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FnjiQaflndlo-morrow; light to
moderate winds.
Detailed Wtwther rtfjMs will be found on pige 13.
VOL. LXXX.-NO. 322.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1913. CopyrioM, 1913, by the Sun PrlaMs and VubHshlnp Anoctatton.
Cnrnipn Sylvn Replies: "Army
Will Advance With
Report He Hns Esenpcd From
Sofia, to Which Enemy
Is Marching.
Greek Chief of Staff Tells
"The Sun" of Bulgar Rout
"HadjiukyijIk, July 18.
"To tiik KitiTon ok Tub Sun:
' "In reply to your despatch of
I .luly is mldnrtsexl to his Majesty
I Km; Constantino, I lmvo the honor
to inform you that tho situation of
tho Hiilurariun urmy is at present
I most critical. The enemy, in num.
hers iiiial if not superior to our
forces, ati we have ascertained from
military archives seized at Serrcs,
h,i- been forced to abandon its
1 positions prepared long since Imj
tween l.tliatui and KilUis, after
' three days lighting, and many at
tacks at the point of the bayonet.
"The BulRarians are completely
disorganized by our pursuit. We
' have captured seventy cannon,
thousands of small arm as well as
1 an enormous quantity of munitions
and food . Moreover, we have taken
.mi tJoldiers and 100 officers pris-
"The enemy in tho course of its
retreat has been K'.iilty of unheard
of cruelty. We have to mourn the
! fact that thousands of persons
I have been slaughtered, among them
being; bishops, women of the highest
class and children, in many villages
which the flying troops set on fire.
"Chief of the General Staff."
mmiv nrjHiiUULi tuinu iuvuiuuiji nmw
... 1 1 .. I . 1'.. I .. I. Hli.ll l.lba Hltlll
l.nnuer," Hi" Mays.
Bai.timoiik. July IS. "On next Wcdncs
tii v I Html! lo 7!) yours old," wild
' Cnrdlnnl Gibbons to-day. And then ho
.. i added: "I do nut think Hint 1 shall live
rollPP on Track Of Mntl MIS- n., ,,ngcr. My life Is nearly spent
Tnmmrmy Leaders Here Think Mnr
ih Want lu Unit.
Tnmmnuy illstrlct leaders are taking
unusual Interest In a trip which Hu
premo Court Justice. John Dolany,
I'hlllp .1. Donohttc, trciisurer of Tnfn
ninny Hall, and Tom Smith, secretary
of the Tammany organization, nro
making nlirond. The trio will visit
Itleliard Croker. ex-Tammany chief, nt
his estate lu Ireland.
Those who are familiar with tho
politics of Tammnny seem to attach
more Importance to the visit than that
of a purely social nature. Some of the
leaders think that the udvlee of Mr.
I 'i nker, who still has a Mr following
In Tammany, may bo sought on the
subject of a successor to Charles F.
No Inkling has come from Mr. Mur
phy that he Intends to Ret out, and It In
not likely that the trio would make
such n mission without Mr. Murphy's
There has licon talk that Mr. Mur
phy Is tired of the Tammany leader
ship and would like to take It easy In a
manner similar to Mr. Croker.
In connection with this talk United
States Senator James A. O'Gorman hns
been mentioned ns Mr. Murphy's suc
cessor. Tt hns not been unusunl for Tammany
lenders to visit Mr. Croker In Ireland
when on pleasure Jaunts.
pected of Forwnrtlinj? Deadly
Infernal Machine.
I will soon tie an octogenarlnn. and
nature must take Its course. AlmlKhty
(iod has blessed me with a long life
and I nm ready to answer whenever Ho
sees lit to call me to render an account
of my stewardship.
"I think that It Will not tie Ions
now," the Cnrdlnnl continued, nnd there
was no sorrow In his voice, Just roalgna
Janitor TimiwI Fartum llii , ?Z7ZZ?Z (:'"'"" ' " c"""t
Dunfermline Trustees Take
Over Administration
of $10,000,000.
Dumbwaiter Franck
Started to Open It.
all be ready for tho call, treatise we
don't know how soon or sudden It may
I When asked If he is in goou neaiin
, the Cardinal answered: "les, I still
Jacques Franck. a travelling sales- I feel young nnd capable of P'rrnrmlnR
limit- jruin fi iiii'oii .. -
Much Longer Supervise
the Distribution.
rrhnps 1 mlRht
We are never
I I will soon pass away.
' live ten years longer.
"You know. It Is our soul that makes
us younR or old. I shall ro on a little
vacation soon."
Secretary of State Says Czar's
Government Will Soon
. Sipn Treaty.
