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Construction Corporation Is
Under Contract for Snfo
wny Work.
Head of Concern Formerly Was
Chief Engineer of Pan
ama Canal.
Tin- .lolm K Stevens Construction
Company of "" Wall street, which Is
under contract with the city to build nw
tluti No. 1 f the now l.cxlnnton avenue
Miibw.iv. wont Into the hands or receivers
Judge. Julius Mayor In the t.'nltcd States
District Court appointed Joel Itathbone,
vice-president of tin; National Surety Com
pany lit '115 llioadway. and Frederick
W. Stelle. n lawyer at 68 William street.
tn Ink., rh.-ireu of the affairs of the
Stevens company.
Thin notion followed the nilng by Mr.
Stevens nnd Kdward 1. Shannon. secre
tarv of the company, of a petition In
bankruptcy kIvIiik liabilities of $318,741
nnd assets of 30l,S51. Tills step was
IpoIiIpiI unon nt a mci-tlng ol ihe direc
tors of the construction company held last
Saturday, when It was made apparent that
the company's debts could not be met.
According to Information given out yes
terday by the l'ubllc Service Commission,
the subway consti notion work which was
helm; done by the .lohn F. Stevens Con
struction Company will be continued by
the receivers.
Section 1 of the LelnKton avenue sub
way Is known us the Pelliam Hay Turk
branch. It runs through ISStli street
from Alexander avenue to Southern lloule
vnril. thence to a point Just above 147th
trect, 1
flty Cimlrnrt aiYJ.Vl.-Ht .
The value of the city's contract with
the Stevens company Is 5 H.'J.IS.SSl. The
contract wns awarded September 16. l'.'l".
approved by the Hoard of Estimate on
October 17, 191 2, and executed October
12. 1912.
The city Is fully protected against the
failure of the company. It has Mr.
Stevens's bond for ST.V'OO. of which $6.-.,-000
whs furnished by the National Surety
Company. Also tin city Is entitled
to deduct 1". pir cent, of the amount
due to the Stevens company on the pres
entation of each monthly financial report
until the sum of $300,000 has been de
ducted. After that 10 per cent. Is to be
deducted on each repoit until the work
is completed.
The company also has partially com
pleted contracts for the cniiitructlon of a
dam at Stillwater. N. Y. by the I'.rle
Construction Company. These contracts
amount to $430,000, of which 60 to 70
per cent, has been completed.
Tin. directors of Ihe Stevens company
m ! John 1". Stevens, president; Charles
H. Uddy. v!ee-presldnt ; Kdward 1. Shan
non, secretary; Morgan J. O'Brien. Jr.,
Nicholas T llr.idy. William 11. Joyce
i . iii..inii Kov and I'iilllli W. Henry.
Mi Stevens became president of the
John F Stevein Company at Its incor
nnrailmi on February 1911'. He came,
in the nri'sldelicv of the i om-tt uction com
pan with an experience of thirty-two
veins In railway location and construction
in will as In opeiation and management.
4'lili-f Kiiiilneer of Canal.
Hp was
appointed chief engineer
thf Panama Canal by President Hons
vent In 13r. but resigned suddenly in
Febiuarv of J 007, when .William Howard
Tiift :ii that time Secretary of War, was
llteeilnc the fortunes of the canal
lliiinnrs of a "saucy" letter to lloos.velt
nml nf a 100 nublicly expressed dlsap
provnl of the President's policy of canal
construction were circlilited at the time.
tint Mr. Stevens declared that his reasons
for resigning were purely personal. He
wns to have been appointed as chairman
of the Isthmian Canal Commission on the
retirement of Theodoie P. Shonts on
March 4. 1!)07.
Mr. Stevens was at one time James J.
Hill's right band man In the (Jreat North
ern Ttallroad Company. lie rose rroin
rnclneer In ISS'J t the chief en
gineership, and wns finally made general
manager, lie went over to the Chicago.
Hock Island nnd Pacific In 1903 as chief
engineer and was made lce-presdent
within the year.
Later, he was vice-president of the
New York, New Haven and Ilaitfoid
ltallroad In chargo of operation
Keqnest (or Writ of Prohibition
Against Cohalnn Denied.
