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THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1918.
Sulor's Investigators Find
Millions Stolon und
Commissioner Stops All
Work Till Depart incut
Is h'coriranizcd.
tvliii rp Turns ami Shrewd Prne
hVcs Many Ways to
Mulct the Stttte.
The Mmple ptory of New York Ktato
h.Khwny I'onstriictinn under tho nix art
ministpatlon ns Ciov. Sulzcr's InvcMl-pator.-
have found It Hppeurs in thcie
Sp.nt K2.ooo.oon
tpent well l3,:oo,00
Wasted and Ptnlen.
And If 3"u FUbdlvldo
S, 500,000
tho Item of
wnne ana tnerts you nnu mm fume
berty who wasn't entitled to It pot o.-
000 000 of Hip State's money. The
3.500.000 remainder 1 churned up to
fad that didn't work.
The sinister thine about It nil Is not
th" locp of 41' per cent, of all the money
that .holiM have Rone Into Rood roads',
but, as Gov. Sillier nnd his udvlsters
point out. that the persons who got so
tar Into the State treasury under Mr.
Plx intended to go Juht ub deeply In
th administration of Mr. Sulzer. Ap
i!lns the 40 tier cent, ratio out of the
JTO.000,000 which Gov. Sulwr Is cmpow-
1 rd to spend on Kood roads they would
have pocketd or wasted at least f28,
COO.uOO. ijov. Sulzer fiom what he has
he.i'td and from what his investigators
1 ave learned does not doubt that they
tiki .1:1 tlu-y could to accomplish Just
that MiinR
.1 hn A. Hennessy, Gov. Super's ox
ni!ive .auditor, has been reading old
hlchway contracts, looklns over the
road tbemselvi and examining wlt
r.r . s i'.iu'i' l.u-t January. Mr. Hen
r. . It tli i"iei" of subtsna and
l.a;. ,;.l man:.- road bul.ders to t'lt'y
t.s t.t ii.H ciuseil the id conditions
wh -li '. found in many of the newly
M 1 p..ids.
Tin i;.'Vi rniir thinks that the investl
pat.' j u'.vn at l ist h L completed will
ts'i;; 111 the indictment of eonif of the
rw n wl r
Extraordinary Sale
5000 Waists and Blouses
Vs to 1 ,'2 less than Regular Price
Lingerie, Voile and Novelty Crepe
Waists -All New Models,
2 50, $3.75, $5.00, $7.50
Crepe de Chine Waists
Hemstitched Plaites Collars and Cuffs, also
with Hand Embroidered Collars,
$5.00, $7.50, $9.75, $11.50
Net and Lace Blouses
New fichu effects, shell pink or white linings,
$5.75, $6.95, $8.75, $12.50
French Hand made Crepe
and Marquisette Waists,
$12.50, $16.50, $19.75
s t their fingers into the State
till 71 far Mr. Ileiinessy lsn t men
tion!!'..: . n narm-s. but !. has a. pretty
il!1n..' ..a.. to where the trails lead.
Many . '-r.'raetors and many engineers
and .-..-ii.-'ters .Hid others nearer the
top of th. St.it adnt'.nl-itration and
MV- po'.IUc. ajtiteiir to l,,iv had a hand
lit tlu apportionm nt of s-poils.
Work on .MI HiiiiiI Mopped.
.I.hn N. L'arllile. th" newly appointed
Commissioner of Hiphv.avs has
Bunnell all work on the mads
l'i-' he can whip l.is depart
K ' into shape. He has sutn
nord toL William de H. Washington
c N-w i'prlt and HaroM I'arker. who
n- i r years i '( nimi.-sloner of Hish-
m Mafctuchuset's. to advisfj him
i" d loping a consistent policy of road
cns'rui i .on.
dr Tarler i- an expert In usinc the
nurerU!? at hand in the districts where
ruds are under construction. If he
n put into effect such a system In
Now York Ptato and Mr. Carlisle.
i'wrn't doubt that he will do t-o New
Vnrk will do away with one of th5 chief
(actors ef wast u they appeared un-
r the Dix regime.
the sham turns arid all the
nri-wd practices Mr. Hennor-sy has dls
ifvered non bee.ms to have done quit's
th etfi'Knt Frvlce to the grafters that
th "suuiilementary uirreement" did.
It was a neat scheme, done under tho
fnrw of Jaw and et no productive of
nal money to tho interested parties
that tr- Statu Ion millions because.
