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n. if rmifpHprHto (iPHPi'nl
!r. :ill lncidpul Thnt
Ni.irfpil Obsppvam-p.
Hiotous Meeting of County
ppinoprats Leaves Them
!1 the rnknnwn Ornvps in
-l iii Tt 011 CjiniP 1 Hp
1im-Up1 Kni'li Vpiiv.
Tammany Thought to Score a
Voint liy Forcing an
the sun; Friday; may 30, 1913;
1 . " firolitu ariu'lf on In? oiliin
. tM mnl.iimiic noinc hernofors
n.l nt history. wiittrn for
I i s. Ciirtvll IVWut widow of
I rnntr'tti'iiitH fame
in 1
l.1.i: rolllll'.l.l. IMTKKTT.
fie war ?en. Pickett and
.r ns on the pnich of our
.1:110 when nnr pet dop. think
.1 i doing a service, came In
j 11 human hone nnJ laid It on
snciiue 1 was cmbfnlderlng for
M wi'.Hor, standing beside p,
' s handkerchief over the bone
. . (i in- from sccim? what It was,
. I ; ti!h It and the sacquc, and
, k . tli it; went out. The doR led
1 1 . clave which occupied ground
ern ucrt ! Confederates and
!( i. ',1 . a ( mutely. The bodies had J
h.isi ,'. buried In hurriedly pre
rui 1 k ives Tile earth had been washed
, i : tin .ind some of the bones
v.. ii? .m the surface of the Kround.
Ct. tiiT.il Inimedatcly made ar-
-i..i' fir the reinterment of the
S ithern and Northern alike.
1 1 1 ."pnn blossoms opened thft
. nd I. with our children, Kath-
- 1
- 1 111
put on the grans covered
l.eeptnR In our hearts ns wc
-i mounds that held the Fed
j. 1 . rs tender thoughts of sor
1 tnu! het, wles and sisters far
i . 1 could never know where
f. I one" were burled.
I'm. in UKartpd the lnj.
T ( f l-', of the Norfolk Landmark,
.? l.ar-in Hope, a poet of rare
.'iiii. of this, wrote a poem
1 . s , iW which suggested Decorn-
lny f 1- ceneral observance. Th
,'r w -r spring the graves of our
1 'f i-ra'i' soldiers everywhere were
1 wli'i the earliest flowers.
A -i.ii Hon Kemper of Virginia, who
t. .. Hr rjdier-Oenernt In Pickett's dl-
-i n 1 was wounded at Gettysburg,
- a Hoi! for flowets, he said:
. i: ,iv gather all the flowers In
li vernment g.irden. but use this1
r, .. mi I am giving you to buy
- ' On- soldiers' children. Flowers
1 wry well, but shoes are more
r. r i '
."r n.- oves ihe sunny land and
iii- llowers early to scatter over
wa 'ii larlh of our glowing South,
i Sn 1. them Memorial Day Is at an
1 "1 d.iv than that of the North.
1 e sp-lng nf 1S6, when (Jtn.
.Mi Logan were vlsltinir the bat
if nf the South, she happened
n H.i hmonil Just after Decoration
wbl' the Mowers were i-t un
, S 10 wn. so t'liicheil liy the sen-
"i anl be.iutv of the scene. th
1 f' derate Hags and wreaths of llow
t'ia' when she and the lleneral
fnfd to Washington she urged htm
, was tuen commander In chief nf
CJtand Army nf the Republic) to
i--ie an ordur for the decoration of
i. iiral graes. He sent for his ad-
nt. Oen. Chlpman, and Issued th
:ic genoral order No. 11, May S,
r,ogan said that the issuing of
order was one of the proudest act'
life It reached the heart and
' tirf-li t' soften cruel memories.
1 r who found comfort In the observ
. i Ihe day have expressed their
i .'.ii to the meaning of the tender
i ' nn' awakened.
illhera Fouler the Men.
M . ';r"oii, the wife of Oen, (Jthson,
t'-i i Washington, said that she went
1 1 the Soldlem' Home. Gen. and
.-' uudnn went to early mass and
"i ' 1 'he Soldiers' Home one year
1 v Ington the next. Mrs. Grant
'11.- 'hat she always put flowers In
fmtery most convenient to her
" ixrj (.!,. was, whether Confederato
1 ,ei-.i, but Always sent flowers to
1 wn soldier's grave. Gen. Warren
. im uncn on a ride to the Soldiers
.1 wt'h him and Mr. Warren:
o put thn Howcrn on their
I- s im teniember to try to put
. n. in'n their lives, m many thorns
" n put Into mine"
' if.iiK'iok thought that It brouKht
-1, - kueet and sad to those who
i 'he flowers and Inspired
1 iten with patriotism.
