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Fair to-day and to-morrow, with slowly
rising temperature.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 13.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 346.
NEW YORK, TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1913. Copyright, 1913, by the Sim Printing and PublUhtng AMOtlatlon.
Says ( ainpaifrii of Misrcpre
M'lilution Is Waged for
War With Mexico.
si'im; plan will fail
resident Pleased With Out
look After Lind's Ar
rival in Mexico.
Thf Nashville Goes to Vera Cruz
to Offer Assistance to
American Refugees.
asiiinutvin, Aug. 11. The statement
is authorized by hlalt authority to-day
that President Wilson believes an or
r.inlzed campaign of misrepresentation
l being waged to plunge this country Into
tv with Mexico. The President, how
fxer, dues not attach great Importance
M these alleged efforts to thwart his plans
for a peaceful settlement of the contro
versy now wearing the heart out of the
southern republic.
Aside from this development and w
despatching of another cruiser to Mexi
can waters, the Washington Government
was marking time on the Mexican sltua.
fclon to-day.
Special Representative t.tnd made no
n-port as to what had occurred since his
strival at Mexico city and It was learned
Mat the President expects no detailed
statement from him Immediately. The
Nashville was the cruiser ordered to-day
In Mexican waters. She Is to assist In
the woik of removing American refugees.
Like the cruiser Tacoma, which was
f dercd to Mexico yesterday, the Nash
v.Mf i, lo be used at orts where harbor
facilities) are not sufficient to permit of
the entrance of the battleships now In
Mexican waters.
Wilson Will Assail l.lnd's Iteport.
Lmphatlc statements were made to-day
In otliclal circles of the President's de
teiinlnatlon to wait upon former Governor
Mud's report on Mexican conditions be
fore deciding upon any definite course of
action for this Government. The Presi
dent Intends, however, that suggestion!!
mall be made eventually by the United
Plates to Provisional Piesldent Huerta
looking toward the establishment of peace
ti Mexico.
These communications will be- tianr
nutted through the American Charge. Nel
lon O'Shaughnessy. The time for com
municating them and probably their ape-
lie character will be determined by de
Mlopmcnts In Mexico. The President let
It be known that he has no definite Ideas
a to the time that will be required for
JK Lind to complete his Investigation.
President Wilson has not given eon
iiJer4tlon to a suggestion that the Unlt"d
States recognize the followers of Car
ranza as belligerents. He is, however, or
the opinion that if a decision on this sug
ge.tton were to be reached meiely on n
inniparlson of the strength of the Car
lanza movement with that of the Oov
irninent at Mexico city, the United States
would easily find Justification for recog
nizing the Constitutionalists.
The President was manifestly pleased
tiwlav at the turn developments have
tnken In the last few days and .nade no
sscrct of his optimism at the general out
look, lie apparently considers tn.it dan
porous potentialities have been lemoved
y his success In placating the members
of the. Senate Committee on Foreign
Affairs and thus making sure that for a
time at least no ill consldeied speeches
on Mexico will be delivered In the Senate.
Policy Will lis yc Fair Trial.
The failure of the predicted outbreaks
to materialize In Vera Cruz and Mexico
city against Special Envoy Llnd and the
assurances from the Mexican authorities
that they will give Mr. Llnd full pro
tection as an American citizen convinced
the President that the wuy Is now open
for a fair trial of the policy he hag
eolc.l for dealing with the Mexican
The declaration of the President's be
lief that an organized effort is being
tnaili. to plunge this nation Into war
amused Intense interest here. The only
complaint heard was that the President
l.as nut been specific on this subject.
Trine Is reason to believe, though, that
Mr. Wilson befoie long may deem It
tie essary to use names and to fix the
responsibility where he thinks it belongs.
Tlie President, It Is believed, has In mind
p.itlrularly certain newspapers which
have published lurid and apparently ex
hcsierated accountH of developments on
the .Mexican situation. These tewspapers
P Is known have been the object of much
i inunent by Cabinet officers.
Secretary of State Ilryan at the Presl
l as conference with the Foreign Re
Milnns Committee complained for half
hii Imiir of the attitude of certain news
I U"-is toward the Mexican situation.
The President's belief coincides portly
ill that expressed by Senator John Sharp
v Hi. tins of Mississippi on the floor of the
nate last week. Senator Williams
ch-URi'd illiectly thut there was being
maintained In Washington a formidable
lobby for the purpose of bringing on war
n th Mexico, but the President has In
beat. d that he did not know on what
information t Senator Williams had
iiunded IiIh charge,
The Piesldent Is not alarmed, but he Is
' co at the campaign of "colossal lying"
hi''H IV believes Is being carried
mi to procure Intervention In Mexico.
