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Xmv Crops Open fl to 10 Points
lliulipr, lint Onlii Is
Lost. Later.
Wrntlipp Forecaster, However,
PromiM's Showers hi That.
State To-day.
c . ill iiart of Saturday's decline Iti
rnit. M prices ueto recovered mi t lie- open-
c tniiwiftloiiH yesterday, hut the market
'tr wavcri'd on Western ieclt rain ic
. . ! ;iiiit closcil .1 In fi points tii.t above
ir ple'Vloll closing level. Short. CO-
fhitnl a Lugo piii l nf the early liuylng,
I ni i large part nf the uftcriiooii selling,
n i 'i i aini from various sources, was
g.'hel to lio fur new short nccnuiit,
,i i ni by the belief timt tiio (.frcotuiii
ending of tlin (IrutiKlit lii the Western
Ml imil tho itititllilluiit'e of highly
f,iv ral'li- ctop i inilttlon.x III tin- Kastnrii
ii.iii would give tin- IiuIIm very little
incentive to work for higher prices.
'I'l.iiuiKhoilt the Mission the market tvtis
en' rely governed by weather hows from
i ,e State east of the Mississippi Itlver.
Saturday's, pietllctluns of showers In
Texas. Oklahoma and Arkansas were but
i an .ill v flllllllletl, neenrdliiK to the early
' ap and on tho strength of this cum
e ssinii houses mid professional traders
.1)1 led i Hough buying at the uponlng to
nii.im-e initial prices from S to r' points.
t..i-.s believed to be acting for n pioinl
t.i t liptuwn speculative cnnllliKeiit vveru
rpe. ally active buer!, and this was tho
strong' st featuru of the early tradlnir.
The tut ii came when aeveral Texas point!,
r.pt rted rains ranging from , to 1-3 of
n In 'h : llrenhain, Ooltimbits, tlouslou
and lluntsvllle all had a substantial fall,
and the rain area embraced the sections;
reading moisture the most. Oklahoma
was hot and dry, but the forecast was for
innery and unsettled condtlons to-day.
Tie later Texas reiiorts, brought out a
ri. i-leraMe amount of selllnur and the
n,cr':ct receded to Saturdays closing
t -l Just leforc the close there was a
a"i of a few points from tho low on
Hadcis short covering.
pprehenslon over the possibility of
",ous damage to the ciop In Arkans.11
wa relieved by the weather advices from
!' Stale "honing gevid rains In many
sections. At one point the. rainfall
.- mtpited to S Inches.
S; ot cotton was quiet and unchanged,
M Mlntg uplands. 12c: mldillliu- Ciulf,
'II'c Spot cotton In the principal South
c market was generally michniigial.
ti.i vestun. 11 1,0. : New Orleans, I Vc, ;
H 'istoii. 1 1 " , c. : Memphis, 11', c: Savan
nah, llr. : Norfolk, 12c: Augusta,
l!'.r : St. liOiilH, 12c. .
rulures hero closed 3 to el points higher.
Trices weie;
Jtiut thn market at the close waa tin.
iihungt.el U hiR,er to '(.a tower than at
the ptevlous closing, .
withdrawals from Chicago elevators
hist week Included .'.snT.Oitl) bushels nf
wheal. S2:',0U0 bushels of corn and 471,
bushels of oats. The grain trade,
Hi Iho theory of climatic aerages. ex
I Pe"tM proloiiKol and general rains.
Wheal trade In hneeelali eui.1.1
mulatlons. Southwest oats trado Is
pretty evenly divided. Utst week's pri
mary receipts of wheat, corn and oats
combined aggregated 22,087,000 bushels,
against 1S,IS6,000 last year. Wheat re
ceipts were 11, 82.1,000 bushels, against
!M4r.,000 In 1912. Shipments totalled
1.1.2!i3,tioo bushels, ngalnst lo.fi.M.QOQ a
year ago. Tho port of New York during
lite first week In August shipped to
l.uropu 1.290,000 bushels of wheat. Hot
terdam took about C00.000 bushels.
Tho American visible supply of wheat
InerenKerl ft nee onn t...ui..i. u .1
; iui.iirini 1111 u lie
, creased I,lfi7.min liusliels and oats In-
ik'iim'u .n.uu'i uusneis. visiiiie bonded
wheal decreased 26S,M00 bushels and Oats
Increased 4,000 bushels.
The Department of Agriculture says
that the general crop conditions on
August 1 averaged for the United States
.2 per cent, lower than 011 the same date
last year, and ulso 4.3 per cent, lower
than the average condition on August 1
of recent ears. Tho weather conditions
about August were unfavorable for the
crops In general.
The lowest conditions are found In
Kansas with 31. per cent, below. Okla
homa with IS per cent., Kentucky with
13. ti per cent. California with 12.S per
cent,, Illinois with 12.3 per cent, mid
Maryland with 12.2 per cent, below
average conditions. The highest con
ditions are In Wisconsin with 7.fi per
cent., Washington 5.3 per cent., I'lorlda
r.,2 tier cent., und Minnesota 4.3 per cent,
above the average conditions on August
1. It will be observed that the good and
had hpots aro widely scattered.
Italnfull Is general throughout Iowa,
ranging fiom one-tenth of an Inch to one
Inch on Sunday, saving millions of dollars
In relieving the crops of the State,
(ieoige A. Wells, mcretary of the West
ern Oraln Dealers Association, says the
lain has come Just at the right time to
prevent serious loss to com. lie 11 prats
his estimate of a week ago of 37,0110,000
bushels of corn for the State. On light
soils, where firing occurred, corn will not
till out well: but elsewhere the rain will
renew development of an unusually good
stand. Last year's crop was 432,000,00n.
Advices to Logan & Bryan said:
"All despatches show that much of the
corn belt has been fairly well soaked,
with tho prospect of additional rains.
Heavy rains In east. Nebraska had fair
rainfall Sunday night between Omaha
and Shelton and prospect of more." In
the last seventy-two hours about )wr
cent, of the corn belt has received rains,
Com condition Is about 74. which rains
will help but cannot change. The stand
Is very Irregular. Sunday auto Inspec
tion parties In Illinois say crop prom
ises 30 per cent. Ik low last year. Pas
tures aro bad.