Mu'iellan said that the Gen
1 h it. rs were devoled to him, and
T-.iv'. 1 upon ihem a his children.
u,i.s ihou?ht that the flowers on
a e breathed, of filial gratltudo
hinm. m I'nllllr or C'llmri.
M "v 1 .ii Day brings hearts to--'
' "I g.irdliss of polltica or climes.
" n'.iion the Pickett'Huchanan
ii- 'in (! with Northern officers
in . i...ii)eis' homn in decorating
v s 1 f soldiers of the South and
I .Nil Mi. Once when I was Bolnfc
jl vwood in Richmond I was not
f'''J" iNit any one knew of my nur
J' i.j ell- inv office friends. When I
l.d the station ihere wre flowers
' "rn n h t'ljinmltHinncr of Pensions nnd
i- " old t-oldiers in th Pension Office!
Ho! vwood X found a laurel wreath
J t.ii Philadelphia brlnadc and Im-
ti-lus M'tit fiom Hoslon by Dr.
('om.j i v, Sli aduian, who waH aurgeon
'. thn -Miissachiistilla regiment that
r' 'I i'i li.st blood In the treet of Bal
; r,!, r,
iw yiais figu Mr, I'nttlt, one ot
JV,,! iVt i,n (.umt to luko me for a
U'.e. Ill t.UH
I wn golni; to tako you to Confed
t to n.ivrf in Arlington that have
' .en hle.nsoil with flowers on
t'iatuiii Day,"
1 had nor known that thero were
'-"rn- if Southern coldlera In Arllng
'r I slood heflde 1h racrrd mounds
'' "re. irt't the brave men who had none
n liiii thn heiut of the fiery storm
"' 1 w'ven Mfe for our Snuthern flag Bnd
-' ' 'i 'o think that in nil the years
r .r 1 n brought in them th frag
' 'I' r nk of oe and nifinory. He-
i' Lav rnsd were many graves,
' " 'k'j t,y monuments with In-
'f'"- ef rank, some by wooden
1 with jirnw roughly stained upon
Somebody (In the rush of subsequent
events nobody koI his name) ciunc up
Nasiu street out into Park How earlv
yesterday afternoon like 11 steam en
Klne In tan boots, his mind evidently
eiiKrossed with settlni; to some spot
where he was to teturn .1 promissory
note or attend to business of Ilk,. im".
poriance. 111 front of Tiik St-.v oilu-e.
howexer. he happen! to take a sudden 1
Kiniiif loHiiru tnu secomt tioor windows
and camo to a sudden ami satisfac
tory pause without skiddlnB.
- clunip at his elbow numberinc either
in or .tsu boys and men raclns north
and south across that asph, , Breriept that Park How never did' hold
of lark Itow-.Nassati. street shaped like; bic ;1 nowd before a baseball sc
.1,.,,,. "... , , . 1
1 VT. . "oaroinc nous., ai.ple ,
plo followed the centlemnn's l-.io '
threw on the brakes with a composite
srr n n m.I i . . . . .
" n-'i-'ii iiMji. .mi insiani later a
little Rroup numbcrlnt.- say 1,32s,
Joined the first two parties
frncrnni t j c t..tl .. it t 1
as .r .nurrm.T
sacreu ny the dust nf those whose blood
had consecrated the Stats and Har
to the great cause
of heroic asnirathm
and tlauntlc.-.- offttrt. 1 looked aero;!
the uainelesH mounds anil resolcd that
wnen Decoration Day came airaln Hu.v
should have their full meed of the
blossoms of remembrance.
I wrote a sketch and sent It to a I
Washington newspaper with a letter to '
the ..ditor. Frank Hutton. asking
him to pay me as much us he ni.ssil.lv I
could, at least twice us much as It was
worth, telling him what I wanted with '
the money. He responded with a letter 1
enclosing n check for three times the
value of the story. 1 sent the letter '
and check to the leading florist of the '
city, who responded with five times as '
many flowers as the check would pay
for at regular prices and sent them In
a wagon to Arlington, following the
carriage In which I drove with my
son and a one armed Confederate. Col.