H" dous not regard the campaign
s extensive or formidable and re
i'iih hlK cunlidcnco that the sentiment
' tin- people of the country Is overwhelm.
Ingly against Intervention In Mexico at the
i iKhtful cost to the United State which
.1 would Involve, V
The Piesldent conferred with Mr. Ilryan
lot uu hour this afternoon, but It was
Continued on fourth i'agt.
Money I.IiipiI (iirmrnl 1 Thronn
Overboard t Hlir Fuss Fwllavr.
Kmlllo I.omhardl, n stcctage passenger
on the Italian liner Taormlna, In yester
lay from the Mediterranean, found the air
of the Atlantic very hot when the liner
wag In mldocean and took off his shirt and
flung It on the deck. Anitelo Catania, a
fellow voyager, iiomewhat fastidious, sup
posed the shirt, which was rather grimy,
had been discarded by somebody ami
picked It up and flung It Into the sea.
Thereupon Lombardl shouted the
equivalent In Italian of "Man overboard I"
and there was an eruption from the steer
age. Lombard! explained that there was
not really a man overboard, but that
sewed In the old shirt was 500 francs, -ill
the money he had, and he wanted the shlit
rescued. Hy that time the shirt was far
out uf sight. Lombard! was taken befon
dpt. Francisco Noera nud proved that h
had had 500 francs In the shirt. When tin
liner got here yesterday the company de
cided to pay Lombard! that amount.
T ho in an K. Ilalatrail Is lljlnit at
Home In Jersey City.
Thomas K. Halstead, who has been In
municipal service continuously longer
than any other man In New Jersey, is
dying of paralysis of the brain nt his
home, 270 Fourth street, Jersey City. He
Is 72 years old and has been deputy city
clerk of Jersey City since 1S6:, being
retained even under the present commis
Japanese Government Offers
t 81,000 Jlcward for Find
ing of Projectile.
Sptciat GiMj Veipatch to The Jcs.
London', Aug. 11. Japan Is afraid
that one of her most important naval
secrets will fall Into the hands of a
rival Power through the loss of a torpedo
from the new battleship Kongo on her
trial trip recently off the Irish coast.
The Japanese Government has offered a
reward of 11,000 for the recovery of the
torpedo. This Is live times the amount
usually offered by the Ilrltlsh Govern
ment In similar clrcumstnnces. The ex
planation, according to the I'nU Mali
Gazette, Is that tae torpedoes of the Kongo
are unique in construction and that they
embody important secrets of construc
tion. This newspaper says the torpedo
has u much longer lange and Ik more
deadly than the newest style of Ilrltish
torpedo. It Is said to be ptopelled by
engines worked by heated air generated
by a spirit the eumi"sltlou of which Is
the discovery of Japanese scientists anil
unknown to the outside world. The
Kongo Is believed to be the only battle
ship In the world carrying such a pro
jectile. A big Ashing fleet Is se.urhing Ilelfast
Lough for the toiptdo In the hope of
earning the unusually large reward.
I.Irs On Cot Near Slnlttrs Tun til to
Be Moved to Ilia Hotel.
Yon kerb, X, Y Aug. 11. James Fai
ley, the turfman and strike breaker, lies
dying at the grounds of the Greater New
York Fair and Exposition In Empire
City Park, Yonkers. He occupies a cot In
the open near the barn where his racers
are stabled. He Is a victim of tuberculosis
and Is rapidly losing the race for life.
He has been at the Hotel Astor In New
York recently, but realizing that his death
Is probably only a question of weeks he
begged to be allowed to see another race.
One of his own string of horses. Hilly
Miller, was entered In a race here last
Thursday and the doctors humored tilm hy
bringing him to the grounds In a
limousine. Lying on a cot near the stnble
and away from the crowds he watched the
He saw his Hilly Miller, a trotter with
a record of 2:10, finish fifth, i'he racing
stirred all the sporting blood In his veins
and brought back vividly the old days
when he owned and drove his suing of
racers. The excitement exhausted him
and he had a bad setback. His condition
Is so serious that the doctors do not dare
to remove him to his hotel. He has been
made comfortable on the grounds and Is
under the constant care of a physician and
two nurses.