Surrogate Cohalnn appeared yesterday
before Supreme Court Justice Weeks and
made emphatic protest against an applies
Hon for a writ of prohibition against him
self. The writ was nked by David II
Fleming, president of the Yale Laundry
Company, who had been examined in the
Surrogate's Court concerning pioperty left
by William A. Tiirpln, 1111 ofllcer of ihe
laundry company.
The Surrogate objected to the manner in
which (ieorge Thorns, attorney for Hetnlng
had conducted lilmsell, and had ordered
Thorns out of ihe courtroom and directed
Fleming to appear without counsel.
Fleming asked for the wrll against Surro
gate Cohulan on the ground that it was a
ilolutlon of his constitutional right to de
prive him of the benefit of counsel.
Siirroifiite Cohnlan said he had exclusive
Jurisdiction in the case In question, nnd that
the supremo Court had no power to inter
fere, .lust leu Weel;s agreed with the
Surrogate mid dismissed the proceeding.
Magistrate llonse Imposes l'onr an
Mix Month Sentences.
Jaroh Cohen.' 1'S years old, of 12 I.ud
low street, was sentenced to four months,
mid Jacob (Jutklii. years old, of -
Suffolk street, to nix months in the work
inium. by Magistrate House yesterday
Ihe Esses Market court on a charge of
pocKetplcklng. Cohen, who hns. been
convicted several times on the same
iliarge, pleaded guilty, while Gutkln de
pled lie even knew Cohen.
The two nun were arrested In the
Delancey street subway terminal by De
tectives Wood nnd l.innon Sunday. The
detectives say they snw Cohen and Gut
l.ln, with a third man who escaped, Jostle
11 man currying a child. They also say
(lulklu placed his hand In the man's
nuritlnr Men! fl.lMII Jewels and
Cash Frunt Candy Store.
fUf breakers entered the randv and
sporting goods utoin of Abraham Haber
nt 114 llroome street yesterday morning
and stole. Jewelry worth Jl.OOO and 1180
In each from a uafe which they ripped
Tim burglars drilled an eighteen Inch
wall In the ctllur to reach a trap door
which led to the rear ot Uabar'a shop.
Altar llmmvlni- nflr thM tnin bIi,.a
the door of the safe and digging out the !
concreio lining inu tumblers were thrown
and the door swung open.
This Is the third safe robbery' that has
hrcoma public In the last two weeks. The
burglars so far havn been careful to cover
up their tracks and have left no finger
prints., srivs ki.,.. u'( .
Contest Knit to Annul MrrlKf o
Wealthy lloetor's IJunnhtrr.
Ilnnrnn II I ...f.lifi rH t Ihe twenty-two-
year-old chauffeur who on July 2 eloped
with Helen Anna Dowsey. a schoolgirl
who Is the iliiiiithter of Or. (leorgn II. ow-
ssy, a wealthy physician oi ' ..-....,,
U l claims herns his legal wue. nrniwn
answer yesterday to the annulment pro
ceedines begun by her father, denying
that the girl was under in years of age
when he married her.
James li. Downey, Ihe girl's uncle, who
. t l ilia tirneefHllllirs.
repreeius ner iitue- ... . . , :. .
the latter being her guardian, slated that
ho would prove that the girl was less wmii
18. He will oppose any attempt by Gep
hardt to claim Ihe girl.
Dr. I)osey, after the runaway mar
riage, declared I hat ho would prosecute
young I-ophardt for abandonment If lin
showed any Intention of contesting the
annulment proceedings. The doctor and
hi daughter are now In the CalsUllls,
Voung l-ephanlt hasn't been permitted
to see his bride since he look her noma after
the eloptmenl.
Olttcer SIlRhtlr Injured floes Home
In an Ainlinlnnee.
Mounted Policeman Stephen Howling
of the Central Pnik squad was mounting
to go on patrol yesterday wheil his horse
ronreil and threw him.
He received a scalp wound, bruls.s nnd
a bad shaking. An ambulance fiom
Flower Hospliul took him home.
crcmptory Order for Retire
ment on Half Pay Denied
to Police Captain.
Supreme Court Justice fVtldder
iirnnklvii vesterday handed down a
Hion denying me application oi rune
r.ipuln John Dulfer of the Klcnmonu
1 1 111 nreoinet for a piemptory writ oi
mandamus to compel acting Commissioner
McKay to retire him o'l naif pay. nut
llt-cotef! an alternative writ which win
allow C.ipt. Dulfer to bring his case neioro
a Jury In the Supieine Court.