Wasiunmtu.v. July 18.- Statements
man, Rot by mall yesterday at his bach
elor home In the Allvlew apartment
house, 709 West 170th street, what ex
amlnatlnn proved to be an Ingeniously
devised bomb carrying enough explosive
to tear a house to pieces.
Deputy Police Commissioner DoURn
erty said late last night that he ex
pected to arrest soon the sender of tne
Although the Commissioner declined
to discuss the attempt to btow up Mr.
Franck. It Is known that the police sus.
. ... 1. , Mi. L'runnl lilH them .
that the device was sent by a man in Follow l'p Secretary Daniels's
a Connecticut town, huh man (
have been Jealous of Kranck's attentions
to a young woman In New Britain, i
whom he last saw about four weeks
The trail took detectives to Connecti
cut last night. Skatti.k. July IS, Sailors from the
Clerks at the Waterbury post office ,.uc,nt, reserve .,, m ,,rt her,., f.
recalled last nlRht that a parcel post j ,()W4,(, u, secretary of War Daniels's
package of the size nnd Reneral de- ,(l)ll!lhriI denunciation of the "red
scrlptlon of the Franck bomb box, (lK.. t(,.ntK i,y attacks upon the
passed througn tneir nanus on j nurs- 'headquarters of the Socialists and the
Speech by Attacks on
I. W. W. Leaders.
made by Secretary of State Bryan in tho i'u,' 0Ve,llnK- TllcJ' remembered that industrial Workers of the World. Six
course nf n sneech ,hi, f,l" i.T tU" adllre!,a WUB typewritten and that hllndred marines on shore leave
co mo of a speec this afternoon Indl- , , nPJ(Unnt,on was Npw York. They , mol)lH, ,np ,,.,, of . organization,
cate clearly that Russia will accept the couij not remember the name of the lmrm.j furniture, set lire to the build-
proposal made by the Wilson Admlnls-I addressee. Ings. drove leaders of the Industrial
Special Cable Deepateh to Tnr. Mux.
Dt'NFEitMMNi:, Scotland, July 18. The
CnrneRle Dunfermline trustees have ac
cepted from Mr. CarncRlo tho adminis
tration of the $10,000,000 Dunfermline
fund which hns hitherto been part of
the work of the Carnegie Corporation
of New York.
'The transfer of the administration
from my wlfeland to my motherland,"
snys Mr. Carnegie, "Is not made be-
cause the fund has not lieen wisely
administered from New York, but be-
cnuse the conditions which enabled me
to keep closely In touch with the fund
must soon change."
Mr. Carnegie says also that he In
heres the demand for libraries and
organs will sooiv diminish. He points
out that the trustees huve the power to
devote the money to more lieneflcent
uses nt their discretion.
Mr. Carnegie also transferred to-day
to the Dunfermline Trust a fund of
$500,000, of which tli" Income has Been
used for founding libraries and pre
Merntnn Mottle Who Renonneed Title
BnylitK Ternim farm.
Special Cable Despatch to Tnit Hi.
IIkhi.in, July 18. Prince Nicholas of
Thurn and Taxis Is the victim of the
charms of a Munich operetto diva,
Frauleln Kechberg of the Oartner
Pint Theatre, whom he wished to go
with him and get married quietly In
London. The family of the Prince In
tervened. The Prince has now renounced his
title and rank In the navy nnd part of
his Inheritance and haa arranged with
land agents to purchase a large farm
In Texas, whither he will go shortly
1 after he marries Frauleln licchberg.
Prince Alfred of Thurn and Taxis re
signed his titles and ranks in a simitar
manner when he married Frauleln
Kreutzcr, an actress. Prince Nicholas
has taken the title of Haron von
Hochstadt. A third brother, who la a
wealthy farmer in South Africa, has
taken the position of a commoner. The
head of the family Is the wealthy
Prlnco Albert, a personnl friend of tho
Kaiser's and one of the richest men In
Prince Nicholas Is a first cousin of
Prince Victor of Thurn and Taxis, who
married in New York In 1911 Mrs. I.eota
Kleanor Fitzgerald of Pittsburg.
.Vrw Jersey Youth Shot Accidentally
It)' t'omiirtnlun In Quebec,
Aters Curr, Que., July 18. The nlne-teen.year-old
son of Justice Charles
Parker of New Jersey, was killed acci
dentally here to-day by a bullet from
a revolver flred by n companion named
Lincoln. Hoth were engaged In tar-
Heads of Locals Ordered to
Ready to Take Quick
Seth Low Falls to Shake Them
Mediators in New
York To-day.
Presidents of the trainmen's nnd con.
ductors' organizations notified their
lieutenants nnd beads of local unions
last night to remain on duty but to bo
ready to receive orders to strike.
This was sent out In the form of a
bulletin which declares that the de
mands of the rallronds to submit prop
ositions to th earlillrators would not
be considered under any consideration.
