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Showers to-day; fair to-morrow; moderate
west to northwest winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 15.
" V0I-. I-XXX.- NO. 273.
.Dckrntes in London Sijrn
Treaty. Tims Kndinp;
Balkan War.
fopio or Agreement JTur-
rieilly T'jissoiI Around
tlic Table.
t?i:inr.T.s onowCi'Sr whn ,,rl" ,he orf
. , ,T1!'' Pr,,-0,1Pr H'd they .were Charles
i 1. 7.7. II nf !1T in". I. .
at nr. if
Hitlcnrid I.irs Sudden Uow'
I'roin Her Neighbor,
tlie Serli.
, ., rni v Unpairh in Tnr frv I
-v . St. The curtain was 1
hi th" Turen-Balkim qusrre)
' ni'i's palace at 11:80 I M.
.ii.r'.i . nd the state of war which
!.) f :?, days mis ended In ten
,-. - In Mm slgnlm: uf the treaty of
iirmvitilmRs were brisk and Inisl
,..W . -' f cnpie.i of the treaty.
Tt.il .n pi.nn shretM with blanks for
lriy im. the pnlhrd
1 n.-m table when Sir Kdwnrd tlroy, I
'. r. iiiii r-Vrretnry. and the deb- ,
vir -f,,r th: flr' r,,n-
pfiT'it till ! 7-111,1 L -ii.'i'ii ill r ri'iii'ii
nnrr.vi atlns the delegates on the coll
ision f eace and expressing the
irr felt by King tleorgp at the
fessrul termination of their labors.
:r Kdwanl Imped that the signing
f' the ttiatv Wlllllil f.'icilltntn n I't-im-
T .ell lnnif III ni nil niilalgittl
I'miohi and Insure tranquillity. I
The Mmiatiii ieM', M. Skouloudes for
Gri'nce. Nizam I'.isha for Turkev. Hr.
anfn lor liuignria. m. .NovaKovicn lor
rvl.i .mil -M. I'iiiiiiv!!-.!! rnr Mnn n.
had taken a I
j.rti lit 11. 1111. in 7..1111.
adinc part In depriving her of Scutari I
nd his countrymen now looked to Kng- .
in) to .-ecur.; a modification of the
rt.inffin fr..nti..t i., rnn,nn...
!....'. ... .. '.. ..' n ' u . I
.t Edward Grey, hnvmg thanked thi 1
ifij.-atoa for their frlendlv sneeches.
if t in n iitiire anl erv where the meet. .
..... ... '
t. - ...i i....... ... t......i ,
-l Hiaai.'ti iiiiiii I im in I ill iiiiiiil iirillllin I '
table ami th.; delegates iiromptlv
meil thorn. The only Jarring nolo
the refusal ( the Greek. Servian
. I .Montenecrlu ileWateH tn slim ih i
urco-iiu ciir acreement urnviiiinir timf
' trcuty should bo effective an soon I
. ... ... . . .
s . cnen witnout waitinir rnr rnf nc.i. i
: .- '
Ml. out the Inciilent illil nut reuiitt n
.... "
tn rripfinn
The discussion of somo details ful- rom her car and made her way acroa
'"l, prolonging tho session for nu,1" "'dewulk as the others were leaving,
Tho delegates will meet again
n .1 ine tn M Snil mita nn. nrr iitiuu. I
Several of the delegates say the
0nClU on of tieac. .llitnmnl enlli- i.rla '
Yp mlllt.iri nnni..niAn. t,. .1...
.!.s themhv virtnniK- ,n..i..i.. .1. .
ilkan league
The relations between the ilulkan na-,
n, continue to grow graver ever" y.
iipt'ii rupture is reported, A Sofia I
Pn.ltCll savs K til. I.,rll,,.. r,.l l, .I..
rlbed the situation no extremeiv nil 1
aL It ! nn li ih-.i ii..ti, ..
. nnil 1 nl -ii i.i .. -
' Vat her Wwinwmw. May 30. -President Wll-
riBHtlng 'proceeds b,tween the liul- 1 nAM". '."" 'i', ,t,turnpd from Bait I
w nnd the Greeks around Salot lc" . T ' .. "Tnimn. On the way
lli..y .lie was begun they ran Into a shower. The
-it.on the Kleuthei-n.. rn..i,.,. v..-. "
--.w ai WMBaaaa4t
m,- sn.l Children In Mrcl.r ll.
nn w s.fMy T f ToBlIl.
isrety Top of rnmli.
"'"T"V'., May 30.- Thousands nf
T'ons In Sleenr Hnllmi- I'elneturv n'nr.
imo ii panic mis rorenoon wnen
mail Wm.k and white terrier ran
"tlnni iit the mouth nmrintr. thp cr.ivpfi. 1
n na. iim. .. . !
-. -.-.-ii ii.-itr me niteiaw
'" ' t..tn ., and a nartv nenp hv h.iHtllv
mrci to the top of a vault.