Capt. Iluirer was suspeiuieo, neing
charged with having paid Agues Ander-
on. the complalnjuu in the ronnery cnarge .
gainst his son Arthur, to remove nerseii
from the Jurisdiction of the court, and I
he claimed that his application for te-
tlrement wns filed some minutes before
his suspension was ordered. ....
he iuetlon of whether he bribed the ,
Anderson girl to absent herself was In-
estlgated by the C.rand Jury and mere
was no indictment. ine iwo mais oi
oune nailer lor rooD-ry resuneo in me,,,,., ,,,,, nintmi to iou t will lie ny
llsagrecment of the Juries.
Capt. Dulfer. 011 hearing or the decision,
said that ho would confer at once with
his counsel so ns to go to trial with
Ills case. As Justice Scudiler also vacated
the stay In the trial of the charges .igalnst
Dulfer 0:1 which he was suspended, the
Comlssloner may proceed with his trial.
District Attorney Cropsey Intends to ;
put Arthur Dulfer on trial for the third j
time anil yesterday had Agnes Anderson j
brought before County Judge Tlernan and
asked tint she be compelled to give ST.no I
ball or else be confined In P.aymond street
Jail. I
'I ilon t think this girl is getting a 1
square deal, Judge Tieinau told the rep
resentative of the District Attorney. "She
Is not allowed to work or to earn her
living In any way. She c-annot go wheie
she wants to go and yet she has not
committed any crime. 1 know of no au
thority by which this girl has been kept.
Somebody robs her of her purse, she says.
She complains to the police nnd then she
gets locked up and Is kept a virtual pris
oner. I can't Fee the justice of It," Judge
Tlernan then total the girl that she was
subject of the King of Sweden and to
have a lepicsentatlve from the Swedish
Consul's office In court to-day and that
he would .definitely dispose of the case.
t'mbrelln Makers l'ru tor Sloppy
l)u. More Pay and I. ess Work.
With the omlng of the next big storm
comes the llrst strike ot the umbrella
makeis. The lurder it rains the harder
will be the strike. The loncer the ruin
lasts the more determined will the strikers
be. Let tliat storm be never so unheralded
the low niurmut inns of Its approach will
be as thunder compared to the stealthy
oncoming of tills blow to Industry and
comfoit. Keiytlilng is leady but the
rain I
At least so came the woid yesterday
from thi organizers of the United Hebrew
Trades. Thes hard tolling gentlemen re
cently organized the umbrella makers.
The new union says the cost of living is
too high, thai the men should have higher
wanes, shorter hours and nothing but
union men as their associates. It Is said
5,000 men will gu out. They are eager
fur a sloppy day.
I.esl Chauffeur Forgets Maslslrate
Mulcts Him r. a Week.
Payment of a flue In Instalments, Mag
istrate House thinks, will keep a speeding
chauffeur In mind of his punishment and
nt the same time save him from going
to Jail, so he told Isidore Welti of 121
Ilroomu street yesterday to pay In that
The Magistrate only missed being run
down the other day by Inches ns he was
crossing the lloweiy on his way to Ksscx
Market court. With the memory of his
experience fresh In mind he fined Weln
120 yesterday when the chauffeur was
charged with driving through the Dowery
at twenty-four miles an hour. Weln did
not have 126 and was told to pay $G
down and J5 every Monday for four
I.asryer's Daughter Turns Car Into
Ditch to Avoid Train.
Southampton, I.. I., Aug. 11, Miss
Josephine Nlcoll, daughter of De lincey
Nlcoll, escaped being hit by a Long Island
train this afternoon by driving her auto
mobile Into a ditch, where It overturned.
She was thrown out and wns slightly In
jured. The accident happened nt the nrldge-
hnmpton crossing. With Miss Nlcoll was
MIsh Kugonla Phllhln, daughter of the
Supreme Court Justice. She was unhurt,
but the automobile wns wrecked.
Miss Phllhln didn't see the train ap
proaching. J. 0. ANDERSON LEFT. $800,000.
. 43-
Tobacco Merchant Willed Most
Ills Daughter and Son.
