiii- niKunnrn Mrairni.
7 1.1
11 . lie. f3 TU I Inra Kim, tila, ll .
0 Klttll Ui,p iiiip MP- Pllil Twrnn .lr,U
Pr'n- lleilillr 111 iTeuhniii. t'.rvt . Slr.n
1 ii', i", llA 1 ( 1 1 n p 1 . .penn-' iTrin' 111
, ,1 nn..) lt.I-,1 TrilP. 1 II I ii I I'lninii
, riyiii; Tom, Crieppu
M.l'I'li ,le ..let H ip
.l ;'! r.m
i. Mutiielp paid I'rlni- ll-rfnl? -tralchi 1
'111 70. nlve t rhn 13 '.'" Strin."ll" I
I Uiv, II IP, Mnu. 13 10. iPiilll. rhow, '
13 0 I
Mmh Itarr. llr. ami a Klvteetitll Mll
?1. ,
r.ri-t rii-ptn. in (mix. ,
Inn, prrnnil. Mr i'ariiy. ins iiPHirin
thlnl. Tlmr. I ix i-i.
Thp Cinder and
Mdr Ann K :iln ran.
SJ MuimU nail. liu ptratitht.
II 40
pla'p, J: 11 Mi'. $? "1 -pplli. y'r.
13 n, rhni. J- ''' .r ',ip"1i' ihn 1;
ip lViTpr lllta, but Mori- llutia.
Toi-.onto. Mav 17. The - afs won
their x,,.,n.l htra.cht ram.i from Haiti.
r,,,,,.. in the nn.tn InnlnL- ti,.,tav bx .. ,'
1 1 score of 3 tn L'. Shankey allowed fewer
J'hlts than Maxwell, hut was wild and got
o Pr bupport. The score .
H It. K
Ilaltlmnre. 0 0 0 ft 0 0 1 1 ft3 13 1
Toronto . ..OA;o00ftft 13 1
Hattfrp -Shawkry and i:riii. Maxwell
and ilraliaui.
Orll..l TnUr. S.vrii.h Into Camp.
Th Orltanl 1'lPld Club of Hackenssok
nffated the Sexenth Uegiinent baseball
' team of New York yesterday afternoon
h "ackensnck. In a
well played game by the score ot 4 to 3
The score.
n i-
orlianl r r ft 0 ; 0 ft ft : ft x-- t t. 'i
jj.Vrn,h IleB t . i. 1 o u l ft ft 0 1 : ; 0
( Orphan at lhbrla I'leld To-morroxr.
I It will be orphans' day at KhbPta I'leld
to-morrow Moie than 1,000 orphans from
Cardinals piny
St .lohn'H Home, Hebrew- Orphan Asy.
lum, Hencher Home, St Vincent's Home
for Hoys, Hrooklyn Disciplinary Training
School. Orphan Asylum Society and In-ilu'-trlnl
School Association.
. II I i HI l I M
III .. . . ..".-:,.-iir-T-'" ?;S3EBMBHMlkHBIH
fll'l'l II 'II III I
Try .One of Our
XT-v '-Xl 1 ; a.3
JLry v ariciica
Martini Regular
Martini Dry (mrrfum)
Martini Brut (uery dry)
Manhattan Regular
Manhattan Dry
4f all dealtn
& Bro.
Ntw York
imww aa
I ooprr ont nt third In the rlgtith on n
linns WiiKnrr, Trhu I'linaed out Into
( nrrji nnt nt the plote In tlie I'lrntvs Imlf of the auiiiv Innlnu on n
prrfrvl linrl anil rvln, Ilevurv to .llerkli- to Mr) era. Oddly rnotiich
the t hief atnrtril ( firrv nn hla Bind d.ish. hlvli bi isnn nt first hnar.
Trjlnn to rot off hla atrnl, Mryi-ra pritlird rlriir oxer llolr mill farey
krfit on to third. He tried to ploimh nil the xtny Inline, bill met the fnlr
ahoirn ahmp, Hail rlthrr of thrar
111 1 It lit not hntr brrn nn rtlrn Innlim tlr
Alan llr rifrhra tinitU Ilnll anil lleiln
Are Trimmed llnblltaell MeU.
ltoTON, May 17 dames plteheil cl
ball to.iliy nnd had perfect Mtppurt. the
Mraves taking the game, to llob
lltzell was out of th" game with ton
llltls and IVvlln Is also Incapacitated.
The score
iih rhpae ahrhp
1 : it f Mar'r'p 1
1 1 0 Myer Hi 4
o l 1 ; n
Halcr rf 4
llprliT . f i
Tlnkp.-.. I
M r'n. lb 4
h'dh'r .'0 4
Uraiii Hi. a
CUrltr 4
Rrnw n p
'Almrirta 1
lUrlPr.p, 'I
r.t.i,.- i
0 3 0 (iTon'rii) if
1 3
0 iw tipy :h 4
I i "
4 0 0
0 0 Tilu rf 1
1 '.' o n M.inii.cf . I
0 '.' . I snntli :h r
"'if Whaliiu p I
1 1 P'J.mi" u
0 0
0 0
1 0
ii n
i) Total' '.i
0 o
Totals .f4 ! II 74 II I
liattrd for Itmnn In thp ptith Inr.ini
tltatlr,) lor llarlir in Hip ninth llinin;
.111-1111411 'I II V II O J U n --
Uostnn 0 2 1 fl 1 0 0 ; . -6 "" "'" " '" ' "" uuiir- .,
Kir?' bap on error -Ilotton. 1. Cincinnati. 1 while th- Hrooklyn Derby for three-. vear
l.pfi on lmpp-Itoion. I; Cln'-lnnall, li Klrt old w-,11 bo starn-d nil l-'rUlav, Junp
- nn ball-Off Jamea s- off Ilronn. I: olf Aftf.r ,hP ,x track xdll be clo-ed
llntrr, l Mni'k oiit-Hj Jwnip, 4; by liar.; ... .. , , , , . , . .,
ter . Hnmp run-T1tii To bans tuf i "ntl1 W eilne,l,i . June 11. when the
Kim? Clarkp J-iiertflep hit l'nnnlly S-at-rp- Myrtle Stakes foi tluti-ycai -olds and up-
ii-janip ioipii nasia nnnpr. xiar
Time- I hour and f3 minute
.... ....... ,,,,,,, ,,.,
At i:illin -Irld.