Tl.o dug continued toward the upper
4r' of the CUtneterv nnd u-nmnti onil
hlldren '.,-niii.ri.H .i.'.i.i i. .
of his path. The usual holiday pll-r-mann
to tlin grave of Washlncton
rVlnir u.-u i....i ..
. .., un.-n up. as me aiarm
'read most of the i-oplo left tho cerne-
r.v and those whn retnnlnml nltlinr
fllmbiMl in th.. ,... , i. .
II. uh.l.... . . - -
- ...ii i,L minus or Niuvrn
r ii. r A large rorce of cemetery
WnyvH armed with dubs and a de
rment of local Police searched the
tnnnd frt.. i.,. ..... ..... ...
"ok, inn were unnnie to
"fate It. ti U 1...11 ,
- ir. ix'i.i-reu inai ne con
on through the cemetery.
in ih afternoon ih,. cemetery was de
'"d a, a rcuiL nf thp HcaTC
' 10 1"s tli" fourth that has alarmed
"llli'f. .'1st ,siitlinluv. A Hlnlo
'Jarnml... ii, . . .
' mil nit lllll lntni.tri.nt
:ilode no Men
I'nekliiH Cartridges.
- riiAM-in, ,,. May 30. Nine tons
I up' ii. I iMiumltc t (Slant. Contra
i county, expi,,,!,,,! Just before noon
1 MrriMii-r ii i,i,ii,it .i i-iii.
e 1' 1" llletl. mi,, a l'l. I.. ...... XT .
p . ,i,,,i-r..., ,i I'niinr
( ' 'Mloslon S (.1vn, T)p ,lynfi.
wm ,.V MlMi powder,"
0in was Identified by his foot.
"n b ii ,i i,i,.,,ii ' .
1(. . . ' " nnu. iiiii men
'rtrld-e, ' ,1n,,ml,' In pasteboard
ft. t It l.ei lr 1. i.m ... . ......i.i. tcil VI HH- LlUt I Willi' II . MIIU Wl-t l-IIWiilll rf 111) it'll IIMI III IMP mi. I.. . , .... . . I m,, ...It 1 . .. . . I M rt 1 1 P A . .1 ii V JU. I". IIP H PZPP I 1- tm? l
f"".p.n-i the conflict. I . " Y.,U" ."?10" navp maintained ' court room ny u.eir counsel and the, . , , . v. i private detectives to find out If the law .w old. of Norwell. and his wife.
.fiiiiiiuiiin-i nn i iif ii iiri)op a. m.t.t - . ... i iiiM iiKiiL viuririi wnpii iwn irixiCHiis " -- mm my UJviMiiniM ami "nit.-
I'areu wuu mni at wmcn President Taft lawyers were submitted to them. Mr. I ncvriun avenue, i ne urst . n,iy wysnng. -i hnv R0P11 nn ,....., . by an electric train which smashed
MAT! nnft HA VTf! TXT prwcTesv drove tl.em. Mr. tt'H.r.n m,ou tn ituttia rnr. , i... . ,-ni. ,nr.Hn,i ..... ,., , .i ,.... I V ,'MIPnic r..i t .i.
of Three Who Robbed llarl
rinb Are Canglit.
Athletic Club at 101 East lOlrl t
in .. . . ...... mu mreei ni
10 o clock In.t nl.,1,. t...j ..
o n, I flT1 uhe'r Wn 6 Bl P"101
v n .., I .'" ,ho flf,,,en "P nln the
cked out." ' Wa,ChM ftnd moncy
Tho younn bandits got $200 to $800 In
money nnd Jewelry. Several of the vie-nl-1
"' ,olctc'' being searched
hVnT ,p,,m'IlpJ lh fce. The pistol
hep tlum from punching bach.
rite boy, of the club were told that
.y must stay lined tip for five min
ute, under p,. f being shot, nnd tho
robber- ioft. Tho nftpPn wat(1(j f
few minutes ami then tan to the Kant
lOith street Police .mtu.
,.. ... " neia up nueen
K of about their nm.- ...
Two detectives and four of the bovs !
MO hail lust Watches fnnnil In.. I
In front of 212 Kast ,0-th ,trr,t Th(i
detective!, grabbed the two. Half the
neighborhood ran nut nH .1,,...,
- - ....... ivnn street ana
l";'"1 ' ?f :36 ,:ast ,IT1' "trret.
1 '' me rontiery and
I that rimlrio was In It. He said that
jthe stolen thing and the pistol were
, ... .in- possession or the third
whose name ho would not give,
rn Inmate f llnnsea Closed hr
1 i..n t-i.i .... .
I'mi.Ann.riiH. May 30,-The offlclala
of the t'.ironer's otllce reported to-day
that since tho vice crus.niln Wm in
this city seventeen days ago seven In-
mi.... .1... 1 ...
