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THE SON, FRIDAY, JULY 18," ' 1918.'
i ,,l.l l.i lot.nn nn 1mf
,U' I llllllIC to AfftVC Oil Winf-
iirlcr of Kx-C.mijr Leader's
linst Side Kesort.
' ' J
. j
ilntii'tiVt'N 'I 01 ITV I Hill TWGlltV '
l'lHim iuit tsiiu. .
It -1 1 1 i r 1 1 ii I Crilllillllls Fro-
iitn t Coffee. House.
The-. s- a HiiiiEurlnn restaurant, the
. ,fe i mtineiitiil, at 10S Second itvenue,
e i . . itu bHecteil by creen lattice
iik mpp"' '' Ki'owinc plunts. As you
.,i In fioni tlin street
,iier ''.in ordinary
i u e v ui "line runneii mines ana
a,i-rs u lilnck. Pais the lattice and
- til tlntl iaMcs without cloths, around
nhkh m:ile twenty or thirty silent
nunc men are playing pinochle. Now
inJ then one of thn players across his
right rhek Is a n,tirerly distorting scar
lfve the ir.ime to walk the length of
the restaurant and back, scrutinizing;
unobtrusively the face of every strangor
1.1 the place.
i To the ostial visitor this group of
plnocrle players, passing no money,
drinklm: "foft stuff" If anything, sur
raumled by equally silent "kebltters," or
fpfctators, Is Just an average gathering
it East Side, youths whiting away the
time But on the word of the police nt
lMt twenty of the frequenters of this
place are habitual criminals, burglars
.nd pickpockets, some with prison
records and rogues' gallery portraits.
eOierf arrested many times and set free
n one ple.i r another, but always on
the suspected list,
Man nf Scar I ara Paul.
And the young man with the scarred
' fuce Ic Pam Paul, standard bearer of the
Sam Paul Association, arrested for al
lied complicity in the Rosenthal mur
d"r. released after nine days In the
Tombs ex-proprietor of a gambling
fccute which was raided eleven tlmnfl.
Pirn says he has quit gambling and is
Mrnlnc an ever to honest living as
1 manacer and part proprietor of the Cafe,
Continental as $2.' a week salary and
f jhare of the receipts. If among
hf "ho come Into the restaurant,
say? Sam, there are wicked persons with
police records, how Is he to know them
and separate them from the rest of the
VCtA. on th morning of June 14
Rrlditf Webber, gambler, one of the
'-mr "Informers" against Becker and
do cunmen was stabbed in the back m
Third avenue Just after leaving the Cafe
cn!nemal That stabbing, wholly tin
''irtjnate from the viewpoint of Sam
r i! rave impetus to an East Side
niv ement to shut up the Cafe Contl
The Kellllah. or Jewish Community,
eemrlalned about the restaurant to
Ppj'' Police Commissioner Newburger.
merh the Kellllali's counsel. Mr.
Vewbuner was quite willing to do what
could, for detectives told him that the
'r.noi-ent pinochle game in the back
rm had become the centre for crlml
r.V ef viMous gangs.
Snlt In Dlapoaaea.
Pnec,iiv the Hebrew Free Loan Po
C.fv which has fi.000 members ant has
t fr. above the Cafe Continental, which
. ,-.nf. tarted suit to dispossess the
pe of the restaurant, Anton Somlyo,
parcer of Sam Paul. The society com
plained that the restaurant had become
e disorderly house, "a resort for drunk
ard i pplers. gamesters, habitual criml--8.5
ar.rt other disorderly persons." The
! eam- to trial on Tuesday before
'. e Leonard Pnltkin and a Jury In
ihe si.- end dlbtrlct municipal court,
i Mo f ii street
Frrn Hio r-staurant rame pinochle
papers to lounge In spectators' benches
.r. I hear th testimony with labored
Vllrrei-ence. Pam Paul sat back of
tem alone.
U'.cr.bfidy realized that the trial, on
i'f fa.-e a simple dispossess proceeding
"cams' a dark and amiable Hungarian.
Cnmijv, of the coffee house, was really
"n smpt by the police and civic
b O.eo rt the Krttft Side to break and
a"er an rillcRed band of chronic law
refr Everybody remembered too
.at j t a scar ago occurred the Ros
rn hi murder
Fun police detectives testified. They
HH breusht with them the names of
he mn and women they had wen In
i""afe rontlnental since June 1.
TV(.r nere Henry .lucohs. Henry My
"? :i. Duld Hoffman. Harry Cohn,
("a-Ies Ueiipern. alias Klondike; Itsky
I.'ilnc'on. Charley Silver, Pam Shor,
Kt! Trary, Jky Itlue, alias Ike noldl
Vr.tie niz, or Sheeny Renny: Maria
' 1 nstnn. known as Mnrluccl, salJ
v- ih police to be a "professional
n'Mher iclebrated for her habit of
''fvlng In cniirt that she Is the
mr,iv of this and that Innocent boy
'he hr. D.ivld Schlmmel, Henry the
V'it. Louis Rubkoff. I.ouls fichnalr.