n H.i:
i''nntraet Dit OOOOOOOPO-0
4 4
Cumtnprrlal De pi. 3 0 0 0 J 0 1 ft
0 1
Hkttrlex- -Holt nnd Ilnliiibprc
i leineni'
mil KU-lnfrld
. Tarrytown.
n 11 v I
" !:' V1
Irx Ine
0 1 3 0 a 11 11 0
llaitprlps Davison, DrlKS"
KutPriiiau and Andrrpen.
and l)i. han,
At Adelphl rteld.
R. II. E.
Adelrhl Sprond.
0 2 0 0 0 1 0 2 T 8 0
i I)V,!1,'.rri',;J.',.r Irl V
I kiSK' ZH'iiSi
o 2 1 o : o o o 06 it s
pni.irmt and Durham,
I'roaprct Park Daarhnll Reanlti
Millwood a. f
lip.lford A r.
Ui.hlek I" 1
Mllford A. C,
11; .Mlantlcs 4
S: Wlndrnr K r 1
, Si Park ' r , 3
; Ilamblar 1. C, J.
Vicissitudes of the National Pastime Boiled
I nnir Tom Huthes of 'he Senators is said
t t'.p ih-ni.Iv nlayer In IhP tnai.irs who ever
w'ii tridrd for lllnifPlf. Washlnatoll atllt
hiin to Minneapolis aeveral pai aan with
the uiidrrxt.indlnn that the Srnutora pjp in
lune the plrk ot the team al the pnd of tp
eaeon When It enme time for XX aalilngton
M make lis selection Hurhes .ih plea'-a.
ll hue idtthed sternly I. Ml pxer rime rnr
i lark lirllllth,
Hoy Chapman hart n wonnprrui anrii""n
lu the rpinit llftPPH Inning tie gainp between
I Hip Clevalands und New Yorka. Tho young
I rhort top in cepted sixteen chancea. niano up
, ut iifxrti init outa and ntna asalata, sevrrai
i of hi pljxp lining of the aamatlonal order,
I Hla r-liler. University of Michigan' atar
i.iirnrr Is mM t" haxe i.pen sinned oy inoiday II, al joiniron piuuea,
l"1. " .' , I. Unnu-n Ih.l waflk r.,... ...... )...,... r, t X'e.
iiirr.n 1 l-l,, - m. . -
or to IIKO I I I nDD wm rrnv , . .
Jtnnlnga to Wutch th giant pitch a gam.
In 11 recent run In with Klein Mcdraxv Is
snl I to havo called the umpire "rntflah." his,
lilii I Ping that Klein's face hears a re-
aci.Vbl'.tice to that of th fish In qu-atlon.
i XI....V l nuolPil thus! "It la the."1" saiiin inn,
best all team Cleveland hua had In yeara."
airulght gain", with "' ,ffrC?
teatlni: hla mark set last fr ot auioen in
a row.
i.iir. ih.t in u repent'
fame wHh th
in longrrt slnglp on rpcord. Ills nil waa
cannonslmt liner that hit una yard ..raw the.
ton nf thn right Held wall at the I'hlllles'
nark. The hall hounded directly toward
flrt bisa faster than any man can throw
n. and tho slugger had to hustle to be
1 tufp at all
Wlntleld Swallow, n nam that nrfpra many
poaslhlllllf" for future punsters, la posaeased
r . vonncstar luat alaned by lha Athletics
freh from the Pennaylxanla llatlroad League
of Pennsylvania.
Hopper, a pitcher for th New Haven turn
nf the Laatern Association, twtrled a no
hit no run gam the other day against tha
Plttafleld team. It la the second time this
aeuson that he haa shut out thn same club
xvllhout permltllnK a safe hlngle,
Washington sirlhea wrltv that Dan Mueller
la phobia- a latter game Mr tho Senators
than hit fellow nuttlalder, Milan. "Moellar
la nn hla way to xvln himself a poaltlon
among the crack outfielders of the league
thla season," taya one.
Otto Knaba I being hailed aa th man
bullet tliriiv to lljrnr liy $1,500, ' Curtis from Philadelphia Na
f..r, 11 i.... tlonals. $1.7.00; Stack from Philadelphia
left Held fnr Hums'" rni.
sllilra hrrii sni'crf ul, Ihr rranlt ,
Ilafra fnr Miikr rixstun-a rrnnurd
fnr Conilnit .MrrflnK nl It I tc Track.
