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; fair tojrfjoyov;-f
he fnunAn piReJlJ. 1
Fair to-day and warmer;
moderate winds.
Detailed weather reports will
VOL. LXXX. NO. 286.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1913. VovyHuM, 1913, by Ihr Sim PilnUnn and PubthMna AnoctaHon.
LOSES $250,000
)liu. W'illots Victim
Smooth Young Sales
man's Wilos.
l,ri!K OK ('HOICK
lApt'i't" ppi'a ir-t" Vohitifff. at '
Oiic-t'il'ih of Pur-
chase Price.
15. M'well. Inilictcil
fir.iml l.atrt'iiv. Will ('onto
llcnwfor Trial.
(if so
u''lle:s..a young man
i v-Mi 'n.l r-t: t. I Winner
,n ilollais ioriT In money hut
-.1 in ktvitvleilge of lh wiles
,u will no down u
nui.i' Courts ltulldiin; shortly
i try about ti when Henry H
ul'O eo'.ll III'" book, gets back
,s AllKl'I'S
was urio.-tril there yesterday
,.. was about ti step nlf to the
tw for .i protracted till'. Word
i.-rest was sent to police Head-
here and to ihe nitric; At-
office, which has been rending
to every 'iiv ajMiiK mi
. ,iiTet of a slim oiini; chap
who ran sell bool. i
le was indicted here some time aso j
a grand larceny charge. Tin- s"'-
fir complaint is that he Mole $:..! ft
,m Mr Wlllets bv ideilKlns live al
ible nutoKraph lettets that he had I
1 to Mr. Willets with the Lincoln
nal Hank and netting a personal ;
an nn them.
Will Vol KlalrJ r.HrnUHIini.
ArcnrdiiiK to the information that
'R'licd the District Attorney V office
re. Sewell has lilted a lawyer but
.,u he is wlllini; to come back wllli
cxtradltlon pajiers A detective
i ' have to-day to (let him.
Th. .icnwaintmco that proved
, fliable t.. ounc Sewell b.vtan in
eember L'l'i. w!n n he nu-t Mr Wll
f . .i'si a voiinu man. a; III" litt.-i s
ionic t.i 4 7 L Park awm:.- Si-wvll was
ntroduceil uy a Mr Von Wel.len whom
(r Wlllrts knew an an agent for tn
ik firm of C.eoree Hani- .V- Son
Von Welden eplnlned that lie and
we 1 were veiling books, that Sewell
' a student at Columbia and In
i led to be a phvsiclan. and used his
'Wleiltre of rare hooks to help hhn I
JCh COlieRe. Sewell. lie Wi-nt oil,
me ' choiiv lots" to offer
i know, Mr Willets," Sewell
S M know, .Mr Willets," Sew
;uere is always an opportunity
-pei u atiiij; In 1 ks us well as tlll-
lie bo
V t'l'-Ml
s Segnn
ks ami I am In a position 1o the situation and a g- neiai reenfot, e
at bargain rates" ; M1,.m llf ,h Spanish foices seems p. be
the friendship tlliit elided. ' InioelMllVelv neressHll.
I ling in information
given to '
Moskowltr, in
.-.pproMmateiy ;
nnt I)itrii t Attorney
I- W llets giving up
aim tor books that peits have'
le.ilsed ,,t les than a fifth iif Wlllll j
" '' '
Ills I'lrsi
tV ' s (rst plunge was the pnichas,.
' . uieiit.i volume set iif Alnswoitii
r u" and this was followed by an
ii! 'are of $1,200 for sixteen vol
f "Queens of Kngland" Attor
' s Ibnri It. Hoyt and Cliailes K
n- '.'er, representing Willets, hart
M llipkins, a honk expert lecom-
i hv Die I'lllled Slates Dlstilct
v otllce, examine the volumes I
! ' liueens of Knglatnl " Hopkins
' sei was worth $210. Wlllets's
: irclinse from I he hook agent
r' d to about $ri,000.
next visit brought with It
" - that he had won a scolarshlp
.tigl.mil and had been particularly
' x . h get sotne good books.
TV will be profitable to you and
' 'P me through school," he ex-
1 ",oi
V .iw Mi Willets bought more hook?,
" J. 1 iv. i get them, Sewell told him
'' ' b inks had been wold at a profit
' " t.rnflt put hack Into auto-
- ' ' ihf'n Willets paid $2,100 fori
i online set or Mollere that
' i k"c nyn 4 w'orth $200 and paid
' ' '.I f ,r twentv volumes of "P.ealists
i It 'nan'icists'
that Hopkins valuei
1 in nml llliiiiiiiml ii c.o,
nn-ir. nt'y Sewell changed his mind
' soing to I'lngland, He had seen
Wile's , niotoi car,
g.M ou $2,000 for the auto-
Jewell said
Hi to suck you; you can have
Willets Is said to have ie.
lets was so Tile.iMr.il with ih..