Chicago prices were:
Open- Hich
tliff et
-.vs :.
r',-i, yi,
Open- llish. I.o. Clin- 1'rcv.
nu- el cm Stu. tln-e
A'ir it 11. f3 11 1-'. 11.11 t.i it r.:
Ctoher . 11 'I.'. 11 ii, in :i 11 iit 10 ;i;
l.riubcr . II ill II K, .JIM !); ti.;i
.l'iinr. . l'i 't". 10 m o m.vij pi fci
March 11. ni 11 m M 'n ii'm in sj
M.i lli5 HA-, in!i 11.0: 10 j?
The New Orleans market was steady
after the closing here. Prices there were:
Open- Dish- I.o. Clns l'rev.
ins. ei r-l iiir, cloe
iut II ,1 II. .a
n.tnber . 11.n1 11.1; 11 n.' 11.07 11.C
!rertit.r . 11 l II. ID II HI II. M 1! (1.1
.loiiurj .. II 11 11.11 not 11 "f, 110,
Clns. Pre
in." cloe
r. ft", r, in
..!) :m
The Liseipool market was easier. Spot
cotton was in mmlerate ileiiiand. mid
dlings .'. points loner at 6. 1 Id. Kstimated
sales, 7,000 bales.
Prices at Liverpool were:
0ien. llish. Lou.
inc ("i e.t.
Aut Sept . 1..0; ., t:. m;
o.i Nm ."..m :..'i; 5.M
V Ian. 0:-) l,:i ,"..v.t
The Liverpool market Is due to open
to-day .j to 1 point lower.
Port lecelpts and stocks were:
New Orlean.. .
'ii 4niuh .. .
1 ii.rli-.ioa ...
w ilniiiuton...
Mehlle . ...
Interior receipts, shipments and stocks
weie .
I.at Shin-
'int.. jear meat. Slock..
5.J" k.vl 5,-:si 7,II1
i.l Pi pi. -jut
ir.0 . .. !i.p;
Pi 131 l.-t v.vv;
He- Vm Ship- I.att
ivipt.. year menu. Sloes. rar
3,i;j 9.:,7 :,ib;
i'"t 1:? M is.:,? M.yi
z-" ;.i7 1 . T'o i.",,:.m i.:ii
' .... M 1.7k7 X'JW)
:M 107' 79 lMi .,.
n.r.kii eh
3 :i . . i,i:s z.ox.
M inptilp .
V .ruta,
t 1llllS
I.illl. Ro. k
reiripta 10-iUy.
. 3.W0 lo 4,.'.X)
21 177
I H. Turner of Memphis, In his weekly
ernp review, says the promise of the cot
t'li' crop east of the Mlsslkslppl lilver is
' ah ng short of brilliant. West of tho
nver somfl deterioration occurred during
'he wfck, tho loss in Texas and Oklahoma
hnig hlmrp and In Louisiana and Arkan
a t-IlRltt. Many sections or both Texas
iiml Oklahoma have been without rain for
more than live weeks, and the plant has
cr-awd growth and Is shedding. It is not
too late, however, for sonic rains to be
ef vast benellt.
Ilabrisham King In Ills report for the
'ca ended August 9 says: "Conditions
have been favorable over N.l per cent, of
th belt and Injurious as to the dry por
tions of Texas and Oklahoma, which con-s-lilute
the remaining 15 per cent." King
considers that two-Ilftlm of Texas is in 1111
" lm loipdy dry condition and deteriorating
dad Ho myn two-flfths lias been tern
poinrily lelleved and onc-liflh Is In very
'.v-lleiit condition.
Dick III os. & Co. have received the fol
lowing from an Abilene correspondent:
"We have had only light, hcattered
'nets Ip this section, which have been
' no material benefit to tho growing
Ms, as these showers were Immediately
f'.ii'iwed by scorching winds which have
1 nil considerable deterioration. After
1 ring into conditions and going over
I' teuliory in which wo operate, we are
" 'i" opinion, based on present conditions,
fist the c rop will be 25 per cenL less tliun
j-' vrnr, Cotton Is prematurely opening
aid we e.-ipiot pick In to begin within the
't few il.i)s. In fact, some picking la
rurally in progress In this county,"
I ern 1 loses Lower an Srn itf llalna
In the Belt.
''orii was nervous In yesterday's trad
5 a id at the close showed losses of
' fiom the previous closing on re-
1 s of rains in the belt and on the.
' dp Hon of additional rains. The
1. irket was heavy at tho start on lower
' "l ies and 011 weather news and prices
I rnke from t '-a to Hit, There was some
nterlng op thu drop and at tho close the
arket was j to 4c. under Haturday's
"Miik level, There was no export de
i.'und. Wheat was easy at the opening, but
'"ading was light und price changes wero
' tt marked. At thi closo the market
f'mweoj net loss for the clay of from 4
'o ir. Tra4o In cash wheat was light
and offerings were small. Hecclpts for
te day totalled 2,938,000 bushels,
'calnut 2.K43.000 bushels last year, und
'vports totalled 1, IDS, 000 liusliels, against
onu bushels last year.
Oals opened easy and ilcrllned i to
e on binnll offerings In sympathy with
corn. Thar wra illfbt aavaacta Utr,
Whe.il ;
Majr . . .
Septrmlv r
I)ei enilier.
:n',-7l', T!i
fcTa, ii;i4
HI4-H fS'.
rin Prrv.
IWi tln.e.
l t. ,1', 0',
iii-'i t';4 ,m.
New York wheat lirlccs:
0M. Huh I.o
in en! r-i
S-ptemlier M mi,
lte.Tnil.er i7'i :i"4 ;i7ia
Ciiiailian Kindcil:
May .... ...
Other wheat markets:
Septenilier .
May .. ..
do. Prer.
itu clo-e.
K'a !'7S
0ien- Hull- lw. Clou. l'rev.
Inc. e.t e.1. inc clow.
MP, ni. Ml, SdS
st'i v.i, s
?,H :'! Wi ws
V, 7'. , ,si,
t :)', : ynj tiv,
Iteceipts and exports were.
Wilful Corn O.1.
Ile.-eipl.-NVw York r".''..ln .l.'.o 1J i)0
KMr1. New York... 9I,im
Ke.ipi. Ihtennr .'rjii.ci.iii 4'.;.(vo i-i:ihi
Kxporii -eatioji-il 7:i.i.o-m .c..ij' ,h'ic.i
Carlot wheat lecelpts at the principal
points weie:
riacasii . .