Hooker of Mlsslsslnnl. and Mrs. Cerm
Gordo Williams. wlf of Senator Will.
iams. We strewed the flowers over theltion ot giei-ting his political 'enemy Will- .
graves of nur s.ildlers who had died for i.un Handnlph Heat-i With apparent
us nnu nur nag. i he ne.vt car there i cordlalitv he shook hands with th- pub-1
were four carriages In the little pro- i i,),,.,., j,m h ,,., ,,,0,u,h) .,,.
cession to the Southern graves at Ar-, .iHy ,,
""Svery year the story was X'?: "V," IT
always with a like result. The generous
florist still kept his magnificent gardens!
and they lavishly gave their treasure'
to breathe out their beautiful lUes for ;
my Southern soldiers. Then nthei s
came and many purses were open for
the nfferinir tn mi- warrlois. and inanv
hands were swift' tn place the Mowers
nn the sacred mounds, and n day when ,
.lune roses are In their full bloom was'
chosen as sacred tn our memories. '
A shall Will lllse for Thrnt. I
, hi. .t.. ... .!..... .i. .....
III I I llir A'tVllh.llvr-r i i uii I
federacy met in Arlington to lay
cornerstone of n monument to he
erected to the memory of the Confed-
erate dead, unknown here, but with .
names that shine forever on the regis-
ter of the great army above. It marked!
!i.. .)... i,,.i .. th Soinii n,i
...u. v.v, uinv .o
.. .1 v,.-iv, ..wi v none In
f .h vv.nh nmt. esneclnllv ne ir to
f the North came especially neat to
ach other. Our President the presl-
lent of the whole nutton alike, spoke
lonuent words of dedication that found
111 11
eloquent words of dedication that found
response in every heat t. On that corner-,
stone, which tests not aloii on the
i.-ormAurtl. Ill ll on I ll A ll ll'e 11 lilt
niiiiiiM, ti c. . , , , ....... .. ....
patriotism of nur great republic, shall-
lise the ahnft that tells the story of Manuel ile la Vega Cnlderon, charge
our heroes who sleep In those once j d'affaires; Mariano Kocafoit, Consul
forgotten graves. , tieneral of the Cuban Government in lliis
I cily; I-'ellpe I'hos and Joaquin TorralhaH,
two nmniliers of the Cohan Congress! Col
Mitnamrnt I ntrllrd nn lliuih nnl-
....... it ii ... i .
rer.sry or Hsltie.
Watertow.v. N. Y, May 19. In the
presence of Franklin D. Rnoitevelt. As-
11 ' ..... .... -..-it.
sistant Secretary of tho Nav, a Kfanlte
monument commemorating the 100th
anniversary of the Rattle of Sacketts
Harbor was unveiled upon the battle-
field of Sacketts Harbor this afternoon
ll two boys and two girls, lineal de-
scendants of participants In the battle.
The. children were the Mlssm June
and Evelyn Gurney, Rodney Mason and
Ellsha K. rump 5, a descendant of the
captain of that uame who was the hero
of the battle.
Speakers at the commemoratlvo exer
cises were ex-Senator George H. Cobb,
Mrs. William Gerry Blade of New York,
president of the National Society,
Daughters of 1812: Col, Waiter n. Camp
of Sacketts , I arbor, president of the
Jefferson County Historical Society;
Mrs. Henry 8. Iloberts. regent of Com
modoie Woolsey chapter. Daughters of
mt, of I'tlcu; Miss Harriet Fulrbanks
of this city, vice-regont of .Northern
Frontier chapter, Daughters of IRIS, nnd
Ellsha K. Camp 4 of New York. Sec
retary Boosevelt spoke briefly also.
The monument Is the centre of the
battlefield, facing the harbor where
the Urit!h ships came to anchor and
opened fire upon the Amurlcan soldiers.
F.ilra lllvlaeadi for Tobacco Co,
The directors of the British-American
Tobacco Company have decided to de
clare an extra dividend of fi per cent, on
the common stock, payable June mi and
free to income tax. Dining !fll2 the con,,
pany declared extra dividends amounting
to 30 '4 per rent, o the common
stock, with a final dividend of per cent.