Ilorpenun hive rc .ved xxltlt interest
tho book prnur imme of the Wen'rhestei
Kaclng A-nc.atlon for the eighteen days
nipe'lns at Ilelmont I'-nk I'Pemng on Iit
orat'nn Day Ar-oid.iig lo tho oilginal
plan, theru will l,o three of racing
e.nh week, the schedule being arranged
to axold :i conillct w'tli thrre days at
Piping Mock, .lime 7 and '.'
Tho Metropolitan Handicap of $2,500,
one mile, will be the r.iatme of tho i.ir.l
on May 3fi The I'.omiutt Slake- for two-
.....i.i. ,ll l... - . v:.,,, xt,.
31 t):i Moiidas. June the attractions
are the r.itchoeiie Stake" for thri e.j ar-ulil'-
mil upvianl and tne (ii-and Nationiil
Iloi hare The .luxenilo lot- two-year-
. ,,,l I . ... .... lan,l..A..l... I.....
xxmpI n ll in-ileeideil Tin- I-ashjun .stakes
, nt. ,,.,. ,1, ;,i,i l-,.,Mru
1 following dav TIip Ilelmont Slakes fori
. r-l.ne eiri iir'-nn-.' nil' :iruu ie,l lur lilu I
i intee-j ear-niiis win is- inn on l riiiay,
i ii,,,., it
Thereafter the seheditle i-alK for the
fn'lnnliit? tltnre M'nei.l.n .Inn.. 17 Tn.
Imggan Handicap for th-'pe-ycar-oliK and
upward: Thnrsilax-, .nine i". (ireat Amerl
1 r-iani". nn 1 n-j e 11 -inn-, ,-aiiirna ,
.lune 21. llrookhn llandli-ap of S"..-,ii.l for
I three-year. olds ami upnanl, one iml.i and
11 quarter
lliesdax. Jlllle "I, Astoria for
two-year-olil llllteti. TliurMlay .lune :s.
Ladles' for mares S Mars old and up-
,.,nr,1. t.lril.' t , , - t , l.t , , I .., .. 11.,... II.
cap of Jl.r.OO, one mile and a quarter;
.xionuay. .nine an, uic.it mai nn- two-
I year-cids, eduesiuy. Juh 2, Norwood
1 Stake for thico-xear-nlcK nnd upward ,
land Independcni'e Sicp, -li.iap, Kmlay, '
'.Tilly 4, Hanover for tw o-.x ear-olds., Liw I
rence Ileallzatlou for tline-x ear nl.lr. Sal
uru.iy. .niiy ... naiiem selling ami Keeue
Memotlal for two-year-olds.
- xvhn -x lit hit ths KrtPt nillnher of two
h.-iRrerx In thp Nutlnnnl L.iaiio thl yrar.
Hp has failed In ut at le.nt one dontilo
lu only nxa k.iiiiph I- , ate
Wnltrr Jnlinann, In addition to hlnT n
grrat pit' her. In oiip nt Ihn most deppii laldo
mitera the Sruaiou own
, Aun,,r ,,nn pisred Ihroiiah four
Ra,neB il0ul KPttinK a lilt, twitched "vn
i,, the nth'r ldii nf thn platp, and haitlmt
mi handpil D.inKPil mn a clean pinio oil
orxal Owra'l Iiirt Thurmlai
Thourh riilck iliindd mill was suffering
frotll a fot ,, Mu dlnaunt at neeltiu sub.
7 vtitutc llrrt li.ieiurn 'brow BiniPK awuy
caused him to force lirimth'r pprmlaalon
for him In pluv aitalnt Hi" Hiihmh lin'
, , ii, F, .a.r ,'i",H-
, join IIU- r.Uli' Ill 1 l nil'.
hnv Init
t.een traded by Toledo Ml Jim lu-ke l. A fan who sugiteats sprint training fnr
llrothcr hatlei e have been heard nf In I "'nmpliea aiUncates sending- American League
past, hut seldom a p ir t ' 1'"'."," , .'" arldtera lo National Li-aguu canipa and xlce
pitcher- mi the miiie club Hank .and I rHt xrr,
''' 'Mn," "'0 ,,,Jm' "' i Tils Speaker is Ihe greatPst outfielder th"
Jake Stahl's lnur-d Mot lias rpcoxpreu "
Washington, for which he wus playing first
hAs declared him InellKlhle.
i .... . .1 ... .,...... ..j .i.A...
Horace .xi um, i.ruiiirr n .
$M Ta'aUa' tflSluVr
a. ,.. ,
haa Joined the Senatora la
...ii.. ille.l l.,st xvi-ek at l.ew'lstnu. Ma.
al the age of 43. Ilo oiirn managed Ihe
Loulsxllle, Ky., uam
During a semi-professional game nt HI,
LnuU a fly bull drapped within a feu- feet
of a cow, Hnsslii heat tho tlelder lo th
sphere and gulped II down. The hatter ran
clear around for homo lun.