The managers in the meantime de
cided to Insist that their demands Imj
William I.ea Chambers, the newly
appointed Commissioner of Mediation
and Conciliation, appointed tinder :ha
Newlands amendment to the ICrdman
act. Is expected In this city to-day with
j Judge Martin ,. Knapp and W. W.
get practice.
Two physicians were brought to the Hangar, assistants, to try to brnlg about
camp where young Parker was sum- . a hPUi,.ment by mediation.
merlng and he died while they were
taking him down the lake In a boat.
feeling aroused by Mr. Daniels's speech,
the fund of
$2,r.00,000, the Income of which was to
be used "to bring Into the monotonous
lives of the masses of Dunfermline more
were angry becau-e several of their I ,)f ,e fund oc,a, C(ntre ,hag
""""" oeen estalmslipd. concerts have been
at an I. W. W. street meeting.
given and various educational under-
iP'tial C.ible Iiespatclt to Tan Srx
London. July 19. The most Interest
Ins happening of the war Is the tele
graphic appeal of Queen Kleonore of
UuUarl.i to Queen Elizabeth tCarmcn
Sy'.va) of ltumjnla asking that the ad
vance of the Rumanian troops into Uul
Firla be stopped. To this Queen Kllza
beth replied that the Humanlan soldiers
would continue to advance, "but with
the grea'est consideration."
TelcKMms from Salonlca say the Bu
rn man, ilreek and Servian armies will
n,i.,.i on Sofia and dictate terms of
1 -,!' a' the Bulgarian capital. On the
ither h.ind a lluchnrest despatch to the
Milt ii! jm.vh that although the Ru
manian army continues to advance on
Sofia the Rumanian Government has
"hot yc: d-tlnitely decided to occupy the
liulKarlan capital.
SnK Ferdinand Has Fieri.
The lirusels correspondent of tho
Hiilj ChuiuMc says he hears from an
exceptionally well Informed source that
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria has Ucd
from Sofia.
The secretary of the Bulgarian Lega
tion In London has heard no such re
port and discredits It.
The Daily .'xprcn says King Charles
of Uumanla has answered the message
of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria In refer
ence to the baMs on which he is pre
pared to restore relations of friendship
ln-tween the two countries. Although
Hie reply Is not published It is under
stood that Its tenor Is to the effect that
tt Is nct?sary In making pence with
Rumania also to make peace) with
1 Srvla and Greece, and that the
Kumnnlan monarch Is carrying on ne
Jtflttotlonr. toward this end.
According to a Servian official report
the nuln Bulgarian army Is now masked
lKtween Kustendll and Dubnltza, about
forty mllen south of Sofia, und here the
Hulenrlans will make their last stnnd
If the allle.s attempt to mnrch on the
capital. It is said, however, that the
Ibllgarlans are wholly unnrenared to
rrnlst any attempted Invanlon of Sofia
(and should the Rumanians push on
they enuld enter the city at any time.
M, Mallnoff, the Democratic leader,
abandoned his efforts to form a new
Hulg.irlan Cabinet, and M. Bndoslavoff,
th" Liberal leader, nccepted tlm
Premiership last evening and immedi
ately formed a Cabinet
All I'hHrsr Alrorlttra.
The chnrgrH in regard to masacres
Una 0Utr,l2ll nf Vlirlnna tlnriu ara rn.
peated from Bulgarian, Greek nnd
Hervlan sources.
The. Bulgarian General in charge of
the army operating against the Greeks
rharcrs the Greek troops with dellb
lately raking with their cannon flro
the hospital at Dcmtr-Hls.ir, nothwlth
s'andlng the fact that tho Bed Cross
Hag wan tlylng over tho building. All
"i" nurses who did not tleo and tho
patients were killed nnd a few of" tho
sick and wounded who had managed to
tiwi ut from the ruins of the hospital
wre Mint down by Greek soldiers. It
also charged that tho Greek
troOOS ITIIIHS:iere,l tl.n nhll ,inr,,,li.f li-
l.t . . "
rei iMiKish.
The Greeks arn hnrrvlni' tn tlin town
(,f Xalltlll in Maepdonlu In iirntect the
inhabitants from a massacre which has
en threatened by the Bulgarians, who
reti eating from Drama to Xunthl.
n official Greek statement charges that
'" liulmirlans destroyed tho city of
" rres ami massacred many neonle. Tho
nuns are filled with mutilated bodies
'f aged men and women, as well iih
thllaren. It is also charged that the
"iignrianH massacred peoplo and com
wlted oil traces at llnlrnn. The, town
Dnxate la said to bo nothing but a
of sweetness nnd light." From the pro-
Wfl KmpretliiK Hns hy Mall.
