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THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 191:!.
tecM bqlli a.s.soinblles agreed to post
pon condde.ratlon of this nnl.i of union
until tho convenlnif of the IflU ntsom
bile. The natuo of the proposed organiza
tion wn ntlftRCHtcd hh "Tho I'nlted
Prcuhyterlan Chnnh of North Amer
ica." In tho I'nlted Presbyterian AM"em
biyn the publliMtlon boanl was at
tiidti'd for unbUiilTie.i.lIko ntnthodei and
mlHleHdlttK reports. Dr. M. M. Million,
tiuinai-'cr of tho board, admitted that
methods, "wronK but not criminal" hnd
been practised.
In tho Northern Assembly there wan
nn oJkchnnRC of Breetlnun between Con
federate nnd Federal veterans of tho
civil war. S. H. Scott of Atlanta tni
If, C V, appeared before the aeembly
and in cMcndins an Invitation to the
Sherman veturanH to meet tho local
camp of the Confederate- vt"r.itis ijIU.
"Wc wilt hov you that, wo can for.
Kivo and forsot that llttl tnlnunder
utandlnit which caused tho memorable
tight around this villain fifty yenr.i a
Ills remarks were drooled with cheer,
A Sherman votmn sprain ti a cli.ur
and begnn Hnirlnc "My Conntr. 'T
of Thee," and tho entire HhM-mbly (o n
(Iritalneil lir nUhop .AtcDonnrll.
IINhop MoDnniH'll of the llr. n
Ciithollc dloftta roiaed lteen . 0, t
men to the priesthood JcMordu . .
Church of St. .lohn tlio Haptl't ,it T i
omthby and l-"wl avenues. Willi oi
coptlon the oatidldates compb'i'i
.tiulles hi St. .tohn'H CollfKc
.Mntlnee for Ilnll i'layem.
Th" matinee at the New Hrlchtot
Hall to-daj will be In moiiitiire tn uf
b tiiaclf tn tho Municipal Art Commis
sion. f.rHrtlnp urtlctx of Iho clly, hIIIhiiirIi
many of thrin dcrtlno tn allow tlirlr
tinmen to lie published bcfoio n fortmil
proti'Kt lh made, mulntuln that tlio mon
ument In It h proxo'nt -form tllHflmiroM
tli bonutlfttl pHrk entriinrc. They oh
Jod to the plnU tint of tlio tuiirlilr, tin
nllcgfJ difference In kcuIo between thb
tlKlirrs nt tlie hiho unci tlio Rtltloii Krotlp
ut tlin top, and nay tlmt thero li u lock
of harmony In tlio. wlmln composition,
tho nrt rommlHulon timy bo linked to
oonMder tho mib'tltutlon of unnther
pnnip for tlio KlMed Columbia unci her
dolphin horsfK on top of tho pedeMiil
"Till monument In n dlsrraoe to tho
city," x.tld l-eon D.ibo, one of tho found
rr.H of th. AKclutlon of Amerlrnn
fHlnti-rf mid Sculptor, to St'N re
porter hist nlKhf "It Is a mltrtt," hp
continued, "and .'polls Hit beautiful pari
entrance And what Iihh It to do with
tho Maine'.' t'nlcM .mne otifi told ui
that It wnn a M.ilno Mrmorlnl Monu
ment, wo would never know It from the
"What i.ilhlo reliitlolihlp tlifxe
MirliiiiM uroiipN IniM' to one another 1m
hKo a niytcrv Architecturally and
eotu-iriictlw'ly, the wlmln thins H che.ip
uihI bud."
Tho ft'cliMC anions .irtiM c'ciii.m to bp
mote or lc.s general, and II 1 prnbablo
that the Niitliin.il Arudriiiy of lv-ln,
the Sculptorx Soclet and the 1'lne
ArlM Federation will lie nkod to take up
the riucntlon, at meetluirM In tho near fu
ture. If It lit decided tn'protcdt tlu ,P.
ln, mimic of tlioae norKtleH probably
will iifk the Amerlean JVderatlon of
Fine Arts to tu.'iko a formal protp.t o
the Municipal Art romnilelon. Thu
commllon m the only body with power
lo tinier a ctiHtipa.
Attlllo Pieclrlltl l.t tho yculptor and II.
Van llutcn Miiironlsle, 1h tho archlteet
of the monument.
tpnutotle llrlPHHlr In Hp In Writ
llohnltt-ii nn Tne.rfar.
The nishl Itev. Father I'aul .Iojt1i
Nunbmiin, i. I'., of Wi'M lloholien, In to
be eoiiNccr.ib'd .i blrlinp In St, Michael'
lloiialiT un TiicKrluy the Alumtnllc Hiilo
(tale, Mr. John Mmieno, Inventing !!
prb'tit with the robe of Id new officii.