. Ks wcr. loming in that he
' i diamond stickpin to his gift of
n Snivel! came arniitid with the.
vrMoi that Willets buy a Itallowcll
' n of Shakespenie, Jt had been 'pe
dlhed for bv the nohlllty of
i " I Sewell said, and by the sreat
a i ihrirles, One set,. he went on.
I f'ir $:i,r,00 In New Orleans. The
re unbound and horo water
i 'railons by Ln Hnm,
'ne llalloweli nurchasK waa he.
'' ' d a letter came from a "Mrs.
'" -'ating Hint she had heard of
.i a is'- i. nvlng library and nsklnfr If
' r"'" 1 Hi I her a Hallnwell edition of
-pc.re she would pay $10,000,
1 I'm anything like that," said
uhen Willets told him of tho
toiif'iiMrd on f'otirfh 1'npr.
Wllmin nlil I'm or It unit Meel
tnw l Held.
Waniiinuton. .Tuna l2.-VnlnM radlcnl
Hemocrnts force n cull of the caucus
with a view to forestalling such action
n bill hooii will lio Introduced In the
, tiouso providing mi appropriation for
the conllnuiinco of tho Commerce Court.
Hie subject was considered at a meet
ln called to-day at the suggestion of
Piesldcnt Wilson. Thm e Is reason tn
t believe that the Administration Is fuvur
itble to the maintenance, of the court,
' III lll.'IMt f,,e lu .....,...,
In the absence of action by Connies
the Commerce Court would mo out of
business on July 1.
Chairman Clark of the Comnieice
Commission, Asslstuut Aliot'iiuy-ticn-eial
Dcnnlson. Clialrnian Clavtun of
1 Hie Judiciary Committee, Clialrmau
Adatnson of the Interstate Commerce
ICommltteo and Chairman KltZKernld of
the Appropriation Committee met to
' day. Practically every member of the
; Interstate Commerce Committee Is
I nualtist a Commerce Court, It became
i Known,
I Mr, Clatk and Mr. Dennlson told of
the number of rate cases before the
j Commerce Court, pointing out, It Is
! understood, that It would be better at
j this late day to continue the court,
reserving until later the consideration
of the bills providing for the abandon-
' meiit rif the tribunal. It was agreed
that the most practical course would
be to urant an appropriation Klvlm?
I the court another year of life.
(iiiiilioal Ashore on Const
.Morocco Is Seized Ity
llTKlt t'ttblf Or ',ifrA to Tint t
Mumui, .tune 1:'. The Spanish forces
In .Morocco have met with serious mm-
The old Kiinho.it fjeueral
'uiicha, with a uvw uf nlnety-elht.
went ashore at Alhuccmas In a fou.
While she was hep'e on the rocks the
little vessel was attacked by swaims of
Kaliyles, who tired fusillades Incessantly
from th.. hluli mound, klilinu Capt . i 'as-
tano and tinny otheis and woitmliui:
Two firemen who escaped in a boat
were picked p by tlie gunboat l.aiirla,
w tilth, with other warships, hastened
to the Wleck and dro e off tlie Kab.iles
Willi guntire. but too lale to save thej
ship. They removed tlie tit Ivors and1
will blow up tlie wreik ',
A news agency despatch from fll- j
bralt.tr avs tlie salvagers returned from j
Alhiicemas after trying In vain to nach
tlie tleneral Concha. The say that all , he Is still "of counsel' Mr Mcltenolds
til" crew except twelve wiio ei-caped In' was tlie sliest of Mr KelloKi; while In
, t,.its wete kill'-d mid that tlie M,i.u ale i Si Paul
in pi.ssesi.in ot thi- slop. When thu healing opened N. II
I Then- has been sharp lighting in the l.oomls made the announcement of the
I tieighbiirlio.nl of Tetunn. which is said negotiations tor the exchange of stock
to be tllieateiied b O.Oilil .Moot . A col- hetwi en the l'11'.on Pacific and tlie Penn
I limn under (Jen. Pi imo de ein. whii h sv lvan'a Companv lie said the proposed
j left oil .Lille II to occllpl a positlull nil
j the Laiutlie road, was attached h a
i big force of Moors. The tribesmen weie
lepills.d With Seee hisses, I HI t tile
Spaniards lost twenty killed, including
tii. i.tliri'ty itiitl t1ff iMiiinil.-d iLTni.iii
,,., iK m.,,.s.
Another I ... 1 1 ., II, in is luirrvliiL' l.inrar.l
ftoni Chita and the cruisers Pelayo and p,m i-arltlc, he said, and its hold
peiua llegeiite have sailed for Morocio i in,.s f the Maltlnioie anl rihlo stock have
H,,er Kills Himself li) llllllllltr
lleail lln Inln n llnr 'I ruck.