Too Maeh for Nnvnnnnh Kalrmont,
W. V Mayor Mkrs the Style.
Savannah, Aug. II. Miss Uessle Carter,
a summer visitor at Tybee, was lined ISO
here to-day by Recorder John Schwnrz
for appearing on tho streets In a thin
skirt abbreviated from below about as far
as possible and a waist abbreviated Just
as far In the other direction. The frock
was sleeveless. The arresting policeman
testified that he could see through the
gown ; that there were no underskirts be
neath It, but that theio was a pair of
bright red stockings.
Fairmont, V. V.i., Aug. II, When
Myrtle Hamilton and Helen Gosling of
Fairmont In transparent gowns went
tripping down Main street to. day. Haze
Morgan, nn attorney, called n policeman
and had the young women arrested, Mayor
Cole, however, discharged them, saying
their costumes were "becoming und very
Parker (iris Job That President First
aamrn a antra Knr,
Washington, Aug. 11. The Senate In
executive session this afternoon confirmed
the nomination of Qube K. Parker of
Oklahoma, un Indian, to be register of the
Treasury. Mr. Parker was nominated by
the President after Democratic opposition
compelled him to withdraw the nom na
tlon uf an Oklahoma negro for that olllce.
Other nominations confirmed Included
William T. Itosacll, chief of englneets of
the army with rank of Iirlgadior-Oeueral
Frederick Kunsclll, assistant appraiser of
merchandise In New York Prof, Hoyal
Meeker of Princeton. N, J., to bo Coin'
mUsloncr uf Labor; Henry Nichols, to lie
Mlitant appraUur of merchandise ut
Thirty Guests Are Told They
Cannot Leave Cafe Until
(5 o'clock.
Get Out Within Five Minutes
or lie Locked Up!" Shouts
The light over "the cafe cuifcw" tool:
a new turn this morning when Police
Inspector John I. Dwyer with Capt.
Hart of the West Sixty-eighth street
IhiHco station and patrolmen surrounded
Henly's restaurant at Sixty-sixth street
and Columbus avenue. Policemen were
stationed at every door after more than
thirty guests of the restaurant had de
clined to obey the Inspector's orders to
leave. It was announced that nobody
would be permitted to enter or leave the
restaurant until t! o'clock this morning,
the regular opening hour.
The first order for the guests to leave
liind was followed by a threat to throw ,
them out bodily If they did not leave '
within live minutes. Hut at 1:30 o'clock I
the police changed their tactics and de- I
cided to keep everybody within the res-1
taurant until fi o'clock. Inspector Dwyer t
Thomas I Icily, proprietor of the res
taurant and president of the Itestauiant
Men's Association, delied the police at
every turn, lie said he was act Ins In ac
cordance with the decision of three Jus
tices of Special Sessions ivho on last Fri
day held that so long as he did not sell
liquor after 1 o'clock he had every right
to serve food at any hour he wished.
Puller's teeonrl Italit.
The descent of the police upon the les.
taurant at 1 o'clock this morning was'
their second attempt since that declMon
to keep Mr. Healy from doing business be
tween 1 and 6 o'clock In the morning. I
Mr. Healy had announced last evening i
that he would keep open after 1 o'clock. '
The police, with equal determination, had '
announced that they would close the
place at 1 o'clock. The tight oxer the
curfew attracted se vital hundred per- 1
sous to Sixty-sixth street at Columbus
avenue, but only about thirty persons
weie at table when the hour struck 1.
Mr. Healy was smiling and affable. In
spector Dwyer was cool and pleasant. It
was apparent that both sides had agreed
to test the law.
Order Patrons Onl.
Promptly at 1 o'clock it patiolman in
uniform entered llealy's and found there
about thlity pel sons at tables who had
ordered fond, He walked by the different
tables saying In a loud tone, "All patrons
must leave at once. i
Mr. Healy, who had been awaiting the I Ket ,raok of rPatVe and had no means
coming of the olllceis. approached lilm . ut opening the box until Edgar J. Hern
anil said that his guests would not le.ie. helmori Uwyer. whose slster-ln-l.iw,
as no liquor was being sold and no law , Mrs n i,(.rlllu.m,.,- of 310 West
was being violated. Th.qeup.it, the j tv.1)lmh stm.t, ha(, ,,,,, ,.,,,,,
patrolman left the re.taurant and within I 5UKKeatt.(, th;lt she ,,e ppitl,., il(im-
l ,u";" " '"I1'"1"'"!
tain nan, win waiseu lowaru Mr, neaiy
and announced In loud tones:
"If your patrons do not leave within
five minutes I shall throw them out
Mr. Healy smllul and In equally firm
tones said :
'If the police throw out of my res
taurant any of my guests I shall apply at
once for wai rants for their arrest on a
charge of assault, and I alo will begin
civil suits against them. Furthermore I
shall advise my patrons to do likewise,"
Capt, Hart was called outside by a
messenger and shortly reappeared smiling
and somewhat confused. He shook hands
with Mr. Healy and said : "I am sorry
to disappoint you. I shall not be able to
throw out your patrons."