In March of this year an extra dividend
ot 24 per cent was declredt
Hy mldafternoon certainly more thnnl
4,tiiiU men, women and children, but
mostly men some placed the Hiuirei ut
"i.OOO -olldly liaved the uol'e from 1
l'rankfort to Spruce street north and
Miuth and ft urn the Si n's curb west
wan! alnun-t to the nty Hall dnor, ex
cept for clean cut lanes that the Park
How eops kept clear fur the orderly
street car. wacon and mntnr tralllc and
the free p.issacn of pedestrians on side
They were baseball f.inn taklim tile 1
absent treatment. The crowd was like
those of World Series da.s of l.irt fall,
.,.,.- ., ..i..-i',in iiiii
board even In World S.-rles davs as It
ll,i 1 ..1.1..1.,.. , -im...'
havliiL- the H.n.. nf oJ i,r.. '. ...'.1.
. .....,
dent from the fict that If the wind
hadn't been coming from the wrong c!!
reel Urn it's (.rn money that the cheers
wkmumal events
... ... -
it I! IK! II Delegates anil NllVfll Of-
fieevs 1'ny Visit to
City Hall.
.,' ,. ...
l lt.V4l lilivnnr 1 1 II to SllHK
Ilimils With Old l-'ne of
Rno' Him" Pross.
Mayor Gaynor, receiving officially in
City Hall the Culvui delegates and the
officer ot the battleship', who are heie to I
attorn! the nut i.iline of llm Mnum mnnn. 1
mem f..nil lomlf .....i..l ,i- ... il... i
'.. ,. i. . ,
,1lh". UlHr lw" ''"-"''' of the 51a,,,..
V '' ' ' '
?" "'" . ' h;"' ',M'otx'-(i
' ll-v l,al ,h" "-'"-r- of the I uhau dele-
'"" 1 "innumo-i ju- tuo ni mm unan )
crui-er i una aim Hear .Mlinir.il I liarles
''- natlger. commanding the American I
I'altl'-sliip lleet now in the North Itiver.
After he had gieeted th Mayor Hear
Admiral Hanger suddenly espieil Hearst (
on th" outskirts of th" thiong of visitors ,
and inclaitneil. Justice Ai-pinall in the Supi enie Coin t
-lib Mr M..'v,. i,r..-u i.. ii..,.c.in Htooklvn vesienlay scored women
i - - i inni-n
Hie Mayor turned ut,d seeing Hearst.
held out his hand, saying as the two
claspel hands, - m glad to ee vou
When the handshaking was ended Ad
miral Hadgerlokl the Mayor he had come I
to pay his respects and i.. thank him for
,. -ill Ihe nrmilgeinents thai had been made'
fof til" leception of thenftii'ersaiid Kiilorsl
'"f ' no paraue io-(iay .viayor t.ay-.
norwUhHW ,m, , ,
.,-,. m.riVfll ,)f ,,. ll,,.pit,., amJ of
I other officials who will par lieipate'in th..
i celebration to-day kept the members of
al"' lor t ho parade to-day .Mayor Cay-,
i celebratmn to-day kept the members ofi"""" " "'' ""-"o"'""'
'he .Maine, memorial committee busy.
' !i' u,lm.' Vi ",. V V'
1 . . ' . ' ' "' 1 ' l" 1 U 1 111 '
iiti.i a ,,i..r.ru i mil ...
In 'the -Cuban delegath
on wort, Surior
I .lose Marti nnd Commander Quevdeo of
I the cruiser Cuba On tlm cruiser arrled
a company ot hsi t uiiaii Holdiern and a
Cuban band under the leadership of Jose
Molina Torres,
,Joeilius Daniels, Secretary of the
Nnvv, accompanied the Cuban delegation
to tli,, battleship Wyoming. They wre
1 Kieetecl bv Hear Admiral llndfier and his
Hta(T of onlcerH, A(lrniru Harfr in we(.
i coining the Cubans said'
I "I am verj glal to sen you here, We all
i have come on a common mission' lo honor
th" brave dead,
' 3A $ !t ,kjm.
, th,. nilvai fc-f re wn a dinner tui danuo
given by Mr nnd Mia, Hearst in their
iionie on niveisHio wrive
A number of events have been arranged
for to-day, chief of which will lie tho
parade previous to the unveiling of the
Maine monument Al this ceremony
the Htnte Denartment will be represented
by Dudley Held Mnlono, Third Assistant
Secretary of Slate, who will arrive from
Washlnglon this morning, Ho will have
th special duty also of entertaining the
Cuban delegates during their stay in this
The naval and military memorial arudn
will start at Fortieth street and Fifth
avenue at 2;M o'clock this afternoon.