( r' "v Cohen, Greeny Zlndel, allaa
Oeony Kid and his wife; T.otils Crul
'r wmir Rcrkowltz. bondsman for
"unv arrested porsons; Pam Boston,
Uv" Boton, Abe Gold, Patsy Keegan
ri'l Wt'le Ioskev.
"lilt tn Ibr Cnntlaental.
Deir t(ve Cisnssa and his partner.
M-Kenni, testified as to several visits
the continental. Eacli had seen
t.shv pirkpockets whom they person
''v had flrreated or had seen at Police
Heiriniiartrrs. They said that they
never seen any disorderly act in
'es aurant Itself,
If fhese nien are habitual criminals,"
'M Attorney I.evlne for the defendant,
'ilrn't von know that you can errest
ihrm any time yon want to?"
"N'ot under the present admlnlstra
t "n " replied one of the detectives.
(jsiire snltkln wouldn't let any of
witnesses say n word airalnst Sam
T'-'i' liul's character was not In
fri"Mlnn. he ruled, and under the law
I' must be presumed to be Rood. The
"i'let-iives tcittlfled that Paul offered to
' from the Continental any man
'm the police should point out as
The superintendent for thn Hebrew
rr e IOiin Society testified thflt com
r' ns had been made of a Rrnup of
v 'ins men In front of the restaurant
"'o Insulted women and made pedes
''ins pn around thn block tn pref
'nio to passing the sidewalk tor
irntnr. The Jury went lo the Cafe Continental
e what it and the pinochle players
ie.el((l like. Vfslorday Mr. Somlyo put
n -is rai-e, while Sam raul mused out-
'jii me court nouse steps, Tiicjury.to get the property, justico Koiiy, lie
out an hour and couldn't agree. 'fore whom tho case was tlrst brought, dls
p" .v reriuest of the Hebrew Free Loan missed It, and later Justice Crane decided
Society the case will he tried agtla, favor of the children, but his decUlon
cr-nlng next Thursday. tynti b. th Apellate Dvtalon.
Mate ttirlar Men Oct Two Wasoa
Loads In Fifteen Places.
About twentv mreiitu nf Ihn Rlnln V.r.
else Department raided fifteen Itnllnti
nml Greek restaurants) at Coney Island
estcr'laV In which liquor wan paid to
have been sold Illegally and seized two
wagon loads of brer. wine, whlnkcv and
other ll(Wor. Tho agente had search
warrants. Commissioner Karley had rc
reived many complaint about the ova
Nlon of the liquor tax on Ibo Island and
for several weeks detectives burl Iioaii
eatherlng evidence upon which the war-
'"' ,
Deputy Commissioners McUvoy and
Nolan led the raid. At about noon one
atrcnt entered each of the suspected plnces
.. .'. "i,u ,or '" v-ominisstonera anil
Policemen ltahmiin nml Hums nf tho
-'oney '"''""I station to reach the partial-
liar tllnco In Ihplc rnilmU Tlin II
seized were carted to the police stables
In West Hlglith street.
In some of the places bars were found
as fully equipped us those In licensed
saloons. At Philip Carrctta's, 33 West
Sixteenth street, the agents met with op
position, but It was soon overcome. At
K. Ambrosia's place. 61 West Fifteenth
Mtrort. IIia 1 l,n,l ....... ....i.. t i ..
"I?.. ra,yr'cllcd fourteen barrels of wine, 500 hot
I'.at Side coffee I ties and twenty demijohns of wine and
mree cases or beer.
No arrests were made. The evidence
gathered will be laid before tho District
Attorney of Kings county and the seized
liquors will be auctioned publicly In cases
where convictions are secured.
fllows Two Safes on Grand
Street and Gets Large Haul
of Precious Stones.
A new cane of eipert cracksmen turned
their first trick here early yesterday and
not between $;o,ooo and lan.nnn from two
safes In the shop of Hosenberg Daniel on
the ninth floor of .'IH and '.'i; Ornnil street,
within two blocks of Police Headquarters,
They valnlv attacked a larce stool vault
containing IVi.nno In preeiout stones. While
those men were at work another gang,
not so killed and daring, blew two safes
In the offices of the llarrion Ice Cream Com
pany at M fioerck street, carrying away
l:'50 In cash,
The fe crarkers who worked In the
shop of Itosenbt-rg A Daniel were very skil
ful and were equipped with the latest tools
of their trade. They left marks which con
vinced Deputy Pollen Comnilloner Dough
erty that he has a new gang on hl hand.
Tho two Jobs of yesterday bring the, total
of safe cracking incidents up to too slnve
January t. The total number of safe
burglaries already greater thnn for
the entire twelve month of Ut year.
The burglars, the pollie think, must
hae visited the shop for a preliminary
inpertlon and have learned that there
was no watchman and that the safes were
not connected with tho Holmes device.