Hi It
The law provide that all bids shall
! onen and aboveboard. They were
in k far as an;, nody on tho outside
could tell. Th" contractors, r.lx or
eien or e sh' of them, put In bids for
t. crta.n ti'm of used road. Tho
trwlnritv 01 the bids, probibly all bu
ft er.' In'iift They were received
'he llic'r.i.o Peparlment, opened
ar.d rHd 'u jiubllc. Thus far not a
r'st-er could be pointed, not a doubt
i 'i. I be entertained. All the coatrac
t"-- ! ad arcosti tn the records and they
e y. tee for themselves that tho cross
I d ef John Smith - V. T.-a.s the low
' So. shouldn't tho contract bo
fv rdtd to .loan Smith & Co.? It was,
nd then tho ou..er practices began-
P'ljipiis-e it was a contract for a, b!
t .nuttniiK niacadani road bottom course
' r Inches thick, top course three
:ncM thick, with a top dressing of
' r tar Among the items the con
t a - ,r had to bid on were earth exca
it' n arnl rock excavation and per
1 iri n siib.base course thrm feet or
r v- i 'lick of bu; stones for a founda
In ihe orlKlri il pei'flca.tions na made
e i' b th" lilKhwayH Department per
l.ip.n 1.1'iiU) 1'iibio yards of sub-base
i- orn were provided for, Tho figures
hr wnrth watching net bid $2.25 on
' ''ill i ubiij yards of sub-baso Btone, a
i lar a ruble yard morn than an
I in".' contractor thinks proper.
Hern Come, thn "Joker,"
On tock i .vavatlon, estimated by the
UtKhway.- Department at 4,500 cubic
ards, the net bid was $1,70, And
then -hero comc3 the Joker a net bid
of -10 cents a cubic yard on 20,000
e r.io yards of earth excavation, also
n .cording to the estimates of the High
whys P-partment. Forty cents a cubic
yard for earth excavation Is 10 or
ir-nin less than a straightforward win
tractor la apt to bid. But the effect
of the low bid Is that John Smith
( i, pet the contract.
Then comes thn supplemental rnrree.
ment. It suddenly develops that
Blstake has been made In the est!
rn.ites. There is a groat deal morn o
if'Ck excavation than was supposed,
ar.d the cheap earth excavation la pro
P'irtionately decreased. The change Is
made with every appearance of lnno
cence how could anybody tell now
the fact is that no work has been done
on the road, nnd It would have been
eni-y to tell what tho conditions
ere lief ore the contract was let as
Mr. Hennessy Is perfectly certain that
he conditions were known before and
that the favored contractor, the man
icrhaps who was willing to divide with
omebody in authority, knew that he
t bidding on conditions that d'd not
exist and that when the final nccount-
ng came he would be 40 per cent, or so
head of legitimate proflts.
Of courto tho Increased amount of
rock excavation 17,000 yards, perhaps,
s In the contract described to Tub Si n
O&usins Shoes
for women
On one shoe of every pair
is Cousins' trade mark on
its mate is our own trade
mark. Cousins' Quality and 1
our own Reputation for Style I
are the natural twins of the '
fashionable shoe world.
COUSINS MAKE" Shoes require no "breaking in" from 1
the minute you are fitted. They instantly relieve vour foot
troubles, real or imaginary, and supplement the smartness !
of your costume. I
The Hello
22 to 26 John Forsythe 34th st. west
Founded 1827 SJJ Q O 'oundcd l3:?
A Remarkable Sale
of 35,000 Yards
Pongee Silks,
Printed Satin Foulards,
All Silk Voiles,
Values 85c. to $2.00 Yard,
Pongee Silks 26 inch, extra quality, all
silk, in a choice assortment of fashionable
colorings, particularly adapted for tailored
suits, wraps and garments for steamer, touring,
motoring and seaside wear.
Regularly $1.25 yard
Printed Satin Foulards 23 inch, in a
choke assortment of this season's latest de
signs and colorings, polka dots, stripes and
many other fashionable designs.
Regularly 85c. to $1.00 yard
Black Silk Voiles double width (42 inch),
in a variety of checks and broken plaids,
suitable for waists, dresses and separate
skirts; black only.
Regularly $2.00 yard
went In at 52.25, and meant
rotlt of $17,000 on that Item alnti..
15ut that wasn't enough. It is muI-
eniy thought necessary t' put in a
ih-b.iso course. Just as if the road
ero beinK pushed throueli quicksand
or a mars. i.
That thero wasn't quicksand or a
marsh made no difference. It would
pay tho contractor more and It would
cost the State more If the contractor
blasted out three extra feet of rock and
put the broken pieces hack n a founda
tion to the road.
