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THE SUN, SUNDAY. MAY 18. 1913.
' ViMiif Kfirairoorirox itch
' n . nitwn in Minlcnt
l';i in Pari.
an uni.r.n: or iw.mk!
i, I.cadine Part in I!al
.1 i .-t in paitrit. Not1l
:il Rumanian.
f . ()M?frA to T 4
. '. TV- nnr.omnfiiirnt of
i.' f I'niu-c Ar.enc Kara-
!: r of Kuic JVtrr of
: H.iscr I'ratt. foniKTly
i. .tr rrvixtM nu'inorif. of
.n h nud'-nt day
. !, w .in a. a (lurlll?t in
.- . 'njinnion.x arc tellinir
l rin-i-? athletic iror.-.
f win. h hi." habit of
f a -.irluce. il.i.-liinc Into
! ' '..y CIMIl'ttlS, IMtrll-
i irrtaCf ami Junijilni;
' .imiie It ..top.
. at n. ituc.ljt w.th
- i. Uv.nklnp nothinR of
S: I n.''.ar ti. I'.irl
f r an Mtu.i ..f honor. He
.! IHiu'eg I mltlofT
in 1 In a Mnrd duel
h'ni hc onca:rii.
Nr in li" and che mar
.:. iftiirr. .--'hp d:vd t
ia. ''d a '.(f which
r i f Oumaf's thrr- :nv.-
o.'T ready to p'aco hi?
. rif of n country nfed
Hr rtnelviM his mii.tary
II-us. a and row by !-htT
ran . vi Colonel contmand-
,j. Guards. Ho wlun--
the Trench cam
.... nnd Tonkin and wa?
f the KiiM'ian campaien
-. Ran war besan he was
n.n-.at.d of tru Serwan
i - y lit.- made h::n n
.. .r. the rapidity of hie
4 ..n .f the d. cidlnc
- lampalcn In Thrac md
!! nif aiHV. t limine tip
.1 ;i nit" and bream1 the
TirV.." M.. r. le at the
",ijnu Ma- a deoNlve fac-
-.- "'. the .. r an arm".
narrowly f.cap"d belnc
nor f.irce of the enemy.
make a de?i-rate stand
At the .upreme niTncn-
r lrince Ar.-ene ar-
- v.- and -aved the day.
r. a j-piendld type of
. : frame and Mr-nsth
ra, .i h.fte. He steadfastly
. : r"d In a house dur-
-r i -.mpinir out with his
r. . r rn:.-.-"d a chance to
f a 1 1 t Want ot of Vtrtnr I'.m
' - jrl lofiutueHt t n ri I an i ed.
"iay 1" - Th lat-1 -n-Ational
rt in the cr.tfx 'cinial at the
.-nc' con.-jr-:- a l-t-r from
.f Terr- d'Annunciata de
. - ; i'.r Abicriente. a prominent
lni"d that he hal receive.!
'-'m the contractor- The
- - -hat he ha m hi- pa
i" : f r Slf.WJ duly sisnd
- . - - a-e now taking up the
f .'..raisti and ar ursine an
f "m co-t of the monument
iltnmanuel and the dis
- .rd- appropriate! for
' nil in which, they in
i . were mncrnMl
. f 1 J rl.!""
1 1 m lii.o In I aiiiliriilueahlrr
"in lnnrnre rt Ihf I nilir.
- .' . .pit' o 'flt ?i
' K-: ! 'nnd May 17 -The
tT-'irH the Newmarket
: i1: - ije-hire. which was
. deathof Sir rharle
i; v .-vaion April 10. The
' ' . i-e. Pentson Tender
a i v ef almost l.fi, the
i ! ir..ui Pender (Unionist),
- e. r- Nicholl Liberal),
i dfribute their ictory
'' ' - -'-.:-t! felt at the opeiiition
' ' ' r n' t pas-Mi by th present
rrrnovz Papeete harbor.
Irni . ,,, .nj . . loo, HIM) In View
"I mini (I pi-n I iik.
i" The Trench (Jovem-.ric-1
t.j spnd $1,100,000
t vrnvir "f the harlior fif
- nonh s.de of tho L-land
v . i have constructed
. .. ! t.v j: with a view to
' I'.u.atna I'anal traffic.