On Thursday evening Franck told
John M. Hannon. superintendent of the As ,, , ,,ews of the rioting reached tnknk;s , w,nnecn .th the c,.ntM
V.i.L . 1 V i t ii. a ll,H 4ml"'r" "l "" l '' , have been fathered. In the ten years
1,0th street overlooking the Hudson. of flfty men was sent out from the war-. , established the fund has
that he expected a box of fine socks to I lips with orders to arrest all the naval rnwn lo .i-0 o00
arrive tiy mall and asked him to look . participants. Some were caught, but! '"' ' J
out for them.
.Letter Carrier John J. Pine of Sub
station N blew his whistle at the first
delivery In the basement nt the All
view yesterday morning at 7: JO o'clock
and handed Hannon a bunch of mall
many defied their comrades of the guard
and continued the disorder.
After tt had been dispersed In the day
time the mob of sailors and marines re
formed In the north end of the city and
went back to Socialist headquarters
Britain. The use of this fund Is now
said to be "for the good of the masses
of Great Britain and Ireland."
Mr. Carnegie founded the Dunferm
line Trust In 1!'03. Dunfermline was his
i ..!.... i r .. .i... .i... n .. m.mv
. 1 , , . . ... . i iimw- in?, tie Kate liic Vllj lui u sun
tratlon for a peace treaty of a general Franck Is employed b F. A. Strnus Workers of the World Into the street K,n which he had plaved as aoy
character. This Is the first definite In- 1 - WH,I"lu ' ",rr"l "nil mugiii ponce wno u ie.i in siop . nml n)onB wUh u r8ta,sn th
"So o--U uas the second of the
called 'Vsob:rseco.,d !ho,ght" p flrm' n th r""1 n,,,ch ',f ,he ! Th" ""T ' "",1!.n '
The Secretary of State announced some
time ago that many nations had ex
pressed interest In his proposal and had
Indicated n willingness to consider it.
Mr. Bryan's statements In regard t,o
the progress of negotiations with Rus
sia were made In u speech this afternoon
to a company of Russians who repre
sent the Society for the lromotlon of
Technical Knowledge of Moscow. They
are touring this country and called upon
Mr. Bryan nt the State Department.
"I am glad." said Secretary Bryan,
"that your- nation 1 one of the early
nations to Indorse the peace plan that
the President proposed to all the na
tions. Your Kmperor has shown himself
one of tho most advanced advocates
of peace nnd I look forward with pleasure
to tho honor that I shall have as Secre
tary of State in signing a treaty which
I have no doubt will be prepared within
a few months providing for Investiga
tion in all questions of dispute that
arle letween us. We believe that In
vestigation In all cases will still more
remove the possibility of war nnd bring
still closer the era of universal peace and
we look forward to that era of universal
peace because It will give us an oppor
tunity to use the energies of the human
race In helpfulness rather than In the
destruction of each other."
The proposed Bryan peace treaties
bind the contracting Powers to refrain
from hostilities until the cause of the
dispute has been Investigated by an In
ternational commission.
The fact that Russia Is to be one of
the first of the European Powers to en
ter Into such a treaty with the United
States Is regarded hero as especially
significant. It Indicates that the harsh
feeling In that country caused by the
abrogation two years ago of the com
merclal treaty nf 1832 hns abated.
Supreme Court Justice Chnrles W.
Parker of New Jersey, who lives at 88
sentlng organs to churchcM In Great . alfford avenue. Jersey City. Is at North
Hatley, province of Quebec, Canada,
with his family. He has three eons,
Charles W.. Jr.. and Dudley F.. who ore
at Hill School, and another who Is
at St. Paul', Concord.
nnd a box nicely wrapped In manlla ' They were augmented by members of
the Washington Naval Mllltla and a
mob of civilians who incited them to
pa per.
"That's Franck's socks, T guess,"
Hannon said, tossing the box to the
concrete floor of the basement.
Fifteen minutes later the superintend
ent threw the box Into the dumb
violence and aided them.
The storming party carried I'nlted
States flags. They first wrecked the
Socialist Hall and attacked Socialist
waiter and whistled up the tube to street orators and then went on to the
Franck's apartment, on the first floor. 1. W. W. headquarters where me scene
"Here are the socks you were look- was repeated
tng for. he snouieo. as ne noisteu tne
It Is feared that the disorders will be
dumbwaiter, and Franck yelled back,
Much obliged."
Odor Stirred Snaulrlnn.
Fianck cut off the outside paper and 1
repeated to-morrow
Secretary Daniels was on the cruiser
West Virginia while the lighting was
going on.