Threatens to Lock Dp Carats.
He lift the place and then Inspector
Dwyer appeared. He made a visit to
every table occupied by diners and told
them that they must leave within five
minutes, adding; "If you're not out within
that time you'll be locked in for the
Inspector Dwyer then went to Mr.
Healy and told him that the guests would
have to leave, and added;
"If they do not get out I'll have to lock
the doors and leave you and your guests
In until o'clock, the opening hour, I
have received orders to that effect from
the nctlng Commissioner."
Mr. Healy laughed quietly and said;
"That order Is more ridiculous than the
first. The Idea of locking up a man In his
own plnre,"
Kseltrnirnt Is Keen.
The Inspector also smiled, hul said that
he would carry out his orders. By that
time the excitement both In and without
the restaurant was keen. Dwyer and the
policeman took positions, at the doors and
then announced; "I am going1 to lock
the doors."
To that Mr. Healy laughed and said:
"You can't do that, because both the
revolving and tho swinging doors lock on
the Inside. I have the keys and you
"All right," retorted the Inspector. "No
body will be allowed to leave this place
until 6 o'clock."
Tho Inspector stationed two men at each
door. At 1:4S o'clock Inspector Dwyer
tried to lock one of the doors, but Mr.
Healy, grabbed him and put him outside
the building. Thereupon the Inspector re
tired to the sidewalk.
He culled out the reserves from the
West 8lxty-clghth street stutton and gave
directions to Capt. Hart to sea that every
exit was watched by at leust two police
men. He further directed that no person
be allowed to leave the building.
At 2 o'clock there was a big throng
outside. Through tho windows they
could see the diners within cheerfully
eating their food and drinking soft
At 2 :S0 the restaurant was darkened
suddenly. The diners us suddenly disap
peared f i oni the dining room. When
.dawn came the police could nut see a per-
sun in the dining room. The diners had
slipped out by a dour that the police bad
laui'Oio fuara.
I. lent. Dn line's .ew Machine Trlerl In
Cross-Channel Plight.
Sptctal CabU DttiMtck to Tin Sin.
London, Aug. 11. It Is asserted that
a new epoch In avlntlon was marked to
day by the successful flight of a French
aviator named Felix from England to
France In Lieut. Dunne's "self-righting,
non-capslzlng" aeroplane.
Felix, who made the flight in rough
weather, says no gust can destroy tho
equilibrium of the machine, and a per
son who lias no experience In aviation
can manage it without dltllculty. lie
belloves no other stylu will be used two
years from now.
Lieut. Dunne has been working on his
model for two years, lie got the cold
shoulder from tho War Olllce, but the
British Government has now ordered a
sample machine. It Is unlike any other
in roplaue, being hi the shape of a flat
tened V, it has no elevating planes and
no rudder and Is steered by tilting. Its
Inventor claims that It Is automatically
Teetotaller let till uf Poison I'nnsrd,
by Mem lislrnets.
Speual CaliU lit f patch to Tin: Sis.
London. Aug. 11. Liverpool physicians
a l e Inteiestcd In the case of a travelling
salesman who shows every sign of alco
holic poisoning, although he is a tee
totaller. I His Illness is ascribed to the excessive
,lrl,,Lrln,. ,f t...,f tea ami other meat ex-
...., .....i physicians believe that
t,is Indicates that nitrogenous stimulants
have uiefrect on the sstiin similar to
(hut of alcohol,
Victim Heeovers Loot Taken H
From Her and Others When '
Thieves Are Shot.
The imisual case of a robber's victim
being compelled to act as administrator
of the thief s estate in order to recoer
valuables stolen from him wa presented
yesterday In the transfer tax appraKil of
the estate of a man known ns Henry
Vogel. but whose right name was Joseph
Vornilran and little Angell. a woman
known as his wife, were shot to death on
November Is last in a llronx hotel, whers
they had been followed by detectives. The
man and woman were killed Instantly
while Vorndran was resisting arrest, and
John Allen, a private detective, died of
wouiids received from the robber's shots.