They had skeleton keys by which they
entered the two doors on the ground floor
and then climbed eight flights of stairs
with their equipment and cut a hole In
an Iron sheathed door, thus gaining access
to the goal of their endeavors. One of
them was probably posted on the first floor
as watchman, with a telephone wire run
ning to their pal at work above.
There are four safes In the shop. One
contains nothing except dies. The burglars
did not touch, that. The big steel vault
was tested. The bolts were removed, hut
the cracksmen found It too difficult and
they went to another room where there
N a large safe nine feet high. With an
eleitric drill they sought first to drill a hole
through the sheet iron and thus reach the
tumblers of the lock. Here the cracksmen
showed fliey knew the stl of the newest
afes. but they did not know the eiart po
sition of the look In a sate made years ago.
They selected the wrong spot and struck
a chrome steel plate, in which the drill was
broken. Next they bored a Urge hole
and inserted a nitroglycerine cap. with
which they forced open the. doors. The
ball of soap and tiltroalycerlne was need
to fill all the cracks and thus insure the
blowing out of the doors.
In that safe were slity-U drawers con
taining finished jewelry The burglars
ripped out every drawer and took the entire
Nexl they blew up a small cufe
which contained about Ij.Ooo In cash. It I nBS be,,n rrRardod as a "Wilson man.
in figured that the burglars waited until.". ..." ..... . I .....
tihout 6 o'clock, when they walked out of
the front door of the hullUlnic nnd iilsap
pea red,
(Greater Karlllllra al I he Other
When Fifth Ate. Branch Slope.
Oeorge Taylor, president of the Altken
Son & Co. corporation for many yearn,
has retired. Ilo has soul run interest in
the corporation, which is next to the old -
est dry rooiIs concern In tho city and has
been for fifty years at the northwest cor
ner of Broadway and Klghteenth street
James K. Wnrnock has been elected
It was rumored that the corporation
was about to discontinue Its retail busi
ness and to devote all Its attention to
the wholesale departments. The fact that
the lease of the retail branch at Fifth
avenue and Thirty. ninth street soon ex
pires seemed ,to give foundation for the
rumor. One of the officers of the corpora
tion said:
"Tho lease of the retail branch at
Thirty-ninth street expires this month
and the retail business will be continued
for the present ut Klghteenth street nnd
Broadway. The wholesale branch at Fifth
avenue and Thirty-eighth street ha been
doubled to accommodate the dressmak
ing supply department and extensive addi
tions to the manufacturing plant have
been completed."
Machinist Perhaps Benumbed He
fore Hie Fall In Ice Plant.
The body of Hugo Melssner. ma
chinist, was found at tho bottom of an
elevator shaft In an ice storage room of
the Atlantic Hygienic Ice Company's
plant nt Atlantic and Rochester avenues.
Brooklyn, yesterday morning His back
and three ribs were broken.
Melssner went Into tho shaft tn repair
the elevator on Tuesday afternoon. He
wits not missed until his wife called up
the factory yesterday morning to Inquire
about htm. Coroner's Physician Wuost
thinks the man may have been overcome
by ammonia fumes or the change of tern
peruture from that of a warm day to
26 degrees Fahrenheit, thus loosing his
hold and falling. Ilo was 23 years old
and lived ut 227 Webster avenue, Ulen
Children nf K-Pollceman nonlntr
Win Aa-alnst Hint In Court.
Justice Heudder In Brooklyn yesterday
decided against Htoplien A, Donlow, a re
tired policeman, who was sued hy his three
one and a daughter to recover cortaln
real estate deeded to him by his wife,
Johanna, two days before her death, on
March 10, 1910.
It was alleged hy the children that
their mother was mentally Incompetent,
l.n l.l. fnfhttp iiba.1 linlnaf Iflnhl tnemia
Stenincr Carrying Explorers
Conies to Grief Off New
foundland Coast
Vessel Too Heavily Loaded to
Re Refloated All
on Roard Safe.
St. John's, N. F July 17. The scal
ing steamer Diana, conveying the Mc
Millan Arctic expedition northward,
wont ashore last night In a dense fog
nt Barge Point, forty miles west of Hat
tic Harbor, Belle Isle Straits.
According to the latest reports, the
Diana Is so firmly aground that It Is un
likely she will ever be refloated. The
Newfoundland Government cruiser, Stella
Marls haa been ordered to her aid, but
It Is not believed she can pull the Diana
off, for the steamer Is heavily loaded
with coal and supplies for the? expedition.
Every one uboard the Diana Is re
ported to he safe.
The expedition, headed by Donald B,
McMillan, to explore Crocker hand, was
sent out by thn American Geographlcul
Society and the American Museum of
Natural History. However, no word
came to them from the stranded Diana
yesterday or last night.
The DIan.t left New York on July 2.
The schooner stopped nt Boston to take
on supplies and left that .port July 5.
She sailed from Sydney. N. 8 July 12.