I'rdK'i report le.irlnB
r' ' t Trail' es oreanio possed-
n w.th the canal will
n I.,,.,. ...,, .,, , Me Han,
Uh.re I he; Ml pin,
i i Tin SrN
t ' ' "The fifty cadets
T .rtt Boys Club of
' 1 arr ved In London
t ! the Soldiers Home,
- ' ' lt mornlnt; nnd thn
1 v ii thf aft rnoon.
.. : i v went to the Pal.
w . . r.. t werk they will play
1 ' ' iM u.ve pvtnnatlc display)
1 ' -.;.n. in d rir. their puiy here.
I lie litiitiuiei Jrnlih (nartrr of
l'rliurK, HanKiirv,
-y Cah'r tittpulrh to Tilt SrN
'' - ".j, Hunsarj. Mav 17--Kir
t"l the ,Itwi,li quarter of this
Jay. fine Jmiidrwi hounes wero
' 'r nn-i v yA persons are hotnelnM.
WiJte oht
Xiiierlrnn rniii llonuhi I. -.o.oou
Miaren l.i-mil elloii ,
. jjf !, ' !., lint-neb lit Tu. si
l.'iNhoN, May 17 -It It understood
that dertnlte lce.il action In re.-ard to
the sile of the sharen of the Amer.can
t Marconi Company will t undertaken
.n a few duss. The experts enr.iKed bv
i .Mr. Had. lyffe. editor i the focf,to;ci,
! informed him that there i a distltu t
' prima fane case for rhalltnclni: the
I legality of the pool, which consisted of
lour corner men."
I .tiarconi company cuar
anteed 1.4u0.0uu shares, of which num.
I ber Uodfrey laacs, manapms director
1 of the company, made himself person
ally rf sponsible for f.OO.OuO. Half of
! the shares were sold to the brokers
I Heylourn .v Croft at l' jxr cent.
, premium, f.d.000 at nnd f.O.OOO at
i 7-16. H Kiacs took 4C.0Ot.i Sir T.tlfll."
' Isaacs 10.000, Mr Marconi 10.000, the
i Marconi company dite-t ors and em
'ploxtes 31. ,',0o and an American pinup
U".00O. s.i that practically SOO.000 shares
w..re tied up.
It had len penerally understood that
i the shares would be introduced at 1'4.
on which assumption the brokers re
ceived larpp buyinp order, while the
I public had to pay 3', Another ques
l ti.'n to be do. :deil by a leeal test l
(whether those who paid much more than
3U for shares to brokers who boueht
i them at a much lower price cannot
j cet their money refunded.
It i known that one purrhaer lost
I2:(1, while a proup which operated
'on the N-.t inf irmation" shared a
total of 400.0t'0.
Violent I'ranrh f suffragists
Are l.osinir Many of Their
Mam CmiKrunf l.rntr niamon,
P'''t' Cattt liopntch to Till 8vs.
'i-sr,ow. May 17 -The Anchor liner
' ")Pia left Glasgow to-lay with M
tiRer bound for Kew York and 1,W0
i r ( ariada,
Ilrnn of ( hnprl Hoynl, Dublin, Wn
lliitmr !. tlpimnrnt.
ptr,a! ( able tittWch to Trt. Sin
IiOVPOX. May 17 - The Py h (; j
Weh-ter. dean of the Chattel Hoyal. Dub
lin, dropp-d dead to-day while playing
golf at Malahide. near Dublin, with A
Honar Law. leader of the opposition in
Dean WVlister wa born in Cork April 5,
1M0. His father was the Hev. George
Webster, Chancellor of Cork He w
eiucated at Charterhouse and at Trinity
College. Dublin, where h was an honor
man in the cla-sics. loio and niathe
mat,c. He was ordained for St Mary's, Dublin,
in ls3, and was curate of St Pet,r's in
Dublin from Ism to lsyl From ls3 to
lt"S he iti, sub-dean of the Chapel Jloyal
and became dean in lit si. He was mar
ried in 190 to Kdith M Patton, who, with
one son, surive him
sld In llmr Hern 1'rlrnil of Mar
qnl of llrrtfnrd.
Sprrtal ahlt litipatc'i fnTurJis
LevroN May 17 - The ounc man
wh i committed sulcije two w,-ks aco
at Toj: ,n. wh-re he had sriven his name
as Hur.scticldt. now believed i have
bet-n a man named Hitter, a friend of
the Manjti.s of Hrtford. once the hus
band of Alice Tnaw of fittsburp.