Tli new bluhop will preside, over the
me of CorpuM Chrtstl, Tex. Hi; will leave
for the dloetho nn May 23 after contlmiliiK
.1 cIhci In llaltlliKire.
Father Paul wmh born In Philadelphia
l.i tiiO. Il tld rnlndonnry work In .South
America and In 1S0.1 he wn. tatloned ut
the PhmIouIM Moniitery In Home, lie
hae been n prteli prltM at rnmklrk, N,
V, and !tei .it st Mlelmerr. Vest lloho
ken I'oiiimillrps nf I'nilrd ami
soiifliPHi flmri'lips Propose
Musis of McrRcr.
Arlihls Say It Spoil tho Itcauty
of Cohitnhlb riiTle F'nrk
Atlanta. iin.. May 17. The nrcunlo
union of two of the three lYpsuytcrlnn
a.sembllen In yeMilon hero wis forp
Hlmdowed tn-day In Joint roportu of
commltteeH of the rnltd und Southern
Prc.ibytiTlun ChtircheK. The report
propoed bal of union,
"n recommendation of the commlt-
Arttstji nni art lnvfr.n IliiM- .jre.'f'i,l
dlnpirn nl of Hi" Mulnr Mcmorlnl
M('iniin'iil. which l. to !' unviMIM nt
(ho I'oliimliiix t'lrrlr tmtrancn ti fVn
r 1'nrli mm Mfmortnl Psv Thi? bar
"IIS I 1 Mi nf Ihf tlK'lri" H fow rlriVH
ago in- ;i r.jiit-rrl such m Mitrm of rrltl
rttm t'la' formal protest probably will
of the plnytrfi of the .New orv, Ibo..
Ivn. St. I amis and rittsburff hnh,
tcini. who art tn neetipj th" b .i .
the perfonnaiue
1. Altmatt & (En.
I. Altmatt & Gin.
Commenctinif!: ito-miorrov (Monday) anoitlher 3alc
v-'JIl be held! of
Amerkao Washalbfle Homespoo
RlUgS (plain and in two-Homed effects)
aft itlhe foBIIowrjinig low prices :
She 24x36 ins., regular price $3.10, aft 50.(65
" J0;:60 2.25 J. 25
3k6 feet " 3.00 ' L75
M " 4.75 " 2.7S
6x9 " " 8.50 " 5.35
"7.6x10.6 " " 13.50 " 7.i
Women's Siuiinnimer Corsets
and Brassieres
irre now being shown in tfoe new, fashionable
models and all the desirable materials, at the
lowest prices commensurate with superior
quality and workmanship.
Corsets made to order, at short notice, from
individual measurements.
Also a Special Offering of Natural Hemp
RugS (reversible;, suitable tfor Bungalow
, use, in the sires enumerated above, at orae
hetf the former prices.
Large Reductions have been made in the prices off
Women's Wraps and Coats
in gtyles and materials appropriate for every
occasion. Among them are smart Wraps of
Charmeuse, Silks, Brocades and Beaded Nets
and Chiffons, as well as Coats of Tweed for
travel and practical wear. included are Wraps
and Coats at $58.00, 65.00, 75.00 h 95.
Also Elegant Imported Coats reduced to
$75.00, 95.00, 125.00 & 150.00
Women's Bathing Suits
In the attractive designs and materials ap
proved by leaders of fashion for the coming
season are now ready. Among them are
smart Suits of Moire, Satin and Taffeta,
some introducing touches of color.
Bathing Caps and Beach Wraps ; also Bath
ing Corsets, Shoes, Hosiery, etc.
The UphoBstery Department
is showing, in the regular stock of Summer
Furnishings, an especially attractive line of
Tand Block-printed Bed Spreads, in excellent
designs and colors, at $2.25, 3.50, 5.75 and
Hand E'locloprinteai Table Covers, in new
designs and colors, at 75c, $1.25, $1.50 and
Curtains and Couch Covers at correspondingly
reasonable prices.
Also Couch Hammocks for the lawn or porch,
made of a superior quality of canvas in khaki,
green and white, and including the latest
improvements and attachments, at $U',25,
$11.50, 15.00 and upward.
The above are regular stock prices.
temmpek Stands, Canopies and Pillows at
moderate prices.
May 211st
Special Valines will be offered in
Women's Cotton and Linen Dresses, Coat Suits
and Separate Skirts
representing the most popular fabrics, made up in the smart,
effective designs which will prevail during the coming Summer.
Full particulars of this Sale will be announced on Tuesday evening.
