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ENULisn - r .h Lrsm
tfKw'off Wy:"
tk Kctfie is empiy.
sue puis on the t.
Tho wife Mis the k- '
HI fills
s placed The Kenic is r- -f'jns
The fire -;
v. 'Mmr $;LaL&A:
tup wafer toils.
faKCn .Wilt' '5
MS The wire pours
on Hie coffee.
she pujs the ofe - :
she pours boiling wate'' r!o
. ( onin i
cocks She cook?, the eggs in fte ,;p.
irfl Thn Mnr i rrt r4r. rin
c3l C MIC tfigi QIC UU1IU -
takes She takes the i?ggs out of the pan. s
are placed The eggs are placed on the table, i
nl ! Mill n mir. ..... a a I I
jjuuis uy; jut' wiie paurs our ine co'ie?.
;fl I JJBHMv ' hg welcomes ,
Mr. smith uv es
Y. M. C. A. teaches English to foreigners i he uctiun of the characters Ht in with the printed matter.
The Y. M. C. A. Now Gives Instruction in English to
Immigrants Many Institutions Arc Recognizing the
Educational Value of the Moving Picture Film
- II' J .I.U ttl.lt til'-
ii J t mi tin :itu- !c J.1 u--.:i
.m!atity duy 1'V
It p int rlnu . ' I't t
H. lUrP uil t!v Whl'i .
:r. Xcv Vurk ii ."'''
M t til tl pll '.ii . l u.lt
r .i hl Khi;nr 'illy i.jh-
, -;.l.
an !!
. V'I pi,
. 't-
ni (if.
V "t:.i "it
f mifli.'
t'i mu
. i.i! y
: - a Ian:i Is l.il.i n 'i
fa i r or iiirattii In.,
! : I'int'i- uf tin- 1. : i .
iri t in J l.-t l..r iv iui.
who try ! pivf (
. . tl.i ii;tin:ty it !iM-r..!
r.t the million iilttur.
rlntr t a rr .it ( sti i.t
t ar.J t!i- y arc th'
1 1 i "Hi ry tliat Is 1 'n .
T'i. 1- ir film ..tn. i it
i ' i ry ).iy to n ac !i a
1 ir.J t!... fait thM
.r. In s an- ai1n.'!ntr t'i
! an 1ml .rn m. :it nf
lllin. I'rolial.ly rii- Man Who I., .irn. it."
an iilucata.n tury iuttiri. tiiuilc in
coo..r.ulim wltli thc Now York Milk
Comiiiliti i. ami .hov;ti!i tin- ilani:i.rn of
impure milk, han lia.l us u UU a tlrctiki
tion as any n.m of lh.it r:.i tint lias
boon mailo. i iii. ilm not Ii.im- to su l;
far ti. tho kooiI th.it it h.i- .1 nr.
Thv nintmn plot me is slow:;, a. i.ri!nu
tlia: pohito'ii of iticn'.tv it ilos. ri- in
tin- dally affairs of tnr. human iao
Mlcroiliu. m.itoHrnpliy I nally urn. of
the ncvi n won.ii rs of ui..,lirn tlim .
"Moll Y "tr U'.itir" f!i .s uniW-S' tin
iniiris i..o throiiBh tin- cini tn..to!;r.ip'.i
:hi- Ir.h.iDtants of a ilro; of !ni"in
..:i-r. In what oihor ni.ir.nor i ..il I tin
t'. r.-. inK 1 uu-'ht a i ffi i-t. th.
tiani:)!'!. of ilrinklr.L- impuro watir'.'
The S.ic' I'.nimlation in the lpirt
tin nt of I'hlhl welfare has a pto'..!i m in
the way of assisting mothers who hae
10 jmpport theniM.h'is ami t!n ;r hal.h s
too. No liiuiev!fi wants tu hire a n r
.im who lias a lmhy or a small ih.M
11 Is ilillKnlt for a woman thus liainl.-
appeil to ui't i-miilnyment. Then if tin
nil tin r il ales to hoard out ln r h.ihy
she will prohuhly have to put It in an
institution. whU.li ii li.n.l for thr- llttli'
otio. A ihllil that enn tret imllvhlual
fare from a foster in .'.her is hotter efr
than in an lnstitut.on in v.lilth n
niirsi. oft. n has a many a llfte n
'.i1 .is o i.ir,- f'.r at on''e. 1'uAr th .