CiMUKK, N. J, June 12- Ki ank I let
singer, tiding a tnotoicycie, committed
suicide this morning by deliberately run
rilnir heud on Into a heuv motor tiuck
at K'll kwood, fifteen miles from line.
Frank Apgar of Lewlstown was rldlnn
on tlie back seat of tlie motorcycle
and is in tlie ilnoper Hospital w'lth his
skull fractured.
At I o'clock tills mnrninir IMlugcr,
was 2. cais old, and Apgar, who
Is to, were ildlng Inward Camden on the
White Horse pike, Detslnger saw a
motor triicl; coming. He said to Apgar
that It was about time he died and
with that he put on full speed and
dashed straight at the motor truck.
The two machines came together with
a crash. John T Itegnn, driver of
tho truck, picked up the unconscious
motorcyclists and hurried them to the
Cooper Hospital. Dotslnger died within
ten minutes. Apgar regained con
sciousness long enough to tell what had
happened and exonerate Penan,
Prlends of Detslnger say they know
of no reason why he should h.ne wanted
to end Ills life.
I'nrilonril (.'outlet enrl
Out In n I'lHbt.
Hauti.ksvii.i.b, Okla.. June
T Patrick, once condemned to die in
Dm electric, chair at Sing Sing for the
death of William M. Itlce, just escaped
being knocked out last night when he
tackled an Oklahoma man at Cleveland,
Patrick, after he was pardoned, came
to oklnlmmS to look after the extensive
oil Interests of J. W. Mlllken of St,
Louis, who financed his trial on the
charge of murder. Jack Rodcnburft had
charge of tho Mlllken property before
Pntrlck arrived.
Patrick and Hodenburg could not
nifroo and KodnnhurK quit. Then Pat
rick accused Uodenburg of being short
In his accounts.
When Patrick alighted from n train
on the "Katy" Hallroad late. Inst nlRht
the former boss, was at the station and
demanded a rotractlon. Pntrlck laughed
at him, nodenburK landed on Patrick's
nose and nil but had htm out when the
City Attorney of Cleveland, a passenger
nn tha train, Mved tho former New
York lawyer from inking tho count.
KodcnberK, who was ono of tho ttret
men to hlaro tho way for the. whlto
man In eastern Oklahoma, declare ha
will "fhow" tho New Yorker something.
GIVE B. & 0. FOR S. P.
I'roposnl to Exchange Stock
Submitted 1y V V. in
Dissolution Case.
I Mc He aolds Makes No Objection
to Ittirter Scheme, bti Asks
Time to Investigate.
Sr. 1'aii., June 12. Announcement
of the completion of negotiations' for the
exchange of $.1H.UUO,000 of Southern Pa
cific stock held by the V'nlon l'ncltle
Itallroad for $4:,,000,i)00 of lUltlmorc
and Ohio xtock held by the Pennsyl
vania Itallroad was made to.dny at the
hearhiK on tlie plans for the dissolu
tion of the Cnlon Pacltlc-Southei n Pa
cltlc merRer.
Attorney-General Mrlteynold an
nouncej that us far as advised he had
no objection to this transfer of stpek,
I but he dlil object to the plan offered
by the t'nlon Pacific company for the
sale of the balance of $126,000,000
Southern Pacific stock which it holds.
Mr McKeynoMs asked either that a
receiver be named to handle the sale of
tin- stock or that the tourt name a
commission to dispose of the Southern
Pacific, stock held by the I'nlon Pa
clflc. Tim hearing was completed at
noon, and the court took the proposed
plan and tile objections under mhise
ment. Opioid An,- Snerincr.
Tlie I'nlon Pacific compnm. tepre.
settled bv the chairman of its
lioMtd, Hubert S Lnict', Attorneys
N. II l.oomls. W II. Clatk and others,
said tliHt it was opposed to any plan
for disposing of the stock which would
necessitate a sale at a sairitlce'
The stock, which now Is selling at 91.
was up to 110 last .launar.i The con
tended that nny plan wlilih would com
pel them to sell before conditions change
would be unfair to the t'nlon Pai Hie
stockholders, and the company would
not voluntarily submit to it They said
they hoped conditions would change
very soon, but If not they would be In
tlie hands of the court
The heating attracted a l.uge ciowd
of St Paul attornei s. Prank H Kellogp
of St Paul, who with hl partner, C.
j A. Severance, prosecuted the Oovern-
meiit suit for the dissolution of the
merner, sat beside Attorne -Ccneial
Mclteynolds. He took no part, although
iN-chunge. which was tnnde at inatket
I ipintatlons, would give 'lie Pennsylvania
14 per cent .f the Southern Pacific
stock and would give the I'nlon Pacific,
i Including Its present holdings. Su per
j cent of the P.tltlinote and Ohio t k.