With Donald B. McMillan sailed Maur
Ice C Tanquary, zoologist :W. Clmer
Kkbl.iw. geologist nd botanist; Knslgn
Fltzhugh Greon, physicist and engi
neer: Dr. Harrison J, Hunt, surgeon;
Lee Allen, electrician and wireless op
erator: Judge Carroll H, Sprlgg and
Frank Patterson of Dayton, Ohio, who
expected to return on the Diana after
she had put the explorers ashore on
Flagler Buy. There was a crew of
Knough provisions and utensils were
taken along for four or five years In the
Arctic. At Boston the Dl.ina took on
10,000 gallons of oil and 14.000 pounds
of pemmlcan.
It was In 1306 that Peary, on the north
ern extremity of Axel Helherg I-and. saw
Crocker Lund and believed It the begin
ning of a new Arctic continent.
nslneaa Men !a Walker Mrrelr
I'hnar Campetent Man.
Trenton. N. J July 1". With Chan
cellor Edwin Walker absent In Kurope
and former Senator James Smith, Jr..
of Newark uncommunicative nt his
summer home In Elberon, tho troubin
which has been started by the appoint
ment of Mr. Smith as an appraiser In
the rrurientlal Life Insurance Com
pany's mutuallzatlon scheme does not
seem likely to cut" a serious figure lit
Jersey politics for some time, at least.
Kcports from Washington that Presi
dent Wilson regarded tho appolntmenl
of Senator Smith by Chancellor Walker
as a step In the dethronement of the
President fromhls position of Influence
In New Jersey politics are not taken
i-erlously here. It Is thought that tlu
Chancellor will be able to offer an ade
iuatf explanation of the appointment
ami that he will point out that while
Senator Smith may bo at odds -.villi Mr.
Wilson personally and politically there
can lie no question of the business abil
ity of the former State boss.
Friends of the Chancellor say that he
would be the last man In the world tu
harm President Wilson's power In New
Jer&ey. He was appointed by Mr. Wll-
son when the latter was Governor, and
His selection of timlth to erve on the
mutuallzutlon commltleo Is regarded by
business men as a wise move. The for
mer Senator In prominent In buslne!"
circles and us head of the Federnl Trut
Company In Newark In resiirded highly
an a banker, qualifications which fdinuld
lit him eminently for the appraiser's
place, according to his friends and the
Wlleon supporters here said that they
, , tr,!nt has been mlHln.
' , ri...-..n- rv.n. ... ,...t
formed us to Chancellor Walker's utti
tuile In the appointment of Senator
Smith and tlmt when he hears from tho
Chancellor himself he will be amply
satisfied. They point to tho other mem
bers of the committee, former Gov.
J. Franklin Fort and former Assistant
Postmaster-General William M. John
son, as proof that politics played no pait
in tho situation.
f'onnty Chairman Deride Two Par
lira Can't Amalgamate.
Trenton, N. J.. July 17, Representa
tives of twelve counties who attended
a meeting of thn Republican Associa
tion of County Chairmen here to-day
agreed that any further attempt to
amalgamate the Republican and Pro
gressive partleH In New Jersey would
bo futile.
This determination does not go so
far as to exclude from consideration
many Republicans who Joined In tho
Bull Moose movement last year, but
are willing to enrol' as Republicans for
the Gubernatorial campaign next fall.
The decUlon does, however, place the
ban of the association upon any plan
looking toward tho Indorsement of for
mer Senator Everett Colby as the can
didate of the Republican party. He is
seeking; the Progressive nomination.
Gar. Halaton'a Secret Aa-rnt llepnrla
400 flamnlrra at Track.
iNDiANAroMB, July 17, Troops of the
State of Indiana will be awaiting the
oncoming of the first horses that start
In races scheduled to he begun August
21 at tho Mineral Springs racetrack
If Gov. Ralston retains tho conviction
he announced to-day that u secret sys
tem of gambling has been going on at
tho track. Because tho present meet
will close on Saturday the Governor
will not order out the troops before
August 21,
The Governor's secret agent, Burt
New, has been at tho track and In Val
paraiso since last Monday, and ho re
ported that while no open betting Is
apparent a crowd of 400 Chicago gam
blers and about 300 hangerson dally havo
been operating secretly, thn actual
transfer of money taking place in Chi-oaf.
John II, Itornnng Arrested on a
(Jrnnil l.areenj- Chnrar.
John If, Hornung, nllns .1. H. Harrison,
w-ns arrested yesterday nt Greenwich and
Liberty streets by Detectives Gallagher
mid Scully, who havo been looking for
him slnre February with n bench war
rant charging grand larceny. The com
plainant la Kdward K. Gordon, manngcr
of tho H. B. Losntt Advertising Agency
of 440 Fourlh avenue.
Hornung had worked for a year as an
accountant for the advertising agency
He made friends In tho office and In
terested them In stock schemes In which
Gordon lost $I,500. Others who lost were
A. L. Htlrrten of 5 Cortlandt street, Sinn;
A. P. Tlmoney of 4r. Fourth avenue,
2,fi00, and II. J. Prtlddon of 456 Fourth
avenue, 3u0.