Nbw IIavi:n, Aug. II. The will of John
C. Anderson, a former tobacco merchant
of New York, filed In this city to-day, dis.
poses of an estate of approximately tioo.ooo
About 110,000 Is given to his servants nnd
about $3,000 Is to go for henovolent purposes
rnesuniorit&.oooistobe dinned eipially
among three grandchildren. Miss KIhIo
Trowbridge of this city, Randolph Ingersoll
of Los Angeles and John C, Anderson of
New Jersey. The residue of Ihn estate
Is ordered to he divided between hit. dnugh-
... f rm Atlnj l Inn.r.nll 1 n. A......I..
Hiul his eon, Harry Anderson, who dltxl
ib new ecracr a isw uiumui agm.
A. 1
i uivmv iiunuuu 111
Astrological Herb Specialist
Treats Women Detectives
and Comes to Grief.
ttift T.v-.rti
Wonder Worker's Time Isn't
Worth 85 a Day, Even
Though He Heads Minds.
Introiluclng Dr. V. A. Jahmnmlo, "Hindu
astrological herb specialist nnd psychic .
clairvoyant," formerly of 218 West Four
teenth street, who Is now In the Tombs
Fervlng n ten day sentence.
Dr. Jahmando was a good doctor, but
ho didn't have any patients not until
Mrs. Isabella Goodwin, detective, and
Miss Adele D. Prless, noting for the
County Medical Association, called one
day und had their palms read. Dr. Jan
mando wns held In K00 bonds tb keep
the peace for doing this. Hut the two
women had asked for medical treatment
and cot It, so the doctor Is serving ten
"My specialty," explained the doctor,
"Is restoring to health those who are un
fortunately maimed physically or men-
lly through Innences mat are. 1101 per-
ptlble. to the undeveloped eye."
Miss Prless nnd Mrs. Goodwin called
at the doctor's rooms July 13.
"Doctor, I have brought my frlned."
began Mrs. Goodwin, pointing to Miss
Priess. "She has headaches and Is afraid
to cross the streets for fear of being run
over." . " ,
"1 have headaches." chirped Miss
Prless. "I cannot sleep at night and I
do not like to go out alone."
Made Women Detectives l.aash.
The doctor Is bald with the exception
of a tuft of hair which sticks up straight
as an Arizona cactus on the topmost
point of his hi ad. Hi: stroked this tuft
so methodically that the to women evi
dence seekers had to laugh. The doctor
did not like that.
ti... snlrits." he cautioned them. "Al
ways the spirits. You frighten them
..!. v. When did sou say you were
"January 31." teplleil .Miss i riess.
"Ah' you are born under the planet of
Aquarius. We Hindus do not bury our
dead ; we embalm them. We have the gift
s.Hcmil slcht and can tell by looking
,.rMn whnt the trouble Is. 1 trent
i... i.cibs ustrologlcally prepared."
... ,nll ..... i.ri,.M hand and ex-
.. .. . -.,.. ,hat vou hould be
. . . f . ..i.icles. for If you do not live
thn, mr.tul .1,111 vou will be carried away.
You are suffering from hypochondria.
Hvery nerve in your cerebrum nnd cortex
i unset. You are suffering from mental
iil.rrntlnn and have hallucinations. I no
ticed that you were mnous when 1 came
into the room. You also have palplt.-ttlon
of the heart very bad. I can cure you
In four treatments."
Uronn Liquid.
He lift the room then and there was
heard the rattling of utensils In another
then and there
rnnm. He retui lied presently and neld
two wine glasses, each containing a brown
llnuld. The two women each took a glass
und drank the contents.
Tiirnlinr to Mrs. Goodwin the Hindu
nhvsician said :
"I tueiinred that llnuld for you so you
wouldn't get Jealous of your friend. You
will have a few pains after taking the
m.dicluc. but that Is only the herbs tight'
Insr with the Poisons in our system. Do
vou want a little liquor to take away the
liml taste""
Thu patients refused. Two days later
the two returntd and said they felt better.
Miss Prless said' she had succeeded In
retting n position and she wanted more
of the medicine. The bottles were taken
borne and kept as evidence. That same
day Detectives .lessup and Belli arrested
ltr. . 11 unando for telling roriunes ami
practising medicine without a license. Yete
tonlav be was arraigned in Special Ses
sions Court and was sentenced to a nne
of J50 or the alternative of ten days
In Jail. He decided that his time wasn't
worth (5 11 day.
uffraulta Sutler Cold on Boat, but
1'roteet the Animals.