Karller In the day I. W. W.
an Inner wrapper of packing paper with ' n , cautcd, n r'ot f0";'"''"
a pair of scissors, disclosing a wooden'"1"' 1,nre1,'1 S"u '""i rVJ
' ,. . , r.L,. workmen were Injured In the efforts of
box ten Inches long, four Inches wide
nnd three inches deep. It had a cover
that moved In a groove. As he started
to slide the cover back with his thumb
he detected a pungent odor and sus
pected that all was not well, Some nne
black powder fell out of the box, and
when he touched a match to It and
found It would burn he ran downstairs
to Superintendent Hannon.
"It's an Infernal machine as sure as
you live," said Hannon. "I'm lucky It
didn't go off when 1 dropped It."
Policeman William Sexton of the St.
Nlcholax avenue station passed by and I
was told about the box. He notified
AI.I Itemembrrrd In Will I ' superiors, and bomb experts from
(the Burenu of Combustibles, with In-
Of Illen .Mr. Ilyer. ,,. lhrt llnlllle In tlm van unrl
the polite to restore order. The leader
'of the moh was ordered to leave the
The sixteen men arrested were fined
lu court. The court admitted that some
Innocent persons might have suffered,
but praised the pollen for prompt
Last evening a woman was addressing
a meeting of Industrial Workers of the
World on a street corner and denounc
ing the army and the navy. Three
soldiers happened lo pas, They were
attacked and rut with pockrtknlves.
The Carnegie Corporation was created
by act of the Legislature In June. 1911.
us a sort of holding corporation for ad
ministering the CnrneRle benefactions
toward educational nnd other Institu
tions. It has received IIIo, 000,000 from
Mr. Carnegie and also Is to be the
residuary legatee under Mr. Carnegie's
will, according to an announcement
made last year. It was said to be Mr.
Carnegie's purpose In forming the cor
poration to make sure that his plans for
the use of his money should be carried
out Independent of his age or health.
The Incorporators were Mr. Carnegie,
Senator Kllhu Root, William N. Frew.
president of the board of trustees of the
Carnegie Institute of Pittsburg: Henry
S. Prltchett, president of the Carnegie
Foundation; Robert S. Woodward, presi
dent of the Carnegie Institution at
Washington: Chnrles L. Taylor, presl-
$100,000,000 TO FIGHT ANJEMIA?
Ambassador Fr tnnuniirr Gift hy
Amrrlran or Pnrpoar.
Special Cable benpatci to Tnr. Si s,
London, July IS. War on the diseases
due to aniemla Is to be undertaken
by an International commission which
will have at Its disposal the Income from
a fund of $100,000,000 ilue to the gift
of an American citizen or citizens who
have enlisted in the effort the services
of several other Americans and many
Ambassador Page mnde the an
nouncement of thn new charity at
banquet given for him at the Anglo
Saxon Club nt the Hotel Cecil last night.
Mr. Pago said he could not give the
names of all those Intarested In the
project, but he had been authorized to
make the announcement. He added that
the Income from the fund, amounting
to about $5,000,000 a year, would be
This will be declared by both sides to
be Impracticable.
Mr. I.iitv Meets Mnnniirn,
The strikers had hopes yesterday
that the efforts of Seth Low, president
of the Civic Federation, who had a con
ference with the managers' committee
In the afternoon at "0 East Forty-fifth
street, to induce them to withdraw their
propositions would prove successful,
but at thu end their position was un
changed. The representatives of the railroads
held that they were ready to arbitrate
all questions as to wages and conditions
of work and that they considered their
propositions ns part of those which
should be arbitrated.
After the conference there was a
meeting of the conference committee of
managers and Klisha Lee, chairman,
was authorized to send the following
letter to Mr. Low:
"Mr hear Mr. Low : Replying to your
letter of the 17th Inst., nnd referring to
our conference to-day In regard to the
question of the arbitration between the
conductors and trainmen nnd the East
ern railroads represented by the confer
ence committee of managers, permit us
to say that we appreciate deeply your
Interest In the matter and to thank you
for your conference and suggestions made
Ht m MlanntlrrntnnillnK.
applied first to the study of diseases NV(, ,hnk that tn difference nf npln
among the primitive rnces of the world. ,m which seems to have existed between
us Is the result of a mlsundrstiindtng, ror
One Sells at Hl.aoo, an Adianrr nf
9 1 no Over l.nat Price.
A seat on he Consolidated Stock Ex
change was sold yesterday for $1,200,
whirl. In iin mli'jinrp In nriL'e over the
lent of the Carnegie Here. Fund: Robert lat provlU!, ale, nt Uoo.
The real price of the seat, however,
A. Franks, president of the Home Trust
Company, nnd James Bertram. Mr. Car
negie's secretary. Mr. Carnegie Is presi
dent of the corporation. Senator Root
Is vice-president, Mr. Franks treasurer
and Mr. Bertram secretary.