" nouses wnicii were closed
by the police have committed suicide.
-n uair a dozen tool; nih'antage of
the opportunity afforded them in .nt.-
'Industrial pursuits and four women he.
l'nn,c wnrds of the city at tho house I
rrv,'d,ed .for thtm t
" 'Z'cZ
",r "I oer iown, according to the police
v 1'iit.iif.
" HlU'eSf Wolllllt
Servp His
Auto Party nnd AH Drive
Hawimo'ib. May 30. President ami
Sir - Wilson and Mlas Marcaret anil
miss Eleanor Wilson were turned awav
'rom the Dutch tea room on Charles
street to-day when they and others of an
uuuimomie n.irtv rr.im n'n.i. niAn
' " J ....... .....h,wii
fli'l.!..'!! III! lunriieilll. '
I he restaurant was crowded when thu i
drew up at th curbing, but 1
person 111 cnarce of tile I) ace reroir. .
v. f . 1 i T , .. . . '
imriv. , Mn.iii.u. . ....
I',, r.-. ,aii.ta wnu
1K"or,'a ""' request of Miss Margaret
' ,,Mon ,or " table did not learn who the
la""r wnH ",lt" '"" visitors from Wash- I
'nston had driven off toward the Hotel
" "" " wi".v juuiiii a ta i in."'" "n-"'1' uiuimuij m im-
tho niai" dining room.
l.A l)....aI.I..H . 1 . . .
-i'iviii uuu ins ir enus came
, . ... .
"i.miuuiiri-ii nun i. nnries street was nnt '
....... 1 . .....
in l-ii.u ru. .1113 .mirirnrer w inn ntunn.1.1
11 ' ' Ht'PPod to one of the
"mil" - , "HyillMi
1 .ini iuuic ioi- our party; i
.."uiiik hi muse Willi were Wltnin
oeunng. tn waitress made no reolv. hut I
went on about her work. i
' "s'' " '"nn nlRde another attempt I
l!'." p0t. "" ,n"re nUpnt,on "nn Iwfore. j
8I(:H,hVl, out'l ,, .
.,,, " ""7., ...
' .rim HI tlliisf Willi linU
"Knizea ner tiirneii on the waitresses,
nn" them that they had refused to'
' - - ill'- iiiiUKllUT "1 Hie ITl'HIUetll.
.'" wnicn me party con-
"bout twenty inlles an hour or often less ,
! LT.?-' u Xu.. UBh "h,rh ,M? ,
I"3"1" - "".'ttraotlve.
........ . . . .
" Vermont wsleti
Motor Bonf STe Four,
Tim U(namr.ne PU.M.-. . . l. .
kill and New York Steamship Company,
whllo on her trip up the Hudson to
Newburgh yesterday afternoon upset a
rowboat with her swell off Fort Wash
ington Point.
The decks of the Clermont were
crowded with holiday passengers and
the mishap caused much commotion
among them. Four young men who
had lieen In the rowboat were seen
floundering In the water and having a
hard time lo keep afloat because of
their heavy clotlilnR.
The accident was seen from near the
shore by two men in motor boats, Rich
ard Harrington of the Manhattan Yncht
Club, which Is at 201st street, and
Capt, Cox of Cox'h Ferry, Both motor
boats started out at top speed.
The Clermont slowed down, but
couldn't get to the four young men be
fore Harrington arrived and pulled
them out of the river. Then the Cler
mont went on.
Tho four .who were rescued told Har
rington they wero camperH In the In
terstate Park on tho New Jersey side.
lie nnd Mrs. fltrnas Making An
Tonr nf Knrope.
Special Cablt liipatct to Tnt Sun,
on an automobile tour through Europe '
.ml n. received hv Klrnr Vletnr Km. I
n.i v,. v,. in nm i
arrived here to-day.
Mrs. Straus Is
with aim.
siiue.ui. iisnns inauguration as com- subsequent negotiations between the " ' "" H ,PB violated" said District tinr. ',,"r!' "I Junior. Were Instantly
Tliisbnnd's Lawyers Abandon
Defence After Five Honrs
Justice Goff Includes Her
Alimony and Custody of
Children T'ndeeided.
Aftsr n consultation of nearly Ave
hours yesterday between the counsel
for Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham
Hlshop In her suit for divorce on the
ground that the banker was guilty of
misconduct with Mrs. I.ella Gaines
Gwnthmey, wife of J. Temple Owath
mey, former president of the New York
Cotton Exchange, the lawyers for both
plaintiff and defendant announced to
Justice Ooff at 3 o'clock yesterday nf
ternoon that they rested their case. The
court Immediately awarded a decree
for Mrs. Dlshop.