Winnipeg . .
Ye.tf r-
d ty
. .
I.UM 1.3.1
fek. )er.
,.s IT
I'l 1
in.. n
Totals Vol ;w M,
'ash markets were steady. Casli ju ices
follow: Wheat No. 1, northern spring
to arrive f o. b., 97 1, ; No. 1 northern
at Minneapolis, 7i-j; No. 2 red winter
to arrive f. o. b , 94 tj ; No. 2 hard t, o. b.
to arrive. 95 1, ; No. 1 Manitoba f. o. b.
to arrive. I03i4. Com No. 2 yellow
'. I. f rail, iul4 ; export f. o. b. lilt.
Oals No. 2 while, 4S; No. 3 white. 4
it It 1 j ; standards, -tr. -j M 4. llye No. 2
Western c. i. f. New York. 4St, Har
ley Malting c. I. f Buffalo, 0i 63,
Hour was steady. Flour prices follow:
Spring patents, 14.90; winter straights,
14.50: Kansas straights In sacks, 14.20'tf
t4.30; spring clears, I3.70HI4.
, ci (Tee Closes Strudy and III to 21
Points llluher.
Coffee closed steady yesterday on i-ales
of 129,000 bags. Hi to 2! points hlglw
for active: months. Stiengih uppeurvd to
be 'due In large measure to shoit cover
ing, offerings were lluht at thu open
ing, with an advance from 2 to 9 points.
While both the Havre and Hamburg
markets wero lower, traders followed tho
lead of the Brazilian markets, which were
steady, although receipts und stocks were
much larger than at this tlmo last year.
There were 211,000 bags at thu four
shipping points, against 103,000 hags a
year ago. Prices mado new high record
for the present movement. The spot mai
ket was quiet, with prices unchanged.
Th" Havre market opened to 1 fr.
lower and closed unchanged to t4 fr,
higher. Hamburg started i to , pfg.
lower and finished pfg. lower to i4
pfg. higher. Bin No. 7 wus 50 re.ls higher
at 5$300. At Santos No. 7 was 50 rels
higher at 4JK0, while No. 4 theie was
also 50 reis higher at 5f500. Bio and
Santos receipts totalled 84,000 hags,
against 56,000 bags last year. Han Paulo
had 113,000 bags, against 50,000 last year,
and Jundlahy 1.4,000, against 4S.000.
New 101k and New Orleans warchouso
deliveries of Brasil coffee last week
totalled R3.3I7 bags, compared with
S7.105 tho piccedlng week and 94,9fis
hags for the conespondlng week lajct
Prices were:
The Fool Killer.
For those who wero able to read thn slain
, written on the wall Ihe expected happened
yesterday. Them is no other sloc k 011 the
list which Is mole henrlbreamng lo tho.ii
I who urn short of It than Steel common.
And yet Steel common attracts short rell-
Ing Irresistibly. I'or that matter It tempts
speculators lor inn advance in the samo
way. The movemenls In Steel aro un
'llie those In any other slock. They havn
a directness entirely their own. Steel
common when It decline, declines as
though It would never stop and when It
rises Its upward trend Is usually nearly
Is-rpenillciilnr. Apparently It Is only n
nnestlon of guessing a turn, getting In on a
niovo and riding" with It. The recovery
In the stock from 47'. to the high level of
last week was particularly deadly to people
who chanred to be on the wrong sldo and
fought the advance. On tho check to this
advance In Sleel and to the rising tendency
of the market generally guessing (ho turn
in Steel again became the principal occu
pation In speculative iliar(ers. Some 1111-
cionnieclly catne to the cone 1l 011 that
another mrfvo wa, at hand and that thlt
time It would be in a downward direction
Recent eltlna; at Mteet.
All abrupt rlc of two points in Steel
In less than hair an hour might bn regarded
as a well nigh Impossible occurrence In a
stock of which there Is ordinarily such
hii enormous floating supply in the Street.
Hut circumstances mtfht be Imagined
which would provide a clear enough expla
nation. It Is at least coneelvablethat a big
short Interest hud been created In the stock
utter the twelve point rally from the June
bottom. Over 275.000 shares of the stock
changed hands last week above so. On
Thursday, and 1'rlcUy the prion touched
'-'". unci on both of the-e occasions slock
seemed lo be offered abundantly. This
was the llisl occasion lor several weeks
since Ihe .lime break Unit the scarcity of
the stock was not notable. These oflcrings
might huve represented profit taking sales.
B mi they were well absorbed. They might
also have represented renevred sales for
the decline. If so they did not Induce
renewed liquidation, l or Steel yesterday
was Arm and dull until around 2:30 P. M.
for the third lime the price crept up to
K'i. After that the flrenorks started.
Th Boandnp.
To the ordinary observer there were
only two explanations of the extraordinary
market which prevailed in steel common
In the last twenty minutes. One was (lint
some big operator had taken It into his
head to accumulate ii "lino" of Steel coin
inon. The opemtlon In a narrow market
like the present would probably have
caused Jut such a stirring up. Hip it did
not seem reasonable that any one should
choose the time or the manner to take a
bullish polton In the stock. 'Ihe second
explanation was that I ho frenicil rise was
caused by the execution of a stop oi
order In seveial thousand shares of short
stock at 52 ., which fired the mine und
started a succession or orders of the same
kind. People who came to the conclusion
that the development liidic.iied a big
roundup in Ihe shorts professed not a llttlo
Interest In to-day's micluatloiis in lin
stock, n elimination of an important
part of the short interest might be ex
pected lo produce an airhole" of some
British Investor-. Wary.
London despatches yesterday announced
thai "as was generally expected" the New
South Wall-, loan proved a failure, neatly
70 per cent, or the total offering having lo
he taken by the underwriters. In some
quarters on this side the incident was I111
meclialcly seized upon as proof Unit there
has been lio llupi ov elllenl lo speak of III
investment 1 ondltioiis in the llntlsh mar
ket People familiar with the statu or
affuirs abroad point out that during the
past year the lliill-h Investor has gol Into
tho Imd habit of allowing the underwriter
to shoulder the burden of new i-siic- I,,.,
cause he has found It paid belter. He has
dlsoovotod ilia! by waiting until the lists
closed he could invariably obtain the secur
ities cheaper thali bv subscribing In the
regular way 'thus loan after loan has
been brought 0111 w Im-h cm the lm oof things
pi oved entile falluics, since the under
writers had lo lake all lliey have been
failures only us lur us the underwriters
weie concerned Afterward there has
proved to boa good mat ket in them below
Ihe subscription price 'Ihe only notable
case where this method would not have been
profitable was that of the ( hlnese loun.
which was a highly successtul operation
for Ihe undent 111 cts.