According to the portce Hornutig left a
trail of bad checks In New Jersey and
this city. They say that four weeks ago
ho cashed a bad check on the Hnrrlman
National Bank In the Castle Cafe, at
Seventh avenue and Twenty-seventh
street, nnd two for J20 apiece nt the
Knlserhof and tlmt he bought an outfit
In a clothing store nnd paid for It with a
worthless check lor $ti!.
While working at the I.ean agency,
according to the police. Hornung raised
a check from $25 to J923 and another
from $50 to $500,
The police sny he was sentsnred In
1907 to five years In Sing Slug for for
Cotton Rrolier's Wifp Gives
$2,000 Rail for Appearance
Before Grand Jury.
Andes, N. T.. July 17. Mrs. John C
Tatum, wife nf the New York cotton
broker, was held for the Grand Jury by
Justice of the Pence ('. B. Johnson here
to-day after the further hearing of the
assault charges made by Miss Kathryn
Mai-Arthur, Mrs. Tatum'n sister. The
charge Is assault In the second degree.
The Ornnd Jury will not meet until
October. Mrs. Tatum's ball was fixed nt
L'.onO, nnd this was furnished by her
husband through the National Surety
Company of New York
One of the witnesses of thr day was
Mrs. llohert T Parrish of Shavorttmn,
at who.p home the nssault Is alleged to
have been committed on July 1. Miss
MucArthur was there recovering from
an operation for uppendlcltls. She said
on the witness stand that her sister,
who had come up from her home nt
Great Neck, L. I., had beaten tier Into
Insensibility when she refused to go to
her home with her and also refused to
marry Julius Peters, n New York manu
facturer, as Mrs. Tatum wished.
Terrence Me.Mnnus counsel for Mrs.
Tatum. continued his cross-examination
of Miss MucArthur. first asking her If
It was not true that she did not think of
bringing this uctlon until s-he saw her
father itfler she had returned to his
home on Iing Island, nnd then hl at
torney. Mr. Stewart. Thli she admitted
She testified that she said tn her father:
"I suppose Mame (Mrs. Tatum) has not
told you about how she beat me up
when she came up to Parrlsh's?"
A letter from the witness was shown
her and she admitted writing It Jn this
she told nf her affection fur Julius
Miss MacArlhtir arsertcd on the wit
ness stand, however, that Mrs. Tatum
dictated this Inter and tht Ii did not
epiek h'r feelings
Miss .Maf.Arthur was askd again
uboul Dr. Mason, and she mid she met
, him In ltl She was nut allowed to tell
how she Knew Dr M.ium w.is nut mar
Dr P W. McFsrl.iml nf .lamalia. L. I .
estltied thai Or, Mam wax illvnned
and had tinier hud children, lie h...
had examined Miss MacArtbur on July
5 and found abrasions and marks on her
neck und shoulders which wen; the re
sult of violence.
Charlra Bourn Blllen In Plaht With
A four foot bullhead snake wrlscloj
from a lire hose in the liouit nf Hncine
Company 3 In ffri Seventeenth ytri et
last iiIkIiI. Fireman Louts Abbott snw
ir slip to the Hour. Smoke, Com
pany 3's cat. pounced on It. Abbott
cried "Snaker-"' Firemen t-lld ilovvn
the brass poles.
Ill the lUht that followed the Miake
sprang ut one of Its attackerc, Charles
llovveti. and hit him mi tlio H.i i if 1 1 if t
right hand. Bnvven was taken to the
I'asteur institute. rite MiaKe was
killed, Smoke chtlmlni; the victory.
nnglne Company 3 hud been at a fire
nt 412 WeHt Thirteenth tret in the
morning. The firemen say the inaki
must have come through the hydrant
a few seconds before the water was
turned off.
Changing; nat-ainrn lu Suiall linn I Hmm
Ihr t'annl Iteaull.
Kieahnt, N. .1.. July 17. Kred Rein
lia'rdt, a litillrlltiR contractor of Nine
teenth Mreet, NevvarU, was diovviieil In
the llackeiivaclt Itlver near here this eve.
nlnK. He fell out nf ti ronluiat with
tlltee (illicrw. who vvcrf it.ived. They .ilo
I'hurles K. KchefTmeyer, S''iienil m.iliHKer
of the l.'nlnn HrewltiK t'oinimny . 'r i
Stengoll, Rfiieral Mlieillitendent of the
HtetiKell anil HothNChlhl Leather Com
pany, and iTharlen IHsohotf. leMiiuianl.
proprietor, all of Nevvuik,
The four men were In a rowho.it, Rein
hardt stood up and fell Into the water.
The others tried to urah him and they
also went In. John Mux nnd Itohert ('.
Krh Jumped Into a Imat and rowed to the
HtruRKllnB men. They rescued three, hut
Keluhuidt was di owned.
Alienation of Affections Charged by
.Mrs. llaaaon.