The .line of march will ho up Fifth avenue,
to Fifty-ninth street nnd west on that
thoroughfare past the Maine monument'
then uii llroadway to Sixty-sixth street.
The column will turn east and enter Cen
tral Park, approaching the monument
from various directions. Hear Admiral
Wlnslow will bo the grand marshal.
Tho Cuban forces, hearing arms, will
head the line of march, Tho second di
vision, comprising the Twenty-ninth
United Stntea Infantry, will lie in com
mand of Col. John S. Mallory. U. S. A
The third division, consisting of naval
forces from the American battleships
now anchored in the North Hiver, will lio
commanded liy Hear Admiral N. K.
Usher; tho fourth division, comprising
the laud and naval militia, will he under
Col. It. 1), Conley of the .Sixty-ninth Hog!
tnent. and the fifth division, of Spanish
war veterans in command of Col. Whis
tler. II. S A
The visiting delegates and the naval
would have surged all the way up to the
Polo Cirotinds and huvn drowned out the
rooters up there.
A brand new kind nf sent e lm ii.1 ivliir h
i fie ery next tiling to the actual
Katun Itself, has ot 'em Knlnu. The
'star ball player." as It s called, con
slsts nf an uprlKlii, reclatmular bnard
hlRhcr than a man and about ten feet
Wide. .111 which Is painted a bright Klcen
ball Held, Suspended on Invisible wires
Is a pleamlnc while ball, a lual ball,
which by a cunnliiK mechanical arrant
nient nf wires llles to deep ceiltle or
wherever "Sn'dKr'ss" or "Mui'y" or any
oilier batter up at the Polo tlroiiiids hap
pens to send a ball at a Riven moment.
I addles with the names of the battels
shoot out to show Park How who has j
Just stepped to the plate up In far liar- ;
lein. If the ball Is "rl.i cd" from deep
centre to second base to the plate, for
Instance, so does the Park How ball go,
ami military officer will be entertained
'at luncheon in the Plaza lloli-l and will
review ihe parade from a Maud in iroiit
of the hotel I lie unvoting and dedication 1
ceiemonies will begin with an address bv
tell .lames, (mint Wilson. mnmim of
I ill Maine Memorial Committee At
i the end of his oeeh the monument will
lie unveiled At the moment of the unveil
In it tin lb
Itiver will fire n white As the saline K
tired the Naval Militia of New nrk Slate
win release in midstream off Mntv-sev- I
nth street a teplien of the ill-fated 'Maine
as a tribute to the men who lost their
lives on the ship.
rntener of From Sil In Tilt Venn. I
tlrtera Ol Iters. I
The sentence of not less than twenty
four years nnd eleven months or more
than fifty years Imposed on Vlto Mlcelll
for kidnapping the young eon of Dr.
Seimeca of 2 Prince street was upheld
by the Appellate Division of the Supreme
Court yesterday. The kidnappers kept
the boy for three months In the summer
of 10l and surrendered him only when
th" father paid them Jt.70"
There have bee.i no Italian kninan
nlngs since Mlcelll was eotn Iried anil ii
's believed that the act of the Appellate i
1 "vision yesterday In sustaining the'
u lr'' vn'nt Wl" '"' n ''""'her deti rieni
- -
ALIMONY OF $78,000?
MA MA PHVO ...pjr,, mi.n.-y with the Clt) Chamberlain pend-
NO, NO, SAYS COURTi;-:;nnvi;,:efor,,0,,,dP,r,m'n,,
'-( -i'o lleill'll of II i" llllil 1.
Ci'o'arettes. Do",s and Home
less lliisliand.
, , . , , ,
' '" "
! then mine mtn court
demanding big
. I alimony.
The criticism was elicited In the
' , J r oa, v,r i n i .