Hitter visited the H.vicra In the com
pany of the Marquis recently and the
proprietor of the hotil where they
-topped, after seelnp a photopraph of
the dad man, said he had no doubt it
was Hitter.
Will llppor I oiiKtautlne'a C'lnlra In
the llnrnn IslnmU.
.iV ' J..V IieiH'K to Thi ?i s
RnitE, May 17 lt :s announced off.
cially that the Italian Government has
sent a i inim.m -atwn t the l'owers
that she w:l! stren'.oiisly nj,p,, the
pretentions of (iree. e rfirardmc the
islands of the .Kpean Sea and the fron
tier of Albania.
lt will be recalled that Italy dunnp
th war with Turkey o--cuped several
of the larper i-iands at the entrance
to the .Upean anl up to the present
she has made no announcement of hr
intention'' repardlnp them. Mot of the
inhabitants of the .Kpean .slands are
...f fireek national. t.v nd lireei-e n.it.
urailj p.i' in a i laim to the elands
fie , -up.rd dirinc the Balkan war
Greeee also .-laim that part of Altwrna
outh of M .nas'ir and as far ea-t as
and including Salonlca.
She Arrive at I'lrmnath With Her
Part Eoalne Crippled.
Sprii! Cabtt beipctch to Tni Sm,
Plymouth, Knpland, May 17 Th
American liner Philadelphia arrived at
Plymouth to-day a day late, with hr
port engine crippled.
timed nn w Vurk errelary' Pr
onal Opinion, II la Snld.
fprial I at'.e t$r)tc to Th Sis
Iovpon, May 17- Speakinp lo-day of
the protest apalnt th selection of
Walter II. Pace as Cnited States Am
bassador to the Court of St. .Iamt's
made by the London Trades Council,
William Coffey of the National L'niutt of
Bookbinder, who Introduced the resolu
tion of protest, said his action was
based on a letter on the official paper
of tho Allied Trtdes Council of New
York city and sipned by Charles L.
Conway, Its secretary, asking the Knp
lWh trade unions to protest Hpalns.t
Mr. Pace's appointment on account tf
1,1s attitude toward union labor.
"I thouphf," cald Mr. Coffey, "that
the latter represented the offlciul atti
tude, of the council, but to-day I lind
that beyond an appearance of being an
official communication there Is nothing
In tho letter to Indicute that it may not
be pnythinp more than Mr. Conway's
personal opinion. I havo written to him
asking him for an explanation. If it
turns out. however, that it was only a
personal request from Mr, Conway and
that the (acts are an he stated we will
not withdraw our protest."
.National Brolberbnoil of llookblnd
era Induce Unffllah 1'nlnn In Protest.
'I hut t lie I'.nftlUh trade unions were In
dined to protect against the appointment
ot Walter II, Pe as Ambassador to (ireat
Britain by nn "outlaw or.inlwiilon," t;
.Satitiiial 'brotherhood ol llookbindets,
lilc h wui eiiH'llud two senrs apo (rum
the International Drothernood of Hook
binder", appears from Information phen
out yesterdav by J'eter .1 Brady, secretary
ot the Allied Prliltlna Trades Council of
Greater New ork. 'Ihls union hus been
repudlnted, he says, by the American Fed
eration of tabor.
The Central Federated 1'nion has asked
the eteciitive council of the American
FederHtinn ot labor to take up the matter
of having President Wilson recall Ambassa
dor Paye, ''lilt action wait taken yester
day. The objection to Ambassador Pape
In on account of thn nlleped unfavorable
attitude of Douuleday, Page A Co, to trade
fptnit: ''n''Ir liftpdttt, tn Tlir
Loxttox, May 17 Mrtnbrs of the
Women's Social nnd Political TtiKti
iiJTect to ridicule the report of a split
Hmonp the militant leaders, said to be
due to the belief that the most violent
of them hae pone too far. bat there
is no doubt that many women nr.-t-rr.sfcrritip
their allepiancc to the less
extreme section headed by Mr. and Mr.