In- disposition of the case took less
than ten minutes, but the court room
full of men and women who had been
waiting there since 10 o'clock In the
morning was prepared for the an
nouncement, since It was known that
the protracted conference was due
solely to a disagreement over the terms
of the divorce decree, carrying with It
alimony and the custody of the five
daughters, ranging In age from 7 to 20
Wnen the attorneys reported to the
court they were still far apart on the
question of alimony and the custody of
the children, although Henry W. Taft,
the defendant's attorney, said there was
a reasonable prospect that they would ;
reach an agreement.
The abandonment of the defence was
Indicated at 10:30 o'clock yesterday
morning. Justice Goff, who Is to sit In
the Criminal Branch of the Supreme
( ourt on Monday, had directed the see.
Blon yesterday because of his belief
that It would take until Saturday after-'
noon to tlnlsh tho trial, since the plain-
1 111 s testimony was sun iiniinisneu ana
1 wn iluva anil a half hml nlrnnrlv Iia.h
oonsumed by the trial and It was !
known the defence had many witnesses,
l.arrr Urt Together.
When Justice Ooff reached the court
house yesterday morning he found I
JT "Jm", Sb"nP" C0Un;el f t
nuu ,. ..Minn .riniui-, ii i..i
........ ..
Mrs. isinnop, in consultation
xul" Mr- "" attorney ror me ue-,
lenoani. ami uenrge unruon n
, -.. ri 1. ... . ' .. insa.... rrl.n . . . . .
rneya .
told Justice Goff that In view of the.
positive testimony of a dozen wit
nesses for the plaintiff that they had
H'hop anil Mrf. Uwattimey in
suites at the Hotel Astor on more than .
.attorneys for the defence to shake tho ,
f ...... l.M .... .. I, .......1.1 I,. . 4 .
"""i " nni.- n.
,. ... ...
iirrgy m rmiiuiuf iiiuiii iiinn- m wie .
.. .. I... .i.
riiuii s nine n u me 1 use.
After being Informed that theie was
llu1'' doubt that an agreement of some
"on wotiiu He reaclied during the day
.iiiniiL - vi.mi v.r-111. i.,n i i lun riiiiHiinin
xl" -.iuisi.iiii .iiiiimn urnm iiiiuu-
,: " iiij--i-i niii-u in i'-ll
inat lie fiopeii tne case migm lie caileu
at 12 o'clock and disposed of.
While the lawyers wet,. ronferrliiK 1
Mr nd Mrs. Hlshop were In the court '
'"'" Mrs. HlHl,..p i.hatte.l with Mis.
.., , ."...... .. ...... ,7 .
r "l'l" ".. i - in.i.iui.u in. ii Kiir
renanieu tin- case us aireuuy settled in
her favor. Mr. Hlshop sat with conn-
fh who hud Iihi ii assisting his attorney,
and not far away from hlip wus his ss. '
1.1 111. M..1..I1...I I.. i... ............ ...I .....1
h!s i.-e- imllei.tM.I llo.t l, h.,1 llllU , '
no sleep iltirlng the night. '
After the lawyers had Hrraimed for
had Insisted that there s lnsufflclent
pvi''f nrp, ,hnt :ei ,-,s the woman
, ,,e Astor with Mr. Hlshop lo war-
rant navng her name enteretf Into tho
uerree, nnu Mr nisnnp also insisted "-' ""-""" iun.-n m im.-
that Hho fchould be spared frnm It. In,'i,n,l'n house. The women, who watched i
her amended complaint Mrs, Bishop
I had alleged that the woman she named
In the case was unknown to her, but I
hfllfl flllA hpllPVful llPT tn lis. ffa CI fla t K
rr ,hl" rf,nfnn 'here would have I
been no difficulty In having the name,
of the enre.snnndent nnnmr na "nn. .
known" In the decree except for a sub- f,", w""r " '"
sequent finding by .hist Ice Goff from! Idaho to er e Properties.
the bench. I Portmnu. Oie May so. Louis W.
lllMIBTrr on the .tlliniiit;.
III the previous alimony proceedings start next week on the most spectacular
Mr. Bishop admitted that his Income j Part of his present Wmtern tour. He
from tho banking firm of Redmond & "III make one of the longest auto
Co. and from securities was about mobile lours he has covered In years,
IR0.000 a year. Mrs. Bishop originally i passing through desert land, sago
got an order for $20,000 a year alimony i brush, lava beds, timber zones, farming
based on this Income, but It was cut , districts and cattle landi.
In two later by the Appellate Division., p will go to Bend. (ire., probably on
The lawyers found themselves unable ;
to come to terms on that point yester-
day because Mrs. Bishop Insisted on
120,000, with nn additional allowance i
for the maintenance of each child
awarded to her custody. 1
A o ... .ii... n,l.. 41.. .1.11.1
-n ii, in.- ii.nioiij in in,- iiuiurcn.
Bishop fought for the three '
vnuniror nnps Vnlnlln Is,. Vf..i-Inl u
.2dn!wSMT v"r"V5,nSPi' I'M
..... '".