Tlie Jialtlmore and Ohio s a con
necting and not a competitive rood with
been for Investment, the Vgallty of
Willi h have never been iUestoned
Mr. I.iiimiiIs on the Dissolution.
1 Discussing the dissolution plans. Mr
Lootnis said us a matter of fact the
companies are nlreadv dissolved. They
have no common olticers, no common dl
reclois, no common sollcltots The
Southern Pacific sloi k held hv the
I'nlon Pacific Is disfranchised and the
only uiest,in s the manner of dlspos it
The I'nlon Pacific, Mr. Loomis .said,
made ever endeavor to purchase th"
Central Pacific fiom the Southern Pa
cific, but obstacles arose !,0 that the deal
could not be consummated In time. Tlie
present plans therefote plollde only for
the sale of fhe Southern Pacific stock
Two plans, lie explained, are submitted.
One provides for a public offering of the
.Southern I'acltlc stock at .1 minimum
price, tlie Piiion Pactflc stockholders be
ing plolilblted from buying or bidding.
Judge Smith at this point suggested It
was not well to leave the minimum price
to the company, which might fix a pro
hibitive price, Mr. l.oomls said this
might he done, but It would not be to
the company's Interest to do so. The
company was willing to have the court
fix a reasonable time In which lo sell
the stock, Just now, he declared, Is a
bad time to throw a big block of stock
on the market.
Judge Hook suggested that I'nlon Pa.
clflc stockholders might huv the stock
in the name of emplovees. Mr l.oomls
thought the affidavits tequliei would
prevent this,
A rr fur (he Sale,
Mr. F.oomjs then remarked that a year
would be a reasonable lime In which to
sell the stock, If It were all thrown on I
the matket at once It would cause a big t
slump In all railroad stocks. He further
explained negotiations had been tried
with other Knatern roads for an ex
change of stock, hut wlthout'success.
Tht; second plan, If the stock cannot
be sold under the first plan, explained
Mr. l.oomls, provides for the distribu
tion of rertlflcntes of Interest In .South
ern Pacific stock to Union Pacific share
holders. These will confer no voting
power until sold to non-l'nlon Pacific
Hhareholdors and converted Into South
ern Pacific stock,
JurtKo Hook remarked that the I'nlon
Pacific stockholders nlready hold $90,
000,000 Southern Pacific stock In addi
tion to the $126,000,000 held directly by
the company, and that unless some of
the Htock held by the company was
transferred to the hands of non-Union
Pacltlo stockholders tho I'nlon Pacific
stockholders would have a majority of
the voting stock In tho Southern Pacific
as Ions us the stock held directly by the
company Is disfranchised,
Mr. Loomls, however, declared that
the Union Pacific stockholders nro so
many and sn scattnred that organizing
Continued on Fourth Page.
M. I. f'iitiiiHre I'""! '' ",
U I OH' .leter.
SufCinl rUt HtHHttch to Tut: Si v
,oN!kN', June 12. -The House of
Commons was enlivened to-tiiKbt with
questions In regard to the poet laureate
Hhlp, which Is vacant owlnt! to the
death of Alfred Austin. Atthur Lynch,
the Irish member for West Clare,
wanted to know the salary. purtUlsltc
and prlvlli'Kcs which were attached to i
the ottlce and the nnltlie of the duties
required. i
The Premier said the salary was $3.10
a veur with an allowani'e of $135 In lieu
of' "a butt of sack " He did not know1!
the exact duties of the olllce.
Mr. Swift, member for St. Helens, and ,
Mr. McNeill, member for Kent, siik-
Kested a revival of the poM of Khm's 1
Jester, wheri'iipoii another member
drew roars of launhter by iimWIiib the
Premier to consider the claims of
Messrs. Swift and McNeill for the post f
Cunt. I.vnch wound up the dlecuslon
by askln whether a butt of sacks was
not an Intolerable ileal a suck
ha'porth of poetry,
for a
Liellt. Clinilinfilltim Shot ttt Near
Aiiiinpolis Hullet Pierces
Annapolis, Md., June II While
Lieut. A. A. Cunningham of the Ma
rine Corps, one of tile stalT of the naval
aviators, was flying about :.uo yard-
iibove the ground tlft I nille below
Annapolis, a bullet from a small calibre
rifle penetrated the propeller of bin
machine, struck a part of the machin
ery and Lame within a few f.et of him
and .Mechanician lireeti. his passenger.