Habile Deposits Out nf ItiniLa.
The h'intinciiil t hrunirlr notes I lull during
July (ioveiuiiient disbursements exceeded
current revenues by rj.stsl,cu:i. Ami jet
net money holdings Inei cased lioniH7,n.Vl.
ool lo :iH.V.i:i7,2V. Ihe reason for this
lies in the a mourns on deposit with
natinnul banks, that item decreasing clur
iug Ihe 1110111I1 Irom t74,ISi),72 In :,7,s:n,2:il
M01 cover, 11 is shown that this movement
of money liom Ihe national banks to the
Treasury bus inei eased dally siiicn August
1, The CiniiiiVi asks w hel her the Kaslem
banks are being leiiulred to surrender
what the West ern anil Southern banks are
to get. Another explanation suggc-tod for
tills development Is that It is a dires t result
oftheiecent Imposition ofan Interest chuige
of 2 per cent, 011 public deposUN in national
banks. .Many bunks havn lieclutcd that
they did not caie for the deposits under
the new terms.
Auju.t .
September .
October.. ,.
.lanuary. . ,
k.'Jl n i;7
,7 wi M4tri
S (lilfl 9 0S
vtn .! :i.i'.ih.17
. "-311 ti.M
9 sum 37
i'.M (.SI .i)'ri!i.
!l Mtl. Ml
HI a B6 .67U9 U
(Mi 9 63 .ti.tlM4
Provisions.- Prices were lower. Cash
poik was steady i mess, f23 $23,50; fam
ily, $24.COru'2li. Cash beef was quiet;
packet, 1190) 20; family, I20f21. Cash
lurd wus steady. Prime Western, $11.70;
lellned Continent, $12.10. South Ameri
can. $12.85.
CIiIcuko prices were;
, W.cT,
. IV. 13
II, 30
11,17-M 11. yi
U.V7-30 11.35
. a
J9 00
Cloo. Prey.
lug. close
30. 2
11 r.
11.03-5 11.0.'
11.05 11.05
Sugar. The market was quiet, with thn
withdrawal demand fair and no sales of
raw sugar rcpoilcd. Prices were un
changed, wllh spot at 3.70c und law
steady at 4.7
Pltll.APHI.Pliu. Aug. 1L The local
market was dull and featuieless through
out thn clay until the last half hour, when
('lilted States Sleel cciiiuuoii look n sharp
spurt, rising to i;i--'4, up 2t fiom Satur
day's close. Distinctly local Issues failed
to respond, however. To-day has been
the dullest day cm the exchange In sev
eral weeks. It was reported in tho loan
crowd that It was very hard to make
street loans and that a ii per cent, rato
was asked. In Steel and Beading thn
rale remained at 3 per cent, to 4 per
cent. The few local Issues traded in to
day were clown fractionally for the most
pait from Saturday's close, tho largest
decline, being In Pennsylvania Htcel.
which fell off 2 points on a Miiall odd
lot transaction. Lake Superior Corpora
tion, on odd lot transactions, was up a
full point, Philadelphia Klcctrio was in
supply at 22. Tho bond market was oven
more quiet than the Stock Kxchange. Thu
summary :
Open 1 1 icli - Low. CIci.
:.o BUT .
1M) Cambria saecl .
110 (ieu Aaphall pf,
3110 Keyatonn Tel.
k- Lake Superior ,
10 I-elimi Na
1 1 nr.
'.'7 l-chtch Vulti v
937 Lehlih V Trail".... lvi
I Pa ltcia 115 rial. I... J1U "IK.
9, Pennsylvania. Mi 91c f.ii 13-Pi f ID US
:z Trim sail. , pi, pi, 101 ju,
irfi i-enii rueci pi c.;' ,;
31) Piiiiit ro ,714
.11) Phlla Co cum PL. ,.1 ,3 ,:i
r 11 1 ill r.irc
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway Company
Wisconsin Valley Division First Mortgage 6s
Due July 1, 1920
Secured by first lien by direct mortgage on
main track at the rate of $11,474 per mile.
Legal Investment for Savings Banks and
Trustees in New York, Massachusetts and
Price to yield 4.75
compllti; ituitii'Tio.v will nr. wk.nt iton nr.Qur.!rr.
51 Wall Street New York
Investment Problems
With an adequate statistical bureau, a
comprehensive reerence library, and a corps
of competent experts, our Bond Department
is equipped to solve your investment prob
lems, and will welcome the opportunity to
be of service.
We will be glad to have you
call and talk thing over.
Guaranty Trust Company of NewYork
140 Broadway
Fifth Avraa. nraarh.
Ma At. 43d at.
Capital and Surplus
Deposits - -
Laadaa OHc
S Lombard Si. E. C
- 176,000,000
Hohton, Aug. 11. Keflecllnir tho ac
tivity ami buoyancy of tho Npw York
market, locnl Isbuos during tho laat half
hiiur developed n fair amount of activity
and MrciiKth. Many Htocka which IihcI
hpi'tl K.'lffirltll? nil (Lev tilmln rMYCl'Mrlv. unit
cIokccI with kuIiis. Prices i'IokccI Ken
c rail) ilrm. Alloucz and Copper lt.'ilitfc
IcmI In strciiRth. The former advanced to
"o',, up lni, unci thu latter to ln,
Kiilli of 1'.. Mic.vflouer advanci-d f'i to
S'v, hihI 10 ahiirea of OhcccjIii aohl ict
79 j, up t'a. .North HuttM wan iUlle
active, and although It clod with only
a fractional Rain. It recovered from the
day' low level. In the sencral minim;
Hut Ilutte and Superior wa steady and
In Kood demand. Inland Creek Coal sold
at up 1. Alaska Ciold advanced frac
tionally, hut waa much Icsh active. Of
the Industrial., United Fruit advanced a
point to 13. New Haven rlghta made a
new record for activity, more than
U.000 being traded In. The. summary:
. , Oprn Huh. Low- Clm.
f,"'' . . el. el Inc
Am T T rol M, Ml, use,
IMn Ami T k T c v ,c, jcn, ntt W' W
j Horn Co.il lm u, . ; j; j i;
1i K C M t II ii , .. w x, V. r.
iri N K T T .'.. .. lean, icii
:T.i 1 Vrn-ii fi . . no no
10"rt Woirric T T n V)
A A Chcm ,7 ,7
7" Am Sueur line: )l
W1 Am Trl .v Trl ... si,
Icon, lorn,
rii, it
in w
Hi lv llnu iif
-- Orn Flrvtri''
-' Max Kl Cc pf
2i M.t r: . fntt.