Nnwnmuit. Aug. 11. The suffi agists
who aie "hiking" on horsebaik used their
own coals to cover their hoises ufter they
boarded a steamboat In New lurk this
morning. There, wete no blankets alsian
und there was not lime to get any, so the
women sat In the cold In order that their
horses might not get chilled after tin
lather exciting ride to the ste.imei.
None of the hikers had ever ridden
through city streets befoie and the horses
were f lightened by constant shouting. At
Forty-second street It was decided to
change the toute from Fifth avenue to
Klghth avenue. At Twenty-third street
Mrs. de Forests horse. Senator Hoot,
which hud been i earing continually and
wns far behind, suddenly daited away
and wns soon leading In a gallop.
At Seventeenth stroet the troop went
over to Seventh avenue and then nt Kiev-
enth street rode over to West street, where
the roar of river front traffic again fright
ened the animals. Truck drivers relleed
themselves of banter at the expense of
the riders and small boys threw sticks nnd
stones at the horses to make them Jump
The party made the last twenty blocks
In fifteen minutes nnd the horses were
steaming when the boat was reached. The
stablemen took'chargc. of them, but did not
want to close the doors. The hikers at
tended to that themselves before they
took their coats from their saddle pack'.
and put thorn over the horses. Instead
of sugar the horses were treated to choco
late bars, which wero bought on board.
A meeting was held In the cabin or the
boat this evening. Mrs. de Finest niadn
an addtess. Mrs. Flint amused the
audience with clever dialect Impersona
tions. The women looked foiward
longingly to their arrival at Flshktll, being
tired after the dsy'a experiences.
Justice (.recti Dismisses Contempt
Chance Against Iter.
Mrs. Kvelyn Nesblt Thaw before Justice
Green In the City Court yesterday pleaded
that she turned over to her lawyers an
order directing her to appear In supple,
mentnry proceedings, and did not be
lieve she would bo In contempt of court
when she sailed for London on May S Inst.
She said she found out her mistake a
week later.
Justice Green dismissed the contempt
order. The supplementary proceedings
were brought on a Judgment obtained by
the Gorham Company, silversmiths.
Spends m Week la Jail After Aldlac
a 2lrl am the atreet.
William Cuff, the CariieRle medal hero
who killed a man he found attacking a
girl at Vlrat avenue and Hlxty-flfth Mrert
on TueHdny, was released on ball ,vcntp -ilay,
CuR Naya Joseph Urauner, the dead
man, threatened to Bhoot when he ap
proached In ruxnonae to the girl's acreamn.
Cuff knocked Dranner down und he died
In Flower Hospital without regaining con.
DO VflUTr! U V A T M R T N 1
Furniture Sale
In Progress.
BEEN NOTED for the com
pleteness and excellence of the
stock of Trunks and Bags.
Now that the new department
has been completed on the Fifth
Floor, the stock is even more
adequately displayed.
SAVINGS we mention a
Bag for women at $14.89
is quite as good as, if not
better than, the best bag other
stores can show for S20.00.
Imagine then what you save
on an imported Suit Case of
black seal leather, silk-lined,
with sterling silver fittings
price $129,001
Steamer Trunks
: In. x t:i In. x 70 tn.
k Id. x m, In. x It tn.
S3 In. x 121) In. x 7li In.
34 In. x Ulj tn. x 3ll In.
tn In. x i:) In. x 73 In.
3s In. x i:) In. x :j In.
40 In. x 1J In. x 34 In.
42 In. x i: tn. x :5 hi.
$13.50 Steamer Wardrobe
Trunks, $11.49
Regulation height. The wardrobe
tray will hold five suits, and the bot
tom is conveniently divided for under
wear, hats and shoes. Size 40 in. long.
$12.50 "Saratoga" Trunks,
Fitted with leather straps. Deep
"set-up" tray and extra skirt tray,
cloth lined throughout. Choice of
32 in., 34 in., 36 in., 38 in. and 40 in.
$6.50 "Imperial" Steamer
Trunks, $4.96
Cloth lining and regular "steamer"
tray. Choice of 32 in.. 34 in.. 36 in.,
38 in. and 40 in. sizes.
$8.00 "Overland" Steamer
Trunks, $6.24
Fitted with leather straps. Inside
is the regulation "steamer" tray.