Tethlck Ijiwrence. In addition thre
Is a noticeable depression ut the head
quarters of tho union. ,
Although the placmi: of bombs near
public bulldinps has apparently r
suspended for a day or two, the mili
tants who have been dcvotlnc their nt- 1
telitions to provldinp hoaxes ure still '
busy and are losinp no opportun.ty of
foollnp the jiollce with fake boml's. a
score or more of which were found in
London in the last twentv-four hours. :
Any old alarm clock tied In n paper
parcel does the trick, and it pives the
police Infinite trouble owing to the ,
necessity of expert handling and im
mersion in water.
Militants tried to. day to destroy by
fire one of the university buildit at
Cambridge. The interior w,Miwork
was badly damaged and pirt of one of
the laNiratorles of the tiniversy suf-
fered Itefure the blare was c Mltipulshed
( Itmprllinr ot Winner of Win, (Hit)
1 1 r in I a snlclilr.
Sytn.it r.it.V littp,ttc'' tn Tat 5t s
Hana. May 17 Domingo H.,-:i!o.
the Cuban aMator. titw to Havana from
Key West. Kin., this morning and w.
the prize of SlO.Oi'O off-red by the Cuban
Government to the first Cuban av'-ttor
to make a rl.ght across the Florida
Straits. Hosillo made the trip in 1'
hours and IT, minutes.
Auctistlne Parla. another Cuban avi
ator. intended t , try for the prize nt
the same time as Hnsillo. bjt hlph winds
and an accidt nt to his aeroplane forced
him 'o pie up the attempt He was so
Incensed at his failure that he tried to
k.il himself. As he saw his ma! speed
ing away Parla drew a reulwr and
placed It to his temple A fr.end struck
up his arm nnd the iuliet went w.J.
Parla proposes to make an ther attempt
on Tuesday next In the hope (f winning
the second prize of $T. ftm
Iloslilo was r.yinp at an alt.tu le of
2.000 feet when he arrived in sight of
Havana. He cirtled the city b, f..re
allphtlng and was .v. cla.med wit'; en
thusiasm by prait. ally the entire pop.
ul.itton of the city
Kins lomnmlr. li Draih .turners,
but nl Allrurel's.
$lc.il t'attf ritcA to Til t ss
MU'Ktp, May 177. The birthday of
King Alfunsti was celelirated to-day bj
an orlu ial reception and Uinquel .it tht
royal pal.ii e. e.'uren .tor.a, who
expeitmg a vis.t of th, sturs. early net
month, was not pres. nt a: the renp
tion. The King commuted the death sen
ten' es pa.- 'd on six. prsoi. H" re.
fused, howevtr. to Interfere in thv case
of Allfgret. the man who tried t,. as.
sasslnaV Intii ruently .n Madr.d.
Arrldrnl In Italian lllaitr ni
Woman's llenthlied,
pf t' '.!' -trA to Tlir s-
Home. May 17 - Fifty prson wre
injurtj. nv st of them ser:ou.-H. . t!.,-col'.ap-e
to-dav of a houe in the v.'.ii:.
of Ca.-tion '!t. Th were a-st m' . d
th.-re to w.t:ies ft adm.nistra. n f
the last sa. r.im nt t- a woman who
w.i hart !n an .ioidnt The woman
d.ed bi f .re fie i dlapse oecureil.
I'hrslelnns nrllexr Me Will Itrrmrr
1'rnm rrtnni HrrnLdtiirn.
.roi' Ctl.le P'tfitfA ft Thi: St-x
P.05tE, May 17 Cardinal Vlvs y
Tuto, who for tho last three months
has been suffering from a nervous
breakdown, has become worse The
Pops sent him his l !eslng to.diy The
physician attending him be). eve ho
will recover.
Klnst (Jrorar's llnnsbtrr Milking
.Vreklaers at no I enta nn llnnr.
Spteui! Ctitlt Titipatrh to The St s
London, May 17 - Princess Mary has
been working for a charity in which Queen
Mary, her mother, is interested, making
Venetian bead necklaces of a variety of
patterns and pretty designs. A a result
of her labors sh has accumulated the
sum of $?10 for the charitable organiza
tion The necklaces were sold tn the friend
of the Princess at prices ranging from
50vnts to $1.50, Her earnings were on
an averngq of M cents an hour
Athens. The Greek Gn eminent hi?
decided to prolong for another month the
moratorium or supen&!ou of the pay.
metit of specie by the state lunk" d
spite the protcts of the committee of the
Paha. The raptaln of the British
steinhip I'enls. from New York for Pna
ami Man.iOs, has be. n compelled lo d.x
chaipe the cargo of h'.s vel, which went
agiound May y 150 miles from this port.