:'i uin'.an i" s..me "f tlo-m m.i-t suf
f. r.
In the IVm "Th. I'ul'.l.' nn.l I'rh.i'.
I'are of Infants" all this Is shown true
to life. The film shows the in-lilo work
.ims of Institutions whlrh are Inmost
i nil sincere In their work of hetterlnn
thu condition of the little ones hut can
uot Kho tin- individual attention that
thc infants need. It also shows a handi
capped mother' efforts tu Ret work.
This lllm will open the eyes of many as
to how the other part of the world lives
'lid it ptohalily will make some people
:ii. .le eharitahly Inclined to those who
'i.iw to work and sinii-'i-'le for tlnlr ex-
in Maikwill's Island Dure are two
'. ".pitals. the Mi'trolKilliall and the I'lty,
which hae some trouhlo In lii'tium il
saaole applicants for plaeen as Mudent
iuiI'ms. .is tie aer.r.:i. pi ry:i Hi nli
that "ItlafkwoH's Island" inians a penal
.iinmrn n. The aitape "imit worn, in
wl.'i wants to learn the profusion of
M.rsItiK v. a'.d think a Irnis time lufoto
.l.'plv.inr i n tin- Islard. as she w.ni'd
in... im shi would hae to mix with th.
. i 'initial leiiv nt.
T!.. l!...ird . f Chailt.. - of th. i ity of
Made Nowadays to Teach Hygiene, Awaken Sympathy
With Needs of Poor; Teach Mothers the Care of
Infants and Show Sights of Wilderness
New York, reahzlni; fh..t M.methinK
nitild lie done to i d i. a'.,- the youn
women who ale anil. !.;'.. : to lieroine
I'liin s a.) to the nt.tai :'. to st of tin
Island, oi)ierated with a liliu lotupany
and had a lllm male that was nana d
A Nohle l'l vfors'"n." It' was a :ivat
-in cess and aside from i's eiiurallonal
xa'Me It piovid an intei).tiii'; s'il J ei
to the layman, for it di pioti'il Hi)- work
Uvi of i tie of the prctti st ih.ir.taMe
inssltiitlons in this touniry.
The loin poiirayni u yotinu woman
.uterine tin- Metropol.t.,.1 TrnlnlnK
Ahoul as a proh. it inner and lia!nr as
a full lleilei il lnll'.'e You so. her ni.ik-
ti4 Landai s. tiind.UR up an arm, as
sisting In an operation, minlstetint; to
the skk Then you M-e lur at play
daring her rccrea Ion hour.-', dancim,' in ! Winn you tee thc fi:m :
tl." rotnfoi table homo or hotel w hi re I much tun ho ai"
she lives, or etijoyins the air on the
r.triatiou i!er. Then- Is no sli;n of
pi -oil or prison) rs, as le does not
tome in contact with them.
The per-ons from the illtu stu.l.os wlm
m. k- th'he criie .illi.n.il pit tut i.4 have
ar.. d e'erieni i s. Those who pie
lurid "The i:i4cue, ''.Hi and laiucntiou
of i'.'.llld ltahles." Weo del ply Impressed
hy what tin y saw in the two i r three
days that tin ir work kept lliiin at tin
Arthur Home. For the lirst iinio th-y
had come In r!..e contact with such an
alllictlon as blindness. They also saw
that after the blind have commenced
to b arn how to amuse themselves they
nr. as happy a any oihtr oiinns-tci.-.
i r
Civic Affairs Taught to Young Male Prisoners in Tombs School!'."'
o; Lcctmv- in
Giu'ii in St'i ie-
ri--' n Chapel
P.ach W'lvU
., .:.t..ro strrv or ...ij. , 1 ,'"" " " w'"'
1 o k.ml th-1 an .,.'..:. ! ti 1,1 '""'' '
..I under' tan 1 with , ,1. ''1 '' '.in
i 1
rv talk of a 'i "tu . r.