""'" nf ,,,:'('0" '' ;?'"' ,'V.r"' llla",,u'
A. Williams liee. wife of c.eorge t.us-
lave Heye nf tile banking firm of Hat-
ties .v.- Co. of CO Hro.idway
ties .v.- Co. or tiu Hro.iilway, l
Listed that s,e vvoul.l be una
1 , " ' .. , " .1
, , , " , ' " IW'"U" ln "
i ,W1" " "n" '"'on t':ll-s"1
i.t.. . ,,i i .1 ,. , , . , ii,i,k
unable to llvei
the st le to I
Hied. She
i"" ' " ""'
I "7' "
IUUI SITIIUl- ill l"l ,1 UlOlllll
i . ....
house in Madison avcnim at H .1,000 a
year, n country ilaue ut Itoslyn with
twenty-one servants, anil a gaiage cost
ing I20.H0O for Its annual upkeep.
The demand seemed to slugger Jus
tlce Asplnall "She has been living toe
high," he said "Sim hail a .ofl thins
and lost him, She'll never get J7 omi
from nie."
Mr and Mrs lleve were man led ten
yeais ago and have two children. She
says that Ills Income Is at least SlinG.imn
a year and that ITS.uon Is oi.ly ,. fnlt
share for herrelf and the child, en,
Isaac K. Oelaud, counsel for Mr.
Heye, snld that the estate beiiiuathed
tn his client hy his father, a Standard
Oil man, had dwindled to ;lfi0,000 lo
calise of the extravagance of Mrs. Ib.ve.
"Sh wns not born to the purple," he
snld. "On the contiary sho caino of a
Mnssfichuselts family In ordinary clr
cumstances. When .Mr. Heye marrlid
hi troubles began. Then he had his In
heritance. Now all he can find of It It
360,000. The lest of Ills fortune has'
gone in maintain this woman In what
she considered her station in life. He Is
willing nnd eager to pny reasonable
alimony in aider to be ftee of her exl
"Stations In life took very pretty In
books," Justice Asplnall snld. "but many
a woman never had a station until che
Mr. Wlllet made a final plea for the
allowance nf iillmony, (mt Justice As
plnall said:
"You may be absolutely certain that I
shall not allow $78,000 alimony lo any
woman. These New York society women
make me tired. They llvo too high. They
go to fashionable hotels and drink high
balls and smoke cigarettes .Instead of
staying home trying to make their hus
bands happy. They ride up Fifth ave
nue In their fine nutomoblles with
poodle dogs In their laps nnd whin
they are married tn a poor man unfnr
tunato enough to have a million dollars
they come Into court and say that their
r-oclal position requires nn exorbitant
amount of alimony. It will lake me
very little time to decide this mo-
through the same "relaying" almost at
the same moment, or as quickly as n
baseball writer at the grounds can dic
tate what he Is seeing to nn operator at
Ills elbow, who shoots the Information to
the man working the "star ball player"
The winking of numerals, showing
strikes, llles, balls, stolen bases, Ac, at
either side of the mechanical score boatd
was satisfying eiioug'li In Itself, but It
was the actual sight of a white ball me
chanically whanging across the plate or
sailing far afield, and then the white
dlk that icprcsents the batter flying
f runt base to base as Ihe ball begins to
come liutiie across the green painted
"diamond," that caught the crowd as a
scute board never caught them brfoie.
While the while ball was zipping and
the roars were Using from Park Itowund
even out of the I'lly Hall windows (poor
Hob Adainson's nlllce Is nn the wrong
side of the Hall to get 11 look, hut from
Appellate Division Tritieises
Leaks. From Oranil Juries
' and .Indues.
Sats DiM'cgnrd of Old Customs
Destroys Hespeet for
A note nf warning, not only to law
eis but tn the Judiciary, was sounded
vesienlay by the Appellate Division of
the Supmnp Court ill a dispute between
" lawyer and his client over money
lawyer's hands,
The ii't was brought by nllve S. Da
, t i compel William W. I.a Point, lawjei
j to turn oer l,V23.rt which he had held
' following a dispute as to the alue of
'his servU e The Appellate Division
! directed the lawyer to deposit the
Justice llolchklss. writing th np:n- j
ion, in which I'rrsiiiing Justice in- '
I graham nnd .fustlce Scott concurred, re-
ferred also to the publication by news-
papers of Judicial opinions before they
,., i,a,i.i ,i,.n ....,1 ...I... .nhllenii....