One of the purposes of the corporation
Is the founding nnd aiding of libraries
nnd educational Institutions.
snecton Albert Balllle in the van, a
M. Wllber Dyer, an underwear manu- Detectives Hyman and Foley car
facturer, who died on May 4, said In his
will that 20 per rent, of his Interest In
the M. Wllber Dyer Company should go
to the secretary, Caroline E, Dousett If
she gave legal assurance that she would
not be married. But In a codicil he
"This stock Is to go to Mrs. Dousett
without unv string tier) to It. and I hone
she won't Ret married, bTcause Bhe la too
old. The doctor may havo my body."
Eighty per cent, of Mr. Dyer's Interest
In the company goes to his sons Charles
W. and Grant C. Dyer. His widow gets
property on Riverside Drive and other
bequests which are not effective If she
To tho widow Is left 1 per rent, of the
gross receipts of the M. Wllber Dyer
Company, but she must not receive more
than $1,000 a year from this source.
Mrs. Dousett haa been with Dyers
compnny for more than twenty years.
She lives with Mrs. Dyer at 639 West
112(1 street. Besides the 20 per cent. In
terest In tho M. Wllber Dyer Company
she receives under Mr. Dyer's will 30
per rent, of his Interest In the Pough
kccpslc Undermuslln Company, of which
Mr. Dyer was president,
Each of the two sons of Mr. Dyer gets
35 per cent., and If Mrs. Dousett mar
ries within five years the sons get her
share too.
llnrtmna's Nomination In Displace
Minister Schlllrr Is CrlGcUeH.
Washington-, July 18. The nomina
tion of Charles S. Hartman of Montana j
was $700. the new member having to
pay $500 for Initiation fees, while the
former scat really sold at $600. This is
a considerable advance n price over the
latter part of last year, when Con
solidated Exchange sents wore selling
for $700, or $200 for a seat and $500 for
Farmer Tries tn Force Hntrv lnln
Kaiser's Home.
filertal Cahle Peepotcli to Tnr Si v
Kkhlin, July IS, - A lunatic tried
I to be Minister to Ecuador, which was I f((.C(1 R way through the palace gates
sent to the Senate to-day. Is regarded 0.,iHy and llred a shot from a revolver
1 t. Al.lnin lUn I .. . .. . J . . ...
at a policeman wno aiiempien io siop
Manager Fined $N fur name Pln rd 1 here as conclusive evidence that thn
nn Sunday. merit system In the diplomatic corps Is
tn t disregarded ny ine Aomimsirimon.
Bomb Inorrnlnnaly Made,
,c n- i i,i ... I .....r...
rni' I kkk v t . .unv i-. - i mi,"!,, ., .
U...i.. ,.,.. vhnnm Astor's ii'inmHn displaces ,."".
r.V , , '.. , '.. i ..ii nnH if,n..t Montgomery Sohuler. who never was
They borrowed a tin boiler, half mied 1, manner of the Bed Hook base- In Politics .wlth
with water, from Hannon. and sub- ' i.n ,um .,. Hnerf i.,mv JS each bv . lowest grade of diplomatic sen Ice with
merged the parcel post box, picking a
I'.vriilnK Sun' Hlnlin Trailer llraehra
Irkutsk Makes l'p H Hoar.
Special Cable Deepatch to Tiik Bun.
Iiikiithk, Siberia, July 18, John
Henry Mears, the New York Evknino
St'N's globe trotter, arrived at this place,
just half way to Vladivostok from St.
Petersburg, to-day. His tralti was ten
hours late, having mnde up eight hours
since it was held up by n washout.
spot at the end of the street. Then
Balllle took a long look and exclaimed:
"That'B one of the wickedest things I
have ever seen!"
Fastened to the Inner side of the
cover was ft small strip of emery cloth,
against which the maker proposed that
the heads of five or six matches should
rub, causing Ignition. Tho matches
were held In position between two pieces
of tin fastened to a eprlng so that thn
heads would be kept against the emery
cloth when the cover slid open. At the
further end of the box were nboitt two
pounds of black powder In a news
paper, the ends of which were twisted
together like a torpedo. In the box
nlBb wcro two Iron tubes, supposed to
contain a Tilgh combustible, nnd two
strlpB of celluloid to help along the
blaze when the matches got going.
Balllle found that one of the matches
find eonn off. causing thn smell that
saved Franck's life. One end of the I
celluloid bore tho appearance of having
been slightly charred.
Ttto Had Marrnir Kwapri,
The bomb experts nnd tho police
ngreed that had Franck finished his
tusk of opening what he believed to be
a box of socks ho would have been
blown to pieces, They also considered
that Supt. Hannon bad n narrow escape
from death when ho tumbled thn box
onto the floor.