During the negotiations yester-' 'i
wan,,J 1Jlhe "' j" lo,!Ht
,nrr" ,m,rr K"t" nnu woui, lokn
ihe fourth If he could get her.
As the afternoon wore on and the
Con 1 1 nurd on Second Page,
nr" ,. ; ;,;. ifiri. Ta1:: . V . "I""?.? t Knglnnd nn the latter' official visit. " . " ; .. .... : " . . ?m .'"' " ?". a TK and took the
slonallv their svmnathv has be,,,, nin, "tocklngs. although an unusual part of ,,ni,,r." h..i.i a ..t illTT . "if .lno cnu,1 "ut she
MAY 31, 1913. OapyHgkt,
Nnrfelk Vlrlnltr Hit T Reveatr
re Mile Wla.
NoarotK, V., May JO. Many are re
ported drowned and a varying number
are known to be severely Injured in a
heavy storm which struck this section
At least twenty houses were wrecked.
Their occupants were driven out Into
the rain and hall which fell before a
seventy-five mile wind.
When the steamer Virginia of the
Bay Lin waa making her way out of
the harbor en route to Baltimore the
tug John Towhy at Pinners Point sig
nalled that a small boat containing sev
eral people had gone down nnd that
those on board wore lost.
A launch containing twenty persons
Is reported to have been caught In the
storm near Old Point. All on board
arc reported drowned.
In South Norfolk fifteen houses were
blown down and while no lives are re
ported lost at least twenty persons were
Injured. All telephone and telegraph
wires leading to that section are down
and It Is impossible to get any details
of the actual damage or loss of life.
The big Government wireless mast In
the novy yard waa wrecked. The plant
wait put out of commission. It is now
Impossible to hear any colls for hefp
from the sea. Tho Marconi plant at
Virginia Heach is reported wrecked.
Jumbo" Wells, Fighter, Shot
in Another Row OntRide
Hotel Navarre.
A man cupposed to be a policeman
was shot and killed at half past 1 this
morning by Policeman William Barry
of the West Forty-seventh street sta
tion, following fight in front ot.a
dance hall at Fifty-fourth street and
Tenth avenue.
The shooting was preceded by a pis
tol battle In which a half dozen shot
were fired In a crowd.
The man who was killed was running
nway from the crowd when Barry, who
was on nxed post at Firty-nrtri street
and Tenth avenue, came up on the run.
Hnrr. fpU a hot wn8 b. hi9 ncad and
1 returned It. The stranger dropped, and
wn!' doad wlu n
Polyclinic Hospital
surgeon got there.
1 on the ueau maas vest waa pinned a
police shield, .No. 2.126. The same num-
bers appeared on the holatcr of his gun
nm n a pocket was the rule book of the
"'"lice Department. H" was In civilian-
.... . , ...
...ith anil h.iil Imnn nf a rinnen either
- " .
"mm .im .n - ii"i i-m,-
fourth street or Ward's Hall on Fifty.
fourth street.
between Ninth and Tnt1.
Frank O'Connor of 10S West Sixty-
mi-u " r...u
he saw the man ilraw ins revolver ana
i re at uiiniiier man n me rrowu ai
,h(. cnrner ti, ,i1()t , Harrv was
... ... .... , . . .
Hii'u wiii'ii iih was inn ii ii'w irri uvu.
iii th. iiiHtni l Tint wns in me iieaii
manV hand were two exploded cart
ridges and four with bullets.
Barry was placed under arret and
taken to his station hnus,
At Police Headquarters It was said
that shield No 2.i20 belong lo Patrick
Gallagher, a probationary officer at-
tached to the West 100th street sta-
,OI1, wari appointed to ihn force
At 2:15 this im.t nlnu there was
mm .uii.i mi inuij
sir,.., b'-tween Seventh r.nd
l.'lghth nii'i.iP", I'll i run were ."h.il
and our- of iheni said he was .iumoo
WV11"- "" I" 'zollgllt
lie was I iUen
l" tin- .New orl; Unspit.il and t'.-e iloo-
tors said he would ill - in u few Iviiir",
I ----- --
land the sicoiid thiee inen. The shout-I
J4nK sta, te.i a, once and kepi up until
, -
. '" P"rt' rried.
the tight from the shelter of the Na-
varre doorway, got away In the taxis
when the police arrived,
lllll. chairman of the board of directors
nf the Great Northern Railroad, will
Sunday morning, nnd stnrt overland In
l"H r nn a 40 mile trip to Boise. i
t'rrncli Official Mu.l Wear 11 use
i. t . ... ' '...-..
Mofklna to KtiKlnml.
Kprcial lllOlt ltlatr, lo Till! 8r.