' " 1 i
ni )ni-t.elIlll; iiiiimi' Kiniiu Jin n-s
which, under the law. are secret, justice
lIotchkNs said- "The ptesent time Is
peculiarly one when ll behooves us as
lawyers as well as Judges not only to
1 maintain the highest professional stand
arils In dealings between attorneys audi
their clients, but to keep constantly In
mind and mltieie strictly to the code of
"ll Is to be feu ted that nnny meni
bers of the bar have failed in this. If
this lie title it should not he surprising
I., Iln.l . I, -it ll... mil. Hi. I. ,,ff, l.i.l l,v , 1... i
, ..... ... u. ,,,, ... ' ,, ,
for the com is, the Judges, the time
iionoied machinery emplo.ved in the ad
ministration of Justice and even in the
i itself W seriously Impaired
A sn- I
pie illiisttatloii will sulllce. It Is a I
truism of civic polity that the coutts
should nevei In nny manner be coerced!
In their Judgment and that the.v should
be niowd only by arguments duly pre
sented . that their delibera
tions should be secret and recognised
as Inviolate, thai proceedings before
gland .luiles should likewise be re
spected as sacied and the testimony of
witnesses befote them held strictly con
fidential. "Yet to-day. In this community and 1
elsewhere, what Judgments nie to be
tendered In pending cases tthe decisions
In which have in all probability not .vet
been agreed upon by the Judges them- '
selvesi: what witness's appeared to-.
srsriAi, MITHK.
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big hearted much people to provide for
summer bonnier nnd I don't know any
more interesting nnd pleasurnblo wny
of spending ono's vacation with tho wife
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thorn rnnohos, and rid" awl fish for trout,
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UlO. Sa, 410ft.
the office of the Hon. P. Joe Scully,
Commissioner of Marrlago Feasts, you
can sit right back of the homo plate)
nnd the deuco was to pay generally
there seemed fo be Just one vague thing
"Say," said Able, the newsstand mag
nate who now owns all that part of
Paik How between Frankfort and Spruce
streets not occupied by the buildings,
"that Harry Stevens who sells the sand
wiches and peanuts up at the Polo
Grounds must make n bunch of money.
1 got nn Idea."
That was the only thing missing the
peanut concession. And 'Able leaned
dreamily counting up Imaginary profits
on the peanut concession, hl shoulder
iigalnst the bronze foot of Horace Gree
ley, who seemed to cock his bronze head
and with each louder cheer to gar.e out
acrn.-s the thousands with growing
alarm and mystification.
I day before the Gland Jury In some mat
I ter of popular interest and the lestl
; nmny they gave; what witnesses will he
' produced before the same body to-mor
row and the testimony they are to give. I " ' ""T . rl"", , ,
all this and much more nf similar im- '"If , J- ,nn:'n ?f ,ho, T1hlr,.:t1h,rd
,..,r. u ....mimmie rie.-me,! .. .fnd hllsworth tlealey of the Thirty-
j much the subject for newspaper report
as the debates In Congress or the latest
fashionable wedding.
"The calloused Indifference with which
this stnte of affairs, so deeply signifi
cant and affecting so vital a phase of
nur political well being, is regarded, not
alone by the public, but by members
nf tlie bar Itself, shows how far we are
out nf touch with former standards.
Were the bar, as a body, nllve to the
Importance of studying ns deeply audi
knowing as thoroughly the ethics of
their profession as they know the law
Itself such a slate of affairs would not I
exist, because tlnlr knowledge and atti
tude toward such matters would prove
an educational force extending to the
public at large, the virtue and good
sense of which would soon recognise
and correct many present dav evils of
.vhlch Ihe foregoing is but a sample." I
ween The opinion. In which .lustlces Clarke.
.vs lni.,,,,1 Dowllng did not concur. Is taken to
In- the Appellate Division's replv to the,
,.i.i , ..i J... '
lltllil n.l I loll ill pprlnln nnti-dna,..,r- nil),.
curl's determination nf the appeal of hl"' ca" ,H n"d filling that.
Chatles H. Hyde, published some weeks!''"1 8 mMln of tlielr own. elect offl
liefoie the decision was handed down. 'f' hr" 10 he "-rrt of
I elections. Lifelong Democrats did not
W. B. COCKS LEFT $2,000,000.
ethen mill Unslneas I'nrtnrr Share1
Rnlk of I'orlnur.