Franck's nnmn nnd address were type
written on a Waterbury braBH com
pany's mailing tag affixed to tho outer
wrnpper of tho box.
Tho men from tho burenu of com
bustibles took tho well Honked Infernal
bnll law.
n, were nnen in-uiij n -,, . , -
Justice of the Pence Gedney after '""..,,,.. "
long trial at Rhlnebeck and the players 1 Schuyler was promoted last year
of each team were allowed to go under from the secretaryship of the embassy
a suspended sentence after pleading nt Mexico city to be Minister to Lcua
gullty to a violation of the Sunday base- dor
11 nas neeii iihiiikoi huh r,ui n iiiiivi
men who have risen to the grade of
Minister were ousted Schuyler certainly
would be retained I icon use of his non
political career and bis devotion to
diplomatic work.
. Mr. Schuyler Is 3fl years old nnd a
native of Connecticut Ho was edu
cated at Columbia 1'nlverslty. He
i served successively at the amtkwy In
Child .Named Afler Vice-President
Sits on Marshall's Knee,
Washington. July IS. -Vice-Presl-dent
Marshall presided over the Senate
to-day while Marshall Hiitherlnud.
aged 3, sat on his knee. The youngster , ,.,p,.t,urBl nt the IcRUtlon In Bang
kok. Slam: as secretary and Consul-
Is a son of the Rev. Dr. Sutherland,
oastor of the First Presbyterian ,7 V,. .""in
Church of Berkeley Springs W. Va. I nr.. ... secretary at
vZX lirtdlapollslbnnd-lhen secretary at Mexico
which Vice-President svirsnau ntiennen .
while Governor of Indiana. Tlin cntid
was born while Mr. Marshall was Gov
ernor nnd was named for him.
Continued on Third Pag:
Thn Osaka Chosen Kalsha refuses
to hold their steamer nt Vladivostok If machine down to Police Headquarters
the train Is not on time. er nnn nan n long taiK win uom-
Mr. Mears arrived nt Kravnojarsk mlssloner Dougherty, who In the menn-
twelvo hours late, so the train made up , umo '"1' " Vh .T, , Z7
two hours on the run here. He passed "uy?,e? c""Perhnlrn" thn ,lMlre of nny
............ i i . ,i, , ,., ,!,, 1 body to do him harm.
It Is understood that Franck fur-
WaHurnrr of Kansas (ilvrs (he Chil
dren n (irand Time.
Atchison, Kan., July IS..--More than
20,000 pensons, mostly children, nre at
tending the largest birthday party In
the I'nlted Status, that of B. P. Wag
Cnlnrndn Wealher ChaiiKe In 12
Hoars SI, I, mils llecords IOSI,
Mkkkicii. Col.. July 18. From 98 de-
grees at bedllmo last evening to frost ( K,,ni.r. railroad capitalist, given for the
tilts morning i' viw-i " emmren oi noriiieasiein iviiimuu.
here. Tho thermometer recorded a drop j A flower parade wns held by Ine
of almost seventy degrees In twelvo ! olilldron. Gov. Hodges and staff, a largo
hours. I detachment of noldlers from Fort
St. Ixmis, July 18. This was the Leavenworth nnd four bands were In
hottest day here this year nnd one of 1 1, procession Wnggener led the
thn six hottest days In thn history of parade with thlrly-llvo children In an
Bt. louls. Two hundred feet above the automobile.
street lovel tho Government Weather Everything was free to all children
Bureau's thermometer reglsteivd iu-' under K years old. one numtred nogs
him. He was overpowered, however,
with the nld of a sentry.
The man declared he was a farmer
ami wanted to sleep In the palace yard,
as he hnd no other place of shelter.
degrees nt 3:30 o'clock thla afternoon. J heads of free lemonade were nt theJ $12,500 with which to erect u parish
on" degree warmer than yesterday. park. bulldlmr In the cemetery ground by tho
There wero two dcuths from heat half I Waggcner, who Is 67 years old, leaves side of the present church. The -ngro-
Police Instructed .Not In I.neU tip
Ynunft-stera With Criminals,
The police received doflnlte Instruc
tions yesterdny regarding boys who vio
late the ordinances nnd park rules. The
order follows:
"Minors who commit violations of
ordinances', park rules, or other petty
violation, shall not be thrown In thn
company of crlmlnnls or hardened
offenders, nor subjected to restraint un
sulted to their age nnd the character
of their offence. In these cases observe
the following practice:
"Summon the offender If he can he
sufficiently Identified, or, If such action
will probably suffice, warn him to stop.
If tho offender then perelsts or repents
his offence he mny be arrested.