PAR.H. May SO, -Admiral Favereau. ,
Sfitcial Cubit Unpaid, Tar 8r.
who will accompany President Polncnre
mllnr' m'""'. presented
iZ , . T, a. ZJu. " .
to stores selling men's hoMery
lrtt.,. I
Kvenlually a firm whlrh supplies bal
let slrlH with hosiery inme to the res-
1111 Ull
I . m I
lll. by ihe Sim Printing nnd ruhXUMno
Army of Deputy Sheriffs Jind
rinkertons Sec That Law
Is Enforced.
Officials and Horsemen Sny
They Are Satisfied With
tho Experiment.
Only two arrests for gambling wero
made at the Belmont Park track yes
terday, where 80,000 men nnd women
watched the thoroughbreds run for tho
first time In nearly three years.
County Detective Blmon Prendergast
of Nassau county, Just before tho fifth
race, arrested Herman It. Slnkersteln
of Brooklyn, thought to be n bookmaker,
nnd Samuel Kornblum. n tailor of 71
Walton street, Brooklyn, on the chargo
of making a bet.
Prendergast had been watching the
two men whllo they were discussing the
races In front of the main stand.
Kornblum, It Is charged, said he wanted
to play 10 on Nosegay to win and
handed over the money to Slnkersteln.
Prendergast grabbed both men. They
wero arraigned beforo Justice Louis M.
Ratals-, who held court In a room of
the stand.
District Attorney Charles N. Wysong
of Nassau county was present to con
duct the case. Kornblum was hold as
a material witness and later was
paroled. Slnkersteln. failing to get ball,
was taken to Ccdarhurst and locked
up. He will be tried on Monday next
at Cedarhurst before Justice Ratstg.
Pnblte Gambling Impossible.
Public gambling or bookmaklng was
Impossible at the track. Private wagers
were made among frtenda without the
display of odds, the passing of money
or the recording of details. But an fnr
as the general public was concerned, the
afternoon was spent watching tho crowd
and shouting at the winners.
A stranger could not place a wager
unless he met a friend who would lay
a price or who knew somebody who
would. The wager had to be made on
credit, to be paid outside the track, for
to flash money meant a clash with the
detectives. Thousands who expected to
find bookmakers ready to accept cash
bets were disappointed.
It was announced several days ago
that gamblers and bookmakers would be
watched. Many persons who formerly
sat on high stools in the betting ring
were on the lnwn. but thev hail been
told that an attempt to violate the bet- 'll Preftimed that suffrhgettes are
ting law would mean arrest, and thnBll"ty'
violation of certain rules would be fol-
lowed by expulsion.
Some Individual Ilrtllim.
Betting among Individuals was car
ried on tn whispers. Friends met nn
the lawn or In the paddock and e.
pressed opinions as to the chances of
certain homes nnd If opinions dlfTeri'.d
wagers resulted. Hut It Is doubtful if
uniform odds prevailed, for the reason
that there was no "open market." Han
ilfcapperH framed odds for use In news- j
puprr cnaris. i nrse. onus ununited the i
relative rhances of horses. '
To enforce the law the l'lnkerton !
agency cooperated with deputy sheriffs
and private detectives employed by two
counties- .Nassau and Queens. District
Attorney Wysong and Sheriff De Mult
of Nassau were on ha ml with fifty men
in plain clothes.
Under direct orders from Guv. Sulzer
District Attorney Smith and Sheriff
Kmener uf Queens were there too with
forty detectives. More than one bun-
J dred Ilnkerlons were up duly.
s'j'iK 1 ( I M 1 1 lfs I I 1 1 it I ' WllKPlH
have Wn prnnounced legal by the
". It would require an army of
detectives to note the persons who are
betting privately. It Is not evidence
.'agers j
jr you see several men tnlklng In a
'The law Is aimed at hookmakinir.
with or without writing, and It will be
Sheriff ne Hull sullsnril.
"I have gone over the ground rare- 1
fully," said Sheriff De Mott, "and my
men havo been vigilant. Aside froiii
private oral wagers there has been no
gambling. It is impossible to prevent
llHlt'til..Al luilllni, 1. 1. , .
ho'to W
who talk privately on the track. But i
the moment wo find that bookmakers ,
nre soliciting business there will be
tulck action
A strip nf Belmont Park In-law tho
clubhouse Is In Queens county, hence
the presence of the Queens authorities.
District Attorney Smith hod instruc
tions to report conditions to Gov. Sul-
zer. Mr. Smith said:
i have seen nothing Illegal here it
bookmakers are present It Is hard to find
them. 1 have looked In vain for persona
showing odds or accepting money bets
As there is no evidence nf ,..,t.i
gambling It Is Impossible lo make nr-!
rests and 1 shall so rennrt in r:...- t-..i
,, .,Ui- i
" ' I l.J" L,m". H!"B." de-,
that the way the law has been enforced
lt,'!,":tl.,'r '" '"p(,nK have acted In
making and public gambling and will ,
., . . ., ...
have none of It.1
Tho results of the race will be found
elsewhere In Tub Bum. '
Ilollilar Throng Sees Head of Wew
ark Force Stricken In the Saddle.