The testimony before the appraiser
showed that the police found a safe de
posit box owneil by Vorndran In the
Uermanla Hank which they knew con
tallied loot fiom a number of robbeiles
committed by Vorndran and his wife. Tim
bank refused to permit the box to be
opened except by a pel son In charge of
,i. ,i,.,.,i .,i..f, ..sinte. The nollee could
Istratrlx as a creditor of the robber. Th
police welcomed the suggestion and the
Surrogate appointed Mrs. llernhelmn.-.
The authoiltliss found that the safe
deposit box held a quantity of Jewelry,
stocks, bonds and pawn tickets and that
most of the stuff had been taken from
Mrs. Ilernheimer and Alfred J. Stem of
IStM Seventh avenue, by whom Lottie
Angell was employed as a servant last
summer. She tilled the houe and
ransacked a strong box In the absence
of her employer and then disappeared.
The stolen articles In the safe deposit
box were all Identified eventually and
Mrs. Ilernheimer reported that the only
property actually owned by Vorudran
was M00 worth of furniture In his apart
ment at D2i West 101st stiect. He had
debts uf 1333.
Hottest Moment of Krlulil liny liill'J
.1. M. t'ool '1'o-ita) Also.
Yesterday was the coldest August 11 In
23 years. The peculiarity of the day was
that the hottest If It may be so called
period came at 12:02 A. M., when the sun
was doing business far to the west of us
to be exact in the Fur Knst. The mercury
then reuched Its highest. 76 degrees, and
never thereafter, even when the sun was
shining on this neighborhood fiom n
cloudless sky, did the temperature achieve
that near midnight record.
The best sunshine mercurial stunt wns
75 degrees at 5:10 in the afternoon. The
coolest moment of the day came at 7
A. ,M when the ollcial theimoiueter
reglstered 60 degrees.
The coolest place In the United States
was Northfleld, Vt, with a temperature of
IS degrees. It will bo cool to-day in this
vicinity. The brisk northerly breezes
drawn down by the phenomenal electrical
upheavals of Sunday may continue a
while. The prophecy of Washington Is
that wo will have clear skies hereabout
to-day and that to-monow the tempera
ture will rise slowly.
Found am Minnehaha They Are Sent
lo Sister Ship In Mldocs-an.
The Atlantic Transport liner Minne
haha, which sailed from London on
August 2, arrived hero yesterday and two
stowaways, James Mason and William ,
JIarknrss, young Londoners, who expected
to beat their way aboard her to New York,
landed yesterday In London from a sister
ship, the Mlnnewaika,
Tho twu youths were discovered on the
first day nut from London. Later the
Minnehaha and Mlnnewuska got Into com
munloatfon by wireless and agreed to meet
In mldocean for the transfer of the stow
ii ways. TJic ships met In u lumpy sea
and some of the passengers who watched
tint transfer thought that Mason and
Haikncss were moro likely to reach Davy
Jones's locker than cither New York ur
a, French liner stood by lo help In case
of accident, but the lifeboat wus well
manned and handled und the trip wus
made la Mfetr,
Resolution Asking for
of Gov. Sulzer Before the Assembly-
"WhervuF tho joint legislative invuHtiKatiiiR committee has filed a re
port in the Assembly on the 11th day of August, 1013, together with the
testimony annexed thereto showing or tending to show that William
8ulzcr, Governor of tho. State of New York, made a false and fraudulent
report to the Secretary of State, under his oath, as required by law, that
the total contributions in aid of his campaign as candidate for office of
CSovernor were $5,400 and no more;
"Whereas in truth and in fact the amount was greatly in excess of said '
sum, to the personal knowledge of said Sulzer, and such report further
showing or tending to show
"That ho converted to his) own private use contributions given in aid
of his said election for the purchase of securities or other private uses;
"That ho engaged in stock market speculations at u time when ho uus
Governor and vigorously pressing legislation against the New York Stock
Exchange which would affect the business of and prices on the exchange
"That he used the power of his officii as Governor to suppress and
withhold the truth to prevent the production of evidence in relation to
the investigation of campaign contributions and violations of law in respect
thereto by ordering and directing witnesses, some of whom were em
ployees of the State, to act in contempt of the joint legislative investigating
committee, and
"That further he used his office as Governor in rewarding or attempting
to reward such witness or witnesses by securing or influencing their ap
pointment or promotion in the State Government.