Such conditions Mr. Hennessy found
not only In one hut In many of the con
tracts made In tho Dix administration
for spending tho State's $22,000,000 of
oad money. In two cases he found a
queer development of the suh-ba.-ir stone
IIott the Contractor !et Illeb.
It appeared In each of these contracts
that some two weeks after work was
started th engineer In charge nf the
Job. as the representative of th State,
sent In word that It was necessary tn
charue up more to rock excavation than
had been provided for In the contract.
The contractor, It was stated In the
official notification, had found an old
stono wall alone the lino of the rouil
and had had to take It out. rock cnch-
vatlon, of course.
And then ho had put It hack Into thp
foundation of tho road as sub-base stone,
for which he was paid as freely as
though the stone had been carted
a dozen miles. This meant that the
Stato paid $3.K0 a cubic yard for what
oost the contractor a sixth of that
Mr. Hennessy nnd his fellow Investi
gators bow to tho country contractor.
Many of tho up-Stato road builders In
dipping Into th State treasury appear
to have Bone to extremes which would
make a New York paver blush. That
thoy wc.ro In leugue with tho local In-
apectorH nnd perhaps with tho division
engineers can scarcely do questioned
Mr. Hennessy thinks. How much
hlghor In tho Stato Department of High
ways the trail of gran leads the tiov
ernor's Investigators do not say lor
publication Just now. Hut aa they fol
low the leads that are presented to
them they keep on climbing that's all
they havn to say about It.
Thus far Mr. Hennessy ha-i not ex
amined any of the principal contrac
tors under subpoena. He has concen
tratcd on the engineers and the Inspec
tors. Where road work has proved to
be faulty ho has called them In one
by one to explain whoso fault It was
The division engineer says that he had
to tako the word of somebody lower
down and the chief engineer says ho
had to take tho word of tho division en
elneer and the Inspector sayH ho had
to take somebody's word ho had
seen the stuff (to Into the road.
When they are confronted with their
sworn statements that thn work was
done according to specifications, and
at the same time are shown pieces of
road which don't come up to par, they
say that sworn etatemonts am "only
formal," and that thoy really shouldn't
bo held responsible for them.
Other Wmrm of "Xrlf-!llp."
The new work wasn't the only op
nortunlty for self-help from the State
nol In Its fine work In repair contracts
alto. The Governor has tho record of
a concern which built a road in Hock
land county lending Into Suffern. The
contract price was $2t,00o. but by a
supplemental agreement the price was
boosted to $3ii,l00.
And. after all. the wonst thing about
the repairs is thatthey are on roads
which were built within two years and
H.i.-pt fr th.. faulty construction
would not liave to bo repaired now. The
repairs cost almost as much as the
load cost in the beginning nnd the
wink is no more permanent than It
was before. So the vicious circle goes
on and. according to Mr Hennessy'
lnvr.stUn.Uuns, will go on until the
wholi- hutiness iione over proper'.
As an lnt'ince nf wnsto, Mr lien-
iii-.-.-y nas ii'iiui tliitt contractors
i.one isiHiid .mil UistehtstiT toads
have been utltig ,i certain kind of
ment bearing grate) which conies frmn
near 1'reksklll. tt Is controlled bv a
concern In New York with which
Charles 1' Murphy is supposed to have !
h connection. A sample of this gravel
was sent two weeks ago to Prof. Tou-
ced.i of the. Hensrelaer Polytechnic In
stitute, in Troy. Prof. Toucedn nnn-
lyzed tt and found that only the flnett
particles, tho.-n siimII enough to pass
through a scieeu bearing 2U0 holes to
the square inch, showed any cemntl
tious qualities, and here the cement
was present in only 4.45 per rent.
t oiniiilsslorier Carlisle Immediately
mcelieii ib contracts on eight or ten
roads where this grand was in use
his countermanding orders went out
on Wednesday. Among the roads nf-
cted nr the Port .TefToixm. Smith-
town, Hay Slioti -Hrnokhavcn and Lit
tle Neok-W'estbur.v hlchwavs.
The Ciovfrnor wants to get to the
bottom of the whole business, not only
to run down the offenders, but to show
the ciuitrru tors on future hlghwiy con-
miction that the State's $T0,U00,il00 nf
new loads must be honestly built.