May 20th
A Special Sale of Women's Blouses
will take place, presenting a most attractive selection of smart,
new styles, made up in the season's desirable materials, at
very much below the customary prices.
White and! Flowered Voile Blouses, low collar, short sleeves,
st $11.85
Fancy Marquisette and Voile Blouses, trimmed with lace and
embroidery, Sow collar, short sleeves ... at $2.50
Striped and Embroidered Voile BUouses, with vest effect, flat
collar and short sleeves at $3.50
Batiste Blouses, trimmed with lace and hand embroidery, high
or low collar, long or short sleeves ... at $4.00
Tucked Net Fichu Blouses, low neck and short sleeves,
at $5.50 & 6.75
Voile Blouses, hand embroidered and lace trimmed, yoke effect,
low collar ........ at $6.75
Also on TUESDAY. May 20th
A Very Unusual! Sale of
Women's Negligees and Housegowns
will be held, offering remarkably good values at the following
flow prices:
Imported Negligees of Albatross, with collar and cuffs of white
embroidered Albatross . . ... . .at $4.65
Negligees of French Swiss, shawl collar, trimmed with Val
lace .... at $6.50
Negligees of French Challis, in the new floral border design,
at $9.75
Negligees of Flowered Crepe de Chine, trimmed with shadow
lace .at $10.00
Imported Albatross House Gowns, with hand-embroidered
collars of white voile, lace-trimmed . . . at $113,50
Also on TUESDAY.
May 20th
Little Children's White Cotton Dresses
(sizes 6 months to 4 years)
in an extensive assortment consisting off Embroidery-trimmed
Empire, Russian and Long-waisted Dresses, in high and low
neck styles, will be offered in the Infants' Wear Department at
the exceptionally low prices of . . 85c, $tt.lO & $L50
Large Reductions have been made in the prices of
Little Children's Coats (sizes 2 to 5 years), in a variety of
materials suitable for present and early Summer wear.
Little Children's Imported Hats, comprising the, entire remain
ing stock, at very extensive price concessions.
Interesting Offerings for to-morrow
(Monday) will consist of:
A Specially Prepared Sale of
Women's Leghorn and White Hats
in smart, attractive styles, appropriate for
all dress occasions off Summer, at the excep
tional price of . . . $14.00
Reductions have been made In the prices o?
a number of Hats in the regular stock.
Fn the Millinery Department, Third Floor.-
Sale of Women's
embroidered Lingerie
consist of an entirely new shipment just
received from Paris, representing unusual
values in Chemises, Drawers, Night Gowns
and Combinations at the following prices:
Combinations . at $2.50, 2.90 & 3.50
Night Gowns . at 1.90, 2.50 & 3.25
Drawers . at 1.35, 1.45 & 1.90
Chemises . . at .90, 1.35 & !.b5
Also a limited number of
Corset Covers . at $1.10, 1.35 & 1.75
P6tticoats . . at 1.50. 2.50 & 4.50
An Exce
French Hand
Women's Silk Petticoats
in the new clinging effects, offering special
values at the following prices:
White Crepe de Chine Petticoats, with flounce
of shadow tace finished with silk novelty
trimming, accordion-plaited underlay of Crepe
de Chine at $-5.00
Jersey Silk Petticoats, slashed, with narrow
flounce; in black or colors . . at $3.90
Misses' and Smaifl Women's Dep't
Extraordinary Reductions have been made in
the prices of Spring and Summer Apparel for
Misses' and Small Women, as follows:
Tailor-made Suits, originally $24.00 to $65.00
at . . $12.75, 18.00, 22.00 & 28.00
Steamer, Outing and Street Coats, originally
$24.00 to 35.00, at $14.50, 18.00-& 22.00
Afternoon Dresses off Silk and Crepe de Chine,
originally $24.00 to 45.00, at $ 8 8.50 to ''2:8,00
Dancjng and Summer Frocks, of dainty
Laces combined with Silk, Chiffon or Net,
are marked at the special price of $18.50
Bridal Gowns and Trousseau:
Attention is directed to B. Altman & Co.V
remarkabiy fine assortments off Crepe de
Chine, Brocaded Crepe, Crepe Charmeuse,
etc., for Brides' and Bridesmaids' QoT,ns.
Also Real Lace Robes, Bridal Veils, Floun
cings, etc.; Afternoon and Evening Gowns,
Tailor-made Suits and Going-away Dresses;
Blouses, Coats and Wraps; Boudoir Gowns
and Negligees; Fine Lingerie; Paris Hats,
Parasols, Neckwear, Gloves, etc.
To facilitate shopping, special salespeople
will, if desired, be detailed to accompany
patrons to the various departments.

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