"That as Governor, the wiid William SuUer has punched legislators
who disagreed or differed with him in legislation enacted in the public
interest and public welfare und has truded Executive approval of bilk
for support of his direct primary and other measures in which he was
personally interested.
"That us Governor he wilfully und corruptly timde false public state
ments advising and directing citizens to suppress evidence in rcleretiee
to his unlawful use of contributions made to him for campaign purposes;
and whereas lie bus otherwise corruptly and unlawfully acti-d or omitted
to act.
"Therefore be it Revoked, That William Sulzer, Governor of the State
of New York, be and hereby is impeached for wilful and corrupt conduct
in office and for high crimes and misdemeanors."
Accuses Sulzer of Swearinr
Fnlsely ami Divcitimr
rnmnatan Fumls.
.Committee Recommends IMin
ishment of Snreeky and Col
well for Contempt.
Auiant Aug. 11. The Frale com
mittee report wns read In the Senate to
night by Senator James J. Fiawley, chair
man of the committee, and In the Assem-
hly by Majority L-ader Aaron J. Uvy. i
The report follows;
The Text nf the Heiiorl. j
The Senate and Assembly of the State
of New Yotk, In extniordlnat y session
The Joint Legislative Investigating
Committee hei i tufoie appointed with
power, mining other things, lo Investigate
Into, ascertain and report at this extnioi
illniuy session upon all expenditures
made by any candidate wited for at the
Inst preceding election by the cleitois of
the whole State, and uwu all statements
made by and on behalf of any such candi
date for moneys or things of value p
celed or paid out In aid of his election
and their compliance with the pr.sent re
quirements of law relative tlureto, does
hereby lepuit iim follows:
That this committee has held public
hearings, taken sworn t'stlnumy and In
vestigated for all the specific mullets
above referred In, and this committee Is
of the opinion that said healings and the
evidence given thereat have disclosed such
unlawful conduct by one candidate at the
last general election as to warrant an In
quiry and immediate separate report In
respect thereto, in order that tho Legis
lature may lake such action thereon at
Ibis extraorilinar session as the public
Interest and welfare demand.
the llleetlon Fund.
William Sulzer. a candidate for gov
ernor at the last preceding election, and
now (lovernor nf this State, In accordance
with the requirements of the so-called
corrupt practices article of tho election
law, and the statutes 111 relation to cam
paign contributions and expenses, filed on
November 13, 1012, a statement under
oath setting forth In effect that all the
money received by him In aid of his elec
tion, directly or Indirectly, as candidate
of the Democratic, party for tho office of
tlovernor of the State of New York In
connection with tho general election heln
in the State of New York on the fifth
day of November, 19J2, was the sum of
$,1,160, and no more. The following Is
the oath made and filed with the Secretary
of State by William Sulzer:
"Statu or New Yoiik, Citt and County
ay New York.
"William Suiter, being duly sworn, says
that he Is the person who signed the fore
going statement ; that said statement Is
In till respects true, nnd that the same
Is a full and detailed statement of all
moneys received, contributed or expended
by him, directly or Indirectly by himself,
or through any other person, In aid of his
election. William Kut.xr.n.
"Sworn to before mo this thirteenth day
of November, 1!M2, AM'HKD J. Wolff1,
"Commissioner of Deeds, No. 72, New
York city."
A preliminary Investigation of certain
of the sixty-eight contributions aggregat
ing said amount of IS, 160, and set forth
In said statement, disclosed that the
checks for some of these conceded con
tributions were first Indorsed In the name
nf William Sulxer and thereafter were
Indorsed by one L. A. Surecky for do
0Mmfj M fl9M Pag.
ll mv Vt embers of Ass hly simmI on
Adoption, It., lo :ir, v
Albany, Aug. II. The vote In detail on
I the adoption of the Fruwley report In the
i ASKPtnhlv f:iH J. f.lt.,u'..
Democrats In the .lllrmatl e lluir,
Dutts, Campbell, Carroll, 1,'aiver, Cough
lau, Cotlllu, Cronln, Cuvilller, Dalby, Den
nen. Denney, Donohue, Dotst. Ksquirol,
Fallon. Furrell. Fitzgetnld, Flnnlgnn,
lieoghutl, Oillell. Iloldbelg, (reeubelg,
Hammer. Jackson, John A. Kelly, John J.