Lieut. Cunningham continued his
flight and returned to Annapolis with
out difficult.!. Thiec other aei oplanes.
each with two occupants, were clie
together at the time
It Is bellcicd that sum.' one attempted
to Injure the liuclilne and occupants,
and every effort w.ll be made to an est
the culptlt
LtMi, ohlo, June 12. Andrew Drew,
an official of the .Veto Club of Chicago
and a member of a wealthy St. Louis
ifamlli who took up aviation as a hobby,
i tumbled '.'0U feet In Ills Wright aero
I tilaiie during an exhibition night Ule
I this afternoon and was crushed to
I DieW attempted to make an emer
gency dip when tne engine taiieii to
work The iiucli.ne turned over and ho
was crushed beneath It. About twenty
persons saw the accident
(Ji'.oMi City, Pa.. June pj.- Karl Sandt,
nn aviator, sustained a compound frac
tine of the left leg it ik 1 the left arm
when his biplane in which he was mak
ing u flight over C.rove Cltv College
lanipiis dipped fiom a height of fifty
f.. t and, striking a gauge, turned nu-r,
throwing the aviator to the ground.
Sandt has i,een exhibiting here dur
ing the June festival The accident hap
pened soon after Sandt's machine had
linen from the ground. The winil
caught the biplane and whirled It over
trees when the engine stopped. Tlie
mat bine then dipped.
tlriml. I ? n I'reuetier Hint Wife Will
,itiiil I he I'lillil.
babi girl was crowing happily
fiom III" middle of a big basket of
(lowers whi n the l!e Mr Kon hliisky
and wife of l!iool;: u. Hist cabin pas
sengers aboard the steamer Cyar of
tlie Husnlan-America Line on their way
to Kussla. enteled their stateroom for
tlie first time, soon after ihe liner
Tile storv of the finding of the slx
montlis.old waif i.inie to 'I'm: Sr.s' yes
tenia v by wirelesw fiom tile steamship.
Tlie mother of the baby gill, who
evidently had placed tlie infant in the
lxorclilnsk Mot ill gift Just liefote the
iV.,11 sailed, left miming upon the baby
by which she can lie identified
Tile Rev, Mr. Km cllllisky, the wile
less says, has decided lo adopt the child
'as a gift from t!od," ami hne over
come the ohji clious of his wife,
e 1 nrk Hair
In Hull. I
t'""l 'atitr fifsjtatcl lo Tnr. Si
ItosiK, June 12. W. .1, Hums, the
head of the American detective agency '
which bears his name, has located Mrs.
Antonio Musica, wife of tho bead of
the hair Impoiting firm of New York
She has been shamming serious Illness
and hence has not been arresied by the
Italian police. i
Mr. Hill ns nscerlalned that Mrs.'
Musica was in hiding for two mouths at
Hamburg, as she feared at rest because
of complicity Willi her husband In ,
fleecing a Naples bank out of $00,000.
on hearing, However, that no warrant
had been issued for her arrest she re
turned to Naples nml Is now closely 1
watched, Mr. Hums will temnlii here'
for two dns and will then gi to Purls.
, ' '
None of the women of the Musica
family Is wanted here In relation to
the United States Hair Company'
fraud, bur lr has lieen reiihrie.l tlmt ilw. I
Italian authorities are looking to appre
hend Mra. Antonio Musica In relation
to the foreign end of the Musica fam-
Ill's dealings.
rold Wave strikes Thai Stale mid
llnslern VItkIiiIii.
Nmtrot.K, V.i., June 12.- EaRtern Vir
ginia and practically the entire State
of North Carolina are In the grip of
unprecedented!' cold weather for this
time of the season,
Haln has been falling In Norfolk al
most continuously since last Sunday,
Overcoats nrn being worn,
In Mitchell county, .North Carolina..
three inches of snow fell last night.
run temperniuro here was ns low as
R3, hut It showed a tendency to-night
to rise and nt 10 o'clock registered 62,
This Is the coldest wonthcr ever
known here In June a id growing crops
have been greatly dnfnaged.
Wants Legislature, to Investi
gate Connolly's
Accused Justice Snys (Irievance
Committee Has No Juris
diction in Matter.
Justice Daniel Colmlan announced
lestenlay that he has asked tlov, Sub.er
to lay before the Stale l.enlslature the
.,,,.,.., ,, I,.. i.,,,, . c.iniiollv that
the Justice when a practising- attorney
' several years ng" accepted money from
j Connolly to net him a city contract,
i That was the answer of the Justice
to the notice served on mm inai uir
xrievatice committee of tho liar .' sso
clatlou Is InvestlKiitliiK the charges.
Justice Cohalan does not regard the
Par Association as HhvIiik Jurisdiction
iver tils i asc
his iase, tiy laaiiiK ioe iimnt-i
1 before the Legislature he has placed the
Issue largely in the bunds of politicians.