" l.ento if l.fmO peep
! a d.fti ri nt n l'e. is
' . v art- wntch'pj ih N i--4
tilm on fits' aid to the
t a word ) n.; rpokon
i .n untierft.in l it to a
n school s kept
The w...rk Is car-
Tornb.4 Kilo io!
nillllltee i f tin- Pub"
n . ) iaimn nnd r the Koiieral man-
f Mrs .1. K. West, i halrman
of the (ommittei, and In direct eh.iri!)'
of fionrKu '. Murvln. director of th
sihuol. Tin- pupils are itule prisoiuis
i i.i.-s ii ,i.,ly consist!, if al ot.t .o-lny. I -,ii ke!
four im mber.4. I a.- t
Mr. Martin may one mornlmt .xpiainiN. J.,
to Ins cihool ih (rer.ir.il f.rni of or-.thn.
K.tni?. ition of tin r.nirt Ot m rnl ?)!- s iiiatinus in s uns as .-mall as In cents
sloiis. Its woiklnj-'s, power and iiuiii .rity. I wl '. In one i i-e ttv.i two cut .-tamps
The in xt diy he may i house the 'o irt i v.-. i.. .-. nt ia !'. . '! uttlemint of the lll
of Speilal Si....ns as the subliit f..r ' ilvblidnoss.
to Huston, aiiothi r to l'luiadi '.phia
Tr. nt.'ii and another to Amp' r. .
wlnre he was protnlMil a ntua
All tht.-e loans have boon repaid.
bis Ii'itui) and mi other oci.isi
!- in th( ur t.--al l.iu-j t'i'UM i n l!) to "I .eui8 of npo and they
It w . i' i tnki a fa'! o.il-aie entwined on thaws rantrlim Item
'It Un.V See m twenty ,,.,.. mli.i1eme..ie,.,IM I., li.iliil.'i.b.
The ohjei t of the ! hoi.l Is to educate
I way and ospo-
n .in. I' r
( .. t-e i f
l t
t i .iti s i t' iiai'ion iiiet'tif
il i," tin I i..'n u'.iiihl not
. ...or-...', n. . :),.. lnn.r.iu.-1'.n 1 I the lulls In the pr.t t
a.i 1 In
ft i he
' r ash the Lv the lllm, The iilo
i n pi t tr. .- of the ;'i(ati-t i dura
' nal ;. i f.-r a populit.on p. ak'.n
n ny 'ur.s in-e-. like that of the I'ni'i d
s i. h In- .' i'i 'tis nf) the Saso l'oui.d.i
tl n, 'ae Y M. C A., the National Hid
f'r' .-.-, H. arl ..f chnritlis of the ':ty of
New York Iii'ern:it!"iial Siin-h.no ro
tiety ntei Ni w Y tK M,lk '. mrn.'n e
wire ,i i. ti." 'V hr-i t rt' n ze t'n
dully to insiriKt Hum In thu affairs
Tne lnsiriK tion is rli-n by Mr. .Mar
vin In the form of lectures In the prison
ihapi! four murium; of the week, the
llfth nio inln-' I'olnw octiijiled by Mrs
.Maiy II. Sii-'o. ,.ho Is a lectin or coti
iiitted with the American Society for
the I'ri volition of ('no ity to Animals
and wan -.pla lis to t ie I). y plisonir1'
the n us .n. f r tn i'liiK dumb an. ma's
n p.f 'un? I with itindntss and ( onMileratloti, Tin
lis tile
Mdiica-1 Magistrate's court, the pr .'..uion sys
tem, the ilutii s uf the (; .vern-T of the
Stale antl of the Mayor of New York,
the ii-e of the linllot, sanitation and its
relit Ion to lie;!th and moral llvinn.
li.ith during and nft.r the leitvir"
the h..ys are prltl'.ec.d to nsk iptist' in
The prisoners nro also permitted to a.-k
art. in- from Mr. Marvin In nut'.. r af
fit'tinn their own welfare.