Choice of 32 in.. 34 in., 36 in.. 38
in. and 40 in. sizes.
$8.00 Oxford Cowhide Bags,
- $5.94
Of selected cowhide and leather
lined throughout. Seued-in "Rnglish"
frame, three inside pockets, solid bras
lock and sliding catches and strong
handle. Colors are russet and brown.
Choice of 16 in. and 18 in. sizes.
$5.50 Oxford Cowhide Bags,
Of good grade leather and with
leather lining. Finished with inside
pocket, brass lock and slides, sewed
on corners, and fine ring handle.
Colors are russet, brown and black.
Choice of 14 in., 16 in. and 18 in.
$4.00 "Walrus Grain" Cowhide
Bags, $2.49
Of good grade leather. Made with
reinforced corners, brass lock and
slides, strong handle, and three inside
pockets. Leather lining. Size 15 in.
Lukes Hcportoil Dry and Iliver
Herts Changed in Former
Volcanic Section.
Tacoma. Wash.. Aug. 11 Klutn Fire
Warden Kerrls, who received a letter la.M
week from hl Bkamanla county deputy
savliiE that the auifuce or ii rnriy urn-
tract of kcIiooI land waa moving about In
an unaccountable manner, hurried to
Stevenson. In that district, lie round, iu
saya, that tho apparently inin earm erui
of fifteen square inllea of comparatively
level Innd, partly timbered, showed evi
dence of having undor It a largo aubtcr-
ranean lake or a awirt nowim: river.
Thu melon Is near tho Columbia Iliver
and aouth of Mounts Ttalnler. Adams and
St. Helens, all extinct volcanoes.
Warden Tcrrta reports mat iwo years
nro a small mountain was olllclally re-
...iniril us 2.100 feet liU'h, and that It l
imw l.r.OO feet in neiKUt. A inriner, lie
ivk. ulanted hl garden a year ago In
a little valley below his house, and tlw
pateli Ib now 'on mi elevation coiiaiuomniy
lilrilicr than liln home. The farmer laid
pipes. It In aU1. fiom the lake tn a tank
nnd from a tunk to tho house. Thre ec-
lions of tho plpo hnil to bo removed, be.
rauf lioufi nnd tanli am moving towitnt
each other, uccorilltuj to the reports made
to Kerrln.
Several lakes have cone dry, It Is said,
tmd their beds have risen to that now
there am hillocks In them.
Along the banks of a stream ran a
county road, and Kerrls saya that now
water Is i linultik' In the. rimdhod and
th siMU cmk bottom Is slsvalad above
R. H. Macy ft Co.' Attractions Ar Their
Herald Square
HV indicate on the right nnd left the standard dimensions
of Steamer and Traveling Trunks, and will refer to the
trunks throughout the announcement by their first-mentioned
dimension only.
A glance at the tables will Instantly show you the propor
tions of any Trunk in which you are interested.
$25.00 Wardrobe Trunks,
Interior equipped with the nev
"book-fold" clothes carriers and
with 1.2 hangers to suit any style
garment. Three drawers and large
hat bo. Regulation size, 45x24xJJ
$4.50 "Paris" Steamer Trunks,
A divided tray inside. Choice of
28 in., 30 in., 32 in., 34 in. and 36 in.
$5.50 "Empire" Traveling
Trunks, $4.24
Deep "set-up ' tray. Choice of 28
in.. 30 m 32 in.. 34 in. nnd 36 in.
$5.50 "Oceanic" Steamer
Trunks, $4.24
Fitted with leather straps. A di
vided tray inside. Choice of 28 in.,
30 in., 32 in., 34 in. and 36 in. sizes.
$6.50 Cowhide Suit Cases,
Of good grade leather. .Made with
reinforced corners. Seamless ring han
dles, brass locks and bolts, and two
"all-around" leather strap. Inside
shirt fold. Choice of 24 in. and 26 in.
$8.00 Cowhide Suit Cases,
Of best leather, with double steel
frame, solid brass "Unghsh" lock
and sewed-on short straps. Sewed
on corners, fine seamless ring han
dle, inside shirt fold, and leather
straps. Choice of 24 in. and 26 in.
tlm roadway, Theie has appeared In the
centre of one lake an Island of oozy laloi
Imttom hull, according to Kerrls. On
fanner la said to have censed to clear hli
l.tml because all elevation appeared be
Wde his farm and tumbled off, covering
up hi stumps. Hugo lioulderH ami cliffs
nio ald tn have b"en broken by the da
picuslon of one little area and 'he eleva
tion of a 'continuous one.