At the time that the offence chanted
, against him Is said to have been com-
mltted Cohalan was a big factor In
, Tammany Hall, though at present there
; are rumors that Charles K. Murphy and
' he have quarrelled. Murphy has a
'continuing Influence at present in the
Slate Senate.
Cnn Keimitr .IlKller.
I'nder ectlon it, Article VI.. of tlfe
i State Constitution the House and Sen
........ . ......
ate by ii concuireiii letoiuuon ui io
thuds' of the membeis can retnoie a
i Justice of tlie Suptenie Court. Friends
of Cohalan said yesterday that the .lus
, tlce sought sin investigation of the
Ichatges before a body that would take
.testimony under oath. Ills request to
j the Governor Is said to have been sent
by mall last night.
I Justice Cohalan made public the cor
I tespondence between himself and How
' a rd Townseiid, chairman of the g' lev
' mice committee of tlie liar Association,
j Friends of Colialun pointed out that Mr.
Townscnd's letter contains no formal
' charges against the Justice, and ac
1 cordlngly theie wa no necessity on
his part to answer it in person or by
' an attorney within live days.
Use Assoelnllnn's l.rltrr.
! Ml. Townscnd's letter to Justice Co-
liataii, dated June f.. follows;
1 "t)i K Sirs! Tlie Association of the liar
of the I'ity of Nw York Iirs been re.
quested to Investigate certain charges
1 tnnde ok a 1 ii si ion. This matter lias hem
iiterr.d to tlie committee on grievances
of th" association, nml I beg to notify vou
tluit tlie cniiiiiilttee Is about to take up the
Investigation of them. The attorney of
. the niltlllllttee Mr Kliisr Chijstle, will
iiinfei with oil oi ur attoniev at any
.time .ion iiiiu suggest during the mining
week Very tiulv yours,
"llklWASa T.llVS'SKND.
Chairman of
Tlie J'ldge
the I'limtnlttee on Hilev-
replied yesterday as fnl-
j ' Htm Sin Iteplilng lo cnir letter of
tlie .'.th Inst aih'lslng ma that your nsso
ilatlon lias been requested to Investigate
, chaises made against me ami Inviting me
or my attorney to confer with your com
mittee's counsel dining the piebrnt week,
, 1 beg to say tluit Inasmuch as your asso
I elation has no Jurisdiction over the subject
matter and as I tun presenting the sub-IJ.-ct
lo the lloveinui of the State for such
' action us may b" pioper at tlie special
j session of tlie Legislature Hint convenes
I on Monday next, I ahsiimu that .lour com
I tnlttee will not i.ire to proceed. Vety
truly ouis, Damki. F Cohahn,"
1 The gilevatice committee of the liar
Association was In session yesterday
1 afternoon when a reporter Informed the
j members of Justice Cohalnn's decision,
I It was learned that thu committee will
j suspend further Investigation until It Is
i learned what action will be taken by
the State Legislature.
Scleral members of tlie Par Associa
tion wish to hlie an eminent lawyer
l and have lilm take i barge of the prose
, ciitlou of the i barges before the State
Legislature. These members deny the
assertion of
Justice Colin Ian that the
has no Jurisdiction In the
Xnelnllsl SM F.iillre l'Mrl Is
Fn tor of .Mniriiirnl,
ifcinl r,)l,lf Jiftin'lri in Tar Sis'
Ukiiijn, June 12,- Yesterday's des
patch lo Tun Si'N In regard to the pos.
slljillty of a Socialist movement In the
niituie of a general political strike was
confirmed by a sp.-ech made by Herr
Ledehoitr, one of ihe leaders of the
Ftadlcal wing, In Hie Itelchstng this
j In opposing tlie military Increase and
I tax bills Herr Ledebour openly
threatened tlie (.nvernnient with a gen
eral strike to compel the carrying out
of the Prussian electoral reforms. He
declared that tho entire .Socialist rep-
resetitntlon In the Reichstag was In
fim. nf ,,, ,,,, lep
"eiialnrs I'lini lo strike II I on m
lo strike II I on
nml llnebelors.
June 12, A plan
Wasiiimiton, June 12, A plan la
under way in tlie Senate Finance Com
mittee to allow an Increased exemption
from the proposed Income tax to tho
bends of families who have children.
The matter has not yet been worked
out definitely.
The suggestion to discriminate against
bachelors made by Senator Williams of
Mississippi was not treated seriously at
first, but memherH of tho Finance Com
inltteo now believe there Is merit In thu
scheme. The amount nf exemption may
bo fixed at $00 for each child. That Is,
the married mnn without any children
nmi the bachelor will enjoy 'an exemp
lion of only $4,000. Tho head of A
family with one child would be entitled
to nn exemption ot 14,500, and so on.
flavor all summer drinks with AMfiOHTl'RA
n ITTKIt". a delicious appetliar and tonic ,td,
The Official Statement.