" McKlw:ilne 1st n( . y
i N K T k T. . 117
I wilt It CO
1" Pullman
1"? fnitp.1 Print
131 I ii sun.. Mc-h
r snvi
i. r s Me! pf io, ios
.'') Aihenture
tin Allien (iolil ...
f.r. Allour ...
1 i Amalxmnairil ...
"V. Am Zine ...
4r. Anzrinci
K" lllllle tt Mil
21 t'al St Ariona .
VI (.'at A llfdi . .
IV. ('Ill no
1 Copper RAlige..
:i Kurt Butte
?i cirene-C.n Co.
II I Creek Co.il
471 lnirittnn Conn
. 41,'.
. 41
. t:
. en,
lt'S lcS
;, ii',
! 1 lo
? Kerr I. clce J 1 1S 5 :i S 5 7 1
M l..i Mile . . I l t
4:'. M.iyftnucr 7', ', 7'.
r. Mnnii r". r.",
McilMUk 4T, 4.1', 4.1',
Nipi-in; . . i i !
.North Unite .. ..
IV. Old Cnlnl . 3, i, Jt
u' old Iioniiinun n en, 41
In o-eoU . ... 7'i'j TV', 7fli,
41 I'oiirl Creek Coal .. '.'P, .'!', :i'
3 1 lentil. y Gl cm mi
I'.i lUy Com i'.", !ii, Jul,
r.i .int;i Kc- : : :
'..'.i sli.ninnii .. . r,Jt
' Mmiiu' W An r r4 n
r." "-1111111 riaii .. n .:i .?i
S7i sup & Ponton
in superior sr. r.n,
Jj Trfniariel; ri t'l
11.". t' " SlIiellhltT .. 3'i 31
4J I' S Smellllly pf... 47', IV
.'1 rt.lh Conic i 'l
Wolverine 4". ,ji.
M Ati hlwn M v,
: 11". A Maine eV.C M
.n ciit 1,1 w pf n ri
n 4 a n 11 ri : ?i-
.111 New Iluteii .
ii Kutl.mil nf.
HI' I ri 3, .r.
11 Wet Klid Pf.. .. S H k
lUv Stale tlan
lklKlOII Kl
Ilutte Central
C.il iverai
Chief Con
1 cnwoliiMteil Arizona
Iiivi. I) 111
FirH N.Ulocul
Colli Arid Ciinvilirialo.1....
Li Hose Cc)iiohcl.itrd....
Mexle.in Mel.iN
.Sl.ll lhltltUl
New llalile
Ithoile lfland C'ikiI
South l.,iU.'
l'n Venle Kileiiniiti ...
Hid. A.Ueil
.1:1 ."1
i't :
.0, 07
:'. :7 1
Is. 1 7 15
,:o .
iT. :
:', :!16
1 ! ir. p.
-', : i-u
3.1 .38
,71 "W
.11 .
.! 1.1
.11 17
4 41,
110 P II T t
:: Heading-
'j.M Toiioimh
in I'll Tl action .
Mill I) 1
134:., II S Sleel
101 1'lall C01
.1 11 S S nf
M Warwick Iron
10', m
i r,.n ci
4S'i 49'j
4i k.1
f.1'5 1,31;
ruiZ r..i'
"3'j 13',
7111, ,0
4 r,.cj is
4T 411,.
kl', M
ecu. I.y 1
.1SS 10S 10'a
1 1ll Z .A an
m, ioi 10
$1000 Am O 4 E r.a.
1IM llelh Sleel Hi..
JOOU llicrwood Kleo Ha
, Sal,
,1111 lib',
,lcVJ4, Phi',
'.ci1, mi,
sihmI Kevaliilie Tin
loon i.iii:ii v 1011 I'tn i'ii pi
MM Mail.rc HI Klcc 4.. in ill
Pn PI11U Klec f. lo:',
'.iami I'lillu Co 1t '',,.. I'll :o
ltPOW UnHf TO it 73K ',1
London SelllnaT nu lllaapiiolnt nirnt
Ml Alilerlcnii Stadallea.
AlthouKh the Increiise In surplUN stoclH
of copper durliiR the month of July
amounted to hut O.'.U.OOII piuiinlH in the
I'ulted Stutf, an over Sundny fdudy of
Ihe Ukuii'H made by metal Inteiexts of
Kurope lesulted in 11 KilllliB movement
c.Mii(;iy imiii'IiIhk "P the Loildciu Metal
llM'huiiKe of HUtllcli nt extent to utiHfltle
ihe cupper mail. el for the clay nt least.
Then- wiia Mill ;i demand for the spot metal
however, with further ImukltiKS for the
quarter at 15 cenla a pound anil Indi
calioiiK at the end of tho day that 16
ccntH would kooii be named, poavlhly thia
Willie prfdlcllcuiH here called for 1111
even brouk to an Increase of lO.OOO.OUP
poundM In copper Htocka It apprara thicl
the forelKii clealiMS were erttiPK differ
ent "dope" on the market and they had
all belli educated to the belief that atlll
another decreimo would he reported, Kvl
dence of ihla came to hand yesterday In
the mall tidvlcea cif Henry It. Merton &
Co , who isald tinder date of August 1 that
a HliRht reduction prcdiably would be re
ported. The Merton Ilrm with Its worldwide
allllhitiotm iiHiiully Ikih u good Hue on
the copiier iiiiiiket. lt advlcea said:
"Tho consumptive demand In the early
part nf the week waa most active, larne
ordera for KheelH, tubea and wire belnif
placed with niaiiufactiirers, who In turn
covered their requirement very freely.
When the Hpeeulatlve market reacted the
Inquiry from the trade NUbnided aomewhut
in llurope, while In the United Ktuten It
continued with unabated carernesH, con
aumeiH heliiK more Impressed by the pos-
Hlbllltlea of the scarcity or metal than by
the proceedliiRs In the London market.