"There l mora llf In ihe Infield with
Vlnit playing r 'mid," eayn a l'lttahurg
A pelltloi i Hinted among St, Louis fans
and presented lo Han Johnson In reipitsl
reinstatement of Die llrowns' inaiuiger aya
among other thlngsi "If ixtieiiu- punish
ment ahould be xlslied on Sloxull for an Im
pulsive act, which he himself sincerely de
plores, the teum which he has built up would
nr.. llJ,t Is not in Kit MIO the HlM ill. " '.' ' " ""' I 1 " . P1"
li.tni i.iTi in kepn mil of rlchtli nlaiv o.irensu is cnoingist una ngiirfil thnl !"'" im hi.- i-piuh a nav 10 tne hole
Moa tin tho gap he ii ll, TI r.P iih" '','-'''r' mri' Jliuiia-iliil. ,ltr II.- In.. Iil 'h. k bandlls in vxatch II while he
ilw slv I'lulis In fronl Is w hlciiliiir ranldls ' i u 'e'e guile hv the honip team thus If I eats. Ilo tlgurea Hint In ten daya he
th. sU i tubs I 1 1 Irani is "'""'"' ,l the opposlifon led by a mile from Ihe start.' will lime hsnded oui enough to buy
-,n." .'' fl.1Ul '.";J'r, ' .VVS'isn1..!1?. fnld weather on the day of one nf th, Vew aiiher hul. so he wears hi. old cap ana
'11)1-1 III ll" n -.l... nn,. PiA( ....... . .., . I PI1IH W 1111 It III MIS lif.PbPl.
(tamo fnllMi Off. Ho Kntortitlns
IMinsclf nnd Others With
Interesting Speeeli.
Danleii Spurns Only Ono Player
Who Proved Able to Stay
in Blf? Leagues.
HrookUn baseball fans were disap
pointed yesterday when the Announcement
was made that the Kme with tho St.
liuls Cardinals Rt Ebbets Field had been
called off on account of rain, They also
were disgruntled when they learned that
the Olatits were playing up In Harlem. H
(darted In rain In Flatbush at 2 o'clock,
one hour beforp Kame time, nnd In spite of
the presencp of 2,00ii person outside the
marble rotunda, the Tliooldjn Club mil
rials said that pven If th weather clareil
the Held could nut be dried In time for
play, The postponed contest, therefore,
will be doubled up nlth the Cardinals'
scheduled tanin at Kbbets Field on An -HUtd
I'p lu Hie Tlronklyn Club's office the
HtKcess of the Dodsers was the sole topic
President F.hbets proudly dlcusspd
Dahlpn's hustlers and told how he got
uiiiupns nusiipm nno nun now w ,
them by degrees, acting upon tips from
friendly baseball men In various parts of
UIO COUIurj HUH ieuIOK inn prj-i:inii i,
the Judgment of the club's scout, l.ari
Sutton, wliu Is employed In thp compriMtia
loom of a Newark newspaper KbheN
showed tlgurpi to provp that the present j
member of the Hrookln Ipriii rth ob
tained either by draft or purchase at an 1
outlay of more than SIS. una. When
l'thleii assumed Hip iiiRiiHgement In t!i
Mirllig of I'.ilo Iip began weeding out the
old matt rial, lth tho result that Itucker.
Hummel. Knetzcr and Wheat ure the only
players left of the former line tip. Hum
mel was purchased for ll.fiOfl ftom llrnck
ton, Mass., In 1U05. Itucker wa drafted
from Augusta In 1907 for f.eo, white
lnetzer and Wheat were purchased in
1909 for $1!,600 and $t,Bf, respectively.
Paubeit was placed on first hasp In
Kahlen's ftist eai, after he had been
drafted from Memphis for $l,Sn. In 1911
llie inooKiyii viuii i i i. in.- .,,r
.Miller, from Huluih, I7i.n; itagon. irom
llochester, $4,0n0j Hed Smith, from NhsIi-
vllle, $3,500, and I'm in. from Hoohester,
3,.-,00. In 1912 lCbbets obtained Shortstop
l'isher from Newark for 13.500, Kent from
ltlrmlnchani. 11.000: Allen from Mobile,
5,:00. Klrkpalrtck from Dayton. fl'.nuO;
Stengel from Aurora, $7Ju: Phelps from
Tr,rni,, i-.ihi- Vltiellne from Toledo.
- ' v- ti e.Oft Mnran frnm llopnpatpr.
Jl ."ilio, and Cutshaw from Oakland, J1..109.
The playera tiurchased for this season
are. Callahan, from Elmlra. $2,500: Wag
ner, from New Orleans, $1,500, and Meyer,
from Toronto, $3,500. Catcher Fisher
came from Hlnghaniton In a trade for
Hairy I.umley, who with Tim J0rd.H1
speral years ago brought an offer of $30,
i OOO from tho lilanls. ritclier Hall was a
i free iicent when ho signed a contract,
j Reviewing this Hat lTtibets pointed out
I that Dnhlen has built up a comparatively
oiing team according to his own Ideas
and that of the players he has turned
lisie after trials only one, Huh 1'erduo
of tho Hoston Nationals; still draws salary
In the big leagues.
Amerlrnn Aaanrlatlnn.
n. it. n
TolPrto 00003030 11 14 I
Milnatlkpp. . 0 0 ft 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 it I
Hnttrrtrr- Ornrptp and Llxlngsten; Slap-nli-ka
and HiikIipi
n. It. n
I.nillvte ,,, . I I HIM 1 - I II 1
.Mlnnrat.nllr . 30100000 0 3 3 1
It 'nn..h,.rn an, I I'l.nnn. XI,, v.
ri,ii;',. ,in,l .mih,
' -T KANSAS t'lTY.
' inolnnnrnll . . o o o o o o 0 I 0 - I 3
Kna nil' " " I I V - l " l'J
. o'l'-nnor.
Mrrz and rotter. I'imelt and
. ct .,.,
i.xt... i(
.-,,, ,nh, n a n t o o o o o ll' t
M I'.iul . ''lMMi"!-ni J
n.tt.r i-fiip and Knntn. uirirer. i.arey
and Jainr.