Kelly. Joseph D. Kelly. P. J. Kelly. Ken
ney, Kerrigan, Kleriian, Lane. Larrlmer.
Levy, Lewis, .Madden. Malnney, McCuc, Mc
Daniel,, McKHUotl. McGrath, MrKee. Mi-
Kcnn, McMuhon, Alonali.in. P.itrle, Pull
man, lloblnsnu. Kuzatl, SchlfTet decker. .
1 sllveisu-in. Small, F. .1. Taylor, Tudor,
I'lrlcli, Vanuomt. W.Ukti, Waid, Well,'
! V.ird, Smith.
I Democrats voting in the negative lien- 1
J nlnger, IJovie. Itunlen. Cole, Dux, Klsner, 1
libillup, Hatlirlqht. Ciir, Clbbs, Crlminc.
' ilurnett. Hover, Hugln s, .1 1, Seely, Sut
. phlu. Tilford. T. D. Sullivan, T. D. T.15-,
Itepublicans wiling in the ultlriuatlt .
Schuitcl, .Mrnn Smith, Yale 1
Itepublicans In negative llaxter, llrod- ,
ley. Kdwarils, Fuller, ('age, (Irace. Uln
man, Magee, Malone. Norton, Seaket,
(!. T. Si'elye, Shepaiilsoii. T. K. Smith, '
Wood. j
Progressives In the afllrmatlve None
Piogresslves 111 negative Schaap.
A es, 0.", , noes. 35,
Anil Tell Ills Friends That He Never
Fell Heller.
Albany, Aug. II. ",ov. Sulzei. so far
as appeal ano
go. seems tn be bearing
up wi ll m this time of stiess He told cut Democrats proiesieii tnni tlie liovi ri u
friends who saw him to-dav that lie was 1 must not lm railroaded, no matter what
sleeping well and never felt better lie I"' has done, that the report of thf Frai
had a hearty greeting for each caller '"V committee which was Introduced In
Several old acquaintances who visited Assnnblj by Mr. Levy was stampul
him brought word that his friends were "'lib insincerity and prejudice and thai
not prejudging him anil that until the ;' '' ' Rrae doubt of tin light tn
I'.overunr himself had opportunity to set I impeach the ilmcrnor at an uMraonllnai v
forth his case the Jury of the public re-
served decision.
As usual liov Suiter saw the news,
paper men at II o'clock In the morning
and again at 1 o'clock 111 the afternoon,
but lie had nothing for publication.
The Governor's face always looks rather
careworn. It had the usual color to.
day and his deep set blue eyes were
bright. Ills few winds to Interviewers
were said quietly and with no Indication
of nervousnoss.
When the Governor stalked out of his
private office for the 4 o'clock Interview 1
twenty correspondents were waiting. Ho
seated himself .11110 111.- them as If nretianil .
for a long chat, but soon remarked that
he had nothing to say When aled
whether or not he would be at the Capitol
tn-nlght to I'ommenl on the Assembly
doings, lie replied:
"I shall not he hem or be accesslbln
elsewhere. I ani not worrying about what
those fellows will do."
llnim Him tn lliillinml Ires tie unit
Fill Boilv Willi Outlets.
SpAliTANnunu, S. C, Aug, II. A limb of
2,1100 people battel i d duwn the doors uf
the Jail at Laurens. S. aj late to-night and
took out IUchurU Puckctt, a nesro, and
lynched him. They hanged hi 111 lo a rail
mad trestlu and then filled him with bul
lets. The negro was accused nf attacking a
white woman. For two houis to-ulght
II. A, Cooper, piusecutlng attorney nt this
circuit, and Sheiifl Owings pleaded with
the mub not to lynch the negro. Tin.
negro confessed to Sheriff Owings, but
later repudiated his coufisslon.
Physicians al HrdslUr In llliiahnm
Inn Smy llnd Is ,rar.
IllNurr amton, N. V., Aug. 11. The ton.
ditlon of Gen. Kdward F, Jones, the aged
civil war hero, was reported to-night as
precarious after u consultation ... ,.ntl
liuns. A bulletin issued at !t;30 o'limit said
that lm was sinking last and that Un
did was near, Hu hud not icipiluid
' Flint-ley Com in it tee's Report
Adopted by Vote of
5 to 35.
Republicans, Progressives
and Independents At
tack the Report.