"If such nn offender, brought to the
stntlon house Is sufficiently Identified at
the desk the desk officer may. If he
sees fit. direct service of summons In
etead of detaining him. Record such
action ns a summons case. If not sum
moned, the offender must bo brought
without delay before a Magistrate or
otherwise disposed of nccording to law,
Old Mnrnrlnn Church Dels flit, Mill
Toward Parish HulldliiK.
William K. Vanderbllt, in behalf of
the Vanderbllt family, ban offered the
Moravian Church nt New Dorp, Htnten
Island, $12,500 on condition that It raise
several Immigrant trains tnklng thou
sands of people from overcrowded Bus-1
alu lo unpopulated Siberia. j
Continued on Bevond rage.
and several prostrations. Sunday for Rochester, Minn., to undergo
Lbxinoton. Ky.. July IS To-day waa . the third opcrntlon In two years,
tho hottest day In twelve years In Lex-
In.-lnn nnd Kentucky. July 2, 1901,' UP TIIK 111'HHON THIN AFTIrRNnaN
Ihe'rmleSered 101: WjMr ' W'-flj&W Si
Utt mercury reached her j uteambuat coiumni.-A.
gallon has taken up tho tnsk and work
on tho building will stnrt soon.
The occasion Is the one hundred nnd
fiftieth anniversary of the founding of
Ihe church, The cornerstone was laid
ob July T ma.
It is our purpose to carry out to the full
est extent any pledges made hy our
presidents, and we are glnd to hase the
assurance that nothing In your letter wns
'ntended to charge Intentional bad faith.
"For your Information we forward hee
wlth a copy of our letter of this date to
Messrs. Oarretson and l.ec."
The letter to Garrctson and Lee.
which Is signed by Kllsha Lee, In ns fol
lows: "Gentlemen: The lecrlpt of your tetter
of the 17th Inst, la acknowledged. Our
letter of July Uth contained the clause
that we were willing to submit tn arbitra
tion bv a board as proposed In the Now
!..,! hin .ill nuestlons of rates of pay
and working conditions of conductors and
trainmen.' Our letter of July lfith was
an amplification of our letter of July
14th. diving in detail me msuer im- i.ui
ronds desired to submit to arbitration and
was fiirwariled to you as a matter of
courtesy, so that ou would have them
previous to tne arrival oi ine iwiim
Mediation nnd Conciliation.
QuotlnK fiom the stenosrapnir repnn
of the meeting of July istn wnerein inn
following statements were made:
"Chairman Lee: Yes, we are prepsren.
Mr. Oarretson, to rlace ourselves un
reserved V under tne .-sewi.inns nniruu-
ment to the Krdman act '
"Mr. Onrretson: Ann m p.eaaw
which preceded If
TMiniinvm I.ee- Whatever pledges
have been made, why. of course go with
Mediation Desirable.
'And nlso quote from the same meet-
'"' . .....
'"Mr linrreiBOll- lirur in innm
don't misunderstand our attitude In re
1,1 mediation. We. among ourselves,
have not discussed the question of bring
ing mediators In. i win miy m you
frankly that this condition might readily
arise, that If disagreement arose between
us In the matter oi lornuuniioK inn
.tinniuiinn which the Newlands bill rails
for It would bo undoubtedly a desir
able thing to no.-
"The position of Ihe managers ss con
tained In the foregoing extracts Is un
changed, ... .
"It seems to ne cienr irnm ine rrrani
that Ihe Immediate difference of opinion
relating to the points to be submitted for
arbitration Is a matter tn be considered
by the board of mediation and concilia
tion." The bulletin sent out by Oarretson
and Lee to the trainmen and conductor
follows In part:
"You will understand rroin tne nemanns
that the mnnngcis' committee really pin
poses a reduction In the pay for every
man now In the service, the greater por
tion of such reduction being directed
against passenger men and local freight
men In the abolition of alt monthly guar
antees and aKtilnst yard and load brake,
men In the Insistence that the same clnssl
firatlnn shall be applied to all members of
the crow.
Won't Re Tnnsldered,
"tt Is needless to say that no srbltrs
tlon rmbodvlng thise pioposltlons will
even be considered, and Insisted upon by
Ihe managers only one result will follow,
namely, the setting of the hour for retire
ment from the service,
"Uieal clinh men "I" "cmaln on duty
until otherwise Instiueled,"
President Lee of tho trainmen said
'"""l expert that Judge Chambers nnd the
other members of the board of mediation
nnd conciliation will be here to-morrow
and III accordance with tlm Nrwlniida
h i will try 1 bring about mediation of
ihe Kilivanrcs. I,0,h sides agree that
there cannot be mediation and If the
:' .,i. . cannot convince the railroads
III. OI' W DA, t V. a M m
that tne rt wiwi ..v.n u

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