Then the c.iumlttee help" yoiiihfu',
pi .'..". i.i i'i aiio'her way. Thrown the
i o'.iimi.'.ei 's funds pri.-oni rs aie supplied
with underwear, shoes, toothbrushes-,
niwsp.ipirs fr..m which stories of crime
hni i.i.i i.iie.v.it. liatnlki rchivfs and
similar articles.
If a boy when dlfcharped by the
courts Is u.thoiit money to reach his
home or plate of pto-pectlve employ
ment Mr. Marvin buys him a railroad
tuket, the boy iirotn'sinw to rdurn the
aii 'in ad meed as s .on us be cm
int ieienti under this arranuetnent
otli' bi ..' Was supplied with a 1 I if '.id
To fiirt lnr tin- penernl work of up
1. ft and intoiir.ii'ement ii'l.Ii'esses are
made to the boy inmates by various
pi rsons. Anions these is t'hief .lustloe
Isaac I-'rankiln Hussell of the Special
Ses-lonH, who has spoki n about the
I'- irt" and their rei.f .n to s h iety.
.I.icoh A. Hlis ha- told the b. vs about h.s
early Hfi' i.nd his ."truutf'.cs f..r a llvell
hooil and f.r i ecoKiiItion afttr cotulm;
to Ni iv York throiitih lnnii sty and per
sist, not Mrs. ST.uildlni; of the i'lty
History Ciub has fn qui nt'.y addns"ed
tlum and Mrs. Sae lui" siteii a num
ber of store. iptlfon Ifctures on nniinils.
llach I'lirlstma",-! special eiitertai'iment
Is nivi n and prosi tits nio distributed.
in.it Ii.im his
a t .'d. but t!.i
po) t.-d to tak
The mild
im n nu'll.s In the form of
im a"i s party may be ex-
e Irs siraiirht.
i.iseH of tiieniirttis ntt
Mow AWn-les Is Spread
Miaslos Is about the most t c mashm
i'.i.-ea.-e there is, says Dr. W. A. Kvans.
If a person who has not had measles is
brought in lontnct with the disease he
may be i p. ttnl to have It and ho lias
mi ash s, 'in The un n ns-itls contat'i
(all. d el, W and rheumatism or soiti
other disease, and mcii.ncitls is ud.' d
by tlie m ( ro casi's alor.e. i'vorybody
says niinniKlt.s is a terror.
Mild tases (if mea-les are called
ineasteii, and ponido judue nuasle"
laiBely by their e.Nierieiuo with the
mild casi s. Tin ri f..re ihey say measles
Is not mm h of a disease,
.Measles kills more childtin than
mennuilti"'. It is especially hard on
nursiii" bab.fs. Measles lias an Incu
bation period of ten days, an onset of
four dats. a disease hciuht of seven
davs and a cunvalesct nee of set n
That measles Is duo to a virus is
pn tiy w. ll accepted now. Iperl
tm uters have not bi en able to infect
w.th this virus obtni'i.d iroin the nose
siciet.ons dillino; the ten days of In
cuba iou, nor at any time after con
t alesceuco. Tiny hate not been abb
:o pet ninth effect from It. iNccpt dur
ing the four days of smezlnp nnJ
(oiipblnp before the eruption and about
six days of the heiuht of the disease
after the erupt. on appears.
on this has!" ten days of iiu.irnntlne
is i ni-iiiph for Hie cases that run a
roRiilnr course. The dltliculty In i on-
Work' Is Carried On by Com
mit tee of Board of Education
Many Address Coys
troo.ut; measles lies in the troul les
of the llrst four days tin- time wlnn
the patient is couphin and snuniiiJ.
but still In si hool, becau.-e the mother
and .he tuichtr think the case is "Just
a cold."
Dr. t'lusloy of Minnesota says tin
way out is to look In the inoiith4 of
the children every morning for s.f;t:s
of measles. Measles patches In the
mouth will toll whether the case is a
common cold or tin . isles, in times
of epidemic mens', t u is better still to
i xcludo from s hool every child with
a fnsh cold for four days from the
time the cold IickIiis.