Minkoi v. I,. I.. Mav 25. W nuiilne
Coeks of Locust Vnllei.
w ell Unnun
1 member of the Piping Itoek colony, left1'0 take action towaid n complete revision
'i'1"1111 .'.iiiii'.'w" io tie Hiviilea equally
," 'lepnew. ex-Congressmaii W
I" Cocks of t estliin y, 1. I
and his Inisl-
. paltuer,
Samuel Wlllets.
Theie are about fifteen bequests of fioni
i l...nui to $rt,iHH each tn lelntives. Otlirr
i"g.ies are .Nassau Hospital. 16, una
;V" T V..VJ " Ir. t' ,?'.,"" V."
ami Locust Valley Krlends Acadeniv
llouselmlil employees receive fiom Jl,-
"" eaco.
like My Family to Drink this Beer I Brewed
From tht Pareit Halt,
ha the "True Bitter Tatte!"
Wherever You
Mail pw ni NOW, Wicttinf
THE SUN, Nw York!
f Oi
yati bum
Enclosed find I...
The IJronx county Democratic com
mittee met last night amid uproar and
adjourned still In a tumult. The dead
lock between the committee nnd the
executive committee over the election
of n chatimau of the executive com
mittee continues.
The faction fnvorlng Tammany Hall
lind only n technical advantage In
forcing an adjournment after Arthur
II. Murphy had refuted to accept
election. The side favoring Eugene 3.
McGitlre stood firm nnd vowed that the
party In The Bronx would be split
wide apart before they would forsake
their man.
McKtnley Square Casino, the largest
auditorium In the borough, wa
crowded to the doora when Frank
Gaaa. chairman of the county commit
tee,, called the meeting to order. About
800 of the 1,228 committeemen were
present, but unattached Democrats
more than made up the tack,
Tiouble started almost at once. Gaaa
tried to make a speech and was hoped.
He recognized Assemblyman Krnest 1..
Hammer, who solemnly resigned a
chairman of the legislative committee.
Mr. Oaas Just as solemnly appointed
Arthur II. Murphy, former leader of
the Thirty-fourth district, and Httgone
.1. McGulre's closest political friend, in
Ills place.
There was a roar over that It was
known that the four Democratic dis
trict leaders of The Ilronx favorable to
Fourteenth street were trying to spilt
out the McGtllre faction.
Mr. Murphy took the new Job. but
when Stephen NiiRcnt of the Thlrty
fotirih arose nnd said that he nnd
Wallace Fraser of the Thirtieth.
fifth had selected Mr Murphy as chair
man of their committee It looked like
a riot. Thomas H. O'Neill of the Thirty-second
and Frederick C. Humphry
of the northern Thirtieth, McOtilre men,
swung to the front and tried to make
Murphy stopped all that by getting
the floor.
"1 thank yon for the honor," he said,
"but I won't take It. I would not sacri
fice a lifelong friendship of big hearted,
generous, loyal hearted Eugene ,1. Mc
Gutre for anything In the world. I am
for him and I am going to stick to him."
At once Kllsworth Healey moved an
adjournment and the chairman an
nounced later that it was carried by 376
ayes to 318 noes. How the vote was
counted no one could say.
That leaves a deadlock. There can he
no ore meetings of the county commit-
,ep '"m ""'"J c""
"T. U.H? wonhr ""J'' ,
, " ' ln1 "1"
home rulers, ns they are called, may ask
seem enthusiastic over the outlook for
the party In The Hronx this fall.
Snnthrrn liovrrnnn to Confer.
At'BTlK. Tex.. May 2?. Oov. Colquitt
announced to-day mat he would call a
conference or uovernors ot Southern States
of the niHilne laws with a view of lending
an Impetus to marine shipments. The con
ference will probably be held In New
Klnilm llnclnr for 4ahnrti.
AI.B4NT. May 29 -State Supei Intendent
of I'llsons Ulley appointed Dr. William
III, ily of Klinlra igiysiclan st Auburn
prison to-day. to succeed l)i. John Cierln.
who leslgaed a few ila.s ago. Th
salaiy Is t2,3rtn a veal.
Hop and Water.
Bottled ailr by irti
Btii'ltitin i Witfi,
.New York.
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Subscripts Terms
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rtally sad Bust.. .ft
Evening .
ntiir ..ti.is 9i.
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E?enlni l.tS 11.M
Domeitlo JUtas Inelude Caaada,
fcte wh to
, ,,tfj .Mil
.... Mate.

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