Trees are repotted at rent asunder.
A youiis foiest Is Kald to be a tanelcd
mass In places because of the diversity ot
angles at which the trcea are standing
as a result of tho earth's changes.
Travellers say that they encountered
many crevasses, while hills are made low,
valleys are elevated, straight places turned
crooked and ciooked ones changed entirely
In shape In The district.
Mount St, Helens Is estimated to hi
10,000 feet IiIkIi nnd Is leporled to havu
been In ciuptlon In 1S13.
Anii-Nnvr root bull (Same to He an
Saturday, November -I).
An.nai-oi.iii, Md.. Aug. 11. The Satur
day after Thanksgiving Day. which falls
this year on November 29, has been se
lected UM the date for the next Army-
.-vuvy looionii gamo, tnoiigu
gamo, tnoiigu the reuro-
aentntlvea of tho naval and military ncail-
. emlca have not yet settled upon the place
ror playliiB the name. The Avmy Is par
ticularly dlssatlsncd with Franklin Field.
1'hlladelphla. Its repregeiilatlves rlaltnliiK
the 8,000 tickets received are not suf
ficient and that many Army olllcem are
compelled to take undesirable seats. They
propose that the name either be played
regularly in New York, or that It al
ternate between Annnpolla und West
Tolnt. Navul people consider New York
too far away and hold that Annapotta
nnd Went I'ulnt could not take rate of
tho crowd. TliouRli.no agreement hh to
place, lias been reached, naval people ex-
pec i ine game to ds piayeo.
Low Met.
White Sale
In Progress.
BELOW is made of selected
wood that will not readily warp
or crack, and every one is
covered in canvas specially pre
pared so as to be absolutely
waterproof. All have either
fibre or iron binding, and most
are hand riveted and protected
by hardwood slats. All have
iron bottoms a big factor in
life of both Trunk and contents
and brass locks, and either
brass or iron clamps.
Macy Trunks are built to
withstand the roughest handling
of the baggage smasher, and
in addition, to look smart and
Traveling Trunin
SS In. x 22 In. x 20 In.
30 In. X 23 In. X 21 In.
33 In. x 24 In. x 2114 In.
34 10. X 25 In. X 22 In.
M tn. z 2&i In. x rH In.
ss In. x 2&'i In. x 23 '
40 in. x zt in. x j
$9.50 "Lake George" Traveling
Trunks, $7.49
Inside is a divided top tray
and extra skirt trav. Cloth lin
ing throughout. Choice of 32
in., 34 in., 36 in., 38 in. and 40
in. sizes.
$8.50 "Knockabout" Traveling
Trunks, $6.94
Deep "set-up" tray and extra
skirt tray. Cloth lining. Choice
of 32 in., 34 in., 36 in., 38 in.
and 40 in. sizes.
$7.00 "Lakeshore" Traveling
Trunks, $5.86
Fitted with leather straps.
Deep "set-up" tray. Choice of
28 in.. 30 in., 32 in., 34 in. and
36 in. sizes.
$10.50 "Niagara" Trunks,
Hand-riveted. Leather straps.
Inside is a divided top tray and an
extra skirt tray. Cloth lining.
Choice of 32 in.. 34 in.. 36 in., 38
in. and 40 in. sizes.
$1.75 Matting Suit Cases,
Of waterproof fibre matting over
a steel frame. Fancy cloth lining,
tie tapes, brass locks and two "all
around" leather straps. Size 24 in.
$5.00 Cowhide Suit Cases,$3. 96
Of light-weight leather, and made
with reinforced corners, brass lock,
and seamless ring handles. Inside
shirt told. Choice of 24 in. and 26 in.
$5.00 Matting Suit Cases, $3.38
Of fine "Japanese" matting, with
basswood frame and fnncv cloth lin
ing, gathered pocket, tie tapes, brass
lock and bolts, and two "all-around"
straps. Sewed-on cowhide edges ami
corners. Choice of 24 in. and 26 in.
ClBtt. rbody Jfc Co.. ho.. Mk.