Mrs. Louise lllddell Park of BS West
Twelfth street, who In nerlnusly 111 In
Hahnemann llonpltal, waa served there
ycaterday with papers In n null brought
by Mrs. Jennie HusKon for IS.OOti dam
ages; for alienating th afTectlona of her
huabund, Or, John Hiihboii of 2HZ Man
hattan, avenue, who is ft visiting phyHldan
at Hahnemann Huipltul and la attending
Mrs. I'arU.
Mrs. I'ark Is the widow of Cirorge It.
Park. Her resldenco la In the care nf
aervantt), who riald last night that they
knew nuthtliE about lmr affairs. They
aald that Mrs. Parle Is so III they haven't
been permitted lo M'e her.
Dr. Hunson refused to discuss (he case.
Mtlln-ell nl Work In Mlnpt Mnic,
Obhininu, N, Y July 17. Hlephen J.
Httlwell, former State Senator from The
llrotix, wan put lo work In Sine Sins
Piibou to-day In tho Htorehouve, white
he will eheck up goods rsoslvtC
Celebrate 2")tli Anniversary of
Travers Island's
Men Who Once Were Great,
but Wouldn't Be Taken for
Athletes Now.
Willi the possible exception of the
reunion of the Blue and the Gray at
Gettysburg recently, there hasn't been
anything of Its kind so touching tn re
cent years ns tho assemblage of the
old black und blue boys at Travers
Island yesterday when the New York
Athletic Club began Its three days cele
bration of the twenty-fifth anniversary
of thn opening of the Island. Almost
all of the oldest record holding: ath
letes of other days were on hand to
make a pretence of going through tho
things they used to do when they were
200 or more pounds lighter.
Past World' Champions.
Tho oldest living athlete, known af
fectionately as Pop Carter, was on
hand. Pop appeared In a rolling chair
with a trained nurse nnd a keeper pro
testing violently against his partici
pation In the games. Old Pop Carter
at one time held all thn running rec
ords from two miles up to ten, and for
twenty-three years he held the Ameri
can amateur record for the live mile
jaunt. Eddie, as his friends call him.
finally was arrayrd In his athletic B.
V. D's and was sent once around tho
3.12 font track: and as the old man,
panting from his exertion, said when
lie was led hack by his keeper and the
attractive little nurse to his rolling
chair, "Don't forget those two extree
feet when telling about the 352 feet
length of the track."
Old Jim Mltchel, who used to hold
not only American and Irish, hut
world's records for weight stuff, also
came onto the athletic Held now bor
dered hy beautiful girlies and at-
tempted to throw the shot. But the 1
old man's long white heard got In his
way. lie wad Just about to heave the
shot when l.e stepped on his beard,
whereupon the eent was called off.
Old man Mltchel while being led off
the field cried hltterly In the silly way
nlil men will cry berause he had failed
to perform as well as old Eddie Carter
had done. An ambulance was called
and the relatives were notified.
Bill H Page, president of the New
York Athletic I'lub, made a speech out
on the field to an audience that Included
not only the old timers but the record
holders of to.dn. Bill's speech was the
beginning of the celebration.
More OH Timers.
Among those standing about and ap
plauding were Harry K. Buermeyer. who
is the only survivor of the three
founders of the club and has done more
for amateur athletics In this country
than any ne elt-e, also, it ..hould be
recorded, the tlrst American shot putter;
Donald MacDougal, American cycling j
champ, liernle Wefers, Homer Baker,
national half mile champ, old man Bill
InKlis. who many, many years ago was
a star nan-man; Jerry Malioney, ev-
Like Ringworm. Itched So Would
Scratch Until Faint. Ashamed to
Go Out. Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment Cured in Three Months.
150 Cmtrsl Aye., Red Bank. N. .1.
" About ten year ago a littls Itching started
In ray nose and kept creeping out until It
l spread over one aide of my face. The rath
kept spreading on, on tnr forehead and In
my hair. Thn eczema broke out ai a raah
j In patches tike ringworm. It Itched to
' badly I would scratch and rub II until I
I became faint My hair had been coming
nut gradually previous to thn breaking nut
and then It Just fell out where those patches
were. I waa a tight and ashamed to go out
for a month. I waa compelled to wear a
veil. At nlgbt waa when tha itching waa
"I tried different thlnti. but nothing
seemed tn allay that Itching. I waa told
of the Cuticura Snap and Ointment and I
got some rutlritra Poap and a bos of Cuti
cura Ointment and began using them.
Right away I began getting relief and In a
few days the raah waa healed and the Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment took every pimple
or blemish off of my face. In three months'
time I was entirely cured and hare never
been troubled since." (Signed) Mrs. Carrl
Ooode. Apr. 31, 1313.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do so much
for pimples, blackheads, red, rough skins.
Itching, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
falling hair, chapped hands and shapeless
nails with painful finger-ends, that It Is
almost criminal not to use them. Sold
throughout the world. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress pott-card "Cuticura. Dept. T, Boston."
aTMsn who share and shampoo with Ou
Mcura Soap will find It best for skin and scalp.