New Tlnxland I.eaaae.
At l.awrpni-e I.x nn. 10: l.aixrpn,-e 4
At IirnihtPii t.nixpll !; Hrnpktnn. I
i l'prllnd WorrPStPr. Si Portland. "
A, p-.n jtixpr rail Hlxer,
r,pw ripu-
.r,l "
Vlrirlnln l.engor.
Norfolk. 3 I'orUmnuth. f.
Ilnanok. 4; Richmond, 3.
I'etpraliurg. . Npnport Ne. I.
Too Wrt tor amr at Ba) nidae.
rintn nrevented the bassbnll game thp
1 r'rrscpnt A. C. waB to nave pnyen xvnn
,i.L,,.r miiprn nt llax- Hldcn venor.
('lllv j-pxt Saturday the Crescent players
.. ,,, .v.. lr,,l.nf nnaphnll T.enrllP
t(a!10n, wh lhp Knglewood Field Club at
,... ,,,.
I l,a' '.em
Raatrrn Aaaorlatlon.
At Waterbury Watf rbiiry. 8; New Lon
don. 2. ..... A
Al New Haxpii New Havpn. :; Holvokp, o
l Springfield PltlellPbl I- Hnrlnitlehl. ft
Al llurtford -llnrtfnrd, 5; HrldFCporl, :.
Trl-tntr League.
All laniea postponed; rain.
Down and Squeezed Into Capsule Form
hp Irft without a trader and th" favorahla
entlment rreated by his prTnrts would K
lirlftlth has forced Howard Shanks lo
crowd Hip plate lnlad nf drawing back an,
he Ufceil to, and h a reult the oung Pena-
lor oiitllrldrr la snld lo he a much Improved
i'hsrle Knight l th name of n blind
fan In l'ltthiir who has hen atlpmlln
catnrr regulwrl)- rlnes IV01 He nays his
hearing In drreUped tn such an acute Mage
that hp can tell ever) thing lhat Is going on
without aeelng It.
Joe Wood, nio.leat younr fellow admits
th.it Wallrr Johnson la a better pitcher than
hlmaplf. Ha saya Johnton'a greater strenKtb,
Ip und longer arm enahle him to put more
eppd on tho bill with let comnuratlxe ea-
1 raille has nrodured. .ircnrdlim lo Clark
, ttrllflth. "I huie seen all Ihe great flplders
Speaker "
Jen Tlnkpr aays tha reaann Callahan let
Indian tleorge Johnson get awav from the
White Sox waa that the redskin 1 the earn
tvle nf pitcher aa Walsh, I.ange and Scott
nml lliut rpnr nt ll.p ti,,. In. ...). I ., An
on one club
(leorge McBrMe la preferrpd
attendance ot the i.iiiii to data at tho Tiger
parK. i nere were ..ma preseui.
lleporta from th Weal aay that Chance
keens two pltchere warming up cnnatantly
while another la prrformlng In the game.
Follow Ina tha shutout of th Tlgera by
I'ord and Warhop a Detroit paper used the
headline. "Pitchers who fall elsewhere use
whltpivasb bruHi when they come here."
HelleiInK that all tho umpires In the
American League have been tiiKtructpil tn he
strict with him. flurk ilrlffth has aivnrn off
arguing with them, and tin exen haa gone
no far aa In bsl a aull nf clothes that he will
uoi gov put on me neia an acaaon.
Billy Nulllvan eoncld'' John Henry .of
Washington the keit atthr In tb Aratr-
he .1 .,.
Rucher a Bargain;
He Cost Only $500
NAP MTKKK. who Is pro
notincod tlio best left handed
pitcher in tho National Iuriic,
probably draws tho top salary from
tho Brooklyn rlub, yet his release
cost only JoOO. 1'at Donovan,
nmnnglnp; the ' DodRerH In 1WX,
&nw Hiifkor pitch for Augusta that
year and tabbed him. President
Kbbi'ts attended the drafting meet
ing in tho fall and learned that
Rueker wtw bound by u contract
to bn pold to Connlo Mack. But
as Mack had put up no money to
bind the bargain tho National
Commission annulled tho contract.
Then Kbbet9 slipped in 11 draft for
J.W0 on tho spot, being tho only
major league magnate, except
Carry Herrmann nt the meeting,
and Rueker was awarded to him.
All major leaguo magnates have
attended the draft meetings since
Tit,. , i
LnOe I In.V DlSCOlirapes lllUHil
I'itnhnrs So Does Hani
I'd tun'i! nPTVr fJOV I'Mf
Khliljhll N Hnl I. I"r, I A II
II l Home Hun id First Iniiinjr
(iivns Losers a Lead Tlmy
Can't Hold.
lTlUi'. May 17. Princeton gave Cor
nell a sound thrashing In to-day's base-
bull game. lniilnK 11 to 4. Tho Tigers
i-a,a .,nd Acheson.
the Cornell pitchers, und the Tigers were
rourteously asslst'd on their path to
victory by three or four examples of head-
ipSS piny. Duller nnd Kdlund contributed
to this' wretched work and Keller was
cullty of two errors. This sort of playing
discouraged Kdlund. tn the fourth In
ning the Tigers got three runs off him
and three In the sKth. After that he was
ntnoxed from the slab.
lu the fourth Hutler started off by
dropping need's easy fly. tireen and alii
who. between them col se-en oi in'
Tigers' hits, blngled and these drives with 'he Tlrera this afternoon, 6 to 2. Wash
a bad throw to the plate by Edlund and ington hit Hall freely. The score:
Wall's Infield tan Kave rrlncetoli three
runs. The Tigers proceeded to finish the
Cornell pitcher In the sixth, xvhen Oreen,
Wall and Laird singled and Wood brought
lu three runs with a two base lilt.