In the uniform of his rank and
mounted on a handsome bay horse
Chief of Potlco Michael Corbltt of New
ark, whllo directing the pollen detail
that was to head the Memorial Day
parado yesterday, was stricken with
heart disease. He leaned forward
upon tho neck of his mount, waa as
sisted from tho saddle and carried Into
the post office and was dead when a doo
tor came,
Mr. Corbltt was tiorn in Newark
seventy-one years ago. Ho served
through the civil war nnd In 1869 be
came a policeman. He resigned In 1874
to take charge nf a private police force
whlrh merchants organized for night
watch service. In 1887 he rejoined the
police force with tho rank of captain.
Ten years later ho became chief. His
wife and several adult children survive
Sergrf. n'Cirndr Leaps Prom Rnnnlnar
board nnd Ilreaka Arm.
flergt. O'Orady pressed a street csr
Into service to choe u runaway team
in Webster avenue. The Bronx, yester
day afternoon. When he overtook the
horses ho leaped from tho running
board to the horsca' heads. O'Gradjr's
uniform was torn to tatters and his
left arm was broken, but he stopped
the runaways.
The team belonged to fipadlno Bros.,
contractors, of 189th street and Third
avenue. Amldo Rabcnlto, the driver,
wns thrown from the wagon.
O'Orady saw the ungulded team and
Jumped on a street car going tho same
"Go to beat hell!" he told the motor
man, "or that team will kill some
Militant Lender Taken From Jnll
In Ambulance.
fpreial Cabin Tnpatch to Tn Sc.
London, May 30. Mrs. Pankhurst, the
suffragette leader, has won her liberty
by another hunger strike. She won
freed from Hollowly Jail this evening as
she Is too weak to be detained In prison
unless forcibly fed. It is understood
that she has swallowed nothing but
water slnco Monday last, although
tempting Invalid dishes were provided.
Mrs. Pankhurst was taken in a motor
ambulance to the house of a friend in
the West Rnd of London whose address
Is not known to the public. Mrs. Ayrton
says she Is extremely weak and ill and
her condition Is too serious for her to be
taken as far as Woking, where she- was
stopping when she was rearrested. No
Visitors will be.permltted to see her.'
Since April S, when Mrs. Pankhurst
waa sentenced to three years imprison
ment, she has spent thirteen days In
prison and more than six weeks outsido.
An apparent attempt to set Are to the
Royal Academy wn discovered after the
usual closing hour this evening. A box
of rags saturated with methylated
spirits, to which burning tapers were at
tached, was found In one of the rooms.
There is no clue to tho perpetrators, but
Mnrjorle Mnretand Help II m to Im
prove Art of Cooking.
I.os Anoelks, May 30. Nat C Good
win has decided to devote part of his
time to the lost art of domestic science
and to-ulght on Bristol Pier, Santa
Monica, he opened the Cafe Goodwin.
Mrs. Goodwin. fnrmertv Mnt-lnrln
Moreland. who Nat says is the most
beautiful woman nnd the best rook In
the world, has concocted snverni no...
dishes for the opening, ihe piece de re-
slstnnce being "sknuse" If ynu don't
Know what "skouse" Is, Nat says, you
will have lo come to the opening and
find out, Louis Risotto, former first
chef at Martin's In New York. Is boss
of tin- kitchen.
. ..ii it iiupsiiiK near me
ii-iiui-i si... minion in uniasKPi tieacn
this afternoon. Mr. Fogg, who was a
travelling salesman, had his machine
out for the first time. It had been de
livered to him yesterday.
.lust as Mr. Fogg drove onto the cross,
ing an empty train speeding from Nan
tasket to Hull to meet a boat struck tho
nuto. hurling It and Its occupants Into
the ii Ir. Mrs. Fogg was cut to pieces
and her husband had his skull crushed.
Mr. Fogg wns a brother of Horace T.
Fogg, treasurer of Plymouth county.
' rrir. , Save
,h, rn"l' Mf.
Atrial Cablt Df patch to Tns Six.
Madrid, May 30. Gen. Aznar, chief of
King Alfonso's military household, tells
a story of a child being kilted at Utrera
by the royal train on which the King
was travelling to-day.
Two little girls wero playing on the
tracks at a grade crossing, one of them
lying alongside tho tracks, apparently
nsleep, when the train passed. The
engine driver did not see tho children
until the train was quite closs to them
and was unable to stop In time.
Tvlna- AlfYmnn Innkeii frnm th. -ln,ln.
of his car to ascertain why the train
...on ti,..t,. .!....., ...i .,
...,,, ,,,, neeing mat
one of the children had been struck he
Jumped from tho window of the still
The King waa tremendously unset bv
n ncriucni. tie learned that tho chil
drri. wero the daughter.. ,.f tin. woman
M r. h ii lira. Vnnur lilt whoa. '... i
Ill charge of tho grade crossliur. who',..,..,.,,,, ,',,.,. ti,h .,r,,i ,1. ,t., .uiiv.
had forgotten that tho royal train waa
, ...... .... . .j :;:. ,
Hue and had not warned them. King
Alfonso iifTercd her his condolence and
gave her a sum of money.