The right kind of Olive Oil will restore health
In many rases If you use the kind that Is not
chemically reBned. In other words, the unrefined
oil. It tastes better. Is more delicate, more
easily digested than the treated oil. It contains
X'ature'a own Restorative Principle which chemi
cal neatineiit Injures. I
i.irr us siinii you our I'himc nooKi.irr. I
which explains these facts, and tells you 'why
CAI.I-MIAN'S Sl'KCIAI. Ol.lVi: Oil. produces
Itl'.MM.TS. This peculiar and delicate oil Is pre
scribed hy physicians and is Invariably pre.
ferred by thoso who have once tried It. ery
dltferent from ordinary nr cheaper olive oils.
Sold In sealed cans only as Imported from Italy.
Full measure. All druggists. No grocers, fan
, nV.i . In., ll UlLnr a, HpiFmMn llrin- .stmrpK
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Post at these prices anywhere In the U. M. The
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JIH rtont St., near Hcekman. ,N. .
Rslahllsheil .'7 ears. Tel. :i9l licrktean
Should you order and not be convinced of lis
eacellrnce, notify us at once aud lout money 111
be returned without question.
champ high Jumper: Alfred H. Curtis,
champ walker back In '72: Fred Fort
meyer, tho club awlnglng champ In 1868;
Dr. Graeme M, Hammond, renowned
as a rower, fencer anil runner In the
dim past; George D. Phillips, who held
tho skating record In 1867: Oscar L.
Illchnrds, who was some high Jumper
in 1876: James 10. Sullivan, Pooh Bah
of athletics, and back In 1877 a regular
B. F. O'Connor, the foils champ In
1889: J. M. Breen, bowling chnmp two
year earlier, and Old Bill Bavler, the
tug of war celebrity of 1888, also were
Long Island.
The Most Attractive Country Hotel
Adjacent to New York City
Garden City
(iARIIf'. dir. I.ON; ISLAND
Improved and Enlarged
Capacity Doubled 1912
One of the ruoat exclusive couulry hnteli
In America. A coitiblniiiloii of niintry l.fn
slid metropolitan liotrl luxury tritium found.
I'.very outdoor and Indoor amusement. All
looms with private bat ti and every inntlrrn
convenience. W miles fiom New ork.
I'rrqucnt elertrle train wrvke. 3) minutes
lo new l'enti Mullen or Wnll street.
Hindioma. New i La Carta natUurtnt
rttlilne uu bervlce aip-a!ni; lo the most
exacting. J.J. LANNIN CO.. Props.
.New liirkB mntt nnnti
lar and fashionable reirt
n lue nra.
Average temperature To1
'i hour by train, I hour l
autu. Murf Hathtnv. tlM.r
risninB, lenni
rourls. Outdoor He.
laurant, floating and
hailing, t nnterls In
Menadanle's llrrhe.trj.
Vow oretr
urojau flat
Auto roads dlrert tn hotel
rntranre l.niogr and
tisrUlur accommodations.
.HtM.I'H P..lti:t KS.Mzr.
Florida Vax Coast Hotel Co.
Tflep ne P fonrk Islsud.
(aratn(a Pprlnia.
New York Mate guanine" he waters and
otTers them tn ou fr Batnlne facilities
greatly Improved lor 1913-
Beautiful fuuotry for motoring, with
plMwint etrursliins lo nearby tern. All
outdoor p!cAure.
lt us nnd a hotel or bnardlneplaerfaryou
Write Mr literature and complete Informa
tion. Addiess l'i HLiriTY CIAIUISMOV
rtoom E.The Arcad. Mratocs Springs, N. Y
Catsklll MountaUn.
"A SuPirpfr Ontltii Above the Clouds
Hotel Kaaterskill
CATSKIU. Mill VI'AINS Altlltiite S (Wi feet,
located on thr l.n.plir Tonri ?ow open.
Motor btie- and tnurltic cars meet .ill trr.lns.
Automobiles to litre Direct psrlor car rrrvlre to
Hotel Matlon liolf, tennis, bs-bMI. txjwllnc,
dancing, mountain rllmlilnw". rannetan, Dsblni,
billiards and fori Muslel afternoon, lei.
Special Inducements for the lounger het.
To concerts dolly by a Symrhonv Orchestra.
Spechl rale.-, for families Transient rates Ji per
ilnv iti. Address HAItKIMlS ' DOWN'S
Hotrl KaatcnUill. liaater.klll V O., N V
Lake Mahnpac.
l.KHr. MAIMI'll . V V.
"elect ffltnllv hotel, hurerlor acrornmoda.
Hons Fv.cent riilslne (,0lf Tennis, te
IMUMraied boo let I'tnersnn Urk Prop.
Adirondack Mountains.
Model Health l'leas'ir" Resort.
t'uinfort... mls.i!H'e:.ts. litter
I tUt U Y Me Inn Vine :id iorl;tt The
a.MIt Hi It Berkeley. Walter .saijendnrf.
bo'irr 'ron Ne.v or
rhrtiu(h l'i!llaiin Irct.i 1,'rjnd central
slt.l loI.sVe riacl.l !i l i ini V
The llelanare A Hudson (n.
laka Chaniplaln.