Yokohama. Efforts have failed to con.
trol by pumping the leaks In the Hrltth
steamship Ikalls, from San Francisco,
which went ashore at Murorau, Japan, on
May 7 Dlvtrs aro attempting to repair
the holda.
Annual Clearance Sale
The Famous
Mme. Irene Corsets
The latest styles consisting of the sample lines of
otir Wholesale Department. Also the newest designs
in high-grade materials that we are discontinuing.
We offer these corsets at these phenomenally tow prices:
Sd.OO to $7.00 Corsets 3.00
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PoMtUcly No Goods Sent on Approval. Credited or Exchanged.
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Also at Frederick Loescr & Co., Brooklyn.
Cot 'it.iir f .r,.ii 7 irs' J'tpr
Ctov. Johnson' signature Tho del.iv
j in the proceeding- ! not cm-dnguny
s;irpri-e or imutlenoo at the emliav.
The nnwer i ready and will bo trans
mitted to Atnlvi-sador t'hind.i without
delay when the Pre-ldent learns that fiov.
John-mi ha- -lPtitti the alien land bill.
The note wa drafted by John Ila ett
Moore. c'in-ellor of the Ma to Depart
ment, nnd ha- received th approval of
Pre-idetit Wilson Duly minor changes
in it were made by tho Pre-idcnt, accord
ing to the understanding here A- '
state.! in Tiif M".v to-day. the answer
defend- the f.ilifornia law on th ground
th.it it d.- r.t inv..he a jolati 'ti of tho
trety..ind :lerst t the Jhimiu i recourse
t the court-
TI. igh the n .te is nil ro.idv f.'r tran-mis-i-m
t., AtnUi-id r I't.md i a- s".,n
a- Gov John-nn has ipmd the bjl). th"
Jap.ine' situation wa- i tic of the -it-,iect-
ili-cu iti a conference which
.-ecretary Iln.in had with President
ii-on at the Wli.t.t Hoii-e thi- afternoon
Thi- confe r'ii la-tod two hurs and was
fr th" pMrp 'se if ri'viewing a nutntier
( thediflicuit -ituatlons which the present
Adimtii-trath.n has on its hand- in the
department of foreign relation
Further eflort to create the ltnpreion
that the Aiimuu-tnition i not m.iking
any prep,iration for possible emergency
which might an-.- out of the Jap.ine-'e
-ituatiou wh- made totliy Neverthe
les it i- well understinvi "that stps of
a pretsiutionary iiut'ile ar- U'ing Mken
( lllr.rn., llotrer, I riir llnunllt;
for .Inpnnr.e Here,
ToKto, May 17 - Speakers a, a ma
mettir.p h,re t -dav orcan.ed by busi
ness and rd ica'lonal Interests united in
i.'nltmninp .rr, -i,n-;t...- war t i!'j. Par
.lamentary repn -entati s af.end d the
Mn.t of tiff students who spoke
d.ipfd a cor.serx ative tone in the.r
-pieibfs. s;,ir.p that In the.r be'-.-f 'be
Americans wii! side with the Japanese
uPamst tin unfaini, .-s of di-criminatlon
They .-aid, h 'Wrxer. that the time has
i "tne wh.n the Jattanes-. must be ac-
..rded tlK sam- treatment a- other
i..p!.s All .'"ined in condemning the
r. .itm-nt n the whites of the wnnd 'f
IV. iol . red rail's and vino of them cilid
'.mbinKs uf niroes In the .-.iithern
States a-- ca.-.s In pmn".
1'ri f N.tpai "f W'aesada l'r.ierslty
-tid :ha' Ci l made the white and col
red pe.tpli s cq ia! and that If the
.'apan.se fn.ied to claim rqua'.ity they
w.mld not be carrir.p out (Sod's wlshis.
i ithers cor.drmned the alien land own
erhlp b I! anil rteplor. d the absence of
uind nnd npriciltural clauses In the
eist)np 'rr.uy ltesolutlnr.s were
adopted that the Japanese in the I'nlted
Plates must have equal rlphts with the
whites. i
(inrilener Sated ftOO School Children
From Attack.