Jt teas stated officially in the
New Haccn offices in New York
last night shortly after the wreck
that Charles Doheriy, the en
gineer of section 2, admitted
that he had run past the danger
signals before attempting to
apply his airbrakes.
Having passed the signal, so
it was said, Dohcrty said that he
applied the brakes only to find
that they did not respond. Ac
cording lo his own statement, he
(hen recerscd the engine almost at
the moment of the collision.
N..e 1 t-4 titles .SKMlnal Tide and
Wind In 411 Mluutes n .npnrt. j
Nkwi'oht, June 12, Harry 'Oelrlche,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M, Oel- '
tlchs, xwani to-day from Pulley's beach
lo Hazard's heach In forty minutes. It
whs a mile and a quarter against tide
and wind, but he fin'shed In good con
dition. Mr Oelrlchs wan followed bv Joseph
Iloyer, swimming
small boat.
Instructor, In
iiiiualer Killed Woman and Two
Children Vrir Hlgln, III,
CritOAoo, June 12 A boy ln knlcker-,
bookers who looked like the average run i
of hoys stopped In Aurora to-day on his.
way from the county Jail at Ueneva to
.toilet, where he began a life term for
The hoy is Herman Coppes. 14 years
old, who shot and killed Mrs. Msnnlr
Sleep at her farm home In East Plato,
near Klgln, and her two children, a boy
of 2 years and a girl of 4.
Kirraillllon Fornialllles Will H I'
ll a I re Tnu .Months.
ltrml Cable Hetpatrh (a Tbi Sis,
Hgmk, June 12.- The formalities In re
gard to thn extradition of Porter Charl
ton, who murdered his wife here some
thiee ears ago, and who, according to
a recent decision of the United States
Supreme Court, must return here for
trial, will not be completed for two
months, ln any case he will nut be
tried before next fall.
Take Hrvenue Jobs and tin tn Moun
tains Mer Ntllls.
AsiiKvii.i.t. N. C, June 12. Itcuben
McHrayer, a medical student at the Unt
verslty of Pennsj Ivnnln and son of Dr.
L. P. MeBrayer of this city, and Me
Kinley Piitchard. sou of United States
Judge .1. C. Pritchord of this city, have
obtained appointments as collectors In
the Internal Hevcnue service and will
spend the simuner searching for moon
shine distilleries. They are now on duty
in the mountains.
Illicit stills abound in North Carolina
and thn hardiest men have generally
been given these appointments, as the.
moonshiners often show fight
Tim re rreleil .flrr Fire That
'os Sflrn l.ltrs.
Mai.ovb, N. Y.. Juno 12,-Sherlff Ed
wards has arrested William ltalley.
manager of the Hotel Wilson, which
wjs burned on April 17, with a loss of
seven llws. He Is held on a charge of
manslaughter under $D,000 ball.
William Wilson, one of the owners
of the hotel, was also arrested this af
ternoon and held on a similar charge.
President's Family Will Hurt In
Week DesilnnlnK June til).
Washington. June 12. - President
Wilson probably will make a flying
vtslt to the summer capital at Cornish,
N. 1C, in the week beginning June 29.
It Is expected that Congress will have
a recess of at least three or four days
In that week. Mr. Wllaon has decided
practically to avail himself of this op
portunity to accompany Mrs, Wilson
and the Misses Wilson to their summer
Mrs. Wilson has planned for eome
time to go tn Cornish tho latter part
of this month.
Herman tninaasador'a Hon Stmlrlna;
Flnaner I'nder Sparer A Co,
Another scion of nobility made hie
appearance In the financial district
Wednesday when Count Christian
Qlenther von HernstortT, son of the
German Ambassador to the United
States, entered the offlco of Spcyer &
Co. as a clerk.
Tho Count Intends to remain with
tho firm for a year tn acquire the
knowledge of finance and banking nee.
esBory for those who plan to enter tho
German diplomatic service.
The Vaajrant l.envra Hrlslnl for This
HiilSTOi,, It, I., June 12, Tho new
schooner yacht Vagrant, owned by Har
old H, Vnnderbllt, sailed from hero to
day for New York with Mr. Vanderbllt
on board. He placed her In commission
in Bristol harbor.
The craft looked well with overy stitch
of canvas set, Including a square sail
which was sheeted nut for the first time.
It la intended tn atop nt New London
on tht trip through Long Island Sound.
Twi'iil.v-f wo injured as Loco
motive Ploughs Through
hk.u: KM) rou,isiox
j Second Section of Boston Ex
press Hits First nt
Stamford. Conn.
Engineer of Wrecker Says
That Air Brakes
Wouldn't Work.
IKA l A 1,1, IN THE LAST f'Att
jSniHslnMl Trnin Slantiine In
Stnlinn WnitiiiR- for Chnnsfp
of Engines.