Strike la .Not Acrrittrd a Kicnur for
' rtaluroat .linker,
A 150 nno was Imposed on Jamb
H-eedKouil of Freeilgood & Kweetunll
" " iimuuiHviurers lu 13 west fix-
i.riiui rircci, in npeciai sessions couit
yesterday when Inspector Northrup of
the .Stall- liboi- IViurtinent lulrl Jtixtlcci.
.eller, Moss and lUrnnan thnt lie hail
toiiiul eltsht people at work tn the Freed.
Rood establishment durltiK working hours
with the doors locked.
FrcedKoort nimbi the excuse that there
was a Htrlko In progress at Ills plnce and
the doom had been locked to keep out
trouble inakerH.
Nullum rilatzky, who lias a hliln
wain factory at 71-73 Oocnk stitit, wax
lln.il $100 by MaeUtr.Uo Moumi lu tliv
Ksscx Murket court yestciduy for Imvlug
the factory door locked,
Such a raft of 'em!
4000 two-piece Summer
suits in a Sale.
Worsteds, flannels, cheviots.
All sizes from youths' 32
chest to Big Men's 54.
The majority were $20, $22
and $25.
$15 now.
A raft of three-piece suits
(suits with vests) at $15 too.
Serges and Summer mix
tures. At $20 and $25 still higher
priced suits are now bargains.
Odd trousers.
$5.00 to $8.00 regularly.
$3.50 now.
Rogers Peet Company,
Three Broadway Stores
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
Greater New York
Fair and Exposition
Empire City Park, Yonkers
Pain's Brilliant Spectacle,
"The Battle in the Clouds."
Fast Races; Horse Show;
Exhibits; Motor Cycle Races;
Aeroplanes; Band Concerts;
Take Subway to 201 h St. l Jerome Hr
SUtti nnd .Ninth Ave. i:irat.'d to !"
.St. via Jerome Axe to entrance la
(iroumlft. ,. V. i'i nir.nl lo Vonkrrv ami Mt
Vernon. th"nre trolls to entrance, Amu
mubllc route tin ltru:uhwiy la Mrlz-nn tml
MWill-'.on Ao. lo loncour-." via Jerome
Ae to catf
Brighton Bwch Motordrome"-
Kry Wi-ilncMtay SMimus i Ji t
AdmlsMon 2 X.tt- ' UM, U villi Hla j
lo-nlgM St-t-t,il M.ili-h. Viitin- raon s o'
I'firU . t hu!e w ImjT Mouh mi.
Open! THIS THURS. EVQ., Aug. 14
'A new play In I aeln by deo Se.irlumi w
itoor . WtlH
717: llr.nn
I'hone lauirialrfeiNlll Xhnari
kin i iBiu-"nu nwtiHi u
AUG. 18 ' "
EMI TflU "Ml'uay I'll i
rWklun rnlne nt vM Vimilr n
A .sal, .mil i 11 1 (Mlul llsln
:3 , Damaged Goods
tir.o.rtnuiU'CTiir.ATHr. irwn- a i
II. UUnUn O l-hom- :i lln.un
MM HlllllDll Ml.ll. ... I -
4l St
, n'r n'wav r. 1
ullll IIIOM ts . M
Alt! St.. 1 of"'
nnli rm "I'e l II.
New Features Daily
Fun Every Minute
m m
M.W Dallf Man.
2 : 1 C ami S'lS
3(c. iii:.mi i. in i v
in n i isiii;it unit im
i.i.m: i.i.i ii, mt f
mi'i: a- cuiir.v
Dell Vrn, nli.i -
nnC 4 li.nlly!ai.M''l
nUUr ;sr-Mc'73c I Ami inn... -i.
i iriii si.
fit 3ll v
rvniv hay. in-
st .!a.
feffiixV-ls "QUO VADIS?" 0.?v
A i'alir, t rn .
'Irtrri. Di'nlr
WW nwBijDiii m, ijan
w mi y .uai
lully XiaiH M-.viii haylei and s 1IU A
ACTflR Kvcry Hav.lnrl.Si!n..'.':VoA ssn.j:,'.i
HSIlin ;ra. Klelne unrat fln Unlie?"
lfAtiSI The I 'Im In I'll y UUUtauut
Mat daily
'. .
14th SUect. new Fuurtk Avu?
JJ I ,1 Jl
matimkkto.ua y piiiu:s sue

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