Wilson Will Sijrn Treaty
With Xicnrngun Granting ,
Exclusive liiglits.v A
New Pnsange Through Cen
tral American Republic
to lie Authorized.
U. S. WTLL PAY 93,000,000
Agreement Also Includes Con
cession for Xnvnl Bnsc
on Pneiflc Const.
WARittNr.TOV, May 30. The United
States .wIlHsecure a perpetual and ex-clttsh-o
franchise for the building of an
Intcroceanlc canal through Nicaragua
and also n naval station, together with
several small Islands on tho Pacific,
coast of that country. Tills Is Insured
through tho decision Just reached by
tho Wilson Administration to support
the treaty negotiated In the closing
days of tho Taft administration between
this country and Nicaragua.
It was learned fo-day that Secretary
Bryan has asked the Senate Commit
tee on Foreign Relations to ratify the
treaty now pending before It with only
one or two minor changes.
Through the ratification of this trenty
the Nlcaraguan route will be forever
closed to every nation except the United
States. While there never has been any
serious proposition for a European na
tion to revive the old Nlcaraguan banal
project talk of this character has em
anated from Europe off and nn. These
reports, while not taken seriously by
officials In the United States, have had
a bad effect In Central America. They
have received considerable credence
there and have served as a basis for
many schemes by which It waa sought
to advance the Interests of some Central
American revolutionary faction or State.
The Taft administration decided that
both as a means of removing nn Irritant
In Centrnl America nnd securing a
guarantee against any competition to
the Panama Canal It was advisable for
the United States to obtain this ex
clusive privilege, and the Wilson admin
istration has now adopted that view.
The belief Is held by many that at somo
future time It may 1 i found pritcticahlu
nnd profitable to construct across Nic
aragua a cannl for light draught vessels
N'arnt llnse 'mieesliin Important.
The concession for u naval base In
the Oulf of Fntiseca. on the west mart.
Is of more Immediate Imptrrtanoe eva
than the exclusive grant for the rani!
I rights of way.
I The Gulf of Fonseca Is one of I
1 few bodies of water on the west ro
of the North American continent wh!
afford ample and deep harbor facllit
It often has been called "the line
harbor nr constellation of harbors on
the west coast of the western hemi
sphere." The waters of the gulf wash the
shores uf three Central American re
publics Honduras, Nicaragua and Sal
vador. The gulf Is about fifty miles long nnd
thirty wide, with a double entrance ,
from the ocean. The bay is tilled with
a number of smnll Islands of volcanW
origin. From any point In this tiny
easy access may be had to the shores
nf any of the three republics.
Possession of u naval base site on
the Gulf of Fonseca Is regarded as of
vital Importance tn the naval Interests
of the United States in view of the ap
proaching opening of the Panama
Canal. Upon the completion of tip
canal the United States battleship fleet
will spend about half of each year on
the Pacific, roast. At present there Is)
no placo to which the fleet can repair
on the west coast for miineeuvres, tar
get practice or other exercises which
affords anything like the proper facili
ties. In view of the expectation that
the attention of the navy Is to bo mora
taken up with affairs In the neighbor
hood of the Panama Canal tho pos
session of an adequate naval Htatlon
with good nnchornge on the west coast
of Latin America Is most desirable.
Tho Oulf of Fonseca has long figured
in International politics. More than
fifty years ago Great Britain attempted
to acquire possession of tho gulf nnd
was prevented from doing ho by vigor
ous objection from tho United States.
In the past arrangements had been made
for the acquisition of a naval base at
this point by tho United Slates, but they
never had been carried into effect,
ir. h. to rr aa.ooo.ooo.
In return for these concessions the.
Government of Nicaragua Is to receive,
13.000.000 In money to bo supplied for
iiubllc works or public education In
that country. '
The treaty with Nicaragua was ne
gotiated In the closing doys nf th
Taft administration, and members of
Ihe Senate Committee on Foreign Re
lations who had been consistently op
posing tho so-called "dollar diplomacy"
Immediately took a stand against It on
the ground that It wns a manifesta
tion of this "objectionable policy."
It waa learned to-day that Secretary
Bryan made his annouuceuientlo tint
Foreign Relations Committee a!t a din
ner given a few days nsn In Ills '.libair
hy Senator Lodge. Mr. Bryan Ve-
quested the committee to net favory'hly
mi inn II-....1II-. wiiiri'nsi :n- nil v line mt.
. .
the expenditure nf tile 13,000,000 by
Nlwirngini. .Mr. Bryan wants nn ar
rangement which will Insure Its being
used for the purposes stipulated. Ka

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