Kdward Larwell. a gardener employed by
the Hudson Houbvard Commission and
l.Mni: ut tin Spring street. Wist Hotwiken
Is .n the North Hudson Hospital with his
no,- almost torn off and his throat tmdl
lateral, d from an attack made on hint
by a mad dop. which he whs trying to
k from dash'.np Into a crowd of 500
school children lesterday afternoon. In
the hospital with him Is Joseph &chmitier
"f the North Herpen police, who was badly
bltun If the b ft bp by the animal
Th hnd of the dop Is now In the
Pastiur Institute. The dog was shot after
un cvi.tuip auto chase of more than a
m.'.e mi the Hudson Houlevarri by
Ib.urdsman John tflmons and Patrolman
I'h iritj Su.lHan. Sullivan's reoler killed
the dop
Tne childnn wtre lined up at the
ntraiKc of l nlon Hill, r-chuetien I'ark.
awaiting tlir order to march In to take
pa.t ,n Ma) day sports Trie dop, lare
brown cur, rushed down the Boulevard to
ward them. Ldrwell ran In front of the
.in. n. .ii and struck at tt with a rake and
t.u djp spranp at his throat. It missed
the throat, but snapped the man's nose
tiarirp It terribl. Asaiti the dop leaped
and :hia time 11 tore a gash In Larweli's
lc.emin S hmltzcr. who with Hounds
man Simmons and Patrolman Sullivan
was acting as escort to the children, ran
to L.irwt.1 aid, while h'.s fellow officers
calmed the frlchtened children. The dog
bit SohmlUer on the leg and ran down the
Celestial Cm. torn Discarded at
Francisco Weddlaa.
S"n rin.vcis.-o. May 17. All prece
. lints were broken to-day when Miss
Nellie S. Leo. a Chinese girl who was
recently praduated from hlPh school,
was married at her parents home to
Julius T. Ye. student in law course
at the I'nherslty of California.
Ch.ne.-e brides have been wedded
hereof r- at the home of the br.Js
groom in Chinese fashion. This couple
was married by a Presbyterian minister
at the hi m of the girl's father, who
i- a retired merchant. There waa a
treat weddinp fe.it of roast pip and
chu ken and many sweetmeats, after
Wilih the inuple drove away in an au
tonWille f..r a tour of the State. The
orldo wore a hobb'e skirt and the
bridecroom looked l.ke an American
lollece boy.
Mitnt.-lnlr'a Art Mnsrnin,
M,'NTCi.Atr.. N J.. May IT The Mont
c. ii- Art Mu-eum, which has been erected
at a otst of more than llOe.OOO. was lr
formally opened to-day with an exhibi
tion of seasonable flowers by the Montelalr
Oirdfn Society The museum, whtrh Is at
Blojmfleld and South Mountiln avenues, !
ii.it yet tlnlshel and the flower show wa
held In a section which was rrepared for
the occasion
The formal opening of ths museum,
which will house a collection of sixty
American paintings presented by William
T. Evans, will take place next fall.
Hnlser Mens Bill for Commission lit
Inve.lluate Proposal, '
Albant. May 17,--(iov, Stilzer signed
to-day the Levy bill, which provides lor
the appointment of a commission of five
Assemblymen, three Senators nnd seven
citizens to Investigate tho subject of
widows' pensions and to report to the
Legislature of 1014. The bill carries
an appropriation of 1 15,000.
The Governor nlgned also another
Levy bill which permits Projrrcsslvo
party vters to enroll so that they can
vote at all primaries. ,
FIFTH AVENUE, cor. 39th Streot ,
Monday and Tuesday, May 19 and 20.
(Second Floor)
Millinery for All Occasions
5.00 and 10.00
(Third Floor)
Walkinft Suits nn
Of imported serge, checks and novelty mixture! ... . Od.UU
Cotton Dresses 25.00 to 38.00
Dancing Frocks 75.00
Silk Petticoats 3.50 and 5 00
(Fourth Floor)
Women's French Underwear'.
Fine Real Lace Trimmed
Dresses for Children
Misses' and Children's
Suits and Coats
Misses' and Children's Hats, $5, $8, $10.
Invite inspection o f their very large display of
Women's Midsummer Apparel
including Tailored Suits, Dresses and Gowns for Street. Afternoon u&
Evening Wear, in distinctie models and the most fashion
able materials, at Exceptionally Attractive Prices.