Also a remarkable offering of 5,000 yards
Printed Satin Foulards,
Printed Fleur de Soie,
all our own regular high grade qualities,
brilliant lustre, soft finish, designs expressly
made for and confined to us by the leading
manufacturers of Europe. Beautiful allover
designs and small floral effects including bor
ders, dots, checks and other fashionable styles.
Imported grades only, made and printed in
Lyons, France; double width (40 to 50 inch).
Regularly Sold at $2.50, $3.00 to $5.50 Yard,
1.15 nd 1.50
"." I rvtc osn finn- tiot.sn'T KNOW IT.
Uli 1U t
i Htholle Institution to Celebrate on
Mriimrlnl Da.
Catholic MM'leties in all parts of Greater
New York will spend Memorial Day with
the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of
Charity at the New York Catholic Pro.
tectory, Vnn Nest, to help celebrate the
Institution's llfty years of vocations!
training or bos and Hlrls. Kxerclses will
be held on the ball field and In the morn
lug there will be a military mass, at which
Cardinal Farley will preside
In the afternoon there will b concert
bv tho boy baud of the protectory, sports
and addresses by .fustic, Victor .1. Dow
ling, Judge Julius Mayer nnd Judge Hob.
ert J. Wilkin. Mayor (iavi.or wj try to
be there Comptroller PieinUrgnst and
other city officials and iim.'.erous non
Catholics interested In tho worl; of chit
ilfen will be present
The protect cuy record for 1913 shows
that the protectory hBS cared for 4,291
boys and gliis during the last year. Of
that numner 1.47L' were committed by ths
children's courts of Now York city. The
Department or pumio Charities sent 167,
Weslchcstet county 103 and other coun
ties twenty-six,
Hni la Heir of t'nrle lie
rillLADKM'itlA. May IT. ftnndil! VV
' Dickinson, the adopted son of t-iinuel r
' Dickinson of Norfolk. Va., and a student
I t the AbInton Friends School, In this
city, his fallen heir to JSuti.uoo irom an
urn'! whom h never saw.
William UamUli Ittlssell, a wealth
rvnnsvlvanU fanner, made Jh boy the
beneficiary of h! will when he died last
T,i hov was taken from an orphanage
sou ii ear go by Mr. Dickinson, a mer
chanrtlso broki. II" believed until re
ently that he was the real son of Mr,
Dick nson.
At the suggestion of hl adopted father
tho boy will not be told of his Inheritance
until h Is o(der.
MandnrilUatlnn Committee to "hsUe
I'p Kmplojeei.
The commutes on standardltatlon of
salaries and wages In city departments Is
preparing a report grouping the work of
the city employees according to the value
of the nrk and Hie compensation in-olcd,
Tho object of the movement is not to
throw certuin men out or tneir joos rui
merely to in range for tranxfets among
the various dtpartments nherehv men
who are capable uf doing work requiring
err at, r skill than their present duties
and who ;iro gctlng paid for expert woik
which they are not doing will be trans
ferred to positions railing for their best
An Addition tn Col, llnner't on
"Harper' WeeM" Sale.
Cameron MHckrnzle. vice president or
the McClure Publications, Inc., informed
Thk Si'jf by letter yesterday that "Mr.
Norman Hapgood plans to Issue an Im
portant statement supplementing the
announcement given out by Col. George
Harvey regarding the sale of llarurr'n
'i'ho statement Is to be Issued to-day
by Mr. Ilapgood at ths University Club.
Col. Harvey's remarks regarding ths sale
appeared In yesterday's morning papeis.
(ilycerlne Tablet Works A Are.
Philadelphia, May 17. Firemen had
a hard time this morning fighting a blaze
In Tine Hros. Olycrrine Tablet works on
North eighth street. The blaze looked!
Inslnnlttcant until barrels of glycerine and
molnssrs swelled up and lost their con
tents. Three floors of the building were
th road vu going to turn out? But ! treasury. The supplemental agreement
Hntertalnment In Plentr Provided
for N'eit $utorday.
Telhain Manor'H lawn fete and cabaret
dinner next Saturday afternoon and eve
nlng promise abundant entertainment.
There will bo a phenomenal baby contest,
drawing on all of i'elhum; an exhibit
of cubist mid Impressionistic art by Otho
Cushliig, 11. V. Kemble, Kdward I'enlleld
nnd other well known artists, an Indian
encampment, a country store, a Dutch
tea room, a fish pond and hosts of flower
maidens. A military band will play on
the lawns of Mrs. Ilobart C. Hlack and
Mis. John llntiway, which are to he de
voted to tho occasion, ,
The evening offers general dancing at
thn Manor Club and an amateur and
professional cabaret. Automobiles will
meet Pelham trains from 2 o'clock V. M.
until I.
jfur Storage
In Dry Cold Air Vaults
on the premises
Insurance and Thorough Cleaning
are included in the moderate
charge for this service.