The common way of controlling
nitaslos in ii small town is to c.o-o
too si hool. This Is n bad way. and
usually makes matters worse. It ;s
much better to hire a school nii'.'-e
and a school doctor for n month tin
doctor to look for cases nf su.-pieiniH
cold amoiii; the children at school, to
send the sick home with instruet'.nrs
what to do and what not to do, and
the nurse to po to the linnie to show
the parents what to do and then to so?
that It Is done.
: - n
.lie T
pa.. i nte for ihost atll.cti d
of slphl. The Arthui ll i
able ins-tit lit n w hr re .
) an lo si nt to be id. I- . 1
K' i"t up I y tin In'i 1 1.
l.Npionrs bate liu...- ',
the motion pii-tuie. In i
ipn!it.i'!i Inclndi-s ,t.- i
and tiny li.nii t atl t' il
that hi-nicfi le one k, d
in my prit iit.ons to w.t
hardly a spot en old M
has heard tl.e K ntli- i 1 1
matopiaph. The holits if
are shown you as we:: ;
tin ir habitat.
'Dor. h mere tl..-.n t ..
N. W Y. Ik c.' le-d'.v tl '
mm h ,-"i- a ji .;i,r ii r i .
iiiot.on I'.etun-s. y. t i r.iy
m as'o the UM-tnto ;i
inuirii fir.ii say that "m-
tt.ie mei-nt f.r chllt'i'n
S!.r.i"t;c in Ne w Ycl; .
'h (! .ith rnte has It-en : "
of lad . W.tli tl-.. exhit .1..
tional luituiis on hyo.i
and public rchcmls ly ;!i.-
I) ny that tin motion i .1
its full shau- in this?
It is mui h asiti t p a ii ' .
-on .f is jlat .in w.th tl..
eh im nt and dellvirctl in a s' i
We- do not want to be t.,.-,i.-i.i
tte know it. but wo will rido'
h ".-on and ol'sirte the :i.i;..
put to us in a popular wvy
from all' ovi r thc country tr.
ciy for K-llp.uU" p.ctuic". Nt. i
bier church or pansh has !- . v
tion plot uto i. unit. It Is htl
solve the iiustltll of in w to
cliunli iiciiuiar. The fan.il.or I
nnd stories of thf I..1 1, ate b. .t.
wlt'i as ni.irly tlu- true i ii nt. :
spin re as pi'S.-lhli. Winn t!a-i
lar stones are shown they in
Intel )".tlncr, for you are I(i ';.i.
fiieiids i-m fir the Ilr.-t t.m.
The educational t.ihit if the
picture Is Umltiis-. The acc. t.
ldiotoprnidis showine thc k.!-"
which It has he. n put was d
the Vounp Men's Christian A--to
teach KnplHi to forciKnci
comers to th!- ciuntry.
Scries A Snventh L'esson
omes The man comes home dirty;
oes The man goes 'to foe sink. 1
jrnson The man turns on thewter;.
ikes off The man takes on ill coa . -
ikes The-man toRes thesoap..-
ashes Pie nm wasiiBS.himself cfeiftj
Kes we man mes me sowey
i p?s f he man rees hjms0y
mm The m$ cKifsbsJhjgasg
its on The man pw on.a iw
washed The man is KashsoiriK
' V- w I null icoir IIIE IUH1
P ' 0.. Z
i: ' Kb
Sixth U swii
go inlo
put near
sit down
4 l
u-. ism:
lc nniirort
U iVW tu
fs passed
lay down
Kef up
go out
Series A
I go inlo the dinms room in I'
. morning.
I put a chair near the fable.
I sit down af the table.
I take my knife In my hand.
I fake some bread from the pt
I spread some buffer on my br e
Coffee Is poured out Info the cu.
If fs passed to me.
I pul some sugar In my coffee.
I put some milk In my coffee.
I fake an egg from the piafter.
I eat my breakfast.
I finish my breakfast.
I lay down my knife.
! gef up from the chair.
' leave the table.
180 out from the dining room.
Y. M. C. A. method of teaching English to immigrants.

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