The lthacans started off like winners
scoring two runs In the first, but quickly
subsided after tli.U. A home run drive
l,v- Keller In the tlrst inning, which
Keller In the tlrbt Inning, which
brought In Schlrlck, xxas one of the longest
hits ever been on the local field. The
score :
ab r h p a e ab r h p a e
t-alrd.rf: r. 11 1 1 0 0 Sihlrlrk.r II 1-30
Worth'n.aa. 4 114 11 non'an.2b..3 OO310
lrn,ltr'n t-f .'.1 I S O O Krllrr.rf 4 3 3 2 1 2
Urrd.ab 42111 O.ciute.lbv I 1 212 I fl
nhoiiiKlb 4 2 1 7 0 OMlutler.cf 4 0 0 2 0
(Jreen.lf... ,'.2 4 1 n lilTrnlner.lt. 1 0 1 3 0
1.111.2b 4 1 3 3 4 0 Ail.lr.5D a i l a i u .
w-j.ll ill ISO Tnhrr.M. 3 0 0 0 1 0
(opfland,p..l ti 0 n ft 0 Kdlund.p. 1 n n 0 I I
Wood.p.. 3 110 11 Arhexou p 1 0 0 0 1 0
. 't;roi,'an.,l u u o o o
Totalx.. 3011 1127 II) ;
Toll 33 4 7 77 13 (I
HMted for rheort In the ninth tntiti.c.
PrlnrMnn ii I o a i 3 ; I o-ll
Cornell : 0 a o o o I il 1 I
Tun hafp Mir Wood. Ilhoail. Three bavp
' hit- Worthlngton. Home rup ixPijpr MJirn
I Hill. Ilimmin. I-lrt hsp 11-1 halll, Oil Kdllllill, 1 .
tl.T.rs - urrii. inn, in li-, r.o 1 1 ir nn. i.t.un.i
lihnnil" o"t Arhevon, 1 tlci-il. Slriirk out Hy
Wood, 4. hy lldliiint, 1 hi Acheron, I lilt by
Pltrher- Worlhln,ton , by I'dlund- r'arne. run
1 1 y " ,.-..,,."--... ''.,-;-,
I'mplrrs Donolnie of Klinlra and Huflie ot
Iluftulo. Time of came - 1 hour nnd M minutes.
Xrr York Mate I.cagor.
n it. n.
ooooononn- o s
Trex- 3 0 1 I 11 1 0 0 x li n
liaiirriPf IP1I ami .numn, .-.. n""
n 11-15
Alhanv .00030000X 3 a 1
cllca...... . ,. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0 7 4
iitiitrr pr iintspr una sitiionouan. uiick.
and Murphy
n lr x-
nimlrA 00000000 0 0 5 1
' iiinananiton s v d 0 . a 11 "
1 ..'!""""' lyla and Hitter; Hoch and
R. 11, E.
j l'?"" ? S X ' J 0 X S 0-3 lS 4
Mr ,n.'""i::2r." V.iJ. ?-.?-.
Haiprles rorry and Hrlirpr: Herbert,
Hufc-Kerl." and Peterson
I Crlmann Nlni- Ilrmalna for liamr.
I PHILAPBLPltU, May 1 ".Rain prpx'ented
j thn bull game hern to-day between Har-
I xard and 1'ennsj Ivanla. Tlie Harvard
' t.uin will atav beiii until Mondav when
I 'am a in i it ii in .x lot nia , xxnen
iim Kaum mn it .i,i;ru, i.iitiiiii i.eiiiiu
I Hug.
I'an League, particularly In throw Inr to
i nuex.
I,,1'" adxlca of hl physician Harry
H"'per. th Had Ho "sun tlelder," baa
had hla aim tested and la wearing kUskps
the hi Id. Tho atraln uf InoKInK Into
I in alarliiK mn bad wenkened the iiiuscIpi
if nne ce Htid the (lasses are lielna usnl
tn brlnir them hai'k tn par. Mneo he he
gun wearing the "windows" his batting
mis iiiiiirmrti
ii, ii, u-i,,i,i.ii uhn .....,1.. ....
his permanent retirement from organized
fl"J ' .i?.'t'Iur,,.r"i .bl""1 P"1'0", I" his right
leg. the reaxilt of a scratch In pract en a
month ago, tn
Hhl.h -l... ..,,1.1 V ...
"on. II Is ronnned tn bed. hut hla
doctors aay ho probably will not have to
set tho member amputated.
Tha when of the While Sox players,
who are nearly as numerous as the mem.
Inra of the team, urn attempting tn find
winii1 meuiis nf making tho rootera quit
hooting und Jperliin their htiahanda Mr
mlrtakes In play. "It Is awful to sit
'. im sii.il
merit 1111,1 near Ihem limulted," one sa) r.
leorge Helta. Just signed to pitch for
the lleda. Is fresh frum Ihe semi-pro.
fe.slonal teams of I'lnrlnnoti
The (senators ar said to hae Ihe hardest
iroieinna e.iiriiiii. in tiny icatu
in th.