STAMroroi, Conn., June 12.- Five per
sons are dead and twenty-two Injured
as the result of a rear end collision nf
two express trains, both bound for New
York, 1,300 feet east of the Stamford
station of the New Iloven Hallroad at
4:55 o'clock this afternoon.
The first section of the Ponton Ex
press had halted to change from steam
to electric power The second section,
following It at fair speed, ran past Its
signals and smashed into the last car of
section one.
That car was a Pullman chair car, the
Skylark, made of wood, with twenty
five persons aboard.
The locomotive cleft It like a weils.
The roof rose up. the sides flew npart.
Crushing the Interior of the car. crush
ing Its occupants. Jammlni and
tumbling them, 'the locomotlie crunched
viciously ahead until dnr back to th
engineers cab It was hurled In the
wreck of the Skylark
Most of the killed and hurt were In
that Pullman. Pour died there or In
a section shed near the tracks, the other
in the Stamfotd Hospital.
Null her the engineer nor fireman of
the train that did the wrecking was
scratched, although thev stuck to th
Engineer Doherty said that when ho
found the distance signal set aaainst
him at Kim street, a sixteenth of u mile
from the scene of the wiecl.. he nf.
tempted to apply the air brakes, Thev
did not work and he whisied for
hand brakes. He then leaned out of
the cab and waved his aims to attract
attention of trainmen.
The Pend.
CANTIKl.t) FRANK. M Minn irfM Spnin.
flehl. Miibs.
UOWK. DK IIAKMON Hsrtfmd Conn , riied
in lio.pilal.
KH1.1.KV, MltS K .1, SI Pijilen amine, W,n-
lhrop, Mas
SF.KI.EY. MltS. W II imnnn. l(e nt an
official of the Maine (Vntr.il road.
WOODRUFF. F.VF.RK IT II, n Ilroadwaj,
FliialniK, I. I
ille Injarrd,
U-ii.on. Kieretl S . Weal Klehtv.fWili ir-et,
Nine Vurk; pinned btntarh seal, bneli in
jured. odieW, Alfred A., The Hrons:: fra'lurnl k:ll.
Hamlin, .1 P 111 Kiflh vmie, New York
Itmuton. J w , Ilonhury, ! ; prnlp ncmn.l
Hume. II., aildre-a iidUi.ouh
llmiifl. Gi-e-oiy, a reporter fur I ha Now York
H'orttf' fractured pehi, holh snkli't broken,
eipctert to die,
.lennlnia. F H. .Ir Dnnsai Hill. Sta!n
Inland, a ophomoie at Yali Mr .tenninca.
sr , i of Ihs law Arm nf Sietaon. Jennllu.
& Kilawll, li Broad alrert One ot lit left
vaa broken.
Plum, Klranoie, The Bronx
Thompaon, Florence, Fluahlna. I, I nn arm
Vfarflrld, Allen. VIS Adama Hill road. Wash
inrton, r. C; left ler and rroln cut
Barkele.T, th Rr. Antonio, of St John's
Catholic Church, New York dty: rut about
Broderlck, Nariuarlte, Farminiion. Conn.i
hell) rut
rtrown, F. M, Richmond Hill, I,. I : havl cut.
Garrtty, C. J.. SJ l.indan atreet, Hackanaark,
N. J.
.tannlnn, F R , i( Park arcnue, Nw York
.lobnson, Helan. Sprint flald, Msaa.
Kelley, D. J.. advance stem for tlx C. P. R R.
Martin, J, J., HI Eaat Seventy-aixth aireet,
New York city
Myarson. Mrs Rebecca, ttfi Eaat tllti aret,
New York city; none broken
Myrraon, Marona, Mra. Myeraon'a seven.
months-old baby; rut about the heart
ratteraoa. F, W,, Bed Dank, N, J.
Walton, Georte, C Broadway, New Vork,
trarelllnr paaaenter stent tor Ihe C. P
NIk (nadirs nn Train,
The first section of tho train, which
camo from Hoston by way of Spring
field, had five day coaches besides the
Skylark. It reached Stamford on time
and halted at the place on thn elevated
structure, tho bridge over Canal street,
for tho change of engines.
I'assengers noted that the stop was
longer than usual, about eight minutes.
ifonw ot them got off and sauntered
alongside the train. Presently the rails
began singing,
Down the track from Hridgepnrt waa
spinning the second section of the Hos
ton Kxpress. Tho men In the switch
tower and tho strolling passengers
thought of course It would stop a safe
distance behind section one.
It didn't. It came right on, A shoirer
of electricity spat from the wires Just
In front of It, In tho next moment
the crash. The Skylark reared, spread
and settled. Its husk comptetel.v en
velopod the locomotive. i,
lllue flame sputtcroil all around M

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