Remodeling and Repairing
at a substantial saving
during the Summer.
ftnporflng " Clcmafbctnnnj
Between 35th and 36tb Sis. Tel. 2044 Greeley.
James McCreery & Co.
34th Street 23rd Street
On Monday and Tuesday
Pronounced Reductions
Extra quality Persian Stiltanabad, Huluk and Mahal
Rugs in a complete ratine of sizes from !)xl2 lo 18.7x13.5 ft.
formerly 150.00 to 300.00, 75.00 to 250.00
Extra quality Antique, Danluvtan, Kurdistan, Serebend
and Mozul Rugs,- sizes include hall runners from : to 4 ft.
wide by 10 to 12 ft. long. Also extra larie si::e lxS ft. Kur
distan as well as small")' fine .Sorouks and Kennanshahs.
formerly 37.o0 to CiO.OO, 25.00
Domestic Rugs
Extra fine Axminster Uiifrs in Oriental designs. Size
0x12 feet. legularly 25.00, 19.50
Best Body Brussels and Seamless Wilton Velvet and
Axminster Rugs. regularly ;!2.50, 25;00
10" to 20 Reductions
Colonial Wing Chairs or Rockers,- solid mahogany
frame; dull finish; upholstered with hair and moss: denim
covered. special. 15.00
Colonial Armchairs or Rockers, solid mahogany frame;
dull finish. regularly 10.00, 16.50
Colonial Wing Chairs or Rockers, hand carved: solid
mahogany frame. special, 20.00
Davenports, 7 ft. 4 in. long; upholstered with South
American hair and moss; double cone tempered steel springs.
regularly 81.50, 65.00
Davenports, 6 ft. 10 in. long; upholstered with South
American hair and moss. regularly 77.00, 67.50
Davenports, 5 ft. long; spring seat and back. 55.00
regularly 63.00
. Chaise Lounges upholstered in South American hair
and moss. regularly 62.00, 55.00
For Country Homes
Suitable for boudoir, table and floor, in
White Enamel or Wicker.
Wicker Lamps with cretonne lined shade . . 3.75
value 5.00
White Enamel Lamps with 10-inch cretonne shade.
value 6.50. 4.00
Wicker Covered Pottery Lamps with silk-lined wicker
shade. value 18.00 and 22.00, 12.00 and 15.00
Wicker Floor Lamps with 26-inch cretonne-lined shade.
value 35.00. 22.50
Electric Floor Lamps finished in White Enamel, French
Gray or Old Ivory with 20-inch cretonne shade. 25.00
value 35.00
Considerably Below Usual Prices
. ..1.75, 2.25 and 3.00
values 2.50, 3.00 and 3.75
.... 2.75 and 3.25 doz.
values 3.50 and 4.00
Extra Large Turkish Towels value 1.25, 75c each
Extra Largo Huckaback Towels . .. value 1.50, 1.00 each
Extra Heavy Hemstitched Huckaback and Hemmed
Turkish Towels. value 3.75, 2.90 doz.
Hemstitched Linen Sheets 3.75 and 4.75 pair
values 5.00 and 6.00
Hemitched Linen Pillow Cases 90c pair
value 1.25
Decorative Linens
Lace-trimmed and Hand-embroidered Scarfs
2.00, 2.50 and 3.00 each
Also Natural Colored Linen Pieces, embroidered in
White. One-third less than regular prices.
Special Values
White Blankets, full size. .2.75, 3.45 and 4.00 pair
Comfortables, Figured Silkoline 1.50
Silk Mull with plain border 2.95
Bedspreads, crochet hemmed 1.25 and 1.50
. Satin finish Marseilles, scalloped, 3.25 and 4.00
Satin Damask Tablecloths. .
Attractive Offerings
Bungalow Canvas, 50 inches wide
formerly 1.25
Figured Scotch Canvas formerly 1.50
Washable Austrian Prints, fast colors.
Curtains formerly 10.50
Couch Covers " 7.50
Table Covers, 1 yd. square. ' " 75c
Table Covers, VA yds. square " 1.25
.50c yd.
75c yd.
3.50 pair
2.25 each
35c each
65c each
760 Couch Hammocks, complete with chains .7.
special, 5.75 and 7.75
Couch Pillows covered with bungalow canvas. 95c each
valut 24tS

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