The leadluu producera lUsposecj of lm
portaut llni'H of eleutrolytlu copper at If.',,
ceiita and fotiiicl themselves forced to ad
vnnco to IS'4 cents In order to check the
buyliiK movement somewhat.
'Tho latest advices from the Lake dis
trict are of 11 very serious character. Th.
utrlku p,intlmien unci the nrosnftcts for a
J,';' I Hcttleincnt nrc very remote; In rsllablu
m I quarters It is even stated that the mines
101 I aro likely lo remain closed for a con
I slileralilc period. If this ixHi'latlon went
ti'i ' I to tin realized the situation for thu copixr
TlttltraU might InUs! btcoius vrcrlUi,
XKW YOltK. THl'STEK, 1 NIlDIt Till; FINAL KLl'ltl.K, llATKH .11 XK :io. I!i:i, OK THE DIRTIUCT
I'SITKI) STATKS OK A.MKltll'A vs, I N IOX I'ACIKIC R. It. CO., rf of.
To Stockholders Common and Preferred) of the
Supplementing tho circular of the iimlorflRinxl Companies datod July II, 1913, offering to stockholders
registered on tho books of tho Union Pnrlfic Rnilroad Company at the close of businesn on August 7, 1013, tho right
to subscribe (to tho extent of twenty-i-evon per cent, of their holdings of I'nion Pacific stock, preferred or common)
to Certificates of Interest in 8Vi,!i7fi shams of the capital stock of the Southern Pacific Company, notice is hereby
piven as follows:
The date on which, the right of subscription will terminate (hereinafter called the "subscription
date") is September 2, 1913.
The price of subscription is $92. for each share represented by such Certificates of Interest,
payable in full on or before the subscription date, or, at the option of the subscriber, in two instal
ments, viz.: $25 per share on or before the subscription date, and the balance (i. e., $67), with interest
thereon at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum to the date of payment, on or before the second day
of September, 1914.
The said price of Mili'cnpticin i- ei'iuivalent, n.- of the Mib-cription date, to 8Nf per share anrl accrued
ilivldetitls, since the Certificate'' of Interest offered for i-ubscription will represent, us of the subscription date, in
addition to tho stock, the two quarterly dividend thereon payable April 1 and July I, lOl.'l. of l', per cent, each,
which have been collected and are now held by the Trustee, as woll a the portion of the dividend for the current
quarter which will have accrued on the subscription dale.
The Subscript ion Warrant issued by the undersigned Companies, evidencing the subscription right, must
be siini'iiderccl by tlie stockholder or by the pcrscin to whom the Warrants havo been assigned, with the sub
scription form endorsed thereon duly executed, on or before the subscription late, either in Now York at the office
of I he Trustee, the Central Trut Company of New York, ."4 Wall Street, or in Ijondon at the office of Messrs. Baring
Hros. .V Co.. Ltd., Bishosguie, K. (.'.. accompanied in either case by tmymcnt of the first instalment, or of the full
amount, of tho subscription price, ns the subscriber shall elect, and all Subscription Warrants not so surrendered
with such payment on or beforo the subscription date shall bo void and of no value. Checks or drafts in
payment of subscriptions must be drawn either in favor of the Central Trust Company of New
York in New York funds, or in favor of Messrs. Baring Bros. & Co., Ltd., in London funds at the
rate of exchange as fixed by them.
Said Trust oe, directly or through Messrs. Baring Bros. V Co. Ltd., a its agents in Ixndon, will, on surrender
of tho Warrants and on payment of the first instalment, issue Subscription Kccoipts which will be transferable
by assignment, and will also, ujion full payment and surrender of the Warrants or Subscription Heceipts. as the case
jilay be, issue Certificates of Interest registered in the names of Ihe purchasers. To those malting full payment
in Lomloii, Mesi. Baring Bn. .V Co.. Ltd . as agents for the Trustee, will in the first instance deliver temporary
lec elpts, exchangeable, free of exetie lo the holder, fur CertihVates of Interest as and when received from the
Trustee. Subscription Keeeipts and Certificates of Interest delivered in Iotidnn will bear tho Kuglish stamp. The
Certificate.- of Interest and Subscription Heceipts will be in the form appended to tho above mentioned Final Decree
of June :io, loin.
No affidavit is required to be signed as a condition of subscribing. There is no restraint upon
the acquisition or subsequent holding of Certificates of Interest by stockholders of the Union Pacific
Railroad Company. The affidavit as to non-ownership of Union Pacific stock is not required to be
filed until Certificates of Interest are presented for exchange into shares of stock of the Southern
Pacific Company deposited with the Trustee, and as a condition to such exchange, or as a condition
to obtaining a proxy to vote at stockholders' meetings of the Southern Pacific Company.
Dated August 11. IM.'l.
Trcaeurt r.
since, consumption Is alrcudy overtakes , ,,u viuuVli't nH nr im vi w
the production and maklnc he.ny Inroads '",!!,"; SVV MVV i': 'WlI'llVlVl l OHl.
Into the renerie stocks. Any proloim-ed kaii koaim OMI'A.M :
restriction of output will thcicfoie hi uii 1 A rprclnl ciuckholclris' mreilne nf The 'cf
.1...MI I. rxriher Hhrlim-ir of Hlocli .end "fl. IMicii mill llarifiinl lUllriimt Com
al out a further snrlim.iBi oi hiouh , ,,,,,11 will te IhIJ In ItcKimvcu In ilic: i.ciiculiJir.cJ
might produce a temporary aearcltj. TH- hulMlncof thcCniiipnnyln thri'ltvof .Newltnirn.