For To-morrow. Monday. Special Values in
Tailored Suits
in Plain and Norfolk models, of Bagdad Crash. Superior Quality Lineni
and Imported Striped Ratines,
t $8.75, 12.50, 16.50
Separate Skirts,
of Linen Crash, Cotton Bedford Cords and Repp, $2.25, 4.95
of Washable White of Washable
Velvet Corduroy. at $5.75 Viyella Flannel. at 7.50
t $5.50, 9.75
of Woolen Shepherd and
Novelty Checks and Stripes,
Later Spring and Summer Styles in
Women's Coats and Wraps
for Beach and Mountain Wear are now being shown, of Silk, Cotton
and Woolen Fabrics, in all fashionable lengths, including
many novelties in "Sport Coats."
Also Monday, a Final Clearance Sale of
Afternoon and Evening Outergarments
including a limited number of Imported Models
At Less Than One-Half Their Original Prices
To-morrow, an Important Offering of
Boys' Washable Suits
in Russian. Sailor, Beach or French Models, long or short sleeves and
straight or bloomer pants, of Galatea, Madras, Linen, Rep, Cham
bray and Mercerized Fabrics, in stripes, plain white, tan
or blue, sizes 2;i to 10 years,
At the Extremely Low Price of $1.95
Peter Pan Blouses, A tic
of Soisette and Madras, sizes 3 to 8 years, Value $1.00, at 40
Blouses and Pajamas, of Madras and Soisette,
Blouses 7 to 15 years. Pajamas A to 16 years.
Values $1.00 and 1.25
Rompers, of Chambray and Galatea,
sizes 2 to 8 y rs, Values from 50c to $ 1 .00,
t 65C
35c, 45c, 65c
To-morrow, Monday, another Extraordinary Sale of
Women's Summer Gloves
Sixteen Button Length Silk Gloves,
Paris Point embroidered, in
black, white and pongee, Specially priced at
Two Clasp Silk Gloves,
Paris Point embroidered, in
black, white, grey, tan and pongee,
Specially priced
Also a Special Importation of
French Glace Kid Gloves, $lf
16 Button Length, in hite, Regular Price $3.00 Pair. 1."0
To-morrow. Monday, a Seasonable Offering of
Imported and Domestic Parasols
t 1.95
Taffeta Silk Parasols in plain black and colors,
floral designs, novel effects in black and white,
also Linen with embroidered edges. Value $3.00,
Parasols of wide black and white striped Taffetas,
floral effects with tucked satin borders and O AC
unique models in fancy Taffeta Silks, Value $4.50, at a.93
Imported Novelty Parasols, large Floral Silki in the
"La Raie" Model, also Black and White Moire Silki.
Actual Values $6.75 to 9.50
To-morrow, Special Importation of
Real Madeira
Hand Embroidered Linens
At One-Third to One-Half Their Actual Values
Napkin Pouches, at 45c, 55c, 65c
Tray Covers, " 50c, 85c, 1.00
Centre Pieces, " 1.25, 2.50, 3.75
Dresser and Buffet Scarfs, " 2.75, 3.75, 4.50
Doyleys, Finger Bowl and Tumbler Size, Doz. 1.50, 2.00, 2.75
Plate Doyleys, " 4.50, 6.00, 7.50
Tea and Luncheon Napkins, " 5.38, 6.25, 7.75
Luncheon Sets, 13 pieces, at 4.75, 5.40, 6.90
Show Towels, " 1.50, 2.75, 3.95
Lingerie Cushion Covers, " 2.75, 3.90, 4.25
Upholstery Departments
Seasonable articles appropriate for Furnishings for Country
Homes, at Specially Reduced Prices
Summer Curtains, at 75c, 1.00, 1.25
French and English Cretonnes, 4 M,
Value 32c to 95c Yard. at 19c, 35C
Plain and Colored Curtain Scrim, Value 35c Yard, 22c
Sunfast Curtain Materials, OQ
in plain and iridescent colorings, Value 55c Yard at mOC
English and India Printed Bedspreads, at 1.85
Utility Boxes,
covered with matting, 30 inches long, 17 inches wide, AA
1 5H inches high. Actual Value $3.25. at 1.9U
Vudor Porch Shades. Couch Hammocks and Mothproof
Cedar Chests at Attractive Prices.
West 23d and 22d Streets

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