Semite Also litis a Wrnmrle
After the Report Is
j Mujor.iy Leader Levy offered n r
j liltlon In tho Assembly m Albany Iiim
j (night for tho Impeachment of Cm.
Sulzer. The vote was deferred until
to-day. It will then be rushed through.
The '"rawlpy report was road In both
houses. After ordering It printed the
Senate transacted no other business and
adjourned until this morning.
The report of the Frawley committee
accused the Governor of making a false
statement of his campaign receipts anil
expenses, of inverting campaign con
tributions to his prlvatu use In stock
purchases and speculation and of using
the power of his otllce against public
The committee recommended that
Snreeky, tho (lovernor's confidential
secretary during the campaign, and Co,
well, the rjovornor'H "dummy" In stneu
transactions, be punished for contempt
in refusing to testify.
Cfiv. Sulzor's denial of the charge
that In- speculated in Wall Street was
corroborated yesterday by the broker
age firm of Harris & Fuller anil also th
firm of Fuller & Gray. The former firm
Issued a statement hi wh'lrh It says tin.
Kxecutive'n business with them was
solelj nf an Investment nature.
ItepiiMleini Lender lllnninii MhUcs
Pirn for Milter.
Auiany. Aug. 11 A few minutes h, -f.ne
midnight to-night A..semblman
A. mm .1. Levy, the majority luidc 1
offend a n. solution for the Impeachment
of r.n. Sulzer "for wilful and corrupt
1 conduct In oilke and for high ciIiiks and
mlsileni' ar.ors,"
, Th- vote nn the resolution was deferrel
until to-moirow by agreement of the It ail -!
er.s uf the antl-Sulzer Democrats. Th
j said they bad the mcessary seventy-i
I votes nssund a majority nf the As
sembly but only seventy-five were at the
I session to-night.
j The present plan Is t,i iuh the resolu
j tinn for impe.uiimei.t tluougli to-morrow,
although extraordinary opposition In the
' way nf arguments and calls for fall plav.
If not possible vote, developed to-nlgli..
iPiiuimcans, rrogi. ssivi s ami liuli p. nil
Im-ssioii noi enneu ror mat specific purpose.
They ph-aded the cause of the Governor
until tho hanging of Speaker Siuith'.s
gavel on solid mahogany was lost In the
cheers of the visitors who crammrii tin
Assembly chamber to the furthest coi
ner of the gallerj.
Fllilit nu I lie Iteeess,"
That the Assembly was not a'l nn
sided was Indicated at the vny stmt of
the session, when a motion that the min
utes of July 23, the day on which the As
sembly adjourned for lecess, be left tin-
. read
was pmiHised. The mnjoilty oh.
do not Imagine for a moment that
the men who want Gov Sulzei ousted
were not a majority of those pusent to
night can led Unit iKiliit quickly.
Then tlie Frawley repnit. condemning
the ilnvi'inor. although not actually rec
ommending his Impeachment, was read by
the clerk. This jeport was accepted by
the parilam-ntary friends nf the Governor
as equivalent tn Impeachment The udop.
Hull nf the report they icgardtd as Insur
ing his banishment from olllce. Therefuto
they fought.
When Mr. Lev), on his feet the Instant
Uu- mil call was finished showing that
only Hi of the li;i members of the As
sembly weru present, moved that the
Frawley report be adopted, Mi, lllninaii.
the Itcpubllc.iii leader, aiose to protest,
lie hope I, he said, that the report would
either be laid un the table ur referred ti
tin- Judlrlary Commlltie.
Mr. Illiiinnn Objects,
"Its adoption," he said, "would commit
this house to the sentiment nf the reporL
I'm not prepared to say that Is my own
sentiment, I undurMand that a resolution
is to be proposed lor the Impeachment of
Guv, Sulzer, and If Ml. Levy's resolution
tor tin) adoption of the report Is to lm patt
and pal eel nf tli" w lioln piocei cdings 1
dcs. ic tn be lie.iid at length.
"I wish that each number of tho As
s. nibly would determine this matter lor
himself Wi Itepublicans have taken no
pait In this disgraceful Internecine war
tare lulu ten the Goviinoi nnd tin p.i iy
which i Ii lKiI 111 111. We Imvi 1'iUnr nl tho
veil I' inn nf uur w,i We h ,.t i,,.n-
llni tlH ill'ilillv nnd pied 11 iu nf this
stiif l il.'ildlj uphill We Insist
the inure bcctUM ( "4 c,n w"6'

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