Kuropeiill vlalhle supply which was nli c.cdc I'l.iiiieeilc iil. cm I'rMny. Ihe ic nt "c omcl day of
.hl.r ililv inner th m for a cre.it inanv Alliens,, im.i.at tuelic o'clock M for the purpo)
loimlder.ilil) lower tin ror a un 11 111.1 of ....Limj all(, ,.,. ,, A ,
ye.irs past has dlinlnlKhcd further h muhnrlzo the Ismic uf eiWrnrrt of Indrliicdno'c
.'...S tons uurllur JUiy, ami '.ne mocks or ihl cnrarcil1nn to the niterritsle nmount oi
.even minion ne nuncirro niiy-cci coon
ill the hands of Anierlciu producers will hliy-eirii million ne hunclred
,, il,1v reveal llSt.l reduction." S.1,"' u"r- l.u,'rt"l1 "jl'Ji". !..'.-SS
1 ,1.. , , 1 . utin,,, ...iictiLM ' sii'i iuur nuiiiiTiii iiiiimrp jw..,.i'"'. 111 i'f 'oi-
piohahly also reveal a slight reduction. mrnty yrrk frnm ,hrlr Mr nll4 ln tr
1 onilllions .11 cue i..ri- rtuin-ri'ir -n.i.ri iniccrM m me rnie ui ,n irr rrniucn per anuun..
district appeared a trifle heller yesterday, i piWc In scml-anminl hMnltmnis hlch ev.
.. 1.1. . .. f i,.i nur in unru ueiire of mtclj ec nrfs shal he dc H iniiri'K col.-
with icports of mop l eiiiR put to work I w.r,,, (nlo ,mrr, f ,,, ounpnij eaplml
alien the ground, with every indication I iek ai any time nfnr lle irnr fioni ilic lr clnio
that hefore the end Of the week they would moll hut nut Inter than iirirrn enr fnnv Ihelr
lio ul,1. In .net mlnlnir mier it Ions clale at the rale of one share nf .lull almli fill"
he atilc to Klai t mining opei.uions. eac h one Imndred clcillr nf the principal amounl
A most optlmlHtlo Interview came from Pr ueh delieiiiure, and toaiitlioilre the lncteae
Daniel C. .lackllng. general tifanager of I of tie caplul inek of this eorimruiion hy lulnr
ch iTi'ili.'viri 1 ronsolld ited ltnv I'mi.i'h himdied M'lciilj-IHr thuiisnnd the huinlrnt
"T, . . ' . .1. V " 5 , and mciil). four iii;4.li ailcllil.nial i-haie. nf cue
ri'iiitii im .ill., iiiiiv v..t.... 1...
which produce over lOi'.oon.noO pounds
of copper annually. He luld:
"Slocks have decreased steadily and
uses for copper have multiplied during a
period of recession with other Industrie
.let the copper market has failed to re
Meet such unf.ivornhle conditions. Pro
duction hy virtue! ot the porphyries dur
ing the last idx or seven ears has In
creased 25 per cent., yet consuinp'tloii has
Increased In a greater proportion.
"No now sources of copp'er will he nvail
ahle in the near futuie and with thn
existing conditions carried on tlicie H
reason to Imlleve that evenlu.illy tho
market must respond to the law of supply
and demand."
hiindlccl iliillaii. earh wl'.cll .Uu! at, 111'rei.liy (cif
coiurri.nn of wild ill tircuurc", lino capliHl slock
acconlltii; 10 ihelr term
I nr the ptirimw of Hit- Hireling Ihe iranefcf
honks of thl I'mnpanj will he rioted from Ai,
irnst i:cli In Aiicum ::iul, I'.U.I, tmlh clays lnclu
Haled at New Maun. 1 onnrcllriti, Ihe twenty
sernnil day nf .Inly. lOl.'l.
Hy nidrr nf Ihe Itnanl nf IMrrrlnl.
A I' t'LAKK, Scerrlary.
Ul'TTlin, Week opened eaterihn wllh
Ihe receipt nf 7.1' packicBi's, u irllte le
than MnmUy a week hko. Tone nf market
wiia ciulet mid sternly for tin lilKhest uriulr
with u higher ciciiitutlnti on Uriel hihI see.
nnds In creameries These udtancHil ic,i',
on demand from nut of town. Technical
tiuer found It difficult to get extras eien
ut ciiit,nlnn, h the iuallly nf thn stink
has run oft roiulileruldy. The drmiiiiil from
the speculative buyers for stock that sells
:'in Tilers la no rhunito In prmess und
lint a great dial of packing stock run .
hud. Quotations ami c'reinutry, extra, 26
bilv; llrsls. ill1, :''4c,; serniids, ,tr
Hie. i Mute dairy, linen, S5'j U Site.; good
to prime, '.'lii, 35c. Process extru, Ui9m He j
flrsis, 73 ii , i 3, e, liultutlnii i reumer y, r 4 if
Sl'uc 1'acinry firsts, i'3e.; seconds. :3e.
I'ucklng slock, No. 1, SI He,: Nil. 1. I0'W
ale-,: No S. fcii'iie. ,,u
f'lllll.'sn. Market Is flrmsr than at thn
close last week, without material chnnge
III ciuiitMllons. lice elvers are atllf on their
high grade stock and an advunce ta looked
for Ufnre the end of the week. There u
heen a tendency to keep the price rinw n
us much us possible, hut the market a
getting aivuy from Ihe recelveia. u Iniyers
are willing to pay a trifle above nuottttloiis,
This Is true of Ihe higher grades. Hklma
slow and drug. Prices urei Htsle, whole
milk, fresh cellared special. 1 4 Vr 1 4 e ;
white specials, imc.; fresh enlnreei, cciersge
fancy, 14c,; white, uverage fsiic), 14c :
iiiidergraeles, 1 1 i UH'M skims, spre u,
101HiMlc: choice, 1i inc.: imor In full,
btrle.: full skims, !),!'.
l!(i(J8. Itecelpts seslerilicy were 11.312
eases, about on a par with Ihe week before,
hut In advance or the same day List ear,
Market In at week cleaned up falrlv well,
liMreiiie hent In the West Is elestloeil In
again depreciate the value hioI will iiinke
high gruele stock llriiier Aiiilhlng lloil will
puss lor tilhle sine Ic Is hi slimig eteinuiiel
wllh mil euoiigli In go round. IMlllcs when
candled In elviuuud, and this la also Hue
of clitcka. Ntfibf l X tboy conulo atv
laid are sought hy th" fancy trade, and when
these I il II not !'f prociireil tnev go to the
refrltcettitors Prices follow: Hxtius dnien,
"ilifVse' . eMru llrsti. .Mi.'c , nrsts,
L'- il -3e : seeiine s. 196131c.: eltrtles, No,
1 ; -fi lit l.j,' , No J, lelTMSc,; cliei'ki, gnnil lei
I i hole e, U) Ii 1 1 ,,c ; ne.nhy heniieiy lilies.
i'TiiJf.c., western whiles, :STiS,r; hreiwns.