Aiiit-iivuii i.eague inia year.
llraney. who la playing ,h. outfield
r i.'lx eland, uaed to be. ., pitcher. Hi
i." 'plarinV . ne b.M"lM.H fhia'Ve' aee
certain to hold on to hla position,
i ren lon-y, ine i un nuiger. can t see
Haluh Ohtie, Hi former Dartmouih hasp.
ball laptaln and football star, who waa
with the Ited Box a short lima, la to man
ago the Heaumont Club of th Teiaa
"After the Sox make th trip around
111 world," Coinltkey Is quoted aa say.
lug, "1 will be through wtth baseball,
Heglnnlng with the trip I shall lake a real
Micatlnu and somebody else will have to
niur. nunr mo iraill,
i Tied riarke of the 1'lratea waa. th first
majnr league manager to be suspended thla
year. Ills term waa nva days, Qeorge
Stovall waa second, and It I not certain
yet when li will b back with th
Holy Cross Defers Ftf Input Ii
Strnicfht Victory, lint dhns
Way at, Last.
Ells, Undismayed by Early Le.m
of Home Team, Outplay
Worcester, Mass., May 17. In
tcrpMltig exhibition of baseball uhl, .
thirteen Innings Yale to-day defeated ,
Cross at Fltton Field, 4 to 3, the v
being the fifteenth straight for ti, 1
The Holy Cross tp.im hoorcd the Hi--of
the game In tho fourth, .sending '
of their men home, but did not h.i
other opportunity to Increase the r
The Yalo stick artl'ts earned thi .i t
run 1m tlt alvtl, KptmflpM ..ri.ttl, .
plate after ho had landed safe on a .
and toured the bas.es. In tho seeiitu
sons of Fll rallied with their sticks k
and found Murray for two singles, w i
along with two errors on the pan t
O'Dwyer of tho Ifoly Cross followpn
netted them two runs, enough to t(p tN
Tho overtime section of tho gam wj
ooseiy rouiriit until the thirteenth, whet,
victory was nancieo. me lnie visitor
by a bad balk on tho part of Uie l ie.il
twlrler, who made an attempt to throw to
uiirii to catcli Ridden off th bap, but
:iever delivered tho ball. The New Ha.en,
Us wiia ordered to waJk and he did m.
The score :
ab r h p e
n r h p a e
JJ'hh.e' 4 0 4 0 0 J.Mur'y.rf 5 0 I 1 0 )
. Kalter.cf. 2 0 0 0 0 0 Cawley,3b f 1 J 4 I I
Sehofd.lf 5 1 3 5 0 O'OMVn.lb 1 3 li (
BIOVm.M 8 0 1 3 7 20'Brten rf 0 0 (I
Itlddell.lb S 1 1 11 0 0 Saun'r.aa 1 1 0 7 0
Ilellly,3b. 0 1 3 0 0 O'Dw'r.ib. 0 0 3 3 1.
num'r.rf. R' t 1 2 0 0 Mpfx-I'r.lf 0 1 3 1 o
Cor leh.Cb s 0 1 1 I O R Carr'll.c 6 0 1 14 4
llunter.c. 5 1 1 13 5 0 H Carroll 10HM
Olle.p.... 5 0 o 0 : 0.R Mur'y.p MtlU
Broao.p. 0 0 0 0 0 6Tlerney.. 1 0 0 0 o
Totli.,47 4 assit,") Total...4 i io il 1
Hatted for R. Carroll in the thirteenth In
tUatted for n. .Murray Is the thirteenth In
Yale 0001S0f)(l0 1-4
Holy Crona... OOO3XOOOOOOP1-
Two base hits Carroll, O'Dwyer. Three h
hlt-Hloom Sacrlflce hit Mlrtdlebrook. Stolii
tiaap Oitcrrren. lft on baaea H0I7 Cro. II
Yale. 7. Flret base on balla-Off Glle, t; nft
Murray, ;. Struph oul-By OIIp, : by Murrar
It. Hit by pitched ball-Metevler. Ualk-Mtir
ray: Time 2 houra and 45 minutes. l'mpire
St afford and Murphy.
5aln llrvmigr on Tlner
for Dereat of rrrxrlnna Pay.
Detroit, May 17. Washington ex-ened
lip for yesterday's defeat bv xvlnninc ftom
nsui.iHio.i, 1 DETROIT
,.,. rf J 5 'J J n,h ., .? ' "
Milan.cf. 3 : t 3 o o vitt'.fb. "' : o o : i o
, Mnrg'n.:h 3 I t l ,-, olmipn.:h ; 003.0
wT' J .'. 'J X XiShh.." ' I - ?
M'bMe.aa : 0 0 r. j 0! -h if" j 1 7 n n
Shanka.lf 401:0 0 r.alnrr.lb'. 4010.
'lfnfr'- J 1 3 Morl'ty.Sb 4001.'