Bluff I'oUil on Lake v'hamplain. N. V
Xow Opm l.ake (.eorye. ,. V
X V. boo' 1 C llflir. 30 Fifth Av.
r.itt.Mi vir.w iinnx.
iJike i-urkl. X . I'lr-iilar.
lake (ienrge.
T.AKE nfonrin A Minimer Faradlse.'
lets at all Information bureaus.
YMIlrr. MIH'M .li, .V II.
lialph .1 Herkimer Mcr
It. J Trmleau, Mar
Address Hotel., Prellou Woods, N H
Mount I'ihouo, Pa.
Ml. PlMsant HouTt rWX,.
Address V. S. A 11. U. l.l'KiJH. Ml. Pooono, I 'a.
nt.n nnciisiiu iiEAcn.
Maine's fimou Summer rerort Information
si Xew VnrU Sun oitice
Prizes for
THOUSANDS of remarkable photographs of
people and scenes are taken each season at
all of the resorts.
THE SUN intends to'prtnt-a tofrof them and will
give two prizes every week of $10 and $6 each for photo
graphs tvthis nature for publication m
There Are No Conditions
The conb-ibtUm's namn and address should he plamtg
written on the back of each photograph submitted,
as yXL as the title of the picture.
All photographs submitted to become
the property of The Sun.
among the group listening to President
Page's speech.
When dusk and dinner had vanished
there was dancing. To-day there will be
sports and another dance. Tho "silver
Jubilee" will wind up to-morrow with a
baseball gume, other games and vaude
ville performance at 8:30 1". M.
One Killed, Three Hart In Crash.
Cincinnati, July 17. William OerUch,
29. whs killed and his brother Cart, 32,
suffered n fracture of the. skull In a
collision between two automobllea here
to-day. Two more persona were hurt.
Ideal Tour,
A Thousand Miles
Through New England's Scenic
Wonderland, Is the Mecca
of the Motorist.
Th finaat Hotela. (he bait Ttoadi aae the
Wol Uafslneenl .Scenery are all Included on
tills treat Interstate. Scenic lllfbway,
The 1113 Haute Hook Is In the alxth year ef
Publication. Whether touring New Rnclaac)
or bound for the Herkshlres. while Mountains
er Walne, the Ideal Tour Is the Ideal Way.
1 he Ideal Tour (toute Book and Uap fret by
mall from
ALMON & JUID, Till Eltts, Wlttrkw), Cut
Oral application at MM Broadnay, New York.
In the Uountilne ef Berkehlre. NOW OPEN.
On the Ideal Tour. ALMO.V c. JUDO. Utr.
uuuaiei jninrmaunn at nnj o way. n, x.
Ashury Park.
North Asbury Park, N. J.
Constructed nf brick and stone.
Now oten for Ita second season
Hot and cold wia water baths.
Superior cuUlne. White service
ling I'lstance Telephones
Vnder tho management of
stherman O. Dennis. Au't Manager.
if ASItl HY PAIIK hold llet and new IVpage
guide bonk and map for 'i ct. stamp. MC'Nl-UPU.lNi-'UHMATtu.S
nritl'AL'.SOO Hnardwalk.
Lake HopateoM
New Hotel Breslin
tin Lake llopatronr, Ml. Arlington. N. J.
Opm m net vvtlte tor hnoki.i. Auto
maps ajid special rme O FRANK COPE.
Atlantic City.
ATI-A.Vrir CITY. N. J.
fcea Bright.
Most Attraotivt Hui en Ciait
IsinTPtL PiMMiri ki:a bright.
No oi'Cn. i.arieal , urtc Hesta'trant. Booklet.
irlni Lake Bearh.
Directly on the ocean Now open I.. S. MOSI,
Cott.we hotel service Month of Aurust
nr longer.
on Lake rhamplaln.
The Oueen of Lake Resorts."
Larre up-to-date Hotels, Theatres. Roof Har
dens, incursions on Lake Champlaln, Automo-
lor Information apply I!I9 and ISU B'sray.
New York's Ideal
Suburban Hotel
28 Miles from Toim
The Alfred S. Amer Co., Propa.
also THE ST. CHARLES, New Orleans
renwIck-on-the-Sound, Sabrook, Conn ,
fipens Season June 17. cool, comfortable
fnmlll hold, all outside room.-, with or nlthoul
nam. con, irnnis, oaining. roatinc cnuaren
'n,t,,Kt I.UUUIC1I
l.'.SO and up per week. Send for
II C. I'llAl'MAX. Prop.
welcome, rates ii:
for x:rtvot'H risrares,
la located at Stamford, Conn., Ml tnlnutea from
! Vork City and !o trains each way dally: a
separate rnttaze Is provided for persona addleitl
j the use of diups and timulsnis.
Telephone -n Stamford or write.
r.n:.s mimtakilm.
Stamford, Conn.

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