sswaiic. , mixed, :2'u'-;r,
I.IVi; Pcil I.Tltl When the market
openeel lestefdeo there were twenty nine
can on Hack. Hurlng the day fourteen of
these wern unlnuileil. Iteuellers expect
reielpts to exceeel tho-!' of last week
Without uny nxeil prices then was little
truillng. nm era are uncertain .11 to what
the market should he
t)Hi:ssi:il POIM.TItV -While letelpts
yesterday were 3.3" 3 packages, nearly 1,000
moie than the same day last week, leeeliem
say Invoices Indicate lighter receipts for the
balance of I lies week, Mat ket openeel eas),
but the lighter Invoice may tend to Ilrm
It up later In the week. There Ii bill little
change trom last week's prices Heavy
fowls that are fiincv nre In demand The
smaller grade of fowls, meraglng ItiS'i
lbs., are unsallsfnetmy and nre offered as
low us lSc. without intruding much atten
Hull. The bulk of the reielpts are small
sUea. Old roosters ate In plentiful supply
and ate slow, Ihieiugh broilers ami spring
ducks are going around, with prices uu.
changed frnm last week. Seuab are In
normal supply without change There are
invoices In liiiml of several isrs of frnxtn
masting chickens frnm the West, These
owncis seem in w ant tn realize and ,ue
tnre'lng their stuck 10 mirket This con
dition Is likely to make prices, which
are' iilieady easy, easier Theie are not
enough freneen friers nr broilers lo cpiceie.
What few there ere on the market last
week have been taken and there will prole,
ably lm no more until the new 1 rnp la
reaely to timve. All froen turkeys are n-ari 9
iiml Uriel, Uuututlnii" are Turkes, hens,
fresh killed. Inc; yotiMK Huns, IMtlyc; 0M,
live. rhllaek'lphht bi dlrrs. 3 10 4 lbs in pair,
;'.V ; Western dry picked milk feel. :':' iJc. ;
corn fed. IUSiWoc Hnx packed lowls, elimeri
to box, DO lbs., 1'Jc. . under 3a lbs HiijtrKc.
Iced fowls, dry picked, 4 lbs., lie..; 3', I'm.
ami tindcrr, 1 tit i scalded, lie Did roosters,
13c Septal's, pi line white, In Ihs. n dozen,
per eleuen II, ! Ihs.. 13 jiii in ;:.i 1. to ct'j
Ihs. ,'.' '.TiWIi.sn, ilarle, II "3 linens, spring,
111, I'lnen Tulkevs, lining mills. Nil. I
STi , tiii'illum .'Mi -ni 1 hens, i'.'.i ; old hens
und linns, .Ic ; Texiins. No t, 1c I'hle kens,
musters, milk feel funcy, large, I' l tl ?1 1',;
4 lii. and 4vtr, Uc.) turn fed, mtto.
to Tin: inn. units nr
Hie Per I'enl. Two-Year linlcl Notes of ltl.
The Keiultable Trust eVempany of New
Vnrk, successor tn the Trust fompun of
America. Trustee under an Ayro ment of
the Atlantic ft IJIrmlngham e'otistructlnii
I'ompanv. dated April 30. lslo. hereby gives
loillie ihat It has at Its disposal the sum
nf rifty.four Thousand Seven Hundred nd
Slxtv-slx and leO-loo 1 lr.4."i s 90 1 i,.ll.ir fm
Ihe redemption of notes lesiiecl under said
agreement at the Iniicst nfier liners must
he without Interest und at less than rr.
Healed offers endnrse.l "Offers for ihe sale
of Atlantic A Hlrmlnghnm Construe Hon
Company and AHicnta, Dlrmlnsham unci At
lantic llallrnad Cnmpany f,rrt Twn-Vear Oold
Notes" will be received at Us nfflee, No IT
Wall street, New York city, null! 12 o'clock.
Noon, on Tuesday. August 1 1 t Ii IMS The
right Is reserved m releet unv and all offers.
nr NI1W YciltK. Trustee.
By LYMAN ItHOAOES. Vice-President.
Dated New York, August 4, 1913.
VWI.I. sell 40.rim c3;, guaraniced preferred
slnck In New Vork concern. .1 II., box IM Sun
A Meinl-liinual IHildend tit
I, I f'J.oo per share cm (he I'referred Stuck sad
a Uuarlerly lllvlclrnil or
-J,r,ll per share on the Onnniun iStnrk at
this Company have this day been declared, pay.
able at the Trcasiiicr's ofllcc, Ia llroadway, New
York, ,S. V., 011 edne-da. October I, 1HI.I,
lo storkliolders of record al 3 1', M on TuesiMi ,
Seplrinher WS, Hie stork transfer Isjoks
will 1,111 be closed fur the pat incut of these cllx 1
Slockholders who have not already done so
an UKc'iUly rcipicsteel tn file dividend mailing
orders wllh the undersigned, from whom blank
forms may be bad upon application,
ntl'.llllllic V. S. CltOSIiY. Treasurer.
New York, N. Y August 11. IMS.
nf Allrg.ir.T 4 ouctfy.
No 1 limaclw ny
New York, August 7. 1013.
The Hoard of Dire ctors of The. vtnerlcan Coal
Company of Allegany Ccniniy (New .lerseyi have,
thladav dcclated the llegulai Send. Annual llvl
dend of Three Per Cent. Hpem Ihe t'nplial Slnck of
the Company, paiable at this office on Monday,
.September 1. IBI3, tn stockholders uf rrrord al 11
o'clock M., August W. 1013- .
The Transfer lloeeks will not tie closed.
(iKOIKii; XI. IIOWL11Y, Treasurer.
PKOP1.I.S t.AS Lllillr 4t COKE to.
MM' inf hlrami.
Nntlre Is linehy given Ihat a dividend of on
(lid iliree-uuariers pei rem. 1I h been de.
cliiml nu the capital slock of this Company, pay.
able August J. 1013, to Ihe stockholders of record
al ihe close ot business cm August :d, 1013.
1.. A. MU:y. Stcreury.
Mi:itii'AN ;kapiiopiione t'a.
ff.i-li-lllil'll lllVllll-S.il NCI 1.
A dlvl'lciid (No. All ot one and three-quarters
! per cent has been declated utm llie l"re
fcireet c'cp'ial .Slnck nf Ihe American liraphn-
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