1 '.1- l(Romleau,.; - 0 1 5 ;
tlsll.n.. . ii 0 n n 2 n
Total..33 5 10 :7 13 llisli. . . . 10 0 0 1
Klawit'r.p 1 0 0 0 0 0
I Totals. 3 i:;p i
Batted for Hall In thn flflh tniiinir
Waahlnnon o o o : l o o o
Detroit 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 (i
Hita-Off Hall. 7 in five Inninin off Klavip
ter. 3 in four inninzs Strm-W mil llr Halt
3 ' oy Kiairitier, , : 1 ny uroora. 3. nr-. trn.p n
0, balls Oft Hall, 3: oft hlawitter, 1; oft lirnom
s. Double plan Vltt and r.atupr: fiatupr .m
liudpii. Firat bane on error Washing
Left on bae-Detroit, 6, Waahlntlon. 5. Vt .
pitch Hall Tinip : boure. I'mplrex Cui
nolly and MrGreerey
.Inckaon WnlUs Tbrlee, hut Other
Napa I'll mid Atlilellca' Qunrtel,
Clfaki.anp, Max 17. Before a t-rowe
of 15,000 the Naps romped nwax- fror
the Athletics tn.dny. tcoio 7 to 3. nic
Crnm Kaler was In great shape imn
iillowed only thrco hits tip to the tilnti
Inning. Connie Mack used four pitcher
I'etmock slatted, folloxx-ed by Brown.
Hush and TafT. Thirteen hits me
gathered off this collection. Poo JnhnMnt
was th" Nap slugger, but doe .tockon
didn't have half a chance, as he xxas
xx'alkpd piirpoM-ly three tlr.irs with nin
n tlllkPS. TIPt-CIIe;
I'llII.A. (A I. I I l'I.EVKI..xM
I ab r h p ii r ab r h a p
! 31 hy.rf 3 1 0 0 0 Johns II 111 I .1 3 11
pldr.n.lf 4 1 1 j ,. 01Chap'an..s J I " ; V
eiinir .1. , 1 . . . .. ,
Ilalipr.fb 4 ft 1 3 0 0 Turner.Ib I ft I 7 f
M'ln'ea lb 4 a 1 r. 0 o .Ixekron.rf ! 1 ! I "
Walah.cf 4 0 111 ( lljiin.cf. 3 0 0 1 1 '
Uarry.aa .3 0 0 1 2 otlrnnpylf 4 n ; 4 a h
Lapp e 3 0 0 4 2 PO'NpIII.p 4 1 7 ? 1 '
I'pnn'ck.p 0 0 0 ii ft 0 Kahlcr.p 4 I " " '
Dalpy,... 1 0 0 0 0 01
Hrown.p. ft 0 0 0 2 OJ TotnI ti i
lluth.p .. t o o o 0 01
I) Mur'y, i o n o o oi
Taff.p.. . 0 0 0 0 0 ft
Totals J: 3 i: :4 9 ll
flatteil tor Pcntioek tn the aeenikl n tut-.
ftiatted for Iluh In the eiahth mniiu-
Til.lt. .llnl.ln 1 ft ft ft II ft ,1 ft
Cleveland . 3 0 1 2 0 0 1 11
Two haw hit O'Neill. :: Turner Mci
1ur -Turner, llraney. Jnhnaton. Olton
"''p htlx- Turner fhapman Rasea on hall;
f)(T off 1JuJhi Plrnct, om-Hv
- . Kahler. .: by Rrovin, 1; hv Uuali. 1; hy Jan.
Double pla- Clupmnii, Turner and Jnhrtot
Hit bv pltehpr-Ily Kahler iK Murphyi br
Hush iChipman. Jnhhttonl, lllta Oft ITiutoeli
4 In one Inning: og brown. 5 in to and ere
third luniussj off Hush, 4 In three mil in'
thirds minors fmplrrs-Rlneen and Ha"
Time- I hour and M niliiulea.
Ilnmtlton Better Than O'Urlrn In
IMnclies nnd Itril Sot l'nll,
St Iot'is, May 17. The Red
dropped tho third game of their rf
with the Hrowns thin afternoon, I 1 1
Hoth O'Hrlen and Hamilton had good
troi nnd weie touched un for n like r.tr -
her of lilts, but tho St. Louisaua SOt tlic'rs
at more opportune times. The score:
. . i i i t-p t mw t I.
I m'pAv,' irt .... .
-1, r I, I,
ab r h p a p1 dith I' '
nnnAr ,l s y e 0 0 0 Shnttnn.cf 3 2 1 . 1 i
Yerkes 2h 3 li 1 1 8 o;,!ohn t n.lf 3
Spp'ker.et 4 0 110 1 Will'ma.rl I
1 wis If . 4 o 1 3 o 0 I 'rat I. lb.. ;',
i,ard r,3b. 2 0 0 1 0 0 llrlef.lb .. 2
0 I I
1 :
1 . :
0 1 1.
o o :
0 il 1
0 0 '
0 0 n
Hall 3b .. : 0 0
Knrle.lb 4 n 1
Wati'er.se ft 0
4 f
II U i .X USl 111, tl' !
f 0 OAValth.aa., i
4 3 t!.lien.r., 3
r. 3 o Hain't ou n 3
C.irnii'n.i' 3 0 1
I O'flrien.p
o o
0 4 0' - - . ,
1 Totals ..:; 4 7 :; '
:ii3 i
, . 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
bt. Loula,
U 0 U 0 I u I
Two bablta-Verke.. IVa... Shollon , Three
O Drie". Yerke". Bane, on balla-Off ivbneii
off Hamilton. I. btruck out-ny 0 brir t .
. i i?lW.Jn. uS
, -.jnidebrand and Uvans. Tlrue-1 hour aui
I minutea
' Issued monthly sine. 1004; U'a'O
yearly, Knmplo eoplea upon ap
plication; only New York City en.,
porlum for ches goods and boolc.
150 Ixligau 8treL .
H-i K."Y X I FOU
..alxllDC DV
nrrii"- w t wj'a

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